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i just wanna have fun and (get rowdy)

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lesbianda : guys i just noticed that only 3 of us are single and two of those are on the aro spectrum so

lesbianda : ending the gay = sad trope with all our power

pipes : im still very much sad

detectiveprettybi : hartley were all aware that youre chronically depressed and should get that diagnosed at some point

pipes : im not going to talk to a random person about how shit my life is

captaincold : its fun to see a stranger be completely mortified at the shit youve gone through tho

pipes : hm /that/ sounds tempting

babybibibi : im also glad we’re actively working against bury your gays

heatwave : i almost burnt to death once tho

lesbianda : you know i’d be more shocked if this wasnt you

spACEbar : i was almost struck by lightning once!

oliverqueer : hey sara remember when we went boating and crashed and i almost drowned

bilance : nah i only remember that time when you thought you could impress me with archery and ended up shooting an arrow into my shoulder

detectiveprettybi : h o ly sh i t

lesbianda : i hope this was the reason you dumped him omg

bilance : nah i went out with him a few times after that before i came to my senses, packed my things and went to tibet for half a year

detectiveprettybi : damn oliver you seem kinda awful


notcis-co : i once dreamt that someone stabbed me and it felt so real to this day im convinced an alternate version of me died somewhere

detectiveprettybi : I FEEL i once dreamt i shot myself to get rid of an evil descendant of mine and i swear i have phantom pain from that

babybibibi : im convinced ill explode one day. Like ltierally. Feels inevitable

heatwave : awesome

captaincold : this is so wild wtf

captaincold : i once dreamt of blowing up in a doctor who level time machine shit

captaincold : also that i lost my hand somehow??

spACEbar : that explains so much

lesbianda : … what does it explain

spACEbar : sometimes he just zones out staring at his hand like he cant believe its there

snowflake : are you telling me 8 people in this chat almost died once/are sure they did die in some way or another

pipes : no thats insane they’re not all that crazy

notcis-co : i said what i said

detectiveprettybi : same i swear my chest hurts just thinking about it

captaincold : it’s been established that i am, in fact, crazy to some degree

heatwave : ^ cant argue with that

pipes : i have a question and it’s why do i always have the hots for the crazy ones

irisbest : maybe because youre not right in the head either

lesbianda : i love how iris comes online and immediately roasts hart

captaincold : truly iconic

pipes : cisco defend me

notcis-co : nah

irisbest : actually i wanted to congratulate oliver for making the local news

oliverqueer : i did what

bilance : not again what did you do

oliverqueer : NOTHING what is this about

irisbest : [video attached]

detectiveprettybi : so now you ARE bi???

oliverqueer : i??? Never said any of this??

oliverqueer : ah shit i know where this comes from

lesbianda : do tell

oliverqueer : i talked to susan williams from the college paper about the club bc they make you do that idk its college rules

oliverqueer : and adrian the fucker must have decided to pass it on to Actual News

notcis-co : and rewrite shit you said?

oliverqueer : basically

oliverqueer : i just said i’m in the community but even if i werent its important to support

irisbest : trust tv to make a sketch out of it that just is OLIVER QUEEN COMES OUT AS BISEXUAL

lesbianda : thats why newspaper is so much better lmao you have to write more than two lines to get published

babybibibi : love that rep tho thanks oliver

detectiveprettybi : its refreshing to see he didnt paint you as gay

bilance : lmao moira just called him

captaincold : whos this adrian figure

bilance : adrian chase, editor of the college paper, studies law and polisci, a fucking asshole

spACEbar : oliver should tell authorities about what the guy did

heatwave : i say we beat him up

notcis-co : mick you cant just beat everyone up

heatwave : i bet i can

bilance : moira will probably try to sue the guy

bilance : its not the first time oliver was on tv and certainly not the worst thing

oliverqueer : gotta do a press conference lmao

captaincold : rich ppl are wild wtf

babybibibi : what does she want you to say youre straight or what

bilance : well since she doesnt even know oliver likes men,,

oliverqueer : I only told her that I never said anything like that I have no idea how she interprets it

detectiveprettybi : whens the conference

oliverqueer : tomorrow. gotta fly to star in the morning

oliverqueer : hey Hartley unlock your door I gotta talk to you

pipes : ??? Ok????

irisbest : anyone else confused by what’s happening here

babybibibi : hartley probably annoyed the shit out of tommy again

bilance : as far as i know they didnt even see each other the whole day,,,,

notcis-co : since when is that even a reason not to be annoyed by him

lesbianda : im glad that dating didnt change your behaviour towards each other in any way

notcis-co : gotta keep my branding

heatwave : youre branding is fucking nerd

notcis-co : you know i dont even feel hurt by that

heatwave : shit

captaincold : i cant believe fucking cisco ramon ended mick

captaincold : proud of you lil one