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A SheWolf's End

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When Winter comes from the North and descends upon Aegon Targeryen’s six conquered Kingdoms, when the snows fall and Kings, Queen and high lords alike freeze within their castles. Dorne will stand, protected from the cold winds, a mighty spear coated in fire, forever kissed by summer. Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken. 

Ellaria Sand told herself as she gazed out upon the palace water gardens from the high supremacy of her balcony. They were the words of her father or so the dying old crone who had served her during her childhood had told her. 

Weather they were my fathers words or not, they are true. 

For almost three years the Kingdoms of Westeros had endured a long and harsh winter, a winter that had brought not only cold winds, sleet and snows but war, bloodshed and betrayal. But Dorne stood strong in the face of it all. While the other Kingdoms pledged their allegiances to the Rose Queen and her SheWolf lover Dorne had stayed true to the Dragon just as it had been in the days before Roberts Rebellion.  

The Gods favour us, every other Kingdom who has pledged itself to the usurper and murder Margaery Tyrell now lays at winters mercy while Dorne still basks in a summers heat. It may be a colder, cooler heat but it is heat non the less. 

Ellaria thought to herself as she closed her eyes and basked in the warm Dornish dusks air as it blew through her sun kissed ruby silks, caressing her exotic olive skin and graced her locks of blacken pearl. Above her head the Dornish skies broke into a flurry of ruby gold as the sun descend upon the horizon to the far west. From her balcony she listened to the soothing running waters of the water gardens below as they trickled  across moss cover rocks and soaked deep into the rich fertile soils, supplying life to the tall, exotic palm trees which littered the old palace. 

The Riverlands, Westerlands, the Vale, the North, the Crown and Stormlands, the Reach….non of them. Non of them can compare to you. Non can compare to the majesty and beauty of Dorne and non ever will, not so long as Daenerys Targaryen is your Queen, and I your ruling Princess.  

As Ellaria took in the calm beauty of the night she listened as her chambers door opened and closed behind her. She listened to foot steps, timid like a mouse they were and bearing news. 

“Princess Ellaria” A young woman said from behind. “Obara and Nymeria Sands have returned from their raid upon Stonehelm in the Stormlands” Elleria took a moment.

“And how did they fair?” Ellaria replied.

“They were victorious my Princess, the garrison stationed at the castle was wiped out and Stonehelm’s main keep set alight, lord Robert Swann has also been taken captive as has his cousin lady Taena Swann” The news brought a smile to Ellaria’s face. 

“Unsurprising….the men of the Stormlands like to take pride in their strength, but in truth they are nothing compared to the strength of a Dornish woman with a spear”

“Indeed my Princess” The young woman replied. 

“What is your name child?” Ellaria asked of her, her gaze still fixed upon the ruby gold skies above. 

“Alysia” The girl replied.

“And your last name?” Ellaria inquired further. The girl hesitated for a moment.

“S..Sands my Princess”

“You are a Bastard?”

“I am” Ellaria smirked.

“Come stand beside me Alysia” Ellaria asked of her to which the girl obeyed. Like a mouse she crept up to her side upon the balcony, Elleria maintaing her gaze upon the sky. “Tell me what you see Alysia” Ellaria asked of her. Alysia took a moment to gaze out upon the gardens and sky before replying. 

“I see the palace’s water garden….and the sky, its…its beautiful”

“That beauty is Dorne my dear, she is wild, ancient and powerful….and she is mine to rule as her Princess” Ellaria turned to the Alysia. As Dornish as girls come she was with soft skin of olive brown, a dark bun of black pearl hair and eyes of innocent fire. 

“Never be ashamed of being a bastard Alysia, it is what you are and you should wear it with pride as I have”

“Of course my Princess” 

“Your enemies will try and use it against you as they have with me, but I am the Princess of Dorne now and they are all dead……” A sudden thought come to mind which stopped her words. 

“….almost all of them are dead” Ellaria corrected herself, her thoughts drifting to her daughter and her murderer.

“Where are Obara and Nym now?” Ellaria asked. 

“The royal palace baths my Princess, I believe they also took lord Swann and lady Taena along with them” Ellaria smirked. 

If there’s one thing those girls like after a battle its a fuck. 

Ellaria left the balcony’s edge and strolled across her chambers. Passing by her chambers grand marble encrusted fiery hearth and running her finger through the sun kissed ruby silks of her bed, Ellaria placed her hand upon the knob her chambers oak door and opened it wide. Alysia following close behind her like a loyal pup. 

“Where do you think your going child?” Ellaria asked of her. 

“I…I was going to accompany you to the baths my Princess” Ellaria smirked once more.

“So innocent, so pure……you will not accompany me, you will remind here”

“As you command my Princess” Alysia bowed her hand. 

“You will remain here and pour yourself some wine and enjoy the view from my balcony…..then you shall remove your robes and await my return upon my bed” Ellaria watched as Alysia Sand blushed at her advance, a smile developing on her lips.

“My Princess..I..I, of course, as you command” She replied. 

“Good girl” Ellaria said before leaving her chambers for the royal palace baths to meet with Obara and Nym. Her palace guard at her side. 




Outside the palace bath house Ellaria left her guards and made her way inside, closing the iron door behind her. Descending the bath house steps Ellaria marched her way down the central path of the bath house. To her either side the grand tiled baths lay empty and forgotten, awaiting use. Above them, covering every wall and coating every pillar which held up the high palace ceiling were mosaics, grand pieces of art work depicting war, love and Dornish valour, each one telling a story of some kind, each one designed to install pride into ever Dornishman and woman and fear into all those who would apposed them. A time long since gone much like the baths themselves, now they were used by Deanery's Targeryen’s Unsullied troops to bath  whenever she returned to the palace from battle. ‘The Eunuch baths’ they had been named by the Margaery Tyrell and her allies as an insult. 

As long as they fight our wars and win our thrones, the cockless can bath where they like.    

At the end of the bath house Ellaria made her way down another staircase lit by lanterns at both sides, down into the under baths she descended where only the Martell’s of Dorne may bath.

Doran is dead, the Martell’s are dead, this is the domain of bastards and vipers now. 

At the base of the steps Ellaria found herself within a large marble chamber, to its south side before her a long balcony stretched the entire length of the chamber, its gaze upon the lush warm waters of the Summer Sea, to its west side a single grand door, two guards stood before it. 

“Open the door” Ellaria demanded to which the guards, donned in steel and sun kissed orange obeyed. Inside she moved behind the dressers, women’s robes discarded upon the marble flooring. 

“Oh but my lady I have a husband” Ellaria heard a young woman say in a highly flirtatious manner. 

“I am no lady, only a bastard and besides once you have my tongue up inside you, you’ll never want to go back, I promise you my lady” Another woman reasoned, a woman who’s voice was hard and thick with Dornish flare.


Ellaria revealed herself to them. Inside a large ruby and sapphire titled bathing well Obara sat with her arms spread out along its edges, sat upon her knees a young woman, a Stormlands girl, petite and lithe in body with deep locks of oak brown and skin as pale as ice. With the hot waters steaming around them Obara looked over the girls shoulder and gifted Ellaria an annoyed stare, the girl herself turning round to look over her shoulder. 

“What do you want Ellaria?” Obara barked like a hostile dog. Ellaria smiled and paced around the wells edge.

“I was told that you had returned from the raid I sent you on, my serving girl also tells me it was a great victory” Ellaria commented. 

“We burned Stonehelm to the ground and killed the garrison stationed there, we also took lord Swann hostage” Obara turned to the naked girl on her lap. “And this little beauty” The girl blushed. Elleria approached the girl.

“What is your name child?” Ellaria asked the girl. 

“Taena Swann” She replied. Obara smirked. 

“And tell me Taena is what Obara is telling me the truth?” Taena hesitated for a moment. “I am the Princess of Dorne, think twice before you lie to me” Ellaria said issuing a soft threat which loosed her lips.

“Every word of it, my uncles castle was burned, our men were killed, my cousin was taken… was I” Obara smirked once more and forcefully slapped Taena’s petite soft skinned behind, forcing a high pitched squeak from her cherry soaked lips. 

“I told you I was telling the truth” Obara followed up. Ellaria raised her brow. 

“And where is Lord Robert Swann?….and Nym for that matter?”

“In the next chamber, getting to know our captured lord better” Obara replied. Ellaria turning around left Obara and Taena Swann behind and made her way into the second chamber of the royal Martell bath house, through a silk curtain she pushed her way into the second chamber to an unexpected sight. Inside the bathing well before her stood a tall, well built young man. Broad of shoulder and chest he was gifted with a muscular back, toned tights and a pair of arms strengthened by the heat of battle, the steaming waters raising up and cupping his ball sack which swung back and forth with the rigorous motion of his hips.  

“HuuuuuHuuuuuHuuuuuHuuuuuuu. The young lord groaned 

“D….Don’..t….Don’t stop” Nymeria Sand muttered underneath a breathless whisper.    

Quietly pacing around the baths edge Ellaria watched as his toned buttocks thrusted back and forth, his cock deep inside the Sand Snake as she lay bend over the side of the bath, spread out upon the stone flooring. 

“HHHHHUUUUUUUHHHHUUUUHHHUUUUU…M…my…lord…..Fuuu…fuck yes hUUU” Nymeria Sand groaned and stuttered as the young lords cock clenched tight, his seed spilling within her womanhood. As Nymeria ruffed her long locks of hair and her leg shook Ellaria turned and poured herself a glass of Dornish wine and waited for them to turn around. She watched patently as the two unbounded their genitals, the young lords cock sliding out and slapping against Nymeria’s toned warrioress like buttocks as they kissed.  

“Had you told me we we’re going to fuck I would have just surrendered” Robert Swann joked. 

“Had you of just surrendered there wouldn’t have been a fight, I like a fight, and a prize, you are my prize my lord….and your cock” Nymeria replied before kissing him once more, Nym’s eyes meeting Ellaria’s as their lips parted ways  


“Nym…” Ellaria replied. Nymeria took a deep breath as Ellaria strolled towards the bath. 

“Nym, I believe you have something for lord Swann, go fetch him it” Without a word Nymeria nodded her head and climbed from the hot waters. Elleria watched as she passed, her olive skin and toned warrioress like figure soaked, the young lords seed trickling down her leg. After Nymeria left the chamber Ellaria turned her attention to the young lord.

“You are Robert Swann? the lord of Stonehelm?” She asked.

“I am…..and you are Ellaria Sand, Princess of Dorne and ally of the false Queen” Ellaria smirked.

“You know who I am?, I’m flattered”

“All women I meet are flattered by me, even the ones who come to capture me”

“You are a very confident young man”

“Well you Dornish have a funny way of holding someone captive, hot baths, fruit and wine….. sex”

“We only offer the best in Dorne, especially to young, handsome lords such as yourself” Ellaria flirtatiously jested. A cocky grin grew on the lords face. 

“If you wanna fuck my lady, all you gotta do is ask” Ellaria smirked and begun to slide her shoulders out of her silk dress. 

“In Dorne we do not ask, we take” Ellaria declared as she disrobed before him, her sun kissed ruby silks dropping to the stone floor around her feet, her exotic olive skinned body drawing in the young lords attention with its naked allure. With Robert Swann watching her every move Ellaria walked forward and with wine in one hand descended the steps of the bath and immersed herself in the hot waters, her eyes fixated upon the young lord like a Viper to a rat. Slowly but surely Ellaria seated herself, Robert Swann himself stood before her, his cock hardened once more. 

“Before we fuck I want to tell you a story” Ellaria said. 

“You can tell me after we fuck” Robert Swann snapped.

“I will tell you now” Ellaria fired back. “Sit boy” The word boy whipping him with some obedience. 

“Did I ever tell you about my daughter?”

“No you did not”

“I didn't think so……my daughter was a smart girl, and beautiful…..oh so beautiful, you would of liked her very much, all the boys wanted her and the girls too”

“She must have been quite the girl then”

“Oh she was… much so even Queen Margaery her could not resist…………she took her into her bed chamber, named her master of ships and held her as a close advisor……….my daughter was loyal to Queen Margaery so much so that she loved her”

“I see” Robert Swann replied. 

“But when the Dragon Queen arrived on our shores the Rose Queen blamed my daughter, when she tried to beg her forgiveness and confess her love for her Queen Margaery did not want any part of it…………she dishonoured my daughter and humiliated her before the court of Kings Landing, and then had her ride south to demand a Dornish army march north in the snows to fight the Dragon Queen”

“Women and power should never mix, thats what my uncle used to always say” The young lord declared.

“For dishonouring my daughter and bring shame to Dorne her sisters and I seized power from the Martell’s and marched our armies north in support of Queen Daenerys, at the Clash of Queens we smashed the Tyrells and Starks in the rear and captured Queen Margaery before parading her around Storms End nude……..I was so overjoyed when I received the raven informing me of the news” Ellaria smiled. 

“But it didn’t last did it?” Ellaria gulped before continuing. 

“Queen Margaery escaped with the help of her brother and Queens guard but not before finding my daughter and murdering her…….forgive me my lord but isn’t your uncle part of the Queens guard?” Ellaria asked. Robert gulped.

“My uncle, Sir Swann is my lady”

“I’ve hear rumours about that night my lord, rumours about your uncle, rumours about my daughters death”

“What kind of rumours?” Robert asked of her.

“You know the kind my lord, that Margaery Tyrell ordered your uncle to hold my daughter down and cut her unborn child from her womb” Ellaria said. She watched the young lord twist uncomfortably underneath the waters, his cock lost since losing it hardened figure.  

“What are you trying to say” Robert asked of her. 

“I am saying that your uncle murdered my little girl and that house Swann must pay a price”

“So that is why you have taken me captive? you wish to trade me for my uncle? Queen Margaery would never agree to such a thing” Robert Swann replied as he crossed his arms. Ellaria took a sip of her wine.

“I never said that I was going to trade you for your uncle or that you were even going to be a captive” Ellaria corrected him. Just then she heard somebody enter the bath house behind her. With her light feet slapping off the hard stone floor Nymeria took up her place beside her. Naked she was, her lush olive skinned dried, Roberts seed wiped from her womanhood, a whip curled up in her right hand, a cocky grin upon her lips.

“Your uncle killed my daughter, he cut her unborn baby from her womb. It would seem only fitting that we killed you, the last heir of your house”  

In a panic Robert suddenly dashed from the hot waters, Ellaria watched with a hate filled expression as Nymeria swung her whip above her head and cracked it across his chest cutting a large gash deep into his muscle. As blood seeped from the wound Robert eyed Ellaria and in a blind panic flung himself toward her, his hands aimed at her neck. But before he could reach her Nymeria once again cracked her whip, this time sending its tight leathery bonds wrapping around his neck. Sipping her wine once more Ellaria watched as Nymeria dragged him by the neck from the bath waters and lay him out upon the stone floor of the bath house. As he choked and struggled Nymeria tightened her whips grip until his legs stopped splashing and his arms stopped flailing. As the last chokes of life left his lungs Nymeria placed her foot over his neck and blew the young lord Robert Swann a kiss.  

“Thank you for the fuck my lord, I’ll never forget it” Nymeria said as she gazed down into his dying eyes, her whip choking the last morsel of life from his lips.  

“Did you really have to fuck him?” Ellaria snapped at the Sand Snake. 

“He had a good cock, it seemed like such a shame to let it go to waste before we killed him” 

“He may have put a bastard in you….you stupid whore” Ellaria snapped once more. Nymeria grinned.

“We are all bastards here, besides what’s one more in my belly matter to you?”

“It matters more then you may think” Ellaria said as she rose from the steamy waters, the glass of Dornish still in her hand, water droplets dripping from her tits and running down her flattened stomach. “We are at war, the rest of the Seven Kingdoms have united against us, Dorne stands alone with only Daenerys Targaryen as our soul ally and all the while that murdering bitch Margaery Tyrell and that fucking whore Sansa Stark both sit the iron throne. They are in power for now but not for long, a change is coming, a shift in the power of theses Kingdoms, the Tyrells and Starks are in debt to the iron bank so much so it will cripple them. When that time comes the Viper much stand ready to strike at a moments notice, something she cannot do if she is on her back birthing more bastards into the world” Nymeria gulped as her cocky exterior melted away. A tear come to Elleria’s eye.

“Mumma please” Ellaria said. 

“They killed her, they killed your sister, they killed my little girl” Elleria muttered breaking down into tears. She watched as Nymeria dropped her whip and climbed to the bath to console her. Placing her arms around her Elleria held her close.

“Queen Margaery will suffer for what she did to Tyene, Obara and I will avenge our sister, it is all that drives us” Elleria composed herself. 

“I know you will” Ellaria said planting a kiss upon her forehead. 

“And I promise to be more careful” Nymeria added. Ellaria stroked her hair.

“Once the war is won Nym you may have has many bastards as you like… as will as I, when I am Queen” Nymeria raised her brow in confusion. 

“Daenerys is Queen is she not?” Ellaria looked deep into eyes for a moment. 

“Summon your sister….. and get a guard to come drag this dead lord from our bath waters” 



After the guards had removed Robert Swann’s body from the bath house Ellaria awaited Nymeria and Obara returns.

“You two better make this quick, I was face deep in lady Swann’s cunt just a moment ago” Obara impatiently boasted. 

“And you still think she will want your face in her cunt after she watches the body of her beloved cousin dragged before her?” Nymeria replied. 

“I have no doubt my tongue will make up for it” Obara fired back. 

“Enough! the pair of you, get inside. We have things we must discuss” On her orders Obara and Nymeria both climbed into the hot bath waters. Across from one another they sat as the hot waters steam rose around them, together they spoke of politics, the war and the future of Dorne.

“We have allied ourselves with Queen Daenerys” Ellaria stated. 

“Back when she had three dragons to burn our enemies with we did, now what does she have?, an army of cockles men” Nymeria argued. 

“You are only angry because they have no cocks to slip inside you” Obara jested. 

“This has nothing to do with that, we joined Daenerys Targaryen because of her three dragons and because Tyene insisted. The Unsullied are impressive but they are just soldiers….as I said they cannot burn our enemies”

“Nym is right, she may no longer have her dragons but we have chosen our ally and so we shall see this war through” 

“Will you just get to the point of us being here” Obara impatiently demanded.    

“Very well” Ellaria said before leaning into them. “I plan to ask Daenerys Targaryen’s hand in marriage”

“Marriage? really? she is already married to Yara Greyjoy is she not?” Nymeria replied.

“The same Yara Greyjoy who was taken captive by Sansa Stark after the eruption of Dragonstone, paraded around King Landing and who hasn't been seen since. The Greyjoy girl is most likely dead by now and Daenerys will have to take another wife” Ellaria said. 

“Why you? why do you get to marry her?” Obara interjected. 

“Because I am the Princess of Dorne, a marriage between myself and the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms would be beneficial to us all” 

“So that is how it is then? you make me give up my position as Princess of Dorne to you just so you can marry the Dragon Queen?” Obara fired back.

“You know the reasons why you handed the princehood to me” Ellaria said unfazed. 

“I wouldn’t have if I knew you where going to marriage her” Obara shot up from the waters, a rage in her eyes, her toned feminine physique tensed as a show of strength. Ellaria, in a cold show of authority slowly rose from the waters and stood before Obara, their eyes locked in a matriarchal stand off. 

“You could not be the Princess of Dorne because the Dornish lords would never have followed you, you do not have the political skills nor the temperament to rule these lands” Ellaria declared. 

“I could have forced the lords to follow me, I could have had them fear me” Obara fired back. 

“Force and fear will work only but for a time, I am not playing at the short term Obara, I am looking beyond this war, beyond the death of Daenerys Targaryen, I am looking to build us a dynasty”

“What Dynasty?” Obara Questioned. 

“The Dragon Queen’s womb is barren, she will never be able to produce an heir. Any man she joins with will never be able to get her with child, but if she married another woman, the Princess of Dorne, through the union of our houses any child I would have with her would be the rightful heir to the throne” Ellaria cupped Obara’s chin. “We have a chance, a glorious opportunity to put a Dornish bastard on the iron throne……….to build a new dynasty, long after houses Targaryen, Tyrell, Stark, Lannister and Baratheon have died out. We, the bastards of Dorne will endure, our blood ruling over these kingdoms for the rest of time” Obara took a deep breath and untensed her physique. Ellaria took her hand.

“That my dear is why I am Princess of Dorne”        




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The Great hall was always cold in winter time as was the tower of the hand, the white sword tower and Maegors holdfast. Every chamber she entered, the library, the granary, the armoury, the maidens vault, the royal galleries and apartments, the small council chamber, the kitchens, even her own bed chamber with its great marble hearth roaring flame, thick wolf and lion pelted furs and the heat of Margaery Tyrells naked body pressed up against her she felt cold. Even the royal bath house with its hot spring tubs and lazy waters held captive a chill within its red brick walls. Not that it mattered to her, she had long since become use to the cold. She was of the North after all and the North was of her, elegant and beautiful, yet strong and powerful as all Queens should be.   

They should just rename Kings Landing Winterfell, if you asked a blind man where he was he would say he was in the North, that is how bad this Winter has become. 

Sansa Stark thought to herself as she allowed her mind a slight time to wonder in-between the daily governance of the realm. Donned in sapphire silks and wool laced fabrics Sansa sat high upon the Iron Throne, her grey wolf pelted fur cloak draping its jagged arm rests and shielding her skin from the cold iron and still sharpened edges. Sansa knew always to take something to cover the thrones pointed blades, Margaery had cut her hands so many times she looked to have been caught up in a fight. 

We are always fighting, always at war, our enemies will never stop until we are dead, I suppose the iron throne reminds us of that. If the price of true power and authority is a cut hand and an uncomfortable chair then its a price worth paying.     

Sansa thought as she twisted and turned upon the throne, forever trying to get comfortable upon it. With her arms rested upon its jagged wolf pelt covered arm rests, legs crossed, back straight, head held high with a river of her fiery braided locks running down her shoulder Sansa knew she had to project not just an image of beauty but one of power as well. With a harsh northern sternness and a gaze as cold as winter itself Sansa looked down upon the small gathering of lord and ladies of Queen Margaery’s court, each one of them deceitful liars without a shred of honour, plotters and schemers, back stabbers and murders.

Are Margaery and I so different? 

Each one of them held together not by loyalty, love or devotion to the crown but to their own self interests. 

Daenerys Targaryen has no idea what she’s in for. 

Sansa thought with a slight smirk before the grand iron and oak doors of the great hall slid open and the court moved a side to form a central column as was custom. Stepping into the throne room was a knight of the Reach. 

“Your Grace we have the traitor, as you requested” Sansa took a deep breath before speaking.

“Very good, bring him in” Sansa replied with a nod of approval. On her words knight stepped a side and commanded his men inside, with them a man, a southern lord of the Reach and banner man to Margaery’s father lord Arthur Blackmont. From her domineering position atop the jagged throne Sansa watched as they brought lord Blackmont into the great hall and dragged him along his knees to the foot of the steps of the iron throne. The guards slamming his face into the rich marble flooring. 

“Your Grace we captured the traitor just south of Ashford trying to convince lady Roslin Ashford to switch sides and join the Dragon Queen”

“And how did lady Roslin respond to his advances?” Sansa asked with a slight tilt of her head. 

“It was lady Roslin who informed us your grace, without her this traitorous dog would never have been captured” Sansa turned to her note taker, a skinny boy seated beside the iron throne, a scroll and quill upon his lap. 

“Take a note that lady Roslin is to be rewarded for her loyalty” 

“And where’s my reward?” lord Arthur Blackmont replied. His voice gruff, his tone true. He looked up to Sansa, deep into his eyes she stared before responding. 

“You are a traitor to the crown, you do not deserve rewarding”

“I think I do……you brand me a traitor lady Stark just as the mad king branded all those who joined king Robert during his rebellion. Ask me…. do the peoples of this realm still regard them as traitors? or just the Targaryen’s?”

“Your statement contradicts itself my lord, you say that yet you fight for a Targaryen” Sansa replied. 

“A Targaryen who is a true leader, a true Queen, the kind of Queen this realm needs…she looks out for the people”

“And so to does Queen Margaery” Sansa corrected him. 

“HORSESHIT” The lord cried only for the knight to punch him across the face.  

“You will hold your tongue when addressing the Queen” The knight barked like the loyal dog we was.

“The Queen?” lord Blackmont laughed. “I thought Margaery Tyrell was the Queen?”

“Queen Margaery is my wife…by the light of the seven and the laws of this realm our houses are one” 

“Please…spare me your sick lesbian fantasies. If it wasn’t for that iron chair the light of the seven would of had the gay beaten and flogged from you both a long time ago” Sansa smirked.

“It’s a good thing I’m sitting in this iron chair then……” Sansa leaned forward on the throne. “…… a word of warning my lord, time and time again men have threaten me with those words and now they are all dead” 

“What does it matter? I am marked for death no matter my tone” Lord Blackmont replied.

“Queen Margaery and I are willing to pardon you on the condition that you bend the knee” 

“Never….I am loyal to Queen Daenerys, the true Queen” 

“Then my lord you leave me no choice” Sansa coldly replied as she gathered her wolf pelts and rose from the iron throne. “In the name of Queen Margaery of the house Tyrell, first of her name, Queen of the Andals, Rhoynar of the First Men and Protector of the Realm, I Sansa Stark hereby sentence you to death for the heinous acts of murder and plotting the over throw the crown” 

“Your Grace” A serving girl said running up the steps of the throne to whisper in her ear. “Queen Margaery requests your presence in the small council chambers” Sansa’s heart skipped a beat.

The baby?

“Why? has the baby?” Sansa replied to the serving girl. Her hopes raised. 

Have her waters broke? has she gone into labor? is the baby coming?

“No…. not yet your grace, the Queen has received news, important news, she wants you to come at once” Sansa gazed down at the lord and then back up at the serving girl.

“Tell her grace I will be their soon” With that the serving girl scurried off down the steps of the throne and out of the great hall. 

“Your Grace….how will the traitor die?” The knight asked of her as the guards dragged him to his feet. Sansa dwelled on it for a moment, much more interested in what news Margaery has received. 

“Take him out into the courtyard and hang him, see to it there is a crowd to witness it” Lord Arthur Blackmont laughed as Sansa turned and made her way down the steps of the throne. 

“Is that it lady Stark? I thought you Northerners had a saying ‘he who passes the sentence must swing the sword’ what would lord Eddard Stark think of his daughter?” The lord barked as the guards begun to drag him out. “Or your mother lady Catelyn?” His words begun to eat at Sansa, tugging on her pride. As cold as she made out to be she hated the idea of people dishonouring her family. “And what about your son Robb? or that unnatural abomination growing inside Margaery Tyrells womb?…….” Sansa lost her patients and stopped where she stood, she turned to the lord to confronted him. Retaining her cold authority Sansa Stark grit her teeth, the SheWolf nature within her bubbling up to defend the honour of her cubs.

Say what you will about my father and mother but you will not dishonour my children, unborn or not. 

“It would appear hanging you would be a mistake my lord”

He must be tort a lesson. They all must. 

“Cut out his tongue and remove his cock…after that throw him in the blackwater with a very large rock strapped to his back”

“Of course your grace” Sansa heard the knight say as she turned to leave the great hall, the skinny note taking body and guards hot on her heels. 

“Let that be a lesson to all those who would betray our trust” Sansa whispered to herself as she marched down the steps of the iron throne and left the throne room. 




Making her way through the Red brick maze that was the interior of the Red Keep Sansa Stark soon found herself outside the small council chambers. Pressing the palm of her hands against the cold iron Sansa pushed the chamber door open and made her way inside. Inside the chamber, seated at the small council meeting table was Grand Maester Pycelle buried underneath a mountain of scrolls and parchments, to his right Lord Varys ‘the spider’ with a slight look of amusement upon his lips. But they were not the focus of her attention. At the far end of the council chamber, stood before a great burning hearth was Margaery Tyrell, Queen of the Seven Kingdoms and the woman she loved more then anything in this world. Donning an elegant gold and brown rose embroidered robe which draped the marble floors at her feet, Margaery stared deep into the flames as her advisors spoke amongst themselves, her hands gently caressing her swollen belly which grew heavy with the heir to the realm. 

“It is a trick your grace…these are the kind of tactics the Iron Bank employs when they wish to amend an agreement” Lord Hand Petyr Baelish insisted as he reclined comfortably by the council table. “They tried to do the same thing with King Robert and Queen Cersei if the rumours are true” Sir Loras Tyrell bit his lip in frustration. 

“We do not care for rumours Lord Baelish” Loras fired at him. 

“But what would the….the Iron Bank get out of…s…supporting the Targaryen girl? she has clearly lost this war”

“I wouldn’t count Daenerys Targaryen out just yet Grand Maester, my little birds in the south tell me that Elleria Sands support for Daenerys’s claim is still unshaken as is her own support amongst the Dornish lords. I have also heard whispers that men from the golden company of Essos have travelled across the neck to Sunspear to discuss an alliance of sorts, the details of the talks still elude me. But if she were to secure their support and we lose favour with the Iron Bank……..”

“The Iron Bank could fund her claim” Loras glumly concluded.  

“Indeed my lord”

“The possibility is there I will admit, but think about it, what would the Iron Bank be getting themselves into? Your grace the Targaryen girl and her armies are trapped in Dorne and Oldtown, outside of the Dornish and a few lords here and there nobody seriously supports her claim….and with her three dragons dead well, lets just say she is not the same threat that first arrived on our shores nine months ago. Daenerys Targaryen has lost this war your grace. We can see that and I have no doubt in my mind the Iron Bank sees it that way as well” Lord Baelish proclaimed. 

“You of all people should know lord Baelish that the Iron Bank would have no second thoughts about funding our enemies if we cannot pay back our debts” Loras replied. 

“My lord the Iron Bank of Braavos is the richest, most powerful bank in the world…they did not become that by funding every men who would declare himself a king or woman a Queen. By your arguments Sir Loras the Iron Bank would have funded Viserys Targaryen in a heart beat but did they?….of course not, because it wasn’t in their best interests, they knew he didn’t have a realistic chance at taking the Iron throne and neither does Daenerys Targaryen without her dragons” Lord Baelish turned to Margaery. “As I said your grace the Iron Bank knows that you have won this war…now they are trying to scare you into repaying the gold”

“Gold which we do not have” Varys reminded them. 

“Or would of had if we hadn’t marched on Sunspear and killed the Targaryen girl instead of trying to contain her forces to Dorne and the south for nine months” Pycelle added. 

“You know as well as I grand Maester we could not have marched to war during the height of winter, we have barely enough food to feed the commoners and our solders are needed in Kings Landing, Lannisport and Madenpool to stop hunger riots” Loras replied. 

“This arguing does still not solve the crowns debt problem my lords”  Varys interjected. 

“We could raise taxes” Lord Baelish suggested. 

“Putting up taxes during the worst winter in living memory? the commoners would turn on us”

“We have armies and ships my lord, what do the commoners have?” Petyr replied, the mockingbird seal upon his tunic shining in the hearth flame. 

“They have a rival Queen who they could throw their support behind” Margaery finally interjected into the discussion, she turned from the hearths fire and gazed upon her small council  “There will be no tax raises….as for the Iron Bank. I wish to discuss the matter in private with my wife” Margaery said looking over to Sansa, her intoxicating brown eyes which had stolen her attention so many times stealing her once more. In complete unison the small council turned to her, all unaware that she was stood behind them.

Margaery knew, she always knew. 

“Today my lords” Margaery quipped, a hint of frustration in her voice. On the Queens words the small council rose, one by one Pycelle, Varys, Petyr and Loras passed her by, the small council chambers door sliding shut and leaving the royal couple alone.     

“What’s the matters?” Sansa demanded to know as she walked up to Margaery’s side by the fire. Picking up a rolled up piece of parchment Margaery handed it to her.

“Read this” Margaery asked of her. Accepting the parchment Sansa gazed the broken seal, twin triangles intersecting into one another forming a great temple. 

“This is from the Iron Bank?”

“Please read it my love” Margaery snapped as she turned to gaze into the fire, rubbing her baby bump. 

Sansa read. 





Your Grace


It pains me to write this during such a unfortunate time for your Seven Kingdoms but this matter that does need to be resolved at once. 

A matter of months ago the Iron Bank generously approved you a vast amount of gold to aid you in your domestic war with Daenerys Targaryen and to solidify your position on the Iron Throne.  

Per our agreement you would repay a maximum 80,000 gold dragons, plus 15,000 in sliver Stags as interest, a generous offer on the Banks behalf in support of your claim. As of writing this letter Your Grace the Iron Bank has received only 47,000 of the agreed upon gold. 

In light of this failed repayment from the Westerosi crown I have the unfortunate duty to inform you that the Iron bank has agreed to suspend all future loan requests and gold payments until the sum of your debts are met in full. The Iron Bank reserves the right to do this. 

As this is a time of civil war within the Seven Kingdoms and a time of great pressure upon your position as Queen the Iron Bank would like to officially welcome Your Grace to Braavos within the next fortnight so that we may discuss and resolve this unfortunate issue.

Failure to comply will most certainly force the Bank to ‘reevaluate’ is position regarding your claim to the Iron Throne.  


We humbly look forward to receiving Your Grace.





Tycho Nestoris, Lord Chancellor of the Iron Bank of Braavos. 





As Sansa finished the letter she looked up to Margaery who stood before her, her soft lips twisted with frustration.

“Where does the Iron Bank get the bloody gall to speak to the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms like that?”

“Well they are the Iron Bank”

“I don’t care, I am the Queen and they should have more respect……and that last part when they try to threaten me, threaten us” Margaery vented, clearly angry at the letters tone.

“Why are you surprised? there the Iron Bank, this is what they do”

“Stop taking the Banks side Sansa”

“I am not taking the banks side…..but you knew this day was going to come, you know as well as I we do not have the money to pay them back. Did you just think they would forget about the shortage of gold we were sending them, banks don’t forget that, they count every penny”

“Your not helping the situation” Margaery snapped.

“Maybe if you hadn't taken out money with the Iron Bank we wouldn’t be in this mess” Sansa snapped back, her words as cold and sharp as Northern steel. 

“Your bloody unless you know that” Margaery fired back before storming out of the small council chamber, her Queen Guard following her out.

She’s scared…. and I don’t blame her. The Iron Bank can make or break a Queen, and with the war and the baby on the way she’s under a lot of stress. 



Later that evening after the low winters sun had long since descended upon the horizon and as the icy winters wind battered the thick stone walls of the Red Keep Sansa Stark returned to her chambers, Margaery’s Queen guard posted outside as they were every night. Making her way inside a gift hidden underneath her robes Sansa found Margaery at her deck before their hearths flame, like wildfire it roared with a deep, other worldly intensity as it brought light to the dimly lit chamber and warmth to the women who occupied it. Stood before her Sansa watched as Margaery worked through a mountain of royal parchments to be signed, each on a royal decree, marriage approval or permission for one of her generals in the south to take action against Dany’s forces in Dorne. But even as Sansa was in her presence Margaery ignored her.

Margaery‘s stubborn when she angry, but I can be just as bad. 

With a calm confidence Sansa strolled up to Margaery and unveiled her gift. Hidden underneath her robes Sansa drew forth a magnificent bundle of Roses comprised of vibrant southern reds, rare during the winter, and exotic northern blues found only in the North and beyond the wall. Placing the bundle down upon the rich oak desk Margaery placed down her quill and slowly gazed up at her.

“What do you think?” Sansa asked. Margaery gazed down at the bundle of Roses and then back up to Sansa.

“Roses? I’m a Tyrell Sansa, I stare at roses every day”

“But you like them?” Sansa smirked, Margaery reluctantly smirked back.

“Their beautiful” Margaery agreed. 

“They are…. but not as beautiful as you” Sansa replied. Margaery smiled.

“You’re not getting off that easy” Margaery replied as she reclined in her chair, her palms rested upon her baby bump. 

“I’m sorry for what I said in the small council chamber” Sansa said as she walked around the desk to apologise. Margaery shook her head. 

“You have nothing to be sorry for my love….you were just trying to help and I snapped, I’m sorry” Sansa took her hand and kneeled before her.

“Your the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms, locked in a war with a foreign invader, served by a traitorous court and an incompetent small council who hate you because you took another woman as your wife, a northern, who’s child now grows inside you………..and now the Iron Bank which is funding you is demanding its money back, considering everything Margaery I’m surprised you haven’t snapped at me sooner” Margaery battered her eyes at Sansa, revealing an innocent smile as she tilted her head.

“You make having your baby growing inside me sound like a bad thing Sansa”

If it even is my child.

“Not at all” Sansa said as she lent down, opened Margery’s fur robes and planted a kissed upon her swollen baby bump. “It’s the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me”

“Me too” Margaery agreed as she rubbed her belly. “Speaking of which I heard a rumour today”

“What kind of rumour?” Sansa asked as she got to her feet.

“That you..had lord Blackmont strapped to a rock and thrown into the blackwater”

“It’s more then just a rumour” Sansa admitted.

“Why?” Margaery asked raising to her feet. Sansa took a moment, the anger she felt in the throne room returning.

“He dishonoured our little girl” Sansa bluntly replied. 

“What kind of things did he say?” Margaery replied.

“That she was unnatural, an abomination…I wasn’t just going to let him get away with it” Sansa replied as Margaery paced before the roaring hearth.  

“Don’t listen to the commoners my love, our baby will be something special, she will be the heir to the Seven Kingdoms….our baby girl, sitting on the iron throne. And you know what’s most important about that” Margaery said unlacing the fur robe which hung loosely around her neck. 

“What’s that?” Sansa replied. As soon as Sansa’s words left her mouth Margery dropped her furs to the chamber floor, stood before the flame Margaery turned and walked towards her, the flames highlighting her body’s slender womanly perfection, the motherly swell of her stomach only adding to her beauty. Still after all this time Sansa found her self biting her lip in angst at her wife’s figure.  

“She is ours…..she may gown inside me but you are just as much her mother as I am” Margaery said gifting her wife a kiss.

“I know” Sansa replied as Margaery picked up her bundle of Roses and took them into the next chamber. 


Taking the time to undress Sansa Stark took Margaery’s seat, picked up her quill and begun working through the mountain of parchments Margaery had left behind. Signing her own name in the Queens authority Sansa listened as Margaery came back into the bed chamber and placed the bundle of roses in a sapphire vase on the table in the centre of the chamber. As the quill begun the dry Sansa dripped it into the small jar of ink on the desk side and gazed across the chamber at her wife. She watched as Margaery stood before the grand gold framed mirror at their beds side, twirling her softly curled brown locks through her finger tips and shifting her hips from side to side, inspecting her skin for the slightest blemish from her pregnancy.  

“You know its funny” Margaery said.

“What’s funny?” Sansa replied.

“When I was a child……” Margaery replied as she raised her left leg before the mirror and run the palm of her hands down her back, cupping the curves of her softly kissed summer buttocks. “……I used to think babies came out of our bottoms” Sansa dropped the quill and laughed.

“Really?” Sansa replied with a raised brow and a giggle.

“It’s true” Margaery laughed. “I used to believe that fat lords were only fat because they were expecting a baby” 

“You weren’t a particularly bright child were you?” Sansa said. Margaery giggled. 

“How did you explain where babies come from as a child?” Margaery replied.

“Old nan told me…. every gruesome detail” Margaery stood cross legged before the mirror and rubbed her baby bump once more. 

“I suppose its a good thing its not true, I could image Loras would have pushed one out of his behind by now if it where possible, your brother Robb too” Margaery blurted out. 

“What about Robb?” Sansa questioned. 

“I heard he was very close to Theon Greyjoy before the……” Margaery hesitated “……the wedding” Margaery turned to look at her cross the chamber  “Sorry if I…” Sansa held her hand up to calmly silence her. 

“….It’s ok, Ros told me all about Robb and Theon” 

“Do you think your brother loved Theon?” Margaery asked.

“According to Ros he did”

“It was a crime what happened to them both” Margaery said.

“A crime which has long since see justice, the Lannisters are all dead and house Bolton are no more, I’ve gotten my revenge for Robb”  

“Well not all the Lannisters” Sansa heard Margaery say to herself before returning to the mirror.  

“I still can’t believe it though, almost nine months to the day we’ve been married, nine months with our child inside me, she’ll been here before we know it”

“I know, I can’t wait” Sansa agreed before returning to the parchments.

“Does it hurt? birthing a child?” Margaery asked as she starred into the mirror at herself, her tone laced with a slight pinch of fear.

Do I tell her the truth and make her worry or lie so she can sleep easy?

“It can hurt” Sansa quietly replied.

“Either it does or it doesn’t Sansa you should now” 

“I had Robb when Cersei was attacking Winterfell, I had other worries on my mind to dull the pain just as you will”

“Like what my love? we are winning the war, soon Daenerys will be dead and we will have our little girl and heir, everything else I have councillors to worry for me”

“Like wondering when I am going to return from Braavos” Sansa announced as she placed the quill down on the table. Margaery turned to her.


“I had a word with lord Petyr and your father. We all agreed that the debt to the Iron Bank is not something we can ignore”

“You can’t Sansa” Margaery pleaded. 

“You know as well as I you can’t travel to Braavos” Sansa said.

“I’m pregnant my love not a cripple” Margaery said as she paced over towards her. 

“You’re carrying the heir to the realm and our child, you have to remain here”

“Under who’s orders” Margaery replied. 

“The orders of your wife who loves you very much” Margaery went quiet as Sansa took her hand. “You know as well as I that if we do not fix this with the Iron Bank they could support Daenerys, when you bring our daughter into the world I what her birth right to waiting for her when she grows up, not taken by some usurper shortly after she was born just because her mothers refused to settle their debts” Margaery stroked her hand and gifted Sansa a cocky grin. 

“Fine, I understand, we have debt’s that must be settled. If that is what has been agreed with lord Petyr and my father then go….talk with the Iron Bank and make sure they keep funding us in this war. But I’m ordering you as well Sansa Stark, I order you to be at my side when I have this child”

“I want to be, more then anything in the world” Sansa said with a smile. “but what if I am in Braavos when the time comes?” Margaery kissed Sansa upon the lips.

“Then I shall hold her in my womb until you return to me” Sansa smiled.

“I will be back in time I promise” Sansa said starring deep into Margaery’s eyes. 

“I hope you are, the Maester has suggested that I have a water birth”

“Water Birth?” Sansa questioned.

“It’s when you bath in warm water for while before having the baby to relax you, my mother did the same when she had me” Margaery replied, her tone suddenly full of optimism.   

“It that safe?” Sansa asked. Margaery giggled.

“Of course its safe” Sansa smiled and held Margaery close.

“I just worry sometimes, for you, for us…..” Sansa placed her palm on Margaery’s baby bump. “……for our little girl”

“You don’t need to worry about me my love, besides I am the Queen. It is up to my advisers to worry not you” Margaery joked. 

“Still….. I can’t help it”

“Then your Queen orders you not to worry” Margaery playfully jested. 

“I don’t think I can obey those orders your grace” Sansa replied. Margaery smirked and gently touched her noise against Sansa’s, their eyes engrossed in each others majesty. 

“It’s treasonous to disobey a Queens orders” 

“I’m sorry your grace, let me make it up to you” Sansa quipped. Leaning into Margaery Sansa kissed her royal wife passionately. Stood out of her chair Sansa cupped Margaery’s chin and run her hands down her hardened nipples, gifting her tits a gentle rub and suckle. Pushing Margaery back Sansa got down on her knees as Margaery lifted herself up upon to the royal desk, knocking the mountain of parchments to the floor. Touching her knees down onto the cold stone floor Sansa kissed Margaery’s bulging baby bump before before moving down in between her legs to pleasure her womanhood. As Sansa sucked and pressed her tongue up against her clit Margaery, supporting herself with her arms behind her back threw her head back and sighed, at the mercy of her wife’s tongue.

“Ohh…..oh…don’t stop my love” Margaery let slip from her lips as she rested her hand upon her baby bump, her legs wrapped around Sansa Starks head as she pleasured her, the both of them silhouettes in the royal hearths flaming glory.    



Chapter Text

Upon her white, neutered stallion Daenerys Targaryen rode across the harsh Dornish desert dunes as the intense heat of the middays sun beat down upon her white gold locks and warmed her pale Valyrian skin. Donning a light silk black dress, riding boots and a thick steel, gold breast plate with the three headed dragon of house Targaryen engraved upon it Daenerys swerved her stallion forcefully upon the dunes as he galloped across sliding sands and sinking pits, the kind the dornish say can swallow entire armies.

The Dornish certainly enjoy their stories. 

Dany thought to herself with a slight roll of her eyes as she guided her stallion down a steep sand dune, his hooves sliding vertically upon the sands.

You can do this. We are almost there.

She thought to herself as she gripped his mane and stroked his fur. As her stallion reached the bottom of the dune and the sands evened out Dany was joined by her party. Riding at her rear upon a black horse was her loyalist friend, closest advisor and the woman she had named her hand. Donned in the same light black silk dress and riding boots and brandishing a sliver breast plate with the sigil of the newly established house of Naath upon it, a green Naathi butterfly on a sea of blue. Missandei rode close by Daenerys’s side, the black badge of Queen’s hand worn upon her chest. Behind Missandei was Greyworm clad in Unsullied armour and behind him two more unsullied wielding the red and black banners of the three headed dragon followed closely by a garrison of some forty fighting men. Since dawn Dany had led her men through the dornish desert dunes with the suns heat blaring down upon them, returning to the Water Gardens from Oldtown which her Unsullied and Ellaria Sand’s Dornish forces now laid siege to. 

It was so cold in the reach, even as far south as Oldtown it was cold, but here in Dorne it is as if it were summer. No wonder my ancestors could not conquer this land.

Dany thought as she remembered the stories her brother used to tell her as a child.

I could imagine the sight of Targaryen banners amongst the dunes would have been a fearsome sight for the dornish at one time, but that was three hundred years ago, I am their Queen now just as I am of the other six kingdoms. Margaery Tyrell will learn that, Sansa Stark as well.

Eventually making it out of the deep Dornish desert Daenerys sighted something in the distance by the coast, before her was the palace of the water gardens, grand in size and scope Dany watched as the sapphire and ruby marble towers glistened in the suns scorching rays. 

“A beautiful sight don't you think your grace?” Missandei asked of her. 

“It is” Dany coldly agreed before kicking her horse into life again. 

As the palace gates opened before her Daenerys rode into the open courtyard, the dornish men all watching as she passed them by. Tugging her stallions mane and bringing him to a stand still Daenerys dismounted and climbed down from his back as did Missandei and Greyworm. With the two of them by her side Dany took a deep breath and entered the palace. Through the Water Gardens she strolled with her advisors hot on her heels, the men, women and child who relaxed and played within the cooling waters of the garden stopping their activities to bow as she passed. 

They respect me, they believe in me. but do I?

Marching up to the palace main gate she suddenly caught sight of a group of men on the far end of the Gardens, clad in steel and leather with hooked swords draggling from their belts their skin was dark and their accents thick with the Tyroshi tongue. 

Who are they? I’ve never seen them here before. 

Making her way into the palace two dornish guards took up their places beside her as she wondered through the rich marble halls.

“Where is Ellaria?” Dany asked of the guards.

“She is holding a meeting your grace” 

“Holding a small council meeting without her grace’s presence?” Greyworm stonily questioned.

“We didn’t think your grace would return so quickly….” Dany cut the guard off.

“Well I have.. now take me to Ellaria” Dany snapped at the guard in a fiery burst fitting only a Targaryen. 

Through the palace Daenerys, Missandei and Greyworm followed the guards to the palace’s small council chamber or so she intended it to be until she took Kings Landings. As the guards broke off Dany pressed her palms firmly against the twin mosaic ridden doors and pushed her way inside. Inside the richly furnished chamber Dany found Ellaria, Obara and Nymeria huddled around the small council table, a long oak table much like the one her ancestors used to govern the realm with before Roberts Rebellion. As she entered Ellaria and her Sand Snakes shot up from their places at an instant for their Queen. 

“Your Grace” Ellaria welcomed her with an elegant bow to her head. 

“Princess Ellaria, are you beginning the council meeting without me?” Dany asked her with a raised brow. 

“Never your Grace, come take a seat. We have much good news to discuss”

Taking a seat at the head of the council table with Missandei sitting to her right and Greyworm stood like a statue to her left, Dany listened to the meeting. They spoke of the war and how costly the siege of Oldtown had become, something that made Dany feel quite uncomfortable in the knowledge men, women and children were starving to death within the city walls. 

War is ever easy, their will always be innocents lost in the fighting. Starving children in Oldtown is not my fault, it is the fault of Margaery Tyrell. I am the rightful Queen. The blame is on her, the deaths are on her. I must be Queen, the gods know I have lost to much for it not to be so.  

Dany would tell herself at night as she lay in bed awake at night in the heart of her military camp just outside the ancient city walls of Oldtown listening to children, babies crying out in starvation until they could cry no longer.  Of why they stopped crying Dany feared to think about. 

“Oldtown will soon fall to us, if we had just a bit more time” Greyworm coldly stated. 

“We do not have more time, Winter is coming to an end, Spring dawns upon us and with it a chance to end this war” Missandei said before turning to Dany. “Your Grace if you are to take the Iron Throne we need a plan”

“We already have one, wait until the snows melt and then march on Kings Landing with all the strength of Dorne and the Unsullied” Greyworm replied, his tone strong and deep. 

“The power of the Unsullied and Dorne is something to be feared but we are not invincible, may I remind you that Margaery Tyrell has twice the men we have and has made allies of every other high lord and lady of Westeros” Missandei said/

“Missandei’s right, we’ve been trying to court the loyalties of lords and ladies here and there all Winter to no avail, and much as I would love to march on Kings Landing we do not have the strength or the numbers” Dany admitted with a signed. “If only I still had my Dragons, I would burn them all”

“You may not have your Dragons your grace but I could find you something just as good and you would still get to see your enemies burn” Ellaria suggested.

“And what is that” Dany asked. 

“The Iron Bank” Ellaria replied. 

“The Iron Bank has pledged itself to Margaery Tyrell, they are loyal to her”

“The Iron Bank does not pledge itself to any King or Queen out of loyalty, the only thing the Iron Bank is loyal to is its gold and it is that loyalty your grace can exploit” Ellaria pressed. 

“How so?”

“I have a spy in the Red Keep, hidden in plain sight who has informed me that the Iron Bank has cut their support to Queen Margaery” Ellaria announced. 

“Why have they done that?”

“It would seem the Rose Queen and her She Wolf have run out of gold and can no longer pay them back” Nymeria interjected. 

“They’ve spent the gold on men and ships to fight us with yet here we are, alive and pressing your claim upon the throne, and their they are sitting in the Red Keep with a fuck tone of debt” Obara followed up. 

“Are you sure this information is accurate? can this spy within the Red Keep be trusted?” Dany asked.

“Completely, Your Grace this a our chance, with the Iron Bank behind us we could build an army twice the size of any in Westeros, we could finally have the strength to march on High Garden, Casterly Rock, King Landing, even Winterfell herself” Ellaria said. Dany took a moment to think. 

“If this information is true then we would be fools not to act” Dany stood up from her chair. “I will sail to Braavos and meet with the Iron Bank and try to gain their support” She announced. 

“How do you plan to do that?” Greyworm asked. 

“The Iron Bank is loyal to its gold, I will exploit it” Dany said turning back to Ellaria with a smirk upon her lips. 

“Your Grace is as smart as she is beautiful” Ellaria said eyeing her with a sudden, sexual intensity. 

“Missandei and Obara will come with me, you as well Ellaria I may need your diplomatic skills when dealing with the Bank” Dany ordered. 

“My pleasure Your Grace” Ellaria replied. 

“Very good….well if that is all”

“I have something I wish to discuss your Grace, in private if I may” The two women eyed each other before Dany turned and nodded, one by one her advisors left the chamber, closing the oak door behind them. 

“What is it Elleria?” Dany asked. 

“If we do speak with the Iron Bank and we gain their support Dorne will see a lot of gold flood into her markets, more gold then we have seen in a long time. How do you plan to use this gold?” She asked. 

“We can use it to build ships, buy weapons, food to feed the conquered peoples we rule”

“What good are ships and weapons if we do not have the men to use them or food for women to feed the poor, we need men your Grace, fighting men”

“Sell Swords?”

“My thoughts exactly your Grace”

“I have no need of sell swords” Dany declared. “I have sent word to Daario in Meereen, I have ordered a great army be raised in Freedoms Bay and sailed west to aid my struggle”

“We cannot wait any longer your Grace, the Bay is a world away from Westeros. How do you even know he is still in power?, that the Harpys have not risen up once more and taken the city? he could be dead for all we know or your message lost” 

“I crushed the Harpys, killed their sons and fed their masters to my….” Dany choked on her words. “….my dragons” She said softly, the pain of their deaths still fresh. “The Harpys are no more just as Margaery Tyrell will be no more” Dany still felt herself curious. “What these Sell Swords you plan to hire?”

“Men of the Golden Company, strong and hardened and the best fighters on Essos” Ellaria replied. 

“Were those the men in water Gardens?” Dany asked. 

“Indeed, I have invited them to Dorne to discuss an alliance, we are meeting tonight in the lower chamber by the beach. Your Grace should come and meet with them, get a true taste of Dornish Diplomacy” Ellaria enticed.

“Perhaps I will” Dany replied as she gazed deep into Ellaria Sands brown eyes, lost in their beauty before quickly snapping out of it.“Good evening Princess Elleria”



Later that evening as Dany slept upon golden silks and ruby velvet she found herself lost within the endless bounds of her psych. She dream’t of standing upon clear beach with a coast line that stretched for as far as the eye could see, clear it was with not a single stone, rock or so much as a stray piece of sea weed out of place to detract from it’s golden sandy beauty. Above her the sun burned bright upon the world casting a bright blanket of sapphire across the sky, she listened as exotic birds took to the skies and circled high above casting shadows down upon the golden sands which morphed into manner of different shapes and sizes, each shape they took reminded her of a time, a happy time or what happy times she could remember for her childhood. Wearing a pearl white silk dress which flapped around legs in the warm coastal winds Dany pressed her feet into the untouched sands and filled the spaces between her toes as she closed her eyes and took in the hot summers sun which rained down upon her. For a moment she stood eyes closed, allowing the sun to warm her, then she saw her. Gazing out upon the lush blue ocean waters Dany sighted something emerging from the waters, a woman, a wife, a goddess. Slender she was with skin as pale as ice yet eyes and a smirk as fiery as the sun, the woman strolled from the waters proudly soaked in sea weed and shells which latched on to her flawless skin as a baby latches onto its mother. Naked she was as she walked from the ocean, water dripping from her tits and down her legs, in her hand a large trident signifying her power over the fourteen seas. Deep down Dany felt herself shake uncontrollably which forced her to her knees, bowing before the goddess of the seas. As Dany held her head down the goddess stood before her and spoke.

“The Dragon Queen need never bow to the Queen of the Sea” Dany felt her heart skip a beat as she shot her head up and gazed upon her beauty.

“Y…Yara?” Dany stuttered as Yara bent down to kiss her wife upon the lips, savouring ever moment Dany wrapped her arms around Yara’s neck and pull herself up, their lips entwined as one. Pulling away Dany stared deep into her eyes.

“I thought you were dead?” She cried. Yara smiled.

“I’ve been busy” She replied. 

“With what?” Dany asked

“Raising our son” Yara said much to Dany’s surprise.

“Mother?” Dany heard a little boy call from behind. Turning around Dany found a little boy of 4 years sitting in the sands. His skin was pale like Yara’s but his heir, short locks of white gold and eyes tinted with a Targaryen maelstrom of fire and madness. Upon his shoulder a baby dragon with scales as black as Drogons and a second crawling across his knees with bright scales of emerald green.  

“Son?” Dany smiled, tears of joy filling her eyes. The boy looked to her with a sharp glance which cut through her joy like a dagger though a heart.

“Your not mother” The boy declared, his baby dragons beginning to flap their wings and squeal, black smoke seeping from their mouths.

“No but I am..I”

“You’re not my mother” The boy replied. 

“But?” Dany pleaded. 

“YOU LEFT ME” The boy screamed in a sudden fit of anger, his baby dragons flapping their wings aggressively.

“I don’t understand?” Dany asked of him.

“You left him, you left both of us” Yara said as she dug her trident top down into the golden sands, picked the boy up and placed him around her shoulders, his baby dragons taking flight and flapping their wings above them.

“You left me and mother to die, all for the iron chair”

“NO I?” Daenerys sobbed and pleaded, a sudden winters gust blowing in from the sea behind her, filling her with sadness, anger and fear, the sensation of which overwhelmed her to point she could not speak. 

“I was your wife and he was your son, you left us to die in a cold black cell at the mercy of the enemy, all because your birth right was more important to you then the ones you loved”  Yara declared, her voice laced with bitterness and rage. Dany tried to speak, tried to apologise to her wife and son but the words would not leave her lips, she felt choked, suffocated and sacred, so very sacred. In Yara’s arms the boy looked down upon her with a fiery intensity before muttering the words. 

“DRACARYS”  On her sons words the two baby dragons inhaled and expelled a fiery inferno from their little mouths. Down upon her the flames fell igniting her skin and setting her locks of white gold ablaze. In a blind panic Dany fell back and rolled across the golden sands as the dragons fire burnt through her flesh, boiled her blood and cooked her bone. In intense pain Dany screamed and gazed out upon the sea which had turned into an ocean of blood, raising out from the blood, the iron throne, it’s iron soaked the deepest of reds and the bodies of men, women and children impaled upon every blade. The sight horrified her, she rolled over on to her back to glanced up into the sky. Above she saw Dragonstone erupting before her eyes, a great plum of ash and smoke raising high into the world and the screams, the scream of her three dragons, the screams of her children as they died in the fiery pit below the citadel. Closing her eyes Dany screamed as the world fell apart around her, back into the waking realm. In a cold sweat she awoke, the gold silks and ruby velvets of her bed soaked. With her heart racing and her hands shaking Dany felt herself sob uncontrollably instantly grabbing the attention of Missandei who was seated by the window of her chamber. 

“Your Grace?” She asked of her full of concern.

“I’m fine” Dany brushed off trying to compose her confident, Queenly image.

“Your not fine your Grace, you’ve had the dream again, haven’t you?” Dany looked up to her and nodded.

“Your Grace” Missandei said as she took a seat next to her and took her hand. “You are not to blame for what happened to your children, you did the best you could”

“I was their mother Missandei, what good is a mother who cannot protect her children? let alone the woman she loves” Dany replied.

“You are not just any woman your Grace, you are Daenerys Stormborn, Queen of the Seven Kingdoms, you freed the slaves of the bay and crushed the Harpys who would opposed you”

“That was when I had my Dragons, my children”

“What happened to your dragons was crime your Grace, but please do not let their deaths be in vain, they died protecting you from that cult as did Yara, you must keep fighting, keep pressing your claim else their sacrifices would have been for nothing”

“Yara isn’t died” Dany declared. Missandei took a moment.

“What makes you think that your Grace?”

“I have see her in my dreams, she is alive……we have a son together” Dany looked deep into Missandei’s eyes to gaze her response.

She must believe me, Yara is alive I know it, I’ve had these dreams for months now. She has to believe me.    

Missandei smiled. “Yara is a strong woman and a fighter, if you believe she is alive then I have no reason to doubt you my Queen” Missandei stroked her white gold locks. “All the more reason we have to win this war” Dany whipped the tears from her cheeks and smirked.

“Agreed, I will be Queen Missandei I promise you”

“You already are to me your Grace” Missandei said, her tone and honesty warming to the soul.



Long after the warm winters sun had descended upon the western horizon Dany and Missandei found themselves outside the grand doors of the lower chamber, one of the most impressive and luxuries chambers in the palace and the place of their meeting with the Golden Company. As the Dornish guards bowed in her presence her ears caught the sound of laughing and Violin music coming from the other side of the tall, mosaic patterned doors. 

“Is Princess Ellaria inside?” Dany asked. 

“Indeed she is your Grace, I will fetch her for you at once” The guard replied. Just before he could move however the chamber door slid open and out fell an old man, naked he was with a shrivelled body and bald head. The man picked himself up and stumbled from side to side and down the grand marble hall.

“Would you believe that disguising old fool thought he could have his way with the Princess of Dorne” Ellaria said. Turning back to the door Dany found Ellaria stood disrobed before her, allowing a moment Dany gaze upon the Dornish Princesses body. Her figure was elegant and slender and coated in a vibrant olive skin and long flowing locks of blackened pearl. As Ellaria moved forwards with glaring vipers eyes she glided across the smooth marble flooring, her firm tits pointed and buttocks just as inviting as Yara’s had been. 

“Your Grace” Ellaria said as she bowed before her. “I’m glad you have come but what are you wearing?”

“I could ask you the same thing” Dany replied, her brow raised as she glanced down at the blackened, hairy bush between her legs.

“This is Dorne your Grace” Ellaria smirked. “You could say we form our alliances differently here”

“Are you expecting me to seduce these men into an alliance?” Dany remarked. Ellaria grinned. 

“If seduction gets you the Seven Kingdoms what does it matter?”

“Her Grace is not going to defile herself by….” Dany put up her hand to silenced Missandei.

“Princess Ellaria is right” Dany said as she ripped the pin from her blue silk dress which held it in place. “If this is what I must do to win my Throne” She watched Ellaria and Missandei as her dress fell from her body and dropped to her ankles, coating the smooth marble floor. “Then so be it” Dany smirked to a visibly pleased Ellaria who turned and guided her into the chamber, Dany glancing the lush fruit that was Ellaria’s bum as she walked in front of her. 

You are a married woman, Yara is still alive I know. For my Love, For my Queen. 

Waiting for Missandei to disrobe as well Ellaria led the naked Dragon Queen and her exotic Naathi Hand into the chamber, the grand mosaic doors closing behind them. Inside the lower chamber the men of the Golden Company entwined themselves with the women of Dorne upon ruby cushioned chairs and silk beds which littered the chamber. All around them they laughed, drunk and fucked as if they were in one of the whore houses of Kings Landing. On the far end of the chamber she sighted Obara Sand sat with her legs open like a that of man admiring her naked body form a far. The sight of so many people having sex took her back for a moment, but then she remembered she was in Dorne.

“This is your idea of building an alliance?” Dany asked as she watched two handsome Dornish men fuck each other upon the bed surrounded by three women pleasuring themselves to the sight of it. 

“The best alliances are forged in the bedroom your Grace” Ellaria said as she led the women through the orgy and into a private back room over looking the beach and the summer sea. “This is Dornish Diplomacy and it will deliver you the Golden Company so long as we win the support of the Iron Bank” 

“I intend to” Dany confidently replied before walking through the red curtains and into the private back room to meet the men of the Golden Company.




Later that evening as the moon hug high in the Dornish sky Daenerys and Missandei returned to their chambers, both women infused with optimism, the first time Dany had felt so since before the death of her Dragons and Yara’s capture. 

“You were glorious your Grace” Missandei complimented her. “You had their undivided attention”

“They were negotiating with a naked women, I wonder why?” Dany sarcastically remarked. 

“True, I may of had reservations your Grace about Princess Ellaria’s tactics but they appear to have worked”

“Not completely. We may have the Golden Company’s favour for now but if we do not win the Iron Banks support our plan falls apart” Dany reminded her.

“I have complete faith in you your Grace, if Margaery Tyrell cannot pay her debts then you are the only one they can turn to” Missandei said.

“I hope so, I’d prefer not to disrobe for the Bankers just to get what I want…” A smile come to Dany’s lips. “If my dragons were still alive I’d burn them all if they refused me” Dany muttered with a tinge of darkness in her voice as they pulled up outside her chamber. 

“You are the strongest person I know your Grace, what happened to your dragons would broken anybody else but not you, I truly admire you” Missandei complimented.

“It’s been hard but I will have my birth right, not only for myself but for the peoples of my Kingdoms and I promise you Missandei as I did in Meereen, I will smash the laws of men so that the laws of women may flourish, we are the true the power now. We just need Margaery Tyrell to know that” With a kiss goodbye Daenerys retried to her chambers. Inside her chambers Dany found Ellaria Sand stood naked at her balcony, her slender womanly figure crafting a near perfect silhouette in the moons light which shined down upon her. Taking a moment to glance and admire Dany walked to the fire and poured herself a glass of Dornish wine. 

“What is it about the Dornish and nudity which appeals to you so much?” She asked. 

“Why wouldn’t it? there is nothing more intoxicating then the sight of a woman when she is naked. It’s such a shame most women think very little of their bodies”

“You are clearly not one of them” Dany observed.

“And neither are you my Queen” Ellaria said as she swung her head around, eyes glaring at her like that of a poisonous viper. 

“Why should I? I am a Queen, If I have little confidence in myself how can I have confidence in ruling Seven Kingdoms?” Dany explained as Ellaria turned to face her. 

“That is why I like you your Grace, you have a fire within you. I like fire in my women” Ellaria flirted, her voice soft and sensual. 

“And so do I” Dany returned, smirking as a sudden burst of sexual excitement took her womanhood. For a moment to two women glanced at each other in a tranquil state of mutual attraction. 

Ellaria is very beautiful, certainly for an older woman. But I am married, Yara is alive I know. She must be.  

“I have a gift for you your Grace” Ellaria announced as she pulled forth a long object shrouded in the red and black banner of house Targaryen. 

“What is it?” Dany asked as Ellaria walked up and bowed down before her.

“Open it and see” Placing her glass of wine down on the table by the chambers roaring hearth Dany unlaced the banner which shrouded her gift. Pulling away the fabric Dany gasped and basked in the beauty of the gift Ellaria had bestowed upon her. Within the shroud was a large dagger, three gold dragons intertwined as one, their heads splitting apart at the hilt giving way to the clearest, cleanest and sharpest curved blade she had ever laid eyes upon.

“Is that….?” Dany asked.

“Valyrian steel your Grace, only the best for a Targaryen Queen” Ellaria replied as Dany starred deep into the great glistening ruby at the hilts core.

The Red Woman wore the same around her neck.  

“Do you like it my Queen?” Ellaria asked.     

“It’s glorious…” Dany replied as she took up the dagger to inspect it. 

“A glorious dagger for a glorious woman, elegant and pure just like you”

“You shouldn’t have, what could I possibly do to repay you?”

“Marry me my Queen” Ellaria boldly declared. 

“Forgive me….but?” Dany knew what she was asking, she could just not quite believe it. 

“Marry me Daenerys Targaryen, marry me so we may take the throne together” Ellaria said as she rose before the Dragon Queen. Taking Dany’s hands she sensually pressed them against her hips, inviting her closer.

“I am most flattered Ellaria, truly you are very beautiful…but” Ellaria cut her off once more.

“But?” Ellaria repeated. “You want me Daenerys Stormborn, the way you look at me, it’s the same way Oberyn used to, I see the lust in your eyes and the moist between your legs” Ellaria run the palm of Dany’s hands down across her buttocks, firm and inviting it was much like her eyes and lips. “I am yours my Queen and so is Dorne, take me as your wife and I will stand at your side as you rule these Seven Kingdoms. I will serve you on the throne and in the bed chamber. And when the time comes I will give you many strong sons and daughters so that the world you build can live on” Dany blushed. 

“Two women cannot create a child”

“We Dornish have our ways, we learnt them from your ancestors. It can be done your Grace, how do you think Margaery Tyrell came to carry Sansa Starks child?”

“They are just rumours, we both know Margaery Tyrell is a whore”   

“A married whore neither the less” Ellaria kissed her palm. “Say the word and I am yours my Queen”

Dany took a moment to gaze into the fires and think.

A marriage would greatly strengthen my position with the Dornish, but what about the Ironborn? I can’t afford lose any of their support.

“What is your answer my Queen?” Ellaria playfully jested, her voice light. Dany took a deep breath before removing her hand from Ellaria’s grasp. 

“Your offer is very temping Ellaria and I would be a lier if I did not say it was something I would consider……”

“…but?” Elleria interrupted, her brow raised.

“I am already married to another” Dany declared, Ellaria laughed.

“My Queen, you cannot be serious? Yara Greyjoy has not been see since the eruption of Dragonstone”

“She was taken to Kings Landing by Sansa Stark” Dany argued. 

“She was, and then paraded around the capitol, humiliated while the peoples of the city looked on and the city guard beat her senseless, if the reports are to be believed” Ellaria replied.

“Still…. I hold out hope she is alive, in fact I know she is, I cannot explain it Ellaria but she is” 

“You have no proof of that my Queen”

“And I have no proof that she is dead either…….and until that proof presents itself to me I shall not take another wife” Dany declared much to Ellaria’s frustration. 

“My Queen what if we…..?” Ellaria kissed her softly upon the lips and guided her hand between her legs. “…….Spent the night together?, I am worthy to be your wife, I can make you forget about that Ironborn whore”  As soon as Ellaria muttered her words Dany grasped her soft neck and pulled her from her lips. 

“You will hold your tongue Ellaria, Yara Greyjoy is no whore” Ellaria gulped.

“Of course my Queen, my apologies. I…..” Ellaria said trying to slither her way out of what she had said. Dany cut her off.

“I am not rejecting your propose Ellaria, I am simply choosing not to accept it until I know what has become of Yara” Dany said as she released her gip. Ellaria eyed her for a moment before breaking out into an innocent smile. 

“I understand your Grace, I did not mean to offend you…please let me right my wrong” Ellaria said planting a soft kiss upon Dany’s lips. Dany smiled and smirked as Ellaria pulled her lips away and gazed deep into her eyes.

“I may not be accepting your offer of marriage just yet but I still want to show you my affections” 




Climbing upon the gold silks and ruby velvets of Daenerys Targaryen’s bed Ellaria Sand watched in the mirror as Dany removed her dress with a cocky grin and climbed on top of her, kissing and biting at her neck as she slowly moved down the dimples of her back and graced her firm Dornish behind with her soft royal lips. Ellaria watched in the mirrors refection as Daenerys kissed, licked and sucked her way across her buttocks before raising her hips up ever so slightly to allow the young Dragon Queen access to her womanhood. As Daenerys slapped and gripped at her behind Ellaria allowed herself a soft sigh of pleasure as her Queens tongue pressed against her clit and her nimble finger tips slid deep inside her. A part of her liked it, but another plotted.

Enjoy me while you can my Queen, fore the bed chamber can create the closest of allies and the bitterest of rivals. I will have my crown, this Dornishwoman shall rule.      










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Within the soft confines of her bed Yara Greyjoy tossed and turned in the darkness, trying and hoping to sleep, the only freedom life would afford her short of death. 

I could hang myself? make it quick?

Yara thought to herself as she lifted the thick iron chain which snaked its way into her bed and clasped itself tight around her neck with a heavy clap.

It’s temping, it may not be quick but it would be an end to this fucking humiliation.

She thought as she gazed around the finely furnished chamber and slid herself from the warm fur pelted covers which coated her bed.

If the Ironborn could see me now they would rip my crown from my head, I do not belong here, a captive, chained to the wall like a fucking dog in a fluffy southern chamber. I am ironborn, I belong to the sea, my crew, the decks of my ship with a sword in my hand, if Blackwind isn’t at the bottom of the Narrow sea by now.

Yara held her head in her hands in frustration. 

This is worst than torture for an ironborn, I would sooner killed myself then endure this if it wasn’t for this child. 

Yara through as she brushed the soft furs pelts a side and stroked the large pale baby bump that extended her belly.

I don’t fucking understand it? I have slept with no man, how it is possible I am with child? have I been raped? Did one of my crew sneak into my cabin on the voyager to Meereen and have his way with me in my sleep? It’s possible, the only possibility. My crew was loyal, to loyal. I know the way some of the men looked at me and resented the idea of me fucking more women than them. 

Yara stroked her swollen baby bump once more. 

This is why I am alive, why else would Margaery Tyrell and Sansa Stark keep me a captive? why else would they make one of the most luxurious chambers in the Red Keep my prison? I was to be executed up until the Maester realised. It has something to do with this baby. But what? Depending on the father it would be the heir to my house, I can see how that would be useful to that bitch but….…

Her thoughts got to her, so much so she lashed out at the iron chin which gripped her neck so tight. Climbing out of bed in a sudden fit of frustration Yara grit her teeth and walked back across the chamber, pulling and yanking on the chin hoping, praying to the drowned god to free her. But even with all her strength the chain would not break. Suddenly she felt something, a sensation which she had felt time and time again yet never tried of it. It calmed her rage and soothed he frustrations. Releasing the chain as her baby gently kicked within her womb Yara fell to her knees and cradled her bump within the palms of her hands. 

“You don’t like that?” Yara softly joked only to receive another soft kick in response. She allowed herself a brief smile. “Fine, I’ll stop” She said, the baby’s kicks ceasing. Standing up Yara wondered back over to the bed and seated herself on its edge. Wrapped warm in a thin cloak which she threw over her shoulders Yara gazed out of her window at the dark winter skies and shining stars above. Below it, reflecting the sky was the Tyrell fleet docked at the royal port was the Narrow sea, so vast, wide and free, just as she had been, just as she vowed to be once more. 

I will escape this fucking Keep, I will find Daenerys again and we will take these Kingdoms just as I vowed I would do.  

Yara gazed down at her baby bump.

And I’ll have an heir, boy or girl they will be a true Iron born and a Greyjoy, fuck the father whoever he is, if I am to give birth to you then you will take my name. 

Yara thought to herself as she gazed out upon the darkness of the night, the first sign of the suns life peaking its way above the horizon. 

“You cannot sleep my lady?” A woman asked her from behind, her voice elegant and southern, the voice of the woman she planned to usurp from the Iron throne. At an instant Yara leapt back off the bed and gripped her chain tight. Lighting a candle in the darkness before her which dimly illuminated the chamber was the Rose Queen herself Margaery Tyrell. Donning a long flowing fur cloak which draped the cold stone floors at her bear feet Margaery wore her brown braided locks lopsided down her right shoulder, a stark contrast between the brown of her hair and the gold of her fur cloak highlighted in the candles gentle flame. 

“Did I frighten you lady Yara?” Margaery jested with a smirk.

“What the fuck do you want?” Yara scoffed much to Margaery’s amusement.

“Now….is that really anyway to address your Queen?” Margaery replied with cunning smirk and manipulative bat of her eyelids. Losing her patience once again Yara flung herself at Margaery in a mad rage hoping to knock the candle from her hand and punch the Tyrell’s cocky smirk from her perfect lips. It was wishful thinking knew as she was suddenly stopped by a chain around her neck, choking the life from her with every step she took towards her. Margaery giggled as she struggled, the chain around her neck to great. 

“You’re no Queen of mine” Yara declared, her words unleashed like a volley of arrows.

“I must admit I do sometimes admire you my lady, nine months a captive and you are still loyal to her”

“Enough of the smugness you southern whore, what do you want? have you brought your guards to torture me finally?” Margaery raised her brow.

“You are with child Yara, as am I” Margaery calmly replied as she briefly unveiled her naked baby bump, popping it out from her cloak like a curtain. For moment Yara stared, smooth and flawless Margaery’s swollen bump was with no sign of a blemish in sight. The same could not be said for her own, down below her robes her own baby bump was a scarred thing, covered more bruises and stretch marks then she cared to count.

I have gained more scars and blemishes from pregnancy then any sword or axe on the battlefield. 

“I could not sleep and thought I would come down so we can talk, seeing as we are both expecting soon I’m sure we could fine lots to talk about” Margaery said with a cold smugness as covered her swollen belly once more. Yara grit her teeth with anger.

“Get fucked you manipulative bore” Yara replied spitting at the cold stone floor at her feet. Margaery smirked at the insult and brushed it off as if it was nothing.

“Do you like my cloak?” Margaery asked of her as she elegantly strolled passed the bed and over towards the window which over looked the Narrow Sea. “It’s lioness fur” She continued. “Hunted on the fields of Essos and specially imported from Lys. It was gifted to me by Lancel Lannister after the fall of Casterly Rock, it apparently used to belong to Cersei. He told me she used to wear around the Keep late at night when the stresses of ruling prevented her from sleeping. A symbolic gift I suppose” She said as she stroked the soft lionesses fur.

“I could imagine Daenerys wearing it, after she kills you, or better yet a cloak of Roses, freshly picked from the fields of HighGarden. A symbolic gift” Yara suggested in a dark manner. Margaery smirked once again, so full of confidence and grandeur.  

“She’s welcome to try” Margaery turned back to her. “But she will not win”

“You don’t know Daenerys Targaryen” Yara replied. “The things I have seen her do” 

“Daenerys Targaryen is who she is today because of her Dragons and they are no more, what does she have now? Ellaria Sand and the Dornish? the remains of the once mighty Iron Fleet which my wife Sansa so Valiantly smashed of the coast of Dragonstone?” Margaery turned from the window and took a step forward, gazing deep into Yara’s sea soaked pearl eyes through the dim candles light. “Daenerys will lose this war, outside of Dorne I have the support of every major house in the Seven Kingdoms along with their bannermen, with their fleets and armies combined I rule one of the greatest powers in the world, I have the complete loyalty of the royal court and control over the faith of the Seven” Yara watched as Margaery placed the candle down on the bedside and took her hand. “You don’t have to be on the losing side my lady or endure this prison any longer, I am a very forgiving Queen. Swear fidelity to me, declare your loyalty before the court and help me defeat her. Once this war is over I will not only name you lady of the Iron Islands but my Warden of the West as well” Yara took a moment to think about. Breaking off from Margaery’s gaze Yara stared out of the window for a moment at the freedom of the Narrow Sea. “That is a very tempting offer” Yara replied. 

“As I said I am a very forgiving Queen” Margaery replied with a cold smile masked in warmth and candles light. 

This is a trick, she didn’t become Queen without manipulating people. She can try all she likes but it will not work with me. Never a Greyjoy.

“And what about my child?” Yara asked.

“What about your child?” Margaery questioned.

“That’s the only reason you’ve kept me alive, kept me locked in this chamber and not the black cells, it’s why you haven’t hung me or removed my head from my shoulders……nine months….nine fucking months I’ve been a prisoner in this fucking place and I want to know why? what is do important about my child? this baby? it’s just a bastard” Margaery let go of Yara’s hands and tucked them underneath the lioness furs which draped her own baby bump. Margaery took a deep breath and lifted her head high revealing her soft pale southern neck, the faintest of Sansa Starks love bits brazened upon it. 

“Your child isn’t just a bastard my lady Greyjoy, it is Daenerys Targaryen’s bastard and threat to my rule” Margaery declared, her vail of soft furs and fake smiles gone. Yara looked at her is disbelieve for a moment before gritting her teeth in anger once more.

“You think this is funny you dumb bitch?” Yara said as she walked up to her ready to attack.

“I may manipulate the people around me to get what I want but I am telling you the truth, their is something called a fertility medallion, a beauty necklace which was created in ancient Valyria, you stole it from me after our battle at Storms End” Margaery smiled. “It can allow two women to conceive a child together just as I and Sansa have do” Margaery said as she stroked her baby bump underneath the warm lionesses furs. 

“Lies, lies and more lies for a Tyrell” Yara scoffed, Margaery smirked. 

“I shall fetch master Lupin for you, he’s a very smart man who can explain everything to you” Yara watched as Margaery took a step forward. “But my offer still stands my lady, swear fidelity to me and house Greyjoy shall rule the Iron islands once more”

“And what of my child?” Yara repeated, her stomach churning with dread at Margaery’s response.

“You shall remain in Kings Landing to birth Daenerys’s bastard, after that I shall use the baby to end this war”

“And then what?” Yara repeated with gritted teeth, Margaery lifted her hand and stroked Yara’s cheek gently.

“That all depends on you my lady, join me and I may allow the child to be raised with a ward of your choice, refuse my offer and………..lets just say I would not receive any pleasure in the killing of an innocent little baby, I could not bring myself to kill Cersei and Lancel’s daughter and I would not like to kill yours, I do not believe children should be held responsible for the crimes of their mothers” Margaery took her hands again.

“We may hate each other but as one mother to another, I ask you to think about” Margaery urged before picking up the candle and leaving the chamber, the door closing behind her. For a while longer Yara sat upon the bed and watched out of the window as the sun rose over the horizon, the day returning to the world. She rubbed her baby bump in thought. 

She’s mad, Sansa Stark is mad. I still don’t believe her but why else would she keep me alive? I don’t know if this child is Deanerys’s or just some bastards but I need to escape, I need to get back to the iron islands, I need to put together a fleet and I need to help my wife take this throne once and for all. 



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“Is it authentic?” Margaery Tyrell asked as she stood over Maester Lupin, watching as he twirled a finely forged jewelled medallion and chain around his finger tips. He did not replay at first, instead offering her a slight gruff to clear his throat as he continued to examine its contents underneath a large magnifying glass and other tools only a maester of the Citadel would have access to. Biting her lip with impatience Margaery turned to her Queens guard who stood by Maester Lupin’s chamber door, clad in sliver steel and emerald chain mail, forever watchful over her.  

Please be real….Please by the Seven let this be real. 

Margaery thought to herself as she took a deep breath and paced back and forth, softly stroking her swollen baby bump underneath the thick lioness furs which coated her naked body. As she turned back to the Maester she watched as he placed the magnifying glass down on his work desk and moved the rest of his instruments to one side. He looked to her, disappointment in his eyes. Margaery at that moment knew his answer before he could even mutter it. 

“I’m sorry your grace but it appears to be yet another forgery” Margaery sighed with frustration. 

“Are you sure Maester?” She replied under gritted teeth.

“Positive your Grace, note the engraved markings on chain and medallion’s base…this is not valyrian steel” Margaery paced back towards his desk as he continued. “And as for the Jewels they are Qothoroi, commonly found in market stalls of any southern free city” Margaery bit her in a bid not to vet her frustration and break her Queenly image before the men around her. “As I said your grace a forgery…as impressive as it is”

“Did you hear the Maester? you have brought me a forgery, explain yourselves” Margaery demanded to know as she looked across Master Lupins chambers. Before her, sunk to their knees were two merchants suddenly over come with fear. 

“We know nothing of any forgery your grace, we won it in a bet in a Tavern in Maidenpool. The knight we won it off said it was real and that he was travelling here to claim a reward” One of the merchants replied in a calming manner, trying desperately to hide his nerve. 

“It’s..t..t..true your Grace…..we were told……….” Margaery cut the other merchant off in a fit of anger.

“I don’t give a bloody dam what you were told. The medallion is a fake just like every other medallion that has come to me over the past few months”

“Many apologies your grace”   

“Apologies are not going to find me that medallion, nor his handing in forgery’s like this” Margaery ranted as she picked up the fake medallion from the Maesters desk and threw it at the merchants. “I should have the pair of you thrown into the black cells for wasting my time” Margaery threatened. 

“Please your grace we apologise, we did not mean to waste your time” 

“I am carrying the heir to the realm unless you haven't noticed…..I am carrying your next ruler, your future Queen, I am ready to birth her at any moment all the while I have a realm to rule over, part of which is in open rebellion against me and then you come into my castle and try to give me a fake fertility medallion?” Margaery bit her lip in a bid to not say anything else. 

Sansa should be here.

“Do you want us to throw them in Black Cells your grace?” One of the guard stood next to the merchants asked. Margaery didn't pay him any attention.  

“I would not advise it my Queen, if word gets out you imprison commoners for forgery’s it may scare off anyone who has a real medallion” Maester Lupin suggested. 

“Fine….they may go” Margaery suddenly and reluctantly agreed. “And track down the knight you won this medallion off, if someone is making forgery’s I want to know about it and I want them imprisoned”

“Aye your grace” The guards agreed before Margaery stormed out of the Maesters chambers, her towering Queens guard at her heels like a pack of obedient dogs.   




Returning to her chambers her Queens guard broke off and took up their places by her chamber door as she entered. Inside her chambers it felt just as it always had been since Sansa departed for Braavos, cold and lonely, in spit of her roaring hearth and the bastard in her bed. Opening up her thick lionesses fur cloak, revealing her baby bump, womanhood and swollen motherly tits Margaery took up a goblet of wine from her desk and drunk before the fire which danced and dived at her pleasure, its warmth igniting her southern skin. 

“Y..your grace?” Lyna Hill asked, lifting her head from the thick furs of her bed. Lyna was a shy, timid girl, the kind she knew she could manipulate into spying on the other lords and ladies of the court, the kind she could use for information as well has to pleasure her when Sansa could not. Margaery ignored her, alone she stood with gritted teeth as she stared into the flames of her hearth, sloshing her wine from side to side in her goblet. 

“Do you think me a fool Lyna?” Margaery asked of her.

“A fool? never your grace” The girl replied as she crawled out of bed to console her Queen. Margaery watched as she approached from behind in the mirror. Beautiful and youthful she was with a slender female form adorned with flawless pale skin, her long golden locks flowed from side to side and glistened in the hearths flame. She reminded her of Cersei in a way, leading her to believe the court rumours that she was a Lannister bastard out of Crakenhall.  

Even if the rumours are true…even if she is a Lannister bastard what is so wrong about that? the lioness spent whatever power and gold she had to destroy me, to destroy my house, along with that of Sansa and the Starks. So what if she is a Lannister bastard? let the final adult seed of house Lannister bow and serve the Rose. Let her look upon me wrapped in her aunt’s lioness fur and know who is Queen and where her place belongs. 

“Well somebody thinks me a fool” Margaery paced towards her deck as Lyna stood naked before her. “They still think I am lying……they do not believe Sansa is the mother to my child, they do not believe in the power of old Valyria or in what the Maesters have to say. They believe I fucked a man and will not admit to it. I see it in their eyes. I even see it in Sansa’s from time to time” Margaery said as she sank into the chair at her desk. 

“Sansa believes you your grace, as do I and many others’ Lyna said as she knelt before her and took her hand. “What you have with lady Stark is a wonderful thing, what you have created between you. It’s the envy of all others your Grace, including myself” Margaery smiled at the bastards words.

“You are most kind Lyna…sorry if I have seemed irritated as of late. With the war and ruling over a Kingdom of people, half of whom believe me a Usurper…..and with the Iron Bank and Sansa” Margaery stoked her baby bump. “The Maester says I could go into labour at any moment, now more then ever Sansa should be here to meet our baby girl, I don’t want anyone else by my side then her”

“I understand your Grace” Lyna said. 

“Your just a bastard, how could you understand?” Margaery sniped.  Lyna looked down, unsure of how to reply. 

I’ve sacred her. 

“Still I admire the gesture” Margaery followed in a bid to break the silence between them. Lyna smiled at her. 

“Will my Queen be coming back to bed?” Lyna asked. Margaery smirked.

“Why? so I can lie on my back and open legs so you can fuck me with that beautiful tongue of yours?” 

“I am no Sansa Stark your grace but I’ll try my best” Lyna replied battering her eyes lids in away that made Margaery melt inside and wet between her legs. 

“It’s temping but I can not…..Maester Lupin says sex increases my chances of labour”

“I understand your grace”

“You can however draw me bath”

Shifting through the mountain of royal parchments and scrolls which littered her desk Margaery watched as Lyna and the rest of her handmaidens drew out a bath before the flames of the hearth. Once the copper tub had been filled Margaery ordered Lyna and her handmaidens away. Listening as her chambers door closed behind them Margaery stood and dropped the lioness furs which coated her naked body to the cold stone floor and paced around her bath, staring at the steam as it skimmed the waters calm, inviting surface and rose high above. Draping her braided brown Tyrell locks over her left shoulder Margaery cradled her swollen baby bump as she climbed into the hot water, its surface tingling her soft naked flesh as she descended. Taking in a deep breath of steam to clear her nose she stretched out underneath the water line and closed her eyes to embrace the hot water as her own. With nothing but her head, shoulders and the top of her baby bump above the water Margaery allowed her thoughts to drift back and forth from politics to sex, to war and back to sex again. She thought of Sansa, her handmaidens and ladies of the court. She thought of their lips, their eyes, their laughs and their cry’s, she thought of their skin and their hair, their breasts and their bums. She even thought of their womanhoods as they bent over for her. 

We are such complicated creatures, we are capable of so much warmth, so much love, so much creativity. We are strong, smart and beautiful, we create life and bring it into the world. 

Leaning her neck back over the copper tubs edge Margaery thought of Sansa once more and now much she wanted her back, close within her arms and down between her legs. Below the waters of her bath Margaery felt her womanhood rage with sexual desire and tingle as she stroked her cit.

I can’t, I must not. Not now. The baby must come when Sansa is here. I will not risk it. Not even for an orgasim. 

Suddenly she heard her chambers door open with one of her handmaidens scurrying inside bearing a parchment. 

“Your grace a message from the Eyrie, Lord Royce says it is important” Margaery sighed.

“A Queens work is never done”  Margaery muttered before taking the parchment, breaking the falcon and moon wax seal and reading. 



You’re Grace, I write to you at this moment to report something unusual. About two days ago a group of sailers who had been working the waters around the northern region of the Narrow Sea claimed they sighted a large ship bearing the three headed Targaryen Dragon on her sails accompanied by three smaller Dornish sailers. The sailers claim that these ships sailed close to Pentos and were traveling north up the Essosi coast towards Braavos as if  to be actively avoiding Westerosi shipping, since then I have received other reports from sailers out of Gulltown claiming to have seen the same thing. You’re Grace the ship in question sounds to be that of Daenerys Targaryen’s and with Lady Stark also sailing to Braavos for talks with the Iron Bank I cannot help but think this cannot be a coincidence…….



Before Margaery could finish the remainder of Lord Royces parchment she grit her teeth, cradled her baby bump and quickly rose from the hot waters. Stepping out of the copper tub before the fire and her handmaiden Margaery strode across her chambers to the window and the dawn which broke upon the horizon. With bath water still running down her pregnant body and stream rising from her summer kissed skin Margaery took her time to finish the parchment before calmly ripping it in two. A smirk upon her lips. 

“Daenerys Targaryen is smart I’ll give her that much” Margaery said before looking down to stroke her baby bump. “But your mothers are smarter” She muttered. 

“You’re Grace?” Her handmaiden asked of her. 

“Summon the small council” Margaery ordered. “We have a traitor amongst us” 

Chapter Text

Upon the Narrow Sea Daenerys Targaryen’s flag ship ‘Dragons Claw’ cut through the rough seas like a dagger through the throats of her enemies. As the waters battered her hull and soaked the defiant three headed dragon upon her sails a flash of the gods lightning shot across the night sky pouring a bright white light down upon the three smaller Dornish war ships which sheltered at her rear. Inside Ellaria Sand made her way down the creaking corridors of the lower ship. Armed with only a candle and a vile of poison tucked between her tits she made her way deeper into the bowels of the ship. The sensation of the ship as she swayed from side to side in the rough sea’s felt strange to her, ever since she was a child she had loved the sea, sailing to and from the free cities of Lys, Volantis, Myr and Pentos in mostly rough seas. But this time was different. She was not a child and she was not sailing for Lys, Voltanis, Myr or Pentos, she was the Princess of Dorne, the most powerful woman in the south even more so then Daenerys Targaryen even if the people and her lords did not want to admit it.

The young dragon Queen will learn that one day.  

Ellaria thought to herself as she pushed open the cabin door before her and closed it behind, bolting it to make sure her enemies did not follow. Inside the cabin she felt above herself in the darkness, trying to keep her balance as her ship swayed. Eventually finding a lantern Ellaria lit it using her fading candle and turned to the bed side next to her. Lying down asleep before her, wrapped in the southern silks and freshly killed furs was Obara Sand. She was naked Ellaria quickly realised as her tanned back lay exposed, her buttocks which had always seemed so inviting to her calling.  

Is that anyway a woman should think about her deceased paramour’s eldest daughter?

Ellaria run the back of her finger gently across the crevice of the sand snake’s exposed behind, as battle hardened a killer as Obara was her body never failed to impress. Ellaria smiled.   

We are all people, all bastards, all flesh.

Ellaria thought as she slapped her hand down and forcibly gripped Obara’s ripe upper butt cheek and squeezed.

And if this flesh is to Daenerys Targaryen's liking… will be her down fall.     

Ellaria proclaimed inside her head as she dug her nails deep into Obara’s buttocks. 

“You think that just because you are ruler of Dorne you can have your way with me?” Obara asked with her head still burred in her pillow.

“As ruler of Dorne I may have my way with what I like….” Ellaria flirted as she tightened her grip. Obara turned her head and gifted her a stern smile.

“You may have your way with what you like’ the all powerful Princess of Dorne claims…..’you can have your way with what you like’ all except for Daenerys Targaryen” Obara scornfully jested. Ellaria released her grip, Obara’s words wiping the smile from her face. 

She knows? 

“What is that supposed to mean?” Ellaria asked of her. She watched as Obara turned over in her bed to face her, freeing one leg from her furs she rested it atop the furs as she put her arm behind her head to pushed back her rugged mess of pearl black Dornish hair. A cocky grin upon her lips. 

“We have a chance, a glorious opportunity to put a Dornish bastard on the iron throne……….to build a new dynasty, long after houses Targaryen, Tyrell, Stark, Lannister and Baratheon have died out. We, the bastards of Dorne will endure, our blood ruling over these kingdoms for the rest of time….do you remember those words? that is what you told me when I asked why I had to give up my place as Princess and allow you to marry Daenerys Targaryen. You wanted to build a dynasty and avenge my sister….and how Princess? how can we do the things you told me and Nymeria when Daenerys Targaryen will not marry you?” Ellaria took a moment.

“Nymeria told you everything?” She asked.

“Almost everything, she didn’t tell me how you fucked her after….I bet it was good though” Ellaria bit her lip and gulped, her over ambition coming back to haunt her. Taking a deep breath Ellaria took Obara’s hand and sat herself by her side.

“It’s true…the Targaryen bitch refused to marry me” Ellaria admitted. 

“So long to our dynasty of bastards on the Iron Throne then” Obara joked. 

“We shall have our dynasty Obara” Ellaria declared as she rose to her feet. 

“Fuck your dynasty….all I care for is revenge for Tyene, but if you cannot give me revenge or even the Iron Throne to our supposed Queen then why the fuck are you still Princess?” Obara lashed out as she rose naked from the bed. 

“You question my leadership?” Ellaria fired back like an angry viper. In response Obara climbed from her furs, her leather and steel tipped spear still warm from where she had been sleeping with it, pressed up against her tits and womanhood. Ellaria watched as she rose it before her. 

“I was the one who rammed my spear through Prince Doran’s chest, I watched him die while Nym killed Trystane. If it was not for me we would not have any power. I deserve to be Princess, not you” Ellaria lingered on her words. Conscious that her next words could be her last.  

“Perhaps one day you will be Princess, when I sit the Iron Throne someone will have to rule over Dorne” Obara laughed. 

“Daenerys turned you down, you’re not the Queen of anything” She jabbed. 

“I will be if you do what I ask of you” Ellaria replied. 

“And what is that?” Obara asked. 

“I want you to keep an eye on Daenerys for me…..” Ellaria turned and paced across the swaying cabin.  “I want you to befriend her, gain her trust” 

“Fuck her?” Obara corrected her with a cocky grin. 

“If you have to fuck her to gain her trust then yes” Ellaria replied. “If she is planning something I want to know about it”

“You think she is planning something?” 

“Why else would she turn me down?” Ellaria listened as Obara placed her hand upon her shoulder. 

“I’ve never liked you Ellaria..I never understood what my father saw in you but he must of saw something…he loved you. More then anything in the world. For him I will spy on the dragon Queen, just so as long as we avenge Tyene’s death at the end of all this” Obara said. Ellaria did not reply. She simply turned and headed for the bolted cabin door. 

Thank you.





Chapter Text

As her royal ships cabin creaked and swayed from side to side upon the rough waters of the Narrow Sea Sansa Stark slept, bundled up into a ball underneath the warm bear pelted furs of her bed. It had seemed so long to her since she had dream’t a dream she could lose herself in and claim as her true reality. She dream’t of the North and of Winterfell, she dream’t of the Wolfswood and of the Wall, she dream’t of the clear blue winters skies and thick blankets of snow which coated her lands and its people. 

It is mine, all mine, the North, Winterfell, the Wolfswood, the Wall, its sky and snows.

Naked amongst ice coated trees and snow covered grounds she found herself without so much as a shiver. 

I am a Stark of Winterfell, the last living Stark, descended from the Kings of Winter and now Queen of these lands.

Taking a step forward and sinking her foot down into the pure untouched snows before her Sansa closed her eyes and took a deep breath to allow the fresh chill of mornings air to cleanse her lungs and mind, the orange winters sun peaking its way through the frozen oak trees which stood so high above her. Opening her eyes and releasing her breath she witnessed the warmth leave her lips, the hair upon her arms stood on edge. 

I am cold but I do not feel it.  

Sansa though with a smile as she took in another deep breath to embrace the winters chill as her own, it empowered her, protected her, give her meaning and purpose. A pale skinned Northern Goddess she was with long flowing locks of sun kissed fire and eyes as cold as ice.  

“You not just the Queen of Winter my love, you are Winter, you are Ice just as I am Fire” She heard a soft womans voice whisper in her ear, a voice she could never mistake for another. Opening her eyes she found Margaery Tyrell stood before her in the snows, both flawless and nude she was with her soft summer kissed skin, slender feminine physique, her curly brown locks which dangling down over her shoulders, gracing her ripe motherly breasts and her baby bump, large and swollen it was without so much as a blemish upon it, inside a new life, a baby, a little girl created by two women, two mothers, two Queens, North and South, Winter and Summer, Ice and Fire. Placing her hands upon Margaery’s baby bump Sansa gazed deep into her eyes and smiled, Margaery returning a smile back, her pearl white teeth glistening amongst the ice. 

“She’s going to be special Sansa, our daughter, she’s going to grow up to do great things as will her brothers and sisters. And when the time comes, when she’s older and she meets another woman, she’ll stand here.. with her protective hands on her wife’s belly or her wife’s hands on hers with another special little girl growing inside her”

“That sounds beautiful” Sansa said as she took Margaery’s hand and kissed her. 

“That’s love Sansa, real love” Margaery replied as she closed her eyes and pressed her lips to Sansa’s once more. Sansa losing herself in Margaery’s embrace. Among the ice coated oak trees and snow kissed grounds Sansa and Margaery kissed, snogged and lusted over each other in a blind passion until Sansa caught faintest whisper of something, an ever so slight sound of a sword being unleashed from it sheath. Pulling away from Margaery’s lips Sansa watched in horror as the sharpened end of a valyrian steel sword splattered forth from Margaery’s baby bump. As her pale skin was painted in Margaery blood Sansa screamed and cried out loud enough for all the North hear. Watching as the life left Margaery’s large brown eyes Sansa held her as she fell forward, the sword which had impaled her still sticking out of her belly, her little girl impaled along with her, a fountain of blood gushing from the wound and down her legs turing the pure white snows below crimson. 

“NNNOOOO….” Sansa screamed and wept in horror, completely overwhelmed by what had just happened.

“Please stay Margaery….please….I can’t…….” Sansa stuttered. 

“…..I’m dead mother” A little girls voice sounded from her dead wife’s womb.

“W..w..what?” Sansa replied, her hands shaking. 

“I’m dead mother and its all your fault..” The girl replied.


“ITS YOUR FAULT” The little girl screamed, the anger in her daughters voice shaking Sansa to the core with fear. “You couldn’t protect me or mother from the Queen”

“What Queen?” Sansa asked.

“THE RIGHTFUL QUEEN” A woman declared from behind Margaery’s dead body. On her knees Sansa placed Margaery’s bloodied corpse in to the snows before her. Stood naked before her, the snows smoking at her feet and her white gold locks flowing in the winters wind was Daenerys Targaryen, looking down upon her with eyes of fire. 

“I warned you” Daenerys hissed. “I give you a chance and you refused me, now you shall burn just like the rest of my enemies” Daenerys declared as a explosion of wildfire erupt from below her knees. Fuelled by the blood soaked crimson snow around her Sansa screamed as the green flames danced and dived around her, scorching her pure pale skin to ashes and igniting her autumn burnt locks. As Margaery’s impaled body and her unborn child melted away into the snow Sansa herself overwhelmed with anger. As Daenerys Targaryen stood laughing at her through the wildfire’s flame Sansa felt herself lunge forward violently and out of the flame. Before she knew it Sansa felt herself top of the Dragon Queen, mauling the life from her. Swinging her arms from side to side in an uncontrollable fit of loss Sansa cut deep gashes into her arms, chest and neck but still Daenerys laughed at her pain. Opening her jaws Sansa embedded her teeth deep inside her neck and with as much strength as she could muster threw Daenerys’s limp body from side to side, coating the pure white winters forest in the Dragon Queens blood, each drop igniting against the frozen bark and erupting into flame. Releasing her bite Sansa dropped Daenerys’s lifeless body to the ground, the taste of dragon blood marinading on her tongue, burning her throat. Starring into Daenerys’s dead eyes, her flawless skin soaked in her own blood Sansa glanced down into the ice at her feet, starring back in the reflection, large and fearsome she has become with sharp, gnashing teeth, a blood soaked white fur coat and the eyes of a wild beast, hungry for blood. No longer the elegant Northern goddess of winter she had envisioned for herself but a SheWolf.  


Waking up amongst the bear pelt furs in a cold sweat Sansa sat up from her ball like position and stretched out her arms and legs. Wiping the sweat from her forehead and cheeks in the darkness Sansa took a moment to claim herself. 

I will not let her win, she cannot win. Margaery is Queen, I am Queen and our daughter shall be long after we die.   

Throwing the warm bear furs from her sweat caked naked body Sansa sat on her beds edge, listening in the darkness to her ship ‘Wolfs Vengeance’ as it creaked and crawled its way through the midnight calm of the Narrow Sea bound for the free city of Braavos and the its Iron Bank who’s gold was so badly needed to win the war against Daenerys Targaryen. It had been three days since she kissed Margaery goodbye in their royal chambers and departed Kings Landing, three days of rough seas, winter storms and her head over a chamber pot throwing up the deepest contents of her stomach, the kind that smelt so bed it made her shits smell like fresh winter blossoms in comparison. 

I am a Stark of Winterfell not a Greyjoy, my place is on land, in the North amongst the snow and wolfswood.

Sansa had through to herself between each reach, huddled over her chamber pot as the her cabin swayed violently from side to side.  

I’m doing this for Margaery, our daughter and our kingdom. It will be worth it all in the end, the Iron Bank will support us…..if not I’ll strap them to the bow of this ship and order my captain sail them throughout the biggest storm he can find. Make them endure this toucher before throwing them over broad. 

That had been just last night but now the sea was calm, her cabin no longer swayed and her chamber pot had been cleaned much to her relief. Climbing from her bed and standing up Sansa wondered through the darkness of her cabin towards the window. Sliding open the small wooden hatch in front of her window Sansa gazed upon the Sea. As flat and calm as pond it was stretching out into the distance for as far as the eye could see, high above millions of stars coated the night sky, each one reflecting off the waters below. The sight captivated her, never before had she seen such beauty outside of the great northern aurora’s of her home and figure that was her wife’s body. The sight of it made her smile, the first time something outside of Margaery had done so in a long time. In an almost trans like state Sansa remained, staring upon the Oceans calm reflection until her cabin door suddenly opened. Sansa turned her head in the darkness. Entering was her handmaiden of the voyage to Braavos, lady Kyra Cerwyn, the oldest daughter and heir to house Cerwyn after the death of her younger brother at the Twins during the Red Wedding. 

She’s not the only one to lose a brother that night.

Sansa thought as she watched Kyra close her cabin door and hold her candles light high to illuminate her dim surroundings. Through the blackened gloom Kyra’s dim candle light caught Sansa’s exposed, slender body, highlighting the paleness of her skin, the fire in her autumn burn locks and the soft slender curves of hips, back and bum. With her eyes fixed upon her handmaiden Sansa playfully smirked, amused and in wait for the lady of Castle Cerwyn to notice her.

“Your Grace?” Kyra asked as she shined her candles light upon Sansa’s naked body. Sansa watched in amusement as Kyra blushed and bowed her head with surprise. “Oh…your grace I do apologise for the intrusion” Sansa giggled.

“You’ve intruded on nothing my lady, I’m just admiring the view. Come and see” Sansa asked of her. Kyra lifted her head.

“If it please your grace I’d prefer to admire the one before me” Kyra flirted much to Sansa’s enjoyment. 

“Is that why your here? to admire my body? as impressive as it is” Sansa playfully replied. 

“I heard you moving around your grace. I wanted to see if you needed anything….I know it can get lonely on voyages such as this. We ladies must stick together” Kyra said, placing her candle on Sansa’s desk and undoing the thin leather strap which held on her wolf furs. Sansa smirked at her handmaidens advances. 

“We ladies?” Sansa asked of her.

“Ladies of power your grace” Kyra replied. 

You have no real power. 

“And what makes you think you're a lady of power?” Sansa snapped. 

“Well….I am heir to my house, I get to share the Queens bed chamber….keep her warm and keep her secrets” Sansa smirked at her illusions of power. Closing her windows hatch Sansa turned and paced towards her, her eyes locked into Kyra’s.

“You think fucking the Queen give you power? Ramsay Bolton was warden of the North, do you think him raping me granted me power?” Sansa asked of her. Her tone as sharp as a dagger point. 

“It a way it did your Grace, he may have been a monster who got you with child…but from his seed your womb created something beautiful” Kyra explained. 

“Ramsay raping me did not get me where I am today, killing him did. Margaery fucking Tommon did not get her the Iron Throne, our armies did, I did” Sansa calmly declared. 

“Sex is a form of power Kyra, but only for those who dominate…growing up I was submissive but no longer” Sansa continued. 

“Of course your Grace” Kyra replied. 

“I am a Queen Kyra and you are the oldest daughter of a miner lord, you have no real power compared to me” Sansa told her. 

“Of course may Queen” Kyra replied, her tone apologetic. 

“If I ever hear you call yourself as a woman of power again I’ll have you thrown into the sea” Sansa warned. 

“Y..yes, apologies your Grace”

“No need to apologise my lady, just as long as you know your place” Sansa replied as she lent in and gifted her a gentle kiss upon the lips. Pulling away Sansa stared deep into her eyes, her hand rested upon her shoulder. “Now get on your knees and pleasure me….and don’t say a word while you do it. I want to close my eyes and think of Margaery when I cum…….and I better cum” Sansa stressed. Nodding along like an obedient pup Kyra lowered her head and sunk to her knees. With a smirk on her face Sansa turned her head and stared into the mirror at her bedside. In the reflection she watched as the lady of castle Cerwyn rested her hands on her legs and pushed her face in-between, her head flowing back and forth as she begun to gently caress Sansa’s royal womanhood. Closing her eyes Sansa glided her fingers through Kyra’s brown locks and pushed her head closer between her legs. Sansa felt herself shiver as her tongue pressed up tight against her clit and fingers slide deep inside her. 

“Oh….Margaery” Sansa let slip as her loins caught fire and Kyra’s tears run down her legs.  



As the winters sun rose high above Narrow Sea Sansa Stark left her cabin, leaving Kyra asleep underneath the fur pelts of her bed. Donned in brown wools and grey wolfs fur Sansa climbed the steep oak steps out on to the deck of her ship, emerging out into the bitter cold mornings wind which blew down from the North and cut into furs. All around her sailers and soldiers, Northmen and Reachmen scurried like rats from bow to stern readying Wolfs Vengeance for the final approach into port, each one of them taking to time to bow before her before moving on, each muttering the words “You’re Grace” or “My Queen” 

Strolling towards the edge of the ship as the men moved Sansa gazed up with pride as the crowned Rose and Direwolf sigil of her and Margaery’s new created house flew upon its canvas. 

It’s not just a sigil, it’s a new power, a dynasty, the future. 

Sansa thought to herself before being interrupted by a shadow which engulfed her ship and the waters around her. Gazing high into the sky Sansa looked upon the towering colossus which stood upon the cliffs of Braavos to both welcome and intimate all those who would visits the free city. With its sword stretched high into the heavens the Titan of Braavos starred down upon her, Sansa stared back in awe of the structure.

How small we all must seem to him, Kings and Queens a like. He’s seen them all, if old Nan’s stories can be believed. 

Staring up at the titan of Braavos as Wolf Vengeance passed safely underneath into the large lagoon which housed Braavos herself Sansa took in a deep breath of the fresh Braavosi air, allowing it to full her lungs and sooth her soul.

So this Braavos? 

Sansa thought as she looked across the deck of her ship and out upon the busy water ways and packed out ports of the city. Squinting her eyes Sansa could sight merchants and traders, soldiers and knights, fishermen and crabbers all moving along the complex network of piers and ports. Upon the city Sansa’s eyes lingered as her ship sailed passed the house of Black and White.

I can see how Braavos has become so powerful, all the more important we have them on our side.  

Passed the busy ports and chaotic piers her ship sailed searching for a place to disembark until Sansa sighted something on the horizon, something which made the men worry and the captain of her ship gulp. Sailing around a tight bend in the ports waterway she caught sight of a large vessel, accompanied by three others, a black and red three headed dragon upon her sails. 

How is this possible?

“You’re Grace?” The captain asked of her.

“Why is she here?” Sansa spoke to herself.

“You’re Grace?” Her captain questioned..

“DAENERYS TARGARYEN” Sansa snapped. “That is her ship at port along side Ellaria Sands is it not?” Her captain did not need to take a second glance Sansa could tell, her already knew.

“Indeed it is you’re Grace” Sansa took a deep breath to try and calm herself. 

“Send a Raven to Kings Landing, tell Queen Margaery we have a mole inside the small council”  Sansa ordered. 

“And what about Daenerys? your grace should stay on the ship for her own safety. Let me meet with the bank on your behalf” The captain of her ship insisted. 

“The bank invited Margaery, I’m not even sure they will see me….. but they most certainly will not see you” Sansa angrily snapped.

“But your grace?”

“I am your Queen, never but my orders…….” Sansa turned back to the dragon queens ship. “Let Daenerys do her worst. I will meet with the Iron Bank and we will win this war”

Chapter Text

The sun shone high in the middays sky when Sansa Stark departed her ship. Down the boarding plank and onto the solid stone docks she strode with a calm, cold confidence, her royal guard at her back. Clad in rich southern fabrics and chain mail Sansa donned a great steel breast plate, moulded to match her slender female form it glistened in the bright middays sun, the direwolf of house Stark engraved upon it. Coated in warm direwolf furs and with her hand rested upon Ice’s brown valyrian hilt Sansa met with the iron banks small procession who had come to welcome her to the free city. Leading them was the arch chancellor of the bank himself Tycho Nestoris brandishing a smile as cold as anything a Northern storm could muster.

He is not my friend, non of these bankers are my friends. I am here for Margaery. for our daughter, for the realm. 

“Lady Stark” Tycho Nestoris greeted her a warm tone. “Welcome to the free city Braavos, I trust you're voyage across the Narrow Sea was a comfortable one. I know how dangerous the seas can be at this time of season”

Sansa returned his cold smile with one of her own. 

“The seas were most kind to me my lord, the gods must be watching over me” Tycho laughed at her words.

“Lady Stark I am no lord, just an honest man from humble beginnings”

There is nothing honest about you, you threatened my wife, my Queen and her crown.   

“Indeed” Sansa agreed. 

“We at the iron bank are glad you were able to make it lady Stark” Tycho continued. “We know how trying times are for the people of Westeros, with the war and winter, Queen Margaery must be going through a lot”

Don’t pretend to care for her or the people of Westeros. All you care for is you're gold.

“Times have been tough, but Margaery is strong and an even stronger ruler. She will see us through” Tycho smiled.

“The words of loyal friend”

“A loyal wife” Sansa corrected him, proud of her marriage.

“Of course, we heard the news of you’re marriage, a first in the Seven Kingdoms. Congratulations”

Don’t lie…if it were not for our power you would have us wiped through the streets.    

“Thank you” Sansa replied. 

“And where is Queen Margaery?” Tycho abruptly asked. Sansa had been dreading this question. 

They will still see me, I am her wife and Queen.

“Queen Margaery sends her apologies, she was unable to make the journey” Sansa sighted Tycho’s fellow bankers whom stood behind him nod their heads. “The Queen is heavy with our first child…” Tycho cut her off.

“….You’re child as well?”

“Our daughter yes, the Queens waters are expected to break any day now. She did not wish to stain the beautiful marble floors of your might bank” Sansa said, hoping to deflect from the topic of her unborn daughter. Tycho laughed at her words, his smile still cold. 

“Lady Stark I can assure you the floors of our bank have been stained by far worse”

The blood of the Kings and Queens who's rules you have destroyed with you're gold.   

“Still, with respect Lady Stark as I recall our request was to address Queen Margaery and not yourself”

“I understand that, but understand this as well. I am here on the Queens authority, to speak on her behalf”

“And understand this my lady, the iron bank has a set way in which it conducts its business”

“Does that business also include meeting with enemies of the crown?” Sansa snapped. Her frustrations bubbling to the surface. 

“I do not understand lady Stark?” Sansa turned her head and gazed out across the busy Braavosi harbour at Daenerys Targaryen’s flagship ‘Dragons Claw’ as it was docked at port, her black and red sails tied, surrounded by the three smaller Dornish sailers a float on the water. Sansa turned back the Tycho, his cold smile was unmoved. 

“I think you understand me perfectly well” Tycho did not say a word for a moment after that. Sansa watched as he eyed her up and down as if he was trying to decide upon his next move. Looking over his shoulder Sansa watched as the other bankers begun to whisper and squabble quietly amongst themselves, their personal guards begun to tense as if ready to draw their swords. Sansa felt herself tense up in response, her palms beginning to sweat. 

Keep calm, stay strong and do not show any sigh of weakness. 

Sansa told herself. The same words Margaery had told her after she saved her from jumping from her balcony in Kings Landing in the dark days after her mother and brothers murder at the Red Wedding. Sansa refused to allow her cold Queen stance to be broken. Eventually Tycho laughed much to Sansa’s surprise. 

“Blunt and to the point…. as any Northern Westerosi should be”  

“Queen Margaery is not here but she pays her debts…….” Tycho held up his hand.

“…pardon me lady Stark but have you ever tried Qartheen wine?” Sansa shook her head. 

“Braavos has special trading links with the eastern city of Qarth, their wines have a somewhat exotic taste. Come by the iron Bank at sun down. We shall drink wine and discuss the future between our peoples”

Nodding her head Sansa reluctantly agreed and watched as Tycho and the bankers disappeared up the stone harbour steps and into the dense Braavosi trading markets. Looking back at Daenerys Targaryen’s ship across the harbour Sansa summoned Sir Rodrick, a member of Margaery’s Queens guard she has ordered accompany Sansa to Braavos.

“Sir Rodrick”

“Your grace”

“I meet with the iron Bank this evening, while I am gone I have a task for you”

“Anything your grace” 

“I want you to round up ten of your finest men. While I meet with the iron Bank after sun down I want you to make you’re way onto Daenerys Targaryen’s ship and kill her”

“It will be done your grace but what if she is not aboard? what if it is not even her ship?”

“Its her ship, I’ve read enough reports talking about Dragons Claw to know when I see. But if she is not aboard or even if I am wrong and it is not her ship you are to burn its sails and take any hostages you can. They may have information”

“Of course your grace”




Later that evening as the sun descend below the western horizon Sansa made her away through the rich sandy brick streets of Braavos. All around her merchants, traders and sailers from Oldtown to YI TI, Qohor to the summer isles closed up their stalls and returned to their ships for the night. For a moment she was reminded of when she was a captive of the Lannisters and the long sleepless nights she and Margaery would spend together in secret, talking of running away and exploring the world together before settling down in Braavos, far from the politics of Westeros and the Iron throne. 

We are the politics now. The Iron throne is ours.   

She strolled across the white brick arched bridges which stretched over the canals below. Looking out across the calm waters as she went Sansa sighted the great titan of Braavos in the distance standing guard over the city, the colossal man made statue a blackened shadow against natures blood red sky’s above. 

A red sky. A sign maybe? could the old gods be trying to tell me something? am I to die tonight? or the men abroad Daenerys’s ship? Sir Rodrick has his orders.   

With four men of her personal guard at her back Sansa continued to climb the city steps all the way up to the iron bank. It was not until night fall she finally reached the bank, a towering temple of brick, gold, lies and debt, a debt she knew she had to settle for Margaery, for her crown and for their daughter. Meeting a servant at the banks entrance Sansa was led through the great iron doors of the bank and into the grand marble palace which lay inside. After reluctantly handing over Ice, along with the weapons of her guard the servant begun to speak has he led her through the bank. 

“Lady Stark, the bank is so glad you could make it, please follow me. The bank closes after sun down but arch chancellor Nestoris appears to have made an exception for you”

“He has made an exception for the Queen of Westeros” Sansa confidently corrected him. 

“Of course my lady, apologies but there seems to be so many Queens as of late just as there were Kings a few years ago”

“There is only one Queen of Westeros and her name is Margaery” Sansa corrected him once again. 

“How strange my lady……” The servant replied as he knocked forcefully upon a grand iron doors before them, the inverted triangles and circular symbol of the iron bank engraved upon them.  “………Just a short time ago I had the honour of welcoming another who called herself Queen” Sansa grit her teeth.


“Daenerys Targaryen?” She snapped, a hint of surprise in her voice. 

“Indeed” The servant cheerfully agreed. 

“What was she doing here?” Sansa asked of him, her personal guard extra alert. 

“I cannot speak of the Targaryen’s business with another lady Stark but why don’t you ask her yourself?” The servant finished before the iron doors opened before her to a sight she had not seen since Storms End. Following the servant into the richly decorated marble chambers Sansa felt herself tense with anger, her personal guard instantly stepping in front of her in defence. Seated at a long stone great table before a roaring marble hearth, donned in black with a red Targaryen cloak, braided white gold locks and a slivery dragons head lapel was Daenerys Targaryen. She turned and gazed deep into Sansa’s eyes.

Is this happening? is this real? I knew the bank must be meeting her but? 

For what felt to be an entirety the Wolf and the Dragon locked into each other, both first with surprise, secondly anger. 

The bank had this planned for us. There way of a joke?

At Daenerys’s either side was Missandei of Naarth, the same she and Margaery has ordered kidnapped, tortured and raped to stop Dany using her dragons fire in the field against them.

Her dragons are all dead, I have nothing to fear nor Margaery. 

At her other side was Obara Sand, Oberyn Martell’s oldest daughter and the woman who had murdered Doran Martell in his sleep and declared herself princess of Dorne before passing the title onto the Elleria. In front of the group were two Unsullied soldiers, both of them unarmed as her personal guard was. Sansa spoke first.  

“What are you doing here?” Sansa coldly demanded to know of the Dragon queen. 

“I could ask you the same thing” Daenerys replied, her tone just as icy. 

“I have business with the bank” 

“I guess that makes the both of us”  

“My Queen, permission to kill this bitch” Obara Sand asked, her eyes like a wild viper ready to strike at her.

“I agree you're grace, I would suggest you make it long and painful” Missandei said, her teeth grit with anger, her eyes burning into Sansa’s own. Sansa merely replied with a cold smile, a tactic she had learned from Margaery to make herself look unfazed. 

“You really must get over it my lady” Sansa replied. 

“You had your men rape me, torture me” Missandei angrily declared, her calm exterior breaking for all to see. 

“We are at war. If you cannot handle it maybe you shouldn’t be waging it. Yara’s certainly learn’t that lesson” Daenerys’s eyes instantly widened. 

“Yara Greyjoy’s alive?” She blurted out in almost disbelief, her words soft to the ear. 

“She is, but don’t worry we’ve been taking very good care of her. In return she’s been giving us a lot of information about you” Sansa toyed. 

“You're lying Sansa Stark. I know it. I know Yara. She wouldn’t do such a thing. She would rather die then betray her queen and wife”

“We can have that arranged for her if you’d like” Sansa joked. Dany hissed at her words.

“I thought the Starks of Winterfell were supposed to be honourable. Above such things like killing captives, kidnapping, torturing, raping. You're no better then Cersei Lannister or Ramsay Bolton for that matter” Dany’s words got under her skin, to be compared to the two people she hated in this world more then anybody else.

Say calm Sansa, do not let her win. You do what you do for Margaery, for the baby, for the throne.  

“Honour?” Sansa said, her tone light. “Honour got my farther, mother and brother killed. Honour almost brought my house to an end, I have no time for honour” It was at this moment a banker entered the chamber and interrupted the exchange between the two Queens. 

“May the Queen of Meereen and Lady Stark please follow. The rest are to stay”

Looking at her guard and then back to Dany Sansa turned and followed the banker. Dany did that same, side by side they followed through another set of iron doors and into another grand waiting chamber, the doors closing behind them. 

“The arch chancellor will call you in one by one, please make yourself comfortable” The banker said before leaving through another chamber door. Inside the two broke apart and paced.  

“Queen of Meereen?” Sansa asked of her.

“A title I won through conquest, besides I can no longer call myself the mother of Dragons” Dany replied without a care. 

“No you can not” Sansa smugly agreed. “Why not stay?” she found herself asking of Dany.

“Stay where?” Daenerys replied.

“In Meereen, why come half way across the world to try and take the throne of a land you have never see. A land who does not want you and did not want your family” Sansa turned to her. “From what I’ve read it took a lot to take Meereen from the slavers and the sons of the Harpy. You ended centuries of slavery. Why not just stay and rule as Queen of the Bay? it’s not to late” 

“You know my reasons”

“Because you're father was king? a king who was overthrown because of his cruelty”

“I know what my father was, but unlike him I am a conquerer just as I conquered slavers bay and crowned myself Queen of Meereen. I will crown myself the Queen of Westeros”

“You can’t win this war” Sansa declared. “Your dragons are dead and you do not have the armies or the fleets of ships needed to take Kings Landing. Go back to Meereen, the people of the Seven Kingdoms do not want you for their Queen” Dany smirked.

“You don’t care about the people, either does Margaery Tyrell” Dany turned to her. “I will take back my birth right or die trying. I’ve sacrificed far to much” Dany finished, gazing down at her dragons head lapel. For a time the Queens of ice and fire lingered in silence, listening to the crackle of the flaming cauldron in the centre of the room. 

“Do they always make there guests wait so long?” Daenerys asked as she gazed out of the window.

“There the iron Bank, they can do whatever they like” Sansa replied. 

“Even to a Queen?” 

“You are no Queen” Sansa sniped. 

“I have a far better claim then you….or Margaery for that matter”

The fell silence once more, Sansa got to thinking. 

She must know about the letter, why else would she come to see the iron bank? and at the same time as me?

“How did you know?” Sansa calmly asked of her. 

“Know what?

“Know about Margaery’s letter from the Bank” Sansa asked risking a closely guarded secret. Dany smirked. 

“Lets just say Margaery is not only one who hears whispers” Her words lit a spark within her mind.

“Varys?” Sansa muttered much to Daenerys’s amusement.

“Indeed, he’s most likely fled Kings Landing by now on his way south, if not he will be long gone before you can get a raven sent” Before Sansa could say anything further the chambers great iron doors slid open and the banker reappeared, his head sticking out of the door.  

“The arch chancellor will see you now lady Stark” Granting Daenerys Targaryen once last look Sansa followed the banker.

“Thank you for telling me about Yara Sansa” Dany said as she walked by. “I now have one more thing to fight for”

Sansa ignored her, when she reached to door Dany spoke again. 

“I forgot to say as well….” Sansa turned to her. “Congratulations on you’re wedding” She said before turning back to look out of the chambers window. Continuing to follow the banker Sansa found herself in another grand chamber lined with cauldrons of glazing fire. At the end of the chamber, sat at a great stone carved table was Tycho Nestoris and several other bankers. Before them a wooden stool for her to sit down. But Sansa did not feel like sitting. 

“Lady Stark, I’m glad you were able to make it. Would you like some of that wine we talked about this morning?” Tycho asked of her as a servant poured out several goblets of rich Qartheen wine. 

“What is the meaning of this?” Sansa said. 

“The meaning of what may I ask?” Tycho replied, his cold smile returning.

“Forcing me to wait in the same chamber as the woman who humiliated my wife, invaded our lands and who would take the iron throne from my Queen” Tycho laughed off Sansa’s words.

“Lady Stark……” Sansa cut Tycho’s words thin by slamming her palms down upon the stone table.

“How dare you meet with an enemy of the crown and even worse force me to wait within the same chamber as her” Sansa angrily declared. 

“The iron Bank reserves the right to speak with whom it likes lady Stark. Besides it is a good thing to speak with our enemies from time to time, it can help draw some prospective” Tycho replied. 

“And what prospective has the Iron bank drawn?” Sansa asked, removing her palms from the table.

“Take a seat and drink our wine and you shall see Sansa. Margaery may have failed to repay her debts but if we supported the rival claim of just anybody every commoner in the street would declare themselves. I implore you Sansa take a seat, drink our wine and lets us talk of blood and gold, else a Targaryen will sit the iron throne of Westeros once more. The bank will see to it personally” Tycho declared. His cold smile gone, his tone blunt. 

No lies just truth. For Margaery, for our daughter.  


Chapter Text

“I want this spy found and whoever they are I want them dead” Margaery Tyrell angrily declared before her small council. Late in the evening she had gathered them, Grand Maester Pycelle, Lord hand Petyr Baelish, the Master of whispers Lord Varys, the Lord Commander of her Queens Guard and brother Sir Loris, behind them her father, who sat quietly in the corner, not saying a word. Also with them was Maester Lupin sat on a chair behind her, ready at all times on Sansa’s wishes for whenever her waters break. At the head of the council table Margaery looked out over the chamber, a flush it was with golden orange light which shone in through the chambers baloney windows from the horizon outside.

“You have our assurances your grace we are working to find this spy, we have arrested several men already on suspicion of…” The Grand maester said before Margaery cut him off. 

“….I don’t want suspicion grand maester, I want that spy’s head on my desk” Margaery snapped. 

“It will be done your grace” The grand maester shrivelled like the frightened rat he was.

“Daenerys Targaryen knows about our debt to the iron bank, all the reports say she has sailed for Braavos. Likely to turn the bank against me, but at the same time as I send Sansa to negotiate with them? Someone has must have told her” Margaery said. 

“Queen Sansa is a remarkable woman your grace, I have no about she will convince the iron bank to remain on side” Lord Petyr added. 

“Still even if she does not we cannot miss an opportunity like this?” Loras said.

“What do you mean my lord?” Lord Vary asked, his manner calm and collected even more so then usual Margaery had noticed. 

“Daenerys has sailed for Braavos, once she has conducted her business with the bank she will have to return to Dorne… ship. I say we muster a fleet to ambush her on the Narrow Sea” Margaery smirked at the idea. 

“I like your thinking brother” Margaery replied as she rubbed her baby bump. 

“But can we spare the ships my Queen? what about the eastern shore line? if we divert ships the Dornish could take this chance to attack the Stormlands again or even the Reach” Pycelle suggested. 

“If we have a chance to kill Daenerys we need to take, this war has gone on long enough. Loras will make the preparations” Margaery ordered. “And find that bloody spy will you” Margaery finished before leaving the council chamber. Her Queens guard and handmaidens at her heel. 



Returning to her chambers by night fall Margaery ordered her handmaiden pour her a glass of wine. Taking her glass Margaery paced back and forth through her chambers in thought, the candles light flickering off the thick stone walls and pillars that surrounded her, her Lannister bastard handmaiden Lyna Hill seated on her bedside.  

Who could it be? who could the turncloak be?  

It had been a question that had plagued her thoughts since receiving the news of Daenerys Targaryen's ship sailing for Braavos, a question which she felt the answer to was staring her right in the face. In truth she didn’t much care for who the turncloak was, only that they had been stealing her secrets and reporting them to Daenerys and her followers in Dorne. Putting her crown at risk and her family in danger. 

I wish Sansa was here. She would be here if it were not for the turncloak.

Margaery gazed down at her swollen belly and then out of her open baloney window, down upon the city streets of Kings Landing,   

I hope you are on you're way back to me my love with good news. I just want you here, to hold me, to kiss me, to fuck me, to rule with me forever. 

Margaery bit her lip. Her mind drifting from politics to pleasure, thoughts blending into imagination, her mind filling with erotic urges and instincts, the kind the Maesters and Septon’s tried to purge from her long ago.

I am the Queen, I can do what I like.  

Closing her eyes she imagined Sansa stood behind her, holding her close within her tight embrace, kissing her neck and stroking her baby bump, her fingers sliding between her legs. 

I want you. 

Margaery thought of Sansa’s voice, her womanhood moistened between her legs.

No….I..I can’t, not now. I cannot risk such a thing. 

Margaery thought once more before turning around to witness Lyna disrobing before her at the bedside. At an instant Margaery bit her lip and eyed her young handmaidens body up and down, taking in the inviting curves of her hips and buttocks, her golden locks flowing freely for her to see. Margaery did not say a word, she merely stopped to admire.

Lyna is not Sansa, she is a bastard. A Lannister bastard if the rumours are true but an attractive one neither the less. 

Margaery thought to herself as she tilted her head and sloshed the wine around her goblet.

“What are you doing?” Margaery asked of her. Lyna turned and stood before her naked.

“I though you may have been in need of some attention you're grace” Lyna said as she slowly walked towards her, her bare feet gliding over the smooth stone floors of the chamber. Margaery did not respond for a moment, she simply smirked and watched as her handmaiden approached, her eyes fixed upon her pure pale skin and the thin golden pubic hairs which coated her womanhood. 

“What makes you think I want your attention?” Margaery replied before taking another slip of her wine, her chambers hearth cracking beside her.

“I can see how frustrated you are, you should not deny yourself pleasure my Queen…I am no Sansa Stark but” Lyna took her hands and kissed her upon the lips. 

“But I think I could make you cum” Lyna jested with a smile. Margaery placed her wine down upon her desk, her sapphire blue eyes locked into the bastards emerald green. 

“Your very forward for a handmaiden” Margaery replied with a naughty smirk before undoing her dress and allowing it to fall to the floor at her feet.     

“I like that in a woman” Margaery said before leaning in to kiss Lyna upon the lips, her naked figure free. 

There is nothing wrong with this, I’ve slept with my handmaidens before. Besides I am the Queen, I deceive this more then anyone.  

Margaery thought as Lyna returned her kiss. Lifting her neck high Margaery sighed as Lyna kissed her, slowing making her way down. At her chest Lyna cupped her swollen breasts and sucked upon them much like Sansa had done the night before her departure.

I wish you were here, I wish it was you my love. 

Margaery gazed down at Lyna as she kissed her baby bump. She gently ran her fingers though the bastard girls locks of golden hair, the thought of Cersei come to mind, a tinge of excitement taking her body and mind. 

A Lannister bastard will have to do. 

She though, her heart racing from the idea of sleeping with her long dead enemy.  

“Wait a moment” She said suddenly. Gazing over at her bedpost Margaery took Lyna by the hand and guided her towards the side of her bed. Using her bedpost as a balance Margaery cupped her firm baby bump and perked out her tight bottom. She watched in the grand bedside mirror as her handmaiden dropped to her knees behind and kissed her bottom, the sight of it making her moist between the legs.

“I am the Queen, I deserve this” Margaery muttered to herself before asking Lyna to pleasure her.   

“Ooohhhh…yes. don’t stop” Margaery gasped as her loins slowly ignited and her legs begun to shake from excitement.  After moments of sucking and fingering of her royal womanhood the first orgasm came, spars and sudden, almost as if her womanhood had gone into full bloom after a long winter. Through it all Lyna maintained the pressure of her tongue against her clit, playing Margaery's womanhood like a flute. Moments after her first Margaery felt a second emerge from within her like a wild wave crashing against the coast in a storm. She felt her legs shaken and her loins break out once again.

“OOOOHHHHHH…… the gods….UUUUUUUUUU……OOHhhhh….” Margaery groaned with a smile on her face. Her words melting into thin air. Her bottom lip feeling as if it was going to burst from the way she bit down upon it. Suddenly Margaery felt a strange sensation from within her womanhood. As her orgasm danced and dived upon the edges of her clit she felt herself cum once more. Through the pleasure and ecstasy of the moment Margaery felt herself squirt more then she ever had done during sex, like a splatter it broke free from her womanhood covering Lyna, her chest and the soft wolf furs she kneeled upon. Taking a moment to catch her breath Margaery run the tip of her finger down her lower leg, a strange sensation within her womb, of moment, of the princess.  

“That…that has never happened to me before” Margaery said as she stood strange with a confused look upon her face. She turned to look down at Lyna who was still on her knees, staring up at her royal cunt in surprise. 

“Your grace I think….I think your waters may have broken” Margaery smirked for a moment in disbelief, a smirk which quickly vanished as soon as she caught the strange feeling coming from within her. 

“This cannot be?” Margaery told herself as a light pain gripped her womb, a steady trickle of her mothers waters flowing down her legs and onto the wolfs fur. 

She’s broken my waters? a bastard from Lannisport as broken my waters? Margaery you stupid little whore. How could you not control yourself, Sansa….Sansa is not here….not now, I cannot have this baby now, I’m not ready. 

“You’ve broken my waters?” Margaery said with frustration as she took her hand and run it through her soaked inner thighs 

“I think so your grace” Lyna replied, no longer the confidence woman who seduced her moments ago, a girl, frightened.   

“My baby is on her way……” Margaery gasped. A overwhelming feeling of first shock and then guilt at what she had done for a moment a pleasure, the feeling within her womb, the movements of her baby, a baby she knew she would not be ready to birth into the world without her other mother to meet her.  

“GUARDS” Margaery shouted abruptly. At her command the guard burst into her chambers, clad in steel and the emerald rose of house Tyrell upon there amour they surround Margaery and the bastard girl.  

“Take my bloody handmaiden and remove her tongue” Margaery ordered in a fit of anger. On her knees Lyna fell pale as the guards forcefully took her arms and dragged her from the chambers.

“NO your grace.. please I’m so sorry..I swear it” Lyna cried. 

“I told you to pleasure me without breaking my BLOODY WATERS” Margaery replied, her voice laced with fear.

“I’m sorry…mercy you're grace…mercy” Lyna cried as she was dragged from view.

“Get the maester as well” Margaery ordered along with her chambers doors closed behind them. Alone Margaery stepped over the wolf pelted fur rugs and the cold stone floor which lay soaked in her mothers waters. Before her chambers mirror she stood and stared to inspect her slim figure, her flawless baby bump moving, the princess, her daughter.  

“You must stay inside of me my love, inside me were you are safe. Until your mother returns. Until she comes back to us. She will be here I promise you, just stay inside my love. It will not be much longer, your mothers will be here for you”

Chapter Text

As the moon hung high amongst a clear nights sky over Kings Landing Yara Greyjoy lay upon her bed, a captive held within a grand chamber of rich linens, exotic fabrics and fine wines, the heavy iron chain which clasped neck biting on her flesh like a rabid dog consuming it’s prey. 

By the drowned god how I hate this place. 

Yara told herself as she threw her fists down upon the soft velvet sheets. 

I do not belong a captive inside a fluffy southern chamber, waiting to birth a bastard into the world. I belong at the stern of a warship, commanding the iron fleet as Queen in service to the one I love.

Looking down upon her body Yara sat herself up and stroked her swollen baby bump within the darkness.

Would Daenerys Targaryen even still want me? Without my fleet? Without my ironborn? Even as I look like this? burdened with a bastard child. 

Yara thought as she stroked her swollen bump, her baby starting to kick within her womb. A sensation she had grown accustom to during her captivity. 

Bastard or not you’re mine now. I’ll not let that smug bitch Margaery Tyrell take you from me.  

For an hour she lay awake in the darkness, tossing and turning as much as the iron chain around her neck would allow. 

I swear by the drowned god and the fourteen seas I will melt these chains down once I am free. 

Moments later she heard movement from outside the chambers door, as if guards and maesters were rushing around the holdfast in preparation for something. 

“We have to be quick” She heard one man say as he passed by the door. 

Perhaps Daenerys has come to kill every last one of these fuckers.

Yara joked to herself before closing her eyes. Suddenly she heard the lock on her chambers heavy oak door creek open and close abruptly. Taken by surprise Yara opened her eyes and shot to her feet by the bedside, the chain around her neck rattling. Stood in the darkness before the bed was a bald man, cloaked with a sack in his hands which he threw onto the bed. 

“Spider?” Yara Greyjoy asked.

“My reputation precedes me it would seem” Lord Varys replied with a smile.

“What do you want eunuch?” Yara demanded.

“I’ve come to free you from those chains and get you out of Kings Landing my lady, but we must be quick” Varys said as he brandished a key from his black robes, walked over and freed Yara from the chain around her neck, dried blood from where it had pierced her sea soaked flesh staining its innards. 

“You serve Daenerys? tell me.. is she still alive? what of the war?” Yara feverishly asked as she ripped off the rich southern dress Margaery had gifted her and slipped on the pants, laced shirt and cloak Varys had brought her. 

“I will tell you all you need to know on the voyage to Sunspear, for now you must follow me lady Greyjoy”

“Very well eunuch. Get me out of this fucking place” Yara demanded. Following Varys to the edge of the chamber she watched as he pushed a side a small oak writing desk and forced open a fake stone slab in the floor revealing a passage below, shrouded in darkness. Stood on it’s edge Yara looked down into passage.

“I had no idea that was here” She said.

“There are many secrets contained within these walls which allude even myself my lady, secrets that died when Maegor the cruel put to death the men who built this place”

“We all know the stories eunuch” Yara said as she climbed down into the passage way, a task made harder by her baby bump. For a moment she waited in the darkness before lord Varys joined her and closed up the passageway after him, a flaming torch held above his head to light the way. 

“When did you change sides in the war?” Yara asked as the two begun to make there way through the maze of secret passageways which littered the guts of the Red Keep. 

“I have always been a servant of house Targaryen, far longer then you it must be said” Varys replied. 

“If you’ve been a spy of hers all this time why wait so long to free me?”

“I had to get as much information from Queen Margaery and Lady Sansa for you’re wife’s war effort as I could, as well as influence change from within. It was I who persuaded Margaery to wait until the coming spring to press for an invasion of Dorne, allowing time for Daenerys to rebuild her forces. It was also I who informed her of the Tyrell’s debt to the iron bank. I could have done more given the time, alas it seems Margaery has finally discovered my deception and so it is time to take my leave”

So she’s hiding in Dorne.

“And what makes you think that bitch will let us walk out of the Red Keep?”

“Oh I’m afraid Queen Margaery and her household have more pressing issues on the mind”

“What do you mean? Speak sense eunuch” Yara demanded.

“Her waters have broke just as I instructed my little bird to do so. The babe she conceived with Sansa Stark will soon be with us”

“Horseshit, you don’t actually believe two women could create a child?” Yara scoffed. With the dim torch still burning above his bald head lord Varys turned to face her in the cramped passageway, a seriously look within his scheming eyes. 

“Oh I most certainly do my lady, you should never underestimate the power that exists in this world. The babe in your belly is a testament to such power”

“I will not be spoken to by a eunuch in riddles” Yara declared, her frustrations bubbling to the surface. 

“My lady I do not rescue this night because you are the self declared Queen of the iron islands, nor because you are the wife and lover to Queen Daenerys” Vary said as he rested the palm of his hand upon her swollen baby bump. “I rescue you because the very survival of the Targaryen dynasty lies inside you. The rightful heir of Daenerys Targaryen” In a sudden fit of anger Yara grit her and pushed Varys naked hand a side. 

“You’ve lost your mind eunuch, did that sorcerer cut out your brains as well as your cock?” Varys smiled.

“You may not believe me now my lady, but in time you will. But for now we must keep moving”

Following Varys through narrow passageways and down a worn spiral staircase in the dark, Varys led her out into the dried up moat bed at the base of the red keep’s outer most walls. Tyrell guards clad in emerald and gold amour patrolling the outer walls above. 

“Stay quiet and follow me closely my lady. I have a ship in harbour waiting for us” Vary said. 

“Lead on then eunuch, before my own waters break from impatience” Yara scoffed. Covering up her baby bump with her robes Yara followed Varys along the dried up moat bed and underneath the small draw bridge to the south of the castle, the clacking of horses hooves above as knights, soldiers and city guards men moved back forth. Up a flight of stone steps she went before disappearing into the late night crowds of Kings Landing. As the fresh spring air filled her lungs and her feet squelched against the muddy terrain at her feet Yara felt herself break a smile, for nine months she had been a prisoner, chained to a bed and locked inside a chamber…but now she was free.


The bells of the Red Keep chimed in the night causing the castle to erupt into a flurry of activity behind her. 

“What is happening eunuch? Do they know?” Yara asked.

“Doubtful, the bells ring to celebrate the coming of Margaery’s babe. We must move faster my lady, the sooner we are free of this city the better” 



Following Varys closely past the great marble pillars of the Sept of Baelor and through the narrow slums of Flea bottom Yara finally found herself at the docks of Kings Landing. Looking out upon the gloom of the Blackwater she sighted the Tyrell and Stark fleets anchored just off shore where once the fleet of Stannis Baratheon had been consumed by wildfire during the battle of the Blackwater. At the head of the fleet was ‘Roses Fury’ Margaery Tyrells personal warship and the biggest in the fleet, she watched as the lights abroad her hull and cabin glistened among a sea of lights upon the dark. 

I’d like to impregnate that bitch and set it alight, give that Tyrell whore something to smirk about on the birthing bed.     

She smiled. 

If only.   

Onto the docks Yara made her way at Varys’ side, a small merchant ship with white sails awaiting to cast off once they we’re safely aboard.

I’m almost there. One step closer to Daenerys.  

Stopping at the boardwalk of the ship lord Varys lifted his hand to holt her.

“What are you doing eunuch? let us board so we might be rid of this place” Yara said snapped.

“Something is wrong my lady. The captain was supposed to meet us” Varys replied, his tone rattled.

“Get aboard the ship. I’ll sail the fucker out of here if I have to” Turning to walk up the boardwalk Yara was suddenly stopped in her tracks. Donned in emerald fabrics, sliver chain mail and brandishing a gleaming rose and vine engraved sword a knight of the Queens guard stepped forth from the vessels shadow. Towering above lord Varys and herself the knight stood strong, the unified royal sigil of house’s Tyrell and Stark engraved upon his breast plate. 

“Lord Varys. In the name of Queen Margaery you are under arrest for conspiracy against the crown” The knight declared. Varys chuckled to himself as Yara backed up off the boardwalk, an ecstasy of fear gripping her. 

“It would appear Queen Margaery has finally out played me” Varys turned to her. “Run my lady” 

Breaking off from Varys Yara bolted like a prized stallion across the docks, pushing and pulling her way past the many merchants, traders, soldiers and common folk which moved back and forth in the darkness. 

“HOLT…IN THE NAME OF THE QUEEN” She heard the knight of the Queens guard cry out as lord Varys was wrestled to the ground and beaten by a group of city gold cloaks which swarmed around him. Back into the narrow city slums of Flea bottom she ran, her heart racing, her swollen belly strained but alive, very much alive. Through groups of beggars and blacksmiths shops she scurried, the shadow of the Red Keep looming over her. 

I will not go back there. They can not make me. I am ironborn. I am the Queen of the iron islands, lover to the dragon herself and if the eunuch is to be believed the mother to her child. I will not go back. Not to that Tyrell whore and the Stark bitch. 

Coming to a stop in a misty, narrow cobbled alleyway Yara caught her breath, her baby gently kicking inside. 

“I know little one, you’ll be safe soon” She said with a stroke of her bump. Creeping her way through the darkness of the city Yara eventually found herself at the Old gate of the outer city walls.

I need a horse. I need to ride west. I cannot go back to the docks. I will not end up like the eunuch. 

Stealing a fresh dark blue cloak from a washing line Yara Greyjoy threw up her hood and snuck inside a stable by the gate. Stealing a bronze sword and strap which she tied around her waist Yara mounted a grey  horse and galloped from the stables. Galloping up to the old gate and kicking her steed into life, Yara raced through the old gate and out into the country side. As her horse rode through the darkness up the Kings road she looked back over her shoulder and watched as the lights of Kings Landing grew dimmer and dimmer. Her baby kicking to the rhythm of her horses long strides.

Stay strong little one. You will be safe soon. I will not let them get you and if any of them try both they and the drowned god himself will feel my wrath.


Chapter Text

In the distance the sun had long since descended behind the mighty titan of Braavos, plunging the great city into darkness. Locked within the banks grand marble halls and its strong temple like structure Daenerys Targaryen waited, her gaze fixed upon the stars that shone so bright against the blacked night sky. For what felt to be an eternity she had lingered, looking out upon the stars and pacing back and forth restlessly as her foot steps echoed faintly throughout the banks grand chamber. It had been hours since Sansa Stark had entered the chamber, hours of nothing but pacing to the soft crackle of the chambers cauldron and the movement of the occasional servant scurrying back and forth through the doors. They had offered her wine on several occasions to dull the long wait but this she declined.

I must keep a clear head, besides I have enemies who would see me dead. I have not forgotten what the usurpers dogs tried to do to me. 

The wait had not been all bad, for most of the time her thoughts had lingered upon Sansa Stark and the conversation they had.

She seems nice on the surface, strong yet cold, fake in a way. Her family may have been known for their honour but I do not sense any on her, not that I can blame her. The stories I have heard, of the war, of the red wedding, of the evil that was Cersei Lannister and her bastards. I can respect her atleast, for what she has gone through. But she and her lover are still usurpers, still my enemy. But at least I know Yara is still alive. 

Suddenly Daenerys heard the chambers door open, a skinny servant popping his head through.  

“Queen Daenerys, the Arch chancellor will see you now”


With her shoulders back and head held high Dany followed the servant and made her way through the grand iron doors. Inside a rich chamber lined with cauldrons of glazing fire confronted her, along with the Arch Chancellor herself, Tycho Nestoris and the other head bankers, of whom sat around a great stone table with no sign of Sansa Stark in sight. 

“Arch Chancellor, I present to you the Queen of Meereen Daenerys Targaryen” He announced with a elegant bow.

“….And of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros” Dany reminded the servant who replied with a gift of unease.

“Of course Queen Daenerys, apologises but there are so many Queens these days, let alone of the Seven Kingdoms” Tycho interjected.

“I can understand the confusion my lord but as I said I am the one true Queen” Tycho laughed. 

“We are no lords here your grace and you are no Queen of the Seven Kingdoms, else why would you be here?” 

He’s right. 

Dany admitted to herself. 

“Alas you are right” Dany admitted before the bankers. “Before I conquered slavers bay and named myself Queen, before I traversed the unforgiving lands of the red waste, even before I married my late husband Khal Drogo I have known of the Iron Bank. Of its power and evident glory” Dany said as she paced back and forth, eyes pointed at the grand marble temple inside which they stood. “Throughout the centuries this bank has proven itself to be a deciding force in the wars of gods and men. It is for that very reason I am here today. As you know a usurper currently sits the Iron throne of Westeros, a throne which was forged by my ancestors in fire and blood. For almost three hundred years the Seven Kingdoms flourished under the wisdom and leadership of house Targaryen…… And what have we had since the fall of that wisdom and leadership? a king who had no interest in being king, a king who plunged his kingdom into war, a weak king, a Queen who’s selfishness and incompetence got herself killed, and the current Queen who thinks herself so above everybody else that she sends her wife to speak with you. Three Kings and two Queens there have been since the usurpers war, not to mention the countless other kings to have declared themselves. The Seven Kingdoms are in need of order, in need of authority, in need of a Queen who can restore the peace and the very prosperity my family gave it. I am that Queen. And as that Queen I ask you to support my claim” Dany finished. Her gaze meeting Tycho’s as he smiled at her.

Do my words amuse him? 

“It is an interesting point you have just made Queen Daenerys but all these things you speak of, order, authority, peace, prosperity, could they not be achieved under Queen Margaery?”

“They cannot, Margaery Tyrell does not care for such things. All she cares for is herself just as Sansa Stark does” Dany declared. 

“So you say” Tycho replied, his tone dismissive. 

“I have traveled to you today to asked the help of the Iron bank in my conquest of Westeros, with your gold I will build a great fleet, rebuild my armies and order an attack on Kings Landing”

“That is a fine proposal Queen Daenerys…. but with our gold, you shall not” Dany held her nerve. 

“I misunderstand?”

“The Iron bank will continue to support Margaery Tyrell’s claim to the Iron throne” Tycho clearly declared before her. 

“Excuse me?” Daenerys replied.

“Margaery Tyrell may not be perfect but she has been considerably better then her predecessors, King Robert with his reckless spending and debt, his brother Stannis’ failed quest for the Iron throne and then Cersei Lannister reusing to paid us what was owned. Compared to them you could say Margaery is a model Queen” Dany laughed in disbelief at what she was hearing. 

“What is it that Sansa Stark promised you? I can assure you it was a lie” She pressed.

“What lady Stark promised the bank is of no business of you” Tycho leaned forward in his chair. “You come to demand the support of this bank for your cause, a cause which would only create more instability, war and drain this bank of even more of its gold. Margaery Tyrell may have defaulted on her debts but that has since been resolved” Dany grit her teeth. Her Targaryen fire restrained. 

“But you don’t understand….” She said, Tycho cut her off. 

“…we do Daenerys Stormborn, we understand that it is Margaery Tyrell’s claim this bank will support and not that of your own. Now was there anything else you would like to discuss with us?”

Dany felt herself snap, a maelstrom of fire set ablaze within. The dragon unleashed. 

“You will regret this…… will pay, all of you with fire and blood” Tycho smiled. 

“Or you will what Queen Daenerys? burn us alive with you're dragons as you did the rulers of Astapor, Yunkai and Meereen?”

Dany did not respond. She only took a deep breath, she fist clenched as Tycho continued.  

“It was a noble thing you did, freeing the slaves of the bay. I would suggest you do not throw that accomplishment away”

“What is it you are suggesting? that I surrender my birth right to a usurper who holds hostage the wife I love?” 

“I would suggest that you return to where you come from, Meereen is a fine city and a grand one at that, far more so then Kings Landing. As for your wife I’m sure you will find another in Meereen” Dany exploded.

“How dare you, HOW DARE YOU ADDRESS THE RIGHTFUL QUEEN OF WESTEROS IN SUCH A FASHION. I WAS BORN IN WESTEROS, MY FATHER WAS IT’S KING, IT IS MY BIRTH RIGHT….and I am telling you you are making a big mistake, all of you are making a big mistake. I will take the Seven Kingdoms back one way or another and once I do you shall regret ever opposing me just as all others who opposed me have done” Tycho calmly smiled. 

“You're no better then your brother Daenerys Stromborn, what was it we called him? the beggar King?” Tycho and bankers laughed. 

“Sail back to Meereen Daenerys Stormborn, the time of the dragons is over. You're dying house is no longer wanted in the West” He declared as two guards entered the chamber behind her to take her away.

“Once I have the Seven Kingdoms Braavos and this place shall be next” Dany coldly declared as the guards gripped her arms and dragged her from the chamber. 

“Guards remove this beggar Queen from our halls” Tycho ordered as the grand iron doors slammed shut behind her. 



Outside the iron bank the two guards in steel amour threw Dany to the ground and gifted her a kick to the stomach before they returned inside. As the heavy iron doors slammed shut behind Missandei and Obara Sand came running up to her. 

“My Queen? are you alright?” Missandei shouted with concern. Behind her Obara slammed her fist down upon the door, shouting in Valyrian. Dany did not say a word as she recovered from the kick, she was then helped to her feet by Missandei, the two unsullied guards she was asked to leave outside by the bank joining them. 

“How dare they” Dany scolded. “How dare they treat me like that”

“What happened?” Missandei asked. Making their way on horse back through the dark winding Braavosi cobbled streets and calm water canals Dany explained herself.

“Those bastards, let me go back my Queen. I will have them begging for your forgiveness” Obara insisted much to Dany’s amusement.

“It is very tempting but not worth it” Dany replied as she paused by a small arched bridge overlooking the canal below, the great titan of Braavos stood tall against the moon light in the distance. 

“Margaery Tyrell and Sansa Stark have their grip on the bank, it is weak but they still support her”  

“Is there nothing we can do to sway them?” Missandei asked.

“They’ve made up their minds. But when I take the Iron Throne they will pay…in fire and blood if need be” Dany finished, her manner resolute.

“Regardless of what those rich men say, you will sit the thrown my Queen. I promise you” Obara Sand declared with an intoxicating flash from her brown sandy coloured eyes. A look which suddenly flared a burst of excitement within her, an excitement she had not felt since Yara, Daario over even Khal Drogo.

She is rather charming Obara. Strong like a man but very much a woman. But why is she suddenly acting this way? perhaps this is just the way of Dornish women. 

“Thank you Obara, your support means a lot to me” Dany said gifting her a warm smile. Their gaze at one another broken by Missandei. 

“What shall we do now your grace?” She asked.    

“We shall return to Sunspear and form a new plan, the spring is almost upon us and I must strike out for the throne before Margaery can gather her forces” 



Leading Missandei, Obara and her loyal Unsullied guards on horse back through the cobbled streets of Braavos, Daenerys returned to the docks to a horrifying sight. Before them in the harbour a great inferno raged across the waters as merchant, trader, and prized war vessels alike blazed upon murky lagoon waters and a great endless plume of dark smoke rose up into the night sky, blocking out the moon and stars and shrouding the great titan in a cloak of darkness. Climbing down from her horse Daenerys walked to the very edge of a nearby stone pier. With her eyes wide open as she stood still, she bared witnessed as men, women and children emerge from the inferno a light, watching and listening as they screamed and begged the gods for mercy as their flesh cooked and their blood boiled upon the wooden docks sides before they to were engulfed by flame. Losing herself Dany fell to her knees as a pain took her heart. She remembered the flames which took her and her late husband Khal Drogo and birthed her child into the world. She remembered Dragon, Viserion and Rhaegal as they burned the slave masters of Astapor and the Harpys of Meereen, as well as their screams of death as they themselves burned alive underneath Dragonstone. A tear rolled down her cheek.

My children.       

Behind she listened as a group of Unsullied soldiers led by Elleria Sand rode up and stopped beside Missandei and Obara. 

“What is happening Ellaria?” Missandei asked of her. 

“Sansa Stark happened” Ellaria declared. “She sent men aboard to slit the throat of our Queen, but when they realised she was not aboard they set fire to everything in sight, our ships, the harbour, everything ablaze. All to cover her escape” A sudden silence fell upon Daenerys as she remounted her neutered stallion, the crackle of the blaze and dying screams filling the air around them.   

“It would seem we have one more reason to remove Margaery from my throne” Daenerys declared. 




As the mighty blaze continued to rage upon the Braavosi lagoon Daenerys found herself outside a place from her past and the only place she had ever truly considered a home. Before her stood the house with the red door, its red oak engraved with faded Targaryen dragons and the place she had once grown up along side her brother Viserys and under the care Sir William Darry. 

“This was the place where I grew up as a child and the place I first learned of my birth right” Dany smiled as she placed her palm upon the door, the first time she had done so in years.

“Indeed your grace but….a whore house is of no place for a Queen” Missandei insisted as she gazed up at the sign ‘The Dragons Pleasure’ carved into the stone above the door way. 

“We have nowhere to go, besides it will only be for tonight. We move on in the morning” Dany declared as as her Unsullied pushed open the red doors as she entered. Watching as Ellaria and Missandei conducted their business with the brothels owner, a kindly old lady dressed in exotic Myrishy robes, flanked by two towering mercenaries Daenerys’s eye roamed across her former home, every room containing a vivid memory of hers even if it was now defiled by incense and naked whores, many of whom trying to capture her eye as they strode pass, their slender naked bodies on display. 

I have no time for whores.   

Leaving Missandei, Ellaria and Obara behind Dany retired to her upstairs chamber. The chamber she had slept in as a little girl and the only place she had ever truly felt safe, even as the usurpers dogs hunted her. Wondering across the richly tiled chamber Dany brushed a side the ruby silk curtains which separated the room and gazed out upon the city, millions of lights huddled around the great titan who she once believed protected her from her families enemies.      

Once the iron throne is mine and I am Queen Braavos will be next to fall to me. I am a conquer, dragons or not. All shall learn that. 

Ordering a bath be drawn for her Daenerys watched as golden haired whores scurried back and forth through the silk curtain to fill the bronze tub. Watching as the scalding water gradually rose to the tubs edges Dany stopped the maiden before she could add the cold water.

“Stop..that is enough. Leave me” She ordered. 

Watching as the hand maiden left her room Daenerys removed her sapphire cloak, Dragon encrusted Valyrian steel dagger and dropped her rich silk robes to the stone tiles at her feet. Throwing her exotic white gold braided locks over her shoulder Dany stood over the tubs edge, allowing her skin to absorb the steam as it rose up across her firm tits and naked body. Eventually climbing over the edge Dany submerged her naked body in the scalding waters of the tub. Her eyes closed, a serenity over taking her. Resting the tips of her toes on the bronze copper edges Dany lay for an hour in deep contemplation, her gaze fixated upon the lights of Braavos outside her window. 

I forgot how beautiful this place could be. I must show Yara, if the gods allow us to be together once more. 

As the scalding waters begun to cool Dany felt herself drift off to sleep only to be awoken by a thump at her beds side.     

“Who’s there?” Dany asked as she sat up in the waters and gazed through the ruby silk curtains out upon the chamber. Silent it was until she heard movement, foot steps by the bedside. Dany felt a fear gip her. 

“I demand to know who is there” Dany ordered, her eyes fixed on the chamber. Rising from her bath waters Daenerys climbed from the tub. Covering her naked body with a white silk robe she reached down for her Valyrian steel dagger. Armed with the dagger at her hip Daenerys cautiously approached the ruby silk curtains around her bath and pushed her way though them to a sight which both shocked and fill her with rage. Stood within her chambers by her bedside was a woman, hooded and cloaked, her heir as crimson as freshly spilled blood and her skin as white as ice. 

“Melisandre of Asshai?” Dany said as she drew the dagger. 

“Daenerys Stormborn, the Unburnt, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Conquer of the slaver cities of the bay and the mad kings last surviving heir, it is nice to make your reacquaintance” Melisandre replied with a cold smile, yet her eyes as fiery as the flames she stared into. 

“What are you doing here?” Dany demanded beneath gritted teeth. “Come to drag me off to be sacrificed again by a Lannister worshipping cult” Melisandre smiled.

“My Queen, allow me to explain” 

“You’ll not only explain you’ll also pay for murdering my children” Calling for her guards outside the door her Unsullied burst into the chamber and surrounded Melisandre. Stood as they punched Melisandre in the gut Dany watched as the red woman fell to her knees at her feet.  

“You were a fool to come and find me” Dany said.

“I…I have come to make amends my Queen”

“AMENDS? YOU KILLED MY DRAGONS, LOCKED THEM IN A UNDERGROUND CHAMBER AND LEFT THEM TO DIE. I STILL REMEMBER DROGON, VISERION AND RHAEGAL’S SCREAMS AS THEY BURNED ALIVE UNDERNEATH DRAGONSTONE. MY OWN CHILDREN. You are not worthy of such amends” Daenerys ranted, unleashing an anger she had built up inside her ever since she had been told of her dragons deaths.

“If you deem me to be beyond amends my Queen then so be it. But I am here to tell you that I was wrong. Wrong to kill your dragons and wrong to do what I did. The lord of light has shown me many falsehoods but non more so of what he showed me of you” Melisandre declared.  

“I do not care what your red god has told you” Dany looked up to her unsullied. “Build a pyre in the street, once it is built light it so the priestess might feel the same pain my dragons felt before death” As one the unsullied left the chamber the other stayed to hold Melisandre in place.

“If you demand my end be met by fire then I shall accept it. But killing me will not win you the iron throne of Westeros. I know I have wronged you my Queen but allow me to win you the throne before you commit my flesh to the flames” Dany grit her teeth.

“And how do you propose to do that?” She asked bluntly. Freeing one arm the red woman pulled a necklace from her cleavage and unfurled it before the Dragon Queen. With a Valyrian steel base and three large jewels a sapphire, emerald and a ruby the fertility necklace dangled before her. The same Yara had worn when she last made love to her at Storms End and the same one rumoured to have allowed Sansa Stark and Margaery Tyrell to produce a natural heir. 

“A priestess of the lord of light is capable of many things just as, if not more impressive then Dragons my Queen. Just ask Renly Baratheon”  


Chapter Text

Amongst the gloom of the Narrow Sea Sansa Stark stood proudly at the bow of her ship as it entered the blackwater. Donning a grey silk dress, a steel wolf engraved breast plate and wolf’s fur cloak Sansa basked in the beauty that was the lights of Kings Landing. Like fireflies in the night they looked, afloat in the late nights spring mist.

Once you ignore the cheats, traitors and common folk Kings Landing is most beautiful.

She thought, an opinion she had always held, even during the dark days of her captivity under Joffery and Cersei Lannister. 

If she could see me now what would she say?

Sansa thought back to Cersei and the way she used to degrade her in the throne room before the court, before the battle of the Blackwater, before Margaery. 

I am a greater Queen then Cersei Lannister ever was. Stronger, wiser, more beautiful. 

Reaching into her cloak Sansa pulled forth a scrolled parchment, its red wax imprinted with the twin pyramids of the iron bank. 

And far more powerful.  

She smirked. Her meeting with the iron bank had been long and fraught with issues surrounding gold, sliver and more but she had managed to keep the banks support of Margaery’s claim alive, at least until Daenerys Targaryen has been defeated. 

The arch chancellor and his bankers are criminals. Playing one ruler off against another, and for what? gold? Perhaps once Daenerys Targaryen is defeated Margaery and I shall send a grand fleet to Braavos to bring the titan to heel. With all of the banks gold, we could rebuild Kings Landing and our armies a hundred times over. The free cities nor anyone else would dare oppose us. 

Sansa thought with a sense of thrill as her mind drifted back to Margaery and the war.

One thing at a time. 

Sailing through the innards of the royal fleet which anchored at the base of the Red Keep which defiantly stood upon the high cliffs above Wolf’s Vengeance sailed by Margaery warship Roses’ Fury, the sailers and soldiers exchanging waves as they passed each other by, a decree Margaery had passed requiring them to do so in a bid to promote unity between the great houses and the men who served them. Both ships baring the sigil of the Wolf and Rose, united underneath a crown of gold. 

The Wolf and Rose banner shall soon fly over all of Westeros. 

Staying stood at the vessels bow Sansa watched as Wolf’s Vengeance made port at the royal dock. Descending the boardwalk with her personal guard in toe Sansa was greeted by Sir Loras Tyrell, himself flanked by two Tyrell guards clad in steel and emerald. All three breathless as if to have just run half way across the city. 

“Sir Loras” Sansa greeted him with a warm smile. “You’ve not rushed all the way down from the Red Keep just to greet me have you?” She joked.

“I have.. along with my men as soon as the looks out spotted your ship enter the bay”

“Aww why is that?” Sansa asked.

“It’s Margaery…..her waters have broken” Sansa felt herself faint with excitement. She took his hand.

“That is glorious news….when? where?” Sansa smiled. 

“About two days ago” Loras’s words took her by surprise. 

“Margaery has been in labour for two full days?”

“From what the maester has told me my sister has been ready to have the babe for a day and a half now, but she has been refusing to birth her”

“And why is that?” Sansa asked.

“She wants you at her side when she has her” Loras said taking her hand back and pulling her across the dock. “Sansa you have to hurry to my sister…take my horse” 

Overtaken by both excitement and concern Sansa quickly mounted Sir Loras’s horse.

“Go now…my sister and unborn niece need you” Loras finished. On his words Sansa kicked the brown war stallion into action and galloped as fast as she could through the streets of Kings Landing, a company of four Tyrell guards clearing her way. Along the hooked alley and up Aegons high hill Sansa rode to the rhythm of clicking hooves and splashing puddles as she manoeuvred the great stallion up to the outer walls of the Red Keep. With the draw bridge down in anticipation of her arrival Sansa entered the main courtyard to a column of Stark soldiers wielding flaming torches in the darkness, bowing their heads as she commanded the stallion to a holt.  

“Where is the Queen?” Sansa asked of her men.

“In the royal bath house your grace” The men quickly replied as the Tyrell guards who escorted her through the city flooded into the courtyard. Kicking the stallion back into action Sansa trotted into Maegor’s Holdfast’s main gate and up the grand stair case. Ordering the grand doors open before her Sansa rode into the throne room, the Iron Throne stood coldly upon the steps of power. 

Our Power. 

Before the throne Sansa pulled back the stallions reins and dismounted. A timid handmaiden awaiting her arrival. 

“Your grace…I…” The girl stuttered before Sansa interrupted her. 

“Take me to my wife” Sansa commanded, her tone blunt. Following the handmaiden up through the royal apartments of the holdfast she soon found herself outside of the bath house, two towering Queens guard stood at either side of the door. 

“Is Queen Margaery inside?” Sansa asked of them.

“She is indeed your grace” The guard replied as he opened the bath house door to her. Entering what felt to be a chamber of hot steam Sansa allowed herself a moment for her eyes to adjust before removing her fur cloak. Discarding it at her feet Sansa searched through the steam to find her wife and Queen. Stood thigh deep inside a grand mosaic stone bath Margaery held her swollen baby bump as she paced back and forth through hot, flower petal incensed waters. The steam rising up into every crevice of her naked body and into the stone archways above, her skin clammy yet her brown braided locks as beautiful as ever.         

“But your grace you are fully dilated, please… I implore you, for the good of your health and the princesses… you must begin to push” Maester Lupin begged of her. 

Margaery’s far too stubborn for that. 

Sansa smiled. 

“No…I refuse to be lectured by a man on how to give birth” Margaery declared. “Not without my wife at my side” Margaery continued as she turned around to see her stood before her. 

“Sansa?” Margaery said with surprise.

“I came as soon as I got word” Sansa replied. Margaery turned to Maester Lupin at her side. 

“Leave us” She ordered of him. 

“B….but your grace”

“GET OUT, GET OUT, GET OUT…..” Margaery snapped as she snatched up her golden goblet of rich southern wine and hurled it at the Maester. “Before I have your head” On her orders and with now wine soaked robes Sansa watched as the maester scurried from the bath house, the iron bath house door slamming shut behind him. 

“By the gods where have you been?” Margaery demanded. 

“Securing our throne” Sansa replied pulling forth the scrolled parchment from the arch chancellor. “The iron bank has pledged its support to us…for now” 

“Seven hells to the bloody bank” Margaery scoffed much to Sansa’s amusement. Watching as Margaery continued to pace back and forth in the water Sansa placed the scroll down upon baths edge as she begun to undress.  

“I am so glad you are back. I have never felt pain like this and she’s not even out yet” Margaery suddenly smiled, the slightest of giggles slipping from her lips. “I dread to think what my cunt will look like after this” She jested as Sansa uncoupled and dropped her breast plate to the floor. 

“The Maester said you are ready. You should have pushed and got it over with” 

“No..not without you. I made you promise Sansa that I would carry her until you return” Margaery replied as Sansa dropped her dress. 

“And I made a promise that I would return and I have” Naked and throwing her autumn burnt braided locks over her shoulder Sansa descended into the bath water. Sweeping away the flower petals with her thighs Sansa pulled Margaery close and snogged her forcefully upon the lips. “And baby or not…. your cunt is the most beautiful in the Seven Kingdoms” She smiled. Looking down Sansa stoked Margaery’s baby bump as the steam from the water below engulfed them both. 

“I’m going to help you through this”

“I know you will my love” 

Pacing back and forth in the water hand in hand Margaery made her way towards the edge of the bath before squatting down underneath the water. With Sansa stood behind her, massaging her back and running her finger tips through her brown braided locks, Margaery begun to push. Grunting and groaning as she struggled Sansa wiped the sweat from her brow.  

“I don’t think I can do this ……its too painful” 

“You can and you will. Keep going” Sansa ordered of her. Holding her hand out as Margaery squeezed it tight Sansa rubbed her lower back softly as Margaery begun to moan, each more intense then the last. 

“I am with you. I am always with you. Keep pushing” Sansa whispered to her as she gifted her a kiss to the shoulder. 

Despite burning loins the Rose of Highgarden and Queen of Westeros pushed with the SheWolf at her side,  her womanhood in a state of painful bloom as it expanded. Eventually, through the gentle ripples and floating flower petals of the bath water Sansa watched in awe as a small head slowly emerged out from in between Margaery's womanhood.    

“Her head….her head is out” Sansa shouted. A mixture of excitement and fear forcing her body into a nervous shiver.  

“BY THE GODS…..” Margaery cried out in pain as she stopped pushing. Focused on the newborns head Sansa put her hand underneath the water and cupped it for protection, the rest of her little body still held within Margaery's womanhood. In her palm Sansa could feel the little tuffs of her hair grace her skin, a sensation which forced a smile to her face.

“Is she out?” Margaery asked of her as she breathed deeply, almost on the edge of tears.

She’s in a lot of pain.  

“Just her head, you have to keep pushing” Sansa replied only for Margaery to sigh and rise from the water.

“What are you doing?” Sansa asked of her.

“I have to get out of this bloody water” Margaery moaned. “The pain” 

Climbing from the bath waters with their daughters head hung between Margaery’s legs Sansa held her close as she sunk to her knees and rested herself against the one of the bath houses great stone pillars.  

“Is she ok?” Margaery muttered breathless, her tone flustered, her skin soaked. 

“She looks fine” Sansa replied as she held the baby’s head in her palm. “But you have to keep pushing” Sansa ordered of her Queen as she to dropped to her knees behind her, both her hands rested underneath her daughters head. 

“I..I need a moment my love, its…” Margaery pleaded. 

“…Painful? I know, but you can’t stop, not now. She is almost with us” Margaery fought back the pain inside her loins with a smirked.

“You order your Queen?” Margaery joked, hoping to take her mind off the pain. 

“Your wife orders you. Now push” Sansa demanded. 

Taking a deep breath Margaery groaned as she continued to push. Below Sansa watched in continued awe as Margaery pushed their daughter into the world. She watched as her shoulders slowly but surly slid from the flush red lips of Margaery’s womanhood. Coated and covered in her mothers protective waters Sansa took her daughters little head and gently pulled it back towards her. 

“FUCK……BY THE GODS” Margaery cried out as she scraped her finely filled royal nails across the pillars smooth stone surface. Giving a final push Sansa watched as their daughters little waist and then her legs and feet slipped free of Margaery’s womanhood, mother and child still linked by umbilical cord. With her hands shaking Sansa turned the newborn over immediately onto her front and landed a soft thump down upon her back. 


She counted in her head just as the Maester had told her. Suddenly the newborn started to cry and wriggle like a jelly in her hands. Turning her over in her arms Sansa smiled as she gazed down deep into the newborn princesses eyes. A deep sapphire they were, her gaze as cold as winter. It was at that moment Sansa allowed a tear to fall from her eyes and roll down her cheek.

She..She’s mine, my daughter…..she’s all mine, a Stark. 

Sansa suddenly found herself laughing with tears in her eyes as the newborn princess wriggled in her arms. 

“Sansa?” Margaery said, still on her knees before her, her head rested upon the bath house pillar, sweat covering her fore brow and face, her body drained of all strength. 

“We have a girl…. we have a little girl” Sansa replied as Margaery slid down onto her bottom and turned around to face her, visibility exhausted. Sansa watched as Margaery’s eyes met her own and then down onto the princess she had brought into the world. Suddenly her exhaustion melted away into tears of joy. 

“Sansa…she’s” Margaery smiled as she held out her arms. With mother and child still linked by umbilical cord Sansa handed their daughter over and slid in beside her, cradling both within her arms.

“She’s so beautiful” Margaery muttered as she held out her finger for the princess to grasp hold of. 

“She is” Sansa agreed almost speechless. It reminded her for a moment of when she had first held Robb during Cersei’s attack on Winterfell, she had felt the same even then, the sense of awe that she had brought a new life into the world, so pure and innocent, then immediate dread for the future, dread for what the world will do to purge him of that purity. Margaery would come to feel it as well Sansa knew, but now was not the time for that. Now was a happy time. A time she wished could go on forever.  

“She has your eyes Sansa” Margaery commented.

“She has your cheek bones” Sansa replied as Margaery planted a kiss upon her forehead.

“Our daughter, our heir, the future Queen of Westeros……and we made her” Margaery reflected as Sansa stroked her head.

“And we’ll make more just like her…I promise you” Sansa said kissing Margaery on the forehead as she smiled.

“Wouldn’t that be glorious, I want three more just like her” Margaery insisted.  

“I want five” Sansa replied much to Margaery's amusement. She laughed. 

“I don’t think my cunt could handle five” Climbing back into the bath water with their newborn daughter in their arms Sansa took a dagger and cut the umbilical cord while Margaery held her daughter close.

“What shall we call her?” Sansa asked. 

“I had thought of a name….Cersei” Sansa did not know how to respond to her suggestion until Margaery begun to laugh. “I wouldn’t really”

“Never” Sansa laughed as she took the newborn in her arms. “You do not curse such a beautiful child with such a monstrous name”

“What about Arya?” Margaery suggested, her tone suddenly serious. “After your sister” Sansa paused for a moment to consider it.

“She’s definitely a little fighter like Arya was” Sansa replied as her daughter gripped and squeezed her finger tight.

“We can call her something else if you’d prefer my love” Margaery said, sliding in beside her to cradle both Sansa and the newborn in her arms.

“Arya it is” Sansa replied as she turned and kissed Margaery passionately upon lips. Pulling away she stared deep into her eyes. “A part of me never wants to leave this bath house” Sansa admitted. 

“Me too my love. Me too” 


Chapter Text

Upon her stallion Daenerys Targaryen watched as the morning sun rose upon the horizon, marvelling at its glory as it coated the Great Grass Sea of Essos in a flood of golden light. 

I am still Khaleesi of this beautiful land am I not?

Donned in pearl black silks and a crimson cloak Daenerys led her followers down the old Valyrian roads south to the free city of Pentos, a relic of her peoples once mighty empire. Close at her rear rode Missandei, Obara and Ellaria Sand, her Unsullied guards, the surviving sailers from her ship Dragons Claw which now lay at the bottom of the Braavosi harbour, and the red woman, Melisandre of Asshai. Bound at the wrists she rode at the back of the column on horse back, a calming look upon her face as her eyes burned into the back of Dany’s skull.

What am I doing? She killed my children. She deserves to die screaming for what she did. She will…I promise on her red god, the old gods and the new and every other god underneath the sun and stars. But if the stories of what happened to the Usurper’s brother are true. That he was killed by a shadow summoned by her then why should I not use her to do the same to Margaery Tyrell and put an end to this war. 

For days Missandei and Ellaria had counciled her to have Melisandre executed for costing them an potential early victory. But she had refused, declaring that she means to use the red womans power for herself.

Is this the way of the red woman? has she placed me under some kind of spell? for so long I have hated her. But now I find myself keeping her alive and arguing for her life agasint my loyalist advisers. 

The only one who had supported her decision to keep Melisandre alive was Obara.

She has been very supportive of me as of late as well as forward, not that I mind.

Upon the cobbled Valyrian road her stallions hooves clicked as Daenerys led her followers. A golden sea of grass surrounding them as she took a right turn down the coast of Essos, a sign post sinking into the overgrowth pointing her towards her destination. Behind she suddenly heard another mound join her side, Obara Sand brandishing a cocky smile upon her lips.

“My Queen” She said.

“Obara? You are well this morning I would imagine” Dany replied. 

“Always your grace”

“How is our friend?” Dany asked as Obara turned back to Melisandre at the rear of the column, her eyes glazing upon her.

“She will not stop staring at you your grace” Obara replied. 

“Truly?” Dany said, a unnerving shiver rippling down her spine. 

“Indeed….perhaps she is intoxicated by your beauty your grace. I know I am” Obara declared much to Dany’s amusement. 

“Is that so? Now I know why you’ve been paying so much attention to me on this trip”

“I have always wanted to pay more attention to you my Queen. You are the most beautiful woman in the world Daenerys Targaryen, a woman who’s cunt I’d like to worship” Obara confidently declared which forced a playful smile to her face, her brow raised. 

“Do you think that is anyway a bastard should address a Queen?” Dany joked.

“If the Queen likes it then yes” Obara replied looking deep into her eyes. Dany fighting back the urge to kiss her. 

I must remain Queenly. 

For a moment they traveled in silence, an air of sexual excitement lingering over her. 

“Do you desire to speak with me of something else other then of worshipping my cunt” Dany smirked much to Obara’s amusement. 

“I wanted to ask your grace why we travel to Pentos. Surely you belong in Dorne at the head of your armies”

“I would agree with you Obara. I am most eager to return to Westeros and press my claim at the head of my armies, but I must go to Pentos first” 

“Why?” Obara asked.

“I received a letter from my old servant Illyrio while we were in Braavos. He claims to have a gift for me, a gift which shall help me take Westeros”

“What is the gift?”

“He would not say, but given the Iron Banks ignorance towards me….I need as much support as I can muster” Dany admitted. 

“Do not worry my Queen. You will sit the Iron Throne” Obara declared once more. Dany smiled. 

“Indeed I shall Obara…indeed I shall” Dany replied staring off into the Great Grass Sea.



For a further day they rode until the sun begun to set over the Narrow Sea, the outskirts of Pentos drawing closer and closer. Upon a hill over looking the free city Daenerys and her follows met with Magister Illyrio and his mercenary guards who greeted her with open arms. 

“My Queen” He bowed on horse back.

“Illyrio? how long as it been? Last we met you and my brother sold me off to a Khal and his Dothraki. For an army was it not?” Dany asked of him, a lingering resentment she felt towards him bubbling to the surface. He smiled.

“That was a different time your grace, your bother was in desperate need of an army” Dany laughed.

“Viserys wouldn’t even know what to do with an army if he had one” 

“Something which sets you apart from him Daenerys Stormborn” Illyrio replied.

“You said in your message you has a gift for me?”

“Indeed I do your grace. Please follow me” Striding forward upon her stallion Daenerys joined Illyrio as they rode over grass land. Atop a hill overlooking the free city Daenerys Targaryen froze upon her mound at the glorious sight before her. At the base of the old valyrian wall which protected the free city was an endless sea of military black and ruby tents sprawling around the outer wall like a great steel fist gripping the city at its throat. Before the main gate into the city, the same she had rode out of on Khal Drogo’s steed so many years ago stood a large army of Unsullied from the east. Clad in blacked leather and steel which glistened within the dusks light the new Unsullied troops stood in perfect row like formations as fitting the marching style of Ghiscari armies. Above their heads and draping down from the high city walls behind them fluttered the three headed dragon banner of house Targaryen. Dany took a moment to adjust herself to the gift Illyrio had bestowed upon her.

“How is this possible?” Dany asked. 

“They arrived almost a fortnight ago your grace, their commander says they were ordered to march west across the continent by Daario Naharis along the old Valyrian roads”

He received my message after all.

“Naharis sent word to me by ship that he had mustered a new army to aid your conquest. I sent a messenger by ship to inform your grace at Sunspear but you had already departed for Braavos before the message arrived” Dany smiled.

“Somebody remind me to give Daario a knighthood for this” She joked as the Targaryen banners fluttered defiantly from the city walls, a sight which caught her eye once more. “Why does the city fly my sigil?” She asked curiously as they begun to descend the hill to the soldiers in wait.

“When the Unsullied arrived I tried to convince the Prince and ruling council to allow the army to set up camp outside the city walls. But they refused and went so far as to threaten war on your grace. So….. in the dead of night I arranged for the city gates to be opened so Pentos might be claimed in your name”   

“You mean to say you have conquered a free city for me?” Dany asked. 

“No your grace, it is you and your armies which have conquered Pentos. I merely opened the gates” Illyrio replied much to Dany’s satisfaction. Pulling up Daenerys dismounted her horse before the first column of her new Unsullied army, so tall and strong they stood at attention, their commander stepping forward. 


“HAIL” The Unsullied chanted in unison as Daenerys stood before them. 

“My Queen” The commander of the Unsullied kneed before her. “In your name and your glory we have marched across the great grass lands and taken this city…Pentos belong to you now” Dany gifted her commander a warm smile and offered him her hand as he rose. 

“I thank you, but tell me how is this possible? I set all Unsullied free did I not?”

“You did your grace. We are an army of volunteers, an army of former slaves and free men alike who have sacrificed our families, our homes and our manhoods to serve you”

I inspire these men and more. I cannot let them down. I refuse to.

With her shoulders back and head held high Daenerys projected her voice.


“Hail Daenerys the Great” The Unsullied cheered much to her joy. Her gaze skirting across the sea of amour and spears before her. A dark sensation suddenly grip her soul, her heart heavy in her chest, the gaze of Melisandre burning her as no flame had ever done so. 



As darkness descended upon the free city Daenerys watched from her chambers balcony as the banners of her house flapped in the westerly wind upon the city’s outer walls. Beyond a sea of lights illuminating the Great Grass Sea, her new army camped, lying in wait of her will, men who had made themselves into eunuch’s to serve her upon the battle field. 

They are already far braver then most men.  

She reflected as she listened to the trickling waters of the fountains in the courtyard below. 

I must not let them down. I cannot let them down. I shall be Queen. I shall be worthy of the title they have bestowed upon me.

From behind she heard a knock at her chambers door as Missandei entered. 

“Your grace…we have…..we have the red woman as you have requested”

“Very good, send her in” Dany replied as Missandei left the chamber. 

I shall have the Seven Kingdoms, even if it means bedding the red god himself. 

After inspecting the troops of her new army Illyrio had invited her and her follows to feast at Mopatis manor, the same manor she had been brought before and paraded like a whore in front of Khal Drogo when they had first met. Inside upon plates of solid gold and at the head of a grand oak table she had feasted upon freshly slaughtered Essosi boar, plump rich vegetables, colourful ripe fruits and wines so exotic they had been brewed and traded from as far east as Yi Ti or so Illyrio had joyfully claimed. 

“A toast to Daenerys the Great, our Queen and the Queen of all lands” He declared to a sea of raised goblets. With her belly full and her world spinning from all the exotic wine her advisers had begun to speak of business before her. 

“Will we have enough ships to take the army to Westeros?” Ellaria Sand asked.

“My lady the entire Pentosi naval and trading fleets are at our Queen’s service. You shall have more then enough ships” Illyrio replied. 

“What about the Red woman?” Missandei asked, her tone filled with concern. 

“What about the Red woman?” Dany replied. 

“I mean what shall we do with her?”

“Agreed, I say we flay the bitch alive” Obara suggested with a smirk and fire in her eyes. 

Oh how I love her smirk. 

“No” Dany replied. “I need her alive…for now. Where is she?”

“She is being held in the camp your grace” 

“Give her something to eat, a bath and then bring her to my chamber just after midnight tonight” Dany ordered, her words wiping the smirk from Obara’s lips.

“Your grace?” Missandei replied, unsure of what she just heard. 

“Bring her to my chambers, I wish to bed her”

“But…but your grace?” Obara rose from her seat, an new kind of fire filling her eyes.

“Your grace that bitch killed your dragons and almost cost you the Iron chair…and now you mean to fuck her?” Obara said, her voice raised.

“Indeed I do” Dany declared as she rose to her feet. “I have not forgotten what she did to me, what she did to my children. But she has power or so she claims. I will use that power. If she is lying to me as I am sure she is then I will have her killed but not until I know for sure… I said bring her to me after midnight” 

And so they did as she bid. Backing away from the balcony Dany watched as Melisandre of Asshai was brought into her chambers wearing not but a crimson velvet robe and the ancient Valyrian fertilely necklace which hung effortless around her pale slender neck. Brandishing a confident gaze as the chambers door closed behind them Dany stood before her, an cloud of uncertainty thundering through her thoughts. 


“Daenerys Stormborn, I am glad you have decided to accept my help after all” Melisandre replied with a cold smile. 

“I accept your help only this once, I intend to burn you at the stake once you’ve out lived your usefulness”

“If that is my fate your grace then so be it, for it is only my desire to gift you the Iron Throne, just as the Lord of Light has commanded me to do so” Dany paused for a moment to study the priestess before taking a drink of wine from her goblet and tuning back to her balcony. 

“And how is it you intend to win me the Iron Throne” Dany asked of her. 

“As I have mentioned before your grace, have you ever heard of the fate of which befell Renly Baratheon?” She replied. 

“The Usurpers brother? He was betrayed. Killed by a member of his own Kings guard if some of the rumours are true”

“Some rumours. But you know as well as I your grace that there are other rumours, ones far darker” Melisandre said taking a step forward. 

“The rumours that say he was killed by a shadow. A shadow baring the appearance of the your late lord Stannis Baratheon” Dany shrugged, yet her mind open to the concept. 

“The shadow is a servant of the Lord of Light, a shadow which only a priestess of the lord can summon into this world. This I did for lord Stannis. It was not I who killed lord Renly or any man…. but the Lords shadow” She explained. Upon her balcony Daenerys listened to the Red Womans words as she looked out upon the sea of lights before her. The thousands of men willing to give there lives for her. 

I must be a fool of a Queen to listen to a Red Priestess but I cannot deny she has power, she knew how to kill my dragons and how to bring the dead back to life, perhaps she did summon a shadow to kill Renly? Maybe she could do the same for me? If Margaery died how many lives would be saved? 

Dany gulped on her wine. 

“Say I were to believe you. Could you summon this…..same shadow for myself? Could I use it against my enemies?” Behind Melisandre smirked, 

“Indeed you can your grace. It is the lords will that you sit the Iron chair when it is bathed in emerald fire” 

Dany took a moment to think. 

Emerald fire? what does she mean?

Dany pondered further. 

Regardless… I cannot let my people down. I cannot let Yara down. 

“What must I do?” Dany cautiously asked. Behind she heard nothing but the gentle sound of Melisandre as she dropped her velvet robes to the marble floor at her feet. Gazing out upon the lights of her army Dany listened as the Red Woman’s naked foot steps crept up behind her. Her pale palm gracing her cheek. 

“You must give yourself child. Everything you are, everything you hope to be. You must give it all to the lord” Gazing deep into Melisandre’s eyes Dany felt herself entranced by her presence, her own eyes growing enflamed and watery as she embraced her pale, slender feminine physique as she would a wild flame. 

“Give yourself Daenerys the Great. Give yourself and the lord shall destroy your enemies, this I promise you” Taking a deep breath Daenerys placed her goblet down upon the balconies ledge and kissed Melisandre upon the lips, her loins ready to be enflamed. 



As a black raven landed upon her goblet and pecked at the last droplets wine Dany lay naked upon her back, ensnared by Melisandre’s dark embrace. As the Red Woman kissed her tits and snaked her way down between her legs the Dragon Queen squirmed at her every move. 

“Do you give yourself to the Lord Daenerys Targaryen?” She whispered. 

“I do” Dany quivered as Melisandre’s fingers entered her womanhood.

“Do you truly?”

“I do. I am the Queen. I must be the Queen. Please Lord of Light I beg of you” Dany gasped as Melisandre pleasured her clit with her tongue. Gripping the silk sheets she lay upon Dany watched as the candle flames at her bedside flickered, the ancient jewel encrusted Valyrian necklace glowing as it hung around Melisandre’s neck.    


Chapter Text

Donned in sapphire silks, a velvet cloak and brandishing a white gold crown of wolves wrapped in roses Sansa Stark stood proudly atop the steps of power as she glanced the suns rays of gold light flood into the throne room, filling it with optimism and warmth after what had been the longest and coldest winter in living memory. At her side her wife, lover and now the mother of her child Margaery Tyrell sat the Iron Throne in a splendid display of power. Wrapped in emerald silks and golden velvet which draped the jagged edges of the Iron Throne Margaery donned a magnificent crown of rose gold upon brown braided locks, the Rose of Highgarden and Wolf of Winterfell united underneath a crown of gold banners hung high from the raptors above which draped the red brick walls of the throne room. As the rose patterned cauldrons around the throne rooms great pillars blazed the elegant rose and wolf engraved stained glass window above showered them in light, the Queens guard clad in emerald steel around them, their joint power radiating for all to see. Upon Margaery’s lap the Princess Arya Tyrell wrapped in a coat of gold. From her place beside the Iron Throne Sansa watched as the lords and ladies of Westeros gathered below to pay homage and declare there loyalty to the new heir to the Iron Throne. 

Look at these lords, they fear us. They fear our power, they fear that we will win the war against Daenerys Targaryen and so we shall. The ladies of the court are no better, gossip and rumours spread among them. Rumours of who Arya’s father may be, gossip that Margaery has been untrue to me and bedded a man. Arya has no father. Margaery may have birthed her but I am just as much her mother as she. Stark blood runs within her vins just as Tyrell blood does. I may have had my doubts but I cannot deny her to be my daughter, she has Stark eyes, cold and stern like Margaery says I have, like what Robb has, like what my father and uncle Benjen had. She is my daughter, the first of many. But for now these lords and ladies shall bow. 

Sansa pondered to herself as one lord after another climbed the steps of power before them and bowed at Margaery’s feet for all to see. One after another they paid homage, first the minor lords and ladies of the Reach, the North, the Vale, the River, the Storm and Westerlands. Following them were the representatives of the great houses of Westeros or at least what remained of them. After they had finished it was the turn of the small council, Grand Maester Pycelle and Maester Lupin, Lord Commander of the Queens guard Sir Loras who granted a kiss upon the forehead of his newborn niece and finally Lord Hand Petyr Baelish, his embrace of the new Princess warm yet false.

What are you planning lord Baelish?

Once the small council had declared their homage it was the sacred duty of the high Septon to anoint the Princess into the faith, something Margaery had forced upon him. 

“Your grace I shall not. Only a lawfully wedded couple may have a child anointed before the seven” The high Septon had protested.

“I am the law high Septon. Sansa and I are lawfully wedded and you shall anoint our daughter” Margaery had replied forcing the Septon into a corner. 

“Under the laws of the Seven Kingdoms that may be so your grace, but not the laws of the Seven. Not under the faith”

“Are you refusing to anoint the rightful heir to my Kingdoms?” Margaery replied. 

“In the name of the Seven your grace, yes I am” Sansa remembered with a smirk on her face as Margaery ordered her Queens guard to drag him through Maegor’s Holdfast and have him publicly flogged and branded with the rose of her house until he agreed to do so. Even after agreeing to anoint the Princess Margaery had ordered he be left chained from the city walls for traders, soldiers and common folk alike to bare witness to as they passed in and out of the city. 

“We must make them fear us, they must know who rules these lands. For daughter sake” Sansa had told her as Margaery ordered him cut down from the city wall. Gazing a smirk from Margaery as the high Septon climbed the steps of power, battered and bruised he begun the anointing ceremony. 

“May the Seven watch over this child. May Father grant her the quality of justice. May the Mother offer her protection. May the Warrior cloak her in courage. May the Smith enshrine within her his strength. May the Maiden allow her beauty to bloom within her. And finally may the Crone cloud her every judgement in wisdom. In the name of the faith and of the Seven may the gods forever watch over you Arya Tyrell, daughter of Queens Margaery and Sansa, Princess of the Seven Kingdoms and heir to the realm” The high Septon declared as he drew the seven pointed star of the faith upon the new borns forehead with anointing oil. Looming over him Sansa and Margaery watched as the high Septon slowing backed his way down the steps of power, the throne room erupting into a flurry of applause and cheering, the Tyrell and Stark guards posted around the throne room ordered to arrest anyone who refused to do so.

They do not cheer for us because they love us, they cheer because they must, they cheer because they fear us. Many of these lords and ladies would have us dead, the high Septon and the faith especially. Two married women with a child conceived by us both, that would be enough for any faith follower to want us dead. 

Watching as Margaery rose from the Iron Throne and handed the Princess over the army of mid wives and maidens tasked with looking after her Sansa stood and smirked coldly as she spoke. 

“My lords and ladies. I thank you for attending the anointment of the new princess and your future Queen in these most difficult of times. But even during times of war and hardship it is important we hold our customs close as well as the gods” Margaery said to a flurry of applause. 

They all hate us. They clap because they must. They are not our friends nor we theirs. We are the Queens of these Kingdoms and they are our subjects. 

“Despite the atrocious and unjust siege suffered by the brave and loyal peoples of Old Town at the hands of the invader Daenerys Targaryen, of whom our thoughts are eternally with. I am pleased to announce to you all that the valiant maesters of the Citadel have sent us a white raven, coinciding with the birth of Princess Arya. Winter is officially over. May the Spring and coming Summer bring us victory over the Dragon Queen and prosperity to our lands” Margaery declared much to a uplifting applause. 

“Hail Queen Margaery” They chanted. “Hail Queen Sansa” They followed as Sansa stepped forth and took Margaery’s hand. Escorting her down the steps of power, the Queens guard at their every side the lords and ladies of the land cheered and celebrated. 

“Eat, drink and be merry my lords and ladies, for when the ice melts we march south and destroy house Targaryen once and for all” Sansa declared to another thunder of applause. 

They cheer because they fear us. I cannot blame them, I some times fear myself. 

At the base of the Iron Throne Sansa and Margaery quickly found themselves confronted my Lord Hand Petyr Baelish.

“My Queens. I offer my sincere congratulations once more on the birth of your daughter and our Princess”

“Thank you lord Baelish but I doubt you’ve come to talk to me of that” Sansa replied, Margaery still linked into her arm as she waved to the lords and ladies of the court. 

“You know me to well my Queen. It is a rather troubling development concerning Daenerys Targaryen”

“What about her lord Petyr?” Margaery asked of him, her attention suddenly caught.

“Your grace I fear it would be best to discuss this within the small council chamber, we have no idea how many spies the Targaryen girl may have in the court”

“Lead the way lord Petyr” Margaery replied. 



Linked arm in arm Sansa escorted Margaery through Maegor’s Holdfast and up to the small council chambers, inside sat Grand Maester Pycelle and Sir Loras. Ordering a handmaiden to light the hearth and leave the chamber Sansa took her seat at Margaery’s side as lord Petyr spoke. 

“This morning before the Princesses anointing I received a raven from Sir William Mooton, the lord of Maidenpool. In his letter he claims to have be been confronted by a group of sailers who had just returned from a trading voyage in the east. Before returning to Westeros he says they made port in free city of Pentos where the captain and his crew claim the prince and ruling council have been overthrown and slaughtered by an army of Unsullied soldiers loyal to Daenerys Targaryen” 

“Can these sailers be trusted?” Margaery replied. 

“I ordered my men round up and question all captains who have sailed out of Pentos in the last week. All there stories are the same, the Targaryen girl has taken the city”

“That is not possible. Daenerys sailed to Braavos with only fours ships, all of which I watched as my men set ablaze before leaving. She could not have the numbers to do such a thing” Sansa protested. 

“Forgive me…..errm….b…… but it seems that the Dragon Queen still has allies in the far east….is….is it not possible a new army has been raised for her there?” Pycelle commented as Margaery rose to her feet and paced before the hearth behind them. 

“The stories do not end there. They say she has declared herself Daenerys the Great and has vowed not only to conquered Westeros but the free cities and lands beyond that as well” Petyr finished much to Margaery’s amusement.

“She’s certainly egotistical bitch isn’t she” Margaery laughed. 

She is. Still.. as a fellow woman I cannot help but admire her ambition. 

“You may find this funny sister but I do not” Sir Loras declared. “If this news is true, if she has taken Pentos with a new army then she has at her disposal the entire Pentosi naval and trading fleets, the third biggest in the Narrow Sea after our own and the Braavosi. What if she decides to attack Storms End again? or the Arbor, maybe she will land back in Dorne, take Old Town and march north on Highgarden? or what if she decides to gather her forces together for an all out attack on Kings Landing? This is serious sister” Loras scoffed only for Margaery to slam her fists down upon the hard oak of the council table.

“Do not lecture me dear brother. I understand the seriousness of this far more then you will ever know. Had it been up to me I would have listened to Sansa and lord Baelish and marched on Sunspear”

“We could not have done it sister, winter, the snows, food supplies”

“Fuck the bloody food supplies Loras, you are a man are you not? I should have forced you to march south when she was weak…. but no…. I had to listen to you. Wait until the spring to move against her you counciled me, no… begged me. Along with that bloody traitorous eunuch”

“Sister” Loras tried to calm her.

“Do not sister me, we are siblings but I am the bloody Queen and you will address me as so” Margaery vented, her voice echoing through the council chambers. “This is your fault brother, you will fix it” Loras gulped. 

“And how would you prepose I do that?….your grace”

“Call in my banner men, every house, every boy and every man, as many as you can muster. If she tries to attack this city I shall be ready for her, if she attacks the south we shall march down and destroy her once and for all. These are my Kingdoms, I worked to long and too bloody hard to lose them to a white haired whore” 

I’ve never seen her this scared. 

Watching in silence as Margaery calmed herself Loras marched from the small council chambers. Behind Margaery paced before the now roaring hearth, her councillors silent. 

“What of Yara Greyjoy Lord Petyr?” Sansa asked breaking the deadly silence. 

“Nothing as of yet your grace, we know the eunuch freed her using a previously unknown passage way in her chambers. The knight who captured him said he spotted lady Yara running from the docks, and two gold cloaks claim a horse was stolen and that a hooded woman heavy with child was see riding through Old gate some time later”

“And why was she not stopped?” Sansa asked.

“I must confess I do not know your grace, perhaps the eunuch paid them off or given what was happening at the time they just did not know”

“Or maybe they have secret Targaryen loyalties” Sansa suggested. 

“It could be a possibility” lord Petyr agreed. 

“Have the city guards on duty that night rounded up and there throats cut. Margaery and I will not suffer potential traitors”

“Very good your grace” 

With that Lord Hand Petyr and Grand Maester Pycelle took there leave leaving Sansa alone with Margaery who still paced back and forth before the chambers hearth.

“Are you ok my love?” Sansa asked as she rose to her feet. 

“I should never have trusted Loras, I should have never trusted the bloody eunuch” Margaery replied. 

“It is not your fault, you were not to know”

“But I should know Sansa. I should know better. I am the Queen” Margaery scorned herself. Taking her hands and holding them tight Sansa stoked Margaery’s cheek and stared deep into her eyes. 

“You are not perfect Margaery, nobody is perfect, no Queen is perfect. All you can do is the best you can…and save the being perfect to me” Sansa joked. Margaery laughed. 

“I did not realise my wife was so full of herself” Margaery jested only for Sansa to plant a kiss upon her lips.

“Not as full of herself as the white haired whore is” Sansa replied much to Margaery’s amusement.

“I was angry and I still am my love. If she truly has a new army…”

“They we shall defeat her and drive her army back into the sea. I believe in you” Margaery cupped her chin and gifted her a warm smile.

“I know, I just grow so tried of this constant war….I worry, for the future, for us, for our daughter” Sansa held her hand and kissed her palm. 

“My mother used to say worry is the price paid for motherhood. I never knew what she mean’t until I had Robb, until I brought life into the world. Despite whatever she calls herself, Daenerys’ womb is barren, she will never experience the glory of motherhood as we have. It’s something we must fight for”

“And we shall my love. I would do anything for us and our little Princess. Even if it mean’t picking up a sword and fighting her armies myself”  

Chapter Text

As the early spring rains lashed down upon the tall trees above Yara Greyjoy shivered as her horse waded through muddy mounds and water logged grass lands. 

All this rain and wind almost makes me long for that warm southern chamber now. 

Yara joked to herself as she wiped the damp from her wooly cloak and soaking black breeches. For days she had ridden on horse back west across the continent, through sleepy backwater villages, famine stricken battlefields and dense forests so vast they had seemed to have been forgotten by time itself. 

What things have these trees witnessed?

She wondered as the hooves of her mount splashed through the puddles below. 

The cold is getting to me. Fuck the trees. The Iron islands are all I care for. I have to reach the coast, I can then sell this horse and buy my way home. Then once I am safe I shall raise another iron fleet the likes of which this world has never seen and sail her south. Daenerys and I shall be reunited.  

Yara declared to herself as she thought back to her wedding day upon the beaches of Dragonstone. 

Will she still want me?

Yara thought as she rubbed her swollen baby bump. 

What if the eunuch was right? what if I do carry her child? a Targaryen baby? it would make sense as to why the Stark and Tyrell bitches kept me alive. Regardless I will never truly know until you are born and birth you I shall. A child of Daenerys Targaryen or not you are my child, you are ironborn and heir to the Sea Stone Chair. I shall protect you. 

Yara vowed amongst the rain and damp from above. Continuing through the forest as the rain fell Yara felt herself gripped with unease. 

The Tyrell bitch will have ordered her men to look for me, I must be vigilant. 



For a further day Yara rode on horse back through the forest, temporality making camp during the worst of the rain and feasting on anything she could scavenge from the forest floor. Mushrooms, mint plant and a rabbit she had managed to run over and stamp to death using her horse during the night. Eventually however she emerged out from the forest to look upon a sight which she never thought she would see again. At the base of the cliff’s before her the murky waters of Ironman’s Bay crashed agasint the rocks with all the fury of the drowned god himself. Staring out into the horizon of the Sun Set Sea Yara took in a deep breath of the fresh salty sea air and allowed it to fill her lungs. 

“Do you smell that little one?” Yara said, her palm planted upon her baby bump. “That’s home” Taking a moment to admire the view Yara made her way along the coast hoping and praying to the drowned god for guidance. 

I must be in the Westerlands. I have to be. This is Ironman’s bay so I must be north of Casterly Rock. If I can make it to the Banefort or the Crag I find a ship from there.

Along the coast west she led her horse above the cliff face. Pulling her hood down Yara allowed the cutting salty sea winds to run through her ragged locks and dry her wools and breeches. 

I’ve missed this.  

With a smile as she kicked her horse into life and galloped along the cliffs. For an hours she rode until she spotted something upon the bay which brought her horse to a stop. Upon the waves, just off shore was a ship. It’s hull as black as night and it’s sails brandishing the golden Kraken of house Greyjoy upon its sails. 

The drowned god is with us little one.

Yara thought as allowed herself a moment of relief. 

“AAAAAHHHHHHHH” A man screamed from far out into the distance, a scream she herself had heard so many times before during battle. Galloping further down the coast she sighted a plume of black smoke rising from a fishing village not far from her. Many more screams echoing down the coast to the rhythm of the sea as it crashed agasint the rocks below.  

Ironborn are close. I know it. 

Making her way down from the high cliffs surrounding Ironman’s bay Yara calmly rode into the smoking fishing village. The bodies of dead men, women and children littering the beach before her, the golden Kraken flying high from one of the villages burning fishing huts. Pulling up Yara dismounted her horse and made her way into the village, a searing pain gripping her lower back.

By the drowned god, is it the days of riding or my babe who causes this.

Yara thought as she made her way into the centre of the village, the fishermen's huts burning all around her. Before her on the dock she watched as the Ironmen loaded there boats with food, riches and the fishermen's daughters. Huddled together and frightened they were.

They have good reason to be. 

Yara thought as she confronted them. The captain turning to her. 

“Looks like we’ve missed one lads….but it looks like another’s already got her with child. That or she’s just fat” The ironmen laughed much to her annoyance.

Do these fools even remember me?

Yara smirked.

“If I am fat only the drowned god knows what you are boy…perhaps you are with child also” Yara replied, her eyes fixed upon the captains large gut much to the amusement of the men. In response the captain pulled forth his sword from his sleeve, the Kraken of Greyjoy branded upon this steel breast plate.

“What does a pregnant fishermen’s whore know of the drowned god?” He demanded. 

“I know a lot about the drowned god…considering this pregnant fishermen’s whore is your Queen upon the Sea Stone Chair” Yara declared much to the surprise of the men. For a moment she watched as they talked amongst themselves. 

“Horseshit, Yara Greyjoy is dead” The captain scoffed. 

“And yet here I stand before you, alive and well and with the heir to our peoples inside me” She watched for a moment as the men spoke between themselves once more before she continued. “I was captured by Sansa Stark after the battle of Dragonstone, I have been imprisoned by them for nine months. It was only recently I had managed to escape” Yara took a sept forward. “I am ironborn the same as any of you. As a fellow ironborn, as your Queen I do not command you but only ask you take me home and together we can rejoin the Dragon Queen in her quest for the Seven Kingdoms” Taking another moment Yara watched as the captain spoke to his crew. 

“Say I were to believe that you are Yara Greyjoy.. I might consider granting you passage home but I warn you, you will not be welcomed”

“How so?”

“It is because of Yara Greyjoy that the iron fleet now sits at the bottom of the Narrow Sea. It was Yara Greyjoy who sacrificed the lives of many noble and fearless ironmen and women…and for what? a foreign Queen? a foreign Queen whom she pledged the iron islands to without asking what her people made of it” One of the sailers ranted. 

“I understand how some of you must feel but I can explain”

“You will not have time to explain” The captain snapped. 

“As Queen you must listen to me” Yara declared, a hint of frustration taking her. 

“Even if you are Queen Yara Greyjoy your words mean nothing to us. We have a now King”

“King? Who?”

“Aeron the Damphair sits the Sea Stone Chair now. Aeron is King” Yara felt her gut drop. 

I should have known this may happen.

“Grant me safe passage to the iron islands. Let speak with my uncle the Damphair, he will understand”

For a moment the ironborn turned to talk amongst themselves, the captain included before turning back to her. 

“So be it….. you may come with us” The captain agreed. With a sense of relief washing over her Yara afforded herself a deep breath before making her way onto the dock.

I’m going home. Finally. I am almost there and one step closer to Daenerys. 

Watching as the ironborn captain leaned down to help her onto the dock Yara suddenly heard a faint sound from a far, a tight back bow string being unleashed at a instant. Looking up at the captain she watched as a arrow penetrated the captains eyes socket. Bursting his eye ball Yara found herself soaked in a chaotic splatter of blood and screams as she fell back onto the sands at her feet. Listening and watching as the ironborn panicked upon their boats Yara felt her ears deafened as a war horn struck fear into her soul. Turning around her watched as archers from the cliffs above rained down arrows upon the ironborn and they scurried to cast off from the docks. Behind she watched as towering soldiers on horse back charged into the village, slaughtering the ironborn upon the village beaches as they drew their swords to fight. 

“She’s one of them”

“She’s led them to us” The ironborn screamed as their lives were ended in a sudden storm of steel and sand. Rolling onto her side Yara crawled to her feet, a crippling pain gripping her womb so strong it forced her back to her knees.

Not now. By the drowned god please not now.   

Yara begged as she felt her robes moisten between her legs with her mother waters. It was not long before the screams of the ironborn stopped and she heard herself surrounded by trotting horses. Looking up she watched as a knight of the Queen’s guard dismounted before, the crowned Rose and Wolf sigil fluttering in the Sea Salt wind. 

“Despatch a raven to Kings Landing. Inform Queen Margaery we’ve recaptured Yara Greyjoy”

Chapter Text

From the top deck Daenerys Targaryen watched as a swarm of Seagull’s glided effortlessly amongst the mass and rigging of her ship.

Do they guide me?

She wondered as the cold spring sea winds stabbed at her cloak like a freshly sharpened spear.

It will take more then a cold wind to stop me. 

Gazing across the lower decks of the ship Dany watched as Pentosi sailers and Unsullied solders alike moved back and forth between each other, ready to make land fall. Pacing to the side of the top deck, the sailers and soldiers pausing to bow their heads as they pass her by she rested her arms upon the side board and basked in the marvellous display of power at her command. Behind her sailed a mighty fleet, for as far as the eye could see Pentosi warships, trader galley’s and merchant vessels a like eclipsed the reflective waters of the Summer Sea, its sapphire blue gleam replaced by a flood of Targaryen black and red, the three headed dragon of her house sailing not only to war but to conquest. 

Not even Aegon the conquer could have feasted his eyes upon such a sight. Still, as much as I appreciate the men and women who follow me I would give them all up to have Drogon, Rhaegal and Viserion back. 

With the southern coasts of Westeros coming into view Daenerys watched as the golden desert coasts of Dorne transformed into the towering and formidable red mountains, only for them to later fade away into vibrant fields of emerald gold. 

The Reach, the realm of Margaery Tyrell and her family. It shall soon be mine.    

Dany declared to herself as she gazed a sight just as, if not more beautiful then the great pyramid of Meereen. Breaking out from above the cliff tops to the south, with its beacon of fire ablaze for the world to witness, the Hightower of Oldtown guided her fleet. 

I have visited the sacred city of Vaes Dothrak and entered through the triple walls of Qarth, I have travelled the roads of old Valyria and sailed underneath the legs of the great Titan himself….. but never have I gazed something so beautiful. 

Dany thought as her fleet sailed passed the besieged city walls. 

“Only the gods know how the first men could have built such a thing” Missandei pondered at her side. 

“Perhaps it was a women who built it?” Dany joked. 

“Doubtful your grace” 


I must be like the Hightower, strong enough weather any storm yet bright enough to inspire all who see me. 

Sailing past the outer sea walls of the city Dany ordered her fleet to make port at the Blackcrown along the Redwyne strait. Disembarking her ship with her army and fleet at her rear Daenerys marched triumphantly onto the beaches at the base of Blackcrown castle where Greyworm had camped his forces which now lay siege to Oldtown. 

“Your grace” He bowed as he met her upon the sand. “We stand ready at your command”

“Summon my small council. We have much to talk of”



As thousands of fresh Unsullied troops disembarked onto the beaches of Westeros Daenerys Targaryen sat at the head of a grand round table within the commanders tent which flew her banner from atop. Watching as her handmaiden’s filled her goblet with exotic Dornish wine Missandei, Greyworm, Ellaria, Obara and Nymeria Sands took their seats. A great map of Westeros laid out upon the hard oak before them, three dragon map markers upon the city of Oldtown, the rose pieces of Highgarden and wolf pieces of Winterfell crowding over Kings Landing.  

“What do you have to report to me Greyworm?” Daenerys asked. 

“Much my Queen. Our scouts have intercepted ravens out of Kings Landing, the parchments they carry stamped with Margaery Tyrell’s personal sigil” Dany took a drink of her wine. “She has called in her bannermen, every lord and lady in Westeros loyal to her. Noble or minor, they march soldiers to Kings Landing”

“Their loyalty to her hangs by a thread” Dany replied as she sloshed around the wine in her goblet. “She means to amass a grand army against me?”

“It would see so your grace” Dany leaned forward in her chair and eyed the rose and wolf map markers over Kings Landing.

“Margaery Tyrell is cautious, too cautious for this kind of action. News of my fleet must have scared her”

“That or Sansa Stark insisted upon it” Missandei interjected. 

“I do not know why but I have a feeling Sansa Stark is going to be a far graver problem then Margaery”

“If we have any hope of defeating her army we must finish the siege and quickly” Ellaria said.

“How is the siege?” Dany asked.

“The city is starving, men, women and children lay hungry in the streets. It will not be long before the Maesters of the Citadel surrender the city to you my Queen”

“What would you define as not long? She asked.

“Days” Greyworm replied much to her annoyance.

“I cannot wait days Greyworm. If Margaery is gathering her forces I wish to strike now while we have the advantage” 

“We cannot my Queen, the days we spend laying siege to the city are days we can use to organise the new troops” 

“We must act Greyworm. I will not wait like a lamb to be slaughtered” Dany declared as she pushed herself from her chair and paced around the table in contemplation. 

“We may need days to organise the troops, but the fleet is already at sea and many of the ships are still fully manned” Dany said, the spark of a idea coming to mind, her attention suddenly upon the map of Westeros.

“Nymeria” Dany said as she took up one of the dragon map markers. “You are to take four of my ships and sail north to take the Shield Islands, with the islands under our control we will have a outpost from which we can launch a two pronged attack upon Highgarden” Dany commanded as she placed the dragon marker over Highgarden. 

“It will be done Queen Daenerys” Nymeria replied with the bow of her head. 

“If we can take the seat of house Tyrell it shall send a symbolic message to our enemies….. and if she tries to take it back we shall raise it to the ground” Dany finished as she knocked over the rose markers over Kings Landing. “In the mean time Greyworm shall organise the new Unsullied forces while Ellaria… I wish for you to take command of the Dornish forces. I expect that the presence of their Princess will motivate them” 

“I would expect so as well your grace” Ellaria agreed, a slither coming from her person.

My instincts tell me not to trust her but I am out of options. I must keep her close……..and Obara closer. If she knows anything about Ellaria’s intensions she will tell me.

“My friends, we have waited long enough. Carry out your duties with valour and I can assure you all that by summers first light the three headed dragon shall fly over the red keep”

“Here, Here” Greyworm agreed as he slammed his palms down upon the table. Watching as her small council left the tent one by one she drunk from her goblet before allowing one of her handmaidens to refill it. 

“My Queen” Obara Sand said as her wine over flowed the edges of her goblet and trickled her down her wrist. 

“Did you want something Obara?”

“I wanted to know what you desired of me?” Obara asked. “Am I to sail north with my sister?”

“Do you wish to sail north with your sister?” Dany replied as she sipped and licked the wine from the edges of her wrist and goblet, her tongue on display for Obara to witness. “I would have thought you’d prefer to stay in my company” Dany suggested, a cocky smirk appearing on Obara’s lips. 

“I would never turn down the company of Daenerys the Great, the most beautiful woman in the world” Obara replied as Dany smirked back and paced towards her. Taking another drink of her wine Dany raised her hand and stroked Obara’s cheeks and chin before leaning forward and planting a kiss upon her lips. For a moment she stood and snogged the Dornish bastard passionately before releasing her teeth from her lower lips, their eyes intertwined in each other. With a race of excitement taking her Dany licked her lips as Obara run her hand along her thigh and gripped her buttocks firmly, her breath heavy. 

“I want you Queen Daenerys, I know you have said many times that you are married… but I cannot help it” Dany smirked as she silenced her with a finger to the lip.

“Married or not, Queen or conquerer. I am a woman. A woman with needs and desires so often ignored and forgotten in the world of men. Needs and desires that shall be at the forefront of the new world I shall build” Daenerys eyed Obara up and down as her palms shook. 

I make the hands of a mighty warrior shake. I do what battle and death cannot.  

“I wish for you to share my bed, but before I allow you the honour and privilege of such a thing I need to know I can trust you” Before her Obara sunk to her knees.

“You can trust me my Queen”

“Prove it” Daenerys replied as she paced around the map. “Take three of my ships and sail across the strait to the Arbor, kill lord Redwyne, burn his ships and tear down the Redwyne banner which flies over the island. Present it to me before midnight tonight as proof of your loyalty” She finished as she placed a black dragon map marker over the Arbor.  Looking back to Obara another cocky, confident smirk grew upon her lips.

“On my spear and all the gods of this world I swear it shall be done” She declared. 

“Do this for me and I shall open my legs for you” On her final words Obara rose to her feet and bowed as she left the tent, Missandei emerging from behind the silk curtain separating the command tent from her sleeping quarters. 

“A bold move my Queen”

“I need to know if Ellaria means to move against me. Besides she is rather handsome don’t you think?” Dany jested. 



Late that evening as the moon and stars rose high above Westeros Daenerys lay in wait for her new lovers return. Within her bed chambers Dany watched as her handmaidens relieved her of her royal silks and queenly armour. Crawling onto a freshly made golden silk bed Dany lay upon her stomach naked, her legs crossed and swinging back and forth impatiently, her tits pressed together between her arms and her firm, flawless bum cheeks perked up into the air like a pale summers peach waiting to be consumed. For over an hour she waited as her handmaidens sat at her side, braiding her hair, filling her goblet with wine and telling her tales and gossip from around the camp. 

“I must admit your grace I have seen one of the Unsullied without his clothes” One of her handmaidens admitted much to Dany’s curiosity.

“You have seen a Unsullied in the nude? tell me are they fully castrated?”

“Indeed so your grace” Her handmaiden replied.

“Truly? both the pillar and the stones” 

“Both pillar and stones” The handmaiden smiled as Dany tried to picture it in her mind.  

“What was it like?” She asked.

“It was glorious” Dany and her handmaidens found themselves giggling amongst themselves until a Unsullied solider entered through the red silk curtains of her tent.  

“Your grace” He said as he bowed before her and her handmaidens. “Obara Sand has returned and comes baring a gift” Dany felt her heart skip with excitement.

“Bring her to me” Dany ordered. Moments later the Unsullied returned with Obara at his heel. Brandishing a blood soaked spear, sun and spear engraved steel breast plate and mud stained leather breeches Obara stood strong, almost mighty as she walked before her. With a battle worn look upon her face Dany watched as the sand snake pierced the ground with her blood stained spear tip and kneeled down on one knee before her. Pulling forth a rolled up cloth banner Obara unfurled it in her arms and presented it to her, a purple cluster of ripe grapes upon a sea of sapphire.  

“Your grace, lord Redwyne’s banner as you commanded, the Arbor is yours” She declared as she looked up into Daenerys’ eyes, her face stained with dried blood. For a moment Dany lay as she inspected the Redwyne’s banner. 

“Leave us” Dany immediately ordered. Sipping her goblet as the Unsullied and her handmaidens filed out through the silk curtain it was not long before they were alone. Perking her ass further up and flopping her white gold locks over to one side she spoke. 

“Take off your clothes” The Dragon Queen ordered of the bastard. As rich dornish wines passed through her lips Daenerys watched as the sand snake uncoupled her breast plate, unlaced her breeches and ripped off her undergarments. Stood naked before her Dany basked at the erotic display of dornish beauty. 

“Come to me” She ordered. On her words Obara approached and crawled into the bed, climbing on top of her Obara kissed her back and slapped her ass cheeks before forcefully pulling her hair back and kissing her upon the lips.

“I have dream’t of this for so long my Queen” Obara muttered as she left her lips.

“So have I my princess of Dorne” Dany replied as she snogged her passionately upon the lips. Running her fingers through her dark dornish locks and across her olive battle scarred skin Daenerys wrapped her legs around the sand snake as she sucked upon her hardened nipples and licked her stomach. Making her way down between her legs Dany gripped Obara’s hair and forced her face into her ass. With her heart racing with excitement Dany felt Obara’s tongue enter her behind on the way down to her womanhood. 

“By the gods” Dany smiled as Obara licked her ass and fingered her womanhood. Eventually as Dany begun to feel her legs shake from excitement Obara removed her face from her ass and returned to her lips and snogged her forcefully. Down below Dany found herself taken by surprised as Obara slipped her legs in between her own, their womanhoods forced together in flurry of sexual passion. 

“Do you want me my Queen?” Obara asked as she begun to rub her clit forcefully agasint her own.

“I do”

“I said do you want me?”

Just for tonight I will give her control. 

“B… all the gods and my kingdoms yes” Dany stuttered breathless.  

“Good…his is how women fuck each other in Dorne” Obara said as she vigorously thrust her hips back and forth, their soaking womanhood’s sloshing together in a explosion of sexual pleasure which made her toes curl, her back arch and her loins burn brighter then dragon fire. 

“UUUUUUUGGGGGG…UUU….OH..FUCK……GODS YES……UUUGGGG” Dany quickly found herself screaming for all the camp to hear, a pleasure taking her the like’s of which she had only ever felt with Yara. 

I will find you Yara. I have not forgotten you. 



As a red dawn broke over a frosty Westerosi morning Daenerys’ lay in Obara arms, their naked bodies pressed tight together for warmth underneath layers of thick freshly hunted boar furs. As Obara slept with her face buried into the back of her neck Dany drifted in and out of sleep, her head heavy from the all the wine she had drunk the night before. 

I must learn to paced myself.  

Suddenly, through the faint darkness of her chambers Missandei emerged, a lit candle in her hand. Watching as she approached her bedside Missandei placed the candle on her lap and she took a seat at Dany’s side. 

“Your grace?” She whispered to wake her. 

“Missandei?” Dany sat up, the cold air in the tent chilling her exposed tits. “Are you not cold? remove your robes and join us” She said taking her hand. “Just beware of Obara’s roaming fingers underneath the furs” Dany joked.

“From the sounds you two were making last night your grace that doesn’t sound like a bad thing” Missandei giggled. “Was she that good?” Dany smirked. 

“Get in bed, I shall wake her and you can find out for yourself” 

“It is very tempting your grace but I bring important news”

“What news?” Dany asked.

“The lady Melisandre wishes to see you in her tent urgently. She claims to have something important to show you, something she says will win you the war” Dany gulped. 

“Take me to her”



With her naked body wrapped warm in silks and furs Daenerys, Missandei and her Queen’s guard left the royal tent and made their way across the encampment, the besieged city of Oldtown and the great Hightower in the distance before her, its fire still ablaze from the night before. As the stars above begun to fade into the red dawn she arrived as Melisandre’s tent, two heavily armed Unsullied guards posted outside. As she approached they opened the way for her. 

“Melisandre? where you?” Dany demanded as she walked inside, followed closely by Missandei, the tent closing behind them. 

“I am here my Queen” Melisandre replied from the other side of a silk curtain which separated the tent. Walking through the silk Dany found her stood above a small cauldron staring into its fire, her back to them and donning a crimson robe. 

“You wanted to see me? you told Missandei you can finally win my war”

“Indeed I can my Queen” Melisandre replied as she turned around, the sight of her sending a shiver up her spine and throwing her into a state of disbelief. Before she and Missandei Melisandre stood, the slender priestess she had been the night before gone. Watching as she rubbed her swollen baby bump with a smirk upon her lips Dany felt herself questioning everything. 

“Is this a trick?” She demanded. 

“This is no trick my Queen” Melisandre replied as she dropped her crimson robes and stood naked before them. “You are here to bare witness to the lords power for yourself” 

Taking a moment as Melisandre lay down by the cauldron’s side and opened her legs Dany gulped. 

“How is this possible?” Missandei asked. 

“The lord of light wills it, it is destiny for a Targaryen to rule these Kingdoms. And with this act I shall bring that into being” 

As Melisandre begun to push Dany watched in a state of frozen awe as the red womans womanhood opened and a black smoke poured from her womb. As a frightened Missandei held her hand Dany continued to watch as Melisandre’s baby bump shifted back and forth, twisting and morphing almost as if something was fighting to break free into the world. Deep down fear gripped her as, from out of Melisandre’s womanhood a smoking creature with head and hands slid free, gnawing, goring and scratching at the floor and her thighs. Releasing her hand Missandei fled through the silk curtain leaving only herself to bare witness to the lord of lights gift. Watching as Melisandre moaned and groaned she pushed until the shadow was free. Crawling along the floor to Dany’s feet she felt herself panic and almost call for her guard.

“Don’t Daenerys Stormborn. You must trust me” Melisandre pleaded. 

Stood in stunned silence Dany held her nerve as the smoking shadow coalesced and grew before her. Growing to her same hight the shadow developed a feminine form with hips, long braided hair and a slender body shape which matched her own. 

The shadow looks like me.   

Taking on her form Daenerys eyed the demonic version of her own self. The smoking shadow staring back at her. 

“Kill Margaery Tyrell” Dany felt the words flow from her lips. On her command the shadow curled up and flew pass her, through the curtains and out of the tent startling the men outside. Taking a moment to collect herself Dany turned to Melisandre. 

“What have I just witnessed?”

“The lords power….. my Queen”

Chapter Text

Upon her white northern mare Sansa Stark passed underneath the Gate of the Gods, the same she had passed through when she had first arrived in Kings Landing with her father Eddard and sister Arya, King Robert, Queen Cersei, the Hound and Prince Joffery, the pain of Lady’s dead still strong. 

They murdered her. Lady was good, she did nothing wrong but still she died for what she was, at the hands of evil people. But they are all dead now, my father beheaded and sister lost. Robert killed by a boar and Cersei strangled by her cousin and the father to her child, the Hound killed in battle and Joffery. 

Sansa smiled as the memory of his wedding day came flooding back to her, the pleasure and satisfaction she felt as he rolled around on the ground for every lord and lady to bare witness, gasping for breath and he clawed chucks of fresh from his throat, begging Cersei for help when she could not prove any. 

Lady is gone but so to are them all. They are all dead and I am Queen and lover to the most powerful woman alive. 

She thought as she held Margaery Tyrell’s hand as she rode at her side, the common folk of Kings Landing cheering as they trotted out through the city gate.

I will not let Daenerys Targaryen take this from me. For Margaery, for our princess.  

As the crowned white and emerald, wolf rose banners flapped from atop the high city walls of Kings Landing Sansa and Margaery rode into sea of military might. For as far as the eye could see tents and encampments sprawled around the outer walls of the city, each flying a multitude of banners from every house in westeros. From the North to the Reach, Westerlands to the Vale, Riverlands and Stormlands, all had come to fight for their rightful queen, a army the likes of which had never before been see in Westeros since the Targaryen era. 

Margaery and I have done what Cersei, Joffery, Robert even the Targaryen kings of old and their Dragons could not do. We have united Westeros agasint her. 

For most of the day Sansa made her way between the different camps, meeting with her northern lords and ladies and reaffirming their loyalty to Margaery, herself and the iron throne. 

“For the glory and beauty of yourself and Queen Margaery I would gladly give my life” One lord had declared to her before his men. 

You do not fight for my glory or beauty, you fight because you must and you die because I will it. You are loyal to no one but yourself. 

“Thank you my lord, fight well and I shall see to it personally you and your sons are rewarded”

After meeting with her lords and ladies Sansa and her guard made their way to the royal tent where she found Margaery sat at the head of a great council table, seated next to her was the Lord commander and brother her Sir Loras Tyrell and Lord Hand Petyr Baelish, Lord Yohn Royce, her Uncle Lord Edmund Tully of the Riverlands, Selwyn Tarth, the acting Lord Paramount of the Stormlands and Margaery’s father Mace Tyrell. Before an unfurled map of Westeros they sat, covered in Rose, Wolf, Trout, Eagle and Dragon markers which plotted the position of Margaery’s force. 

“What news do you have to report my lords?” Margaery asked as Sansa made her way around the table and took up at seat next her. 

“From what our scouts have reported the Targaryen girl has made land fall at the Blackcrown due north of Oldtown” Lord Petyr informed her. 

“How many men?” Margaery replied. 

“Thousands your grace. Truth be told we are unsure of the exact number but we do know she has enough men to begin her march north, and with the coming of spring and formation of our armies I would expect her to move and do so soon” Lord Petyr finished. 

“Is there any news out of Oldtown? I doubt she would move north with her rear exposed to attack” Sansa inquired.

“Oldtown is still loyal to us but I fear for not much longer, the maesters of the citadel of have sent ravens telling us of the most gruesome of tails. Of men, women and children starving and dying inside the city walls, only for the corpses to be cannibalised by those who are still alive, the rest are left to rot in the street” Loras explained.

“By the gods” Lord Royce muttered in disgust. 

“The city is expected to surrender to her soon. But even more pressing is a raven which arrived this morning from the Arbor written by Lord Redwyne who claims the island has been taken by a force led by Obara Sand”

“Tyene Sands sister?” Margaery replied with unease. 

“Yes your grace” Loras replied. After a moment of silence he continued. “Once Oldtown falls she will march north up the rose road to take Highgarden” He finished moving the Dragon marker north.

“What makes you think she would attack Highgarden brother?” Margaery asked as her eyes dwelled over her family’s ancestral seat of power on the map. 

“Because we’ve also received ravens indicting that the Shields have fallen to a fleet led by Nymeria Sand” Suddenly and abruptly Margaery slammed her bare fists down upon the table. Her breath heavy with frustration. 

“You are supposed to be defending my realm brother, not seceding it to her bit by bloody bit” She snapped. Taking charge of the moment before Loras could respond Sansa leaned forward and gently placed her palms over Margaery’s clenched fist. Raising it up she gifted her knuckle a soft kiss. 

“I think what our Queen meant was how do you plan to repel her forces and take back the lands lost?” Sansa asked with a calming demeanour. Margaery staring intensely at her brother.

“Our forces have gathered. At first light on the morrow we will march south along the rose road and prepare a defence at Highgarden. With our overwhelming numbers and the height advantage of Highgarden over the battlefield we shall crush her army and chase her back to the southern coast. After she is delt with we shall turn on Dorne and march on Sunspear, Rose’s Fury and the fleet will also set sail at first light to support the Stormlanders and to blockade the city” Loras finished. 

“With a plan like that Sir Loras Daenerys Targaryen has already lost” Sansa replied in support of Loras’s plan. “Do you agree my Lords?” Sansa asked. Going around the table each lord of the war council agreed in turn.

“What of you your grace?” Sansa asked of Margaery. For a moment she did not say anything until she rose from her chair. 

“For your sakes brother it had better bloody work” Margaery scoffed as she let go of Sansa’s hand and left the royal tent. 

What is wrong with her?



Later that evening a ominous mist descended upon the blackwater. As a sea of camp fires illuminated the great fields beyond the city walls Sansa Stark made her way through the royal apartments to her chamber, her personal guard donned in white silks, steel armour and the grey dyer wolf of Winterfell. Outside the royal chambers the Queens guard opened the grand oak doors to her, closing them behind her. Inside Sansa removed her wolf furs before making her way into the bed chamber where she found Margaery bathing within large wooden tub before the royal hearth, its flames peacefully crackling as it filled the chamber with warmth. With a jewelled goblet of wine in her hand Sansa watched as Margaery sat staring into the flames in deep contemplation, steam from the water rising above. 

Something is definitely wrong with her. 

“Margaery?” Sansa said.  

“Must you sneak up on me my love?” Margaery replied as she took a slip of her wine.

“I do not know” Sansa said as she wondered over and knelt by the baths side. “Must my wife be so grumpy?” 

“I am grumpy because my small council makes me so” Margaery replied as Sansa begun to sensually massage her shoulders. 

“A grumpy queen, whom when she was a little girl thought babies came from fat lords bottoms” Sansa jested with her brow raised as Margaery leaned her head back, their eyes intertwining within the hearths light. The coupled bursting into giggles as they kissed. 

“I regret telling you that story” Margaery smiled.

“I don’t” Sansa replied as she got to her feet to undress.

“What in the gods are you doing?” Margaery asked as Sansa unlaced the front of her dress and allowed it to fall at her feet. 

“I am getting naked so I may join my beautiful wife in a romantic bath by the fire” Sansa jested much to Margaery’s amusement.

“I have not had enough wine for romantics” Margaery laughed. 

“Then I…” Sansa said as she swiped the jewelled goblet from her hands. “….Shall have to get you more wine” Listening to the song of Margaery’s laughter as she filled both their goblets which rich wine from the Arbor she slowly made her way back and stood naked before the hearth as it crackled peacefully behind her. Margaery watched as Sansa flopped her autumn burnt locks of fire over her shoulder and climbed into the bath. Stood in the hot thigh high waters next to her Sansa slowly turned with both goblets in her hands and smirked as she perked her ripe northern behind out for Margaery’s pleasure. Extended it into her face Sansa held her bent over position until she felt a pair of wet hands squeeze, kiss and then forcefully slap her soft bum cheeks. Sansa laughed.

“Is this romantic enough for you sweet wife?” Sansa joked. 

“You’ve made me horny if anything” She replied. On her words Sansa slipped herself down into the hot waters, the steam rising into every crevice of her slender body. Sitting down upon Margaery’s lap under the water line Sansa laid back into her chest. Looking up behind her Sansa’s eyes met Margaery’s own.  

“My southern rose” Sansa said as she planted a peck upon her lips.

“My northern shewolf” Margaery replied with a peck upon her own. With a smile on her lips Sansa handed Margaery her goblet and slid into the waters by her side. 

“That is what I love about you Sansa. No matter how bad things seem you never fail to make me laugh”

“We have to laugh while we can” Sansa said staring off into the flames. “After my father died I never thought I’d laugh again”

“I felt the same after Renly died” Margaery replied. “Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to be queen, I thought I would get that with Renly. Free reign to do as I liked. He was in love with Loras and they were so happy together, it all seemed so perfect. He got to fuck the King while I got to rule. All he had to do was put a child in me”

“Which would never of happened. From what you have told me Renly liked men and men alone, its a good thing that I, a woman could put a child in you when a man could not” Margaery smiled.

“That is true”

For a moment they sat together in the water as the crackles of the hearths flame filled the chamber. 

“Why were you so hard on Loras this morning?” Sansa asked as she drunk her wine. Margaery licked her lips as she sloshed her own around her goblet. 

“Its complicated”

“I am your wife, talk to me” Sansa pleaded, the sound of the hearths flame growing louder and louder in the defying silence between conversation. 

“I worry Sansa. I worry not just for you and me, for our Kingdoms or even our throne” Margaery turned to her. “I worry for our daughter and I cannot help it” Sansa gulped as she moved closer and put her arm over her shoulders.

“I understand how you feel” 

“I was never a woman to worry over such things, I always felt confident. Assured that everything would work out right. Like nothing could stop me”

“Nothing can stop you”

“But now all I feel is dread. Almost as if the world is going to take her from me” Placing her and Margaery’s goblets on the stone floor around the bath Sansa took her hands. 

“But that is life Margaery. What you feel is what every parent goes through. I felt like that when I had Robb and still do. He is the heir to Winterfell and I do not know what is going to happen to him, will he die in battle? Will he be killed in some fools war?” Sansa kissed Margaery’s brow. “Worry is the price we pay for motherhood. You have to learn to live with it or it will consume you”

“But that’s the problem, I don’t think I can” Margaery admitted as she gazed deep into Sansa’s eyes. 

“Do not speak as if you are nothing” Sansa replied as she held her by the chin. “You are Margaery Tyrell, the first of a new line of Tyrell Queens on the Iron throne, you are the rose of Highgarden, Queen of all Westeros, you are the smartest, strongest and most beautiful woman I have ever met. Thousands would fall on their own swords just to be in your presence, myself among them” Sansa declared as she climbed atop Margaery’s knees and snogged her passionately before the hearths flame, her fingers running through Margaery’s brown curly locks which draped the sides of the wooden bath, their tongues intertwined within each others mouths. Leaving her lips the couple smiled at each other.

“You forgot the part where she fell in love with the mighty…and even more beautiful Sansa Stark, the SheWolf of Winterfell and Queen of all the North, the survivor. A woman whom, if she asked me I would grant my throne and crown to” Margaery declared as she pulled Sansa close underneath the water. 

“That will not be necessary, your loyalty and beautiful cunt is all I ask for your grace” Sansa joked as the pair giggled. As a playful smirk developed upon Margaery’s lips Sansa kissed her once more before sliding down to her neck, chest and tits. Kissing and sucking upon her hardened nipples Margaery sighed as she opened her legs. Returning to her lips for one last kiss Sansa took a deep breath before sinking her head underneath the water. Sliding her two fingers inside Margaery’s womanhood Sansa licked, sucked and nibbled at her life giving lips as Margaery sighed, giggled and groaned above the surface. Emerging from the warm waters for air it was immediately sucked from her as Margaery forcefully snogged her before rising. Watching in awe as the bath water flowed down between her legs like waterfall Margaery bit her lip as she gazed down upon her. 

“Pleasure your Queen” She smirked.

“As my Queen commands me” Sansa submitted as she crawled forward and pleasured the rose between her legs with her tongue. 

“Hhhmmmm…I love you” She heard Margaery sigh as she sucked her womanhood before the hearths glory.



As the hearths fire dimmed, the last of the Arbor wine dripped and the moons bright light shone down into the royal chambers Sansa Stark and Margaery Tyrell moaned and groaned orgasmic sighs of pleasure as they feverishly rubbed their life giving lips together, gagging and cursing each other as they defiled the emerald rose silks upon which they fucked, both consumed in the prefect storm of love and sexual ecstasy.

“HHHUUUUUU…By..By the gods….Oh..oh fuck” Sansa stuttered as her loins burned and legs shaked. Digging her nails into the rich emerald silk Margaery kept thrusting her hips back and forth until Sansa bloomed within. Forgetting her world and collapsing into a jittering sweaty mess Sansa felt herself climax, her legs shaking uncontrollably as wave after wave of orgasmic energy crashed agasint the shores of her womanhood. Catching her breath as her orgasms subsided Margaery crawled across the bed to lie at her side, the both of them soaked head to toe in a thick layer of sweat, their locks ruffled and asses red. Their desires satisfied. 

“I can honestly say I think that was the best sex we have ever had” Margaery laughed. 

“I agree” Sansa said as Margaery cuddled into her. “I am a just surprised we didn’t wake Arya” 

On Sansa’s words the princesses crib by the side of the royal bed begun to shake and the princess herself begun to cry. 

“See what you have done Sansa” Margaery joked. 

“I will see to her” Gifting a kiss to Margaery’s lips Sansa crawled from the bed and stood over the cradle. Inside, shrouded in silks of gold, emerald and ice Princess Arya Tyrell lay, her cold northern eyes staring up at her. 

“Come here little one, mother has you” Sansa said as she picked her baby daughter up and held her in her arms tight, her soft little hands gracing her chest as she kicked her little feet. 

“I still cannot get over how beautiful she is” 

“I know, I think the same thing every time I see her” Margaery replied as she lay on her stomach upon the bed naked watching them.  

“She’s going to grow up to be something special I can tell” Sansa said as the new born grasped her finger tip. 

“Of course she is, she will be the Queen after we are gone. The second in a new dynasty of Tyrell Queens”

“I am sure there will be Tyrell Kings as well”

“Doubtful…” Margaery replied. “I am thinking of changing the law so daughters are placed before sons in the line of succession, my grandmother always told me as a little girl that our house was different from the others, that house Tyrell was a matriarchy and always had been. She and I are living prove of that. It is only proper that Westeros become a matriarchy under Tyrell rule”

“Many lords will not be happy with that idea” Sansa replied. 

“Fuck the lords, we can do whatever we want”

“Agreed” Sansa said as she felt a little mouth begin to suck upon her nipple. “I think she’s hungry” Sansa smiled as Margaery climbed from the bed. 

“Give her to me” Passing Arya over to Margaery Sansa watched her wife as she paced back and forth breastfeeding her. Refilling her goblet as she paced before the dimming hearth Sansa made her way out onto the royal balcony which over looked Kings Landing and the Blackwater. Stood naked with her autumn burnt  locks flowing free in the freezing winds which blew in from the north a colourful cloak of stars coated the night sky and moon above. On the far end of the city Sansa gazed the thousands of camp fires which surrounded the outer walls, a hundred thousand men which she would use the destroy Daenerys Targaryen. 

“What are you doing?” Margaery asked as she stood nude in the freezing winds at her side.    

“I will kill her Margaery, I promise you. Daenerys Targaryen will regret ever opposing us” Margaery took her hand. 

“They will all regret ever opposing us” She said as they gazed out upon the Kingdoms they ruled.  

“I will always love you Sansa”

“I will always love you too Margaery”

“Good….now let us back inside before my tits freeze off” Margaery joked as she led Sansa by the hand back into their chambers. As Arya fell asleep peacefully inside her crib Margaery climbed back onto the royal bed and lay on her stomach. 

“My love get me another drink would you? You ride to war tomorrow and I wish to make the most of you until then” Taking up Margaery’s goblet once more Sansa opened a fresh casket of Arbor wine and filled their goblets to the top but as she returned to the bed something immediately felt different. As the last of the hearths flame was blown out by a gust of wind a sudden chill descended upon the royal chamber where before it had been so crisp and warm. As Margaery turned over onto her side to face her, her curly brown locks flopped over her shoulder to one side Sansa watched as a smoking shadow seeped through the balcony curtains behind her. Twisting and morphing in mid air Sansa felt herself frozen with fear and dread as her eyes widened and naked body fell cold. Watching for a moment as the shadow developed a feminine form Sansa dropped the wine filled goblets to the cold stone at her feet as the smoking shadow took the form of Daenerys Targaryen, her eyes hissing and burning bright as she looked at her and then down to Margaery upon the bed. Margaery herself gifting Sansa a curious look.    

“MARGAERY RUN” Sansa screamed as the shadow raised its hand, her Valyrian steel sword ice within its grasp. Panicked Margaery jumped to her knees upon the bed and swung herself around to face the shadow. As Margaery clenched her fists and attempted to run the shadow lunged forward and plunged ice’s ancient blade deep into her back. 

“NNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” Sansa hysterically screamed as she dropped to her knees and cried. Margaery in shock as the sword emerged from her chest, impaling her upon the blade. As Arya begun to cry in her crib Margaery turned and looked to Sansa as the grand oak doors of their chambers burst open to an army of Queens guard. Flooding into the chamber with their swords drawn as the smoking shadow of Daenerys Targaryen gazed them all. In a moment of fear the guard stood and watched the shadow before surrounding it. 

“SAVE HER” Sansa screamed as the shadow looked at her one last time. As quickly as it had appeared the shadow faded into nothing and Margaery fell down onto a bed of blood, Sansa’s own valyrian steel sword impaling the heart of her wife. Pushing her way past the Queens guard as Arya cried Sansa cradled Margaery as she choked up blood.


“S..Sansa….” Margaery stuttered as she gazed up into fear filled eyes.


“L…look after our d..daughter?” Margaery asked as she drew her final breath, the light of life leaving her eyes, her body falling limp with her arms.

“NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOO” She cried as her voice echoed throughout the Red Keep and carried out into the city streets by the cold winds.

Chapter Text

As the great bells of the Red Keep tolled throughout the sorrow ridden streets of Kings Landing Sansa Starks litter came to a haul before the grand stone steps which led to the great Sept of Baelor. As the bells fell silent a mighty flash of thunder ripped through the heavens above, a heavy rain descending upon the capitol of the Seven Kingdoms, a city in morning for their Queen, non more so then the SheWolf herself. Wearing a disguise of stern northern valour Sansa Stark took a moment before her servant opened her litters door. Stepping out into the cold spring rains as it soaked her thick wolf furs, black velvet dress and authoritative white gold crown of direwolf’s wrapped in roses which adorned her braided autumn burnt locks Sansa lifted her dress as she ascended the steps of the Sept alone, the many lords and ladies of the royal court lined up at either side waiting to pay homage to the rose of Highgarden and Queen of Westeros. With her back straight, shoulders relaxed and her head held high with pride Sansa approached the high septon who stood waiting for her before the grand marble doors which just a year before she and Margaery had emerged from as wife and wife, the Queens of Westeros, bound together until death. 

Do not show them weakness. I am not weak, I will not cry before the Septon nor the court, I must not. I will not. I refuse to. 

She thought as she approached the high septon, his eyes swimming in fake sympathy. 

He is laughing at me. He must love that Margaery is dead after we humiliated him, strung him from the walls of Kings Landing and defiled the faith by forcing him to marry two women. 

“Queen Sansa, my many condolences” The high septon said as he took her hand, his words devoid of any sense of warmth or compassion. Gritting her teeth Sansa pushed him aside. 

“I do not want your condolences, take me to my wife” Sansa scowled like a wild northern wolf.

“Queen Margaery is at rest within the Sept your grace, many lords and ladies of the realm wish to pay their respects”

“They will wait” Sansa ordered as she pushed past the septon. 

“But….but your grace”

“THEY WILL WAIT” Sansa declared in a angry display of her new authority as Regent. Passing through the grand doors of the Sept Sansa swept through the marble archways and underneath the statues of the Seven which watched as she passed them by. Entering the grand seven pointed chamber of the Sept she choked back tears as she descended the steps of the seven. Laid out elegantly upon a grand stone alter which stood in the centre of a seven pointed star Margaery rested. Donned in a vibrant emerald funeral dress, encrusted with jewels and with her gleaming rose gold crown perched atop her stomach she was surrounded by a grand bouquet of golden roses freshly picked from the fields which adorned the lands around her home of Highgarden. Watching as the silent sisters lit candles and placed them upon the alter around her body Sansa felt herself lose control. 

“Get out” She mumbled at the sisters, her grief and tears strangling her voice. 

“GET OUT” She screamed, her voice echoing throughout the Sept and statues of the seven which watched her from high above. On her words the silent sisters scurried from the Sept, the door closing behind them. Left alone Sansa gulped as she approached the alter. Looking down upon her Margaery was as pale as could be, her skin stripped of its summer sheen, replaced by winter. Fighting back tears Sansa stroked her chin and cheeks and removed the painted stones which covered her eyes. 

She looks so peaceful.    

Taking a moment to adjust the rose bouquet Sansa leaned over and kissed her upon the lips, cold to the touch. 

“I am sorry Margaery, I am sorry I could not save you my dear sweet wife. I am sorry I have let you down” Sansa cried as her tears rolled down her cheeks and dripped onto Margaery’s own. “This is not the way things were meant to happen. I had so many plans for you and I. I wanted to give more daughters and help you build a great dynasty which would bring us a new era of peace. I wanted to be at your side when we crushed our enemies and sailed east to conquer new lands and write ourselves into the histories, I wanted maesters to write of our glory while bards travelled the world singing songs of us and our children. I wanted to love you and grown old at your side. I wanted to do it all….but now” Sansa broke down and fell to her knees before the alter, weeping and sobbing.

“Please…please I beg of you Margaery come back to me” She stuttered as she looked up at the seven statues of the gods above whom watched her in her moment of weakness and grief. 

“Please…..bring her back to me” Sansa wept as she prayed to them, their expressionless marble faces compassionless and cold. 

“FUCK THE GODS….” Sansa shouted at the statues. “…FUCK EVERYONE OF YOU. MY FATHER, MY MOTHER, MY BROTHERS, MY SISTER, JAYNE POOL, MYRANDA…..AND NOW THE ONLY WOMAN I HAVE EVER TRULY LOVED” Sansa scorned the gods. “…I HATE YOU…..I HATE YOU ALL…..THE OLD GODS AND THE NEW…..YOU ARE NOT WORTHY OF MY WORSHIP” Sansa wept as she held her head in her hands. For a time she wept before the alter, in sight of the gods until she heard light foot steps approach her. By her side they stopped and waited. 

“Your grace” Sir Loras Tyrell said. Sansa ignored him, her grief to heavy to bare. 

“Sansa” He softly said. With her eyes reddened Sansa looked up to Loras who stood over her donning a black tunic and breeches, his hand extended out to her. Without saying a word Sansa took his hand and flung herself into his arms. 

“Loras..” She said, trying to control her grief. 

“I am here Sansa” Loras said as he hugged her. 

“I don’t know what to do Loras…..I am lost without her”

“I feel lost without my sister also. Margaery loved you with all her heart…remember that” Loras said as Sansa tried to compose herself. 

“I will avenge her Sansa I promise you” Loras assured her.

“NO” Sansa snapped. “We will avenge her together…..Daenerys Targaryen will pay for what she has taken from us” Breaking off from Loras’s embrace Sansa circled the alter, both looking upon Margaery’s lifeless corpse.

“Is it true what the guards are saying? that my sister was killed by a shadow?” Loras asked of her. 

“Not just a shadow. A shadow of that bitch Daenerys Targaryen” Gritting his teeth with anger Loras slammed his fists down upon the alter. 

“This is Melisandre’s doing” Loras declared. 

“What would Melisandre be going with Daenerys Targaryen? she tried to kill her last I knew” 

“It does not matter. All that matters is that she has taken both my sister and the man I love from me” Loras scoffed.

“I want you to assemble all the lords and ladies of the court in the throne room after the funeral” Sansa ordered of him. 

“Would it not be best to wait until the morrow” Loras replied. 

“WE CANNOT” Sansa snapped once more. “Margaery is dead, the loyalty of the court hangs by a thread” Sansa took a deep breath. “Lord Petyr tells me that some of the minor lords have already begun to declare for Daenerys” Sansa leant over Margaery’s body. “As Queen Regent I have to put on a show of force”

“And what of Highgarden? my scouts report that Daenerys is already marching her army north up the Ocean road, and with our armies here in Kings Landing” 

“I don’t care about your scouts reports Sir Loras. Summon the court to the throne room after the funeral of my wife” Sansa scoffed, her tone bitter and broken. 

“Yes your grace” 

Sorry Loras. Margaery is dead and I am now regent. I must start acting like one. 



After the funeral ceremony at the great Sept Sansa awaited the arrival of the court as she sat the iron throne, her fluffy wolf furs draping its jagged edges. From high atop the steps of power she watched as every lord and lady who still feared her enough to remain loyal filed into the throne room, pushing and squishing passed each other to find a place worthy of her favour. 

I hate you all. Seven hells to the lot of you. But I need you. Until I return with the Dragon Queens head on a pike. 

At her either side Lord Petyr and Grand Maester Pycelle took their places as her Queens guard stood strong at the base of the iron throne. As servants lit the cauldrons of the throne room and took their places in the royal galleries Sansa rose to her feet. 

“My lords and ladies I thank you for joining me during these darkest of times. Our Queen, the great Margaery Tyrell and protector of us all is dead” Sansa declared as the throne room erupted into whispers. “As our Queen you deserve to know how she died” Sansa took a set forward. “She killed, assassinated in her own chambers by Daenerys Targaryen. Instead of doing the honourable thing by meeting our Queen and her armies in the field of battle she has her slaughtered before the eyes of her daughter and heir” The court mumbled in a disapproving manner. “Daenerys Stormborn, Daenerys the Unburnt, Daenerys the Great, Khaleesi whatever name she goes by……..I call her a coward” The court cheered in agreement. “A coward and a Queenslayer…is that what you look for in a Queen my lords? a Queenslayer?”

“No…NO” The court shouted back. 

“Daenerys Targaryen thinks herself invincible, she thinks because the eastern cities of Slavers Bay fell to her so easily that we…. here in Westeros shall do the same. She is wrong. She invades our shores with an army of sell swords and eunuchs, turns us against one other, subjects the good people of Oldtown to death and starvation while she sits in Sunspear, feasting and drinking with the likes of Ellaria Sand and Oberyn Martell’s bastard daughters, the same daughters who slaughtered Prince Doran Martell in cold blood. Tell me my lords, is that the kind of woman you wish to rule our Seven Kingdoms?”

“NO..NO..NO” The court chanted.      

“House Targaryen has been a thorn in the side of our great realm for far to long. With the blessing of the gods and you my lords we shall march a great army south to confront her. If they fight for the Dragon Queen, they shall die for the Dragon Queen. We shall slaughter every last one of her followers and drive the rest back into the sea” Sansa declared much to the approval of the court. “And a warning to any lord considering to side with her know this. Margaery was a forgiving Queen, but I am not. Any who betray me will die, any who take up arms against me will die and any who are found to be loyal to the dragon Queen will die” Sansa finished as the lords and ladies of the court fell silent.

They all fear me. Good.  

Sansa turned to her right where the high septon stood. 

“I wish to be crowned” Sansa demanded.



“May the warrior grant her courage and protect her in these perilous times, may the smith grant her strength so she may carry this heavy burden and may the stranger show her the path she must walk and guild her though the dark places which lie ahead. In the light of the seven I now proclaim you Sansa of the house Stark, Queen Regent of the Andals and of the first men, lady of the seven kingdoms and protector of the realm until your daughter, the Princess Arya Tyrell come of age” The high septon declared as he placed a freshly forged crown of white gold upon her head. Watching as the lords and ladies of Westeros bowed and cheered at her crowning Sansa rose from the iron throne to speak once more. 

“Thank you my lords, you honour me with your support. And as my first decree as Queen Regent I order our armies ready to march south by dawns first light on the morrow” Sansa declared as the court cheered and celebrated. 

I shall kill her Margaery. I promise you. I shall not rest until that whore has suffered for taking you from me. They shall all suffer, as we both have done so.   


Chapter Text

As dawn broke over the Reach Daenerys Targaryen led her army of loyal Unsullied soldiers along the Ocean road for Highgarden in a mighty display of force only worthy of a conquerer. Donning a black breast cupped breastplate, black brocaded tunic, riding breeches and a crimson Targaryen cloak which fluttered in the morning winds as her rear Dany listened to the fear enduring armoured march of her army of eunuchs as they claimed the ancient road, built by the first men of Westeros and later restored by the Andels as their own. 

These roads are mine. These lands are mine. These glorious Kingdoms are at last mine.  

Dany thought as she gazed the golden roses of the Reach as they unfurled into their spring bloom.

These lands know the true Queen has returned. They welcome a Targaryen ruler once more. 

With Missandei and Ellaria Sand at her side Daenerys soon found herself taken aback by a white castle just as, if not more beautiful then the golden rose fields which adorned its surrounds. Before her the ancient seat of house Tyrell stood. With its solid white walls and ancient towers which spiralled high above the fields of gold Dany smiled as she rode closer to the castle, its white walls adorned with vines as its towers fluttered the banner of her house, the three headed dragon.

“It would seem Greyworm and Obara have been successful” Dany said as her stallions heels clicked along the road. 

“One should not underestimate the fighting skills of a Dornish bastard” Ellaria agreed. 

One should not underestimate her treachery as well.

Dany thought as she contemplated how to sway Obara’s true allegiances, something she had had little time for in resent days. It had been little over a week since she was awakened in the night by Missandei with news of Margaery’s death and the inevitable flood of ravens from lords up and down the length and breath of Westeros declaring their support for her. House’s Banefort, Broom, Crakehall, Lefford, Payne, Prester, and Tarbeck of the Westerlands, houses Connington, Dondarrion and Swan of the Stromlands, house Hersy of the Vale as well as house Mallister and Mooton of the Riverlands. A day later, upon hearing the news of Queen Margaery’s death house Hightower of Oldtown declared themselves to her and surrendered the city. 

“The pieces are finally falling into place” Daenerys had told Obara as they lay naked underneath the furs together. 

“You are destine to rule my Queen, the gods will it” She had replied as she slipped underneath the furs to pleasure her. The Day after, emboldened by Oldtown’s surrender and the many declarations of fealty, Daenerys donned her stallion and begun her march north. Up the Ocean road she had marched her armies, taking the Three Towers and Brightwater keep, their captured lords choosing to swear fealty rather then feel the cold steel of her executioners sword at their throats. While at Brightwater she had also received a raven from Nymeria Sand informing her that she had taken the Old Oak and asked permission to attack the Goldengrove which she granted.  

“With the Goldengrove under my rule Highgarden could not possibly hope to oppose my armies” Daenerys declared before a map of the Seven Kingdoms. 

“Save your armies for Kings Landing your grace, let me and my men take Highgarden for you” Obara had asked as they planned their next move.

“Very well. But take Greyworm with you, I cannot have you taking all the glory” She replied. 

“I do not fight for my glory but for yours my Queen”

Oh how I want to believe you.  

“Very well” Dany had decided. “Take the second sons and infiltrate the castle” She had ordered of her. And she had delivered once more. Watching as the grand vine and rose covered gates of Highgarden opened before her Daenerys trotted triumphantly into the castle. Galloping passed the many vibrant groves and elegant fountains which littered the castle grounds Daenerys rode into the main courtyard to a flurry of cheers and celebrations of the second sons and Unsullied troops whom, flooded into the castle at her rear. Dismounting her stallion as a pile of emerald and gold Tyrell banners burned in the courtyards centre Greyworm and Obara Sand bent the knee before her.

“Your grace, Highgarden is yours” Obara declared as she gazed her with a raw Dornish flare which sent an air of excitement racing through her, her snake wrapped spear tip and amour soaked in the blood of the castles Tyrell defenders.  



Later that evening as dusk descended over the Reach Daenerys gazed the sun set from a luxurious bed chambers, its stone walls and central pillar painted and carved with red roses and green vines which snaked there way around the chambers interior, giving the impression of being in a garden. Upon a hard oak bed before a long table, covered in candles, clothes, wine and an unfurled map of Westeros Daenerys rested on all fours naked as Obara pleasured her womanhood from behind.

“Oh…fuck” Dany mumbled to herself as the circular motion of the bastards fingers upon her clit sent her spiralling into orgasm. “Hhhhhuuuuuuuuggg….” She moaned as she bit down upon her lip and curled her toes, allowing the waves of pleasure to take control. As the sun disappeared beyond the western horizon Dany caught her breath as Obara rolled her onto her back to snog her lips and neck. 

“You do not stop do you?” Dany said as she run her fingers through Obara’s short dark locks. 

“How can I stop when I get to making love the Queen” Obara replied much to Dany’s amusement.

“You are making love to me now? before I know it you’ll be offering me your hand in marriage”

“The thought of such a thing had not escaped my mind” Obara jested.

“I am already married Obara” Dany replied as she gifted Obara’s cheek her palm. 

“So? you are Daenerys Stormborn, Daenerys the Great, the Khaleesi, the Queen of Westeros and a conquerer like your ancestor Aegon who..if I recall had two wives. If Aegon can have two wives why not Daenerys? Besides Yara Greyjoy is most likely dead” Her words caught her off guard. 

“You do not know that” 

“I have seen war your grace, I know what fate can befall the ones we love should our enemies take them” 

“Yara is not dead and you will cease talking as if she is” Dany snapped as she crawled from underneath her embrace and walked over to the map of Westeros. Picking up her goblet of Dornish wine Dany stood naked over her kingdoms as she drunk.

“Forgive me my Queen. I did not mean to upset you” Obara said as she climbed from the bed and approached her. “I just do not want your heart to be broken anymore then it already has been”

“Do not pretend to care about my heart and those whom I love” Dany snapped once more. Behind her Obara knelt.

“Once more I ask forgiveness my Queen. But I cannot help but care, why do you push me away? I am loyal to you and you alone” Obara declared.

“And what about Ellaria? and your sister Nymeria? are you not loyal to them?” Dany asked as she paced before the map and picked up the sun and spear Martell marker. 

“I love my sister and I am loyal to her, just as I was to Tyene before she was murdered by Margaery Tyrell. They are my blood, my sisters. Ellaria however….”

“……..She took the title of Princess of Dorne away from you after you killed Doran Martell did she not?” Dany interrupted as she twirled the sun and spear of Dorne through her finger tips.  

“She did……she forced me to give it up…….. I hate her for it”

“Then why do you spy on me for her?”

“Your grace?” Obara replied taken aback. 

“Am I wrong? why else would you have tried to get so close to me all of a sudden after nine months?”

“You….you are not wrong your grace”

“What have you told her?”

“Nothing as of yet your grace. Ellaria was angry that you did not accept her offer of marriage, on the voyage to Braavos she ordered me to seduce you, make my way into your bed and learn your secrets”

“Is that all I am to you? a fool for you to fuck and betray?”

“Never my Queen. I have desired you ever since I first lay eyes upon you. I did what my princess asked of me and seduced your body, but I never expected you to seduce my heart in return”

She loves me? Is this a trick? or does she mean what she says. I want to believe her but I cannot, she followed Ellaria’s orders to spy on me, yet she had told her nothing. I must be wise in my next steps.

“I do not doubt your loyalty and devotion to me Obara, and I appreciate your honesty but I do not trust you. Not yet anyhow. Like the Arbor you must prove yourself worthy of my closest confidence” Dany said as she picked up the ancient valyrian necklace. 

“What must I do?”

“I want you to spy on Ellaria for me and feed her false information about me. Report everything she does to me. If she plots a move against me I wish to know of it”

“I swear upon the blood of all Dornish I shall do this”

“Do this and I will know I can trust you” Dany declared as she turned to face her. “I will also name you Princess of Dorne, legitimise you as a Martell, take you as a second wife and allow you the honour of baring a child for me” Dany finished as she twirled her ancestors ancient valyrian steel fertility necklace before her eyes. Obara bowed her head.

“I cannot think of anything more glorious your grace”

“I am giving you a chance Obara, do not betray me”

“Never your grace”

“Good, now leave me, and summon Missandei to my chambers. The night is cold and I wish to sleep along side someone I can trust” With that Obara Sand bowed, collected her clothes and left the chamber. 

Ellaria vides for my throne behind my back. She sends a Martell bastard to deceive me. But I am not like Doran Martell. No. I will not be a fool to be played, manipulated and then killed. 



That night as she slept underneath soft silks, warm furs and with Missandei at her side Daenerys dreamt of the pearl black beaches of Dragonstone, the great stone dragons and imposing gargoyles on the high cliff’s above watching her as she walked bare foot upon the sand, each grain seeping into the spaces between her toes. Suddenly, a voice called out to her from the sea, a womans voice, rough and ready just as the sea’s she sailed upon. Looking out upon the water Daenerys watched as Yara Greyjoy emerged from the depths of the sea. Coated in a cloak sea weed and crown of Kraken tentacles which wrapped itself around her head and hair, Yara smiled as she walked onto the beach, a gift wrapped in moss within her arms. Before her she stood and unfurled the moss coated blanket to reveal a baby girl with white gold locks and eyes of fire. As the babe looked to her Daenerys held out her hand to grace her skin. Suddenly she begun to sink. Looking down at her legs Dany squirmed as the cold hands of starving men, women and child reached up from the black sands at her feet to drag her under. Further and further down the hands dragged her as Yara and her babe watched from above. 

“Help me..please help me” She pleaded.

“You forgot about us….left us to die. You shall pay Daenerys Stormborn, you shall pay dear sweet mother” The babe scoffed as flames of hatred ignited from her eyes which set Yara ablaze. 

“NNNOOOOOO” Dany screamed as her shoulders sank beneath the sands, the hands which dragged her under gagging and clawing chucks from her flesh. As her daughter watched her drowned below the sands Dany felt her lungs fill with sand as the voices of dead men, women and children hissed and snared at her. 

“May the gods forgive me”

As the pressure of the sand begun to crush her body Dany struggled as fear gripped her, a fire suddenly igniting her skin, a dragon’s deafening roar echoing throughout her mind. Closing her eyes she felt the cold winds of Westeros take her as she few above the world searching for something. 

“Drogon? is that you? I miss you. Please come back to me. Come back to your mother” She pleaded as he roared with the force of a thousand thunderbolts which tore open the skies above. As the world fell into night before her eyes Drogon flapped his wings and dived.

“What are you doing my sweet Drogon?” She asked as the earth below faded away into a cloud of smoking shadow, the eyes of flaming corruption smirking at her as Drogon descended. 

“Pull up. Please, sweet Drogon pull up” Dany pleaded as the smoking shadow of herself opened her mouth and swallowed her and Drogon hole.  



In the night she awoke in a cold sweat, her palms quenched, her heart racing. Taking a moment to collect herself Dany climbed from the bed as Missandei slumbered at her side. Wiping the sweat from her brow Dany threw on a gold laced silk night gown and poured herself a goblet of water before staring out into the star coated night skies above Highgarden. 

Could it all be true? Yara? a daughter? Drogon alive? a life creating necklace? After watching Melisandre birth her demon I do not know what to believe anymore.

Chapter Text

“Get moving Greyjoy whore” A Tyrell knight on horse back barked as he kicked Yara Greyjoy to the ground, her knees sinking into the muddy mounds before her, the land soaked in the mid spring rains. Chained at the wrist and dragged along behind a horse Yara felt her body shake and shudder as the cold winds swept through her drenched tunic and mud logged breeches. 

“When I am free of these chains I am going to gut everyone of you” Yara scorned as she climbed through the mud and looked up into the clear blue skies above, her teeth grit as she prayed to the drowned god for salvation. His response arriving swiftly from the anus of the knights warhorse as chunks of warm feces graced her head and hair.

“Fuck you….FUCK YOU ALL” Yara shouted as the warm excrement rolled down her cheeks, the Tyrell soldiers laughing as they mocked her humiliation. 

“Be glad we have orders to keep you alive whore, my father was killed by Greyjoy’s during a raid on Old Oak. A face full of horse shit is no less then you deserve” One of the Tyrell men responded. Yara smiled. 

“And what about my child?” Yara said as she looked down at her swollen baby bump, caked and covered in mud and manure. 

“What about it? you Greyjoy scum don’t deserve to bare children”

“This child is the heir of Daenerys Targaryen. She is going to win this fucking war…so you boys better start being nice to me or she’ll burn you all” Yara threatened as she looked the soldier in the eye. 

“The whore’s lost her mind as well as her crew” Another guard said as the soldiers erupted into a flurry of laughter. 

“Come on, get moving” The knight on horse back kicked her as they continued on their trek back east across Westeros. For three days and thee nights she had been chained and dragged along through fields, forests, villages and more. 

I must find a way to escape. I swore to protect you and I shall. 

Yara vowed during a cold night tied to a tree stump as the knights sept underneath warm furs. 

I will not let them take you little one. Both Margaery Tyrell and Sansa Stark will feel my blade if they should harm you.  



At noon on the forth day as Yara forced herself to walk, the blisters and scars which covered the souls of her feet popping and bleeding as she went, her captives came into contact with an army, the biggest she had ever laid eyes upon. Dragged into the colossal mass of military might, a hundred thousand men at arms flying the banners of just about every house in Westeros Yara found herself the subject of ridicule as she was dragged past the armours formations of men who laughed at her capture. 

“The whore returns” One soldier joked as another threw a mouldy orange at her face. 

“Say that again. I will kill you where you stand” On her words she suddenly felt another firm kick to her rear which sent her falling to her knees. The weight of her baby bump causing her pain. 

“FUCK YOU…MAY THE DROWNED GOD TAKE YOU ALL” Yara screamed as a pain surged through her womb.

“You are a long way from the sea for that don’t you think my lady?” Sansa Stark commented. On her words Yara looked up at the figure before her. Upon her white northern mare Sansa Stark sat. Donning a grey tunic, riding breeches, a steel breast cupped breastplate with the dire wolf of Winterfell engraved upon it and a wolf’s fur over her shoulders Sansa smirked as she looked down upon her. 

“FUCK YOU” Yara scoffed much to Sansa’s amusement. 

“I wouldn’t strain yourself my lady, it would be a shame if you had to give birth in a field” She sarcastically replied as her knights dragged Yara to her feet. 

“I will not let you have my babe” Yara declared as she stood her ground. 

“You do not have a choice in the matter. As long as you carry Daenerys’ child inside you you are far to valuable to be released” 

“Your a vile bitch Sansa Stark. I was raised to believe Starks had honour, what honour is there in using a newborn as a pawn in your game of thrones?”

“Your wife should have thought about that before she took Margaery from me” Sansa coldly replied.

“What do you mean?” Yara asked. Sansa gulped as she looked out upon her army. 

“Margaery is dead. I am Queen now” For a moment Yara did not say a word until the smallest of laughs escaped her lips. 

“Thank the drowned god for at last he has listened to me. I only pray that he takes you next” Yara laughed as Sansa ordered her knights to beat her once more. Harder and harder they hit as blow after pain filled blow was struck across her face, her nose breaking as a Stark knight thrust the butt of his spear into her, but still through all the beatings and pain she laughed. 

“You have no idea how much pleasure I have been brought Sansa Stark, knowing that that smug bitch is dead, you’ll be joining her soon” Yara choked up along with the fountain of blood which had once been her nose.

“Take her away” Sansa ordered as her guard dragged her from her sight. 

You will join her soon enough Sansa Stark. My Dany shall see to that. 

Chapter Text

As dawn broke over the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros the last of the winter ice and snows melted away into the rich fertile soils of the Reach, the fields of endless gold flourishing as thousands of spring roses furled  into bloom, there delicate petals of vibrant gold flaking off into the last of the winter winds as the earth who bore them shook to the shattering march of Sansa Starks army. Upon her white northern mare, donned in fur, steel and vengeance Sansa rode at the head of her army, an armoured mass of steel and swords at her rear the likes of which Westeros had never before seen. From the North to the Reach, Westerlands to the Vale, Riverlands to the Crownlands, the banners of every house in Westeros fluttered underneath the crowned banner of the Wolf and Rose, the glorious red sunlight of the dawn declaring its fealty to her. 

There shall be no dawn for Daenerys Targaryen.   

Sansa coldly declared as she sighted the white walls and grand towers of Highgarden in the distance, its once beautiful walls now soiled and defiled by the banners of the three headed dragon. Closer and closer to the edges of the ancient citadel Sansa led her armies until she could make out the thousands of Unsullied troops and sell sword mercenaries atop the outer defensive walls. Just short of arrow range Sansa ordered her army to a sudden holt, her knights scurrying on horse back between the armoured columns shouting her orders to the men. For a moment Sansa dwelled on horse back before the mighty walls of Highgarden.

“What are your orders your grace? shall we attack?” Loras asked as he rode up the army’s central column and pulled up at her side her. 

“No. Not yet. We will camp here Sir Loras and allow the men time to rest”

“Camp here? so close to the castle your grace?”

“I want Daenerys Targaryen to see what she is up against. I expect some of her followers to abandon her”

“If you say so your grace” Loras replied as he turned to ride off back down the army’s central column.

“Sir Oakheart?” Sansa summoned of her Queens guard.

“Yes your grace?” He bowed upon his horse. 

“I need you to deliver a message for me. Gather three men and ride up to the main gate, tell Daenerys Targaryen that the Queen summons her to an audience. If she refuses my summons tell her I will take her by force, she has until noon to accept my offer” Sansa coldly declared. 

“It will be done your grace” Sir Oakheart bowed once more before riding off to her rear to gather his men. 

She will pay for taking you from me Margaery. They all shall pay.   



Later that day as dusk descended upon the Reach Sansa Stark sat atop her mare before the grand rose and vine engraved gates of Highgarden. Donning her wolf’s fur and an engraved breast cupped steel breast plate Sansa brandished an authoritative crown of ice upon her head, her lopsided locks of burnt autumn streaming down her shoulders to meet the hilt of her families ancestral sword, its valyrian steel still stained with Margaery’s blood. At her rear sat her Queen’s guard, clad in the steel and snow colours of house Stark, the grey direwolf banner fluttering in the breeze above them. At her side Sir Loras also sat his horse, his palm rested upon his blades hilt. 

“We will not let her win Loras” Sansa had assured him during the ride up to the castle.

“You better not your grace, else I will” Loras scorned in response.

Do not think you are the only one who cared for Margaery.   

Gazing up at the fluttering Targaryen banners above the gate, Highgarden opened before her.

I shall not let her see my pain.   

Watching as the grand rose and vine engraved gates opened a small group rode forward from the castle walls. Flanked by two columns of heavily armoured Unsullied, clad in black leather and steel Daenerys Targaryen rode forth upon a stallion bread for war. Donning a black tunic and breast plate Sansa watched as Daenerys’ crimson Targaryen cloak fluttered in the wind as she approached, a freshly forged crown of fire adorning her locks of white gold. At her rear rode Missandei of Naath also donning Targaryen colours, her sigil of the green Naathi butterfly fluttering along side the three headed dragon. In the shadow of the great white walls of Highgarden the Queens of Ice and Fire met. 

“Daenerys Targaryen, I am glad you have chosen to accepted my summons. Surely this means you have come to your senses and will now do the honourable thing by surrendering yourself and the eunuch scum who follow you” Sansa jested as she sat fearlessly upon her mare. Daenerys smiled. 

“Actually I had rather hoped you would finally bend the knee Sansa Stark, and offer me your army as penitence for your crimes against not only myself but the innocent people of Braavos who you burned alive”

“I will not be lectured on the burning of innocence from a woman who used to do the same, I suppose its a good thing Qyburn and his cult of followers killed your dragons before you could burn others” Sansa replied.  

“Who needs dragons when I have a priestess of Asshai in my service. I believe Margaery Tyrell knows first hand what kind of power she possesses” Daenerys jabbed with a sting in her voice. 

I shall not let her see my pain. 

“You may have taken Margaery from me, but I will not be cut down so easily” Sansa said as she turned and nodded to bring forth the prisoner. 

“What makes you think I will not simply order the lady Melisandre to summon another shadow to kill you too?” Sansa smirked. 

“Because, if I am to die my ever so loyal Queen’s guard have orders to slit your wife’s throat”

One her words Yara Greyjoy was brought forth. Chained at the wrist Yara pushed and shoved the guards as they threw her to the cold stone before Daenerys’ horse. 

“Let her go” She demanded as her authoritative grin turned to one of concern.

She did not expect that. 

“Just as you let Margaery go? I think not” Sansa replied as Daenerys looked down upon her wife on her knees before them. 

“You are with child?” Daenerys asked.

“I am my wife” Yara replied with a smile. Daenerys turned back to Sansa.

“First Missandei, now my wife? I will see my men enjoy you before you die Sansa Stark” Daenerys furiously declared. 

“You would have me raped? by whom? your eunuchs? they are lacking the stones and a pillar to do so” Sansa jested, her guard laughing behind her. “Besides my men have not touched her, no man has. In her belly growns no bastard but your child” Sansa announced to Dany’s puzzlement. 

“The bitch is right my love. I carry our child, it is as much Targaryen as it is Greyjoy. I feel it even though I cannot explain it” Yara said. 

“I think I can” Daenerys replied. Upon her mare Sansa watched as Daenerys reached underneath her breast plate and pulled forth the ancient valyrian fertility necklace, its rich jewels glistening in the dusks orange light. 

“You have it?” Sansa let slip. “Now I know how your priestess was able to summon a shadow in your image, it was your child with her” Sansa asserted. 

“And my child did as Melisandre birthed her for” Daenerys smiled as she looked down to Yara, their eyes meeting. “I can’t express how happy I am we are going to have a child together Yara”

“I also my Queen” Yara replied with a cocky grin. Dany turned back to Sansa.

“What are your demands? my wife and child or not I will not surrender Highgarden to you” She declared.

“I do not expect you to” Sansa smirked. “I want to make a trade, you give me Melisandre and the fertility necklace and I shall let you attended the birth of your child” Sansa proposed.

“No, I will give you Melisandre and the necklace but Yara comes with me” Dany demanded. 

“Yara will stay with me and so too will the babe when it is born” 

“Yara comes with me or there is no agreement” Dany scoffed. 

“So be it” Sansa smirked. “Sir Oakheart, slit the Greyjoy’s throat” She coldly ordered. Climbing from his horse Sir Oakheart pulled forth his sword and readied himself to unleash its cold steel across Yara’s neck. As the knight prepared himself Dany gazed her with a look of subdued horror. 

“NO” Dany cried out. 

“She’s fucking bluffing, she doesn't have the guts” Yara shouted as two towering Stark guards yanked her head back and held her neck in place for the cut. 

“No, I will not risk it. I lost you once Yara, I will not loose you again and not with my child inside you” Daenerys turned to Sansa as she held up her hand to pause Sir Oakheart. “We have an agreement” Dany submitted much to Sansa’s satisfaction.

“I shall send men to the castle gates when her waters break. In the meantime my army will lay siege while you retain full control of Highgarden” Sansa finished.  

“Agreed” Dany replied. 

“Good” Sansa smugly smiled as she turned her mare from her.  

“Why are you doing this?” Dany asked as she watched Yara dragged away by her men. Sansa gulped and turned, her smug look gone, replaced by pain and ice. 

“In truth?….. when Margaery give birth to my daughter it was the happiest moment of my life, I didn’t want it to end. All my life I had dream’t of it and finally it happened” Sansa gazed deep into her eyes, a cold rage within. “I want you to experience that happiness for yourself, I want you to feel and to cherish it as I did before I rip it from you forever, just as you have ripped my happiness from me. I want you to die a cold woman with a broken heart” Sansa scorned with clenched teeth as a single tear rolled down her cheek. 

“If that is to be my destiny then so be it, atleast I will die in solace, knowing that I have not been abandoned by the gods to live a cold life like you” Dany declared, her voiced filled with pity for her.   

“The gods abandoned me the moment Joffery took my fathers head, it only took you taking Margaery from me to realise that” Sansa finished as she lashed the rains of her mare, the cold springs winds of the Reach fluttering the Stark and Targaryen banners above. 

I have let her see my pain. 

Chapter Text

As the touches outside her royal tent flickered in the cold winds of the night Sansa Stark lay naked underneath wolf pelts and rich Myrishy silks as she dangled the Valyrian fertility necklace before her eyes, its ancient sapphire, emerald and ruby jewels shining in the candles light at her bedside. 

Who knew something so small could create so much happiness, yet so much misery.  

Sansa thought as she placed it down on her bed side before furling the thick wolf furs around her. Down below Arya Tyrell lay snug underneath the warm furs cuddled up to her as any babe would her mother, her little newborn head rested between her breasts as she slept peacefully. Smiling as she watched her daughter slumber upon her chest Sansa stroked the little tuffs of autumn burnt hair upon her head. 

“I cannot believe how much you look like me little one. It is as if I carried and bore you myself, gods know the pain would be worth it” Sansa smiled as she pulled Arya loser to her underneath the furs. “You are only a few weeks into this cruel and unforgiving world and you have already lost one of your mothers” Sansa said as the memory of Margaery’s death flashed back into her mind, the blood, the screams, the shadow, smoking and hissing as it plunged ice through her heart. “I am sorry I could not protect her, I am sorry I let you down little one. I pray that you can forgive me when you are a woman grown who rules over these Kingdoms” Sansa wept and she choked back tears. “You may have lost a mother but you shall not lose a second. I love you little one, I may not have bore you but my blood runs through your vains. I am a wolf and you are my little cub and I will protect you just as any mother would” Sansa vowed. “You may carry the name Tyrell but deep down you are a Stark, you will be a Shewolf like me one day, and you shall sit the Iron Throne” Sansa smiled as she kissed Arya on the head. “Its funny in a way, the Targaryen’s, Baratheons, Lannisters, even the Tyrell’s, they all wanted the iron throne, yet just about all of them are dead, buried in the ground, rotting while a Stark sits the throne” Sansa declared as she run her finger gently across Arya’s little cheeks. “The lone Wolf dies while the pack survives, we are the pack little one along with your brother at Winterfell. We will survive….. whatever happens” Sansa finished with a another gentle kiss upon her forehead as she put out the candle at her bedside. 



That night Sansa dreamt of the north, of Winterfell and the wolf’s wood, and of Margaery. Stood upon a lake of ice Sansa embraced the cold winters winds as they blew against her, her locks of autumn fire dancing and driving as a fierce blizzard raged around her. 

“I am the Queen of ice and snow, of winter and wolf’s, of north and south. I am the ruler of this realm, and non shall oppose me”

Sansa declared as the raging blizzard bowed before her, the fierce winds dropping and snow settling at her feet. Stood naked upon the ice she caught a glimpse of something stood before her, a person, a woman, of Margaery. Sat upon the ice Margaery smiled as the snows cleared behind her, Arya cuddled up to her as she suckled upon her mothers milk. As an ecstasy of joy enveloped her Sansa leapt towards her. Closer and closer she drew to Margaery before she was stopped, struck down by fear once more as the smoking shadow of Daenerys Targaryen formed behind her and plunged its hand threw her heart. 

“NNNOOOOOOOO” Sansa screamed as she relived her moment of horror and helplessness, falling to her knees in despair, the ice below shattering like stained glass as she felt herself devoured by the icy depths. Dragged down into the darkness by guilt Sansa struggled to surface even has the hole she had made in the ice above closed. Staring up into the fading light which shone through the water she watched, as through the ice Margaery’s lifeless bloodied corpse fell face first into the water, her eyes rotting and hollow. 


Sansa wept as the icy waters filled her lungs and her will to live wained. 


Sansa said as she accepted her death in the icy darkness, a pair of cold sapphire blue eyes staring at her though the water. 


She pleaded as she was suddenly enveloped in dragons ice, awoken from her nightmare. 



Within the safety of her royal tent Sansa awoke with Arya still bundled up next to her asleep. 

Nothing can wake you little one.

Sansa thought as she rubbed the sleep from her eyes and addressed her handmaiden who stood over the bed with a worried look upon her face. 

“Why do you disturb me?” Sansa tiredly demanded to know as she closed her eyes.

“Apologies your grace, somebody wishes to speak with you”


“Ellaria Sand your grace” The name caught her attention, Sansa opened her eyes.

“We have captured Ellaria Sand?” She questioned. 

“No your grace, Ellaria came on her own from the castle. She says she wishes to form an alliance with you”

Could this be a trick?

“Bring her to me” Sansa ordered. Watching as her handmaiden left the tent Sansa sat herself up and climbed out of bed. As gently as she could possibly be Sansa placed Arya down upon the bed and wrapped her warm in wolfs fur. 

My little Shewolf.

Kissing her once more Sansa left her side and donned a second, much larger wolf fur which covered her naked body. Leaving her chest and the top of her breasts exposed Sansa flopped her messy autumn locks over her shoulder and donned the Valyrian necklace, its rich Essosi gold and jewels so vibrant against her grey furs and pale skin. Approaching her war table, adorned with a large map of Westeros Sansa poured herself a goblet of Arbor wine and took a seat while she awaited the Princess of Dorne. 

Does she come on Daenerys’ orders, or her own ambition I wonder.

Eventually she arrived. Through the grey curtains of her royal tent Ellaria Sand appeared with her handmaiden in toe. Wrapped in an orange silk dress and brown leather breeches Ellaria smiled seductively as their eyes met.  

“Queen Sansa, Princess Ellaria Sand of Dorne” The handmaiden announced as Ellaria curtseyed before her. “I am honoured you could receive me at such a late hour your grace” Ellaria said. 

“Dispense with the pleasantries lady Ellaria, the hour is late and my newborn requires her mother warm” Ellaria smiled once more.

“May we speak in private?” She requested. Dismissing her handmaiden Sansa raised her goblet of wine and sloshed it from side to side for a moment.

Does my handmaiden speak the truth?  

“If Daenerys has sent you to beg me for Yara Greyjoy’s release the answer is no”

“I do not come on behalf of Daenerys but for myself and the people of Dorne” Ellaria announced. Sansa dwelled on her words. 

“My handmaiden tells me you wish to form an alliance? is this true?” 

“It is my Queen” Ellaria replied.

“Why?” Sansa demanded to know. 

“Daenerys cannot win this war. She can hold out in Highgarden for only so long, but in time your army shall overwhelm her” Ellaria admitted. 

“You fear I shall win this battle and remove you as Princess?”

“I may have chosen to side with Daenerys but not at any cost. For nine months I have supported her claim and so to has Dorne, and what has she given her loyal followers in return? nothing but death while she grants herself hollow titles she has not earned”

“Perhaps you should have thought about that before siding with her” Sansa snapped.

“With the greatest of respects, I would not have joined her if not for your wife talking Tyene from me” Ellaria coldly replied. 

“What happened to Tyene Sand is in the past” Sansa said. 

“Indeed so your grace, and let me say this also. I had nothing to do with Margaery’s death” Sansa laughed. 

“Of course you didn’t” She sarcastically remarked. 

“I swear it upon my people. I and her small council urged her agasint getting a priestess of the red god involved in our war. The last leader she served led him a stray with her magic”

“The red woman will be punished for her crimes in time, for now I must focus of defeating Daenerys”  

“Of which I can help you” Ellaria suggested. 

“How?” Sansa curiously asked. 

“I have almost 3,000 men within Highgarden. Men who are loyal to me and me alone. When it is time for your attack you shall take the castle but at the price of thousands dead. Allow my men to open the gates for you during the battle and together we can defeat Daenerys Targaryen” Ellaria purposed much to Sansa’s intrigue. Sitting back in her chair Sansa sloshed the rich wine within her goblet once more.  

She wants something from me. 

“And what is it you would like in return for this betrayal?” Sansa asked. Ellaria smiled as she got down on one knee before her. 

“Your hand in marriage my Queen” Her proposal took her by surprise. 

“Truly?” Sansa replied with a raised brow. 

“Yes truly” Ellaria replied as she reached across the war table and took her hand. “Let us join our houses in marriage and allow me the honour of bearing you heirs your grace, strong sons and daughters of both Dornish and Northern Kingdoms, a great union of blood between the south and the north” Placing her goblet down Sansa took a moment to clear her thoughts.

She is ambitious. 

“Your offer is tempting Ellaria, but I already have an heir, my daughter with Margaery” Sansa replied.

“Margaery was special to you, this I know your grace, stories of the love you both shared reached even Dorne. But you above all others know the true price to be paid for power”

Do not lecture on Margaery, my love for her or power. You know nothing about me. 

“What would you have me do?” Sansa asked. 

“You love your daughter just as you loved Margaery, it would not be wise to put her in harms way. Send her north to be raised and allow her to rule Highgarden when she is a woman grown. And name the son or daughter I bare for you your true heir”   

She wants the throne for her bastards. She is a fool if she thinks I would agree to such a thing. But Daenerys must to pay for what she has taken from me. Until then I will play Ellaria’s little game. 

Removing her hand from Ellaria’s own Sansa crossed her legs and pretended to ponder her words. 

“I might be willing to accept your proposal” Staring deep into her eyes Ellaria smirked and rose before her. 

“I will give everything I have to you my Queen” Ellaria declared as she unlaced her dress and dropped it before her. In silence Sansa watched as Ellaria walked around the war table and approached her, closer and closer the Dornish bastard slithered, her slender, olive skinned naked form intoxicating to the eyes, like the venom of deadly viper. “My lands and titles, my love and loyalty” Ellaria continued as she sat upon Sansa’s knee. “My body and cunt” She whispered in her ear as she snogged Sansa passionately upon the neck, her fingers guided into Ellaria’s womanhood. Allowing herself a moment of brief indulgence Sansa pulled away from her lips.  

“So that is the game you play? seduce me, fuck me, provide me with more heirs and then what? betray me? just as you betray Daenerys?”

“It is not like that your grace”

“You Dornish are nothing but snakes Ellaria, your bastards even more so. I do not know about Dorne but in the north when we conspire agasint somebody we speak bluntly” Ellaria gulped and then smirked once more.

“Then allow me to speak bluntly your grace” Ellaria secede. “I do not want to be just a Princess of Dorne, I want to be a Queen of Westeros. I want my children to sit the iron throne, the last legacy of a Dornish bastard” Ellaria admitted. “I thought I could get that from Daenerys Targaryen but she refused my offer. The same offer I make of you now. Take me as a wife, name me your Queen’s consort and allow me to give you strong heirs using the necklace of my ancestors”   

“And what of Tyene?” Sansa asked. 

“Tyene is dead, I have made my peace with that. Margaery is dead and you will have to do the same” 

She is right in a way. But I will never make my peace with her death until Daenerys lies dead. 

Sansa gazed deep into Ellaria’s eyes. 

“I shall attack Highgarden the day after Yara Greyjoy gives birth. Open the gates to my men and aid me in avenging the death of the woman I loved. Do this for me and I shall accept your offer. Betray me and I'll have you flayed alive” Sansa declared. 

“I shall my Queen. I promise you” Ellaria replied.

“Good” Sansa said as she yanked the fertilely necklace from her neck and placed it on the war table. “Now pleasure me” She demanded. On her words Ellaria kissed her once more before opening her wolf furs and sliding down between her legs. 

Everything I do I do for you little one. 

Sansa thought as she closed her eyes, Ellaria’s tongue and fingers slithering across her clit and deep into her womanhood.

Chapter Text

From high above her chambers balcony Ellaria Sand gazed out into the night, the full moon hung high in the sky as it was enveloped in a sea of stars, all glistening against the darkness. 

The night skies are no different here then in Dorne. 

Ellaria reflected as her eyes met the bright mass of lanterns and fires which scattered across the length and breadth of Sansa Starks camp beyond Highgarden’s solid walls, the Unsullied pacing back and forth upon them, forever watchful. 

Sansa Stark is no fool. She knows what I want from her, perhaps that is a good thing. 

Shrouded within the darkness of her chambers Ellaria awaited the bastard daughters of her dead lover to arrive. Together they slithered into the chamber, first Nymeria, then Obara. 

“You wanted to speak with us Ellaria?” Nymeria asked as she stepped forth into the moonlight. 

“I did” Ellaria replied, her gazed still fixed upon the sea of encampment lights before her. “Were you followed?” Obara smirked. 

“No one would dare try such a thing with a sand snake of Dorne”

“We must be careful….Daenerys has a spy watching us I am sure of it” Ellaria openly speculated while Obara stood reaction-less. 

“I have had the same feeling, could it be one of the men?” Nymeria replied. 

“That is why what I am about to tell you must say between us” Ellaria said as she turned in the darkness to face them. “Nobody can know until the time is right. I trust you both”

“Hurry up and tell us before I die a dried up old crone” Obara impatiently scoffed. 

“I am sure Queen Daenerys’ cunt can survive a little while longer without your own rubbed against it sister” Nymeria jested. As Obara grit her teeth Ellaria revealed her secret to them. 

“I have just returned from a meeting with Sansa Stark” She announced to them, the news catching both daughters attention. 

“And?…. what did the wolf bitch have to say?” Obara scoffed once more. Ellaria smirked. 

“That wolf bitch you speak of shall be my future wife” For a moment the sisters looked to each other then back to Ellaria. 

“What do you mean?” Nymeria question.

“I mean that Sansa Stark has accepted my offer of marriage. An alliance between the snake of Sunspear and the wolf of Winterfell has been born” Ellaria declared much to Obara’s surprise.

“Are you sure Sansa Stark can be trusted?” Nymeria asked. 

“Sansa Stark tries to put on a show of force but it is a facade, underneath those stern northern looks is a frightened girl who shrouds herself in power to feel safe. A power we can exploit for ourselves” For a moment the sisters pondered her words before Obara spoke up. 

“Where does this leave our allegiances? are we to just abandon Queen Daenerys’ after all we have been through?” 

“Our support of Daenerys was based upon her dragons. With them she would have crushed Sansa Stark and Margaery Tyrell long ago. But without them? she is nothing more then another pretender” Ellaria replied much to Obara’s sudden rage. 

“A year, almost a year of fighting at her side, serving on her small council and defending her claim…for what? just so we can plunge a dagger into her back? where is the honour?” Ellaria smiled.

“This was never about honour, this is about who holds the balance of power. We can fight along side Daenerys Targaryen and die…or we can side with Sansa Stark and secure the people of Dorne’s future, and our own”

“Margaery killed Tyene, our sister, your own daughter” Nymeria said.  

“Margaery is dead” Ellaria snapped. 

“But Sansa Stark was her wife, she aided her, supported her, she may as well have killed Tyene herself” Nymeria scoffed.

“You think I do not know that? Sansa Stark will pay for her crimes against us in time, but for now we will ally with her” Ellaria declared. For a moment the sand snakes went quiet. 

“How will she pay?” Nymeria asked as Obara paced back and forth within the moonlight. 

“Sansa Stark has our families fertility necklace, per my marriage proposal I will use it to provide her with heirs, children of both north and south. Once I have bore her enough children we will arrange for Sansa Stark to die in a tragic accident, along with her daughter by Margaery of course” Ellaria smiled. “Then I shall be named Queen regent, until the bastards I bare for her come of age” The daughters paced back and forth in thought.

“I do not like this idea Ellaria, but you are our Princess and I will follow you. If this new alliance is what you desire then I shall not oppose you” Nymeria declared. 

“Thank you Nym, it is a risk I know, but soon our vengeance shall be complete…and the iron throne will be in our possession”

“There is not a shred of honour or loyalty within you both is there?” Obara scoffed in disgust. Ellaria smiled as she took her hand.

“We have a chance Obara, a grand opportunity to put a Dornish bastard upon the iron throne. A bastard of Dornish blood who through, we could rule these Seven Kingdoms” Ellaria explained as Obara threw back her hand. 

“After everything Queen Daenerys has given us? you speak as if she is nothing but a pawn to be played”

“In this game Obara there are only players and pawns, I expected you to have learned that by now” Ellaria coldly replied. 

“Take your plots and shove them up your arse, you are not my mother and never were” Obara snapped.

“Your right I am not, I was your fathers paramour, he loved me more then anybody else” Ellaria jabbed. 

“Fuck father, Oberyn is dead and I will not betray Queen Daenerys” Obara scoffed. Gifting her a look of disappointment Ellaria paced back towards her balcony and stared out into the night. 

“What will you do now then? will you tell Daenerys of our plans?” Ellaria turned to her. “What would your father and the people of Dorne think of you I wonder?”

Obara loved her father, she respected and looked up to him. She will not tell Daenerys, I know how to control her far more then she herself knows. 

“Well Obara? will you betray me? your sister and the people of Dorne?” Ellaria provoked her. “And for what? love?”

“Fuck you” Obara scoffed. 

“You are in love with Daenerys are you not?” Ellaria coldly asserted. In a moment of uncertainly Obara grit her teeth and stormed from the chamber, the truth of Ellaria’s words to much for her to bare. 

“Shall I go after her?” Nymeria asked. 

“Don’t, Obara will see sense by the morning. She will find another to love. Until then we wait for the Greyjoy girl to have her child” Ellaria finished as she stared out upon the horizon.

We must be strong Obara. Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken. 

Chapter Text

Upon her stallion Daenerys Targaryen waited as the grand rose and vine engraved gates of Highgarden opened. 

I am truly ready for this?

Dany asked herself as her stomach churned at the thought of seeing Yara once more after so long. 

She is with child. My child. A Targaryen babe. A young dragon. For so long I have accepted that I cannot bare a child, that my womb is barren, that I would be a Queen without an heir. The last true Targaryen before my family line ends forever. But now, because of Yara, I am a mother to be. A thought that both excites and terrifies me. 

Dany reflected as she kicked her stallion into action and led a column of her best Unsullied troops, clad in black steel and leather from the protective walls of Highgarden. It had been just past noon during a small council meeting when she had been informed that a Stark rider had appeared at the main gate, sent by Sansa Stark to inform her that Yara Greyjoy’s waters had broken in the early hours of the morning and that she had been moved into a royal tent sent up in the rose fields between Highgarden's eastern walls and Sansa Starks military encampment. 

“It could be a trap my Queen” Greyworm had warned her. 

“I agree your grace, we killed Margaery… Sansa Stark will do whatever it takes to have you killed” Missandei agreed. “Please your grace, do not do this”

“What choice do I have Missandei?” Dany snapped. “Yara is my wife and she carries my child, the heir to my throne. I cannot, NO..I will not leave her alone on the birth bed” Dany declared. 

“Your grace, how do you even know the child is yours? you cannot just take Sansa Starks word” Missandei replied. 

“No I cannot but I will accept Yara’s word, the word of my wife”

“But your grace?” Missandei urged, her voice laced with worry. 

“But nothing” Dany responded as she slammed her fists down upon the council table, the slams bang echoing off the grand marble and stone walls of Highgarden’s main hall. “I shall be at my wife’s side when she has the child, regardless if it is mine or not” Dany resolved in a stamp of her authority. 

Missandei and Greyworm mean well, they care for me just as I care for them. But I will not abandon Yara, not again. I cannot lose her, I love her. I cannot lose my only hope of ever becoming a mother. 

Donning a black tunic, riding breeches and a crimson Targaryen cloak which fluttered in the wind at her rear, Greyworm rode close by her side, followed by the Unsullied.

“Is this necessary Greyworm?” She asked as the Unsullied split into two separate columns and rode up along her either side to shield her. 

“Sansa Stark will do whatever it takes to kill you my Queen, I would not like to take any risks”

“I suppose you are right” Dany admitted. 

Watching as the sun set upon the fields of the Reach Daenerys and her guard finally reached their destination. Before her, alone within a field of golden rose was a royal emerald tent surrounded on all sides by two columns of Stark soldiers, equal to the number of her own guard. Clad in steel and snow the soldiers immediately huddled together upon her arrival to form a mighty wall of steel with their shields, each large, circular shield brandishing the direwolf of house Stark. Watching upon her stallion as the Stark soldiers drew forth their laces which emerged from the crevices of the shield wall Greyworm ordered the Unsullied into the same formation, the two sides locked within a tense stand off. Climbing from her stallion the Unsullied cleared a path for her through the shield wall and watched as she passed them by to confront the cold steel and sharp spears beyond. 

“Your Queen Sansa Stark tells me my wife’s waters have broken, per our agreement I order you men of the north to stand aside” Daenerys declared before them. For a moment the Stark soldiers stood cold and motionless behind their shield wall before opening up a path for her. Taking a deep breath Dany made her way passed the Stark soldiers and entered the royal tent, the Stark shield wall reforming at her rear. 

If this is indeed a trap I fear I have walked right into it.  

Pushing her way through layers of emerald and gold silk curtains Daenerys found her. Donning nothing but a grey tunic which extended down to her thighs Yara Greyjoy stood leaned over a grand copper birthing bath filled to the brim with hot waters, the steam rising high into her anger induced face. For a moment Daenerys crossed her arms and stood with a smiled as Yara moaned and scoffed at the two timid handmaidens tending to her. 

“You have to take slow deep breaths my lady” One of the handmaidens advised of her. 

“Tell me that one more time and I’ll drowned you in this…FUCKING TUB” Yara snapped much to Dany’s amusement.   

“You think this is funny?” Yara snapped as she looked and saw her. For a moment Dany felt herself freeze as Yara stared deep into her eyes. 

I have waited so long for his.   

“My Queen?” Yara muttered a sigh of relief.

“It’s me” Dany felt herself tearing up. Yara looked to her handmaidens.

“Get out” She ordered much to the handmaidens timid response. “I SAID GET OUT” Yara barked. Watching as the handmaidens scurried from the tent Dany watched as Yara stood herself tall for her Queen, her palms rested upon her swollen baby bump. 

“Daenerys” Yara said. On her words and with tears in her eyes Dany leaped across the tent and into her arms. As she wrapped her arms around her neck Dany pulled Yara close and snogged her passionately upon the lips, as tears of joy rolled down her cheeks she pulled away from her lips and rested her forehead upon hers.

“I have missed you so much” Dany wept. 

“I have missed you too” Yara smiled as her own eyes watered up. 

“Everyone kept telling me you were dead…I didn’t believe them for so long and…now…now you are here”

“It takes more then a Tyrell whore and a Stark bitch to take me down” Yara cockily replied much to Dany’s joy.  

“Your no different from when I last saw you”

“I can think of one thing that is different” Yara joked as she looked down upon her baby bump. Wiping the tears from her eyes Dany also looked down and smiled. 

“Yes, I almost forgot” She laughed. “Your going to be a mother” Dany said as she rested her palm upon her bump. 

“So are you my Queen” Yara said as she rested her own palm over Dany’s. As Daenerys took a moment to calm herself she looked up into Yara’s eyes. 

“I know, I cannot believe it. I never thought I would ever get to be a mother. I haven’t even thought of a name” Dany said. 

“I have” Yara replied. 

“What is it?”

“Help me bring our child into the world and I’ll tell you” Yara smirked followed by a sudden wave of pain which made her drop to her knees. 

“What is wrong?” Dany asked as she helped her to her feet. 

“The baby, the handmaidens say I am almost ready to have it” Yara replied as Dany sat her down on the edge of the birthing bath. 

“And I shall be right here to help you” Dany replied as she removed her crimson cloak and threw it upon the bed at the baths side. 

“What about the guards outside? that Stark bitch hates us, they may have orders to come in and slaughter us all at any moment” Yara warned. 

“I have Greyworm and Unsullied posted outside as well, if the Starks try anything they will protect us” Dany kissed her upon the lips. “Besides, Sansa Stark or not, you are my wife and the one who carries my child, if she is to win this war and rob me of these Seven Kingdoms she cannot rob me of the birth of my child” Dany kissed her passionately once more. “Now get into the bath” Yara smirked. 

“Is that an order your grace?”

“It is” Dany smiled. Watching as Yara pulled off her grey tunic and climbed into the hot bath waters Daenerys unlaced her riding breeches and removed her black Targaryen tunic and pants. Flopping her white gold locks over her shoulder Daenerys climbed into the birthing bath naked alongside her wife. Slowly descending into the hot waters at Yara’s rear Dany leaned over and planted a soft kiss upon the back of Yara’s neck before gently massaging her back. 

“What happened to you?” Dany asked as she run her finger tips along the battle scars which adorned Yara’s back.

“On Dragonstone after I saved you I went back to try and save Drogon, Rhaegal and Viserion. But before I could find another way into the castle one of Sansa Starks men shot me in leg with a cross bow. She was there as well, I tried to fight back but there was too many of them. I was dragged aboard her ship and brought to Kings Landing where I was stripped before Margaery and the court before being paraded around the streets of Kings Landing, to be pelted by stones, rotting fruit and spit” Yara explained much to Dany’s anger. 

“I will see Sansa Stark suffers for what she has done to you” Dany declared. 

“After they paraded me around Kings Landing I was thrown into the black cells to be executed, that was until they realised I was with child”

“It must have been a surprise” Dany suggested.

“It was. I had never wanted children, the only thing I was ever interested in being the mother of was a sturdy ship and a strong crew” 

“You still can be. Once I sit the iron throne you shall have enough gold to build the ship of your dreams as well as command my fleets” Dany replied. Yara smiled as she closed her eyes.

“I cannot wait my Queen” For a moment she paused as she rubbed her baby bump. “I thought I had been raped, possibly in my sleep. How else could I be with child? After that Margaery had me chained by the neck like a dog inside some fluffy southern chamber, just waiting for my waters to break”

“Sansa and Margaery clearly knew the baby was mine through my ancestors necklace. They would have used our child as a weapon against me” Dany realised.

“Sansa Stark still plans to do that” Yara said.

“I know” Dany admitted. 

“What are we going to do?”

“I do not know” Dany said as she pulled Yara back and rested her head upon her shoulder. “But let us not think of such things now. Regardless of her plans you and I are having a baby together, this should be a happy moment for the both us” Dany said as she planted a kiss upon her lips once more. 

“I said before that I never wanted children, but when I learned the child inside me belonged to you, deep down I was happy” Yara took her hand. “I consider it an honour to birth your child into the world Daenerys Targaryen, no matter what happens to us in this war, nobody can take that from me” Yara resolved as the couple stared deep to each others eyes and kissed passionately as the steam rose around them. 



For over an hour Daenerys and Yara lingered within the birthing bath, the handmaidens moving back and forth with buckets of hot water to keep the water warm. Dismissing them for a final time Yara relaxed herself against the baths edge as Dany lay at her side, her palms and head rested upon Yara’s baby bump. 

“It will not be long before you are with us little one. I promise you” Dany said as she gifted the baby bump a motherly kiss.

“Let us hope so, the drowned god knows my cunt cannot take much more of this” Yara tried to joke underneath waves of pain. 

She is in a lot of pain but will not admit to it. Yara is strong yet stubborn, like me. Perhaps the gods made us to be together.    

Taking a quick visit from the Maester to confirm she was ready Dany knelt down before her in the bath water as Yara opened her legs. 

“Are you ready?” Dany asked of her. 

“To meet our little Dragon?” Yara replied through gritted teeth.

“It might be a little Kraken” Dany smiled.  

“No, this child is a Targaryen. I can feel it”

“Greyjoy or Targaryen regardless, are you ready?” Yara shook her head as she took a deep breath. “Good, now push” Dany order of her. Swinging her head back over the birthing baths edge Yara begun to pushed. As she scrapped her finger tips into the baths copper surface Daenerys rested Yara’s legs upon her own as she stared down through the water at Yara’s womanhood, watching and waiting for a first glimpse of the child's head. 

“AAAGGGGG….Fuck…….By the drowned god this hurts” Yara let slip as Dany kept her gaze focused upon her womanhood. 

“Is it out?” Yara asked. 

“Keep pushing” Dany ordered. Gritting her teeth and raising her hips high underneath the water Yara kept pushing until, from out of the flush red lips of her womanhood a head emerged. 

“I see the head, keep pushing” Dany ordered as she slipped her hands underneath the water to rest them underneath the newborns head.

“FUCK THE DROWNED GOD….FUCK ALL THE GODS” Yara shouted as she arched her back and pushed once more. Slowly but surly Daenerys watched in awe as Yara pushed her child into the world. Supporting the newborns back and body as its little legs and feet slipped free of Yara’s womanhood Dany brought the babe to the surface. Lifting it from the water Daenerys quickly placed the newborn over her shoulder and patted it upon the back until it begun to cry. Overtaken by the moment Dany took the baby under the arms and held it out to check the baby’s sex. Tears of happiness overcame her. 

“We have a girl…” She said as Yara looked up in amazement. “We have a little baby girl” Dany smiled as she cradled the newborn within her arms and kissed her forehead, little tuffs white gold Targaryen hair upon her head. For a moment Dany cradled her close in her arms before giving her over to Yara, mother and child still linked by umbilical core. Overwhelmed Yara took the newborn in her arms and held her close as Dany reached over the baths edge for a dagger and cut the umbilical core. Throwing the dagger to one side Dany put her arms over Yara and the baby as she slid in beside them. 

“How do you feel?”

“Like someone’s shoved a sword up my cunt” Yara replied much to Dany’s amusement. “But it was worth it” She finished as the couple looked down upon their daughter. 

“She’s beautiful” Dany commented as she placed her finger in the newborns little hand. 

“She’s a Targaryen” Yara replied as Dany stroked her tuffs of white gold hair and stared deep into her fire blazoned eyes.  

“She is” Dany agreed with a smile as the newborn squeezed her finger tight. “I cannot believe we’ve made her, our daughter. We shall have to have another once I have won this war”

“Fuck that” Yara tiredly joked. 

“What did you want to name her?” Dany asked. 

“We should name her Visenya, after Aegon the conqueror’s wife”

“Visenya is a good name. Visenya Greyjoy she shall be called” Dany declared. 

“No, Visenya Targaryen” Yara corrected her. 

“You carried our daughter and brought her into the world, it is only right she take your family name” Dany insisted.  

“But you are the Queen, and her mother as much as I, the Targaryen name will serve her better in life then the Greyjoy name ever will”

“Perhaps she should carry both our names?” Dany suggested. “Visenya Targaryen Greyjoy, the beginning of a new royal house” 

“I like it” Yara smiled as she gazed deep into Dany’s eyes. “I love you Daenerys Targaryen, whatever happens I want you to know that” Dany smiled and kissed her passionately upon the lips. 

“I love you too Yara Greyjoy” 



Climbing from the birthing bath together with Visenya in hand Dany spent the night with Yara and the baby, bonding, laughing and cradling each other tight. As dawn broke over the reach Dany dressed herself once more and bid Yara and the newborn goodbye.

“This is not the end my love I promise you. I shall defeat Sansa Stark and take the iron throne, and together we shall rule Westeros as a family” 

“I’d like that” Yara said as she kissed her Queen. “So long as I get to kill one or two of these Stark fuckers before you do so” Yara’s fearless flare for battle bubbling to the surface.    

“Are you sure you cannot come with me? Greyworm the Unsullied can overwhelm the guards and we can escape together” Dany suggested. 

“I want to… but I overheard one of the guards, Sansa Stark has an armoured column of cavalry hiding behind us in the fields, if I try to escape they charge forward and kill us all” Dany smirked.

“Your not one to turn down a fight”

“We are mothers now. We have to think about more then just ourselves” Yara said. 

Only a few hours of motherhood has changed her. 

“I will come back for you” Dany said as she gifted her and the baby a kiss goodbye. 

“I know you will, else I will hunt you down myself” Yara fired back with an cocky smirk riddled in confidence. 

Oh… how I have missed you. 

Leaving Yara and Visenya behind Daenerys pushed her way through the royal emerald and gold silk curtains and back out into a world which wanted to see her and her new family dead. As the dawns red light skirted across the fields of gold around her the Stark shield wall opened as she approached. Passing by the Stark soldiers Daenerys returned to the safety of her Unsullied who had stood maintaing their own shield wall all night. 

“My Queen, are you ok?”

“Let us leave this place, I have a battle to plan” Dany replied as she mounted her stallion rode for the safety of Highgarden, Greyworm and the Unsullied hot on her heels. 

“Was Yara in the tent your grace?” Greyworm asked.

“She was”

“Did she have the baby?”

“She did. I have a daughter”

“Congratulations my Queen”

“Thank you” Dany responded in an almost trance like state.

Sansa will kill my daughter and Yara if I do not surrender. What means more to me? My family or my birth right. What am I without the iron throne? what would I become without my family? another Sansa Stark? cold, bitter and broken? what kind of a life is that. 


Chapter Text

As the sun hung high over the Seven Kingdoms Sansa Stark watched from atop her northern mare as the last of the Reach’s wild roses unfurled into bloom, a sea of gold stretched before her eyes, smashing into the great white walls of Highgarden beyond. Opposed to that a mass of steel lingered, a swarm of swords and shields ready to charge into battle at a moments notice.  

Margaery would often tell me of the rose fields, of there beauty, there exoticism and glory. I did not believe her. ‘Nothing is as beautiful as Winterfells wolfs wood’ I told her. How wrong I was. 

Sansa reflected as she donned her horse and led a mighty column of Stark and Tyrell knights up to the grand gates of Highgarden. In her arm Visenya Targaryen lay bundled underneath warm wolf furs asleep, her little newborn head press against her. 

You deserve better little one. We all do. You should not be punished for the crimes of your mothers but I see not other way. I am the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms and I must do what I need to survive along with my own little one.  

Sansa reflected as she entered underneath the shadow of Highgarden’s high walls, their battlements crammed to the brink with Unsullied troops, each one stood as still as stone as they looked down upon her. 

This is where the Maester’s of the citadel will tell that the war of the two Queens ended.  

Before the grand rose and vine engraved gates of Highgarden Sansa Stark ordered her knights to a holt. Watching as her Queens guards took up their positions at her either side Sansa awaited the dragon Queens appearance. As she waited Visenya awakened in her arms and wriggled for attention, her eyes of blazoned fire staring up into her own. 

She is definitely her mothers daughter.  

Sansa pondered as she run her finger through the babes white gold tuffs of hair. Eventually, as Visenya continued to wriggle in her arms the gates of Highgarden open. Donning a stern look of northern valour Sansa watched as the Unsullied formed a proactive shield wall before her, a slight break in its centre for Daenerys Targaryen herself as she rode forth upon her stallion. Donned in black amour and a cloak of crimson, her freshly forged crown of fire blazoned upon her locks of ice, a stark contrast to her own locks of fire and crown of ice. Before the walls of Highgarden the Queens of Ice and Fire confronted one another in a tense stand off. 

“Daenerys Targaryen, I trust that now you have witnessed the birth of your daughter you are willing to do the right thing by her and Yara Greyjoy and surrender yourself” Sansa asked of her. For a moment Daenerys pondered before replying to her demand.   

“I will not surrender” Her words came as a surprise to her. “Regardless of your army and the threat you pose to my daughter the fact remains that I am the rightful Queen of these lands. Let us forget talk of surrender and negotiate in manner which will settle who will sit the iron throne once and for all” Daenerys proposed in an out right call on Sansa’s buff to use her daughter against her.   

“How disappointing” Sansa replied, her patience lost. 

Forgive me Margaery. Forgive me for what I am about to do. Forgive me for showering is beautiful land with such carnage and death. Forgive me my dear sweet wife. Everything I do is for our house, for our daughter and for you. I do not ask forgiveness of the gods for they have forsaken me. Only you my love. Please do not think ill of me for what I am about to do. 

Dragging Visenya Targaryen from the snug warmth of her furs Sansa took the newborn by the leg and dangled her upside down before her mare much to the dismay of Daenerys and some of her own men. 

“What are you doing?” Daenerys uttered in panic, the Unsullied shifting on edge, ready for anything.   

“Sir Oakheart my dagger” Sansa requested as she held out her hand. “You shall surrender to me Daenerys Targaryen or I will slit your daughters throat” Sansa threatened as Visenya begun to cry. 

“Let us talk of this Sansa, surely we can negotiate some sort of peace between us”

“I AM THROUGH NEGOTIATING” Sansa snapped as Sir Oakheart placed the dagger in her palm. “You will surrender yourself and your forces” Sansa demanded. 

“Or what? you’ll slaughter a newborn before us all? what kind of a mother would do such a thing to another womans child?” Daenerys scoffed. 

“You have taken everything from me” Sansa scorned, her palms shaking. 

“And that makes slaughtering a newborn right?”

“If it works what does it matter” Sansa scoffed. Daenerys paused for a moment, watching Visenya wriggled and cried, Sansa dangling her daughter before her like a pawn to be played. 

Surrender to me.  

“I shall surrender my forces” Daenerys declared under gritted teeth much to a wave of dismay overcoming the ranks of her men, including Greyworm.

“Your grace?” Sansa watched him whisper only for Daenerys to ignore him. 

“Truly?” Sansa coldly asked, a deep satisfaction blooming within.

“I do. I want to be Queen of these Seven Kingdoms…. but my daughter means just as much to me” Daenerys replied, tears coming to her eyes. 

“Your grace do not do this” Missandei urged of her. 

“Silence” Dany demanded her of council before she turned back to her.  

“Truly” She agreed. For a further moment the Queens sat upon their steads, Sansa suddenly overwhelmed with a cold rage. 

I have broken her, she will surrender to me now. But it’s still not enough. If she thinks she can take Margaery from me and not suffer she is wrong. I could torture her but it would not be painful enough. She needs to know how it feels to lose something you cannot live without.   

Sansa laughed. 

“And you think this is how this ends? you surrender and become a hero? sacrificing yourself and your so called birthright for a child?”

“I have agreed to surrender, do not harm my daughter” Daenerys demanded. 

“That is not how this game is played” Sansa scorned. 

“Fuck the game, let her go” Daenerys frantically demanded. 

“YOU TOOK HER FROM ME….” Sansa snapped, a crazed scorn within her eyes. “The only person I have ever truly loved and you took her from me……” She declared as her eyes begun to water, her dagger slowly drawing closer to the newborns throat. “You took the one thing I loved in this world Daenerys Targaryen…. so now I am going to take the one thing you love” She coldly declared as her hand shook at what she was about to do. Watching as the look of concern upon Daenerys’ face turned to one of sheer horror Sansa positioned herself for the cut, the daggers cold steel at Visenya’s throat. Suddenly a single bolt fired from the battlements above. Listening as it flew throw the air towards her Sansa turned and watched as a steel bolt struck her northern mare through the eye, its eye ball bursting upon impact, showering blood over Daenerys and her Unsullied. As horse blood rained down upon the dragon Queen, Sansa’s mare kicked and panicked as Visenya screamed in her hand. Pulling the newborn back into her arms for protection her northern mare collapsed down onto the hard stone below. Hitting her head off the ground, her crown of ice, soaked in her mares blood rolled into the armoured mass at her rear as she felt her world spin into chaos. Above the Queen’s guard scurried to her side, their great steel shields extended over her as the Unsullied atop the battlement unleashed arrow fire down upon them. 

“Your grace can you hear me?” Sir Oakheart asked of her. 

“We need to get her out of here” Another guard advised as they took the newborn from her and carried her back down the knights column, each Tyrell and Stark man at arms clearing the way and extending their shields out for her.

“MAKE WAY FOR THE QUEEN” Her knights barked underneath the wolf engraved Stark shields which protected them from the relentless hail of arrow fire coming from atop Highgarden’s walls. Reaching the end of the knights column Sansa regained herself as her guard placed her gently upon the grown, her head bleeding at the back.

“Your grace can you here me?” Sir Oakheart asked once more as a Maester hurried to her side to attend to her wound.  

“Begin the attack” Sansa muttered, a cold raged filling her to the brim and blotting out her pain. 

“Your grace?” 

“NOW…attack the castle with everyman we have, overwhelm them, slaughter every fucking eunuch within those walls, slaughter every sell sword and everyone of her followers. But leave Daenerys Targaryen alive. She has to suffer, as I have suffered. GO” On her orders her guard broke formation and donned their horses, each riding off to inform the lords to attack. 

“Get me another horse” Sansa barked at her remaining guard as the Maester inspected her head wound. “Where is the Targaryen babe?” Sansa demanded to know of her loyal Stark knights.

“I have the child your grace” One of the men replied as he presented the babe to her wrapped in his own northern grey cloak. 

“You are to ride for Kings Landing with the child, once you arrive you are to guard it with your life within the Red Keep until my return”

“Yes your grace” The knight bowed. 

In the unlikely chance I lose this battle and I am captured I will have leverage, only as long as the child is under my control. 

Watching as the knight departed the battlefield with Visenya Targaryen wrapped in the knights own cloak Sansa watched as the column of knights she led to the gates of Highgarden fell back out of the Unsullied arrow range and reformed themselves into a fresh battle position, their shields held high forming a tortoise like protective cell. 

Now is the time I end Daenerys Targaryen, once and for all. 

With dried horse blood staining her skin, amour and wolfs fur Sansa Stark rose to her feet and pushed the Maetser aside as Sir Oakheart returned with a horse for her, a brown war stallion with ice attached to its harness. Climbing atop the horse Sansa kicked the stallion into action and, along with Sir Oakheart and the rest of her Queens guard rode out upon the fields of gold to rally her army for the attack. With her back straight, shoulders back and with her head held high Sansa rode down the front line of her army which spanned the length and breadth of Highgarden’s walls, a sea of shields, spears, swords and banners, each  fluttering in noon winds as she passed them by, each ready to declared themselves upon the field of battle. 


“NOTHING!” The men of her army cried out in unison, their voices thundering across the land. 

“DAENERYS TARGARYEN AND HER FOLLOWERS THINK THEY ARE BETTER THEN US! LET US PROVE THEM WRONG THIS DAY! LET US KILL THEM ALL!” Sansa Stark declared as she gripped the hilt of her families ancestral sword and drew ice from it’s sleeve, its bright valyrian steel still stained with Margaery’s blood.  

“YYYEAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” The army cried back in unison as they rattled their swords and beat the butt’s of their spears off their shields in a show of loyalty and support. Turning her stallion to face the walls of Highgarden as her army cheered at her rear Sansa held ice high above her hand, its blood stained steel reflecting the suns light. 

“THE GODS ARE WITH US” Sansa cried out.

“FOR THE QUEEEENNNNN” The men of her army replied as the front line changed forward. With her hands shaking Sansa watched in awe as her army charged at Highgarden’s walls and the main gate. Like rock a mist the centre of a raging torrent men of the north, reach, westerlands, stormlands and more flooded past her as they assaulted the castle. 

She has nowhere to go.  

Sansa smirked upon her stallion as she watched her armies crash against the castles white walls, the Unsullied troops on the battlements above raining arrow fire down upon them. The blood of the battles first causalities spattering the crushed gold roses below. For over an hour she dwelled upon her stallion, watching as the siege ladders sprung up from the mass of amour and spears before the castle walls, her men beginning to scale the outer defences and engage the Unsullied in direct combat, the white walls of Highgarden running red as the sounds of dying screams and clashing swords rung out for all the hear. 

“Your grace” A knight of her Queen’s guard bowed before her on horse back. “I have news from the main gate”

“Has it been breached?” Sansa asked of the knight. 

“Not as of yet your grace, but we’ve received news from some of the men who have scaled the outer walls, they say the Dornish are turning on the Unsullied and are attempting to open the main gate to our forces, they are also cheering your name and declaring for you openly” Sansa smiled. 

Ellaria is standing by our alliance I see. She must be desperate. 

“Very good, once they have opened the main gate our forces are to flood Highgarden. Kill every Unsullied you find, but leave Daenerys Targaryen alive, she must suffer as I have” 

“And what of the Dornish?” The knight asked. 

“Kill them all, but only after the Unsullied have been slaughtered and Daenerys captured”

I will not suffer a snake in my bed chamber.  

Relaxing upon her stallion as the knight returned to the battle with her new orders Sansa felt a sense of relief over take her. 

For so long I have been fighting. The Lannisters, Baratheons, Boltons and now the Targaryen’s. All have fallen to me. I am victorious, the Queen of this realm. 

Suddenly, over the screams of the dying and the clashing of swords in the heat of battle a deafening roar thundered from the sky’s over the reach, a roar she had ever only heard once in her life. Sansa felt herself freeze and her heart skip, an old fear exploding within back into the forefront. 

This cannot be.

Sansa thought as she gazed up at the colossal winged shadow which enveloped the sun above.

This is not possible. Her dragons are dead. 

Sansa told herself as Drogon flew over head and unleashed a rain of fire down upon her army. 

It would seem the gods have forsaken me yet again. 


Chapter Text

“How dare you disobey me” Daenerys Targaryen ranted, her voice echoing throughout Highgarden’s main hall. 

“Sansa Stark was about to kill your daughter your grace, I will not apologise for ordering my men to save her life” Greyworm protested, the screams of battle raging outside. 

“You could have killed her” Dany snapped. 

“If you had surrendered yourself then Sansa Stark would have killed us all”

“That is not your choice to make, I am the Queen here” Dany scorned him as Missandei sat silently at the council table.

“With all due respect to you your grace, I believe what I did saved your daughters life. Our lookouts say that they spotted a Stark knight riding north up the rose road for Kings Landing with a newborn wrapped in his cloak before the battle commenced” Turning away from Greyworm Dany stared deep into the main halls great hearth, her mind and emotions spinning at events.

I pray to every god that she is safe.  

Dany told herself as a thunderous roar from outside echoed across the castle and into the main hall. Wide eyed Dany turned to Missandei who had jumped from her seat. 

“Drogon?” Dany whispered to herself. Another roar echoed throughout the castle. 

“That sounds like Drogon your grace” Greyworm said. “But how is that possible?”

“Your dream your grace?” Missandei said as she run to her and took her hands. “You had a dream that Drogon was alive and that he was searching for you” Overwhelmed Dany took a moment to calm herself as she listened to the deafening roar once more. 

He is alive. He has come back to me. Back to his mother. 

Letting go of Missandei’s hand Dany run from the main hall, passed her Queen’s guard and outside into the main courtyard. Watching as the battle raged upon the battlements around her Dany felt herself enveloped in a colossal shadow. Staring up into the sky Dany watched as Drogon flew overhead, his scarred wings extending out across the clouds as he blocked out the sun and turned day to night. 

This cannot be. Drogon. My baby. 

Dany told herself, frozen in complete awe as he majestically circled the castle above, spitting flame down upon the Tyrell fighters atop the battlements. 

He survived that volcano on Dragonstone. My dream? He’s been looking for me. He sensed I needed him and has come to me. 

Rushing from the main courtyard Daenerys sprinted across the vibrant groves and elegant fountains of Highgarden as she made her way to the smaller secondary knights courtyard at the rear of the castle. 

I have to get him to land. If he can see me he will come to me.  

Taking a short cut through Highgarden’s rose garden Dany found herself in the knights courtyard. Amongst the cobbled stones and horse stables Daenerys called out for Drogon as he flew over head. 


I am too far away. He cannot hear me. 

“YOUR GRACE GET DOWN” Obara Sand suddenly yelled as she dove atop and pulled her to the ground, the couple narrowly missing a poisoned arrow which slammed into stable door behind them. 

“Obara? what is happening” Dany asked of her in a flurry of confusion.  

“Ellaria has betrayed you. Betrayed us both” Obara replied as she looked across the courtyard to see several Dornish knights, clad in sunset steel flood out from the rear battlements beyond the stables, each wielding long bows. “Stay behind me your grace, I will protect you with everything I have” Obara declared as she drew forth her snake wrapped spear, its blood soaked steel glistening in the suns light. Getting to her feet Dany shielded herself behind Obara as the Dornish knight spread out before them. Pulling forth her dragon engraved Valyrian dagger Daenerys prepared to fight for her life against the snakes sent by the serpent herself. 

These Dornish look eager to kill him. If Obara is right I am a fool for ever trusting Ellaria. 

Step by step the Knights of Dorne closed in around the Dragon Queen and her bastard born defender, each drawing their own curved Essosi swords ready to attack. 

“COME ON THEN” Obara jested at the knights before a shadow descended down upon them. From high above Drogon descended and flapped his monstrous wings above the courtyard. Throwing his head back Dany watched as Drogon unleashed a rain of fire down upon the Dornishmen, each man screaming as their skins cooked and their bones turned to dust at an instant, their curved Essosi swords and gleaming sunset armours melting and molten as they fell to the ground and seeped across the cobbled stone below. Taking Obara by the hand Dany stepped forth as Drogon finished and landed in the courtyard before her.

“Drogon” Dany called out to him, her tone warm, her voice soft. “My dear sweat Drogon it is me” Dany called, the sound of battle filling the air around them. After a moment Drogon turned, his large reptilian eyes staring right at her. Moving his head closer to her Dany placed her palm gently upon his noise, his thick black scales scarred and worn.

“You’ve gotten bigger since last I saw you” Dany joked with tears in her eyes as she stroked him. “I am sorry Drogon, I am sorry I locked you in that horrid place. I thought you were dead” Dany admitted to him. Making a soft noise in response Drogon edged closer to her. 

“I don’t think he cares about that. I think he is just happy to see you” Obara suggested, Drogon replying with a loud raw which brought a smile to her face. 

“I know you have just found me Drogon but I need your help. Will you help me sweat Drogon? will you help your mother?” Dany begged of him. For a moment more Drogon lingered as if to be in thought before extending his neck down for her to climb on. With an overwhelming sense of relief and happiness overtaking her Dany climbing atop Drogon’s back before commanding him to take off. From the courtyard Drogon flapped his monstrously large wings and took off into the air. Before she knew it she was above Highgarden and the world, the wind running though her locks of white gold, the battle raging down below. 

“You know what to do Drogon” She whispered to him. Circling the battlefield several times Drogon threw his wings back and hovered above the battlements which had now fallen to Tyrell and Stark soldiers. Watching as they scattered amongst the battlements like ants Daenerys felt herself emboldened and empowered once more. The command brisling on the tips of her lips.        

Time to end this war. 



Chapter Text

Listening as the world descended into chaos outside her tent Yara Greyjoy fumbled with the chains around her wrist.  

If that bitch harms my daughter I’m going to make sure she dies…slowly.

Yara thought as she yanked her wrist free of the chains which imprisoned her to the tents central post. Pulling off the grey birthing rag Sansa Starks handmaidens had forced her to wear Yara, using the chains around the central post smashed the lock on the chest which stored her belongings. Donning her sea blue tunic, pants and sailing breeches Yara drew forth her valyrian steel battle axe, its hilt fashioned in the style of a Kraken, tentacles ensnaring the axe’s blade. 

Oh how I have missed you.  

Granting the axe’s cold steel a kiss Yara stormed from the tent and out into the chaos beyond. Before her a great inferno raged across the golden roses fields of the Reach, the brave men of Sansa Starks grand army breaking their ranks and fleeing in every direction from the battlefield. 

By the drowned god. How is this possible?

Yara quickly got her answer as a colossal shadow descend over her. Looking up in shock and amazement Yara watched as Drogon flew overhead and down over the battlefield, the inferno’s raging flames fanned by his monstrous wings as they flapped back and forth. As he rolled over to one side Yara spotted Daenerys riding upon his back as he unleashed a wall of fire down upon fleeing columns of knights as they retreated across the open fields. 

That’s my wife.

Yara joked to herself as she charged into the swarm of fleeing soldiers. Swing her battle axe back and forth Yara slowly but surely hacked her way through the chaotic fields of fire and fear as soldiers and knights a like chanced their last vestiges of glory by killing the Queen of Salt and Rock. 

“WHERE IS MY DAUGHTER? I SWEAR IF ANYTHING HAS HAPPENED TO HER I WILL FEED YOUR GUTS TO THE FISH” Yara shouted as she engaged knight after knight in single combat, each one meeting their end as she buried her Kraken engraved axe into their skulls. Eventually, as the last of Sansa Stark’s army scattered from the field Yara, soaked in the blood of the knights she had killed stumbled her way over the ash burnt fields towards Highgarden where she could see Drogon and Dany had landed. Watching as the inferno gradually receded in its fury the true scale of the carnage come to light as thousands of charred bodies littered the fields and castle walls above, the air filled with a thick ash which rained down upon her like northern snow. 

Sansa Stark should have surrendered when she had the chance. 

At the main gate Yara climbed over a mountain charred bodies before she could gain entry to the castle. 

“Where is Queen Daenerys?” Yara asked on the first Unsullied she met.

“Lady Yara, the Queen is dealing with the traitors”


Yara thought as she moved swiftly into the main courtyard. Inside a small gathering of Unsullied crowded the southern battlement, upon it, looking down upon them Daenerys stood victorious with Drogon at her side. 

“Fuck you Daenerys Targaryen. I give you everything, offered you everything….and you rejected me” Yara heard Ellaria Sand declare as she pushed through the crowd of Unsullied to where she knelt before Dany, Nymeria Sand at her side. 

“That doesn’t give you the right to side with the enemy….bend the knee and swear your fealty to me or else”

“Or else what? you’ll have us burned alive? no…no I will not bend the knee”

“Do you have any last words” Daenerys menacingly replied to her. 

“I have nothing more to say to you Daenerys Stromborn, only that the people of Dorne will look down on Obara for what she has done” Ellaria scorned. 

“Obara did a noble thing protecting me. That is what loyally means. What it looks like. Not that a bastard would know anything about that” Dany turned to Drogon. “DRACARYS”

On her order Drogon wretched forth a ball of flame which rained down upon Ellaria and Nymeria Sands. In a cold silence Yara watched the pair scream as the skin melted from their bones. As the bodies collapsed into incinerated dust Drogon flapped his wings and took to the sky once more. Dany’s menacing gaze breaking as she stepped forth from the Unsullied and paced around the charred remains of the Dornish bastards. A cocky smirk brandished upon her lips for the new Queen of the Seven Kingdoms as there eyes met. 



That night as the sun descended upon the Reach and great bolts of lighting thundered across the sky Yara passionately made love to Daenerys inside her bedchamber. 

“OOOHH…..gods I have missed this” Dany squirmed upon her back, her nails dug into the rich rose patterned bedpost above her head as Yara pleasured her womanhood with tongue and fingers. Upon silk sheets of conquered Tyrell emerald and gold Yara pressured Daenerys clit into climax before sliding up in between her legs and snogging her passionately upon the lips. 

“I have missed this too” Yara jested as she rolled Dany onto her side and slapped her ass, the echo from the slap ringing throughout the royal bedchamber. 

“Oh really?” Dany replied as she pushed Yara down onto her back and mounted her. 

“Aye your grace” Yara said as she slapped it once more, this time with a firm grip to follow. “You’ve still got the best arse in the Seven Kingdoms” Yara smiled as Dany snogged her passionately. 

Is this wrong of us? 

Yara thought as she pulled away from her lips, a despair within her eyes.

“What is wrong?” Daenerys asked of her. 

“Is it right that we enjoy ourselves while our daughter is held a captive?” Yara replied. 

“We will get her back Yara, I promise you” Dany assured her as she run her fingers through her hair. 

“I know we will, but I cannot help but think of her”

“Sansa Stark will not harm her, she was in a position of power before the battle. But now she has fled, disgraced and broken. And with Drogon back she knows she will not last long should anything befall Visenya”

“I can only hope that you are right. I love you” Yara said as she kissed Dany upon the lips. 

“I love you too” Dany replied as she crawled from her lap and took a drink from her goblet on the bedside table, a sudden knock upon their chambers door.  

“Enter” Dany commanded as she fell back into Yara’s arms upon the bed, to couple nude in each others embrace. Entering the chamber Obara Sand bowed before the Dragon Queen and her consort before approaching the bed. 

“Your grace, you summoned me”

“I did” Dany replied as she sat up by Yara’s side. “I wanted to thank you for remaining loyal to me. It must have been hard to turn your back on Ellaria and your fellow Dornishmen”

“I should have told you about the plot earlier your grace” Obara bowed her head. “I beg your forgiveness”

Laid back on the bed Yara watched as Dany climbed from her arms and stood before the lone sand snake. 

“It does not matter, you remained loyal to me in the end” Dany replied as she raised her chin with her finger and smiled.

“I name you my Princess of Dorne and fully legitimise you as a Martell” Dany declared. 

“You honour me your grace” Obara replied as she kissed her hand. 

“You have more then proven yourself to me” Dany replied as she turned and climbed back into Yara’s arms.

“I…I have something I wanted to tell you your grace” Obara admitted as she stood tall before the bed. 

“And what is that” Dany replied as Yara reached over and took a drink from Dany’s goblet.

“I am with child. Your child” Obara replied with a cocky smirk much to Yara’s surprise, as she spat out the rich arbour wine upon the chamber floor. 

By the drowned god did I just hear that?

“Thank you Obara, this news pleases me” Daenerys smiled. “We shall talk of this later” With that Obara Sand bowed and left the chamber, its door closing shut behind her.

“She carries your child?” Yara asked as she reached over to refill the goblet. 

“We may have used the necklace once or twice” Dany admitted with a smirk. 

“By the drowned god. I am going to need a stronger wine”

“You are not jealous are you?” Dany asked of her as she rolled over to her side.  

“Not jealous, just surprised” Yara replied as she refilled the goblet with more arbour wine and downed it in one go.  

“The more heirs I can create, the stronger house Targaryen shall be. I must do this if I am to solidify my place on the Iron Throne”

“Is there anything else you have not told me?” Yara asked as she rolled to Daenerys’ side, the couple face to face. 

“I intend to take her as a second wife” Dany declared. 


“No…… I just like to see the mighty Kraken jealous” Dany laughed as she pulled Yara’s arm over her hips and kissed her palm, the couple laying naked upon the emerald silks pressed together. 

“I will always love you Yara. No matter what happens you are the one I choose to be at my side until death” Dany admitted as she stroked Yara’s cheek and chin. 

“I suppose I can live with another woman baring you a second child, the first one hurt like a bitch” Yara joked as poured a second goblet out for Dany and handed it to her. “Let us drink my beautiful wife, let us drink to victory, to our daughters safe return, to the health of all your future children, wether I bare them for you or not. Let us drink to conquest, love and happiness for us both” Yara declared as she gazed deep into Dany’s eyes, the couple toasting their goblets. 

“Agreed, for tomorrow we march on Kings Landing not only to claim my throne but to skin the SheWolf herself”


Chapter Text

As darkness gripped the Crownlands, a bright bolt of lighting thundered through the skies above as the chilling rains of defeat showered down upon the capital of the Seven Kingdoms. With her furs sodden, amour soaked and her authority as Queen shattered beyond repair, Sansa Stark rode through the Gate of the Gods back into Kings Landing at the head of a small column of dying soldiers, battered knights and a Queens guard who had all but deserted her on the long ride back. 

I will have all their heads for this treason.  

Sansa scorned as her surviving men flooded up the main street and out into Cobbler’s square, each man bruised and burned as the common folk of the city looked on in horror. Charred and scarred some of the men screamed out in pain as they were helped down from their horses, their arms and legs incinerated to the point they dangled from their bodies like meat upon a stick, while others rocked back and forth upon their horses with a look of madness in their eyes, in shock at what they had witnessed even as blood seeped from their wounds and dropped into the cobbled puddles below. Some already lay dead and forgotten upon their horses, the city’s hungry ravens swarming down from the cobbled roofs and city walls above to feast on cooked man flesh. 

These brave men are broken. 

Leaving the remnants of her grand army behind Sansa wiped the rain drops from her brow which soaked through her hood and autumn locks. With two Stark knights at her rear Sansa galloped through the rain washed streets of Kings Landing for the Red Keep, the hooves of her stallion splashing and sloshing the water which coated the cobbled street below, the common folk of Kings Landing watching as she passed. 

A SheWolf has no time for the opinions of the sheep. They are not loyal to me, my daughter or my house, the common folk are only loyal to themselves. I am sure the weak of this city would welcome Daenerys with open arms. 

Ordering her stallion to a holt Sansa awaited on horse back as the Red Keeps drawbridge was lowered before her, the rains above showering furiously down upon her, water droplets soaking through her sodden furs and sending a cold shiver up her spine. 

By the gods lower this fucking bridge. 

As the bridge finished lowering Sansa Stark trotted her stallion into the main courtyard and dismounted before the castle gate. Dismissing her guard at the main entrance Sansa made her way alone up the grand steps of the Red Keep to the entrance of the throne room. Watching as she ascended the steps the guards posted outside the throne room ordered the doors opened to her as she coldly marched inside and paused as she come into view of the Iron Throne, stood ominously atop the steps of power watching her. Soaking and sodden and with the doors of the throne room closed behind her Sansa dropped her stern facade as she tiredly stumbled towards the Iron Throne. Listening as the cauldrons of power crackled quietly around her Sansa drew back her hood and dropped to her knees before the Iron Throne. Placing her head in her hands Sansa consoled herself for a brief moment before releasing a deep seeded cry of frustration and loss. 

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” Sansa cried out, her voice echoing throughout the throne room as she broke down and wept before the steps of power.  

“Her dragons are dead, they are all dead. I listened to them die on Dragonstone. How? How can one still be alive” She asked herself. “I almost had her, she was going to surrender to me. I was going to end this war and be Queen. But….” Sansa told herself as she recalled the way she had threatened Daenerys’ babe, dangling her before her mare of all to bare witness, the anger and bitterness she felt in the moment for not only Daenerys and followers but for the babe as well. A babe she knew to be blameless for the crimes of her mothers, and yet she hated her all the same. 

“I was going to kill her. A little baby girl. Had that steel bolt not hit my mare I would have slaughtered her” Sansa felt her eyes well with guilt as she looked down into her palms which shook before her. “I would have been a Kinslyer” Sansa cried into her hands, the crushing stress and guilty of her situation overwhelming her person. Until she felt a snap within. 

“You” Sansa scorned as she looked up to the throne. “This is all your fault…… you made me do it”

The Iron Throne mocked her words with silence. It’s jagged blades casting judgement down upon its monarch.  

“How dare you judge me, you have no right” Sansa hissed as she rose to her feet before the steps of power. The Iron Throne remaining silent above. “STOP JUDGING ME!” Sansa snapped like a rabid wolf, her voice piercing through the torturous silence. “I HATE YOU, YOU’VE TAKEN EVERYTHING FROM ME, JUST AS DAENERYS HAS DONE” She scorned the thrones cold, unfeeling steel, a sudden revelation coming to mind. “It is her you want isn’t it?” Sansa asserted as she slowly paced the steps of power. “You want Daenerys Targaryen, you want her to be the Queen. To sit upon you as I have, to wield your power” Sansa knelt before the Iron Throne and grit her teeth. “Traitor” She hissed at throne once more. “No” She whispered back to herself. “But I cannot live without you either. Ever since Aegon the Conquerer forged you lords and ladies have desired you, fought for you, died for you. If only they knew what it felt like to have you. To be cursed by you” Sansa smiled. “Perhaps it would be a blessing for Daenerys to take you from me, so she can be cursed too” With hands shaking Sansa stroked the jagged blades of the throne. Cutting her palm clean Sansa dwelled on her thoughts as the blood run red down her wrist. “No, that would mean she would win and I would loose. For my daughters sake I cannot allow that you understand” She whispered. “I am the Queen of these Seven Kingdoms and its people just like my wife before me, but unlike her and everybody else I am through playing your game of thrones. If you will not let me have you, then nobody will” Sansa declared as she wiped her pure Stark blood upon the blades cold steel.  

“Your grace?” She suddenly heard the soft voice of a timid handmaiden. Sansa turned to her as she slowly rose to her feet.

“Why do you disturb me?” Sansa snapped. 

“Lord Baelish and the Grand Maester humbly request your presence at an emergency small council meeting” Sansa took a moment to clear her thoughts. 

“Tell lord Petyr and the Pycelle I shall be along soon” 

“Yes your grace” The handmaiden bowed. 

“What of the princess and the Targaryen babe?” she asked.

“Both the princess and the Targaryen babe are safe inside the royal apartments”

“Good, tell the guards I shall be along soon..after my meeting with the small council” Listening at the handmaiden scurried from the throne room Sansa turned back to throne once more before leaving. 



Later that night as the winds howled and the spring rains assaulted the thick stone walls of the Red Keep Sansa Stark, having wrapped a cloth around her cut hand, changed into dry robes and furs sat before the small council table, a freshly sharped dagger concealed underneath her robes. The flame inside the chambers marble hearth crackling gently as Grand Maester Pycelle informed her as to the bleakness of her situation. 

“..Lefford, Tarbeck, Westerling, Ashford, Florent, Crane, Gardner, Hightower, Merryweather, the Tarly’s, almost every house in the Reach and Westerlands have declared for Daenerys Targaryen”

“They are all traitors, every last one of them. I shall raise a new army and try again” Sansa replied much to Pycelle’s stunned silence. 

“Your grace, surely you cannot be serious, news of your defeat at the hands of Daenerys Targaryen has spread like wildfire across the Kingdoms, your sworn lords and ladies are declaring for her. And even if you could somehow find enough nobles to support you her dragon has turned” 

“As long as I am alive Grand Maester I have not been defeated, what happened at Highgarden was a minor set back” Sansa defiantly replied. 

“A minor set back?” Pycelle scoffed. “Sir Loras is dead your grace, turned to ashes fighting upon the walls of Highgarden in your honour. Your uncle Edmure Tully is also dead, without his leadership in the Riverlands those lords and sure to declared for Daenerys soon. Lord Royce is also dead, roasted alive upon his horse if the stories coming out of Highgarden are true. And your oh so loyal cousin lord Robin Arryn is rumoured to have appointed a new guardian who plans to also declare his support within the coming days”

Pycelle mumbled as Sansa listened, bundled underneath her furs. “Your authority amongst the southern lords is all but gone your grace. Just this evening I received a raven from Winterfell signed and sealed by your northern lords requesting that you abandon Kings Landing and turn home immediately”

“And let Daenerys Targaryen march into this city victorious? with her dragon and army of eunuchs? I do not think so” Sansa replied. 

“It would be only temporary your grace. Flee to the safety of Winterfell and consolidate your forces. Ready your defences for when Daenerys decides to march up the neck” Lord Petyr suggested. 

“And then what shall I do lord Petyr? allow her to burn a second army in the field with her dragon. No. I shall not put the people of the north through that” She rejected. 

“But you would allow an army of southerns to burn?” Pycelle scorned her. 

“Southerns are expendable” Sansa replied as she gifted him a glance of winter. A clear tension between the two. 

Who does Pycelle think he his questioning me in such a way?

“If you will not flee the capitol your grace I fail to see a way forward” Lord Petyr said. 

“I do” Sansa said as she stood up from her chair and, with her furs wrapped tight around her turned to stare deep into the hearths flame. “I will do the right thing by my daughter, my son and the people of the north and leave this city. I have lost the support of the south I can see, but I refuse to let it fall into the hands of Daenerys Targaryen” Sansa declared as the flames gifted her a glimpse of victory. “Lord Petyr, fetch me the pyromancer”

“Your grace?” Pycelle question with concern.

“As you wish” Lord Petyr rose from the council table with a sudden gleam in his eyes, bowing before departed the chamber. 

“Your grace, such an act would be complete madness. Both the Aerys Targaryen and Cersei Lannister tried to do it in their final desperate hours. Thousands would die”

“I DON’T CARE ABOUT THE THOUSANDS” Sansa snapped at Pycelle, her hands shaking. “Daenerys has taken everything from me. My wife, my power, my pride, my morality….and now my daughters birth right. But now Grand Maester. Now it is her turn to lose everything, as I have” Sansa grit her teeth as her palms shook in an unhinged fashion which struck visible fear into the Maester. 

“Your grace….I…I…implore you. Please do not do this” He said as he rose from his chair. 

“Why? why do you not want me to do it? are you scared?”

“Y…your grace….you need to take a moment to calm down” Pycelle suggested as she stumbled towards him with a sudden cold maddening look in her eyes. 

“No…oh silly of me, of course you are not scared…… You are on her side aren’t you” Sansa asserted. 

“Your grace?”

“You want Daenerys to take the throne from me. You secretly wanted her to win this war”

“Your grace, I fear the stresses of Queenship have affected your judgment”


“You are not well your grace… must rest”

In a sudden, uncontrollable release of her anger Sansa pulled forth the dagger hidden underneath her robes. 

“AGGHH” Pycelle screamed as Sansa plunged the dagger’s pointed blade into his gut, burying it deep within. 

“I will not suffer traitors in my council” Sansa declared as she twisted the dagger in Pycelle's gut which made him squirm in pain. “If I or my daughter cannot have the Iron Throne Grand Maester, then nobody can” Releasing the dagger from his gut Sansa watched as Pycelle fell to the chambers marble floor, coughing and stuttering as the blood flowed from him, his brown robes soaked, his chain stained. 

“Y…you….you…you” Pycelle shuddered as she knelt down before him. 

“Your going to have to speak up old man” Sansa jested. 

“Y..your mad” He replied as the light of life felt his eyes and he drew his last breath. 

I am only mad because fools like you have taken everything from me.

“Guards!” Sansa barked at the men outside the small council chamber, ordering them inside like dogs. 

“Yes your grace”

“Get rid of this…..thing, before it starts to smell” She said as she turned and left the chamber, cleaning Pycelle’s blood from her dagger as she went. “And someone get me more wine”



Returning to her bed chamber in the royal apartments Sansa ordered the knight protecting the Targaryen babe and her own daughter outside down to the royal dock. 

“Prepare my ship and the rest of the royal fleet to sail north. I will leave nothing behind which can be used by Daenerys” Sansa said before turning to her handmaidens. “Pack all my belongings and carry them down to my ship, hurry!” She followed as she watched her handmaidens scurry around the chamber to collect her things. Pacing across the chamber to the cradle at her bedside Sansa looked down upon Arya as she slept, alongside her Visenya, the two babes holding hands as they lay warm underneath wolf furs.  

I am sorry little one. I am sorry my beautiful little princess. I should have been able to protect your birth right but not like this. You and I do not need the Iron Throne, it is nothing but a symbol, a curse which shall be purged with fire, just as Daenerys shall be. But you and I my daughter shall forge a new throne, in the north, in Winterfell along with your brother. The lone Wolf dies while the pack survives. 

Sansa thought as she gifted Arya a kiss before turning her attention to Visenya as she slept innocently along side her. 

As for you little one, it is only fitting that I return you to your mother, before the wildfire’s underneath this city take you both.

Chapter Text

As a new dawn broke over the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros Daenerys Targaryen slumbered within the privacy of her royal tent. Bundled naked underneath southern furs and Essosi silks her closet friend and adviser Missandei slept, her exotic Naarthian olive skin glistening in the candles light. At the bottom of the bed at her feet the former bastard legitimised and now Princess of Dorne Obara Martell lay asleep, Dany’s Targaryen seed and second child growing within her warriors womb, while at her rear another warrior slept as her wife, lover and mother of her daughter Yara Greyjoy stirred underneath the furs as she held Dany close within her arms. Yara’s hairy womanhood pressed close agasint her ass cheeks as Missandei’s own lay perked agasint Dany’s womanhood. 

The pleasures of bedding other women never seems to end. 

Dany reflected with a smile as she drifted in and out of sleep, the memory of last nights four way sex between the women fresh within her mind. Of how they worshipped her body and status with finger tips and tongues, each basking in an orgy of sexual ecstasy and pleasure as they rubbed, kissed and slapped their body’s against one other, just as the gods intended. 

Fuck the gods. They may wield power outside these curtains but here I am god. A goddess who may do as she pleases. When I sit the Iron Throne the whole of Westeros shall worship me.  

Dany pondered as she lay awake, bundled underneath the furs, staring at the back of Missandei’ s neck and recalling how she had kissed it the night before, soft and sensual before pleasuring her womanhood as Yara did the same to her own. Suddenly she felt a soft peck upon the back of her own neck, soft and sensual, loving and loyal. 

“I see you are awake” Dany said. In response Yara slapped her ass underneath the furs and gifted it a firm squeeze. 

“What give it away?” Yara laughed as she took her chin and guided it towards her lips. Kissing passionately underneath the furs Daenerys and Yara stared deep into each others eyes. “Today is the day my Queen, the day we take Kings Landing and you finally sit the Iron Throne” Yara told her. 

“I doesn’t feel real to me” Dany replied as she stroked Yara’s lips with her finger. “For so long I have heard stories about the Iron Throne, of it’s power and status. For so long I have wanted it, it is my birth right and destiny after all” Dany gulped. “But the thought of sitting upon scares me in a way” She admitted much to Yara comfort. 

“Horseshit, you will be a glorious Queen” Dany smiled. 

“And you know that for certain?” 

“I do, you are an amazing woman Daenerys Targaryen, strong and fearless, a leader and a conquer. Under you we shall get our daughter back, reunite the Seven Kingdoms and forge a new Valyrian empire in the west. Your conquests will be written into the Maesters scrolls and immortalised for the rest of time” Yara said as she rolled onto her back. “And to think you are my wife” She smiled. 

“I could not have done this without you. Not just your ships but your strength as well. Ever since the day we  first met in the throne room in Meereen I knew, somehow, deep down that you were special” Dany replied as she crawled into Yara’s arms and kissed her once more. “I love you Yara Greyjoy, my beautiful Kraken Queen, my fearless protector, birth mother to my daughter and my children to come, my loyal wife” Watching as her words lit up her eyes Yara smiled. 

“I love you too Daenerys” Yara replied as she stroked back a lock of Dany’s white gold hair over her shoulder. “I desire nothing more then to remain at your side, bare you more children and help you unite our world”

“It pleases me to hear you say that”

“With an arse like yours I wasn’t going to say no was I?” Yara joked as her hand claimed ownership of Dany’s ass once more. Much to Dany’s amusement she kissed her, the couple snogging and engrossing themselves in each others radiance, their legs wrapping around each other underneath the furs as their fingers roamed and womanhoods met. Suddenly her tents curtain opened, a ray of bright mornings light shining down upon the bed. Leaving Yara’s lips as she lay behind pressed up agasint her Dany turned to the three Unsullied who entered inside before her bed, Greyworm removing his helmet. 

“Your grace, forgive me for disturbing you but I have urgent news”

“You are forgiven Greyworm, tell me, what is this urgent news you have to share?” Dany replied as she felt Yara worm her finger down her stomach underneath the furs, out of Greyworm's sight.  

“Our scouts have returned for Kings Landing your grace, they say they met with the Lord Commander of the city watch, the gold cloaks” Feeling Yara’s fingers slid into her womanhood Dany felt a sudden jolt of erotic excitement ignite her loins.

“And what did the l…lord commander have to say?” Dany replied as she slurred her words with the slightest of giggles, Yara’s fingers rubbing against her clit. 

“He claims Sansa Stark is no longer within the city. He told our scouts that she has taken her forces and fled north to Winterfell along with her council rather then stay and defend the city”

“Oohhhh” Dany squeaked with pleasure as Yara danced her fingers across her clit, forcing Dany into a fluster. 

“Your grace?” 

“Very good Greyworm. Call my small council together and or…order my army ready to march” Dany replied as she tried to compose herself, her leg beginning to shake from excitement underneath the furs. 

“It will be done my Queen” Greyworm replied as he bowed and left the tent with the Unsullied. Dany turned back to Yara. 

“Sometimes I really hate you”

“Sometimes I really can’t help it” Yara smirked as she kissed her.

“Well…I suppose you have already gotten me started…. finish me” Dany ordered with a playful smirk as she threw her head back, Yara disappearing in between her open legs. 

The pleasures of bedding other women. 



Later that day as noon gripped the skies above Daenerys Targaryen led her army triumphantly along the Rose road for Kings Landing. Clad in the black tunic and crimson cloak colours of her house Dany ordered the three headed dragon banner be raised for all to see, the earth beneath her stallions hooves shaking to the fearsome march of her eunuch army, a sea of Essosi shields and spears awash upon the rich green lands of Westeros, the Unsullied’s black armour gleaming in the suns light. 

I am Daenerys Stromborn of house Targaryen, the first of my name, The Great, The Unburnt, Queen of the Andals and Rhoynar of the first men, the Queen of Meereen and the Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Protector of the Realm, Lady Regent of the Seven Kingdoms, the Breaker of Chains. 

Dany told herself as Drogon flew overhead, his monstrous wings flapping above. 

And Mother of Dragons. 

She smiled as she rode over a small hill overlooking the horizon and gazed a magnificent sight. Before her, along the edges of the Blackwater, the Red Keep stood proudly in open embrace of her arrival, the white towers of the Great Sept of Baelor and ruins of the Dragonpit atop the hill of Rhaenys glistening into the suns light. 

“Kings Landing my Queen” Yara said as she joined her on horse back at her side.

“It’s even more beautiful then I imagined” Dany replied as she eyed a small gathering of gold cloaks assembling at the Gate of the Gods. 

“What do you suppose they are doing?” Missandei asked. 

“They look as if they are preparing to greet us your grace” Greyworm suggested. 

“If that is so, let us show them who they will be greeting” Sat Queenly upon her stallion Dany watched and waited with Yara, Missandei and Obara at her side as Greyworm ordered her Unsullied to form a wide column of the steel along the hillside in a open declaration of her power and authority for all of Kings Landing to bare witness. Eventually, down by the Gate of the Gods the small party of gold cloaks departed. 

My time as finally come. The time of the Drogon Queen has begun. 

With her back straight, shoulders back and with her head held high Daenerys, Yara and Greyworm rode forth to meet the party of gold cloaks upon the open grassy plain before the city walls. 

“Which one of you is Daenerys Targaryen?” The Lord Commander of gold cloaks asked as the two party’s met. 

“I am Daenerys Targaryen” Dany replied, her voice filled with commanding confidence. The gold cloaks bowed their heads. 

“Your grace, the great city of Kings Landing is open to you. Your forces will not meet any resistance from my men. The Iron Throne has been abandoned”

“Abandoned?” Dany inquired. 

“Sansa Stark is gone. She fled the Red Keep during the night taking all of the northmen, her council and the royal fleet with her” The Lord Commander responded. 

“How do I know this is not a deception?”

“I can only offer you the honour of my word your grace. I have not come to deceive you, Kings Landing is open to you and your army, I but only ask that you show the people of this city mercy, we do not wish to be sacked a second time”

Daenerys pondered his words.

“As Queen of the Seven Kingdoms Lord Commander I assure you, no man, woman or child shall be harmed by my men. I have not come to punish you, the people of this city shall not be blamed for the crimes of Sansa Stark or Margaery Tyrell. All I ask for is your allegiance” Daenerys declared. The Lord Commander drew his sword and held it high above his head. 

“ALL HAIL THE QUEEN” He declared much to her delight. 



Ordering her Unsullied back into marching formation Daenerys Targaryen rode at the head of her eunuch army underneath the Gate of the Gods and through onto the streets of Kings Landing, met by sprawling crowds of commoners inside the Gods courtyard, stretching along the main street and up to the Red Keep. With Yara close at her rear Daenerys lost herself and basked in the triumph of her conquest as men, woman and child poured out into the streets to greet her, chanting in unison as she passed them by. 


The people love me. The stories I was told as a child are true. They have longed for my return. 

Dany reflected as she rode up the main street, the Unsullied at her rear breaking formation and spreading throughout the veins of the city to secure it in the name of house Targaryen.  


The crowds continued to chant as flower petals rain down upon her from the roof tops above. 

The people of Kings Landing love their Queen.  

Making her way across cobblers square and passing the Great Sept of Baelor Daenerys halted her triumphant march before the drawbridge of the Red Keep as her Unsullied flooded inside the castle to secure it before she entered. 

“The common folk love you my Queen, say something to them” Yara encouraged her as the crowds swelled before the entrance of the Red Keep, only a line of armoured Unsullied keeping them back. Climbing down from her stallion and with Yara at her side Daenerys approached the crowds and spoke. 


“ALL HAIL QUEEN DAENERYS. ALL HAIL QUEEN DAENERYS” They chanted before her as she smiled. 

“They love me”

“What is not to love about you” Yara said as she took her by the hand and kissed her on the lips before the crowd. “Now come on. Let us sit you on your throne and get our daughter back” Smiling while gazing into each others eyes Daenerys and Yara walked hand in hand across the castles drawbridge and into the royal courtyard. Entering through the grand arched entrance of the Red Keep Daenerys and Yara ascended the steps to the throne room where Greyworm and his Unsullied waited. 

“Your grace we are just about to take the through room”

“Well get on with it, the Queen is waiting” Yara joked much to Dany’s amusement. Watching the Unsullied as they pushed open the grand iron doors of the throne room Greyworm and his men flooded inside, followed closely by Daenerys and Yara close at her rear. Inside the throne room lay empty, but not lifeless. As the suns bright light shone through the stained glass windows above and down onto the rich marble floors below the Iron Throne stood defiant upon the steps of power, awaiting the arrival of its rightful Queen. But upon the Iron Throne something stirred. Protected by sharp blades and jagged edges Visenya Targaryen lay wrapped in a crimson cloak, wriggling as she kicked her little newborn legs and feet. 

“Visenya?” Dany let slip, overwhelmed with surprise and relief. Watching as Yara pushed past the Unsullied she ran across the throne room and up the steps of power. As Yara picked their daughter up Dany followed as paced franticly after her. 

“Is it her? Is she alright? She has not been harmed has she?” Dany demanded to know. Yara smiled in response as she turned to her with Visenya safely within her arms. 

“She’s fine” Yara replied as Daenerys looked down upon her daughter, Visenya’s fire blazoned Targaryen eyes looking back at her.         

“Do not worry little one, both your mothers here for you” Dany said as she stroked her little tuffs of white gold Targaryen hair, before gifting her a kiss upon her forehead and taking her into her own arms. 

Sansa Stark did not harm her. Why? Why would she not keep her to use against me? it doesn’t make any sense. 

Pacing back and forth before the Iron Throne with Visenya in her arms Obara Martell entered the throne room with her Dornish guard and bowed before the steps of power.

“My Queen Kings Landing is yours” She declared. 

“And no sign of Sansa Stark or her forces?” Dany asked of her. 

“Non your grace, the Lord Commander was right. The mighty SheWolf has fled north with her tale between her legs” 

“More like between her cunt” Yara laughed much to Obara’s amusement. “But it is not just Kings Landing that is yours my Queen and loving wife. The Seven Kingdoms of Westeros and the Iron Throne itself” Yara said as she walked backwards down the steps of power and drew forth her Kraken engraved axe, Greyworm, Missandei and the Unsullied also gathering at the base of the throne. With a calm Queenly confidence and dignified authority Daenerys took her rightful place upon the Iron Throne with Visenya in her arms. 

“ALL DAENERYS STORMBORN OF HOUSE TARGARYEN, FIRST OF HER NAME, THE GREAT, THE UNBURNT, QUEEN OF THE ANDELS AND RHOYNAR OF THE FIRST MEN, THE QUEEN OF MEEREEN AND THE KHALEESI OF THE GREAT GRASS SEA, PROTECTOR OF THE REALM, LADY REGENT OF THE SEVEN KINGDOMS, THE BREAKER OF CHAINS AND MOTHER OF DRAGONS……ALL HAIL DAENERYS, ALL HAIL THE QUEEN” Yara Greyjoy declared, her voice echoing throughout the throne room and she knelt down on one knee before her, Missandei, Obara, Greyworm and the rest of the Unsullied also kneeling before her in a moving display of loyalty and triumph. 

“ALL HAIL DAENERYS, ALL HAIL THE QUEEN. ALL HAIL DAENERYS, ALL HAIL THE QUEEN” Yara and her followers chanted in unison as she looked down upon them from the Iron Throne. A sense of destiny fulfilled.  

The age of my rule has begun. But I cannot help but feel something is wrong. Why would Sansa just abandoned the city to me? and the lost of Queenship that would entail. Something is not right. 

“ALL HAIL DAENERYS, ALL HAIL THE QUEEN. ALL HAIL DAENERYS, ALL HAIL THE QUEEN” They continued to chant. A weak tremor rattling the blades of the Iron Throne. 

Something is not right. 

“Something is not right” She said, her voice drowned out by the chanting of her followers. Suddenly an explosion rocked the Red Keep from deep within the bowels of Aegon’s high hill. Looking up to the ceiling arches of the throne room as they quivered in their ancient bindings Yara and the Unsullied immediately eased their chanting and rose to their feet.

“What in the drowned god was that?” Yara demanded to know of Greyworm who looked just as puzzled as she. For a moment more silence took the throne room, Visenya beginning to cry in her arms.

She can feel it too.  

“We must leave now” Dany ordered of her wife and council from atop the throne. Her words falling on their ears to late. Suddenly rocked by multiple explosions from underneath the ancient foundations of the Red Keep Daenerys watched in stunned horror as a intense blast of wildfire erupted forth from the centre of the throne rooms floor. 

I have walked into a trap. 

In the few, fleeting moments before the emerald flames hit Daenerys turned to Obara, Greyworm, Missandei, her Unsullied, but most of all Yara one last time before the flames consumed them all. Upon the Iron Throne Daenerys watched as the wildfire took Yara from her, incinerating her skin and reducing her bones to dust at an instant.

“NNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” Dany screamed as Yara’s ashes were blown across the steps of power, followed by a raging wall of wildfire exploding forth into every direction. In a sudden moment of motherly instinct Daenerys shielded Visenya from the full force of the blast as the Wildfire enveloped them both. Lost within a searing chaotic haze Daenerys felt her clothes burned from her body at an instant as she fought to keep herself conscious, the wildfire stripped her of everything, her wife, her best friend, the mother of her future child, her army, her city, even her throne, its steel tips and the jagged blades turning red and melting underneath her buttocks in the intense heat as she was thrown back by the explosions force into a vortex of emerald flame. Naked and dazed but with Visenya still alive within her protective womb of wildfire Daenerys could fight no more as she fell into darkness. 

Fire Cannot Kill A Dragon. 


Chapter Text

Off the coast of Westeros, upon the calming waters of the Narrow Sea Sansa Stark prowled the top deck of her ship, Wolf's Vengeance for all to see. With the large royal fleet at her rear, each ship flying the grey direwolf banner of house Stark, Sansa impatiently dug her nails into the side of the ship, slowly but surely peeling back the wood underneath her finger nails in deep anticipation and frustration.

Cowards. The Pyromancer's have betrayed me just like everybody else. 

Sansa ranted to herself as she begun to grit her teeth, her eyes fixed upon the Red Keep as it still stood defiantly on Aegons Hill while Daenerys’ dragon Drogon circled the city above in an erratic fashion. 

I wonder if the beast can sense what I have planned for its mother.  

Pacing back and forth upon the deck once more Sansa suddenly spotted a tense ripple on the surface of the water, followed by a deafening explosive echo which cried out across the seas. 

Could it be?

Looking back to the city Sansa basked in an sadistic ecstasy of delight as she watched the ancient foundations of the Red Keep shudder and shake violently. Its defiant stone walls erupting outwards from the base of Aegon’s hill into a majestic fountain of emerald flame. Watching in awe as the Great Hall shattered, the Towers of the Hand and White Sword collapsed and Maegor’s Holdfast was blown to dust at an instant Sansa shook with excitement as the emerald plume of Wildfire took on the silhouette of a wolf as it rose high into the sky before raining down upon the city, showering the cobbled roof tops of Kings Landing and setting the city a blaze. At her rear the Stark fleet fell into a cold, unfeeling silence as the soldiers posted upon the decks of her ships stood stone faced as the wildfire sacked the city before their eyes, its flames reducing every blacksmith, tavern, brothel and fishmonger to ashes. As the wildfire climbed the high crystal towers of the Great Sept of Baelor Sansa listened to the dying screams of men, women and child as their voices echoed across the water from the shoreline. 

Daenerys Targaryen is responsible for this slaughter not I. She forced my hand and I played, for the throne, for my family, for my daughters birth right. 

Sansa resolved as a great plume of black smoke rose from the newly forged ruins of the Red Keep, high into the afternoons sky, shrouding the burning city in a cloak of darkness.   

“I’ve done it” Sansa smiled, her hands shaking. “I’ve won” She laughed to herself. 

“Congratulations your grace” Lord Hand Petyr Baelish said as he ascended the steps of her ship to greet her upon the top deck, both overlooking the burning city. “Your cunning deception has worked”

“I have done what all have failed to do before me. The complete destruction of my enemies” 

“What do you intend to do now that Daenerys Targaryen is dead?” He asked.

“With Daenerys Targaryen dead that leaves me the victor. I intend to rule these Kingdoms lord Petyr, but not from Kings Landing. The time of dragons, lions and stags is over, the time of the wolf has begun” Sansa declared. “I will return to Winterfell. I have to reassure the northern lords of my position as Queen as well as to establish the new capital of the Seven Kingdoms. From Winterfell I shall rule”

“Winterfell is far to the north your grace, many southerns will be hard pressed to support you under such a move”

“What other choice do they have? I have reduced Kings Landing to a smoking ruin while Daenerys Targaryen lies dead, along with any other pretender with a force strong enough to oppose me. The southern lords who turned on me to support Daenerys shall come crawling north for my forgiveness, before I remove their heads one by one from their traitorous shoulders with my blade” Sansa smirked. 

“I have a better suggestion your grace” Lord Petyr replied. 

“And what would that be?”

“Let me travel the south with an army to rally support to you, name me Protector of the south in your stead while you return to Winterfell and rebuild your kingdom of the north. I know many of the northern lords have long resented being a part of the Seven Kingdoms but if you return to them with the gift of being the newly dominant Kingdom within the realm they will overlook recent events and continue to support you”

Even after I destroyed the Iron Throne the wheel keeps on spinning. You plan to steal the south out from under me lord Baelish, I know you too well.

“Very well lord Baelish, kneel” Before her Petyr Baelish knelt down on one knee. Waiting as a servant brought her families Valyrian steel sword forward Sansa drew Ice from its sleeve. 

“As Queen Sansa of the house Stark, first of my name, Queen of the Andels, of the first Men and of the North, Protector of the Realm, the SheWolf and Lady Regent of the Seven Kingdoms. I bestow upon you lord Petyr of the house Baelish, the title of Lord Protector of the southern Kingdoms, to unite and guard them as my warden, until the day I return south to stake my claim upon them” Sansa proclaimed as she rested Ice’s blade upon his shoulders.

He plans to steal the south from me. I know it. But he also speaks the truth. I need time to assure the northern lords that I am still in control, if not I will have to purge them all. Lord Petyr can secure the south while I the north, the north has more men and will be able to easily overwhelm the war torn south.     

“Thank you your grace. It is a true honour” With that Sansa watched as Lord Petyr rose and departed her ship, bound for his own, the mockingbird of his house brandished upon its sails. 

“What are your orders your grace?” Her captain asked of her. 

“The fleet will break into two, half will accompany lord Baelish. The rest shall return north with me. When we are ready, set sail for White Harbour” She ordered.

“It will be done your grace” With that her captain left to give orders to the men. Eventually, as the initial dying screams echoing across the water faded Sansa listened as the ruins of Kings Landing continued to burn in the distance as she retired to her cabin, the Stark fleet dispersing into two grouped formations. Lord Petyr’s own Mockingbird leading one south while Wolf’s Vengeance led the second fleet north along the Westerosi coast, the direwolf of house Stark fluttering in the coming winds. 



Later that night as darkness crept across the Narrow Sea Sansa lay naked inside her cabin upon a bed of freshly skinned wolf furs, Arya rested upon her chest as she suckled upon her tit for her mothers milk.

My breasts may not be able to feed her but they can comfort her.

Sansa calmly reflected as she brushed her fingers gently through Arya’s autumn burnt tuffs of hair, the cold sea breeze running through her own autumn locks of braided fire as it blew against her through her cabins open window. 

“Everything I do, I do for you my dear sweet daughter.” Sansa said as she looked deep into Arya’s winter kissed eyes. “All your enemies are dead and your birth right is secure little one. But it is still not good enough. Daenerys Targaryen took Margaery from us both, your mother and the woman I love. But she did not do it alone. A Red priestess of Asshai helped her take your mother from us, and it is her who shall help bring her back”  

Sansa told Arya as she held her close within her arms while gazing up at Margaery Tyrell’s royal rose engraved coffin as it lay upon a table in the corner of her cabin. 

“Melisandre will bring Margaery back to us. If not. She will die screaming”


Chapter Text

Stood upon the black beaches of Dragonstone Daenerys Targaryen gazed upon the beauty of the Narrow Sea as the sun set on the western horizon. In open embrace of the sea Daenerys watched as a goddess emerged from the depths. Naked and covered in seaweed Dany stood in awe of Yara Greyjoy’s perfection as she set foot upon the flawless black sands and leapt into her arms.  

“I thought I had lost you” Dany said as she held her close and kissed her lips. 

“You already have” Yara coldly replied as a wave of Wildfire suddenly rose from the calm seas and swept onto the beach, turning her to ash in her arms. Dropping to her knees in despair Dany screamed as the Wildfire’s raged around her, the hands of all those who had been killed under her protection rising up out of the sands to drag her down.

“NO….PLEASE YARA, COME BACK TO ME. I’M SORRY I COULDN’T PROTECT YOU. I LOVE YOU” She pleaded as a hand of sand choked the life from her. 



Thrown back into the waking world Daenerys felt herself fade in and out of consciousness to the rough sounds of crashing waves and squawking birds as they circled in the skies above. 

Don’t let it be true. 

Dany begged as her final moments before darkness flashed before her eyes. The Wildfire erupting forth from the floor of the throne room to take all she loved. 

Pleased don’t let it be true. 

Dany begged once more as she remembered how the Wildfire had engulfed Missandei, Greyworm, Obara and Yara before her eyes, their ashes blown back agasint her before she too bathed in the Wildfires wrath. 

“GODS PLEASE DON’T LET THIS BE TRUE” Dany wept as she forced open her eyes. Laying naked and powerless upon a rock in the centre of the Blackwater Daenerys slowly rolled onto one side and crawled across the moss covered surface. Pushing aside slime covered seaweed and crabs as they scuttled across the surface of the rock into the small pools of salt water which surrounded her Dany deep down felt a freezing chill rattle her bones as large waves of water crashed agasint the rock at her rear, showering her in freezing sea waters as sand, seaweed and soot caked her fair skin and soiled her white gold locks of Targaryen royalty. As the stench of ash and death filled the air around her Dany crawled on all fours into the centre of the rock. Away from the freezing waters and slime coated moss Daenerys collapsed onto one side as she glanced up to the smoking ruins of Kings Landing upon the hills of her ancestors Aegon, Visenya and Rhaenys. The Wildfire still raging deep within the city walls. 

I have lost everything, my army, my guards, my best friend, the woman who carried my unborn child, my wife. 

Dany reflected as tears rolled from her eyes. 

I failed them. They looked to their Queen to keep them safe and I failed them. Yara, Visenya. My little girl.

Daenerys wept as a raven flew down and landed at the base of the rock she sat stranded upon, a baby crying out at an instant. 


Daenerys recognised the tone of the cry instantly. 

“VISENYA?” She shouted as she crawled to her feet and stood upon the rock, feverishly searching for the source of the babe’s cries. 

“VISENYA WHERE ARE YOU?” She shouted as she looked down to the base of the rock behind her where the raven had landed. Upon a flat rock before her Visenya Targaryen lay, the raven stood over her, curious at what it had found.

“Visenya” Dany allowed herself a sigh of relief as she crawled back down the moss coated rock as fresh waves of cold water crashed against the rock, showering them both. “Visenya” She said once more as she crawled to her side, the raven flapping its wings and taking to the sky as she consoled her daughter. Removing as much soot and sand as she could from her soft newborn skin Daenerys held her tight within her arms to shield her from the waves as she turned and climbed back up the moss covered rock. 

“Do not cry little one. Do not cry my daughter. Your mother his here” Dany assured her as she held her close within her arms. “You survived the Wildfire” She cried as she looked deep into her fire blazoned Targaryen eyes. “You really are my daughter aren’t you” She smiled as she kissed her upon the forehead and sat her on her knee, a large wave crashing against the rock and drowning them both in freezing waters. 

“It was not supposed to be this way” Dany told Visenya as she looked up at the smoking ruins of the Red Keep. “I was supposed to rule from the Iron Throne, just as my father did before me. You, your mother and I where supposed to be a family. With you and her and your future brothers and sisters… I was going to forge a great empire for you to rule over once I was gone. It would have been glorious….but now” Dany wept as she pulled Visenya close once more, a great grief overtaking her, followed closely by a sudden deep anger the likes of which she had never felt before, a hate, the dragon awoken. 

“Sansa Stark” Dany hissed through gritted teeth. “It was her who did this. She took your mother from us. I swear to you my daughter. She will burn” She vowed, her freshly, Wildfire forged hate for Sansa Stark burning her body into a uncontrollable quiver “DROGOOOOOOOONNNNNN” Daenerys screamed to the sound of crashing waves, her commanding voice echoing across the blackwater. Less then a moment later a thunderous roar echoed back in response. Crawling to her feet Daenerys stood strong upon the rock as the city of her ancestors burned at her rear. With her back straight, shoulders back and head held high Daenerys held Visenya with one hand while she brandished a clenched fist in the other, a fiery inferno of Targaryen resolve and might donned across her face. 

Sansa Stark will pay for this. For Missandei, for Obara, for Greyworm, for Yara.

Watching as Drogon descended from the clouds above he hovered overhead. Flapping his monstrous as he landed upon the rock Daenerys Targaryen forcefully mounted the dragons back before giving the command for him to take off. As Visenya fell asleep cradled within the safety of her arms Daenerys rode Drogon nude through the clouds, away from the smoking ruins of Kings Landing and over the Narrow Sea, bound for Essos. 

I will burn Sansa Stark alive for what she has done, but first I must make sure Visenya is safe.   

“Sweet Drogon” Daenerys whispered to her dragon. “Take me back to Meereen”


Chapter Text

As the last of the heavy winter snows blew south across the Wall and down over the Kingdom of the North from the lands of always winter Sansa Stark rode at the head of a mighty column of Northern cavalry, the grey direwolf banner flapping defiantly against the cold. Donning a grey tunic, adorned with leaping wolf’s, leather riding breeches and a cloak of freshly hunted wolfs fur Sansa took in a deep breath of the cold northern air, allowing it to cleanse her body and mind of the south as the last falling flakes of winter graced her Tully locks of autumn fire.

I am home. 

Sansa reflected as she sighted the towers of Winterfell in the distance, nestled upon a field of ice. 

“We are home little one”

She smiled as she looked down at Arya Tyrell who lay wrapped warm in wolf furs underneath her cloak asleep. 

“Time to meet your brother” 

Across snow capped fields and Winter Town Sansa led her army, the commoners of the town all emerging from the warmth of their homes to witness their Queen and Princesses return. Up to the gates of Winterfell and through the main archway into the courtyard she rode, the banners of house Stark fluttering upon every wall and castle peak. Before the entrance of the great hall all of Winterfells, knights, servants and visiting nobility awaited, all kneeling before her as she dismounted her stallion. 

Winterfell is just as I remember it. 

She smiled as she held Arya close underneath her furs, the snows falling heavier from above. Pausing for a moment Sansa felt her heart skip a beat with excitement and slight nervousness as she sighted a young, brown haired boy knelt where the lord of the castle is mean't to be stood. Approaching the boy Sansa watched as he held his position knelt down before her before allowing him to rise. At an instant they met, cold Stark eyes gazing up at her, shrouded in a layer of Bolton ancestry.   

He is beginning to look like Ramsay.  

She thought as her son gulped in his mother presence, clearly nervous to see her.      

He may look like a Bolton, but deep down he is a Stark. 

“Winterfell is yours your grace” Robb Stark declared to her, his voice tingling with nerves.  

“I would rather you call me mother” She warmly replied as she knelt down and granted Robb a kiss upon the forehead, before pulling him close into a protective motherly embrace. “You have gotten so big, not a day has gone by when I have not thought of you” Sansa smiled. 

“I have missed you too your….errm mother” Robb smiled back, the first of his baby teeth lost with age. 

“Ros” Sansa said as she bowed before her.

“Your grace”

“You have watched over my son well” 

“In truth I think it is Robb who has watched over me. He’s a very smart boy…just like his mother” 

If only you knew the truth.

“I have someone for you to meet Robb” Unfurling her cloak Sansa presented Robb to his sister. “This is Arya, your baby sister” Smiling as Robb took Arya in his little arms Sansa watched as his face lit up with excitement. 

“She is beautiful mother….but very sleepy” He said much to Sansa’s amusement.   

“I know. Take her inside for me will you?” Sansa asked of him as her gaze turned to the many northern lords ready to receive her, lords Glover and Manderly, and the young lady KarStark among them. “Your mother has important matters to attend too” 



Later that evening Sansa found herself sat at the head of Winterfell’s great hall, glancing aimlessly into the warmth of great hearth as its flames raged within, the moans and groans of her lords and ladies bickering in the background. 

“And what if the south marches against us as revenge for Kings Landings?” Lord Umber asked. 

“The southerns are weak now, our Queen has seen to that. They have nor the strength, nor men to march against us. And if they try we shall do to them what we did to the fucking Lannisters” Lord Hornwood replied. 

“It is not the southerns who worry me, it is Daenerys and her Dragon” Sansa suddenly slammed her fist down upon the great table before her, silencing the hall in one swift motion. 

They know who rules them. 

“Daenerys Targaryen is dead. She is no longer a threat to the North” Sansa reaffirmed. 

“But her Dragon is not, what if it makes it’s way north?” Lord Glover replied. 

“Oh piss off, a Dragon would not come this far north” Lord Hornwood declared. 

“But what if it does come north? Dragons are unpredictable creatures” Lady KarStark said. 

“I agree” Sansa replied. “Daenerys Targaryen may be dead but her dragon will still be alive. That is why I have asked lady Mormont to allow us to cut down some of the tree’s of bear island so we might build scorpion crossbows. To be used incase Daenerys’ dragon wonders into the skies over the north”

“A wise move my Queen” Lord Hornwood replied. 

“Aye but not wise enough” Lord Glover scoffed as he rose to his feet. “My Queen, myself, lord Manderly and lady KarStark desire to speak with you in private”

How dare you make demands of me in front of the lords.  

“Of course lord Glover” Sansa replied as she turned to the rest of the hall. “Leave us” On her words the rest of the Northern lords and ladies filed out from the great hall, the doors closing behind them, leaving nothing but the crackling flames of her hearth and three rebellious lords. 

“Now. What do you desire to speak with me about?” Sansa coldly asked. 

“What you did in Kings Landing my Queen. I have no love for the southerns, especially after what happened to your late father lord Eddard. But to blow up an entire city with Wildfire….”

“I did what I had to do to ensure the defeat of our enemies” Sansa coldly responded. 

“But where does it end? how long will it be before we face another threat? You named lord Littlefinger your lord protector of the south. He will rally support but not for you” Lady KarStark urged. 

“I am fully aware of lord Baelish’s intentions”

“I do not think you are my Queen. Lord Baelish has been a player in the game far longer then you, he will use the new title you have granted him to rally support against you and the north, and when that happens what shall you do? fill White Harbour, Karhold, Deepwood Motte and every other castle in the North to the brim with Wildfire?” Lord Manderly angrily scoffed. Sansa clenched her fists underneath the table in frustration.

If need be. 

You have learned much during your time in the south my Queen, but you confuse a final desperate act with victory” 

“Daenerys Targaryen is dead and I have spared the North another southern invasion. You ought to be more grateful lord Glover” Sansa hissed. 

“GRATEFUL?” Lord Glover shouted. “You blow a city full of people and then you return North as if nothing ever happened. You then sit in the same chair your noble lord father sat in and claim victory, but at what cost? I fought under your father and King Robert to overthrow a King who planned to do the same, we called him mad. I fought under you and Margaery Tyrell to overthrow a Queen who planned to do the same. Two rulers I have helped to overthrow in my life time, and now you expect me to bend the knee to a woman who did what those two rulers could not” Lord Glover spat on the floor. “What is to say you will not do to the North what you did to Kings Landing?”

“On my honour as a Stark…” Lord Glover cut her off. 

“Your honour?” Lord Glover spat once more. “Your father had honour, his father before him had honour, but you? You have no honour Sansa Stark, you were stripped of honour long ago by the Lannisters, Tyrell’s, Baelish” Sansa grit her teeth with anger at Lord Glovers words. “A woman with no honour, Stark or not, does not deserve to be the Queen in the North” Suddenly Sansa exploded. Slamming her fists down upon the table Sansa rose to her feet. 

“GURADS!” She shouted only for a flood of heavily armed Stark soldiers to pour into the great hall and surround the three lords. 

“I will not tolerate disloyalty” Lord Glover spat on the floor a final time. 

“Fuck you Sansa Stark, you are not worthy of the peoples loyalty” Sansa laughed at his words. 

“It is the loyalty of the lords I require. As for the people, so long as they fear me what does it matter?” 

Ordering her men to attack Sansa retook her chair and savoured the taste of a fleshly opened casket of Arbor wine from her goblet as Stark blades pierced the bellies of lords Glover, Manderly and Lady KarStark. Laughing as they cried out in pain and struggled for their lives Sansa lean’t forward and threw her finished goblet off lord Glovers head as he fell to the floor, blood pouring from his gut over the great halls stone floor as the Stark soldiers stabbed him and the others over and over again.  

“When they are dead hang their bodies from the outer wall, it will serve as a warning to any who think they can openly oppose the Queen in the North”



Calmed by wine and warmth, Sansa watched from her chambers window as lord Glover’s body was hung from Winterfell’s southern wall by the main gate underneath a bright aurora coated midnight’s sky.

How I have missed the North. How I have missed my home. How I have missed my children. 

Sansa reflected as she turned and strolled towards her bed. Inside Robb slept soundly with Arya wrapped safely within his arms, both bundled underneath the SheWolf’s furs. 

“You have no idea how much I love you both” She whispered to them in their blissful slumber. “I will always be here for you my children. You are both the heirs of Winterfell, young Wolf’s, true Starks just like me” Sansa said as she gently bundled another layer of fur underneath them to shield them from her chambers creeping cold. “You both deserve so much. Glory, kingdoms, power, happiness” Sansa gulped. “And a mother” Leaving her son and daughters side as they slept Sansa ordered her servants put more logs onto the fire before she left. Making her way through Winterfell’s narrow stone passageways Sansa made her way down a stone spiral staircase to the guest chambers on the lower levels of the castle, outside one of which two towering Stark soldiers stood guard. Clad in steel and snow they bowed as she approached and opened the chamber to her without a word being said. Closing it behind her the Red Woman of Asshai, Melisandre stirred underneath scented bath waters by the chambers hearth, its flames blazing an intense heat throughout the chamber. 

“Melisandre” Sansa greeted her with a cold scowl. 

“Child, I have been expecting you” Melisandre replied with a smirked which burned through her chilling glare. 

“I trust my men have satisfied you with everything you need?”

“My every need has been satisfied. But why? Do you plan to take me into your bed?” Melisandre jested. 

“Like Daenerys took you into her own and created a shadow” Sansa replied much to Melisandre’s amusement.  

“It was not I who created the shadow which killed your wife” Melisandre said as she rose naked from the hot bath waters and stepped forth upon the chambers cold stone floor, her pale feminine form on display for Sansa’s eyes to feast upon. “My body is but a vessel child. A vessel for the lord of light to do with as he pleases. It was he and Daenerys Targaryen who created the shadow which took Margaery from you. I merely give birth to it” Melisandre said as she turned her back to her and unfurled her long locks of crimson flame down her slender back, Sansa’s eyes roaming up and down Melisandre’s body. 

This has to be a trick. Is she using magic to seduce me?

“You like what you see child, yet you hide it poorly. Your love of women is known all over the Seven Kingdoms” She said as she covered her naked body in warm wolf fur. 

“There is only one woman I love” Sansa replied as she turned to the door. “GUARDS!” Watching as the chambers door opened two of her guards came in carrying a dead body. Wrapped in a rich emerald cloak of sprawling golden roses the body was placed upon a table in the centre of the chamber. Ordering her men from the chamber Sansa approached the table and slowly unfurled the body’s rich emerald wrappings. Pale skinned and nude Margaery Tyrell’s lifeless corpse lay in the hearths warm embrace, a deep scar between her breasts where the shadow of Daenerys Targaryen had plunged ice’s blade into her beating heart.  

She is as pale as the Red Woman. Could she be dead also?

Sansa thought as she turned to Melisandre. 

“You will bring her back to me” She said. 


“You will bring Margaery back to me” Sansa demanded. 

“What you ask of me is too much” Melisandre dismissed her. 

“You took her life using the Red Gods magic, you can use it to bring her back. I have read about it in the Maester’s scrolls”

“She has been dead for far too long” Melisandre replied as she run her fingers over Margaery’s cheeks. 

“You have to try” She protested as Melisandre inspected the body. “Why did you help Daenerys kill her?” Sansa asked of her as she broke away from the body and stared deep into the hearths flame. 

“The lord of light showed me a vision in the flames. A vision of two young Queens ruling Westeros together, one born of ice, the other of fire, a balance restored. A new era born”

“I would never share Westeros with the likes of her, nor she me” Sansa scoffed. 

“Perhaps you are right child, perhaps the two Queens I saw were not you and Daenerys Targaryen” Melisandre admitted. 

“Regardless of your vision, Daenerys Targaryen is dead. You helped her take away the woman I loved, but you can help bring her back” She said, a silence falling over the chamber between the two. 

“In truth, I do not know if I can child” 

“My honour does not mean much to people anymore, it will be what I am remembered for once I am gone, unlike my father…… But bring her back to me. Bring Margaery back to me and I swear on my honour as a Stark I will grant you your freedom, so long as you leave Westeros and never return” Sansa knelt down on one keen. 

“I beg of you” Sansa pleaded as she looked up into Melisandre’s ruby eyes. 

“What if I refuse?” She replied. Sansa gulped. 

“Then I shall have you taken outside and your head removed from your shoulders” Melisandre smirked. 

“I have lived a long life child, I would welcome such a death as a blessing, if the lord of light himself wills it” Melisandre took her hand. “I will try to bring back your precious Margaery. It is clear to me now that you are not one I saw in the flames” 



As the bright aurora over the sky’s of Winterfell faded into the darkest of night Sansa listened as the Wolf’s of the North howled in the distance as she stood alongside Melisandre in the chamber. With Margaery’s pale corpse laid out nude before the roaring flames Sansa watched with jagged nerves as Melisandre paced around the body, readying herself for the ritual. Watching as she soaked the ends of Margaery’s brown Tyrell locks in a bowl of clear water, the Red Woman of Asshai recited the verses of an ancient foreign tongue as she begun to cut small locks from Margaery’s hair and cast them into the hearths fire, its flame spitting and crackling to the tone of her voice. The great ruby choker at her throat shimmering in its light.   

This will work. It has to work.      

Sansa felt her palms shake as Melisandre held out her hand above Margaery’s chest and recited the final verse of the ritual.

Come back to me Margaery. Come back to me.  

Reciting the final words of the ritual Melisandre kept her palm held out over Margaery’s corpse with no signs of life. For a moment longer they waited in silence before Melisandre repeated the ancient words but still Margaery did not move. Deep down Sansa felt her heart sink. 

“I am sorry child. She is gone” Choking back her tears Sansa felt a sudden rage overwhelm her. 

“No. It is I who am sorry” Sansa replied as a tear rolled down her cheek. “GUARDS!” On her words the two towering Stark guards outside the chambers door burst inside. “One of you take the Priestess outside into the courtyard while the other…..” She felt herself hesitate for a moment. “The other is to fetch me my sword” Sansa ordered as another tear rolled down her other cheek. Watching as the guards dragged Melisandre from the chamber Sansa took one more look at Margaery’s corpse before leaving. Following close behind her guard as Melisandre was dragged out into Winterfell’s main courtyard and thrown down into the snow her guard bowed at her feet as he presented her with ice. Pulling forth her families ancestral sword from it sleeve below a sea of stars Sansa rested herself upon the blades hilt as Melisandre was forced onto her knees before her. 

“In the name of Queen Margaery of the house Tyrell, first of her name, Queen of the Andels and of the first men, the rose of Highgarden, Protector of the Realm and Lady of the Seven Kingdoms, I, Queen Sansa of the House Stark, hereby sentence you to death. Do you have any last words?” Sansa declared as she gazed down at Melisandre before her. 

“The lord of light has a plan for us all child. You and Margaery were not destine to sit upon the Iron Throne, neither was Daenerys Targaryen. I only hope you will make peace with that, before for the battle of ice and fire begins” Watching as Melisandre calmly and confidently held out her neck, she smiled as Sansa gripped the hilt of her sword to make the swing. “Swing hard and swing fast Sansa Stark, for the night is dark and full of terrors” Melisandre declared as a strong gust of wind descend upon the courtyard, putting out every torch and fire in sight and startling the horses. As their startled cries echoed through the courtyard Sansa angrily swung her Valyrian great sword over her head and descended it down upon Melisandre’s neck, cutting her head from her shoulders with one clean strike. As Melisandre’s head fell and rolled across the courtyard, her warm blood poured out upon the snow, smoking and hissing as the great ruby choker around her neck also fell, pulsing before her eyes. 

“What shall we do with the body your grace?” One of the guards asked of her. 

“Burn it” Sansa snapped as she handed her sword over to another guard to be cleaned. “As for the ruby……” Sansa continued, almost captivated by its shimmer and spender. “Send it to my chambers”

“At once your grace” 



Returning to the chamber where Margaery’s body lay Sansa closed the door behind her and stood over the body of her dead wife. Still pale and lifeless she was, a corpse. 

“I am sorry Margaery. I am sorry I let you down” Sansa said with tear filled eyes as she turned and looked out of the chambers window, the gentle crackle of the hearths flame filling the chambers air. In silence she gazed out upon the North, until Margaery suddenly took in her first gasps of life. 

“HHHHHUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHUUUUUUUU” Margaery rasped as her body jolted back to life, her eyes wide open. Startled, Sansa swung herself around at an instant and stood frozen with fear, and then shock as the rose of Highgarden gasped heavily upon the table in a panic. With her heart racing and unable to move Sansa watched as Margaery rose majestically before the fires light, her arms and legs shaking as her deep gasps quivered from the shock of rebirth. Wide eyed as she looked upon her hand as it shivered her eyes finally met Sansa’s own.    

“Margaery?” Sansa asked as she took a step forward.

“S..Sansa?” Margaery replied with a look of fear upon her face as she tried to scurry down from the table, her quivering legs giving way as she fell naked to the cold stone before the flames.

“MARGAERY” Sansa shouted as she leapt to her side. Removing her fur cloak and coating Margaery’s naked body in its warmth Sansa held her close as she pulled her to her feet.  “I’ve got you. I’ve got you” Sansa told her as she helped Margaery around the table and sat her on the edge of the chambers bed.

“What is happening?” She asked. 

“What do you remember?”

“We..we were together you and I” Margaery stuttered. “I asked you to get me more wine, and then. You screamed. The shadow?” Margaery remembered as she looked down upon the deep scar between her breasts. “It stabbed me with your sword, right through the heart. I should be dead” 

“You were dead. But the Red Woman brought you back…… I brought you back”

“How is that possible?” Margaery asked of her, her tone noticeably calmer. 

“I do not fully understand it. But you are alive now, the lord of light has brought you back to me Margaery, and your daughter”

“Arya? how is she? is she safe?” Margaery feverishly demanded to know. 

“She is safe” Sansa replied as she kissed Margaery passionately upon the lips, the SheWolf and the Rose embracing each other once more. “We are all safe”


Chapter Text

As dusk descended upon the Bay of Dragons Daenerys Targaryen allowed herself a brief moment to revel in the warm Essosi winds as Drogon flew high over scorched Ghiscari deserts, the heat blazing through her exotic white gold locks of Targaryen spender. 

I never thought I would miss this place.   

Dany reflected as she rode Drogon nude over the painted mountains before swooping down above the Black Cliff’s and across the warm waters of the bay, bound for Meereen. 

Let us hope Daario still has control of the city. Else we shall have to take it back ourselves sweet daughter.

Daenerys thought as she gazed down upon Visenya Targaryen who lay cradled within her arms, suckling at her tit for mothers milk. 

Yara should be here. 

“We should arrive soon. I cannot wait for you to see the great pyramid” Dany told her as she flew Drogon into the red sunset.



As night enveloped the bay Daenerys sighted the lights of Meereen in the distance. Closer and closer to the city Drogon flew before sweeping high above its towering defensive walls, there ancient sandy bricks still adorned with the black and crimson banners of house Targaryen. 

The city is still mine.  

Dany breathed a sigh of relief as Drogon glided above the glistening candle lights of the city streets below, bound for her seat of power in the east. Before her the great pyramid of Meereen stood high above the city, dominating the skyline as a great monument to her conquest, the old Ghiscari Harpy gone, replaced by a fearsome gold statue of the three headed dragon, glistening in the moons light before a mounted base of roaring cauldrons.  

I was a conquerer when I departed this city. But what am I now?

Reaching the pyramids summit Dany held tight onto Drogon’s scales as he landed atop the golden dragon of the pyramid and extended his long neck down towards Daenerys’ chamber. With her back sore from three days and nights of riding Dany felt her legs shake as she dismounted. Shielding Visenya tightly within her arms Dany slid from the scales of Drogon’s back and dropped down upon the warm stone of her chambers balcony, Visenya landing softly upon her chest as Dany allowed her back to take the full force of the drop. 

“We are here. You are safe now” Daenerys smiled as she gazed deep into Visenya’s war torn eyes.   

She was born during war, just as I was born during a storm. We have both lost our mothers because of it. 

Daenerys thought as Visenya smiled back at her. 

One of your mother’s atleast.   

Dany reflected as she rose to her feed. The pain of Yara’s loss weighing heavy on her heart. Pushing her way through the white jewelled silk curtains of her old bed chambers Daenerys found Daario Naharis asleep atop her bed, a whore at his side.   

Right were I left him. 

“Daario I need you” Dany said as he stirred underneath the sheets. 

“Who needs me?” He tiredly replied. 

“Your Queen. Daenerys Stormborn of the house Targaryen” She commanding declared. Her loyal regent of Meereen rolling from her bed and falling to his knees before her. 

“My Queen, please forgive me….. I was not expecting….” Dany cut him off. 

“That does not matter. Order a bath be drawn for myself and my daughter. And bring us fruit and wine”

“Your daughter? but I thought you were in Westeros? have you taken the Iron Throne?” Daario demanded to know. 

“I do not wish to discuss it. The bath and food Daario. Now. My daughter has not eaten in days” 

“Yes your grace” Daario replied as he marched from the bed chamber.

“You are too feed Drogon as well”



Before long Daenerys found herself inside the grand Ghiscari bath chamber of the great pyramid, watching as Meereenese handmaidens filled her bath while taking a succulent bite into a ripe bundle of Essosi peaches, the peaches’ juice rolling down her chin and dropping onto the freshly cut wound upon her knee, the peaches’ blood stinging her own. As the juice burned her wound Daenerys watched as the scolding bath waters were drawn before her, the steam rising high amongst the ancient mosaics which adorned the chambers walls, depicting the wars, conquests and glory of old Ghis. 

The Valyrian Freehold conquered the Ghiscari and brought them to heel, just as I did to the Harpe’s of this city. Just as I shall do to the people of the North. But not Sansa Stark, she is not deserving of such mercy.    

Ordering her handmaidens away Daenerys took Visenya up into her arms and slowly descended the mosaic steps, down into the scolding thigh high waters of the great bath. Gliding her way through scented waters Daenerys bathed Visenya gently amongst floating flower petals, the soot and dried moss cleansed from her newborn skin and little white gold tuff’s of Targaryen hair. 

“Their you go, all clean” Dany smiled as she kissed Visenya’s forehead and held her tight within her arms.

“I cannot believe how much you look like me. When I first heard about you I did not believe it” She said as she sat Visenya upon her knees. “But now I see it” Dany continued “You and I are the last heirs of house Targaryen. You and I are destine to rule with fire and blood” She resolved. “You are only a week into this world and all you have known is bloodshed and war. You are born of war, as I am born of the storm” Dany reflected amongst the bath waters as she gazed deep into her eyes, a moment of blissful peace overwhelming her, shattered by Daario’s arrival.

“My Queen” He bowed. 

“Daario. Why do you disturb me” Dany coldly asked of her regent. 

“Apologies your grace…I..” Dany cut him off once more. 

“Did you feed Drogon?”

“Yes your grace, but I must know why you have returned. You departed this city with a grand army of Seconds sons, Unsullied and the Iron Fleet. I also send you an additional army of Unsullied which I ordered across Essos to aid you in your quest for the Iron Throne. Yet now you return to Meereen on Drogons back, naked and with a child you claim to be your own. What has happened my Queen?” Daario demanded to know.

“What have you heard?” Dany replied. 

“Only rumours from sailers and fisher folk out of Volantis, rumours that Kings Landing has been destroyed by Wildfire and that the Seven Kingdoms are in turmoil. Rumours that…..” Daario hesitated. “Rumours that you are dead”

“You of all people should know that fire cannot kill a dragon”

“Kings Landing has really been destroyed?” He asked. 

“My Throne with it” Dany replied. 


“I allowed myself to be blinded by victory. Sansa Stark had one final trap prepared for me, and I marched my army right into it” Dany looked to Daario. “After I took Kings Landing Sansa Stark ordered the Wildfire underneath the city, placed by my father ignited” Looking back to Visenya Dany felt a tear roll down her cheek. “In the few moments I sat the Iron Throne I watched everybody I loved died. Greyworm, Missandei, Obara. They are all dead. Yara is dead, the woman I love and the mother of my child is dead. And it is all because of Sansa Stark. Because I allowed her to out play me” Daenerys scorned.

“I am so sorry your grace” On his words Daenerys rose from the scolding bath waters with Visenya held close. Ascending the mosaic steps of the Ghiscari bath Dany placed Visenya gently down upon a bundle of soft furs and silks before turning her gaze out upon the city in contemplation.  

“Sansa Stark may have taken Yara but she has not taken our daughter. So long as she lives houses Targaryen and Greyjoy shall continue” Dany said as she stood uncaringly nude before her regent. 

Sansa Stark must suffer for what she has done to Yara, Missandei and Greyworm. My daughter and me.  

Dany felt herself shake with rage. 

“Can you teach me how to wield a sword?” Dany asked of Daario. 

“Of course your grace. But why?”

“Because I intend to take Drogon, ride back to Westeros and kill her” Dany replied without hesitation. 

“My Queen, you cannot be serious?”

“I am Daario. I swear upon my house, my daughter and my love for Yara Greyjoy that I will kill Sansa Stark or die in the attempt” Daenerys vowed.  

“Please do not do this my Queen, for your daughters sake if no one else. If what you say is true and Yara Greyjoy is dead, do not let her lose a second mother”

“Sansa Stark will die. I will bath that woman in dragon fire before I reduce her kingdom of the North to ashes” Daenerys clenched her fists. “Failing that I shall need a Valyrian steel sword to fight her with” Dany turned to Daario, a fiery resolved burned into her gaze. “I want you to send soldiers out into the city. Sack the homes of every noble family in Meereen and bring me all the Valyrian steel you can find” She demanded. 

“But your grace the peace is still fragile. The nobles may revolt”

“Let them revolt. Let us see how they fair agasint dragon fire” Dany scoffed. 

“As you wish your grace. But when the time comes let me come with you. Let me fly to Westeros and help you kill this, Sansa Stark” Daario insisted. 

“No you shall not. Should anything befall me Visenya will become Queen. The rightful Queen. You will help my daughter rule this city” Dany declared. 

“How my Queen? I am no father”

“I do not ask you to be her father. She is the blood of houses Targaryen and Greyjoy, a daughter of old Valyria and of the drowned god, of two women, she has no father. I ask you to be her guardian. Teach her. Guide her. Care for her. Never let her forget who she is, where she comes from, the peoples she will rule and the mothers who loved her” Gazing down at Visenya as she drifted off to sleep Dany wrapped her in rich Essosi silks. “Should I die you will pledge yourself. To Visenya Warborn of the house Targaryen, first of her name, the Unburnt, Queen of the Andels and Rhoynar of the first men, ruler of Meereen and Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Protector of the realm” Daenerys gently stoked her cheek with pride. “The True Queen of the Seven Kingdoms” She declared as she kissed her forehead, another tear rolling down her cheek. “By dragons fury my daughter. I will kill her for taking Yara from us. With Fire and Blood”


Chapter Text

As the last of the winter snows descended upon Winterfell freezing winds battered the castles ancient walls as the grey direwolf banners of house Stark fluttered defiantly amongst the darkness. Inside the royal bed chamber Margaery Tyrell lay sleepless, listening to the tender crackle of the chambers hearth, its flames dancing and diving as it shrouded the chamber in a blanket of roaring orange haze. At her rear the Queen in the North Sansa Stark slumbered peacefully, her arms ensnaring her at the hip, her naked body pressed against her own underneath the furs. 

By the gods its hot here.   

Margaery thought as she wiped the sweat from her brow and crawled from Sansa’s embrace. 

By the gods? Can I truly say that anymore? after what has happened. 

Climbing from her wife’s furs Margaery stood nude before the bed and stretched out her arms, her skin soaked from the chambers intense heat. 

I had forgotten how warm Winterfell’s chambers could get. It almost puts the warmest summers in Highgarden to shame. 

Taking a drink of Arbor wine from a goblet at the side of Sansa’s bed Margaery strolled across the chamber and stood before the hearths roaring flame. Closing her eyes as the heat caressed her skin Margaery run her fingers across her stomach and up between her breasts, the deep gash between them tingling as she stroked it. 

This should not be possible. I died.    

Margeary reflected as she recalled the look of terror upon Sansa’s face, a look which stuck fear into her like nothing else. The spilt wine running red across the stone floor as the chamber suddenly turned as cold as winter.


Sansa’s chilling scream echoing throughout her memories as she turned to confront the shadow. A smoking shadow in the form of Daenerys Targaryen, its eyes ablaze with hatred and wrath, it’s hand already raised as it impaled her on Sansa’s sword. 


Margaery felt a tear escape her eye as she remembered how Sansa held her, screaming and sobbing.

She was so scared.

She thought as she looked down upon the deep gash once more. 

I should not be here. But I am. How? What kind of power could bring someone back from the dead?

Suddenly a faint crimson glow caught her eye from the back of the chamber. Wondering towards it Margaery found a large ruby choker sticking out of Sansa’s jewellery box, its great ruby shimmering in the chambers orange haze. 

Sansa said the Red Woman summoned the shadow which killed me.

Margaery remembered as she took up the ruby choker and paced back towards the hearth, twirling it through her fingers. 

She also brought me back from the dead.   

She dangled it before the flames. The great ruby beginning to pulse to the beat of her heart. 

It is beautiful. It is also powerful. All my life I have believed true power comes from the Iron Throne. Maybe I have been wrong all this time. Perhaps true power comes not from thrones or armies but from the lord of light. Whoever he might be.

Taking a seat by the fire Margaery continued to the twirl Melisandre’s ruby choker through her fingers in deep contemplation until mornings first light. Watching as the dawns red light crept in through the chambers window Margaery covered her naked body in furs and left the chamber. Walking bare foot through the narrow corridors of Winterfell Margaery emerged out onto the walkways above the great keep. As the freshly laid snow crunched beneath her feet Margaery stood and watched the sunrise over the north, her senses unfazed by the airs chill. 

No wind can compare to the chill of death.   

Loosening her shoulders Margaery embraced the cold winters air as the furs fell at her feet. Stood nude before the sunrise Margaery closed her eyes and basked in the moment. 

“I am alive. I am truly alive” She told herself.

“And never was there a more beautiful sight to be alive to witness” Sansa complimented her from behind. 

“Sansa?” Margaery felt herself caught off guard as she turned back. “I did not see you there. Did I wake you?” She asked. 

“Lets just say your not as quiet getting out of bed as you think” Sansa replied as she stepped forth into the cold, the snow crunching beneath her own feet. “What are you doing out here?” She affectionately asked as she slid her arms around her waist and rested her chin upon her shoulder, covering her body with her own warm furs.  

“I needed time to think my love. To clear my head. So much as happened from what you have told me, the battle at Highgarden, Loras’s death, of how you burned Kings Landing with Wildfire as Daenerys Targaryen and army perished inside. Of how you brought me back to life” Margaery said as run her finger across the deep gash which now scarred her chest.

“Everything I did I did for you, for Arya. Besides what I have been through is nothing compared to you Margaery. I could never begin to imagine what death feels like” Margaery dwelled on her words.

“It’s cold Sansa. So cold it makes the coldest winters of this world seem like summer” She replied as she gazed into the sunrise. 

“Did you see anything? When you were dead. The Old gods? the Seven? the Lord of light?” Sansa asked.

“Nothing. I saw nothing” Margaery replied, her tone laced with disappointment. 

“It’s as I thought. All the more reason we must cling to life for as long as possible”

“You said it was the Red Woman who brought me back, that she was also the one who killed me. Where is she now?” Margaery asked as she thought about the ruby’s glare. 

“I killed her”

“That is a shame. Regardless of her crimes she clearly possessed a power beyond the both of us. Maybe we could have used her power for ourselves”

“Perhaps, but it does not matter now. The Red Woman is dead, Daenerys Targaryen is dead. All of our enemies are dead. But we, we are alive and together again, with our daughter and Robb. When I was a captive in Kings Landing Cersei once told me that in the games of thrones you win or you die” Sansa said as she dropped her own furs into the snow before her. “You and I have won Margaery” She said as she pulled her close. The two women stood nude in the pure winters air as they kissed passionately in the suns light for all the North to see.  Leaving her lips Margaery smiled. 

“Maybe we have won. But what now?”

“Now we claim what is ours and we rule. Together. As a family” Margaery stroked her chin and smirked. 

“What of the Iron Throne? you destroyed it?”

“We can move the capital here to Winterfell. Or maybe south to Highgarden, depending on the weather” Sansa joked. 

“I’d really like that” Margaery replied as she returned her kiss with one of her own. “I love you Sansa”

“I love you too Margaery” Sansa replied as Margaery run her palm across her chest and cupped her tit. 

“Do you still have the necklace? the one we used to make Arya?” Margaery asked. 

“It’s in our chambers” Sansa smiled.  

This is something I must do. I have felt death. Now I will feel life. 

Sensually biting the edge of her lower lip Margaery smirked as she took her hand and led her across the snow covered walkway. Without a word being said Margaery hurried Sansa naked back through the narrow corridors of Winterfell, back to their chamber. Sealing the door behind them Margaery pushed Sansa down upon the furs of her bed and climbed atop her, franticly and passionately snogging her as Sansa roamed her palms across her behind, her womanhood moistened as sexual excitement overtook them both. Heavy of breath as Margaery snogged the tips of her breasts Sansa reached underneath the furs and pulled forth the Valyrian steel necklace, its ancient jewels glistening just as Melisandre’s ruby had done so in the chambers fiery haze.  

Could they have been forged in the same place?

Throwing back her curly Tyrell locks with excitement Margaery watched as Sansa placed the necklace around her neck.  

“What are you doing?” Margaery asked of her. 

“What does it look like?” Sansa smiled.

“Let me carry her” Margaery insisted. Sansa stroked her cheek. 

“Margaery, as your wife I feel it my duty. You carried our first born, let me carry our second”

“You are the Queen now Sansa, you don’t have time to carry babes around in your belly” Margaery fired back. 

“That never stopped you” Sansa replied. 

“That’s because I had you at my side”

“And I will have you at mine” Sansa said as Margaery took her hand and kissed it. 

“I forgot how stubborn you northerns can be”

“And I forgot how insistent you southerns can be” The couple laughed. 

“Please Sansa” Margaery asked as she stared deep into her eyes. “I have been brought back from death itself. I am alive once more. But yet I still feel as if a part of me is dead” Margaery held Sansa’s hand against her womb. “I want to feel your essence bloom inside me once more. To feel the kick of our child’s feet against my womb before I endure the pain of bringing her into this world and to know that I am truly alive once more” 

“Are you sure?” Sansa asked of her. 

“I know my own body Sansa. It desires to bare you more children” Margaery proudly declared before her wife. “Please Sansa. I beg of you.... My Queen” Sansa smiled as she cupped her chin before the fire. 

“You need never beg of me Margaery” Sansa replied as she pulled the necklace free of her neck and placed it around her own. “All I want for you is happiness Margaery. The one I love more the anyone else in this world” 

Overwhelmed as the necklace’s cold Valyrian steel settled against the gash between her chest Margaery stroked back an autumn burnt lock of Sansa’s hair.  

“Thank you” She smirked as she leant into her. “Now get those beautiful legs open”

On her words Margaery watched as Sansa bit her lip and opened her legs. Sliding her own in-between those of her wife, Margaery lifted Sansa’s leg high over her shoulder. Before the hearths fiery glow she gifted Sansa’s leg a kiss before thrusting her hips forward, their womanhoods rubbing together in an erupting fountain of sexual energy and passion. The ancient jewels at her neck beginning to glow. 

I know I am alive. Death never felt this good. 

She reflected as her soaking clit slapped against Sansa’s own, the bed squeaking to the moans and sighs of the Rose and her Shewolf lover. Melisandre’s ruby choker pulsing rapidly in the flames light.  


Chapter Text

As the snows melted the icicles adorning the trees of the wolfs wood dripped from every wind beaten branch as Sansa Stark stalked her prey. Wielding a bow, Sansa run her finger along the arrows feather before taking aim. Through the naked trees she saw it, a wild boar, bigger then any she had ever seen. 

Boar is Robb’s favourite.    

She reflected as she watched it eat, the boar unaware that it’s life was at an end. With nothing but the howl of the wolfs wood to drown out her steps Sansa edged closer to the beast before releasing her arrow. Through the trees it flew, its sharpen point pierced the boars gut, forcing it into a frantic gallop. 

“A fine shot your grace” Her master at arms rejoiced as she watched the boar scream and circle in pain, blood oozing from the wound, the snows stained beneath it. Pulling another arrow from her quiff Sansa took aim once more and unleashed the killing blow upon the pig. As the second of her arrows penetrated the boars skull Sansa paced towards the creature as it fell into ground and died. 

I’m sorry. But I have a family to feed. 

“Your aim has improved your grace. You are a quick learner” The master at arms commended her as two Stark guards removed the arrows from the boars gut and skull and strapped the carcass onto the rear of her mare. 

Myranda once said the same. 

“Ever since my time in Kings Landing I had to become a quick learner, if was to survive” Sansa replied as she observed the first of the spring buds bloom into life upon the trees. She smiled. “Let us return to Winterfell. My wife will be expecting me”



Donning her northern mare Sansa led her hunting party home. Emerging from the spiralling trees of the wolf’s wood she watched as the towers of Winterfell rose before her, the ice and snow which had coated the fields around Winterfell for so long breaking away into the first of summers green. 

Winter has finally come to an end. The last time I saw grass grow outside Winterfell’s walls was when me and Arya went south with father. How long ago that was. So much has changed. 

As the succulent boar bled over her mare’s rear Sansa led her men through the main gate and out into the courtyard, the banners of house Stark fluttering from every wall and tower peak as the castles hunched back cook and servants welcomed her. 

“I want the boar stuffed and roasted for tonight” Sansa declared as she climbed from her horse. “And what of the lemon cakes?” 

“Baking over a hot stove as we speak your grace. The little lord is going to love them” The cook replied. 

“Good. I want Robb’s name day feast to happen without any problems. Now. Where is my son?” 

“He’s in the Godswood with lady Margaery your grace. I think she had a gift for him”

Even after death some things never change with Margaery. 

Leaving the cook and his servants to take the boar inside the castle Sansa dismissed her guard and made her way across Winterfell to the Godswood. Passing through the spring suns warm rays as they shone down through the trees over Myranda’s grave Sansa found Margaery at the base of the weirwood tree. Wrapped in sapphire silks and fur which draped her swelling baby bump Margaery stood elegant and queenly as she spoke to Robb, he himself giving her his full attention as he sat upon the unfazed northern foal Margaery had gifted him for his name day. 

“You have to be confident when you ride him Robb. Horses respond to the leadership of their riders. If you show non, the horse will not follow you” Margaery advised the young lord. 

“A bit like what mother does with the lords?” Robb innocently replied. 

“Yes. A bit like your mother” She laughed.  

“A bit like how I what?” Sansa interrupted them both.

“Mother!?” Robb jumped. The young foal remained unfazed.    

“What are you doing?” Sansa asked of her son in a soft motherly manner.

“Margaery was teaching me how to ride”

“Was she now?” Sansa turned to her wife.

“If he’s gonna learn how to ride, he or to learn from the best” Margaery jested. For a moment their gazes held each other before turning their attention back to Robb. 

“Margaery’s right. One day you will be warden of the North, and a warden must know how to ride a horse before he can rule his people”

“I will try mother”

“I know you will. Now thank Margaery for the gift, the horse was her idea”

“Thank you Margaery” Robb leaned over and hugged her. 

“You're welcome Robb” Margaery replied as she kissed him upon the forehead. 

“Take the horse back to the stables and return to your chamber, your name day feast begins at sundown”

“But Margaery I were going to name him” 

“We can name him later Robb. Now do as your mother commands or else” Margaery said. 

“Or else what?” Robb asked with concern. 

“Or else I’m going to eat all the lemon cakes” Sansa jested much to Robb’s horror. 

“Yes mother” Robb replied as he quickly climbed from the foal and led it back towards the stables, the foals expression still unfazed. 

“He’s such a innocent boy” Margaery said. Sansa reflected.  

“We best enjoy the innocence while we can, it will not belong before life strips him of it. Wardenship certainly will” Sansa replied with a hint of sorrow. 

“He will not be Warden of the North for a long time” Margaery replied. 

“Still, it will not be long before I must learn him the ways of the North” Sansa admitted. 

“Sansa” Margaery sighed. 

“I was thinking of taking him hunting” Sansa suggested much to her own distain at the idea.  

“Hunting? he’s far to young for that”

“He needs to learn Margaery, just as Arya and our new arrival will have to learn one day” Sansa replied as she reached her palm underneath Margaery’s furs and rested it upon her baby bump. 

“He’s still only a child”

“He is also my heir. Robb will be Arya’s warden of the North after we are gone. If he is to rule he must know how the world works” Sansa declared. 

“And he will know how the world works. We shall teach him and all our children” 

A silence fell upon them.

Margaery means well but so do I. She is of the south and I the north. He must know the way of things, for his own future and the future of our house. Even if it means stripping his innocence from him early. 

“How are you feeling Margaery?” Sansa asked as she took her hand.  

“After you brought me back I wasn’t sure how to feel. But now. Between bounding with Robb, spending time with Arya and carrying our new little girl. I have never felt more alive. Even more so then when I sat the Iron Throne” Margaery’s words forced a smile to Sansa’s face. 

“A girl?” She repeated. Margaery smirked in response, her eyes circling the Godswood before returning to her. 

“I visited the Maester this afternoon while you were out hunting. We’re having another girl” Sansa leant into her.

“You don’t know how happy you’ve made me Margaery” Sansa said as she kissed her passionately underneath the crimson leaves of the weirwood, its hollow eyes watching.

“I feel the same way my love. Now, let us get ourselves inside and celebrate, we have a little lord to make happy this night” Linking arms Margaery escorted Sansa back to the castle as the ravens squawked amongst the branches of the trees above. Tears of blood red wax trickling from the weirwoods eyes.   



As the sunset over Winterfell Sansa, Margaery, Ros, Robb and Arya gathered inside the great hall. Sat at a long table before the roaring flames of the halls hearth Sansa watched as the servants laid out her sons name day feast. One by one the table was filled with the finest foods the North had to offer. Soft mashed potatoes mixed with butter, assortments of hardy boiled vegetables arranged into rows before the dinner plates, a mountain of freshly baked chicken and pork pies delicately stacked upon a sea of silver, lashings of rich crispy bacon wrapped around plump white harbour sausages and a tray of freshly baked lemon cakes for after. But the centre piece was the boar. Hog tied and stuffed, roasted, then topped off with a ripe red apple placed inside its mouth, it sat in the centre of the feast. It’s rich aroma filling the great hall. Ordering the servants pour everyone a goblet of wine Sansa rose to her feet in a toast. 

“To my son on your name day” She declared as everyone raised their goblets. “I have one final gift for you” Margaery took her hand and placed it upon her baby bump. “Your going have another little sister” Sansa announced much to his joy.

“Truly? Where is she? Can I meet her?” He asked much to Margaery’s amusement. 

“She grows inside me Robb, just as you once grew inside your mother” Margaery explained. 

“Indeed. You will have many more sisters and brothers to play with soon enough” Sansa said as she and Margaery locked eyes with each. “Our house is strong. Far stronger then we have ever been. We are rulers of our own lands once more, and soon shall rule all of the Seven Kingdoms from where ever we desire” Sansa declared before she turned back to Robb. “You are the most wonderful little boy. You will make a great warden one day” Robb smiled. “I know I have not always been here for you Robb, not as much as I would have liked. But everything I have done, and will do is for you and our family. To protect you, Margaery and your sisters” Sansa declared. “When I give birth to you a battle raged outside our walls, Lannister soldiers wanted to destroy our house and the North. Tell me my son, what did I do to house Lannister”

“You destroyed them mother” Robb replied. 

“I did. After I helped Margaery win the Iron Throne Daenerys Targaryen came to Westeros with her dragons, joined by Yara Greyjoy, her mighty Iron fleet and the Dornish. Tell me, what did I do to the dragon Queen?”

“You destroyed her” Robb replied much to Margaery’s growing discomfort. 

“I did” Sansa agreed as old bitter feelings sprung to the surface. “When your father Ramsay Bolton raped me on our wedding night and put you inside of me what did I do?” Sansa scoffed. 

“Sansa stop it…” Margaery said.

“Tell me Robb? what do you think I did to your bastard father and his house” Sansa pressed the boy.

“You destroyed him” Robb uncomfortably replied. 

“I did. Because of me all of our enemies are dead. And house Stark is strong” Sansa raised her goblet. “To my son on your name day” She toasted him and drank alone. Taking her seat once more as the servants begun to carve up the boar Margaery abruptly stood up from her chair and stormed from the great hall. 

“Where is Margaery going?” Robb asked of her. 

“I don’t think she’s hungry anymore”



Late that evening after the feast Sansa kissed Robb and Arya to sleep before retiring to her chambers. Inside Margaery stood nude before the grand mirror which adorned the wall by the hearths side. The roaring flames danced and crackled as their glow ignited Margaery’s summer kissed skin, her palms roaming free across her pregnant feminine form, the deep gash between her breasts haunting her. Fives months into pregnancy she was, fives months of calm and happiness.

Margaery seems to be herself again one minute, then someone else the next. Death has had in impact of her.  

Loosing the ring and chain which adorned her dress Sansa unlaced herself in silence before the flames. 

She’s angry with me. 

Removing her under garments and throwing them to one side Sansa joined her wife in nudity as she walked up behind her and pulled her close, cupping Margaery’s baby bump with both hands Sansa brushed her curly Tyrell locks a side with her noise and planted a kiss upon her shoulder. 

“What is wrong?” She asked of her.

“You shouldn’t have told him that”

“Told him what?”

“About his father, about Ramsay”

“He needed to know Margaery. He is old enough. I would rather he learn it from me then by somebody else” Margaery turned to her. 

“I suppose. But you could have told him differently. You and I have experienced many things together, we should not let that experience turn to arrogance”

“I know. But it is hard sometimes, nobody expected a little bird to win the game” Margaery smiled. 

“Your not a little bird anymore Sansa. Your a Wolf. A Shewolf, who has stolen my heart. Never did I think I would ever marry and start a family with such a woman” While Margaery kissed Sansa before the hearths flame a sudden violent roar echoed throughout Winterfell, taking them both by surprise. 

“By the gods what was that?” Margaery gasped as she left Sansa’s lips. A second roar echoed through the castle. Sansa felt her stomach begin to churn.

It cannot be.  

She thought as Margaery turned and paced towards the chambers window. 

“I know that sound” She said. A third, more power roar echoed through the castle. The floor shaking as if Winterfell’s ancient foundations feared the creature who made it. Joining Margaery as she opened the chambers window Sansa gazed out into the pitched black sky, as her guards scurried upon the walls below. 

“I’m going to go down and find out what’s going on” Sansa said as she slid on her riding tunic and pants. The roar echoed once more through the darkness. 

“It sounds like a dragon. One of her dragons. The big one” Margaery speculated. 

“Impossible. Daenerys is dead. I saw her die” Sansa replied as she tied her breeches. 

“She might be dead, but her dragon is not”

“Dragon or not I must find out what it is” Sansa declared as she strapped her Valyrian steel great sword over her back. Leaving the chamber Sansa made her way down to the great hall and outside into the flurry of activity in the main courtyard, the roars growing louder and louder in the darkness, filling her with dread.  

“What is it? Whats wrong?” Sansa demanded to know.

“DRRRAGGGGGOOOOONNNNN” One of the guards atop the outer walls screamed as a column of dragon fire suddenly erupted from the darkness upon him, the outer wall bathed in an inferno before her eyes.  

I know that dragon. Drogon. But how is this possible. 

Dropping to her knees in shock as Drogon’s monstrous eyes and wings emerged from the darkness and flew low over of Winterfell’s tallest tower Stark soldiers scurried franticly back and forth across the courtyard to mount a defence. 

The way he swoops down upon the men, its almost as if he is being ordered to do so. Someone must be riding him. Daenerys? 

“What are your orders your grace”

I killed her. I watched the Red Keep go up with her inside. Daenerys Targaryen is dead.  

“YOUR GRACE” Her master at arms rushed over and snapped her to attention. “What are your orders?” Sansa took a moment as the outer wall burned before her.

“Man the scorpions” Drogon roared once more high above the castle. “Hold it off for as long as possible”

Winterfell is an open target. If this is Daenerys she will not know about Margaery. She would only be here for me. I have to get my family to safety. I have to keep Margaery secret.   

Rallying her men as they donned the scorpion turrets posted upon Winterfell’s walls Drogon swooped down upon the castle once more, raining fire over the broken tower and setting the Godswood ablaze. 

“MAN THE SCORPIONS” Sansa barked at the men as they loaded the first steel bolts and took aim at the darkness. 

“HOLD” Sansa ordered as she run to the top of the main gate. “HOLD IT. DO NOT RELEASE YOUR SHOT UNTIL YOU SEE ITS EYES” But Drogon was too quick. Firing the steel bolts at a moments notice Drogon dodged them as he swooped down low over the castle and incinerated the stables. Watching as he swept up with a single flap of his monstrous wings Drogon slowed himself and circled the main tower before showering its ancient timber frame and stone walls with Dragon fire. 

Margaery, Robb…Arya. 

Pushing past her men as they hurried another bolt onto the scorpion Sansa leapt from the lower steps of the main gate and ran across the courtyard. Inside the great hall servants fled in every direction as the timber frames of the ceiling above cooked and sizzled. 

“SANSA” Margaery called out as she run out into the main hall, fully dressed with Robb, Arya and Ros alongside her. “Sansa what is happening?”

“We are under attack”

“GODS, by who?” Margaery demanded to know. 

“Drogon. I do not know if it is Daenerys or someone else who rides him but I have to get you to safety”

“Where?” Ros asked. 

“The crypts. There deep under ground” With an armed escort of several guards Sansa hurried Margaery, Ros and the children from Winterfells great hall as Drogon danced and dived through the darkness above, sweeping and gilding above Winterfells burning towers, raining fountains of fire down upon everything. As ash, smoke and the stench of burning flesh choked the air Sansa helped her guards open up the crypts. 

“Go deep into the crypts and wait there until morning” Sansa ordered of Ros and she took Arya and Robb and descended the steps. “You will protect my children with your life. Should anything happen to me you shall declare my daughter Arya the new Queen and my wife her regent” She ordered of her guards.

“You have our word your grace” The Stark guards bowed their heads before she turned to Margaery, who gazed deep into her eyes with a fear she had not seen since she brought her back to life. 

“What are you going to do?” She asked. 

“I have to help stop that thing”

“Oh fuck the bloody dragon” Margaery snapped as she pulled Sansa close and kissed her passionately before the destruction. “Come down into the crypts with us. Wait until morning and raise an army to deal with it”

“If I don’t do something Winterfell will burn”

“Winterfell can be rebuilt”

“NO!” Sansa snapped. “Ever since meeting you I have fought to restore house Stark and my home. I will not sit back and allow it to be burned to the ground in a single night” Sansa gulped. 

“Don’t be so bloody stupid Sansa. Robb needs you. Arya needs you. Our unborn daughter needs you. I need you” Margaery pleaded as her eyes begun to fill with tears, forcing Sansa’s into the same. 

“Take her down into the crypts” On her words Sansa’s guard grabbed Margaery and forced her down into the crypt. 

“NO..PLEASE SANSA…..PLEASE DON’T DO THIS TO ME. I LOVE YOU” Margaery wept as they dragged her down the stairs. 

I love you too Margaery. 

“Your grace what are your orders” The master at arms asked of her. 

“What would you suggest?”

“Winterfell burns your grace. The damage is great, the castle can be saved but the fires must be stopped”

“And that is what we shall do” Sansa replied as an idea sparked to mind. “Fetch my horse and rally a small force of men. If Daenerys Targaryen does ride that beast it is me she is after, not Winterfell”

“What do you plan to do your grace?”

“I will ride out and divert her attention away from Winterfell. Once I have done so you will send for every man, woman and child in Winter town to help put out the fire. Do you understand?”

“Aye your grace”

Donning her wolf engraved breast cupped steel breast Sansa Stark mounted her mare as her best fighting men rallied at her rear. Amongst the smoke and burning carnage of her home her banner man raised the Stark direwolf over Winterfell as she kicked her mare into action and rode out of the main gate. Galloping around the outer wall in close formation Sansa led her men out upon the open fields and ordered them to light the torches they had been given. As the horses galloped alongside each the torches sprung into life, forming a long column of light in the darkness. 

“KEEP RIDING AND HOLD FIRM” Sansa ordered as she looked back at the smoke billowing out of winterfells burning towers in the distance.

The attacks have stopped. 

“KEEP RIDING AND HOLD FIRM” Sansa repeated her order as she led her men into an uneasy shroud of darkness. 

Where have you gone?

Sansa soon got her answer as a ball of fire erupted out from the darkness, consuming the entire centre left of the column. Watching as the men and horses were incinerated in the blink of an eye Drogon glided over head, the battle scarred scales of his chest illuminated by the torches light. 

I have to hold firm. For Margaery. For house Stark.

As Drogon circled above and swept down once more Sansa swerved her horse as he unleash a second ball of flame down upon three more of her men, the horses screaming as the skin was melted from their bones.  

I have to find cover. 

Taking a moment to regroup her surviving men Sansa led her men into the cover of the wolf’s wood as Drogon glided back around for another attack. Galloping deep into the spring over growth Sansa danced her mare over rocky out coves and root coated terrain in the early morning darkness as she peered through the trees above. The full moon eclipsed by the dragons shadow as it flew low above the tree line, showering the wolfs wood in flame, plunging the ancient forest into inferno.  

May the old gods help us.  



Until mornings first light Sansa raced through the burning wolfs wood, her loyal men at arms slowly but surely picked off one by one by the flames.

That beast surely cannot still be searching for me. 

Sansa pondered as a flaming tree trunk suddenly collapsed down upon her horse’s head, splattering blood, brain and bone across the Stark sigil branded upon her breast plate. Trying to control her mare as it jumped through the flames the horse, with its dying gasps of breath kicked Sansa from her mound. Smashing her head off the bulging roots of an old great tree Sansa took a moment to catch her breath on ash and embers as the wolfs wood burned all around her, the roaring flames crackling and creaking to the tune of her men, lost amongst the haze. The screams of one burning alive in the blinding smoke. 

I have to find a way out of here. For Margaery. For our children. 

Choking upon the ash filled air Sansa forced to herself to her feet in a daze and stubbled through the burning wood. As her eyes watered from the embers and her lungs screamed from the smoke she begun to feel faint. The proud amour she donned for battle trying to cook her alive.

I have to get out of this forest. 

Sansa listened to the dying screams of her men until they were consumed by fire. Then suddenly a break. Pushing her way through singed shrubbery Sansa run out upon an small, iced over lake in the middle of the wood. The fire spreading rapidly to the opposite side of the lake which lay untouched by the destruction. As she took in few, sharp breaths of clean air Sansa sprinted across the narrow ice as sunrise cast an ominous red light over the land. Beneath the soles of her breeches Sansa heard the ice crunch gently as a winged shadow enveloped her. Her heart sank. 

This cannot be.

Turning back towards the inferno Sansa drew forth her families sword as Drogon emerged from a cloud of black smoke above. Wide eyed and dazed Sansa drew deep breaths from the spring mornings chill as the dragons feet touched down upon the ice, its wings flapping ferociously.

I tried my best. If I am to die I shall do it standing.

Sansa resolved as Drogon screeched and stared at her with his giant reptilian eyes, Ice held before her in a defensive pose. 

If you are going to burn me bloody well do it.  

“Sansa Stark” A womans voice called out from Drogons back, laced with scorn and hatred. 

That cannot be. I killed her. She is dead. 

“Daenerys Targaryen” Sansa choked back with disgust as Drogon lowered his long neck. The ice beginning to crack beneath her feet. Sat upon him Daenerys stirred. Wrapped in a black leather tunic and red crimson cloak she donned a black Valyrian steel breast cupped breastplate which shimmered in the dawns light. The dragon Queen also wore a gold locket which hung around her neck depicting a dragon and a kraken intertwined as one.

“I killed you” Sansa said. “I watched the wildfire claim the Red Keep with you inside”

“Fire cannot kill a dragon” Daenerys declared from a position of power. “Both myself and my daughter survived your trap. But not all did”

“You're right. A lot of people did not survive. I burned the capital of the Seven Kingdoms to the ground, along with the iron throne and all its power” Sansa took a step forward as the ice beneath her cracked once more. “And I’d do it again”

“You burned hundreds of people. Thousands. Men, women and children all dead because of you”

“I did what I did for my family” Sansa proudly declared. 

“AND YOU TOOK MINE AWAY FROM ME” Daenerys slashed out as Drogon shifted beneath her, almost as if he could feel her pain and anger. “My fearless warrior. The mother of my unborn child. My best friend. The woman I loved. My daughter will grow up without her birth mother because of you. Because of what you did. Greyworm. Obara. Missandei. Yara. I loved them and now they are all dead because of you” Daenerys scorned with blind fury. Her eyes blood shot. Her teeth grit. A simmering madness within. 

“You took my family away from me when you bathed them in fire. Now you shall know what it is like to burn. You shall know Targaryen justice” Daenerys declared as Drogon rose high before her, his wings stretched open, blocking the suns red light from view. 

Everything I do, I do for you Margaery. For our family. For our children. 

Holding ice proudly before her Sansa Stark watched as Daenerys give the command. 


The word echoed throughout the land as Drogon unleashed a fountain of flame down upon its Queen. Closer and closer the flames fell around her, ready to the melt the flesh from her bones. Until the ice give way. Clutching her great sword Sansa felt herself suddenly fall through the ice into the freezing lake waters. As the cold water gripped her as tight as she held her sword she watched as the Dragons flames bounced across the ice. The freezing water rushing across her face as she sank down into the darkness. The weight of her armour weighing her down, yet her mind clear. 

Everything I do, I do for you Margaery. For our family, For our children.


Chapter Text

Weighed down by her armour Sansa Stark sunk into the freezing darkness. The ice cold water rushing her as she gasped for breath. 

I cannot die like this. I refuse too. 

Through the watery freeze Sansa reached for her breastplate, uncoupled its cold steel fittings and freed herself from its grasp. As the breastplate sank to the bottom of the lake, the Stark direwolf upon it shrouded in darkness Sansa kicked her legs for survival. With ice held in one hand and the other free she swam for the surface. Like the Tully trout of her mothers house Sansa glided gracefully underneath the thin sheet of ice which separated her from the surface. The light of the crimson dawn shining down upon her through the ice, illuminating her way through the darkness.  

I have to keep going. For Margaery. For our children. 

Sansa repeated to herself over and over again as her smoke choked lungs cried out for air. For what felt like an eternity she swam through the dawns light until, at last, the ice give way. On the far edges of the lake she surfaced to a sudden gasp of breath, the cold mornings air fulling her full of life once more. Shaking and dazed Sansa threw ice onto the stony shore as she crawled from the water, shoving large pieces of floating ice a side as Drogons ear shattering roar shook the branches of the tree before her.

I have to get away from her.  

Turning behind her Sansa watched for a moment as Drogon leapt into the air and flapped his wings above the lake. 

“I WILL NOT STOP UNTIL SHE IS DEAD SWEET DROGON. DRACARYS” Daenerys Targaryen dominantly commanded of him. A fountain of flame unleashed upon the icy sheet below. With her tunic soaked and her breeches sodden Sansa run from the waters and picked up her sword before fleeing deep into the wood. Leaving the ice lake and burned wood behind her Sansa sprinted through the trees. If it was fear of Drogon or fear of freezing to death she did not know. 

I have to find shelter. 

As Drogons cries grew fainter and fainter Sansa slowed herself to a paced through the trees, collecting as much dried wood for a fire as possible. The cold mornings air brushed gently against her soaked tunic which sent her into an uncontrollable shiver. 

I need a fire. 

With every essence of warmth drained from her body Sansa made her way into a small, sheltered out cove underneath a hanging rock, a shallow cave hidden amongst the spring bloom. She entered it. Listening to the drip drops of melted ice water which fell from the low hanging stalactite’s above Sansa threw her sword and the dried wood down onto the cave floor and tried desperately to forge herself a fire, rubbing a branch of dried wood against a piece of old bark for what felt to be an age. Each moment which passed without warmth spurring her into defeat.

“Please. Please”

She begged of the pile of dried wood as she desperately tried to spark a flame. A flame did not come. As she lost all feeling in her arms and legs Sansa felt herself broke by the cold.

“Please. Lord of Light. Help me” Sansa let split from her frost bitten lips. The lords response immediate. Before her eyes the pile of dried branches ignited into a roaring fire. Molten embers erupting high amongst the stalactite’s above to rain down upon her. The cave a flush with the lords warmth at an instant. 

“Thank you”

Plunging ice’s blade into the soft soil which covered the cave floor Sansa peeled off her stoking tunic, pants and breeches and hung them from the swords hilt over the fire. Flopping her autumn burnt locks over her shoulder to dry Sansa sat naked before the flames, feeling returning to her arms and legs. Sat with her arms wrapped around her knees she reflected. 

I cannot beat her. I cannot beat that bitch. Not with her Dragon. But how? how is she still alive? I saw the Red Keep go up with her inside. She should be dead. Still. Far stranger things have happened. The lord of light brought Margaery back to me. Perhaps the lord of light spared Daenerys for a reason? Or maybe he just likes to see me suffer. 

Suddenly her thought’s were broken by movement on the other end of the cave. 

“Who's there?” Sansa demanded to know as she rolled onto one knee, her palm rested upon her swords hilt. Something large stirred within the shadows before her, just out of reach of the fires light. 

“My name is Sansa Stark and as Queen of the realm I demand you step forward” She declared. Held firm on one knee Sansa watched as a large, hulking direwolf emerged before her. With more scars then she could count adorning its winter kissed fur and the wolf’s eyes ablaze with her fires reflection it approached. Taking a deep breath to calm herself as the wolf extended its noise, it sniffed her hair and face briefly before gazing deep into her eyes. 

“I remember those eyes…but” Sansa removed her palm from the swords hilt and stroked the SheWolf. 


Lady begun to affectionally lick her face repeatedly much to Sansa’s disbelief. 

“But how? Father killed you at the Crossroads inn years ago” Sansa said as she stroked lady’s fur. “Unless not? did father set you free?” She asked of her long lost direwolf. Lady licked her face once more.

“He did didn’t he” She smiled as she hugged lady. Her fur still as soft as she remembered. “You're a lot bigger then the last time I saw you. I heard whispers of a large SheWolf roaming the Wolf’s wood, but I never would have guessed” Sansa said as she run her fingers across her scars. “You’ve been through a lot as well” Lady responded with a soft howl. “Me too. We both have our scars. But we are survivors you and I. The lone wolf dies while the pack survives” Lady howled once more and turned her head to the back of the cave. Something else stirred. Rising to her feet Sansa watched as three direwolf pups stumbled from the shadows. “You're a mother as well” Sansa said as she gazed down into lady’s eyes. 



Settling herself back down by the fire Sansa petted the direwolf pups as they crawled onto her lap, each vying for her attention as lady looked on, nestled warm by the fire. For the rest of the day Sansa stayed hidden way inside the cave, the faint roars of Drogon sweeping above the wolfs’s wood in search of her. 

Daenerys will never stop hunting me. I took everything from her, her armies, her allies, the woman she loved, the iron throne. All of it I took from her to defend my own family. And I’d do it again.

Sansa thought as she lay before the fire, the three pups bundled warm on top each other. Fighting to get closest to her much to her amusement. Drifting off to sleep Sansa awoke with lady gone, the three pups still nestled at her side. As the fire continued to burn Sansa slipped back into her now dried tunic, pants and breeches and made her way outside. Taking a deep breath of the spring evenings air, the sun hung low in the sky. Dusks orange light radiating through the trees. 

“LADY!” She called out into the wood. “LADY!”

“AAAGGGGGG!” A man cried out. With ice in her hand Sansa followed the mans cries to a break in the trees. Along one of the old roads through the wood which led north towards the wall Sansa found lady circling three Stark soldiers. A horse with them pulling a scorpion turret at its rear. 

“By the gods its massive!” One of the guards said as the SheWolf circled them.  

“Kill the fucker!” Another shouted as he held his leg. A bloody wound where lady had sunk her teeth into him. 

“You will do no such thing” Sansa ordered as she paced towards the men.

“Your grace?” The soldiers bowed their heads. “Watch out for the beast”

“The beast belongs to me. Lady stand down!” Sansa ordered of her wolf. “Is there any news from Winterfell?” Sansa demanded to know.

“Non your grace. But I heard a rumour from a passing patrol that Oldcastle and White harbour have been burned to the ground. And your graces royal fleet now lies at the bottom of the bite”

“Daenerys doesn’t just want me dead. She’ll stop at nothing until the north pays for my actions” Sansa reflected. 

“Indeed your grace. If it burns her dragon will set it alight. No town, castle or keep in the north is safe” 

“That is why we must defend it” Sansa resolved. Her gaze upon the scorpion turret, its freshly forged iron tipped spear glistening in the dusks orange light. 

“I want one of you to take that horse and rally together as many men and scorpion turrets as you can. I will shoot her Dragon out of the sky and kill Daenerys Targaryen, or die trying”

For Margaery. For our children. 


Chapter Text

Atop Drogon’s back Daenerys Targaryen stalked the skies over the North, claiming them as part of her dominion. Her resolve resolute, and yet her heart broken. The love she once felt for Yara Greyjoy gone, replaced by a burning vengeance for the Stark who took her. 

I will not stop until I see a body. Until then the north will pay for their loyalty towards her. Sansa Stark may call herself the Queen in the North but once I am done non shall rule but the ashes. As I do.  

Daenerys told herself as the dragon within her roared with pain and sorrow. A long fives months it had been since Kings Landing, five months since the wildfire, fives months of mourning Yara, Missandei, Greyworm and even Obara. 

I am not responsible for their deaths. Sansa is. That bitch must die. 

Daenerys had ranted and raved into the late hours of the night to Daario Naharis as they lay in bed together. 

“Let me kill her your grace. I beg of you” He insisted of her yet again. 

“No. I must be the one to do it. Nobody, man nor woman shall deny the dragon her vengeance” She told him. 

“Yes your grace”

“But you can teach me how to wield a sword”

Underneath the scorning Ghiscari sun Daario learned her the art of Essosi sword combat within the overgrown gardens of the great pyramid. Enduring gruelling after gruelling day of training. Clink-Clink-Clink. The sound of her Westerosi styled sword clashed agasint the Essosi steel of Daario’s curved blade. 

“You must remain mindful my Queen. For if you are not Sansa Stark may overwhelm you” Daario advised as Daenerys lunged forward for another strike. Her blade’s point deflected as he pulled a dagger from his belt and held it to her throat, a move which caused her new Queen’s guard to bolt forward to her defence. 

“Be mindful. Rage is a good motivator in the short term, but long term can lead to death” He said as Dany pushed him back. 

“Rage is all I have left” She scorned.

“And what of your daughter? what of Visenya?” He soon got his answer. On the night of her departure she donned her self in the colours of her house and the steel of her people. Dressed for battle Daenerys held Visenya in her arms and kissed her upon the forehead as if it were her last. 

“Your grace I ask of you. No. I beg of you do not do this” Daario had pleaded with her. 

“Sansa Stark has taken everything from me. She must die for her crimes” Dany coldly replied. 

“She hasn't taken Visenya. Or Meereen. Please stay” Dany looked deep into his eyes. 

“You care for me Daario. Some even say you love me” Daario’s eyes betrayed him. “I cannot love you the way you want me too. I cannot love you the way I loved Yara. But despite that you remain at my side. You could have taken this city from me when I sailed for Westeros and declared yourself a king. But you didn’t. You remained loyal. And your loyalty still burns bright for me” Daenerys stroked his chin. “That is why in the event that I do not return, am captured or killed. You shall raise my daughter, and mold her into the Queen she was born to be”

“I am a sell sword. I know nothing of being a father”

“I do not ask you to be a father. I ask you to be a guardian. One who will help her do what I have failed to do and conquer the Seven Kingdoms. Can you do that for me Daario?” Daario knelt before her.

“On the name of every god in this world I swear to do so my Queen” With his vow taken Daenerys left without a word, a tear rolling down her cheek as she mounted Drogon’s back and took flight from the summit of the great pyramid and high into the clouds. 

Fire and Blood my daughter. Fire and Blood. 

For days she had flown west over Essos and the Narrow Sea. Fuelled by an ever growing sense of rage as she drew closer to the Kingdom of her greatest rival, her image burned into her mind. Even the creeping cold reminded her of Sansa Stark.

“It is time that we end her sweet Drogon. I swear by the old gods and new Sansa Stark shall feel your flame” Dany vowed. Drogon roaring in response. Descending upon the Stark fleet anchored off White Harbour Dany unleashed her rage upon Sansa and Margaery Tyrell’s personal warships, both Wolf’s Vengeance and Roses Fury engulfed in an inferno before they sank beneath the waves along with every northman abroad. 

It is not enough. They all must pay. 

As the remainder of the northern fleet burned upon the water, insight of the pale moonlight, she turned Drogons fire towards White Harbour itself. Time and time again she ordered him to drive over the city, molten flame showering down upon every house and castle, man and woman, children and babes. Circling upon Drogon’s back above the burning city she listened to the screams of men, women and children as they burned alive upon the streets. An eerie silence followed. Nothing but ash and embers remaining. 

“WHERE IS YOUR QUEEN NOW? WHERE WAS THE QUEEN IN THE NORTH WHEN YOU NEEDED HER” Daenerys screamed as she reined drogon back and flew north onto Oldcastle, Ramsgate, Windows Watch, Hornwood and the Dreadfort, burning the northern lords within their stone castles and the commoners within their hardy wooden homes. 

“SANSA STARK BROUGHT THIS UPON YOU” She declared as Drogon swept across the skies, the lands below cleansed by dragon fire. Death marching with her as one. 

I will burn them all. Just as she did. The people of Kings Landing will be avenged. Missandei and Greyworm will be avenged. Yara. My sweet Yara. My wife. My love. I will avenge you. 



As Drogon glided low over the Wolf’s wood Daenerys gazed down upon the scorched tree’s and burned shrubbery below. For miles it stretched from Winterfell to the Long lake. Sansa Stark nowhere to be found.

Where are you Sansa? Where are do Wolves’ hide?

Pulling back upon Drogon reins Dany rode him higher above the wood to get better look.

I will burn every tree in this wood if I have to, to find her. 

But Sansa found her first. From out of the mists of the scorched wood below a long tipped steel scorpion bolt flew through the air, narrowly missing one of Drogons wings. 

“Where did that come from?” Dany asked of him. Moments later a second appeared, its sharpened tip grazing the thick scales of Drogons tale. Before she knew it a swarm ascended from the gloom below. Kicking Drogon into action as one of the bolts tore through the thin layer of skin which coated his wings Daenerys swept down over the forest floor and unleashed a second fountain of flame to little effect. One by one the steel bolts continued to fly as Drogon struggled to dodge them, his large, lumbering mass too big of a target to avoid the northern storm of steel. One…Two….Three. The steel bolts slammed into him, his thick scales successfully repelling the first two. But the third buried deep into an exposed layer of skin below his belly. Watching as Drogon roared in pain Dany pulled back on his reins and took him high up into the sky, out of the scorpions range. 

“This is Sansa’s doing. I know it” Dany scorned as she searched for a safe place to land to remove the bolt from him. Then she saw something. A small clearing amongst the burnt wood. A fire still burning before the base of an ancient weirwood tree, untouched by the flames. Its bark as white as winters snow, its leaves as red as blood. Drogon cried out in pain once more. 

“I will help you sweet Drogon” Dany assured him with a gentle stroke of his scales. “I love you and always will”

Riding Drogon down into the clearing Daenerys pulled him back to land, his giant wings stretched out before the weirwood, his chest and belly exposed. Suddenly her heart sunk as she felt several bolts smash into his chest.

“NNNNNNOOOOOO. Drogon stay with me” Daenerys shrieked as Drogon screamed, his wings flailing in mid air as a second storm of steel penetrated his chest and belly. Holding him as his deafening cries echoed across the land Daenerys watched as his wings were shredded at an instant.

Not you too Drogon. 

Suddenly Drogon fell from the sky and crashed down into the charred wood below. The weirwood crying tears of blood as it watched Daenerys fall from her dragons back, through the scorched tree line and smash down upon the forest floor. Winded and gazed Daenerys took a moment to catch her breath before rolling into her side and crawling to her feet. Before her Drogon screamed and screeched in pain as he rolled about the forest floor with more then eight steel bolts impaled within his chest. The scorched trees around him collapsing into dust as he struggled for life. 

“DROGON” She cried as she leapt towards him. The air poisoned with sulphur as ash rained down from the burnt trees above.  

“You brought this on yourself” Dany knew that voice. Turning around Sansa Stark stood before her amongst the ashes. A look of stern northern resolve frozen onto her face. 

“I will not take lectures from you Sansa Stark. You took everything from me”

“And I’d take it all again” Sansa snapped. “All you had to do was leave Westeros”

“And all you had to do was bend the knee”

“We in the north no longer kneel to foreigners. Not even to the Drogons” Dany drew her sword. 

“I thought as much. Whether you kneel or not does not matter to me anymore. You took the woman I loved and turned her into dust before my eyes. For that you shall die” Sansa drew forth ice in response and held it out before her. 

“Then let us settle this. Woman to Woman. Mother to Mother. Queen to Queen. To the victor, the Seven Kingdoms. What is left of it that is” Sansa declared as she slowly paced towards her in the Westerosi duelling style. Dany grit her teeth with anger as ash fell around them. Drogon’s dying screams haunting the air around her.

“For Yara” She replied as she swung her sword high and smashed it upon Sansa’s own, the sound of clashing Valyrian steel ringing out through the trees. Blow after blow Daenerys landed upon Sansa’s sword as she pushed her back through the scorched wood, the ravens watching from the burnt branches above. 

Fight…Fight. They squawked.

As her arms tired Dany broke off her attack and circled Sansa, prompting her to attack. Swinging her great sword quickly Dany blocked her attack. Using the skills Daario had tort her Daenerys and Sansa sparred amongst burnt bark and raining ash for more then an hour, the steel of their blades ringing out with each anger driven clash against each other. Backed up against a tree trunk Sansa thrust her sword underneath her arm as Dany dove out of reach into an ash drift. Sansa’s sword not far behind her as she crawled feverishly through the ashes for survival. As Sansa plunged ice into a tree root Dany used the time to recover and landed a blow upon Sansa’s knee.

“AAAAGGGGGGG” She cried out in pain as she freed her sword and charged into her in a blind rage. Together the Queens of Ice and Fire fell into a ditch in the forest floor, their swords scattered as they struggled against one another. 

“You can’t win this” Sansa said with a burst lip as she punched Daenerys across the face.

“Watch me” Dany replied with a bloody nose as she leapt for her blade, Sansa drawing a dagger from her belt and plunging it into her heel. 

“AAAAAAAAA” Dany shouted as she kicked the dagger from Sansa’s hand, its cold steel lost amongst the struggle. Bloody and bruised Daenerys and Sansa struggled for the blade. Suddenly Sansa’s teeth bit into her ear. Thrusting her elbow back into her eye Sansa released her bite and scurried for her own families sword. But the dragon was too fast. Reaching for her blade Dany lunged towards Sansa and plunged her blade deep into her gut as she rolled onto her back to block the attack. 

“AAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGG” Sansa screamed as she dropped her sword and held her wound as Dany twisted the blade within her gut. 

“Do you feel that Sansa? that is the dragons vengeance. The true Queens Justice” She scorned as she pulled the blade violently from her gut. Taking a moment to catch her breath she watched as Sansa held her open wound, her blood gushing free across her tunic. 

“You’ll be dead soon” Daenerys laughed. “I win”

“ long the north remembers. You will never win” Sansa replied as she held firm in the face of death. For a moment the two Queens exchanged a scornful gaze at one another before Dany held her head high. An idea come to mind.

“Sansa Stark, I Daenerys of house Targaryen, first of my name, breaker of chain, mother of dragons, Queen of Meereen and of the Seven Kingdoms sentence you to die” Daenerys declared insight of the weirwood and ravens. Gripping the hilt of her sword with her sweaty palms Dany’s heart raced as she threw back her blood soaked blade for the killing blow. And a killing blow it was. Suddenly Sansa’s Valyrian steel sword ice erupted from her chest. Her dragon encrusted armour shattered by its sharp point. Coated in her own blood Daenerys dropped her sword in shock as the cold grip of death overcame her. With her heart impaled she stumbled back as Sansa Stark looked on, equally as shocked. 

“No. We win” Margaery Tyrell whispered in her ear from behind. Dropping to her knees Daenerys watched as Margaery paced around her, alive and with child. As blood begun to trickle from her mouth Daenerys Targaryen choked on her own curiosity. 

“” She muttered. 

“All men must die. But we are not men” Margaery replied. Losing her connection to the world Daenerys fell to the forest floor as the ash fell upon her. 

“Yara” She let slip as a smile developed upon her face, her final breath drawn. The cold calm of death welcomed. 

Chapter Text

Amongst the falling ashes of the scorched wood Margaery Tyrell stood over Daenerys Targaryen as she drew her final breath. Her eyes veiled as death took her from the world, her lips cold. The fire within gone.

Now she too knows whats death feel like.

Impaled on a Stark sword the last heir of Targaryen lay defeated, her dragon slain. The North saved.

“Sansa” She gasped as turned and fell to her knees at her.

“Stay with me Sansa” Margaery repeated over and over again as she scurried to her side and pressed her palms over Sansa’s gut wound in an attempt to stop the bleeding. 

“Sansa…..SANSA” She fearfully muttered as her wife drifted in out of consciousness. 

“M..Margaery” Sansa replied as she began to cough violently on her own blood, its crimson trails leaving thick streaks across her pale skin as it rolled from her mouth and nose. 

“Its me. I’m here Sansa. Stay with me. The Maetser is coming” She turned as two Stark guards arrived, their armours caked in blood and ash. 

“Get the Queen a Maester” She ordered. 

“But my lady. There is no Maetser with us….” One of the guards replied. 

“GET ME A BLOODY MAESTER!” Margaery snapped. The two guards running off into the mist to find help.

“Margaery” Sansa eked out her words. Her pearl white teeth stained with her own blood. “I…I think..I’m going to die”

“NO…no. Do not say such things. We will get Maester and he will save you”

“I am beyond saving”

“You can’t die. I forbid it” Margaery snapped. Sansa smiled. 

“If only it were that easy” She replied. Another cough forcing her to choke on her blood. She spat it out.       “We need you. Me. Arya. Robb” Margaery took Sansa’s blood soaked hand and pressed it against her baby bump. “Our little girl” Margaery’s hands trembled. 

“She will have her mother”

“We are both her mothers. She deserves to have both of us in her life. Arya as well. Remember? I was going to teach them both how to ride and…and you were going to teach them how to hunt. And we were going to be a family. The two of us ruling….. Together. Just as two wives should” Margaery teared up. 

“I know” Sansa coughed once more as tears streamed down her own cheeks. “All I have ever done was for you. I love you. I love our children……When I die you must be there for them”

“Don’t say such things”

“You are the strongest. Smartest. Most amazing woman I have ever met Margaery Tyrell. If it were not for you I would have killed myself long ago. You will raise them to be far better then I ever was” Sansa said as she fought back the pain which strangled her from within. 

“I can’t. Not without you” Margaery wept. 

“You must and you will” Sansa choked. “You will go on and give birth to our daughter. Then you will raise Arya to be the Queen we conceived her to be. The Queen she will rightfully be once I am gone. A Queen the people can look to for hope. A Queen of Houses Stark and Tyrell. A new dynasty” Sansa declared as she erupted into a coughing fit. 

“Sansa…SANSA” Margaery wept as she removed her blood soaked hands from her wound and cradled her within her arms. 

“I….I feel cold” Sansa muttered. 

“I know…I know…It will pass my love” Margaery replied as she gazed deep into Sansa’s eyes. 

She’s afraid. 

Watching as Sansa begun to coughed and choke within her arms Margaery held her close as she fought back a wave of tears. 

I must be strong for her. I must be strong. 

Kissing her brow gently as she shivered Margaery pressed her palm against chest. Her heart had stopped. 

“Sansa?” She gazed deep into her eyes once more. A smile come to her lips. 

“The night is dark and full of terrors” Sansa muttered as she drew her final breath. Her body falling limp. The same cold veil of death which had taken Daenerys moments before now claimed her beloved wife. For a moment she stopped. Her tears falling along side the ashes. 



At noon the next day Margaery Tyrell rode from the smouldering ruins of the Wolfs Wood. Back straight, shoulders back and with her head held high she donned Sansa’s stern Northern resolve as she rode her brown northern mare. At her rear a small contingent on Stark soldiers followed, a cart lashed to two horses behind them which carried Sansa’s body upon a bed of hay. Her families ancestral sword lain across her blood soaked chest. The golden crowned wolf and rose banner of houses Stark and Tyrell fluttering in the warm spring winds at her either side. Beyond them in the distance a large Wolf and three cubs followed, hidden amongst the burnt shrubbery. Leading the column of soldiers in silence Margaery watched as the scorched towers of Winterfell appeared upon the horizon before her. 

I how do I tell them? How do I tell them their mother is dead? 

Margaery solemnly reflected as she wrapped her blood soaked furs around herself. 

I will have to be honest with them. Sansa would have wanted that. 

Riding into Winterfells broken courtyard the stone direwolf sigil of house Stark lay smashed upon the scorched earth. As smoke rose from the hollowed towers above Margaery climbed from her horse with a heavy heart. The Stark soldiers pulling Sansa’s body behind riding into the courtyard. Then she saw them. By the entrance of the great hall Robb Stark stood and watched her as he cradled Arya within his arms. Her eyes met his but for a moment before he turned. Tears falling as he disappeared back into the hall.  

Do my eyes betray me so?



As Darkness fell over the North the ruins of Winterfell shone bright as the people of Winter town gathered outside the castle walls. Inside her chambers Margaery Tyrell donned an elegant black silk dress with fur timings, her handmaidens emptying out the last of the ash filled bath water as she gazed into the flames. Not once did they speak. 

I must be strong. For Sansa. For our children. For the North.   

Descending to the great hall Sansa’s body lay upon a hard oak table within its centre. As its edges lay adorned with a blossom of spring flowers hastily assembled for the funeral and warm candle lights Sansa donned the furs and amour of house Stark. A golden crown of leaping wolves rested upon her stomach.  

She looks so peaceful in death. 

Margaery thought as she paced around the table and kissed her upon the lips. Cold she was.  

This will not be the end of you my love. I promise you. 

Margaery said as she gently stroked her long locks of Tully flame.

I will not abandoned you to death. I will find a way…

Her thoughts broke as Ros, Robb and Arya arrived with an escort of Stark guards ready to carry her body down to the crypts. Without a word being said Margaery stood a side and watched as the guards carefully lifted Sansa’s body and marched with her perched upon their shoulders down into the darkness of the crypts. Before her tomb Margaery stood tall and queenly at the head of house Stark as the Queen in the North and of the Seven Kingdoms was gently lowered into her stone tomb. Placing her arm around Robb’s shoulder and pulling him close as if he were her own son the pair watched as the stone tomb was slid shut before them. 

He’s such a strong boy.   

She took his hand and wiped a tear from his cheek.

“Go with Ros” She asked of him. On his words Robb rejoined Ros and Arya and left the crypts. Left alone amongst the crackling torch light and darkness Margaery stared at the stone tomb. 

Now I know how you felt when I died. Death felt cold, oh so cold. But this? This feels worse. 

“Your grace?” A voice called out from behind. Margaery turned. From out of the darkness an old man stepped forward. Donned in a grey maesters robe and wearing a great chain around his neck Margaery felt a sense of relief. 

“Maester Lupin? I thought you were dead” She asked of him.

“I could say the same of you your grace. I attended your funeral in the Great Sept, and yet here you stand. Alive and with child I see” Margaery placed her palms upon her baby bump. 

“What are you doing here?”

“Rumours that you are alive have spread across the south. When I first heard of them I did not believe it. But then I thought ‘after all the things that have happened in recent years, invasions, dragons, shadows and women creating children together. Resurrection does not seem so out of the realms of possibility” The maester said as he gazed Sansa’s tomb behind her.   

“My condolences your grace. Is the child Queen Sansa’s?”

“She is”

“If you need anything your grace I am at your service”

“I know you are. Most would have been disgusted by the idea of two women creating life together. But not you” The maester smiled. “You have always been loyal towards Sansa and myself Maester Lupin. I will never forget that” Margaery’s words were warm. “The last Maester of Winterfell was burned alive I am told. We are in need of a replacement” 

“I will have to send a raven to the Citadel to request permission…”

“Fuck the Citadel” Margaery replied. “As Queen regent of the North I name you Maester of Winterfell” She confidently declared with her head held high. 

“Thank you your grace” He bowed. 

“Once you are settled in I should like you to check my babe. Make sure she is healthy”

“Of course your grace” Watched as the maester disappeared into the darkness once more Margaery dwelled by Sansa’s tomb for hours in reflection and grief.

“I will find a way to bring you back my love. I swear it. The lord of light brought me back to you, and so too shall he bring you back to me” She vowed as she planted a kiss upon the tombs cold stone. Leaving the darkness of the crypts behind Margaery ascended the spiral steps back to the entrance where she found Ros awaiting her. 

“You were down there a long time. I was worried” Ros told her. 

“I needed sometime alone to think” Margaery replied. “How well do you know the books inside Winterfell’s library?” She asked of her.

“Most are old, boring and dusty. But I know some of the sections” Ros replied. 

“Is it still standing?”

“The library is underground. It was spared the Dragons flame”

“Good. I want you to go down to the library and find me every book you can find regarding the Lord of Light” Margaery asked of her. 

“Why your grace?”

“It was the Lord of Light who brought me back. Perhaps he can bring back others” Margaery pondered as her eyes met the flickering torch lights above, their flames dancing and diving in the midnights winds.

The lord of light is watching us. 




Months later, as Winterfells reconstructed towers baked in the warm summers heat the Queen regent of the North and Seven Kingdoms laboured inside her bed chambers. As her hearths dull flame crackled Margaery lay naked with her legs open upon a bed of wolf furs, her curly Tyrell locks dangling as she arched her back, gazing up into the ancient brick work above. Her hands spread behind her for support. 

“You are ready my Queen” Ros told her as she sat naked before her legs, in wait to deliver the newborn. “Push!” On Ros’s words Margaery grit her teeth and began to push. As the muscles in her lower body contracted she felt a crushing pain inside her womb as she felt the babe stir within. 

“By the gods!” Margaery let slip as she continued to push, the sweat rolling down her brow as the chambers heat built.  

The pain is bad, the heat overwhelming. But I am alive. For the first time since coming back I feel alive. 

Margaery thought as she took a moment to catch her breath before pushing again. Between her legs she felt the exhilarating moment her womanhood opened, wide like a flower morphing into bloom the newborns crown emerged from her vaginal lips. 

“I see the head. Keep going!” Ros spurred her on as she continued to push. Fighting thought the pain Margaery basked in the newly found ecstasy of child birth as her womanhood went into full bloom. Looking down she watched as she brought new life into the world as the newborns little head, shoulders and eventually feet slid free her of her vaginal lips, followed closely by umbilical cord and her mothers waters. Watching as Ros took the newborn up into her arms Margaery caught her breath as her lower muscles relaxed.  

“A girl” Ros smiled as she held up the newborn to inspect its gender. “Another little girl”

Breaking out into an uncontrollable smile Margaery begun to cry tears of joy as she took up her newborn daughter into arms. 

“My daughter. My beautiful little girl. Mother is here for you” Margaery said as she pulled her close and kissed her brow, her head covered in little curls of Tyrell brown. 

“You must take more after me then Sansa” She joked as Ros cut the umbilical cord.    

“Indeed. She is very beautiful your grace. Just like her mothers. What do you wish to call her?” Ros asked.

“Lyanna” Margaery responded. “Lyanna Tyrell Stark. A daughter of Sansa Stark and the heir to Highgarden” 

“It is a fine name your grace. I….” Ros hesitated. “…I only wish Sansa were here to meet her. It would have only been right to have both her mothers here”

“You have become just as much a mother to Robb and Arya as myself and Sansa. I have no doubt it will be the same for Lyanna too” Margaery said. 

“Thank you your grace” Ros rose from the bed and donned her robes. “I will inform Robb and Maester Lupin of the good news” Watching as Ros left the chamber Margaery lay back upon the furs and stayed with Lyanna until nightfall, feeding her newborn at the tit and admiring her purity as she wriggled at her side. 

“My daughter. My sweet little girl. Ros is right. Sansa should be here. With us both. It is only right you meet your other mother. The woman who may not have birthed you as I have but who's essence resides within you. You are a daughter of the north as much as you are a daughter of the south, and you and your sister and brother will go on to do many great things. But not with us. Without your mothers. Only for a time. But I promise you Lyanna. Just as I promised your mother and Arya and Robb. I will return to you. Along with your other mother. Along with Sansa” Margaery declared to her daughter as Melisandre’s ruby choker suddenly glimmered from across the chamber. Watching as Lyanna drifted off to sleep Margaery rose from the bed and paced across her chambers naked. Empowered by the pain of child birth Margaery stood before the flames of her hearth and picked up the ruby choker. Dangling it before her eyes Margaery opened the choker and slowly placed the great ruby around her neck. Clicking it into place she stroked the ruby with her finger as it begun to pulsate to the rhythm of her heart. 

“The lord of light is with us Lyanna. He calls to me. Calls to Sansa. I will bring your mother back my daughter. I promise you”

Still donning the great ruby around her neck Margaery dressed herself as Lyanna slept and awaited her guard by the hearth. 

“Your grace?” One of the Stark guards asked of her as he entered the chamber. 

“Is everything ready?” She asked of him. 

“The men are ready to move out on your orders your grace”

“What of Ros and Maester Lupin?”

“The essence of Nightshade was added to their wines as you requested, they will not waken until the morrow”

“Good. And the ship?”

“Ready for the long voyage to Asshai”

“Then let us take our leave” As the guard left her chamber Margaery paced back over towards the bed as Lyanna slept. Planting a final kiss upon her forehead she took her leave into the summers night. 

Melisandre brought me back. Another red priestess must be able to do the same. I will find one and return. I will resurrect Sansa as she did me, and together. We shall live.

Chapter Text

As the snows melted the icicles adorning the trees of the wolfs wood dripped from every wind beaten branch as Arya Tyrell stalked her prey. Wielding a bow, Arya run her finger along the arrows feather before taking aim. Through the naked trees she saw it, a wild boar, bigger then any she had ever seen.

There you are.

She thought as she crept closer.

Come too me. Come to your queen. 

Suddenly an arrow flew through the trees from behind her. Watching as the slammed into the boars eye the silent serenity of the wood was shattered as the boar kicked and screamed. Its warm blood washed across the frost kissed earth. 

“Who?” Arya asked herself in a fit of frustration. She lowed her bowed and turned to see who has released the shot. 

“You were taking too long big sister” Lyanna Tyrell replied with a cocky tone as she drew forth a second arrow from her quiff. 

“I’ve been tracking that thing for hours. It’s my kill” Arya protested. In response Lyanna pulled back her bow as released a second shot at the boar, its sharpened point slamming deep into the skull, killing it at an instant. The Wolf’s wood fell silent once more.   

“It doesn’t look like you're kill” Lyanna smirked as she pushed past her sister to inspect the corpse. Arya followed. 

“You forget you place little sister. We may be kin but your speaking to the queen”

“A queen to rules half a kingdom, the other in name only”

Lyanna speaks true. 

Arya admitted to herself. Ever since she could remember they chanted her name and spoke of her future glory as Queen of the Seven Kingdoms as knights, soldiers and smiths declared their fealty at her feet. In truth she was Queen in name only, the rest of her realms to south, ruled by Lord Protector Petyr Baelish. 

“That does not matter. I forbid you to take anymore of my kills” Arya demanded. 

“Or what your grace? You’ll have my head?” Lyanna jested. 

“I’d be lying if I said I had not thought about it” Arya replied as she paced around the dead boar, its blood marking her foot prints in the frozen earth.

“Come sister, I am so bad?” Lyanna smirked as their guard arrived on horse back. Donned in Stark amour they bowed before the two sister. 

“Your grace. We have been looking everywhere for you, that is fine kill you have made” The guard said. 

Lyanna never fails to make me look bad in front of my subjects.

“Actually…” Arya responded. Lyanna cut her off. 

“It was more then fine. It was magnificent. Our Queen has become quiet the hunter” Lyanna declared before the men as they clapped in celebration. 

“Thank you” She held her head high. “Skin the creature and return it to Winterfell. Tonight we feast on boar” Arya played along to Lyanna’s lie. Watching as the guards surrounded the boars corpse and begun to strip the hide from its flesh Lyanna donned her horse. 

“See sister I am not so bad” Lyanna laughed. Arya smiled. 

I guess not. 

“Where are you going?” Arya asked of her. 

“The Wall. Robb is still in talks with the Nights Watch over the gift”

“You just miss our big brother” Arya jested. 

“Or maybe I am just keeping an eye on him” Arya’s gut churned. 

“We’ve talked about this before. Robb is our brother”

“He is also a Bolton and I do not trust him, not after the stories Maester Lupin told us about Roose and Ramsay Bolton. He could be conspiring against us”

“Robb would not do that sister” Arya protested.

“Just like our mothers would not abandoned us at birth” Lyanna fired back as she steadied her horse. 

“Our mother Sansa died a hero. She saved the North from the dragon queen”

“Died a hero or died during the attack? They are just stories sister, stories created by rich lords to get inside your bed chambers” Lyanna scoffed. “As for our birth mother Margaery Tyrell, she abandoned us the moment Sansa died and I was free her womb. I do not care for the woman, where ever she is now. All that matters is us”

“All that matters is us” Arya agreed.

“I will be back soon sister” Lyanna said as she turned her horse and galloped through the frozen wood, disappearing amongst the first falling flakes snows. 

She is wrong, but I also cannot disagree with her. Our birth mother abandoned us long ago when we were just babes fresh from the womb. Why should I care for a woman who would do such a thing? And Sansa Stark. 

Arya run her fingers through her braided autumn burnt locks as the watched her guard place the skinned boar on the rear of her horse. 

Daring to believe the stories that she sired me and my sister with Margaery Tyrell how can I believe the stories that she killed a dragon, that she slayed the last Targaryen in single combat amongst the burning trees of wolfs wood. Have I been told a lie all this time? It is hard to believe what is true. At least I have Lyanna and Robb, even if one does not trust the other. 

“Where to now your grace?” Her guard asked of her. 

“We return to Winterfell” 




Emerging from the Wolfs wood as dusk begun to set over the North Arya Tyrell led her guards across open plains of ice and snow. Wearing her riding breeches, pants and a tunic Arya pulled her thick wolfs fur cloak over her shoulders as the towers of Winterfell appeared on the horizon. 


Riding into the snow coated courtyard Arya climbed from her horse. 

“Take the boar into the kitchen to prepare for tonight” She commanded of the servants whom awaited her arrival. One stood with a beautiful bundle of blue northern roses. 

“Your grace” A blonde serving girl with a face full of freckles said as she stepped forth. “The roses you requested” She said as she handed them to her. 

“Thank you. These are glorious. Much like you” Arya said as she took up the bundle and kissed the serving girl on the lips, savouring her taste but for a moment. “I trust my chambers hearth is burning” She asked. 

“It burns as bright as my lust for you your grace” The girl smiled. Arya glanced her up and down.

“Wait for me in my chambers. I have something to do first” She replied as she inspected the bundle. Leaving her guards and servants behind as they carried the boar inside the great hall Arya made her down, deep into the crypts of Winterfell. Before the cold stone statue of her mother Arya placed the flowers atop the tomb of Sansa Stark. 

“I hope you like these” Arya whispered as the touch light flickered amongst the darkness. 

“They were her favourite flower” An old man said from the darkness.

“How do you know?” She replied. 

“I knew her well, as did I know your other mother” The frail Maester of Winterfell Lupin stepped forth into the torch light. Arya looked back at the statue, Sansa Starks stone eyes staring deep within her.  

“People say I look like her”

“You do. She may not have carried you but you are her daughter. You may carry the Tyrell name but you are of the North. Of house Stark”

“Your not going to give me one of your history lessons are you old man?” Arya jested to the man who had always been like a grandfather to her. The Maester laughed. 

“Why? so you can go fuck that serving girl your always fawning over. Your just like your mother” He bluntly responded.

Nothing gets past you old man.

“Is it so wrong for one woman to love another?”

“Only when it is the wrong woman” The Maester said as he handed her a rolled up piece of parchment from underneath his robes.

“What is this?”

“It came for you at midday. A raven from the Iron islands carried it” He replied as she gazed the unbroken seal, its wax imprinted with both the Kraken of house Greyjoy and the three headed Dragon of house Targaryen. She broke the seal and read. 



To the Queen of the North and of the Seven Kingdoms, Arya of houses Tyrell and Stark. I should like to invite you to Castle Pyke of the Iron Islands. We have much to discuss regarding the future of our Kingdoms, Kingdoms which have known bloodshed and war for far too long.  




Visenya Warborn of the House Targaryen. First of Her Name. The Unburnt, Queen of the Andels and the Seastone Chair, Rhoynar of the First Men, Ruler of the cities of Dragons Bay and Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea. Lady of the Seven Kingdoms and Protector of the Realm. 




“The daughter of Daenerys Targaryen invites you to meet with her” The Maester said.

“Why would she want that? Our mothers fought a war against each other. Died fighting each other as Westeros burned around them. Its most likely a trap”

“That was twenty years ago your grace. Westeros survived the wars of the SheWolf and the Dragon Queen. The skull of the Dragon Drogon still hangs within Winterfells great hall”

“All the more reason to have me dead”

“All the more reason to form an alliance. An alliance you will need if you are to ever press your claim on the south”

“I will press my claim myself” Arya scoffed. 

“Lord Protector Baelish is too powerful a man for one queen, he is as smart as he is cunning, so cunning that he has the legal status to rule the south from your mother. Pressing your claim would be seen by many as an invasion. An invasion you cannot hope to win yourself”

“So I should break bread with the daughter of the woman who killed my mother?”

“You should break bread with the daughter of the woman who can help you take the south and reunite the Seven Kingdoms” The Maester conclude the argument. He turned. “Whatever you decide Arya, know that the North shall always love you” He said before disappearing into the darkness. She turned back the statue of Sansa Stark. 

“Mother. What would you do?”



Weeks later Arya found herself stood at the bow of her ship as the crowned Wolf and Rose banner of her house fluttered against a cold sea breeze, her ship cutting through the grey waters of Iron mans bay as it sailed closer to the Iron islands. 

Desperation has brought me to this. I pray to the old gods that I have not walked into a trap. 

She thought as she glimpsed the broken towers of Castle Pyke upon the high cliffs above, below a fleet of Essosi ship lay anchored. Each donning the back and red three headed dragon of house Targaryen.

I was always told as a girl Daenerys was the last Targaryen. Clearly I have been lied too.  

Passing by the high towers of Castle Pyke Arya returned to her cabin to prepare for the meeting. Donning a breast cupped steel breast plate with the Wolf and Rose sigil engraved into it Arya wore a emerald dress to accompany it, a visible symbol of her Tyrell inheritance. 

“Are you ready sister?” Lyanna asked of her, who herself donned a similar set designed to emphasise her claim as lady of the Reach.

“I am. Come. Let us meet the enemy of our enemy”

Disembarking at the far end of the island Arya and Lyanna were met by a messenger. A frail old man with teeth as yellow as sulphur. With him a small company of Meereenese guards, wrapped head to toe in strange amours she had never seen before. 

“Queen Arya” He bowed. “It is an honour you and lady Lyanna could bless us with your presence. Queen Visenya was overjoyed to hear you had accepted her invitation”

“You may tell Queen Visenya I was overjoyed to receive her invitation. As a girl I often heard stories of Targaryen might and beauty” Arya diplomatically responded with a calm queenly tone.

“You can tell her yourself your grace. She said she is most eager to meet the SheWolf’s daughter in person”

“Then let us not keep her waiting”

Mounting a horse along side the Queens messenger, his guards and that of her own Arya and Lyanna rode across the island for Castle Pyke. 

“It seems as if this Targaryen Queen means to fuck you rather then kill you big sister” Lyanna jested as the towers of Pyke rose before them. 

“I could still be trap, remember the Red Wedding little sister”

“If she was going to kill us she would have done so the moment we got off the boat, atleast I would have”

So much is riding on this. My crown. My Kingdoms. My place in the histories as a conquerer or a fool. I pray I have made the right choice.

Riding underneath a Kraken engraved archway, draped in the three headed dragon banner Arya and Lyanna dismounted inside the ruined courtyard as they made their way into the castle. Something that made sense to her, after the death of Yara Greyjoy at Kings Landing her uncle Aeron who had stolen the Seastone chair while she was a hostage of her mothers faced a rebellion against his rule. He locked himself inside Castle Pyke for four years until the Rebels finally killed him, that or his own drowned priests turned on him she did not know for sure. The Iron islands have been divided ever since, with each head of every house of every island declaring themselves King. 

Ironic that it took a Queen to reunite them.  

Making their way across the rickety walk ways between the broken towers Arya and Lyanna were led into the main chamber of the castles furthermost tower. The castle had been dark, decaying and damp so far, the same could not be said however for the main chamber. Inside, underneath an engraving of a mighty stone Kraken a great hearth roared filling the chamber with a warm, fiery glow. Before it, coating the cold stone floor, layers of rich Yunkish tapestries lay. Atop that bundles of exotic gold, ruby and emerald silk cushions and blankets littered the space before the fire. A large casket of wine rested upon a small table in the centre, with four golden goblets to accompany it. 

“Queen Visenya will be with you very soon” The messenger said as he withdrew immediately from the chambers, along with all the guards. 

“And this is the part where they kill us” Arya joked once the chamber doors slammed shut. 

“Why would I do such a thing?” A woman entered the chamber through a door at the rear of the hearth. Bare footed and wrapped in a pearl black silk cloak Arya immediately found herself basking in exotic Targaryen beauty as the Queens long locks of white gold hair flowed over her shoulders, down to the naked skin of her heels. At her rear another woman followed, wrapped in a crimson silk cloak Arya recognised her.

Meera Lannister of the Rock. 

“Their are many in the south who desire me dead. A queen must be cautious” Arya replied. The white gold haired woman smiled at her.

“You are as wise as you are beautiful queen Arya” Arya smiled back. “I am Visenya Warborn of the house Targaryen, daughter of Daenerys Targaryen and Yara Greyjoy. I welcome the both of you, I trust your journey was not too long”

“Not at all. With the onset on Winter the north as grown cold, it is much warmer south of the neck” Arya continued. “This is my sister Lyanna”

“And who are you?” Lyanna asked of the golden heard woman stood proudly next to Visenya.  

“I am Meera of house Lannister. Daughter of Cersei and Lancel Lannister”

“Petyr Baelish named you lioness of the Rock and Wardeness of the West. You should be loyal to him” Lyanna bluntly asserted. 

“And yet here I am. In bed with the Dragon, quite literally” Meera jested with licked lips. Lyanna smirked. 

“You have travelled a long way queen Arya, so I will be to the point as I am told you Northerns say” She took a sept forward. “I wish to form an alliance with you. An alliance which will defeat Lord Protector Baelish in the field and deliver us the south”

Once we have the south who then will it fall too?  

“You lay claim to the Seven Kingdoms through your mother Daenerys Targaryen. I lay claim through my mothers Sansa Stark and Margaery Tyrell. Our mothers killed each for their claims. Surely we are destine for the same fate” Arya speculated.

“Not if we are willing to talk to each other. Something our mothers refused to do. For the truth is I alone cannot defeat lord Baelish and neither can you. Why else would you have accepted my invitation so quickly? As we have grown he has consolidated himself. From the Mockingbird Keep Petyr Baelish sees all. Not so much as a worm wriggles through the mud in the south without him knowing about it. He will know about our meeting here today and Meera’s betrayal. For the good of ourselves and our peoples we must put aside our families feud, else I shall be driven back to the bay, Meera will lose Casterly Rock, and as for the North? I can only hope it is well defended” Visenya said. Her tone honest. Her words true.

She does not lie this one. 

Arya looked to Lyanna then back to Visenya and Meera.

“Fine. Let us talk”

“Good. Take off your clothes” Visenya said as she dropped her black silk robe before her, revealing her pale skinned feminine form.

“You what?” Arya blushed. 

“Take off your clothes” Visenya laughed as Meera too dropped her crimson robe. 

“Why?” Lyanna asked.

“If we are to be allies we must not have any secrets. We must strip away our pasts, our prides and our house colours if we are to come to a truly lasting alliance, else they lead us a stray” Visenya declared. Arya took a moment to glance the firmness of her tits and the white gold which adorned her cunt. 

“Your Essosi ways are strange to me Visenya Targaryen. I like that” She replied as she gazed deep into her eyes. Moments later Arya removed her emerald cloak and uncoupled her breastplate. As Lyanna joined her Arya watched as Visenya turned and gazed her buttocks as she opened the casket of wine and poured. 

She has the best arse in the Seven Kingdoms. 

She thought as she dropped her dress to the cold stone at her feet and stepped forth naked for all to see. 

“Come join Meera and I by the fire, and lets us talk of marriage, conquest and war” Visenya declared as she offered her a goblet full of wine. Arya accepted.



Into the late hours of the night the Queens talked, until at last they had come to an agreement. 

“It is agreed then. You and I shall join our houses as will Lyanna and Meera. You shall return to the north and gather your forces. You will march south and capture Riverrun while Meera and I march our forces on Highgarden from the Rock. With both Lord Petyr’s seats of power under our control we can draw him out of Kings Landing where we can surround his army and destroy him. If he fails to act we will lay siege to the city” Visenya said.

“Then after he is dead we shall rule, together. As co-queens. Until we have our own children” Arya raised her glass. “To a new era” She declared.

“To a new era!” The Queens chanted as they downed their goblets. For the rest of the night Arya, Visenya, Lyanna and Meera spent strengthening their new alliance through drink, stories and sex with another other before the hearths flaming glory. 

“I am glad you accepted my invitation” Visenya told her as the two women lay wrapped in each others arms by the fire as Lyanna and Meera slept along side them. 

“I am glad to have received it” Arya said as she kissed Visenya on the lips. “I think you and I are going to be very happy together” Suddenly the chambers door crept open, the yellow teethed messenger slithering inside and stirring in the darkness out of reach of the fires light. 

“Why do you disturb us?” Visenya demanded as she turned to him.

“My deepest apologies your grace. But I bring a message from Winterfell for Queen Arya”

“What kind of message?”

“It is from your Maester. He says that there has been a break in. The Tomb of your mother Sansa Stark has been raided, her body stolen by a woman dressed in red”

“I know that woman. She is a red priestess from Asshai. She sailed with my fleet from Meereen but broke off at the steps. She said she needed to return home” Visenya replied with surprise. 

“What was her name?” Arya asked, her tone curious.

“Margaery! Her name was Margaery!” 


Chapter Text

Upon her horse the red priestess of Asshai awaited the light amongst the darkness. 

The lord will come to me. The lord shall guild me.

And so he did. Before her the great iron gate which separated the realms of men from the lands beyond the wall opened, the darkness surrounding her burned away by the lords crimson light. The red woman closed her eyes and savoured the lords fleeting gift before the cold, snow swept winds of the Great Other made their presence known.

The lords power is weak here. We must be strong. The Great Other is watching. The lord shall be with us. 

Nudging the rains of her horse the priestess, hooded and cloaked in crimson gold emerged into the white northern wilderness which stretched for as far as the eye could see. At her rear six red monks followed donning crimson cloaks and ruby dyed steel swords the likes of which most Westerosi had never seen before. Close behind the priestess they rode with the back two pulling a wagon through the deep snows. Atop it a stone coffin, meticulously carved with leaping dire wolfs and northern crowns. Behind them the great wall of ice reflected the suns crimson rays as it descended upon the western horizon, the men of the nights watch atop watching them as they rode into the winter swept haunted forest. 

They do not understand. But they will in time. The lord of light is with them. The lord of light is with us all. Non more so then in this place. 

The priestess reflected as she led her monks into the eerie mists which gripped for forest floor. 



For hours she led the monks in silence through the darkness even as the forest stirred around them. As the moon hung high through the gaps of the lifeless trees above the priestess found what she was looking for. Riding into a small clearing in the forest a weirwood tree stood isolated, its blood red leaves untouched by the snows, its face twisted and distorted and crying tears of blood red wax. 

The Great Other means to frighten us. 

She smiled. 

“Prepare the body” She commanded. 

Watching from atop her horse as the monks unloaded and carried the great stone coffin through the snows the priestess dismounted. She followed her monks trail through the snow as they settled the coffin down before the weirwood. 

“Open it” She said, the great ruby at her throat shimmering in the moons pale light. Before her the monks pushed the coffins heavy stone stab aside into the snow. Inside lay her love. 

Time has taken you my love. I shall restore you.    

She thought with a calm expression as she gazed the decayed skeletal remains of her wife. The golden crown of leaping wolfs still perched upon her stomach, just as she placed it twenty years pervious. 

“It is almost time. Bring me the babe” 

From behind one of the monks stepped forth and, from underneath his crimson robe handed her a newborn baby boy, wrapped in furs and silk. 

“The lord has destined this of you little one” The priestess told the babe as he wriggled within her arms. From the darkest depths of the forest beyond the weirwood the wind cried a frozen howl as ice and snow blew down upon them from the north. Beneath an emerald aurora which rippled throughout the stars the monks of the red god formed a line behind the priestess and drew forth their swords, the ruby steel igniting in a single lash. 

The lord is with us.   

Hooded and cloaked the monks held their flaming swords high, ready to strike at anything which emerged from the darkness. And emerge something did. From out of the frozen bark of the trees a tall man unveiled himself. With rough tundra like skin, hair as white as ice and eyes as cold as winters itself he approached.

“Great Other” The priestess declared as her crimson robes flapped into the winters wind. “I come to you with an offering. An exchange. A life for a life” The priestess declare as she dangled the newborn before the white walker. “Restore the body of this woman and take this child as your own. This I ask of you” Pausing before the open coffin the white walker stared at the babe as he dangled in the priestess’s grasp, then looked down at the skeletal remains of Sansa Stark. Placing its hand upon the skull of her lover the walker closed its eyes before slowly opening them again. Suddenly the skeleton begun to stutter and shake as flesh, skin and organs begun to rapidly grow outwards from the skull, snaking its way in and out of the bones until the physical form was restored. The priestess’s eyes watered, her tears turning to ice as they dropped into the snow at her feet. Within the stone coffin Sansa Stark lay as if she had only died yesterday, her pale skin fresh and pure, her autumn burnt locks burning brighter then ever. The priestess turned back to the walker whom now she faced. 

“Now take my gift and leave” She said, the monks behind her ready to attack the walker with their flaming swords should it touch her. But the walker did not do anything. Taking the dangling baby boy into his arms the walker ignored her and turned. With the newborn in hand it disappeared back into the darkness, not to be see again. 

“The lord is here Sansa. The lord is here for us both. For so long I have waited for this. For so long I have wanted you back” She said as she kissed her lips and stroked her frozen cheeks. 

“The time has come my friends. The time of the SheWolf has come”

As the red monks formed a circle in the snow around the coffin the priestess washed the newly restored body and spoke the ancient words taught to her by the priests of Asshai. Every line she knew, every line she had memorised, for this, the moment she had waited twenty years for. As the winds wiped to the tone of her words the priestess chanted them aloud for the Lord of light to hear. 

“HEAR ME LORD OF LIGHT. RETURN THE SHEWOLF TO ME. TO THE WORLD YOU LOVE. HEAR MY PRAY MY LORD” She finished as the monks stood in silence, nothing but the crackling flames of their sword to guild her gaze. 

Please my lord. 

She waited for what felt to be an eternity until the lord finally gifted Margaery Tyrell what she desired.