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Excitations of Long-Term Memory

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Lena was in the liminal state of REM sleep, halfway between sleep and waking. She almost knew she was dreaming, but the strangest possible imagery that her mind could make up was still plausible and made total sense. She was having sex, or so she thought, and the sensations she felt seemed entirely real. She could feel her partner straining hard, lying heavily on her as they thrust hard into her, filling her full. Sweaty, rich scent filled her nostrils, familiar, but strange; no lover she had before smelled like this… Lena’s arms were around thick-muscled shoulders that were flexed and tense, but Lena realized the straining wasn’t due to the thrusting between her legs. Rather it was because her partner was holding back instead; trying not use too much force.

“Harder.” Lena heard herself urge the person, wrapping her legs higher around the torso moving over her, and the change in angle let the thick phallus penetrating her push against her cervix, dragging back across her g-spot as it pulled back for another thrust. There was a groan in her ear, and the hot breath moving on her neck came in shorter huffs, matching her own. The hands at her waist gripped her harder and the speed and force of the thrusts into her increased. Lena felt the crest of her arousal rise up and finally break into a blinding orgasm, just as the phallus thrust hard and stopped deep inside her, the base pulsing over and over against her clitoris.

The pulsing, and the warm, wet, sticky feeling that flooded her… she realized it was ejaculate, and her partner was coming inside her. And she wasn’t on birth control. Lena had stopped taking it after Jack died, when the bloating side effects and depression it helped cause made that particular form of the pill not worth staying on. She intended to try some alternate form eventually, but she wasn’t dating and it hadn’t seemed urgent… Lena frantically tried to pull away, tried to move out from under the heavy body on top of her, but she only succeeded in startling her partner into raising up, so that she was staring into the face of… Kara Danvers.

Or actually, Kara as Supergirl, still in her suit; the cape flowing down her back and the synthetic fabric’s texture rough against Lena’s fingertips. Noting her distress, Kara pulled out of her, and the warm flood of ejaculate spilled out onto the bed between Lena’s legs, as she… woke up, suddenly.

Lena was alone, in her own bedroom, with no weight pressing her down at all. The only flood between her legs was her own arousal and the tingling aftermath of her orgasm. Lena’s immediate thought was relief. It had all been a dream. She wasn’t going to be accidentally pregnant, wasn’t having unprotected sex, and she hadn’t forgotten and allowed someone to ejaculate inside her. And especially not her best friend, who inexplicably seemed to have a penis in her dream. Her best friend who seemed to be avoiding her recently and hadn’t even spent time with her; and had definitely not taken off Lena’s clothes and penetrated her with a nonexistent boner.

Good Lord, where had that dream come from? Lena rolled through recent events for the catalyst of all that strange imagery. She was having lunch with Kara tomorrow for the first time in weeks. They hadn’t talked face to face, but Kara had texted. Kara had seemed depressed since Mike had gone, and Lena had been spending long days at work to do to get L-Corp back to normal after the Daxamite invasion. Kara said she didn’t blame her for what happened, but Lena couldn’t see how that could be possible.

There was also the problem of Kara vs. Supergirl, and Lena felt guilty about that, too. Lena had always known the two women were one and the same. Before she ever met her, Lena had learned it from Lex’s files after he went to prison. She hadn’t told Kara at first because she wasn’t sure that she could trust her, and once she knew she could trust her, it was too late to say anything. Now Kara wouldn’t trust Lena for knowing her secret for all these months without bringing it up.

Lena was anxious about the lunch; that must be why she was dreaming about Kara… but that didn’t explain the sexual part. Kara was sweet and lightness, and Lena wasn’t attracted to either of those things.

Lena hadn’t had sex since Jack, and hadn’t even been interested in the idea. Maybe her guilt about working with Rhea, and her lack of any sex life, and her anxiety about Kara got all jumbled together. But why on earth had she given Kara a penis in her dream? A really fat, sexually-arousing penis? The dream version of Kara was certainly not sweet or lightness, but raw, questing power. Lena was still turned on by the dream, and it wouldn’t take much to… she slid her hand into her underwear and rubbed her clit until she came again, quickly, imagining that thick phallus still sliding in and out of her… and in the aftermath of another orgasm she was embarrassed that she had even thought of it. What would Kara think of her if she knew?