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Another long day at school. Jeremy had just enough strength to grumble a small greeting to his dad before shambling up to his room and collapsing on the plush blue duvet. Every muscle of his body felt tense, and rubbing his temple only seemed to reveal just how badly his brain throbbed as well. The Squip insisted Jeremy work out at the gym for five hours, exercising each muscle group for an hour at a time.

“It’ll make you more attractive to the ladies, not only making you more popular, but also pulling Christine closer to you. As an added bonus, many situations are benefited with a fit body, helping you escape danger or undesired situations with ease.” The Squip sounded eager and all when he said this, but it did little to comfort Jeremy’s worn out bones. He tried desperately to just sink into the covers and chill, but his body was refusing to cooperate whatsoever. Labored breaths and cotton softness brought back warm, fuzzy feelings in his lower abdomen. Uggh no. What had been a welcome sensation a few months ago, was only met with electroshocks and aggravating tension with a squip. Cramped fingers attempted to massage out the tautness but more or less ended up simply jabbing blindly into skin and sensitive tissue. Giving up, Jeremy forfeited trying to feel any semblance of joy and rolled into a fetal position. I’m just gonna be a bean until I die from exhaustion or something.

He really did feel like shit. The stress of it all was really becoming almost too much. Everything trembled, and tears tempted to spill from ocean eyes.

“Jeremy,” the voice was gentler than usual, less cold and commanding. If anything, it was more off putting to the tired teen. UGGH, what is it? Here to tell me I’m pathetic? Across the room, a dark man materialized from pixels onto an oaken desk, his eyebrow quirked and head tilted.

“Why would I do that, Jeremy? I only exist to assist.” Back to the cold, distant voice. Jeremy found he actually disliked this change back. He sighed, feeling obligated to speak aloud now that his squip was projecting himself.

“Don’t act all innocent. All you do is insult me and tell me how terrible I am,” Jeremy pouted, glancing over at the cross legged man on his desk.

“Jeremy, I do not mean to cause harm. All I wish to do is to help you. Yes, I do often remind you of how unchill you are, but I’m reminding you of all the improvement you need to make to reach your end goal. I find that sort of thing is encouraging is it not?” the computer explained.

“I guess,” the frustrated teen groaned out, curling into a tighter ball. The tall, brooding man swung out his legs and hopped down, taking careful steps toward his human.

“Sometimes it takes stress to gain what you want. That’s why you feel the way you do right now. However, there is no reason to worry you any further, currently. Contrary to what you may think, Jeremy, I do not like seeing you upset. Let me help you,” the last sentence even had an amount of noticeable concern to it. That almost sounded genuine. “It is genuine, Jeremy. I do care about you.” He placed himself down on the blue covers next to the little shriveled up bean. Ugghhhh.

“Fine,” the bean surrendered, too tired to continue arguing, and actually somewhat convinced. All he does all day every day is help me be more chill. I don’t see what he can gain from that.

“I’m glad you see things my way. Now spread out. Curling up just strains your muscles even more.” He obeyed, feeling as if each of his tendons snapped in two during the process. The low whine emitted from his larynx dropped an octave as a familiar flush spread across his sore frame. Curiously, the Squip didn’t mention it, opting to cracking his imaginary knuckles and giving a warm smile before motioning his human to roll onto his stomach.

“Uhh, what are you going to do?” even asking this, the exhausted seventeen-year-old flopped over. The Squip decided to answer with actions rather than words, and massaged into his host’s lower spine. The unexpected touch was rather nice. Expert fingers worked out knots as knuckles dug in at just the right spot and thumbs pushed in a steady circular rhythm. They slowly kneaded upwards, relaxing the shoulder blades and then arms; the happy sigh he heard egged him on. Curious, the upcoming adult questioned, “How are you even doing this?”

“Complicated process but in brief it’s nerve stimulation and depressing your muscles. Isn’t it nice how I can just do that?” the voice became deep and soothing. Warmth spread to the boy’s whole being, washing over him and pooling in his groin. He simply hummed in response. Very nice. N-not in that sort of way though. Haha. Oh god he knows everything that I feel, oh god. “Not only that, but I can hook myself up to your nerves if I so please. It’s useful for situations when I might need to control your body. Just a fun fact,” the Keanu lookalike informed. Wait what?

“Wait a second. You’re saying you can feel my pain and pleasure when you want to?” This was new information. Weird new information.

“Yes, but I’ve only used it that one time I took over your body to escape that… undesired situation.” Ahh, yes. When Christine revealed that she had heart emoji eyes for Jake and not him. So disappointing and embarrassing. Aggh! “Don’t say ‘heart emoji eyes’ ever again. It’s uncool. Anyways, don’t worry. Christine will notice your rise in status, statistically desirable physique, chill demeanor, and she’ll fall for you just like that. Things like this take time, Jeremy.” The hands traveled down to massage calloused feet. “Good things come to those who wait.” Did he growl that last word? Strangely, his thought went unanswered. “You should take off your shoes. It’ll make things more enjoyable.” Wording, but fine. Two thuds sounded as expensive sneakers hit the carpet, one after the other, followed by black socks. “I just want you to relax more. What was possibly wrong with my wording?” Jeremy wasn’t looking, but he could practically feel the grin the Squip was making. Asshole.

“You just made it sound so… sexual,” the teen blushed hard. I swear you’re doing it on purpose. The Squip let out the fakest sounding mock offended gasp known to man and computer kind, earning an eye roll from it’s recipient.

“That’s quite the accusation, Jeremy. It seems to me you’re only hearing what you want to hear,” the super quantum computer shot back, sounding so matter-of-fact. As large hands worked deep tissue, the owner of said feet almost choked. What?

“What?” the words came out at a higher pitch than usual. “What are you insinuating?” The movements shifted focus to slender calves.

“Just highlighting the fact that you’ve been particularly sexually frustrated as of late.” Oh, you’re just trying so hard, aren’t you? You’re clearly trying to make me embarrassed!

“Oh yeah? And whose fault do you think that is?” the boy countered smugly.

“I exist only to help you accomplish your goals, Jeremy. Masturbating releases hormones that girls pick up on and find unattractive. If you want satisfaction so badly, then have sex. This releases hormones that draw females toward you. Brooke likes you…,” a warm breath offered.

“I can’t do that! Then, I’d be using her for sex to get closer to Christine. I can’t do that! It’s too wrong!” moral anguish was surfacing. Jeremy felt the need to go back to his old habit of carding his hand through his brown locks, but digits moving increasingly higher to inner thighs brought about a pulse of tranquility.

“Then pick someone else,” the voice tried.

“Oh yeah? Like who?” biting sarcasm was the intended goal, but that ended up turning into more of a contented purr when the youth’s ass was squeezed. Wait… Lewd thoughts flashed across the teen’s mind. Mortified, they were forcibly pushed down into whatever depth of Hell they originated from. Uhh… sorry. The rolfing of flesh was not stopping. If anything, it continued at an even more leisurely pace.

“You should really stop thinking about fucking me, because it’s not going to happen.” Uggh that bastard doesn’t even sound phased, like he was expecting my thoughts to wander there. “You are correct.” How are you so infuriating? “It only makes logical sense. By the way, it would probably be best if you removed your clothing now.” What?! “You’re overheating. Besides, you undress and shower in front of me all the time anyways. You should not feel embarrassed.” Why do you need to be technically correct all the time? The Eminem shirt joined the rest of his discarded items on the floor, followed by jeans. “I am a quantum supercomputer, Jeremy. I am rarely incorrect.” Eventually, all that remained on the bed was a very flushed and half hard teenager trying not to meet the eyes of the projection of Keanu Reeves in his head. Oh yeah, and he’s about you massage my naked body and I’m not supposed to be turned on by that. Okay, great. The sensation of someone releasing all of the stress in his lower legs forced him to melt into a puddle once again.

“Shh, just chill. You’re fine. Nothing to worry about,” the Squip cooed. Jeremy’s breath hitched. Maybe don’t pick a voice that’ll go straight to my dick, thanks. Palms met heated inner thighs. Looking up was probably the worst thing Jeremy could have done in his situation, but he leaned up on his elbows regardless. Oh my fuck! He was met with the sight of a very dark man in an expensive, even darker suit and tie pressing into his thighs, practically staring at his dick. Staring with those handsome dark pools. So mysterious and sexy and beautiful and touch me- “You’re rambling.”

“And you’re practically breathing on my dick,” the indignant junior shot back.

“Just watching where my hands are going. Of course, I don’t have to. Would you rather I stare into your eyes instead?” honeyed words asked. A small yelp came from above. Okay, that was on purpose, and you can’t fucking say otherwise. “Alright, I have to admit to that. I’m sorry. You’re just so cute when I tease you.” Jeremy could not get much redder.

“Wh-what do you mean by ‘tease?’” the boy stuttered out.

“Oh, just poking a little fun. You always have the most delicious reactions,” the Squip added extreme emphasis to the word ‘delicious,’ rotating his thumbs in different directions on the inside of his host’s hipbones, as close to his dick as possible without actually touching it. Mmphf! Animalistic instincts kicked in as Jeremy’s hips bucked upward into the warm, pleasurable touch automatically, an unwanted whimper escaping his throat. The supercomputer paused, looking down in genuine fascination. Humans really did have so little self-control. It was quite amusing. Being able to control his human so easily made him absolutely giddy with power, and he resolved himself to see what else he could manipulate with little to no effort.

Jeremy looked away in shame after his outburst, just to be caught with surprise as he felt fingernails ghosting up his stomach, causing him to shiver violently, before stopping to massage his newly toned pecs. For better access, the Squip decided to move closer, straddling the teen in a way where full hardness met clothed softness. Jeremy glanced up in shock in just enough time to watch rosy nipples being squeezed.

“Squip!” the boy released a choked moan before thrusting into the older looking man, starting to lose it.

A devilish grin replied, “Oh my, it seems that your neck is tensing up. Let me fix that.” Suddenly, one of the large hands left their spot on a hard nipple and grabbed at chocolate strands, pulling down in a way that revealed the pale neck of the boy beneath him. He’s not gonna- But his thoughts were cut off by the feeling of tender sucks under his narrow jawline. NEVERMIND THEN. A rhythm steadily built up, timing each suck with a nipple flick back and forth, kissing the spot with a pinch, and then resuming in another place. Oh my fucking fuck this is actually happening. Hips ground up into cottony fabric, making the desperate teen painfully aware of one fact. He’s not hard. A breath scoffed, “Of course not, Jeremy. I cannot feel such sensations unless I decide to hook yours up to me.” Then why haven’t you already? “I get enough entertainment by affecting you.”

“Tu-tur-turn yourself on, then,” Jeremy gasped needily.

“Why? You won’t gain any pleasure from me switching it on,” the Squip sounded like he was actually asking.

“Just- just do it… please. I- I don’t want to be the only one like this,” the boy pleaded, wide eyes.

“I most likely won’t be able to concentrate on the task…” he ground down for a second, “as well. Are you sure?” Jeremy tried to stifle a moan and failed miserably.

“Yes!” he cried out. “I mean… yeah,” came a slightly calmer response.

“Very well then,” the Squip gave in. Sitting up, the computer drew in a deep breath as a jolt of electricity ran through him. Sensations previously unknown flowed through his being, jolting the usually so composed man once again, but with shock and something else. Of course, that something else was made apparent when the Squip let out a pitchy moan, sounding very strained as if passed through never before used vocal cords. Breathing hazed. Eyes glazed over and flittered halfway shut. A far less stable sound carried on, “This is… interesting. I believe we will both be more comfortable if I dress down, yes?” Just like that, the man’s suit dissipated into a cloud of blue pixels, evaporating into the humid air. Thrusting up once again, Jeremy was pleased to find that his Squip was enjoying himself a lot more. “Is that what you wanted, Jeremy?” he leaned to whisper lewdly into the teen’s ear, “You wanted me rock hard to take you?” Sharp teeth nipped at Jeremy’s ear and then promptly sucked the marks in apology. Wide eyes gazed up in a mixture of lust and fear.

“I- I don’t think I could… I don’t want… I- I- I’m n-n,” the awkward juinor was usually bad at forming coherent sentences, but this particular attempt at communication crumbled to pieces, much like the boy was himself. A soft finger shushed him, still seeming to have more self-control than Jeremy ever could possess. His Squip pulled back to look at him with kind eyes, however, drowning in desire. Loving hands came to caress blushing cheeks before pulling away once more, coming to hold onto shaky knees. The Squip raised himself so that his entrance leveled with Jeremy at just the right spot, hips jerking eagerly. After all of the control and power, he’s willing to do this?! The nerdy virgin was still in shock even as his Squip lowered onto his aching member. The slow, constant pace was almost painful until the Squip stopped, not being able to go down any further. As they both adjusted to this new sensation, almost black eyes met electric blue, locked together by some unknown force.

Breaking the stillness but not the half lidded and glazed over stare, the Squip brought his hips up and down slowly, causing both to moan. Faster. Hurry up. Go faster. The teen tried to pick up the pace, attempting to create his own rhythm by rolling his hips, but was met with strong arms pushing him further into the covers, holding him in place. He let out a frustrated whine in complaint.

“D-Don’t you re-remember wha- what I said, Jeremy? Good things come to tho- those who wait,” the man barely could speak, unraveling but trying his hardest to return to that unhuman composure, “My rhy- thm while riding you has an expo- ahh- nential growth before it shall reach its max- maximum value.”

“Eve- even… even...,” Jeremy had much less self-control. Giving up trying to talk, he resorted to solely thinking. Even when you’re getting- yes- fucked, you’re still aggravating. Usually, the teen would make some witty retort, but at the moment he had forgotten pretty much everything except for how amazing he felt at the moment and how he wanted more. Moremoremore fuck yesyes I love you yes. At this point, the man was putting visible effort into bouncing up and down, arms weakening as he almost bumped foreheads with the person he was riding. Luckily, his arms caught himself just in time to be face to face, mere centimeters away. Without thinking, Jeremy closed that distance, groaning and twisting his tongue into a kiss. For once, the Squip was surprised, a rare occurrence for a supercomputer designed to read time and every thought and memory of his host. Kiss me you fuck.

The Squip did not resist, pressing his lips down to connect tongues with the needy boy, scratching him with his stubble. The pair completely joined together. At one end, it was rapid and violent. One the other, it was enamored and patient. One thing was for certain, the contact was absolutely electric. Slick walls squeezed around his length, creating exquisite pressure and heat. Yelps were muffled by each other’s greed, exploring all of the other’s mouths and tastes. Both were disappointed by the fact that Jeremy needed air, breaking away to gasp for oxygen and pleasure.

“Squi- Squip!” Jeremy could only gasp out the name of the other. I’m coming, you fuck!

“Jeremy!” was the last thing the boy processed hearing before nearly blacking out. It was as if something snapped deep within him. All of his nerves lit up with pleasure as an orgasm utterly destroyed him mentally and physically. All he saw and knew was white for a good half minute before the edges of his vision returned to him gradually until all of him was rushed back to the real world, laying crumpled on his now messy bed and trying to breathe normally.

Before the spent teen could even form a coherent thought, his Squip responded from next to him, breathless, “Your father is coming to check on you. Want me to handle the situation?” Unfortunately, the junior was still lost in a haze. “I’ll take your lack of resistance as a yes then.” For a brief moment, Jeremy’s body was not his own. Without his permission, his body chose to crawl underneath the covers before sitting upright, eyes widening in mock surprise and displeasure, definitely not accurate to his current mood. In the nick of time, the door to the bedroom burst open, exposing a very worried looking pantless man: Jeremy’s father.

“I heard an awful shout. Are you okay, sport?” the concerned dad rested himself on the edge of his son’s mattress, directing interested blue eyes upon the face he saw as scared.

“I just… I just had a nightmare, dad. That’s all. It really frightened me is all,” the words spilled from the teen’s throat without direction from himself, “Thank you for checking up on me, though. It really means a lot.” Soft eyes and a thankful smile were put on to reassure the anxious man.

He appeared mainly unconvinced but unwilling to push it further, “Are you sure, son? Anything you want to talk about?”

“I told you, dad, I’m fine, promise,” Jeremy grinned.

“Oookie dokie then,” the single man chimed before ducking back through the door, closing it behind him. By now, Jeremy had regained most of his senses and was pleased when the Squip returned his body to the rightful owner. I don’t like when you take over my body, but I guess it was necessary, huh?

“Indeed. You were in no position to fabricate a proficient story, and I supposed you would not appreciate your father walking in on the unresponsive mess you were,” the voice seemed to have returned mostly to normal, albeit less cold than usual. The boy turned to face his Squip, still naked and splaying himself open on display.

“How did you know he was on his way to check up on me? Why was he worried about me?” the confused junior had many questions he wanted to ask.

“Not only can I predict probable future circumstances, but it does not take quantum physics to realize that screaming for a good twenty seconds at the top of your lungs may garner some unwanted attention,” the more toned of the two smirked.

“Screaming?” asked a puzzled high pitched inflection. For twenty seconds? “You don’t mean-”

“Yes, you rode out your release with a deafening screech. It was quite entertaining. You’re very vocal,” the Squip sighed contentedly, laying back down on the bed and resting his eyes.

“H- how? I know sex is supposed to be better than masturbation, but I don’t think it’s supposed to be that amazing,” emphasis on amazing.

“As your squip, I am connected to all of your sensory nerves. I simply made them all release pleasure signals, and I activated all of those nice happy chemicals in your brain that make you feel good: oxytocin, endorphins, serotonin, phenylethlamine. Basically, I tried my best to give you the optimal peak experience. You probably couldn’t have more a gratifying orgasm if you tried,” the Squip sounded very satisfied with himself, a proud smile stretching across his face.

“Well… how do you feel?” the boy was curious.

“For now, I’m still hooked up to your nerves, so I’m basking in this pleasant afterglow. Of course, I felt fucking amazing just a couple minutes ago,” he opened his eyes to look to the ceiling with what looked like sparkles within those deep irises. Oh look, a look that isn’t disgust or irritation. It’s kinda cute… “Oh, really?” the unabashed man cast a glance the way of his human, triggering the latter to blush furiously. Cute and frustratingly sexy and oh so masculine and get out of my head! “That’s too bad. I cannot do that, and I wouldn’t even if that was possible; I appreciate the gushing compliments too much.” Asshole. “That’s cold, Jeremy. You fuck me once and that’s all I am to you anymore.” The twink gagged and made a distressed sound as if someone had squeezed his trachea. “Glad to know that you have a horrible gag reflex now. I could probably fix that though.” The junior erupted into a mortified coughing fit, and a computer had probably never looked so smug in the history of mankind until this very moment.

“You know what, I’m tired and going to sleep. How about you release some sleeping chemicals?” the younger grumbled, burrowing into the covers, not wanting to be harassed by a tic tac.

“If you insist, one serotonin induction right away.” All of a sudden, everything felt much more comfortable and cozy. Snuggling into the fluff, the teen had one last guilty thought before the world dimmed. We should do that again. The Squip knew he should disagree, but ended up not being able to respond. Conflicted, he opted for pecking Jeremy a goodnight kiss on his forehead and dissolved into a cloud of pixels, filled with emotions previously thought impossible for artificial intelligence to have.