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You Will Never Claim my Heart

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Dean paced angrily in the small room he found himself confined in. He still couldn’t believe his parents were selling him out like this. He thought they were more progressive and would have pushed back on putting Dean on the omega registry when he turned eighteen, regardless of the law.

Dean’s birthday had been three months ago, and now here he was, all trussed up for his claiming ceremony. As he continued to pace, he could feel the damned plug in his ass with each step. His face burned with anger and embarrassment as he remembered about how it got there. Even worse that it was his dad who gave him a very thorough cleansing while his littler brother Sam held him down. Dean desperately wanted to remove the offending plug, but there was no way he could remove it, with the way his hands were secured behind his back with leather cuffs. Cuffs that were standard issue for any omega in public over the age of eighteen. The final kicker was the gag shaped like a horse’s bit in his mouth.

This was wrong on so many levels, and Dean couldn’t understand how his family was suddenly complying with it all. After hearing John and Mary rail against the abuse of omegas, seeing them march in omega freedom rallies, and assuring him for years that they would never let that happen to him.  

Then something shifted just before Dean’s birthday. Suddenly, his dad stopped preaching about omega rights. Instead he praised the virtues of a good and obedient omega. The first time John had come to Dean and handed him the official Omega Handbook and told him to learn it, to learn how to be a good omega, it was like Dean had been punched in the gut.

Then the night after his eighteenth birthday party, without being told and certainly without his consent, John had placed Dean on the omega registry. Dean wasn’t told until his parents had found him a “suitable mate.” Some alpha from the rich and powerful Novak family, no less.

“C’mon Dean,” his Dad had urged. “At least look at his profile. You might actually like him. Give him a chance, okay?”

That night was the first time Dean ran away. He made it as far as the bus stop before they’d caught up with him and dragged him back home. The second time he’d been picked up by the sheriff in the next town. The most recent attempt had been just two days ago, and he nearly made it across the state line.

Which was why he was restrained on his Claiming Day. Stark naked and ready to be offered to this Novak like a Christmas turkey on a platter.

Dean stopped pacing when he heard footsteps approaching. He turned to face the door, determined to put up as much of a fight as possible.

The door opened and in came John and Sam. “It’s time, son,” John said. “Let’s get you to the altar.”

Dean snarled through the bit gag, shaking his head and backing away from them.

John sighed. “Sam, help me with him.”

Sam looked at Dean with some pity, but did as his father ordered, grabbing Dean by one arm, while John took the other. They dragged him out of the room and into the ceremonial chamber where Dean was to be claimed by the alpha. An alpha he had no say in choosing whatsoever.

Clearly Dean wasn’t the first omega to protest their claiming. Dean noted the thick leather restraints on the ceremonial claiming altar he was being dragged towards. Dean snarled, kicked and screamed as best he could under the circumstances. They may be able to force this on him, but he wasn’t going to go easily or willingly.

It was a struggle, but John finally managed to get Dean kneeling on the alter while Sam strapped in his legs. Next his torso was strapped in before they uncuffed his wrists so that his arms, wrists and neck could also be strapped down. The altar was shaped in such a way that whomever was strapped onto it was kneeling in the proper presentation form for being sexually mounted. Dean’s ass was up in the air, his legs spread, while his head and shoulders were down, as if in supplication.

Dean continued to struggle and snarl for a few more minutes until he finally became tired and calmed down. He’d made his point, at the very least, that he was not consenting to this. Not one bit.

“I’ll go get the others,” Dean heard John say. “Watch him.”

Dean could hear his Dad leave the room and Sam shifting nervously next to him. “Dean, man. I’m so sorry. I gotta do what dad says. You know that, right? I’m sorry they’re forcing you to do this.”

Dean let out a grunt of agreement, although sorry didn’t even begin to cover what Dean was feeling.

Moments later Dean heard more footsteps. He knew everyone that was scheduled to attend his…claiming. John, Mary and Sam, naturally, along with the parents of the alpha who was claiming him, any close siblings and the priest, and of course the alpha himself. A man Dean had never even met and had refused to get to know through some damned online profile. He didn’t even care to know the man’s name, and just thought of him as “the alpha.” That’s all this person would ever be to him. Not mate. Not lover. Certainly not human, in Dean’s mind. Simply a monster intent on raping him and knocking him up.

Once everyone was gathered, Dean put up one final struggle, grunting and screaming his dissent as best as he could.

“It looks like Castiel will have his hands full with this one,” someone observed.

“I’m sure he can handle a feisty omega, he is a Novak alpha after all,” someone else said. “Once the omega has been claimed, he’s sure to calm down.”

Someone, probably the priest, cleared their throat. “Let’s begin.”

Dean heard feet shuffling as everyone took their places within the ceremonial chamber.

“We are gathered here today, to join two bodies and two hearts,” the priest began. “As it has always been and how it shall always be, an alpha shall claim his omega in the sight of God and before these witnesses. Will the fathers please step forth?”

Dean saw his father’s shoes as he stepped forward in front of Dean. “Take these instruments and in the sight of God prepare the young omega for his steps towards being claimed.”

John then moved around behind Dean. “My son, Dean Winchester, I provide you with this final round of discipline as you leave my house and family and join another. May this be a reminder to you to be a good and obedient omega to your new family.”

Wait, what the hell was going on? No one had told Dean anything about…discipline. Not that he’d been listening all that closely regarding the details of his claiming.

Fuck! The moment the…instrument…whatever it was…landed on Dean’s bare ass, he screamed. John was smacking him full force. Dean tried to count them.

One. Fuck. Two. Shit. Three…at ten John finally stopped and Dean’s throat felt raw from screaming.

“My new son, Dean Winchester, soon to be Novak, I welcome you into my family and my home. This will be your first round of discipline from me. If you are a good and obedient omega, may also be the last.”

Holy fuck it was going to happen again. Sure enough, Dean’s almost-father-in-law wacked him just as hard and efficiently as his Dad had. Ten strokes exactly and then it was over. Dean hoped. His ass and throat couldn’t take much more. His face was wet with tears that had streamed unbidden down his face.

“Now that the omega has been properly disciplined and reminded of his place, will the alpha step forward to make his claim?” the Priest asked.

New footsteps came behind Dean and he could smell the scent of alpha arousal. Dean’s own cock twitched at the scent and Dean cursed his own biology for responding.

“I, Castiel Novak, claim Dean Winchester, as my omega. I promise to care for him and guide him. I promise to teach him to be a good and obedient omega. I will spoil him when he is good and discipline him when he is bad. I will make sure he always knows his place.”

The deep gravel of the alpha’s voice made Dean’s traitorous cock twitch again. The scent of alpha arousal increased as he heard the rustle of clothing behind him. Then Dean felt a warm hand at his hip as the plug was being removed, the feeling of slick and lube leaking out of his hold causing him a wave of embarrassment.

This was happening. This was really happening and there wasn’t a damned thing he could do about it. He let out a whimper of fear when he felt a second hand on his other hip and the hot, blunt head of a cock poised at his virgin hole. “Hush, Omega. Relax and let me in,” came that deep, gravelly voice again.

Even now Dean couldn’t help silently pleading. No, no, no, please God no!

Then the cock breached and slid into him. A long, slow, continuous slide. The stretch and burn around the large member was worse than it had been for the plug and Dean was screaming anew. Then the alpha set a rapid pace, thrusting in and out of Dean hard and fast.

Despite being stretched from the plug and all the lubrication, Dean was woefully unprepared for how large this alpha was. It seemed to take forever for the searing burn to mellow into a mere ache with every thrust from this overly eager alpha. As the intense pain slowly receded, Dean’s screams turned to sobs. The betrayal of his parents to allow some stranger to literally rape him broke Dean’s heart.

The claiming seemed to keep going on forever when finally Dean felt the alpha grip his hips tighter, just before he slammed his knot into Dean, causing yet more screams. Just as the knot tied them together, Dean felt the alpha lean over him and whisper into his ear. “You’re mine now, pretty one.”

The next thing Dean knew was a sharp pain in his neck as the alpha bit down into the bonding gland. The alpha held firm as he rutted his knot a few more times before his cock began to flood Dean with his seed. Dean could already feel the bond forming between himself and the alpha and he fought against it. He refused to let his biology force him into compliance.

The bond formed, but only partially. Dean could feel that it wasn’t complete and a part of him rejoiced. Yes, the alpha may have claimed Dean’s body, but he had not claimed his heart. Nor would he ever, if Dean had anything to say about it.

The alpha leisurely licked at the bonding mark as he remained tied to Dean. It would take at least twenty minutes before they would be able to separate. “Someone come and wipe his face, he’s a mess.”

Dean’s mother appeared, her own face tear-streaked, and she took a tissue and began to wipe away Dean’s tears, snot and drool from his face. “You did very well. I’m proud of you.”

Dean huffed indignantly.

“Can we take the bit off now? Surely it’s served its purpose?” Mary asked.

“Yes, and give him a sip of water,” the Priest acknowledged.

The alpha helped Mary remove the bit and Dean flexed his jaw, trying to work the stiffness out of it. “Thanks,” Dean said, speaking to his mother, his voice rough from screaming.

Mary then held a bottle of water with a straw up to Dean’s mouth and he drank from it gratefully.

Dean felt another pulse of semen spill into him and the alpha moaned softly as he continued to lick at the mark he had made. “You’re everything I ever wanted in a mate, Dean. I’ll spoil you rotten if you let me,” the alpha whispered into his hear.

“I didn’t want this,” Dean growled, loud enough for everyone to hear. He heard shocked gasps coming from around the room. “I never wanted this. I hope you’re all proud of yourselves, forcing me to be bound and raped. I hope you enjoyed the show.”

“Gag him again,” came an order from behind Dean. His father-in-law did not sound pleased. “Castiel, I expect you to correct his attitude, and swiftly, after we get home.”

“Yes, father,” the alpha agreed. “It seems like this will require quite a bit of training. Oh Dean, I really wanted to spoil you but I guess I need to teach you how to be a good omega first. Not surprising really, considering your parents are both betas.”

Dean was about to respond to that when the bit was shoved unceremoniously back into his mouth. Dean growled but resigned himself to his fate, not protesting further. He was exhausted and eager for the alpha to finally untie from him so he could, hopefully stand again.

Dean sighed with relief when he felt the knot finally deflate and the alpha finally slid out of him. Before stepping back, he pushed the plug back into Dean. “We can’t let all that seed go to waste,” he tutted as Dean groaned in protest.

Then Dean was being unbuckled from the altar and guided up. Before he could even get his bearings, Dean was led to stand in front of the alpha. “Omega, kneel before your alpha,” the priest directed.

Dean wanted to protest but the look of warning in the alphas eyes made him think better of it. He clumsily sank to his knees and looked up at the man who had just claimed him.

The priest approached with a collar in his hands, handing it to the alpha. “Place the collar upon him.”

The alpha bent down and secured the collar, a thin circlet of black metal. Dean heard it snap shut as it was secured. Dean knew these were meant to be permanent collars and that they contained tracking devices as well. He was now well and truly owned.

“I now pronounce that you alpha Castiel Novak, have mated and claimed the omega, Dean Novak, formerly Winchester” the priest announced. “May he give you many healthy pups.”

Before he knew it, a leash was being attached to his collar and the alpha was trying to guide Dean to stand. “Come now, it’s time to take you home.”

“Don’t we get to say goodbye?” Sam asked as he stood by his parents, even as the rest of the Novaks began to leave.

“Didn’t you get to do that last night? I really need to get this pretty one home and start his training,” the alpha said firmly. “He’s in dire need of it. You folks must have spoiled him far too much for his own good.”

Dean was surprised to see a flash of anger cross his father’s face before he schooled his features. “Yes, of course. Please, take care of him?”

“Of course, that’s my duty as his alpha, is it not? Now, come along pretty one.”

Dean was led outside, still naked and restrained. The alpha led him to a limousine, where the other Novaks were already waiting. Castiel took his seat and as Dean climbed in he saw there were no other seats. “Kneel next to me.”

Not having much of a choice, Dean did as instructed, kneeling next to his mate. “There, see? You can be a good omega.” Then the leash was being pulled and he was forced to lay his head in the alpha’s lap. “Much better.”

As the alpha began to run his fingers through Dean’s hair, Dean allowed himself to cry silently, weeping for everything in his life that he had lost that day.