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HC dump

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“Feed me”, Isak commands, head tilting high.

Even raises a brow. “Forgive me, my prince. I thought I already am”. Even gestures, politely of course, to the platter of meats and cheeses that the servants just brought in.

Isak shakes his head. “Here”, he points to where’s laying on the bed, leaning back on the 20 pillows that take up the space between him and the headboard.

Even takes a second before he obeys the order with a slight bow. He leaves Isak’s side to brings the food and set it on top of Isak’s warm fur skins.

He sits down perpendicular to Isak, legs off to the side. Propriety states that Isak would have had to give the order for him to do so. But, Isak’s never cared about propriety and rules when it comes to Even. And Even, and everyone, has given up at this point to make Isak do so otherwise.

Besides, what he has in mind will be even more inappropriate (the gods above, he hopes it’s inappropriate) than Even sitting across from him without permission.

When Isak doesn’t immediately move to start eating, Even questions him.

“My prince?” My prince, because Even only refers to him by name on the rarest of occasion and Isak will not accept your highness.

Isak looks Even in the eye, gaze firm. “Feed me”.

Even, always quick on the uptake, widens his eyes in surprise when he gets what Isak wants.

“I do not think that is a good idea.” And then adds, as if an afterthought, “my prince”.

“That is what your liege commands”, Isak haughtily answers, knowing Even would not go against an order. No matter how ridiculous it might be.

Even disguises his sigh with a bow. He moves closer on the bed and picks up a piece of the cheese before he brings it up to Isak’s mouth. Isak opens his mouth to accept the food. He makes sure his lips touch the tips of Even’s fingers when Even withdraws his hand.

Even pins him with a hard gaze and Isak gives him his most innocent expression he can muster. Even feeds him the various assortments of food for another few bites. Isak makes sure that his lips always comes into contact with Even’s fingers. He’s pretty sure Even rolls his eyes at one point.

When Even brings up a grape, Isak’s a little too busy strategizing how to get more of Even’s fingers in his mouth that he’s startled by Even’s other hand grabbing his jaw. He freezes even more at Even’s pinning stare, his eyes darker than Isak’s ever seen them. He prods at isak’s bottom lip and Isak’s helpless to do anything else but opens his mouth to drag it in.

Even pushes the grape past his lips. His thumb and pointer finger almost swallowed whole. They don’t break eye contact and Isak, because he’s never known boundaries when it comes to Even, brings his hands to hold Even’s in place.

He doesn’t know what he’s doing exactly. But in the book he’s read, the book that he has pilfered from the library and had to slam it close the first time he’s gotten to the illustration, cheeks flaming, there is a picture of a man being done, this, on his, ahem, lower anatomy.

He brings Even’s fingers out of his mouth, and then grab the pointer and middle finger, before he’s bobbing his head down to take them further inside. He hollows his cheek to suck them in. And Even. Even’s eyes are even darker now. His pupil almost completely blown. He takes Even’s fingers out with a pop and only turns his gaze away to look at how wet and shiny they look. He wipes his mouth to cut the trail of saliva from his mouth and levels Even with a smirk.

He’s feeling smug for all of 2 seconds before he’s suddenly thrown back on his pillows with Even hovering above him.

“You’re playing with fire, my prince.” Even smirks as he presses his body closer to Isak. “You underestimate the effect your little games have”. He dips his head down until Isak’s feeling his breath right next to his ear. Isak can’t suppress the shudder that escapes him. “And you overestimate the control I have”.

Even’s up and off him before Isak can gather his senses. Even leaves his room with a curt nod and Isak sinks back down on his bed and tries to calm his rabbiting heartbeat, the food forgotten on a corner of the bed.