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The Booty Call

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    Saturdays were Seokjin’s personal favourite days. Saturdays were days he could sleep in, laze around the whole day and stay up late because, heck, the next day was a Sunday. But most of all, what made Seokjin love Saturdays was the fact that he needn’t have to put up with the unnecessarily overenthusiastic crowd of his whom he called his friends, because Sundays were their days. Saturdays were his.

   And yet, he sits facing Taehyung whom he ‘ran into’ during his casual Saturday stroll. Taehyung, who is sporting a big smile. Unnecessary. Seokjin needs a drink.

   “Hyung, guess what. Guess what, hyung!” Taehyung chirps clearly trying to make conversation and Seokjin nods letting him know that he is listening, because he is a tired hyung and not a bad hyung. “I made a booty call for the first time in my life yesterday!” Taehyung exclaims making Seokjin choke on the drink he’d been devouring- a cranberry peach snow, Jin approved. Not alcoholic, but would do.

   “Y-you made a what again?”

   “A booty call!” Taehyung reassures him, grinning. Seokjin almost asks him again, but considering it was Taehyung he was talking to, he had probably heard him just right. Taehyung, the same person who had once asked him “Jin-hyung, has there been anyone who stared at the sun for too long in an attempt to kill themselves?” So instead, he plays along.

   “And?” Jin persuades giving Taehyung time to correct his mistake.

   “He answered!”

   “… He?” Seokjin’s nose scrunches up. The only thoughts in his head being a repetitive string of Taehyung got laid. Followed by Ew, Ew, EW.

   “Yeah, he. It was Jimin.” Seokjin spat out his drink. Cranberry Peach Snow? More like ‘choke on information’. “It was hella weird in the beginning because the both of us didn’t know what was going on, but then things fell into place when the issue got solved.”

   “Okay Taehyung, first of all the things I want to tell you but can’t formulate in my overwhelmed brain, ‘hella’ is a dumb word. It makes you sound like an elementary school kid. Secondly, Jimin? I mean, I’m not judging, but I didn’t expect it to happen this way.”

   “It’s okay, no judgement taken. I didn’t either. It just happened.”

   “So…? What happened after that?” Seokjin pried humbly. This was happy news. He could casually beam about it. Maybe not as much as Taehyung was, but that was okay. A loud ‘gyrryaah!’ went off and the latter peered into his phone.

   “Oh my god, as much as I’d like to give you the details Jin-hyung, Jeongguk just ate a walnut and Jimin is panicking because he can’t find the allergy shots. T-man’s gotta jump in to rescue the squad.” He says and jumps to grab at his things “Please pay for your favourite deonsang this time will you? I’ll pay the next time.”

   “You never pay anyway. And you’re not my favourite dongsaeng!” Seokjin says as Taehyung scrambles to leave.

   “Then I’ll let your favourite dongsaeng know that you wish for him to feel better soon.” Taehyung says smirking.

   “The last thing I want that brat to think is that I care about him. You open your mouth and I’ll have you on a skewer.”



   “You’re sure he said booty call?” Yoongi finally glances up from his sheet music to look Seokjin right into the eyes. His blue hair glistens under the bright kitchen lights and Jin stares at it for two seconds too long.

   “Hundred percent positive. Also, you’re such an ass. I’ve been talking to you for almost twenty minutes now and you only look at me when I give you some juicy gossip.” Seokjin pouts.

   “Why are you even my roommate if you think that gossip bothers me?”

   “Yeah, right.”

   “I’m just surprised they finally accepted their feelings for each other. The tension there is so impenetrable, even Hobi’s jawline wouldn’t be able to cut through it.”

   “Well, it’s ‘was’ now.” Seokjin grin falters when he sees a smirk paint its way onto Yoongi’s face.

   “And, everything you talk about is boring anyway. Not bad Jin-hyung, you managed to catch my attention today.”

   “Such a dick.” Seokjin gasps dramatically. “And I’m your roommate, because you love me and I provide you with unlimited wisdom and food, which are essential for your survival.”

   “Oh shit, you figured it out,” Yoongi deadpans and looks back into his sheet. “Now scram to your corner and make up your mind on whether I’m a dick or an ass before I decide to throw ‘unlimited wisdom and food’ out of the house for disturbing me during work hours.” Seokjin sticks out his tongue and makes his way to the kitchen to prepare dinner for the four of them.  Namjoon and Hoseok had said that they’d be dropping in for dinner later and Seokjin never passed up an opportunity to impress people with his cooking.


   “Wait, really?!” Hoseok asks grinning. Yoongi nods. “Oh man, this has got to be the funniest thing that’s happened since the time Yoongi-hyung fell face first when we went ice skating.” Yoongi glowers but no one takes it seriously as the person on the receiving end was after all, Hoseok.

   “Out of all the ways they could’ve done it.” Namjoon sighs.

   “But that’s what’s beautiful isn’t it? This is a very Jimin-Taehyung like confession. I honestly thought they might get all awkward after it, but they must have figured out that the both of them weren’t designed for one night stands. They were doting on Jeongguk like a mother hen to her chicks the morning after.” Jin gleams proudly and Namjoon nods.

   “I guess you’re right there,” Namjoon says while Hoseok says “And they treat each other like chicks, if you get what I mean.” With a wink.

   “I’m always right.” Seokjin ignores Hoseok’s statement. Yoongi scoffs, and Seokjin ignores that too. “I think all of us should go to the carnival together! It’ll be fun. Just the seven of us.”

   “Are you sure you don’t want to do this just so you can hover over the two of them throughout and monitor every move they make?” Yoongi asks him, and the straightforwardness hurts. Only a little.

   “Of course not! Not everything is about them.”

   “Of course not.”

   “Besides, I think all of us deserve a break. Joon and Hoseok have been working their asses off since it’s their last semester in university, work’s been extra hard for you and me, Jeongguk is realising that not every year in university is as lenient as the first and Taehyung and Jimin deserve this the most.”

   “Jin-hyung has a point, hyung.” Namjoon provides helpfully. Seokjin beams at him and Hoseok laughs.

   “Yeah hyung, I’m with Jin-hyung on this one.”

   “Fine, whatever. Any day other than tomorrow. I want to finish this track so I can feel like I deserve a break,” Yoongi huffs and Seokjin tugs at his cheeks going on about how ‘awesome’ the carnival is going to be. Yoongi as always, smacks his hand away from his face that blossoms a deeper shade of red every passing moment.



   “Jin-hyung are you sure they said they were coming?” Hoseok asks, slurping from his second glass of coke. “Like a hundred percent sure?”

   “Yes, I’m pretty sure Hoseok. They must be caught up in traffic or something.” And as if on cue, Jeongguk, Jimin and Taehyung walk in with a string of apologies and lopsided grins.

   “Ahhh we’re sorry guys, There was this giant lobster in a tank and I got distracted. But it’s okay, everything is fine, he’ll be safe.” Taehyung excuses himself sheepishly and slides first onto the bench and Jeongguk follows. Jimin sliding in the last, sandwiching Jeongguk between Taehyung and himself. Jin’s eyes widen and he realises he isn’t the only surprised one. Yoongi, Namjoon and Hoseok seem equally perplexed.

   “Does Jeongguk not know about them, hyung?” Namjoon whispers to him softly and Jin shakes his head.

   “I don’t think so, oh my god. They’re keeping it away from Jeongguk. Which means this was supposed to be a secret they trusted only me with,” Jin grimaces. “and I told you guys... I’m such a shitty friend.”

   “Don’t worry about it Jin-hyung, we’ll keep it a secret for you. We won’t talk about it.” Namjoon smiles at him reassuringly and Jin wonders what he did in his previous life for him to deserve such wonderful friends.


   “What are you guys whispering about?” Jimin asks and Jin wants to punch the brat. He keeps his life a secret and takes it upon himself to pry into the ones of others? Be it love life or not. Not like he did have a love life. But that wasn’t the issue there.

   “I wouldn’t tell you even if there was something interesting we were discussing,” Jin snaps and Jimin’s smile disappears.

   “Okay Martha, no need to get heated up over a small question,” Jimin replies grinning awkwardly and Jin feels a tad bit guilty.

   “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have snapped.”

   “Its okay hyung! You must be going through something that you may not want to talk about right now. I understand,” Jimin says and Jin smiles, wondering if Jimin was talking about himself.

   “Of course.”

   “Wahhhh Hobi hyung, you had more coke than I did. I think I’m losing my touch,” Taehyung exclaims pouting. Hobi just brushes his hair back animatedly and grins.

   “It’s okay Taetae, I’m sure no one would be able to beat you when it came to chugging down glazed sausages like you did for dinner yesterday,” Jimin supplies and Namjoon visibly chokes on his hot dog and looks at it with lost hopes.

   “Oh my god,” Yoongi whispers in disbelief. Jin nods as he watches Taehyung grin at Jimin while the latter ruffles the hair of a very oblivious Jeongguk.

   “So um... where do you guys want to go first?” Jeongguk asks with his mouth full of the hot dog Namjoon had handed over to him, post losing his appetite for the snack.

   “The gaming stalls wouldn’t hurt, would it?” Hoseok asks and there’s a collective mumble of nopes and nos.

  “The gaming stalls it is then.”

   Seokjin had expected a kissing booth to be set up right in between the carnival game stalls. It was the usual alignment. The cheap wannabe arcade, throwing hoops, kissing booths, darts. What Seokjin did not expect was Taehyung’s sudden enthusiasm to go kiss the pretty girl at the stall. Taehyung was taking this ‘keeping a secret’ thing way too seriously if you’d ask him.

   “Oh boy, can I go there?” Taehyung asks grinning. Index finger pointing at the kissing booth. Namjoon lets out a strained laugh.

   “The kissing booth?” Jimin asks following’s Taehyung’s finger. To any normal person, the question might have seemed just curious, but Seokjin could feel the hurt in his voice. The pain of young love,

   “Yeah. It looks fun!”

   “Ew, how can you kiss some random stranger?” Jeongguk asks and Jimin snorts.

   “I’m going to the dart stall. Go get your kiss and find your way back to us,” Jimin says and Seokjin just wants to pull his own hair out.

   “Okay!’ Taehyung chirps and then that’s it, Seokjin decides.

   “No!” He yells. A little too loud because he notices a small crowd freeze around him for a second. “What’s wrong with you?” He whispers and Yoongi squeezes his arm. He calms down but his voice remains firm. “You can’t just… Go and kiss a random person. No matter how convincing you’re trying to be.”

   “Convincing what?” Jimin asks and Seokjin groans.

   “Okay geez, I don’t know what I’m trying to convince people over here with but I won’t go to the kissing booth.” Taehyung says, eyes wide and a pout playing on his lips. “I have such bossy friends. Whom I don’t understand half the time.”

   “Says you.” Jimin retorts and the tense atmosphere dissolves as Jeongguk begins to laugh.

   After that they disperse in pairs. Namjoon and Yoongi go to the old (ancient) jukebox to check the music on it. Seokjin never understands why they do it when the music is the same every day, every year. Jeongguk is forced to part from a very confused Jimin and Taehyung by his very persistent Jin and Hoseok hyungs. Seokjin decides that they could thank him for it later.

   “You’re such a spoil sport Jin-hyung, you old man.” Jeongguk whines. “I promised Taetae I would beat him at Pac-man. How am I going to do that if you drag me away from him?”

   “Isn’t he your hyung too, you brat?” Jin asks with no malice in his words.

   “Eh, well, Taehyung-hyung is a pain in the ass to say. It’s his fault his name is his name.”

   “I don’t really think so,” Hoseok provides helpfully.

   “Don’t you think they deserve some time together alone Jeongguk?” Jin asks genuinely concerned if Jeongguk was oblivious or just plain blind.

   “Uh…? No, not really? Why would they? I’m their best friend too.” Jeongguk says, clearly trying to fit the scattered pieces in his head together. “Is this because they’re in the same class? Because I could give them time for that later, not right now in the carnival.”

   “Never mind,” Seokjin sighs as he drags Jeongguk towards a stall with Hoseok trailing behind them ‘laughing his ass off’ as he’d made sure to state at least four times. “I’m going to beat you in that Overwatch stall right there”

   “You mean ‘Overtorch” Jeongguk points out to the neon pink board of the stall with ‘Overtorch’ written in the Overwatch font.

   “Yeah, I’m going to beat you in Overtorch, whatever the fuck that is.”


   Seokjin had done practically everything he could to make it easier for them to hang out together. He had pulled Jeongguk aside, he’d bought them tickets to the rides as a congratulatory gift (of course, he couldn’t tell them it was a congratulatory gift), he’d even sent the little girl dressed up as a princess to go give them a funnel cake he’d bought for them. (With specific orders to say “The both of you are so cute together, you’re the happily ever after I want!” When handing it over)! But nothing, nothing worked.

   “Jin-hyung!” Namjoon awkwardly waves towards them and Hoseok gapes at Taehyung clinging onto Namjoon’s back. Behind them, Jimin longingly looking at Taehyung with a smile on his face and Yoongi grimacing at the situation by his side.

   “When did you guys join this partition Jin-hyung forced upon us?” Jeongguk asks the four of them and then turns to Taehyung “Did you play Pac-Man without me, you betrayer?”

   “Yeah, when did you guys join up?” Seokjin repeats.

   “After the Ferris wheel!” Jimin provides. “There’s not much two nineteen year olds can do over here.”

    “Really?” Jin asks, fed up. “Really Jimin? Are you both just regular nineteen year olds?”

   “Uh…? Yes?” Jimin asks confused. “I mean, yeah sometimes we can be overwhelming. Especially Tae, but ouch? Rude much?”

   “Jimin, everyone here knows you and Taehyung are dating!” Seokjin exclaims frustrated. “I’m sorry I told them when you trusted me with your secret, but you guys are taking this whole not acting like a couple thing way too far!”

   “What?” Jimin deadpans.

   “What?” Taehyung says a tad bit more amused.

   “What?!" Jeongguk exclaims “You guys have been dating, in this case, each other! And you didn’t even tell me?! I thought I was your best friend?”

   “Um,” Yoongi adds in uncomfortably. “I think I’m going to go stick my head into the vending machine. Need to be at some place cool.” He moves to leave but Seokjin grabs hold of him.

   “So you mean, you guys just went back to being friends after that?” Hoseok enquires. “It didn’t change anything?”

   “After what?” Jimin asks.

   “You know what we’re talking about.” Seokjin says. “The night before the day Jeongguk needed to get allergy shots because he ate a peanut-”

   “Walnut.” Jeongguk corrects.

   “My assnut, it doesn’t matter,” Jin says and Hoseok lets out a really loud laugh-snort while sputtering ‘Assnut’ like it was the funniest thing he’d ever heard.

   “Hyung, I really don’t know what night you are talking about, but I do know that all of you have been acting weird the whole day, please enlighten us about this night that involves us and we have no clue about ourselves that made you believe Taehyung and I are dating,” Jimin says pouting. Taehyung nods beside him.

   “I’m talking about the booty call,” That’s all Seokjin says and the two boys he’s addressing are just more confused.

   “The booty call,” Jimin repeats.

   “What booty call?” Jeongguk asks.

   “We aren’t judging you guys! We promise!” Namjoon states. “We always knew you’d get together, we’re just surprised it happened this way.”

   “If you gave a four year old an exam sheet on micro-bacterial biology, it would feel the way I feel right now.” Jimin says. “Zero percent closer to understanding what you just said.”

   “Taehyung told me he booty called you,” Jin finally says.

   “He did?” Jimin asks surprised.

   “… I did?” Taehyung says sounding unsure.

   “You did?” Jimin turns to face him.

   “Oh my god you guys have been fucking in the same house we rent! Wait. The night before I ate the walnut? Is that why you sent me to sleep early?!” Jeongguk states in horror.

   “Shut up Gguk!” both Jimin and Taehyung yell together.

   “Wait, is this what it’s about?” Taehyung asks Seokjin confused. “The booty call? Why would you assume us being together because of that?”

   “What?” Yoongi asks, suddenly deciding to let everyone know that the conversation crossed comprehension point for him.

   “When did you booty call me Tae?” Jimin asks in horror. “Please educate me on this booty call I was apparently a part of, but don’t remember. Like everything else going on here.”

   “Don’t you remember when I sat on my phone and called you by mistake, and we were silent over the line for a few seconds because I thought you called me and you thought I called you to tell you something?” Taehyung clarifies and Seokjin feels everyone freeze.

  “Oh my god,” Hoseok says breaking the silence.

   “Oh my fucking god,” Yoongi corrects him, his face twisted in mirth but not breaking just yet.

   “Namjoon-hyung, how do you contact the Ripley’s Believe it or Not team? Tae just got dumber,” Jeongguk says and then bursts out laughing. It doesn’t take longer than point five seconds for everyone except Jimin and Taehyung to follow.

   “Tae…” Jimin says and Seokjin sees his expression change to one which he categorises as unreadable and his eyes beginning to get wet. Taehyung’s eyes widen in return. “Taehyung, oh my god!” He yells out once more and joins in on the laughter.

   “Am I missing out on something?” Taehyung whines and Jin composes himself.

   “Taehyung, that’s not what you would call a booty call,” Seokjin clarifies. “that’s a butt dial.”

   “It’s the same thing in synonyms!” Taehyung yells frustrated and Seokjin sees Jimin grabbing hold of Taehyung, still laughing.

   “Taehyung, you booty call someone when you want to have sex with them. You butt dial someone by mistake when you sit on your phone. You get it?” Jimin manages and Seokjin is not so sure anymore but he thinks he sees Taehyung’s face redden as Jimin moves back and forth lingering close to Taehyung’s face as he laughs and explains.

   “What?” Taehyung squeaks and Hoseok laughs out a little too loud.

   “I’m telling my child this story on their eighteenth birthday,” Jeongguk wheezes.


   Almost an hour later, when the atmosphere turns a little sane, Jimin realises what had been excessively bothering him.

    “Wait, what did Namjoon-hyung mean when he said that all of you knew Tae and I were going to get together?!” He yells.

   “Uhh…” Seokjin manages.

   “How about we let you figure that part yourselves?” Yoongi suggests. Seokjin sees Jimin turn to look at Taehyung who was walking alongside him and then jumping away when he realised their proximity. Almost as if competing to see who could blush the most until one of them explodes. They’ll figure it out. Seokjin adds in his mind, ‘Sooner or later or he’d hold an intervention.’ Yoongi leans into his space and whispers. “I bet they confess and get it going by next week, now that they’ve got a hint.”

   “I bet they’ll go on their first date by Friday,” Seokjin says. Seems like the intervention would be happening sooner rather than later. He sees Jimin and Taehyung stuttering to each other practically vomiting hearts. Or maybe it wouldn’t be necessary, he thinks.