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Gravitational Pull

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“For fucks sake, if I agree to spar with your sorry ass, will you stop fucking bothering me!?” Bakugou growled after Uraraka asked for the fifteenth time that week if he’d agree to a rematch. She’d parked herself at Deku’s desk when he went to the restroom before the last class. Her hands were holding her chin up as she leaned on the desk and smiled saccharinely. “Don’t you have anything better to do, Round Face?”


“Nope! And I won’t leave you alone.” Uraraka cooed. “Not til I wipe the floor with ya.” Bakugou’s face twitched at that. She’d tried sweet talking him, bribing him, everything, but maybe this was just the straw that broke the camel's back.  


“That’ll never happen and you know it, ya loser. Get that through your thick skull!” Bakugou whipped around to snarl at her, smacking Deku’s desk with his palm as he rose from his seat to tower menacingly over her. “You might not be complete shit, but you’ll never beat me. I’ll be number fucking one.”


“Hey now, relax a bit, man--” Kirishima, who had been watching the exchange with Kaminari, stood and placed a placating hand between the steaming boy and cool girl.


“How will you know if you’re still stronger if we don’t spar?” Uraraka offered with false innocence. Kirishima was no idiot, he knew what she was trying to do. Midoriya came in to see their tense exchange, at his desk no less. He knew by his childhood friends face that he was about to go off on her and approached quietly.


“I’d like to see you try to beat me, fuckface!” Bakugou snarled, leaning down to get in her face. She could feel his hot breath on her face and he was so close she could go cross eyed. He smelled like cinnamon.


“Great! Meet me at the gym after dinner tonight?” Bakugou shrunk back with eyes wide before opening his mouth to put her in her place. Fortunately for her, Eraserhead had popped in and told the class to settle down before Bakugou could get a word out. “Eraserhead, can you supervise a sparring session between Bakugou-kun and I?” The teacher groaned but nodded.


As Uraraka took her proper seat, she could feel his burning eyes on her. Deku slid into his seat and anxiously tried to read Bakugou who had gone silent but was still giving off an intimidating aura.


“K-Kacchan--” Deku whispered.


“Shut your fucking mouth, shitheel.” Midoriya let out a breath of relief that he was still acting like himself, but the ordeal with Uraraka that he walked in on still nagged at him.


“Kacchan, you’re not really going to--” Deku pressed.


“Since you seem to be in such a talkative mood, Midoriya, why don’t you come up and answer the warm up equation on the board.” Aizawa scolded an apologetic Deku, dryly. The aspiring hero earned himself some snickers at having been caught.


The class didn’t last long, but it felt like ages to Deku and Kacchan. When the final bell rang and everyone began to shuffle out of the room, Deku hung back to watch Bakugou make a beeline to Uraraka’s desk before she could finish packing up her things. The boisterous boy made his intentions on doing so clear almost immediately.


“An hour after dinner. Don’t be fucking late, angel face.” Was all he said before making his exit. Once in the hall, Deku followed him and grabbed onto his uniform sleeve.


“Kacchan, you can’t actually be thinking of beating her into the ground, right?” Bakugou said nothing, but tugged his arm out of Deku’s grasp only to continue standing there to stare the green haired boy down. “K-Kacchan--” The words he was going to say were stuck in his throat when Bakugou only glared harder in response to the first question. Deku studied his friend’s face, truly worried that he would send Uraraka to Recovery Girl yet again. “A-Anyway, I should get going--”


“You’re damn right, you should get outta my sight.” Bakugou sneered, turning heel before Deku could move, leaving the smaller boy standing there. Uraraka came out of the classroom just as Bakugou was turning the corner down the hall.


“Ah, Midoriya-kun, I’m glad I caught you. Later, can you come watch my fight with Bakugou to take down any notes on my weaknesses and strengths and the like? I know you’re good at taking notes on those kind of things. I’d really appreciate it if you could do me this favor, you’d be doing me a big help!” She smiled, snapping him out of his daze.


“Huh? Oh, uh, sure.” He muttered, itching his neck. “But why do you want to get on Kacchan’s bad side so much? He’s not going to treat it like a simple sparring session. It’s going to be the Sports Festival all over again.” Deku asked, truly puzzled as to why she would want to go through that kind of pain again. Uraraka raised her eyebrows before furrowing them.


“It’s because he’s not going to go easy on me that I want to fight him again. He won’t be holding anything back.” Deku frowned at the strong sense of determination in her eyes before it lightened to her usual expression. “Plus, you’ll be there if I need to be taken to Recovery Girl again. All bases covered.” She gave him a smile and a peace sign before running off. Her cheerful disposition didn’t do anything to relieve the sense of unease in his gut.


When Uraraka met up with Tsuyu, Tooru, and Mina for their study session, Tsuyu didn’t mince words.


“Do you have a deathwish?” Tsuyu asked point blank, momentarily stopping Ochako in her tracks as she approached the table. The frog-like girl was sat next to Mina at the empty table in the common room of the dorm.


“Tsu-chan!” Tooru scolded. “Ah, Uraraka, don’t pay her any mind. I’m sure you’ll be fine. And hey, at least he finally agreed!” Mina gave her a thumbs up and her usual big smile, eliciting a small sigh from their gravity-gifted classmate.


“Thanks, guys, but don’t worry. I asked Midoriya-kun to come watch.” Uraraka sat and pulled out her notebooks.


“Pfft. With Midoriya there, you won’t be able to get any training done.” Mina chortled, shooting Tsuyu a meaningful glance to which she returned blankly.


“Hey, what’s that supposed to mean? I won’t be holding back just because Midoriya-kun will be there. I asked him to come take notes on our session for me.” Uraraka playfully pouted with a huff, clicking her mechanical pencil a few times to get the lead out. The two other girls shrugged and the three began to study. Uraraka couldn’t help but have her mind wander, the subject material wasn’t the most interesting, plus she hadn’t seen the ashen haired boy since class ended.


“Ah, darn. I have to go soon. I’m on dinner duty with Ieda-kun tonight. Do you guys want to wrap it up for today?” Tooru sighed. Mina groaned before starting to put her books away. Uraraka jolted to attention, having been spacing out about her fight later that night.


“You might have to repeat that, Tooru-chan, I think our friend here was too busy fantasizing about Bakugou-kun to hear you.” Tsuyu joked blandly. Uraraka couldn’t help but have her face heat up at the implication.


“Ts-Tsu-chan!!” She stuttered, obviously flustered.


“Oh, did I guess correctly?” Tsuyu blinked slowly.


“No!” Her strong denial caused a smirk to appear on Mina’s face when Tooru had made for the kitchen. “Don’t look at me like that! Gosh!” She patted her cheeks to cool them with her fingers.


“What are you girls talking about?” Yaoyorozu said obliviously as she came within earshot. Uraraka jumped in her seat and whipped around to spot the black haired beauty. Momo regarded her warily due to her red face and looked to Asui for answers. The amphibious girl shrugged.


“Ura-chan has a hot date with Bakugou-kun after dinner.” Tsuyu delivered, not helping Uraraka at all.


“Oh, so was the whole ‘fight’ thing a cover?” Momo asked in a hushed tone, sitting down beside Uraraka, who at this point was burying her face in her hands on the table. At Momo’s suggestion, she popped right up even redder than before. “So you’re going on a date?”


“Who’s going on a date?” Kirishima butted in, having heard the girls somewhat. The red haired boy took a seat on one of the couches, having swiped a bottle of water from the kitchen on the way.


“No one is going on a date! Geez!” Uraraka blurted in a rush before scowling at Tsuyu, who didn’t react besides a little tilt of the head.


“Ah, are we talking about Uraraka-chan’s fight with Bakugou later?” Kirishima convincingly played dumb, as if he hadn’t just spent the last hour talking about it with him.


“Yes! The fight. The fight . Not the date . There is no date .” Uraraka declared with emphasis, convincing no one really, but no one told her that. “I just... admire him-- I mean, how he treated me like an equal at the sports festival. Everyone kept calling me fragile, but he treated me like he would have treated an opponent like Deku. He really opened my eyes about my weaknesses. I’m... grateful to him for that.” There was a chorus of noncommittal grunts.


“Ura-chan, you do realize you sound like a developing masochist.” Tsuyu piped up, ever the honest one. The frank statement drew a barking laugh from Mina because Kirishima spat his drink out onto his lap after he choked on his water. Uraraka groaned as she packed up her stuff.


“Yeah, yeah. Laugh it up, I’m leaving.” She muttered with mild amusement, her cheeks still aflamed as she headed to her room.


It was thirty minutes before she was due to meet him at the gym. He’d ate dinner as quickly as he could so he could go and warm up. Dressed in a black tank top and matching pair of gym shorts, he was running laps around the gymnasium lost in thought. He thought of what happened at the sports festival.


His match with Uraraka was harder than he expected. She’d used some dirty tricks and he was just lucky enough to react quick enough. It pissed him off. He’d warned her that a simple ‘ouch’ wouldn’t stop him and half expected her to forfeit before the match even began, and yet she met him head on. It was a pleasant surprise to find that she would put up a challenge, so he took her seriously. Turns out, he was right to do so. Uravity was anything but weak.


Bakugou hardly noticed Deku come in behind Eraserhead until he stopped running and went into stretches. The green haired boy had decided to sit off to the side near the entrance. Sat cross legged, he had his notebook and pencil in hand.


“Hey, fucker. Who told you you could come gawk like some fucking fanboy?” Bakugou yelled as menacingly as he could when panting, using his shirt to wipe the sweat from his face.


“Uraraka-chan asked me to record notes on your fight.” Bakugou scrunched his face up in momentary distaste.


“The fuck!? I never agreed to--” Kacchan bellowed, stopping his stretches to come pull Deku up by the collar.


“She wants me to make note of things she needs to improve or any mistakes she makes. I don’t think she had your permission in mind.” Deku provided, looking anywhere but at Kacchan. Just then, the doors to the gym opened to reveal Uraraka’s entry. One look at her in her matching tanktop and pants caused Bakugou to release Deku, letting him fall to the ground at his feet. She had stopped midstep to watch the two, trying to figure out what exactly led up to it. Her apprehension must have shown on her face because Aizawa cleared his throat.


“About damn time you got here, plan on making me fucking wait, Angel Face?” Bakugou complained, sizing her up as she approached, a renewed sense of determination on her brow.


“Can’t tell time, Bakugou-kun? I’m still five minutes early.” She replied smoothly, dropping off her bag filled with first aid items and waters next to Deku. She stopped to thank Eraserhead for supervising before heading towards one end of the gym to warm up. Already, Bakugou could feel his ire reaching a tipping point. First Deku was here to watch, then she was snarking him? It’d be a cold day in hell before he let that slide.


“Just for that, your ass is definitely going down. You’re going to be fucking obliterated, got it?” He growled. “No more Mr. Nice Guy.”


“Good, it’d be weird for you to suddenly act like a gentleman now. Let’s get started.”


“Uh, I think the fuck not. Get warmed up properly. I don’t want you to hurt yourself and make some half assed excuse about a handicap or some shit, you hear me? You got ten minutes, then your ass is mine.” Bakugou asserted, pointing a thumb at himself before returning to stretching. They would be forgoing their perk enhancing gear, so he would need all the sweat he could get. Recalling the teasing she was subjected to in the common room earlier made her face heat up but she quickly slapped her cheeks and started her warm up routine. If Bakugou was going to be serious, she had to be serious too.

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Bakugou and Uraraka faced each other in defensive stances, staring each other down. Eraserhead stood leaning against the wall with an arm up above him, quirk cancelling quirk activated in case any of the two decided to get ahead of themselves. The two students were itching for him to throw it down so they could start. It was Bakugou who broke first.


“For fucks sake, Aizawa, how long--” And with that Eraserhead dropped his arm, Bakugou was mildly thrown that the professional hero would do such a backhanded thing. It pissed him off. He’d broken eye contact with Uraraka long enough for her to launch herself at him, by the time he looked from Aizawa and back to her, she was already within his blast radius. “FUCK!” He raged, throwing one arm up to guard while he used the other to set off a blast in front of himself.


Uraraka had anticipated that and at the last second, leaped with the help of her quirk to flip behind him. The move was reminiscent of the sports festival trick she pulled, because of that, Bakugou knew to put a blast behind himself and propel away before she could do anything else crafty. The ground damaged by the blast was chipped enough for her to shoot small shards of concrete at him from a distance before he got his bearings. The ones he didn’t blast away grazed him like bullets. They smashed into the surroundings, disintegrating into dust upon impact, creating a thick smoke.


Bakugou had enough of defense, with a roar he propelled himself at her with his quirk and aimed a sparking fist straight at her stomach. She barely had time to block and even then, the block was paltry against his attack. The wind freshly knocked out of her, arms and abdomen thoroughly singed, she took the opportunity to use her quirk on him before he distanced himself again. The fiery hero snarled in frustration as she used her quirk on him. She managed to freeze him in place by increasing the gravity on his body.


Knowing she wouldn’t be able to contain him for long, she took the opportunity to give him some well placed knees to the stomach in retaliation for his punch. With her head growing fuzzy and nausea beginning to build, she fought through it. Uraraka wanted to beat him. She wanted to prove to herself that she’d improved, even if just a little.


As the heaviness on his limbs lessened, Bakugou couldn’t deny that she’d gained some more stamina. Still, it wasn’t enough. With a wicked, sadistic grin on his face, he used a dual palm blast the second he got a chance.  The force of the blast sent her flying. With her final moments of consciousness, she used her quirk to soften the impact, allowing her to slow her velocity and speed so she could collapse on the ground relatively safely.


“Uraraka!” She heard Deku yell through muffled ears before she blacked out.  




Deku was beside himself with worry when Aizawa declared the match over, the win going to Bakugou. While Aizawa immediately alerted Recovery Girl, Deku approached Kacchan.


“Kacchan, you went too far!” Deku yelled disapprovingly, approaching the panting victor. “She’s a girl, you can’t do that! She’s--” Bakugou stopped staring at Uraraka’s unconscious form to square up to Deku.


“That she’s what? That she’s fragile, that she needs to be fucking protected? You’ve got your head up your ass if you think she needs protecting. She’s trying to be a hero just like us, you patronizing bastard! Do you think she’d appreciate being handled like a fucking child!?” Aizawa had to look up from his attempt to do some on site first aid on Uraraka before Recovery Girl could come take over. Bakugou’s quirk was causing his fingers to continue to spark as he fumed at Deku.  “I’m not some fucking villain, Deku. What kind of hero would I be if I didn’t give respect where respect is earned, fuckface?” Deku cowered in the face of a frothing Kacchan.


In concern for her, he’d completely glossed over her reasoning for instigating his childhood friend. Though he understood the purpose, it still didn’t sit right with him. Upon looking closer at him, Deku noticed numerous bleeding, but quickly coagulating, cuts on his arms and legs. There were even a few on his face. Deku was shocked that Uraraka actually inflicted any damage, his shock was clear on his face. Bakugou growled and shoved him away by the shoulders, making him fall flat on his ass.


“Well, what are you fucking waiting for? Go help take her to Recovery Girl, you useless asswipe.” Bakugou growled weakly, glare easing from his face as he looked away from Deku and to Uraraka’s limp body. The explosive boy swallowed. Feeling like his chest was in his stomach, he reasoned that it was residual effects of her quirk. He looked down at his blistering fingers and tried to make fists. He couldn’t without flinching minutely. He’d gone all out trying to get out of her control. Deku gasped when he saw his friends bloody hands.


“K-Kacchan! Your hands--” Deku tried before Bakugou shoved his hands in his shorts pockets and turned heel.


“I’ll be fine. I can take care of myself, unlike some fucking idiots. Don’t worry about me. It feels disgusting. Go help Uraraka, shitface. I’m going to sleep.” Deku watched as Bakugou slunk out of the gym. Bakugou hadn’t said anything pompous and his win. In fact, he hardly brought any attention to it at all. The guy just focused the attention on Uraraka. That was the first alarm that went off in Midoriya’s head.


Uraraka awoke slowly in Recovery Girls infirmary, having missed a day of school to heal. She made sure to check her injuries to make sure they weren’t still open. Her burns had healed, hardly leaving any scars. She let out a sigh of relief. The curtain to her gurney was pulled open to reveal Kirishima and a reluctant Bakugou. He looked entirely uncomfortable to be there. It made her smile.


“You’re finally awake! Aren’t cha glad, Bakugou? Ya didn’t kill her!” Kirishima joked darkly, patting the now irritated and uncomfortable Bakugou on the back.


“I wasn’t trying to fucking kill her, idiot. If I was trying to kill her she’d be dead.” Kirishima flinched at that and looked pleadingly between the two.


“Thank you, Kirishima-kun, but I’d like to have a few words with Bakugou-kun. If you don’t mind, could you give us a minute?” Uraraka suggested gently. The red haired boy nodded and patted his friend on the back before going to tell the others that she was awake. She waited until Kirishima’s footsteps grew distant before clearing her throat to speak. “Baku--”


“I copied down today’s notes for you since you missed them.” Bakugou blurted, pulling a packet of papers out of his breast coat pocket of his uniform and shoving it at her. When she looked down at the packet she couldn’t help but gasp at the mangled state of his hands.


“Bakugou... are those from our fight?” Uraraka asked before she could stop herself. At the mention, he shoved his hands back into his pants pockets with a scowl.


“Don’t think so highly of yourself, Uraraka.” Uraraka? That was the first time he’d actually addressed her by name. She couldn’t help but flush at the sound of it coming from his lips. Inwardly, she berated herself for getting worked up over such a simple thing, especially since he was still injured.


“I’ll take that as a yes. Did you not come with me to Recovery Girl after the fight? She could have--”


“Do I look like a weak little bitch to you? I can handle this much myself. No need to bother Recovery Girl with such minor bullshit.”


“Well, good thing I’m not Recovery Girl, then. Go get me a roll of bandages and some antibiotic ointment.” He opened his mouth to retort but thought against it.


“If you want to be some support-type hero, I guess this will be good practice or some shit.” He nearly mumbled as he went about getting the things. Uraraka was quiet. Bakugou was being weirdly docile, but she wasn’t about to stop him. She was going to bandage his mangled paws no matter what he said. Bakugou inelegantly tossed the roll of bandages at her, the bandages landing in her lap and the ointment she managed to catch before it smacked her in the face. Before she could complain, he sagged against the gurney and held out a hand like some bored prince. After a few seconds of complete silence and no movement, Bakugou turned his face to glower at her, but there was a hint of pink on the tips of his ears. “Well? Get on with it, Angel Face. I got shit to do.” Uraraka let out a breath of relief from her nose, normal Bakugou she could handle.


Deku was the first person for Kirishima to bump into on his way to share the news. He was already on his way to visit her anyway but knowing that she was finally awake put a pep in his step. Recovery Girl was busy with other patients so Deku invited himself in, thinking he would be one of the first people to see her after she woke up. When he got to the doorway, he heard Kacchan’s voice. It made him pause. He couldn’t help the urge to eavesdrop.


“Don’t sell yourself short, Uraraka. You’ve improved a fuckton after your internship with Gunhead. If you’re aiming to be a support type hero, I don't see why, though.” Bakugou offered without a hint of malice or ill--intent.


“To be honest with you, Bakugou, I’m not sure which type I want to be yet. I’m just trying to cover all the bases so I can help in any situation.” Uraraka admitted candidly before laughing softly. “I think you should definitely work on your humanitarianism.” Deku heard Bakugou scoff sharply.


“A hero always wins, so that’s what I plan to do. Everything else is extra bullshit.” It was Uraraka’s turn to scoff.


“I guess with your kind of quirk, it’s hard to differentiate between friend and foe.”


“Is that fucking so? Well with yours, you leave people with this weird achey feeling in their chests. It probably fucks with their hearts or some shit.” Kacchan mumbled irately.


“Are you serious? I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to--” Uraraka began to ramble in a shock.


“Chill the fuck out a bit and finish doing your shit.”Bakugou scolded when her hands stopped moving. He hoped she didn’t feel how sweaty his hands got when she squeezed them.  “It ain’t that bad. It must be some proximity influenced crap ‘cause it only gets worse the closer I get to you. Until you figure out what the cause is, stay the fuck away from me. Got it?” Deku guessed Uraraka must have given some nonverbal response because there was pure silence for about 5 seconds.


“I’m all done.”  Uraraka murmured, neither of them pulling their hands away. Uraraka was holding his freshly bandaged left in both of hers while he propped his head up with the other and a knee. Both of them were in their own minds, thinking of anything else to say.

Deku took this as his cue to make his presence known. When Uraraka noticed the head of green hair, she gave his hand a squeeze. Bakugou looked at her and then turned to see what she was so excited about. Deku was standing there in mild shock and in the milliseconds it took for Bakugou to snatch his hand away, Deku already knew he’d have to talk to Kacchan later. Bakugou got up and shoved his hands in his pockets, declaring that he wasn’t sorry for whooping her ass. When she sincerely thanked him for taking her seriously, the burning pinkness on the tips of his ears spread to his face as he shoved past Deku as he left. He’d tried hard to mask it with anger, but Deku knew. Deku saw.