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Life On One Shelf

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Life On One Shelf, Chapter 1: Where Are We?


Last night:

It was just a normal night for all of us. I had invited everyone over for a massive sleepover party and had some games set out! Just the usual sleepover stuff like truth or dare or twister. The first people to arrive were Pete and Mikey, my brother and his friend. Pete also had other guests with him too, he had another three guys with him. Brendon, Ryan and Dallon. I recognised Brendon and Ryan from when I watched a performance but they didn't look like they got along as much as they used to. Ryan was holding a big overnight bag with tons of makeup tools inside and a inflatable mattress. Brendon had a sleeping bag and a backpack with a karaoke machine! It was very convenient considering I wanted to do karaoke tonight. I didn't recognise Dallon though, he must have been new! I welcomed them all in and showed them where to put their stuff. As soon as they found a spot on the couch Mikey and Pete started gossiping. There was a strange vibe I was getting from the way Pete was speaking to him, it sounded almost flirtatious in a way. No wonder lots of fans were suspecting romantic tension between them when they met at warped tour. I continued watching this odd behaviour until I heard another knock on the door.

The next person to answer was my lifelong friend Frank and Joe and Ray. Ever since Joe and Ray met they were inseparable because of one thing they had in common. Their extremely curly hair! They called themselves the fro bros and became a double act that all of us found pretty entertaining. I've known Frank for as long as I can remember, we started this band and immediately got along. Even when mcr split up, we remained in touch. Ray and Joe raced over to where I had left some soda. Frank said hello to me and then went to see what the deal was with Brendon and the karaoke machine.

The next person to come in was Patrick and Andy, they also had bought two new people! This was going to be a big party. Patrick said their names were Josh and Tyler, they were new to the scene and wanted to find some new friends. There was something twin like about Tyler and Josh in the way they interacted with each-other. I had a feeling that they never wanted to split apart from each-other. Kind of like how identical twins would never leave each-other's side or feel each-other's pain. I let them all in, Brendon and Pete immediately recognised them. I guess they weren't entirely alone.

"Would you like me to put your fedora on the hat stand for you Patrick?" I asked.

"No, don't you dare touch Isabella!" He shouted protectively, there was something about Patrick I honestly didn't get. And that was how attached to his fedora he was. I understand that you can have s signature item of clothing or an accessory that you do like, but I don't know anyone other than Patrick who would name it Isabella and stroke it protectively when someone tried to touch it. Andy quietly touched my shoulder and pointed behind him. Someone else had arrived.

Next we had Hayley, she was pretty much the only girl in our group. But she didn't stick out like a sore thumb. She just stood out in her own cool way. She had had her Phoenix orange hair in a pixie cut, a leather jacket and ripped jeans. She had also bought another few guests with her. Also girls! I guess our friend circle could use more females anyway.

"Hello Gerard" said Hayley, "I'd like you to meet some new friends I bought over"

First she pointed to a girl in a frilly dress, two toned hair and a blue teardrop decal under her eye.

"This is Melanie, she just released her first album"

"Nice to meet you" she said, she stuck out to shake her hand. She had lots of really cool tattoos on her arm that all looked like illustrations from children's books. Next Hayley pointed to a girl with long auburn hair, a white blouse and a spotty skirt that looked like it was straight from the 1950s.

"This is Lana, I got to meet her at the grammy's a couple of years ago" Lana air kissed me like she was Regina George and shook my hand as well.

"Nice to meet you Gerard" she said and went into the house and started chatting up Brendon next.

"She's kind of quiet, not used to being in our scene yet" said Hayley. Finally she pointed to a girl with blonde hair and dark brown roots. She wore a lot of pink and had two tiny black hearts painted under her eyes.

"Hello mr way, I'am Marina" Hayley was about to introduce her but it seemed Marina was more confident to talk for herself. She sounded very formal as she spoke, probably because of her British accent. I escorted them inside, and led them to where all the food and stuff was. Next I got everyone's attention as the games were about to begin and the sun was going down.

I got a glass off the table and started tapping it with a teaspoon to get everyone's attention. Everyone looked at me, I cleared my throat and began to speak.

"Hello everybody, old and new! Today we are going to start off some games as the sun is going down, the first game we will play is spin the bottle!" Everyone gasped and all sat down in a circle. Frank got an empty bottle of beer and put it in the middle. I squeezed in the middle between Frank and Brendon. It was time to begin.

"Since I organised this party I shall go first!" I said. I spun the bottle round and round until it landed on Frank.

"Ooooooooh" teased everyone in unison.

"This is going to be awkward" said Frank. He gave me a peck on the lips and immediately back away, after that everyone went silent.

"See nothing to worry about, you don't need to have a full on makeout session"

"My turn! My turn!" Said Brendon excitedly. I interrupted him before he spun the bottle.

"Oh, I also forgot to mention. One rule of the game is tonight, if the bottle lands on anyone who's new here it means they have to go in that closet over there and have seven minutes in heaven"

"I hope that happens! That would be super fun!" Said Brendon, it seemed like no matter how much he grew up he would always be a hyperactive teenager on the inside. He spun the bottle, tension rose up between everyone until the bottle landed on Lana.

"Oooooooooh" teased everyone again.

"Okay Brendon, Lana seven minutes in heaven!" Said Ryan. He pushed Brendon out of the circle and Marina did that same teasing shove to Lana. They awkwardly smiled at each-other and went into the closet. I told Frank to go watch on them in case they weren't doing what they were supposed to do.

We were now onto out third turn, Pete eagerly volunteered to have a go. He spun the bottle, but this time it felt like it was going in slow motion as it picked it victim. It spun and spun until the end of the bottle landed on... Mikey! Mikey looked at Pete and blushed furiously.

"Come on little bro, do it for us!" I said to tease him.

"Okay okay!" Replied Mikey defensively, "but just a small peck okay, let's not get too crazy" he sat in the middle of the circle with Pete and held hands with him. Then Pete went in and gave him a small peck just like Mikey said.

"Whew, okay! That's that over with" said Mikey awkwardly. He was about to say something else again until Pete suddenly decided to kiss him again but this time a little bit more... Extreme. As soon as he stopped Mikey started to yell!

"Pete! Why did you do that! I said only once and you decided to go in a second time! What's wrong with you?"

Hayley kicked Pete in the shin. "Bad move there buddy" she said. Pete was speechless. He didn't know what to say anymore. I knew I should have seen something like this happening, I wonder why I didn't. I casually stepped in and separated Mikey and Pete.

"You guys should probably spend some alone time somewhere! I don't want anything to get heated" Mikey gave Pete an evil look and sat down on another end of the circle. I looked over to Frank.

"Are Brendon and Lana doing okay...?"

"Yep, they're fine" the entire group went silent until they heard Brendon in a muffled voice saying. "Wow, this is... fun!" Everyone burst out into hysterical laughter, then a timer went off.

"Brendon, Lana, your seven minutes are up! Get your clothes back on!" Said Frank.

"WE DO HAVE OUR CLOTHES ON YOU IDIOT!" Yelled Brendon through the door. They walked out, they looked pretty much the same apart from the fact that their perfect hairstyles were now teased and sticking out at odd angles.

After we played the other games we laid out our mattresses and got to sleep. With the sleeping arrangement being different than it originally was. Mikey moved onto the same mattress as me and Frank to stay away from Pete. Pete had his own bed now because of the incident! Brendon and Lana decided to share a bed after the games ended. Everything this time now had this weird vibe to it and I didn't know what to do about it!

The next morning:

I woke up early and made everyone breakfast, I made cereal with coffee for everyone and made special place cards and stuff for where everyone was sitting. Slowly when everyone was alert we all sat at the table and started eating. Along with some casual banter everything was normal, until Mikey bought up spin the bottle! It turns out even sleep couldn't take away his anger towards Pete. Suddenly the group all started arguing about whether Pete kissing Mikey a second time was just for the game or not. And the rumours from 2004 started again. The arguing continued until suddenly everyone was swarming me for questions about whether I knew anything. I was right in front of my computer with my hands about to touch the keyboard cause I was running out of space from the crowd. Then I pressed an unfamiliar key combination! It sent electric sparks from the computer that hit everyone including me! As they zapped us I didn't remember much about what happened next but I was dizzy and I was spinning around in a strange void with everyone else. Whatever happened after that was history.


I woke up very slowly, I still felt very dizzy and I had a headache from being in this strange transition. My vision adjusted and I looked around a little bit. I was in an entirely different room. Definitely not the one I was in with my friends last night, or anytime before! It didn't even look like it would belong to me, it was a very cutesy and pastel bedroom that had dolls on nearly every single shelf. The window sills had little tiny doll displays on them, there was even a doll house in the distance. I looked up and saw posters on the wall behind me. They were posters of all of us, and various TV shows and cartoons. They seemed so much bigger than me in scale when posters are meant to be kind of big enough to fit in your hand. These were huge though, if they fell off the wall they could smother me! I went to move my arm but it felt stiff and it felt like a plastic joint. I pulled down my sleeve and looked at my arm, it was jointed! Like some sort of puppet. Was I hallucinating? I jumped over to another shelf and looked at myself in the mirror! My face was painted on. My head was jointed to my neck like my arms and was made of soft vinyl instead of flesh, I was minuscule compared to everything else in sight of me!... I was a doll! I went back to the shelf where I woke up and looked down, everyone else was there with me, they hadn't woken up yet but I could tell they were all dolls too! What was happening? Suddenly I heard faint speech somewhere outside the door of the room I was in, and then I heard footsteps. Someone was coming. Soon someone opened the door, that person was a girl with blue and purple hair, a p!atd shirt and a plaid skirt, but she was ginormous! Almost the size of a tower! She looked at me and walked over to the shelf.

"Gerard? You're alive!" How did she know my name?

I didn't know what to say? I should have just pretended I was inanimate like the characters in toy story do when Andy comes back to play with them, but it was way to late now! I had to talk to her...

"Yes! I'm alive! How did I get here though?" I asked the giant girl.

"Gerard, I've owned you for a very long time, surely you know me! I didn't know you and your friends were alive though" she replied.

"But I really don't know you! Like, I remember doing some strange code or something on my computer and it transported me here! And now I'm a doll"

"Well, that's weird!" Brendon suddenly woke up, he immediately noticed the face of the girl and screamed in terror. His piercing screams woke everyone else up.

"What the hell was that for Brendon?" Asked Patrick, he then looked at the girl.

"JESUS CHRIST! WHAT IS THAT?" He petted his fedora.

"I won't let her take you away Isabella"

"guys, this is all a big misunderstanding and only Gerard has an idea of what's going on here!" Said the girl.

"What is going on, I don't remember climbing a beanstalk and hanging out in some teenage giant's room!" Asked Frank.

"Look, all I know is that Gerard somehow transported you all here by pressing something weird on the computer the other day and you all ended up here alive!"

"But why, some strange girls room?"

"Well firstly Frank Iero look at yourself! Everyone look at yourself!" Everyone took a glimpse of their new joints and freaked out!

"WE ARE DOLLS?" Yelled everyone.

"Yes, and you weren't always alive. A couple of years ago I had a project of making custom dolls of band members and singers and just kind of keeping you on display. You were inanimate objects until Gerard somehow did the code thing and you started walking and talking!"

"Yeah, is there any way we can get back to out normal lives?" Asked Andy.

"I honestly do not know! For the time being, you can just stay here until we figure something out" said the girl.

"Okay then, but if we are going to live on your shelf we need to know where we are going to be and stuff! And who you are..." I said.

"Okay! Firstly my name is Edie! So you can stop calling me giant girl! Secondly, you all have flats I made myself. They all have your names on them you can tell where you live. All of you except Gerard have roommates! And finally, do not tell my dad you are alive."

"Why not?"

"He would literally freak out! Plus he feels odd about my music taste and it would feel weird if he had a living and moving Gerard way in this house"

"Trueeeeee" said Joe and Ray. The fro bros were luckily still together.

"Okay then! I guess we can now live in peace" said Edie.

Another voice was heard from down the hall, it was probably Edie's dad talking.

"Edie, you have to go to school now!" She picked up her backpack and went out the door. "See you later guys! Don't get up to anything stupid" I gathered everyone up and found their houses as I was about to go into mine, which was the biggest of the bunch and very fancy and big I heard more footsteps. But they weren't human footsteps. They were small and delicate, I turned around to see another doll. But she wasn't one of us she must have been from the other shelf. She had curly platinum blonde hair, blue eyes, a golden crown on her head, a short red princess dress, fishnet stockings and red shoes.

"Who are you?" She asked. I stopped and stared, this was now a whole new life to get used to.