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Jungkook shifted in his seat and tried to act as professionally as he could. The sounds of fucking were crude and loud in the conference room, but every vampire present was either patiently waiting for his turn or had already had their fill of Jimin. Jungkook felt like he was the only one who couldn’t pay attention to their meeting, his senses overwhelmed by the smells and sounds of Jimin’s sequential fuckings.

It had been hard enough watching Seokjin drink. Jimin had walked into their meeting at the scheduled time, dressed in a simple oversized tshirt, thigh high socks and―what Jungkook would shortly discover―nothing underneath. He didn’t wear scents per their collective request. They were all sensitive to smells due to their nature, but Jungkook, especially, was badly affected by artificial human fragrances. It had been a small request but Jimin hadn’t forgotten it once in the half year he’d been with them.

Seokjin usually fed first. He only ever wanted to drink, so they let the one with the easiest, quickest need to fulfill go first. Ever polite, the old ways still ingrained in Seokjin’s behavior to this day, he drank Jimin’s blood from his wrist and at arm’s length. Jimin used to fidget in the beginning, picking invisible lint off his knee as Seokjin fed from him. He didn’t seem to know how to receive the somewhat detached way Seokjin handled him. By now, however, Jimin was used to the routine. Both he and Seokjin were comfortable enough around each other that they didn’t even need to speak before Jimin was holding his arm out for him.

Seokjin had bitten Jimin higher than usual today, on his forearm. And he’d held his arm differently as he drank, more cradling it to his chest than holding it. He’d pulled from him longer than he usually did, too, taking more time than he usually needed to take. Nobody else seemed to give mind to how his eyes flashed when he finally came up. A vampire’s eyes could flash for several different reasons, and during feeding, it usually signified satisfaction.

Seokjin’s eyes had never flashed before.

The rest of their Unit hadn’t noticed this sudden change. They were too focused on the meeting about their expanding territories to care about the color of Seokjin’s eyes.

Ultimately, it meant nothing. It meant that Seokjin had finally had his fill of their Favored, like he was meant to do all along.

Jungkook couldn’t help feeling like something fundamental had changed, however. He often saw Seokjin as a focal point in their unionship. Namjoon was their appointed leader, but there was something about Seokjin’s lived experiences that gave him invaluable insight. He was the only vampire in their Unit that had lived through the turn of the century. In more ways than one, Jungkook felt like Seokjin understood what their future as vampires would look like, simply based on his brush with the past.

But they were in times of peace now. The era of wars and turmoil were behind them. Seokjin was stuck with a history that only he had lived and only he remembered. It made for a lonely perspective on the world. It made sense that his adaption to Jimin had taken as long as it had.

Jungkook decided to stop thinking about it.

Hoseok was currently fucking Jimin against the wall. He preferred to fuck standing up, foregoing his need for blood enough times that Yoongi now took to feeding him from his own mouth.

After Seokjin had finished drinking earlier, Yoongi had stood up, expression blank, and headed for Jimin. The flare of heat in Jimin’s eyes was instant, anticipation clear in the way his pink lips parted. Yoongi had positioned himself behind Jimin and made him climb onto the conference table on his knees. Spreading them wider apart to suit himself, Yoongi slowly lifted the back of Jimin’s tshirt. Jungkook had been mesmerized by the way the soft material shifted across Jimin’s thighs, hiking up to reveal enough his muscled legs that Jungkook had to grit his teeth to hide his reaction.

The Favored were encouraged to work out as often as they were able. Oftentimes, the Units they signed up for had more than four members. Theirs had six. When Namjoon had brought Jimin’s file back for them almost a year ago, they had all been pleased to see that Jimin ticked all the multitudes boxes. Gangbangs, double penetration, triple penetration, voyeurism, more. They were all in his fields of interest, and his physical health was higher than average. He had stamina, and he’d be able to take them all, one after the other, when it came down to it.

They had each been interested in Jimin for different reasons. Yoongi liked him because he looked cute, Namjoon liked him because of his lips, Hoseok liked him because he was petite, easy to pick up. Seokjin liked him because of his smile. Taehyung had agreed. He liked that Jimin seemed so friendly. Jungkook…Jungkook hadn’t voiced his opinion. He’d agreed silently when they took the final vote, unanimously agreeing on appointing Park Jimin as their Favored.

Yoongi had said that he’d picked Jimin because he was cute, but he always fucked Jimin like he wanted to break him. His hands were always wrapped around Jimin’s throat, front always to Jimin’s back. Even in fulfilling his needs, Yoongi betrayed his devotion to Hoseok.

He’d fucked into Jimin without warning today, secure in the fact that Jimin always came to them wet and stretched. Jimins’ knees had braced against the dark wood of their conference table, the material of the socks sliding him forward. When Yoongi held Jimin’s arms together behind his back, snaking the other hand across the front of Jimin’s body and up to wrap around his neck, Jimin’s eyes had drifted closed. His head had tipped back to rest on Yoongi’s shoulder, and on Yoongi’s first thrust, the first moans of the day ripped themselves out of Jimin’s throat.

Yoongi fucked Jimin so hard that Jimin’s socks slid down his thighs with each snap of his hips. Jimin’s cock was visible under the material of his tshirt, bobbing thick and neglected against his stomach, lube running down his inner thighs to drip against the shaking table. Every time Jimin moaned too loudly, Yoongi released the grip he had on his neck to cover his mouth, silencing him as he picked up speed and fucked him hard enough to bring Jimin to a scream.

The first, proper, session continued to unfold directly in front of Jungkook’s eyes. Jimin’s straining body trying to find purchase despite his restrained hands, thigh muscles visibly working to keep his grip on the table, hips fucking back against the push of Yoongi’s cock. He was a work of art, and Jungkook couldn't stop himself from staring, wondering who would come first between Yoongi and Jimin, wondering if he was close enough to catch some of Jimin’s release on his face when he came. Yoongi was fucking him so hard that Jimin’s bouncing cock had shifted the tshirt away to drip heavy and neglected between his legs.

Just when Jungkook thought Jimin was going to cum first, his thighs clenching on either side of his body, Yoongi’s hand tightened around his neck. He buried his cock inside Jimin’s ass with one final thrust and stopped with his hips flush against Jimin’s cheeks. Jungkook watched as Jimin’s eyes opened only to roll into the back of his head. Yoongi was cumming inside him. Jimin's thighs relaxed on the table and his entire body sagged back against Yoongi’s chest. The two of them breathed hard and heavy as the fever of the moment passed, Jimin’s cock twitching against his stomach, a bead of precum pearling around the head without seeping.

Yoongi removed his grip from around Jimin’s neck, leaving behind red streaks that would eventually turn to bruises. Without releasing Jimin’s arms, he licked a stripe up the side of Jimin’s neck, eyes glowing red. His fangs extended, pushing insistently against Jimin’s skin without puncturing it, and Jimin’s breath hitched in anticipation. There was a heady beat of silence as both Jimin and Yoongi met Jungkook’s gaze across the table. Yoongi looked away. Jimin didn’t.

Yoongi bit down. Jimin’s entire body twitched, legs trying to clamp together as he started to cum. He watched Jungkook through his orgasm, as his cock wet his tshirt, his stomach, the table. As Yoongi drank from him, his grip on Jimin tight, the pulls on his vein looking almost feral. Jimin’s cock gave a few more spurts across the table, as if trying to reach Jungkook, like Jimin knew what Jungkook had been thinking earlier as he watched Yoongi fuck him.

It wasn’t Jungkook’s turn yet.

The moment seemed to last a lifetime, simultaneously over too quickly. Yoongi finished drinking from Jimin and sealed the wound with a lick of his tongue. He finally released Jimin’s hands, and Jimin fell forward onto the table, catching himself on his own cum. He didn’t meet Jungkook’s eyes as he straightened and wiped the cum off on his tshirt, slowly climbing down off the table. He wobbled on his feet a little before steadying himself on the back of a chair.

To Jimin’s right, Yoongi was looming over a seated Hoseok. Without a word, Hoseok tilted his head back to look at Yoongi. Yoongi leaned down and pressed their lips together, forcing Hoseok’s mouth open. A drop of blood escaped down the side of Hoseok’s mouth as he drank what Yoongi gave him. A growl sounded from his chest once his throat stopped swallowing, opening a red-stained mouth to bite down on Yoongi’s lower lip and pull. Yoongi smiled into the kiss and pushed his tongue into Hoseok’s mouth for a deeper, wetter kiss.

Jungkook looked away. What mated pairs did with their mouths was none of his business. He only ever seemed interested in watching Jimin come undone, anyway.

In the next moment, Jungkook heard a thud. He looked over to find Hoseok crowding Jimin against the wall, his speed the fastest all of them. Jungkook couldn’t see Jimin, but he watched as Hoseok hiked his knees over his hips, Jimin’s fingers clutching at his shoulders, and heard them both groan. And then the steady thudding started.

It had been about twenty minutes now, and Hoseok was still standing on his feet, still fucking Jimin on and off his hips, the sounds of their clothing and their panting and their skin slapping competing for air time with the thuds and the moans and the cries.

Even objectively, Hoseok was beautiful to look at when he fucked. Where Yoongi was cold and hard, Hoseok was hard and unyielding. His long legs were strong and steady, one of his knees pushed further underneath Jimin’s thigh to give himself torque while simultaneously giving Jimin a place to comfortably sit the majority of his weight down and enjoy the sex. Jimin’s legs jostled apart every time Hoseok fucked into him, and Jungkook wondered how he could still see the sinful expression on Jimin’s face even when he couldn’t see Jimin at all.

Jimin's voice was starting to give out, his cries sounding pained, his cock no doubt rubbed raw between the friction of his and Hoseok’s bodies. He didn’t tell them to stop, however, nor did he tap Hoseok thrice, the physical indication for a break in the event that a verbal response wasn't possible. He just scratched his blunt nails down Hoseok's back as he pounded him into the wall.

“Yoongi’s cum feels so good inside you, Jiminnie.” Hoseok shifted after he spoke, spreading his hands on the wall above Jimin’s head, letting his hips do all the work now. He was close. His hips were pistoning so hard that the sound of Namjoon’s voice was drowning out completely. Jimin’s moans were falling from his lips every half second, in time with Hoseok’s thrusts, his grip on Hoseok’s body slipping. Jungkook didn’t think Jimin was coherent enough to hear all of the filth that was coming from Hoseok’s mouth, but Hoseok wasn’t exactly in the position to care.

“So tight, so fucking wet. Could fuck you forever. I’m going to fuck you forever, Jimin.” He slapped Jimin on the thigh, and Jimin cried out. “You’re ours. Ours to fuck, to use, to fill with cum until you’re overflowing and dripping. Fuck!” Jimin had bitten down on the side of Hoseok’s neck, and Hoseok’s hips stuttered out of rhythm.

They both started to fall slowly to the floor, Hoseok with a grip around Jimin’s hips to keep them connected, Jimin’s nails clawing against the wall behind him. As soon as they landed in a sitting position, Jimin wet and panting in his lap, Hoseok fucked the rest of his cum into him. Jimin tried to ride Hoseok’s orgasm out with him, but there was no strength behind the small surge of his hips. He let his head fall forward onto Hoseok’s shoulder instead and tried to catch his breath.

Hoseok kissed Jimin on the top of his hair and twisted his head around to look at Namjoon. “You ready?”

Namjoon cleared his throat and walked away from the presentation. Out of all of them, he and Taehyung had taken a liking to the old vampire fashion style and aesthetic. He wore cloaks and chokers, robes made of silk, all in shades of either black, red or both. Taking a seat in one of the conference chairs, he spread his knees apart and waited. Jungkook couldn’t exactly see how his legs looked from underneath the table, but he could tell from the way that Namjoon was reclining back in his chair that he was sitting with enough room between his legs for Jimin to fit.

Hoseok smiled down at Jimin as Seokjin replaced Namjoon at the front of the conference room, smoothly transitioning to the next topic at hand. “Go on, little one,” he said fondly. Jimin lifted his head and shot Hoseok a disdainful look. Hoseok laughed. “Do you want to take a break? Drink my blood for strength?”

Jimin shook his head. “No, I want to keep going until the end.”

Hoseok shrugged. “Whatever you say.”

When Jimin climbed off Hoseok to start crawling over to Namjoon on all fours, Hoseok smacked his ass. Getting to his feet in one smooth movement and tucking himself back into his slacks, Hoseok came over to take a seat in one of the conference chairs. “He’s so cute,” he said with a fond shake of his head.

And then Jungkook had to pretend like he was paying attention to the information about their new supply routes instead of the subtle sounds of Jimin sucking Namjoon off under the table. Namjoon’s face didn’t give anything away at first, his eyes staring ahead at the presentation and probably absorbing every important word that Seokjin was saying.

But all Jungkook could hear or see in his mind was the wet suction of Jimin's lips pulling at Namjoon's hard cock. Jimin was probably hunched over on his knees, Hoseok and Yoongi’s mixed cum dribbling slowly back out of his ass and down his thighs. Jungkook was so hard in his underwear that he couldn’t think about anything other than fucking himself in beside all that wet. He would take Jimin from behind, hold his hips in place and fuck him until his knees gave out underneath him. Fuck him some more after that, on his stomach, with his legs pressed closed, the swell of his ass prominent and inviting. He’d fuck Jimin slow, then he’d fuck him hard, just to hear him make those little noises of surprise.

Jungkook crossed his legs, hoping that it would relieve the pressure in his balls. It only seemed to make things worse, his own thighs providing a surface for him to grind up into. He uncrossed his legs and decided that he was going to use willpower to get himself through this. Taehyung was next, after Namjoon, and then it would be Jungkook’s turn. He could wait his turn. He would wait.

But it was just so easy to imagine that the cock Jimin had his lips around was his.

Namjoon’s hand clenched into a fist on top of the table. He breathed out through his nose, grinding his jaw as he did so, clearly trying to control himself. Jimin was moaning under the table, the sound coming out somewhat frustrated. He wanted Namjoon to let go, to speak to him like he normally did when his cock was plugging Jimin’s mouth.

This conflict was a recurring theme with the two of them.

Namjoon’s hand slammed down against the table, head falling forward. Jungkook knew he was going to lose whatever battle he always insisted on fighting. And he was right.

“Alright, Jimin, is that how you want to do this?” He looked down between his legs just before Jimin made a muffled sound of agreement. “You want me to use your throat?” Jimin’s moans started to sound more desperate the more Namjoon spoke, the wet suckling sounds more frantic. “You want me to fuck your face?” Both of Namjoon’s hands disappeared underneath the table. “To hold you down and fuck your face? Answer me Jimin.”

There was a wet popping sound, Namjoon’s cock leaving the suction of Jimin’s lips. “Yes, Namjoon,” came the whispered reply before Namjoon was slapping at Jimin’s face. “Ah―want your big fat cock. Want you to come on my face.”

“Open your mouth.” Namjoon settled back into his seat, his gaze domineering and heated as he held Jimin’s head in place. “That’s it, right between your fat fucking lips.” Namjoon’s eyes fluttered closed for a minute. “Oh, yeah baby. Suck me like you mean it.”

The wet suction sounds picked up and Namjoon slapped Jimin’s face again. “Like that, you fucking cockslut. Just like that.” And then Namjoon’s grip tightened in Jimin’s hair, forearms visibly tensing as he held Jimin’s head down. “Just like―fuck yeah.” He licked his lips as Jimin came up for air, the sounds of gasping coming from under the table before they were abruptly cut off. Namjoon hadn’t moved, so it was Jimin who'd pushed Namjoon’s cock back into his mouth, not giving himself a chance to breathe.

Namjoon held his head down again, his eyes rolling back in bliss, a long moment of uninterrupted quiet as he kept Jimin down until he started choking. He used to be more timid about being too rough with Jimin, but it turned out that Jimin was willing to go further than Namjoon would ever let himself take him. So even now, as Namjoon fucked into Jimin’s mouth only four times, they all knew that he wasn’t going far enough. But where he lacked in aggression, Namjoon made up for in prowess. Namjoon had a big dick, plain and simple, and no matter how he went about things, Jimin always ended their sessions happy with the result.

“Tilt your head this way,” Namjoon whispered, before he was swallowing a hard groan. Another stretch of quiet as Namjoon finished cumming on Jimin’s face, after which, Jimin made his way to unsteady feet. Namjoon helped him keep his balance with a grip on his elbow, and Jimin smiled down at him. The streaks of cum in his hair and on his face embarrassed Namjoon so much that he had to look away. Jimin laughed and took a seat beside him, wiping at his face with the dry sides of his stained tshirt.

When it came to feeding, Namjoon was a bit like Seokjin. Kind of formal and old fashioned, choosing to drink from the wrist of the Favored. It was strange to watch him treat Jimin like a guest just moments after cumming on his mouth, but that was how they lived now. The old world and the new manifesting themselves in interesting combinations.

Jungkook couldn’t deny that there was something very tender about the way Namjoon took Jimin’s hand in his. The way he knelt, like you were supposed to do, before asking for blood. The way Jimin nodded shyly, his cheeks pink, his skin sweat slick, white mess in his hair. It was a nice contrast to the animalistic fucking that had gone on for the past while.

Namjoon drank more carelessly than he fucked, almost like he didn’t know which of his needs to keep on the tighter leash. When Jimin started to wince, however, his head immediately came up to check on him. Jimin shook his head and gestured for Namjoon to keep drinking. Namjoon hesitated for a moment. Then he stood all the way up.

“I’m finished. Thank you for your service, Jimin.” He walked away without giving Jimin a chance to argue with him about his decision, the swing of the conference door closed bringing fresher air into the room.

Taehyung came over to Jimin with a bottle of water. “Drink this as I take from you.”

Jimin took the bottle without hesitating, drinking all its contents without stopping. It was infused with essential minerals, kept in the fridge just for Jimin. None of the rest of them needed it. Taehyung came back with another bottle, having left when Jimin started nursing the first one with the desperation of a dying man.

“Do you want to stop?” Taehyung asked. Jimin shook his head. Taehyung’s expression went blank as he nodded once. Jungkook could tell that he didn't agree with Jimin's decision to keep going, but he was going to respect his wishes anyway. He sat in the now-vacant chair next to Jimin and scooted himself between Jimin’s legs.

Brushing Jimin’s hair behind his ear, he stared at the side of Jimin’s neck that didn’t bear the marks of Yoongi’s fangs. Yoongi’s fingerprints, however, were a different story. The were starting to turn purple already. Jungkook didn’t know how Jimin managed to make the marks look so regal on him, like jewelry. Like he owned them instead of the other way around.

Taehyung leaned in slowly. As soon as his lips were pressed to Jimin’s neck, he started to kiss him leisurely, gently. For a long time, it seemed like that was all he was going to do. Just mouth at Jimin’s neck, stopping occasionally to nip and suck. But all at once, his massive fangs punched out of his mouth. In the next second, they were buried in Jimin’s neck.

Jimin’s hand clenched on the water bottle he was still drinking, eyes snapped wide open. He always seemed unprepared for how big Taehyung’s fangs were. Jungkook didn’t blame him, he often forgot, too.

As Taehyung drank, holding Jimin’s head in place with a hand in his hair, Jimin’s eyes drifted over to stare at Jungkook. The same way they’d done when he was orgasming earlier. Except this time, Jungkook couldn’t seem to stop his reaction to Jimin. He felt his lower groin tighten painfully before he was cumming in his pants, eyes tingling like they were changing their color.

Jimin’s stare sharpened as Jungkook bit his lip to keep the moans in his mouth. Jimin bit his lip too, hard enough to draw blood. He pressed his lips together and spread the color across his mouth. Jungkook clenched both fists together and grit his teeth as his orgasm passed just as quickly as it came. Jimin was staring at him like he knew exactly what had happened. Jungkook looked away and tried his best not to feel mortified. He'd been so close.

“Um, so.” It was the sound of Taehyung’s voice. Jungkook looked up, thinking that he was talking to him when he saw Taehyung’s red eyes looking into Jimin’s brown ones. “I’m not really in the mood? For sex. Sorry, Jimin. You’re totally hot shit, but―”

Jimin held a finger up and mashed it onto Taehyung’s lips to shush him. “Don’t apologize for stupid things like that.” He smiled at Taehyung, and though he was laughing, Taehyung smiled back.

“Okay. Here, let me help you up.” Taehyung held both of Jimin’s hands for him as Jimin stood up. Jungkook had forgotten about the other blooming bruises on his thighs and knees. “Jungkook’s been waiting a while and you know how impatient―whoah,” Taehyung exclaimed when he looked over at him. “Your eyes are glowing already.”

Jimin half-smiled as he sauntered over. “That’s okay,” he said, crowding Jungkook so much that he had to shift backwards in his chair. Jimin hopped up on the table and dangled his feet. “I can still give you what you need.” He tilted his head and smiled. “Right, Jungkookie?”

Jungkook hesitated. And then he started dragging his chair forward, until he was almost sitting between Jimin’s legs. Jimin smiled lazily down at him and leaned back on his hands. For some reason, despite Jimin's relaxed body language, Jungkook felt like they were in a stand off.

Slowly, he started fixing Jimin’s thigh highs. They had slid down his legs to bunch around his calves during all the fucking. Jungkook liked them where they were intended to be. Jimin didn’t say anything as he watched Jungkook’s fingers work, first up his left leg, Jungkook’s fingers lingering around the band of the material against his upper thigh, and then his right.

Jimin had been correct. He could still give Jungkook what he needed.

He shifted himself forward, pushing Jimin’s thighs apart to make room for himself. He nuzzled his cheek against the inside of Jimin’s thigh, against the vein he was planning to puncture. He relished in Jimin’s subtle squirms, his thighs sensitive and sticky and stained. He could feel Jimin start to grow hard underneath the tshirt and Jungkook was sure that he could make him cum twice without being touched.

At this point, Jungkook’s pride was at stake.

He let his fangs extend. Then he started rubbing them up Jimin’s inner thigh, letting Jimin imagine the bite before Jungkook even punctured his skin. It was like playing an instrument, the movement of his fangs eventually eliciting a tremble in Jimin’s thighs, bringing the anticipation to a pinprick point, his cock twitching each time Jungkook pressed down a little too hard. He teased Jimin for as long as possible.

He bit down as soon as Jimin’s hands clenched in his hair.

Jimin’s legs twitched on either side of Jungkook’s head, the grip in his hair tightening. The sweet, rich taste of Jimin’s blood filled Jungkook’s mouth, and before he'd even finished swallowing, he wanted more. He held Jimin’s thigh in his grip, holding him down, and started to really pull from his vein.

Jimin moaned above him, jerking so hard that he almost fell off the table, catching himself on the corner at the last second. Jungkook sucked and drank, feeding the part of himself that ached for this, for the warmth, for the binding. Jimin was his in the most intimate of ways. And Jungkook could feel him cumming again, the muscles of his hips convulsing, erection kicking hard, but Jungkook barely registered it in the moment. There was nothing more sweet to him than this.

Jimin’s fingers went lax in his hair. Jungkook snapped out of his haze, running his bottom lip over the bite to seal the puncture wound on his way up. Jimin didn’t look like he was going to faint, like Jungkook had feared. But he had a dazed smile on his face, staring down at Jungkook like he was a little drunk.

Jungkook released his thigh and sat all the way up. “Jimin?”

Jimin looked at him like his voice was coming from too far away. “Huh?” He threw his hands around Jungkook’s neck and rubbed his cheek against him. “Hi, Jungkookie.”

Jungkook didn’t think before cutting his index finger on the edge of his thumb. He rubbed his blood against Jimin’s mouth, over the smear of Jimin’s own blood. When Jimin wouldn’t lick the blood off, Jungkook pushed his finger into his mouth to rub his blood against his teeth.

“Come on, come on, please take from me.” Jimin should have stopped him if he wasn’t feeling well enough to keep going. Jungkook should have asked if it was okay to take so soon after Taehyung had. Dammit. “You need your vital energy back Jimin.”

Jimin pouted like a child. “Who took my vital energy?” Jungkook used the opportunity of his speaking to stick his finger all the way into Jimin’s mouth. Once it was settled, Jimin started sucking on it.

“What’s going on Jungkook?” Jungkook didn’t know when Namjoon had walked back into the room.

“I think we took too much blood," he replied.

Jungkook didn’t hear what anyone else said because after swallowing the first few drops of blood, the clarity returned to Jimin’s eyes. He blinked up at him in confusion, continuing to suck on Jungkook’s finger like he didn’t know what else to do.

Jungkook went to take his finger back. Jimin stopped him with a hand on his arm, sucking harder.

“Jimin…” Jungkook’s eyes fluttered. “Why didn’t you tell me you felt light-headed?”

Jimin didn’t remove his finger as he replied, the response sounding muffled. “Because I didn’t. I just felt really really good.” He went back to sucking Jungkook's finger, eyes fluttering all the way closed.

There was a ringing in Jungkook’s ears that only seemed to get louder when he felt the soft flesh of Jimin’s tongue push against him.


Jungkook’s eyes snapped open, head feeling a little heavy. His Unit was forming a loose circle around him, looks of concern on their faces. He didn’t understand why.

“Yes…?” he started, intending to say more. Ask what everyone was looking at, search for Jimin. He wasn’t in front of him anymore and Jungkook...he didn’t understand.

He woke up with a pounding headache at his temples. He was in his cove back at home, and he didn’t seem to remember anything beyond the welcoming sheets underneath him. He buried his face into his pillow, intending to go right back to sleep. But then the warm weight beside him started to register through his blanket.

He sat up quickly, regretting the movement in the next second. His head spun so hard that he had to lay back down, the world doing somersaults around him. After breathing through his nose for a few minutes, he sat back up as slowly as he dared.

He looked down to see who was in his bed. A part of him seemed to know before he'd even opened his eyes. He crawled out of bed and went to go find his Unit.

“You guys?" He asked, shuffling into the living room. "What’s going on, why is Jimin in my bed? Why do I feel like shit?”

Taehyung walked over and slung an arm around his shoulder. “Wow, so you really don’t remember. You’ll have to take a seat for this one.”

Jungkook slumped into the nearest available seat as soon as Taehyung let him go, the light-headedness making him feel disoriented on his feet.

Namjoon’s face was grim when he delivered the news. It looked like Jungkook had interrupted a meeting about the very thing he'd come in here to find answers for.

“Jungkook. You claimed Jimin at yesterday’s conference. You gave him the claiming bite and then fed him your blood. He's no longer our Favored. He’s your mate.”

“And that means he’s a part of our Unit! Isn’t that great?”

Jungkook blinked up at Hoseok. He was going to ask something in response. Something about Jimin and how he felt about all this. About who the new Favored was going to be. Or how he could've given a human the claiming bite. Or how he could've done it without even knowing. But before his mouth opened, his eyes fell shut.

He didn't feel himself hit the ground.