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Eridan and Nepeta Become Friends

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-- caligulasAquarium [CA] began trolling arsenicCatnip [AC] at 16:04 --

CA: ugh i cant fuckin believe im about to do this
AC: :33 ◄ *acs ears purrk up as she hears the whining of a certain strange fishy guy*
CA: i am regrettin this already
CA: wwhat kind a loww am i sinkin myself into
AC: :33 ◄ *ac pawnders why ampurra is contacting her and why he keeps talking to himself like a weirdo!*
CA: alright wwhat the fuck evver
CA: i havve decided to speak to you and for that you should be fuckin grateful
AC: :33 ◄ *ac ponders if purrhaps mr ampurra has forgotten that cats love to eat fishy weirdos*
CA: can you stop wwith the stupid fuckin role playin shit now
CA: im tryin to stay civvil an youre kinda makin it hard
AC: :33 ◄ alright what do you want already?
CA: land dwwellers havve no concept of manners
CA: if it wwere up to me i wwould havve nevver evven began this doomed fuckin convversation
AC: :33 ◄ *ac rolls her eyes and purrtends not to hear ampurras dumb whining*
CA: wwhat is your lusus like
AC: :33 ◄ ummm what
CA: im just askin wwhat kind a lusus raised such a disrespectful beast such as yourself
AC: :33 ◄ wow that is really kind of rude
AC: :33 ◄ for your information pounce is the bestest and most purrfect lusus a troll could ever have!
CA: an wwhat kind a things do you do wwhen youre alone
AC: :33 ◄ oh my gosh
CA: wwhat
AC: :33 ◄ are you trying to get to know me right now or something?
CA: wwhat do you mean
AC: :33 ◄ i get it! youre just trying to hit on me or something
AC: :33 ◄ well not today mister!
CA: no youre wwrong
CA: dont you fuckin block me i swwear
CA: all you fuckin land dwwellers are the fuckin same

-- arsenicCatnip [AC] blocked caligulasAquarium [CA] at 16:17 --

-- arsenicCatnip [AC] ceased trolling caligulasAquarium [CA] at 16:17 --


Eridan slammed his keyboard. Fuck. Of course he had to just keep annoying her. Damn it, he actually wanted to talk to her. This wasn't like any average everyday chat hit-up, this time he had an agenda and everything. Too bad he had to just screw it up and insult her one too many times. It was so hard to keep from displaying his disdain. The waters of hatred run deep, and his hatred for land dwellers ran deepest of all. Eridan took a deep breath and considered his next tactical strategy. He could just leave this alone. But did he have anything better to do that night? No, probably not. Talking to Nepeta basically constituted his plans. He punched his desk a couple times and took off his glasses to rub his eyes in exasperation. Okay, so quitting wasn't an option. His plan would come to fruition one way or another. But how could he get her to unblock him? He put his glasses back on and considered his next course of action. Maybe he could... yes, maybe that would work...


-- arsenicCatnip [AC] began trolling caligulasAquarium [CA] at 16:38 --

AC: :33 ◄ ok you get one more chance, ampurra
AC: :33 ◄ and only because karkitty asked me to unblock you!
CA: okay
AC: :33 ◄ now for the rules
CA: wwhat
AC: :33 ◄ furst rule, you cant make fun of me whatsoever!
CA: ugh fine
AC: :33 ◄ second rule, you cant mention land dwellers at all!
AC: :33 ◄ thats the rules ampurra
AC: :33 ◄ and if i even get a hint that youre hitting on me im just gonna block you!
CA: alright alright
AC: :33 ◄ you gotta pawmise!
CA: i fuckin promise alright
CA: i wwont make fun of you or hit on you or mention land wwhatevvers
AC: :33 ◄ good!
CA: youre puttin me in a real fuckin bind right noww
AC: :33 ◄ fine by me
AC: :33 ◄ but why do you want to talk to me so bad if youre not trying to hit on me?
CA: evven the greatest military leaders in the wworld required allies in their strife
CA: wwithout a tactician or political allies those fine generals wwoulda nevver got close to wwinnin a fuckin wwar or anythin
CA: as a future wworld leader i am makin it my personal goal to gain good grace wwith all forms of troll
CA: evven includin
CA: um
CA: yknoww
AC: :33 ◄ what are you even talking about??
CA: ugh i kneww this was pointless
CA: wwhat am i evven fuckin doin right noww
CA: i should just shut the fuck up
AC: :33 ◄ wait
AC: :33 ◄ do you
AC: :33 ◄ do you want to be my furiend?
CA: oh god
CA: as i wwas sayin it is in the best interest of wwar leaders to gain allies
AC: :33 ◄ oh my god you are such a dork
CA: i am not a dork
CA: the reason i tried to contact you today is to try an recruit you for my future army
CA: your considerable expertise in huntin could come in handy on field missions an the like
AC: :33 ◄ wow, this is really weird
AC: :33 ◄ so making fun of people and insulting them is your way of trying to say that you like them?
CA: dont you evven fuckin imply for a single second that my goals in this mission are to become your fuckin friend
CA: as if i could be friends wwith a fuckin land dwwe
CA: fuck
CA: i mean
AC: :33 ◄ watch it!!
CA: fuck
AC: :33 ◄ h33 h33, this is fun
AC: :33 ◄ well, i dont really know what to say, ampurra!
AC: :33 ◄ im still pretty hurt about what you said about pounce
CA: i wwould havve thought that that wweird fuck you call a moirail wwoulda told you about respectin sea dwwellers
AC: :33 ◄ hey, no making fun of equius either!
CA: glub
CA: alright let me just fuckin backstroke for a second
CA: as a member a my army you wwould obtain sevveral benefits including a high seat in the govvernment after i take ovver alternia
AC: :33 ◄ you really are a weird guy, ampurra
AC: :33 ◄ youre actually kinda funny too!
CA: im not funny shut up
AC: :33 ◄ purrhaps i could consider your offur
AC: :33 ◄ but theres something we gotta do before then!
CA: wwhat
AC: :33 ◄ we gotta role play!
CA: UGH are you kiddin me
AC: :33 ◄ oh come on! its really fun!
AC: :33 ◄ youre such a drama queen that role playing will come to you almost immediately
AC: :33 ◄ im pawsitive!
CA: no
CA: hell no
CA: no fuckin wway am i partakin in any kind a fuckin peaceful role playin wwith some land skimmin fuck like
CA: god damn it
AC: XOO ◄ ampurra what did i say!!

-- caligulasAquarium [CA] ceased trolling arsenicCatnip [AC] at 16:55 --