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True Love’s Near-Miss

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Emma pressed a few soft kisses to Regina’s cunt and hipbones and thighs and then stood to shuck out of her clothes, and the older woman realized the blonde was still fully dressed.

“Slowly,” the queen commanded languidly, wanting to savor the moment, and the blonde’s body immediately shifted into the fluid motions of a striptease, hips making slow circles as she inched her shirt up her body, eyes locked with Regina’s.

The mayor found it vaguely reassuring that their mutual desire was still so strong without the magic that they would fall into bed rapidly with logistics like undressing forgotten. It made their magic-induced encounter feel that much more legitimate that they behaved this way regardless.

Then Emma was topless and god, she had great breasts. “Come here,” the mayor groaned, hooking one foot behind the blonde’s thigh to pull her back toward the bed and on top of her. Locking her legs around the sheriff’s hips to keep her there, Regina rolled Emma's nipples between firm fingers, then took one into her mouth. Between the sensation of sucking on warm flesh and the blonde’s groans above her, the older woman’s hips started canting against where Emma was wrapped in her legs.

As the blonde pressed back, the hardness behind her fly hit Regina perfectly, and she groaned around the nipple in her mouth and thrust harder. They were soon rocking against each other firmly, and the queen needed more.

“Emma,” she moaned. “Fuck me.”

“God, yes,” the sheriff agreed, and as the mayor let her go to step back and finish undressing, she could see that the front of the blonde’s jeans was absolutely soaked from being pressed against her.

Following her gaze, Emma breathed, “Fuck, I love how wet you get.” As the blonde released the toy from its denim prison, it sprang out proudly, and it was exactly the right shade to have grown there were it not for the harness. Regina thought, for a split second, about having Emma inside her and not a toy, but dismissed it quickly. She didn’t want the blonde thinking she wished she were a man, because she absolutely did not.

“I need you inside me,” the older woman groaned. “Come here.” She would have been embarrassed by the hint of whine in her tone, but she wanted this far too badly.

“No, baby, you had a fantasy I wasn’t able to make true.” The sheriff smiled a truly predatory smile. “I’m going to bend you over and fuck you from behind. Get up,” Emma commanded, gentle but firm.

“God,” was all Regina could say as a wave of desire rushed through her not only at that idea but at the way the blonde took control so naturally. Then she stopped, slightly disturbed. “We’re not doing this in the kitchen,” she insisted.

“At least, not the first time,” Emma agreed readily. “Your fancy bed is plenty high enough to lean on as I take you, I think,” and the little emphasis on the verb made the queen twitch all over again.

In no time flat, Regina was standing before the bed, hands planted solidly on the mattress and legs spread wide enough that she could feel a little tickle of cold air against her heated sex. Her anticipation spiked as she felt Emma step up behind her, feeling the warmth of her skin but not her touch yet.

Then the blonde gripped her hips and rocked the toy along the length of her, slipping with incredible ease through her copious wetness as she stroked from her opening to her clit and back again several times. Then Emma pushed in carefully, and the queen shuddered at feeling so stretched and filled and, yes, revered.

The sheriff’s hips began rocking slowly, making small motions to let Regina get used to the size of the cock, and soon the older woman was pushing back, trying to get more.

“God, you’re so fucking hot. I wish could feel you,” the blonde breathed.

The queen groaned. This woman was so completely perfect. “That can be arranged,” she murmured, instructing, “Pull out.”

“What?” Regina looked over her shoulder to see that Emma was completely baffled.

“I’m not transforming it while it’s inside me. That is a recipe for disaster,” the mayor explained with a hint of edge in her tone.

The sheriff’s eyes went wide. “Fuck, fuck, fuck,” was all she could seem to mutter, but she withdrew as instructed.

Regina stood and turned to face the blonde, closing her eyes for a second to pull herself just enough out of the haze of lust to concentrate on the magic, then willed it.  Emma’s startled “Ohh!” let her know it had worked, and when she opened her eyes again she saw that the toy had been transformed into a perfect, long, thick, ready cock and hummed a little in her throat in satisfaction.

“Wow,” the blonde breathed. She touched it a little and jerked slightly at the sensation. “This thing isn’t going to, you know, jizz, is it?” she asked anxiously.

Regina shuddered delicately. “Perish the thought. The worst part about being with men. You’ll notice that you’re missing something you’d need for that.” Emma looked more closely and found that everything else about her was intact, the cock rising where her clit would be.

“Huh, so-”

“So I can suck you and finger you at the same time,” the queen said nonchalantly.

“Fuck- fuck- yes- fuck,” Emma sputtered, making the mayor smile at taking her so completely apart with just that. “Soon. Very soon. But right now I’m going to fuck you. Get your ass back in the air,” she commanded, and now it was Regina’s turn to be reduced to quivering desire.

She did as she was told, and when the blonde repeated her slow motions from earlier it was achingly more perfect, warm flesh instead of cold silicone and Emma shuddering with her own pleasure at the sensation of being inside Regina.

Once the blonde was all the way in, her hips slotting into place against the mayor’s ass perfectly, the queen flexed her inner muscles around her cock, and Emma’s whole body jerked. “Fuck, so good.” As she began a slow steady rocking, the sheriff groaned, “I love your pussy. You're like liquid silk, and so hot, and so tight, and mine,” she both rambled and slurred.

“God,” Regina breathed at that. Being possessed was even better. “Yes, fill me up with your big cock, Emma.”

The sheriff growled, actually growled, and as she felt the blonde begin thrusting harder than before, the older woman began to feel gloriously taken. And when Emma tangled one hand in the mayor’s hair and pulled her head back, her every nerve sang with being fucked.

Feeling the blonde tremble and falter a bit in her rhythm, she growled, “Are you going to come inside me, Emma?”

“Yes,” the sheriff grunted. “But first you’re going to come for me.” She released Regina’s hair to grab both hips and began fucking her relentlessly, reducing the older woman almost immediately to choking sobs of pleasure. The queen felt her body tensing more and more, ecstasy racing along every nerve ending.

And then she was going full-speed over the edge into one of the most powerful orgasms of her life, vaguely aware of Emma crying out as she went with her.


Emma rested her cheek on Regina’s back for long moments after they both came, barely holding herself up on shaky arms as the little intermittent shudders of the queen’s internal muscles sent fresh jolts of pleasure through her, leaving her unable to pull out. Eventually, they both had recovered enough for the blonde to withdraw.

As the queen crawled up onto the bed and rolled onto her side, Emma just looked at her for a long, long moment. She would never get tired of this woman’s face when she had just been fucked, all heavy eyelids and flushed cheeks and parted lips. As she moved to lie beside her, she remembered her new temporary appendage.

“Hey, and it stays- you know.” Regina’s eyes slid open and she just smirked at her, and god she was sexy. “Can you go again? Because my fantasy was you riding me.” From the way the older woman pulled her into a fierce kiss, she figured that was a yes.

Emma soon broke their contact and moved up the bed to sit back against the headboard, hastily pushing the pillows out of her way, then beckoned to the mayor. The queen’s smooth, feline motion as she crawled up to join her set the blonde to throbbing all over again. “Goddamn girl, you are so amazing.”

Regina’s answering hum was somewhere between acknowledgement and thanks. Then she was straddling the blonde’s thighs, cupping her face in both hands for another intense kiss that left the sheriff’s hips jerking and made her moan into the older woman’s mouth.

The mayor’s face as she moved up to Emma’s lap hovered somewhere between smirk and smile, but smoothed out into pure pleasure as she lined up the blonde’s cock and slid slowly down onto it, her body accommodating it faster this time but still feeling exquisitely hot and tight to the sheriff.

Once she had taken Emma’s cock to the hilt, Regina wrapped her arms around the blonde’s shoulders and pulled their upper bodies tight together. They resumed their deep kisses as the older woman began a slow, almost lazy rocking, and the blonde found herself running the fingertips of one hand up the mayor’s spine to cup the back of her neck, the other flat and warm against Regina’s lower back. She loved the way they pressed so fully together, breast and stomach and mirrored thudding of hearts.  

Picking up her pace a little, Regina threw her head back and groaned, “I love feeling you so deep inside me.”

As Emma moved her mouth to the queen’s throat, she loved being deep inside her. This was almost painfully perfect, and there was nothing else that mattered in the world right now but these points of contact, the flexing of the older woman’s thigh muscles around Emma’s hips, and her slick heat clenching around the blonde’s cock, and fuck- feeling her heart pounding from the inside.

The queen was riding her in earnest now, Emma helping her along with hands at her hips, both of them making breathy little sounds of need. This was intimacy, this was harmony, this was all the things they had both long since stopped believing in.

They became one perfect pleasure system, they became one perfect pleasure, they became one. They came.

They stayed joined for several long minutes, mingled breath and sweat and, Emma could feel, cum.

When the older woman finally lifted herself up and off, she glanced down at the visible wet patch on the blonde’s thighs and the bed and murmured, “That was me,” as if she was a little embarrassed. “The curve hits me just right,” she explained, not meeting the sheriff’s eyes.

“Nope,” the blonde insisted, cupping the older woman’s chin to make her look up. “Do not be ashamed of coming all over the sheets. It is so fucking hot that you can do that and the only thing that is better is when you do it in my mouth.”

The queen raised a disapproving eyebrow. “I continue to be astounded by your capacity for vulgarity.”

Emma wisely refrained from pointing out the older woman’s penchant for dirty talk—which was incredibly hot, but filthy—sassing her back, “But you love me.”

When their glances met, there was an incredible depth of emotion in bright brown eyes as Regina said softly, “I do.”

Emma felt her heart overflow and smiled back. “Me too.”