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More than human Underfell version

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3 years.


3 glorious fucking years.


That’s how long it’s been since monsters- yes the actual thing that little children have nightmares for no reason about- surface from Mount Ebott. When they first surface it was tough for them. Frisk, their ambassador, and Chara were doing their hardest because when they emerged with them out of the mountain, some reporters made it look like they were slaves being used to breed monster hybrids to take over the world or being mind controlled by the monsters and their hidden plan to take over the world or anything that had the words “taking over the world”. Dick move. But that didn’t stop them from doing what they was originally determined to do. And that was to give the monsters the true happy ending they deserve. Living arrangements for six whole months of the monsters had been in a abandon city not to far from the mountain. It, as long with the mountain were then put fences all around the perimeter making sure Monsters wouldn’t leave or humans getting in unless permitted to. The key words to that was “six months”. The living arrangement was for only six fucking months because Frisk kept arguing about how Monsters are still being treated as if they were in the mountain. Seeing how determined she was and how she isn’t giving up anytime soon the president -that’s not the current dick head taking office right now- knew how this was going to end and decided that it was time for them to be introduced to the world.


But before that could happen, the president had set up one last meeting. Usually the meetings would work like this: Frisk (since she is technically the ambassador of the monsters), Asgore the king himself , and Toriel, the former queen who decided to take part as a part-time Queen further notice, would have a meeting with only the president and the vice president to discuss how Monsters and Humans would further coexist in the U.S because the president could not speak for other countries and how they feel on this matter. But now this meeting consist of everyone Frisk wanted to bring to make this a final matter. So with Frisk was another human that looked almost exactly like her but her hair color was red and she had a sunflower in it, Asgore and Toriel with an third goat monster, 3 skeletons, a dinosaur with anime swirly glasses, a Fish with armor, literally fire itself but purple and wearing a nice suit, and to top it all off, a flower with a face that’s inside a flowerpot. With the President were the Vice President, the Secretary of State, and the Mayor of Washington D.C . This would be the first and only meeting that allows Frisk to bring her friends.


The president stood up and spoke first. “Good afternoon to you all. As you know this will be the first and only meeting where it is only between us. The media doesn’t even know about this so no one will be outside asking any type of questions or anything of that sort.”


“Thank you Mr. President.” Asgore spoke first out of their group bowing his head as well as the rest of the other monsters including Frisk and the other human.


“As for the second thing, I do not want any of you to be formal.” The minute he spoke, the gang of Ebott all looked at him in surprise. “Honestly I am getting tired of being called Mr. President because that’s my title, not my name. Be yourself. This meeting isn’t about politics or anything of that sort. It’s just getting to know each other so we can really figure out where to go from here. You don’t like your living arrangements and I can tell that your really itching to see what at least this country is like since the world really is big. With that being said, let us all introduce ourselves once more even if you already know who we are.” The president as well as the others all stood up to greet the people from Ebott. “You already know me but the name is Barack Obama. Just call me Obama for short though since it’s the usual name to go around with.” He pointed finger guns and then say back down.


“Honestly O, that was to much of yourself. Joe Biden is my name but call me Joe. And I am the Vice president. Let’s all get along with each other” He sat down as the next person introduced himself.


“Rex for short. I’m the Secretary of State. It is honestly surprising to see you all but hey, first time for everything right?” he shrugged as he sat back down and the final human representative introduced herself.


“Muriel Bowser, Mayor of Washington D.C . I am really excited to get to know all of you!” she sat back down into her chair. Now the other side has sat up as it was their time to introduced themselves.


“Asgore Dreemur, King of my citizens. I wouldn’t want to be rude but after this let’s all have a drink.” He sat back down. Although he wanted to be his real self he still acted professional. Typical.


“Toriel Dreemur, and this is my adorable son! Remember to introduce yourself well or I will ‘talk’ with you when we get home.” She whisper to the small goat monster and then brought back here motherly yet queen like smile as she sat down.


“Gosh mom! I know how to introduce myself!” all that got him was a stern look from both of his parents and a giggle from the human that wasn’t the ambassador, but she also had a sole on her face watching the interaction. “Asriel Dreemur, Prince of the monster kind…yeah that. Can I sit down now?” he asked as he sat down and crossed his arms.


“Asriel!” Toriel looked at her soon disapproving like.


“They said we don’t have to be formal mom. Gosh! Also, you, oh I don’t know, woke me up a bit early without breakfast….and you did promise food would be here.” He said in a low whisper not so everyone could hear but the president and the other representatives laugh at their little bicker.


“Oh man you remind me so much of my family at home! Teenagers” he said wiping tear falling from his face. “Continue please. We all want to get to know you. Be yourself.”


“Thank stars!” The human that wasn’t Frisk was wearing a similar sweater of Frisk but instead of red stripes it was pure black and the Delta Ruin symbol was on the front and back. She pulled out a chocolate bar and she ate it letting out a pleasant moan. “You wouldn’t believe how long I was waiting to eat this!! Oh and the name is Chara Dreemur. Nice to meet ya partners.” She sat down and continue to eat the brown delicate treat.


“I thought I took that from you on the ride here.” Frisk pinched her forehead, her long hair being all curly covering her eyes and draping down to her hips. Some thought it was too long but she shrugged it off when asked about it. The same was for Chara but she only had one of her eyes covered. She wanted everyone to see her crimson red eyes. Frisk sighed and shook her head from Chara’s habit. “Frisk Dreemur. Great to see you both again Mr. Obama and Mr. Biden as well as you too Mr. Rex and Ms. Muriel.” She bowed her head as she sat down. Next up where the skeletons.


“Evening to you humans. I am W.D Gaster, Royal scientist and the creator of the Core. It is truly an honor to meet you four as some humans that I have seen on your recent television sets are very…arrogant and…descriptive is how I would put it about us. No offense.”


“None taken” all four of them said at the same time causing the medium sized skeleton to chuckle.


“But surely we can all see a compromise and hopefully both of our races get along with one and another. And maybe we could even use your technology along with our magic to create something truly….interesting , if allowed by our king and of course you as well. Anyway it is nice to meet you all.” he bowed and sat down as the taller skeletons coughed dramatically and begin his speech.


“oh boy. here we go with this.” The shorter skeleton said as he waited for the tall one to speak.


“WHAT WAS THAT?” the taller skeleton looked down at the shorter one with a look of anger.


“i said go ahead and knock em dead. not literally though heh”


“THAT’S WHAT I AM TRYING TO DO UNTIL YOU INTERRUPTED ME BROTHER. AND WHY WOULD I WANT THEM DEAD WHEN I AM TRYING TO MAKE A GOOD FIRST IMPRESSION.” Asgore facepalmed and pull down on his black THICC beard to show how annoyed he is while the shorter skeleton’s smile only grew wider indicating that he’s holding back his laughter.


“course you are bro. now go ahead an introduce ya self to them.”




“Oh I love that show!” Rex speaks up and gets Papyrus attention who has a knowing smile on his face. “What season are you on?”


“SEASON FOUR” “Ah yes but do catch up because your missing the fun part where he has the best stressed out moments” “NYEHEHEH. INDEED I SHALL TRY TO -AS YOU HUMANS CALL IT- ‘BINGE WATCH’ AN ENTIRE SEASON WHEN THE TIME IS GIVEN.” They both nodded at each other as Papyrus continued. “NOW THAT YOU KNOW ABOUT ME IT’S TIME TO INTRODUCE YOU…TO MY SLOB OF A LAZY BROTHER. MAKE SURE YOUR HAVE A GOOD FIRST IMPRESSION!” the tall skeleton sat down as his brother introduced himself.


“sup. the name is sans.” He sat down as his brother stood up to complain.


“SANS YOU IMBECILE. GET BACK UP AND REINTRODUCE YOURSELF PROPERLY!” he sat back down again but sans didn’t move.


“why should I do it a second time? come on bro you can’t be serious.” He said as his red pin pricks point back to Gaster


“Sans please just introduce yourself properly so we won’t have to hear your brothers complaints.” Gaster said as his purple eye lights stared directly at his son.


“great” Sans gets back up and has a annoyed look on his face and then smiles as a devious thought almost came to his skull. “sorry for the shitty introduction. tibia honest, i’m not really the type who does these things. see the thing is, i’m more of the skeleton with the funny bone in the group. gotta skeleton of puns up my sleeve but for the crew who’s being nothing but-


Toriel had cut him off with a roaring laughter. She was clutching her stomach and trying to control herself. Asgore mumble something about “ripping his spine in half if he ruins this”. Gaster and Papyrus both sighed in annoyance and Frisk giggled.


“any who, the name is sans, sans the skeleton, and frisk of over there is my girl.” He says with an extra firm baritone. Asgore is now mumbling curses while the skeleton sat back down.


“You two are dating?” Muriel ask with excitement and Frisk blushed and nodded. “What’s it like? Does he take you to the pfft bonezone?” Sans, Obama and Biden all laughed as well as Toriel. The meeting was more like a bunch of friends meeting after a long break than an actual meeting. Joe than sits up and his eyes widen as he smirks and then looks and whispers to Obama about something. His eyes sparked an interest as he said just reeled in what his partner says.


“Bet” Obama says and he pulls out his wallet with a 10 dollar bill.


“He doesn’t even have one I bet” Biden pulls out his wallet and a fresh 10 as well. Then there eyes focus on Sans. Obama looked straight at him and then at Frisk and then back at him. Sans kept his usual lazy composure and grin but he felt weirded out with the humans looking at him with all the attention.


“Sans, one question that you don’t have to answer but try the best you can.” He breathe in before letting out the following words. “Do you have one?” Frisk began to blush even a brighter red and Sans could see where this was going and his grin became even bigger as his gold teeth was now shown.


“magic” was all Sans said before the president smirked and took his and Biden’s money.


“I’ll be taking that. ” Obama said with a satisfied smile.

“Heh. You humans and your bets really can be on the weirdest shit huh?” the purple fire spoke up as you could see a white outlines on his face that people could make out as his eyes and mouth.


“Only the weirdest. Continue though. My apologies for the interruption.”


“Yeah. Even weirder for the apologizing of nothing really but I ain’t one to judge. The name is Grillby. I own a restaurant back in the Underground with my name on it. Goal is to spread it and keep my business going, keep in the dough if I can.” He made a money motion with his fingers. “And hopefully a certain short skeleton pays his damn fucking tab that he hasn’t paid since stars know when.”


“hey, i’m tryin my best to pay ya back pal. just gotta give me time.” Sans shrugged causing Grillbys flame to rise a bit before it seemed he calmed himself down.


“I’m not having this with you right now. Anyways humans it’s nice to meet you all. My opinion has somewhat changed on you.” He sat down as the strong looking fish in armor spoke.


“Undyne is the name. Royal guard member under that bone head over there.”




“Nothing boss. Don’t really have any hobbies other than being with my girl” she pointed to Alphys who waved her hand slightly “oh and…IS IT TRUE THAT YOU GUYS HAVE THESE HUGE ROBOTS THAT’S FIGHT IN SPACE?” she was excited.


“Ah! You mean anime correct?” Obama asked and she nodded furiously up and down. “Unfortunately no, but with what Mr. Gaster said earlier, we could have that stuff anytime soon once we get approvals from other powers.” Undyne gleamed in excitement and fist pumped into the air. She sat down and now the dinosaur was up as she readjust her glasses.


“Alphys, assistant to the Royal scientist. I didn’t really do much…well I don’t do much for the matte- hold on a second.” She took out her phone and clicked on a button which materialized a crumple up piece of paper.


“Alphys my dear, I did tell you that you would not be needing that when you speak today.” Both of Gaster’s purple pin pricks looked at Alphys as he took one hand that was covered in purple and the paler Alphys had was now covered in the same color and heading his way. She tried to reach out for it but it was to late as it reached his hand and he crumpled it back up to a ball, putting it into his pocket. “I understand your not really a crowd person but please do try. I want my predecessor to be prepared for these type of meetings. Be it formal or not.” Sans snickered as he watched the scene and Alphys side. As she readjust her glasses again. This time looking a bit more confident.


“Alphys, assistant Royal scientist of Dr. Gaster. And anime is amazing. I don’t understand most of your human culture because you have so many. But I would walk into the Japan culture. I-I was intrigued when some DVDS fell into the dump and that would pretty much be the only thing I watch and re-watch probably everyone I get the chance.” She sat down saying nothing more until further told. The last person to introduce themselves was….well words speak for themselves sometimes.


“Come on introduce yourself!” Frisk told the flower who just sighed and shrugged his stems?


“Howdy!” he said in a chipper voice. “I’m Flowey. Flowey the Flower. Honestly I can’t do anything being a plant and all but I can play video games. My opinion on humans is the same as the elemental. Your all weird. Even our ambassador is a weirdo.” His stem poked Frisk cheek which she didn’t mind it all. “You guys have these weird things call stomach that make all these noises. And it’s really just…weird…but yep that’s me.”


“Well its an honor to meet your friends and we are glad to have you here. So let’s just start off with some simple questions and then you can ask us the same. Sounds good.” Biden looked around getting nods all over as confirmation. “Good. So let’s start off simple and straightforward one. Your opinions on humans.” The room with silent. They seem like none of them really wanted to answer the questions. But Undyne rose her hand up like she was in class.


“Honestly, I feel like some humans are weak. But those two” she indicated to Frisk and Chara. “They proved me wrong on soo many levels. So my honest opinion is that Humans are….weird but good weird.” She smiled a toothy grin.


“Like I said earlier” Grillby spoke up. “I always hated humans. Hell I still hate some because I was there when they trapped us down in the mountains. That grudge and hate probably won’t go away but this is new. So in a way I hate em and I don’t hate em. Does that make since?” he asked but shook his head forgetting it already.




“Of course. I bet the food will be great and wonderful to eat!” Rex said actually excited to trying their food out which gave Papyrus an even bigger smile and a small orange flow on his cheeks that appear.


“So to rap it up you because I kind of have a gist to this” Muriel had said before others could speak. “all of you hate humans, but there are some good ones out there that you like and so there are exceptions. Like Frisk and Chara.” The monsters stood silent but eventually nodded.


“OK now let’s go to the human side. Frisk and Chara how do you feel about the monsters?” Muriel asked as her excitement was in her voice a little bit.


“Monsters rule. Humans suck give or take, and yeah. Honest opinion. 10/10 would die for them.” Chara said finishing her chocolate bar only to pull out another one and started eating it.


“Monsters are a little rough around the edges but honestly once you get to know them, there like a family and you just use to it. And Chara why do you have another bar of chocolate?” Frisk glared daggers at Chara but she just shrugged.


“Alright then I think we have came to a decision then.” Obama looked at his colleagues and them back to Frisk and the rest of their crew. “I will call up some folks and we shall all head to New New Home to get everyone register up and then you can all move out as you will be official citizens of the United States of America. Which means you will be able to freely travel around only our country. I assume you will be having meetings with the other countries to get their respective opinions but until then your good to go. My last words will be welcome back to the surface, your real home and let’s all get along.”


After the cheers in the office all of them went back to New New Home -god Asgore and his naming problems- to spread the good news and registration started immediately and after that word has spread that monsters and humans will be coexisting in America.





The world of Humans and Monsters coexisting sounded like some type a story you would hear from a book, or some weird ass anime, maybe even a movie. But no. This was actually happened.


And the next two and a half years passed by, some humans came to the realization. Monsters aren’t that bad as they seem. Sure some were complete assholes but if you were trapped down in a hole for more than years you can count to live then it would make sense. Sure there were some racist assholes here and there and now there were anti monster organizations starting to form but that didn’t matter to monsters. They were free from a prison and for now they could do what they wanted. Monster laws were place to protect and make sure they have rights just like humans and things were set. Now all the ambassador needed to do was focus on other countries to allow monster to travel, visit and even stay if they wanted to. But because of the current president, those have been delayed. Luckily she’s been secretly making communications without the president’s knowledge and have been speaking to the other nations about having one meeting when the time is given. And now Frisk waits. Nothing else to really do so she goes and watches some T.V with Chara and waits for the day to get more…interesting.






“…” no response


“Michael I swear if ya don’t get up I’m coming then with cold and warm water.”


“Alright I’m up. Damn, can’t get any sleep these days.” The door opens revealing my brother Michael, 13 years old and in the 10th grade. Why so high? Hell he’s the smartest kid between us two….I take that back. Second smartest because I taught him everything while we were orphans in that God forsaken hell known as foster care. The people there were shit! Food was shit and they even treated us wrong. When ever we would make one mistake or something was off, they would take a child into the ‘Solitary confinement’, a dark room with no windows or air conditioning or anything. This would be for the children who were “really bad” or so they quote it. I remember going in there once just for feeding my little brother my food instead of eating it myself. I wasn’t hungry at the time and when they spotted me doing that, they dragged me into the room and shut the door locking it. I bang and tried unlocking it but couldn’t. I would have to wait 15 hours when they finally let me go and told me “I learned my lesson so don’t try it again.” When I searched for my brother someone was already taking care of them. Another girl my age. I thanked her with all my heart and she shook her head. She didn’t mind at all. She was doing what she felt was “right”. And that was how we accepted each other. Exchanging our names and eventually we even became a couple. Oh how her smile would always brighten my day. Whenever I would get in trouble she would watch Michael. She was my first true love. But that changed when she was taken up for adoption. Wow, was that a pain in the anal right there. We both honestly didn’t see it coming. Eventually she went and said that she would come back and we would be back together. I believed her….and I regretted those words because she never did and I neither saw or contacted her. By myself again, I took care of Michael and as he grew, he became self aware of things and taking care of him had gotten easier.


When I turned 17, I took my brother and got the hell out of there. Found and abandon home and from there I started to do my own thing At first I had to steal which honestly I had no choice. If you count stealing a runny down mattress at the dump no one uses then yeah. It was survival of the fittest and no one was just going to hand out money to us. So I stole and stole until one day I got caught. Michael was at home and I was trying to get him some food so when I thought I was getting away with something, I didn’t expect to be pulled to the side and told that you might get arrested. Thinking of Michael being all alone I got angry and scared and closed my eyes. The minute I open them Michael was calling my name and I was at home.


“Bro!! How did you do that?!! One moment you weren’t here and then the next, POOF! Right in front of me.” He was jumping up and down and I was still staring at him, and the food I had for us.


“I honestly don’t know….” I said as tonight was probably one of the most memorable nights we would both remember and on that day I discover that I had magic.


Fortunately enough after that day, no news was going on about me so that instantly became a relief. Been practicing on controlling the magic and how far or where I could teleport. Turns out I can only go to places I’ve4 been to or are within my vision. I decided to keep practicing but only use it when necessary. But after that, I got a job, self taught Michael everything I know and could think of since I would go the local libraries. Then when I had enough money, I put him into the best private school skipping a few grades and started the 5th grade. Then he proved to be smarter then all the other little fucks in there and they boost him up. Since those 3 years pass he suppose to be in 8th grade but nope. They place him into 10TH GRADE. Holy hell, I was surprised and proud that he was so much better than them. And while he was in school, I had gotten 2 other jobs without him knowing, oh and monsters emerged from Mount Ebott. Honestly we wasn’t surprised about that. To me and my brother it was just more people to either get to know or avoid. As long as they ain’t trying to kill us then everything will he fine. And ever since they came and finally migrated into actually walking and driving the same street as humans, things really haven’t changed other than anti-monster organizations with weird ass names. 3 years later we are in the present and everything is the same. With Michael being so young and smart it was hardly anything to worry about for him. He goes to this mix monster and human school so he doesn’t get bullied…unless he ain’t telling me something. And hopefully if they see it, maybe Michael will be able to go to college at just fifteen years old. I’ve been saving up the money for him with these 3 jobs. But other than that, our life has been normal ever since


Until today.


“Your ass done eating?” I asked him as he gotten up. It look like he was getting seconds.


“Is your ass done with the questions you keep asking me every minute?” he said sticking out his tongue.


“My ass ain’t the one talking you little fuck. Also your remarks are getting better” I came to the sink with my dish and pat his head.


“Learning from only the best.” He gave me a hug and I returned it.


“That’s my awesome bro. Now get dressed so you can go out there and prove you’re the smartest mother fucker out there!”


“Fuck yeah!” he went to his room and got dressed and I sighed.


“Damn it me. I probably going to hell teaching him to cuss like that…” I whispered to myself.




After he got dressed and did his bathroom business, I teleported to an ally by his bus stop. Making sure no one was around we then walked and waited for another 10 minutes until the bus came. He then went onto the bus and he waved goodbye as the bus left and now I stood their…by myself.


“Hm. Well let’s see if I can go find a new job I guess. Getting exhausted working 3 fucking jobs almost everyday” I grumbled and went back into the ally ant teleported right back into the living room. I turned on the TV and got my laptop. While the TV was on the news, I was looking for jobs available.


“And in other news. The new monster organization has made a move! Two monsters died yesterday, their dust unknown to whom they might actually were. The police force including the Royal Guard are now investigating and if you have any information, immediately call this num-


I cut the TV off so I could focus more on the finding the job. Sure the whole monster hate group shit is bad but as long as it doesn’t affect me or Michael I could care less. It’s not my problem to deal with. Since I couldn’t find anything, I shut off the laptop and moved to the side. I decided to call in for the first 2 jobs saying I won’t be able to make it and just took a nap on the couch.










“ALRIGHT FUCK” I yelled causing the neighbor in the apartment next to us to bang on the wall and tell me to shut up.


“FUCK YOU TOO!” I yelled back as I grabbed and yanked my phone off the charger looking at the pass 5 texts I had received from Michael not to long ago. By not to long I meant 46 fucking minutes.


Little bro-3:00pm: hey bro you there? At the bus stop waiting for you.


Little bro-3:02pm: not trying to rush you big bro but hurry up. Starving like a horse.


Little bro-3:12pm: well since your ass is probably asleep because you have to many jobs (btws I definitely notice) going to this monster restaurant called Grillbys.


Little bro-3:16: holy fuck bro bruh! The dude that works here is on FIRE! Purple fire man bruh.


Little bro-3:43: bro his burgers are on point. Best burger ever. 10/10 I would for for this. Lastly got ya an interview here. Says he pays a pretty good amount.


….Son of a bitch. Answers have some what been called. As I was getting dressed another text came in.


Little bro-3:54: damn you need to stop working multiple jobs if this shit is gona happen. Also here’s the address to the place. It’s only a few blocks away from our house so shouldn’t take you long since you know a ‘shortcut’. Also he said dress however you want. The bar is currently closed and he is waiting on you so he can get this meeting over with.


The fuck? OK so I was not expecting him to close the bar just for one interview. Must be needing a new cook or something. As I finished getting dressed – simple plain white t-shirt with a grey hood over it and some blue genes and for shoes were Nike black flip flops- and checked the time, “4 o’clock on the dot” I teleported to the ally by the bus stop and then searched up the address he gave me. It was honestly right there. Only took 2 minutes of walking and I reached the place. A brick like establishment with the giant words “GRILLBYS” on top it look like purple neon lights would be flashing but I guess that would be too early since it’s still technically sunny outside. I opened the door and enter the most comfortable and cozy atmosphere ever. Although the place was and empty it still felt lively. Like if you were in some old black and white TV show and you would see all the people at the one restaurant talking and dining. There was even jazz playing from a studio record. Holy hell this place ain’t no joke. I looked around and spotted the two. Michael who was sitting down and eating some fries off a plate. He waved me to come over and speak to the manager….a fucking fire flame elemental guy….what in the stars am I looking at. I had to blink about 3 times before walking and sitting on a stool next to Michael as the flame monster with fucking Suave as hell glasses took them off to get one good glance at me. Very unreadable all I could see how his facial structure work which sparked my curious and it looked very interesting.


“So this your brother” he asked. Damn his voice sounded smooth like butter but like manly as hell. How does he do it?


“Yep” I said. “Name is Malik that’s if he didn’t tell you that already.” I said while he kept staring at my chest. His face now became unreadable as what look like his eyes had squinted harder. “So what he told ya about me.”


“That you guys are fucking poor as hell, you work 3 jobs and only looking for one that actually pays, and that you have magic.” That last one took me out my comfort a bit as I stated down at Michael.




“Don’t blame me! He said he could literally read me like a book since they can look at our soul and stuff and tell whether we are lying or not. So since I couldn’t lie. I told him the parties somewhat truth until you can come and kind of explain it better” he stopped and took like 6 more fries to shut himself up. I looked back at the human…or in this case the monster torch and I sighed.


“So he told you I had magic. Did he say what I could do?”


“Nope. Just kept saying that you could do it. And hell I didn’t believe but his SOUL kept saying it was true. So I want to see it for myself.” He said as be propped an elbow onto the bar and waited for me to entertain him.


“What does this have to do with the job?”


“If you can surprise me with your magic then I will not only give you the job, hell I will pay you triple of what you make in all 3 of your other shitty jobs combine, plus I will give you a check right of the bat."


“How much?”


“Two hundred fifth grand. And if you don't surprisemme, you will work free for the first month.” Oh he is fucking serious about this. He took a hand out to shake mind and his mouth form into a devilish grin. I smiled back and immediately grabbed it with a firm grip sealing the deal, not even paying attention to the fact that his hand did not burn me.


“Ok so since you want me to surprise you I’m going to show you to tricks. Since you probably won’t be able to figure out the second one anyway. ”I smirked and he scoffed.


“Boy I been here since before your great grand daddy was born. I’ve seen a lot of shit so try me” he waited and jumped over the bar to sit down on the stool.


“Ok Ok. The first one I bet ya have seen. Just a simple trick.” I teleported outside and then stepped back inside. The elemental had a weird flaming eye brow up?? But he smiled as if it was nothing.


“Is that the best you got? Hah really. There’s a skeleton who comes here and does the same shit. Try harder.” His laughter filled up the room. I looked at my brother who gave me the thumbs up. It looks like I am actually doing this shit.


“Told you ya already seen it before. Let’s try if you can guess the second one.” I took my finger and waited for a few seconds to pass. “Za Warudo” I snapped my fingers and a distorted bass sound was made before everything had frozen in time except me. “Time stop.” I went up to the monster and my brother to see if they were moving. I waved my hand and touched them but it appears that they didn’t feel it. Which meant it was a success.


One of the many things Michael wanted me to do was be like this one anime character that could stop time and he used for evil but he said if the time ever came to use it for good. Honestly I didn’t know what the hell I was doing at first because I kept saying weird shit to try and activate it but it never work because my magic felt like it was all over the place and I couldn’t keep it under control. So after watching YouTube videos on how to keep my self calm, my magic slowly begin to reorganize itself into a flow, a pattern to where I can control it at specific parts. Magic takes up mostly energy and I have to concentrate so there’s always some type of mind exercise or something revolving around my mentality that I must do, hence the yoga, meditating and all that from a single video. Thanks YouTube. Later on I learned how to stop time. At first it was only for 30 seconds, which wasn’t bad for a first start I guess. Literally everything around the world was frozen or so I thought of and it would take at least 80 percent of magic and energy to actually stop time. But as the years went by and enter the present, I was able to stop it for 4 minutes top and I didn’t even have to use much energy as I grew to contain it even more. As I use time stop or “Za Warudo” as my brother wants me to say, I do whatever I want and time doesn’t even fly a single second. Perfect.


I picked up the flame guy and sat him on the floor crisscross apple sauce and placed on his left hand a chair as for his right hand I placed the towel he was using to clean the glasses. I then took Michael who was still eating his fries just to a different table but the only difference was that his food wasn’t in front of him and back at the table. I had 1 minute to spare so I stacked a bunch of chairs on top of each other eventually making a pyramid. The two other good perks about using Za Warudo is that not only are things light as a feather including people, cars, trucks etc., but I could also float around and fly. I took my seat at one of the empty booths as time was about to end in another 15 seconds but I ended it early.


“Time shall move once more.” The words left my mouth as the distorted bass sound returned again and Grillby was on the floor still smirking until his guard was caught off. He was now off balance as the chaid fell out of his hands and he gazed into the chair pyramid, astonished yet shocked to see that there was even one in front of him. He took of his glasses with his free hand and then looked behind him to see of Michael was on the stool, only to be stunned more to find out he wasn’t there earing the fries but at a different table. He stood up and saw me at one of the booths and I waved my hand as a devilish grin cross my face. He stood their before bust out laughing. Michael was only complaining as he stood up and went back to his fries.


“Damn. Just damn.”


“Damn right indeed boss. Damn right indeed.” My grin grew even more as he went behind the bar to take out a pin and a pay check and wrote exactly two hundred, fifty thousand dollars. Sign it with his name and gave it to me.


“My name is Grillby if I hadn’t told you. And welcome Malik. You got the job. Also remember to quit those other jobs. You won’t be needing those at all and I need you to be 100 percent ready for work, even when the place is not packed I want you to be ready.”


“Way ahead of ya boss. I assume I will be starting tomorrow? I don’t mind working whenever since Michael will now have a place to hangout.” Michael was done eating his fries and then he burped.


“Yes you will be working tomorrow. As for how much an hour….how does 65 dollars an hour sound?”


“Sounds pretty good to me.” I nodded as Michael came over to me with his backpack on.


“Be here by 10 tomorrow. The place doesn’t open up until 12 since I don’t run breakfast like other establishments. I will teach you the ropes and tricks of making drinks and what to do when it comes to serving.”


“Heh. You won’t regret hiring me.” I put my hand up as my lavender eyes turned a deep dark black and my hand glowed in magic as the items that were all over the place were covered in black and moved back into the original spot. Grillby looked at me and smiled.


“You really are going to make this place ‘magical’ huh?”


“Whatever you want boss.” I winked before I grabbed Michaels hand and we both disappeared in front of him. I then popped back up but by myself. “Oh one last thing boss man. Can’t tell anyone bout my totally not cool magic. Seriously we try to live life on the down low because the thing is….we hate fucking humanity. Honestly I would watch it burn in hell for all I care and watch monsters rule over the world but eh. Can’t give people nice things all the time right? I don’t have a beef with monsters either. Just gotta make sure that they don’t threaten or try to kill my only family or I will do complete genocide."


“…”he stared at me in disbelief.


“But honestly that will never happen right? Right. Well gotta go boss. See ya tomorrow morning.” I disappear again as Grillby just stood their not knowing what to say at this point but he shrugged it off.


“I like this kid already.” Was all he said before he went back to sweeping the place down and going home early for the day. And as he walked home he was still deciding whether to sell the boy out and actually put his life in hell or not. But in the end, he wasn’t going to.






As our feet landed in the house, the first thing that Michael did was turned on the PS4 to play blazblue and practice. Since I had nothing to do I joined him after I got done calling my other jobs to tell them I will not be able to work anymore there. They said good luck and hung up. Once I got done helping Michael practice…and by practice I meant completely embarrassing him with Susanoo he retired for the night since it was 12 am and he still had school friends Tuesday tomorrow so he went to bed. As for me; I did the same and turned off the computer. As I went to bed I had the best yet worse dream ever. Seeing the world end


All because of me.