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It was an antsy feeling that had Yoongi leaving the docks. They had a twelve hour time slot for unloading and reloading before they had to re-up, so it wasn’t as though he was worried about getting back on time. The space port was big, but the outer reaches weren’t for passers-through, and the clubs and shops were easy to access. As long as he didn’t get stuck on an air lift, he was golden. It was nice stretching his legs, breathing different air, seeing different sights than he usually saw on the ship. As much as he liked the sameness of the ship, or knowing he could’ve gotten a job where he saw the same four walls and fake windows every day, he still liked going. A curiosity, filling up the recesses of his mind for long nights watching over the route.

The New Jeju space colony port reminded him of his childhood, straining against his grandmother’s hand to point at the simulated fish swimming in the equally simulated water. Magical as a kid, he wasn’t much for pretenses like that any more. Maybe they helped the people coming from planet life feel more connected. He’d just rather have the real thing or not at all. So fake fountains, and shimmering lights made him avoid those areas, and turn toward areas with fewer people. It suited him more anyway, with his hands shoved deeper into his pockets.

When confronted with the choice between a pleasure bar, and just a straight up drink distributor, he veered left. Even if he didn’t see someone he wanted, at least the option was still on the table. Maybe watching Hoseok and Jimin bill and coo had affected him more than he thought. He was their third wheel on the ship, and he knew he kind of put a hitch in things. No kissing on the bridge, definitely a rule created because of Hoseok. It kept them focused on the ship for one thing. And kept Yoongi from seeing way more than he needed to.

The pleasure bar wasn’t some kind of pleasure dispenser, since nothing was guaranteed. Most had a mix of aliens and humans depending on the type of establishment, offering what they wanted, when they wanted. No one entered without agreeing to those terms. They didn’t like that, or the edged-blue lighting, or the drinks, and they were free to leave. It was a proudly legal business, thriving with its employees, volunteers, people looking to experiment, or just to get off.

When Yoongi settled on the edges, not liking to be in the middle with something unknown to his back, he looked. They had a few humans taking orders, and that suited Yoongi just fine. Not that some other species was bad, but there was a known quality to that. Easy. His eyes had already gotten caught on silver patches on a man’s belt. Just enough to call attention, and it had gotten Yoongi’s. But a man was more than a belt, and Yoongi thumbed over the raised symbol on the remote arm of his chair that matched the one that the man wore on his wrist. If he just turned—

Yoongi pressed the button at a glimpse of dark eyes. He didn’t know why it mattered, when eyes weren’t going to suck him off, and neither was the little grin as the man picked up a little e-tab and scanned the room. But he couldn’t deny the throb when he was spotted. And considered. And approached.

The silver patches were clouds, up close, against a dark background of synthesized leather.

“Welcome. What can I get you?”

A low voice. He’d have patted himself on the back for his pick if he hadn’t been being stared at. Tall, with a clear expression. Not drugged, or impaired. He weighed his options.

“I’ll take whatever passes for alcohol here,” Yoongi said. And his eyes dropped for a moment to the man’s lips. “And a blow job, if you’re available.”

“For you I am,” the man said after a small, considering pause. “I’ll be right back with your drink.”

Easy. He liked that, and he stood to follow the beckoning hand a minute later, getting led into what seemed like a little cubicle with enough room for a chair and a table. The drink went there, and Yoongi got his ass planted in the chair just in time to have his thighs pressed wider as the man knelt there between them. Yoongi picked up the cup, a slow swallow of a hit of sweet, followed by a burn. He knew he was being watched, and it had him licking his lips as he put his focus back on the man beginning to touch him. Not without permission, then. It’d be his job, unless he gave the order.

Yoongi swallowed down the hiss as long fingers stroked against his thighs as Yoongi worked open his pants. He wasn’t going to be embarrassed for being hard, not when it was going to make the job easier. And quicker, much quicker, from the pulse he felt at warm fingers curling around him.

And still, there was a long look instead of more touching, and eyes raising to his. “What’s your name?”

Names, Yoongi didn’t think were a requirement the transaction. Not like he could get in trouble for it, or needed to hide, but it still made him frown.

“You need that?”

It got Yoongi a head shake in the negative. “No, I just like knowing.”

Maybe it made it more personal, who knew. “Yoongi.”

“Yoongi,” the man said. And it was ridiculous, that low recitation of his name sending a slow rumble of pleasure through him. “I’m Taehyung.”

He hadn’t asked, hadn’t needed to know. But maybe like wanting to know Yoongi’s name, Yoongi knowing his had been important to Taehyung. Taehyung, whose tongue-slick lips enclosed him.

Yoongi leaned back, relaxing like he’d just slipped into a hot bath. Not like he was going to doze off, but there was comfort in giving up control. Being pleased. No manifests to sign off on. No ship to guide. Just a sickly sweet taste left from the drink, a warm mouth on him, and hands kneading his thighs. Yoongi hummed in contentment at the steady tug, but his eyes shot open at the swirl of Taehyung’s tongue. The moan that had wanted to escape turned into a cough, muscles straining in his hips to keep himself still.

Fuck. Fuck, he wasn’t relaxed any more, and that little puff of air against him told him Taehyung knew it. The seal of Taehyung’s lips, the insistence of his tongue, it dragged a low moan from him, his fingers flexing. And Taehyung was— Taehyung was making sounds, not of effort, but like he was enjoying something. And each little groan stoked the tension. He wanted to touch the shine of Taehyung’s hair, or spread his hands on Taehyung’s shoulders and feel the warmth. It was his hips, though, that spoke for him, restless as he inhaled and braced his hand on the armrest, moaning, tensing—

There weren’t any words, no need for them as he came, lifting up out of the chair and Taehyung swallowing with him, stroking his thighs. And Taehyung followed him when his strength gave, relaxing for a different reason as he fought for breath and closed his eyes. The touches were softer, and he scraped his teeth over his lips as he enjoyed that. Not just a blowjob, and gone, but sticking with him through it, easing before it could irritate him.

But he didn’t make Taehyung fool with his clothes. His eyes were almost too focused on Taehyung’s reddened mouth to focus on himself. But there were no zipper crises, as he congratulated himself on being able to work his fingers and close his pants. Taehyung looked pretty pleased with himself, and Yoongi couldn’t disagree with that. He’d already given Taehyung his approval, as it were, so he didn’t know what else he needed to say beyond that as Taehyung stood.

“You can stay in here as long as you want. Anything else you need?” Taehyung asked.

It was hard to be cool, when he was still nearly wheezing like he’d run a race. But he attempted it, tilting his head back and nodding. “Yeah. This your normal time to work?”

It got him a bit of an eyebrow raise, and a nod besides. “When I’m here, anyway.”

“Good,” Yoongi said.

Not like he was in port all that often, and the likelihood of them both being free and in the same place was slim, but it was a nice little fantasy with the way Taehyung’s lips curved like maybe he was into the idea, too.


It took a few weeks, and four trips back to New Jeju before Yoongi was in the pleasure bar at the same time as Taehyung. He’d checked twice before, but had left after only having a drink. He’d nearly decided on a different guy the last time, thinking maybe he’d just gotten hung up on repeating the experience with one man’s mouth. He probably wouldn’t have thought twice about it, except that he’d said something to Taehyung. One dick wasn’t the same as another, but he didn’t expect Taehyung was pining remembering his.

But he was still glad he’d waited, when he caught sight of the clouds on Taehyung’s belt. It was good, testing out his thoughts. Hoseok had remarked on him being a little less on edge after the last time he’d gotten off with Taehyung. Yoongi wasn’t prepared to lay that all on getting off, though. Less Hoseok having a sixth sense, it was more he’d seen the charge for the drink on the credit report.

As Yoongi looked up from the belt, it was obvious that Taehyung had already spotted him. A quirk of Taehyung’s lips and his wrist turned, showing Yoongi the band he wore a little more clearly. It made the decision that much more easy, when it seemed that Taehyung had no objections.

“Same as last time?” Taehyung asked, half loping through the room just to stop just shy of Yoongi’s knee.

Yoongi swallowed, able to taste the alcohol almost as his pants got tighter. “If you want.”

Taehyung’s grin said everything, and it was how he ended up in a chair in one of the small rooms again with Taehyung squeezing between his thighs. He’d thought about it a lot, in between. A lot of fantasies had involved that, and a lot of other things. He’d half wished he’d had a picture, but Taehyung’s face wasn’t any less than what his memory conjured. His mouth wasn’t either.

Yoongi liked how Taehyung dragged his lips against him, something he recognized from the last time. He liked the play of Taehyung’s tongue, and that it made him wonder how Taehyung kissed, and how that tongue would feel other places. Taehyung sucked like he liked it, and maybe he just liked cock in general, or maybe he liked Yoongi’s particularly. It puffed him up either way, because he had it to give, sliding between slick lips as Taehyung’s head rose and fell. Yoongi liked it too, the touching, getting turned on by pleasing a partner. Just thinking of it had him humming, enjoying.

Yoongi didn’t last long. Not that he couldn’t have, but with Taehyung’s hums, the sounds his mouth made, he didn’t want to. He let the pleasure take him like he hadn’t come in a week, huffing out a laugh at the interesting little moans Taehyung made as he swallowed. He was allowed, when it’d been a while. But he still felt a little self-conscious getting his pants done up as Taehyung rocked back. There was something about the way Taehyung licked his lips that had him licking his own.

“I don’t know if I’ve ever had anyone come back to see me,” Taehyung said, clearing his throat in the middle of his sentence and almost startling Yoongi.

Really? Yoongi wanted to ask that, but couldn’t quite get it out. He couldn’t conceive someone not going back, unless they just never made it to New Jeju in time. Or, they had a willing mouth in every port, which Yoongi most certainly did not.

“Yeah, well. You’re really good at that,” Yoongi said, rubbing his palms against his thighs as Taehyung preened. Good at it. Gorgeous. He’d gotten caught up in the fantasy while he’d been waiting, and didn’t even know if it was allowed, but he figured it was worth the shot. “How good I am depends on who you ask, but I haven’t gotten any complaints. If you’re interested…”

Taehyung’s eyebrows shot up, his hand lifting as though he was going to point at himself, as though there was anyone else nearby.

“Really?” Taehyung asked, an echo of Yoongi’s unspoken question, and it almost had Yoongi snorting.

“Yeah, it’s up to you, though.”

“Do people say no to getting blown?” Taehyung wondered. It was like a marvel of something he’d never considered, and Yoongi did laugh then.

“I mean. I guess. If you don’t feel good. Or maybe an alien with spiky teeth?”

“Spiky teeth!” Taehyung blurted, cackling and holding his belly as he rocked back. “You don’t, do you??”

Yoongi bared his teeth and stuck some of his tongue out, too. But Taehyung was holding a hand to his heart like he’d just dodged something dangerous.

“I’m safe, then! How did you want me?”

That, it seemed, was a yes. And Taehyung scrambled up to his feet as Yoongi stood.

“In the chair,” Yoongi said, and traded places with a wide-eyed Taehyung. No, he hadn’t been standing to kick Taehyung out, no matter how it’d seemed to him. But that moment being close, he had to fight himself not to test just how different in height they were. He wasn’t going to offer any less than Taehyung had offered to him, and that meant that Taehyung could sit and not worry about holding himself up. Taehyung sat slowly, like he wasn’t used to that at all, taking a customer’s seat. But his hands weren’t slow, when they got to opening up his belt, and his pants. Taehyung was aroused, but getting harder as he jacked himself like Yoongi was going to complain if he had to get Taehyung hard himself. He was the one getting to touch, so there was no room for complaints, replacing Taehyung’s hand with his. It made him anticipate, feeling how warm Taehyung was, and getting closer.

Unless someone specifically asked him to tease, it wasn’t really in his repertoire. He’d picked up some tricks over the years, and put his own spin on them. He liked what he liked, and right then, it was seeing how well his lips fit around Taehyung’s cock. It shouldn’t have been a surprise, Taehyung hadn’t been quiet blowing Yoongi, and he wasn’t then, either.

“Oh yeah,” Taehyung sighed, and it sent tingles right through Yoongi.

Fuck, that wasn’t fair how wild it sent his body. And Taehyung had no holdups about not touching. His hand cradled Yoongi’s head like he was trying to protect Yoongi from something dangerous behind him, and the other settled between Yoongi’s neck and shoulder. Taehyung was too responsive, every suck, stroke, tease, and Taehyung was babbling, or moaning, or touching. And he couldn’t have known how it was making Yoongi’s pulse rise in jagged leaps. He was glad he’d already gotten off, or he’d have been humping the air. He didn’t know what it was, the taste, the feel, the satisfaction. Taehyung’s thighs were trembling under his arms, and it was a rush like he hadn’t felt in ages. And Taehyung kept making little sounds, different than when he’d been sucking Yoongi off since they weren’t muffled. He wasn’t trying for slow, he was trying for pleasure, and Taehyung responded all the way.

“Close,” Taehyung groaned. Warned. In case Yoongi wanted to pull away. But he didn’t. He wanted to feel, taste, and knew he was going to dream about it. He was going to have a few sweaty sessions—


That one moan of his name had Yoongi nearly going crosseyed, adjusting before he literally choked as Taehyung came with jittering hips and pulses of come. It had Yoongi moaning with him, not caring what he sounded like as he enjoyed every moment, and absorbed every touch until Taehyung shifted. Too much, and Yoongi got that. And he breathed for a while as Taehyung was still, absorbing everything before Taehyung was moving to dress himself. A nice dick softening because of what his mouth had done, so it was kind of a shame to watch it disappear. Yoongi rubbed his finger against the rough surface of one of the clouds on Taehyung’s belt as Taehyung did it up again. He’d dragged the back of his opposite hand against his mouth, and maybe it wasn’t as sexy as Taehyung licking his lips had been, but it got the job done.

“Definitely no reason to doubt your talents,” Taehyung said. Gusted, really, with his hands falling in relaxation back on his thighs.

But it made Yoongi’s lips curve in satisfaction. It’d been perfect, as much as someone sticking their dick in his mouth could be. And he almost felt he could go again, but the etiquette for that escaped him when he had a man with some of his come still on his chin right in front of him.

They both stood, an awkward turning as Yoongi made way for Taehyung to get to the door.

“I should get back out there. Maybe some other time,” Taehyung said, shrugging, face scrunching up a little as he grinned. “Thanks for coming back!”

Yoongi nodded, in lieu of words, and Taehyung left him there to tidy up if he wanted to. It gave him time to scrub his palms on his pants, rubbing at his mouth again and wondering what exactly he was doing. There was a dissatisfaction to it, like anticipation that was ruined by fruition. They’d head to Waypoint with the ship, and have a trip lined up after that, too, and the chance of getting more of contact was slim. Post blowjob letdown.

Yoongi wandered out, ready to find a reader and pay for his drink. He wasn’t looking but his eyes still caught silver patches and long thighs, and a man staring at Taehyung’s mouth that was still practically wet from blowing Yoongi. Taehyung could blow the whole damn bar, and probably had between Yoongi’s visits. But he didn’t have to. Yoongi’s mouth tightened at the way Taehyung was being looked over, evaluated, and Yoongi straightened his shoulders and made for the counter to pay.

It wasn’t his business. Anyone was free to look, and free to touch as long as Taehyung was willing. He looked back to prove it to himself, and felt the muscles in one of his shoulder contract at a hand patting at Taehyung’s knee. Yoongi knew he was standing, gawking in the middle of the bar when he was meant to be leaving. If Taehyung was willing. It was a harebrained idea, and yet, it became a better and better idea the more he turned it over in his head.

Yoongi found the nearest empty chair and mashed the button corresponding to Taehyung’s band. He watched for disgust or surprise, when Taehyung turned to look. Yoongi wasn’t a wild man, and he wasn’t going to pick Taehyung up and cart him off, but he soothed himself as Taehyung went to the bar, getting a drink and taking it to the guy who’d been looking Taehyung over. Words were darting around as he stood and waited, watching Taehyung approach, trying to figure out how to spit out his thoughts.

“Yeah?” Taehyung asked, stopping close enough that Yoongi had to tip his head back a little. There was still a bit of come on his face, and Yoongi had to look away while at the same time, keeping himself from looking to see if the customer Taehyung had been talking to had watched Taehyung come up to him. He questioned himself one last second. But he missed it, having a man to touch and get off with. And being on the go, not a lot of chances to meet someone organically.

“I run a ship with a short delivery coming up,” Yoongi said, watching Taehyung’s expressions. “Short being a couple of weeks. I don’t know if you can, but it’d be nice to have you along. You’d have your own bunk. Not big, but it’s comfortable.”

Taehyung’s head tilted as Yoongi spoke, staring with those wide eyes again as he took in what Yoongi was asking. It felt like there were eyes on them, and there probably were.

“Going with you… to suck you off?” Taehyung asked, his voice maybe not quiet enough even with the music playing.

“Only if you wanted. No one’s going to eject you if you decide you wanted to stop.” And if Taehyung wanted to keep at it, they’d get a chance to work some of that want out of Yoongi’s system. It had a 50/50 shot at working. Either he’d get used to having his needs taken care of, or he’d be set again for a long while. The risk seemed worth it, with the taste of come still in his mouth.

That made Taehyung laugh. “Is that all you’d want?” he asked, and Yoongi’s eyes darted down to where Taehyung was rubbing a hand over his own belly. He just barely kept himself from licking his lips just watching.

“I think we could both get some enjoyment out of it.” Whatever Taehyung wanted, within reason. They’d have time, was the whole point.

“Just being sure,” Taehyung said. And the spark in his eyes as he leaned forward almost had Yoongi leaning with him. “Will it be an adventure?”

That got a rusty chuckle out of him.

“As much as any delivery run can be,” Yoongi said. He had to be honest. The adventure was what someone made of it, he guessed. When it was busy, it was busy. And when it wasn’t, it wasn’t. That was why he ran a crew like he did. He could’ve made more money with just one person instead of two, but it was easier that way. And he liked easy well enough. Plus he knew he’d have lost Hoseok if he hadn’t let Jimin on board, there was that. And he couldn’t take it any more, reaching up and rubbing his thumb against Taehyung’s chin to get the come off it.

He’d surprised both of them, he could see that, and shifted from one foot to the other. “It’s up to you,” Yoongi said. He wasn’t going to stick around and beg, and it was pretty much a guarantee he wasn’t going to be back if Taehyung said no. Not that he’d be angry, it was just too much. He was ready to burn right out of there, the second Taehyung made his choice. Maybe it was better if Taehyung didn’t. It was probably too much to ask, and who knew what kind of hoops Taehyung had to go through to even leave for that long. That they were strangers was about the only good part about it.

“When do I need to be ready?” Taehyung asked.

“Two hours,” Yoongi said. It was restrictive. Not even really necessary, but it gave him time to get Taehyung settled and time make sure the ship was ready.

“Okay! I’ll be at the docks in two hours,” Taehyung said, tugging at the strap on his wrist to loosen it. “Oh! What ship?”

“The August, in slip 93,” Yoongi said. Right, the ship would be helpful. It was his ship, but he was still going to have to tell the others, since a passenger couldn’t exactly be secret. That sinking feeling got moderately worse. It had the chance of being his best or worst decision made high on lust, which he was judging himself for no matter how fantastic Taehyung’s ass looked wiggling as he sucked.

And Taehyung— Taehyung stepped back, and then right back close and hugged him, and nearly gave him whiplash trying to figure out what was happening.

“Two hours!” Taehyung exclaimed, like he’d forgotten.

Yoongi was abandoned in the middle of the bar, with a drink tab to pay, wondering what exactly he’d gotten himself into.


Jimin and Hoseok hadn’t had questions about them having a passenger, mostly because he hadn’t given then time for questions. It had been an announcement, not an invitation for interrogation, and he’d rolled right into questions about the readiness of the ship. Jimin had gotten tugged along as they’d gone off to finish their checklists, but Yoongi knew it wasn’t so much an avoidance of the questions as it was a temporary reprieve. He wasn’t sure how to defend or explain his choice to himself, much less to Hoseok.

It gave him time to wrangle the port crew as the last of the cargo was being moved in, since someone always had a bright idea about what they needed to stack too near to his own cargo and getting in the way. He wasn’t going out of his way for whoever was in the slip after him and causing himself time overages in the process.

The tablet on his hip squawked, and he hit his earpiece.

“You have a passenger waiting at intake,” a perfunctory voice told him.

“Five minutes,” he replied, and hung up.

It took him all of that to catch the elevator down, leaning against the wall as people chatted and wishing they were already underway. Port for some was relaxation. For him it seemed to be an endless headache.

Some moments of reprieve, though, when Taehyung spotted him and stood up. He had a red rolling bag, not an inappropriate size for a two week trip. There were messes of people, buzzing conversations all around as Taehyung waited on the other side of the safety glass. But Yoongi scanned his slip card, so his time of departure got them moved up and Taehyung admitted up past the lines heading for more passenger oriented ships. One more thing that went right. His license, ship registration, all of that was on file, so his slip card, ID, and fingerprint were all he had to provide as Taehyung gave his own identification. It was a time sink more than anything else, tying people to a particular ship in case of emergency. Accidents happened, and rescue crews liked to know how many people they were looking for. Unregistered passengers had a different onboarding procedure, but it wasn’t worth the hassle.

“When I saw all the people here, I thought you might have to go without me,” Taehyung said, as they caught an express elevator up.

Yoongi caught the railing as the elevator accelerated, and chuckled. “They had some logic when they put departure time as precedence. You probably pissed off a few people who got there before you, though. They don’t know you’re just going to be on a little cargo hop instead of in some luxury cabin.”

“What type of ship is she?” Taehyung asked.

“A Sunfin class.” The elevator swooshed to a stop, and Yoongi gestured Taehyung out ahead of him.


“Mostly unmodified, except for extra shielding so we can run higher payday loads. Like I said, a small cargo hop, so we have to make it work.”

Taehyung had hit on the one subject he could go on and on about. The ship itself, hydraulic maintenance, propulsion. He didn’t mind chatting about that, and it kept his mind clear just getting Taehyung onto the ship itself. He’d been in the extra bunk mostly just being sure it hadn’t gotten turned into storage. There were clean sheets and blankets, but the bed was unmade. He wasn’t going to apologize for that. But it was clean, and the mini-bathroom was usable, so Taehyung wouldn’t have to go gallivanting around. It wasn’t time for a grand tour, in any case, except to point out how to get out of the ship in case of emergency. It was all clearly marked in the halls, but smoke could make things disorienting.

“This is the crew quarters, and this is your bunk for the trip. Galley is nearby, and a full bathroom that I’ll show you later. You’re not confined here, but I’d appreciate you sticking to the bunk until we’re underway.”

“I’ll just get settled. You don’t have to worry about me,” Taehyung said. He settled on the mattress, wiggling a little to test it.

Not worrying was easier said than done, really. The bunk had blue walls, something he hadn’t really paid attention to, and it’d been blue since Yoongi had bought the ship. Seemed nicer than the gray and beige elsewhere, and he couldn’t even begin to worry about how the mattress was.

“There are some snacks and some ReadyMeals in the drawer there,” Yoongi said, gesturing to the built-in dresser. “Water from that dispenser, and nothing fancier except from the galley right now. The ReadyMeals are mostly for emergencies, but it’s nice to have something nearby in case. The first few days out of port we usually have real food from the galley for at least a meal or two a day.”

Taehyung nodded, clearly appreciating that. “Real food is good.”

“You’ll have to thank Jimin, who paid attention on his last ship. Jimin and Hoseok are the only other two people on board for this trip, and they’re crew. Speaking of, I’d suggest you not offer any…services to anyone else on board, but it’s kind of moot anyway, since they’re in a relationship. You’ll meet them after while. Whenever we eat, maybe.”

“Suggest. That’s nice,” Taehyung laughed.

It made him want to scoff and bluster that it wasn’t as though he owned Taehyung, but it too was moot. He gestured to the wall unit.

“There’s an intercom if you need anything. One of us will be able to respond. Just hit the black button, and it’ll go to the bridge. Red button is shipwide, so that had better be an emergency. Button number one is my cabin. You know the escape route, but it’s marked here, too.” Yoongi thought for a second if he’d missed anything important. He didn’t think so. “We’ll be underway here, with luck within the next couple of hours. I just need to do a last walkthrough of the cargo and maintenance. Any questions?”

Taehyung’s mouth had popped open, but it shut, and he shook his head. “No, I’m fine. Thank you.”

“All right. You’ll hear when food’s ready, but stay put since it’s the first time, and if I can I’ll come get you. Or send one of the others.”

“Sounds good. I’ll be here,” Taehyung said.

And Taehyung had the nerve to smile as he patted his bag and leaned back against the wall. It caught Yoongi’s eye whether Yoongi wanted it caught or not. He had too many things to do to think about Taehyung, or why he was there, or the fact that he was going to be there through the whole delivery. He just hoped his impulse hadn’t been a bad one - he couldn’t just stick Taehyung in the cargo hold until they got back, no matter how tempted he got.

“Okay,” Yoongi said. And he shrugged, more at himself than at Taehyung. “See you later.”

When he left, he left the door open so Taehyung could get settled and close it himself. He wasn’t Taehyung’s keeper, just his— His host, he supposed. Yoongi stretched his neck as he stepped onto the bridge. That was why he didn’t have passengers. Or, if he ever did again, he was getting Hoseok to take over. It took too much time, and too many words.


Taehyung wasn’t wearing the cloud belt when Yoongi went to get him for dinner. It was a strange kind of relief in that, some kind of disconnect. Not that Jimin or Hoseok were going to know. And Taehyung was dressed within a limit of normalcy. Nothing too flashy, but not boring either. But Yoongi had to look away, not just from the clothes, but from the impressed faces Taehyung was making every time Yoongi pointed out a communication panel, or hell, the way to the bridge. It was his ship, and he didn’t know it was possible to be quite that enthused by it.

The introductions were the one thing he wasn’t worried about, since he knew they weren’t optional. The fact that it’d gotten put off until after they were out of New Jeju’s orbit might’ve been the most surprising thing. Hoseok could be guarded when he had a reason to be, and Jimin could be shy, but the one variable he hadn’t counted on was Taehyung being all still and quiet next to him when they made it into the galley.

“This is Taehyung. He’ll be with us until we get back to New Jeju. And these are the crew I told you about,” Yoongi said. “Hoseok, and Jimin. Crew, and my friends.”

Not an afterthought. Just, a bigger part, maybe. Anyone could be crew. Friendship was something else, and he squinted as Hoseok cooed. They had a guest. It wasn’t time to be weird.

“I’m Jimin,” Jimin said, even though Yoongi had just introduced him two seconds earlier. “Come, sit! You don’t even have to deal with my cooking tonight. We got real food in port! Yoongi told us we needed extra, too, so there’s plenty!”

Jimin was just the buffer that was needed, since Taehyung was hanging at Yoongi’s elbow like he wasn’t sure where he was supposed to be. Partly Yoongi’s fault, he knew that. But it broke the pause, and Yoongi slouched onto his usual place. It was some fake meat and pasta dish they’d had in the past and liked, so he knew it wouldn’t make his mouth curl up and die. He watched Taehyung sample it.

“Oh, I know this place! It’s good.”

“They make the fake meat not taste like salty sponges,” Hoseok agreed. “Have you lived on New Jeju long?”

Hoseok’s eyes flicked to Yoongi just before he asked the question like he was giving notice but not asking permission. And maybe that was where Yoongi talking to them first would’ve avoided some of that, but then, he didn’t know what all he’d have been able to tell them. What all did Yoongi know? His name was Taehyung, he lived on New Jeju, and gave great head. Also his moans turned Yoongi on, and he’d almost jerked off earlier thinking of getting his mouth on Taehyung again. Not exactly the kind of information they’d have been looking for.

“All my life!” Taehyung said. “I’m a colony kid. I was the stereotypical kid who always wanted to vacation on a planet every time we had a chance.”

“Too bad we’re not going to a planet this time,” Jimin said. All empathy, and no, Yoongi wasn’t redirecting just for a vacation.

Taehyung shrugged. “It’s still a trip! Where are you from?”

Yoongi listened while he levered himself up to go get a drink. Hoseok was a colony kid, too, but Jimin had been born planet-side. Jimin had actually been part of Namjoon’s crew once, Yoongi’s business partner. They’d all met in port, and Hoseok had fallen hard, causing the eternal joke that Yoongi had stolen Jimin from Namjoon’s ship. The truth was, Hoseok had, really. But they were happier for it, and that made Yoongi’s life easier. Jimin had chosen space, and Hoseok was born to it. The green bottle Yoongi chose was space approved, juice, with real juice albeit a small percentage, but he grabbed two and slid one to Taehyung when he got sat down. He got those owl eyes back at him, but he looked back to his food before the smile aimed at him was fully formed.

“This is more exciting than our usual first meal out,” Jimin said, to which Hoseok nodded.

“And Yoongi emerged from his cave!”

“I wasn’t just going to throw him to the wolves,” Yoongi said.

Jimin feigned offense, but Hoseok was laughing. Besides, he ate with them often enough. He didn’t want to be a third wheel all the time, though, and his time alone was still important even if they were in the middle of space.

“New people are interesting!” Taehyung argued. Though Yoongi wasn’t sure in whose defense.

There were at least no questions that made Yoongi want to shut down the conversation, just inquiring about Taehyung’s past, and chatting about the trip itself. He appreciated that, since being tactful wasn’t always a given.

“Have you shown Taehyung the bridge?” Jimin asked. And gasped, when Yoongi shook his head. “The shower room? Yoongi!”

“We were getting ready to leave!”

“I’ll show him, then,” Jimin said. “If you’re done?”

Taehyung chugged the last of the drink, letting Jimin take the trash to be compacted. “I’m done!”

Yoongi might’ve liked to have shown Taehyung the bridge himself, but he shrugged that off, giving a nod when Taehyung looked to him like he needed some kind of permission. It seemed weird to see Taehyung leaving with Jimin playing tour guide, but he played it off, relaxing back and trying to pretend he didn’t feel Hoseok staring at him. He half wondered if they’d planned that, peeling Taehyung off to leave Yoongi in Hoseok’s clutches.

“Don’t worry, I told him you’re together so he won’t try anything.”

Hoseok’s eyebrows rose. “No fraternizing with the crew? Who was worried? I mean, I’m not the one who invited a complete stranger on board.”

“It’s not like you’d want him, not with Jimin around. And he’s not a complete stranger.”

“Right…” Hoseok drew out. “And where did you meet him?”

“In port,” Yoongi said. And he got one Jung Hoseok patented sigh in return. He knew Hoseok knew, no matter how he tried to pretend.

“In port. You mean in the pleasure bar? Are you paying him?”

“No one’s paying anyone.” And so what if he was? “It’s not a job. He’s a passenger, a guest,” Yoongi said, and didn’t know how much more he could stress it. It was just like he said. And Taehyung was. Though, he was maybe more of a companion for Yoongi than anything.

“Is he blackmailing you?”

“What? No!” Yoongi burst out.

Hoseok nodded, satisfied at least partially. “Well, that’s something then. But still, it’s just… He seems nice.”

He’d gotten Hoseok to give up, with that change. Being nice hadn’t really been number one on Yoongi’s list of qualifications, but he had no reason to disagree. Once Taehyung had gotten talking, he’d been charming to the point of even getting surrogate parent Hoseok to crack and laugh. He’d seen hints of that, in the room, bringing Taehyung onboard, but it hadn’t been directed at him, or the ship, but at people he was responsible for. Cared about.

“Much to your surprise,” Yoongi said.

It had Hoseok snorting at him that time. “It’s a nice surprise. Still. Let us know if we need to lock him in with the cargo.”

Granted. He was pretty sure they’d help him lock up Taehyung and not help Taehyung lock up him, so that was something to be pleased with, too.

The door buzzed open, and Jimin on his own walked in.

“He’s the same age as me!” Jimin declared, sitting back next to Hoseok.

“Is he back in his bunk?”

“All snug and sound,” Jimin said. And he patted Hoseok’s shoulder. “He said to tell you it was nice meeting you.”

See? Nice. Yoongi pushed himself up. Jimin probably had questions too, but he’d had just about his fill of them. Hoseok had enough information to fill Jimin in, and if Hoseok was satisfied, he was pretty sure the universe as a whole should’ve been.

“Heading to the bridge for my shift,” Yoongi said.

“Enjoy,” Hoseok called after him.

He was pretty sure it was a shot at him, because of Taehyung. But he didn’t care. He was glad it was his turn, because it kept him from passing by Taehyung’s bunk and considering his options. They’d already gotten off once and it wasn’t like Yoongi had called some kind of timeline. It’d happen when it happened.

Still, on the bridge, he dialed into Taehyung’s bunk. It wasn’t fair to have Taehyung hanging out there, on edge even maybe while not knowing what was going on.

“I’ll be on the bridge until we get out of this more congested airspace, probably until whatever counts as morning. Just relax, and let us know if you need anything.”

“All right,” Taehyung said. “Thanks for letting me know.”

He’d never heard Taehyung over the intercom, and the slight burr it gave his voice had Yoongi’s finger slipping off the intercom button a little faster than normal. Realization that it was real life, seriously, that Taehyung was on board had him cackling into his hand, grinning and shaking his head as he tried to get himself under control. It was great, and so far from routine, and he’d deal with it like he did anything else. He blew out a breath, relaxing back into his chair. Like he’d told Taehyung, it didn’t matter if nothing happened between them during the trip. When he wasn’t on shift, there’d have to be more talking. While there was a certain positive for anticipation, he didn’t think wondering was going to cut it.


Yoongi had showered off the lingering stench of port, and whatever sweat he’d acquired when Taehyung had blown him. It seemed about five years previous, but no amount of heavy eyes could make him skip pressing the door access button outside of Taehyung’s bunk.

“It’s Yoongi,” he said, when the light blinked to let him know Taehyung had responded.

“Oh! Come in.”

He wasn’t sure why Taehyung sounded surprised that it was him, or maybe just surprised that someone was there at all. Yoongi had his own surprise, to find Taehyung standing up from a chair, and the bed made but not slept in.

“I was worried I might wake you up.”

Taehyung shook his head. “I wanted to stay up a while. I didn’t know when you’d be free and going to bed, so I didn’t want my schedule to be all opposite of yours.”

A considerate action. A forward-thinking one too, when the delivery wasn’t all that long to begin with.

“You must be tired,” Taehyung said, searching his face.

“A little, but when aren’t I,” Yoongi said. The bunk was smaller, with the two of them standing in it. The red bag was stowed away somewhere, and Taehyung had been doing something on a tablet. Reading, watching something. It didn’t matter. “Did you get a good grasp of where things were from the tour?”

“I did! She’s not one of the hulking transporters,” Taehyung said, flinging his hands wide for a second, before patting the wall like the ship was going to take offense. “But the deck is really well laid out, and even this bunk is cozy.”

It wasn’t true that the way to his good side was through complimenting his ship, but it wasn’t untrue either.

“She’s a few years behind on some of the tech, but this is the model I wanted,” Yoongi said. If the specs held, he’d do a propulsion overhaul within a couple of years. It was more speed for his credit.

“I can see why. Also, the tour. I just… I didn’t come on to Jimin when we were alone,” Taehyung said. “I made sure the tour didn’t go too long, just in case.”

That had him blinking, his brain coming around to what Taehyung was implying. “What? I didn’t think you would.”

“Why’d you tell me not to, then?”

If there was an easy way to admit it, jerking a shoulder and huffing out a breath were helping him try. “Because I was being a dick?” And that got him a startled little laugh in response. “We don’t have passengers, so this is kind of a new…situation for all of us.”

“Is that why they looked at me like an alien at first?” Taehyung teased.

“Probably. Among other reasons.” Good looking guys didn’t just waltz onto the ship every day. Definitely not on Yoongi’s invitation, and definitely not amused at him for it.

“Did you want…something?”

The question was ventured, and Yoongi both did and didn’t have an answer for it. Yes, he wanted to cup the back of Taehyung’s head and slide into his mouth. And he also wasn’t sure just why having Taehyung offer him just that seemed so different within the walls of his ship. They weren’t in a pleasure bar. He felt… Responsible, in a way he hadn’t as a stranger just walking in off the street. Pleasure bars were regulated, safe. So outside of that, it was different.

But there was no ignoring the want at the same time.

“I do. But I just... You know that everything is optional. Only if you want to.”

His dick wasn’t the end all be all of genitalia, and he got having second thoughts.

“Let’s shake on it,” Taehyung said, reaching out and taking Yoongi’s kneejerk lifted hand. But his grip firmed as Taehyung took three enthusiastic pumps. “Only if we both want anything. And, I definitely still want to.”

He let himself be handled. Turned. Backed up until he was sitting in the chair Taehyung had been in. He let Taehyung open his pants, and then had a Taehyung with his nose pressed up in his crotch.

“I noticed before. What kind of soap do you use? Smells good. I guess I’ll get to try it?”

Was he supposed to answer? Yoongi wondered, blinking and not on his game at all with Taehyung’s fingers stroking around him. It was fascinating to watch, and even better to feel, and Yoongi relaxed his thighs wider. Content to look, he startled when Taehyung looked up and met his eyes. There was a curve starting at his lips.

“I really like doing this,” Taehyung said.

That voice had Yoongi’s fingers curling. But the sound Yoongi made was closer to surrender at the wet touch of Taehyung’s tongue before he began to kiss along Yoongi’s cock. I really like doing this, he’d said. And he showed it, as well, rubbing his lips and tongue against Yoongi. When he’d let himself imagine, sitting in his chair on the bridge, it hadn’t prepared him for that. Not a quick suck in a little side room, but a man humming as he finally took Yoongi’s cock into his mouth. A few seals of his lips were punctuated by the glide of his fingers, and Yoongi’s eyelids fluttered closed at all of it. The vibration under his feet was his own ship, and Taehyung was there for him, and—

His eyes shot open as Taehyung gripped one of Yoongi’s hands, pulling it toward him, spreading Yoongi’s hand against the back of his head. Maybe… Maybe he liked that, too.

“Fuck,” Yoongi muttered, and Taehyung grunted his agreement. And it seemed to be the case, enjoyment, Taehyung’s his mouth quickening with every squeeze and stroke through Taehyung’s soft hair. But Yoongi’s thighs jolted from Taehyung’s moan, just from Yoongi’s nails against his scalp. He didn’t know who was getting pleasured, but Taehyung’s mouth was insistent, and amazing and he braced himself with Taehyung’s neck, and grabbed at the armrest just in time to stutter a breath at Taehyung’s worrying tongue dragging him upwards to no return. His warning was a click in his throat, and a full body shudder, but Taehyung was ready. He hummed as Yoongi came, never wavering, the rhythmic feeling of his swallows making Yoongi’s eyes roll back. Taehyung eased Yoongi down, when it felt like his skin was sparking. He floated in that for a while, taking back his hand and watching Taehyung lick his lips. He closed up his own pants with fingers that weren’t quite steady, and reached for words. Words, he didn’t usually have any lack of. But he was floundering for anything but simple adjectives and a number of expletives.

“That’s—“ he started, and shook his head. The grin of delight Taehyung shot him told him his message had been received. “Did you…?”

Yoongi gestured, not wanting to just get amazing head and then book it out the door. Not since there was a precedent there.

“Not now,” Taehyung said. “You need some rest.”

“I think you helped me,” Yoongi agreed. “I’ll buzz in when I make it for breakfast.”

“Sounds excellent. Get some good sleep!”

He intended to, and the trip to his cabin was short. Yoongi throbbed pleasantly as he got his pants off, ordering the lights down as he dragged his blanket up and over himself on the bed. After some worry he’d made the wrong decision, he finally felt like maybe it’d been a good choice after all. Or maybe he was just satisfied. Whichever it was, he liked it.


A hard sleep still didn’t have Yoongi waking up entirely rested, so he spent a few seconds outside of Taehyung’s door swaying after he’d hit the button. And sighing. And staring at the ceiling?


His eyebrows rose at the unintelligible sound from the intercom.

“Did I wake you up?” Yoongi asked. And there was silence. He wondered if Taehyung had just gone back to sleep, in which case he was leaving immediately. But there was a thump, and the door hissing as it opened, and there was Taehyung. Bed head, and a whole long length of bare thighs under short shorts

“Hey, sorry,” Taehyung rumbled. “I was awake earlier, but I must’ve fallen back asleep.”

“I do that,” Yoongi said. Mildly, for all that he was trying to keep his eyes up. “My stomach had other plans, though.”

The giggle was cute. Artless. “Oh, yeah. I’ll get dressed.”

And leave the door open while doing so. Yoongi turned so as not to cause any other chances of his body getting harder before he got his breakfast. Not that he didn’t imagine the offing of the shorts, and pants sliding up. It took Taehyung a minute and a half, emerging with hair patted down and appropriately attired.

“Breakfast!” he cheered, falling into step with Yoongi. “Did you sleep okay?”

“Was out like a light.”

The grin seemed to indicate Taehyung thought he had something to do with that. Not that Yoongi could argue. The galley smelled of breakfast, which told Yoongi Jimin at the very least had been in to make breakfast for himself and Hoseok. Besides the first meal out, it was a tossup how many meals they shared over the course of a trip, but usually when someone made something, it was enough for everyone. So Yoongi was unsurprised when he opened the cooler to see two covered bowls waiting for them.

“I see Jimin has already started liking you more than me,” Yoongi said.

Yoongi handed over the bowl, which had a very specific note attached to the top of it. For Taehyung only! Min Yoongi do not touch!

The laugh was a surprised one, and Yoongi fought his lips from quirking as Taehyung fought between amused and concerned.

“Oh, I— We can share it?”

Yoongi waved a hand. He pulled out a bowl exactly the same but for the message: For Min Yoongi. He did grin though, taking back the one Taehyung was trying to offer him and putting both the bowls into the heater. That was Jimin in a nutshell.

“Made you feel special for a second,” Yoongi said.

“More like shocked!”

“He’d never leave anyone out.” Though Yoongi thought for a moment. “He might, but you’d have to have a really golden throne position on his shit list.”

“I’m probably on someone’s,” Taehyung said.

“Jimin’d make you work for it.” And the food was good, not that he’d really wondered. The cereal was hot, and there were freeze dried berries doing their best to mimic fresh ones. It made him able to imagine biting into a nice, ripe strawberry anyway. Eating in silence was fine with him, but eating in silence could be kind of boring, too. “A colony kid, huh?”

Taehyung nodded with his spoon still in his mouth. “When I think about how things have changed in the last hundred years, my head really spins! I could have been born anywhere. My grandparents grew food on a planet, and here I am! What about you? When we were talking about where we all came from, you didn’t say much?”

“They didn’t want to know about me,” Yoongi said. Taehyung huffed out a laugh, his whole face smiling even while he was shoveling more food into his mouth. “But not much to tell. I was actually born on a mining trawler, so I guess I have ships and stubbornness in my blood, since my mom shouldn’t have been out there.”

“Ohh,” Taehyung vocalized, nodding as he thought. “So does that… Does that trace you back to the origin of the ship, or where your mom was from?”

“Same thing, in that case. So my “official” origin is a planet-side mining colony. Never lived there, though.”

“Did you get to visit at least?”

“Sure. I have an aunt and uncle still living there. My family kept joking I’d be transporting their goods around one day, but not on a ship like this.”

Most mining product was on larger barge-type trawlers, whose only duty was transport of large and heavy cargo. They could travel on skeleton crews and move in the slow lanes to maximize savings. Not like the faster ships like the August where it was quickness and convenience that took precedent. And garnered a higher shipping price, at that.

He thought he’d probably have become a rock himself, if he’d been stuck on a trawler his whole life. And yet still, he had a little piece of ore on the bridge. Maybe just remembering where he came from, or remembering where he didn’t want to become. He could’ve talked about how he rarely saw his parents, or that walking on planet with sheer drops of ugly mining holes felt vaguely wrong. But Taehyung didn’t need to know any of that, and he was done thinking about it.

Yoongi waited the few moments it took for Taehyung to finish his own breakfast, before reaching out for the bowl and spoon. The bowls went into the recycler, and the utensils into the cleaner so they’d be available for the next meal.

“Time for me to take over. I know Jimin showed you the bridge before, but if you want to see it again?”

Half was being polite, and half was not wanting Jimin and Hoseok to interrogate him the moment he went in. So he was at least partially relieved when Taehyung’s response was positive, leaping up off the bench to fall in step behind Yoongi’s elbow. It wasn’t a surprise, either, when he pushed through the bridge door, to find Jimin and Hoseok both there. They split their shifts however they wanted, and Yoongi didn’t care.

Though he half regretted bringing Taehyung along from the speculative expression Hoseok shot him. Yoongi promptly ignored him anyway, at least until Hoseok got out of his seat.

“Thanks for breakfast,” Yoongi told Jimin. And clearly Jimin could tell from his tone that he’d found the notes, from the immediate and amused laughter.

“Any time!”

“When you—“ Hoseok started, before Jimin took his arm.

“See you later!” Jimin said, and pulled Hoseok right along with him.

If Taehyung found that odd, he didn’t show it, but then again, he seemed too interested in looking around. Not touching anything, which Yoongi appreciated, even if someone unauthorized would’ve had a hard time doing anything anyway. Some people got grabby when they got in a ship for the first time. What’s this for, what’s that do.

“Cargo monitors, propulsion, life support,” Yoongi said, relaxing back in his seat and pointing out the various screens. There were backups to those, but he was giving a tour, not a lesson. “It’s pretty self-sufficient.”

“Still. Even if you think that this ship is smaller than a good portion of cargo ships, it’s bigger than what people would think based on just being in the crew areas, and that’s really cool. This big ship flying to destinations some people couldn’t even imagine, stuck on their colonies.”

Yoongi about bristled at the ship being called small, but then, Taehyung had a point.

“Yeah,” Yoongi agreed.

Though Yoongi raised an eyebrow as Taehyung looked at him, looked him up and down. “What?”

“Captain Min Yoongi! Exploring the stars,” Taehyung said. With relish. And drama.

“With his autopilot doing 99% of the work,” Yoongi said wryly.

“Still! I realize the guide points make travel about as varied as a moving walkway, but there has to be some fantasy left, right?”

“Right up to the point you leave the path and you have angry patrollers telling you off for trying to “explore.” But sure. I guess,” Yoongi said.

Taehyung seemed like he was reveling in Yoongi’s supposed naughtiness. Mechanical issues were about the only reason to disengage automation and leave the predetermined routes. Yoongi didn’t sit in his chair because he needed to. There were hours that there wasn’t anyone at the controls at all. Mostly it was in busy sectors, in case the guide points and relays weren’t aware of space junk, or who knew what. If they had a good portion of it covered, at least he knew if they had to take control, the great likelihood was that someone was going to be there. And Yoongi wasn’t all that far away, even if he had to stagger out in his underwear.

“I have some logs to finish here, so I’ll get to work. When you get hungry again, come find me. I’ll probably be ready to eat, then, too,” Yoongi said. And debated for half a second. “Maybe later today, I can…visit?”

“Visits are fun!” Taehyung said.

The little curve of his lips stayed with Yoongi after he left, not exactly some suave invitation. Kind of like Taehyung’s declaration of it being an adventure when he’d signed on to go, or his immediate offer to share his food. There was some personality to go with that face, but Yoongi wasn’t entirely sure just what all it was comprised of. Just picturing how “fun” the visit could be had Yoongi blowing out a breath and averting his thoughts. Later wasn’t right then, and that was definitely not helping him get his logs done, filling in what Hoseok had started for him.

On the life support monitor, he saw the status of every room, including Taehyung’s bunk. He didn’t normally have breakfast with guys he hooked up with, but he pushed that off as a necessary consequence. He’d invited Taehyung along, and that meant some things were going to be different. All he had to do was wait for that promised later, and if he had any doubts, thinking of that helped erase them.


Taehyung had found him hours later, and Yoongi had offered him his luxury choice of pre-packaged meals, and showed him how to heat them in case he needed to going forward. Yoongi wasn’t his babysitter, after all. Still feeling off from having eaten together at breakfast, he left Taehyung with his hot meal in the galley, and took himself right off back to the bridge. The bar he ate wasn’t all that fascinating, but it beat having to make small talk, or risk getting any ideas looking at Taehyung’s mouth. Normally he was fine with the downtime, using it to read, or plan, or send messages to Namjoon about his thoughts on future destinations. It wasn’t his goal to just stick around New Jeju for the rest of eternity. Some of the outer reaches had better payoffs, even for a ship the size of the August. A little less civilization, but he could stand that at times.

Downtime when he knew there was very likely a blowjob at the end of it, that was something else. So when Jimin came in to spell him off, he was out. Buzzing Taehyung’s room, Taehyung answered quicker.

“Hey, yeah, come in,” Taehyung said.

His voice sounded throaty, even with the slight distortion of the speaker, and Yoongi saw why. He’d obviously been lying down, scooting to the edge of the bed and smiling like he knew what Yoongi was there for.

“Finally done, huh?” Taehyung asked.

Just getting started if he was asked.

“Yeah,” he answered, still hesitating by the door. It wasn’t like the room was large, and Taehyung looked good lounging on the edge of the bed in his short shorts, and all that thigh on display again. It had Yoongi licking his lips. Sure, his brain had clued his body in on what he was there for, and anticipation was getting things going. But he had a guy whose cock had felt good in his mouth, and Yoongi knew just how much that had gotten him turned on the last time. Taehyung’s eyes widened when Yoongi moved forward and knelt in front of him. Taehyung’s skin was warm under the shorts, and Yoongi stroked against it as he looked up.

“You sucked me off last time and didn’t get any,” Yoongi said. “I’m happy going first if you want.”

There was a decided twitch in Taehyung’s shorts, but a dick wasn’t a brain and he wasn’t going to push it if Taehyung didn’t want.

“Oh yeah,” Taehyung breathed, but his face was almost a shout when Yoongi glanced up at him.

There wasn’t anything under the shorts, when Taehyung’s hips lifted and Taehyung pushed as Yoongi tugged, sliding the cloth down over his knees. He waited, worrying his bottom lip until Taehyung got an ankle free so he could ease in closer. Taehyung smelled clean, like he’d showered not long before, and their fingers brushed as Yoongi reached to touch.

“Sorry, I—“ Taehyung started. He was soft, and no reason not to be since Yoongi had surprised him.

“Don’t be,” Yoongi said. But watching Taehyung’s face, he got to see the hitch of breath as he began to fondle and stroke. He had a pair of huge, dark eyes locked on his, and a cock hardening in his hand. Taehyung was breathing so carefully, watching Yoongi’s face so intently. It should have made his skin crawl, too much eye contact, too much of Taehyung seeing. It stirred determination in its place, to cause more of those little hitches of breath, to make Taehyung feel like he did.

Or better. His eyes focused on Taehyung’s mouth for a long moment, knowing just how much pleasure Taehyung had given him, before his head bent. And he felt the gasp, the jolt, as Yoongi’s tongue slipped against the head of Taehyung’s cock. He licked his lips and let them slide around Taehyung, too, letting his jaw relax as he sucked and tasted. It took effort to take Taehyung deeper, humming as he swallowed and rubbed his fingertips against the skin he’d left out. Yoongi wished he could go so far he could bury his nose in the dark hair, but that wasn’t one of his talents. But even if that was something Taehyung could pat himself on the back for, Yoongi made up for it with effort, and enjoyment. Maybe he couldn’t suck cock with the eager enthusiasm Taehyung had showed him, but Yoongi knew what felt good to himself, and he knew what he liked doing.

If he was conveying just how much he loved sucking cock, he was doing exactly what he was trying to do.

“Your mouth,” Taehyung groaned. “I hoped— Jerked off— So—“

Taehyung’s body was giving in in some way, slowly collapsing back on the bunk but with his back arching. It let Yoongi move forward, pinning Taehyung’s pelvis, and sucking quicker around his cock. It gave him freedom to move, to stroke, as Taehyung twitched, and moaned, and touched Yoongi’s arm. His mouth tasted of pre-come, all he could smell, and feel, was Taehyung. Taehyung, who began to shake, Taehyung who made a desperate sound at the twisting of Yoongi’s tongue, and who nearly broke Yoongi’s hold with his lifting hips. Right there, orgasm so close Yoongi could feel it. Then it was come he felt, coating his tongue, slipping down over his lips even as he tried to swallow. He loved those moans, the straining, and the wheeze as Taehyung relaxed to the slowing touches.

He was still holding Taehyung’s cock in his hand when he tilted his head back. Not like he could put in his trip log that he’d sucked a big cock and gotten come all over both of them but it was certainly more than a footnote. His fingers were covered in come and Taehyung’s cock wet and dark. He had come from his nose all the way to his chin, and he wiped at it with his clean hand a bit futilely, eyeing the bared bit of Taehyung’s belly, and watching him pant all lax and flat on the bed. With wet fingers and a man laid out, it made him wonder if Taehyung liked being fingered, or even fucked. And it made him hiss, his cock hard enough as it was without adding that to it.

Just that sound was enough to make Taehyung move, twitching to life and struggling up. He didn’t laugh, seeing Yoongi with his sloppy face and smarting lips. If anything, he looked… Yoongi didn’t know. Intrigued, interested.

Taehyung’s hand slid over Yoongi’s wrist, his fingers still cradling Taehyung’s cock. He knew he was half gone, when all he could do was stare at Taehyung’s hand. But Taehyung clearing his throat had him blinking up.

“You want…?” Taehyung asked.

“If you want,” Yoongi said. He hoped he wasn’t telegraphing desperation, or hope, as much as it surged in him. He’d walk out the door if he had to. He’d never gotten off in the hallway before, but there was a first time for everything. But Taehyung was pulling at his shoulders, his skin coming away from Taehyung wet, and cool as Yoongi stood up. He expected to switch places, maybe, or be booted out the door. But Taehyung was tugging at Yoongi’s waistband, pulling it down, nearly making his knees buckle as his cock came free. Yoongi barely got himself braced on the upper frame of the bunk, unsteady on his his feet, before Taehyung’s mouth was on him.

Not on him. Not anything nearly as passive. Taehyung had leaned in, still on the mattress, and it was like he sensed Yoongi’s desperation, and was trying to devour him. There wasn’t any question if Yoongi had been turned on sucking Taehyung off, or if he was into the blowjob then, not the way he moaned. Taehyung wasn’t trying to kill him, what with the intent sounds he was making as he sucked. But when Taehyung grabbed a handful of Yoongi’s ass, it almost felt like he had grim intentions. Between that and the hand on his thigh, Taehyung was tugging at him, squeezing at him, all but ordering Yoongi to fuck his mouth.

Yoongi’s eyes focused on the dark stripe hanging down the wall, and his hips jolted. Clouds. The belt Taehyung had worn. Taehyung moaned around him like he was into that. And that was it. Taehyung smiling at him. Taehyung gripping his hair and moaning. Taehyung kneeling for him, and touching him, and coming for him—

Taehyung was all but holding him up as Yoongi rocked with his mouth and came with blurred eyes and a strangled shout as he gripped the frame harder with one arm. With the other, he reached for Taehyung’s head, gripping his hair as he wavered between too much and not enough. It felt like he had clouds dancing in his head, eyes closing hard and opening again, and unwilling to move, maybe even unable to, until he realized that in the aftermath of Taehyung letting his cock go, he was all but nuzzling Yoongi’s belly instead. When he reached for his pants, Taehyung helped him get them back up. And he felt so much less naked.

He staggered back a step, and Taehyung stood, pulling up his own shorts in an easy motion.

“Worth waiting your shift for?” Taehyung teased, an acre of cloth-covered chest that Yoongi was half tempted to sway into.

Yoongi intended to laugh, and mostly honked instead. At least, until he blinked up at the cowlick on top of Taehyung’s head. His hand flexed. It’d been wet with Taehyung’s come, and he’d—

“You’re going to have to wash your hair again,” Yoongi rasped, laughing as Taehyung felt up his own head and then tossed it, posing. “A new trend.”

“Your creation!”

Yoongi wheezed, bending over and laughing with what breath he had left. Which wasn’t much. The amusement in Taehyung’s eyes when he straightened, that got him more than the softness of his mouth. He glanced again at the cloud belt.

“I need to go clean up,” Yoongi said.

Not like it was far to the door, and he jabbed at the open button with a knuckle, fully intending to totter out and try and find his dignity. But Taehyung wasn’t there, just for that. He couldn’t just come, and go, and not say anything. “If I don’t come by, just get breakfast when you want it.”

He didn’t say he’d see Taehyung. He might. He might not.

“Okay,” Taehyung said.

“And— Thanks,” Yoongi said.

“Thank you!” Taehyung said, his come-cowlick bobbing with his head.

Yoongi’s face quirked, almost breaking into laughter again.

“Okay,” Yoongi said, and finally got himself out the door. He beelined directly to the captain’s shower room, washing come off his skin, Taehyung’s scent off of him in quick scrubs. He slicked his hair back, getting out of the shower not two minutes later, and drying in just about the same amount of time. The towel was secure around his waist, and he kicked his clothes into the box for cleaning.

“Okay,” he said again, staring at himself in the mirror. His mouth was still tender, to touch, and to look at. He looked like he’d run a marathon, eyes heavy, color still high on his cheekbones. It didn’t matter. It was good, and that Taehyung was good at getting Yoongi off only meant he’d done a good job choosing. He was still deep in that, when he balked at the entrance to his cabin.

Hoseok, making himself utterly at home sprawled on Yoongi’s bed.

“I’m relieved you’re alone,” Hoseok said. “That would’ve been awkward.”

Yoongi shot him a look, but approached the bed anyway.

“If you’re going to take up space, move over.”

Hoseok did, and Yoongi groaned, lying down towel and all, and not really caring. At least he hadn’t come in covered in come.

“Enjoying having your…friend on board?” Hoseok asked.

“Does it look like it?”

“I don’t know, does—“

Yoongi smacked at Hoseok’s hand before he could reach for the towel.

“Don’t you have better things to do with your time? Jimin?”

“We’re on duty,” Hoseok said mildly.

Yoongi gestured toward the door, too tired to do anything else. A hint. For Hoseok to go be on duty. Or make out with Jimin, he didn’t care right then.

“I know I was kind of worried at first. But he hung out with us at dinner, and he’s cute. Not sure how he got hooked up with you, but—“ Hoseok laughed when Yoongi groaned. “I’m just saying, I’m glad. You rattle around here on your own, while I have Jimin, and I worry about you. It’s good for you to have some human contact. And he is cute.”


Maybe he could hear the impending homicide in Yoongi’s voice via embarrassment, because Hoseok wiggled right off the bed, and, contrary to Yoongi’s sharpness, paused to toss the blanket over Yoongi’s prone body.

“Get some rest, boss,” Hoseok called. The lights went down. The door closed.

Yoongi’s consciousness faded with it.