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Sanders Sides One Shots

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Christmas was supposed to be the hectic party time, so, in contrast shouldn’t New Year be more peaceful and calm. If so their New Year certainly is not. Of course if asked Logan would blame it all on Patton and Roman; they insisted on more decorations, more food, more entertainment. Yes, it’s all their faults. In no way at all does Logan want it to be perfect for Virgil, for his boyfriend’s first New Year.

So, Logan can’t help but be slightly stressed knowing Virgil is going to enter the common room at any moment now. “Lo?” Shit. Virgil. He is here, right in front of him, eyes wide with shock and something else. “Virge?” He replies quick enough, trying to his best to both ignore and hide the stress and every other negative emotion he is feeling right now. Virgil needs to come first, it’s his first new year with them, and Logan will always put everything on hold for Virgil.

“What is all this?” Virgil asks, loosely grasping Logan’s fingers with his own, and Logan hesitates not only because he knows that Virgil knows fine well that it’s a party but because it might all overwhelm his boyfriend. “A New Year’s party,” he offered hesitantly, grasping back at Virgil’s fingers intertwined with his own. “Okay.” Is all Virgil says before moving away to the kitchen, after giving Logan’s hand a comforting squeeze.

Logan doesn’t move, he only gives Patton a weak smile when he looks at him strangely. Then Virgil’s back, two cups in hand and passes one to Logan, smiling gently at him. “Are you okay, Lo?” Virgil asks, brows furrowed in worry slightly; Logan shakes his head hoping to somehow miraculously sort out his thoughts. “I’m fine it’s just I was worried about you, about how you would respond to...” Logan trails off, making a vague hand gesture with his free hand, “all of this?” Virgil finishes and Logan nods.

“I’m okay, no need to worry. Honestly, I’m feeling much better than I have done for a long time, thanks.” Virgil leans in slightly, briefly kissing Logan’s cheek before smiling at the other, a genuine smile that makes Logan smile in response. “Are you sure?” Logan asks, the concern not gone but fading, and Virgil laughs lightly, “stop worrying, I’m fine. And besides that’s my job.” Logan sighs in defeat and nods. And that’s the end of that conversation for the night.

Roman drags them into a few board games until it’s almost midnight, then they’re all stupidly counting down the seconds until the new year. “Happy New Year!” Patton shouts, and they’re all hugging awkwardly and smiling regardless. When they all pull apart Patton walks off announcing he’s going to get more drinks and dragging Roman with him. Logan grasps Virgil’s hand again and swings them together gently, “happy new year,” he whispers, pulling Virgil closer by his hand until he’s in front of him.

And Virgil’s still smiling, and Logan realises that’s the prettiest sight he’s ever seen, so, he can’t stop himself smiling again too. Virgil rolls his eyes at the fond look his boyfriend is giving him, “happy new year,” he mutters anyway. Then his smile falls into a sly smirk and he says, “I didn’t get a midnight kiss though, I’m disappointed.” A fake frown replaces the smirk and Logan laughs but still leans in, kissing Virgil quick enough not to get too caught up. Virgil realises this and pouts, “you’re no fun.”

Logan doesn’t have time to respond as a glass of something is thrust into his hand and Roman is shouting out ‘cheers!’ Virgil sends Logan a glare but it’s half hearted and Logan smiles exaggeratingly back. The party dies down quickly, tiredness overcoming all of them until they’re nothing but a pile on the sofa watching reruns and recaps of the year until they fall asleep. A good start to a good year.