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Awakening the Radiant Dawn

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Darkness... That's all there was just... Darkness... Suddenly there was something else... It was the sound of... Of... Of roaring and slashing. it was all so far away though, then there was light... Then gray... Was there fog in the aria? Suddenly there as sharp pain... It was centered in her head she reached for the spot where hear head hurt. Her hand felt wet...


She looked able to see clearly now but she needed to know if there was blood. Nope thank goodness it was just water... Wait Water? She then realized her back side was wet. She sat up slowly and hear the sound of dripping water. The girl sighed and rang out her blue hair so it would stop.


She finally began to take in her surroundings the pain in her head easing. She saw she had been right when there was fog. But what caught her attention was that she was in an unfamiliar river. And the sound of roaring and slashing had grown louder now that her ears were out of the water. She now was also hearing screeching... Was that a Hawk?


Then it hit her a memory coursing through her brain. "Now Lucina listen well. We know of a way to save the future from this awful fate. I have the power to tale you and your companions back in time but I need to be sure it will work. Would you mind Helping me?" That was right she was sent back in time... But how far and where?


She stood up head pounding still and stumbled out of the river. She really needed to get out of the fog if she didn't want to get sick. She looked up at the sky. The fog was not as think now that she was away from the river. Was that... Were those people with wing? And were they carrying people as well?


She fallowed silently... Maybe if she found out where the winged people were taking them she could get a clue where she was. She fallowed since they were easy to spot till the winged men dropped the people they were carrying and flew back the way they came. She would have fallowed but something about the people that they left behind peaked her interest.


Still hidden from sight she crept closer and listened the the three that looked in charge of this whole thing. The tall guy with purplish hair spoke to a much shorter man with long dark green hair."We're in. Soren, lets go over the plan one more time." The shorter man with long green hair answered. Lucina guessed this was Soren.


"Our objective is to destroy the enemy supplies. The senators keep their food and personal effects in crates. If we burn those crates, the senators will likely pull their troops back to protect their own hides." The man with purple hair spoke again when Soren finished. "So while the Laguz distract the enemy, we force the gate open, storm inside, and burn all the supplies."


Soren nodded "exactly." Laguz? What are those? Lucina wondered wondered a new voice cut her off from her thoughts. it was the women standing next to Soren her long red hair tied back in a braid. "We can also set their horses loose. That should add to the confusion." Soren nodded at her.


"Agreed. Also please try not to hurt the senators themselves. Harming them might cause us trouble later on, especially since the fighting is over." The purple haired man nodded and relayed the plan to the rest of his group, he must be their leader. She thought then he rose his voice to everyone.


"All right. We've got to finish this before the fog burns off. Let's get this done. Attack" On his command the group stormed the gate and knocked it down easily the dragon rider just flew over the fence and began to storm the camp getting a head start on the supplies burning. She wanted to stay focused on the purple haired guy.


Something in her gut told her he was impotent, plus with all this fog she hadn't seen his face properly. She stayed in the wooded aria out of sight, as she moved she caught a gimps of a guy riding a horse with much brighter green hair the Soran's. There was also a girl on the back of the horse with him she had long purple hair and carried a sword.


The guy controlling the horse was carrying a lance he stabbed a near by solder easily while she slashed the lock loose on the stable gate and set the horses free. "Great job Mia one more to go." Lucina heard him call. The girl who must be Mia nodded and they speed off.


As she watched Lucina soon realized she lost sight of the purple haired guy. She spotted him soon enough even though he was harder to see through the fog now. She caught up soon though because the fire from near by burning crates started to burn some fog away.


The guy set fire to what looked like to her was the last crate. She then noticed some mage readying a spell to attack him. "Ike look out!" Finally she knew his name... Then Lucina gasped when she realized Ike was not close enough to hear Soran's warning. With out thinking she readied her sword and burst from the bushes.


She slashed the mages spine in one swing and the spell dissipated and the mage dropped from to the ground dead. Then Ike turned around and he gasped Soren came over as well and went to check on Ike. "Hey are you okay?" Ike nodded and Lucina sheathed her sword she had watched all this from the corner of her eye.


Ike was now staring at her she had her back to the but made sure they could not see her face. "Thank you women... What's your name?" With out answering she ran off she heard a "hey wait!" But didn't stop. She felt like an idiot why had she shown herself? She was in a different time then her fathers she was in Ike's time...


She was in a tree so she had time to stop and think about it... Ike... Oh my gosh she was in the time of Radiant Hero Ike! She... How did she end up here? She was supposed to be in her Fathers time. That was where she was supposed to be sent. So how did she end up here? Obviously there was a reason... She just needed to stay close to Ike and find out.