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True Love’s Near-Miss

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“It’s the third day,” Henry huffed, rolling into the pawnshop like he owned it. The child was entirely too much like Regina sometimes. “This is taking an awfully long time, Mr. Gold,” he complained.

“Patience, Henry-my-boy. It is only a matter of time. The spell cannot be resisted forever.” Or, at least, Emma couldn’t resist it forever. Some people had enough self-control that they were eventually driven mad with desire, but Miss Swan did not strike him as one of them. Regina, on the other hand, might have been that difficult. But the boy hadn’t asked for help with Regina. 


Emma did not usually jill off first thing in the morning, and again after lunch, and twice before bed. And she certainly didn’t think of Regina when she did it. At least, not every time. She also did not generally have such intense fantasies that she had spontaneous orgasms. Something was clearly going on.

Regina must have put some sort of spell on her. The queen must be finding it hilarious, making Emma desperate to have sex with her so she could wrap the sheriff around her finger for nefarious purposes. Emma groaned. That was a bad choice of words, because god did she want to be wrapped around Regina’s fingers. Thrusting, and curling, and maybe one up her ass and- fucking hell, she was just going to go and confront her.

Striding to the coat rack to grab her jacket, she called, “Snow, David, can you watch Henry for a while? I need to go out.”

“Where are you going?” her son asked, looking strangely excited to see her so agitated.

“Need to talk to your mom, kid,” she explained, confused to see his face fall but too wound up to spend too much thought on it. She’d figure out what was going on later, when she wasn’t hovering constantly on the edge of orgasm.


As Regina wrenched the door open in response to Emma’s pounding, the blonde saw that her cheeks were flushed and her chest heaving already, clearly spoiling for a fight.

“What the hell did you do to me?” they demanded of each other in tandem.

“You?” again simultaneously, and then they just glared at each other for a long moment.

Emma quickly lost her focus on her anger, feeling her body pulled toward Regina almost magnetically and needing to use all her willpower to fight it. This was, she realized, the first time she’d been in the older woman’s presence since the first day this started, and god, it was even worse than uncontrollable fantasizing. It hurt, physically hurt not to be touching Regina.

“Come in, Miss Swan. Let’s not discuss this- whatever this is on my doorstep.” Emma noted that the older woman gave her a wide berth as she stepped back to let her in, as if afraid to bring their bodies into too close proximity. “Would you like a drink?” she continued, ever the consummate hostess, as she led Emma into the study.

The blonde shook her head. “I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

“Nor I,” Regina agreed.

“So, you really didn’t do this to me?” Emma asked as she sat down on one end of the couch.

Regina regarded her warily as she took the far end. “Do what, Miss Swan?”

“I’ve been having certain-” the blonde searched for a suitable word, “symptoms.” Fuck, this was embarrassing. “And they are clearly magical in origin.”

The queen narrowed her eyes. “I’m not the only magic user in this town. Including you, I might add.”

“Well, um, the symptoms seem to be particular to you,” the sheriff stuttered.

“Meaning what?” Regina asked, inspecting her nails, an act of nonchalance Emma was surprised to be able to see through.

“God, are you really going to make me say it? Attraction. Crippling attraction, out of the blue, for the past three days,” she blurted in a rush.

“Attraction. To me?” The older woman’s breath caught and suddenly Emma realized that Regina felt it too. Her flush and intensity weren’t anger at all, but reciprocal desire. And at that knowledge the last vestige of her self-control evaporated. She was leaning across the couch cushion that separated them, lips on Regina’s, before she could stop.

As soon as the blonde realized what she was doing, she expected resistance, expected Regina to push her off and demand to know what the hell she thought she was doing, because what the hell did she think she was doing? But Regina wasn’t protesting, was instead clutching her about the shoulders and pulling their bodies tight together, opening her mouth to deepen the kiss with a happy little hum.

Jesus, the queen was an amazing kisser, flicking her tongue teasingly in a way that made Emma want more one minute, then conquering her mouth the next, exactly the right amount of wet and oh- the occasional nip of teeth at her lip before bringing their mouths together again.

Emma soon found herself pressing Regina back into the couch, needing more body contact. As she shifted, her thigh slotted perfectly between the older woman’s legs like it was destined to be there, and when the mayor moaned in her mouth the blonde’s hips started rocking of their own accord.

Regina’s hands quickly found their way up inside Emma’s shirt, unhooking her bra and then cupping her breasts, and when she started rolling the sheriff’s nipples firmly between her fingers the sensation burned through both of them, making them thrust against each other faster.  

This was so deliriously good, touching Regina at last, pulling pleasure sounds from her throat, better even than she had imagined. But grinding and kissing on the couch wasn’t enough. She needed the queen in her mouth. Brushing her lips down the older woman’s chin, she nipped along her jaw then sucked lightly just below her ear, shuddering at the groan it produced.

Regina’s neck was a landscape of wonder: the light salt of skin and the softness of her and the uniquely-her scent Emma had always liked when they’d invaded each other’s personal space. The blonde did her best not to mark the queen, but it was difficult when her desperate need to bite and suck was only intensified by Regina’s pleased noises.

But still Emma needed more. Making quick work of the mayor’s shirt buttons, she trailed kisses down Regina’s sternum, using her nose to push aside her bra until she noticed, Hallelujah, front clasp. She could not get it open fast enough, could not get the older woman’s nipples into her mouth soon enough, didn’t feel like she could breathe until she had taut flesh pressed to the roof of her mouth with the flat of her tongue.  

And fuck, yes, this was so good, Regina’s breathy noises and grip at the back of her head and canting hips were so good, yet Emma was still desperate. She needed, she needed- “Regina, please, give me- let me- I need you so bad. I feel like if I don’t make you come I am going to die.”

Looking up to meet the older woman’s eyes, she found they were fathomlessly deep with desire. “Take me to bed,” the queen commanded.


Emma could not get up the stairs and into Regina’s bedroom fast enough, and the older woman clearly shared her haste. As soon as the door shut behind them, the mayor was kissing her desperately again, deft hands stripping the blonde of her clothes. They broke contact only when it was necessary to pull Emma’s shirt off, and the sheriff took that as her turn to start unwrapping this achingly perfect gift of Regina’s body.

Greeting every new patch of skin that was revealed with a kiss, or a nuzzle, or a digging in of teeth, the blonde undressed the queen steadily but reverently. When she stood again after stripping soaked panties down Regina’s legs, the older woman stared at her with eyes so hungry that a moan clawed its way out of her chest.

The queen pushed her backwards and down onto the bed, climbing on top of her easily, and they both gasped at the feeling of skin meeting skin. Regina’s hands found Emma’s nipples again, and her mouth found the blonde’s neck, and all she could do for long moments was be consumed by how fucking good this woman’s touch felt. Then she felt the mayor’s mouth trailing down her chest, and she couldn’t help but arch and offer herself up to be devoured.

At the first contact of Regina’s teeth on her nipple, Emma’s hips bucked uncontrollably, her thigh making momentary contact between the queen’s legs, and the older woman gasped and then ground down against her.

Fuck, Regina was so hot and so slick against her thigh, and she rolled them over because she had to get her in her mouth. She crawled down the queen's body quickly, then just looked for a long, long moment at her gorgeous cunt, open and wet and ready and hers, before her hunger got the best of her and she leaned down to taste. Taking the first long, slow swipe of her tongue against the older woman, she felt her heart stutter in her chest.

That indefinable, delicious spiciness from the cocoa was the taste of Regina.

Regina was in her mouth. Regina was in her mouth. Regina was in her mouth, the liquid heat of her, the velvet hardness of her ready clit, exactly as incredibly responsive as Emma had dreamed. She wanted to give her everything, all at once, running her greedy tongue over every inch of the older woman’s sex, stroking circles, then pressing inside as far as she could reach. She wanted to spend the rest of her life eating this perfect fucking pussy.

Pulling the older woman’s clit between her lips and flicking upward with her tongue, Emma traced Regina’s opening with one questioning finger. At the mayor’s breathy sob of “Yes, please!” she pushed two fingers in, and she was inside Regina, tight, wet, silky Regina whose cunt was so hungry for her touch that her muscles gripped to keep her inside.

And this was exactly like her dream, and she knew what to do, adding another finger and curling each stroke against the queen’s g-spot, tossed on the ocean of their mutual desire as she sucked and swirled her tongue around the older woman’s clit. She felt her tense and knew what was coming next, moving so that Regina would come in her mouth, and she drank ravenously. “Fuck, baby, you taste so good.”