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i just wanna have fun and (get rowdy)

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oliverqueer : the quiver crew is in

oliverqueer : Lisa was the only one who really /wanted/ to but yeah

snowflake : nice!!!!

detectiveprettybi : oh i hope i get tommy

irisbest : why do you wanna kill him so bad

detectiveprettybi : someone’s gotta

oliverqueer : please don’t kill my best friend?

babybibibi : where’s mick why doesn’t he shout about wanting to kill someone

irisbest : class probably

babybibibi : oh whats he trying today?

lesbianda : nothing he’s actually properly studying 1 subject now

detectiveprettybi : say WHAAAAt

detectiveprettybi : why dont we know about this

lesbianda : bc he didnt do a big announcement in the chat?

irisbest : yeah ya gotta work for info bout mick irl

oliverqueer : your sibling is dating his best friend i wouldnt call that working for it

babybibibi : ??????

babybibibi : so what does he study???

lesbianda : sports science

oliverqueer : that sounds difficult as heck

irisbest : are you calling mick dumb

oliverqueer : WHAT NO

snowflake : ohhhh but that seems fitting

snowflake : he could put martial arts as his focus and blam he’d be happy

lesbianda : yeah thats what i said too

notcis-co : sitting next to hartley in physics is the worst decision ive ever made

babybibibi : oh boy

notcis-co : you’d think having his bf next to him would keep him from being thirsty but nah

irisbest : does anything keep him from being thirsty tho

detectiveprettybi : ^

notcis-co : anyway wells called him into his office and i hope he gets to blow him lmaoooo

oliverqueer : oh shit cisco’s pissed

snowflake : what does wells want from him

notcis-co : hell what do i know

babybibibi : maybe he finally gets a reward for sucking up to him

detectiveprettybi : maybe your prof got a restraining order

babybibibi : it wouldnt surprise me

lesbianda : wow is he really that bad

notcis-co : you have no idea

snowflake : heck yes he is

irisbest : incredible

detectiveprettybi : look on the bright side the guy’s been thirsting after you for ages i doubt he’d play with that

notcis-co : yeah no im not actually thinking hed cheat on me lmao

notcis-co : especially since he said i should wait for him after class

lesbianda : yeah youd know what a post-sex hartley looks like after all

notcis-co : right

captaincold : i heard about pipes having sex here i am

oliverqueer : that is not at all irritating

captaincold : thats our dynamic get used to it

spACEbar : yeah like even /i/ am used to it

irisbest : hey how was your lunch date

spACEbar : good until sara appeared out of nowhere and hollered at us

oliverqueer : yeah she tends to do that

bilance : I also tend to do THIS

bilance : [image attached]

detectiveprettybi : dramatic entrances?

detectiveprettybi : OH

irisbest : aw you cuties

lesbianda : who woulda thought Snart would do a thing so primitive as holding hands

bilance : he DOES look cute in this parka dontcha think

captaincold : this is a conspiracy

irisbest : shrug emoji

captaincold : wally is my favourite west now

oliverqueer : harsh

detectiveprettybi : why haven't I met wally yet :(

irisbest : because you don't feel like sucking up to my family?

detectiveprettybi : if we were actually dating I would jsyk

bilance : the ultimate sacrifice

captaincold : romantic

lesbianda : eddie has a crush on iris pass it on

spACEbar : aww

irisbest : everybody has a crush on me pass it on

irisbest : except for the gay sweethearts ofc

babybibibi : where are they even

oliverqueer : probably having a rl

captaincold : another one of pipes’ dream threesomes?

snowflake : oh for god's sake

detectiveprettybi : okay but that /is/ probably one of his dream threesomes

lesbianda : can you believe hartley is dating the guy that made him gay

snowflake : can a single person make you gay though

bilance : its an expression

babybibibi : a gaypression

captaincold : i need to clean my eyes

bilance : ronnie pls stay away from puns

babybibibi : :/

lesbianda : who was y’all’s gay awakening

detectiveprettybi : hugh grant

spACEbar : rdj in back to school

bilance : penelope cruz

captaincold : ewan mcgregor

babybibibi : EWAN MCGREGOR

babybibibi : good one

captaincold : loved the hair in episode 1

spACEbar : ,,, same

lesbianda : wait which one

babybibibi : [image attached]

bilance : why do they even have these braids

spACEbar : aesthetic

pipes : The World Is A Beautiful Place And I No Longer Want To Die

detectiveprettybi : isnt it called And I’m No Longer Afraid To Die

pipes : im starting my own band and that will be its name

captaincold : what got you in a good mood did you get to fuck your prof

pipes : no

irisbest : see that? He’s heartbroken

pipes : wells pretty much offered me a job

babybibibi : say whaaaaat

snowflake : what!!! That’s amazing!

pipes : yeah it’s nothing fixed yet

pipes : and nothing big either just some research at mercury but yeah!!!

captaincold : nice one

spACEbar : !!! that’s so good

pipes : said he originally wanted to wait until graduation bc College Stress™ but as it turns out wells keeps up with the queens

pipes : figured i could use it now already which isnt wrong

lesbianda : can’t believe hartley is the very definition of “it gets better”

pipes : so yeah just wanted to tell yall im gonna leave now i have my bf waiting for me

detectiveprettybi : have fun celebrating!!!