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Phineas was floating in microgravity inside a metal tube wearing nothing but some orange board shorts with a yellow stripe on each side. He pushed himself through the tube, and found himself in front of a door. It automatically opened, revealing a large arena with thick windows showing a view of the moon. The frames holding the windows together contained thin tubes of light that would occasionally turn on and shine various colours.

In the room were masses of water floating around, ranging from droplets to bizarre formations with enough to fill a swimming pool. The temperature was a comfortable warmth, and small machines hovered around to make random changes to the water structures.

Ferb never ceases to amaze me, I’m gonna have to thank him again when we get back home, Phineas thought.

Phineas caught the sight of a floating pen, and floated over to grab it and turn it on.

               ‘He found the tickler, but little did Phineas Flynn know that it was all a trap,’ a deep, booming voice said.

               ‘Wait, what?’ As soon as Phineas processed the commentary, he looked up to see Isabella diving down to tackle him. She was wearing a purple one-piece swimsuit and a bow in her hair to form a ponytail. Isabella got out her pen and started brushing it over Phineas’ abdomen, sending him into laughter.

               Isabella watched as her prey was helpless against him. ‘What’cha doin’?’

               ‘You used the fake announcer trick on me again, really?’ Phineas said between laughs.

               Isabella gave a coy smile. ‘Only because I know that I know you have a thing for that voice, my little crumb cake.’

               ‘I guess I do, honey. You know what else I like? Getting to play Tickle Fight W-6 means I get to see these amazing legs of yours in microgravity pull all sorts of fancy tricks.’

               Isabella loosened her grip as she gave out a chuckle. ‘Oh, Phineas, you’re so sweet. Hey wait a-’

Phineas pulled out his tickle pen and started brushing it over Isabella’s nape, causing her to laugh and involuntarily send herself plummeting further away from Phineas. She almost landed in a mass of water, but propelled herself away just before she could.

               ‘Phineas was close to winning, but Isabella used her awesome athletic skills to move away just in time, planning her next attack.’

               ‘Oh yes, I can listen to that voi- oh no I’m not falling for that again!’ Phineas propelled himself out of the way as Isabella dived towards him.

Phineas and Isabella then started jabbing and swiping their pens at each other, blocking each other’s respective blows. They each occasionally got a tickle in, but the fight grew to a stalemate.

               Isabella caressed Phineas’ neck. ‘You can’t keep this up forever, you know.’

               Phineas smiled. ‘But I mean, why not? I get to watch you be awesome in space, I wasn’t kidding about your legs you know.’

               Phineas moved to hold and feel her legs, and Isabella sighed at the sensual gesture. ‘Oh, Phineas. Wait, hang on.’

Isabella burst into laughter as she realised Phineas was using his affection as a ploy to tickle her legs, with Phineas soon moving down to her feet, making her laugh even harder. Amidst being tickled, Isabella latched on to Phineas’ left leg and moved to tickle his feet.

The duo was tumbling through the arena, both brushing tickles on each other’s feet. Both made attempts to grab each other, but were drawn away by tickles on their arms. What neither of them realised was the blob of water they were hurtling into, which submerged both of them.

               ‘Tie. Too close to determine,’ the voice of the room’s AI said.

Phineas and Isabella swam to the blob of water’s exterior, and burst into laughter as they embraced each other, causing some of the water to break off and float away.

‘Our first day isn’t even over and I’m already loving our honeymoon over the Moon,’ Isabella said. ‘It’s so awesome Ferb could make this ship for us.’

‘I know, right? I’m so over the Moon that we get to spend our honeymoon like this. We’re the first people to have ever had a honeymoon over the Moon! Just wait until we actually go and explore it, then it will be the first honeymoon on the Moon.’

Isabella laughed. ‘I know, right? This is going to be the best honeymoon ever.’

‘Yes, yes it will.’ Phineas gave Isabella a soft, tender kiss. ‘Should we go get changed?’

‘Not yet, the water is nice and warm, plus you just made zero gravity romantic.’

‘Well technically, it’s microgravity, we’re always within the gravitational field of something so we can never really be in zero gravity. The weightlessness is us essentially falling in an environment with so little gravity compared to Earth.’

Isabella smiled. ‘Oh I know, I just think it’s really adorable when you get pedantic like that.’

Phineas laughed. ‘I’m so happy I married you, after all of these years it feels so satisfying.’

‘Yes, yes it does.’ Isabella kissed Phineas on the lips, and the two continued to hold on to each other.


Phineas and Isabella were sitting at a small table next to a view of the Moon together, each dressed somewhat formally. Phineas was wearing a bright orange button up shirt with navy blue pants and black shoes, and Isabella wore a strapless teal dress with similarly coloured high heels.

A arm appeared from the ceiling with a tray carrying two spoons and a bowl of Moon ice-cream. The arm said, ‘Mr Tjinder insisted that you try Rocky Road. He said something about getting back at voices in space, but I do not understand what he meant. Anyway, enjoy.’

               ‘Tell Baljeet we said thanks,’ Isabella said.

               Phineas smirked. ‘I wonder if that robot arm knows the big secret about Moon ice-cream.’

               Isabella snorted. ‘You mean, the one we’re taking advantage of to make the process of having kids easier?’

               ‘Well, maybe not necessarily easier, but definitely more likely. Good thing the stuff we made as kids didn’t affect us like that.’ Phineas winked.

               Isabella gave Phineas a sultry look as she scooped some ice-cream and swallowed it, only for her to lie back in her chair and give a soft sigh. Phineas took a scoop for himself, and reacted the same way the moment he tasted the ice-cream.

The two moved their chairs next to each other to hold hands as they ate more ice-cream, taking a long time with each scoop. As they let the ice-cream melt in their mouth, they saw a deluge of colours and shapes everywhere, along with a huge sense of euphoria. The bowl containing the Moon ice-cream even formed an eyes and mouth in the hallucination.

               ‘You two enjoying yourselves?’ the bowl said. ‘Good, because this stuff has been made from ingredients over a decade old and yet somehow still isn’t off. Just saying because the older the ice-cream or its ingredients, the wilder it gets!’

               ‘Thanks, talking hallucinogenic ice-cream bowl,’ Phineas said. ‘I know what I’m inventing when we get back home.’

               Isabella took what was left and shoved it in her mouth, leaving ice-cream around her lips. ‘I’ve never felt so happy!’

               Phineas scoffed down what was left of his ice-cream too. ‘What about when we got married? Yeah, this is at least as good, if not better.’

               Isabella burst into laughter as she wiped a napkin on her face. ‘I can see the entire Universe!’

               Phineas started to laugh as well as they talked. ‘I can see infinite Universes!’

               ‘I can see all of time and space!’

               ‘I can see that and feel a huge stiffy!’

Isabella paused for a moment, only to tackle Phineas and kiss him like she never had before, grinding her pelvic region against his.

               ‘Okay, everything’s looking normal now. Isabella, you’ve still got some ice-cream on you, let me take care of that.’ Phineas licked everything up on Isabella’s face and then kissed her.

The couple’s mouths never left each other for more than a second, and they both grinded on each other and felt all over each other’s bodies. Isabella pulled down Phineas’ pants and underwear between each kiss, and started to unbutton Phineas’ shirt.

Phineas pulled off any underwear Isabella was wearing, and pulled down the top of her dress to feel her breasts. The two pulled their tongues out of each other’s mouths and started to nibble and bite across the exposed parts of their bodies.

With time, they moved back to each other’s faces, and focused their kissing on their lips and neck. Isabella lifted her dress so Phineas could insert his penis inside her, and they started making huge thrusts into each other. Muffled screams came from their mouths as they both reached their climaxes at record speed, before Phineas lay on the floor with Isabella on top of him.

               Phineas breathed as he spoke. ‘That bowl wasn’t kidding, I don’t think I’ve ever came so fast.’

               Isabella pulled on Phineas’ shirt. ‘I’m still hornier than I’ve ever been, how about you?’

               ‘You betcha. Turn around, let me attend to your neck.’

               ‘Oh, I’d love that.’

Phineas nibbled Isabella’s nape, making her shiver. As he was doing so, Phineas moved a leg out to his pants and dragged them towards him, only to stop nibbling Isabella and pin her down while tying her arms in his pants.

               Isabella grinned. ‘Oh, tying me up with pants? Now that’s a new one, and a really sexy one at that.’

               ‘Oh, I’m only getting started, my love. I have much more planned.’

                ‘Oh no, the evil Phineas Flynn has me in his clutches, oh who will save me from that monster?’ Isabella squealed and laughed as Phineas picked her up and took her to their bedroom.