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My Own Hero

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Chapter 1

"I'm just saying that doesn't make sense. Why do they always make women trip over themselves when running from monsters in movies. It's always kinda bothered me." Winn says. "I mean, I get the whole fight or flight instinct thing and usually flight is the more attractive and rational thing to do. I know this first hand but still. It seems so unrealistic, I've never seen any of our girls run from a fight." Winn carries on.

It's been a month since the Daxemite invasion on National City and after countless days of cleaning up the mess left behind, The super friends are enjoying a well deserved break at their favorite alien bar to just cool down. Maggie and Alex were playing pool, trying to see who could distract the other when taking a shot instead of actually playing the game properly. Probably their worst match yet but they don't seem to mind. J'onn, Winn and James were sitting at their table chatting. Kara was by the bar talking with M'gann who was on the clock, just keeping her company as she worked. It's been a rough few weeks for the gang so they really are just happy to just chill for a bit. Friendly competition, ridiculous arguments about anything and just being with people you care about.

Since the attack, crime has become a bit of a problem. There was a lot of damage done during the attack and it seems a lot of people are taking advantage of that. People are still paranoid, especially now that Lillian Luther once again disappeared and that CADMUS is probably still operating even though there hasn't been any activity from them. Supergirl, the DEO and Guardian have been working their asses off day and night and tonight is one of those rare nights that seem to be at peace for a second for the resident heroes to take a breather. Not to mention Kara and James's jobs at CatCo have been hectic since they've been running stories left and right. Ever since Cat Grant came back, the atmosphere at the world wide media building has been buzzing. The DEO have been running around cleaning up the mess around the city with NCPD as well as doing their usual thing of stopping rouge aliens and what not.

To say that everyone is exhausted is an understatement.

"Winn, we've been over this, man." James say taking a sip of his beer. "Yeah, yeah, but still. And then there's the whole, 'man goes back for the girl' and what not. Not that that's a problem but like, why doesn't the girl just get up. Maybe take off the heels and run." Winn argues. "And even some of the guys. Why run toward the danger. If something doesn't seem right, don't go looking for it. You hear a weird noise you go anywhere but, not toward it." He adds. J'onn just chuckles at the young man's ramble. Mostly because he's been asking himself those same questions for years. "Like don't get me wrong, I'm all for helping and all that but, if you got what you came for don't go looking for more." The techie rants. So maybe he's a little drunk.

James just shakes his head at his friend with a smile. Maggie and Alex walk back to their table giggling to each other until they plop down next to the boys. "So who won?" James smirks at the newly engaged couple who are also a little tipsy, but not too much. After the last few weeks, they decided to stay alert, so getting drunk off their asses is not an option. Maggie gives a dimpled smile showing her teeth. "I did and now get to pick our next adventure date. It was originally her turn but she was so positive she could beat me tonight that she bet her choice on it." The detective smiles smugly at her fiancee. Alex just grumbles but smiles anyway. "That last shot was lucky." Is all she says, stealing Winn's beer and taking a sip. "Hey- ah come on dude." The techie protests.

Alex smirks and goes to take another sip but is cut off when a hand steals the bottle from her and hands it back to Winn who smiles gratefully at his savor. "Traitor." Alex glares playfully at her superhero sister who just beams at her. Kara sits down next to her sister at the round table as J'onn excuses himself and makes his way to the bar to accompany M'gann.

Kara's been in a pretty rough state since Mon-El was forced to leave earth. Heartbreak has never really been something she could deal with properly. She cared deeply for the Damamite Prince and it hurt greatly to let him go. She still feels it now, but it's barely there anymore. With the constant distractions of life, she hasn't really had time to dwell on it much. With her friends and family by her side, she's been healing slowly but surely. Still she feels like something is missing. But the thing that's bothering her is she knows that the feeling is not entirely because the Daxamite is gone. She doesn't really know what's wrong and that is bothering her to no end. She tries not to dwell on it but it keeps nagging at the back of her head.

"So, how bout we get outta here and have game night at my place. I've been dying to spend time with you guys. We haven't had game night is forever!" Kara bounces hopefully, her glasses sliding down her nose slightly. Pushing them up she beams when they all smile and nod. They all start gathering their things. "What are going to do. Is it team dynamics or every man for himself?" James asks. "Maybe we can do both, the night is still young!" Winn exclaims happily, throwing his hands in the air. "Yeah!" Kara matches his enthusiasm and they high five. Alex just shakes her head and throws her arm around Maggie's shoulder. "Kids." She says and the detective chuckles. "Hey J'onn!" Kara calls out to catch the man's attention. He turns with a raised eyebrow. Kara walks over to him and hugs him. "We're going to head out to my place for game night. You two are welcome to come if you want after your shift." She says with a kind smile. M'gann chuckles at the young women's preppy attitude. "We'll see how the rest of the night goes. No promises though." She says with playful smirk. Kara giggles. "Okay! See you guys." She says and walks over to the group.

"So I was thinking we could start with an ice breaker game like-" Winn starts to say as they head for the door but is cut off by an explosion coming from the direction they're heading. Everyone is caught off guard and tossed backwards. The door flying off its hinges taking some of the wall with it. Everyone screams and ducks for cover. The superfriends scramble off the floor as find cover as well, still a little disoriented and very much sober now. "Shit! What the fuck was that!" Alex explains as her and Maggie crouch behind a flipped table, both have their guns drawn. There's just dust and smoke covering their view. The agent looks around trying to find her sister. She sees Kara being pulled off the floor by J'onn and dragging her away from the no longer existing entrance. The Kyptonian is covering her ears and her eyes screwed shut, her face curled in pain and distress. The loud bang caused an overload of her senses. "Kara!" Alex calls out. "She's fine. Just a little shaken." J'onn says.

They hear movement by the destroyed entrance and a lot of people in tac gear charge in with heavy and futuristic weaponry and start raining bullets at anything that moves. "Fuck!" Maggie exclaims as she ducks just narrowly missing a bullet. "There's too many of them!" James says from behind another table with Winn. Alex and Maggie start counter firing but the their guns can't do any damage to their armour. "This isn't working!" Alex says but they carry on firing. The intruders start tearing the bar apart. Kara finally shakes off the dizziness and takes action. She quickly jumps over the bar and changes into her super suit that she had underneath her clothes. She speeds up to the tac gear covered intruders and starts taking them out. But there's still too many and more seem to be coming. "A little help guys!" She says, using her heart vision to knock down three guys. James runs over to the pool and grabs a cue. Winn follows and grabs the balls. "This is ridiculous. What are pool ball gonna do if bullets don't work." The techie says. "Its better than nothing! We need to get out back to the van." James says as he starts fighting. Winn hiding behind the pool table, throwing the balls when he sees an opening.

J'onn and M'gann join the fight as well, teaming up and taking down. "These guys just won't stay down!" Maggie exclaims, watching as the intruders get back up. "Who are these fuckers?" Alex asks. Kara is a blur of blue and red as she fights but she can't concentrate dodging and attacking, she still a little wonky. Suddenly, the intruders by the destroyed entrance start grunting in pain and drop down like flies. The other turn to see the commotion and the superteam use this distraction to their advantage and start taking them down. When they look to the door again, a black blur is skillfully taking down bad guys left and right. A bow and arrows strapped to their back, a mask covering their whole head. A full black suit, no sign of skin. Basically a ninja. This person is small and fast. Not so much strong but that doesn't seem to be a problem.

"Who is this?" Winn asks as they watch the figure take out two men with one round house before drawing their bow and firing what looks like specialized black arrows. More tac gear intruders drop and start retreating, but not without their fallen men. Watching them retreat Kara goes to follow them but J'onn stops her. She looks at him in confusion and he just nods his head behind him. "We have other problems to worry about." He says. The superfriend turn back to look around the destroyed bar to find the figure looking over wounded aliens. They watch them with curiosity. The figure doesn't seem to acknowledge them as they walk behind the bar and crouch down.

Using her X-ray vision, Kara sees the figure running their hands around on the floor and cupboards. Seeming to find what they were looking for they stand up and walk over to the back of the bar and reach in between the bottles. "What are they doing?" Alex asks. The figure steps back and suddenly, the wall filled with booze moves back and a huge panel rises filled with a whole lot of stuff that does not look like it's from this planet. "What the- did you know about this?" Winn asks M'gann who looks just as confused. Kara tried to see through the helmet mask the figure is wearing but can't see anything. "Their mask is lined with lead." She says suspiciously. The group shares a look. The figure, then touches the side of their head and looks around. Straining her ears, Kara tunes into the figure. "Where are you guys. Get your asses over here, we got multiple wounded and I can't help them all myself." The figure says, their voice disguised but definitely female with a hint of an accent she can't place.

There's more movement from the broken entrance and men and women in black tactical gear walk in with black boxes and unfamiliar equipment. The SuperFriends tense and raise their fists and weapons, ready to defend themselves. The new tac gears freeze for a moment before moving pass them towards the injured aliens. "Okay who are these guys?" Alex asks angry now, weapon still raised. The group watches as these men and women start tending to the wounded.

"Oh thank the God's!" An alien exclaims running over to the masked figure, taking her hand and shaking it. "When I pulled the alarm I didn't think you'd get here on time." The alien says gratefully. "No problem miss. Just doing my job." The figure says. "These men and women will take good care of everyone. And don't worry about the damages we'll take care of that too." She carries on. "Sorry I couldn't get here sooner." She says and Kara can hear the regret in her voice. "You're here now and for that we are grateful." The alien thanks and the figure nods.

The figure moves pass the alien as some of the new comers make their way to the bar and start grabbing stuff from the shelves. "J'onn do you recognise any of this?" James asks. The man nods. "Some of it, yes. The stuff on those selves are from a variety of planets and species. Mostly used for medical purposes. Herbs and such." He says looking around. "It seems these people are medics." He adds. "Medics? Alien...Medics?" Winn asks with a squeak. J'onn shakes his head. "Not all of them. It seems that there are humans with them. Like her." He says pointing to the masked figure who is talking with a wounded alien. Kara hasn't taken her focus off her and has probably missed everything that was said.

"Do you know who they are?" She asks, eyes still on the figure. "I'm afraid not. I don't recognise any of them." J'onn says. "Well I for one want to find out. For people who just happen to not exist they know a lot, clearly." Alex says. "That ninja over there seems to call the shots. Maybe we can get some info out of her." Maggie says pointing to the figure. Said figure then turns to one of the medics, says something before walking toward the back entrance of the bar. "Wait, whoa. She's leaving?!" James says. "I got it." Kara says as she runs after her, Alex and Maggie right behind her. The boys and M'gann hang back to investigate the medics. Kara pushes through the door and she's the figure walking down the ally way to a pitch black motorbike. "Hey! Hey you! Wait I just want to talk." Kara calls out into the dark to the figure. The figure freezes at the voice, almost shocked be for groaning and turning around.

Alex and Maggie join Kara as the figure sighs and crosses her arms. Her bow now place on her back and her face mask and outfit on full display. She's short, no taller than Maggie, quite curvy, lean, not to muscular but definitely in shape. Very feminine and oozing confidence. The suit fitting perfectly and comfortably. The mask covering her whole head, not showing any hair or skin. Two white eye circles, eye slits but does not show the eyes. The mask some how kinda shows facial expressions which is both fascinating and a little weird. "Damn." Maggie mumbles obviously checking her out. Alex can't even be mad because she's doing the same, though she's a little more subtle. Kara is just curious because there's something about this women. "Can I help you ladies?" The figure asks sarcastically. They're silent for a beat before Kara steps forward. "Who are you? What happened in there? Who are those people? Who were those who attacked this place? And the secret cabinets-" Kara fires questions left and right. The figure shift her head and they're pretty sure she's rolling her eyes.

She holds up her hand. "Easy, Supes. One question at a time." She states. "Okay let's see. The people who attacked you are part of a very bad gang slash organization that is probably linked to CADMUS." She says. "What..." Alex grinds her teeth. "Probably. We're not completely sure." The figure says. "The people helping out inside the bar, those are my people. We're just a bunch of members that want to help. We're not exactly an organisation but it's something of the sort." She says. "The cabinets. We have posts and little places filled with medical supplies. Basically mini clinics all over the city, as well as the world. Each alien bar has got them." She adds. "Like the DEO, we want to protect our planet from harm, but we also aim to help our alien friends." She says. They're eyes widen at the confession.

"Yes we know about the DEO. Long story. Point is, you guys stop the bad aliens. We help the good ones survive. Aliens can't exactly go to a civilian hospital or doctor because well, they won't really help because they are not equip with the right stuff." The figure waves her hand. "She makes a good point." Maggie says nodding. "We also help new comers adapt to earth." The figure says. Kara is intrigued. "They come here and most of the time, have no idea how things her on earth work. Our way of life. Our cultures, our languages. Our society. So we help educate them. Give them necessary knowledge and basic needs in order for them to survive and adapt. Money, a place to stay, a job." The figure lists off.

The other three are impressed by this information. "That's the just of it I guess. We are The Bridge between our world and rest as a friend once told me." The figure shifts her weight onto one hip in a sassy comfortable pose. "That is awesome." Maggie says with a small laugh. "No really, I never thought of that. This is amazing." She says. Alex just nods, impressed but not showing it. Still looking at the figure in suspicion. Kara tilts her head, watching the figure. Something about this women seems familiar, she just can't place it. The way she talked about her cause, it reminds her of when she first came to earth. How she had to learn to adapt. Unlike most of the intergalactic immigrants on earth, Kara had people to help her adapt to the new world. She doesn't know what would have happened if her cousin never found her and she wasn't adopted by the Danvers.

"Are we good? Okay, cool. I'm going to head out now." The figure says and turns to walk away but Kara stops her. "Wait!" She calls. The figure groans. "Whaaaat." She whines not turning around. "You forgot one question." Kara steps forward, using her supergirl voice. "Who are you?" She asks. Alex and Maggie step forward when the figure doesn't answer. The figure just looks up and sighs. They can see she's debating with herself on whether she should reveal her identity or not. 'That's a good sign, she's at least considering it rather than flat out refusing.' Maggie thinks. The figure face palms and groans, running her hands over her covered hand and face. "This is dumb and stupid and ridiculous." She mumbles to herself. She drops her hands and turns back to them.

"I can't believe I'm about to do this. Okay! Fine." She says. "But this stays between us. I mean it, Supes. Me, you, Red and Detective Dimples." She says pointing to each one. "Red?" Alex says. "Detective Dimples? Huh I kinda like it." Maggie says. Alex elbows her, reminding the detective that this is serious. "Wait, how do you know our occupations?" The agent questions. The figure looks at her. "In a second." She says before turning to Kara. "I'm not kidding Supes, this isn't a game. This is some serious shit I do and with some serious people. People you don't even know exist. I got contacts and people all over this city. I'll know if you blab." The figure steps forward, straightening her posture and establishing her authority. Even though she's so small she's really intimidating. Kara nods. "You swear on your life, Supergirl?" She asks. Kara nods. "No matter what happens after this. You don't utter a word to anyone." The figure says looking at all three. "Trust me after this things are gonna change." She says. The three nod. The figure nods as well. "I'm trusting you three with this and that's saying something considering what I've been through. You'll know why in a second." She says. She takes a deep breath turning away and puts her hands of the mask slowing pulling it off.

Long soft raven locks fall over her shoulders as she shakes her head free running her hand through it. Then she slowly turns to face them and all three gasp is shock. Maggie and Alex dropping their weapons while Kara drops her jaw as she stares at the women in front of her. "Oh my.." Alex whispers. "Well shit." Maggie mumbles. Kara's brain short circuits as she stares into familiar green orbs that stare back at her unyielding and strong. The Krytonian blinks to see if she'll disappear and when she doesn't her voice cracks as she says her name.


-To be continued.