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Scars From Tomorrow

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Bucky wasn't sure what to expect when his friends invited him over for dinner, usually Peggy liked to plan a week or so in advance, not the day of.

It's not like he had any plans this Thursday night, so when she called, sounding nervous of all things, and invited him over for dinner he accepted.

Maybe they wanted to announce that they were pregnant, he knew the couple had been trying for the better part of a year.

Steve and Peggy were going to be great parents, Bucky just knew. They were so perfect together, and it just wasn't fair that the baby they wanted so badly just wasn't happening.

He really hoped good news awaited him, he couldn't wait to be an uncle.

When he knocked on the door of the couples adorable yellow house (with a white picket fence and everything, God, it was too precious) it was immediately opened by his best friend, the blonde sporting a huge grin and bringing him in for a hug.

Bucky happily excepted the Alpha's open arms, relaxing from the familiar scent.

Bucky and Steve have know each other since they were four, back when Steve was a little runt of a thing and Bucky his trouble maker best bud. Their parents were best friends in high school, but went separate ways for college, so when the Rogers moved into the same neighborhood the couples were happy to find out that their boys were the same age. Luckily the two hit it off instantly, and they haven't left each others side since.

Bucky was happy when Steve met Peggy, they were only nineteen at the time, but the connection was instant and very obvious to every one who witnessed their tooth rotting love.

Bucky always worried Steve would end up with someone he hated, his track record of girlfriends hadn't been the nicest. When the Alpha was sixteen and really started to bulk up girls began to notice him, shallow girls that only cared about his looks and never his feelings. Bucky couldn't blame Steve that much though, his self esteem was still depressingly low, only having recently come into his new body.

So when Peggy came along, Bucky jumped for joy and told Steve if he ever lost her Bucky would slap him in the face.

Peggy was amazing, she was by far the most independent and strong woman he'd ever met.

She completed Steve in a way he'd never seen, they made each other better and stronger.

And they were gonna be amazing parents.

Steve patted him on the back, steering him through the door and down the hall towards the kitchen.

"Hey, Buck. How ya doin?" The Alpha asked, his grin never once slipping off his face.

"I'm good, thanks for having me over."

Bucky practically melted when they reached the kitchen and the smell of dinner hit him. He wasn't sure what it was, but Peggy was making it so it was bound to be incredible.

"Hey, Pegs." Bucky said, walking over to give her a kiss on the cheek.

She smiled at him. "Hello, James. I'm glad you could come over tonight, me and Steve just couldn't finish this roast all by ourselves."

"So you invited me over to eat all your food? Is that the only reason?" He asked, finishing for answers.

Steve and Peggy looked at each other nervously.

The blonde turned back to Bucky, smiling and chuckling slightly.

"How about you go sit down, the tables already set and dinner will be done any minute." Steve said, indicating with his hand towards the dining room.

Bucky nodded, "Mmhm, sure thing." He said, knowing they were up to something but letting them go at their own pace.

If it was the news he was hoping for he didn't want to rush them.

He sat at the table waiting for probably three minutes before the two came in with the dishes.

Peggy set the big pot in the center of the table, dishing out roast into Bucky's bowl.

That was strange, Peggy never served him his food before, and he'd never expected her too.

"So, Buck, how's things?" Steve asked, digging into his own meal.

"Not much has changed from Friday, when I last saw you. Although I have gotten another chapter done on my book, and I'd love to get your guys' opinions on it."

Bucky was referring to the book he'd been writing for the past year, oh yeah, did he forget to mention that he was a successful author? Well he is, specializing in murder mystery/thrillers.

He had about twenty three chapters of his newest one, the fourth in a best selling series. He never had much trouble meeting deadlines, usually being a chapter or two ahead of schedule. Although he would never publish anything without Peggy's say so, she may be a lawyer but that girl knew good literature and an okay from her was basically a ticket to good lucksville.

"Oh I'm so excited, you had me on the edge of my seat with that last one and I've been dying to know what happens to Julia. Is Nathan the killer or not, I have my suspicions about Ryan though, he just seems like a bad seed." Peggy went on and on about the fictional characters, even though she knew Bucky wouldn't give her any spoilers.

After a half hour of pleasant conversation (Steve ranting about his new client, the guy requested a nude painting of him and his girlfriend to put above their fireplace. And Steve's never been one to shy away from a challenge, but when the guy kept complaining about the size of his dick in the painting Steve just about lost it. Almost screaming at the guy "You wanted realistic, and realistically you have a tiny dick!" But he resisted... barely) Peggy stood up to get dessert.

She returned soon with a chocolate cake, cutting three slices and serving them.

Bucky was still waiting for whatever news was to be delivered, although he couldn't turn down chocolate cake. Damnit, Peggy knew his weakness.

After everyone was finished he expected them to retire to the living room for a movie, as per their annual every two week dinners, but the couple stay seated.

Bucky slowly lowered himself back into his seat, raising his eyebrows at his friends.

"What's goin' on, guys?"

Their hands were clasped on the table top, and they each glanced at each other. Peggy took in a deep breathe before she spoke, "So, you know that we've been trying for a child?" She asked.

Bucky nodded, of course he knew, he was the first and only person they told.

"Well, since it hasn't been happening and we've been trying for so long I figured I'd go to the doctors. Just to make sure everything was okay, and-" she stopped, closing her eyes and licking her lips before she tried again, "And I can't have children, the doctor said it just wasn't a possibility for me."

Bucky reached out his hand for the couples clasped ones, placing his over theirs and squeezing.

"I'm so sorry, I'm- there's always other options. You could adopt-"

Steve shook his head, "Adoption could take years, and there's always the possibility that the biological parents could decide they wanted to keep the baby. We just, it's a lot to go through."

Bucky could understand that, but he wished there was a different way, because these two deserved the world and it just wasn't fair that this was the hand they were dealt.

"What- what about surrogacy? I know it's expensive and it wouldn't be you carrying it, but-"

Peggy cut him off, her voice shaking slightly, "Actually, that is the path we were plannin- hoping to take."

Steve nodded along, biting his lip nervously.

"Okay, have you looked into any agency's?" Bucky asked.

"Yeah, but we've both decided that we didn't want a stranger to carry our baby, either." Steve explained.

Well... Bucky wasn't sure what other options they had at this point. Yeah it sucked that someone else would carry the baby, but he didn't know what else they could do.

"Alright, um. What then?" He asked, unsure of where this was going.

Had they just given up on having children then?

"Well, actually." Peggy said, taking in another deep breathe then starting again, "We- we were going to ask, uhm, we were going to ask you if-" she cut off and looked at Steve.

"We were going to ask you if you'd be our surrogate, because we trust you and- and," Steve said, his voice shaking.

"And I know I wouldn't be jealous if you were the one carrying my baby, I couldn't handle it if I watched another person- a stranger be pregnant with my child. I know I wouldn't feel that way with you, James. You and Steve are best friends, brothers even. But, you're my brother too, you're my family and the only person I think I could ask to do this." She finished, her eyes watering.

Bucky didn't know what to say, didn't know what to feel.

This was a huge thing.

They wanted him to carry their child, to be pregnant with another human being and then hand it over.

He wasn't sure if he could do that, have a baby and then be the kids uncle for the rest of its life.

Bucky always assumed he'd have a baby when he was mated, when he was ready to start his life with someone else.

But if he did this Peggy and Steve would get the baby they so desperately want, he could help them and he wasn't sure if he could turn that down or not.

He just sat there with his lips parted, staring at their clasped hands, he'd removed his sometime in this conversation, he wasn't sure when and didn't even realize he'd done so.

"Uh," his voice cracked when he first spoke and he hadn't even noticed that he was so choked up. "Can- can I think about it? For a bit?" He asked, his voice quiet.

They both nodded, quick to reassure him.

"Of course, Buck." Steve spoke at the same time as Peggy said, "This is a big decision, think it through and take your time."

Bucky nodded.

"Buck, we don't want you to feel obligated to do this, if you decide you don't want to or that it's to much we'll understand. We won't be mad, so just make sure you're okay with it, and if not, then we'll think of something else." Steve said, reaching his hand out to grip Bucky's shoulder.

Bucky nodded again, telling the couple he needed to go home and lie down, that he needed to think about it.

Steve walked him to the door, after Peggy gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

When the two were on the steps leading to the door Steve pulled Bucky in for a tight hug. "Take your time okay, I know this is a big thing we're asking you. I don't want it to make thing weird between us, so, please think everything over."

"I will, Steve. Uhm," Bucky nibbled on his lip for a moment. "I'll let you guys know as soon as I decide."

Steve nodded, pulling him back in for one more quick hug and then saying goodbye.

Bucky got in his car and drove home, a weight on his shoulders that hadn't been there before.

What was he gonna do?


Steve & Peggy

Three Nights Later

The couple lay in bed together, Steve sketching a rough draft for a client in his sketch pad, and Peggy reading the new chapter Bucky sent her on her tablet.

The night of "the dinner" (the two had dubbed it) they spent talking about what had happened, what they had asked and if they thought Bucky would agree to it.

It had been almost two weeks since Peggy had that awful doctors appointment, and it was that same day that Steve and her had talked through all of their options, they'd both come to the same conclusion.

Now they could only wait, hope that Bucky would agree.

It's not like they didn't know what they were asking, it was an incredibly huge thing to ask of someone.

Especially an Omega, Beta and Alpha mothers had normal connections with their children, but Omega mothers had a bond that was much stronger than any other. So to ask someone to make a baby and then hand them over was a lot, and it wasn't something everyone could do.

Of course they'd be disappointed, heartbroken even, if Bucky declined, but they would understand and would in no way be mad at the Omega.

It's not like he asked for this.

Both Steve and Peggy had talked and agreed that it was best to keep their hopes down, that way the disappointment wouldn't be as bad if Bucky said no.

So when Steve cell phone ringed from the night stand they were a little surprised.

Peggy looked at her bedside clock, it read 12:23 AM. Who on earth would be calling them at this time?

She heard Steve take in a breathe and whipped her head around to see him answering the phone.

"Hey, Buck?" Was all the Alpha said.

She heard a muffle and then Steve mhhmed, moving the phone from his ear and pressing speaker.

A crackle broke through the silence of the room, and Bucky's voice filled the space.

"I've thought a lot about what you guys asked, and I've come to a conclusion."

After a few seconds Peggy asked, "And?"

"...I'll do it."