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A Different Beginning

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In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the water. On the first day, it is said that God created light and darkness, and from this called them day and night, respectively. On the second day, he created the vast blue sky, that encompasses the world soon to called assiah. On the third day, he separated the seas using land with its green vegetation and beautiful flora that bore fruit with seeds according to their species. On the fourth day, God created the sun, the moon, and the stars to light the day and night sky. On the fifth day, God created the great creatures of the sea and every living thing with which the water teems of, and he created the majestic winged animals that soar above the waters and land flying with freedom. On the sixth day, God created the living creatures that now roam the land of assiah, from the wild animals to mankind itself and thus, with his work done he rested on the seventh day.
But this was not how the story went, this was how God had the humans believe it went, using his grand benevolence. Afterall, God would never lie. The truth of this story hid in the Angels he cast down from the heavens. It was Lucifer and Samael who created day and night, light and darkness, time and space, the first day. It was Azazel, who created the vast blue sky and its clouds using his influence over the winds in order to honor God, his creator, the second day. It was Amaimon and Egyn, who separated the seas with the land, thus creating the garden of Amahara, the third day. It was Lucifer and Iblis, who created the lights that govern the day and night skies, the fourth day. It was Beelzebub, Astaroth, and Satan, who came together to create the creatures that swim and soar in the sea and sky, the fifth day. It was Satan alongside with Beelzebub, who created the living creatures who now roam freely among the land, but it was Satan who created mankind, the sixth day. It was God, who sent his angels away from Caelum, and banished them to the third world--Gehenna, the seventh day.*

Sighing, I closed the book that Sammy had given me six years ago, The Beginnings of Gehenna, as an introduction to the demon world in which our family resided in. At the age of nine, the same age I was when I found out who Yukio and Fujimoto really were, I never cried as much as I did at the sight of those two paragraphs. It wasn’t the fact that it was beautifully written or the fact that God lied to mankind about their creator, but to the fact that Satan, my father, and my brothers were later perceived as the bad guys. Was it so bad that His once Angels only wished to share the word of their creator? Was it wrong to create the Garden of Amahara, later known as the Garden of Eden? Was it wrong to create mankind? How cruel, I always thought.

Snatching my backpack off the hospital floor, I gently placed the normal looking book into its usual place in my bag. I counted down the seconds Yukio would be here, he said he would arrive around seven, knowing him that would be any time now. Looking at the watch on the other side of the wall, my eyes followed the big hand ticking closer and closer to seven p.m.
My gaze soon wandered to the comatosed body that was lying under the white sheets of the hospital bed. I looked at his closed eyes, that were once covered with crimson blood, and remembered the way Satan’s blue flames flickered and possessed Fujimoto’s body just like changing clothes.

“You should be happy, I was able to talk Father out of it. We made a deal, and all without unsheathing Kurikara, not like it matters anymore.” I whispered to the Paladin. I knew he couldn’t hear me, but just telling him this piece of information felt right. I don’t know if it was because I felt that I owed him for raising me, or if I wanted to mock him. Hint to him that I already knew of my royal lineage, but I knew it had to be said, at least one truth from what I have kept from him.

At that very moment, a young man who looked like me rushed into the room, with barely even a glance at my direction he made his way to the gray haired man who lied on the hospital bed. My brother grabbed the man’s hand, grasping it tightly whispering a prayer of wellness. Glancing away I allowed them to have their moment, as Paladin and student, father and son, and instead began to think of a million possible answers to the questions Yukio would soon bombard me with. However, I was not met with them, just silence.

I shifted uncomfortably in my seat, the silence was something I could never stand, nor was the thought of just staying seated and doing nothing. So I broke the silence with information of what the doctor had given me.

“Dr. Tachibana informed me that dad would probably regain consciousness in a month or two since the trauma to his head isn’t as severe as he thought it would be.” That was true, I made Father a deal, that as long as Fujimoto was still alive I would--

“I know, he told me when I arrived,” I heard my brother mumbled. I knew he was angry, what I didn’t know was who or what he was angry at. He could have been angry at himself for not being there to fight alongside the old man. He could have been mad at the old man for not protecting himself better. He could have been mad at the clergymen for not protecting his father better. He could have been mad at Satan for placing Fujimoto in a coma. He could have been mad at me for being born and placing Fujimoto in danger. But Yukio was never one to share his reasons of anger, so I acted as if I didn’t notice.

Acting. I’ve done it for so long that I even decided to make an even bigger challenge. Act dumb, naive, ignorant, and most of all, sisterly. In this context sisterly meaning, worrying about my younger sibling, protecting him from all his bullies and most of all, let him take all the glory. From the time Samael and Amai-nii to present, I had already convinced those around me, that it was my true personality, that I was a punk. I had then begun skipping classes as the junior level material was too easy for my liking, the people there were annoying and spending more time with Yukio than I already was did not suit me, but we can’t let Yukio know that though. Let’s not forget acting the way I was before I knew why my family was so protective of me. Even now, I have to act all worried about the old man, I have to act like a sister to the brother who lied to me. I have to act ignorant, and naive.
We spent an hour in awkward silence with one another, both us knowing that neither of us wanted to speak; around that time a nurse entered the room asking which one of us would be staying over since only one family member could stay after visiting hours.

“Yukio, you should go,” I spoke. I could feel his teal eyes on me with uncertainty.

“But nee-san---”

“You were called here on short notice, you were probably getting settled in your dorm as well. Go home and rest, I’ll take care of the old man.” I looked at where he was sitting and gently smiled at him, and seeing him relax, I knew I got him.

“Alright, but call if something happens okay?

“Sir, yes sir,” I said with a mock salute.

As he walked through the door I could hear him muttering a chant of protection over the old man’s room. Chuckling quietly I watched as the nurse brought a fresh blanket and pillow to sleep with.

“Would you like anything else miss?”

“No thank you, I don’t think I’ll even be able to sleep tonight, but I appreciate it, ma’am.” She looked at me with pity and sympathy, after all, I was a girl whose adopted father was just placed in a coma. Wow, humans were so easy to read, you just need to tell them what they want to hear.

“Are you sure? What about a snack or some water?”

“No thank you, ma’am.” And with a slight smile, the nurse left closing the door behind her silently.

Getting up from my seat, I walked up to the window and slid it open. Immediately fresh cool air entered the room along with two familiar shadows. Smiling, I looked at the two new figures in the room both of whom were taller than me and male.

“How did it go with Father little sister?” Asked the elder of the two.

“Same as always, a few words here and there, a few how do you dos and then Bam! He asked me the big question.”

The younger of the two brothers chuckled after all our father was the jealous type. And seeing me with Father Fujimoto always seemed to piss him off.

“In the end, we made a deal. In order for him to keep staying low and off the Vatican’s radar, I asked him not to kill the Paladin instead to put him in a coma. If he were to do that I would, in turn, register myself to become my exorcist and make the holy beloved Angels in Caelum believe that I am becoming an exorcist for revenge.This will then allow me to move around and do whatever I wish as long as I am in their eyesight and since you, dear brother, are the Head of the Japanese Branch I will be able to do that much easier. In addition, it also helps that I did not draw the demon sword from its sheath, this will say that I wish to have nothing to do with Satan, but I only keep it with me for it not be stolen and used for any bad purposes.”

I looked at my brothers as I shared with them the idea Father and I had thought of not too long ago. However, we were supposed to have this discussion after a month has passed in the school term, but I somehow pissed off Astaroth. Long story short, Astaroth’s soon to be host was killing pigeons for who knows what, I punched him--since I fucking love animals, and hours later he taunted me into an alley where he was possessed by my dear sixth older brother and that is where Father Fujimoto came in. Sighing for what seemed to be the fifth time in just a day, I grabbed Amai-nii’s hand seeking for comfort and silently asked him to be silent, which he gladly gave to me.
Feeling deep purple eyes on me, I grunted at his direction.

“Are you telling me that you wish to enroll yourself to become an exorcist? You? The spawn of Satan?”

“Hell yeah. The bastard put my dad in a coma, of course, I want to become an exorcist. I am going to fucking kill that demon.” I said to him angrily with a smirk at the end. My brothers did as well after all this was a show that only Yukio could hear. The little four-eyes arrived only seconds after I declared the plan father and I had come up with, he better have been glad I sensed him before Amai-nii went loose on him.

Mephisto did his usual amused laugh, not like he had to fake it though, this was a genuine laugh, and he now was beginning to work plans A to Z.

“As you wish then, Okumura Rin-chan. From this day forward I will be acting as you and your brother’s temporary guardian until Fujimoto Shiro wakes up. In addition, I will have you attend True Cross Academy this year, and I will provide you with all the necessities such as studies and board. In the afternoon, you will be attending Exorcist Cram School which usually last about three hours and thirty minutes. Think you can handle this?”

“You still want me to go to school? Was this a deal the old man had you make? Damn, fine. Whatever. I’ll do it.” And with that Yukio’s aura disappeared from the hallway, and a new plan had begun.

My lesson: How to tell lies with truths, and truths with lies.