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What is it about Elevators?

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3rd POV:

Christian had sent Taylor home, he was probably going to work through the night and as he was all alone in the office building there was no reason for him to be here. Christian was a cold man, if he was a woman people would call him an Ice Queen but since men are rarely looked down on for being cold the worse he got called was intimidating, taciturn, domineering. He had to flight the little smile that wanted to come out at that last one. 

He kept everyone at arms length, the closest anyone came to receiving affection or tenderness from him was if they managed garner his respect, few had managed to do it, only Taylor, his adoptive parents, Ros, his business partner, and Andrea. Andrea had only worked for him a year and a half but it was the longest anyone had managed to stay on in that position without being fired or quitting. She was a hard worker and knew to be appropriate, not undo a few buttons when he walked by or give him girlish googly eyes like his previous executive assistants and she didn't burst into tears anytime he raised his voice, she just got on with things no matter what mood he was in which he greatly appreciated even if he didn't always communicate that.

When he heard she had been in a car accident he was surprised to find how much he cared, and not just for how this might inconvenience him but for her genuine well being. He knew his employees were given excellent health coverage he saw to that but if there was anything else that wasn't covered he let the hospital know he would be taking care of it and not to bother or stress her or her family with such things.

She had only been gone 3 days and already work was pilling up, HR sent up 3 temps to cover for her but they just annoyed him and slowed things down so he sent them home after one day. So he was here well after everyone else getting some work done, it was a little after 11pm when he heard the elevator ding...

'What the hell?' He thought confused,

'Who could be coming up here this time of night, maybe Gail had sent Taylor back with some food?'

He looked out his expansive windows, even if Gail was worried about him having something healthy to eat he doubts she would send Taylor out in this weather, it's almost biblical out there.

He decides to grab a sharp letter opener and investigates who is out there,

'If Elliot were here he'd be yelling at me that I'm every horror movie cliche right now, all that's missing is me being in my underwear... although he'd also probably joke that I'd be safe because I'm a virgin, if you only knew brother.'

He silently opens his office door and peeks through... he sees a woman messing about behind Andrea's desk.

"What they hell do you think your doing?!" He shouts at her fully coming out of his office no longer worried about any potential threat.

Anastasia jumps about a foot in the air dropping files everywhere.

"Oh my god, you scared the crap out of me!" She turns around to Christian with a hand over her heart trying to calm down.

"I asked you a question!" He says in a demanding tone not caring one bit if he scared the woman.

"Sorry, Mr. Grey, my name is Anastasia Steel, I'm Andrea's sister, she's going stir crazy in the hospital she sent me to pick up some of her work, I didn't think anyone would be here this late."

Christian scrutinizes the woman unsure if he believes her, she doesn't look anything like Andrea, but upon his inspection of her he notices she has the most stunning crystal blue eyes he's ever seen. He decides to calm down a little bit an check her story out further.

"Do you have any ID on you?" He asks in a much calmer but still authoritative voice.

"Oh yes, of course." She reaches into her purse and pulls out a wallet. He steps closer to take it from her outstretched hand, as he takes the walled with her identification in it his finger brushes against her palm and it send a shock straight through him, he hears her gasp slightly... evidently she felt it too... what was that? he wonders.

He shakes it off, whatever that was, and studies the drivers license, indeed it does say her last name is Steele.

He nods pleased with this proof of her story and hand her back the wallet this time careful not to make any skin to skin contact.

"Had to make sure, I hadn't heard about you and you don't exactly look very similar to Andrea."

"Of course no worries, I'm actually adopted... Ray, Andrea's father is my step father... he and my mother were married before he met Beth, that's Andrea's mom, after they divorced my mom took me away and after a couple years I begged Ray if I could go back and live with him, I always looked at him as my real dad...

I'm sorry it must be the adrenaline I don't know why I just told you all that, I am usually very quite and not at all chatty but for some reason I seem unable to shut up proven by my still talking and I am just going to clamp my mouth closed and hope that solves the problem."

Anastasia lips slap together but she goes further biting down on her lower lip to discourage anymore dorky embarrassing rambling in front of the hottest man god possibly ever created.

Christian usually views women who are so taken with his appearance as annoying simpering bimbos but with Anastasia he actually finds it endearing, there is just something so pure and innocent about her.

After a couple seconds of awkward/sexually charged silence between them Ana looks at the mess on the floor and quickly dives down and busies herself cleaning up the files she dropped earlier.

After staring at Ms. Steele teeth biting into her delectable and plump bottom limp, the last thing Christian needed was her to drop to her knees right in front of him, that definitely wasn't helping the situation in his pants, he never reacted this way to a woman before, not since he was an out of control teenager, usually they had to be naked in his playroom before he gave himself the permission to be aroused, what the hell was Andrea's sister doing to him that was stealing him of all his control?

Not wanting to risk her looking up and discovering the growing tent in his trousers he quickly squated down and helped her gather up the fallen papers instead.

But now he was closer to the mysterious woman who had completely beguiled him, close enough to inhale her delicious scent, it was like an exotic spice he couldn't quite identify mixed with a bouquet of roses, innocent and alluring all at once, it suited her perfectly.

He needed to stop this line of thinking, he reasoned he was just tired, and hadn't had a sub in a few months, that all this was...

"You shouldn't of come here." He complains taking out his frustration on her.

Anastasia looks up startled slightly to hear his deep sexy voice again,

he clears his throat, "I mean, Andrea should just focus on getting better, she shouldn't be worrying about work."

"Believe me we have all tried telling her, Mom and Dad held firm, but of course she got me a alone and I folded pretty quick, it's hard to say no to those big brown eyes."

"Perhaps I will have to pay her a visit, I assure you I would have no difficulty ignoring any attempts at manipulation." he says standing up the last of the papers in hand.

"I don't doubt that, really it's fine, I'll keep an eye on her make sure she doesn't over do it," Anastasia promises standing up as well having everything she needs.

"Very well," He says dismissing her, Anastasia begins to walk towards the elevator,

"Actually would you mind holding it, I'm just going to grab my jacket I hadn't realized how late it had gotten.

"Of course, take your time."

Christian gathers up his briefcase and raincoat and joins Ms Steele in the elevator.

They simultaneously reach for the Lobby button and again they are shocked upon contact, they both look at each other incredulously not understanding what is happening between them.