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Good thing Phineas was babysitting Amanda tonight, otherwise Ferb would have found what he was about to do even harder. Usually he would be going to Isabella’s house with Phineas, but Isabella seemed to be avoiding him lately.

Ferb was growing concerned for her. She had been acting this way ever since high school, but she would always avoid the subject. To make things weirder, she seemed fine around him, Buford and Baljeet, but things grew awkward around Phineas. It’s like she had given up hope on their friendship.

Preparing to ask Isabella some questions, he knocked on the door. After about half a minute, Isabella opened it.

‘Ferb?’ said Isabella. ‘Come in, it’s a cold night.’

Ferb sat inside on the Garcia-Shapiro couch, and watched as she took her pink hoodie off, leaving her in a white tank top and dark purple sweatpants. She also removed her ponytail, letting her raven hair flow freely.

               ‘You seem to be dressed pretty smart there,’ Isabella said, followed by a moment of silence. ‘I mean, that coat is pretty fancy even for you. Still got your nice shirts there though.’

               After some more silence and Isabella’s eyes darting around the room, Ferb said, ‘Isabella, I think you know why I’m here. You’re not okay, and I want to help you.’

               ‘Ferb, I’m fine. Everything’s fine. I’m totally fine. Things between me and Phineas are, are…’ Isabella started crying as she mentioned Phineas.

               ‘Isabella, you can tell me anything.’

               ‘It’s just… ugh! That stupid oblivious brain of his! Even when I decide to give up on him, I’m always thinking about him!’

               Ferb’s eyes widened. ‘You’ve given up on Phineas?’

               ‘I have. What’s the use of going after someone who won’t even notice how you feel?’

               ‘Yet you seem to avoid him as much as possible now. Is it really that bad?’

               ‘It hurts to be around him, Ferb. You have no idea what it’s like.’

               ‘Believe it or not, I do.’

               Isabella wiped some tears away from her face. ‘You do?’

               ‘Yes. No matter who I date, my mind always goes back to this one girl. She doesn’t seem to notice me much, but I always think about her. She seems unattainable though, I don’t think she even recognizes me from the few times we have interacted.’

               After a pause, Isabella said, ‘Really?’

               ‘Yes. Now come here.’

Ferb opened his arms, and Isabella leapt into them as soon as he did. As Isabella cried some more, the two embraced each other. Ferb stroked her hair and back, and Isabella looked up.

               ‘You’re very talkative tonight, aren’t you?’ Isabella said.

               ‘Yes, yes I am. Why don’t you say we go out for the night? There’s a nice spa place a short drive from here, maybe we could use it to calm down.’

               ‘Yes!’ Noticing her enthusiastic response, Isabella said, ‘I mean, sure, that would be nice. I’ll just get my hoodie and swimsuit, and I should be good to go.’


Ferb got changed from his clothes into some boxer brief shaped purple swim trunks with yellow stripes on the side. He booked a room for just him and Isabella in a spa that also led to a small pool for them to swim in. He exited the changeroom and met Isabella, and felt himself unable to take his eyes off her.

She was wearing a purple bikini, one with straps over her shoulders and was revealing, but not so much that it barely covered anything.

               Isabella smirked and raised an eyebrow. ‘You like it, don’t you?’

Ferb winked, and the two headed to their spa. When he was walking, he noticed that not only was he eyeing Isabella, but she was doing the same to him. It seems being the most built out of his friends had its perks.

When the two got into the spa, they sat down and relaxed. Neither of them said much for a while, simply growing comfortable in the spa.

Ferb still found himself looking at Isabella. Not only did she look beautiful, he was amazed that Phineas couldn’t see what he was missing out on. There was this amazing, talented, fun and kind girl right next door and Phineas never seemed to consider her any more than a friend. Isabella deserved someone who would actually give her that attention.

Eventually, the two realized that overtime, they had moved close to each other. They looked away from each other for a moment but then looked back to each other. Ferb opened his arm to let Isabella come into his embrace, and she accepted, pressing herself against his body and wrapping one arm around his back, and another on his chest.

               ‘You know, Ferb, I really appreciate you doing this. I needed to get out and calm down like this, everything’s just been so stressful, you know? Not even all of these extra things outside of school are helping me. And I mean, what better person to be with than someone talented, intelligent, sensitive and hot like you?’

Realising what she just said, Isabella jumped back, only for Ferb to gesture to her to come back.

               ‘It’s okay, Isabella,’ Ferb said. ‘You feel like this way for a reason.’

               ‘But I mean, this is just superficial right? You’re just a hot guy, that I’m spending the night alone with, and enjoying his company very much. Oh no…’

               Ferb gently directed her chin so she looked him in the eye. ‘You said you’ve given up on Phineas, right?’

               ‘Yes? What about you, though?’

               ‘I feel like Vanessa is unattainable to me, I feel like I need to reconsider my options. I guess I seem to fall for looks too easily. I need more than that.’

Ferb and Isabella grew quiet again, though they soon found themselves looking into each other’s eyes. Their faces then grew closer, and before the two realised it their lips made contact.

Both Ferb’s and Isabella’s eyes closed, and their arms wrapped around each other. The kissing grew more passionate, becoming faster and more intense. Their breaths became audible, and their tongues started to intertwine.

               Isabella pulled back. ‘Wait, what if this is just a heat of the moment thing? Like, what if we’re just desperate for intimacy after our romantic struggles? What are we going to do about this?’

               ‘Relax. Even if it’s a brief infatuation between us, let’s just enjoy the moment.’

               ‘Well, that kiss was already great, so I’m not gonna argue there. Oh, and Ferb?’

Ferb blinked.

               ‘If we’re doing this, I just want to say, we can go as far as we like. You’d be surprised at how horny I am.’ Isabella winked.

               Ferb laughed. ‘Very subtle. Maybe I’ll consider it.’ Seeing Isabella look down with a slight pout, Ferb grabbed her by the shoulders. ‘I’m only kidding. Let’s indulge ourselves.’

               Isabella narrowed her eyes and smiled. ‘My pleasure.’

The two continued their kiss, their tongues moving around each other’s mouths with strength and intensity. They continued to embrace each other, however Isabella let go of Ferb. When he opened his eyes, Ferb saw Isabella doing something he’d only dream of. She undid the top of her bikini, took it off and put it on the side of the spa.

Ferb stared at Isabella’s bare breasts. They weren’t too large, but they were a decent size, round and had large nipples that had grown pointy from her arousal. When Isabella lifted her boobs to emphasise them, Ferb, barely able to contain himself, lunged for her mouth and continued the kiss.

Ferb’s hands moved to Isabella’s bosom, feeling the soft mounds of flesh. Isabella in response grabbed Ferb’s buttocks, which prompted him to move his kissing to her neck as he moved behind her to have a better grasp of her breasts.

Ferb’s penis in his swim trunks grew even harder than it already was, and in response Isabella grinded her bottom around his crotch area. Needing more space, the two swam to the small pool, and continued their interactions.

Ferb moves his kisses up to Isabella’s ear, and she shuddered in response.

               Both of them floating in the water, Ferb said, ‘Isabella, I now want you to relax. Don’t worry about doing anything, just lie back on me and trust me.’

Sensing something good to come, Isabella obeyed Ferb, closed her eyes and leaned back onto his body. Ferb continued kissing her and massaging her breasts, however he moved one arm down, gently stroking her belly before reaching the bottom of her bikini and slipping his hand inside her vagina.

Isabella shuddered, and sighed as he started moving his hand up and down her vagina. Her breathing grew heavier as Ferb’s kisses moved down to her neckline, and he used his other hand to pinch her nipples.

As Ferb’s hand movements in her grew more intense, Isabella started to moan. Ferb then moved his mouth down her chest, his kisses turning into nibbles, and eventually reached her left breast. He nibbled his way to her nipple, and upon reaching there Isabella let out a louder moan than before. His free hand grabbed her other breast and fondled it, and pinched and scraped at her nipple.

His hand in her vagina grew more passionate, and Isabella’s moans turned into screams. Ferb then felt Isabella have an orgasm, and as he moved his head back up he watched as her moans turns into heavy breathing, and she wore a huge grin on her face. Ferb removed his hand from Isabella’s vagina, and watched her open her eyes.

Isabella grabbed Ferb’s head despite hers being upside down to his and kissed him. Their lips interlocked between brief gasps of air and continued to do so until Isabella moved away.

               Isabella turned around to Ferb and let her eyes grow coy. ‘I know you’re a gentleman, Ferb, but a girl needs to have her fun too. Just trust me.’ Isabella winked and disappeared underwater.

Ferb watched as her long hair descended with her underwater, flowing with her as she slowly moved to the bottom. When she reached the bottom, she started swimming to the deepest part of the pool, and gestured Ferb to follow her.

Ferb reached a point where he could only just stand on the tips of his toes, and made the occasional tread to keep his head above water. He wasn’t sure what Isabella was planning, so he decided to go underwater.

As he began to make a move, Isabella grabbed him by the hips and lifted him up. She pulled down his swim trunks, leaving him completely naked, and grabbed his buttocks with both of her hands. Ferb looked down, and saw Isabella’s head moving towards his large, erect penis. Before he could process what was happening, Isabella’s lips covered the glans of his penis, and started moving them further down.

Ferb started to feel even more intense as she used one arm to stroke his penis and testes, and used the other to prop him up by the bottom of his back so he wouldn’t sink. Despite the growing feelings of pleasure, Ferb didn’t make a noise, and just closed his eyes.

After massaging his testes and penis for a bit longer, Isabella moved her hands back to Ferb’s buttocks and moved her mouth down his member as much as she could. She continued to stroke it by licking it, and sometimes wrapped her tongue around it.

Feeling his penis being pushed into Isabella, Ferb started to lose his composure, and started moaning. He eventually orgasmed, letting semen flow out as Isabella moved up and down to suck it all in.

As Ferb breathed heavily, Isabella eventually removed her mouth from his penis and swam back to the surface.

               As Ferb stared at her, Isabella said ‘Figured I may as well implement a few things I learnt during Fireside Girl training here. You’re welcome.’

Ferb simply continued staring at her, making no moves beside the occasional tread.

               ‘I guess we may as well go back home now. I mean, we can’t fuck here all night, right?’


Ferb and Isabella drove back to the Garcia-Shapiro house, though wearing less than what they had before. Both still wore their pants, but Ferb only wore his shirt and had most of his buttons undone, and Isabella wore her hoodie with no undershirt, and zipped down so most of her cleavage was showing.

When they walked inside, Isabella put on some tea for Ferb and her. As the kettle boiled, Ferb and Isabella stared at each other, both with tender smiles.

               ‘I love you,’ Isabella said.

               ‘Are you sure?’ Ferb said.

               ‘Remember what you said? Whatever this turns out to be, let’s just live in the moment and enjoy ourselves.’

Isabella kissed Ferb on the lips as she got the tea ready, and the two went to the couch with their beverages. The two didn’t speak much, simply leaning on each other and enjoying the other’s company.

               ‘So I hear you’re going to be studying in England after the next Summer? I can’t help but wonder how Phineas feels about that,’ said Isabella.

               ‘He seems fine, to me at least,’ Ferb said. ‘When he’s not thinking up things to invent he’s been trying to figure out where to go. So many places have offered courses to the both of us, I just was the one who was able to narrow it down to Camford on Oxbury. They have the best engineering and technology courses. How about you?’

               ‘Tri-State State. I’ve already been doing some volunteering there, I even signed up for student government. I’m doing a social sciences course.’

Ferb gave a thumbs up. The two remained quiet for a short time to sip their tea.

               ‘I guess I ask this because… Ferb, what if this grows between us? I know it’s still a couple of months until Summer, but what happens then?’

               ‘I guess we find out when the time comes.’ Ferb finished his tea. ‘Mind if I stay the night? I don’t need to be back home until tomorrow midday, that’s when people will start coming back home.’

               Isabella giggled. ‘Oh, I know why you’re asking. Let’s get started, shall we?’

Isabella finished her tea, and took Ferb to her room. When Isabella closed the door, Ferb got out two pills from his pocket.

               Ferb swallowed one of them. ‘Take it. It prevents any pregnancy and destroys any infection for twenty four hours. It’s something I invented after I realised how much I hated condoms.’

               ‘You’ve tested these, right?’

               ‘You think I wouldn’t? Just ask Gretchen.’

               ‘Oh yeah, you did date her, didn’t you? I guess she wasn’t kidding when she said she trusted you even without a condom, huh.’

Isabella swallowed the pill, and walked up to Ferb. She grabbed him and threw him on the bed, and started kissing him on the lips.

               ‘Oh, did I mention that if you’re new to this pill, you might experience an increase in sex drive?’ Ferb said.

               ‘No wonder I feel so great already,’ said Isabella.

Isabella continued to kiss Ferb, and started grinding her pelvic region against his. She also undid the few buttons Ferb had done up, and started to kiss his chest.

Ferb then grabbed Isabella and swapped their positions, leaving him on top of her. He bit on the zipper on her hoodie and slowly dragged it down, freeing Isabella’s bosom. Isabella wrapped her arms and legs around Ferb’s body and moved to nibble the nape of his neck, while Ferb moved to grab her butt.

Isabella let go and threw off her jacket, and Ferb grabbed her breasts in response. As he massaged the breasts, Isabella moved her arms back and tried to drag off Ferb’s shirt. Ferb let go to let it come off, but Isabella started to bite at his chest. Ferb tried to hold back screams, finding the pain surprisingly pleasurable.

When Isabella’s biting calmed down into licking, Ferb slid his hand into her pants and pulled them off. He proceeded to bury his fingers into the cheeks of her buttocks, getting Isabella to shudder and let out a small moan.

Isabella responded by biting onto Ferb’s pants, and tugging them down, and then pulled down his underwear to start licking his crotch region. Ferb moved his hands up to her chest and dragged her face up to his lips, causing a huge lick right from the balls and penis up to his lips.

               ‘Easy girl, or you’ll make me blow my load too early for you to get any decent pleasure.’

               ‘Just fuck me already, Ferb, I can’t take it anymore!’

Ferb pulled down Isabella’s underpants, and pinned Isabella onto her bed by grabbing her hips. He started to lick and nibble at her breasts, and moved down to her belly, and eventually reached her clitoris. Ferb started to lick it, which made Isabella squirm and moan. As Ferb continued licking Isabella was so aroused that she had an orgasm, and Ferb looked up at her.

               ‘Is that all?’ Ferb said.

               ‘That was nothing. I need more, Ferb. More. Put that dick inside of me now!’

Ferb and Isabella wrapped arms around each other and French kissed for a moment, before breaking away and Ferb raising his body to get a good position. Isabella lay back on her bed, spreading her legs to show her vulva. Ferb then made his move, pushing his penis inside her vagina and started thrusting.

               ‘Ferb… Ferb… faster… faster…’

Hearing Isabella’s wishes, Ferb thrusted as fast as he could, causing Isabella to move back and forth as he held onto her sides. The sight of her bouncing breasts aroused Ferb even more, which gave him an extra push of speed.

Ferb and Isabella both breathed heavily, with Isabella starting to moan again. She let out orgasmic screams, and Ferb continued to thrust into her, knowing that she still wanted more.

Ferb felt himself begin to climax, and mustered all of his willpower to prevent himself from orgasming, hoping to give Isabella one more before they were done. Isabella was turning red and sweating, but she was grinning like it was the best day of her life. She lifted her arms with the little energy she had and grabbed onto Ferb’s, and let out a last series of moans before her arms wobbled and fell back onto her bed with her last orgasm.

Unable to hold it in any longer, Ferb let out loud screams, having a huge orgasm and collapsing on top of Isabella.

               ‘Can’t believe my first time was this awesome,’ Isabella said. ‘Thanks, Ferb.’

Ferb rolled off Isabella but held onto her body, staring at her. Isabella pulled up her bed sheets, and let the two of them fall asleep almost immediately after the exhaustion from the sex. They lay there asleep embracing each other for the rest of the night, their satisfaction letting them rest peacefully.