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All Dressed Up For A Hit & Run

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Throwing the car in gear, Kol makes the tyres burn as he pulls away, gunning it down the deserted road, testing the limits of his new car before glancing at Rebekah in the passenger seat. “Remind me to get you an extra special Christmas present this year.”

Laughing, Rebekah turns to look at his profile. “I knew you'd like it, Kol. I know you too well.”

Kol grins to himself, thinking that was an improvement from predictable at least. He lets the car stretch its legs, driving it fast for a while before dropping to a more legal speed. “However will I thank you?”

Smiling, she studies her nails for a moment before shrugging. “That's up to you, Kol. You know me.”

Reaching over, she turns the radio on, smiling as a favourite song comes on and she starts singing along. Kol glances over at her again, looking over the lines of her shirt before shaking his head with a grin, pretending not to find her so utterly adorable. “I'm not singing if that's what you want.”

“Yes you will, I know you know the words…” Smiling wider, she pokes him, exaggerating her singing a little.

Kol shakes his head again but can't keep the grin off his face, revving the engine louder in a weak attempt to drown her out. When it doesn't work and she sings louder, he softly hums along under his breath.

Grinning over at him knowingly, she lays a playful hand on his knee. “Louder, we're supposed to be happy and off on a big adventure!”

Kol rolls his eyes and indulges her, singing properly as he speeds through the Louisiana back roads, glad there’s nobody else on the road at this time of night.

Happy, Rebekah sings her heart out, dancing a little and glancing constantly over to him. The song changes to another she loves and she sings that too, sinking into the seat and letting herself just live in the moment.

Not knowing this one, Kol contents himself with watching her instead, hand reaching out to stroke her thigh, fingers playing along the seam of her jeans. Rebekah glances over at him again, lips curving into a smile as she sings.

Taking her smile as permission, he holds the wheel tighter in one hand, his cornering getting sloppy in favour of unbuttoning her jeans. Raising her eyebrow as the song ends, she reaches down to stroke over his arm.

“What are you up to?” Smiling wickedly, she watches him pull her zipper down. “I should steal you more cars.”

“I certainly wouldn't say no.” He grins as he slips his hand into her knickers, teasing her clit, leaning over to get a decent angle, the car drifting with him.

Laughing, she gasps and strokes over his arm and down to his thigh. “I'll bear that in mind.”

Biting her lip she shifts her hips, groaning happily. Turning the wheel sharply to keep them on the road, Kol holds the wheel tight as he tries to keep at least some of his attention on the road. He rubs his fingertips over her clit, enjoying the sounds she makes, turning to watch her again.

Rebekah keeps her hand on his thigh for now, thumb stroking rough denim as she shifts in her seat to make it easier for him to touch. Humming softly, she catches his eye and slowly licks her lips. It's been too long since the last time they'd touched like this; she'd missed his firm, sure hands. Smiling to herself, she remembers thinking about it late at night, all alone.

Kol watches as she gets lost in thought, her beautiful features serene as she looks back at him. He strokes faster over her clit, smiling at her. “What are you thinking about, love?”

Smiling wider she rolls her hips with his touch. “Just that it's been too long since the last time we did this. I missed you.”

“Living inside Freya’s head wasn't exactly conducive to romantic entanglements,” Kol said with a grin. “Though not for want of trying, I assure you.”

Taking his hand off the wheel for a moment, he pushes her jeans down further, using the extra space to push his fingers inside her, feeling that same longing where it had been a while for him too.

“I'd be more surprised if you didn't try.” Her laugh catching on a moan, Rebekah moves her free hand to curl around the back of the headrest, hips thrusting as her thighs start to shake, looking at him deeply.

“Well, a fella has to have a hobby,” Kol says with a grin, curling his fingers inside her as he rubs her clit with his thumb, watching her more than the road, trusting that it was still there beneath the wheels.

Gasping, Rebekah grips his thigh and the headrest harder as her pleasure rises. She'd missed his clever fingers and silver tongue, made even better with the knowledge that he actually meant the words for her. Grinding down on his fingers, she bites her lip. “Shouldn't you be watching the road?”

“I can multitask,” he claims as he swerves around another bend, glad it was the dead of night. “Sort of.”

He grins sideways at her as he leans over to kiss her. “Besides, if the earth shakes, just pretend it's a hell of an orgasm and that I haven't just crashed my brand new toy into a tree.”

She laughs breathlessly against his lips before kissing him again. His taste so familiar, like home and she can't help but moan desperately into his mouth. Her blood electric in her veins, skin tight with need and desire.

Sensing she was close, Kol renews his efforts, staying near to her while keeping the car on the road, his fingers working tirelessly inside her, thumb firm on her clit. “Thank you for coming with me.”

Crying out, she comes over his fingers, pleasure flooding her body and his words in her ears as her orgasm races through her. Shivering with aftershocks, she smiles blissfully. “I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.”

Smiling happily, Kol pulls his fingers back and licks them, enjoying the taste of her, adding that to his list of things he wanted to do to her when they finally stopped. “Good.”

Half smiling, she closes her eyes and enjoys the afterglow. She feels at peace for the first time in a long while and lets herself take advantage.

Finally, she opens her eyes again and looks Kol over. He's biting his lip, wriggling a little and casting her eyes down, she finds what she expected. Smiling wickedly, she reaches over to pull his zipper down and pull his cock out.

Laughing, Kol pushes his hips up so she can get him out. “Clearly you have more faith in my multitasking than you claim.”

Grinning up at him from under her lashes, she shrugs. “You'll keep us relatively safe. I trust you… besides you can't have all the fun.”

“No promises. After all, I know how to make you come like the back of my hand, I could do it in my sleep,” Kol says thoughtfully. “But don't let that stop you.”

“Mmm, we'll be testing that later…” Holding him firmly, she bends down and starts slow, lapping at the head and ridge.

Kol groans at the first teasing touches. “Is that right?”

“Mmm.” Pulling back, she noses at his cock. “When we next stop, we're spending at least twenty four hours making up for lost time.”

“At least,” Kol agrees as his cock twitches, needing more.

Humming again in agreement, Rebekah laps at the slit before sucking the tip happily. She's missed the taste of him on her tongue. He groans low in his throat, gripping the wheel tighter in one hand as he strokes through her hair encouragingly. Taking him in further, Rebekah sighs happily. The weight of his cock familiar and delicious on her tongue. Melting back into the seat, Kol strokes down over her back, eyes fluttering closed and open again as warmth starts to creep up his thighs. She moans and taps his thigh in warning before focusing back on his cock. Lapping and teasing the ridge between sucks, she happily makes up for lost time.

“It's ok, road’s still there,” Kol says, smiling softly as he forces himself to pay more attention but the heat of her mouth, fuck, she makes it so hard to concentrate.

Humming around his cock in approval, Rebekah takes him deeper. It's not that she worries about them as such, but she's got a sensitive part of him in her mouth and she doesn't want to get out and deal with a hurt human either.

Kol tightens his hand in her hair, encouraging her to take him even deeper as his pleasure starts to spike sharply with every movement of her mouth. Swallowing him deeper, she teases the base of his cock with her fingers and leans into his touch.

“Fuck, yes Bekah,” Kol groaned as every worry and care from New Orleans draining away as she expertly sucks his cock, knowing just how to get him off.

Rebekah tastes how close he is now and moans deeply, moving faster and deep-throating him. Each vibration from her moan goes through him, pushing him closer as she swallows around him, swallowing him down.

Urging him to come, she licks at his shaft between sucks, pulling back to suck and tease his head and ridge before taking him back down again. She strokes the base of his cock, lips pressing against them with every down movement.

“God…” Kol grips the wheel tight, barely resisting the urge to thrust up into Rebekah’s perfect mouth. Speeding up, Rebekah shifts to give herself more room to move. Her free hand on his thigh as she moans around him. He digs his nails into the leather of the steering wheel, barely able to keep himself together as she takes him further and further. Mouth stretched around his cock, she moans, saliva dripping down as she works him deeply. Her cunt aches to be touched again but she ignores that, focusing on Kol.

“Fuck, Bex…” Kol groans as he comes into the heat of her mouth, forgetting about the road for a few sweet seconds before jerking the wheel straight again. “Fuck.”

Rebekah swallows before pulling back with a grin. Cleaning the corners of her mouth with her thumb, she rakes her gaze over Kol. “Good, baby?”

Kol pulls her up into a kiss, licking the taste of his come from her mouth with a happy hum. “So good we nearly ended up in that field back there.”

“That's what I like to hear.” Laughing, Rebekah kisses him again.

Kol grins into the kiss before swerving and pulling over on the side of the road. “I think it's probably safer if you drive for a bit.”

“Men, can't multitask.” Winking at him, she pats his thigh. “Okay, swap seats.”

“I need a nap to recuperate, your fault,” Kol joked as he got out the driver’s side and jogged around to the passenger door, sliding into the seat.

Crossing to the driver’s side, she grins as she slides into the seat. “You should be used to it by now; I always leave you like that.”

She winks before driving off in a spray of dirt, happy for the first time in a long time.

Kol leans back into the seat and smiles sideways at her. “Cars have come a long way since we last did that.”

Laughing, Bex glances at him sideways. “A very long way. Do you remember the first time we got in a car?”

Leaning his cheek against the headrest, Kol smiles. “No but I remember the first time I got off in a car.”

Rolling her eyes playfully, Rebekah grins. “Of course you do.”

Swerving around a corner, she smiles wider as Kol’s eyes flutter closed, remembering all the times they snuck off in cars, some of her favourite memories. She's sad that they missed drive in theatres though; they could have had a lot of fun in those.