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It was an average day. A cold breeze ripped through the autumn air. Chilly, but a young boy wouldn’t have to worry about that as he sat on a warm bed, safe within the walls of his room, the most sacred location of any high schooler. Of course, it wouldn’t be a normal day without this junior’s thoughts filled with fantasy and hope. Hope that one day the girl would be his. Hope that one day they would dance into the sunset together, hand in hand. As always, this day dreaming was interrupted.

“Oh please, Jeremy. You can’t even dance!” taunted a mass of various colored pixels, forming to reveal a handsome man in a well-tailored suit and tie.

“Pfft, yes I can,” the boy muttered, dejected at the ridicule.

“Jeremy, I know everything about you. If you disagree, please be my guest and prove me wrong,” the taller man quickly hopped on the covers behind the teenager and gave him a shove, pushing him out onto the floor. Caught off guard, the surprised teen panicked for a few seconds before deciding to awkwardly shake him arms up and down. Kneeling on the comforter, the older looking of the two began to burst out laughing, quite amused by the pathetic display. The dancer stopped his movements, gazing sadly at the carpet, anxiously cracking his knuckles accompanied by cheeks bright with embarrassment.

“You call that dancing? That was the saddest attempt at dancing I’ve ever seen in my life, and I have access to all of the internet,” the Squip ridiculed. Jeremy knew he shouldn’t take it to heart, but that knowledge didn’t make him feel any less awful. His super computer noticed, “Listen, you want to get better at dancing? Let me teach you.” The feeling of hands entwined within his own was quite unexpected to the junior, eyes darting up to see a very confident looking dance partner. The suited man softened his eyes and displayed a gentle smile, already causing the teen to blush furiously in reply.

“Now,” the instructor began his lesson, “it is always important to take control and guide your partner though in these types of situations. I doubt if anyone at your school knows these moves.” With those words, he led the flustered boy with one hand, using his free arm to wrap around the back of his host, holding him close. He continued to stare down into his eyes sweetly, “Make sure to maintain eyes contact, connecting both of you wholly as you move.” Jeremy simply let himself be led, making sure to glance down every few moments to ensure he didn’t step over his or his Squip’s feet. Every little action was a mystery to him, resulting in having to stay very close to his teacher in order to keep up, fabric pressed against fabric. Gosh, why does he have to be so hot? It’s unfair. The dark man chuckled before lifting his human up, twirling each of them into a circle before gracefully setting him back down.

“Ah, woah!” the inexperienced dancer let out a tiny shriek at the motion, pressing himself further into his Squip, not wishing to let go lest he fall over. Everything was happening too quickly for him to keep track of.

“I’m going to dip you, okay?” the instructor warned.

“Dip me? What does that even me- oh!” once again, the more casual one was surprised. The other had taken hold of his thigh, pulling it upwards against his side before pushing the rest of them down, coming even closer together as Jeremy held on for dear life. Their faces were dangerously near, and Jeremy nervously glanced away, ashamed at how the other must feel how aroused he was with all of their bodies pressed together. Without missing a beat, the Squip turned his head to the side to connect their lips. In an instant, Jeremy became much more aware of the way his Squip heavily moaned into the kiss, how his breathing became slow and labored, and that the boy wasn’t grinding into softness. He wants to… he wants me! Gently, the technology broke the kiss, guiding the pair back into a standing lead. Eye contact was never once broken as he reached his hand lower to give a firm squeeze to his host’s ass.

“Squip,” the now very aroused youth whimpered, trying to break the stare his Squip refused to give up.

“Yes? If you want something, Jeremy, you’re going to have to ask,” he breathed low into his partner’s ear, earning him a shiver from the teen. Might as well say it. He knows what I’m thinking anyways.

“I want you to- I-,” he sighed before continuing, “Please fuck me.” All movement stopped. For a brief moment, Jeremy was aware of how hard his heart was pounding.

“With pleasure,” was the ardent reply, answered with a wide grin. He lifted the boy up bridal style, carried him over to the bed, and tenderly laid him down to rest on the blue fabric. “Strip,” he commanded, and his host quickly obeyed without any resistance, filled with anticipation. The Squip accomplished this much faster, simply glitching his clothing out of existence. Looking up, the junior squealed before swiftly glancing away, clearly embarrassed. His Squip leaned over him and laid a peck on his forehead.

“Shh, don’t be ashamed,” he cooed sweetly, cupping a cheek in one of his hands. You being nice will always be weird. He responded by reaching out and grasping the boy below him, steadily stroking a hardening member. Jeremy twitched and jerked into the touch, whining for more already. Too soon, the pressure was removed. The irritated teen let out a groan of frustration before feeling another pressure brush against him further down. His eyes darted open.

Worry spread across his young features, “W- wait! I- I’m not ready.”

“It’s okay. I promise you’ll be alright, but you need to trust me. Do you trust me, Jeremy?” the Squip asked, low and careful. His human hesitated for a brief moment before nodding. “Good,” he replied, retracting himself and instead resting on his knees. I thought you were gonna- WOAH! Jeremy’s thoughts came to a sudden halt when he felt a delicate kiss placed on the base of his leaking cock, causing him to violently thrust upward. “You’re so sensitive, Jeremy. It’s quite endearing. Makes me wonder if you taste just as sweet,” he chuckled lowly, like a boa ready to strike. Jeremy expected his Squip to move his mouth upward, not down. He knew he was mistaken when he felt a wet stripe move across his entrance.

“Oh my god,” the bottom muttered in surprise. The new sensation traveled in circles around a ring of flesh. It felt tingly, kind of weird, but warm and nice, although very strange. All of these feelings multiplied when the slick pushed inside his smooth walls. The tongue explored every inch of his insides, twisting around and pistoning in and out in an effort to appreciate every last bit accessible to it. This lasted for a minute until a finger slipped in. “Squip!” Jeremy practically squeaked. The only reply he received was another digit entering and curling perfectly. “Oh my fuck!” he yelped, “What was that?”

Much to Jeremy’s disappointment, the Squip completely removed himself to deliver an answer, “That’d be your prostate.”

“Wow, I think I’m ready,” the teen simply breathed out.

“Good boy,” the computer hummed, kissing a thigh before lifting himself up above his host. His head pressed against flesh before slowly pressing in. The junior winced as he felt pain. It hurt, yeah, but it also felt oddly correct. No complaints were made, relaxing after a minute of being filled to the brim. He didn’t even have to tell his Squip to move; the technology knew immediately what his needy teenager desired. The thrusts were slow and steady at first, gently brushing up against that extraordinary spot each and every time. It wasn’t enough.

“M- more! Please! Faster,” the teen begged, losing himself in the immense pleasure.

Even experiencing the same sensation, the dark haired man maintained more of a semblance of self-control, “Jeremy, you’re going to have to be more specific. Use your words.”

Frustrated, the insatiable boy shouted out, “Fuck me harder. Move your hips faster, you fucking toaster!”

The Squip chuckled and bit into his lower lip, “As you wish, kitten.” And like a switch flipped, the man groaned as he began pumping into his human at an unforgiving pace. His eyebrows knitted in want and mind clouding bliss. This time, it was too much. Too much!

“Squip! Please…,” he could barely gasp out. If I don’t cum now, I’m going to fucking explode! I need it! Needneedneedneed! Tears began to streak down his flushed cheeks as he brought his nails up to desperately claw at the toned back of the man above him, drawing blood that ran down taunt muscles. The Squip was certainly not going to keep his human waiting. Their moans muffled into each other as he crashed their lips together and lit the fuse. White. Everything was pure milky euphoria. That familiar feeling of just shattering into a million microscopic shards of just yes consumed the pair as they just broke, eyes rolling back. A minute passed before either could even begin to collect themselves. The Squip had collapsed next to his host, completely done.

Surprisingly, Jeremy was the first one to speak, rolling over to face the man to his side, “Holy- wow. Just fucking wow. What a lesson.”

“If only you took my other lessons to heart as well as this one,” the super computer quipped, feeling quite content with himself.

“Well, if you replaced electroshocks with that, I would probably do anything you say,” the boy huffed, shutting his eyes, utterly exhausted.

“I’ll make sure to take that into consideration then,” the Squip replied sarcastically. With that, he grabbed Jeremy by his hips and flipped him over, wrapping his arms around the youth’s naked body so that he was spooning him.

“Squip?” the teen raised an eyebrow.

“Shh, just go to sleep hugged by the warmth of your toaster,” the toaster murmured. Jeremy couldn’t help it. He burst out laughing, slowly calming down as he grasped one of the hands that held him. Mmm, alright. Before he even knew it, he was drifting away in the comforting arms of his Squip, feeling the best he’s probably felt in months. For the Squip, it was the best he’s ever felt in his life, satisfied to lay there for an hour and hum, ignoring the strange feeling in his chest all the while.