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A SheWolf's End

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When Winter comes from the North and descends upon Aegon Targeryen’s six conquered Kingdoms, when the snows fall and Kings, Queen and high lords alike freeze within their castles. Dorne will stand, protected from the cold winds, a mighty spear coated in fire, forever kissed by summer. Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken. 

Ellaria Sand told herself as she gazed out upon the palace water gardens from the high supremacy of her balcony. They were the words of her father or so the dying old crone who had served her during her childhood had told her. 

Weather they were my fathers words or not, they are true. 

For almost three years the Kingdoms of Westeros had endured a long and harsh winter, a winter that had brought not only cold winds, sleet and snows but war, bloodshed and betrayal. But Dorne stood strong in the face of it all. While the other Kingdoms pledged their allegiances to the Rose Queen and her SheWolf lover Dorne had stayed true to the Dragon just as it had been in the days before Roberts Rebellion.  

The Gods favour us, every other Kingdom who has pledged itself to the usurper and murder Margaery Tyrell now lays at winters mercy while Dorne still basks in a summers heat. It may be a colder, cooler heat but it is heat non the less. 

Ellaria thought to herself as she closed her eyes and basked in the warm Dornish dusks air as it blew through her sun kissed ruby silks, caressing her exotic olive skin and graced her locks of blacken pearl. Above her head the Dornish skies broke into a flurry of ruby gold as the sun descend upon the horizon to the far west. From her balcony she listened to the soothing running waters of the water gardens below as they trickled  across moss cover rocks and soaked deep into the rich fertile soils, supplying life to the tall, exotic palm trees which littered the old palace. 

The Riverlands, Westerlands, the Vale, the North, the Crown and Stormlands, the Reach….non of them. Non of them can compare to you. Non can compare to the majesty and beauty of Dorne and non ever will, not so long as Daenerys Targaryen is your Queen, and I your ruling Princess.  

As Ellaria took in the calm beauty of the night she listened as her chambers door opened and closed behind her. She listened to foot steps, timid like a mouse they were and bearing news. 

“Princess Ellaria” A young woman said from behind. “Obara and Nymeria Sands have returned from their raid upon Stonehelm in the Stormlands” Elleria took a moment.

“And how did they fair?” Ellaria replied.

“They were victorious my Princess, the garrison stationed at the castle was wiped out and Stonehelm’s main keep set alight, lord Robert Swann has also been taken captive as has his cousin lady Taena Swann” The news brought a smile to Ellaria’s face. 

“Unsurprising….the men of the Stormlands like to take pride in their strength, but in truth they are nothing compared to the strength of a Dornish woman with a spear”

“Indeed my Princess” The young woman replied. 

“What is your name child?” Ellaria asked of her, her gaze still fixed upon the ruby gold skies above. 

“Alysia” The girl replied.

“And your last name?” Ellaria inquired further. The girl hesitated for a moment.

“S..Sands my Princess”

“You are a Bastard?”

“I am” Ellaria smirked.

“Come stand beside me Alysia” Ellaria asked of her to which the girl obeyed. Like a mouse she crept up to her side upon the balcony, Elleria maintaing her gaze upon the sky. “Tell me what you see Alysia” Ellaria asked of her. Alysia took a moment to gaze out upon the gardens and sky before replying. 

“I see the palace’s water garden….and the sky, its…its beautiful”

“That beauty is Dorne my dear, she is wild, ancient and powerful….and she is mine to rule as her Princess” Ellaria turned to the Alysia. As Dornish as girls come she was with soft skin of olive brown, a dark bun of black pearl hair and eyes of innocent fire. 

“Never be ashamed of being a bastard Alysia, it is what you are and you should wear it with pride as I have”

“Of course my Princess” 

“Your enemies will try and use it against you as they have with me, but I am the Princess of Dorne now and they are all dead……” A sudden thought come to mind which stopped her words. 

“….almost all of them are dead” Ellaria corrected herself, her thoughts drifting to her daughter and her murderer.

“Where are Obara and Nym now?” Ellaria asked. 

“The royal palace baths my Princess, I believe they also took lord Swann and lady Taena along with them” Ellaria smirked. 

If there’s one thing those girls like after a battle its a fuck. 

Ellaria left the balcony’s edge and strolled across her chambers. Passing by her chambers grand marble encrusted fiery hearth and running her finger through the sun kissed ruby silks of her bed, Ellaria placed her hand upon the knob her chambers oak door and opened it wide. Alysia following close behind her like a loyal pup. 

“Where do you think your going child?” Ellaria asked of her. 

“I…I was going to accompany you to the baths my Princess” Ellaria smirked once more.

“So innocent, so pure……you will not accompany me, you will remind here”

“As you command my Princess” Alysia bowed her hand. 

“You will remain here and pour yourself some wine and enjoy the view from my balcony…..then you shall remove your robes and await my return upon my bed” Ellaria watched as Alysia Sand blushed at her advance, a smile developing on her lips.

“My Princess..I..I, of course, as you command” She replied. 

“Good girl” Ellaria said before leaving her chambers for the royal palace baths to meet with Obara and Nym. Her palace guard at her side. 




Outside the palace bath house Ellaria left her guards and made her way inside, closing the iron door behind her. Descending the bath house steps Ellaria marched her way down the central path of the bath house. To her either side the grand tiled baths lay empty and forgotten, awaiting use. Above them, covering every wall and coating every pillar which held up the high palace ceiling were mosaics, grand pieces of art work depicting war, love and Dornish valour, each one telling a story of some kind, each one designed to install pride into ever Dornishman and woman and fear into all those who would apposed them. A time long since gone much like the baths themselves, now they were used by Deanery's Targeryen’s Unsullied troops to bath  whenever she returned to the palace from battle. ‘The Eunuch baths’ they had been named by the Margaery Tyrell and her allies as an insult. 

As long as they fight our wars and win our thrones, the cockless can bath where they like.    

At the end of the bath house Ellaria made her way down another staircase lit by lanterns at both sides, down into the under baths she descended where only the Martell’s of Dorne may bath.

Doran is dead, the Martell’s are dead, this is the domain of bastards and vipers now. 

At the base of the steps Ellaria found herself within a large marble chamber, to its south side before her a long balcony stretched the entire length of the chamber, its gaze upon the lush warm waters of the Summer Sea, to its west side a single grand door, two guards stood before it. 

“Open the door” Ellaria demanded to which the guards, donned in steel and sun kissed orange obeyed. Inside she moved behind the dressers, women’s robes discarded upon the marble flooring. 

“Oh but my lady I have a husband” Ellaria heard a young woman say in a highly flirtatious manner. 

“I am no lady, only a bastard and besides once you have my tongue up inside you, you’ll never want to go back, I promise you my lady” Another woman reasoned, a woman who’s voice was hard and thick with Dornish flare.


Ellaria revealed herself to them. Inside a large ruby and sapphire titled bathing well Obara sat with her arms spread out along its edges, sat upon her knees a young woman, a Stormlands girl, petite and lithe in body with deep locks of oak brown and skin as pale as ice. With the hot waters steaming around them Obara looked over the girls shoulder and gifted Ellaria an annoyed stare, the girl herself turning round to look over her shoulder. 

“What do you want Ellaria?” Obara barked like a hostile dog. Ellaria smiled and paced around the wells edge.

“I was told that you had returned from the raid I sent you on, my serving girl also tells me it was a great victory” Ellaria commented. 

“We burned Stonehelm to the ground and killed the garrison stationed there, we also took lord Swann hostage” Obara turned to the naked girl on her lap. “And this little beauty” The girl blushed. Elleria approached the girl.

“What is your name child?” Ellaria asked the girl. 

“Taena Swann” She replied. Obara smirked. 

“And tell me Taena is what Obara is telling me the truth?” Taena hesitated for a moment. “I am the Princess of Dorne, think twice before you lie to me” Ellaria said issuing a soft threat which loosed her lips.

“Every word of it, my uncles castle was burned, our men were killed, my cousin was taken… was I” Obara smirked once more and forcefully slapped Taena’s petite soft skinned behind, forcing a high pitched squeak from her cherry soaked lips. 

“I told you I was telling the truth” Obara followed up. Ellaria raised her brow. 

“And where is Lord Robert Swann?….and Nym for that matter?”

“In the next chamber, getting to know our captured lord better” Obara replied. Ellaria turning around left Obara and Taena Swann behind and made her way into the second chamber of the royal Martell bath house, through a silk curtain she pushed her way into the second chamber to an unexpected sight. Inside the bathing well before her stood a tall, well built young man. Broad of shoulder and chest he was gifted with a muscular back, toned tights and a pair of arms strengthened by the heat of battle, the steaming waters raising up and cupping his ball sack which swung back and forth with the rigorous motion of his hips.  

“HuuuuuHuuuuuHuuuuuHuuuuuuu. The young lord groaned 

“D….Don’..t….Don’t stop” Nymeria Sand muttered underneath a breathless whisper.    

Quietly pacing around the baths edge Ellaria watched as his toned buttocks thrusted back and forth, his cock deep inside the Sand Snake as she lay bend over the side of the bath, spread out upon the stone flooring. 

“HHHHHUUUUUUUHHHHUUUUHHHUUUUU…M…my…lord…..Fuuu…fuck yes hUUU” Nymeria Sand groaned and stuttered as the young lords cock clenched tight, his seed spilling within her womanhood. As Nymeria ruffed her long locks of hair and her leg shook Ellaria turned and poured herself a glass of Dornish wine and waited for them to turn around. She watched patently as the two unbounded their genitals, the young lords cock sliding out and slapping against Nymeria’s toned warrioress like buttocks as they kissed.  

“Had you told me we we’re going to fuck I would have just surrendered” Robert Swann joked. 

“Had you of just surrendered there wouldn’t have been a fight, I like a fight, and a prize, you are my prize my lord….and your cock” Nymeria replied before kissing him once more, Nym’s eyes meeting Ellaria’s as their lips parted ways  


“Nym…” Ellaria replied. Nymeria took a deep breath as Ellaria strolled towards the bath. 

“Nym, I believe you have something for lord Swann, go fetch him it” Without a word Nymeria nodded her head and climbed from the hot waters. Elleria watched as she passed, her olive skin and toned warrioress like figure soaked, the young lords seed trickling down her leg. After Nymeria left the chamber Ellaria turned her attention to the young lord.

“You are Robert Swann? the lord of Stonehelm?” She asked.

“I am…..and you are Ellaria Sand, Princess of Dorne and ally of the false Queen” Ellaria smirked.

“You know who I am?, I’m flattered”

“All women I meet are flattered by me, even the ones who come to capture me”

“You are a very confident young man”

“Well you Dornish have a funny way of holding someone captive, hot baths, fruit and wine….. sex”

“We only offer the best in Dorne, especially to young, handsome lords such as yourself” Ellaria flirtatiously jested. A cocky grin grew on the lords face. 

“If you wanna fuck my lady, all you gotta do is ask” Ellaria smirked and begun to slide her shoulders out of her silk dress. 

“In Dorne we do not ask, we take” Ellaria declared as she disrobed before him, her sun kissed ruby silks dropping to the stone floor around her feet, her exotic olive skinned body drawing in the young lords attention with its naked allure. With Robert Swann watching her every move Ellaria walked forward and with wine in one hand descended the steps of the bath and immersed herself in the hot waters, her eyes fixated upon the young lord like a Viper to a rat. Slowly but surely Ellaria seated herself, Robert Swann himself stood before her, his cock hardened once more. 

“Before we fuck I want to tell you a story” Ellaria said. 

“You can tell me after we fuck” Robert Swann snapped.

“I will tell you now” Ellaria fired back. “Sit boy” The word boy whipping him with some obedience. 

“Did I ever tell you about my daughter?”

“No you did not”

“I didn't think so……my daughter was a smart girl, and beautiful…..oh so beautiful, you would of liked her very much, all the boys wanted her and the girls too”

“She must have been quite the girl then”

“Oh she was… much so even Queen Margaery her could not resist…………she took her into her bed chamber, named her master of ships and held her as a close advisor……….my daughter was loyal to Queen Margaery so much so that she loved her”

“I see” Robert Swann replied. 

“But when the Dragon Queen arrived on our shores the Rose Queen blamed my daughter, when she tried to beg her forgiveness and confess her love for her Queen Margaery did not want any part of it…………she dishonoured my daughter and humiliated her before the court of Kings Landing, and then had her ride south to demand a Dornish army march north in the snows to fight the Dragon Queen”

“Women and power should never mix, thats what my uncle used to always say” The young lord declared.

“For dishonouring my daughter and bring shame to Dorne her sisters and I seized power from the Martell’s and marched our armies north in support of Queen Daenerys, at the Clash of Queens we smashed the Tyrells and Starks in the rear and captured Queen Margaery before parading her around Storms End nude……..I was so overjoyed when I received the raven informing me of the news” Ellaria smiled. 

“But it didn’t last did it?” Ellaria gulped before continuing. 

“Queen Margaery escaped with the help of her brother and Queens guard but not before finding my daughter and murdering her…….forgive me my lord but isn’t your uncle part of the Queens guard?” Ellaria asked. Robert gulped.

“My uncle, Sir Swann is my lady”

“I’ve hear rumours about that night my lord, rumours about your uncle, rumours about my daughters death”

“What kind of rumours?” Robert asked of her.

“You know the kind my lord, that Margaery Tyrell ordered your uncle to hold my daughter down and cut her unborn child from her womb” Ellaria said. She watched the young lord twist uncomfortably underneath the waters, his cock lost since losing it hardened figure.  

“What are you trying to say” Robert asked of her. 

“I am saying that your uncle murdered my little girl and that house Swann must pay a price”

“So that is why you have taken me captive? you wish to trade me for my uncle? Queen Margaery would never agree to such a thing” Robert Swann replied as he crossed his arms. Ellaria took a sip of her wine.

“I never said that I was going to trade you for your uncle or that you were even going to be a captive” Ellaria corrected him. Just then she heard somebody enter the bath house behind her. With her light feet slapping off the hard stone floor Nymeria took up her place beside her. Naked she was, her lush olive skinned dried, Roberts seed wiped from her womanhood, a whip curled up in her right hand, a cocky grin upon her lips.

“Your uncle killed my daughter, he cut her unborn baby from her womb. It would seem only fitting that we killed you, the last heir of your house”  

In a panic Robert suddenly dashed from the hot waters, Ellaria watched with a hate filled expression as Nymeria swung her whip above her head and cracked it across his chest cutting a large gash deep into his muscle. As blood seeped from the wound Robert eyed Ellaria and in a blind panic flung himself toward her, his hands aimed at her neck. But before he could reach her Nymeria once again cracked her whip, this time sending its tight leathery bonds wrapping around his neck. Sipping her wine once more Ellaria watched as Nymeria dragged him by the neck from the bath waters and lay him out upon the stone floor of the bath house. As he choked and struggled Nymeria tightened her whips grip until his legs stopped splashing and his arms stopped flailing. As the last chokes of life left his lungs Nymeria placed her foot over his neck and blew the young lord Robert Swann a kiss.  

“Thank you for the fuck my lord, I’ll never forget it” Nymeria said as she gazed down into his dying eyes, her whip choking the last morsel of life from his lips.  

“Did you really have to fuck him?” Ellaria snapped at the Sand Snake. 

“He had a good cock, it seemed like such a shame to let it go to waste before we killed him” 

“He may have put a bastard in you….you stupid whore” Ellaria snapped once more. Nymeria grinned.

“We are all bastards here, besides what’s one more in my belly matter to you?”

“It matters more then you may think” Ellaria said as she rose from the steamy waters, the glass of Dornish still in her hand, water droplets dripping from her tits and running down her flattened stomach. “We are at war, the rest of the Seven Kingdoms have united against us, Dorne stands alone with only Daenerys Targaryen as our soul ally and all the while that murdering bitch Margaery Tyrell and that fucking whore Sansa Stark both sit the iron throne. They are in power for now but not for long, a change is coming, a shift in the power of theses Kingdoms, the Tyrells and Starks are in debt to the iron bank so much so it will cripple them. When that time comes the Viper much stand ready to strike at a moments notice, something she cannot do if she is on her back birthing more bastards into the world” Nymeria gulped as her cocky exterior melted away. A tear come to Elleria’s eye.

“Mumma please” Ellaria said. 

“They killed her, they killed your sister, they killed my little girl” Elleria muttered breaking down into tears. She watched as Nymeria dropped her whip and climbed to the bath to console her. Placing her arms around her Elleria held her close.

“Queen Margaery will suffer for what she did to Tyene, Obara and I will avenge our sister, it is all that drives us” Elleria composed herself. 

“I know you will” Ellaria said planting a kiss upon her forehead. 

“And I promise to be more careful” Nymeria added. Ellaria stroked her hair.

“Once the war is won Nym you may have has many bastards as you like… as will as I, when I am Queen” Nymeria raised her brow in confusion. 

“Daenerys is Queen is she not?” Ellaria looked deep into eyes for a moment. 

“Summon your sister….. and get a guard to come drag this dead lord from our bath waters” 



After the guards had removed Robert Swann’s body from the bath house Ellaria awaited Nymeria and Obara returns.

“You two better make this quick, I was face deep in lady Swann’s cunt just a moment ago” Obara impatiently boasted. 

“And you still think she will want your face in her cunt after she watches the body of her beloved cousin dragged before her?” Nymeria replied. 

“I have no doubt my tongue will make up for it” Obara fired back. 

“Enough! the pair of you, get inside. We have things we must discuss” On her orders Obara and Nymeria both climbed into the hot bath waters. Across from one another they sat as the hot waters steam rose around them, together they spoke of politics, the war and the future of Dorne.

“We have allied ourselves with Queen Daenerys” Ellaria stated. 

“Back when she had three dragons to burn our enemies with we did, now what does she have?, an army of cockles men” Nymeria argued. 

“You are only angry because they have no cocks to slip inside you” Obara jested. 

“This has nothing to do with that, we joined Daenerys Targaryen because of her three dragons and because Tyene insisted. The Unsullied are impressive but they are just soldiers….as I said they cannot burn our enemies”

“Nym is right, she may no longer have her dragons but we have chosen our ally and so we shall see this war through” 

“Will you just get to the point of us being here” Obara impatiently demanded.    

“Very well” Ellaria said before leaning into them. “I plan to ask Daenerys Targaryen’s hand in marriage”

“Marriage? really? she is already married to Yara Greyjoy is she not?” Nymeria replied.

“The same Yara Greyjoy who was taken captive by Sansa Stark after the eruption of Dragonstone, paraded around King Landing and who hasn't been seen since. The Greyjoy girl is most likely dead by now and Daenerys will have to take another wife” Ellaria said. 

“Why you? why do you get to marry her?” Obara interjected. 

“Because I am the Princess of Dorne, a marriage between myself and the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms would be beneficial to us all” 

“So that is how it is then? you make me give up my position as Princess of Dorne to you just so you can marry the Dragon Queen?” Obara fired back.

“You know the reasons why you handed the princehood to me” Ellaria said unfazed. 

“I wouldn’t have if I knew you where going to marriage her” Obara shot up from the waters, a rage in her eyes, her toned feminine physique tensed as a show of strength. Ellaria, in a cold show of authority slowly rose from the waters and stood before Obara, their eyes locked in a matriarchal stand off. 

“You could not be the Princess of Dorne because the Dornish lords would never have followed you, you do not have the political skills nor the temperament to rule these lands” Ellaria declared. 

“I could have forced the lords to follow me, I could have had them fear me” Obara fired back. 

“Force and fear will work only but for a time, I am not playing at the short term Obara, I am looking beyond this war, beyond the death of Daenerys Targaryen, I am looking to build us a dynasty”

“What Dynasty?” Obara Questioned. 

“The Dragon Queen’s womb is barren, she will never be able to produce an heir. Any man she joins with will never be able to get her with child, but if she married another woman, the Princess of Dorne, through the union of our houses any child I would have with her would be the rightful heir to the throne” Ellaria cupped Obara’s chin. “We have a chance, a glorious opportunity to put a Dornish bastard on the iron throne……….to build a new dynasty, long after houses Targaryen, Tyrell, Stark, Lannister and Baratheon have died out. We, the bastards of Dorne will endure, our blood ruling over these kingdoms for the rest of time” Obara took a deep breath and untensed her physique. Ellaria took her hand.

“That my dear is why I am Princess of Dorne”