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The art of Purge

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With shoulder length black hair and a pretty little white dress accompanied by a pair of white ankle high sandals, a pretty face to match the petite body and an odd name to go by, Yoongi roams the streets of Paris.


The siren is still loud and clear, though everyone knows by now that it is broken and will probably only stop once it runs out of batteries. It's not like people want to stop it anyway, the long-wailing high pitched scream of the siren allows them to move freely, without a care of being heard by the prey. Yoongi is just the same. He loves the broken siren of Paris and he is grateful his school sent him here for yet another year. Three years in a row now, feels like a gift.


As he walks, Yoongi does nothing more than, admire the streets. Once colorful and lively, they are now illuminated by random pieces of furniture or corpses set on fire, blood painting the walls and ground; in places words of disgust are written in either French or English, but their meanings are ignored as Yoongi concentrates on the beautiful writing only. The shops are all closed, metal covers and metal gates protecting the glass doors and windows behind them. There is a pack of dogs watching guardedly as well as taking big chunks of meat from the dead bodies lying around.


To Yoongi this is divinely. To him, this is the process of creation. To rebuild you have to destroy. This is art for him and everyone attending their school, they help demolish and rebuild, they are part of a more than necessary development. All the students are willing to help, to sacrifice themselves for the sake of a better world. So Yoongi is delighted. Every year he looks forward to this day, to the moment of truth. He can't wait to be given the list, can't wait to get his team together and show the whole school that they deserve to be on top of the Purge Kill Count Board. The Bangtan Boys are worthy of praise and rewards. And Yoongi will be the last member to add to the count of the first round.


"Stop right there!" The voice is strident and is accompanied by the sound of the safety trigger being pulled. "What is your number?"


"My number?" The tone is fake, just as the confusion shown in his facial expression. "I don't have a number." His pronunciation is far from good, but it's comprehensible and spoken with confidence. The student doesn't care much about being understood anyway.


"Turn around, show us your nape." The order is slowly obeyed in an artificial hesitant manner. "Guns down, she's clear."


Oh how much Yoongi loves the numbers. Letting people know you have a bad intention. Allowing everyone to know that at least once you thought of harming someone, that at least once you killed or that you're already set on a target. And of course that Yoongi has the number, but since the official spot is the back of the neck, he and his teammates go against the Purge law. While the younger of the team has an easy to spot tattoo, the numbers decorating his back and going down along his spine line, Yoongi's is subtle. Very much so; hidden behind hundreds of hair strands.


"Should we just let her go?"


"Why are you out here?"


"My boyfriend and I had a fight. Now he wouldn't let me in and I have nowhere to go."


Their intentions become clear as soon as they look at each with lips arched into smirks. Even over the siren, Yoongi hears them whispering. He can practically hear their thoughts before they even have them.


"He obviously doesn't treat you right, baby girl. How about letting us take care of you?"


"I- I don't know about that."


"Hey, it's fine. We have a car not that far from here. We go there, we have a little fun and then we will bring you to our home." Three men against such a tiny person seems fair. The size of their bodies and guns don't allow Yoongi to say no, at least not the Yoongi he is pretending to be. He can't do more than walk along when one of them gets closer and wraps an arm around his shoulders, urging him to 'join' them.


The SUV is not the cleanest of cars, Yoongi takes notice. It's bottom part is full of mud and dust, the front is full of silly stickers and the inside's leather seats are torn apart.


"We can't have your little dress get dirty but since doing it in the car is too risky, hop on the hood." Is letting out a sigh going to blow my cover away? I have been on the field for 20 minutes and all I seem to do is obey like a slave. He has to though, if he wants to add to the kill count and win the prize.


He allows the man to hold his hand in order to help him, he allows him to spread his legs and get in between. But once the other two turn their backs at the scene, guarding as they wait for the turns, the fun is over.


The man's mouth is covered, Yoongi's legs wrap around his waist tightly so that now he can't move at all and before the man could even think of using his hand, Yoongi reaches down to his thigh, pulls out of the twin daggers and stabs the man in the heart. Not wanting to get dirty, the student quickly pulls the dagger out of the man's chest and gets out of the way. The sound of the corpse hitting the hood of the car and then the ground is not heard thanks to the siren.


He is still careful. Slowly fishing out the other dagger and silently approaching the other two.


They suddenly turn around, with the intention of telling their partner in crime that someone is walking towards them. Yoongi takes the chance of plugging his daggers into their for heads, using just enough force to make it past the skull but not to damage the brain. The shock gets them unconscious, falling into the ground and giving Yoongi free way of taking back his daggers and stabbing them to death.


Unlike them, he knows the person. Actually, he knows the guy is waiting patiently for him to finish.


"Good job babe."


"Ha... Thank you." He blows away the stray strands that made it onto his face and gladly accepts the wet wipes to clean his soiled hands and weapons. "Why are you here though?"


"The first round is over in a few seconds. Unless you stab me you don't have time to make another kill."


"Always willing to help, my Namjoon is such a good leader. But this aside, where's our next stop?"


"Taehyung found out that around 200 cult members will be under the tower. They're supposed to be there around the time our second round begins so we have time to make it count."


"Always make it count."


"Exactly." They are smiling at each other while leaning in to share a sweet kiss. For a second they ignore the chaos and focus on each other. "Let's go before Tae-tae gets impatient and kills someone." So they leave hand in hand. But not before snapping a picture of the three bodies.


Rule #98 : Have visual proof of all your kills.