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Brighter Daze

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     Mike Wazowski hated the door to his apartment he rented with his best friend. It was too tall for him to reach. No matter what he said to the landlord, nothing changed. He'd rant at him, almost begging him to lower the knob to a reasonable height, and in response, his landlord would chortle and jokingly tell him how he'd be a lot more peaceful if he were a little less short, before ushering a seething Mike out of his office. He'd tried taking the knob off himself, and was told by an exasperated Sully that he'd "didn't have to go through so much trouble" and that he'd answer the door for him. Mike had ignored him; instead he'd taken to wearing taller shoes to spare himself the indignity of having to knock, informing him that he was perfectly capable of doing things without his help. Sully never gave him too much grief, but all the same, he preferred doing it himself. Short or not, he had his pride.  Squinting at the door knob, he reached onto his tiptoes- Even in his high rise shoes!, he thought indignantly- slid his key in, and entered the apartment, shutting the door behind himself.

     He knew better than to expect anything other than semi darkness when he walked in, but the brightness of Monsters Inc and the dimness of his own home was still a little jarring. He felt his way around until he grabbed hold of a large furry mass. The mass rumbled.
"You don't have to do this every time you come in, Mike. It's not that dark in here, you know." Mike scoffed. "Easy for you to say, Little Miss Two Eyes. It's hard out here for us one eyed folk. You ever tried being an eyeball with legs?" Sully chuckled, before making his way to the kitchen. "I can't say I have, Mike. I'll have to try it some time." Mike laughed along with him before sitting in the recliner in their living room.

    Ever since the Great Power Decline, everything in the city had taken a darker turn. Literally; the buildings were only allotted so much power, seeing as most of it had to go to Monsters Inc. Streets were dimmer, and so an earlier curfew of 6 was enforced. Candles were the primary source of lighting these days, unless it was an especially good day, and somebody managed to make a decent amount of children laugh, a rarity. Laughter was scarce these days; it had started maybe a year ago. Children used to genuinely enjoy the jokes that the workers of Monsters Inc had to deliver, but as time went on, they went form laughing, to politely chuckling, to staring, stone-faced and unfeeling, at whatever monster had the misfortune of being assigned to their door that night. Mike didn't know why, but children didn't seem to find things funny anymore. Sattire, slaptick... none of it brought them any joy. It saddened him, so much so that he'd started taking off of work more than he necessarily needed to. Today had been his first work day all week.

    "How was work?" Sully called to him. Mike groaned. It hadn't been pretty; the monster assigned to a door had walked in, slightly nervous yet optimistic before walking through the door, before disappearing inside for about 45 minutes. They were going to send someone in after him when he burst out in tears, wringing his hands and vigorously wiping his eyes,  crying that the child hadn't even smiled at one of his jokes. Mike had taken one look at his watery eyes and leaking noses and left for the break room. The lights flickered for the rest of the day. 

Mike grunted. "You know how it is. Do we have any beer?"

     Twenty minutes later, after Sully had cooked their dinner- lukewarm noodles- they were settled in the living room, watching blurry reruns on their old TV. Television was considered a nonessential, so less power was allotted to watching TV. After the Decline, monsters who made their careers in acting were either laid off or quit, seeing as the power for their broadcasting rooms was the first thing to go to. It wasn't unusual for a monster to go out to get groceries and see a former TV star begging for change at the door. Reruns still came on TV, but very few monsters had such technology anymore. Mike and Sully, along with two other apartments, still had their TV, so others would flock to the three of them when they wanted to watch a rerun that they especially liked. Today, though, everyone seemed to be at the others' apartments. Mike didn't mind; monsters in large crowds made him nervous. It was easier when it was just him and Sully; Sully, who never made fun of his insecurities, who was always there for him when he was down. Sully, who'd never left him before, and who he was sure never would. 

   The reruns weren't especially good tonight; tonight's episode was about somebody being cheated on... or someone about to cheat on somebody. Mike never paid much attention. He didn't really like TV too much, but Sully loved it, so he'd fought with the landlord to keep it, while not exceeding their energy allowance. He'd had to barter with the other tenants, promising favors if they'd give up just one or two of their electronics, but it all paid off in the end. 


  The TV droned on and on, and Mike felt his eye drooping lower and lower as the credits rolled. Tomorrow was his off day, which he knew he didn't deserve, having skipped work twice this week. He'd take it, though; he needed as many breaks from Monsters Inc as he could get. It was depressing, with its dingy lights and defeated employees. Sully, who used to love coming into work, never judged him about his frequent respites, though. He knew how draining coming in could be. Mike supposed it was even worse for him- he used to be a star employee, after all, coming in early and leaving late. He almost leaned over and told him he'd cover his shift tomorrow, if it'd make him feel better, but thought against it. It only made Sully more sad to hear Mike say something like that. Sully hated giving up and giving in. Discipline was a great attribute in an employee, but it was also an Achilles heel for someone who needed a break. Mike shut his eye completely. "You can have the bed tonight," he mumbled to Sully, not checking to see that Sully had already fallen asleep, his arm acting as a makeshift cover for Mike's body.


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   Monters Inc was a chilly building ever since the GPD- heating a building as expansive as the corporation was just wasn't viable anymore, after children refused to laugh. It never bothered Sully, being a hulking mass of fur and heat, but he felt for everyone that wasn't as fortunate as he was. It had to be tough to stand in the frigid air with nothing but the skin on your own back to protect you. He pretended not to notice the others around him trying to brave the harsh, still air of the building.


He sidled up to his station of doors, trying not to think about how endless they looked, before giving a curt nod to his Scare Buddy and stepping inside, and lightly closing the door behind himself.

Sully hated to admit, but going into children's rooms only made him happy now because they allowed him a respite from the cold grey atmosphere his world had become. He knew others most likely felt the same way and that he shouldn't feel bad- there was something assuring, validating, about others feeling the same way he did, after all- but the guilt still clung to him, entangled in his fur like a living thing.

He sighed; it had been a while since he'd felt something like that. Something warm, something weighed, real. It seemed that now, all everyone wanted was to be left alone so that they could retreat further into themselves, in the hope that they might lose their way and never come back out.

Stop that, he thought to himself. Quit being so sad, or Bryce will have to come in after you. And with a great sigh, he straighten his spine and crept up to a child that slept, unaware of his presence, jostling them gently until their eyelids swept open.

"Hi, there!" he said, half whispered, before taking a seat on the foot of the bed, a respectable distance away. Sully wasn't sure if this particular child was afraid of monsters or not, but he'd hoped they wouldn't be. After all, the doors that led to scared children were said to be completely eradicated, and it wouldn't do to have accidentally wandered into one. He didn't even want to think about the lawsuit that would fall on the company if it got out that he'd not only not destroyed all the doors, but walked into one, and scared a child again- 

"What are you?" he heard the child ask, and he turned his head to face them fully. His face went slightly slack as he regarded them. 

Fuller face, deeper voice... even in the politely bored expression they wore, all these things pointed to a stage in life other than young childhood, or even adolescence. He didn't know how it had happened, but a mistake had been made. There was, simply, no way that this human was a child.

"You're not a kid," he blurted, because it was the first thing on his mind. They shrugged.

"I'm not. You got me." they shifted into a sitting position.

"And you're not supposed to be in my room, so I guess we're both in the wrong here."

Sully wriggled uncomfortably. "I have to be in here," he said. "I'm supposed to get you to laugh."

The girl- woman, he corrected himself, his eyes flitting across her chest, noting the protrusions under her top- narrowed her eyes and cocked her head to the side slightly.

"Don't you guys go to kids' rooms for that sort of thing?" she asked. "Not to insult your intelligence, my dude, but I'm not a child."

He peered at her again, this time taking the opportunity to look for a bit longer at her form. Her arms were definitely longer than a child's. Her face was longer too, more mature. He craned his face lightly to take in more differences. They'd only had outdated charts to go by when studying children, and of course, the brief seconds they'd had to gather joy from them, but Sully had never experienced being in a human's space so closely before, an adult's no less. He looked her in the eye. "Not even almost?"  

She snorted and cracked a smile. "Nope, sorry man. Maybe tomorrow." Now it was his turn to partake in a snort of his own. "You never answered my question, though. What exactly are you...?"

Sully pursed his lips; nobody was on a strict time limit with doors, but if someone took more than an hour, they'd get funny looks all through the day, and he was not looking forward to Randal's stink eye at lunch. However... maybe talking would eventually gather a few laughs. And while he doubted telling this woman that everyone in Monstropolis had all, more or less, decided to identify as chimera would garner even a chuckle, he did want to keep her talking. The more time he spent in this room, behind the door with her, the less time he had to endure the draining atmosphere of the Door Station. And if he actually managed to leave the room with a full tank... the pros outweighed the cons- the chance that he'd get nagged for taking so long suddenly didn't seem so formidable.  

"Uh..." he started, " monsters don't really have set races or... species? Like people do. We usually just start families with whoever we like, and whatever we get at the hospital is what we get. Some of our scientists are trying to figure out why, but I think it's always been like that, so I don't think they'll find out any time soon." 

He watched her ponder this, her eyebrows creased lightly. "That's kind of beautiful. You're literally a race created from everyone just falling in love with whoever you want. " Sully scratched at the back of his neck. "I'd never really given it too much thought, but yeah. It is pretty beautiful." The woman shifted under her covers. "I wonder why though. Like, maybe it's an adaptational sort of thing, like your race was doing bad at some point- nobody really had any favorable features that would make for strong offspring, and so your population got really low, until you all adapted to just reproduce with who you bonded with the most so your race wouldn't die out." 

"Huh," Sully said. "But even if that were true... how could we adapt to the point where just mating with anyone, no matter what... species... would get them pregnant? That seems like a pretty big evolutionary jump to make, you know?" She nodded. "Yeah, I feel you. Maybe you always were just like that." 

The woman sat in silence for a bit, leaving Sully to fidget with his hands. He really didn't want to step through the door and back into work, especially after a low humming drone sounded from the slits in the ceiling and warm air began blowing down. It was going to seem even colder when he walked though now, he griped to himself. "What's it like, in the monster world?" she finally asked him. He relaxed, relieved at her question that had stopped him from beginning to rise and walk to the door. He tilted his face. How could he tell her, without making her feel bad before she went to bed again? Sad before bed- he hated the feeling himself. "It's kind of chilly, kind of dim. But it's not so bad if you have friends." She looked at him. "So... cold and dark?"

He looked away briefly- the way she'd said it... it put an ice cube, small but painfully cold, in his chest. But he willed it to melt, and he looked at her again. "No, I meant chilly and dim. Don't be such a Negative Nelly." And with that, he bopped her nose lightly with his claw before standing, and walking towards the door. "Try to get some sleep. And next time, maybe be a little younger." he called over his shoulder, smiling when he heard another snort from her. Bracing himself, he opened her door and faced the cold of the Door Station. 

He braced himself again, expecting some snide remark about his extended session, but when nobody said anything, he'd looked around apprehensively. Everybody was looking at him, for sure, but the usual ribbing that staying late warranted was absent. It was making him uneasy.

Finally, he gritted his teeth- it was better, he found, to stay on the offensive when someone made a mistake here. Don't be meek, be angry, and people were less likely to bother you. "Sully... what did you do in there?" his Scare Buddy asked. He turned to him, eyebrows knitted minutely. "What do you mean?" he asked. He didn't miss the small tremor his voice brought the smaller monster, and resisted the urge to apologize. "Y-your canister." he warbled, pointing a finger at the canister that was previously empty, but now so full that it almost seemed distended, the only full canister for rows and rows and rows.



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"And you're telling me that she was an adult? Like, a fully grown, adult human, female woman?"

Sully groaned as he relaxed into the recliner. "Yes, Mike, for the last time. I walked in, and she was a fully grown, adult human, female woman." 

Mike gaped and him. "A-and you're so calm about it! You act like you talk to grown humans all the time! Don't skimp out on me, what did you talk about with her?!"

He sighed as he looked over his roommate, who couldn't seem to sit down or take a breath since Sully had walked in the door. "It's not like it's big news, calm down. Do you want me to make you some tea? I think we still have some chamomile...." He made a move to get up out of the chair, when Mike slapped his hands to his furry chest, eye blown wide.  

"Sully! Are you kidding me?! I-I..." he took a breath to steady himself. "I... cannot believe you right now. You talked to an adult-an adult!-" he looked like he had more to say, and plenty of it, but before he could launch into another diatribe, Sully put a hand on his shoulder. "Okay, Mike. I get it- it's exciting news." And he did get it- before, this wouldn't have made headlines. Monsters collected canisters full of laughs- and before, screams- regularly. But the shortage of laughter meant that anything like what Sully had accomplished- a full tank! From an adult!- was even more rare than a rarity. He understood Mike's enthusiasm. But he'd been hearing the same thing from all of his coworkers all day, from the minute he stepped out of that door, to lunch-where monsters he didn't even know worked with him, clamored to get a seat by him, asking how he'd done it, some even suggesting that he'd reverted to scaring the child out of desperation-to the walk home, which he normally enjoyed, even now, after so much had changed. His once peaceful stroll was interrupted all the way to when he got to the door, where he'd had to gently but directly order everyone to leave him be. 

Mike relented. "Okay, okay. I get it. You're all tired from work. So take a nap or something. I want to hear all about this when you wake up, though!"  

Sully let out a deep sigh as Mike let him alone in the living room, presumably to go and brag to the other tenants about his feat. Sure enough, seconds after the door closed, he heard him crow, "Hey, Julia! You'll never guess what Sully...!" 

He smiled. Mike was incorrigible. 


After his nap- which he hardly remembered taking, in all honesty- he found himself sitting by the fire with Mike, dinner in hand. They ate silently enough, which was strange, even if it were a normal day-which is was decidedly not. Sully had gone out to get dinner, as usual, when the patron of the place took one look at him and excitedly babbled about the full canister at work, before ushering him off with his food, insisting that he wouldn't be paying this time. "You're a hero, Sully! Get used to it!" he'd shouted after him, the other customers cheering their agreement. 

"So." Mike had finally said around a mouthful of pasta, "you ready to talk now?" He was being alot more calm that he was earlier, calmer than he ever usually was, so Sully smiled and obliged him.

"Well, she was really smart. Like, really smart. We talked about why monsters come out the way we do. I made a her laugh a little bit. Then I left."

Mike gave him a deadpan stare. "Sully."


Mike took another bite of his food. "You mean to tell me... that you walked into a door-"

Sully growled. "Yes, Mike! I walked in, and we had small talk, then I left, and the canister was full! Leave it alone already! Maybe you'd see an adult for yourself if you'd come into work!" he huffed loudly, his meal left, forgotten, by his side. Mike stared at him, his eye never leaving Sully's face. They sat like that for a while, before Mike broke the silence. 

"You think I don't pull my weight. You think I'm pathetic." Sully said nothing. Mike set his lips and nodded curtly a few times. 

"You're right." And with that, he rose to his feet, leaving his dinner behind, and walked into the bedroom. 

Sully sat in the living room for what felt like hours, until his pasta went cold, only moving to reach the box of matches from the table and relighting the fire. 



Mike woke up in bed, his arms and legs akimbo. What had woken him up so early? Oh, yeah, he thought to himself. The alarm clock. And it was the alarm clock that had woken him up, beeping shrilly as ever. 6:00 AM. 

Why had he even set the damn thing? It's not like he was going to work- Oh, yeah. Now he remembered.  After... last night, he'd paced in the bedroom, setting his work clothes angrily, taking an extra long shower, even going so far as to attempt to do some pre-bedtime situps, despite being primarily abdominal. Now he was awake, prepared to go to work and show Sully who was pathetic-

But why? Sully was angry at him for shirking his duties, but who wouldn't be? He was lazy. He was pathetic. He knew how difficult of a roommate he could be- it had taken so many tries to find anyone who would take him on as a roomie, and he was convinced at times that Sully only did so out of pity, or a misplaced sense of debt for how he'd helped him during college. But that was college, Mike, he thought.  You were great, but look at you now. 

He really didn't want to venture down that trail of thoughts- he needed to be in a state of mind for work, after all- so he banished the thought, put on his uniform- which he knew didn't need to be set out, but it made him feel productive, so why not?- ate his breakfast, then left for work quietly so as to not disturb Sully. He cast a glance at his friend to gauge how quietly he'd have to shut the door-

Only to see that he wasn't there at all. The recliner was empty, the blanket Sully used folded neatly. Even the fire had been put out, the ashes swept. He must have gone to work, too, then. 

Well. That was just fine. If Sully wanted to watch Mike show him up in person, rather than hearing about it from others, that was dandy. He left the apartment, locked the door, and strutted off to work.

He hadn't expected to see Mike at work today, even after his blowup at dinner, but there he was, strutting around like he'd been regularly coming in. Sully rolled his eyes, but inwardly felt a surge of pride run through him. He knew that it was hard for Mike to come in and face this job, but he'd done it today. Whether or not he came out of responsibility or spite, though, was a different story. Sully pushed that aside so he could feel happy for his friend.

Mike ignored him as everyone filed into the Door Station, many of them still chatting about Sully's success from yesterday. Someone patted him on the back, with a hearty laugh, asking if he'd do it again. "Just kidding, buy guy," they said," I know you will." 

 Sully smiled at him good naturedly, before stepping into his own door. Alrighty then.

Mike stepped to his, nodding at his Scare Buddy. "Okay, Johnny-boy," he said grandly, "I'm goin' in," and he walked in, ignoring his Scare Buddy's polite reminder that his name was Clarence. 

The room was dark. Darker than usual kids' rooms, which was strange. Weren't kids supposed to be scared of the dark? Weren't kids supposed to be scared of monsters, too?  he thought. So this one's a little braver than the rest. That's good for me, then. I can't stand scaredy kids.  He stepped a little closer, noticing a lack of toys on the floor. That was weird, too. Jesus, did this kid no anything a normal kid might?

Mike crossed the distance between himself and the sleeping kid, tapping him before sitting near his bed, before thinking better of it and sitting a little closer. It wasn't policy to sit at the foot of the bed, just something he'd picked up from Sully. He grimaced. 

How was Sully doing right now? Probably killing it, as usual. Mike grit his teeth. He just wished Sully would make a mistake, or trip when he walked, one in while. Maybe then it balance them out. But that's not fair, he thought crossly. Sully doesn't need to fuck up so that you can feel better about yourself. Come on, man.  And he sighed, preparing to turn his attention to the kid. 

The kid was wide awake. Staring at him. Mike started. "Hey, kid!" he greeted them in what he hoped would come across as warm and exciting, rather than panicked. The kid didn't say anything back, choosing to instead continue staring at Mike. Mike stared back, though he could feel himself beginning to feel weird by looking the kid in eye for so long. He didn't know what else to do, but he definitely was not going to get stared down by this weird kid who was definitely crossing "slightly strange" and moving right over into "probably pulls the wings off of bugs" territory. Oh god. He probably did do things like that. Just my luck, Mike panicked.  My first day back into work and I'm probably going to get maimed by tiny Ted Bundy.  Mike thought back to the Safety button in his hand that Monsters Inc passed out to everyone who entered the Doors. If a monster was in a difficult situation- a monster getting discouraged by a kid's lack of response (or a creepy child who was probably going to hold him down and pour lemon juice in his eye)- then your Scare Buddy would either swap spots with you- oh, God, how he wished he could get Johnny to come and swap spots with him!- or help you leave the door entirely. One push for tag teams, two for please get me the hell out of here, this kid has the devil in his eyes and would not hesitate to kill me.  

He finally, finally, broke the stare with the kid, feeling the first drop of sweat collecting enough to roll down his back. "Um... stare much?" he finally asked, trying his hand at some bravado. The kid was definitely not fooled, letting Mike know with a smirk. Mike blanched.  Oh God, he knows how scared I am, you're not supposed to let them know that you're scared they can smell that! Oh GOd I'm donefor, oh my godohmygodohmy- 

The kid dropped his death stare, and started laughing. Mike furrowed his brow. "Oh my god, you looked so scared! Jesus, man!" 

Mike blinked, and cleared his throat. "Um... what?"

The kid inched a little closer. Mike balled his hands into fists by his sides. "I was just playing with you, but you looked like you were going to pass out or piss your pants or something! God, man, chill out. It was just a staring contest!" The boy laughed again.

Well. The kids switch in personality was so quick it gave Mike whiplash. His head throbbed. "O... okay. I guess I was a little scared. You got me, kid." and he chuckled weakly, running a head over his horns. 

"Alright, so you gotta make me laugh, right? My sister said you might come in. I told her she was full of shit, but you're here, so. I guess she was right." the kid seemed unaware, or unconcerned, about Mike's shock at his casual usage of foul language, despite being unable to be older than ten or eleven. 

"Hey, kid! Watch your mouth! All that cursing... you'll get a cavity or something." The boy snorted, inching closer still.

"That's fucking stupid." he said nonchalantly, peering out of the corner of his eye and smirking at Mike's obvious discomfort. 

"So, what jokes do you got?"

Mike coughed. "Well... uh... oh! I got one! You ever hear about the chef who only made fake spaghetti?" he looked expectantly at the boy.

"No, I haven't. What about it?" he asked stiffly, purposefully making himself sound as disinterested as possible. 

"Oh, nothing much. He just got arrested for being an impasta." 

Mike looked at the boy again, uncertainty pooling in his gut when the boy fixed him with another of his famous dead eyed stares. 

"That wasn't funny." he said. Mike felt his stomach begin to tie itself in knots. "Um, some of my jokes are a required taste. If you-"

"My father was arrested a week ago. That's why it's so dark in here. We can't pay for lights because he was the only one with a job. Same reason I don't have any toys, either. My mom sold 'em all so she could pay for school supplies." Mike stared at the boy, dumbfounded. 

"That's not all the way true," the boy continued, and Mike relaxed and thanked God; that story... Jesus. "My sister has a job, too. She's a hooker." 

What the hell??? Mike was at a loss for words. Was he supposed to do something? Could  he do something about this? He doubted MPS could do anything about a human child being neglected, but-

"Yeah, it's really embarrassing, too, because she comes to pick me up from school in the passenger's side of her pimp's car. You ever wonder how far someone can take a dick in her mouth if you don't let her up?"

There was no hope for Mike's jaw, because he was sure it had dropped off maybe five minutes ago, and rolled under the bed. "Well- um... I don't-how..."  eye widening even further when the kid broke into another huge smile, and started laughing. Mike gaped. 

"I was just fucking with you, dude! Oh my god, you should have seen the look on your face! You really do fall for anything, don't you?" and he kept laughing as Mike struggled to put his face back together. Mike stuttered.

"W-why- why would you lie about something like that?! I-I- what!? You... I'm not... I don't under-" he finally cut himself off after a few seconds of trying and failing to scold him, because he was laughing. Not smirking, not giggling, but full blown laughing. This was loud, scary laughing, laughter that might wake his parents. And they'd come in, and ask what he'd said that was so funny, and Mike wouldn't be able to say anything except  that he hadn't said anything funny, sir or ma'am, but their child was most likely a sociopath or something like that, and they should keep all the sharp objects and small animals far away from him.  

He waited for the boy to settle down- which took about 5 minutes that dragged on for way, way too long- the entire time looking longingly at the door. He'd made the little sicko laugh, which was all he needed to do, and he was more than ready to go now. He wasn't even particularly excited over the idea of the full canister anymore. Mike just wanted to get up, leave, and pretend that this visit had never happened. 

The boy had no such plans for him. "You can stay longer, you know. My mom doesn't care about monsters staying on weekends." Mike made to stand. "Oh, you know, I would, but my job has this strict-" he gasped as the boy took hold of his hand. 

"Hey, don't go! Come on. It's boring in here. I lied about why, but I really don't have any toys. Don't be like that." Mike worried his lip, before slowly taking a seat. Curse his bleeding heart.

"My mom lets me do alot of stuff. She lets me stay up late on weekdays, too. She lets me skip school, she lets me smoke..." 

Mike was not one to be fooled twice. He turned on the boy, eye narrowed accusingly. "No, she doesn't! There's no way..." 

The boy hadn't even waited for Mike to finish calling him out; instead, he'd wordlessly fished around in the dresser by his bed, picked out a pack of cigarettes and a lighter. "What now?" his eyes seemed to ask. "What are you gonna say now?" Mike recollected himself, trying not to panic as the boy lit a cigarette like he'd been doing it for years and took a long drag and exhaled, head thrown back. 

"Chainsmoking at nine, huh?" Mike tried to joke. "I'm ten." the boy answered back, flippant.

The two of them sat like that for a little bit, until Mike grew uncomfortable with the smoke filling up the room, and the boy's seemingly blase response to it all. Mike quietly stood, and made to tell the boy that the situation had gotten too out of hand for him, sorry, and that he was taking his leave.

The boy was crying as the cigarette left his lips, tears that only fell one at a time. His eyes stayed dead as when Mike had come in, but now they shone so bright  that they were starting to look a little glassy. "Um..." Mike didn't know how to deal with tears , his or anyone else's. He brought him arm around the boy awkwardly. "Uh... please don't cry, man... It'll be,'ll be okay..." the boy laughed again, sniffling. " Y-you're so bad at this." and he was bad at comforting, so he gave up after a while. They sat in silence for a second before Mike spoke again. "Hey. Uh, hey kid. I... I really gotta go now. But if you let the next monster that comes in your room that you want to see Mike Wazowski- that's me,okay?- I'll be back. I will." the boy nodded at him, continuing his cigarette and wiping his face. 

Mike quickly stepped out of the room and shut the door, and stopped short. Everyone in the Door Station was staring at him, eyes wide, mouths agape. Oh god, he thought, Did I do it? Did I get a full canister out of that kid?  Nobody moved. It felt like the world was on pause.

Finally, Mike looked down at his station. He hadn't just filled one canister- because of course he was going to fill at least one, he tried to assure himself- he'd filled several canisters, and one was being stoppered right now, the sound of sniveling being quickly sealed off until the room was silent again.  

Sully was the first to reach him. "Mike, oh my god! How did you manage that?!" and he didn't get to answer before he picked him up and wrapped him in a hug.

Mike could appreciate many things about Sully- his laugh, his warmth in the dead of winter, the fact that he didn't like pineapple soda but still went to get it occasionally because he did- but he loved his hugs more than anything else. Sully was a big monster, but rather than crush others in his arms, he never did that, in favor of holding them not too tightly, but not so loosely that it didn't feel like he wanted to hug them at all. The firmness of his hugs, the softness of his fur that smelled faintly like strawberries... sometimes it was the only thing that Mike needed after a day of work, especially one like today. That kid had looked so dead, he was so scary... Sully had, somehow, managed to hold him and make it all go away, like always. And he would have never had to if Mike hadn't come into work.

And he'd only come in today to show him up...

Mike felt the tears welling up, until they spilled over and soaked into Sully's pelt. "Mike..." Sully murmured. "Mike, it's okay. It'll be alright." And while Mike had said nearly the exact same thing to the kid in the room, it sounded so much better coming from Sully's mouth. Sully was so much better at comforting than he was... Sully was so much better in general than he was. How could he have tried to change that? 

Stupid. You could never be as good as Sully. You're lucky he even lets you ride his coattails.  

Mike finally had had his fill of Sully's hug, and patted him to let him down. This probably wasn't the smartest thing to do, because there were still throngs of monsters waiting to go and harass him over the feat he just accomplished. Sure enough, before his feet even fully touched the ground, they were on him.

"How'd you manage-"

"Jesus, Mike, not one full one, but twelve-"

"Holy shit, you and Sully are crazy-" 

The monsters kept coming and coming at him. He could see everything- had the fur on Sully's belly looked so sharp before? There was no way Samantha's scales had been that bright before, right? And Fred... Mike didn't even want to think about how shiny the drool running down his fangs- which also looked painfully sharp, looked. Oh, god.  He could hear the air as it rushed in and out of his lungs, like a vacuum being turned on and off. "Oh, Jesus," he wheezed, but nobody seemed to hear him. Could they hear him? There was no way he was invisible; everybody had definitely rushed over because of him, which should have been awesome... but it felt like someone was stepping on his chest. Correction: Stepping, then jumping up and straight up slamming the bottoms of their feet directly onto his heart. He wheezed again, but no words came out. 'Move..." he weakly protested, but the throng of monsters only seemed to get tighter and tighter. This was just like when he thought he was going to drown at the beach last summer... Everyone else is so tall, he thought worriedly, his panic spiking when he saw that the gaggle of coworkers had completely pushed Sully from his spot right beside him, to the outside of the circle. Mike saw bright white and yelped; he couldn't see anything now, which he wasn't sure was better. He blinked furiously until he vision had somewhat returned, wiped the sweat from his face, and tried faintly reached for Sully, who watched in alarm as Mike's eye fluttered closed, and he plummeted to the floor, the sound of high pitched ringing sounding in his ears. 

Chapter Text

    In the locker room, it wasn't so intense, Mike decided. It was warm, it smelled faintly of wet dog- not his favorite odorent, but it was a staple so he guessed he didn't mind. But what mattered most was that Sully was right next to him, patting him soothingly on his back, pressing a cool towel to his forehead.

     "How ya doing, Mike?" Sully asked him lowly. This wasn't his first time coaxing Mike out of a panic attack, so when he'd seen him breathing like the air was too thin and flailing like he was on fire, he'd tried to get to him before the crowd muscled him to the back. But as soon as his head hit the ground, he'd charged forward, ignoring everyone's protests with a sharp "He's had enough." and taking him to the quietest place he could find. 

  "I'm fine," Mike mumbled, scooting closer to Sully's warmth. He closed his eye. 

"Heyyyy, you two are... A little close for comfort. If you want to fuck, do it at home."  

Mike grit his teeth. "Randall, do you have to work to be this annoying, or are you just naturally unlikable?"

Randall moved to face the both of them, in that fluid, almost liquid-like way he carried himself. He stood stock still, then lunged into Mike's personal space.

"For you? Oh, I make an effort." He smiled glibly, before throwing a curt nod in Sully's direction. "And you already know how I feel about you, Big Man. There's no way you got that full tank without scaring that kid. Doing whatever it takes to survive. I respect that. But you?"

He turned, disdainful, to Mike. "You rigged the system somehow. Nobody thinks you're funny. Nobody thinks you're scary. And you found a way around and snuck your grubby claws into the scream machine until it spit out what you wanted. I'm gonna find out how." And with that, Randall turned, making sure to slap Mike with his tail, and left.

Sully took a deep breath and let it out slowly. "That Randall really chaps my hides." He grumbled lowly. Mike nodded, but his brain was churning with the words Randall had hissed. It felt like they were dancing on his skull, until they absorbed into his mind and refused to leave. What if he had rigged the system? The kid he'd visited hadn't been too moved by him... but he'd cried! That had to have been it, right? Sadness was an emotion like happiness was an emotion, like fear was an emotion. 

   He decided to press it. "Hey Sully?" He asked.


"When you went to visit that lady- the adult... How did she feel?"

Mike looked up at Sully. "Well," he started. "She was... Curious? And she laughed a little at one of my jokes." Mike pursed his lips lightly. 

"Did she cry?"

"What? No, she didn't-" Sully stopped himself. He looked down at Mike, who suddenly felt very small.

"You don't have to say anything if you don't feel like you want to Mike, but I really want to know. What happened in that room?"

Mike shook his head. "Have you ever been scared, Sully?"

Sully didn't answer him, instead letting the silence hang in the air. Mike had begun to think that he wasn't going to answer, but then:

"Yeah. I've been scared before."

Mike could feel the sweat under Sully's fur. 

"The kid... He was scary. He was really scary, Sully. He made me... And then he started crying... And the tanks were full and everyone started getting too close to me..." 

Mike grabbed at the sides of his face. "I don't want to go back out there." 

Sully held him closer. "Then you don't have to. He said fiercely.

Mike closed his eye again, letting himself imagine it. He could be at home, in his bed...

Alone. In the dim lighting that was almost like being in the dark. Nobody there but him. He clung to Sully tighter.

"Yeah, I do." And he sat up and left for the Door Room.


Randall hung by the light fixtures on the ceiling, his lip curled in distaste. It wasn't unlike a monster to come to the Locker Room to cry their eyes out-work was hard, kids were mean, the occasional teenager was bratty.

But scary?

Mike had better have had a good reason for breaking down like that, something Randall didn't know about, beause right now? He sounded pathetic- whining into Sully's fur about how terrified he was over some little snot nosed kid.

And why was it that those two only got the interesting doors? It felt like he'd been getting the most mundane children of the lot- he'd say something a little disturbing, they'd share a dark laugh, and he'd go.

He could go for something exciting, like a scary child, or whatever the hell Sully had gotten. An adult? There was no way. She was probably just a teenager with a deep voice and too much in the way of tits. 

Randall hissed and rubbed his hands together at the thought. What he wouldn't do for a view of those... Sully probably hadn't appreciated them at all, the fool. 

That was where Randall separated himself from his coworkers. They just didn't know how to spot an opportunity and snatch it up. If he'd opened a door to find a treat like that, nothing in Hell could have made him leave as soon as Sully had. 

"Idiot..." He hissed. "Did you hear something, Jack?" A monster underneath him asked. "No, why?". The two of them began searching for whatever had startled them, looking under benches and in stalls. God, monsters were nosy. It was irritating. Randall left them to discuss the source of the noise, swiftly crawling out of the Locker Room to get back to work.

 Being invisible had its perks, of course- nothing was safe  when you could virtually wipe yourself from existence. Secrets were automatically yours for the taking, children loved to watch you wink out of sight, then come back, you could avoid conversations with people you didn't want to see... There wasn't a thing Randall thought couldn't be fixed by disappearing.  And right now, invisibility was about to prove its usefulness again.

He watched for Sully, slithering after him as he walked into a door. Things were going to get good.

Chapter Text

Randall had begun to dose off when Sully finally, finally, took his leave of the room with a hopeful "See you soon!"  and a quiet shutting of the door. 

"See you soon!" Randall mocked, before crawling over to the girl and settling on top of her sheets.

That monster wasn't so bad, you thought. A little shy, but that was okay. Maybe he'd come back- you could request to see him, right? Was that what he'd said? You hoped so.

You prepared to dose off, a smile on your face, when you felt a weight slowly but surely cover your body over top your bedsheet. Your eyes flew open, looking around frantically, only finding the empty space of your bedroom. "Hello?" You asked, voice wavering. 

A voice answered you. "Hewwo?"  

Even though it was mocking you, you still felt a chill run down your spine. "Um... Is there still a monster here?" 

"Nooo.... Not a monster." it answered you. The hairs on the back of your neck stood up. It had to have been a monster, because what else would have come in your room at this hour? 

As if it pulled the question from your mind, it replied again, its breath so close to your cheek you could feel its warmth.

"A demon."

You pulled the covers over your head and let out a scream. 

"Oh God, oh God, ohgodohgodohgod..." Your cries eventually devolve into a sort of whimpering cry as you waited for the demon above you to rip your throat out or drag you to Hell.

Its breath came closer and closer to your skin, its breath nearing your jugular. Any minute now...

You held back a gag as you felt its teeth scrape your neck through the sheet. "Boo." It whsipered against your skin.

Unable to restrain yourself anymore, you let out the loudest scream you've ever heard yourself make in a while. It ricocheted off of the walls and bounced back into your ears, seeming to grow even louder as time passed. The demon clapped a hand over your mouth.

"Shut up!" It hissed. You managed to close your mouth, your eyes brimming with tears.

"I was kidding, I'm not a demon. You really will believe anything a voice in the dark tells you, huh? Unbelievable." The voice said, chuckling under its breath. "Hey." It said. "Look at me."

You hesitantly removed the cover from your head, to be met with a reptilian face, instead of the empty air that had been there to greet you before.

"So... You're not a demon?" You asked quietly.  The monster shook his head. "Nope. Even though that noise you made was... unholy. Jesus, woman." 

"Why were you in my room? Why did you wait for Sully to leave to come talk to me?" 

Now it was time for the monster to use a hushed voice. "Because, well, between you and me... Sully has always been a bit of a showoff. Always going on and on about how good he is, showing off his people skills..." He grimaced. "I wanted to see what all the hullabaloo was about."

"If that was all..." Your mind churned. "Why... How come you're still here? Sully's been gone." The monster scratched his head.

"We'll get to that, don't you worry your pretty little head." And he gave your head a few condescending pats, slithering closer to you.

"I've always been a little curious about human anatomy. You make so many gases, so many liquids..."

"And you don't?" You asked, curious, albiet a little put off by the sudden increase in closeness. 

"Sure I do." He replied smoothly. "Wanna see?" And he smiled, showcasing the impossible amount of teeth that resided behind his lips.

In all honesty, you weren't sure if you wanted to see the things this monster could make. It had snuck into your room, scared you out of your wits... And now it wanted to breach your privacy even more? 

It saw the indecision on your face. "Aw, come on. Don't be that way, I'm only curious." You closed your eyes.

Only to have them wrenched open by a pair of long, decidedly sticky, fingers. "Come onnn..." the monster pestered.

"Fine!" You huffed. "What do you want to see?" You asked it, shuddering at the way its crocodilian eyes shimmered in the darkness.

In all honesty, you weren't as appalled at the monster's request as you'd made yourself seem. It was a weird thing to ask, but if you thought about it honestly, wouldn't you ask the same?

No, you decided. This monster was rude and had no business doing what he was asking to do. 

So when he let his fingers run over your mouth, you opened it to tell him exactly what you thought-only for him to slip it inside, his eyebrows raised in bemusement.

"Oh," he said. "You know, I wasn't even going to take it that far. But if you insist..." And you let out a noise of dissent. He laughed. "I'm only joking!" He laughed, taking his finger out and wiping your saliva on your bedsheet.

"I was going to take it that far" he rumbled, pressing closer to you. "I had every intention of coming in and pressing into this warm little body, and-"

"What?!" You heard yourself hoarsely whisper. 

"Mmhmm," he confirmed, letting a hand trail down your face and neck. "Word travels fast at work, sweetie. Especially when the word is that someone walked in and saw someone that looked like you... And oh... are you a sight." 

He'd crawled fully into your lap sometime during his confession, you realized in alarm, and was now using his new proximity to whsiper huskily into your ear. 

"You're so... Ripe." He decided, and you swatted him. "Excuse me?" You protested. He laughed.

"That word doesn't mean the same thing where I come from. You smell good, don't worry."

"You smell very good, in fact, especially here," and he nosed the juncture where your neck and shoulder met, 

"And here," his nose skimmed lower, in between the valley of your breasts. You let out a choked gasp, and he smiled wickedly into your cleavage.

"And definitely here." And his nose, along with the rest of his face, slid directly in between your legs, his eyes boring into yours.

"Oh my God." You whispered again. He murmured into the skin of your thighs, watching you struggle not to let your eyes flutter closed.

"Mmm, and you're so warm, especially right here. I could stay here for years, gorgeous. Riiiight here." And he moved in, even closer, his mouth right on your sex.

You scooted up sharply, keening quietly into the dark, finally breaking whatever spell he had casted on you. "Don't be like that," he crooned, fluidly moving himself back into your nethers. "It's so warm." 

"S-so are other parts of my body." You offered weakly. 

"Mmmmsure... But it's very warm here." And he proceeded to nuzzle into you. You flushed heavily. 

"And It's even warmer inside!" He exclaimed, his voice full of wonder. You whined loudly, mortified. He looked up at you and winked. You hid your face in your hands, much to his amusement.

"You know, I've always wondered..." And before you could ask the monster, who you weren't sure wasn't a demon after all, what, exactly, he had been wondering, he licked a long, slow stripe up the length of your slit.

"Ohjesus!" you wheezed, biting down on your knuckle until you tasted the copper of your blood.

The monster smirked and chuckled, taking your knuckle in his mouth. He closed his eyes, preparing to get even more comfortable, when a low "ding!" sounded from behind your door. He sighed, and took your finger out of his mouth.

"Welp, that'll be me, sweetie. But don't be a stranger. Ask for 'Randall' tomorrow night." And he loped off your your bed, slithered out the door, watching you pant and sweat.

Chapter Text

Randall swaggered out of the door, a sly grin painted on his face until he registered the lack of noise from the other monsters. Although he already had an inkling of what to expect, he still felt a jolt of surprise overtake him when he saw the multitude of full canisters before him.

They seemed endless as the sea, row after row of shining metal layed out before him; he looked at the mass and thought of the shine of a million silver coins, endless and glittering, at the bottom of a wishing fountain. It looked beautiful.

It looked like a promotion, he thought glibly, slithering into the multitude of monsters. "So," he started, the oily smug note to his voice saturating the air, "how'd I do, ladies?"

Even though the other workers had all had their fair share of altercations with Randall, none of them could deny him the praise warranted for the deed he'd accomplished. And so the entirety of the room broke out into applause, showering Randall with pats on the back, and loud, nearly manic, cheers. 

He ate it up like fire on dry kindling, relishing the look on Mike's face- eye wide, pupil contracted, mouth hanging open- as everyone congratulated him. And then, never one to leave well enough alone, he looked him dead in the eye, and put a finger to his temple in a mocking salute, laughing when Mike spluttered. 

They could have carried on, and most certainly would have, except for the lone voice that carried from the top of the room, all the way to the floor, from the intercom. 

"Mr. Randall, if you would, please report to Scare Quota Management. Please report to Scare Quota Management." 

The room was quieted,  the loud uproar cooled to a simmer. Nobody had heard from anybody from Scare Quota Management in months: since the decline, quotas weren't as important as energy conservation. It didn't matter if monsters filled quotas. It mattered if Monsters Inc would be able to make whatever monster collected stretch.

But now, Randall had broken the glass ceiling, and SQM had come calling. The monsters, who had hoisted Randall up, gently sat him down on his feet, the room now too quiet. "You'd better go and see what they want," someone murmured behind him. 

The silence was making Randall antsy. "Don't tell me what to do," he grumbled under his breath.


"I swear, they make this corridor as creepy as possible. Spiderwebs? God..." 

Randall sidled down the hallway, wringing his hands. He wasn't idiot enough to believe that this visit had nothing to do with what he'd done in the Scare Room- the Laughter Vault, he corrected himself with an eye roll, what a stupid name- and his mind raced through all the possible outcomes.

Possibility One: They'd fire him. Even though it was never explicitly stated, "Don't fuck the humans" was probably high up on the list of offenses. 

But he hadn't! He hadn't fucked anybody, he thought worriedly. He hadn't fucked the woman- and what a woman she was, he thought heatedly, his underbelly growing warm. He thought back to the hot bright flush of her cheeks, the soft skin of her thighs.

Oh, God. He felt his pouch bloom open. "Shit shit shitshitshitshitshit..."  he muttered, putting a hand to the wall, his forehead clammy. Of all the times...

While he didn't know exactly what he was, he did know that somewhere down the line, a lizard had crawled up somebody's womb and helped make him into the monster he was. And it was helpful sometimes, he conceded; climbing up the walls never got old, and having a tail- a seventh hand- had its uses. But right now, it was bullshit. Lizard dick- even if it wasn't fully lizard- was irritating as all hell. And it wasn't going to go down until he could put it somewhere else. 

Like between that girl's legs, his mind offered unhelpfully. Randall grit his teeth. " I don't have time for this..." he groused.

Think of something else, think of something else...he scrambled for something to think about.

Possibility Two! Possibility Two... They'd realize he'd done what he'd done because he had to. He'd done it for the good of the company! It's not that he wanted to rile that lady up, he imagined telling the monsters at SQM, he just realized that telling jokes just wasn't cutting it. Telling jokes had never been cutting it, he thought. He shook his head. It wouldn't do well to criticize his superiors right now. Not in this situation.

His head throbbed as he thought through possible explanations and excuses.

He did it to help.

He was trying to keep Monsters Inc afloat.

He did it out of love for the company.

That one was a bit much, he thought, but whatever it took. His head pounded again.

And speaking of heads... The ones between his legs throbbed painfully now, demanding to be noticed. I don't have time for a jerk off session in this goddamned hallway! he panicked. But what else to do?!

It was clear that his dick wasn't going to calm down, and there was no way he was going to show up later than he had to; it showed cowardice, he felt. 

And many things could be said of him, but he'd be damned if anybody said that Randall Boggs was a coward. 

Randall knocked on the door, his face set into a neutral expression. It helped, he'd learned early on, to go into situations with the stance that you hadn't done anything wrong. No sir, he didn't clock out early last week. He had no clue who kept stealing Mike's lunches from the fridge. No siree, he wasn't about to walk in this office, dick out, hidden only by his hands and a flimsy attempt at partial invisibiliy.

"Come in, Mr. Boggs," a crisp voice called out to him.

He walked in. Two other monsters were there, one seated at the desk, the other standing next to him. 

"Have a seat," the seated monster said.

Randall took a seat.

The seated monster cleared his throat. "It's come to our attention that you single-handedly produced more Laughter Energy than any of your coworkers since the GPD."

He ran his hand over his head. "Well, I try," he joked, chuckling.

The face in front of him didn't change from its stony impassiveness. Randall blanched, and wondered if this was how other monsters felt around him.

"You do more than try, Mr. Boggs. In fact, we have more than an inkling of what it is, exactly, you do." 

At this, the standing monster presented a small computer from behind him. 

"Henry is in control of monitoring the security footage of every room in this building. Including the rooms of humans, when monsters enter. He noticed something a bit... unorthodox in your methods of extracting laughter."

Randall opened his mouth- to panic, to explain, defend- but the monster held up a hand.

"Please, refrain until the end of the video."

The tape showed Sully in a room, laughing genially with a human. "You see Mr. Sullivan here using company protocol to get the human to laugh." 

The video skipped to another monster, slapping her knee and giggling with a small boy. "See Mrs. Patterson, using the same protocol."

The monster who brought the computer fast forwarded to Randall, laying prone between the woman from before's legs, hands placed lightly on her thighs.

"And there you are, Mr. Boggs," he concluded, hands folded.

Randall sweated. "There I am," he repeated.

They sat in silence for a moment, before Randall spoke again. "Is there any particular reason you called me in, sir?" 

The monster looked at him and laughed. "Mr Boggs," he said, a smile in his voice, "you have the most gall of any employee I've ever met. You come in here, thinking you're on the brink of unemployment, and you-" this proved to be too much for the monster; he laughed again.

"I couldn't fire you for this if I wanted to," he confessed. "Is it against protocol to engage in contact with humans higher than Level IV? Yes, without a doubt. But have you brought in full canisters which we havent seen the likes of since the Golden Age? Yes again." 

Randall relaxed in his seat. "So, if I'm not here for the pink slip," he started, leaning in, squinting, "why'd you call me?"

The monster behind the desk leaned forward as well. "You're here," he said, "because you're going to help bring Monstroplois back from the grave."

Randall nodded, feeling more comfortable. "Alright, sure. I'll bite. But what are my limitations? When do I get put in timeout?" 

The monster put on an innocent face. "Whatever do you mean?" He snapped his fingers at Henry, who deleted the footage of Randall and the woman. "It hasn't come to my attention that you've broken any rule."


Chapter Text

Mike narrowed his eyes as he watched Randall's form slink out the door to SQM's office. Since the decline, visits to that particular branch of the corporation were so rare that some of the employees- Mike included- had begun to doubt its existence.

"But why invent a completely fake office? What do they gain?" Sully had tried to reason with him on many an occasion, tough Mike had yet to listen to him once he started spouting that nonsense. Not everybody could stop being a sheep, Mike lamented.


Now, he looked like a fool- there was an SQM after all, and Randall was walking right to it- no doubt to cash in big and get a fat promotion. Mike seethed as images of Randall swimming in money filled his brain; he gritted his teeth and muttered curses under his breath, low enough that he wouldn't be heard over the roar of the rest of the employees.


"It should be me," Mike grumbled with his fists clenched. " I did it before him."  He turned to Sully, arms spread. "Or you! You were the first one to get a full canister out of this place in ages! And Mr 'I Probably Cheated to Get All Those Canisters' is gonna walk right into SQM and... and..." Mike racked his brain to remember what exactly SQM did. "Well, I don't know what he's gonna do. But I bet you it involves a good promotion and a raise, too." 

Sully looked down and smiled at Mike, who was pouting with his arms crossed now. "We don't know that. In fact, maybe they called him up to give 'em the pink slip, huh? There's no way they're gonna stand for him illegally obtaining all those laughs." Mike brightened visibly. 

"You're... so... right! They wouldn't stand for that! Unless..." the cogs in Mike's brain worked furiously as his smile slowly faded. "Unless they know, but we need energy so bad they don't care! Oh, Sully, they are gonna promote him!" And he let himself drop unceremoniously into Sully's pelt.


He was just about to open his mouth to bemoan the situation even more, when the sound of of an intercom being adjusted, and then breathed into filled the air, followed by a dull, dry voice asking for Mike Wazowski and James. P. Sullivan- both of them- to report to SQM as well, and to do so promptly.


Mike clenched his fists nervously as he traversed the dank hallway with Sully in tow, the skittering sounds of his toenails on the linoleum making him jump. "It'll be fine, Mike," Sully tried to soothe him, his large hand on Mike's back. "You haven't done anything out of protocol, I haven't done anything out of protocol... this isn't as big a deal as you think."


He blanched at Sully's calm demeanor. While he could be certain that Sully hadn't broken any rule, he wasn't sure the same could be said of himself. Was it against the law for him not to call the authorities when he realized that the kid whose door he'd walked through was living the way he was? Mike closed his eye tight at the thought of his glassy stare, the easy way he'd lit that cigarette. 

"Yeah," he agreed shakily, his small hand enclosed in Sully's paw. "No big deal."

They arrived at SQM a few minutes after that, the weak lightbulb above the sign sputtering and then dying out in a matter of seconds. "Reassuring," Mike groused as ully reached for the knob, and swung the door open.

"Good evening, Mr. Sullivan, Mr. Wazowski." 


The monster behind the beautifully polished wooden desk greeted them with an air of bored familiarity, as if he'd been the monster personally charged with watching every piece of security footage of Monsters Inc since its birth. Looking at the lines and canyons in his face, and the beginning of cataracts in his fourth eye, Sully thought that maybe there was more truth to that hypothesis than he knew. He took a seat at the chair on the other side of the desk; Mike scurried to follow.


"I won't beat around the bush with you two," he started, staring the both of them down with a steely gaze. Mike gulped, a shimmied nervously in his seat. He wished this guy would tone down the intimidation factor even a little- was it really good protocol to terrify the hell out of your employees, especially when they'd done good and brought in laughs? Well. Cries, in Mike's case, but a full canister was a full canister nonetheless. 

"You managed to do something that our company's been struggling to do for months on end now. I want to know how."


Sully furrowed his brow at the monster, an apologetic smile forming in the corner of his mouth. "Well, that'd make three of us, sir. I don't know how I brought in a full canister, on account of I didn't even get the human to laugh all that much. And, well, I don't know what went on with Mike's room, but I bet it was just as confusing."

Mike stammered in his reply. "Y-yeah! My kid- he- he just started crying!" 


This caught their superior's attention at once; his pupils seemed to contract in double time, and in seconds he as leaned over the desk, the chill in his voice freezing Mike's blood.


"You... scared a child... until he cried?" 


Mike scrambled to correct himself. "No, no, nononononono! No, sir! No scaring here! Or- or there! Absolutely no scaring went down in that room! I meant- I- I meant sad crying, sir! Sad crying! Like, 'boo-hoo' 'wah wah'! Not, 'AAH!' "


The monster leaned back in his seat to watch Mike act out crying and wringing his hands, before sighing.  "Alright, Mr. Wazowski. I'm appeased. You can stop... whatever that is you're doing."


He turned his eyes back to Sully, who had begun to doze off and let his eyes wander- he brought his gaze back when the other monster cleared his throat sharply. 


"So, the subject of this meeting is rather simple: We're going to intentionally place you in adult rooms, and see your methods for collecting laugh energy. This company needs the results that you'll bring back to us- the very foundation of Monstropolis depends on you."


The monster stood then, with many hands behind his back, and walked to the door. "If you would, follow me."



Walking down the dark corridor with the superior of the SQM was somehow more unnerving than when the walk was just with Mike, Sully thought. What strength there was in numbers, he fretted, was being leached away by the clacking sounds of the superior's boots, and the cold gaze that he was sometimes unfortunate enough to be caught in. He would enjoy when they'd eventually part ways, and could share a laugh with Mike over how nervous they'd both been.


Finally, they reached another dark room, the chill making Mike's entire body pimple up like gooseflesh. "S-sir... I don't- I need to be... is there anything I c-can use to get warm?" 


The monster took a look at Mike's frozen state, and pursed his lips lightly. "Oh," he said, "You do have reptile ancestry, don't you?"


He snapped his fingers, and another worker- Sully couldn't see where they came from- thrust a coat into Mike's hands, then scurried off into the shadows. "I trust this will be of assistance?" he asked Mike, who hurriedly donned the thick article.


"Yes! Yes, thank you." 


The three of them walked to the center of the room, where a series of large cameras were. Dozens of monsters were engaging in acts of hilarity with unresponsive children, some of them leaving in tears. 


"I brought the two of you here to let you know that this is the current reality of Monsters Inc. No children are laughing, aside from a few miracles now and then. But the two of your feats have given me a clue as to how we change our strategy. The only constant in this universe is change, young men. If you refuse to move with the wave, you drown. "


Sully felt a chill run up his spine. 


"We've always told our employees that the doors they walk into are randomly assigned, and that's been true. But today, we're going to try something new. We're going to hand select the doors that you, Mr. Sullivan, and you, Mr. Wazowski walk into. I want to have my men conduct a series of tests, and see which methods result in the most collection of laughter. You aren't permitted to tell anyone other than each other of your methods until I give the okay, and discussing this assignment with other employees is grounds for immediate dismissal from Monsters Inc- again, at least until I give you permission.

We're going to start by giving Mr. Sullivan his second adult door, and you, Mr. Wazowski-" he turned to Mike then, and leaned to look him in the eye,

"You will be assigned your first adult room; it will be the door you walk into when this meeting has reached its conclusion, which should be," and the monster eyed his pocket watch for two seconds, and then a loud buzzer sounded,


"Now. An assistant will escort you to the Scare Vault. I know these catacombs can be difficult to navigate, but trust, the assistants know their way.”


As if on cue, an assistant leapt from the shadows- shadows Sully was sure were created intentionally, to frighten workers- and pulled them along by their thumbs; Sully peeked at Mike and grinned.


”Their hands are so small!” he whispered jovially, face lighting up. 

“Yeah,” Mike replied, “like Boo!”


Mike’s face fell the minute he said it, watching in horror as Sully’s eyes dimmed. “Yeah,” he murmured, voice so low Mike barely heard him.

“Just like Boo.”


”Oh, Sully...” he started, brow creasing.  “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean-“


Sully shook his head, a sad smile on his face, eyes tight. “You’re fine. I’m sure she’s happy, wherever she is.”

Mike nodded, even as he thought about the tattered nightgown she wore, faded and dingy and riddled like cheesecloth, the sadness in her eyes that only a child who’d been all too familiar with disappointment could possess. 

The silence, which had been pressing on Mike’s eardrums, finally abated when the tiny assistant cleared his throat and spoke.


”Here are your doors. Mr. Sullivan?” He gestured to his door, a plain wooden one with a gold handle. Sully gave one last smile to Mike as he stepped inside, the faint sound of music reaching his ears before it shut.


The assistant turned his gaze to Mike, his gaze unreadable. “Mr. Wazowski?” He asked, stretching his arm to the door in front of them- his was white, no discernible markings. 

“Welp, alrighty!” He said, swallowing hard and preparing to open the door, when he felt the warm hand of the tiny assistant on his arm.

”Uh... yeah?”

”Good luck.”

Chapter Text

Mike swung his door open, his feet touching carpet as he stepped inside the room. He took a look around for toys he might trip on- only to remember why there weren't going to be any. Swallowing hard, he made his way closer to the sleeping figure on the bed, and gently nudged them, hand shaking.


It took more than a few good tries- and a few not-so-good tries-, but eventually the mass stirred, revealing a woman, who'd been fast asleep under the covers. She turned her bleary gaze towards him, mouth set into a tired grimace.


"Aren't you in the wrong room?"


Mike shook his head. "No, I've been specific-" he stopped himself, thinking of his superior's words, and threats of dismissal. He'd said not to tell any monsters, but Mike sure as hell wasn't taking his chances with a human, either. Play it safe, that's how you win the game, Mike. 


She cocked her head at him. "Huh?" 


Mike opened his mouth, but the human woman shook her head. "Nah, I don't care anymore. So... you gonna get me to laugh, or what? My Johnny says monster jokes ain't worth half a fart anymore, so you better try hard. I got a early shift this morning."


Mind whirling, Mike struggled to put something together. Obviously, jokes weren't working anymore- on kids, or adults. And if the adults influenced the children... what was it that scary little kid thought was funny? Mike wracked his brain, before feeling his body shrivel when he remembered.


"Okay," he started, hating himself for every word, "you ever wonder how much dick someone can take in her mouth if you don't let her up?"


The woman stared at Mike, flabbergasted. Her eyebrows rose high, almost into her hairline, mouth pressed into a thin, hard line. Beads of sweat rolled down Mike's forehead as he watched her react to his horrible attempt at humor.  She stared at him, unmoving, save for the minute rise and fall of her chest. To his horror, two points of rose bloomed high on the apples of her cheeks. Oh, geez. He'd only seen that happen on Boo before, and she'd started screaming her head off in minutes. What was the protocol if an adult started screaming? Mike didn't know.

One second- one million seconds- had passed, and he was beginning to think that he'd driven this woman to a catatonic state- and then how would she get to work? She'd said she had to work an early shift...

The stream of anxiety-inducing thoughts finally came to a screeching halt, when a low sound rumbled in Mike's ears, throaty and warm... tantalizing? He turned his head, to realize that it had been the woman who'd made the sound- the sound that was beginning to worm its way into Mike's stomach, and set his insides twisting and dancing.


"Oh, you're funny," the woman conceded, shifting to face Mike fully, hands at her sides. "But I don't know," she admitted, sliding closer to the tops of Mike's horns, right into his ear holes. "How much dick can a girl take if you don't let her up?"


Mike jolted, his body seemingly intent on jerking around so intensely that he flew apart- and he stuttered in the woman's face, watching her pupils grow and expand until they all but swallowed her eye color. 

"Y'know," she said, "I'm sure you got alot more material for jokes. But I'm a little hard of hearing," and she re-positioned her body so there was enough room on the bed for Mike. "Come a little closer, will you?"


Fumbling like a deer, Mike clambered up onto the bed with the woman, his momentum sending him nearly tumbling right into her breasts. "Oh, be my guest," she crooned, her hand guiding him further into her bosom. 


Mike grabbed the woman's sides, trying to come up for air- she was soft, definitely, and even smelled like roses and chocolate, but he was afraid that he'd travel so deep inside this lady's tits that he'd never get free. She toyed with him, holding him for a few seconds, then giving him a second or two of air, only to push him down again, the soft material of her lacy bra tickling his nose as she teased him with freedom.

Up and down Mike went,like a pebble in a sea storm, hands flailing, until she took her hands away with a laugh, finally letting him escape for good. He pulled his head forcefully out from between her breasts, gasping for air. 


"Did you like that?" she asked him, her hair mussed and cheeks scarlet. Mike spluttered at her, eyes harried.

"No! Well, kind of- Wait! No! That was... extremely not allowed! Monsters aren't allowed to interact with humans on levels above 4, and I don't even wanna think about what level that was, it-"

The beginning of his diatribe wore out, though, as he watched the woman take off her bra, fingers moving nimbly like she'd been doing it for years. She unfastened it, eyes on Mike throughout the entirety of the act, before dropping it at the foot of the bed, shifting to her hands and knees to crawl over to Mike, who swallowed very heavily.


"You wanna see if they taste as good as they feel?"


Mike stared at her, mouth agape, his thoughts running a mile a minute. First of all, would he ever! This lady's boobs looked like the most tasty set of marshmallow-y goodness he'd ever seen, and boy was he hungry. His mouth watered.

Second of all, he wasn't allowed! He'd be in trouble! His bosses had told him- had told everyone at Monsters Inc- not to do the very thing he was considering doing. He really didn't want to risk his job, even for this.


Third of all, Randall had probably done worse in his room, and he was about to get a raise and a promotion! Clearly, Monsters Inc was not the same corporation that it'd been years ago; it was now a lawless place where even miscreants like Randall could thrive.

But maybe it's not lawless, Mike thought as he inclined his head to fit the woman's breast in his mouth, spurred on by her heady scent, and low moans.

Maybe there's just a new set of laws that keep this place running.

He leaned in, mouth grazing the underside of her breast, moving higher until he could latch onto her nipple.

If you refuse to move with the wave, you drown...

Mike took the woman's entire breast into his mouth, holding the other one in his palm, appreciating its weight as he wrapped his tongue around the first one. For the second time that night ,she pressed a hand onto the back of his head, albeit gentler this time, moving his head with the rocking of her body. Mike lost his grip on her breast, her body movements leaving him shaky; his hand landed solidly in between her legs. Something smooth and wet waited there for him, its heat like a thousand furnaces. Mike gasped.

The woman took it all in stride, moving his mouth from her breast to her face, kissing him hard and breathless, rocking against his hand and moaning. Mike felt a tightness in his lower belly as she rode his fingers; there seemed to be somewhere even hotter than the place he was touching, but she kept it just out of his reach. The only thing he was getting unrestricted access to was a very small little nub- maybe another nipple? Whatever it was, it was driving her crazy when he touched it.


He was just about to insist that he actually touch it, rather than she touch him with it, when the buzzer sounded. Mike moved.


"That'll be... that's m-me..." he said faintly, confused. Why was he the lightheaded one, if she'd been the one going crazy a few seconds ago?

 She gave a soft groan of protest. “Come on, ten more minutes,” she murmured, the tips of her long nails grazing Mike’s skin. He shivered, but made to stand. 

“I can’t- I definitely want to, it’s not that-“ 

The woman cut him off with a wave of her hand. “No, I know how it is, don’t sweat. You worry too much.”


Mike wobbled to the door, running his hand over his head. “Y-yeah, you’re right. You can ask for me again if you want, my name’s Mike and uh...” his head went fuzzy or a second, a low thrum of head in his belly like alcohol.

”I’ll keep that in mind, honey. But seriously, I gotta wake up in 4 hours, so scoot.” She said the last part teasingly, winking at him and laughing, and Mike breathily joined in before wrapping his hand around the doorknob and stepping through. 

 His Scare Buddy, another one of the small assistants from before, eyed him with an air of quiet curiosity before averting his eyes in embarrassment. Mike’ s face was completely tinged with pink,the space between his legs noticeably rosy as well.

  The canister area was completely filled with- what exactly, Mike didn’t know, their usual grey color swapped in favor of a new red that lit up the room, almost like they were glowing from within. He’d made the woman laugh once but the majority of their... activities hadn’t been too conversational. 

You’re too tired for this, Mike thought to himself as he walked down the hallway to the restroom. Go splash some water on your face.






Chapter Text

Mike walked into the Scare Lounge, shivering at the drop in temperature and rubbing at his arms to keep warm. It had been twenty minutes since his... encounter with the woman in the room, but he was still restless, the pit of his belly warm and jumpy. This wasn't just butterflies. This was more like those butterflies had moved in, set up their house, then plugged in a space heater and threw a party in there. He groaned softly and sat down gingerly. 


Something cold whipped across the back of his head, like someone wiped a long ice cube behind him. He yelped loudly, and a nasty chuckle sounded behind him. He closed his eyes and groaned again, in annoyance.

"Hiya, Mr. Fake Full Canister of Laughs Because He Isn't Funny," a glib voiced greeted him. 

"Randall, that doesn't roll off the tongue right at all. You gotta work on that," Mike shot back. "And don't do that, I'm part reptile; I could go into shock and die."

Randall snorted before joining him on the bench, sitting too close.

"Here's hoping," he muttered, before fishing around underneath the seat and plucking a carton and a lighter from its bowels. Mike floundered; had there always been a space underneath this bench? He'd never taken the time to look, but he was certain that it was new. 

Mike watched, incredulous, as Randall lit up a cigarette in the break room. "Y-you can't smoke in here! You'll get in trouble!" 

Randall rolled his eyes, before vanishing into nothingness. "Really? Because you're the only one in here I can see." Mike looked at the spot where Randall was, incensed. 

"B-but that's-- that's not fair! " Randall laughed, continuing to smoke, the cigarette rising and lowering the only proof that Mike was not alone.


"So... how was she?" Randall asked, blowing a puff of smoke in Mike's face. Mike waved his hands desperately, and coughed. His eye watered.

"Who?" he asked, voice shot five octaves higher.

"C'mon, Mike, you know who."


Mike turned away. "I... don't know what you're talking about."

Randall clicked his tongue disapprovingly before making himself visible again. "The lady in the scare room who almost made you tap out with her tits. That ring a bell, smartass?"

Mike's jaw dropped, and Randall chortled before continuing on, pleased at his reaction.  "How did you know about that?!"

Randall went invisible again, before stopping at Mike's locker, swinging it open and fishing out a picture of a scantily clad Cella Mae. She was making bedroom eyes at the camera, her snakes trailing down her back seductively. He waved it triumphantly at Mike's face as he reappeared. Mike spluttered, his entire body going pink with embarrassment. 

"Same way I do everything else. How is Cella in bed, by the way? I heard she's a riot." 

Mike snatched the picture back and held it close to his chest. "You- that's not your- shut up, Randall!" 

Randall raised his hands in surrender and laughed again. "Alright, big guy, that's your business. But back to the original topic..."

"I know all about the assignment you and Sully are on because I'm in on it, too. kickstarted all of this. This is, literally, my show. If anything goes on in any of those Special Rooms, I know about it. If Sully gets his dick sucked by some horny college human, I know about it. If you walk into a room where a person likes getting their toes sucked, I know about it. Come on, Mike, are you honestly surprised?"

Mike refused to meet Randall's gaze, but deep inside, he wasn't surprised. Randall had always been underhanded and sneaky, too nosy for anyone's good except his own. He sighed.


"Okay, what do you want to know?" 

Randall gave him his trademark shark grin and leaned in too close again. "Everything."


In truth, watching Mike squirm was always a highlight of Randall's day, but it wasn't really what he was after. He wanted to know every sordid detail of Mike's rendezvous with that MILF, sure, but the info he was after was something a little more higher-level. He'd seen Mike's flushed face, and the lady's sweet tits, but he'd also seen those cherry-red canisters filled to the brim. With what, he'd had no idea, and that was unacceptable. Randall knew that there was something else in there, but even with his newfound authority he wasn't allowed to take one of the canisters and crack it open to see for himself. And that woman was long gone, her door tucked away safely, so he'd done the next best thing in chatting up Mike. 

Well, Randall considered with a smirk, maybe "chatting up" was too friendly a term for what he was doing. Mike looked like a guilty man on the stand, wringing his hands and sweating bullets every time Randall opened his mouth. But he was getting answers out of him, and that's what mattered.

"So, what'd her pussy taste like?" Randall asked Mike. Per usual, Mike clammed up, sweat running down his too-big temple.

"I didn't- we got inter- I didn't do that..." Mike confessed sheepishly before trailing off, flinching when Randall clapped him on the back.

"Oh, what? You had her begging, man! She definitely wanted it." He let his voice drop to a near growl at the end, noting with glee at the goosebumps that raised on Mike's arm. 

Mike had had enough of being strongarmed this entire conversation, Randall thought, amused. And he had; he could tell by the way Mike bristled slightly and furrowed his hairless brow.

"Well, what about you?! Did you taste that girl's... her..." Poor Mike lost steam too quickly, choking on his words and blushing furiously. 

Randall laughed right in his face. "Did I eat her pussy, you mean? I got a taste, of course, but... you saw how quickly they got me out of there; I didn't have a chance. But let me tell you something, just between us buds: I would have gone to town on her, my man."

"But it's a real shame you would have done it. That's kind of fucked up." Mike opened his mouth in protest, but Randall steamrolled on.

"I mean... I wonder how Cella would feel if she knew what you got up to in those Special Assignment rooms."

Mike's eye widened, his mouth slightly agape. How could he have not considered that?! He'd gone right in that room, allowed that lady to- no, enthusiastically- let her have her way with him, while his poor Cella stood at her desk, none the wiser... He felt sick to his stomach. All this time, he'd had the diamond of Monster's Inc on his gross, stubby arm, and he hadn't considered any of the stuff he did at work cheating, or what it could do to his relationship with her. Stupid, stupid, stupid! he mentally kicked himself as hard as he could, a million times over.


Randall flashed him another menacing grin. "Hey man, don't worry about it. With other guys, I bet it'd be a big deal, but you... I bet you're the type of guy who knows how to... separate business from pleasure."

Mike felt another chill run down his spine; had seen enough of Randall's interactions with other monsters to know where this was going, and he'd fallen for it hook, line, and sinker. How many times had Sully told him that with Randall, the less he knew, the better!? How many monsters' lives had he seen Randall tear apart because they'd let him in, and let their lips get a little too loose!? Randall was like a poisonous gas that lingered outside a closed room, and even a small gap in the door meant certain death for anyone inside, he thought bitterly.

"What do you want?" Mike asked dejectedly. Randall's simian laugh echoed throughout the break room.

"That's not the tone of voice for someone who's on your side, partner! I'm just busting your balls a little. If you want to play around with some other lady's hot spot, that's scummy, sure, but it's not my business. I just want a little... info. Info that I think you can get for me."

"Those canisters outside your room. Were they red before you went in?"

Mike struggled with all his might to remember anything before he'd gone inside. It was all a blur, everything except the conversation he'd had with the Boss, the walk to the doors, and then him turning the handle and stepping inside. He strained... and remembered the flash of steel gray of his canisters.

"No! I mean, no. They were- they were grey." Randall scratched his chin, intrigued. "Hmm..."

"You don't know why there were red, do you, Mike?" Mike shook his head fervently, frowning when Randall patted him condescendingly on the head. 

"Of course you don't. But you know who I bet would? Those assistants. I bet they've got all sorts of intel on that. So... you know what you're gonna do for me?"

Mike sighed, keeping his head low. Asking around for information wasn't too bad,as far as favors for Randall went, but he knew that it was never just one thing. Today it might be asking why those canisters turned red. Next week, it might be strangling someone and stuffing their body in a suitcase. Randall lowered himself to Mike's eye level.

"I'll ask again: do you know what you're gonna do for me?" Mike swallowed hard. 

"Yeah. I got it."

Randall clapped him on the back again. "Great! I knew I could count on you, partner."



Mike shook as he walked back into the Door Room, and eyed Sully. He was standing by his door, chatting with his assistant; Mike's ear pricked at the sound of the tiny monster's bell-laugh. 

"Oh, hey, Mike!" Sully greeted him, waving him over. Mike walked, avoiding eye contact with the assistant, instead keeping his eyes trained on a patch of Sully's fur near his eye. 

"Hey, Sully! So, how... how'd it go?" Mike felt his stomach muscles clench in anticipation at Sully's answer. What if it'd gone exactly as Mike's had? He couldn't imagine Sully even talking to a fellow monster in a way that seemed beyond his usual courteous demeanor, let alone something as indecent as what he and Randall had talked about. Mike thought of Randall's slimy voice in his ear, and felt his face burn.

"I haven't gone in yet; I was supposed to wait until you came back from your break. But you're here now, so I guess I'll be going in." 

Mike reached for Sully's hand and held him close. "Hey, Sully?"

He turned to look at his friend, who looked... strangely worried. His face was flushed, and the reassuring smile he wore for him looked fake. Sully felt himself worry in response, before chastising himself. You're reading too far into this, James, he scolded. Mike's always been a little on edge, that's all. He's probably nervous about a date with Cella, or something like that. 

"What's up?"

"Just... good luck. That's all, pal."


Sully flexed his bicep and gave Mike a mock growl, though his suggestion only put more fear in his heart. First that door experience where Mike had asked him if he'd ever been scared before, and now this... but he knew that in situations where Mike was scared, responding with fear only made things worse. He showed his teeth a little more.

"Tuh, i don't need luck, I'm James P. Sullivan!" he crowed, and he wrapped his hand around the knob and entered, neither of the duo taking notice of a shimmer in the air next to his shoulder... almost in the shape of a large lizard worming its way inside before Sully shut the door softly behind himself.

Sully entered the room fully, the darkness broken up by a lamp sitting on a table by the bed. He walked towards it, his footsteps muffled by the plush carpet underneath him, and shook the sleeping figure until they roused and sat up to look at him fully.


"Hi, there," he whispered softly, waiting for the person to come to their senses enough to greet him back. They yawned enormously, shrugging off their large comforters to stretch... only for Sully to see that they were completely naked.


Sully spluttered and made to avert his eyes out of respect, but the woman was nonplussed. 

"Don't worry about it, I should have warned you. It's just so hot in here, even sleeping in a tank is too much."

"Sully, who kept his eyes on the floor, nodded. "That's fair."


"So... you got any jokes for me tonight?" 

He shook his furry head, his voice low with embarrassment. "No, actually. I'm here for something different."

With his head low, he couldn't see, but the woman's eyes sparkled with mischief. "Oh?" she asked, feigning innocence.

"Yeah, I'm part of a new team. We go into adult rooms. We don't do jokes anymore; I think they're coming up with new stuff for us to do."

She stretched her legs out, and leaned into Sully slightly. "Like what?"

Sully tried his best to answer her, but the faint scent of her perfume wafted into his nostrils and pushed out any other thought he might have had before, and his head swam with the warm, fruity fragrance. He almost raised his head to catch a breath, but lowered it again quickly, because the soft light of the lamp shone on her, especially her supple looking breasts, and then his entire body felt too warm.

"Uhh... I'm not exactly... sure..." He blinked hard, then dared to look up at the woman. "What do adult humans like to do?"


Above the both of them, Randall barely suppressed a snort and rolled his eyes. Is this what Sully had done the first time he'd made contact with a human woman? He assumed so, and shook his head at the waste. Randall would have made no such mistake, had he been presented with a woman, a naked one no less. Randall had studied humans...extensively, after his last little chance encounter, and based on what he'd learned, this girl Wanted Sully. He looked at the sleepy droop of her eyes, the coy smile hidden in the corner of her mouth, the way she seemed to draw closer and closer to Sully like she couldn't help it... and for the first time since he'd met him, Randall felt a twinge of pity for the big idiot. He'd always thought that since Sully had always been popular, he'd just have experience with girls throwing themselves at him, but now, looking at the sorry scene unfolding underneath him, he conceded that maybe he'd been wrong all this time.

Huh, he thought to himself. You learn somethin' new every day. 


Well. Someone was going to have to get this party started, and if it wasn't going to be Sully, then it would have to been him. He crawled from his position on the ceiling, down the wall where the girl's bed was, and unplugged the lamp on her table, throwing everyone into darkness.


Sully cried out, putting his hands out in front of him to feel around, the girl doing the same. Randall chuckled at the both of them, before giving the sheets the girl was perched on top of a hardy yank!, sending her sprawling right into Sully's chest, tits first.


Sully, poor idiot that he was, patted his hands around her body to get his bearings, and that was when Randall moved the girl with another, lighter, tug- Sully's slightly open palm landing on her breast. She gasped in the darkness, and Randall returned to his perch on the ceiling, pleased as a cat with the cream.

"What was that?" Sully wondered aloud. 

"Well, my lamp cord is a bit wonky, so i have to adjust it so it doesn't power off- it's the wiring inside. And these sheets are silk, they're pretty slippery..."

Sully nodded, before balking at the realization that he was still holding the woman's breast. 

"I-I'm so- I didn't mean to-"

"It's fine," she laughed. "I don't mind. Your hands are really soft. It's... it's nice."

He swallowed hard, before trying his best to look down at her.

"It... is?"

"Yeah. In fact, this is really nice. It's actually... one of those things that adult people like to do."

Sully's eyes widened. "Really!"

In the dark, she nodded. "Mhm. Do you... want to see some other things we like?"

Randall rolled his eyes. She was really laying it on thick... but maybe she'd gathered that that was the way you had to go with Sully. Smart girl, he complimented her.


Sully gaped like a fish, before giving up on speech and closing his mouth and nodding instead.

She smiled at him, before pulling him to the bed with her. 

“Well, for starters, we like contact. Touching,” and she traced a finger down his arm, watching him shiver. 

“And holding...” she gripped his arm a little more steadily, moving her hand along the length. 

“We like that. A lot”

Sully panted, before answering her.

”I, uh... Monsters like that, too.” And he let one of his hands trail down her arm, as well. She moaned, a low sound in her throat. Randall leaned in, his interest officially piqued.

”Well, I’m not surprised; it’s nice. Don’t you think so?”

And then she closed the distance between the two of them, pressing her lips to his, her hand pressed lightly on the back of his head. 

He gasped when he felt her small, warm tongue try to dance with his much larger one, and he pressed his entire palm into the small of her back, pulling her closer to him.

Randall watched on, his underbelly blooming open. His face burned; he was not even close to being a courteous monster, but this seemed a bit much for him. There was no denying, the scene unfolding was a tantalizing one, and watching was appealing, but his body was responding in kind to the stimulation. He tried his best to ignore it, in a rare show of decency.

Sully gasped lightly when the woman broke the kiss, her lips only centimeters away from his own.

Wordlessly, she pushed him onto his back, and straddled him, palming the sizeable tent in his uniform pants. Raising an eyebrow, she made to undo his zippper- but Sully’s expression made her give pause.

”Are you okay?” She asked. 

“I’m okay! I just... um... I just don’t...” 

“Are you a virgin?” The woman asked, eyebrows shot high, as she settled in between his legs. 

Randall leaned in again, his own eyebrows just as high. If he says yes, I’m going to lose my mind, He thought, a mean smirk playing at the edge of his lips.

“No! I just... don’t have... I don’t do this often, that’s all.” Sully finished lamely, mortified that the woman’s expression showed exactly how much she believed him. 

“Yeah... Okay. So, with the other people you’ve been with... did you like it when they did this?” And with deft movements, she unzipped his pants and pulled his length out of its confines. 

Sully sucked in a breath- and above him, so did Randall, lip caught in his teeth. 

The woman smirked, stroking it lightly in her hand, going faster when Sully let out a very gratifying groan. 

She played him masterfully, slowing when he seemed to lose himself too much, then speeding back up when he got his bearings.  She was turning him into a wreck, controlling him down to the minute flexing of her hand when it was wrapped around his head. 

Sully tried to control his breath when she finally stopped- but cried out when she started up again, moving his head up to look at her- she’d wet her palm with her spit, a string of it connecting her mouth to her hand, some of it at the head of his penis. 

“Are you okay?” She asked him again, but before he could answer, she slid her hand from head to shaft, then lightly cupped his balls- then took him in her mouth.


Sully near howled, his sharp claws tearing holes in her sheets. She worked at him, moving her hand to stroke him where her mouth couldn’t fit him inside, leaving both Sully and Randall nearly frothing at the mouth.

The woman looked up at him, her eyes glinting like jewels, and winked, continuing on her mission to drive Sully insane, it seemed to him. She let her spit run down his length, chasing it back into her mouth with her tongue, before taking as much of him as she could back inside, the rapid temperature change of the air in her room, and then her mouth, leaving him disoriented.

Sully weakly pushed on her shoulder, his entire body vibrating from within.

”You gotta.... I need you to stop...” he faintly asked her, sighing when she conceded and sat on her knees in front of him.

”That was really... I-I want... can I do that... to you?”

She laughed, before pulling him into a kiss, pulling him into place so that she could rest at the head of the bed, and Sully could lay his head on her belly. 

“Sure, be my guest,” she cooed at him. Sully lowered his eyes in embarrassment, but nosed his way down he soft skin of her tummy, listening to the woman’s breath hitch as he went further down.

Sully worked his way lower and lower, until he reached her center. He looked up at her then, and gave her a small smile, almost bashful in its sweetness, before prizing her legs open, settling hie mouth directly on her sex, and sucking, just as she'd done before.

The woman sucked in a breath, then let out a long, slow hiss like air leaving a bike tire. 


Her hands curled into fists as he lapped at her, his gigantic tongue dragging up the length of her slit. She panted out, gripping his fur in her hands, pulling him tighter onto her and moaning out into the dark room. Randall's members throbbed, and he desperately wished that he could trade places with Sully. God, she looked delicious... 


Sully moaned at the taste of her, wrapping his lips around the small, hard little nub that sat like a jewel on a tiara, smiling when she cried out even louder, his tongue gliding downward... and to his surprise, inside, much deeper than he'd expected. Sully experimented, driving his tongue deeper inside, until she rocked her hips against his face, a hand covering her face to keep from being too loud.

Well. Sully could fix that- and that he did; he took his paw and gently pulled her hand, then held it in his, rubbing the base of his tongue against her as he slid back inside as deep as she could allow him. He lost himself in the movement of her hips , her keening cries that were only growing more desperate, and the rhythmic clenching from within, her heat pulsing around his tongue. He matched her thrusts, pushing her to the edge further and further, and then:

The woman let out one final moan, louder, and God help Sully, sexier than the last, her thighs closing on his head and she rode his face desperately, before finally coming to a stop, her face tinged red and hair mussed. He raised his head from her sex, and sat on his knees- only to be knocked on his back again; she locked her lips with his feverishly, her hand lowering to his cock and tugging. Sully's breath hitched but didn't break the kiss, his hands exploring her body, holding her by the ass and squeezing. 

"I want you to fuck me," she whispered raggedly in his ear, grinding down on him with fervor. "Please!" 

She kissed him breathless, using her hand to guide him into her, the sheer girth of him filling her to near pain. She pressed on, taking him deeper, until she was fully seated on top of him. Sully screwed his eyes shut, his brain overwhelmed with the slick, tight heat of her body encasing him completely. 

"Oh... I- Mmph... Ah-Fuck!"  he finally hissed through gritted teeth, wrapping his hands around her and pulling her onto him lightly and thrusting his hips up. He nudged her cervix with his cock, forcing himself to slow down, her moans and cries echoing in his ears. 

"God, yes!" she grabbed two fistfulls of his fur and sat up straighter to ride him properly, the both of them lost in an endless tangle of sensation. 

Above them, Randall had given up any pretense of propriety was jerking himself fervently, eyes narrowed in concentration, his gaze directly trained on Sully's length as she slammed herself down on it over and over again.

He'd lost his battle of wits and morality the minute Sully'd put his mouth on her pussy, and it'd been all downhill from there. He'd done it tentatively, almost ashamed of himself, but now... his cocks pulsed and he gripped the heads, teasing it and then sliding down slow. But as Sully and the woman neared completion, so did Randall; his stroking lost all finesse, and he stroked himself, fast and shameless in the face of imminent orgasm.

"Oh my God..." he whispered to himself, biting his lip to hide the noise as he came, his hot ejaculate raining down on the corner of the floor below where he hid.


Sully had given up his battle as well, surrendering to his basest desires and slamming the woman onto his cock and snarling, eyes rolled nearly to the whites as he gave a few last, powerful thrusts inside her. She steadied her hips, readying herself for his cum, and he delivered: the searing, hot ropes of it covered her completely inside, filling her until there was no room and it pooled, then ran down the base of his cock. 

They both panted, a bead of her sweat running down her forehead and dropping onto Sully's nose. Both seemed to be beyond words, so they lay there, the heady scent of sex hanging in the air. The woman caressed the side of Sully's face, the gave him a peck on the forehead.

"Maybe you're not a virgin," she joked with him weakly, the both of their laughs  mingling together, before the loud sound of a buzzer sounded behind them.

"Is that you?" she panted. Sully nodded weakly, then made to stand. His knees were too weak; he made an effort to stagger to his feet, and she chuckled at him, before helping him up. 

"You can... specifically request for me if you want. My... name's Sully," he said, before walking out the door.