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You Will Never Claim my Heart

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Dean paced angrily in the small room he found himself confined in. He still couldn’t believe his parents were selling him out like this. He thought they were more progressive and would have pushed back on putting Dean on the omega registry when he turned eighteen, regardless of the law.

Dean’s birthday had been three months ago, and now here he was, all trussed up for his claiming ceremony. As he continued to pace, he could feel the damned plug in his ass with each step. His face burned with anger and embarrassment as he remembered about how it got there. Even worse that it was his dad who gave him a very thorough cleansing while his littler brother Sam held him down. Dean desperately wanted to remove the offending plug, but there was no way he could remove it, with the way his hands were secured behind his back with leather cuffs. Cuffs that were standard issue for any omega in public over the age of eighteen. The final kicker was the gag shaped like a horse’s bit in his mouth.

This was wrong on so many levels, and Dean couldn’t understand how his family was suddenly complying with it all. After hearing John and Mary rail against the abuse of omegas, seeing them march in omega freedom rallies, and assuring him for years that they would never let that happen to him.  

Then something shifted just before Dean’s birthday. Suddenly, his dad stopped preaching about omega rights. Instead he praised the virtues of a good and obedient omega. The first time John had come to Dean and handed him the official Omega Handbook and told him to learn it, to learn how to be a good omega, it was like Dean had been punched in the gut.

Then the night after his eighteenth birthday party, without being told and certainly without his consent, John had placed Dean on the omega registry. Dean wasn’t told until his parents had found him a “suitable mate.” Some alpha from the rich and powerful Novak family, no less.

“C’mon Dean,” his Dad had urged. “At least look at his profile. You might actually like him. Give him a chance, okay?”

That night was the first time Dean ran away. He made it as far as the bus stop before they’d caught up with him and dragged him back home. The second time he’d been picked up by the sheriff in the next town. The most recent attempt had been just two days ago, and he nearly made it across the state line.

Which was why he was restrained on his Claiming Day. Stark naked and ready to be offered to this Novak like a Christmas turkey on a platter.

Dean stopped pacing when he heard footsteps approaching. He turned to face the door, determined to put up as much of a fight as possible.

The door opened and in came John and Sam. “It’s time, son,” John said. “Let’s get you to the altar.”

Dean snarled through the bit gag, shaking his head and backing away from them.

John sighed. “Sam, help me with him.”

Sam looked at Dean with some pity, but did as his father ordered, grabbing Dean by one arm, while John took the other. They dragged him out of the room and into the ceremonial chamber where Dean was to be claimed by the alpha. An alpha he had no say in choosing whatsoever.

Clearly Dean wasn’t the first omega to protest their claiming. Dean noted the thick leather restraints on the ceremonial claiming altar he was being dragged towards. Dean snarled, kicked and screamed as best he could under the circumstances. They may be able to force this on him, but he wasn’t going to go easily or willingly.

It was a struggle, but John finally managed to get Dean kneeling on the alter while Sam strapped in his legs. Next his torso was strapped in before they uncuffed his wrists so that his arms, wrists and neck could also be strapped down. The altar was shaped in such a way that whomever was strapped onto it was kneeling in the proper presentation form for being sexually mounted. Dean’s ass was up in the air, his legs spread, while his head and shoulders were down, as if in supplication.

Dean continued to struggle and snarl for a few more minutes until he finally became tired and calmed down. He’d made his point, at the very least, that he was not consenting to this. Not one bit.

“I’ll go get the others,” Dean heard John say. “Watch him.”

Dean could hear his Dad leave the room and Sam shifting nervously next to him. “Dean, man. I’m so sorry. I gotta do what dad says. You know that, right? I’m sorry they’re forcing you to do this.”

Dean let out a grunt of agreement, although sorry didn’t even begin to cover what Dean was feeling.

Moments later Dean heard more footsteps. He knew everyone that was scheduled to attend his…claiming. John, Mary and Sam, naturally, along with the parents of the alpha who was claiming him, any close siblings and the priest, and of course the alpha himself. A man Dean had never even met and had refused to get to know through some damned online profile. He didn’t even care to know the man’s name, and just thought of him as “the alpha.” That’s all this person would ever be to him. Not mate. Not lover. Certainly not human, in Dean’s mind. Simply a monster intent on raping him and knocking him up.

Once everyone was gathered, Dean put up one final struggle, grunting and screaming his dissent as best as he could.

“It looks like Castiel will have his hands full with this one,” someone observed.

“I’m sure he can handle a feisty omega, he is a Novak alpha after all,” someone else said. “Once the omega has been claimed, he’s sure to calm down.”

Someone, probably the priest, cleared their throat. “Let’s begin.”

Dean heard feet shuffling as everyone took their places within the ceremonial chamber.

“We are gathered here today, to join two bodies and two hearts,” the priest began. “As it has always been and how it shall always be, an alpha shall claim his omega in the sight of God and before these witnesses. Will the fathers please step forth?”

Dean saw his father’s shoes as he stepped forward in front of Dean. “Take these instruments and in the sight of God prepare the young omega for his steps towards being claimed.”

John then moved around behind Dean. “My son, Dean Winchester, I provide you with this final round of discipline as you leave my house and family and join another. May this be a reminder to you to be a good and obedient omega to your new family.”

Wait, what the hell was going on? No one had told Dean anything about…discipline. Not that he’d been listening all that closely regarding the details of his claiming.

Fuck! The moment the…instrument…whatever it was…landed on Dean’s bare ass, he screamed. John was smacking him full force. Dean tried to count them.

One. Fuck. Two. Shit. Three…at ten John finally stopped and Dean’s throat felt raw from screaming.

“My new son, Dean Winchester, soon to be Novak, I welcome you into my family and my home. This will be your first round of discipline from me. If you are a good and obedient omega, may also be the last.”

Holy fuck it was going to happen again. Sure enough, Dean’s almost-father-in-law wacked him just as hard and efficiently as his Dad had. Ten strokes exactly and then it was over. Dean hoped. His ass and throat couldn’t take much more. His face was wet with tears that had streamed unbidden down his face.

“Now that the omega has been properly disciplined and reminded of his place, will the alpha step forward to make his claim?” the Priest asked.

New footsteps came behind Dean and he could smell the scent of alpha arousal. Dean’s own cock twitched at the scent and Dean cursed his own biology for responding.

“I, Castiel Novak, claim Dean Winchester, as my omega. I promise to care for him and guide him. I promise to teach him to be a good and obedient omega. I will spoil him when he is good and discipline him when he is bad. I will make sure he always knows his place.”

The deep gravel of the alpha’s voice made Dean’s traitorous cock twitch again. The scent of alpha arousal increased as he heard the rustle of clothing behind him. Then Dean felt a warm hand at his hip as the plug was being removed, the feeling of slick and lube leaking out of his hold causing him a wave of embarrassment.

This was happening. This was really happening and there wasn’t a damned thing he could do about it. He let out a whimper of fear when he felt a second hand on his other hip and the hot, blunt head of a cock poised at his virgin hole. “Hush, Omega. Relax and let me in,” came that deep, gravelly voice again.

Even now Dean couldn’t help silently pleading. No, no, no, please God no!

Then the cock breached and slid into him. A long, slow, continuous slide. The stretch and burn around the large member was worse than it had been for the plug and Dean was screaming anew. Then the alpha set a rapid pace, thrusting in and out of Dean hard and fast.

Despite being stretched from the plug and all the lubrication, Dean was woefully unprepared for how large this alpha was. It seemed to take forever for the searing burn to mellow into a mere ache with every thrust from this overly eager alpha. As the intense pain slowly receded, Dean’s screams turned to sobs. The betrayal of his parents to allow some stranger to literally rape him broke Dean’s heart.

The claiming seemed to keep going on forever when finally Dean felt the alpha grip his hips tighter, just before he slammed his knot into Dean, causing yet more screams. Just as the knot tied them together, Dean felt the alpha lean over him and whisper into his ear. “You’re mine now, pretty one.”

The next thing Dean knew was a sharp pain in his neck as the alpha bit down into the bonding gland. The alpha held firm as he rutted his knot a few more times before his cock began to flood Dean with his seed. Dean could already feel the bond forming between himself and the alpha and he fought against it. He refused to let his biology force him into compliance.

The bond formed, but only partially. Dean could feel that it wasn’t complete and a part of him rejoiced. Yes, the alpha may have claimed Dean’s body, but he had not claimed his heart. Nor would he ever, if Dean had anything to say about it.

The alpha leisurely licked at the bonding mark as he remained tied to Dean. It would take at least twenty minutes before they would be able to separate. “Someone come and wipe his face, he’s a mess.”

Dean’s mother appeared, her own face tear-streaked, and she took a tissue and began to wipe away Dean’s tears, snot and drool from his face. “You did very well. I’m proud of you.”

Dean huffed indignantly.

“Can we take the bit off now? Surely it’s served its purpose?” Mary asked.

“Yes, and give him a sip of water,” the Priest acknowledged.

The alpha helped Mary remove the bit and Dean flexed his jaw, trying to work the stiffness out of it. “Thanks,” Dean said, speaking to his mother, his voice rough from screaming.

Mary then held a bottle of water with a straw up to Dean’s mouth and he drank from it gratefully.

Dean felt another pulse of semen spill into him and the alpha moaned softly as he continued to lick at the mark he had made. “You’re everything I ever wanted in a mate, Dean. I’ll spoil you rotten if you let me,” the alpha whispered into his hear.

“I didn’t want this,” Dean growled, loud enough for everyone to hear. He heard shocked gasps coming from around the room. “I never wanted this. I hope you’re all proud of yourselves, forcing me to be bound and raped. I hope you enjoyed the show.”

“Gag him again,” came an order from behind Dean. His father-in-law did not sound pleased. “Castiel, I expect you to correct his attitude, and swiftly, after we get home.”

“Yes, father,” the alpha agreed. “It seems like this will require quite a bit of training. Oh Dean, I really wanted to spoil you but I guess I need to teach you how to be a good omega first. Not surprising really, considering your parents are both betas.”

Dean was about to respond to that when the bit was shoved unceremoniously back into his mouth. Dean growled but resigned himself to his fate, not protesting further. He was exhausted and eager for the alpha to finally untie from him so he could, hopefully stand again.

Dean sighed with relief when he felt the knot finally deflate and the alpha finally slid out of him. Before stepping back, he pushed the plug back into Dean. “We can’t let all that seed go to waste,” he tutted as Dean groaned in protest.

Then Dean was being unbuckled from the altar and guided up. Before he could even get his bearings, Dean was led to stand in front of the alpha. “Omega, kneel before your alpha,” the priest directed.

Dean wanted to protest but the look of warning in the alphas eyes made him think better of it. He clumsily sank to his knees and looked up at the man who had just claimed him.

The priest approached with a collar in his hands, handing it to the alpha. “Place the collar upon him.”

The alpha bent down and secured the collar, a thin circlet of black metal. Dean heard it snap shut as it was secured. Dean knew these were meant to be permanent collars and that they contained tracking devices as well. He was now well and truly owned.

“I now pronounce that you alpha Castiel Novak, have mated and claimed the omega, Dean Novak, formerly Winchester” the priest announced. “May he give you many healthy pups.”

Before he knew it, a leash was being attached to his collar and the alpha was trying to guide Dean to stand. “Come now, it’s time to take you home.”

“Don’t we get to say goodbye?” Sam asked as he stood by his parents, even as the rest of the Novaks began to leave.

“Didn’t you get to do that last night? I really need to get this pretty one home and start his training,” the alpha said firmly. “He’s in dire need of it. You folks must have spoiled him far too much for his own good.”

Dean was surprised to see a flash of anger cross his father’s face before he schooled his features. “Yes, of course. Please, take care of him?”

“Of course, that’s my duty as his alpha, is it not? Now, come along pretty one.”

Dean was led outside, still naked and restrained. The alpha led him to a limousine, where the other Novaks were already waiting. Castiel took his seat and as Dean climbed in he saw there were no other seats. “Kneel next to me.”

Not having much of a choice, Dean did as instructed, kneeling next to his mate. “There, see? You can be a good omega.” Then the leash was being pulled and he was forced to lay his head in the alpha’s lap. “Much better.”

As the alpha began to run his fingers through Dean’s hair, Dean allowed himself to cry silently, weeping for everything in his life that he had lost that day.

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When the limousine finally stopped, the alpha kept Dean in place until the rest of his family was out of the car. Then Castiel stood, getting out first and tugging Dean on the leash behind him.

Once out, Dean noticed that only his new father-in-law remained outside with them.

“I’ll probably be in the training rooms with my new mate for at least a week, maybe more,” Castiel told his father. “It’s clear he was never given proper training by his family.”

“Do you want me to bring in a professional trainer for you, son?” the elder Novak asked.

“I think I can handle one pretty omega, father,” Castiel reassured him. “I’ll have him eating out of the palm of my hand before you know it.”

“I should hope so. Don’t make me regret this mating.”


After being led through the Novak Estate, Dean found himself in what could only be described as a torture dungeon. The walls and floor were black with red accents. There were many odd pieces of furniture and the walls were lined with implements of pain.

“You and I are going to spend a lot of time down here,” the alpha said as he led Dean towards a padded bench. As soon as he saw it had restraints he panicked and refused to be led further. “No, I’m not putting you on the bench. Not yet, anyway. Come.”

Dean took a deep breath, trying to calm himself as he started to follow the alpha again. He was led to an empty space in one corner of the room. The alpha rounded him and unhooked his cuffs from each other, and swiftly grabbed one of Dean’s arms. Before he comprehended what was happening, Dean found his right hand clipped to a chain above his head. The panic set in again and he swung wildly with his now free left hand, attempting to either punch or kick the alpha away from him.

“You are just earning yourself more punishment, pretty one,” the alpha said as he sidestepped the kick and swiftly secured Dean’s left arm. Dean continued to kick, but he was quickly  put off balance as the alpha pressed a button, which began to raise the chains, pulling Dean up to his toes. It was all he could do to balance on them without putting too much strain on his arms and shoulders.

“That’s better,” the alpha said. “We have a lot to go over and I will admit I’m a bit annoyed that it’s come to this. So, I will tell you now, I won’t go easy on you. My family is very traditional when it comes to the roles of our omegas. My father originally counseled me against my choice but I just had to have you. You are the prettiest omega I’ve ever seen. Since your parents didn’t see fit to train you, it’s up to me now.”

Dean glared at him, wishing he could spit in the alpha’s face, but he was still gagged. So instead he grunted his dissent while trying to kick out again, which caused him to lose his balance, pulling hard on his arms and shoulders. Dean roared in frustration behind the gag.

“This brings us to the rules, pretty one,” the alpha continued, ignoring Dean’s struggles. “I’ll give you just a few we’ll work on first, but over time there will be many rules you will need to learn in order to be an exemplary Novak omega.”

The alpha walked over to one of the walls of implements and surveyed them for a moment, before selecting a slender looking cane. He came back and stood right in front of Dean just admiring the naked omega before him for a moment. “Dean, I’d much rather have you in my bed right now. I’d rather be celebrating our mating with cake, champagne and love making. Instead we’re here and I’m most displeased by this. So, before we go over the rules, you will take the first punishment you’ve earned today. You will get twenty-five strikes from this cane for what you said after our mating. Such outbursts will not be tolerated in the future.”

Dean just growled at the alpha as he came around behind Dean. There wasn’t much Dean could do based on his current position, so he just waited. When the first strike hit, a stripe of sharp pain blossomed across his ass. Before he even had a chance to really register the pain and cry out, the next one landed, then the next. The alpha was merciless as he laid stripe after stripe over his ass and legs while Dean screamed himself hoarse.

Once the punishment was over, the alpha merely returned the cane to its place on the wall before picking up a broad leather strap.

“You’ve been punished for your earlier infraction and you are forgiven,” the alpha said. “Now let’s move on to teaching you the rules, shall we?”

Dean tried to growl again, but his vocal chords were so strained from all the screaming he’d done that day, all he could manage was a weak hiss.

“Rule number one, omegas should be seen, not heard. You are not to speak or make other sounds unless asked a direct question or given a direct order. Simply nod your head to acknowledge your compliance.”

Dean glared at the alpha and defiantly shook his head no, while trying to growl again.

The alpha sighed and gave Dean five lashes with the strap over his already bruised and battered backside. The wave of pain was so intense, Dean thought he was going to vomit.

“Rule number one, omegas should be seen, not heard. You are not to speak or make other sounds unless asked a direct question or given a direct order,” the alpha repeated.

Dean snorted. The alpha could kiss Dean’s ass if he expected him to be silent.

The alpha tsked at Dean before giving Dean five more lashes.

This time Dean did vomit, but because of the gag, most of it stayed in his mouth, and dribbled a little out around the gag. This caused a chain reaction making him gag and vomit repeatedly, all while trying to remain balanced on his toes.

The alpha seemed to finally take pity on him them and he lowered the chains. Dean’s legs could no longer hold his weight and collapsed under him, so the alpha lowered him all the way down before coming over and removing the gag. Dean then proceeded to empty the meager contents of his stomach all over the floor.

“Alright, clearly you’ve had enough for now, let’s get you cleaned up.”

The alpha unchained Dean and lifted him over his shoulder and carried him into an adjoining bathroom, placing him gingerly next to the shower. Dean felt light headed and weak. He wanted to continue to fight, but right now he couldn’t. Instead he decided to bide his time until an opportunity arose to escape.

When Dean had escaped before, his plan was to head north into Canada. They had passed omega equality laws several years before and he hoped he could plead for amnesty and escape his fate if he could make it across the border.

The alpha had turned on the shower and stripped himself. He then helped Dean up and into the shower, leaning the weakened omega against him.

“Oh, my pretty one, I wish you wouldn’t be so defiant,” the alpha sighed as he began to gently wash Dean. Then under his breath Dean heard him say “I wish I didn’t have to be so harsh, but father…”

That was the first sign Dean had that the alpha may be under duress to be so abusive. He didn’t know what do with that information yet, but he was determined to find a way to use it to his advantage.

Once clean, Castiel dried them both carefully and dressed himself before clipping Dean’s cuffs together behind his back again and leading him back out into the training room. Dean saw himself being lead towards some piece of furniture and tried to weakly protest.

“Calm down, pretty one, I just need to bend you over and inspect your injuries and apply some salve to them. I want you to heal without any scars.”

Dean relaxed and decided not to fight it when he was gently pushed over the padded surface. Then he felt as the alpha began to carefully apply the promised salve over all the marks. He hissed in pain every time one was touched, but the salve slowly soothed away the worst of the ache.

“Come, we need to get some food and sleep. I will ask the kitchen to bring dinner to my suite tonight. You’re not ready to have dinner with the family just yet.”

Dean was starving and he knew he needed to keep his strength up in order to eventually be able to make a run for it, so he nodded and let himself be led through the house and into a large suite of rooms that apparently belonged to the alpha. “I’ll give you the full tour of our rooms tomorrow. For now, lie on the bed and rest until dinner arrives.”

Dean made his way over to the bed and tried to lie down without aggravating his sore ass, but with his hands secured behind him it was impossible.

“Oh, I’m sorry, let me help,” said the alpha as he came over and helped lift Dean onto the bed and get comfortable. “I want to uncuff you, but I don’t think Father would approve.”

Again, Dean began to wonder what was really going on in this household. Clearly his father-in-law led the family, but to have a say in each of his adult children’s day-to-day lives seemed a bit excessive.

The alpha then called the kitchen and ordered dinner and before he crawled into bed behind Dean. Dean stiffened at the touch as the alpha snuggled in behind him and draped an arm over his waist, but he was too weak to push the alpha away.

When dinner arrived, several servants set it up in what appeared to be a private dining room that was adjacent to the bedroom. The alpha helped Dean out of bed and led him over to the table. It had only one chair, and next to it a pillow on the ground.

“Kneel on the pillow, pretty one,” the alpha instructed as he sat down.

Dean shook his head. “No.”

The alpha slumped in disappointment. “Fine, then stand there. But you will not eat until you kneel.”

Dean’s stomach grumbled and the smell of the food made his mouth water, but he was determined. So, he stood there watching the alpha eat his meal. When he was done he stood with a glass of water. “I can’t let you dehydrate yourself, so at least drink some water for me.”

Dean was parched so he allowed it, thankful he wasn’t being forced to kneel to be allowed to drink the water. Afterwards he was led to the bathroom and allowed to complete his evening ablutions before going to bed. It was still early but he was exhausted. He welcomed the chance to get some sleep.


The next day after breakfast, Dean was lead back down to the training room and the alpha tried to teach him the proper way to walk, sit, kneel and present. Dean fought against every command, every posture and was punished for his defiance. The alpha tried many different forms of punishment but none could dim the defiance in Dean’s eyes.

Due to his continued defiance, Dean’s genitals were placed into a humbler, forcing him to crawl and kneel everywhere. Instead of whatever food the alpha was served, Dean was force fed a special nutrient mush specially made for omegas.  

After two weeks spending every day in the training room, Dean once again found himself bound and gagged, awaiting yet another punishment. This time the alpha wasn’t kidding around as he slid a sound into Dean’s cock and attached it to an electrode.

“This is going to hurt,” the alpha said with a grim expression. “I really don’t want to keep punishing you, but you need to learn to be obedient. Please, Dean. I hope this is the last time I have to punish you.”

The alpha had stopped calling him pretty one several days ago. Dean could understand why. He was far from pretty anymore after everything he’d been put through.

Then the alpha turned on the electrode and the voltage was slowly increased. As it hit the sound it traveled down inside Dean’s cock. At first it wasn’t much, just a slight shock. Then the voltage continued increasing and soon it felt like his cock was being burned from the inside out. Dean had been subjected to a lot of pain over the past two weeks and this by far exceeded the worst of all of it.

Dean shrieked in agony, writhing against his bonds.

Then the voltage was increased even further and Dean’s mind and body couldn’t take it anymore and he slipped into unconsciousness.


When Dean woke up he found himself in a room that looked very much like a hospital. As he blinked the crust from his eyes, the first person he saw was the alpha who rushed to his side with a smile and a look of relief.

“Dean! I was so worried,” the alpha began, as Dean flinched and tried to pull away. A sad look flitted across the alpha’s features. “Dean, why must you be so defiant?” the alpha practically whispered running a hand over his face and through his hair in frustration. “I’ve never met an omega as stubborn as you. Why won’t you learn to obey?”

Finding himself without the bit in his mouth for a change, Dean looked sternly at the alpha. “Because it’s wrong to treat another human being like this!”

“What do you mean? You’re an omega.” The alpha looked confused for a moment. “You’re not human. Everyone knows that.”

“What the fuck are you talking about? Of course, I’m human! Just because my biology allows me to mate with an alpha and get pregnant doesn’t make me less human!”

“Is that what your parents taught you?”

“Yeah of course they did. I don’t even know why the hell they signed me up for the omega registry. They always said they wouldn’t, that they’d protect me and fight for my right to be seen as an equal. Then one day, before I turned eighteen, they did a complete one-eighty on me. I still don’t understand what the hell happened!”

The alpha looked down at Dean in shock. This was the most Dean had been able to say since they had met and damn if it didn’t feel good to get that off his chest.

“I was raised to stand up for my rights, and I will never back down. Do you hear me? Never.”

Castiel looked utterly confused and was for once speechless. He stared a Dean for a moment before turning around and leaving. Dean was cuffed to the bed he was in—of course—so he couldn’t follow him.

Dean just lay there, staring at the ceiling and wondered how much longer he could keep fighting. He had to find a way out.

Chapter Text

Dean remained in the hospital-like room for several more days, but the alpha hadn’t come back. Instead, someone dressed like a nurse came in to check on him. She would change his IV and his bed pan and give him a sponge bath every day. Dean flushed with embarrassment every time he needed to use the bed pan but he wasn’t left with any other option. Dean hoped that whatever was in the IV must include nutrients along with fluids because no one brought him any food or water.

After the fifth day Dean was really getting antsy and when he heard the door handle jiggle, he was about to give the nurse a piece of his mind when instead the alpha burst into the room. He looked both angry and desperate, along with sporting a black eye.

“What happened to you?” Dean asked, his voice cracking from disuse.

“Shut up! Just shut up!” the alpha yelled at him as he threw a pile of clothes and a pair of shoes at him. “Get dressed. I need to get out of here and I’m taking you with me.”

Dean looked at the alpha for a moment but didn’t move.

“Hurry up!”

“Dude, I can’t. I’m still tied down, remember?”

A look of frustration crossed the alpha’s face before he made his way over to undo the restraints.

“Sorry,” the alpha apologized gruffly.

Wait, what? Did the alpha actually apologize? That was new.

As soon as he was free, Dean got up, pulled the IV from his hand, and wiped himself as clean as he could with the bedsheets. The alpha looked a little disgusted but said nothing. Dean dressed as quick as he could in the sweats and sneakers the alpha had given him. Man, it felt good to wear clothes again.

Once Dean was dressed, the alpha took him by the hand and led him out of the room. Dean’s legs were still weakened from lying in bed so long, so he stumbled, barely able to keep up. That’s when the alpha grabbed him and just threw him over his shoulder.

Dean squawked but was too weak to really put up any resistance. The alpha made his way through the house and into a part of the estate Dean hadn’t seen before. When he looked around, he realized it was a large garage with at least a dozen cars.

The alpha approached one and unlocked it with a set of keys he fished out of his pocket, before placing Dean in the passenger seat and buckling him in. “Stay put. Please.”

First an apology and then a please? What the hell was going on?

Dean was so stunned he merely nodded before the alpha closed the door and moved around to the driver’s seat and got into the car himself. Using a remote, the alpha raised the garage door for the bay the car was parked in and put the car into drive as soon as he had clearance.

Dean remained dumbfounded as the alpha drove them away from the estate. The alpha seemed to be keeping to the back roads and avoiding major thoroughfares. After over two hours of driving, Dean felt the lack of whatever he was being fed through the IV as his stomach grumbled.

“Um, hey,” Dean said, to get the alpha’s attention.

“Not now,” the alpha growled back at him.

Dean sighed. “C’mon man, I’m starvin’ over here.”

The alpha was silent for a long time before finally responding. “There should be food where we’re going. It will take at least another hour. Please be silent until then.”

Dean merely nodded at that, noting the second time the alpha had said please in the span of a day. He wasn’t sure what the hell was going on, but he figured he could hold out until they got to wherever it was they were going.


About an hour later, they pulled off onto a dirt road that snaked its way through a heavily wooded area. If the alpha hadn’t known exactly where it was, Dean was sure they would have passed right by it. The road itself was unmarked and difficult to see from the road they turned off from.

They trundled along the dirt road for another fifteen minutes before pulling up to a small cabin that was built on the shore of a small lake in the middle of the dense forest.

Dean had a brief thought about making a run for it, but he was still too weak to make it very far and he had no idea where they were, so he thought better of it. He was slowly climbing out of the car when the alpha came around and helped him to his feet. “Come on, let’s get you some food.”

As they entered the cabin it was clear it hadn’t been used in a while. There were dust cloths covering all the furniture and a fine layer of dust over all the visible surfaces.

They entered the kitchen and the alpha rummaged around in a small pantry and produced cans of chili. “These should still be edible.”

Dean was dubious, but he was in no position to really complain. So, he sat down and watched the alpha bustle around the kitchen, clearly knowing his way around it. Once the chili had been warmed up, the alpha placed a bowl of it in front of Dean, along with a glass of water before sitting opposite of him at the table. 

Dean took a tentative bite. It tasted edible so he ate more, trying to fill his empty belly.

“Don’t eat too fast,” the alpha warned. “You haven’t had solid food in a few days.”

Dean nodded and took a drink of his water before looking up to contemplate the alpha. This was the first time they had ever sat at a table together and Dean was able to study the man who had been trying to torture him into obedience since they first met.

The black eye looked painful. The alpha’s eye was partially swollen shut and the area around it was bruised, a mottled mix of black and purple.

“That’s quite a shiner you got there,” Dean ventured. “Care to tell me how you go it?”

The alpha glared at him for a moment, before he leaned back in his chair with a look of defeat. “My father. We were having a disagreement. About you, actually.”

“About me? Because I haven’t been the exemplary Novak omega your father was hoping I’d be by now?”

The alpha nodded. “That’s why I brought you out here. I was trying to train you based on his principles and it clearly hasn’t been working. He wanted to send you away to an omega training facility. Some place where they’d have no qualms in completely breaking you. I argued that I didn’t want you broken. Not like that.”

“Why is your dad such a hard-ass? I remember reading about him before all this. As I recall he was trying to introduce stricter laws for omegas?”

“Yeah, currently alphas don’t have to follow traditional protocols with their omegas if they don’t want to,” Castiel explained. “He wants to make it illegal for an omega to not be under strict protocols at all times, public or private. Whatever little rights omegas have won he wants completely stripped. Omegas like you also would never be allowed to be raised by beta parents either.”

“So, you were trying to train me based on these stupid protocols? Do you agree with them?”

“They’re all I know, Dean. I was raised to be a traditional alpha. I’ve only ever known omegas who followed those protocols. I had no idea there were omegas like you. What you said to me the last time we spoke, it made me realize that my dad’s way might not be the only way.”

“Huh, well that’s progress. So, are you going to stop beating my ass just because I’m not following your protocols?”

“You’re breaking pretty much every protocol right now, and you don’t see me whipping out my belt do you?”

Dean chuckled. “That’s a start, I suppose. But don’t think I can forgive you for everything you’ve done to me.”

The alpha…Castiel…nodded in understanding. “I am sorry Dean. These last few weeks have not at all been what I pictured being mated to you was going to be like.”

“So what’s the plan? I don’t suppose you’d be willing to let me go?”

“I can’t do that. You’re my mate, and believe it or not, I care about you. Also, it wouldn’t be safe. A mated omega without his mate would be immediately arrested, you know that.”

“Can I at least go and see my folks? You can come with me. I got a lot of questions for them that I really need answered.”

“Yeah, we can do that, just not right away. My father is going to be furious that I defied him. I need to lay low until he calms down. In the meantime, I was hoping you’d be open to a different approach in your training?”

“You still expect me to go through all that shit? No way, man.”

Please, hear me out. I couldn’t suggest this before because my father has the entire estate under surveillance. He can literally hear and see anything that goes on there.”

Well that explains a few things, Dean thought.

“This cabin is mine. My father doesn’t know about it, at least I hope he doesn’t. We should be safe to speak and act how we want. My suggestion is that you learn the proper public etiquette for an omega. Not through coercion or force from me, but as a means of self-preservation. We’ll eventually have to go back to the estate and if my father sees you behaving like an obedient omega, he’ll back off and lose interest.”

“Then what? We just play pretend for the rest of our lives? I don’t want to live like that.”

Please Dean. I don’t know what else to do. Maybe we can figure out something else in the future. I had always hoped to get an apartment in the city. If we aren’t living at the estate, I’d wouldn’t expect you to follow protocol in private.”

“Dude, I don’t want to follow those protocols, ever. Why can’t you understand that? I mean some people might be into that stuff as a kink, but to be forced to live like that? It’s not right.”

“Do you have a better idea?”

“Help me get to Canada and then let me go.”

“I can’t let you go Dean. You’re my mate. We’re bonded. How will you get through your heats?”

“The bond didn’t fully take. Couldn’t you tell?” Dean asked. “I got through all my heats before just fine without you.”

“Are you sure the bond didn’t take? Didn’t I bite you correctly?” Castiel seemed puzzled.

“Nah, you bit in the right place. I just fought the bond and I could tell it didn’t fully form. You got my body, but not my heart.”

“I…I didn’t know omegas could fight it. That explains why I’ve been feeling off about us all this time. I thought it was because of all your defiance…I suppose in a way it was because of it though, wasn’t it?”

“Yeah and I’ll never stop being defiant. You can count on that. You gotta learn to treat omegas as equals.”

Castiel nodded. “I remember, you told me that you’re just as human as I am. That flew in the face of everything I was taught all these years. I spent the last few days researching and you’re absolutely right. My father’s been trying to suppress that knowledge for years though, so it wasn’t easy to find. It’s been outlawed in schools and everything. He wants everyone to see omegas as less-than-human.”

“Yeah, I got that impression. We’re just pleasure slaves and brood mares to men like him. But we have minds and feelings and opinions.”

Castiel nodded before looking at Dean with an expression of curiosity. “Why Canada?”

“They passed omega equality laws there a few years ago. If I can get to Canada and plea for amnesty, I could live free of all of your dad’s God forsaken protocols.”

“Maybe we could go to Canada together?”

“Cas, after everything you did to me, do you really still think I want to be with you?”

Castiel sighed and shook his head. “No, I suppose not. But could you maybe give me a second chance? Please?”

Dean rubbed his hands over his face and through his hair while he thought about everything they’d just talked about and learned from each other. He looked over at the alpha and really studied him. Besides the nasty black eye, the man wasn’t bad looking. To be honest, before all this mating business happened, Dean would have thought he was kind of hot. He also had a look of abject misery and desperation on his face and for a second Dean almost felt sorry for him. Almost.

Castiel seemed to be trying to treat Dean like a human being for the first time. Dean’s life over the past several weeks had been hell, but perhaps that was coming to an end now that they finally had an understanding between them.

“How long were you planning to stay in this cabin with me? How long until your father calms down?”

“About one or two weeks? My brother Gabriel is going to send word when it’s safe to go back.”

“Can’t we just strike out for Canada from here?” Dean asked.

“Unfortunately, no. You may have noticed I didn’t pack anything. I keep this place stocked with non-perishable food and a few changes of clothes. But I don’t have my passport or a lot of cash. We’ll need that if we want to head to Canada. You’ll need a passport as well.”

Dean thought about it for a long moment. “Alright, here’s the deal. I’ll learn the basics of this God damned protocol, enough to fool your dad. Then when we get the all clear, we go back and lay low for a bit. When it’s safe we start to prepare. Maybe take me to see my folks once before we head up to Canada. I’ll give you a second chance to treat me right, between now and once we get up there. If you step out of line even once, then after you get me out of the country, you can turn right back around and head home. Am I clear?”

Castiel nodded. “I’ll do my best, but I’ll need your help. Talk to me if you think I’m stepping out of bounds. I am still figuring so much of this out. I just know I don’t want to hurt you anymore Dean. All I want to do is love you.”

“Oh, we are eons away from love. I don’t know if I can ever love you, so I will not make that promise.”

“I understand,” Castiel said, visibly disappointed. “I’m feeling rather exhausted. I’m going to go take a nap. There are two bedrooms. I won’t ask you to share mine. At least not while we’re here”

“Ok, thanks.”

Dean watched the alpha make his way back towards the bedrooms before getting up and clearing away the dishes from their small meal. After having been confined to a bed for nearly a week, he was keyed up and feeling the need to occupy himself with something.

The first thing he needed was a shower, so Dean went looking for the bathroom. He found it, stocked with towels and everything else he needed, so he stripped and made his way under the hot spray of water. For a few moments he just let the hot water cascade over him. Everything was so fucked up, but at least Castiel had started talking to him instead of just trying to order him around.

On one hand, part of him didn’t want to give the alpha a second chance, not after all the abuse. Yet, Dean was beginning to realize that perhaps Castiel was just as much of a victim in all this as Dean was. This still didn’t explain why his parents forced this on him, but Dean was beginning to suspect they may not have had a choice in the matter either.

Sighing, Dean finished his shower and went to look for a clean change of clothes. There were a few pairs of jeans, underwear, and t-shirts in the bedroom Dean assumed was going to be his. The jeans didn’t fit perfectly but they would do.

Once dressed Dean decided to do a little cleaning. Keeping busy always helped him relax. So he dug around through the kitchen and found some cleaning supplies. He used to help his mom dust and clean at home during the day while Sammy went off to school. Omegas didn’t go to school, but that didn’t stop Dean’s parents from teaching him at home.

Dean reflected on how much his world kept getting turned upside down. Dean had to wonder why his parents betrayed him like that. They must have had a good reason. Perhaps someone threatened them? What kind of threat would cause them to give up their son the way that they had? So much of this still didn’t make sense.

Castiel just doing an almost complete one-eighty, in the opposite direction of his parents, also baffled Dean. After being dragged by that man down into that damned training room day-after-day, there was no way he could easily forgive him. But Dean decided to trust him. Having Castiel’s help to get across the border would make the entire process easier. Omegas caught without their alpha or beta guardian were immediately arrested and there was no way to disguise himself. His scent always gave him away.

He really didn’t want to deal with all these stupid omega protocols either, but if he didn’t his father-in-law would most likely ship him to one of those damned training centers. Dean had heard about those before and he knew that if he thought what Castiel had done was bad, those centers were ten times worse.

After having dusted and removed all the dust covers from everything, Dean rooted around in the pantry and found enough fixings to make some dinner, so he started to cook. Castiel finished his nap by the time Dean was almost done.

“That smells delicious. I didn’t know you could cook,” Castiel complimented.

“There’s a lot you don’t know about me, because you never let me talk to you before,” Dean grumped. “My mom taught me.”

“I think I’m going to be spending a lot of time apologizing to you. Dean, I am sorry. I really do want to talk and get to know you. Now more than ever.”

“Alright, well why don’t you go set the table and we can talk over dinner,” Dean suggested.

Castiel smirked before moving off to get the dishes. “Yes, sir,” he said a bit sarcastically. “My father would have a conniption if he saw me following orders from an omega.”

“It wasn’t an order, it was a request.”

Castiel paused to consider that for a moment. “Yeah, you’re right. I’m just so used to only hearing commands from my father. I think you may have more to teach me than I have to teach you.”

Dean brought over the food and served each of them before sitting down with Cas. “That’s where this whole equality thing comes in handy. We can teach and learn from each other.”

“Yes, I like the sound of that,” Castiel said with a smile, as he dug into his food.

Chapter Text

Over the next several days, Dean allowed Castiel to train him on proper omega behavior, if for no other reason than to fool the elder Novak into believing that he had finally been broken. Dean didn’t want to risk being sent to an omega training facility and they had to go back to the Novak estate to secure the proper documents they needed if they were going to eventually make it to Canada.

So, Dean learned all the various kneeling positions and how to do them gracefully. Then they would go on hikes in the surrounding forest so he could practice walking behind Castiel exactly three steps, no more, no less. He even agreed to learn how to present for his alpha, just to show that he knew the proper form although he made sure Castiel knew in no uncertain terms that he was not going to get to mount him again anytime soon. If ever.

“You’re really good at this, Dean. If I had known before, that coercion was the wrong tactic to use…I cannot apologize enough,” Castiel said after Dean went through all the various forms again. They’d been at this for a week now and Dean felt confident he could easily fool his father-in-law now.

“No, you really can’t, but I do appreciate hearing your apologies,” Dean said. “So, is this everything I need to know?”

Castiel looked at him nervously. “Well, um…”

“There’s more? Ugh, what the hell? I hope whoever came up with all this shit is roasting in hell right now. Come on, out with it, what else is there?”

“Well, there are a couple of things yet,” Castiel said. “The first is the use of cock cages. A fully trained omega, even one that’s mated, must wear a cock cage if his alpha doesn’t want him to be used by the other alphas in the household.”

“What? Wait, you’re telling me, if I don’t wear one of those damned contraptions, any alpha at the estate can just rape me?”

Castiel nodded. “This is a personal preference of each alpha, whether or not to share their omega. Since I know you wouldn’t want to be used like that, I’d recommend you wear a cage while we’re at the estate. I know my father wouldn’t hesitate to use you once he’s seen how obedient you can be.”

Dean sighed. “Fine, I’ll wear a damned cage. It’s better than being raped repeatedly. What else?”

Castiel hesitated for a moment. “You’re really not going to like this part…”

“I don’t like any of this, Cas. C’mon, spit it out.”

“At the Novak estate, trained, obedient omegas are still required to get…spanked. Twice each day. If they don’t have a red enough bottom…my father will…correct the problem. Personally.”

Dean stared at Castiel dumbfounded. “You’ve gotta be shittin’ me, right?” Castiel shook his head. “Man, your dad really is a sadist. Twice? Each day?”

“He calls them maintenance spankings, to remind all of the omegas in our household their place. Typically, it’s done first thing each morning, and once more after dinner. The omega’s alpha will just take them over their knee and spank them until the desired color of red is achieved.”

Dean hadn’t seen too many people at the estate because he’d spent most of his time in the training room or Castiel’s suite, but when he thought back on it, every omega he had seen did have a rosy blush on their bottoms.

“We…don’t need to practice that. I just needed you to be aware of it because my father will expect your ass to be just as red as all the other omegas. If he sees one that isn’t red enough, he will bend them over the nearest surface and use his belt.”

Dean slumped onto the couch next to Castiel. “I swear if we didn’t need passports and money, I wouldn’t be agreeing to any of this.”

Castiel nodded. “I know. I am sorry. Look, I promise I’ll do the bare minimum on the spankings and I’ll only use my hand.”

“Fine,” Dean sighed. “But right now, I just want some peace and quiet. I’ll be out by the pier for a bit, if that’s alright by you, alpha?”

Castiel just nodded, ignoring Dean’s sarcasm. “I’ll call Gabriel and see if it’s safe to go back yet or not.”


Dean sat down on the pier, taking off his shoes and socks and dangling his feet into the water. How did life get so messed up?

As a child, Dean had a lot of freedom. Sure, he wasn’t allowed to go to school like his brother, but unlike some omegas he’d see, he wasn’t led around on a collar and leash like a dog. Thankfully, where he lived, most people treated omegas just like everyone else. It was uncommon to see an omega treated the way he’d seen on TV and in movies.

Dean really didn’t want to go back to the Novak estate, and pretend to be this stupid, obedient omega that his father-in-law thought he should be. However, he was relieved that Castiel was finally treating him as a human being. He had begun to realize that Cas had treated him as subhuman because of the fucked-up way he’d been raised, alongside the fact that every move that he made was being monitored 24/7.

They had a long way to go to reconcile their differences, but Dean appreciated that Cas had stood up for him and spirited him away before he could be sent to one of those god-awful training centers.

Dean was pulled out of his reverie when he heard Cas walking up the pier behind him.

“I just got off the phone with Gabriel. He said to stay put until my black eye is completely healed. How bad is it, do you think?” Castiel asked.

“It’s a lot better, but there’s still a bit of bruising. It might take several more days before it’s all faded,” Dean replied.

“Alright, I’ll make a run to the nearest town and get us some more supplies. Would you like anything?”

“Does this town have a burger joint? I’d kill for a burger. Oh, and some fries and a milkshake too.”

Castiel chucked and smiled at him. “I’ll see what I can do.”

“So, you’re trusting me alone here? Aren’t you afraid I’ll run off?”

“You haven’t run off yet and it’s not like I’ve kept you on a leash or anything. You know as well as I do that you’d never make it very far on your own. I trust that you won’t try and run off and get yourself arrested or killed.”

“Fair enough,” Dean sighed. “I’ll be here when you get back.”


When Castiel returned, he set out the food in the kitchen before putting away the groceries he’d gotten. Dean noted that he restocked the canned food he always kept handy, while also getting some bread, fixings for sandwiches, fruit, veggies and even some steak. “I thought we could maybe grill these for dinner tomorrow,” Castiel explained as he saw Dean watching him put away everything. “I even picked up an apple pie.”

“Cas, I could almost kiss you right now,” Dean said. “How’d you know I love pie?”

“It was in your profile,” Castiel explained with a shrug and a smile. “If your parents thought it was an important enough detail to include, I figured it must be one of your favorites.”

They both sat down to eat, Dean happily digging out his burger and fries from the paper bag they were in. He was in heaven with the first bite. “I don’t remember burgers ever tasting this good.”

“Well you have been forced to eat some very bland food recently,” Castiel said. “That was my father’s idea by-the-way, after you refused to kneel next to me and eat from my hand that first night.”

“Well I’ll put up with the hand-feeding while we’re there, I just hope getting me a passport isn’t going to take too long,” Dean said between bites.

“I’ll do what I can to expedite the process. That reminds me, when do you expect your next heat?”

Dean pondered for a moment. This last heat had ended about two weeks before the claiming ceremony, so approximately six weeks ago. Dean had fairly regular heats, once every three months. “Probably another six weeks. My last one ended six weeks ago, and I’ve always been really regular.”

“Okay then that’s how much time I have to get you a passport,” Castiel said.

Dean sat back and studied Castiel for a moment. “Why exactly are you so gung-ho on helping me now? I mean, I know you said we were under constant surveillance back at the estate, but why didn’t you just bring me out here sooner? Why spend all that time trying to torture me into submission?”

“I don’t know,” Castiel frowned. “At first it was because that’s just how I’ve always seen my father and brothers handle their omegas. Also, I’ll have to admit I kind of enjoyed some of the things I did to you…I’m sorry. I am.”

“So, what changed your mind? Besides the shiner your dad gave you?”

“After you were hurt by the electro stim procedure, I was really worried about you. I had already come to care for you, regardless of your defiance. After you told me that omegas truly are human, and not subhuman as my father seems to believe, I did a lot of research. It really changed my perspective and when I went to confront my father with what I’d learned, that’s when he attacked me and threatened to send you away.”

“And now?”

“Now after this past week, I’ve gotten to know you as a person. I know you don’t like me very much, but I am becoming very fond of who you are. I agree that you should have the same rights as I do. My father is so wrong, but I don’t even know where to begin to stop him or his agenda. So, for now, your plan to leave for Canada makes the most sense. You’re my mate, I just want you to be safe and happy.”

“Alright. I just hope you don’t double cross me once we get back to the estate. You ain’t seen defiant yet if you do.”

“Understood. Are you ready for some pie?”

Dean’s face lit up at the mention of his favorite food. “Dude, I was born ready. Bring it on!”

Castiel got up and served them each a slice. Dean savored every bite. This was even better than the burger. Dean remembered how his mom always baked a pie to cheer him up whenever he was down, which probably helped to cement the food as one of his favorites.

As Dean finished the last bite, he felt Castiel’s hand on his. For a moment, he enjoyed the warm touch of the alpha’s hand and his breath hitched for a second when he saw the adoring way Castiel was looking at him. Then he remembered this was the same man who had raped and tortured him and he pulled his hand away. “No. You don’t get to be affectionate with me. Not yet. Maybe, not ever.”

A look of sadness crossed the alpha’s face and he simply nodded in understanding, before getting up to clear the table.

“Leave it. You brought the food, I’ll clean up.”

Castiel nodded again and disappeared into his bedroom. Later Dean could have sworn he heard him crying.


A week later and Castiel’s eye was finally healed and they prepared to return to the estate. Dean reluctantly prepared himself to look and act like a goddamned obedient omega. He made sure he was properly groomed everywhere, and he placed the stupid cock cage on himself and inserted the anal plug that Castiel had also given him.

The final thing to do was to get his ass warmed up by Castiel so it would be the proper shade of red when they arrived back at the estate. Dean came out of the bathroom and scowled at Castiel who was sitting on the couch waiting for him. “Are you absolutely sure this is necessary?”

“Did you meet any other omega at the estate that didn’t have a red ass?”

“No,” Dean growled as he finally capitulated and bent over Castiel’s lap. “Just remember, the bare minimum and not one spank more.”

“I promise Dean. This first time should help me gauge how many we’ll need in the future. Going forward I won’t do more than I am doing right now.”

“Alright, let’s get this over with,” Dean grumbled.

Castiel began spanking Dean’s ass with efficient precision, smacking hard and fast. What began as a mildly painful sting quickly built up as the heat rose in his cheeks…both sets of cheeks because for some reason Dean’s cock had decided it was enjoying this form of torture and was valiantly trying to harden inside it’s cage.

After about twenty swats Castiel paused. “How are you doing Dean? Your ass doesn’t seem to want to redden very quickly. Currently its barely pink so I need to keep going.”

Dean took a deep breath. “I think I’ll be okay. Just hurry up already.”

Castiel immediately resumed, spanking even harder than before, probably in the hopes that Dean’s flesh would redden faster. It took a full twenty more swats before Castiel was satisfied with the level of redness. “Alright, it looks like it may take forty spanks to get you to the level of redness I know my father will expect.”

Dean stood up, wiping some tears from his eyes before he rubbed his tender ass. It was then he caught the scent of alpha arousal. “Dude, you got off on doing that, didn’t you?”

Castiel blushed. “I’m sorry, I can’t help it. You have a very beautiful ass.”

“Alright let’s get back there before this redness wears off and you have to do that again today.”

“I will have to do it again, just after dinner. Remember?”

“Well I just don’t want it to have to happen again before then, understood?”

Castiel locked up the cabin and Dean gingerly sat down in the passenger seat of the alpha’s car. As Castiel got in, he frowned. “I’m sorry Dean but I almost forgot. I need you to kneel in the back and be secured by a leash. If we arrive with you sitting like that, my father will be immediately suspicious.

“Ugh, fine.”

Castiel produced the omega leash and helped Dean get into position. There were handles for Dean to use to help him balance on his knees during the drive. At least the surface he was kneeling on was plush and padded and he wouldn’t be sitting down on his now aching ass.

As Castiel started the car he turned around. “I’m sorry, this is going to be a little rough until we get back out onto the main road.”

Castiel wasn’t kidding. Dean hung on for dear life as they trundled over bumps and ruts in the dirt road, Dean’s teeth jarring against each other and his knees feeling battered even through the plush padding.

This was going to be a long ride.

Chapter Text

As Castiel drove into the garage bay and parked his car, Dean was both relieved to be able to get off his knees, while simultaneously tensing at the fact that he now had to prove how obedient he was. Following all the idiotic rules Castiel taught him would be one thing. The one problem he knew was going to be able to keep his mouth shut. As Castiel came around to release him from the back, Dean took a deep breath. Okay, here we go. Show time.

Castiel looked apologetic as he took Dean’s leash and led him out of the car and into the house. Dean was careful to keep his head down and follow Castiel the practiced 3-steps behind. They’d made it about half-way to Castiel’s suite when they ran into Castiel’s father in the hallway.

As soon as Castiel stopped to speak to his father, Dean gracefully went to his knees.

“Welcome home, son,” the elder Novak said. “I see your mate is finally behaving. Is that why you ran off with him?”

“Yes, Father,” Castiel said. “I didn’t want an omega broken by those training facilities. I decided I could best handle his training by myself, in private.”

“Well, we’ll see,” Dean’s father-in-law said as he walked around them. “I see you gave him a proper spanking before coming home. Very good. However, you know what I’ll do if he steps out of line.”

“Yes, father.”

“Now that you’re back, I must also insist that you eat dinner with the family tonight. Is that understood?”

“Of course, father. I had already planned on it.”

“Very well. I’ll let you freshen up. I look forward to witnessing your mate’s evening spank.”

Of course, he would. Fucking sadist. Dean did his best to appear calm and submissive but he longed to beat the shit out of this man.

Once Castiel began walking again, Dean immediately rose and followed. They made it all the way to Castiel’s suite without further interruption and Dean breathed a little sigh of relief. He knew he was still being watched by whatever hidden cameras there might be, but it was easier to remain calm now.

“Come, omega. Let’s take a shower.”

“Yes, alpha.”

Castiel lead Dean into the bathroom and removed his leash. Then Castiel stripped his clothing and guided Dean into the massive shower, turning on every spray available. There were nozzles coming from two walls, three on each side. There was also a rainfall shower head in the ceiling. Once they were all on, it was quite loud.

Dean briefly stiffened when he felt Castiel wrap his arms around him from behind and pull him close. He didn’t want to be this close to him. For a moment Dean despaired, thinking that Castiel was once again free to molest him now that he was back under his father’s watchful eye.

“Shh, Dean. Calm down. This is the only place we can talk,” Castiel whispered into Dean’s ear, pretending to kiss him there. “You behaved perfectly in front of father. I’m very proud of you. Do you need any reminders of how to behave during dinner later?”

Dean tried to relax but he was still wary. “No, I’m good. I just kneel, keep my eyes down, only eat what you offer me and then bend over your knees for another spanking after dessert.”

“Exactly right. All the other omegas in attendance will be doing the same, so not all eyes should be on you. Although, I suspect my father will take a special interest in witnessing your spanking tonight.”

“He won’t ask to participate, will he?”

“As long as you keep wearing your cage and plug, no.”

Dean relaxed a little more. “Okay, good.”

“Now stand still and let me wash you. You’re my mate and it’s my duty to take care of you. Then you must wash me, alright?”

Dean nodded and just stood still, bracing his arms against the one wall that wasn’t shooting water out. Dean had to admit that all those water jets hitting his body felt good. When Castiel began to soap him down, that felt even better. While Dean had been denying Castiel any sort of affectionate touch, Dean realized he’d been denying himself as well. He didn’t want to enjoy Castiel’s touch, but it really felt nice.

Fuck it. Just enjoy it and stop over thinking it. Since I have to put up with this charade for a few weeks, I might as well enjoy what moments I can.

Once Castiel was done, Dean turned around, grabbing for the bottle of body wash Castiel had been using and repeated the process on the alpha. He started with Castiel’s shoulders and back and worked his way down, before Castiel turned around and Dean worked his way up, ignoring one prominent body part. Dean was still in his cage so Castiel had been able to ignore Dean’s penis, only perfunctorily soaping his balls a little. Castiel, however was uncaged and now fully aroused.

Once Dean was finished washing everything else, he shoved the body wash back at Castiel and leaned forward to whisper into the alpha’s ear. “Please, don’t make me touch you there.”

Castiel looked disappointed but he nodded, soaping and rinsing his genitalia by himself. Castiel then leaned closer for a moment. “Dean, please. I won’t touch you, but I really need to cum. Can you please turn around and let me cum on your ass? I won’t touch. I won’t penetrate. I’ll even wash it all off afterwards. Please?”

Dean looked at the alpha and realized that he might not have gotten himself off the entire time they’d been at the cabin. He couldn’t recall hearing Cas masturbate. Dean sighed and agreed, turning around and pushing his ass out while bracing himself against the wall again.

Castiel whispered a quick “thank you,” before Dean could hear the alpha furiously stroking himself. Mere moments later, Dean felt the hot splash of semen hit his ass. At least Castiel kept his promise and hadn’t touched or tried to molest him once while he was jerking off.

Once Castiel cleaned all his semen off of Dean, he shut down the shower and walked out to grab some towels, throwing one at Dean.

“Come, omega, let’s take a nap before dinner,” Castiel ordered, back in full alpha mode.

Dean was tired from that long drive and a nap sounded great. He followed Castiel into the bedroom and crawled into the massive bed. Dean remained naked as he was expected to, but thankfully Castiel pulled on some boxer briefs and a pair of sleep pants before crawling next to Dean, snuggling up behind him.

Dean wouldn’t have allowed Castiel to snuggle with him, but he knew they were being watched and an obedient omega would allow his alpha to cuddle therefore Dean went with it. At least Castiel got himself off in the shower, so Dean didn’t have to worry about an aroused and desperate alpha holding him.


Dean was dreaming of being back home again with his parents and Sam. Despite everything, he missed them, especially his brother. Dean was just dreaming of being in the backyard throwing around a baseball with Sam when he was gently woken up by a shake to his shoulder. “Dean, wake up. We can’t be late for dinner.”

Dean sat up, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. It took him a moment to reorient himself to his current reality before he crawled out of bed and allowed Castiel to reattach the leash to his collar. “Let me comb your hair,” Castiel said as he led Dean to the bathroom and grabbed a comb. Dean looked in the mirror and laughed. He had a serious case of bedhead.

Castiel smiled. “It’s good to hear you laugh.”

Once Dean’s hair was combed, Castiel led them down to dinner.

As they entered the dining room, Dean could tell that the table was nearly full without having to look up. They were the last to arrive. “My apologies, father. I chose to take a nap with my mate and I overslept.”

“You were nearly late, but I’ll overlook it this once.”

Castiel led Dean to the last empty chair next to his father-in-law. Beside the chair was a pillow. Once Castiel sat, Dean sank to his knees onto the pillow. From where Dean knelt, he knew his father-in-law as able to watch him very carefully, so Dean focused on schooling is features and following all that Castiel had taught him.

Dean allowed Castiel to feed him morsels from his plate. The food was delicious so Dean tried not to be too embarrassed at being hand fed. He knew all the other omegas there were in the same position. The conversation at the table mostly revolved around everyone’s day and Dean quickly began tuning it out.

It wasn’t until dessert was served that the conversation caught his attention again. One of Castiel’s brothers asked a question. “How is the omega legislation bill going? Do you have enough senators to get it passed yet?”

“We only need two more, and it’s as good as done,” Dean’s father-in-law boasted. Dean knew that the Novaks were very influential in politics, and before his parents had betrayed him, they had been railing against a proposed legislative bill that the Novaks were trying to get passed. The bill would strip all rights from omegas and force them to live the way the Novaks deemed all omegas should live.

From what Dean could remember, omegas born to beta parents would be removed from the home and raised in facilities like the current omega training facilities. They would also be adoptable by alphas, who could raise them as their own children or groom them to be a future mate.

The proposed legislation was so strict that even alphas who didn’t comply with the new law, regardless of mated status, would have their omega taken from them and they would both be sent to special training facilities. The entire thing was barbaric and would set the country back over one hundred years.

As Castiel fed Dean a piece of cake, Dean tried very hard not to say anything about the conversation, trying very hard to tune it all out. He managed to keep his mouth shut, but he couldn’t stop the tears of anger and frustration from running down his face.

“Castiel, why is your omega crying?” Dean’s father-in-law asked and Dean flushed with embarrassment and bowed his head lower.

Castiel patted his head gently. “He’s probably just tired from the long drive today.”

“Hmm. Well you know very well I do not tolerate tears during dinner. You will give him twenty extra spanks after dinner.”

Twenty? Fuck. That meant he’d have to take a total of sixty. Dean tried very hard to calm himself again. If a few tears would lead to punishment, who knew what speaking out of turn would. He couldn’t wait to leave this estate behind for good.

Dessert was soon over and Dean steeled himself for what was to come.

Castiel and the other alphas pushed their chairs away from the table. Dean caught out of the corner of his eye as the other omegas immediately took their places and Dean followed suit, draping himself over Castiel’s legs. Thankfully Castiel had spread his legs a bit, so Dean’s cock and cage could dangle freely. This was going to be uncomfortable enough.

As soon as Dean was settled, Castiel began to spank, just as fast and efficiently as he’d done at the cabin earlier that day. He didn’t hold back, spanking Dean with full force. Dean did his best to just lie there and take it, as the stinging built up to a burning heat on his ass.

As he and the other omegas continued to be spanked, Dean could smell the mix of both alpha and omega arousal in the room. Everyone seemed to be getting aroused by the proceedings. Of course, they were. Ugh.

Then, to Dean’s embarrassment, he began to feel a trickle of his own slick slide out around his plug. Shit. Not now! Castiel clearly noticed it too as he briefly faltered in his spanking rhythm.

All the other alphas were now done spanking, while Castiel kept going, adding on the extra twenty spanks that his father had ordered. Dean’s ass began to burn hotter and hotter with each extra spank and he couldn’t stop the new flow of tears as something in him broke. He was in pain, but also frustratingly aroused at the same time.

Dean didn’t immediately register when Castiel finished spanking him, his ass throbbed as if the spanks were still raining down. “Come Dean, up. Let’s go to bed.”

Once Dean was standing, he was shocked to see several of the alphas were still in the room, vigorously fucking their omegas that they had bent over the table. Dean hadn’t even noticed as his entire world had zeroed down to the burning pain in his ass.

“Good night father. Dinner was excellent as always. I’ll see you tomorrow,” Castiel said before leading Dean away, not waiting for his father to respond.

Once they were back in Castiel’s suite, the alpha led Dean back into the bathroom. “Let me take care of your ass. I wasn’t expecting to have to punish you. I have some aloe that will help soothe the pain.”

“Yes, alpha.”

As Castiel gently rubbed the aloe over his ass, Dean felt his arousal spike again. That was embarrassing.

Castiel turned on the both water faucets in the bathroom and made like he was preparing to brush his teeth when he leaned in. “I know you won’t let me touch you, and I don’t want to molest you. I can smell your arousal and I want to help. I have toys we could use. Would you be okay with that?”

Fuck. Castiel continuing being nice to him when his body was practically begging to be fucked. Dean almost gave in right then and there. Cas was clearly also aroused and he smelled really good. Dean took several deep breaths to get himself back under control. “Yeah, a toy would be good…and…you can cum on me again if you want.”

“Thank you,” Castiel whispered, giving Dean a very quick little kiss behind his ear.

They quickly brushed their teeth before Castiel lead Dean back to the bed. He then went to get the dildo as Dean presented himself on the bed, like a good obedient omega. When Castiel returned, he groaned at the sight. “Good boy, Dean.”

Castiel was nude and crawled over to Dean. “Are you ready, omega? I’ll make you feel really good, I promise. If you need me to stop, just tell me. I promise I’ll stop.”

“Yes, Alpha, I’m ready. Please.

Castiel then removed Dean’s cage and plug, before sliding the dildo into Dean’s ass. Dean groaned with pleasure. He hadn’t gotten aroused or masturbated since several days before his claiming, so this felt so much better than he remembered.

Dean reached between his legs to stroke his now fully erect cock while Castiel kept fucking him with the dildo. “How do you want it, omega? Hard and fast or slow and gentle?”

Dean wasn’t sure, but it would be for the best if they could get this over with quickly. “Hard and fast, alpha. Please!”

Castiel groaned and began plunging the dildo as requested. He kept changing the angle until Dean cried out. Dean’s world burst with pleasure when the dildo hit his prostate. Dean pulled and stroked his cock harder as his world spiraled into pleasure. Dean was so close now…so close. “That’s it, Dean. Cum for me. Cum for me, my beautiful mate.”

Dean’s world exploded and his vision whited out as he came all over his hand and the bedspread below him. Once his orgasm had subsided, he collapsed, not even caring that he lay in the wet spot he’d just created. Dean barely noticed when Castiel removed the dildo and began masturbating over him. It wasn’t until he felt the hot splash of Castiel’s seed on his back and ass that he started coming back to himself.

Dean felt conflicted. Castiel had given him the pleasure he needed while he remained respectful and only fucked him with a dildo. He was keeping all the promises he’d made to Dean back at the cabin. Dean could feel himself start to soften towards Castiel. He didn’t want that to happen. He couldn’t forgive him for what he’d done to him…could he?

Dean then felt a warm, wet cloth on his back as Castiel cleaned up his mess. “Come on, get under the covers and let’s get some sleep.”

Dean wholeheartedly agreed with that plan, as he climbed under the covers. A few moments later Castiel turned off all the lights and joined him, once again clothed from the waist down before snuggling up next to Dean.

Just as Dean began drifting off, he heard Castiel confess something. “Thank you, Dean. You were perfect today. Thank you for everything. I love you so much.”

Dean felt his heart flutter at the sincere sounding confession of love. Fuck.

Chapter Text

They had been back at the estate for nearly a month now and time was running out. Dean really didn’t want to have his heat hit while they were still under his father-in-law’s thumb. Castiel had been trying to apply for a passport for Dean as discretely as possible, which was difficult when their every move was monitored.

For an omega to receive a passport, there was a three-stage process. First, their alpha guardian or mate had to make the initial application, which Castiel had done online before they left the cabin. Following that was an interview for the alpha who submitted the application. Castiel had to make excuses of why he was leaving the estate in order to attend the interview, while he locked Dean into his suite in order to keep him safe.

Today Castiel had attended some business meeting with his brothers and Dean was once again locked in. He was pretending to take a nap when Castiel returned. Dean could tell that Castiel was nervous and excited about something as he paced beside the bed before shaking him. “Dean. Wake up.”

Dean rose, rubbing his eyes as if he had been asleep. “Yes, alpha?”

“I really need a shower. Join me.”

“Yes, alpha.”

Castiel stripped his clothing, leaving a trail of discarded items on the way towards the bathroom. Dean stepped into the shower, and turned around to face Castiel. As the alpha turned on the water, he forcefully pushed Dean back against the wall, kissing him fiercely. Dean was momentarily stunned. So far Castiel had never kissed him on the mouth. Dean really wanted to push him off but couldn’t risk it. The last time he tried that, his father-in-law had given him a painful lesson in obedience.


Dean had been allowing Castiel more and more liberties with his body, but one evening it had gone too far. While presented on the bed, he felt Castiel’s cock perched at his very slick hole and he freaked, flipping onto his back and pushing Castiel away from him with his feet.

The alpha was momentarily startled and apologized. They went to sleep that night without either of them having been satisfied.

The next morning, before Castiel had even woken, Dean was dragged from their bed and down into the training room where his father-in-law waited. Castiel had followed, yelling for the guards to unhand Dean. 

The next thing Dean knew, he was being secured over one of the many styles of spanking benches, while his father-in-law fetched a wooden paddle from the wall. “You do not have the right to push away your alpha and mate when he wishes to mount you. Apparently you are not nearly as obedient as you have been letting on. I hope this will be a reminder as to your place within this house!”

The next thing Dean knew, his ass erupted in pain as the paddle was brought down again and again. He nearly passed out from the pain before it was all over. Castiel had been screaming at his father to stop but nothing would dissuade the man from punishing him.

After it was all over, Dean was forced to his knees before the elder alpha. “If I see you pushing your mate away again, you will be sent to a training facility until you are completely and utterly broken.”


Dean reminded himself of that day as Castiel kept kissing him. Dean could feel the pricks of pain in his eyes as he tried to hold back tears. This was the first time Castiel had forced himself on Dean since that incident, but that didn’t make it any better.

Then Castiel began to trail his kisses over to Dean’s neck before whispering into his ear. “I’m sorry I just really wanted to celebrate. I’ve done it. I just got word that your passport application was approved! All I need to do now is bring you in for a final interview and have your photograph taken. If we go tomorrow, we could leave here in less than a week!”

Dean could hardly believe his ears. He gently pushed Castiel back to look into his face and the alpha nodded with a brilliant smile on his face. Dean felt a burst of hope bloom in his chest and before he was even thinking about it, he began to kiss Castiel.

Castiel kissed him back fervently and this time around Dean happily allowed it. After they broke the kiss, Dean leaned his head on Castiel’s shoulder. “Thank you. I’m sorry I almost ruined everything a couple of weeks ago. I was starting to fear…”

“You were afraid I had pretended to be nice in order to gain your trust?”

Dean nodded into the alpha’s shoulder.

“I know, and I’m sorry I almost lost my mind and forced myself on you. I...ugh…there’s no excuse for it. I knew I didn’t have your consent. I’m glad you pushed me away and brought me to my senses. I’m just so sorry my father brutalized you like that.”

“I’m just glad he didn’t rape me.”

“My father’s code may be unfair and unjust, but at least he always adheres to it. I’ve never seen him violate one of his own rules. Not even once.”

“Thank God for small favors,” Dean said sarcastically.

“Thanks for letting me kiss you. I was just so happy, I didn’t know how else to convey it.”

“Yeah, well, I guess it didn’t completely suck,” Dean said with a grin before lifting his head giving Castiel a quick peck on the lips. “Maybe I’ll let you do that again after you get me out of this hell hole.”

“You say the sweetest things,” Castiel teased. “Now please be on your best behavior tonight so we don’t miss our appointment tomorrow.”

Yes, alpha.


The next morning after breakfast Castiel led Dean and his freshly spanked ass towards the garage. They were trying to act as casual as possible. As they passed by the estate library, it was hardly a surprise to either of them that they encountered Castiel’s omnipresent father.

“Where are you off to today, son?”

“Oh, I’m considering some decorations for my mate. Perhaps a piercing or a tattoo. I can’t decide what would look best so I’m bringing him along to try a few things.”

Dean tried very hard to keep his head down. He and Castiel had discussed this and he tried to trust that the alpha had no intention of actually decorating him in that manner. If he came home with a tattoo instead of a passport today, all the trust Castiel had built with him would be completely broken.

“That sounds like a great idea, son. Just be home in time for dinner. I have an announcement to make tonight.”

“Yes, father.”

Great. Castiel had been trying to have dinner in private as often as possible. Dean hated the family dinners and spankings. Hopefully they’d be out of this place within the next week.

They continued on their way to the garage and Castiel secured Dean into the back of his car as before. It wasn’t until they were away from the estate before Dean felt like he could finally speak freely again.

“What do you think the old man has to announce?”

“I’m not sure, but knowing father it’s probably nothing good. It’s likely they have made some in-roads on passing that omega legislation they’ve been lobbying. That would be my guess at least.”

“Fuck. That legislation is wrong on so many levels. You know that, right?”

“Yes, Dean. I agree. Even before you and I mated, I had argued against my father about it. It didn’t seem fair to remove children from their birth parents or to punish more liberal minded alphas.”

“You argued with him, but you still went along with that rape ceremony? And you treated me like a subhuman possession for weeks!”

“I know. For that I am sorry. I did view omegas more like pets than I did human. I just felt that good, obedient omegas should be treated better.”

“But it was okay to abuse me because I wasn’t good nor obedient?”

Castiel sighed. “Yes…No…I did believe that at the time, but I no longer do. You’re never going to forget that, are you?”

“Not for as long as the nightmares from those weeks keep waking me up at night, no.”

“You get nightmares?”

“Yeah, like I’m trapped in that damned training room and those implements just come alive and beat the living shit out of me.”

“I’m so sorry. I’ll do what I can to create better memories in the future then.”

“Yeah, let’s hope.”


Castiel led Dean into the passport office, where he sat down and Dean dutifully knelt at his feet. He was so used to kneeling now, it had practically come second nature to him. That concerned Dean, but there wasn’t much he could do about it right now.

It seemed to take ages but they were finally called into the office and once again Dean knelt at Castiel’s feet. Dean kept looking at Castiel’s shoes as the passport clerk shuffled around some papers.

“I see all your papers are in order,” the clerk said. “Dean, do you know why you’re here?”

“Yes sir,” Dean replied. “My alpha is applying for a passport for me.”

“Yes, but do you know why he’s applying for a passport?”

Dean tried to remember how to answer the questions based off some brief coaching that Castiel had given him in the shower that morning.

“Yeah, so we can travel outside of the country sometimes. I think he’s got a villa in Europe somewhere and maybe a hunting lodge up in Canada too.”

The clerk hummed and shuffled more papers.

“When is your next heat?”

What the hell does that have to do with anything? “About a week, give or take.”

“You are aware there are restrictions on travel when you are in heat?”

“Yes, I am aware.”

“Very well. Please stand up and come over here so I can take your photo.”

Dean stood and walked over to where a large blue curtain hung along one wall. He stood and posed for the photo.

Once that was done Dean went back to his previous position.

“Everything seems to be in order. You should receive the passport within the next ten business days, depending on postal delivery speeds.”

Dean felt a sense of panic rise in his chest. Ten days? Castiel said he’d get them in less than a week!

“I indicated that I would be picking them up personally. I don’t want them mailed. Is that no longer an option?”

The clerk did more shuffling. “Oh yes, my apologies Mr. Novak. I hadn’t noticed that check mark. Most people prefer the convenience of having them mailed. In that case, you can come back in three days to pick it up.”

Dean breathed a sigh of relief and Castiel placed a hand on his shoulder.

“Come, omega, let’s go,” Castiel directed and Dean rose and followed.

Once back in the car Castiel turned around and looked at Dean. “Okay, so now you know I wasn’t lying about the passport. I am afraid Father might be suspicious if we don’t come back with…something. Would you at least come to the shop with me and look at a few items? Please?”


“Haven’t you ever wanted a tattoo?”

“When I was younger,” Dean admitted.

“Look, I’ll let you pick out whatever you want, and you get to say where it goes. If you don’t like any of the options, then we can at least truthfully tell my father we at least looked.”

Dean nodded. That sounded fair enough. “Alright.”

Castiel drove to the shop he’d mentioned, Omega Tattoos and Piercings. Dean rolled his eyes but kept is mouth shut as Castiel led him inside.

The proprietor greeted them as they entered. “Good afternoon! Looking to decorate that beautiful boy of yours there?”

“Indeed I am,” Castiel said. “He’s been very good so I want him to pick out the design and choose where it goes.”

“Wow, he must be the best behaved omega in history. I’ve never had an alpha let an omega choose. Are you sure he’s up for it?”

“I’m certain. Stand up, Dean, so you can look through the catalog.”

Dean stood and made his way over to the counter. “Thank you, alpha.”

Dean flipped through the pages of designs, spotting a few that he’d never agree to, like bitch, omega whore and pup maker. Ugh. Once he was past the word designs and into the illustrations he saw a few he thought might look cool.

After a few agonizing moments deliberating, he made a choice. “I’ll get this one, on the inside of my left wrist,” he pointed to the design he chose. It was a small red heart, with black wings spread from it.

“Very well,” the proprietor said. “Come with me.”

Once Dean was situated in the chair, the proprietor made to strap him in and Dean sat up. “What the hell man?”

Castiel stepped in. “There is no need to restrain him. He chose the design and placement.”

The proprietor sighed. “Very well. This is all very unusual.”

Dean settled back into the chair and Dean felt Castiel put a hand on his shoulder. Oddly enough that simple touch helped calm him more than he would have expected.


Getting the tattoo hurt more than he’d expected, but it was a small enough design that it was completed quickly. Soon Dean and Castiel were driving back to the estate with enough time to take another shower before the family dinner they were expected to attend.

“Thank you, Dean.”

“For what?”

“Agreeing to the tattoo. Now my father will have no reason to suspect we were doing something else today. Three more days. If you can hold out for three more days, then we will go together to get your passport. We’ll stop by your parents’ house like you wanted and then we’ll head straight north to Canada. I’ve already set up some automated money transfers to happen just after we leave, but before my father can suspect anything.”

“You think he’d cut you off?”

“Oh, I’m certain he will. I’m going against everything that man believes in.”

“Thanks, Cas. Thanks for giving me a little bit of hope. I dunno how much longer I would have lasted if you had kept treating me like you did…but now…I’m starting to believe you might not be that monster I thought you were. Thank you.”

Castiel pulled off to the side of the road for a moment and Dean was wondering what was going on. Then he realized that the alpha was crying. Dean felt the urge to hug him, so he unhooked his own leash and crawled forward, wrapping his arms around the alpha’s shoulders.

“Hey, man, it’s okay.”

Castiel’s hands came up to clutch at Dean’s arms and he leaned his head against Dean’s. Dean reached up and guided Castiel to turn his head. For a moment Dean stared into his mate’s impossibly blue eyes and without a second thought, kissed him. Castiel reached up for him and pulled him closer until Dean was practically sitting in his lap.

Dean’s heart raced. He’d been fighting against getting closer to this man, but ever since Castiel had taken him to that cabin, he’d slowly wormed his way into Dean’s heart. Dean actually felt sorry for Cas when he saw him crying.

Fuck, I’m starting to really care about him.

Castiel broke the kiss and noted the time. “We need to get back or we’ll be late for dinner. You don’t want to find out what happens if we’re late.”

Dean smiled and looked down at Castiel and kissed him one more time before crawling back to his place and clipping himself onto the leash.

“Home, Jeeves!” Dean teased as Castiel restarted the car and headed back onto the road.

Chapter Text

Dean paced nervously in front of the bed. Everything had to go perfect today. Castiel had decided not to pack any belongings as that would raise too much suspicion. All he had done was set up a scheduled transfer of money from his family bank account to a new private one, and they could use those funds to re-establish themselves once they made it to Canada.

What also had Dean worked up was that damned announcement his father-in-law made three days ago. Apparently, his lobbying efforts had paid off and he was confident that when Congress voted on the Dissolution of Omega Rights Bill, that it would pass. That vote was happening next week. Dean had been so angry at the news he failed to hide his emotions at dinner and his father-in-law immediately had Castiel bend him over the dining room table and administer twenty hits from his belt. That was in addition to his subsequent spanking. Dean’s ass was still sore from that.

Castiel had spent the rest of that evening doing his best to apologize to Dean as well as he could under the circumstances. All Dean knew was that they needed to get out of the country, and quick. Once they were in Canada, they could start thinking about next steps. For now, time was running out.

Dean was pulled out of his reverie when Castiel came back from his usual Friday morning jog with his brothers. Castiel frowned, probably smelling how nervous and stressed he was. “Dean, join me in the shower.”

Dean complied and was soon trying to relax under the hot spray. He was going to miss this shower, but not enough to justify staying in this house one minute longer than necessary. As Castiel came up behind him and wrapped his arms around the omega, Dean allowed himself to relax into the embrace. “Stop looking so worried. My father is going to wonder what’s going on.”

Shit. “I’m sorry, Cas. I wasn’t thinking. Maybe you could tell him I’m scared about the piercings you want to get me today?”

Castiel was nibbling on Dean’s ear. “Hmm excellent idea. I’d love to see you pierced. It’s almost a shame we won’t have time…”

“Don’t you dare!” Dean said in a loud whisper and Cas chuckled.

Once they were done showering, Dean still couldn’t shake his nerves. Castiel took his hand and led him over to the bed, pulling the omega over his knees. “Time for your spanking, my love.”

“Yes, alpha.”

Dean had to endure this one more time before they left the house. They had planned to go immediately after breakfast, under the guise of getting Dean some more decorations. Castiel began raining down the spanks on Dean harder and faster than normal and Dean whimpered. It was such a combination of pain and pleasure his head didn’t know which way was up.

What Dean didn’t realize until it was nearly over, was how the spanking calmed him. After the last blow landed, all the tension had gone out of him and he lay limply across the alpha’s lap. The tingling burn in his ass actually felt…good. Huh.

At least by the time they made it downstairs for breakfast, Dean was no longer a bundle of nerves, which was good because for some reason his father-in-law was paying particular attention to him this morning.

“I noticed that you gave your mate a rather vigorous spank this morning. Was your omega being naughty again, Castiel?”

Cas fed Dean a piece of bacon before responding. “No. He’s been perfect lately. He was just a bit jittery this morning because I’m taking in to get some piercings done today. I hadn’t quite decided on which ones I wanted the last time we were at the shop. I thought a more vigorous spank might calm him.”

“It appears to have worked. He seems much more docile now.”

I’ll show you docile you crazy old coot. Dean dearly wished he could speak up and give his father-in-law a taste of his own medicine, but he wasn’t going to jeopardize today for anything.

Castiel purposely did not rush through breakfast. He took his time feeding Dean from his plate and Dean loved that he always gave him the best bits of everything. It was sort of endearing. Dean could hardly believe this was the same alpha who raped and tortured him for two weeks. He still couldn’t forget that it happened, but he was starting to see Castiel much differently these days.

“I look forward to seeing those new decorations this evening. You will join us for dinner tonight, won’t you?”

“Yes, father,” Castiel lied. Well, Dean hoped he was lying. A tiny part of his brain still worried that he was going to be betrayed yet again.

After breakfast Castiel took Dean back to their quarters and they did the final preparations for their outing. Castiel took off his cage and removed his plug so that Dean had a chance to use the bathroom before they left. Castiel changed into clothes that would be appropriate for a trip into town, but were also more comfortable for travel.

Dean had to admit that the alpha did look good in the tight black t-shirt, leather jacket and dark blue jeans he’d put on. He was also jealous that he couldn’t wear something similar. He wouldn’t be able to put clothes on until they crossed over into Canada.

Once Castiel was done changing, he put Dean on his leash and led him out to the car. Dean decided instead of looking excited, to look slightly miserable, to keep up the pretense of not wanting the piercings he was supposedly getting. On their way to the garage they ran into Castiel’s brother Michael and his mate.

“Hey Castiel, I was thinking of maybe joining you guys today? I’ve been thinking of getting my mate some piercing as well,” Michael greeted.

Shit. No.

“I actually have some errands to run before we make it to the shop, so why don’t you go on ahead without us?” Castiel replied casually.

Michael looked a little put off but just shrugged. “Alright, maybe we’ll still be there when you’re done with your errands. Come, omega, let’s get you cleaned up before we head out.”

“Yes, alpha,” the omega replied meekly.

Dean’s heart was still racing when they finally existed the estate grounds. “Thanks for the quick thinking back there, Cas. I thought we were caught for sure.”

“We might still be,” Castiel growled. “Michael is following us. I am guessing my father has become suspicious and has sent him to spy on us.”

“Fuck! Ugh…sorry. I just knew something would go wrong.”

“I think I can lose him, so just hold on.”

With that, Castiel sped up, dodging other cars, slipping through yellow lights, and zig zagging through town. “I don’t see him behind us anymore. I think we’re safe. Just in case, I’m going to park a few blocks from the passport office and we’ll go on foot.”

Castiel parked in front of an erotic omega toy shop that was located half-way between the tattoo and piercing shop and the post office. He led Dean inside and asked about a back exit. Hopefully if Michael was still watching them, he’d think Castiel was going to buy some kinky toys to use on Dean.

They finally made it to the passport office without seeing any signs of Michael. Castiel led Dean to the counter, where he dutifully knelt. “Hi. I’m here to pick up the passport for my omega? My name is Castiel Novak and my mate is Dean Novak.”

“One moment please.”

As the minutes dragged on, Dean was sure something else was going to go wrong. Maybe they accidentally mailed the passport instead of holding it for pickup. Maybe there was an irregularity and they contacted Castiel’s father. So many possibilities flooded Dean’s mind and he felt himself start to panic.

“Here you are, sir.”

Dean blinked several times and he looked up to see Castiel smiling down at him, holding his passport. Dean nearly collapsed as he felt the rush of relief come over him. Castiel put a hand on his shoulder to steady him and then helped him stand so they could make their way back to the car. Castiel carefully tucked the passport into his inside jacket pocket, right next to his own, for safekeeping.

Dean was convinced Michael would be lying in wait for them outside, but he wasn’t anywhere to be seen. They made their way back to Castiel’s car and got back on the road, and Dean sighed with relief.

“Do you still want to stop by your parent’s house?” Castiel asked. “We shouldn’t spend too much time before we start heading north.”

“Yeah. I just need to talk to them one more time. I don’t know if they’ll tell me, but I need to know why they gave me to you so…willingly.”


As they pulled up to the house, Dean saw his dad and Sam tossing a football to each other in the front yard. They looked shocked to see him and Castiel.

Castiel led him out of the car and over to his dad. “We can’t stay long, Mr. Winchester, but Dean really wanted to talk to you.”

A moment later, Dean’s mom came running out of the house. “Dean? Dean!” She pulled Dean into a fierce mama bear hug, the kind he’d been missing so much. “Hey mom. Miss me?”

Mary looked at him with tear filled eyes. “You have no idea. Come on, come inside. I’ll make some coffee.”

As Dean entered the house behind Castiel, the scents wafting around him flooded him with memories. Happy days running around this house, chasing after Sam, eating mom’s home cooked meals, catching the ball with his dad in the yard. Dean couldn’t help the tears that crested and slid down his face.

As Castiel sat on the couch in the living room, he looked down at his kneeling mate and noticed the tears and reached to brush them away. “Don’t cry, Dean. Please?”

Dean nodded and took a deep breath, just as his mom came in with a tray of coffee for everyone.

“So, what’s going on?” John asked. “There isn’t a problem is there? We’re sorry we weren’t able to train him up proper for you Mr. Novak, so I’m sure you had your hands full with Dean, but it looks like you have him well in hand now.”

Castiel sighed, unclipped Dean’s leash and patted the spot next to him on the couch. “Dean, come sit next to me.”

John and Mary gasped at the gesture. Dean stood and sat down next to Cas, wincing because of his still sore bottom.

Castiel then looked at John. “No, there is no problem at all. Dean just needed to ask you something. Now that he’s mated, he hoped you might be more amenable to answering his question.”

“Okay, so what’s the question?” John asked.

“Why’d you sell me out, dad?” Dean asked pointedly. “After years of preaching omega rights and freedom, you went complete one-eighty on me and you refused to tell me why. I need to know.”

John and Mary exchanged a look and John took a deep breath. “Sammy, go to your room.”

“Hey, no! I want to know too. Dean’s my brother. I heard all the speeches about omega rights from you just as Dean did. Whatever it is, I have the right to know too,” Sam insisted.

“John, you can’t keep this from them forever. It’s time they knew,” Mary interjected.

John rubbed his face with his hands and sighed. “What I’m about to tell you cannot leave this room. Dean, can we trust your alpha? Are you sure he won’t snitch?”

“I dunno what you mean by snitch, but…” Dean looked at Castiel for a long moment. “Yeah, you can trust him.”

“It was a couple of months before your birthday. Some goons that said they worked for the Novak Corporation came by the shop and asked to speak with me. They seemed to know all about your mom and our activities in the Omega Freedom movement. They knew you were about to turn eighteen and they insisted that you be on the registry. Or else.”

Dean and Sam both gasped simultaneously. “The Novak Corporation?!” Dean yelled as he looked angrily at Castiel.

Castiel raised his hands in innocence. “I…I’m sorry. I had no idea. I swear I didn’t!”

“What did they threaten to do?” Dean asked John.

“They were going to have you sent to an omega training facility, Sam would be rehomed and raised by an alpha parent, and they would burn our house down while we slept, possibly killing us both. They knew everything about us. Where we lived, where Sam went to school, everything.”

“Why would the Novak Corporation be that interested in my joining the registry? Are they going after other families with omegas too?” Dean asked.

John shook his head. “I asked the other members of the Omega Freedom group and no one else received any threats as far as I know.”

“What the fuck? Castiel?”

Castiel had a crestfallen look on his face. “Oh no. No, no, no. Dean I am so sorry. Sorrier than you can ever imagine. I had no idea my father would go through such lengths.”

“What the hell are you talkin’ about?”

“Several months ago, I saw you out with your mom. You…you’re so beautiful. It was like love at first sight for me. I became obsessed. I had no idea my father knew. I think I stalked you on TwitFace. Then my father began to remind me about my duty as an alpha and since I had completed college it was time for me to choose a mate. He insisted I start looking at the omega registry. When…when I found you on it…I’m sorry. I didn’t know he threatened your parents…I’m…so sorry, Dean.”

Castiel got up and ran from the room, sobbing. Dean took a deep breath and followed. “I’ll go check on him.”

Dean found Castiel sitting on the steps out to the back yard, sobbing. After everything that had happened over the last several weeks, it all started to make sense now and he knew Castiel was telling the truth.

Dean sat down and pulled Castiel into an embrace. “Hey, it’s okay. I believe you. C’mere. It’s okay.”

Castiel clung to Dean, sobbing into his shoulder. After several moments, he sat back and looked at Dean, his eyes rimmed red and puffy. “I am so sorry Dean. I always knew my father wasn’t the easiest person to get along with but…back then I had no idea he’d stoop to something like that.”

“Well…it was kinda sweet…even if he was a complete asshole in how he went about it. I think he just wanted to see you happy.”

Dean reached out and wiped away Castiel’s tears and the alpha looked up at him. “I am happy. You do make me so happy, Dean. I just hope…one day…maybe?”

“Yeah, maybe one day. Let’s just get our assess to Canada first. Then we can think about the future, okay?”

Castiel nodded. “Okay. Let’s not tell your parents about that. They may be under surveillance too.”

Dean nodded. “Yeah, good idea.”

They both went back inside. John and Mary were still in the living room, but Sam had disappeared. Dean had an idea where he was. “I’m gonna go talk to Sam. Don’t go blaming Castiel for this dad. He didn’t know, okay?”

John nodded.

Dean ran up the stairs to Sam’s room, knocking on the door before he entered. He found Sam curled up on his bed.

“Hey, Sammy, mind if I park my naked ass here for a moment?”

Sam looked up at him and laughed. “How can you still crack jokes after…all that?”

“Living under the same room as Castiel’s dad for the last several weeks. Let’s just say it’s given me a thicker skin.”

“But Castiel? Does he treat you alright?”

“It was a bit rough in the beginning. He was taking a lot of pointers from his dad. When that wouldn’t work…well he literally ran away. Took me with him. We spent two weeks finally getting to know each other without all of the damned surveillance he has going on at the estate. It’s everywhere Sammy. Even the damned bedrooms!”

“Wow. And so…what now?”

“All you need to know is that Cas and I are cool. I believe that he didn’t know what a son-of-a-bitch his dad is. He treats me right, as much as he’s able to. Don’t you worry, I’ll be fine. Okay?”

Sam sat up and pulled Dean into a hug. “Yeah, okay. I miss you, though.”

“Yeah, I miss you too. I dunno when I’ll be able to see you again, but I just needed to hear from mom and dad about what really happened. Man, that explains a lot.”

“Yeah, it does. So, are you taking off soon?”

“Yeah, Cas and I gotta get back. It wa so good seeing you, bro. You watch out for mom and dad, alright?”

“Yeah. I will. Love ya, man.”


Dean and Cas made their farewells and headed back on the road. They had a lot of ground to cover. They had another half-hour before the money would transfer and Dean hoped that Castiel’s dad didn’t find out and block it before it happened.

They managed to get to the highway going north without incident and within several hours they had crossed state lines, when they finally stopped at a gas station for a break and to refuel. “Let me go in first,” Castiel said. “I’ll make sure it’s safe.”

Dean really needed to use the bathroom, but he was willing to wait a few more minutes. Dean saw as Castiel peeked into the convenience store to see if there was anything about them on the TV. He turned and quickly ran back to the car. He began fueling quickly. He must have only put a few gallons in when he jumped back into the car and took off.

“It’s all over the news. There’s an APB out for us. I didn’t want to pump and run, but I couldn’t risk them tracing our location from using a card. I’m just glad this station didn’t require payment upfront. The clerk looked like he was asleep so he won’t notice for awhile.”

Dean groaned. Fuck.

Castiel kept driving, taking more backroads now. They had to make it to the Canadian border before sunrise.

“Don’t worry, Dean. We’ll make it. I’ll try to get gas again in another hour or so. Before then I’ll try to stop long enough so we can get a restroom break, alright”

Dean nodded. “Yeah, just drive.”

Chapter Text

Castiel had been driving for nearly an hour before he finally felt safe enough to pull over onto a dirt road long enough so they could stop and empty their aching bladders. “I’m going to take that stupid cage off of you,” Castiel said, taking the key out of his pocket. “You really don’t need it anymore. Feel free to take the plug out too if you want.”

“Thanks, man.” Dean reached around, removed it and tossed it into the woods. A moment later he slightly regretted that action as he now felt so…empty. Hopefully that would pass.

Next Castiel went to dig through the trunk of the car and threw a set of sweats at him. “Here, since we’re officially fugitives now anyway, there’s no point in you trying to act the part of a good omega.  You might as well be more comfortable. Feel free to ride shot gun with me if you want.”

Dean pulled on the sweats and then got a mischievous look his eye. “Can I drive?”

“You know how to drive?”

“Yeah, my dad taught me. He would take me out to the back roads as soon as my legs were long enough to reach the pedals.”

“Wow. Well then go ahead. I would love to get a little rest.”

Dean grinned as Castiel tossed him the keys. This wasn’t his dad’s Impala, but it was a really nice BMW. As Dean slid behind the wheel, wearing clothes in the first time in so long, without the damned cock cage and anal plug, he almost felt human again.

“So, which roads were you plannin’ to take?” Dean asked as he pulled back onto the road they had been on.

“I was aiming to drive to Winnipeg, and the most direct route is to take I-29 straight north. However, since I saw the news in Sioux Falls, I’ve been following Highway 75 instead. We can take that almost the entire way, but once we hit Donaldson in Minnesota, I was going to jog east and take Highway 59 up to Winnipeg instead. It’s less traveled.”

Dean nodded. “Gotcha.”

“There’s a small town another hour up the road,” Castiel continued. “I think we might be safe to get gas there. I do have some cash on me so I won’t have to pump and run again.”

“Okay, you get some rest, I’ll wake you up when we get there.”

“Thanks, Dean.”


An hour later, Dean pulled into the gas station. It was the middle of the night and the sleepy little town was dark and quiet. He shook Castiel awake. “Hey, we’re here.”

Castiel yawned and got out. He pumped the gas first this time, before heading to pay the attendant who also seemed half-asleep. Hopefully the kid hadn’t been paying that much attention to the news. At least with a full tank, they should make it the rest of the way without needing gas again.  

Castiel came back with a couple of bottles of water and bags of chips for them. “He didn’t seem suspicious of me. I couldn’t smell any sort of recognition on him. Thankfully I’m looking pretty scruffy compared to any photos that might be circulating, and you do as well.”

“Gee thanks.”

“It will work in our favor. They are looking for a wealthy, clean-cut alpha and his very naked, clean-cut omega. With your build with clothes on, you look more like an alpha from a distance. Keep your collar under your clothes and we might still pull this off.”

Dean got them back on the road again and let Castiel get some more sleep. Once they got closer to the Canadian border, they both would need their wits about them.


Castiel slept until Dean passed into Minnesota. So far they hadn’t been stopped or pulled over, so they took that as a good sign. It was their hope that the police were focused on the main interstate and hadn’t thought to check the back roads and highways yet.

Rubbing the sleep from his eyes, Castiel sat up and turned on the radio. “I’ve been afraid to listen to it, but we should know what we’re getting ourselves into.”

Castiel kept tuning it until he found a news station that came in relatively clear.

…and in the latest on the runaway Novak case, authorities have set up a road block on Northbound Interstate 29. They still believe that Castiel Novak, the youngest son of the CEO of Novak Corporation, is fleeing to Canada with his omega, Dean as a response to his father’s lobbying efforts to pass the Dissolution of Omega Rights Bill…

“You were right, Cas. They’re focused on the Interstate,” Dean smirked.

…In other news, the Prime Minister of Canada has said at a press conference he held only an hour ago, that if Castiel Novak does somehow manage to elude authorities and make it to the border of Canada, that they will be granted immediate asylum. Canadian border agents at all check points are keeping an eye out for the pair and are expected to assist them crossing the border into safety. People around the world are holding their breath to see what happens in this unprecedented act of rebellion…

“Wow, dude. We’re famous! People are actually rooting for us!” Dean said with a laugh. For the first time since this all started, Dean felt real hope bloom in his chest. “C’mon man. We’re gonna make it. I know we will.”

“I am…cautiously optimistic. However, I suspect some of that may have not been truthful,” Castiel said grimly. “My father has been known to manipulate the media before. They might also be expecting us along this road, perhaps even before Donaldson…”

Castiel pulled a map out of the glove compartment and studied it. “Ok, I have a new plan, and we’re not heading to Winnipeg anymore. If the Canadian authorities really are expecting us, we can cross at any checkpoint. We’re going to detour farther east and cross the border at a place called Pinecreek. It looks like it’s the middle of nowhere, but they have an airstrip, which may prove advantageous.”

“It’s going to be light soon, shouldn’t we try to ditch this car and steal another one?” Dean suggested.

Castiel shook his head. “There’s no time. The faster we make it to the border, the better. Let’s just try and stay under the radar as long as we can.”

Dean continued to drive, following Castiel’s direction as they zig zagged their way along various highways and side roads, avoiding towns as much as possible. Dean did his best to keep to the posted speed limits to avoid getting pulled over.

They had just skirted around another small town when sirens finally did blare behind them. Dean hadn’t been doing anything wrong, so the trooper must have identified their car. “Fuck. What should I do?”

“We’re so close, do you think you can outrun him?” Castiel asked. “We’re only about thirty-five miles from the border.”

“Just watch me,” Dean said with a grin as he began to increase their speed, pulling away from the pursuing vehicle.

“Make a left up ahead,” Castiel directed and Dean slowed down just enough to make the turn, screeching their tires as they went.

“It looks like we may have lost him,” Dean said with a sigh of relief, but kept their speed up, just in case.

“In another ten miles, you’ll need to make a very quick left and a right, to get onto Highway 11, then a left onto Highway 89 a few miles farther up. That will get us across the border.”

Dean was buzzing with excitement now. Freedom was so close he could taste it. Then, out of nowhere, there were three cars with sirens blaring, speeding up from behind. Shit!

Dean put the literal pedal to the metal and pushed Castiel’s BMW as fast as it would go hoping to outrun the trio of state troopers, when he saw several more just up ahead, driving in formation in front of him. “Now what do we do? We’re surrounded!”

“Veer off, take that side road up ahead!” Castiel shouted.

Dean turned sharply, very likely leaving skid marks on the road as he turned. Castiel guided Dean through several left and right turns to try and circumvent the troopers while still heading towards the border crossing. Unfortunately they had to get onto Highway 89 in order to make it across the border. There were no other border crossings close enough to reach with the amount of gas they had left.

As they approached Highway 89 from the side road they were on, that’s when they encountered a blockade and with the troopers behind them, there was literally nowhere left to run. Dean finally slammed on the brakes just before he almost rammed into one of the cars blocking their path, stopping just in time.

They were so close. Less than ten miles to the border. Dean’s buzz of excited energy dropped away as the troopers approached their car with guns drawn.

“C’mon Dean, give up peacefully. No need to give them an excuse to hurt you any more than we already have,” Castiel said with a sigh of deep disappointment.

Tears of anger and frustration were rolling down Dean’s face but he complied. “Yes, alpha.”

Dean exited the car and put his hands up in surrender. Then everything was a blur as he was roughly turned around, pressed against the car and his hands cuffed behind him. They had their rights read to them as they were escorted towards one of the state troop vehicles.

“Hang on there, boys, I’m taking them in personally,” someone was shouting and running towards them.

“Yes sir, Sheriff,” the trooper that was holding on to Dean said.

“C’mon you two, my vehicle is this way,” the Sheriff pointed, and the troopers changed direction, leading Dean and Castiel towards the sheriff’s patrol car. Once they were secured in the back seat, the doors were closed and they were locked in.

Castiel looked like he was in shock and Dean just gave in to the mix of grief and fear that threatened to overwhelm him as he leaned his head on Castiel’s shoulder. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”

“Why are you sorry Dean? You did everything you could to try and outrun them. I underestimated how many resources they would have available.”

“No, it’s not that. If…if I had just been a good, obedient omega. Like the kind your dad expected, then this would never have happened. We’d be back at the estate. You’d be safe. I wouldn’t be facing an omega training facility…or worse.”

“I really want to hug you right now,” Castiel admitted as he leaned his head against Dean’s. “I’m the one whose sorry. I failed you as an alpha and your mate. It’s my job to keep you safe…Dean, I’m so sorry.”

Dean and Castiel curled up into each other as best as they could with their hands cuffed behind them. That’s how the sheriff found them when he finally got into his vehicle and began to drive. Dean didn’t pay attention to where they were going, he just assumed they’d be taken to the local jail until they could be extradited back to Kansas.

After a few minutes of driving, Castiel exclaimed, “Dean! Look!” Dean rose his head and looked out of the front window. He couldn’t believe his eyes, but they were approaching a big white and red sign that read, “Welcome to Canada.”

The sheriff chuckled. “You’re both almost safe now, just hang tight.”

“You’re…helping us?” Dean asked.

“Yeah, I couldn’t let that asshole of a CEO get away with what he’s trying to pull off. If you two make it Canada, support for that damned bill will disappear, and quick. You two have been a shining beacon of hope to a lot of us who believe in omega rights. I’ll be damned if I let you get caught just ten miles from the border.”

The sheriff pulled up to the border patrol and rolled down his window. “Howdy, I believe I have a couple of people you folks are looking for. They are here seeking asylum.”

Before Dean knew it, he and Castiel were being helped out of the car and uncuffed. “Welcome to Canada,” one of the border patrol agents said, shaking their hands.

Dean turned to the sheriff and gave him a hug. “Thank you. Wow, you have no idea what this means to us. You are awesome. Seriously awesome.”

Castiel shook the man’s hand as well. “Thank you. If you ever need anything, just let me know. There aren’t enough words to express my gratitude.”

“Just stay safe, for both your own sake, and for the sake of all the omegas in our country,” the sheriff replied. “That’s all I can ask for.”

The past twenty-four hours had been such a roller coaster, Dean wasn’t sure which way was up anymore. Just knowing they were across the border and safe, that was all he needed to know for now.

“C’mon, we have a plane waiting for you,” one of the border agents said. “They’ll fly you to Ottawa. The Prime Minister is waiting to meet you both.”

Dean was still in a bit of a daze as they were driven to the tiny airstrip and led onto a small plane. As they settled into their seats, Dean willingly snuggled into Castiel’s arms and watched through the tiny window as the world dropped away.

Chapter Text

After they arrived in Ottawa, everything was a whirlwind for Dean and Castiel. First, they were taken to meet the Prime Minister of Canada, who welcomed them to the country and granted them full amnesty in front of a crowd of reporters and photographers. Afterward they were taken to several interviews and Dean tried to answer the barrage of questions as best as he could.

By the time it was early evening, the lack of food and sleep finally took its toll on Dean. They were being escorted to yet another interview, when Dean’s eyes felt heavy and his legs turned into jelly. He just collapsed onto the ground as unconsciousness took him.

When Dean finally woke up again, he felt like he was floating. He was snuggled into the most comfortable bed he’d ever been in before, covered in what felt like a cloud and surrounded by pillows. Even as consciousness creeped in, Dean was reluctant to follow, trying to bury himself further into the soft cloud of comfort he found himself in.

“Dean? Are you awake? Please, Dean…are you alright?”

Castiel’s voice sounded rough from sleep and worry and it pulled Dean further into consciousness. The omega cracked open an eye and looked around until it settled on Castiel who was lying next to him.

“Um, yeah, I think so, how are you? What happened?

“I’m fine. You passed out last night. They brought us to a hotel so we could get some rest,” Castiel explained.

Dean rubbed his eyes and sat up. “And how are you? Did you get any rest?”

Castiel smiled. “I fine. I got some sleep while you were driving, remember? Plus, I just got to sleep the whole night next to you without worrying about what my father might do to you.”

“Oh yeah,” Dean’s groggy brain finally caught up with current events. “We made it, didn’t we?”

“Yeah, Dean. We made it. We’re safe.”

Dean just couldn’t help his overwhelming need to hug Castiel. He crawled closer to the alpha and just pulled the man into an embrace. “Thank you. You kept every promise you made ever since you took me up to that cabin. Every one. I owe you so much. I know we had a rough start but dude you’ve turned out to be an awesome mate.”

Castiel blushed and ducked his head at the compliment, which was absolutely adorable.

“We’re still not…complete mates though, are we?” Castiel reminded Dean. “You said you fought part of the bond?”

“Yeah, I did. Can you blame me for fighting it? The way we were forced to mate?”

“Do you think…we could get a do-over? Maybe? Please?”

Dean studied the Alpha for a moment. He felt so much affection for the alpha now that he never imagined he would. He risked his life and freedom for him and unlike his own family, hadn’t betrayed him despite everything he would risk.

“Yeah, I think I’d like that,” Dean said with a smile as he reached out and took Castiel’s hand in his. “My heat’s gonna hit really soon and I know I’m going to be begging for your knot anyway, but yeah, you have my full consent. Knot me, claim me. This time I’ll be yours, willingly.”

Dean saw tears welling in Castiel’s eyes and he cupped the alpha’s face, pulling him into a kiss. They kissed each other breathless and after it broke, Castiel buried his face in Dean’s neck. “I am still so ashamed. If it hadn’t been for my infatuation with you, you wouldn’t ever have been in this position.”

“True, but look, if all this hadn’t happened, we wouldn’t have called attention to what your dad and others like him were trying to pass in Washington. Now at least the world knows and maybe…just maybe that’ll be enough to stop it.”

Castiel nodded. “I suppose you’re right. My father was trying to have that bill passed quietly and the next thing you would have known, you would be shipped off to some training facility and then auctioned off to the highest bidder.”

Dean shuddered at the thought. “I don’t know if I could have survived that, to be honest.” Dean’s stomach rumbled in seeming agreement and they both laughed.

“Maybe we should get dressed and have something to eat?” Castiel suggested and Dean heartily agreed.

As he got out of bed Dean realized that they weren’t just in a hotel room, but a large suite. There was an attached living and dining room, not unlike the suite Castiel had back at the estate. In the bedroom there was a large walk-in closet with several sets of new clothing. Dean found a pair of jeans just his size and grabbed those, along with some boxer-briefs, socks, and a t-shirt.

Before getting dressed, Dean decided he needed a shower first after getting a whiff of himself. Neither of them had showered since that last morning at the estate, which must have been almost thirty-six hours ago now.

The shower wasn’t nearly as fancy as Castiel’s, but it was still large enough for two. Castiel was already in the shower and Dean took a moment to appreciate the beauty of the man’s body. At the estate he hadn’t been able to look up much and so he rarely had the chance to just look at Castiel like this.

Dean felt a blush creep across his cheeks as he took his first good look at what hung between Castiel’s legs. Ok, so, that was the cock Dean was raped with but…damn it looked nice. Dean coughed in embarrassment and shook himself out of his reverie before approaching the shower door and rapping on it. “Mind if I join you?”

Castiel turned to him with a smile. “Come on in!”

Dean stepped in and soon they were both soaping each other. For the first time he was able to enjoy running his hands across Castiel’s back and chest without worrying about what his father-in-law was seeing. The prying eyes were gone and they could finally relax and be themselves.

The realization of that hit Dean hard and he couldn’t help the sob that escaped his throat as he leaned his head against Castiel’s back.

“Dean? What’s wrong?” Castiel asked, his voice filled with concern.

Castiel turned and Dean just fell into his embrace, sobbing. The release of emotion overwhelmed him. Castiel just held him while he just let it all pour out of him, until he hung limply in the alpha’s arms.

It wasn’t until the next insistent rumble of his stomach that Dean final righted himself. “Sorry man, I just…the fact we could just be here together and knowing your dad’s not watching us anymore. It just hit me. I didn’t realize how much I had been holding in.”

“I totally understand,” Castiel said, leaning in and giving Dean a quick kiss. “Come on, let’s finish up and get some food before we both collapse.”

Soon Dean was pulling on those jeans along with a pair of boots he’d also found, before slipping the t-shirt on. Castiel whistled as Dean stood up. “Your ass fills those jeans out in all the right ways. Whoever decided omegas should always be naked has absolutely no imagination.”

Dean laughed and blushed at the compliment.

Castiel came closer and fingered his collar. “Do you…want me to get this removed? We’re mates already anyway, so it’s not like you really need this…”

Dean’s fingers came up to run his fingers across the thin metal. “Nah. I think I want to keep it. At least for now. It’s the first piece of jewelry you ever gave me,” Dean said with a wink. “Besides, it’s a reminder of everything I’ve had to endure.”

“Okay, but if you ever want to remove it, you have my permission…not that you need it, but I won’t get angry if you did remove it.”

“Thanks, Cas,” Dean said with a smile and took Castiel’s hand and led him to the dining room where breakfast was already set up. The alpha must have called and let room service know they were up and had it set up while they were in the shower.

This time, instead of kneeling on a pillow next to Castiel, Dean sat in the chair opposite him at the table. Dean had his own dishes and utensils, just like he’d had when he was growing up. He was struggling to wrap his head around how much his life had changed in such a short span of time. Many of the events were now fuzzy in his head because of how tired he’d been.

“Did we…actually meet the Prime Minister yesterday? It’s all such a blur,” Dean asked as he dug into the pile of pancakes on his plate.

“Yes, we did, and he’s granted us full asylum here in Canada. I haven’t yet checked on the status of my finances yet, but we’re safe and he’s going to help us as much as he can.”

“What’ll we do if your dad blocked your money transfer?”

“I’m not sure, I hadn’t thought that far ahead” Castiel said with shrug.

“Well you could get a job, right?” Dean asked. “Didn’t you say you graduated from college?”

“With a degree in history. Novaks always go to college, but it’s not like we ever use our degrees. Only my oldest brother had to focus on business administration since our father was grooming him to take over the company someday.”

“How about teaching? I bet you’d be good at that,” Dean suggested.

Castiel nodded. “That is a possibility. Also, if there’s a history museum in Canada that’s hiring, I could potentially do that sort of work as well. What about you?”

“What about me? I’m an omega.”

“I think they let omegas hold jobs here in Canada. Is there something you wanted to be when you were growing up?”

Dean thought about it for a long moment as he kept enjoying his food. “Mechanic. I always wanted to be a mechanic. I worked with my dad on his car all the time. A classic 1967 Chevy Impala. Man, I loved that car.”

“Wow, I’m impressed. That’s a great skill to have. You were lucky you were raised by beta parents.”

Dean nodded in agreement. “Don’t I know it. So, do you think that vote will still go through?”

“I’m not sure. Our escape was all over the news and it sounded like it might impact the vote.”

“Is there anything more we can try to do? That vote is just a few days, isn’t it?”

Castiel pulled out his phone. Dean knew that he’d kept it off during their bid for freedom to help prevent being tracked. He turned it on now and started checking through some things on it. A few moments later Castiel broke into a smile. “Good news! The vote has been delayed by a month. There was so much chaos after our escape, they felt they couldn’t go forward without further deliberation!”

“Man, that is good news. With my heat about to hit I wasn’t sure how much I could have done.”

“Now we have time. I’ll ask the office of the Prime Minister if we can hold a press conference,” Castiel suggested. “After we’ve gotten you through your heat.”

Dean smiled as he stuffed another piece of pancake into his mouth and washed it down with some coffee. “How long are they going to let us stay here?”

“Until we’re back on our feet. Probably not more than a couple of months though. We can start to plan all that later though. Let’s just recuperate first?”

“Sounds like a plan, so what did you want to do today?” Dean asked.

“Well, I need to go check on our financial situation. I chose an international bank to transfer funds to and there’s a branch here in Ottawa. Then I was hoping to pick up some heat supplies for you. Do you want to come with or would you rather stay here and rest?”

“I’ll come with. The chance to get out and about and act like a normal human being? That’d be awesome.”

Castiel stood and offered Dean his hand and they exited the hotel suite hand-in-hand. What they didn’t expect was an undercover security guard to follow them. “I’ve been asked to keep an eye on you so you remain safe. They aren’t sure you both wouldn’t be kidnapped and dragged back across the border.”

Dean hadn’t even thought of that possibility but he was sure glad someone did.

Castiel found out that only a fraction of his money made it to his new accounts, but it would suffice until they could find themselves jobs and their own place to stay. For now, they were under government protection and they were expected to remain in their suite or under guard for the time being.

That was fine by the both of them.

Castiel took some of the money he did have and they went shopping for the heat supplies for Dean, and they also bought themselves some clothes of their own, along with a few other personal items, before they returned to the hotel.

That evening, Castiel sat down with Dean and talked through everything regarding his coming heat and made sure Dean was still consenting and would allow his mate to help him through it the way only an alpha could. Which would mean having sex. A whole lot of sex.


Later that night Dean woke up, tossing and turning. He was drenched in sweat and felt like he was in a sauna. Getting up, he tore his pajamas off in an effort to cool down.

“Dean?” Castiel asked with a groggy voice.

“Cas, it’s starting. My heat…I’m so hot…it feels like a furnace in here,” Dean whined.

“Come here. Come back to bed. We talked about this. Let me take care of you, please?”

Dean crawled back on the bed and Castiel grabbed a bottle of water from his nightstand. “Here, drink some water first.”

Dean drank gratefully, suddenly realizing how thirsty he was.

Castiel removed his pajamas as well and Dean could see, and smell, that the alpha was already aroused.

Castiel smirked. “I can’t help it, you smell so good Dean.”

“Like a freakin’ candy factory,” Dean groused. “I swear, mother nature sure has some sense of humor.”

“Tell me what you need from me Dean. Please, I want to take care of you.”

“I told you already. You get a do-over. Knot me and claim me proper this time, I won’t resist. Just don’t make me beg.”

Castiel crawled over Dean in a dominant move. “I already know I can never make you do something you don’t want. My father’s not around, so you just keep telling me what you need from me.”

Dean reached up and pulled Castiel down into a searing kiss. “I want you, alpha. Every god damn inch of you.”

Dean felt Castiel’s heavy cock twitch against his belly at those words. “Then you will have me, my beautiful and feisty mate.”

Castiel knelt between Dean’s legs, while the omega spread them willingly, exposing his already leaking hole. Dean felt as the alpha teased a finger into him, making him moan as it slid in easily, his body willingly taking even that little bit of penetration.

“You’re already so wet for me,” Castiel purred as he scooped up some of the slick with his fingers and coated his length with it. “Are you ready for me?”

“Yes, just fuck me already!” Dean growled.

“No, Dean. I don’t want to fuck you,” Castiel began.

“What the hell!?” Dean shouted, almost sitting up before Castiel pushed him back down and lifting his hips back up.

“Dean, I want to make love to you. This time when I claim you, I want it to be from a place of love.”

Dean relaxed then and nodded. “Yeah okay, just don’t scare me like that.”

The next thing Dean felt was the head of Castiel’s cock breaching his wet and willing hole. Fuck, that felt good. Slowly Castiel slid into him, inch by hot, pleasurable inch. It felt so much better this time.

Once Castiel was inside him completely, he leaned over Dean and captured his mouth in a kiss before slowly dragging his cock out and back in, going at a slow, languorous place. Dean felt the heat and pleasure build slow and steady, his own cock rock hard and leaking as it was sandwiched between them. The friction of Castiel’s body as he kept thrusting drove Dean further towards the edge of pleasure.

Castiel was kissing and licking Dean’s neck, over the scar of the mating bite. Dean felt his mating gland tingle with excitement and Dean willingly tilted his head to give the alpha more access. This time Dean was eager to be claimed. Claimed by an alpha who had proven to him that he was a good man, and not the controlling asshole Dean had originally thought he was.

Dean was beginning to realize that he was falling in love with Castiel. He was ready to let the alpha fully and truly claim him, once and for all.

Castiel kept making love to Dean, slow and steady, never wavering in his gentleness, while Dean ran his hands down the alpha’s back until he was able to grasp the man’s ass, kneading and caressing it in rhythm with his movements.

Dean’s pleasure kept building and his own hips began to meet the alpha’s thrusts, his back arching as the heat and tension inside of him built to a crescendo, before he finally came, squirting his thin omega cum hot and wet between them. That was one of the best orgasms Dean could ever remember having.

As Dean finally came back to himself, he realized that Castiel hadn’t knotted him yet and he just kept thrusting, even when Dean was well past the point of sensitivity. “Cas, Cas, stop a moment, please.”

Castiel stopped immediately and knelt up to look down at Dean. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong, I’m just really sensitive, give me a moment, okay?”

Castiel slipped out and lay down next to Dean. He was still clearly hard and aching himself, but he was putting Dean’s needs before his own. “Dude, do you know how much this means to me, this right here? I asked you to stop and you did. That can’t be easy for an alpha to do.”

Castiel looked at him with so much affection, Dean’s heart skipped a beat. “I don’t care. I love you, Dean. I mean that. I never want to hurt you again like I did. I…want you to love me too. I hope maybe, someday…”

Dean pulled Castiel into another kiss, plundering the alpha’s mouth, he pushed Castiel down and dominated the alpha. Castiel laid back easily, letting Dean have his way with him.

Dean smiled into the kiss. “Cas, I think I am starting to fall for you, alright? So, stop worrying and get back to the lovemaking already.”

Such a wave of joy rippled through Castiel that Dean could literally smell it on him. Before he knew it, he was on his back again, being kissed fiercely. Castiel was all smiles when he knelt between Dean’s legs again, but this time Dean had another idea. He turned around and got on all fours, and presented himself to the alpha like a good and obedient omega.

“Dean? Are you sure?” Castiel asked as he hesitated.

“Yeah, I’m sure. Last time I was in this position, things didn’t go so well. I want a better memory to replace it,” Dean explained as he wiggled his ass. “Now come on, needy omega in heat over here!”

Castiel laughed and Dean felt the bed dip as the alpha crawled closer behind him. Dean could still feel all the slick leaking out of him as it slid down his thighs. When Castiel finally took hold of his hips and thrust into him again, Dean moaned loudly. “Fuck, man. Your cock feels so good. Wish we could have done this lovemaking thing in the first place.”

“So do I, Dean,” Castiel grunted as he began thrusting again. “You take my cock so well.”

Dean grasped the sheets and held on. At first, Castiel kept the slow, gentle pace, but Dean needed more and he began to push back faster. “Faster, please.”

“I thought you weren’t going to beg?” Castiel teased as he began to increase the pace. Dean had a snarky remark on his lips but it turned into a moan as Castiel also thrust harder. “Oh, fuck yeah, that’s what I needed.”

Finally, Dean could feel Castiel’s knot forming. This time it just felt amazing as it caught on his rim even while it slowly grew. “Are you ready for my knot, my love?”

“Yeah, give it to me, alpha,” Dean moaned.

Castiel thrust the knot into Dean as he bent over his mate. “Last chance Dean. Will you let me claim you properly this time?”

“Yes, Cas. Alpha. Claim me!”

Dean’s cock had gotten rock hard again and now that the knot was rubbing against his prostate, Dean felt an orgasm build inside of him. Just then the knot locked into place and Castiel bit down on the mating mark again, sinking is teeth deep into Dean’s flesh.

Dean welcomed the full bond this time, as he came all over the sheets below him. Dean slowly came down from yet another intense orgasm as he felt Castiel spilling his seed inside of him. The alpha was moaning in ecstasy as lapped at the fresh wound on Dean’s neck. This time the bond slid fully into place and Dean was flooded with all the emotions he could feel from Cas through the bond.

Castiel maneuvered them so they could lay on their sides while his knot kept pumping seed into Dean at regular intervals. Dean hugged the alpha’s arms to his chest and cried for all the love he felt from this man, his mate. His alpha.

“Oh, Dean! Is this what the bond is meant to feel like?” Cas whispered. “It’s, wow. I had no idea. Thank you, Dean. Thank you for letting me truly mate you. I love you. I really, truly love you.”

“I know, man. I do too. I love you, Cas. Now and forever.”

Chapter Text

Dean and Castiel had been in Canada for a month now. They were also still under protection and living in the fancy hotel suite that the Prime Minister had set up for them.

Ever since Dean’s heat, he and Castiel were closer than ever. Dean knew it was the bond that he allowed to fully form this time, but it was something more as well. When Castiel had kept every promise he made back at that cabin of his, the alpha had earned not only Dean’s heart but also his trust.

“Hurry up Cas! We’re going to be late!” Dean called as he pulled on his coat.

“I’m almost ready, Dean,” Castiel said as he came out of the bedroom. “You’re awfully eager this morning.”

“Hey, any chance to help nail that bastard of a father-in-law to the wall,” Dean growled.

Castiel grabbed his new favorite coat, a tan trench coat he had picked up on sale a couple of weeks back. The man practically lived in the thing now, Dean thought in amusement as they made their way out of the suite.

They arrived at the capitol building with a few minutes to spare when they were quickly whisked to a small room and were having makeup applied before they could even say anything. “You need to look good for the cameras boys!” the makeup artist said cheerfully.

Moments later they were escorted to the backstage area of the press conference that had been set up. Castiel and Dean had agreed to go on public record regarding their ordeal and the truth behind Castiel’s father. They both hoped that everything they shared today would be damning enough to halt the Dissolution of Omega Rights Bill, and perhaps pave the way for a more expansive Omega Rights Bill in the future.

Dean was nervous, but he wasn’t going to let people see him as a weak Omega. They were both going to speak today, and he knew he had to man up and speak his mind, which was not something he’d ever had a problem doing before. He just never had to do it in front of a room full of reporters or the millions of people who would be watching on live television.

When they got the signal to walk onto the stage, Castiel took Dean’s hand and they walked side-by-side towards the podium. They had spent the past week rehearsing exactly what they were going to say, all Dean had to do was remember what they had practiced.

Dean looked out at all the reporters for a moment, giving them a brief smile before focusing on a point in the back of the room. Castiel had suggested it, to help keep Dean focused and not get overwhelmed by all the reporters and their cameras.

Then Castiel began their speech. “Welcome. My name is Castiel Novak. I am the youngest son of the Founder and CEO of Novak Industries. I am here with my mate, Dean Novak, to address why we fled to Canada from the United States, and why we needed to seek asylum here. Please, hold all of your questions until we have said our piece.”

Dean took a deep breath and began his part. “Several months ago, I turned eighteen. In the United States that means my parents were encouraged to register me on the Omega Registry, so that I could be matched with an alpha mate,” Dean began. “This was against my wishes and my consent. My parents had for years told me that they would keep me off the registry. The current Omega Rights laws that are in place allow parents of omega children to seek a mate in private, but my parents were coerced and threatened into having me registered.”

“My very own father found out I had a crush on Dean,” Castiel continued. “He is the one who forced Dean’s parents to register him. I was not aware of this when I was told by my father to seek a mate on the registry. I did not learn of this deception until after I had already forcefully mated Dean.”

“I have forgiven Castiel,” Dean said. “But the fact remains that because of his father, he raped and beat me for the first two weeks we knew each other, all in the name of forcing me to become a submissive, obedient omega.”

“When I couldn’t break Dean, my father confronted me,” Castiel said with a growl. “He threatened to take my mate away from me and have him broken properly at an omega training facility. I knew how they treated omegas there because my father insisted I tour several that Novak Industries privately ran. I remember being horrified at what I saw and I couldn’t subject Dean to that.”

“Instead, Castiel had to kidnap me from his own home,” Dean recalled. “He took me to this little cabin he owned out in the middle of nowhere. That’s where we were finally able to talk and come to a mutual understanding.”

Castiel and Dean continued to relate their story, of the constant surveillance they were under at the Novak Estate, the punishments that Castiel’s father had insisted upon, and the constant fear for Dean’s safety. Then they addressed the issue of the Dissolution of the Omega Rights Bill.

“What my father and his cronies have been lobbying for,” Castiel began to explain, “is not just a dissolution of the Omega Rights laws currently in place. He also wants new, stricter laws created in order to completely subjugate and enslave the American omega population. Anyone who doesn’t comply with his vision of how omegas should be treated would be put through training programs, alphas and omegas alike. Beta parents of alpha and omega children would lose custody of them and see them taken away so that the children could be raised correctly under the strict new laws. How he treats the omegas in his household, is how he wants to see every omega treated.”

“What he has been pushing for isn’t right,” Dean said. “No human, regardless of their orientation, should be treated as something less than. I hope that I am proof that not all Omegas are drooling, sex-crazed simpletons.”

“You can clearly see that Dean is an intelligent, articulate human being,” Castiel praised. “I am very proud to be his mate, and I am so very sorry for how I initially treated him. Thank you all for listening. We will now take a few questions.”

Many of the questions were respectful and were ones they were both happy to answer; “How did it feel when you finally crossed the border?”, “What made you forgive Castiel?”, “What are you planning to do now?”

Then a surly looking alpha stood and sneered at them both. “Dean, can you explain the Pythagorean Theorem?”

Castiel was about to speak in protest when Dean grabbed his shoulder. “I got this. The Pythagorean Theorem is a fundamental relation in Euclidean geometry among the three sides of a right triangle. It states that the square of the hypotenuse, which is the side opposite the right angle, is equal to the sum of the squares of the other two sides. The equation for this is a-squared plus b-squared equals c-squared,” Dean replied smugly. “My mom was an awesome teacher.”

The surly alpha’s mouth hung open in shock and he sat back down in silence as the room erupted in applause. Dean could smell the pride Castiel had for him and it made Dean smile.

The press conference was called to an end then and the pair were escorted backstage. One of the Prime Minister’s staff, a Special Assistant for Media Relations was there to greet them. “You two were wonderful. Dean, you proved to the world how intelligent omegas can be when given the chance. This will only strengthen Canada’s resolve to push forward further reforms for omega freedoms and I hope it did not fall on deaf ears in America.”

“Thank you again,” Castiel said gratefully. “I do hope that changed enough minds to stop that Dissolution of Omega Rights Bill. Only time will tell now.”

“Let’s get you back to your hotel,” she said as she pointed them to the back door where a limo was planned to be waiting for them.

“Come on Dean,” Castiel said, holding out his arm. “Let’s get back and celebrate. I think this calls for some Champagne!”

Dean laughed in agreement. Things were finally going their way and he couldn’t have been happier.

They found the limo waiting for them and Castiel held the door open for Dean to climb in first. As soon as Dean sat down in the dark interior, something felt off, but before he could even bark a warning, someone was holding a cloth over his mouth while someone else closed the door shut before Castiel could get in.

Dean tried to scream but the deep inhale he had to take to do so, filled his lungs with whatever the cloth had been soaked in. Before Dean could even think of the word chloroform, his mind slipped into darkness.


When Dean woke up, he immediately realized he was naked, on his knees, with his hands chained above his head and his mouth gagged with a bit. His eyes flew open as he remembered his last moments of consciousness, only to stare into his father-in-law’s scowling face. Oh, shit.

His father-in-law scowled at him for another moment before turning to someone standing next to him. It was another alpha, dressed in a lab coat. Dean blinked and looked around. He wasn’t back at the estate. The room he was in was clinical and sterile in it’s almost blinding whiteness. An omega training facility. Dean’s heart began to race with fear.

“How soon can you begin the process of breaking him?” Dean heard his father-in-law ask. “I’m sure you’ve seen the news, so you know he’ll be a difficult omega to bring into line, but if you can tame him, it will prove that all omegas are tamable.”

“You know the guidelines,” the alpha said. “We first need to run him through a complete set of medical tests to make sure he is physically and mentally sound. The goal is to make him submissive, not dead.”

The elder Novak grunted in frustration but then nodded in agreement. “Alright, call me when you’ve completed the tests. I want to be here when you begin the process of breaking him. I look forward to seeing the spirit finally die in his eyes.”

Dean gave the man the best death glare he could since he couldn’t say anything. As he watched the man leave, Dean thrashed in frustration, grunting and screaming through his gag. He couldn’t believe he’d been kidnapped and dragged back to a place like this. Where was Castiel? Was he okay or did they grab him too?

Dean fought and struggled as the man in the lab coat approached him with two burly alphas dressed in scrubs. They held him immobile, so he could be injected with…something. The next thing he knew his world swirled into darkness once again.


The next time Dean woke up, he was still naked and gagged, but this time he was restrained on a medical table with his legs spread wide in stirrups. Dean immediately began to thrash in his restraints when the alpha in the lab coat came over and glared at him.

“Be still omega or I will sedate you again,” he admonished. “I’m Dr. Kadinsky. I’m the head of the Novak Omega Training Facility here in Lawrence. I need to perform some tests on you to make sure our training procedures won’t cause you irreparable harm. The more you cooperate, the less painful this will be.”

Like hell, he was going to cooperate. Dean snarled and bucked in his restraints. “Fine, we’ll do this the hard way,” Dr. Kadinsky said, picking up another syringe. “I do need you conscious, but I don’t need you to be able to move.”

As the drug took effect, Dean’s thrashing slowed and eventually he wasn’t able to move at all. It was as if he were paralyzed. The very thought of being trapped within his body and unable to control it caused a surge of panic and he began to hyperventilate.

“Great, just what I need, a panicker,” Dr. Kadinsky sighed. “Orderly, bring over the oxygen.”

An orderly appeared in Dean’s line of sight and strapped on an oxygen mask over Dean’s nose and gagged mouth. The mask looked like it was specially designed to fit over the gag Dean had.

“Now breath slowly through your nose,” the doctor instructed, and Dean had no choice but obey as he breathed in the purified oxygen and slowly calmed his breathing.

“There now, let’s begin, shall we?” the doctor asked rhetorically as he snapped on a pair of rubber gloves. Dean couldn’t move his head, but he could see enough as the doctor scooted a seat forward and sat between his splayed open legs. Dr. Kadinsky took metal speculum from his medical table, making Dean whine. Dean had been subjected to the humiliation and pain of a speculum when his parents took him in for his mandatory examination after he hit puberty.

Dr. Kadinsky squirted some lube over the speculum before just forcing it into Dean’s hole, making the omega scream. “Now, don’t you wish you had been more cooperative?” the sadistic doctor taunted as he began to ratchet the speculum open, stretching Dean painfully.

“Let’s have a look,” the doctor said to himself as he took a penlight and shined it inside of Dean’s stretched opening. “Oh my, that can’t be right,” the doctor said with a frown before taking a deep sniff. “Oh, this isn’t good at all.”

Dean didn’t like the sound of that. What was wrong with him?

“I’m going to need a urine sample,” the doctor announced as he stood and grabbed some equipment, leaving Dean uncomfortably stretched. “Since you have no control of your bodily functions right now, I’m going to have to use a catheter. Hold still now.”

Dean watched in horror as the doctor grabbed Dean’s cock and inserted the end of the catheter tube into his urethra. The monster didn’t even use lubrication this time and Dean screamed at the burn as it slid down into his bladder. Soon urine began to flow through the catheter and collected into a sterile back at the other end of the tube. The process felt like it would last forever until the doctor felt that he had enough urine for whatever test he was going to run. Once the doctor was satisfied, he cruelly yanked the catheter out, causing Dean to scream into his gag.

Then doctor went off to run his tests, leaving Dean splayed and stretched, still completely unable to move. After what felt like hours, he came back with a concerned look on his face. He had a phone in his hand and was dialing a number. “Mr. Novak? I’m afraid we’ve run into a complication…No, sir, he’s perfectly healthy…we can’t proceed with his condition, sir. You see, he’s pregnant. Which means he’s carrying your grandchild. Any attempt to break him now could harm the child…” the doctor walked out of Dean’s earshot again as he paced in and out of the room.

Pregnant? He was carrying Cas’ child? Dean had tears streaming unbidden from his eyes as he lay there helpless. Cas, I hope you’re still alright. Please, come save me. Save us. Please.

Chapter Text

As Dean slowly slipped back into consciousness, he groaned as the memories of what happened flooded to the surface. He was afraid to even open his eyes until he realized he was smelling a very familiar scent. He smelled Cas. The smell permeated the room he was in, and his eyes flew open, thinking that it all had been a horrible nightmare.

Dean looked around and blinked several times before he pinched himself. If this was a nightmare, he wasn’t awake yet. He was no longer at the omega training facility, but he wasn’t back at the hotel with Cas either. He was in Castiel’s bed…the one he had shared with his alpha at the Novak Estate.

Dean buried his head into the pillows. He couldn’t decide if this was better or worse. He was away from that sadistic doctor, but being anywhere near his father-in-law wasn’t going to be much better. In fact, they could be much, much worse.

As Dean took a deep breath, he smelled Castiel’s scent even more strongly, and that stabbed at Dean’s heart. He had finally fallen in love with his mate, only to be cruelly torn from his side. Then he remembered the last thing the doctor had said…he was pregnant.

Dean’s hands clutched his abdomen protectively at the thought. Pregnant. “Don’t you worry, little one. I’ll do everything I can to protect you, and I’m sure your dad will come along and get us out of here. He’s going to be so happy to meet you.”

Dean clung to the hope that Castiel was alive and well in Canada and hopefully trying to mount a rescue. Until then he had to sit tight and wait. He knew the house rules and the best way to get out of this alive was to appear compliant. He wouldn’t do anything that might risk the health or safety of his unborn child.

Dean kept breathing in Castiel’s scent to help calm him when he felt the urgency of his bladder pull him out of his reverie. Dean attempted to get out of bed, and that’s when he realized he was chained. His right ankle had a metal manacle that looked like it was welded onto his ankle. Attached to it was a sturdy length of chain, which appeared to be bolted to the wall.

The metal cuff was light, which is why he hadn’t noticed it until now. Probably titanium or some light metal alloy that was strong and light. Dean wondered how long the chain was as he pulled on it and slipped out of bed. It seemed to have some length to it, so Dean tested the distance. He could reach the door to the master bathroom and all the way to the toilet. That’s something at least, Dean thought has he gratefully relieved himself.

Dean went back to exploring how far his chain let him go. He could make it far enough into Castiel’s small library to access one of the many bookshelves, but he couldn’t reach the small dining area. The chain also stopped several inches short of the double doors to exit the suite.

Okay, so he had the bed, the bathroom, and some books. That was far more humane than he’d expected from his father-in-law. Could the old man be going soft just because Dean was pregnant? Then Dean realized it probably wasn’t for him, but for his child. The grandchild that he carried was clearly precious to the crazy old bastard. Dean smiled as he realized that gave him a certain amount of leverage over the man he hadn’t had before.

Smiling to himself, Dean went back to the library and selected a book before making his way back to the bed. Making himself comfortable, he started to read. He knew all the while that he was being observed with all the hidden cameras and microphones everywhere.  Eventually, they’d have to send someone to check on him and feed him. Until then he could just bide his time.


Dean had gotten through the first chapter of the book when he heard the sound footsteps and the jingle of keys, followed by the sound of a key being inserted into the lock outside of the door and the snick of a lock being opened, before the doors were swung wide. Dean put down his book and braced himself for whatever happened next, when in came the last person he expected to see, his brother-in-law, Gabriel.

“Hey Dean-o,” the petite alpha greeted. “You’re in luck. Dad put me in charge of taking care of you during your pregnancy.”

Dean relaxed at the news. “Why is the old man being so nice to me? Besides keeping me chained up and naked. I was expecting to wake up and get my ass beat from here to kingdom come.”

Gabriel sat on the bed next to Dean. “It’s not for your benefit, that’s for sure. He was hell-bent on having you broken six-ways to Sunday in that training facility of his. It’s that baby you’re carrying. He doesn’t want to risk harming one of his grandchildren, regardless of which of his sons fathered it. His legacy is what matters to him.”

“So, I got what? Eight months or so before he steals my child and throws me back to those wolves?” Dean asked.

“That sounds about right, so don’t get too used to being coddled,” Gabriel warned as he reached over and patted Dean on the knee. “You know I’m a licensed doctor, right? I’m going to be your personal physician. Besides myself, there is one staff member who will be allowed access to bring you food and help with anything else you might need. Other than escape, of course. I’m sure you noticed that lovely bit of jewelry on your ankle has been permanently welded shut. Removing it would severely injure you.”

“Great,” Dean said as he rolled his eyes. “How do I get some food around here?”

“I have put together a meal schedule for you, that will be good for both your child’s health and your own. Your first meal is being prepared now and should be up shortly. They’ll bring you a small table to use since the chain won’t reach the dining area.”

Dean sighed. “Thanks.”

“Now, don’t get too cocky. Dad can’t break you the way he really wants, but that doesn’t mean he won’t want to warm your hide if you get too out-of-line.”

“Yes, sir. Thank you, sir.”

“That’s better,” Gabriel said with a sly wink which confused Dean. “I’ll come back after dinner to check up on you and the little one, alright?”

“Yeah, it’s not like I’m going anywhere. Sir.”

When Gabriel left he closed and relocked the doors. Dean knew that Gabriel was the one brother Castiel was the closest to, and all things considered, Dean was grateful he was the only brother-in-law that had with a medical degree.

Sighing again, Dean reached over to pick up the book he had been reading when he noticed a slip of paper peeking out from between the pages. Had he missed seeing that earlier? He carefully picked up the book, so it didn’t slip out and be visible to the cameras. He then turned the pages of the book to where the slip was hidden.

“Castiel is safe. He is still in Canada and is working on a way to rescue you safely. I told him about the baby. He said to tell you to be careful and please don’t do anything that would harm yourself or the child. Just hang in there.”

Dean felt a rush of relief to know Cas was alive and safe. Now he had a glimmer of hope of getting out of this hellhole. Again. Dean redoubled his determination to play it safe. He would do his best to avoid invoking the wrath of his father-in-law. Dean hoped the man would never come and visit him, but knowing now that the man coveted his unborn child, he knew a visit would be inevitable.


Dean’s prediction proved correct when Gabriel came to visit Dean that evening. He rolled in a large machine and set it up next to the bed. Dean’s father-in-law followed. The omega did his best to school his features into a neutral expression.

“I’m going to do an ultrasound. It’s a bit early to see much, but I want to make sure everything looks healthy without being too invasive,” Gabriel explained.

“Alright, how do you want me, Sir?”

Gabriel winked at him for being polite, while his father just glowered from the corner of the room, refusing to even greet Dean.

“Just lie flat and let me pull the comforter back so I can access your abdomen,” Gabriel explained.

Dean complied, and Gabriel began to pull the comforter down far enough to do what he needed without exposing Dean fully.

“Remove them entirely. Omegas don’t need their dignity preserved,” the elder Novak growled.

“Yes, dad,” Gabriel said with a sigh as he pulled the comforter away completely which made Dean blush with humiliation at being so exposed in front of the alphas. Dean expected that, but it was still embarrassing.

Gabriel then spread lubrication all over Dean’s abdomen before turning on the machine and pulling the ultrasound probe free. He began to slowly run the probe over Dean, below the stomach where his uterus was. He went slow, pressing in more in some spots and making thoughtful humming sounds every now and again.

Dean looked up at the monitor and couldn’t see anything but a mass of black and grey. Realistically he knew his child would be too small to see after only a month, but he kept hoping to see something.

“Aha, there they are!” Gabriel exclaimed as he zoomed in on three distinct blobs.

“They?” Dean and his father-in-law exclaimed simultaneously.

“Yes, they,” Gabriel said as he pointed to the blobs. “Dean’s pregnant with triplets. Congratulations! You’re having a whole litter!”

Triplets? Castiel impregnated me with triplets? Ok sure, Castiel promising to get his belly full of pups sounded hot when he was in heat, but now Dean felt a sense of panic. How the hell could he and Cas raise triplets?

Dean’s father-in-law was suddenly hovering over him with an angry scowl. “It had to be you. Out of all the omegas in this house and out of all my sons. My rebellious son and his defiant omega had to be the ones to produce my coveted triplets!” he growled.

“I know triplets are rare, but…” Dean began.

“Triplets are a tradition in the Novak family. Every generation of Novaks for the past millennia has had at least one set of triplets. Tradition dictates the alpha son who fathers triplets will be the next heir of the family fortune,” he explained before growling to himself. “Why am I explaining that to you!?”

“Because I’m carrying your precious triplets,” Dean replied. “Which means you have to actually treat me like a damned human being, so you don’t endanger their lives, isn’t that right?”

“Carrying triplets is also more risky. You will most likely require bedrest during your third trimester. And no stress!” Gabriel emphasized, looking at his father pointedly. “I know you were hoping to be able to warm his ass on occasion, but that’s off the table now. I don’t care what he says or does. Also, no threats to do it to him after. Worrying about future punishment will still stress the children.”

Dean tried not to gloat when he saw his father-in-law practically deflate. “Fine. Just take care of them and make sure they are healthy. I will grant the omega leniency with no threat of reprisals after the children are born. I just want my grandchildren to be born healthy.”

“I will modify your diet,” Gabriel said. “Now that I know you’re eating for four instead of two, you will require increasingly larger meals. Also, you need to get regular exercise during the first two trimesters so that your bedrest later doesn’t weaken you too much. I’ll have a treadmill brought in here and give you an exercise regimen that will be good for you and the children.”

“Can I also get a television in here? Please? If I’m going to be confined for months, I need more than books to read,” Dean requested.

“Fine,” this father-in-law conceded. “But no means of communication. That means no computers or smartphones. You will not be calling my son and trying to escape me again.”

“Fair enough,” Dean agreed not wanting to push his luck. Castiel hopefully knew where he was. he would find a way to rescue him before the babies were born. “Also, any chance I get maybe get some sweats or something? It’s a bit chilly always being nude and all.”

“I’ll pick up some omega maternity clothes,” Gabriel said as he glared at his father. “You’ll start showing soon, so those will be more comfortable for you.”


“And Dad,” Gabriel said, turning fully to his father. “I’m only allowing you to visit him during my weekly ultrasound exams. I know you’ll want to watch the pups develop, but your presence will be too stressful on Dean. You can watch him through all those damned cameras you have everywhere.”

The man merely nodded in agreement.

“Oh, and what if something goes wrong? How do I call for help?” Dean asked.

“I almost forgot,” Gabriel said as he pulled out something from his pocket. It looked like a life-alert bracelet. “Wear this and if you’re in any distress, push this button. It will alert me. It also monitors your blood pressure and heart rate so it will let me know if there are any other issues, even if you fall unconscious.”

Dean put the bracelet on as Gabriel cleaned up the machine and turned it off. “I’ll just leave this here for next time. Go ahead and shower that gook off and get some rest.

“Yes, Doc,” Dean said.

Gabriel led his still stunned looking father out of the room. “Good night, Dean.”

Dean waited until he heard the lock snick closed before he got up and made his way over to the shower. Dean was still in shock himself over the news. On the one hand it was good news because it meant that his sadistic father-in-law couldn’t torture him. Yet. On the other hand, he was carrying triplets, and he didn’t even have his alpha there to soothe him.

As Dean stepped into the shower, he dragged his chain with him and closed the glass door as best as possible. When he turned on the water, and the spray hit his skin, he was reminded of all the times he and Castiel shared this space, whispering their plans for escape. That’s when it really hit him out much he missed the alpha. Cradling his abdomen, Dean sat onto the built-in marble bench in the shower and began to cry.