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Fate Led Me To You (Now Let Me Love You)

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"Congratulations! You have a healthy baby girl! Do you have a name in mind for this little cutie?" The nurse asks, setting the screaming bundle on Seokjin's chest. Despite the baby's cries, Seokjin thinks the sound is angelic to his ears. With tears in his eyes he smiles down at his screaming baby, as he tiredly answers the nurse.

"Y-Yeah. Eunmi. Kim Eunmi." He mutters, eyes never leaving his baby's face. No matter what happens, he'll always make sure to give his baby the best life possible. He'll make sure she never feels alone or abandoned, even if that's what happened to them. She's all he needs, and he's all she needs. They'll make it. 



2 Years Later


"Eunie! We're going to be late baby! Appa's got to be at work in 10 minutes! Turn the TV off. " Seokjin shouts, hastily packing Eunmi's bag. He packs in some fruit along with some milk bottles. He hears his daughter's giggling before he sees her. Her chubby legs round the corner into the kitchen and goes straight to Seokjin's legs, attaching onto him. " 'Ppa ah!" She blabbers, making grabby hands at Seokjin. He sighs, zipping up her bag before picking her up. "Come on. You have to work with me now Eunmi. If you don't want me to get fired you won't fight with me when I put you in the car seat, right?" He asks, grabbing his car keys and both of their jackets before making his way to his second hand car, locking the apartment on the way out. "Mmm." She answers and Seokjin sighs for the second time this morning. "Somehow I know you're still going to throw a tantrum." He says and she smiles in response. Yep. Definitely.





"Okay, Appa's got limited time here. So let's get going kiddo." He says, unlocking her from her car seat and taking Eunmi out. He grabs her bag filled with healthy snacks, bottles of milk and extra clothing, and races inside the daycare center. "Morning Chaeyeong. I filled in that form you asked me to fill in and it's in Eunmi's little book. Uhm, I put in some pineapple slices to give her since she didn't eat the kiwi slices. Oh, and she's been sneezing all night so I put in some allergex in her bag. And-"   "Jin! Calm down. I've got it from here. You're gonna be late again." Chaeyeong cuts him off, chuckling as she takes Eunmi from Seokjin's arms. Seokjin lets out a ragged breath, cheeks puffing out. "Sorry Chaeyeong. I'm just stressed. Our company is going under new management and I just-"   "I get it Jin. Don't worry. I can handle Eunmi. I have been since she was a little baby. So stop stressing. Relax and kiss your baby goodbye." She says and Seokjin smiles, leaning in and kissing a giggling Eunmi all over her face. "Be good for Appa and Chaeyeong-ah. I'll see you in a few hours okay?" He says and Eunmi pouts, her bottom lip quivering. Seokjin holds his breath hoping she won't burst out in hysterics. " 'Kay 'Ppa. See late'ah. Huv you." She says and Seokjin lets out a breath of relief, kissing her chubby cheeks. "I love you too my baby. Have a good day." He says and with a quick wave of his hands, he leaves the daycare, rushing to his car and pulling out of the parking lot, breaking every rule of the road as he races to his work building.





"And... He makes it! Ladies and gentleman. The one and only Kim Seokjin has made it and lives to see another day in this hellhole." Taehyung dramatically greets a sweaty Seokjin, who takes a moment to catch his breath. The younger grins at him and hands him a much needed cup of coffee. "You're actually 5 minutes late but God seems to have it in for you today because the new bosses haven't arrived yet, and word says they won't for another hour at most." He says and Seokjin groans into his cup, taking a sip as he and Taehyung walk to their adjacent cubicles. "Sing his praises." Seokjin mutters sarcastically. Loosening his tie a bit, as he takes his seat at his desk. "So, how's my little Eunie? Did she put up a fight again this morning?" Taehyung asks, sitting down at his respective desk. Seokjin sighs, thinking back at the five minutes it took to get her to sit still as he strapped her in the car, and not to forget her almost tears when he dropped her off at daycare. "As usual, but God must've seen my struggle, because she barely made a fuss when I handed her to Chaeyeong and had to leave." He says and Taehyung smiles fondly. "She's growing up. Sooner or later she won't even blink an eye when you drop her off. Kookie and I will make plans to come over soon. I saw this cute yellow outfit that I just had to get so I'll come over and let her try it on!" Taehyung says, smiling excitedly. Seokjin simply rolls his eyes, not bothering to tell Taehyung he's spoiling her, because the younger will continue to anyway. Seokjin adores him for that. When Seokjin had just started this job two years ago, barely making it through the day with having to support himself and a crying baby he had to leave at daycare, Taehyung had been a great friend. He's thankful for meeting the younger man who had helped him a lot when he needed it. And when Taehyung had met his mate Jeongguk, the two often took Eunmi off Seokjin's hands for the night so the Omega could catch up on lost sleep. So if Taehyung wants to spoil his daughter, who is he to stop him?


After the two talk over their coffee they immediately get back to work. Working as an administrative assistant is not the best job or one Seokjin would have wanted, but he just had to take it when he had a baby to support. Back then all he had to do was answer calls and emails for a man in higher power, but over the years he started to do a lot more, like sitting in on meetings, taking notes, handling finances. It was a big deal for him-an Omega in this type of business-,being more than just a personal assistant. He was lucky enough to have a boss who mind you, an Alpha, never treating him as an inferior, but as an equal. His boss would often ask Seokjin's opinion on certain business deals and always valued his input. He's kind of sad that he will no longer work for the kind Alpha, that Seokjin will be eternally grateful for the opportunities he was given. He doesn't know what his new boss will be like and it terrifies him. It's not often you meet an Alpha who doesn't have his status shoved so far up his ass, so he is weary his new boss won't treat him with the respect his old boss did.



"Hey hyung, want to take a quick break before our new bosses arrive? I need more coffee if I want to stay awake through this meeting. Last night I didn't get much sleep." Taehyung says, and Seokjin would have been sympathetic towards his younger friend for not getting enough sleep, if it wasn't for the way he said it. "Jesus Taehyung. TMI. But yeah, let's go." He says, sighing as he saves a document on his computer for the meeting. The two make their way to the coffee room, Seokjin greeting some of the people he's friendly with. When they get to the coffee room, Seokjin sees already two of their very close friends at the coffee machine. Seokjin smiles at Hoseok who waves enthusiastically upon the arrival of the two Omega's. "This is the second time you're in here today in the span of an hour, Taehyung. Rough night?" He asks and Seokjin groans at the suggestive grin that appears on Taehyung’s face. "Don't. Even go there." He says and Taehyung shrugs. "Hey Jimin-ah." He greets the other male, an Omega who smiles up at him. Seokjin had met Hoseok and Jimin a little after meeting and befriending Tahyung, the two had started at their company about a year and a half ago, and Seokjin and Taehyung had been the ones to welcome them and show them how everything works. They all became quite close and are also people Seokjin is extremely thankful for. Considering all that had happened to him when he fell pregnant, his then boyfriend leaving him and disappearing, having a baby to care for on top of that was difficult. And having these people around him, helping him when things became too much is such a blessing to someone like him. They made his bleak days much brighter, and are a big part of the reason he was able to come to work every day even when he absolutely hated to.


"Hi hyung. I heard you were early for once today. No tantrums from Eunie today?" He asks and Seokjin chuckles. "Not the usual. You'll be happy to know she was such a good girl today." He smiles and Jimin giggles. "She's always a good girl hyung. Well, with me anyway. "   "Yah that's because you let her do whatever she wants when she's over at yours. I swear if she wanted to break your TV, you'd let her." Hoseok rolls his eyes and everyone chuckles at Jimin's sheepish grin. "How can I not, have you seen her?" He says, to which Hoseok replies he obviously has. "You did great with raising her hyung. She's the cutest." Hoseok says and Seokjin grins, a blush adorning his face at the compliments. "Thanks Hobi." He says and after they all get their coffee and talk about meeting up sometime in the week at Seokjin's place, they all dispel out of the coffee room to their respective desks.


"Oh shit. The new bosses are here. Gear up hyung, I smell Alpha's, lots of them."






Seokjin sits next to Taehyung, Hoseok on his one side and Jimin on the other. They all have their necessary files and documents, ready for their new bosses to enter the meeting room. Seokjin bounces his leg nervously, awaiting the arrival of his soon to be boss. When the door opens and a strong smell of dominance fills the room, he feels his throat thicken. His two other Omega friends seem to be affected as well,Taehyung only slightly because of having a mate, and Hoseok is the only one passive at the moment thanks to him being a Beta. It's always nerve-wracking meeting new unknown Alpha's to any Omega, especially unmated ones. Alpha's tend to be headstrong breeds. Domineering in every sense of the word. They demand attention the moment they step into a room. These Alpha's are no different. The first thing Seokjin notices is the tall Alpha at the forefront. His posture demands respect and his features are striking. His eyes, sharp as they take in every person in the room, focused as if he were trying to look into their soul. The next thing Seokjin notices is the man’s hair. A honey brown, gelled back to expose his face. The Alpha can't be older than 25, his aura screams maturity but Seokjin still sees the youth clinging onto his face, especially around his cheek area. Lost in his analysis of the Alpha, he doesn't realize said Alpha's scrutinizing gaze is now boring into his. When he does, his mouth falls open and his cheeks blush at being caught. He is quick to drop his gaze from the Alpha, in favour of scoping out the rest of them. The next Alpha to enter behind him is rather short compared to the taller Alpha, but his height does not affect the dominating smell and aura radiating around him. His black hair matches his suit perfectly and his eyes are fierce as he too scans the room. He sees the shorter Alpha's gaze linger a few seconds longer on Jimin before he looks away to look at the rest. He hears Jimin let out a short breath and he grimaces. The meeting hasn't even begun and he's already wishing it to be over. He looks down at his documents and notes, not seeing the need to look at the other men who walk in, the rest looking pretty passive, and Seokjin hopes he end up working for one of them. They seem rather friendlier than the two who walked in first.


After they are seated, the meeting begins. One of the friendlier Alphas introduces himself first and greets everyone in the room with a bow, which is a rather uncommon characteristic for an Alpha. Seokjin tries not to smile at that, his mind begging for the man to be his boss. When everyone introduces themselves, Seokjin learns the names of the two hostile Alphas. The taller one is Kim Namjoon, the one who had bought over their company and son of a wealthy well-known businessman. His deep voice resonates the power he has and Seokjin has a hard time keeping his skin from breaking out in a sweat. The shorter Alpha's name was Min Yoongi. He introduced himself as the co-owner and business partner of Kim Namjoon. The short Alpha's voice matched his aura perfectly, deep and commanding. Seokjin pays great attention as they discuss the new plans and agreements. He jots down important key factors to remember, and things his new bosses require from their employers. He wants to do a great job in keeping their new bosses happy because he knows he's lucky to still have this job and having not been fired because of new ownership.

When the meeting comes closer to an end, a burly man starts informing everyone of who their new boss is and the things they are required to do. Taehyung's new boss happens to be the friendly Alpha who had first introduced himself, Mr Choi. Seokjin curses inwardly, jealous of his younger friend. Jimin is then told that he'll be working with Min Yoongi and Seokjin feels sympathy for the younger. Jimin is a sweet, soft spoken type of person and his new boss's personality is the complete opposite. Hoseok is paired with another Alpha, Mr Jeong, who smiles when Hoseok bows towards him. Another lucky ass. And when Seokjin hears his name being called, he goes rigid as he bows at the man who addressed him.

"Seokjin-ssi. I've hear great things about you from your previous boss. He sang your praises at our last meeting about how stellar you are at your job. He deemed you quite competent in what you do, so we deemed you fit enough to run under Mr Kim. We hope to sing your praises too. You'll all be doing the same work as usual with minor adjustments. You've been sent an email that will alert you in greater detail of the tasks that have been set up for you to complete. We can now end this meeting on a good note. Thank you all for your hard work and dedication to this company. We hope you will find it pleasant to work with us, as we do with you." The man says, standing up along with the rest of the other men. Seokjin and the other workers stand up as well and bow to their new employers as they all exit the meeting room. With a breathy sigh, Seokjin gathers his notes and exits the meeting room with his friends.


"That was..."




"All of the above." Seokjin answers, brows creased as he follows the youngers to the coffee room. Third cup of coffee for the day be damned. Seokjin is in need. "They're... Different. In a sense. I mean they all seemed rather friendy. Except for that Mr Kim guy and that Mr Min. They're.... Very.."   "Alpha-like?" Hoseok answers Taehyung who grimaces but nods. "Oh man. If I weren't already mated to an Alpha, I would have broken down and cried right there. I've never met Alpha's with such strong scents. And shit Jin-hyung. You and Jiminie have to work with them." Taehyung says and Seokjin groans into his coffee. "Fuck. I mean, maybe we're misjudging them right of the bat and they could actually be nice. But shit. They were pretty intense. And young too! I'm pretty sure I'm older than the two of them. But I can see why they'd be in charge. They were so professional, it was quite scary." He says and everyone agrees. "We'll just have to see how these few weeks go. Who knows. They might not be that bad." Jimin says and Seokjin hums in the agreement. He hopes Jimin's right.






When Seokjin gets to Eunmi's day-care, he feels a headache coming on. Although he had been appointed with a new boss, he didn't see the man again after the meeting. But his new boss left a lot of work for him in the email he received. So like the good employee he is, he managed to get most of his tasks done until his shift was over. He checks his watch to see the time and sighs when he sees it's only 4pm. He feels like he should be in bed already. But with a hyperactive toddler, sleep will have to be put on hold.


He enters the daycare, tie left in the car and his shirts first three buttons undone. When he sees Chaeyeong in the corner of the room with Eunmi, building something with the soft blocks given to the toddlers, he lets a tired smile grace his face at the sheer look of concentration on his baby's face. He makes his way over to the two and plops down next to Chaeyeong who smiles at him when she sees him, his daughter still completely unaware of his presence. He watches her face furrow as she stares at the mess of the structure in front of her, he smiles, grabbing a block before holding it out. "I think you're missing this." He says, and when she raises her head and finally sees him, she squeals, knocking over her- whatever it is- and runs straight to him. " 'Ppa! 'Ppa! Ish here!" She says and Seokjin giggles as he holds her tightly. "Oh my baby. Appa's missed you. Were you a good girl today?" He asks and she pulls away to nod furiously. "Yesh. Goo' gir'  'ppa!" She says and Chaeyeong chuckles. "She really was. She ate all her food, her fruit and even took a nap. She was great today." Chaeyeong says and Seokjin smiles, kissing Eunmi's forehead as he stands up. "That's great Eunie. Appa's so proud of you. I think we should go get some ice cream at the store for later after dinner. Then we can watch Moana after yeah?" He says and Eunmi bounces in his arms, chanting " 'Oana! 'Oana!  I creams! I creams!" In his ear as he gathers her bag and jacket. He puts her down, pulling the jacket over her dress, and fixing her skew tights. Once she's ready, he thanks Chaeyeong and bids the rest of the daycare workers farewell before making his way to his car.

Eunmi was too excited about the promise of Ice Cream and Moana that she simply sat still and let Seokjin strap her in, hassle free. He rolls his eyes, knowing his daughter will only ever behave like that if she's promised something. Spoilt is the word that comes to mind and he blames his younger friends who think bribing a child with treats is the only way to get them to behave. So with a compliant Eunmi, he drives off in direction of the closest store, which happens to be the one a few blocks from his workplace. 

After finding a parking close to the entrance and getting an excited Eunmi out of the car, they make it into the store rather effortlessly. Seokjin grabs a cart and let's Eunmi sit inside so that it’s easier to browse the aisles without worrying about his toddler running around or trying to escape. Once she’s content sitting inside, her curious gaze flitting around the half empty store, he begins pushing the cart through the aisles to get the necessary items, like bread, milk and fresh fruits and vegetables. He then goes down the frozen food section, grabbing a few boxes of those chicken bites Eunmi likes to snack on. He’d prefer she eats only home-cooked meals, but when times were tough and that was all he could afford, she’d gotten hooked on the stuff. So once in a while he’d buy a box or two. He then goes to the ice cream section and lets her choose which flavour. After adding the mint chocolate treat to the cart, he makes a swift turn, wanting to get some more fresh meat. Unfortunately, he wasn’t really paying attention to where he was going, so his cart had bumped into someone, causing a gasp to leave his mouth. “I’m so sorry Sir! I didn’t look where I was going.” He bows, mortified when he smells that it was an Alpha he had bumped into. He doesn’t want to cause a problem with his daughter with him so he straightens up, ready to apologize again, when the apology dies in his throat. Before him, stands his new boss. “Oh my God. Mr Kim, I’m deeply sorry. I wasn’t paying attention and didn’t mean to bump into you.” He stutters, cursing at himself. His new boss must be thinking he is a clumsy Omega. “It’s alright. I can understand your head must be out of it with having a baby.” He says and Seokjin freezes. Not in fear, but in bewilderment because not only did his boss speak to him in such a warm tone, said boss is busy smiling down at his 2 year old, giggling from the jostling of the cart. His mouth opens when he sees dimples appear on the man’s face, making him seem so unlike the cold, stoic man in the meeting who was purely professional in every sense. But right now, said man is smiling down at his daughter and waving at her, chuckling deeply when she clumsily waves back. What is happening?

“She’s really cute, Seokjin-ssi, right?” He says and Seokjin nods at his question. “You and your mate must be really proud of her.” He says and Seokjin grimaces. When he mutters that he is mateless, his boss raises and eyebrow in question. “Oh. So I guess boyfriend then? Where is he if you don’t mind me asking?” The thing is Seokjin does mind. But before he can stop himself he mutters a ‘You tell me.’  that has the Alpha frowning upon hearing. Seokjin would prefer the man to smile.

He can see the man has another spout of questions to ask, but Seokjin would rather not have to answer them because talking about it leaves a great pain in his heart, and he's reminded of his misfortunes. So with whatever sense of sanity he has left, he quickly bows, cutting off the question about to leave his employers mouth and utters out an apology. “I really have to get going Mr Kim. And I apologize again. I’d love to continue this but I have a little mouth to feed before she causes havoc. Please have a wonderful evening further, and I look forward to being at work, bright and early tomorrow. Take care, Mr Kim.” He says, bowing once more, before pushing the cart to the till with his giggly 2 year old, who turns to wave back at the dumbfounded Alpha.




Seokjin manages to grab Eunmi and the groceries at one time out of the car before making his way into their small apartment. It might be small but at least it’s in a good area and the building is maintained well. Also, it’s cheap. But Seokjin hopes to one day buy a house with a backyard so that Eunmi will have more space to play, instead of in their tiny living room. His apartment is big enough for the two of them, but he fears she’ll feel suffocated when she’s older, and won’t want to be cramped in a tiny space. He’s working hard to save up for that, but he knows it will take a while with all the other payments he needs to make. But he knows they’ll make it work. They always have.


He puts Eunmi down on the kitchen counter, the toddler busying herself with a small toy he bought her at the till. He puts all the groceries away, taking out necessary ingredients for a stew. He takes out leftover beef cuts, and decides to make galbi jjim with them. He manages to cut up all the vegetables before Eunmi eventually gets bored and whines to get off of the counter. He wipes his hand with a dish towel before picking her up and making his way to the tiny dining room that’s part of the kitchen. He sets her down in the high chair Hoseok had bought for her after she had just turned two. He then hands her a toddler’s rubik’s cube he had gotten her, and makes his way back to the kitchen, knowing she’ll be content for a while, trying to match the colors like he had shown her how to. After 35 minutes, he completes the dish, getting out two bowls, one ceramic and one plastic. He puts some stew in the plastic one, and adds some of the side dish he had made along with it. Eunmi loves bean sprouts so he adds a little extra for her. He grabs her plum juice from the fridge and puts some into her sippy cup. He puts her food down in front of her, taking the half completed rubik’s cube from her and hands her a plastic fork, her little hands unable to use chopsticks yet. With a kiss to her head, he then goes and puts food in his own bowl, before making his way over to the small table, sitting beside her, a dishcloth over his shoulder for the mess he knows she’s going to make.


After a satisfying meal and a shared bath, Seokjin puts on his pj’s before quickly drying Eunmi’s damp hair, and braiding her long brown hair so that there’s nothing in her face. He then sets her down on the couch in the small living room, and goes to fetch the ice cream. He only grabs one spoon and just brings the whole container, not wanting to make any dishes he’ll have to clean tomorrow before work. He sets the ice cream on the table, grabbing the remote and turning the TV on. He doesn’t bother checking if the Moana CD is put in the DVD player because it’s permanently inside. He presses play on the movie, and Eunmi squeals, plopping herself on Seokjin’s lap, her attention focused on the movie. He grabs the ice cream, opening the lid and spooning a little to feed to Eunmi. He then takes a spoonful himself before settling and watching the movie with his daughter for the hundredth time.




By the time Moana’s grandma dies, Eunmi is asleep on Seokjin’s chest, leaving him to cry by himself as he spoons some more ice cream into his mouth. No matter how many times he watches the movie, or the fact that it’s a children’s movie, he ends up crying. It’s probably because Moana’s grandmother reminds him a lot of his own. She was free spirited, didn’t care about what people had to say and had a strong voice that wouldn’t hesitate to tell you off when she didn’t agree with you.  He misses her so much since she passed away 3 years ago, a year before he had Eunmi. He had been devastated. He was always close to her. He loved that she had such an open mind and outspoken voice about how society works. He always looked up to her, glad to have someone who reminded him daily that he didn’t deserve to be told how to be, or how to live, that he could be his own person without an Alpha trying to tell him what to do. She would have been the only person to stick up for him when he was kicked out of the house after he told his parents he was pregnant. They didn’t want him to disgrace them, being an unmated pregnant Omega. And because Eunmi’s father had just up and left after Seokjin told him, he had to struggle on his own. He was glad he had enough money in his bank account from odd jobs to survive for a while, but he still had to find a job, so he had worked as a cashier at a convenience store around the corner from the flat he is currently in. The owner had been a Beta who was kind enough to let Seokjin work until he was 8 months pregnant with good pay and manageable hours. With the money he saved, he was able to buy everything he needed and still had a a lot of money over. So when Eunmi was born, he quit his job to stay and look after her for the next 4 months before he had to look for a job again.

He ended up working at BH Corporation as an assistant, and from there the rest is history. He thinks back on how if she had been here, she would have helped him every step of the way. Like Moana, he lost his only hope and had to face things on his own. Sometimes he wishes he had some guidance, or just someone to tell him he was doing fine. His friends often do, but sometimes he feels like he doesn’t do enough. He’s all Eunmi has and sometimes that thought scares him. When he looks down at his daughter, fast asleep on his chest, he wishes he had made better choices. He’s not saying he regrets her, not at all. She is the best thing to have ever happened to him. He just wishes he had her under better circumstances. He’s not sure he’s ever going to give her a complete family because no Alpha would want an Omega with a child. He’s all she’ll ever have and he’s scared it’s not enough. But he pushes these hurtful thoughts away and gets up off the sofa, turning the TV off, before making his way to her bedroom. He puts her under her sheets, turning the night light on and kissing her head softly. He brushes a stray strand of hair out of her face, and admires her soft features for a few minutes. She looks just like him, but there are certain features that remind him of her other father. Like her defined eyebrows and sharp chin. He thinks back to the time he had been happy with Mingyeon and how sometimes when Eunmi smiles a certain way, she’d look just like him when he was happy. To have things ended the way they did broke Seokjin. The person he thought he’d spend forever with, dropped him like he meant nothing and abandoned him when he told him he was pregnant. Sure, they weren’t mates but they almost were. But Mingyeon didn’t want a baby so young and did what he thought was better for him. He had been selfish and ran away from his responsibility like a coward. Wherever he is, Seokjin hopes he is happy living his life and forever feeling like a worthless Alpha for abandoning his own child. Seokjin could live without Mingyeon by his side, but his daughter did not deserve to. He hopes one day she’ll forgive him for bringing her into the world like this, broken and incomplete. He hopes she’ll turn out fine and live a happy life even if it’s just with him. He smiles sadly down at her sleeping figure before placing a lingering kiss on her forehead, before leaving her room, the door slightly ajar.


When Seokjin gets into bed and promptly falls asleep, utterly exhausted, he dreams of a white house and a big backyard, Eunmi giggling as she is chased around the garden. But she’s not chased by Seokjin, but rather someone else. And in his dream, he sees a complete family, instead of a broken one.