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A Coffee a Day

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“Three coffees please”

Alex smirks as she watches Maggie raise an eyebrow as she looks between Alex and Kara.


“You worried Sawyer?”

Smiling Maggie looks down the counter to make sure her boss isn’t watching before she places her hands on the counter leveraging her small height over the counter to brush her lips against Alex’s.


“Good. The coffee is for the other Lane.”

“Lois?” Lucy appears next to Maggie a slight scowl on her face.

“You have another sister we don’t know about?”

Lucy rolls her eyes so hard they almost get stuck in the back of her head. “I just don’t know why you guys hang out with her so much.”

“She’s dating my cousin Lucy! I can’t ignore her.” Kara grumbles as she relieves Maggie of the first two coffees. “Plus I like her.”

“You like everyone Kara.”

The three girls laugh as Kara huffs unable to cross her arms with her hands full as she pretends to glare at Lucy and Alex takes the last coffee and slides a couple bills across the counter shaking her head when Kara offers to pay for her and Lois’.

“You can get the next ones.”

Taking another look around Alex presses a second kiss against Maggie’s lips.

“What no kiss for me?”

Alex wrinkled her nose at Lucy in fake disgust, “You know I always left that job to my sister.”

“Alex!” Alex’s shoulders slumped at Kara’s embarrassed hiss, Lucy’s eyes tinging with sympathy as Kara stalked out the door, her sister close on her heels.

The lecture was still going when Alex and Kara snuck into the back of the room trying not to draw attention to themselves, taking the empty chairs at the back. Kara’s surprised they can get seats at the back so used to them being the first seats to be filled in her undergraduate classes. Setting down the coffees Kara flops into the chair losing her jacket scanning the room for Lois, wondering if sitting at the front of the class is a graduate student’s thing. Everyone desperate to get their money’s worth by being as close to the professor as they can.

The halt of heels clicking on the cement brings Kara’s attention to the front of the room. Eyes dragging over Louis Vuitton stilettos, thin muscular legs, pausing on a yellow and grey print pencil skirt, before traveling over a black top tucked under a black leather jacket.

“Oh.” Kara’s breath hitches as brown eyes framed behind cat eye glasses stare back her.


Alex doesn’t look up from her phone as the small sound escapes her sister’s lips.
“Is that…”

“Cat Grant? Yeah.” Alex glanced up at the professor who has not stopped her lecture before looking at her sister who is still so obviously staring. “You really need to listen to Clark and Lois more, they only talk about her all the time…and how they have no idea how the university managed to convince her to step down as CEO of her own company to teach journalism.”

Tearing her eyes away from the other blonde’s Kara holds her hands in front of her face like a curtain turning towards her sister, noting the click of heels on cement once again. “Maybe she just wanted something new.”

“Maybe.” Alex shrugged, clearly unconcerned about what decisions Cat Grant, queen of all media, decided to make in her life.

Kara and Alex stood off to the side at the front of the lecture hall as Lois talked to Ms.Grant, her movements animated as Cat met her with an unwavering gaze. Fixated on the professor, Kara watched her lips move as she replied to Lois, whatever she said sending Lois stomping towards them as she snatched her coffee from Kara.

“Ms Lane.” The voice teetered between demanding and clipped as Lois stormed away. Cat’s eyes now uncovered as she held her glasses, the stem tapping her bottom lip as she scanned the three women. Her eyes lingering on Kara drawing out a light pink blush. “Don’t be rude.”

Straightening her back Lois smiled through grit teeth. “Ms Grant, this is Alex Danvers. And her younger sister, Kara Danvers. Clark is Kara’s cousin.”

“The farm boy you’re dating?” Cat hummed, “Yes I remember him. Are you in journalism like your cousin Ms. Danvers?”

“It’s Kara.” Kara practically squeaked, pulling herself together as Lois and Alex turned to stare at her. “And no, I’m in biology like my sister.”

Cat’s eyes rove over to Alex, raising an eyebrow as the woman doesn’t so much as shift under her stare.

“I’m doing my master’s in bioengineering.” Alex offers returning the stare.

“Impressive.” The word falls out of Cat’s mouth, but she sounds more like she’s dismissing them more then she is impressed.

Taking their cue, they shuffle towards the door Kara stumbling behind them turning as they leave.

“It was nice to meet you Ms Grant.”

Lois and Alex barely notice Kara’s last words, already falling into step deep in conversation, but Kara swears she sees Cat smirk.

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The sun is warm on Kara’s face as she trudges towards the National City University library, a stack of books unsteady in her arms. Trying not to drop the stack, Kara slowly empties her load into the book drop off, looping her hands around her bag straps, hiking it further up setting off on her mission to find the perfect study spot.

It was already getting to be midterm period and tension was palpable in the air. Most seats taken up by students with rows of coffee cups on their desks and finger tangled hair. Kara skirted along the outside wall, seeking her usual desk in the far back corner, wedged between the wall and a concrete pillar overlooking the green square on campus. She knew it was optimistic that the spot would be empty when she was getting here so late in the day but she hoped that she might be able to snag it as students shuffled out to fill their stomachs as cafeterias on campus started serving lunch.

The desk was taken, by some student Kara had never seen, but scribbling away and looking like they were in no position to be leaving soon. Trying not to sulk Kara continued to move along the wall scanning for spots where she hoped she wouldn’t have to share a table. Two circles around the outside Kara finally decided to try and search the top floor.

One lap around the top floor had Kara stalking with impatience. She needed somewhere to study and so far there were no spots open and she did not want to get stuck sitting on the floor next to an outlet all day. Passing a couple of group study rooms, Kara looked at the reservation sheets on the wall. Only one had the afternoon left open, quickly scribbling down her name along with Lucy and Alex’s, Kara reserved the afternoon.

She knew it was unlikely that anyone was actually going to come join her to study, but having a few extra names on the board meant she also wasn’t going to have to fight to keep the room if another group decided to come looking. Pressing open the door Kara walked into the room dropping her bag on the floor before noticing she wasn’t alone.

“Ms Grant!” Kara stood rooted to the floor, shocked that she had found anyone in the room, let alone Lois’ journalism professor with her feet up on the table staring at the roof.

“I’m so sorry! I didn’t realize! There was no name on the paper…” Kara looked back over her shoulder about to offer to leave when Cat held up a finger silencing her rambling.

“Do you hear that?”

“Uhhh no?” Kara closed the door lightly behind her, blocking out the little noise on the other side of the door hoping that whatever noise Cat was currently hearing would be blocked out, or she would be able to hear whatever it was Cat heard.

“You don’t hear that loud, high pitched, incessant humming coming from the vents making it impossible for me to think straight let alone string together one coherent sentence.”

Kara tried not to smile too widely at the vision in front of her who had yet to look away from the vents in the ceiling. “I have pretty good ears…I don’t hear anything.”

“Well.” Lifting her feet off the table Cat straightened her jacket as she finally looked at Kara. “It’s driving me crazy.”

“I should go…” Kara scooped her bag up again as she moved towards the door looking a little defeated thinking about how she might be able to find a spot at home where she could work without any distractions.



Kara slowly turned on her heel holding her breath. Cat was staring at her thoughtfully above the lens of her glasses.

“You said I forgot to put a name on the sign up sheet outside.”

It was a statement more than a question so Kara stood in front of those prying eyes trying to figure out if she was supposed to answer. Unsure if she should tell her that she had put her own name on the board so nobody else should walk in on Cat working again, so she just nodded slightly.

“Well. Then I think it’s only fair that you join me, I wouldn't want to kick you out of a perfectly good study area.” Cat had already gone back to her laptop screen halfway through her statement, ignoring the look of relief on Kara’s face as she set her bag down a second time.

“Thank you Ms Grant.”

“Just don’t breath too loudly.”

Kara set up on the opposite end of the table, scribbling down notes on cue cards from lectures she remembered professors highlighting. Despite her growing hunger Kara did her best to ignore the snacks she had hid away at the bottom of her bag, occasionally giving it a longing look. Her desire not to annoy Cat overpowering her need for a protein bar. Cat however seemed like she never needed to eat, typing furiously on her keyboard as she drank her third cup of coffee in as many hours. It was the grumbling of Kara’s stomach that broke their concentration. Kara’s face flushing in embarrassment as she placed a hand on her stomach wishing it silent, hoping it was one of those times it seemed louder then it actually was.

“For God’s sake Kara. Will you just eat whatever has you staring at that atrocious looking backpack you brought in with you? I don’t need to call an ambulance when you keel over because you were too worried about eating in front of me.”

Kara’s face flushed even brighter as she mumbled under her breath digging through her bag pulling out a peanut butter protein bar. Taking a bite, Kara tried not to groan in happiness as it quickly disappeared. Finishing the first one Kara grabbed a second, eating this one in much smaller bites.

“Would you like one? I have lots…” Kara held a third in her hand, she and Alex had learned very quickly that protein bars were a saviour with Kara's fast metabolism and bought them in bulk, hiding them in every bag they owned.

Cat stared at the bar in Kara’s hands like it might infect her before looking Kara up and down behind the desk. “No… not everyone can eat that crap and look that good.”

Cat’s lip twitched as Kara froze, mouth open, protein bar frozen in the air between them. Quickly closing her mouth Kara shoved the extra bar back in her bag and finished the bar she started, keeping her mouth filled so she didn’t have to think of something to say in return.

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“Kara this is the third week you’ve brought Lois coffee.” Lucy held onto the coffee she had just poured forcing Kara to stand and talk to her. “What’s up? Is she making you do this? because I know my sister can be a lot-“

“-what? No!" Kara stood mouth hanging open. Lois hadn’t asked her to bring coffee, even she was surprised that Kara kept showing up with the life saving beverage in hand. "It's on my way, and Clark asked me to make an effort with her when they started dating…”

“I think he meant invite her to games night every once in awhile Kara, not personally fetching her coffee every time she has class.”

“It’s not every class!” Kara reached across the counter holding her hand out expectantly for the second coffee. “This one is just on my way!”

Lucy watched Kara shove the coffee into a tray, almost tipping them over in her force before exiting the cafe.

“I think something is up with Kara.” Lucy murmured to Maggie as she passed on her way to making a drink for the next person in line.


“I’m not sure…” Lucy looked out the window following Kara’s figure as she dodged through the traffic crossing the street.

“Have you mentioned it to Alex?”

“Not yet. I was hoping Kara would just tell me.”

“Well you know Kara, if it’s not Alex asking the questions she takes awhile to open up about things.”

“I thought we were in a good spot, she used to be able to tell me anything, we were together for over a year…”

“You are good, but you’re also with James now.”

Lucy nodded, deciding to let it go for the moment, taking the cup from Maggie and calling out the customer name written on the side.

As usual the lecture was still going as Kara slid into a seat at the back of class. She had been coming earlier and earlier each week, peeling off her jacket as she watched Cat pace the floor in her heels, and depending on the week, in her bare feet. She thought she was getting better at sneaking in without making much noise, but no matter how few students turned to look at her, Cat always noticed. She tried to return Cat’s stare that lit every inch of her skin on fire, holding her in place until she started to shift in her seat pressing her legs together as she crossed and uncrossed her legs. She swore Cat was doing it out of pure enjoyment, the moment she started to squirm Cat was continuing to wear her path into the cement floor.

The class emptied quickly after Cat barked about how they had failed her expectations on the last assignment and she was expecting more from them this time. Kara made her way through the stream of exiting students to the front of the class where Lois always sat, waiting patiently until the room had cleared before approaching her professor about this week’s concerns.

Cat watched Kara as Lois talked, ranting about something Cat had said in the lecture and how her grade from the last assignment did not reflect the work she had put in.

“Miss Lane.” Cat’s voice clipped the argument short as her gaze finally returned to the other reporter. “I suggest that if you want to get better grades you hand in better assignments.”

Lois’ mouth fell open in argument, quickly shutting as she turned on her heel to gather her items before leaving.

“It was nice to see you in my class again Kara.” Kara’s mouth went dry as Cat lifted her eyebrows over her glasses, turning her full attention towards her computer screen. “But if you keep insisting on coming under the pretence of delivering Lois her much needed coffee, maybe you could bring an extra.”

Kara didn’t bother nodding as she fell into step with Lois handing over her coffee.

“You don’t have to do that Kara." Lois’ voice softening as soon as they got out of Cat’s ear shot. “You don't have to bring me coffee either for that matter. Not, that I don’t appreciate it.” Lois hummed as she took a long draw from the cup.

“I know I don’t have to…but…I really don’t mind bringing her coffee.”

Lois raised an eyebrow at Kara as she took another swig of coffee.


“Nothing.” Lois smiled behind her cup. “I didn’t say anything.”

Rolling her eyes Kara slumped her shoulders pulling up her bag as she pouted. “You didn’t need to.”

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It was a couple weeks before Kara walked into Lois’ class again carrying three coffees in a tray. She had been nervous about buying Cat’s, having no idea what her order was, and had assumed she would want something fancy, low fat and extra hot. Turned out extra hot was the only thing Kara had guessed correctly, right before she learned that Cat Grant was a latte junkie and every barista in the campus Starbucks including Maggie and Lucy had her order memorized.

“This is Cat Grant we are talking about. She’s in here practically everyday, multiple times a day. And she’s terrifying. Of course everyone knows her order.” Kara smiled relief flooding her body as she took the cup from Lucy. Thankful her friends didn’t quiz her on the additional coffee.

The tension in the class felt different today. Cat sat in the chair behind the desk with her laptop as she spoke, occasionally rubbing the bridge of her nose and her temples. Students seemed more on edge with this display then they did with Cat’s usual reign on their class. Kara wondered if this was because they just weren’t used to seeing their professor so out of character or if something had happened before she had slid into a seat in the back.

Lecture ended early, Cat dismissing the room with a wave of her hand. The room was hushed as they left, leaving Kara to weave to the front of the room silently placing the white disposable cup on the desk before taking a moment to place two pills from her bag on the lid before making her way back to Lois. It was only a moment before Cat lifted her head to inspect the coffee, pushing the pills around before popping them into her mouth, seeking Kara’s face as she chased them down with her latte.

Their eyes met over Lois’ shoulder as she whispered something to Kara before side stepping towards the door, Cat mouthing a silent thank you as Kara followed, her eyes lighting up as she flashed Cat a soft smile.

“Is she like that often?”


“Ms Grant.” Kara looked over her shoulder as the door fell close, getting in one last glimpse of Cat, her throat flexing as she drank. “Does she get headaches often?”

“Often enough.” Lois replied, scanning Kara’s face. “But I’m sure your advil will help.”

Kara blushed as she lifted her own cup to hide her face.

“Do you like Ms.Grant?” Lois’ eyes never left the road as she drove off campus towards Kara, Alex and Lucy’s apartment. It was Friday and a long weekend, so Alex had taken the liberty of inviting everyone over for a games night with food, drinking, and possibly a movie marathon.

“What??” Kara sputtered as she willed her face not to go beat red, not to think about Cat sitting with her feet up on the desk in the library, or how she put on two sets of glasses when she had gotten particularly frustrated at her article, or how her skirt rode up her legs every time she sat down with a new coffee. “Ms.Grant?…She’s your professor!”

“You know Kara, you wouldn’t be the first person to have a crush on a professor.” Lois parked the car in the underground parkade, taking a second before she turned towards Kara. “You don’t have to tell me if you do. But I want you to be careful Kara…that cat has claws. She wouldn’t be where she is if she didn’t.”

Lois left the car, leaving Kara to take a moment. She had meant it, Kara was a sunny, smart young woman, and Cat Grant was twice her age with a reputation for being ruthless. The last thing she wanted was for Kara to get hurt.

Kara sat in silence with what Lois had said. She had researched Cat Grant after that first week she and Alex had walked into her class, she knew Lois was right. But it had only increased Kara’s curiosity of the woman. Sighing, Kara climbed out of the car letting Lois throw an arm over her shoulders as they headed inside.

“Finally!” Alex’s head appeared over the top of the couch as soon as the door opened. “Lucy and Maggie are arguing over some paper for one of their criminal justice classes and James and Clark disappeared talking about photography, or journalism, or both, and left me to fend for myself with these two!”

“Like you weren’t getting in on the debate!” Lucy scoffed as Maggie pulled Alex’s arm back around her shoulders.

“She’s right, you were getting just as heated as the two of us! In fact… I think you’re the reason Winn volunteered to go get the food!”

Kara chuckled as she imagined Winn running out of the apartment at the first chance he saw.

“Where is Smallville? Out on the balcony?”

Alex nodded as Lois headed for the balcony in search of Clark, sliding the glass doors closed behind her the same time the front door opened again. This time to Winn attempting to balance bags of chinese food on top of three boxes of large pizzas.

“Some help would be nice!”

Everyone broke into movement, Kara stepping forward to take the bags of chinese as Alex hopped over the couch to take the pizzas, Lucy sticking her head outside to tell announce that food had arrived, Maggie digging out plates and utensils as the food got unpacked. Soon everyone was sitting around the coffee table, plates heaped with food balanced in their laps.

“No couples!” Winn shouted as soon as Taboo came into sight.

Everyone groaned quickly shouting out new names as they switched up teams. It was a fast game, Lucy and Kara coming in second, only one point behind James and Clark, Lois and Alex taking third and Maggie and Winn dead last.

The rest of night passed in a giant game of monopoly and drinking. Lucy and Lois neck in neck for first place, Kara and James and Clark going bankrupt first, Maggie, Winn and Alex occasionally taking sides with the sisters knowing they wouldn’t come out on top.


“Sorry Lucy, Lois scares me more then you.” Winn's grin faltering as Lucy glared at him, James holding her firmly in his lap so she didn’t jump over the table.

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The following three weeks passed much the same way. Kara collected three coffees, ignoring Lucy and Maggie’s questions, and headed to Lois’ lecture where she sat in the back of the room trying not to ogle Cat as she taught. At some point in this routine Kara realized she had started wearing nicer clothes on these days. Clothes that hugged her curves and showed off some of the muscle she had developed from so many trips to the gym with Lucy, Maggie and Alex. Growing confident under Cat’s stares as she handed off her latte purposely brushing their fingers together, taking too much pleasure from the way Cat’s jaw clenched.

Kara was late this week. The line at the campus cafe unusually busy. When Kara made it to the lecture hall with two cups in hand, deciding to forgo her own in her impatience, the class was already empty of students. Kara watched as Cat stood in front of the desk bent over her laptop, hip cocked, figure accentuated by painted on black jeans, a black long sleeve sweater cut across the shoulders showing just enough skin, a black and gold belt looped around her waist. Releasing a slow breath Kara started quietly down the stairs.

“Ms Grant” Kara placed the coffee on the desk in greeting.

“You just missed Lois.”

Kara nodded, she'd catch up with Lois later. She was probably already at her car at this point, assuming that Kara had been busy, and Kara did only have two coffees. A fact that she was thankful for at this moment.

“That’s ok.”

Cat raised her eyebrows as she picked up her latte pressing it to her lips as she watched the younger woman settle on the edge of her desk crossing her bare legs under the flare of her dress.

“No coffee for her today?”

“Nope." Kara shook her head, her blonde ponytail bouncing with the movement. “Just came to see you today.”

“Did you? Why’s that?”

Kara’s eyes widened as she tried not to choke on her drink. She hadn’t actually thought of a reason why she would have come to see Cat and not Lois.

“Umm… I… I, uh…."

Cat smirked as she watched Kara fumble for words.


“Yes!” Kara’s relief was evident as she clung to the opportunity not to answer.

“When are you going to ask me out?”

This time Kara couldn’t stop the choking as a coffee ran down the wrong tube into her lungs. Covering her mouth Kara turned away from Cat, coughing and gasping for air. Finally clearing her throat, taking another sip of coffee to help, she realized Cat had taken a step closer, leaning on the desk with her, pressing a hand against Kara’s back when she was coughing.

"Well if I knew that was the reaction I was going to get I wouldn't have said anything.”

Kara stared at Cat opening and closing her mouth, “You just took me by surprise.”

Cat slowly retracted her hand from Kara moving it to grip the edge of the desk between them, taking a measured sip from her cup. Kara shuddered as her back suddenly went cold with the missing contact.

“I just meant…that, I wasn’t expecting you to like me back.” Picking her words carefully, Kara placed her hand next to Cat’s gently stroking her pinky against the soft skin next to her.

Silence enveloped them as they sat together. Checking the time Kara pushed herself off the desk.

“I’m sorry Ms Grant, I have to go… I have a lab this week.”

Kara lingered, hopeful that Cat would say something so that this wouldn’t get anymore awkward. Already aware that the ball was now fully in her court if she wanted anything to happen.

“You can call me Cat. Not in front of my class, I wouldn’t want them to start thinking it’s something they can get away with.”

“Of course.” Kara nodded, “Cat.” She smiled at the way it rolled off her tongue, the little snap of her tongue at the end.

Kara took a step forward, holding the space between them as she stared down at Cat brushing her fingers against Cat’s knuckles.

“Bye Cat.” Kara’s eyes flickered down to parted lips as the words came out quiet between them. Taking a step back she smiled before disappearing out the door at the front of class.

“I need your sharpie.”


“I need your sharpie.” Alex shrugged as Maggie looked to her in confusion before handing over a marker on the counter by the cups.

“What do you need it for?”

Lucy, Maggie and Alex watched Kara as she bent down in front of her tray of coffees scribbling on the side, trying not to knock them over.


Kara tossed the pen back at Maggie as she grabbed the tray walking out the door like a woman on a mission.

“That was strange.”

Alex chuckled as she watched Kara jog across the street almost dropping everything, “You’re telling me.”

“She hasn’t mentioned anything to you? About all this time she’s been spending with Lois?”

Lucy asked still watching Kara until she disappeared from sight.

“No. I’m not too worried, if it was Lois would tell me. Until then, I wait, she'll tell me when she wants too.”

Kara got to the lecture before it ended this time, taking up her usual seat in the back frowning as Cat continued her lecture, not even stopping to look up at her seat as she usually did. Drumming her fingers on the coffee lid, Kara missed the glares from students in the rows ahead of her as she watched Cat prowl back and forth before the front row, pointing randomly at students causing them to jump up in their seats and ramble off something from today’s news circuit.

It went on like this until Cat seemed satisfied that she had terrorized everyone. Dismissing them with a reminder that there would be no lecture the following week because she was speaking at a conference but her expectations that all assignments would still be handed in on time remained the same as always. There was a low grumble as students packed their bags, Kara stayed seated watching until Lois had her items packed, had talked to Cat and was just about ready to leave. Making her way down the stairs she tugged Cat’s latte loose from the tray and placed it on her desk, leaving Cat with a giant smile as she followed Lois back out the door.

Tracking Kara out the door, Cat picked up her cup to take a thoughtful sip, black writing catching her eye.

Noonan’s, this Friday, 7pm

Cat laughed, as she pulled out her phone, punching in the number left on the cup below the date and time.

Cat: This Friday?

Kara: Is that ok?

Cat: I’ll meet you there.

Kara grinned as she walked straight into Lois, almost spilling both their coffees.


“I’m sorry!” Kara held her hand on Lois’ waist looking her up and down. “Are you ok? I’m sorry.”

“Hey. Whoa. I’m fine Kara. You got my heel a little bit, but I’m good. Are you ok? It’s not really like you to bowl people over.”

Kara grinned as she lifted her phone for Lois to read.

“She said yes!”

“Who said yes?”

Kara pulled her screen back realizing that the top of her screen was just showing Cat’s number.

“Cat!” Kara clamped a hand over her mouth as it came out a bit louder then she meant.

“Cat said yes? To a date with you? This Friday?”

Kara nodded her fingers still pressed against her lips as she grinned.

“Well congratulations Kara, you officially have a date with the most powerful woman in National City.” Lois grinned nudging Kara in the shoulder.

Chapter Text

Kara twirled in front of the mirror in a yellow sundress. It was her favourite, it showed off her arms, and flared at her hips and brought out the honey colours in her blonde hair.

“What do you think?”

Alex lay on her stomach on Kara’s bed, ankles crossed in the air as she highlighted something in the packet of papers she was reading.

“Alex! You’re supposed to be helping me pick something out!”

“I can’t help you pick something out if I don’t know what it’s for.” Alex repeated for the thousandth time as Kara asked her about outfit after outfit. All sundresses of similar cuts as the one she wore now.

“Fine.” Kara chewed her lip as she watched her sister bring herself to attention waiting patiently for Kara to continue. “I… have a date tonight.”

“Why didn’t you just say that.” Alex smiled, “Did that Mike guy finally get up the nerve to ask you out?”

“Mike? What? No! It’s not Mike.”

“Okaaayy… so who is it?”

Kara’s body suddenly flooded with nerves as Alex watched her expectantly. She hadn’t exactly talked to anyone about Cat Grant except for with Lois, and even that wasn’t very much.

“I asked out Cat.”

“Cat? You don’t know a Ca-“ Alex sat up on her knees, “Kara… Cat as in Cat Grant? As in Lois’ professor Cat Grant? Queen of all media Cat Grant!?”

Kara nodded, shoulders slouched as she waited.


“What?” Alex’s face twitched, Kara’s new tone stopping any new train of thoughts developing as she sunk into the bed crossing her legs.

“Kara…she’s a professor, and twice your age, and an extremely powerful woman.”

“You sound like Lois.”

Alex sat silently nodding at Kara as she digested the news that Kara had trusted Lois before her.

“Yeah well Lois was the first to hear about this to talk to you. Lois is a professional journalist who has worked with this woman. Lois is only taking classes from this woman to help get a job as a government journalist. Lois knows what she’s talking about!”

That woman, has a name. And Lois may have told me to be careful! But she also supported me!” Kara’s face started to flush as her voice got louder. “You’re just mad I didn’t tell you first!”

“I’m mad! That you didn’t tell me! At all!”

The sisters stared at each other as their chests heaved.

“I’m sorry.” The tension between them deflated as soon as the words left Kara’s mouth. Both bodies slumping at the quiet apology as they looked away from each other taking a moment to gather themselves.

“Where is she taking you?” Alex asked, trying to navigate them back to where she knew the conversation should’ve gone the first time.

Kara stood up straight rolling back her shoulders, “I am taking her Noonan’s.”

“The steak house where I took Maggie for our anniversary?” Alex let out a low whistle, “You really do like her…”

“It’s the nicest place I can afford, and you and Maggie raved about it for days, and I didn’t really think a hot dog cart would be her style.”

“Hey!” Alex pointed at Kara her face serious. “Don’t diss the hot dog cart. I was very broke and Maggie and I are still together. But yes, I get what you mean.”

Kara laughed as she remembered how nervous Alex was when she told her she had a date with Maggie, and all she could afford was to take her out on her bike, go for hot dogs and walk around National City.

“Where is Maggie tonight?”

“At her place with Lucy, they want to go to some opening tonight. I needed to get these readings done so I’m meeting up with them later, probably at the club. And then I think we’re all crashing at Maggie’s because it’s just around the corner from her place.”

“Her roommate doesn’t mind?”

“She’s used to me spending the night, I’m sure she won’t be too bothered if Lucy is there. When is Cat picking you up?”

“She’s not, she uh, she said she would meet me there. Our reservations are for 7.”

“We’ve got lots of time. I’m thinking less flare and more sleek.”

“What’s wrong with this?”

“Nothing. It just… says…more office attire or picnics on the beach then it does black tie optional.” Alex already climbed off the bed shifting through Kara’s rack of clothes before she pulled free an outfit. It was a black top and skirt with pink and green tiger stripes. It looked like a dress to anyone that wasn’t paying close enough attention to notice the small strip of skin it occasionally showed off.

“I can’t believe you convinced me to buy that. It’s so tight.”

“I can’t believe you haven't worn it yet. It still has its tags on.”

“Trust me Kara,” Alex stooped down grabbing a pair of green strappy heels she had also convinced her to buy. “This dress and these shoes, you’ll have her eating out of the palm of your hand.”


“I mean it.” Alex shoved the dress into Kara’s hands, “put this on, and I’ll help you pin up your hair.”


Alex pulled her spare key from the door as she balanced a pizza in her other hand. Her readings hadn’t taken as long as she thought they would after she sent Kara on her way. So she had decided to get a pizza knowing full well that Lucy and Maggie would have started pre-drinking by now and probably hadn’t thought about their stomachs.

“I brought pizza!”

“We’re in here!”

Grabbing a roll of paper towel off the counter Alex headed to Maggie’s room at the back of the apartment. Maggie sat on the edge of the bed glass in her hand as she watched laughing as Lucy stood in front of the mirror surrounded by a pile of clothes.

“I’ll take that!” Lucy snatched the box from Alex taking it with her to the bathroom as she continued to try on outfits.

“Hey.” Alex smiled as she leaned down pressing her lips to Maggie’s. “How long has this been going on?”

“That was outfit three, it’s gonna be awhile.”

Playfully rolling her eyes Alex shed her leather coat, throwing it onto the bed as she sat down. Palming the glass in Maggie’s hand Alex downed the last of the amber liquid, refilling it with the bottle on the floor before handing it back to Maggie.

“Everything alright?”

“Umm, I think so? I’m not sure to be honest it’s about Kar-“

Alex stopped talking as the bathroom door opened, “I bought that pizza to be shared Lane!”

“Oh calm down I only ate a slice.” Lucy grabbed the box from the counter as she brought it back out setting it on the bed. “What do we think?”

Both Alex and Maggie tilted their heads to the side not replying.

“I’m gonna take that as a no.”

Maggie turned to Alex as the door shut again. “Its about Kara?”

“Yeah. I helped her get ready for a date tonight.”

“Mike finally ask her out?”

Alex tried not to snort as Maggie offered her another drink from her glass. “No. I asked the same thing. She actually has a date with Cat Grant. CatCo magazine…Lois’ professor.”

“What?!” Maggie’s eyebrows shot up as she watched Alex nod as she took another gulp handing back the glass. “What did you say?”

“I pointed out that she was professor and twice her age. What was I supposed to say? Kara’s an adult. She already knew those things before asking her out.”

“What about this one?” Lucy stood in the doorway, not bothering to come out to look in the full length mirror, shutting the door again as Alex and Maggie both shook their heads.

“So Kara asked her out?”


Maggie picked the bottle off the filling her glass for the fourth time that night. “I can’t believe your little sister has a date with Cat Grant. Seriously! Cat Grant! That woman is hot.”

“Who’s hot?”


“Cate Blanchett.”

“Yeah she is.” Lucy did a quick turn in the mirror deciding the navy dress she stole from Maggie still wasn’t quite right and heading back to the bathroom.

“Cate Blanchett?”

“She is!” Alex shrugged,” and do you seriously want to be the one that tells Lucy that Kara is dating an older woman?”

“Good point. Kara is on her own there.” Alex nodded as she leaned over Maggie to swipe a slice of pizza.

“Does Lois know?”


“She didn’t say anything?”


“Oh boy…”

“I think we have a winner!” Lucy sauntered out of the bathroom, spinning in front of the mirror in leather pants, a white floral top and wedges.

“Seriously Lucy?” Maggie fell back on the bed laughing, “that was the first outfit you had on!”

“So? Apparently I should trust my gut instinct.”

“You look good Lucy.” Alex smirked as she wiped her mouth with a piece of paper napkin, tossing it in the direction of the pizza box.

“Excuse me.” Alex grunted as a slap on her stomach took her by surprise.

“You. You always look amazing.” Alex leaned over the bed kissing Maggie’s stomach where her shirt had rode up.

“Get a room!”

“You’re in it.” Alex laughed as she lifted her head brushing hair out of her face.

“Well if you’re quite finished then can we go?”

Each grabbing one of Maggie’s hands they pulled her off the bed, gathering coats, cash and a house key. Passing around the glass, they each took another drink before heading out the door to walk to the club.

Chapter Text

Kara sat at the table drumming her fingers on the table as she checked the time on her phone for the umpteenth time. The restaurant had placed them out on the balcony with a few other couples tables, each one meticulously decorated to look like a rustic wood dining room taken from the pages of a luxury country home magazine. It had a calming effect on Kara, the decoration fancy without making her nervous, the cool night air keeping her from overheating. She had arrived early to the restaurant, Alex being kind enough to offer a ride, but now it was a couple minutes past 7 and there was still no sign of Cat.

Sighing Kara took her club soda with her as she stood to take a step towards the edge of the balcony to look out at National City. She could see why Alex had chosen this restaurant for her anniversary dinner.

A woman’s voice forced Kara out of her thoughts as she turned to see Cat talking to the hostess at the door. She stood tall next to the small podium, her lean frame covered in a dove grey dress that covered her arms and hugged her hips. It was just short enough that it showed off her sculpted calves, defined in their effort to stay balanced on a pair patent pumps. Kara’s mouth dried as her eyes locked with Cat’s through the balcony doors. Cat’s lips falling silent as her eyes raked over Kara, tearing away to give the hostess a last comment before letting herself be drawn towards her date.

Kara moved back towards the table distracting herself with pulling out Cat’s chair as she approached.

“Thank you.” Cat whispered as she let her fingers ghost over knuckles as she took her seat immediately making a show of removing her heels as Kara sat down across from her.

“What?” Cat raised her eyebrows as Kara’s eyes danced with amusement as she watched Cat toss her heels under the table.


Humming in disbelief Cat opened her menu scanning quickly across the different options, “have you eaten here before?”

“No… My sister actually brought her girlfriend here a couple months ago for their anniversary… they both raved about it for days, she said the steak is really good. Which isn't surprising I guess, considering it is a steak hou-“



“I’m a vegetarian.” Kara paled as Cat watched her over the top of her menu.

“You’re a vege- right, um, ok… of course. I’m sure they have a vegetarian option. Maggie she eats vegetarian sometimes, she might have-“

“Kara.” Cat voice was gentle, bubbling with laughter as she cut off Kara’s ramblings. Placing her hand over Kara’s on the table drawing circles with the thumb. “Breathe dear. I’m kidding, I’m not a vegetarian.”

A puff of air escaped Kara as sank further into her seat, trying to keep the whine out of her voice as she looked at Cat grinning, “that was mean.”

Food arrived as Kara told Cat that she used to live in Midvale with her adoptive family, but moved in with Alex when she decided to get her bachelor of science in biology at National City University. She told her about how much she liked working in Alex’s research lab and how they both planned to be doctors like Eliza.

Cat told Kara about how she started out her career in journalism as Perry White’s assistant before working on a gossip column and running her own talk show. How later she acquired the Tribune and began to build CatCo Worldwide Media, eventually being named ‘Queen of all Media’. The sun was low in the sky as she told Kara how she came to work at the university. Deciding that it was time for a change in her life she reached out to the university about a previous offer, made them sweeten the contract, and within a year stepped down as CEO of CatCo, keeping herself on the board, became the head of the journalism department, and travelled around the country, and sometimes internationally, speaking at conferences.

Kara took a bite of food as she kept Cat talking, loving the sound of her voice as she reminisced.

“And what about Carter?”

“Carter?” Cat blinked in surprise at the question as she laid down her fork.

“Oh god, that’s your son’s name right?” Kara’s eyes widen in embarrassment trying to reimagine the articles she read, desperately hoping she might remember the right name.

“It is.” Her voice took on an edge as she laced her fingers, “how do you know about my son?”

Throat bobbing, Kara took a leap hoping her curiosity hadn’t just killed the date. “I know I’m not a reporter Cat… but I do know how to use google.”

Kara’s sigh of relief was instantaneous as Cat’s lips twitched in amusement of the thought of Kara googling her in preparation for their date.

“I hope you don’t believe everything you read in the gossip column.”

Shaking her head as she smiled, Kara leaned across the table tugging on Cat’s fingers. “Tell me about him.”

“He’s… special,” Cat sighed as she let Kara pull at her hand, letting her walls down at the light touch. “He’s 13, and already as tall as his mother. He’s clever and curious, and… shy.” Cat’s eyes softened as she spoke.

"He loves art, painting, and board games, he loves playing Settlers of Catan.”

“Do you, do you play Settlers of Catan?" Kara asked, her voice more then a little hopeful.

“I’ve been known to win a game or two.”

Kara grinned at the confession, “You know, my friends and I, we do a game night every few weeks, whenever we have time really. We mainly just play taboo and monopoly, but I have settlers of catan, if you wanted to come over? You and Carter? I don’t know how you’d feel about that, that might be weird until I’ve met Carter…I mean! If you even want me to meet Carter! I don’t know what your rules are! I totally get it if you don’t want me to meet Carter, but if you wanted to come! If you want to come I think you’d really like it…”

“We really need to work on your breathing.” Cat smiled as Kara took a deep breath, her chest rising and deflating as she released the air looking a little more relaxed.

“I think you’re right, it’s a little early to be talking about meeting Carter. I haven’t introduced him to someone I’ve dated in a long time. But… if you don’t think me being at this game night will be weird…”

“It won’t!”

“Then I would love to come.”

The conversation continued through dessert until Kara paid for dinner, much to Cat’s annoyance.

“I invited you out!”

“You’re also paying for school!”

“You can pay next time!” Kara hadn’t thought about it before she said it, handing over her credit card as she silenced Cat.

They left the restaurant, Cat’s hand on the small of Kara’s back, fingers brushing against the strip of bare skin where her skirt and top barely met.

“Where did you park?”

“I, uh, I actually don’t have a car. My sister, Alex, she dropped me off…”

“Is she picking you up?” Kara hadn’t really thought about it, she knew Alex had plans to go out tonight but not really how it factored into her getting home.

“No. I was just going to take the bus.”

Cat lifted her eyebrows as she took in Kara, appreciating, not for the first time that night, the way Kara’s dress hugged her figure. “Dressed like that? No. I don’t think so. I’ll drive you home.”

Ignoring her protests Cat opened the passenger door of a silver Mercedes GT, waiting patiently for Kara to duck inside.

They held hands in the car as they drove out of the parking lot. Cat moving Kara’s hand to rest on her thigh as she took a turn Kara indicated at the last second.

“I didn’t tell you how good you looked tonight.” Kara said as she stared at her hand placed against the soft grey fabric.

“You didn’t. But I’ll take the compliment now.”

“I meant to. When I first saw you at the restaurant, I couldn’t believe how lucky I was that you agreed to go out with me.”

“I think you’re forgetting the part where I asked you to ask me out.”

“Still.” Kara sighed as she moved her hand back forth above Cat’s knee as the car came to a stop outside her building. “You looked beautiful. Look beautiful.”

“Thank you,” It came out as a breath as Kara leaned closer to her, lips inches apart, their arms brushing together.

Kara held her spot, eyes flicking down as Cat’s tongue grazed her lips.



“May I kiss you?”

Closing the distance between them Cat pressed her lips to Kara, relishing in the warm hands that cupped her face pulling her in closer.

“Do you want to come inside?” Kara pressed her forehead against Cat’s, eyes closed as she tried to steady her breathing, her hands still on either side of Cat’s neck.

“I can’t, Carter is with his nanny tonight.”

Kara nodded as she put pulled back slightly, blinking as she focused on Cat’s face before pressing her lips against Cat’s cheek, opening her door in the same moment. “Good night Cat.”

Chapter Text

It was late when Kara woke up to a silent apartment. No sounds of coffee gurgling, dishes being slammed around, or the shower running, nothing. It felt nice to have the apartment to herself, even if it was only for a moment. Rolling out of bed Kara squinted against the sun as she pulled the curtains open looking outside. Kara stood a moment soaking it in before she slid her feet into a pair of fluffy slippers she kept near the door and headed to the kitchen, the grumbling of her stomach demanding attention.

After a moment of contemplating in front of the fridge Kara grabbed the carton of milk, placing it on the kitchen island, quickly followed by a box of cereal, a bowl and a spoon. Pouring herself breakfast Kara turned on the news with captions and muted the sound, sitting herself down on the metal stool, ignoring the cold seeping through her cotton shorts and tank top.

The door opened as Kara finished her second bowl and poured another. Alex, Lucy and Maggie quietly trudging into the apartment, the first two still in their clothes from last night, all three wearing sunglasses and holding bags of fast food.

“You look you had a good night.”

“Why are you screaming?”

Kara grinned at Lucy, always the grumpiest of the three after a night of drinking, as she made her way to the living room to sit down on floor. Maggie nodded as she passed, pushing her glasses into her hair as she sat next to Lucy the two of them talking in hushed tones as they debated where to start.

Alex dumped one of the bags she carried in front of Kara, and sat in the stool next to her.

“Thanks.” Alex just nodded as they both made their way through their bags.

A sandwich later Alex finally nudged Kara with her knee, “how was your date last night?”

“It was good” Kara said replied between bites. “It was really good.”

“Yeah? Does that mean I should be saving one of these breakfast sandwiches?”

Choking, Kara shook her head. “No! We just had dinner and she drove me home. She didn’t even come upstairs.”

“But you wanted her to?”

“I mean, yeah…”


“She had to go home. She had someone watching her son.”


A few moments of silence passed between them before Kara was gently speaking her name, asking her to say more.

“She has a kid Kara.”

“I know.”

“Do you?”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“It means... That’s a lot of commitment…”

“I’m not a kid Alex.”

Alex took a breath clenching and unclenching her hands. “I didn’t say you were.”

“You don’t always need to protect me.”

“I know…” Alex sighed as she looked at Kara. “Just… are you sure this is what you want?”


“Then I support you.” Alex swayed on her stool so she nudged Kara with her shoulder and gave her a smile.

“Good.” Kara returned the nudge, “So how was your night?”

“It was fun. It was definitely a high end club, huge VIP section. It had a big dance floor and a really good DJ. Not really what I had expected when Lucy mentioned a club opening up close to Maggie’s… You should really come with us next time.”

“How did you manage to get in this time?”

“You’d have to ask Lucy that one, because I have no idea.”

The four of them spent the day thrown across the furniture of the apartment watching movies, James and Winn joining them when they finally decided to order pizza. It was Winn’s night to pick the movie, sending everyone grumbling as he put on the first Alien. It was halfway through when Kara finally had enough cringing for the night and pulled out her phone to distract herself.

Before she knew what she was doing she had Cat’s message thread open on her screen.

So… I had fun last night

Cat: You don’t need a cliche to text me Kara
Cat: So did I

Kara’s frown immediately disappeared at the second text.

Ok :)
Did you spend today with Carter?

Cat: I did, we went to the zoo.

Kara smiled as she tried, and failed, to imagine what Cat would look like in casual clothes walking around the National City zoo.

I have a hard time picturing you at the zoo

Cat: Oh?

Do you own a practical pair of shoes?

Cat: I see your point.
Cat: And yes I do.

What are they jimmy choo, louboutin?

Cat: Oh ha ha, they are converse if you must know.

I would pay good money to see that

Cat: If you play your cards right you won’t have too.

I’ll keep that in mind

Cat: Why aren’t you out painting the town on Saturday night?

My sister went out with her girlfriend and our roommate to a new club last night and they’re still recovering so we ordered in pizza and we’re watching a movie

Cat: Anything good?

The first Alien movie?

Cat: So you’re using me to avoid watching aliens tear themselves out of people’s bodies?

I wanted to text you anyway… I just wasn’t sure if I should

Cat: Why shouldn’t you?

People always talk about waiting for the other person to text you first. And I didn’t know what to say…

Cat: Kara. If you play those silly dating games with me, God help you, I will end this before it starts.

Haven’t we already started?

Kara’s glared at the screen waiting for bubbles to appear at the bottom. They had started, or at least she felt they had after last night. Locking her phone, Kara curled further into the couch trying to watch the last of the movie, her phone tucked between her knees so she knew if Cat replied.

The movie ended, Winn left, Maggie followed Alex to her room, Lucy and James following shortly after, both couples calling it a night, and Cat had still not replied. It wasn’t until Kara was laying in bed just about to fall asleep when her phone vibrated where it was plugged in on her bedside table.

Cat: Yes we have.