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Nightmares Become Reality

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“Mom, no!”

It all happened so fast - Sam simply reacted, never imagining how it would end. He grabbed his mother’s arm and pulled her back, but because of this, Lucifer's hand wrapped around his wrist instead. He watched with wide eyes how Dean rushed forward, but it was too late. The next second Sam crashed onto the ground, the grip around his wrist gone. He forced himself back up and looked over his shoulder - sheer horror taking over him when the portal flickered and then simply vanished into thin air.

There was not a single sound apart from Sam’s own breathing and the pulsating in his ears. Even if the world would collapse around him, he didn’t think he would even notice. His whole body was frozen - he couldn’t even do so much as blink. The last minute kept replaying in his head again and again, even if it made less sense each time. Never, not in a million years, did he imagine this to happen

A scream of utter agony and anger filled the air around him suddenly, without a warning and so loud that Sam had to cover his ears. At first he didn’t know what was going on, but it didn’t take long until he realized it was Lucifer who made this sound and that he was raging and completely mad. All he could really do was cower down and beg that the intensity of the angel’s voice would not explode his head. It felt like years before the Devil fell silent again, but Sam didn't even get enough time to breathe before two hands grabbed him by the collar and threw him to the ground again with enough force to press all air out of his lungs.

Sam was completely mortified, it was impossible to defend himself from the furious attacks from Lucifer. He felt his bones crack, his blood drip down from his nose and lips and his skin burst open everywhere, but he couldn't even raise his hands to protect his face. Lucifer had snapped completely and Sam was simply taking it. Then, with one single blow right against his temple, the Devil sent him into darkness. The little bit of Sam's brain that was still functioning was relieved by the sudden blackout, knowing that this way he wouldn't feel his body being ripped apart at least. He let himself fall into the void around him, awaiting the end.


Sam isn't sure when or why he's regaining his consciousness, but it starts with an agonizing pain in his back. It doesn't stay there, though, and within minutes every joint and muscle in his body is screaming. Sam's eyes flutter open with a low groan, but he can't think about sitting up just yet. He's laying on the hard and cold ground, the sky above him a dark and ominous purple, without so much as stars or the moon. It takes him a while to remember why he's lying here and who's responsible for it, but when he finally does he's almost jolting up, causing a shot of pain through his upper body. He screams, unable to stop it, but when his voice ebbs away everything stays silent.

“Where is he?” Sam asks himself, wondering if this is a trap and if Lucifer will jump out from behind a corner the next second to finish what he started.

After a few minutes without anything happening, Sam frowns. His arms and legs protest when he pushes himself up, his back won't stop sending lightning bolts of pain through every single nerve, but he slowly finds out that nothing is damaged beyond repair. His arms are bruised and covered in blood, so is his face and his clothes, but nothing seems to be broken. At this point, he's thankful for even this little gift. When he checks his face, especially his nose that feels smashed, he can only feel that's it's slightly swollen, as well as his lip, but the bones are still intact. There's also blood dripping from a wound over his right eye, which he wipes clean with his sleeve before finally letting out a sigh of relief.

For a while, Sam simply stands there and looks around in this cold and dead world. There is no portal, no sign of life whatsoever and even Crowley’s dead body is nowhere to be found. He figures that one of the demons must have taken it, which causes a slight sting in his stomach at the thought of Crowley’s useless death. It’s hard ignoring it, but when he begins walking the new waves of pain overshadow any grief. His legs are shaking and he has to fight for every step, but he knows he has to keep moving. There must be a way out of here, if he just sits there and stares around he won't find it, that's for sure.

Sam's understanding of time seems to have slipped away from him. It feels like he's walking for hours, but when he looks up, the sky still looks the same and he sighs in frustration. He must have made half a mile by now, the way he's panting can't just be from a few steps. The whole time he has been alone though, not even an animal and much less a demon or even Lucifer have crossed his path. He has found other things though, things that worry him. Pillars that he has seen before when he was here with Dean are pulverized now and corpses of demons Cas had killed are burned to ashes. And those huge sinkholes he has walked past, they are new too. There's also blood, a lot of it, and it's still fresh. Whoever did this, he can't be far away. It's the only thing that keeps Sam moving at this point, because whatever it is that caused this destruction, it's not a friend.

It's two hours later, or at least Sam thinks two hours have passed, when he sees a shadow in the distance. He has walked past more destruction, including a sinkhole so huge it took him fifteen minutes to walk around it, but during the last minutes all he has seen are blood drops. His body tenses up when he recognizes the shadow as Lucifer, who is covering on the ground. He's not moving, but it doesn't ease his uneasiness. To be honest, he would love to just turn around and run away, but he knows that it would be of no use. If Lucifer wanted to find him, he would.

Eventually, Sam forces himself to keep walking and stumbles closer to the shadow, which slowly reveals more detail. Yes, Lucifer is cowering, but before Sam couldn't see why. As he gets close enough, he can see that the devil is holding one of his hands and that a pile of blood has formed beneath it. Unwillingly, he feels a wave of sympathy.

“You're bleeding.” It's a dumb thing to say, but all that comes to Sam's mind at the moment.

Lucifer lets out a huff and looks up at Sam, revealing a face that looks no better than the hunters. It's bloody and his lip is cut open, as if someone has beaten him up just as much.

“Thank you, Captain Obvious,” Lucifer barks, a thick and dark voice, but the anger isn't as intense as Sam had expected.

“Seems like you messed with the wrong guy.” Sam tries to sound casual and walks to a spot a few feet away from Lucifer. When he sits down his body is protesting again, but the feeling slowly becomes dull once he stops moving.

“There's no one to mess with but you,” Lucifer says and Sam watches how he wipes some blood off his hand. “Nothing is alive here anymore.”

“Why am I not surprised?” Sam sighs and shakes his head, causing his neck to tense up. He rubs it slowly with one hand as he continues. “Any reason I am still alive or?”

Lucifer turns his head, his lips forming a bloody smile that creeps Sam out.

“You stopped screaming,” he said slowly. “So I moved on to other things that would.”

“The Devil through and through,” Sam huffs weakly. “I can't believe I'm stuck here with you.”

Lucifer just lets out a huff at this, but doesn’t answer. Instead, he turns his attention back to his hand. He begins to remove shards of what looks like stone from them; one, two, then finally three. After he is done, he lets out a growl that sounds very relieved to Sam and shakes his hand. Slowly it dawns on Sam that Lucifer is responsible for all the chaos, looking at it now it's obvious.

“You don't happen to know a way out of here by any chance?” Sam asks and Lucifer lowers his head.

“If I would, I would be gone already.” Lucifer sounds very annoyed, which is proven right when he looks back at Sam. “Do me a favor and just go away, will you? I'm not in the mood for small talk.”

“Easier said than done,” Sam scoffed. “After being your punching bag, I'm not really eager to keep walking.”

“It's your own fault,” Lucifer growls low in his throat and looks away again. “You had to play hero again after all.”

“Yeah, totally worth it, you're right.”

Sam is exhausted, the dull pain in his body more than a little disturbing. He doesn't care much for what Lucifer will do to him if he doesn't leave, just thinking about getting up again is too much. He slowly lets his body to the ground, trying to find a position that doesn't cause him even more pain. It takes a while, but eventually he lays still and sighs.

“What do you think you are doing?” Lucifer suddenly asks, a slight confusion in his voice.

“Take a guess,” Sam gives back, followed by a yawn. “I'm sleeping.”

“And you think I won't just kill you when you do?”

“I really don't give a shit right now, sorry.” And he doesn't. If Lucifer wants to kill him, he doesn't have to wait until he's asleep to do it. “If you want to, just go wild.”

He doesn’t expect silence after those words, but there is no sound coming from Lucifer and Sam relaxes a little at this. It doesn't take long until he drifts away, but this time he is actually sleeping, not blacked out.

Lucifer watches Sam for a long time, without moving even a bit. Nothing will kill the hunter while he sleeps, he and Sam are the only living beings in a ten mile radius. Eventually, Lucifer lays down himself, right where he sits, and closes his eyes. He doesn't normally sleep, but his outburst of rage has cost him a lot of energy, trying to recharge some of it won't hurt. If Sam is still there when he wakes up, he might have to take care of him, but at the moment he cannot summon the power to bother.