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Just Like in the Manga

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"Chichoo! Go get my mints! They're in my purse."

Jisoo got up from the couch where she and Lisa had been watching a movie and went looking for Lisa's purse. She was thinking about how ever since they'd gotten back from their visit to the butler cafe, Lisa had been looking for reasons to boss her around. Not in a mean way, just getting Jisoo to do little things that she could just as easily do herself. Jennie had tried telling Jisoo to "stop letting Lisa walk all over you." And Jisoo had told Jennie to mind her own business, that this was between her and Lisa.

The fact was, Jisoo enjoyed doing these little things for Lisa. It was like the beginning of The Princess Bride: Lisa was Buttercup ( "Farmboy, fetch me that pitcher") and Jisoo was Westley (" As you wish"). Lisa really seemed to enjoyed ordering Jisoo around, and Jisoo secretly enjoyed letting her.

Jisoo found Lisa's purse - she had apparently tried to throw it in the bench in the entryway, missed, and it had fallen behind the bench. She opened it up and started digging around to try to find the mints. Lisa's purse was always a wreck, stuffed full of anything Lisa thought she might need. And it never failed that whatever she needed would have fallen to the bottom. Like now: Wallet, lipstick, hand lotion, panty liners, a pair of socks, a manga magazine, an eyebrow pencil, and finally the mints. Jisoo laid the mints aside and started putting everything back in the purse.

"How does Lisa fit all this stuff in here? I've taken the mints out and everything still won't fit back in." The manga was the problem - no matter what Jisoo did, it got in the way and wouldn't let her close the purse. After another try she gave up, put the manga down on the bench, and closed the purse without it. As she picked up the mints she really looked at the manga for the first time. The cover featured two women in very revealing lingerie, one of them with her wrists tied together and then tied to a ring mounted on the wall, while the other one advanced on her, brandishing a wicked-looking paddle. What kind of manga was Lisa reading?

"Chichoo! Mints!"

Jisoo put the manga down and then went back to the other room. She curled up on the couch next to Lisa and held the tin of mints.

"Ahhhh!" Lisa opened her mouth wide and kept it open, never taking her eyes off the movie.

"You want me to feed you the mints?"

"Uh-huh." Lisa nodded, still keeping her mouth open.

Jisoo extracted a mint from the tin and placed it in the younger girl's mouth, relishing the feeling of Lisa gently sucking on her fingertips. They repeated this every few minutes throughout the remainder of the movie.

* * * * *

After the movie, Lisa went to bed but Jisoo stayed up sitting on the couch for a while. She kept thinking about the manga she'd found in Lisa's purse. Was that what Lisa wanted? Could she - did she want to - give it to her?

She retrieved the manga from where she'd left it on the bench and took it to her room. She turned on her bedside light, fluffed up her pillow, and laid down to read the manga and see what this was all about.

The magazine was an anthology of a dozen or so different stories, with titles like "A Girl and Her Maid," "Serving the Princess," and "Punishing My Careless Secretary." Jisoo started reading. She was intrigued, imagining Lisa as the dominant woman and herself as the submissive one. By the middle of the second story she was so turned on that she slipped one hand inside her panties and started playing with her clit as she read. A princess discipling her handmaid. A female drill sergeant punishing a wayward recruit. A sultan's head wife who ruled the concubines in the harem with an iron fist and a leather whip. Jisoo couldn't remember ever being so turned on - she was so wet she could actually hear herself frantically jilling off. When she came, she threw her head back into the pillow and dropped the manga on the floor, oblivious to anything but the waves of pleasure washing over her.

When she came back to herself, Jisoo picked up the magazine. When she did, it naturally fell open to a picture of a slave kneeling before her mistress. Lisa must have spent a lot of time looking at this picture for the manga to automatically open here, so Jisoo studied the picture carefully. The slave was completely naked, her hair pulled back in a ponytail so she didn't even have that covering. The slave was kneeling with her upper body upright and her arms behind her back, presenting herself to the other woman. "Please, Mistress," the slave was saying, "Please train me so that I'll be worthy to wear your collar."

Jisoo had an idea.

* * * * *

The next night found Jisoo kneeling naked on the floor of Lisa's room, her hands clasped behind her back and her chest thrust out, waiting for her girlfriend to come to bed. Her knees ached from the hard floor. Her muscles shook from trying to hold this position, which she copied from Lisa's manga, which was laid on the floor in front of her. Her skin was covered with goosebumps from the cold air blowing over her. Her nipples were painfully hard. She felt sweat rolling down her body, down her back, dripping off her. Her skin was cold and clammy, but between her legs a fire burned like she had never felt before. She had seen the effect having a little power had on Lisa during their trip to the butler cafe, and she could imagine what effect even more power would have on her, but Jisoo had never imagined that she would react this way to the idea of Lisa having that power over her. Underneath the pain, she had spent the last 5 minutes on the edge of orgasm, and she knew it would take only one touch from Lisa to send her over the edge.

Jisoo heard Lisa's bedroom door open, but couldn't see the door without turning her head. She didn't see Lisa, so she must have stopped in the doorway. "What the hell?"

"Please mistress," Jisoo said, echoing the manga, "Please train me so that I'll be worthy to wear your collar."

Lisa noticed the manga on the floor in front of Jisoo. "Fuck! I never meant for you to find that." She came around and sat on the floor in front of Jisoo. She motioned for Jisoo to sit as well, which she did, rubbing the soreness out of her thighs.

"This-" Lisa pointed to the manga "is a fantasy, something I think about for fun. I don't want you to think you have to do those things. I love you and I love the things we do together. I never expected to actually do any of the things in that magazine."

"No," Jisoo agreed, "but you'd like to. Do you think I haven't noticed how much you enjoy ordering me around? You want this, and I want to give it to you." Jisoo licked her lips. "Based on my reaction to reading that, I'm pretty sure I want this too and just never knew that I wanted it.

Lisa considered this for a moment. "OK, but if we're going to do this, we're going to do it right. You've got have safewords. If you don't like what I'm doing at any time, but you want to keep playing, you say 'yellow' and I'll change up to find something you do like. And if you want to stop playing totally, just end it right away, say 'red.' This is supposed to be fun for both of us - I don't want to really hurt you."

Jisoo nodded. "'Yellow,' 'red' - I can remember that. And you'd better not do anything that leaves marks that won't be covered by our work clothes."

Lisa always thought it was funny when Jisoo referred to the skimpy clothes they wore for videos and public appearances as their "work clothes," and sure enough, the words got a laugh out of her this time. "That's okay - it still leaves me with a lot of interesting territory to play with." She reached out and grabbed Jisoo's right nipple, squeezing it and lifting the breast slightly, bringing a gasp and a moan to the older girl's lips. "I always wanted to have tits like yours," Lisa said as she caressed and tweaked Jisoo's breasts, "and now I do. And best of all, they're attached to you." She leaned forward into a long kiss, their tongues ravenously exploring each other's mouths. When she finally pulled away, she said "You stay right here. I'm going to go change clothes and grab a couple of things, then we'll do this."

For not expecting to ever get to do this, Lisa had certainly acquired the wardrobe for it. When she stepped back in front of Jisoo a few minutes later, she was wearing the leather flag tanktop that Jisoo had given her, a pair of military-style pants slung so low on her hips it was obvious she wasn't wearing any underwear with them, and the shiniest pair of knee-high black leather boots Jisoo had ever seen. Jisoo looked up at Lisa's face. The face Lisa was presenting right now was even more intense and further from her usual giggly self than her sexy "video face." Jisoo got butterflies in her stomach - and lower.

"You say you want to be trained. Let's just see if you're worth training." Lisa started walking in slow circles around Jisoo, alternately slapping and caressing her body, and never missing an opportunity to pinch her nipples. After several times around, she came to a stop in front of Jisoo and snapped "Sit up straight!" Jisoo had never heard Lisa sound like this - her voice was like an electric shock. She didn't think it was possible to sit up any straighter, but she tried anyway, fearing to disappoint this imperious goddess before her.

Lisa stepped up and caressed the side of Jisoo's face. "What a good girl. You want to please me, don't you?"

Jisoo nodded enthusaistically, simultaneously feeling silly doing this and at the same time really getting into the role. "Yes, mistress. I want to be your good girl."

Lisa walked over and sat down on the bed. "Good girls get a spanking when they need it." She patted the tops of her thighs. "Come lie down across my lap."

Jisoo got up from the floor and laid down across Lisa's lap. If she thought she felt vulnerable before, that was nothing compared to how vulnerable she felt now, lying helplessly across Lisa's lap with her ass in the air.

"You really do have a beautiful ass." Lisa couldn't see Jisoo's face right then, but she could tell from how red her ears got that she was blushing.

Lisa drew her arm back and then brought her hand down on Jisoo's ass, using just her fingertips for a light, stinging blow. She repeated this on the other cheek. Then each side received a full-on slap with the palm of her hand, which produced a dull blow that carried through to the muscle underneath. She kept on like this for a while, alternating type and placement of blows, changing rhythms so that Jisoo could never be prepared for the next blow to land. After a while she reached down between Jisoo's legs with her other hand so that she could play with her clit while spanking her. Half a dozen blows like this was all she could take - she came, HARD, squirting all over Lisa's hand.

As soon as Jisoo regained enough muscle control to do so, she quietly called out "Red."

With that one word, the spell had been broken. Gone was Lisa the fierce mistress, and back was Lisa the giggly, cuddly, loving girlfriend. "Wow!" she said, "You really took a lot of punishment. I never would have expected you to be able to take so much your first time."

Jisoo rolled over and looked up at Lisa. "I wanted to be your good girl."

Lisa looked tenderly down at her. "You are. You absolutely are. Always." She leaned over and planted a soft, sweet kiss on Jisoo's lips. "Now, let me go get you a bottle of water, and then I'll get some lotion and give you a massage. Even with that, you're going to be sore tomorrow." She leaned further over and whispered in Jisoo's ear. "Thank you."