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Oxford Spring (Fanart remix of Maybe Just Living)

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He stopped and sat on a bench and looked across at Magdalen and finally considered that he might be acting irrationally. Another, louder part insisted that he was due for a walkabout. He’d been cooped up too long.

 Jim walks past Magdalen



An older woman had stopped, a rolling cart abandoned by her side. She sank down beside him. She raised her hands, which curled in on themselves. “Jim,” she said. “My God. You’re hurt.” It was Connie Sachs.


It was Connie Sachs


Darkness had fallen, and he found himself following the streetlamps to his old college. He stood opposite and looked. Lights in the windows, and young people inside about to make the best and worst decisions of their lives, or maybe just getting by. Maybe just living.

Maybe just living

(I don't think canon tells us which was Jim's college, so I decided it was Trinity. )