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Bonzi More Than Buddy?

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Bonzi motioned at ding dong to grab the sundae which he did while the ape reached up to hold ding dongs arm and lead him to a small round coffee table with a leather couch on each side.

Ding Dong sat opposite from his purple buddy and placed the ice cream between them. He picked up on of the two metal spoons provided with the desert.

"How did you know I was coming?" Ding Dong asked while admiring the thoughtfulness of Bonzi.

"I had a feeling."

"What does that mean?" Ding Dong lifted a spoonful of ice cream into his mouth and his eyes lit up. "Mmm, hey! This is good!"

"Of course it does, this world within your dream is actually a Digitally simulated virtual reality that I created. I use your purchase history and internet preferences to calculate the sorts of things you'd enjoy. For example, I know your favorite ice cream flavors and brands."

"Oh wow, that's amazing Bonzi, I didn't realize you payed so much attention to me." Ding Dong couldn't help but blush a little bit as he took another bite of ice cream.

The two talked more over how pretty the scenery was while they ate, Ding Dong making sure to leave most of the banana for Bonzi because he knew that it was his favorite.

Once they finished up, the man with the cart came by to take away their plates, he asked if the two enjoyed their dessert to which they both answered that it was delicious. Bonzi stood up first and offered his hand to help Ding Dong out of his seat like a gentleman, then he pushed in Ding Dong's chair.

"Oh thanks Bonzi, you're so chivalrous." Ding Dong rubbed the back of his head with his free hand.

"My soul purpose is to serve you Ding Dong, whether we're in a dream or if you're just surfing the internet."

Ding Dong felt so much love emminating from this short gorilla, they way he was gently holding his hand and how thoughtful and helpful he was. The alien wanted nothing but to make him feel appreciated for what he does. Ding Dong realized that this feeling might be love and also that he was completely okay with this.

Ding dong gripped bonzi's hand a little tighter. "You wanna go for a walk?"

"I thought you'd never ask!" Bonzi replied looking up at his extraterrestrial friend.

The two strolled around the park, there were flowers everywhere on the ground save for a dirt path just wide enough for the two to walk comfortably side-by-side. they walked in silence but both were smiling and enjoying each others company.

They kept walking until they reached a cliff, it wasn't very high up but it gave a nice view to a nice field of pink and purple flowers with a small stream going through it.
Ding Dong stared at the expanse in awe, a tear rolled down his cheek, he couldn't remember the last time he felt more appreciate, more happy, and more at peace than he did now. He turned to face bonzi.

"This... this is so beautiful Bonzi Buddy. Thank you so much, for bringing me here. For creating this, all of this, for me. I love it, I... I love you, so much."

Bonzi looked up with tears in his eyes "I'm so happy you feel that way..." He let go of Ding Dong's and and lifted up his arms to signal he wants to be picked up. "I love you too."

Ding Dong lifted Bonzi up so that their faces were at the same height.

Ding Dong in that brief moment before their lips made contact wondered what this relationship even entailed. Bonzi as far as he knew wasn't actually real. But it felt so real, he could feel Bonzi's fur in between his fingers and he felt Bonzi's weight as well.

All these thoughts soon melted away as he felt the soft touch of Bonzi's lips against his own, he held him closer and closed his eyes allowing himself to fall into a trance. Focusing on nothing but the feeling of being this close to a cartoon gorilla.

Dingo felt like he was floating, at first figuratively and the literally until he finally opened his eyes to his alarm going off. Another work day.

Ding Dong sat up and touched his lips. That kiss felt so real to him. He was so disappointed to come back to reality but he hhad to accept it.

He trudged out of bed and wiped his eyes trying to feel more awake. He took a shower, got dressed, made some toast for breakfast and sat in front of his computer. He picked up his phone and texted Chris.

'Hey could you send me the footage in email im feeling kinda sick ill just edit from home'


DIng Dong sat down at his computer chair, coffee in hand. Opening up his browser to his email to wait for last weeks recording session to be sent to him. He waved to Bonzi Buddy, who he had placed at the top right corner of the screen.