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i just wanna have fun and (get rowdy)

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oliverqueer : do yall have time on monday evening?

oliverqueer : i figured we could meet up one more time before thanksgiving

detectiveprettybi : clever, that way you will be reminded to include us in your speech

lesbianda : sweet

heatwave : snart and i got time

heatwave : bar too

bilance : are they chilling at your place again

heatwave : sadly yes

irisbest : im offended on their behalf

notcis-co : im in

babybibibi : yeah us too

detectiveprettybi : same

irisbest : me too

lesbianda : hm yes

oliverqueer : great, hart and sara are in too

oliverqueer : ill check if the room we had the other time is free again

pipes : there wont be any alcohol involved will it

lesbianda : ??????? hartley????

pipes : i swear im still feeling it in my bones

detectiveprettybi : will this help you realize that maybe you need to slow down?

detectiveprettybi : youre 19 dude you can chill

pipes : can i though

notcis-co : if you say that youre a gay deaf homeless guy ill come to the house and strangle you myself

pipes : im a deaf homeless gay man i gotta live life while i have it

pipes : …

irisbest : wont have life for much longer apparently

pipes : lmao cisco cant hurt anything we all know that

lesbianda : i bet 5$ that youre the reason that might change

heatwave : im rooting for the small one

heatwave : pipes deserves an ass kicking

pipes : WHAT DID I DO

detectiveprettybi : idk man i think your existence is enough

pipes : yall suck in a non hot way and i hate you

snowflake : you do know they dont mean it seriously right

heatwave : i do

pipes : me? Realizing that all this banter is actually meant in a playful way? No ofc not

pipes : honestly i thought everyone hated me and thats why you wont let me be homeless in peace

irisbest : aw

oliverqueer : this got way too real here

captaincold : yikes who invited the feelings

captaincold : yall got mick throwing his phone into the other side of the room and grumbling about being annoyed

irisbest : why is he like this

lesbianda : wtf i dont wanna get all sentimental here either

captaincold : same

lesbianda : its been an hour did cisco really kill hartley

bilance : [video attached]

bilance : he’s trying

detectiveprettybi : HAHAHAHHA oh my god


heatwave : actual fucking children

captaincold : trust hartley to lose a pillow fight


babybibibi : with a pillow

babybibibi : his real dangerous weapon

pipes : shut the fuck up ill probably bruise now

captaincold : if you bruise that easily how did you look after your evening with cisco’s neighbour

pipes : you dont want to know

captaincold : no, i do

heatwave : he has a serious bruises kink

lesbianda : you know im not even surprised any more

detectiveprettybi : did cisco leave again

bilance : not that ive seen

pipes : nah hes chilling on my floor

captaincold : i’d have thought you’d kick him out as soon as you got him off

detectiveprettybi : “as soon as you got him off” ;)

lesbianda : the innuendo is strong in this one

lesbianda : SAME EDDIE

pipes : im rolling my eyes you guys

irisbest : you two are actual kids is2g

detectiveprettybi : cue hartley’s protests

pipes : im not a fucking kid

pipes : oh shut up

irisbest : i love how hartley has three catchphrases

irisbest : 1) im a gay deaf homeless man!

irisbest : 2) im NOT a kid

irisbest : 3) i want a dick inside of me

detectiveprettybi : really its not that difficult to figure out what the next thing is youll say

pipes : yatta yatta im eddie im fucking bi and imma fuck the shit out of iris

detectiveprettybi : yeah well thats me

heatwave : yall are fucking kids and annoying

pipes : and youre a grandpa

heatwave : hell yeah

heatwave : old people live the life

heatwave : dont do anything but eat and sleep AND got money

captaincold : mick is easily satisfied

bilance : we’ve noticed

oliverqueer : anyways! Monday evening, same time, probably same place

oliverqueer : behave yourselves

bilance : hartley closed his door

lesbianda : eye emoji

pipes : yeah because one doesnt have an ounce of privacy otherwise

irisbest : what do you need privacy for hmmmmmmm

pipes : living

detectiveprettybi : suuure

spACEbar : i swear one of these days yall are gonna kill each other and ill be the only one left