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Dream... or Not

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Chapter 44.

Tsukiko waited two weeks until finally making her move. Those weeks were relatively quiet in the household and the girl had done her best to avoid people she knew. She had also taken up to go for a long jog every evening after school when she had finished her homework. To keep herself in fit. This world required it.

It was a Saturday again and she left the house again in her jogging gear. She pulled her hair on a high ponytail and was off on her way again. She jogged through Beika Park and headed towards Beika Station then. There would be enough people and chatter around for her to make her phone call. And people would be so busy that they wouldn’t eavesdrop to her conversation either.

The girl took a seat on the closest bench outside the station. When looking around she noticed that it was the same one under which a cat basket with a bomb had been hidden in movie 1. Tsukiko chuckled at the thought and took out a cell phone. It wasn’t hers thought. It was the one Irish had used and then dropped when being shot. The girl had slipped it to her pocket before ordering Conan to toss the gun to her. And now it would serve as the business phone of Kage.

“Who said I was white? It needs the morals, means and motive to determine one’s standing on this chess board. You are white, Kudou. You and the majority of your allies. The Organization is naturally black. But then there’s us. The ones who belong to neither one. Haibara, Akai, Sera, me… We have white morals nowadays and out motives are white. But the means to reach our goal… they are more black.” The girl thought as she flipped the phone open. “I don’t know about Red Moon or Tsukiko but Kage is definitely grey… And at the moment that’s me.”

When realizing that she had begun thinking Tsukiko and Jade as different people and the possibility that she’d never go home, the blonde had decide to think her other two alter egos as different people too. Not only it would help her maintain her cover but also it would ease her conscious when Kage would start acting more actively. Besides their personalities differed a bit. Tsukiko was cheery and smart. Red Moon was mischievous and relaxed. And Kage… Kage was calculating and predicting their enemy with a hint of malice.

“I won’t regret this.” Tsukiko whispered and pressed the call button. It was a number she’d made up for a made-up person. And that person was Ishikawa Yamato aka Sanjuu, her OC that she’d created years ago in her own world and now brought him to this world to help her.

“Kurosawa speaking…” A relatively young male voice responded in the other end of the line. Oh yeah, that was the man’s current surname now.

“Is it Sanjuu? Am I speaking with Sanjuu-kun?” The girl asked, keeping all the emotion out of her voice.

“… Who is this? Who are you?”

“So it is you… Your voice is exactly like I imagined.” Tsukiko chuckled.

“So it is you. The one who brought me here.” The other participant of the conversation countered.

“Well, I couldn’t think of anyone else. How have you adjusted? We messed up with the timer a bit so you have physically been here even longer than I have so your personal history has had more time to adjust to the timeline here.”

“It’s… been okay. But significant points are missing from there too.”

“Yeah… It’s only you and not your friends that I created along with you… I’m sorry.” Tsukiko fiddled with the end of her ponytail while thinking The four siblings of Midorikawa family and Yamato’s girlfriend Tsubiyama Renkon aka Rose Turner. Back then she’d put so much thought in those characters.

“It’s alright. I wouldn’t want to endanger them either. I looked into them though… They all have existed in this reality just like my past but aren’t in this… canon timeline.” Yamato shrugged. “I guess we can just assume that Tokiko-chan, Akashi-kun and Hoshi-chan are still aboard while Shugo and Renkon… well, they’re dead.”

“Yes. I think we can assume that. But now we should talk about why you are here, stuck with me and what is the purpose of this phone call.”

“Yes… I’m quite interested to hear your excuse for that.”

“I have a list of people who work as NOC for the Organization… And I think that the best way to make this tree fall and get rid of the shadow it’s casting over us, is to start from the roots. From the bottom layer that is keeping the things going. But I don’t have enough skill or even guts to strike yet…”

“So you need me, the one who was trained by the Organization since a kid but got away relatively scotch free.” Yamato sighed.

“Correct. I want to use the Organization’s tricks against them. I have the list one of their NOC had before they were killed and I have the phone of one of their late code-named member. No one can trace it. Not even them anymore since they’ve disconnected it from their systems.”

“…Who died this time?”

“Irish. Oh, and by the way… It was your brother who organized it.”

“Why I’m not surprised? Right, I’m in. I want this Organization gone as soon as possible. Even if it means I’ll become my brother’s enemy. After all… there’s no Jin-nii left who’d call me ‘Sanjuu-kun’. There’s just Gin to whom I’m just Yamato. The useless brother who he helped to get out and is incapable of killing…”

Tsukiko stayed quiet for a moment. That’s how she’d created Yamato. Her platinum blonde man who stayed in the lower levels of the Organization while his big brother climbed the ranks and acquired his own codename, Gin, becoming a ruthless killer in process. Yamato who got Midorikawa Shugo to work as a hacker for the Organization and Tsubiyama Renkon to become a sniper and later a spy infiltrating to FBI. And both of them died. Renkon after she confessed to FBI her role and ran away from the organization, only to be sniped a year before current timeline. Shugo after he helped another traitor(coincidentally Akai) to get out of Japan and then stole bunch of vital information from the Organization’s database. He died a month later, killed by Gin.

And if one were to ask when Yamato had gotten out of the organization… It was a bit after he had gotten those two friends of his involved.

“What a messed up mind I have…” The blonde muttered. “The power of imagination is great indeed…”

“I think I won’t ask what you were just thinking.” Yamato stated, reminding Tsukiko that they were still talking on the phone.

“You know what it is anyways.” The girl shrugged.

“Yes, I do. But now… what’s the first name of the list?”

“Let’s see… Horake Yuuki-san. Lives in Shibuya. Single. I’ll give you his address soon but first…” Tsukiko smirked: Kage was visible now. “Let’s talk about our plan…”

Horake Yuuki closed the door after yet another tiring day as a secretary of one of the most influential estate agents. But when he came to the living room, he could sense that something was amiss. Something was misplaced.

Breep breep

He received an e-mail. He didn’t recognize the address. Warily, he opened it and read in confusion.

“Pray for your sins, Crow.”

Beneath was a media link. He opened it too. A song began to play. It was in English.

“Ring around roses…
Pockets full of poses…
Ashes, ashes…
We all fall down.”

“Ring around roses… Pockets full of poses… Ashes… Ashes… We all fall down…” A male voice stated in tune with the song in Japanese as the song began playing over and over again. Horake spun around and his face met the barrel of the gun. Holding the gun was a man with about chin-length platinum blonde locks, deep green eyes. He had a black cap, a black simple jacket, underneath the jacket a dark green shirt and dark grey jeans. “Or at least you shall along with your fellow Crows.”

Horake noted that the man had a gun also in his right hand and was wearing a pair of black gloves.

“Did the Organization send you? I’ve done nothing wrong!” He shouted.

“No… I’m on my own. I’m Sanjuu and I work with Kage. We are hunting the Crows like you.” The blonde man stated coldly. “Goodnight.”


The body of Horake Yuuki fell in the middle of the floor of his living room, completely lifeless even before he hit the ground. Naturally, when there’s a bullet hole in one’s forehead.

Yamato put away his guns and took out his phone. In no time he got the call.


“Done. He got the message right in time.”

“Good. You realize there’s no backing up now?”

“I do. I hope you do too.”

“…I do.”

“Say… What should I call you? Kage is one thing but what is your name?”

“Kage…miya. Kagemiya Hoshi.”

“Somehow I’m not surprised.”

“Well you try to come up with a name in a spot! Anyways, I’ll call you again when it’s time for the next… hunting time.”

Mysterious murder in Shibuya. The Police is clueless.

That read as a headline on the front page of every newspaper on next morning. And naturally that was the topic of discussion everywhere. Literally everywhere. Mai unfolded her newspaper and placed it on her desk with a frown on her face.

“Ohayoo, Mai-san!” Tsukiko greeted the class president as she arrived to her place.

“Ohayoo, Tsukiko-chan.” The brunette replied whilst reading. “Have you already read the news?”

“Oh, please… It’s everywhere! Every channel has it on their news and the newspaper stalls are full of tabloids with that on the front.”

“True.” Mai nodded. “The police have no leads though… They have an e-mail address that leads to a dead end, a vague estimate of the caliber of the killing bullet and a rough guess of the height of the killer but that’s it. The lock was picked and Horake Yuuki-san was surprised. There were no signs of struggle so I guess the killer was threatening him…”

“You know… They are publishing surprisingly many details now…” Tsukiko mused aloud. “I would expect the police would try to hide the exact circumstances of the murder in order to prevent copycats.”

“Me too. Oh, look! Someone is suggesting that it was a carefully preplanned assassination.” Mai pointed a column next to the article.

“That’s… quite farfetched.” Tsukiko leaned closer to read the pointed part of the page. The babbling there was definitely something not to be taken seriously.

“Quite…” A new voice joined in. The girls looked up from the newspaper to see Maki Namida standing near Mai’s desk.

“Konnichiwa, Namida-chan.” Tsukiko greeted the girl.

“K-Konnichiwa, Okiya-san.” The quiet girl blushed. “Konnichiwa, Miyoshi-san.”

“Konnichiwa, Namida-chan.” Mai smiled to the girl. “How are you today?”

“I’m fine… How about you, Miyoshi-san? Okiya-san?”

“We’re fine too.” Tsukiko replied. “And you can call me Tsukiko. All my friends do that too.”


“You had an opinion about this, didn’t you Namida-chan?” Mai pointed the article.

“Well, yes… I just thought how unlikely is for a person to become assassinated nowadays… Yes, there’s still mafia and some hitmen but what the papers state is that Horake-san didn’t have any enemies and even at work he was well liked.” Namida told the two girls and blushed then. She had spoke whole sentences to the two people she really admired. The two who weren’t in the clutches of her sister, Toudou Yuuko and Hanajima Megumi.

“I was thinking that too, Namida-chan!” Tsukiko grinned. “I wonder what weeds this guy writing this part here was smoking.”

“Tsukiko-chan!” Mai shushed the blonde.

“What? It’s an expression.”

Namida chuckled. Maybe she could become friends with them. After all, that devil trio wasn’t paying attention on her anymore that much.

“Take a seat, Namida-chan. I bet we have a lot of time before Motone-sensei comes. He’s always late!” Tsukiko gestured the seat near the two which Namida gladly took with an eager nod. The day had gotten a great start.