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Family Reunions Aren't All That Bad

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Beacon Hills


Stiles was buzzing with excitement, to say the least. He finally had the chance to show off his extremely attractive, and totally not grumpy, werewolf boyfriend. Well, he’d keep the werewolf part out of the introductions. The Stilinski Family Reunion was tomorrow and it was being hosted by Stiles and his father for the first time since Claudia died. When Claudia passed, other family members took the reunions upon themselves to save John the trouble. He had really appreciated it, but now that Stiles was 19, he figured it was his turn to return the favor and host the Stilinskis. John and Stiles had everything planned and thought out. Almost everything.


“Stiles, please don’t forget my rules. I know you don’t like rules, but you have to follow them,” the Sheriff reminded his son. “I know, dad, I know. No magic, no PDA, no pranks, no breathing, no anything.” Stiles spoke, sarcasm lacing his words. John exhaled, rolling his eyes at his son. “Be serious, kid. Well, as serious as you can be. This is big. For both of us. You’re bringing Derek and I’m bringing Melissa. This is a big step, Stiles. I hope you’re ready.” the older Stilinski chastised. Stiles nodded, giving his dad a hug. “I’m gonna go set up. And, before you ask, I will be using magic. And, yes, I will be careful.” the teen said, breaking his embrace. Before the sheriff had time to respond, Stiles opened a portal and disappeared through it.


John sighed and shook his head, realizing he was alone in his kitchen.


The brown haired boy stumbled out of his portal, tripped over himself, and began falling when a pair of strong arms caught him. He opened his eyes and was met with the face of his boyfriend. “Thanks, sourwolf,” he said, standing up and kissing Derek on the cheek. “You’ve been making portals for how long? Two years? And you still trip on your way out?” Derek chuckled, wrapping an arm around Stiles’ waist. The brunette just rolled his eyes but reciprocated the gesture. “My dad is freaking out about tomorrow. He thinks I’m gonna use my powers, that you’re gonna wolf out, and it’ll all go to hell. So, you’ve been warned not to lose it or my dad will kill you.” Stiles said, resting his face on Derek’s chest.


Derek nodded, nudging his boyfriend to look up. “If I accidentally shift, I think our decorating will make up for it,” he said, Stiles remembering where they were. They both took in the beautiful sight before them; a large forest clearing with picnic tables and umbrellas surrounding a place for dancing with a DJ booth at the end. Fairy lights hung from the branches and around the umbrellas creating a fairy tale feel. “This is literally perfect, Derek! Thank you!” Stiles squealed, peppering kisses all over the Alpha's face. Derek smiled at the boy in his arms, proud of his decorating, even though Erica and Lydia picked everything out and he just set it up. Stiles didn’t need to know that though.


Derek caught Stiles’ lips with his own in a quick kiss before pulling back to whisper something to him, “You can make it up to me later. Right now, we have more tables to set up and a caterer to call.” Stiles nodded, waving his hands and opening a portal to the rebuilt Hale House. He stepped through, not tripping on his way out this time. He did a little victory fist bump before tripping over a stick. He groaned and started mumbling to himself about his feet hating him. He found the other tables and magicked them through the portal he left open. When he pushed all the tables through, he closed the portal and approached the monstrous house behind him. He walked in the back door and sensed another presence in the house. He assumed it was the pack and his guess was proven correct when he walked into the living room. Lydia, Allison, Erica, Kira, and Isaac were on the floor painting each other’s nails, Jackson, Cora, Boyd, and Malia were playing video games, and Scott was sitting by himself. He’s been bitter ever since they decided that Derek would function as alpha instead of him.


Stiles was leaning against the door frame when Isaac noticed him. “Hey, mom,” Isaac whispered knowing everyone would hear him. The pack all looked and nodded at Stiles, acknowledging his entrance and went back to what they were doing. “Ugh, what did I tell you about the ‘mom jokes’?” Stiles huffed, sitting on the floor next to Isaac who just laughed and continued painting Kira’s nails. They sat in a comfortable silence before Stiles spoke. “Thanks, to whoever helped Derek decorate. I know he didn’t do that on his own,” he laughed. Lydia and Erica winked at him and went back to painting nails. Stiles hung out with them for a while, Allison painting his nails and beating Cora in Call Of Duty.


He pulled out his phone and realized what time it was. “Shit, I was supposed to call the caterer, like, an hour ago. I’ll be back, guys,” Stiles said, making to leave the room until he ran face first into someone’s chest. “Hey, babe,” the Warlock addressed, recognizing the person he ran into as Derek. He stepped back, pecked Derek on the lips before excusing himself from the room. The usually brooding werewolf smirked before sitting in an armchair. His smirk only grew when his boyfriend walked back into the room in a huff, and sat on the floor in front of him. “Let me guess, Derek knew Stiles would forget, so he went ahead and did it just to rub it in Stiles’ face?” Scott snapped, eyeing Derek angrily. Everyone knew that was exactly what happened, so they laughed and ignored Scott’s bitter tone.


Scott huffed and left the room silently, everyone engrossed in conversation. The rest of the pack began talking about Stiles’ family and the anticipated arrival of the various Stilinskis. Stiles was particularly excited about seeing his cousin for the first time in years. He hadn’t seen Simon since his mother’s funeral and it was really bumming him out. Simon’s mother, Elaine, was Claudia’s sister who moved to New York after her death. Elaine moving meant Simon moving too, so Stiles was a little too excited to see him again. “Well, Stiles, are you excited for tomorrow?” Isaac asked, getting up off the floor and moving to sit with Jackson. The group paused their video game and finished each other’s nails, so they could have an actual conversation with their pack mother and alpha. “No duh, I’m excited! I get to see my family, I get to see Simon, I get to introduce Sourwolf to everybody! It’s gonna be awesome!” Stiles started, his eyes glowing a purplish-red color from magic overflow. Everyone just stared at him until he realized what happened.


“Hah, um, sorry about that. Sometimes they do that when I get too excited. I hope I have it under control by tomorrow. I really don’t need to do that in front of children,” the brunette explained, awkwardly rubbing the back of his neck. Derek placed his hands on Stiles' shoulders, rubbing his thumbs along the base of his boyfriend’s neck. “Stiles, it’ll be fine, calm down. Everything is already taken care of, so all you need to worry about is showing up on time. You can do that, right?” Derek said, Stiles reaching up to play with his fingers. “I guess. What time does it start again?” he teased, smiling a little. Derek rolled his eyes, but laughed anyway. Stiles stood up and sat on Derek’s lap, resembling the other couples in the room.


Isaac was in-between Jackson’s legs, showing off his nails and Jackson playing with his hair. Allison’s head was in Kira’s lap, whispering sweet nothings to each other. Lydia and Malia were cuddling on the couch, both pretty much asleep and Erica and Boyd doing the same on the floor. Cora went back to playing video games, muting the volume as to not disturb the couples-fest of a living room. Stiles planted a firm kiss on Derek’s lips before getting up and going to the kitchen. He looked through cabinets and the fridge and finally decided to make cookies. He knew the recipe by heart, having to make dozens of them for growing werewolves, hunters, a kitsune, were-coyote, warlock and the entire Sheriff’s department on a regular basis.

He made the batter in a matter of seconds, with magical help, put them in the oven, set a timer, and was leaving the kitchen when his vision went black.


Two people surrounded by black smoke. A body falls in front of me. It’s Scott. I don’t have the energy to scream. I slump to my knees. Sobbing. Growling. Gunshots. The person coming out of the mist is someone I swear I’ve seen before but can’t recognize. Tall, blond, eyes of two different colors and body of unknown symbols.


Stiles startled out of his trance when he recognized the timer going off. He stood up from where he fell against the doorframe and pulled the cookies out of the oven. He set them on the stove to cool as the hoard of tired teenagers filed into the room. He magicked the cookies cool enough to eat as everyone started reaching for them. He grabbed a pen and a notepad from one of the drawers and leaned against the counter. He started sketching the symbols he saw on the person’s body, he began writing down potential explanations, and one thing he couldn’t get over was Scott. What did he have to do with it? His thoughts were interrupted by Derek who had tapped the side of the notepad. “What do you have there?” he whispered, even though most of the room could hear him anyway.

“I have a lead for a potential case.”


New York


Simon was sitting on his bed with Raphael, jumping with anticipation. “Simon, are you paying attention?” Raphael snapped, scaring the daylighter out of his trance. “Yeah, sorry, I’m just thinking,” he said, shaking his head a little. Raphael sighed, reminding Simon of the importance that this had in his vampiric abilities, “If you want to go tomorrow, you need to learn how to not ‘fang out’, as you put it, and actually listen to me.” Simon just nodded, “I already know how to do this stuff. Avoid other vampires, eat real food to keep me full, don’t get too upset if someone says something about Jace, I get it. I’ll be fine, Raph. Don’t you have a date with Meliorn now, anyway?”


“First, don’t call me that. Second, my date isn’t for a few hours. Third, if you show your fangs, it’s your mess to fix.” the elder of the two said, rising from Simon’s bed. He shrugged on his dark green blazer, a gift from Meliorn probably, and collected his belongings before leaving the boat house. Simon sighed and looked for something to do, his boredom getting the better of him. He found his phone under his bed and decided to call his boyfriend. He listened to the ringing as he just rolled around his bed. When the line picked up, he smiled at the sounds on the other end of the phone. Jace was heavily breathing and Alec was yelling in the background. “Hey, babe, what ya’ doing?” the brunette asked, having no idea as to where Jace was. “Nothing much, just killing some demons. You?” he grunted, a creature before him dissolving with a swipe from his blade. “Oh, if you’re on a mission, I can call you later,” Simon started, wondering how he always managed to call during missions. “No, it’s fine, I’m about done. So, how are you?” Jace insisted, hissing when something cut his leg. “I think the better question is ‘Are you okay?’ because that sounds like it hurt. So, are you okay?” Simon retorted, worried at his boyfriend’s casual tone.


“Just fine, babe. By the way, Magnus said he could portal us to California instead of us taking a plane. That okay?” Jace spoke, a loud thud heard over the phone scaring Simon. “Are you sure you’re fine?” the brunette reiterated. “Just peachy.” Jace insisted, assuring Simon that something was definitely wrong. “Come by when you’re finished with your mission, okay?” the vampire suggested. “Okay,” Jace whined, knowing Simon would blow it out of proportion. “See you soon.” he finished. “Yeah, see you soon,” Simon replied, hanging up on the blond. Simon groaned, knowing that he was probably gonna have to stitch up his stupid boyfriend.


When Jace limped into the boathouse to meet him, he was bombarded with the tightest hug he’d ever received. Simon was quite literally crushing him and it began to cause physical pain. “Babe, I love you, but it’s hard to breathe.” the blond choked out, patting Simon on the back. The vampire released his death grip and instead focused on the blood and dirt covering  Jace’s body. “What the hell happened?” Simon gasped as he stared at his boyfriend. “Just a few demons, nothing much.” Jace shrugged, trying to brush off the pain in his leg. “Nothing much? Babe, you’re covered in mud and your leg is bleeding! Sit down so I can fix it before you bleed to death,” Simon started, frantically rushing to find a first aid kit to minimize his urge to lick Jace’s leg.


Jace walked over to the bed, dragging his left leg behind him. He sat down with a sigh of content as the pressure was off his leg. He laid down and was about to fall asleep when Simon started cutting his pants off. His eyes opened and he shot up, not aware of Simon’s willingness to operate on him. “Relax, I’m gonna stitch you up so you can, I don’t know, stop bleeding.” Simon proposed, tearing his left pant leg off. “I liked these jeans,” the shadowhunter mumbled, taking off his leather jacket. Simon opened the first aid kit and dumped a, probably more than necessary, amount of antiseptic on his upper thigh. He winced as he watched the cut fizzle but ultimately stop bleeding. “That was a little more than I expected. Sorry,” the vampire began, but he was cut off by a kiss. “Just shut up and fix my leg, Dr. Vice President.” Jace snarked, ready to get this over with.


Simon pulled a needle and thread out of the box next to him, and Jace swallowed the lump in his throat. “Just close your eyes, Jace,” the brunette whispered not wanting to scare him anymore. Jace has a fear of needles, caused by his “father” Valentine. Simon threaded the needle and began stitching with as much precision and grace as he could with one hand, as the other was holding Jace’s own hand to prevent him from shaking. He pulled the needle through and through, looking up occasionally to check on his boyfriend; His mismatched eyes were squeezed shut, suppressing horrifying memories, and his free hand was clutching the sheets next to him. Simon was assuring him that it was almost over as he pulled the last knot through.


His hand finished sewing and he cut the thread, quickly grabbing his boyfriend’s other hand. Jace opened his eyes and tears threatened to spill over but he withheld them, not about to cry in front of my boyfriend , he thought. Not in front of anyone. Simon kissed his hand and Jace’s sensitive eyes became hard and steely once again. He stood up abruptly, nudging the vampire with enough force to fall on his ass, and he sniffled once before moving to get a shower. “Um, what do you think you’re doing?” Simon asked, scrambling up from the floor. “To get a shower?” Jace said, hoping his boyfriend wouldn’t notice the confused tone in his voice.


The daylighter knew something was wrong with the blond shadowhunter as he had been acting strangely for the last few days. Jace slid off what was left of his pants and began walking to the bathroom. Simon reached out and grabbed his shoulder and turned him around. Jace had tears streaming down his cheeks and eyes clenched as tight as his fists. “Babe, what’s up with you? It has to be more than the stitches because you’ve been acting weird ever since last week. Is it me? If I do something wrong or cross your boundaries you shou--”


“It’s not you.” Jace breathed, his voice threatening to break. “If it’s not me, then who is it?” Simon fretted, ready to kill whoever hurt his boyfriend. Jace’s answer was an action, not words. He took off his shirt and turned his back to Simon. The vampire gasped at what he saw. A series of scars in between his shoulder blades and most of them looked recent. “Who did this?” the daylighter gritted his teeth. “M-Maryse,” Jace stuttered, putting his shirt back on. “Why?” Simon demanded, his hands finding his boyfriend’s.


“Because I-I’m not good e-enough,” the shadowhunter started, “They cut my back when I d-disappoint them. One slash for e-every wrong move. It started after they took me i-in. I was n-never their child, so they could do w-whatever they wanted to me and no o-one would care. Izzy and A-Alec still don’t know…” Jace mumbled, sitting on the edge of Simon’s bed, tears uncontrollably rolling down his face. Simon squeezed the blonde's hands, trying to figure out a way to comfort him without hurting him. The vampire let their hands go and nudged his shoulders. Jace looked up at him and caught what he was gonna do, sliding back on the bed until his legs were still hanging off the edge.


Simon straddled his boyfriend’s legs, his own feet hanging off the edge of the bed. He pulled Jace’s head to his chest and wrapped his arms around his neck. Jace sobbed into his chest and hugged his waist tighter with each sniffle. The vampire just held him and refused to let go as he cried out his emotions. The shadowhunter clutched onto him and cried all his pain into his boyfriend’s t-shirt. Simon was frowning at how someone could do that to a child, their child. He thought about his mother and how she would never, could never, do something like that. It made him realize that they were supposed to leave for California tomorrow morning.


“Hey, baby, I know you’re not feeling the best right now, so if we stay here this weekend, it’s fine. Because I’d rather have you happy and healthy then drag you out to the other side of the country.” Simon sweetly mumbled, trying to calm his boyfriend down. “No, no, I won’t let you do that. You’ve been waiting to see your cousin for how many years? I won’t ruin that chance. I’ll go if you go. I may be upset, but I’ll be fine. Consider this a vacation from the bullshit, okay?” Jace spoke, certain that he was gonna do this. Simon nodded and kissed the top of his head. “To Beacon Hills it is.” the vampire assured him, ‘bullshit-free’ was heavily implied.


Neither party knew what the other had in store for them when they converge the next afternoon.