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You've Got Me Where You Want Me Again

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Dear Diary,


I don’t have time to waste on introductions. This is just insurance. Something for when I get scared. Like now, for example. That’s why I need to do this. Just in case.


Because that thing still hasn’t moved.


It’s just kind of…standing there. I mean, sure, it’s blinked once or twice. Even though it’s still dark in here, I can tell it’s blinking because of how the little bit of light from the window reflects off it’s eyes. The same light I’m using to write this by. Other than that, it hasn’t


It just grunted.


I can’t stand this anymore, I’m going to turn on the light. If this journal ends here, that means either this is an elaborate hallucination, and I’ll be too busy gulping happy pills to continue writing this.


Or there is an actual person standing in my room who, as far as I can guess, is going to kill me.


Either way, goodbye.