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i just wanna have fun and (get rowdy)

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spACEbar : oh my fucking god im laughing so hard

spACEbar : the dude in front of me fucking poured energy into his coffee

oliverking : he’s going to die

detectiveprettybi : probably

spACEbar : FUCK i think i laughed too loudly

spACEbar : he just looked at me with a tired look

spACEbar : i hope he doesnt die he’s quite handsome

detectiveprettybi : aw

irisbest : im quitting college

detectiveprettybi : whats up

irisbest : I HAVE SO MUCH TO DO

irisbest : i blame barry for planting this idea in my head

oliverking : where is he even did the guy kill him

irisbest : i sure hope so

detectiveprettybi : savage

oliverking : everyone else is in class probably so uhh can i help you in any way

irisbest : write my next psych test for me

oliverking : the only thing im learning about a human’s mind atm is how to manipulate them into buying into your company

detectiveprettybi : going into family business huh

oliverking : yeah i figured im gonna be prepared for the company

detectiveprettybi : sounds logical

oliverking : also tommy and i are planning on opening a club so

irisbest : how long have you been planning

oliverking : oh boy since we first tried alcohol

irisbest : which i heard is early for rich people

oliverking : yeah,,

pipes : is it gonna be a gay bar

oliverking : nah tommy is too straight for that he’d flip if he couldn’t hit on the girls

detectiveprettybi : bi girls exist

irisbest : he literally had you sucking his dick

bilance : have one straight and one gay club and look which has more profit, i already have an idea

irisbest : wow what summoned you tommy sucking oliver’s dick or the bi girls

bilance : my sister’s childhood friends having sex ofc

detectiveprettybi : i might just love you

bilance : dont let my gf hear that

oliverking : i hate you sara

bilance : why cant exes ever get along smh

oliverking : stop fucking bullying me im gonna smack your head

bilance : oh yeah i wanna see that

detectiveprettybi : i wanna watch too

pipes : and only yesterday we decided snart’s pain kink was weird

irisbest : anyway i want to see a wrestling match at our first meeting

irisbest : when are we even gonna do it

oliverking : idk we should probably talk about it some time when everyone’s here

oliverking : anyway i gotta go i have a date

bilance : oh is dig tagging along

oliverking : not if i can prevent it

bilance : good luck

pipes : who the fuck is dig

bilance : the bodyguard his mum hired for college

pipes : fucking insane

ronnieraymond : who has a fucking date at 1pm

ronnieraymond : like? Who has sex at noon

snowflake : ronald raymond since when do all dates end in sex

detectiveprettybi : your gf is gonna end you mate

bilance : theyve been dating for a year now and meet for lunch almost every day they can behave themselves

pipes : how come we didnt even know oliver was seeing someone

irisbest : is it tommy

bilance : nah her name is felicity she is very cute

pipes : can we go back to the bodyguard like??? My dad has been kidnapped once and its never made him get a bodyguard for me

notcis-co : maybe he hates you

pipes : wow

bilance : idk man moira is getting old and paranoid i guess

bilance : dig even lives in our house

irisbest : your house????

bilance : oh yeah moira bought a fucking house for oliver to live at near campus and we all just moved in with him to save money

detectiveprettybi : smart. Who lives there

bilance : oliver, me, tommy, laurel, dig and once she finished school thea too i guess. And we’re all waiting for felicity to move in too

pipes : that is a fucking mansion

bilance : a small one, yeah

notcis-co : fuck i wanna be rich

lesbianda : rich white ppl is2g

heatwave : i was rich 1 time

detectiveprettybi : how long did it last? For an hour?

heatwave : 3

detectiveprettybi : amazing

irisbest : okay seriously where is barry we were supposed to meet for coffee

detectiveprettybi : handsome killed him i bet 5$

irisbest : i take it back i don’t want him dead :(

detectiveprettybi : i’d meet you for coffee if i didn’t have class now

heatwave : is that ur idea of flirting

pipes : im sensing that actually this chat was created for hooking up only

pipes : i must say i approve

ronnieraymond : y’all are weird