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The Prince That Was Promised

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Aegon the fifth had summoned the woodswitch again. Rhaegar had been born at Summerhall and he wanted to see if Rhaegar was the prince that was promised.

The woodswitch stood at Court in front of the King. She was bought by Jenny of Oldstones, the wife of prince Duncan, the King’s eldest son. Duncan and Jenny didn’t have any children together but it didn’t matter to the King because his future heir was Rhaegar. Rhaegar was now eight years old and he was adored by all his grandfather’s and uncles.

King Aegon spoke in a clear, loud voice, “Do you know why I have summoned you here woodswitch?” The woodswitch had a neutral face so Aegon continued, “you prophesized that the prince that was promised would be born from my grandchildren’s line, Aerys and Rhaella. Through their line, my great grandson was born, Rhaegar.” Aegon looked at Rhaegar fondly who was standing next to the Iron Throne. “Is he the prince you prophesized?”, he asked the woodswitch.

The woodswitch replied, “The prince you speak of is not your great grandson.”

Aegon was outraged, “you said he would be born through Aerys and Rhaella.”

“So I did, but the prince you seek will be born from Rhaegar’s line.” Aegon was shocked but stared at the woodswitch as she continued with her prophecy. “But be warned, for the prince you seek can only be born from a line of ice and fire.”

“Ice and fire”, Aegon repeated not quite understanding what the woodswitch was saying.

“Fire is House Targaryen, but you still need Ice”, the woodswitch told him.

“Ice, so the girl has to have ice in her veins. Could it be a girl from the North where it’s called the land of always winter”, Aegon asked her. The woodswitch nodded. “Does Lord Stark have any daughters?”, he asked his counselors.

“He has a daughter that was just born, your Grace”, one of his counselors answered him.

Aegon was relieved, “Write to Lord Stark, tell him that his daughter is now betrothed to my great grandson, Rhaegar. They will be wed when the girl bleeds.” So it was decreed that Rhaegar would marry the daughter of Lord Stark when the girl came of age. “When she is old enough, I want her sent here to Kings Landing, she can be a companion to Shaena.” Shaena who also had just been born was the child Aerys was prouder of. He wanted to betroth her to Rhaegar so Aegon was relieved to have another option. He didn’t like the Targaryen tradition unlike his son and grandson. “I also want to announce that Rhaegar will be my official heir after my passing.” The people clapped and cheered. Aegon wasn’t about to leave Aerys as his heir since he was already showing signs of madness.


Lyanna arrived at King’s Landing when she was three and ten years old. She had already bled so they were making plans for a wedding. Her father had accompanied her and he would stay with her until she was married. They bowed to the King, Lyanna was trained at an early age on the etiquettes of a future princess and future queen since Rhaegar was the officially heir. Lyanna wore a white fancy velvet dress that showed off her figure.

King Aegon was sitting on the Iron Throne with his family on all sides. Rhaegar was standing on his right next to his parents, while Duncan and his wife were standing on the King’s left.

“Girl, come forward”, and she stepped forward slowly but the King kept beckoning her to step closer, “I’m an old man, I have trouble seeing.” Lyanna now stood directly in front of the Iron chair. “A pretty girl”, he looked between Duncan and Rhaella. Lyanna was indeed pretty with her high cheek bones, pouty lips, and her steel, grey eyes. “Well, what do you think?”, he asked them.

Rhaella stepped forward, “Indeed she is a very pretty girl”, Rhaella smiled at her.

Then Duncan said, “Yes, if you didn’t betroth her to Rhaegar, there would be plenty of men fighting for a chance to win her hand”, Duncan laughed and Lyanna blushed deeply.

“A competition isn’t bad, I think it would be healthy for Rhaegar and gives him a chance to stop reading”, King Aegon replied to his son. This time Rhaegar blushed.

“Does she bleed?”, the King asked Rickard Stark. Lyanna blushed deeper since she was standing next to the royal family. Her father replied that she does bleed. “Good, then we will have the wedding in a month, you are dismissed pretty girl.” Lyanna bowed and then turned to walk back to her father who was waiting for her. They were shown to their rooms.


Lyanna married Rhaegar at the end of the month. Rhaegar had placed his dragon cloak on her, and then he kissed her, it was more like a peck. It was quick, Lyanna understood that he thought of her as a child.

They sat quietly during the wedding feast. His family was happy that Rhaegar at one and twenty was finally married. Lyanna didn’t see much of Rhaegar but she did see his mother and sister, she had already grown close to them. Her father would be leaving the next day.

There was plenty of people dancing but not Rhaegar and Lyanna. The hall was filled with people. Lyanna thought that these families came to see her. Lyanna didn’t disappoint them because they said that she was beautiful, and her beauty was only fitting as the wife of the Dragon prince. She was in a scarlet wedding dress, the red represented House Targaryen. Rhaegar whispered in her ear, “are you having a good time?” She nodded, unsure of what to say. “Listen, I don’t know if anyone told you”, he had her attention. “During the bedding, there would be witnesses to the consummation”, he told her, relieved to have gotten it out.

Lyanna froze and turned white. People would be watching her and Rhaegar doing it. She started shaking and went to grab the goblet of wine in front of her. If she could get drunk, she’ll make sure to drink enough so she wouldn’t remember that night that was to come. Rhaegar sensed her discomfort and grabbed her hand, it was the first time he had shown her any affection so she was surprised when he did it. He usually ignored her and would leave the room as quickly as possible when she arrived. “I didn’t mean to scare you, I just wanted to make sure you knew. I thought someone would tell you.”

“I’m glad you told me”, Lyanna told him wearily. During the feast, she drank more than necessary when she wasn’t even planning on drinking in the first place. Rhaegar noticed but didn’t do anything to stop her.

Then it was time for the bedding. Lyanna was only glad that no one could pick her up and tear off her clothes. At least she would still have that part of her dignity. They walked to Rhaegar’s room with a few people who would apparently be joining them. Lyanna was wobbly and dizzy, so she was grateful when Rhaegar offered his hand.

They entered Rhaegar’s room, with his uncle Duncan, his father Aerys, and maester Pycelle. Lyanna blushed and hoped this would be over as quickly as possible. Rhaegar apparently had the same feeling because he didn’t bother taking off her clothes, just her small clothes underneath as she laid on the bed. Lyanna wanted to cover her face but she just closed her eyes tightly. She felt Rhaegar enter her and she felt a sharp pain. She let out a small noise, because she didn’t want to yell out with people in front of her. There were a few tears as he continued to move inside of her. She held the sheets tightly. Lyanna thanked the gods that it was over in less than five minutes. After Rhaegar’s release, Lyanna moved so Pycelle could see the blood on the bed still trying not to make eye contact with anybody.

Then everyone left and Rhaegar and Lyanna were left alone. Lyanna was sitting on the bed, the tears still coming out of her eyes. Rhaegar came and stood next to her, he put a hand on her shoulder. “I’m sorry, if we had taken more time, the pain would be less, but I wanted them to leave quickly.”

Lyanna looked at him, “No, I’m glad you didn’t take your time”, she managed to say through her crying. Rhaegar was unsure of what to do, so he sat on the bed next to her and took her in his arms and comforted her. She didn’t resist the urge to push him away, she put her head on his chest and cried more.