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"You're pregnant, Alexander." Magnus breathed.

"I'm what?!" Alec exclaimed, visually panicking. Magnus couldn't blame him, he'd be freaking out if someone had just told him that he was pregnant.

"Pregnant." Magnus confirmed. Alec lay back on the bed, curling into Magnus' side.

"I'm too tired to process this now." Alec admitted. "It's just making me feel scared. And there's so many other things going on too. We'll talk in the morning." Alec leant up to kiss Magnus before burying his head in the side of his boyfriend's  neck and drifting off to sleep.

Magnus was glad that Alec had been able to fall asleep without too much trouble. He, on the other hand, wasn't going to sleep any time soon. Magnus was too in awe of the discovery that he could be a father. It just strengthened his love for Alexander. He would go to the end of the Earth to protect his newfound family.

Having wanted this for a long time, Magnus wasn't going to let anything get in his way of this miracle.

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Despite his lack of sleep, Magnus felt wide awake. He couldn’t help a huge grin from braking out on his face due to the life changing revelation that had come to light less than 10 hours ago. He was going to be a dad! Something he had always wanted but had never known was possible.

Alec was gently woken by the repetitive motion of Magnus rubbing circles on his currently flat stomach. A smile formed on his face and he placed his hand over Magnus’, stilling the hand and linking their fingers.

“Hello.” Magnus greeted.

“Hi.” Alec smiled back, shyly. Then his stomach gave a horrible lurch and he threw up all over the bed. Alec coughed, allowing the contents of his stomach to empty over the bed and himself as Magnus rubbed his back.

Magnus waved his hand and the mess was gone. At least now Alec knew why this had become a regular occurrence over the past few days. “I need a shower.” Alec declared. Magnus couldn’t blame him. Alec quickly got up and walked over to the bathroom, Magnus followed after not too long. After the shower, they needed to have a discussion about what the future was going to hold.


Alec found the shower to be very relaxing. Having Magnus there made him feel better, it stopped his mind from wandering towards the terrifying. Once they had finished showering and had gotten dried, Alec started getting dressed whilst Magnus continued to laze around Alec’s room in his towel. “Right, there are some things we need to discuss.” Magnus stated. Alec moved to sit on his bed beside Magnus, before nodding in agreement. “Tell me how you’re feeling.” Magnus requested. Alec let out a long breath.

“I’m scared.” Alec whispered. Magnus took the Shadowhunter’s hands in his and wrapped the other arm around Alec’s shoulders.

“That’s understandable, but we’ll do this together. I’m always going to be here for you, that won’t change.” Magnus explained. Alec looked near tears.

“Thank you. I’m so scared. I didn’t know this was possible. How did it happen?” Alec asked, leaning his head against his boyfriend’s shoulder.

“I don’t know. But it’s not my area of expertise so I shall have to call in a favour from a friend.” Magnus replied.

“I need to finish getting dressed before I leave this room and begin my day of work. I don’t know what’s going to happen now, in regards to my pregnancy or Jace leaving with Valentine.” Alec stated.

“We’ll figure it out. I need to return home now anyway, I have clients to see and a friend to talk to. I’ll see you soon. I love you, Alexander.” Magnus said.

“I love you, too, Magnus.” Alec replied, pressing his lips to Magnus’.

Now he just had to try and continue as normal. Allowing someone the knowledge that things were different could prove to be dangerous.

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Alec did try to go about his day like normal, it wasn’t easy, what with this new discovery but he managed. Until everything turned towards Jace. Even though it had only been a matter of hours, any mention of his parabati filled Alec with dread.

But Alec was becoming more and more restless with all the lack of progress. Magnus had arrived not too long ago after Izzy had texted him to alert him about Alec’s agitation. So, the Warlock had joined in and was now using his magic to try and track Jace. Unfortunately, like everyone else, he wasn’t having any luck.

“Any word from the Clave?” Izzy asked.

“Not yet. And we’ve been trying for the past four hours. Something’s up.” Lydia replied as they walked into the Ops Centre.

“Mmm, the Clave being unhelpful? Who’s shocked? Show of hands?” Magnus joked.

“I’m worried. I can’t sense Jace through our parabati bond.” Alec told them.

“We’ll find him, Alexander.” Magnus assured.

“When we arrested Hodge, he said Valentine was on a ship. They must still be over water.” Izzy predicted.

“Pull up the waterways around New York.” Lydia instructed. So Izzy did.

“The ship couldn’t have gone too far.” Izzy assumed.

“Anything?” Alec asked, looking at Magnus who was trying to track Jace by using one of his hoodies.

“Sorry.” Magnus replied.

“There’s got to be something!” Alec exclaimed, both his emotions and his hormones threatening to get the better of him. Magnus raised an eyebrow.

“I don’t see him.”


“All right, listen up.” Alec announced. “I want 24/7 monitoring of the Hudson and East rivers. If you see anything unusual, you come to me first.”

“I’ve got this, Alec” Lydia stated.

“Then why haven’t you found Jace yet?” Alec barked in response.

“Don’t forget who you’re talking to. I am still the head of this Institute.” Lydia asserted.

“And my brother is still missing!” Alec argued.

“Why don’t you just take a break?” Izzy advised.

“Not now, Izzy.” Alec brushed her off.

“Isabelle’s right and it’s not a request. You’re dismissed.” Lydia ordered.

“Fine!” Alec went to storm off but Magnus caught his arm.

“Hey…” He soothed but Alec pulled his arm free and spun around to face the small group.

“Everybody, just back off!” Alec declared before leaving the room. Magnus was shocked.


Alec had gone up to the roof of the Institute for some fresh air. He also knew that he needed to try and get his emotions under control because he kept snapping at the people he cared about. That was where Magnus found him.

“I’m sorry for how I reacted before. It’s not personal.” Alec apologised.

“I get it. I’m a lot to get used to. I know what you’re going through, Alexander.” Magnus sympathised.

“No, I… I don’t think you do.” Alec stammered. “Jace is a part of me. Through a rune, we are both physically and emotionally connected. If he dies, a part of me dies, too. And he’s in trouble out there and there’s not a damn thing I can do about it.” Alec ranted before trying to walk away again. Magnus sighed.

“Tell me what I can do.” Alec turned back to Magnus.

“Help me track Jace. I want to use our rune. I just need your magic for the pain.” Alec requested.

“I can’t help you with this.” Magnus refused.

“Why not?” Alec demanded.

“The last time you tried to use your rune to track Jace, it almost killed you.” Magnus began.

“Why can’t you just do this one thing? After everything I’ve done for you.” Alec shouted before leaving. Again.

Magnus stayed on the roof for a while, trying to keep his emotions in check and not get angry. He could understand why Alec was so worried, it was to be expected. But Magnus wasn’t going to be able to forgive Alec easily for this. With the day’s events, Magnus could understand if last night’s discovery had been pushed to the back of Alec’s mind and he had forgotten. But Magnus hadn’t. And he wasn’t willing to do anything that could put their little miracle in danger until he’d spoken to Catarina.

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“We are at war.” Maryse declared to all the Shadowhunters stood before her in the Ops Centre. “Valentine now has the Mortal Cup, with which he is no doubt raising a new army… and one of our own had joined him.”

“Looks like the queen’s taking back her kingdom.” Izzy muttered.

“As a result, the Clave has declared a state of emergency at the Institute. Their first priority is to replace the current leadership, whom they have deemed wholly ineffectual. It is an honour to introduce the newly appointed head of the New York Institute, Clave representative, Victor Aldertree.” Maryse concluded before she stepped down to stand with the other Shadowhunters.

“Did you know about this?” Alec asked Izzy.

“No. But maybe this is why Dad went back to Idris.” Izzy suggested.

“Maryse went behind my back.” Lydia commented.

Back at the front of the room, Aldertree stepped forwards to address everyone. “My fellow Shadowhunters. It is an honour to be here with you all. We have to find Jace Wayland. He’s a Shadowhunter and we don’t leave our people behind. The answer to his location may very well lie in this room. So, I wanna speak with everyone who went on the mission where Jace disappeared. One last thing. Effective immediately, this Institute is on lockdown. But it’s only temporary. Let’s turn the Institute around.” He explained before leaving, allowing everyone to disband.

“Wait, if we’re on lockdown then who’s out there looking for Jace?” Clary asked, turning to Izzy.

“We’ll think of something. Don’t worry. Jace is tough. Valentine will never break him.” Izzy assured.

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As Alec was checking one of the monitors, he saw Magnus heading to the entrance of the Institute out of the corner of his eye. “Hey! Hey!” He called. Magnus stopped and turned to face Alec. “Are you going home?” Alec asked.

“Where else would I be going? My interview’s over and I’m exhausted. Besides, at my house, there’s steak and vodka.” Magnus responded. “I’d rather be there.” He added before turning to the doors again.

“Wait, you’re just… You’re not gonna help?”

“You really don’t get it, do you?” Magnus asked. “You didn’t risk anything for me, you did it for you.”

“What? Are you seriously doing this right now? Right now?” Alec shouted.

“You know damn well that I want to find Jace just as much as you do, but that’s no excuse to treat me like-”

“Well, then, what do you want from me?” Alec interrupted. Magnus took a deep breath.

“At the moment… nothing.” Magnus breathed. Before Alec had the chance to reply, the Institute’s alarms started blaring.

Alec was torn between trying to talk to Magnus and going to find out why the alarms had been sounded. In the end, the choice was made for him as Magnus left without another word.

“Who sounded the alarm?” Alec asked as he returned to the Ops Centre. When he got there, he was terrified to see a hologram of Jace with the words; ‘wanted dead or alive’ written across it.

“What’s going on?” Izzy asked as she entered the room.

“Oh, no.” Clary breathed. “Jace… Aldertree said he wanted to rescue Jace.” She claimed.

“Actually, Clary, I said I wanted to find him. And you gave me the clue that I needed to do just that.” Aldertree corrected.

“What did you tell him?” Alec asked Clary, seething with anger.

“Alec, it-” Clary tried.

“Is this everyone?” Aldertree announced.  “Fantastic. First up, all Downworlders are forbidden from entering the Institute without my prior approval. For those still present, good day. Mr Graymark…”

“I’m not leaving Jocelyn.” Luke argued. “Besides, my badge gives me access to resources that you don’t have. I can help you find Jace.”

“That’s generous of you, but I’m going to have to insist.” Aldertree smirked.

“Call me when you can.” Luke told Jocelyn. She nodded

“You too… Simon. Simon, right?” Aldertree requested.

“It’s almost dawn.” Simon defended. “I don’t have anywhere to go.”

“Hey, you’re a smart guy. I’m sure you’ll figure something out.” Aldertree responded, clapping Simon on the shoulder.

“Simon, come on.” Luke urged.

“I’ll be okay.” Simon whispered to Clary before leaving with Luke.

Aldertree clapped. “Now… let’s get to it. I’ve reviewed your statements along with the reports of your unsanctioned missions. And I can come to no other conclusion than the fact that Jace Wayland is a traitor to the Clave.” Aldertree announced.

“Jace is not a traitor.” Alec protested.

“Point of fact. Clary said that Jace called you to warn you about Valentine’s trap which got me thinking… Jace had multiple chances to kill Valentine, but chose to let him leave. Now, Valentine, Jace and the Cup are missing. Do the math.” Aldertree explained.

“There is no way we’re going to help you hunt Jace.” Clary stated.

“And I’d never ask you to. You and your friends are prohibited from any further involvement in the hunt for Jace Wayland.” Aldertree ordered.

“What?” Izzy asked, shocked.

“The rest of you, back to work. I’m lifting the lockdown on the Institute, except for Clary and Jocelyn. Given your relationship to Valentine and Jace, I want to keep a close eye on you.” Aldertree then walked away.

“This is ridiculous.” Clary claimed.

“Clary-” Jocelyn began.

“No! We cannot just sit around. Okay, they’re going to kill Jace. He’s your son.” Clary argued.

“I know you think you understand this world, but you don’t.” Jocelyn told her daughter.

“Dismissed.” Aldertree shouted.

“You can’t do this.” Alec insisted.

“See, that’s the thing about being the boss. I can and I did.” He replied.

“Then revoke the dead or alive order. Jace is one of us.” Izzy added.

“Challenging the authority of the head of the Institute is grounds for severe punishment, including de-runing.” Aldertree threatened before he actually did leave.

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Alec knew that he owed Magnus the biggest apology ever. Not only did he devalue his boyfriend, and how much Magnus actually meant to him, in his anger and worry, Alec completely forgot about his newly discovered pregnancy. And then he’d asked Magnus to help him do something that could kill their baby. He needed to go and apologise now, before it became too late.

Unfortunately for Alec, he had just gotten to the bottom of the steps leading away from the Institute when he heard “Alec!” being called sternly by his mother. “Alec, slow down.” She instructed. He stopped and allowed Maryse to catch up with him. “Where are you going?” She inquired.

“Magnus’.” Alec replied. “I couldn’t just sit in there and not do anything. He’ll help me find my brother.” Alec expanded.

“Jace is not your brother. He’s not your blood.” Maryse responded.

“He’s closer than blood. He’s my parabati.” Alec defended.

“Alec, we looked like fools taking in Valentine’s son, caring for him like our own.” Maryse tried.

“It was the right thing to do.” Alec claimed.

“It was a mistake.” Maryse disagreed. “It put our family in danger.” Maryse pulled her eldest in for a hug. “You need to forget about Jace. He made his choice.” Alec pulled away.

“Do you ever hear what you’re saying? If you kill him, you kill a part of me.” Alec argued.

“When you have a cancer, you cut it out before it destroys you. Son… life is full of hard choices.” Maryse defended, Alec scoffed.

“Don’t kid yourself. You’re not making a hard choice. You’re saving your own ass. And, unlike you, I don’t push someone away just ‘cause they’re a hard choice.” Alec countered before walking away.


Once he returned home, Magnus tried to go to sleep, but he was too wound up to settle down. His first task that day had been to contact Catarina. Even though things with Alec were slightly rocky at this moment in time, Magnus was always going to put the two of them first. Their baby and his number one priority.

After contacting Catarina, who said that she would be more than happy to check up on a friend of Magnus’ throughout their pregnancy, Magnus needed an out let for his pent-up energy. So, he went to the balcony to calm down in an environment that would be okay if his magic flared. This was how Alec found him.

When he reached Magnus’, Alec just let himself in. Magnus could sense his presence immediately but carried on working with his magic, leaving Alec to make the first move. “Magnus. I’m not good at apologies… but I’m… I’m sorry.” Alec stuttered.


“I’m… really sorry.” Alec added.

“For?” Magnus asked.

“Look, can you just cut that out for a second?” Alec requested. Magnus released the ball of magic, which then went flying behind him and nearly hit Alec before crashing into a lamp. Magnus raised an eyebrow. “You were right. When I called off my wedding, that was for me. But this is all just… It’s new to me, and I find myself getting lost and confused.” Alec explained.

“This may surprise you, but you’re new for me too.” Magnus responded.

“Look, with Jace missing, it’s just like… the ground has shifted and I can’t keep my balance. And then to discover that I have a life growing inside of me. Just… I didn’t mean to take it out on you. I’m sorry.” Alec concluded, close to tears.

“You’re forgiven. Also… you’re great at apologies.” Magnus smiled as he adjusted the collar on Alec’s jacket. Alec looked away, blushing.

“Thanks. I’ve been working on it.” He admitted.

“Here’s the thing… we’re always going to face challenges. Especially with a baby on the way, so, when things get crazy, don’t push me away.” Magnus requested. Alec nodded as Magnus pulled him into a kiss.

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Magnus and Alec were curled up together on the sofa decided to broach the subject. “My friend, Catarina, is a healer. She’s the one I’ve called in the favour from, and Cat is more than happy to oversee your pregnancy.” Magnus informed Alec.

“Okay. Thank you. How much does she know?” Alec asked.

“Just that one of my Shadowhunter friends is pregnant and I would like her help.”

“How soon can she come and check that everything is okay? When I remember that I’m pregnant, I become terrified. I don’t know what I’m doing. When I imagined having children, I definitely wasn’t the one who ended up pregnant!” Alec ranted.

“I’ll give her a call now, and see when she’s free.” Magnus told Alec before getting up off the sofa to grab his phone and go into the bedroom.

Catarina picked up on the fourth ring. “Hello, Magnus. What can I do for you now?” She asked.

“I was wondering how soon you would be able to come over and check over my friend and the baby.” Magnus explained.

“I’m free right now, if that’s any help.” Catarina offered.

“That would be wonderful, thank you.”

“I’m going to bring a helper. You’ll understand soon enough.” Catarina told him, cryptically. Although Magnus may have had a clue as to who she was talking about. “I’ll be with you shortly.” Catarina confirmed before ending the call.

It was then that Alec ran into the room. “I can sense him. He’s on land.” Alec exclaimed.

“Catarina is on her way. But she can wait, this is important to you, and your health does have an effect on the baby. Go and find your parabati, we’ll be here when you get back.” Magnus responded, smiling fondly at his boyfriend.

“Thank you.” Alec then pressed a chaste kiss against Magnus’ lips and then he left. Magnus chuckled. He loved Alec, so very much.


Alec went straight back to the Institute. He needed to try and convince Aldertree that he was the one who should go and get Jace. “Jace is back. Call off your men.” Alec requested as he followed his sister into the Ops Centre. “Izzy and I will bring him back alive.”

“One step ahead of you. We got a hit on the map. We’re mobilising now.” Aldertree replied.

“You’re not listening. Go ahead and de-rune me. We won’t let you do this.” Izzy argued.

Aldertree indicated to his men. “Hold them here until we get back.” He instructed and several people surged forwards and grabbed hold of the Lightwood siblings. Aldertree then walked away.

“I’m sorry. I’ll do whatever I can to help Jace.” Lydia promised before following Aldertree. Maryse followed after too, without saying a word to either of her children.

Alec and Izzy were then manhandled to their rooms, and the men stayed to guard their doors. Alec whipped his phone out and sent a text to Magnus.

Aldertree has me being held at the Institute. There are guards at the door but none in my room. Please can you come and get me? I love you. Alec.


Catarina arrived maybe ten minutes after Alec had left and her helper was none other than Tessa Gray. After Will had died, she reverted back to her maiden name. Since Magnus had been so helpful to her in the past, she felt as though there must’ve been something she could do to help him. And Catarina provided the perfect opportunity.

The three Warlocks spent twenty minutes just catching up with each other and reminiscing about the past before the conversation changed and Tessa decided it was time to grill Magnus about the reason they were there in the first place. “So, Magnus, are you going to explain to us exactly why we’re here?” Tessa asked.

“Something to do with a pregnant Shadowhunter isn’t much help.” Catarina added. “As I’m sure they have their own healers to deal with pregnancy.”

“It’s a bit more complicated than that.” Magnus commented. The women looked at him expectantly. “I’ve started seeing someone.” Magnus revealed. Both Catarina and Tessa looked at him in shock before getting over it quickly.

“That’s amazing.” Tessa squealed, surging forwards to give Magnus a hug.

“Are you going to give us anything else to go on? Or do I have to spike your drink with a truth potion?” Catarina asked. Tessa laughed.

“He’s a Shadowhunter.” Magnus began.

“You’re dating a Shadowhunter?!” Tessa exclaimed. “I never thought I’d see the day.”

“And we don’t know how, but he’s pregnant.” Magnus added.

“And it’s yours?” Catarina asked. Magnus shot her a dirty look. “I have to ask! Warlock’s can’t have children, so how is he pregnant?”

“He was a virgin when we met.” Magnus countered. “And I don’t know how! He’s so shy. I’ve made most of the advances.”

“I’m sure you would’ve made most of the advances anyway.” Tessa commented.

“Most people are considered virginal when compared to you!” Catarina joked.

It was then that Magnus’ phone chimed, alerting him to a text. “Is that him?” Tessa asked, quite eager to meet the man that could have this effect on their friend.

“Yes. I need to Portal him here. They’ve trapped him at the Institute. All he wanted was to help find his parabati.” Magnus replied.

“At least tell us his name before he arrives.” Tessa begged.

“Alec Lightwood.”

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Alec knew that all eyes were on him the moment he stepped through the Portal. He didn’t say anything as he didn’t know what Magnus had told these two women. “You must be Alec.” A brunette woman stated, standing up to greet him. Alec moved to stand with Magnus, obviously, these women were friends of his boyfriend but unfortunately for Alec, that didn’t make him any less nervous. “I’m Tessa.” She introduced. The woman with white hair and blue skin also stood up and then introduced herself as Catarina, even though Alec had assumed that after Tessa had introduced herself.

“Right.” Catarina began. “Magnus has told us that the two of you are together and that you’re pregnant.” Alec nodded. “What are you hoping to achieve by having me- us, here?”

“We were hoping that maybe you could give us some answers.” Magnus told her.

“I was asking Mr. Lightwood.” Catarina chided, looking at Magnus. “What are your thoughts on having us here, Mr. Lightwood?”

“I just want to know how our baby is doing.” Alec answered, honestly. Tessa smiled.

“Are you looking forwards to having a child?” She asked. Alec nodded, he still felt very shy.

Magnus moved to sit down next to Alec who had moved to the sofa after the introductions had been made. Magnus knew that his angel generally preferred to keep to himself and that new groups of people could be a struggle. And both Catarina and Tessa were aware of his pregnancy, which was bound to cause him more anxiety than usual.

“What I don’t understand, Magnus, is exactly why I’m here.” Catarina stated.

“Or me.” Tessa added. “Okay, I came because I am being nosey.” Alec smiled. Magnus had some really good friends.

“You’re a healer, Cat. And there’s no one else I trust to take care of the two most important people in my life.” Magnus replied.

Catarina smiled. “I’m honoured. And I think you’re right to not trust the Clave with this.”

“They are so much more powerful now than when Will and I had our little ones. I can’t imagine what they’d do to poor Alec and your baby.” Tessa agreed.

“They’d probably kill our baby. Let’s be realistic.” Magnus answered. Alec burrowed closer into his boyfriend’s side. The two female Warlocks shared a look; it was so clear how much Magnus and Alec loved each other. It didn’t matter to them that one of them was a Warlock, a Downworlder and the other was a Shadowhunter, they were just two people in love. Alec reminded Tessa of Will and Jem, although definitely more Jem than Will if the way he kept quiet and to himself was any indication.

“Right.” Catarina announced as she stood up. “Let’s have a look at your baby.” Tessa was at her side and the two women conjured anything that they would need into Magnus’ main room. There was an ultrasound machine, that was the one thing that Alec was able to recognise as it looked very similar to the one at the Institute. “Magnus, I’m going to need you to move. Alec, I want you to lie on your back and lift your shirt up. How far along are you?” Catarina asked.

“I don’t know.” Alec mumbled, cheeks burning.

“So, you’ve had sex without a condom on multiple occasions?” Catarina questioned for extra clarification. Magnus nodded. Alec was ready to die of embarrassment.

“With the exception of our first time, I don’t think we’ve used condoms at all.” Magnus mused. Alec was now hiding his face in one of the cushions from the sofa. Both Catarina and Tessa were trying to bite back laughter.

“Let’s get back on track.” Tessa suggested. Alec nodded in agreement. Magnus then got up to allow Alec to lie down and he then lifted his shirt up to reveal his currently flat stomach. There was definitely nothing to see which indicated that he couldn’t possibly be very far along at all. Catarina only confirmed that.

She squirted the cold gel on Alec’s stomach before putting the ultrasound wand over it. With the screen angled away from them, Alec and Magnus had to wait in anticipation before they could see anything. And they didn’t want to wait any longer.

Then, Tessa turned the screen around and Alec’s breath caught in his throat. There was hardly anything to see, a tiny blob, no bigger than a pea, but both men were in awe. This was their baby, a life that had been created by them, with their love for each other. “Our little sweet pea…” Magnus breathed, near tears.

“Judging by the size of your baby and the subtle changes in your hormone levels, I will predict that you can’t be any more than three weeks along, although it may be more like two. That’s why Magnus is still able to feel the baby as a source of his magic, instead of an entirely independent one.” Catarina explained.

“But everything’s okay? Our baby is fine?” Alec asked, worry written all over his face. Magnus had a matching expression.

“Everything is going well. Your body seems to be adjusting naturally and the baby is as developed as they should be for how far along you are.” Catarina confirmed.

Alec and Magnus breathed a sigh of relief before Magnus pulled Alec into a gentle and loving kiss. “I love you so much, never forget that.” He told his angel.

Chapter Text

After Catarina and Tessa left, Alec finally felt like he could breathe again. There was nothing wrong with either of the female Warlocks but something felt off about being in their company for an extended period of time. Alec was curled up into himself on the sofa, whilst Magnus was pouring over a selection of large books in the hopes of finding something, anything to go on about Alec’s pregnancy. Although he was currently finding nothing, Magnus still had hope. Realistically, they shouldn’t have been able to conceive at all, so how did it happen?

A couple of hours later, Magnus walked back into the main room only to find that Alec had fallen asleep, and Chairman Meow was curled up on his stomach. Magnus’ heart leapt at the sight. He was so lucky that he was able to call this scene his own little family. Magnus decided to go back to his office and search through some more of his books.

Once Alec was rested enough, he awoke, still on the sofa but now accompanied by a cat. Alec found this slightly odd as none of Magnus’ cats had ever shown him this much affection before. Maybe they could also sense the pregnancy. Alec carefully removed the cat and stretched as he got up before leaving to go and find Magnus.

When Alec found Magnus, he was once again sat at his desk, trying to get through a mountain of reading. He looked up when Alec entered the room. “Hello, angel. How are you feeling?” Magnus asked.

“I’m good. I’m just so relieved that our little one is okay. I didn’t realise how worried I was about something being wrong until Catarina confirmed that everything is fine.” Alec admitted.

“If anything was wrong, I may have been able to sense it, as it involves my magic. I would have asked Cat to come and help sooner.” Magnus promised.

“I know. But that doesn’t change the fact that I am going to worry because this is our baby.” Alec responded.

“Are you tired? I’ve noticed that the changes brought on by our little sweet pea are leaving you drained.”

“Bed time cuddles are the best.” Alec agreed. Magnus got up from his office chair and gently guided his angel to their bedroom.

“Make yourself comfortable.” Magus instructed as he went over to his dressing table and took off all of his jewellery before starting to remove his make-up.

Alec went into the bathroom to use the toilet and brush his teeth before re-emerging and getting into his bed clothes. Since discovering his pregnancy, Alec had taken to wearing baggy jumpers both in bed, and whilst relaxing around the loft. Magnus found it adorable, it only made him love the Shadowhunter more.

Now that Magnus had removed his make-up, preferring to do so by hand that with his magic, he then removed his clothes, with the exception of his boxers, and climbed into bed beside Alec. Alec then immediately turned so he was cuddled into the Warlock’s side. They fell asleep wrapped up in each other’s arms.

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Alec awoke the next morning and immediately had to head to the bathroom before he threw up everywhere. Magnus was alerted to this when he was jolted out of his slumber as Alec made his dash for the bathroom. Of course, morning sickness was an unavoidable part of being pregnant but Alec wasn’t the only one who suffered because of it. Magnus was suffering because Alec was. If his Shadowhunter was unhappy, so was Magnus.

Magnus looked at the clock and knew that neither of them were going to get anymore sleep as it had almost reached the time that Alec usually set his alarm for. He needed to get back to the Institute before anyone of importance realised that he was gone, especially Aldertree. Magnus then got out of bed and wandered through to the bathroom, he needed to check on his Alexander. Upon entering the bathroom, Magnus found Alec hugging the toilet from where he was curled up on the floor, his head resting against the seat. Alec was also covered in sweat. It looked as though he was ill.

When his boyfriend entered the room, Alec looked up. Magnus could hardly believe how young and vulnerable he looked in that moment. He looked very unlike your typical Shadowhunter. Magnus moved over to where Alec was sat and helped him up off the floor, initially, Alec was a little unsteady on his own feet but with the support from Magnus, he managed to stand properly. “I need a shower.” Alec stated.

“Good morning to you, too.” Magnus joked. Alec cracked a smile before taking off his baggy jumper and loose fitting pyjama bottoms and getting into the shower. The Warlock decided against joining Alec in the shower and ventured through to the kitchen to make some plain toast and a cup of tea for Alec. He wanted to ensure that his pregnant boyfriend had eaten something before he went back to the Institute. Alec hadn’t had much of an appetite for the last few days so Magnus was constantly trying to coax him into eating something. Especially as Izzy was the resident chef at the Institute, and everyone was well aware of the fact that she can’t actually cook.

After Alec had finished showering, he had to summon all of the effort that he possessed to get dressed and ready to head to the Institute before crawling back into the bed that he shares with Magnus. He then went through to the kitchen to find the Warlock leaning against one of the counters, cradling a hot drink in his hands. Alec adored moments like this, first thing in a morning when it was just him and Magnus. Neither of them had any reason to be guarded, so Magnus didn’t have any of his usual make-up or jewellery on and Alec had no weapons, not even glamoured ones. They were being one hundred percent open with each other.

“I made you some breakfast.” Magnus revealed as he handed Alec the mug of tea and placed the plate down in front of him. “Eat.” Magnus instructed before he could protest. Alec reluctantly picked up a slice of toast and began to eat it. Magnus smiled triumphantly.

Once Alec had eaten as much of the toast as he could manage and had drank his cup of tea, he got up from the table. “I need to go back now. Before Aldertree notices that I’m gone.” Alec frowned. “I’ll try to be back at some point tonight but will keep you informed.”

“Just make it back to me in one piece, time doesn’t matter. As long as you and our little sweet pea are safe.” Magnus replied, wrapping his arms around Alec’s waist and leaning up for a kiss. Alec placed his arms on the Warlock’s shoulders and met him halfway. They only separated once the need for air became too much. Magnus pulled away and created a portal, ready to take the Shadowhunter back to his room at the Institute.

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When Alec got back to his room, he noticed his phone laying on one of the bedside tables. Worried that he may have missed something important, Alec scooped it up and hurriedly read through all of his missed calls and texts. He couldn’t believe it, Jocelyn had tried to kill Jace. After all of the trouble they had gone through to try and wake her up from the potion that Ragnor brewed, and this was how she repaid them. Alec changed into his workout gear and went to the training room, he had some anger to expel.

“Alec, are you okay?” Clary asked, when she discovered his assaulting a punching bag.

“Pretty bold of you to show your face here.” Alec remarked.

“I can explain.” Clary defended.

“Unless your explanation can bring Jace back, save it.”

“Alec, Jace is my brother, too.” Clary stated calmly.

“You barely know him. I grew up with him. I fought by his side. He’s my brother. He’s my best friend.” Alec began.

“Alec…” Clary breathed, reaching out to rest a hand on Alec’s arm. He fiercely pulled it out of her grasp. “Alec, I want Jace back just as much as you do. I… I am not my mother.”

“How well do I even know you? I mean, you show up out of nowhere, you convince my brother, you convince me to search for your mother. And the next thing I know, Jace is gone. And your mother is the one trying to kill him.” Alec ranted.

“I had nothing to do with that, Alec. I would never hurt Jace.” Clary assured.

“Since you’ve arrived, you’ve caused nothing but problems. My family lost their birthrignt. Izzy was almost de-runed. And now Valentine has my parabati. And it’s all because of you.” Alec claimed.

“Alec…” Izzy whispered.

“I’m sorry.” Clary said, tears threatening to overwhelm her.

“Alec, this isn’t her fault.” Izzy added.

“When are you gonna realise that you don’t belong here?” Alec asked Clary. “You never have.” He then left the training room, ignoring Izzy who was calling after him.

Upon returning to his room, Alec let the tears flow. It had taken all of his willpower to hold them in whilst talking to Clary. Damn this pregnancy and all of the wild emotions it was bringing.

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When the notice came, everyone headed to the Ops Centre to see what was going on. Lydia was briefing everyone that had been summoned on what the latest development were, regarding Valentine. “There’s a clear pattern. Young, strong, highly skilled fighters, all abducted from boxing clubs, dojos and gyms. Valentine must’ve realised that even with the Mortal Cup, creating new Shadowhunters isn’t easy. He needs mundanes that are more likely to survive the conversion.”

“When did the briefing start? Nobody told me.” Clary asked, looking at Izzy.

“That wasn’t an accident.” Izzy admitted.

“Your job is to stake out potential targets, and catch the Circle members when they try to abduct them. We capture a Circle member, we have a shot at Valentine.” Lydia ordered.

“And Jace. That’s how we get to him before they try and kill him.” Alec whispered to his younger sister.

“Just keep your cool in front of the boss.” Izzy advised.

“You have your orders. Dismissed.” Lydia called as Clary ran over to her, begging to be allowed on this mission. Aldertree dismissed her immediately.

“The Lightwood’s are also too close to this.” Aldertree informed Lydia. “With Jace still out there, it clouds their judgement.”

“Alec and Izzy are the best we’ve got. They stay in.” Lydia insisted before walking away.

Clary then walked over to where Alec and Izzy were stood. “Izzy… Izzy, please. You wouldn’t want to be benched on this. Let me come with you.” Clary pleaded.

“Did you not hear me before? There’s no place for you here.” Alec repeated. “Let’s go, Izzy.” He then turned and left, needing to prepare for the mission.


The first thing Alec did to try and prepare for carrying out these orders was alerting Magnus to the new developments. Magnus had been so overprotective since they’d discovered Alec’s pregnancy, it was endearing but it meant that Alec had to inform his lover when he was sent out on a mission, and what it was likely to entail.

Catarina hadn’t said anything to them about not going on missions for the Clave, so he thought it would be fine. But Magnus did need to know that the Shadowhunter was unlikely to make it back for some time.

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Alec and Izzy made their way to the boxing club, it was quite popular with good fighters and was bound to be one of the next hits on Valentine’s list. A guard let them inside. “They said the best fighters in the city come here.” Alec remarked.

“It’s only a matter of time before Valentine hits this place.” Izzy agreed.

There was currently a fight going on, two bald men, built like brick walls, were punching each other. After it was over, Izzy complimented the winner. “You got some moves.” She stated.

“Yeah? How about I take you home and show you some of those moves, up close and personal?” He suggested. Izzy giggled.

“That’s funny. You really think you have a chance with her?” Alec asked, going into protective older brother mode.

“And who are you?” The fighter asked.

“I’m the guy who’s gonna put you down if you don’t shut your mouth.” Alec replied.

“Why don’t you come up and try, pretty boy?” He goaded. Alec went to step forwards but Izzy stopped him.

“I got this.” She smiled. Alec was kinda grateful, as much as he loved fighting and proving himself to people, no one could say what would happen to the baby if he got injured. “What are you waiting for? Let’s go.” Izzy instructed.

“I don’t fight girls, especially hot ones.” The fighter leered. It made Alec’s skin crawl, and it wasn’t even aimed at him.

“Then I guess it’s gonna be really one sided.” Izzy replied. She then repeatedly kicked the guy in the face until he fell to the floor. Once he was lying on his back, Izzy put a foot against his throat. “Still wanna take me home?” She laughed.


After the fight was over, the men started to leave. This meant that Alec and Izzy had to be quick in order to prepare for when the Circle member appeared.

The man that Izzy had beaten was crouching on a mat, pressing a bag of ice his right eye. “A chick did that to you?” Another member of the club asked, laughing as he walked past.

“Yeah, I’d like to see you fight that chick, break you like a twig.” He replied.

Suddenly, all of the electricity in the room started to crackle and the lights began to flicker. Someone ran over and tried to grab the guy, only to be stopped by Alec. Izzy then removed her glamour to reveal that she had been the one posing as the fighter.

Alec threw the Circle member against a door and had withdrawn his seraph blade. Izzy used her whip to yank the seraph blade from the hand of the Circle member. He looked surprised to see her but upon a quick glance around the room, he saw the man he had been instructed to abduct was hidden away, slumped against a wall. Unconscious.

“Tell us where Valentine is.” Izzy ordered.

“Where is he?” Alec demanded, pointing his blade at the man and inching closer. The Circle member whipped out a dagger and held it against his own throat. Alec moved closer again. But the man used the blade to slit his throat. He died almost instantly. “No!” Alec shouted in frustration.

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Back at the loft, Magnus was dealing with the demands from some of his clients. His next client had just arrived through a Portal. “You didn’t tell me that Portal travel was gonna make me wanna barf.” Simon stated, placing a hand on the coffee table to steady himself. Magnus looked up from the potion he was in the process of making and closed the Portal.
“You’ll get used to it.” He replied.
“Hopefully sooner rather than later.” Simon added.
“So, what’s the emergency?” Magnus asked, wanting to get to the point as quickly as possible. He does have other clients to see today.
“I need you help tracking down your friend, Camille. You’re the only person I know who knows her as well as Raphael.” Simon explained as he followed Magnus around the loft. Magnus was trying to find the necessary ingredients for the potion he was currently working on.
“I know her better, in fact. Which also means that I know how stupid it is to go looking for her.” Magnus corrected. He could understand why Alec was so easily infuriated by the young vampire. By now, Magnus had found the ingredients he had been looking for and made his way back into the main room.
“I know she could be holding a grudge about the whole blackmail-” Simon began.
“Could be?” Magnus interrupted. “Camille’s absolute favourite thing is holding grudges. I forgot her six hundredth and seventh birthday which isn’t even-”
“I can forget about my nineteenth birthday if we don’t find her. So, please, can you take a break from your day job and help a vamp out?” Simon requested.
“Lucky for you, this potion will take a few hours to stew. But it’ll cost you.” Magnus agreed.
“Okay.” Simon breathed. Magnus smiled before getting a pair of scissors and cutting out some of Simon’s hair. “Hey!” He protested as Magnus placed the hair in a jar labelled; ‘vampire hair.’
“I’ve been running low.” Magnus explained. Simon grimaced in acknowledgement.

The last thing Magnus wanted to do was help look for Camille. Ever since their break-up, back in the late 1800s, he’s been more than content with never seeing her again. Clearly, the universe had other plans. All he wanted to do today was deal with his clients before Alexander came home and then spend some time with his pregnant boyfriend. If he managed to deal with his clients quickly then Magnus was going to continue his search for an explanation for Alec’s pregnancy.
Unfortunately, it felt as though everyone was against them spending time together as Alec had sent Magnus a text earlier that day to inform him of a mission he was being sent on. It always made Magnus worry. But, for now, he needs to help the vampire.

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“Portalling is not my thing.” Simon announced as he and Magnus stepped through. “Is there, like, a YouTube tutorial I can watch?”
“Practice makes perfect.” Magnus replied.
“Wait, are we in India?” Simon asked, looking at the Taj Mahal.
“Welcome to Agra.”
“Wait, Camille lives in India?” Simon asked as Magnus led him into a house.
“Camille lives where ever she wants. Homes all over the globe. She’s always like to spend the winters in Agra. She loves the smell of lotus blossoms.” Magnus explained.
“Who doesn’t?” Simon muttered.
“Hmm. I recognise that.” Magnus stated as they walked into the central room. “Ming Dynasty. Of course I recognise it. It’s mine.” He added when he picked it up.
“Well, unless she’s in that vase, she’s not here. So, come on. You said there are, like, sixty-two other rooms we have to search.” Simon exclaimed, picking up a katana.
“You go on. I have a few things Camille never returned after one of our many break ups. I wanna find them.” Magnus replied. What he would give to be curled up at home with Alec. He’d rather be anywhere but here. Here, where he may run into Camille.
“So, you’re not gonna help me find her?”
“I Portaled you to India. The rest of your sire squabble is all on you. Now, go. And find me when you’re ready to leave. Preferably, after you’ve dealt with Camille.” Magnus responded.
“Right, because why would you need a powerful Warlock when you’ve got a scrappy nerd from Brooklyn?” Simon questioned.
“What are you so afraid of?” Magnus asked, disinterestedly.
“Where do I start? Elevators. Snakes. Clowns. Raphael trying to burn my junk off-”
“You’re a vampire, Simon. You’re tougher than you think. Honestly, it’s time to man up.” Magnus instructed as he indicated for Simon to leave.

Wandering around, Magnus found many things that belonged to him, he even had to summon a bag to put them all in. “Why do they always seem to get my bad side?” He asked himself, looking at a portrait of himself and Camille. It had to be at least one hundred years and fifty years old, there was no reason for Camille to keep it on display.
He wandered a little further when something caught his eye. A keris. It made him shiver. Nothing good ever came from that keris. After finding it, Magnus decided to look for Simon instead. He was ready to go home. Back to his Alexander.
Magnus Portaled to various rooms before finding Simon who yelped when he entered the room. “Hey, Magnus.” Simon greeted.
“There you are. And there he is!” Magnus exclaimed, having noticed the cobra in the room. “My baby.”
“Your baby?” Simon asked in disbelief.
“I created him for Camille ages ago. Turned out to be very fitting, a snake for a snake. The best gift I ever gave.” Magnus claimed.
“Great. Well, then, maybe don’t include me on your Christmas list.” Simon chuckled.
“He didn’t scare you, did he?” Magnus asked, remembering something Simon had said earlier about being scared of snakes.
“No, of course not. I encantoed him. No big.”
Magnus smiled.

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“Aldertree’s strategy isn’t working.” Alec complained.

“We’ve only been to one gym so far. We have to be patient.” Izzy stated.

“The Circle members all took the same oath. They’ll keep slitting their throats before they tell us anything.” Alec insisted.

“Do you have any other ideas?”

“Put in a request for a maritime mission. Take out a vessel ourselves.” Alec suggested.

“Alec, the ship is glamoured, it won’t show up on sonar.” Izzy pointed out.

“Well, it can’t hide from us if we run right into it.”

“It’s a pretty big ocean out there.” Izzy smiled. “Look… you know he’s not hurt, otherwise, you would have felt something, right?”

“I don’t feel anything, Izzy. That’s what scares me.” Alec admitted. It was the truth, just not the whole truth.

At the moment, there was so much going on, Alec could barely figure out which bit to focus on and when. Currently, Jace was his main focus. This often happened whenever he was at the Institute. He also used this time to focus on Aldertree and the Clave, occasionally his parents too. When he was at home with Magnus, Alec would allow his focus to shift towards his pregnancy. But it wasn’t easy to keep things separated.


“We should look at the aerial drones.” Alec suggested as he walked through the Institute with Izzy by his side. Maybe he would get to see Magnus tonight after all.

“We’ve already done that.” Izzy reminded him.

“So we do it again. Maybe we didn’t look closely enough.” Alec theorised.

“Alec, I know you’re upset, but this is just-”

“You don’t know, Izzy.” Alec snapped. “I need him.”

“I know.” Izzy whispered.

Just as the pair got through the door that leads to the living quarters, someone shouted. “Alec! Isabelle!” Jocelyn called, chasing after them. “I may have a way.”

“How did you get that?” Izzy asked, looking at the stone that Jocelyn was holding up. “Only the Iron Sisters have access to Adamas.”

“Luke’s mother is an Iron Sister. She told him about an ancient way to communicate through the parabati bond. Through your linked spirits.” Jocelyn explained.

“Oh, I see. So, you want me to help you find my brother so you can try and kill him again?” Alec guessed, before turning to walk away.

“No. I want to find Clary. She was kidnapped by Dot. Valentine must be behind this.” Jocelyn told them.

“Why should we trust you?” Alec asked quietly.

“Look, I know how much your brother means to you. And Clary means just as much to me. I will do anything to get her back.” Jocelyn replied. Izzy turned to Alec.

“What other choice do we have?” She asked.

Alec didn’t know what to do as he led both Isabelle and Jocelyn into his room. He couldn’t refuse, as that would immediately give away the fact that something was different, besides, he does really want to find Jace, Alec misses his brother, more than anything. It’s a constant pain, part of him is literally missing. But if he goes through with it, what effect will it have on the baby? The baby created out of his and Magnus’ love for each other.


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“If Luke’s had the stone all along, why didn’t he say anything when Jace first went missing?” Izzy questioned. Alec was now laying on his bed, having decided to go through with using the Adamas to search for Jace.
“I’ll be honest. There are some serious risks involved.” Jocelyn admitted.
“What kind of risks?”
“The parabati that initiates the contact… it can be taxing on their body. On their mind-” Jocelyn began.
“Izzy, it’s fine.” Alec interrupted.
“I’m not liking the sound of this. Taxing how?” She questioned.
“We’re not sure. Of the few people who have tried it, not many have come back to talk about it.” Jocelyn explained.
“Forget it. He’s not doing it.” Izzy instructed.
“I agree with Izzy. We can find Jace and Clary another way.” Alec agreed.
“But this could be one of the easiest ways to find them both!” Jocelyn protested.
“Easy!” Izzy screeched. “Alec could die in the process!”
“I’m trying to help.” Jocelyn claimed.
“I’ve already lost both parents to Idris and a brother to Valentine. I refuse to lose Alec too.” Izzy stated.
Jocelyn left the room, realising that neither Alec or Izzy were going to change their minds.
“I would’ve expected to fight me on this. Not agree.” Izzy told Alec.
“Usually, I would.” Alec admitted.
“Why didn’t you? What’s changed?” Izzy questioned.
“Now is not the time.” Alec responded, getting up off of his bed.
“Where are you going?” Izzy asked.


“Listen, Antiques Roadshow, you got all of your stuff back, but Raphael still wants to kill me, and Camille is nowhere to be found.” Simon nagged.
“We might not have her, but at least we have this.” Magnus concluded, holding up the box from the serpent statue.
“This? From inside the serpent statue? This helps me how?” Simon replied, taking the box from Magnus.
“If Camille had that snake guarding it, it must be precious to her. Maybe you can use what’s inside it to lure her back. If you can get it open.”
“How?” Simon asked.
“I wish I knew. Whatever it is, it has wards to keep Warlocks like me, out.” Magnus explained.
“Maybe I can, uh, pry it open.” Simon suggested, picking up the keris.
“NO!” Magnus shouted, running over to Simon. “Not with this. It’s too important.”
“You know what else is important? The parts Raphael wants to burn off me if we don’t find Camille.” Simon added.
“We’ll figure it out, Simon.” Magnus assured.
“When I was a boy… discovering my powers, I had no one. I had to figure out the Downworld all on my own. It was awful. So, I vowed to myself that if I ever found someone in a similar situation, I’d try to make sure that they didn’t have to go at it alone.” Magnus explained.
“So, you’re gonna be, like, my Downworld sponsor, Cool.” Simon gushed.
“Let’s not get carried away. I said I’ll try. Even though I’ve lived more centuries that I’d like to admit, it doesn’t mean I’m patient.” Magnus added.

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After Alec had gotten re-dressed, he headed back to the loft. Alec was thrilled, he was going to be able to sleep well tonight. For some reason, he always sleeps better beside Magnus. Hopefully, the Warlock would be done with work for the day and they would be able to spend some time together.

Alec’s mind kept going back to the conversation he’d had with Izzy. He was so close to telling her about the baby but they’d never discussed telling anyone. Alec didn’t want to tell anyone without Magnus being present.

Upon entering the loft, Alec noted that there were lots of new things, things that certainly hadn’t been there when he’d left that morning. Another thing that he noticed was Simon. The annoying mundane turned vampire was sat in a chair opposite Magnus, who was very focused on a potion he was brewing. Magnus looked up when he felt Alec walk through the wards. “Hello, angel. How did the mission go?” He asked.

“Not to plan. I’ll tell you more later.” Alec replied.

“Okay. I’m just finishing up here and then you can tell me.” Magnus smiled.

Alec went through to their bedroom and then on through to the bathroom. While he would usually have a shower, Alec decided to have a bath today. He needed the relaxation. After running the bath and adding bubbles, Alec slipped out of his clothes before getting in. Once in the bath, Alec let his eyes fall closed.


Back in the main room, Magnus was just putting the finishing touches on a batch of potions he was making. Having finished. Having finished the long-winded potion required by one of his clients, he began to make some anti-nausea potions for Alec. Simon didn’t know this, neither did Alec, and they both assumed that it was something for a client. It could have been for a client, pregnant Werewolves, Seelies and Shadowhunters often came to him when they were expecting so Magnus always liked to ensure that he had plenty.

It took Magnus quite a while to convince Simon to leave, but he could understand why. The young vampire hardly had anyone, especially since he’d become a vampire. Magnus had managed to stop himself from inviting Simon to live in the loft, it wasn’t very safe for a newly turned vampire to be living with a werewolf pack and Magnus was concerned that they weren’t looking after him properly. Luke wouldn’t be the reason behind it, but he couldn’t always be there, and who was supplying Simon with the blood necessary to survive?

Once Simon had left, Magnus made his way through to the bedroom that he shared with Alec. His Shadowhunter had returned almost an hour ago and Magnus hadn’t seen or heard anything from him since. Usually, Alec would’ve claimed that Magnus was taking too long and come to see what was happening. That question was answered when Magnus entered the bathroom and found Alec curled up asleep in the bath. “Alec…” He called gently. Alec stirred and groggily looked up at Magnus. “Simon’s gone. It’s just us.” Magnus told him, kneeling down next to the bath. Alec sat up and removed the plug from the bath before Magnus grabbed a towel and wrapped it around Alec’s shoulders as they both stood up.

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After getting out of the bath, Alec went back through to the bedroom to put on his pyjamas. There was no point in getting dressed properly as they’d be going to bed soon. Magnus went straight through to the kitchen to sort out some food as neither of them had eaten since lunch and Alec was currently eating for two. After getting dressed, Alec just climbed into bed, he was tired and had very little energy. The day had completely drained him, especially after the altercation with Jocelyn. Alec could still hardly believe what had happened, Jocelyn had tried to get him to risk not just his own life, but the baby’s as well. Just because she wanted to find Clary.

Alec didn’t know if it was worth mentioning to Magnus, it was bound to make the Warlock very unhappy and Alec wasn’t sure if it would make things more difficult than they already were. Knowing that Magnus was currently getting some food, Alec grabbed a book from the bedside table and began to read it.

Back in the kitchen, Magnus was trying to decide on what food he should sort for Alec and himself. He knew that Alec was struggling with what he could and couldn’t eat and finally settled on soup. Surely that wouldn’t upset Alec’s stomach too much. Due to the fact that he hadn’t had much of a chance to spend time with his boyfriend today, Magnus decided against making the soup himself, instead, he just made some appear and took it through to the bedroom where Alec was.

When Magnus entered the room, Alec folded the corner of the page to mark his place in the book before putting it back on the bedside table and moving to go and help the Warlock with the food he currently balanced on a tray. Magnus motioned for Alec to stay seated, so the Shadowhunter stayed where he was. Magnus then placed the tray on the other bedside table before handing one bowl to Alec, and taking the other for himself. “Thank you.” Alec murmured.

“Anything for you, Alexander. You are my angel.” Magnus replied. Alec blushed, he often did when Magnus complimented him.

Despite hardly doing anything, both Alec and Magnus were perfectly content with the way the evening had gone. Nothing specific needed to happen in order for them to have a good time together, just being in each other’s company was enough.

Chapter Text

Upon awakening the next morning, Alec was surprised to find that his Warlock was still asleep. Magnus was a morning person and usually woke before the sun rose. Alec would’ve loved to stay where he was and watch Magnus sleep, but their baby had other ideas. As was becoming normal for Alec these mornings, he had to get out of the warm bed he was sharing with his boyfriend and dash to the bathroom to empty the contents of his stomach. Yet again, Magnus was alerted to this as Alec got out of bed and jolted him. Being the dutiful and caring boyfriend that he was, Magnus went to join Alec in the bathroom.

Instead of getting upset or annoyed at the fact that every morning began this way, Alec smiled to himself. He loved the fact that he was going to be a father. This was the main thing that upset Alec on the discovery of his sexuality as he was not going to be able to have children with the one he loved because Shadowhunters are very traditional about the whole opposite sex marriages. Sure, men can get pregnant in the shadow World, but you very rarely heard about it as they tended to be outcasts.

Magnus both loved and hated the new morning routine. The knowledge that he could have a child was incredible! All his life, Magnus had thought that he was unable to have children due to being infertile like most Warlocks. Instead, he had taken young Downworlders under his wing. Magnus disliked the morning routine because he hated to see those he loved and cared about in such a state or in distress. And there was no one he loved more than Alexander Lightwood.

After Alec had finished throwing up and felt able to stand again, Magnus helped him get to his feet. Alec then went through to the bedroom to get dressed so that he was ready to head to the Institute for the day. Magnus then went through to the kitchen to get himself a cup of coffee, normally, despite being a morning person, Magnus couldn’t function properly without at least one cup of coffee but having to be up during the night and first thing in a morning to take care of Alec, Magnus was getting much better at functioning for an hour or two without a cup of coffee. When saying that he has to be up during the night with Alec, Magnus doesn’t mean it harshly. He knows that it’s completely his choice as to whether he gets up to take care of his Alexander, but since it’s Magnus’ child and neither of them knew this could happen, he feels as though the least he can do is get up to comfort Alec whenever necessary during the night or in the mornings.

Since Alec was no longer able to drink coffee, he would either have tea or hot chocolate. This morning, he was having a cup of tea. As Alec wasn’t getting hungry in a morning, Magnus would make him a couple of slices of plain toast so Alec could eat it absentmindedly whilst checking his phone for any alerts or messages.

Once his toast had been eaten and Alec had drunk most of his tea, it was time to head to the Institute. Magnus got up to open a Portal and to say goodbye to the Shadowhunter. “I love you, Alexander.” Magnus smiled, leaning in to give Alec a quick kiss.

“I love you too.” Alec replied as he stepped through the Portal and arrived at the entrance to the Institute.

Chapter Text

Alec slightly regretted his decision to return to the Institute. He had to deal with the glares that Jocelyn kept shooting him. Unfortunately, by offering him the adamas, Alec was given a very difficult choice. Of course he wanted to find Jace, that was and would continue to be one of his main priorities, but the child he was currently carrying, Magnus’ child, their child, was always going to come top of the list. Even above his parabati.

Shortly after getting to his room, Alec was hit with an incredible wave of nausea that coincided with the feeling of immense pain, radiating from his parabati rune. Not having the strength to deal with both at the same time, Alec lost consciousness.


Having not seen Alec since he went to get changed for a mission almost an hour ago, Izzy decided to wander down to her brother’s bedroom and see what was keeping him. Upon entering the room, Isabelle was horrified to find Alec passed out on the floor. She immediately called Magnus.

Magnus arrived at the Institute whilst still on the phone with Izzy. As soon as he stepped through the Portal, she ended the call and threw herself into Magnus’ arms. “Thank the angel, you’re here.” She whispered.

“Alexander needs me. There’s nowhere else I’d rather be.” Magnus admitted. “How did this happen?”

“I don’t know.” Izzy replied. “He came to get changed for a mission but after taking nearly an hour, I came to check on him and found him like this.

“Let’s get to work.”


By now, Magnus had moved Alec from the floor so that he was now laying on his bed. Izzy then left the room to inform Aldertree of Alec’s current state and to tell him that Magnus was trying to heal him.

When Isabelle returned to the room, it was with Jocelyn and Aldertree in tow. Izzy looked terrified, it was written all over her face. The last thing she wanted or needed was to lose Alec, especially since Jace was still missing. Of course Aldertree was here as the current Head of the New York Institute, but Magnus couldn’t figure out why Jocelyn was here. After observing the scene, Aldertree turned to Magnus. “Heal him, Warlock. Alec Lightwood is one of our best soldiers and it would be a shame to lose him.” He stated before turning and leaving the room.

“Is this my fault?” Jocelyn asked.

“How could it be?” Izzy questioned.

“I gave the adamas to Alec yesterday. If his mind drifted towards Jace, even just for a moment, then his soul could have gone in search of his parabati.” Jocelyn explained.

“But he only held the adamas for a moment!” Isabelle protested.

“That’s all it would take. And this delayed response could be down to the duration.” Jocelyn added.

Magnus began to panic. As a Downworlder aged over four hundred, he’d heard of the adamas before. And he knew that of the many who had tried to locate their parabati with one, not many had survived the process. Since no one else knew about the pregnancy, only Magnus was worried about their defenceless child. Judging by the fact that Alec had returned to the loft last night, Magnus was able to deduce that Alec didn’t want to risk their child in order to find Jace. So he owed Alec all of the help that he could. Even joining in the search for Jace could be Alec’s only hope.

Chapter Text

Once the details of their plan had been sorted, Izzy went back to Alec’s room and informed Magnus. He was on board immediately. Anything to protect the two most important people in his life. As the pair were packing up the potion bottles, Alec started mumbling. With all their focus on the comatose Shadowhunter, neither Magnus nor Izzy heard the footsteps coming down the hall. It was only when Aldertree stormed into the room with Raj in tow, that they realised they had company. “You put in a request to transfer your brother to Idris?” Aldertree demanded, looking at Izzy.

“My parents put in the request.” Izzy corrected.

“Alec isn’t leaving this Institute. I’m sure his Warlock friend can figure something out. Here.” Aldertree stated.

“This isn’t waking sleepy beauty with a kiss. Runic power is deep. It requires magic that can’t be accessed within the walls of this Institute.” Magnus tried to explain.

“I don’t know what you’re up to, and, ultimately, I don’t care. But as far as I’m concerned, your brother is too weak to be Portaled.” Aldertree claimed.

“You’re just using Alec as bait to arrest Jace.” Izzy guessed.

“No. I’m working to capture the fugitive who put Alec in this position. I have allowed this Warlock into the Institute for the sole purpose of treating your brother. Although you don’t seem to be doing too good a job of it. I’m placing Raj by the door. Do not try this again.” Aldertree ordered before nodding at Raj and leaving the room.

“I’m just under orders.” Raj defended.

“Shut up, Raj.” Izzy hissed as Magnus rolled his eyes and went back to Alec.

Chapter Text

Magnus was on his feet again, using his usual flair that accompanies his magic, although he was slowly running out. Alec kept mumbling in his slumber, snippets related to whatever memory he was currently reliving. It was very difficult for Magnus to see the one he loved like this, especially since it would seem as though they were making progress when they weren’t. Maybe that’s why there was an outburst of his magic that sent a candlestick clattering to the floor. “You know you’re gonna have to clean that up?” Raj remarked. Magnus turned away. “I feel you, man, but I have direct orders. If you can’t help him then you need to go.”

“My magic is the only thing keeping Alec from completely slipping away. I won’t leave.” Magnus responded.

“I know you’re old, but I didn’t realise you were hard of hearing. He’s clearly not waking up anytime soon, so you can leave now. Or I’ll remove you myself.” Raj threatened. Before he could get close enough, Magnus shot out a red rope of magic that wrapped itself around Raj’s neck. All he wanted was to care for his boyfriend and their unborn child.

“I’m sorry. I don’t like to be rushed.” Magnus explained before sending Raj flying across the room, crashing into the wall. It was that moment that Izzy re-entered the room.

“Magnus, stop. We need to get Alec out of here but this isn’t helping.” She reminded him.

Chapter Text

After moving Alec to his apartment, Magnus laid him on the sofa. The sofa on which they’d shared so many memories. “Come back. Come back. Please, come back.” Magnus pleaded, clutching Alec’s hand within his. “I’m all out of answers. I’ve tried everything. Except…” Magnus leaned over and gently pressed his lips to Alec’s. Magnus couldn’t help the tears that rolled down his cheeks. He turned away from Alec and then he heard a sharp intake of breath.

“Magnus?” Alec called, hoarsely. “What’s going on?” Even more tears made their way down Magnus’ cheeks, but these were ones of happiness. Magnus crouched down beside the sofa again and gathered Alec into his arms.

“I love you. I love you so much.” He breathed, crying into Alec’s jumper. Alec clutched onto Magnus, sobbing into his neck. They would’ve stayed like that for a long time if the door to the loft didn’t open.

Clary, Izzy and Jace came running into the apartment. They were all very relieved to see that Alec was awake although they didn’t know how. Magnus had no idea why this kiss had worked but it may’ve had something to do with the baby. The most logical way for Alec to wake up would be when Jace arrived with the other half of his soul. Of course, it wasn’t long before Aldertree turned up with his group of Clave officers, ready to take Jace to the City of Bones. This just confused Alec even more. After Jace had been taken away, Izzy explained the events of the day to Alec who looked at her in sheer terror. Once she had finished recounting everything, Izzy gave her brother a hug and left with Clary.

As soon as they were out of the door, Alec turned to Magnus. “Are you okay? I’m so sorry for the way they treated you! What about our baby? Is everything okay?!” He blurted.

“I’m fine. Don’t worry about me.” Magnus reassured the Shadowhunter. “I don’t know about the baby but I think everything is okay. Just to be on the safe side, Tessa and Catarina are on their way.”

Chapter Text

Alec curled up on the sofa, safely tucked up into Magnus’ side as they waited for Catarina and Tessa to show up. “Why didn’t you tell me about Jocelyn and the adamas?” Magnus asked.

“I refused. When she said it could kill me, I couldn’t say no fast enough. I probably would’ve agreed if there wasn’t the chance that I could lose our baby. On the one hand, I know I did the right thing for both myself and our baby, but on the other, I feel like a terrible parabati for not doing everything I could to ensure Jace’s safety.” Alec explained.

“I completely understand why you are feeling the way you are but none of this is your fault. You made the best decision you could based on the options. None of us could’ve predicted that holding the adamas, however briefly, would have the same effect as you using it properly.”

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you. I figured you probably had enough to be dealing with, without me telling you what happened with Jocelyn.” Alec added. Magnus opened his mouth to say something, but at that moment, a Portal opened in the middle of the living room, allowing both Catarina Loss and Tessa Gray to step through. Though neither of them said anything, it was lovely to see Magnus and Alec curled up together so happily.

Even though he didn’t particularly want to, Magnus dislodged Alec from his side and got up to greet his guests. After pulling both the female Warlocks into a hug, Magnus stepped back to address them. “Would either of you like a drink?” He offered.

“Since you’re offering, I’ll have tea, please.” Tessa requested. Having spent a lot of her young life in London, she had come to adore the drink and never went a day without having at least one cup.

“I’ll have coffee.” Catarina stated. Magnus was never going to complain about the apparent lack of manners, both of these women were doing him a huge favour, especially Catarina, considering he wasn’t an expert on either healing or pregnancies. Despite having no idea that he could father children, Magnus had always used condoms to avoid anything. Until Alec.

Once Magnus had disappeared into the kitchen, both Tessa and Catarina sat themselves down on either side of Alec. He felt rather awkward. “What can we do for you?” Catarina asked.

“Um, yesterday, Jocelyn Fairchild asked me for my help in finding her daughter who had been kidnapped by Valentine. She used the offer of being able to find both Jace and Clary by using an adamas.” He began. Magnus re-entered the room and placed the mugs down on the coffee table. He then made Tessa move so that he could sit next to Alec, taking the Shadowhunter’s hand in his. “I refused once I was informed that it could kill me. I would never do anything to intentionally risk our baby.” Alec continued. Tessa and Catarina nodded in understanding. “But I didn’t realise that even just holding the adamas would send my soul out in search of my parabati. I lost consciousness and it took a while to get me out of the ‘coma.’ We were hoping you would be able to check if everything is okay with the baby.” Alec concluded.

“Of course we can.” Catarina smiled as she stood up and conjured an ultrasound machine into the room.

First, Catarina walked over to Alec and pressed her hands to his stomach. “I can sense a strong source of magic within you. I’ll just use the ultrasound machine for absolute certainty.” Catarina explained. “Have you been getting nauseous?” Alec and Magnus nodded in agreement. “Have you been taking anything for it?”

“I’ve got plenty of anti-nausea potions due to having to brew them for various clients.” Magnus answered.

“Good.” Catarina acknowledged. “How have you been feeling since becoming pregnant?”

“Generally okay, I think.” Alec began, pondering his answer before adding. “There are some things that I have been struggling with, mainly the nausea when I first wake up but by taking the potion after I first throw up, it soon clears. On missions, I have been struggling with my stamina and my range of motion. I have also found myself getting rather light-headed and dizzy when I’m at the Institute.” Whilst Catarina was sat talking to Alec and Magnus, Tessa began to set up the ultrasound machine.

“Okay, have you been using runes?” Catarina asked.


“That could be the issue. As this baby is part Warlock, and therefore part demon, using angelic items such as your stele and runes could be causing you the discomfort. It could be the same thing with feeling unwell at the Institute, all the adamas in the walls.” Catarina explained. “Soon, you will need to stop going on missions unless strictly necessary but I will let you know when that is. Depending on how things keep going, that could be soon as you seem to have a lot of stress in your life right now.”

“Thank you, Cat.” Magnus said as Tessa indicated that they were ready to use the ultrasound machine.

Just like the last time it had been used, Alec took his shirt off and lay down on the sofa with Magnus at his side. Tessa came and put the cold gel on his belly before Catarina positioned the sensor over it. Tessa turned the screen around, so that Catarina could clarify that everything was fine. And it was. Alec and Magnus were so relieved. Their baby was okay.