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Just once

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I understand. You can always come back. We'll be waiting for you. Now go and get better soon.

Jin still remembered those words. The manager understood why he had to go and he understood why Jin could not tell anyone else.

Manager Sejin had promised Jin not to tell anyone, and he had told him that Jin could always return, that there would always be a place for him.

Jin was grateful for that. But he did regret how he left.

At first he was worried about the rest of the members. But he knew this day would come, so he prepared them for this situation, without them knowing of course.

He cooked with Taehyung a lot, now Taehyung's skills increased a lot and his food didn't taste like dog food anymore. So he was sure the younger would be able to feed the other members.

Namjoon had grown his leader skills through the years and Jin was certain that he could keep the group together.

The maknae line now found comfort with eachother when things got too hard, sometimes they could even find peace and comfort with Yoongi. Even if the older acted like he didn't like it.

J-Hope could keep the mood up every time. He'd be sure to support everyone and make them all laugh. So Jin trusted that everything would be just fine.

He sighed and his head fell against the window watching how he left Daejon, where they were currently staying, behind. How he left his members behind.

This scene reminded him of Spring Day a lot. He'd always promised that he'd never leave them, yet look at him now.

He sighed once again, slowly his eyes slipped closed, tired thanks to not having slept at all last night, while he fell into a deep slumber, the events of last night replayed in his head.

Jin stood there panting, he was exhausted! But he had to continue. Jin and the manager had decided that this was Jin's goodbye stage. He knew the fans would be shocked, but it had to be done.

"ARMY! You are amazing!" Rapmon yelled. ARMY replied by yelling"I love you's and their fanchant.

"How are you all today?" Jin spoke into the microphone. The fans cheering as a way to answer his question.

"You guys are amazing, so that's why I feel obligitated to tell you guys this, I know it's going to be a shock for a lot of you guys, and I apologize. I'll always love you, ARMY. But this must happen."

Murmurs started rising up from the public and his fellow members were looking at him with weird expressions. It was then that it dawned on him, the manager and him forgot to mention this little fact to the rest of BTS.

He would've hit his head against a wall if there was one nearby.

"I am proud to be a part of BTS. These guys are the most amazing people in the world, they're funny, caring, amazing and if I were to sum up all their great traits, I'd be busy for at least one day. ARMY, you guys are the best fandom that ever existed! You guys are like family, not only to us but to your fellow ARMYs as well, you support us and fellow ARMYs whenever you can, you guys are amazing, stay like you are. My time with BTS made me happier than I've ever been. But, I have to share with you that sadly, it has to come to an end, you guys are amazing, I love you, but it's time I-I left ... B-bangtan S-Sonyeondan" Jin couldn't keep his tears at bay in the end, he didn't want to leave, he really didn't.

Somewhere behind him he heard a mic drop. His fellow members were probably shocked.

"J-Jin, what are you saying?" He heard Rapmonster ask from behind him.

He ignored him, if he looked at Namjoon now, he was sure he'd break down.

"I-I know that this is on short notice and I apologize. I hope I didn't h-hurt you all too much with this sudden news. I will not be in the next comeback, but please don't stop supporting BTS because of me. If you want to blame someone, blame me. I-I will always love you all. Since this is my last performance-" he heard someone choking on tears behind him, probably too shocked to speak up. "-I want us to stop getting teary eyed-" Jin wiped his eyes at this "And enjoy our time together.

Jin could see that ARMY was shocked, and he didn't want to even think about the reaction of the rest of BTS.

He noticed that Jimin wanted to say something but the music started forcing them to retake their places on the stage. They could not just drop their show and ruin the performance ARMY was looking forward to.

When all members enterred their dorm they all surrounded Jin immediately, they had wanted to question him earlier but he managed to avoid them until now.

They forced him to sit down on the couch and with a single hand gesture, Namjoon was able to silence them all.

"What was that about Jin-Hyung?! What do you mean that was your last stage?!" Jin could hear the confusion, anger, sadness, hopelessness and desperation in Namjoon's voice. He felt terrible that he was the cause of it.

Jin looked down: "I wanted to tell you guys sooner but I was too busy closing my contracts that I completely forgot" But that was only half of the truth.

"Why?!" It was the question that laid on everyone's mind. They didn't understand why the elder who worked harder than everyone would leave just like that.

"I-I ... personal problems" Jin kept avoiding all the gazes that tried to lock with his.

"What problems?"

"Personal ones"

"Why won't you tell us?"

"I just can't, I'm sorry."

"Dammit Seokjin! What's going on?!" Yoongi was angry, no, pissed was more accurate.

Jin just kept looking down.

"Okay, we're all tired and frustrated, let's all go to sleep and talk about this tomorrow. Just sleep this over Jin-Hyung. We don't want you to leave so please think it over and if there's a problem, you can always tell us." Jin sighed and nodded not looking any ofo his members in the eyes.

When they all had retired, Jin lay wide awake. He felt horrible for doing this, but he had bought a train ticket for tonight.

When he heard Yoongi's breath evening out, he slipped out of his bed and grabbed his luggage that he made the previous day from it's hiding spot.

He started to put his luggage by the front door. But he did not want to leave without saying anything so he wrote a note and placed it on his pillow.

After that he walked out of the door, leaving the people he cared about the most behind and ignoring the single tear that slid down his cheek.