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Fuck You... And Your Metal Peg Leg

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“Steven, talk to me! What’s going on?!”

“They’re gettin’ closer!” Steve calls out from the back of the ship, looking into his spyglass and keeping his eye on the fleet of vessels out in the distance. They don’t stand a chance, he knows this better than anyone on this poor excuse for a ship. While Natasha is the damned best Captain he’s ever sailed with, she’s no match for the army of murdering Alphas trailing close behind them. Steve hops down from the stack of boxes he used to help gain a vantage point and runs across the ship. Natasha yells orders to the crew from her position at the wheel while Steve scrambles to get below deck, trying to get to the only friends he’s ever known and warn them of their eminent demise.

Members of the crew are scrambling around the armoury, hauling barrels of gunpowder up the stairs and towards the cannons above. No matter how many cannons they fire or how many bullets they shoot, it will never be enough to take down Hydra’s fleet. Numerous ships belonging to the fucking Royal Navy lay at the bottom of the ocean, and every last one of them were sunk by Hydra. Back when he joined this tiny little crew, Steve had hoped that he would never be cursed by a visit from Hydra, but it seems like his hope was wasted away.

“Samuel! Sam where are you?” Steve panics, running a nervous, skinny hand through his blond hair. Samuel is the only other omega on this ship besides Steve and Clint, and losing him would be like losing a piece of his own heart. A cannon ball hits the rigging of the ship, causing it to jolt sharply and send Steve’s tiny body flying across the lower deck. Landing roughly on the ground, it takes him a few valuable seconds to gather his wits, stop the ringing in his ears, and slowly raise his head. In doing so, he helplessly watches as another cannonball hits the ship and flies through the haul, barely missing his head by a mere couple of feet.

A firm hand grabs his shoulder, lifting Steve from the ground like he weighs nothing. “You tryin’ to get yourself killed, you asshole?!”

“Sam! Sam we gotta… Sam, we gotta go,” Steve coughs violently, his lungs burning in his heaving chest. “They’re coming, we gotta leave.”

Sam doesn’t say anything, instead he throws Steve’s arm around his shoulders and hauls him back up the stairs. Clint and Dum Dum run past them with Natasha leading the way, all three of them heading below deck and out of sight. Sam leaves Steve at the ship’s railing, yelling over the noise of cannon fire that he will be right back, letting him go and running back below deck. Steve coughs again and looks over his shoulder, eyes widening when he sees how close the fleet is now. Despite his crappy lungs, he heaves himself off the railing and runs towards the end of the ship, covering his head when a cannon shatters the ship’s mast, sending splinters of wood raining down upon his head. Steve scrambles up the stairs to reach the ship’s wheel, which he finds to be empty and unsupervised.

“Okay okay okay,” Steve stands in front of the wheel, grabbing it with shaky hands. “It can’t be that difficult.”

It turns out to be far harder than he thought. At first, the wheel refuses to turn, staying stuck in place as if it is coated with molasses. When he finally gets it to spin, the momentum nearly throws him into the crates he was standing on earlier. “Oh fuck this,” Steve growls, getting off the ground and stomping over to the wheel, grabbing it firmly with both hands. “You’re gonna fuckin’ spin, you piece a’ shit.”

With the wheel in hand and determination on his mind, Steve manages to get the wheel to cooperate with him. He laughs happily when the cannon fire begins to minimize, thinking that Hydra has finally realized that attacking them is pointless. It’s not like they have anything worthy on this ship anyways, they are only carrying a few stolen goods and a couple crates of guns; nothing major, nothing worth destroying their ship for. Those senseless alphas are either drunk or in their ruts, and Steve honestly doesn’t want to find out which one it is.

But the tides seem to have a different plan for the little omega.

Steve whoops with joy when cannons stop hitting the tail of the ship, and for a second he thinks that they’re home free. That is, until, he turns his head to the left and sees the one thing he was trying to get away from. A ship from the fleet.

“Mother fu–!” Steve throws himself to the ground and covers his head, narrowly avoiding the cannon ball that plows through the ship’s wheel, destroying it completely. Steve scrambles to his feet, looking at the remnants of wood and nails with wide eyes, before fearfully turning his head to look at the ship. It’s massive, far bigger than he realized at first, and it clicks instantly in his mind that this has to be the High Captain’s ship. The Captain of the entire Hydra fleet is the one who is on a mission to kill them all. On the other ship, a tall, older man wearing a large topper sends him a smirk, whispering to a few alphas beside him and pointing to Steve.

Oh shit, Steve gulps nervously, taking a few cautionary steps backwards and hovering his hand over the dagger secured on his belt. The man sends him a feral smile, nodding his head in Steve’s direction. The alphas next to him disperse, tucking their swords away and climbing the netting on their ship. Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit.

“Steve! Steve over here!” Maria calls from the far end of the ship by the railing, waving her hands to get his attention. Turning his head, Steve sees Maria and Natasha loading the crew into the dinghies that lay tethered against the side of the vessel. If he can just make it over there, maybe he can survive…

The sound of a loud thud beside him pulls his attention. Snapping his head back forward, he stumbles backwards to get away from the large, unfamiliar, terrifying alpha now standing in front of him. He’s tall and broad, scars covering his face and inked designs splaying across his skin like a map. Out of fear and the need to protect himself, Steve whips out his dagger, cradling it in his right hand. The alpha lets out a husky chuckle, cracking his knuckles and taking a step closer to Steve. Wrong move.

Steve hurls the dagger into the man’s chest within a split second, pulling out his pistol and firing into the man’s abdomen to make the damage more severe. The man cries out in pain, falling to his knees and sending Steve a glare that makes him feel like he is the one who just got shot and stabbed. But he looks no less alive; if anything, there seems to be a far brighter fire in his eyes than before. Steve takes off like a shot, not looking back and running toward his friends, barely missing the cannon ball that explodes on the deck before him. He skids to a stop, looking at the massive hole with fearful eyes. That cannon ball could have hit him . Who the fuck does the High Captain think he is?

As Steve races to reach Maria and Natasha, more alphas swing onto the sinking ship, dropping down and watching Steve run for his life. Natasha and Maria wave for him to come, before jumping off the side of the vessel and into the dark waters below, swimming to one of the dinghies and getting in. Steve makes it to the railing, looking down at the water nervously.

“Steve let’s go!” Maria screams in distress, making her way to the end of the dinghy with Natasha by her side.

“I can’t… I can’t make that!” Steve yells in response, his breathing beginning to pick up. There is no way he can jump down, he can’t… he can’t…

“I’ll swim out and get you!” Natasha calls out, starting to rid herself of her coat and boots and preparing for his jump.


“I promise, Steven!”

Inhaling a few shaky breaths, Steve violently shoves his pistol back into his belt holster and takes a few steps back, getting ready for a running leap. The ship is slowly burning up around him, barrels of gunpowder exploding below deck and water languidly flowing through the ginormous holes in the sides of the ship. If he stays here any longer, his fate is most definitely sealed. He runs, jumping over the railing and hoping that Natasha keeps her promise of getting him.

Only, he’ll never find out.

He’s barely over the edge when he feels his shirt being grabbed roughly, his collar coming up against his neck to the point where he feels like he’s being choked. Steve twists around, despite the tight vice grip on his shirt, and faces the asshole who decided to fuck with him. Who decided to rip away his freedom in a split second. That’s when he meets a pair of stormy-grey eyes that seem to reflect the sea itself, and he doesn’t know if he’s ever seen anything so beautiful. Steve is suddenly let go of, falling onto the deck on his ass. The new alpha looks to be distracted, so Steve scrambles to climb over the railing once more, ignoring the fiery pain trailing up his spine.

“Not so fast there, omega,” A voice says calmly, followed by the click of a gun being cocked back. Steve stops, his hands on the wood as he decides whether he should try vaulting the railing or not. He does his best to ignore the heart-wrenching screams Natasha lets out below, urging for him to jump.

I’m sorry, Tasha…

With a panicking heart, Steve instead turns around to face the enemy. The alpha who grabbed him is standing off to the side, looking at him with calculating eyes. Steve wants nothing more than to punch him in his beautiful face. There is a gun a few inches from his temple, and the man behind it is none other than the older man he saw on the High Captain’s ship. Taking in a hard swallow, Steve defiantly lifts his head to stare into his cold, dark eyes. “Go ahead, shoot me ya fuckin’ piece a’ shit.”

The man’s eyes widen comically and he laughs loudly, throwing his head back and tucking away his gun. “Oh shit! Looks like we’ve got a mouthy one here, boys!” The alphas surrounding Steve all let out hearty laughs, all except for the stormy-eyed brunet, who continues to study him. The older man, quite clearly the High Captain, scans his eyes over Steve’s tiny form, letting out a pleased hum of arousal. “Oh yes, you’ll do quite nicely.”

“Don’t ya fuckin’ touch me!” Steve raises his fist and connects it with the Captain’s cheek when the other man gets far closer than Steve appreciates. The man stumbles backwards, surprised by the strength and power Steve holds in his skinny, weak body. A few alphas grab him roughly and pin him to the railing of the ship, holding his arms back and keeping him paralyzed. He fights the restraints of their fists with every cell in his body, but it is simply not enough to break free.

The Captain brings his hand to his lip, letting out an amused whistle when a few drips of blood smear onto his finger. He takes a few leisurely steps towards Steve, putting an extra hint of swagger in his hips as he steps before the angry omega. “You better watch yer’self there, little omega.”

“Bite me,” Steve growls, narrowing his eyes in a challenge. The man’s eyebrows flick upward for a split second, surprised by the omega’s resilience, before raising his once more again and smacking Steve across the head with the butt of it. The last thing he registers are the violent screams Natasha cries out from afar, before his world fades to nothingness.