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Like Egg Salad and Mayonnaise

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Chapter 5: A Planet Called Eaa-rth

"You're being too late, Hamsterviel!" Jumba hovered around the newly created experiment protectively. "With experiment six-two-six by my side, entire galaxy belongs to me!" Jumba boasted. Hamsterviel could only glare in response as he realised that his original plan was slowly being foiled. "Just look at the little thing..." As Jumba spoke, 626 slowly begun to uncurl from its ball form, revealing his four limbs, antennas, and back spikes.

"What?!" Jumba exclaimed, taking a closer look at 626. "But you are not looking threatening? You look... so cute and fluffy! Oh, where did I go wrong?" 626 merely blinked in response to Jumba's lament. Seeing 626's confusion, Jumba continued explaining, "I do not understand, you were supposed to be evil..."

As if in response to Jumba's comment, the "cute" experiment immediately snarled, attacking the glass base it was in furiously, completely negating any previous thoughts of its possible adorableness.

"Ah, that's more like it!" he sighed in relief, dusting off his lab coat. "Now you are being destructive little monster. I am your creator, Jumba. And you," Jumba pointed at 626, "are experiment six-two-six, my ultimate creation!"

"So that is your ultimate creation?" Hamsterviel cut in, "Your oh-so-little masterpiece?"

Jumba whirled around. He had almost forgotten about Hamsterviel in his joy of activating six-two-six. Wasn't it obvious to Hamsterviel? Experiment six-two-six was his life's work! What right did that gerbil have to taunt his greatest creation?

"Yes," he answered with a calm voice, "he is bulletproof, fireproof, and can think faster than supercomputer! He has infrared vision and can move objects up to three thousand times his size! His only instinct — to destroy everything!"

"Oh really? I wonder, what is more important to you, Jumba? Your experiment six-two-six?" he gestured to Jumba and 626, "or..." Without warning, Hamsterviel made a break for it, scampering to Jumba's desk and grabbing the grey spherical container there.

"...your other six hundred and twenty five experiments!"

Jumba cursed. He'd completely forgotten he left the experiment container behind at his desk when he backed away to activate 626. "Hand them back to me!"

"Never!" Hamsterviel laughed, rolling the experiment container on the floor to aid his escape. "All your experiments are mine!" he declared, running for the exit as fast as he could. Which, considering he was the size of a hamster, wasn't that fast at all.

"Six-two-six, this is being your first mission!" Jumba reached for the release button on 626's capsule, "Be getting back that container from former gerbil partner!" The moment the glass container opened to unleash the experiment, 626 was already on his feet, hot on Hamsterviel's trail.

"And next time I will be remembering to make container cube-shaped, not ball-shaped. That way annoying gerbil cannot roll experiment container and has to lug it," Jumba mentally jotted down as he chased after the two.

Meanwhile, Hamsterviel continued to run out of Jumba's lab and out onto the open field of the asteroid. It was only then when he stopped his sprint and panted, out of breath. "Jumba," he wheezed, "why does your stupid lab have to be so huge? Make it hamster sized next time! And also," he suddenly stared at where he had exited the lab from, "when was there this huge twenty-foot size hole? Why didn't I notice it before?"

"Meega container! Miki miki!"

"Huh? Who was that?" Hamsterviel turned around from the unfamiliar voice only to see 626 gaining on him. "Oh, give me a break, you oh-so-annoying experiment!"

"Naga!" 626 only started running faster in response.

Hamsterviel simply grimaced and broke out into a trot up the slope onto his silver ship. He scrambled to his cockpit, taking five seconds to take in deep breaths due to his exhaustion. Placing the experiment container in the one of the pilot seats, he finally relaxed. "Nyahahah! Planet Turo will be all mine!" Hamsterviel laughed in victory, imagining the legions of experiments by his side that would soon be attacking the purple planet. "Computer, start hyperdrive and prepare for take off!"

"Hyperdrive system booting. Select destination."

"Set coordinates for Planet Tu—arghh!" Hamsterviel's order was cut short as 626 grabbed him by the cape.

Chuckling like a child who had been handed candy, 626 began to spin in place like a top while still holding on to Hamsterviel's cape, resulting in the poor hamster being swung around in circles. "Stop, you uncultured swine! Your stupid spinning is making me oh-so-very dizzy!" Hamsterviel glared as best as he could against 626, who appeared like a blue blur to him because of all the spinning. "Let me go!" he ordered.

"Okay," 626 responded with a savage grin.

"Well, that was easy..." Hamsterviel stopped talking, only realising his mistake once he saw 626's face light up. "No, no, no!" he shouted, "Slow down before you—" 626 ignored him, letting go of him mid-arc. The built up inertia led to the experiment throwing a screaming Hamsterviel straight into the ship controls. A large dent and a cry of pain was the end result of the impact when he bashed into it head-first.

"Ow..." Hamsterviel groaned, holding his head. A splitting headache caused him to miss the announcement from the computer system caused by his mini-flight across the cockpit.

"Hyperdrive coordinate system switched from automatic to manual."

However, the announcement was heard by 626, who had an evil idea begin to formulate in his head. He had to resist grinning just thinking about it, because if Hamsterviel was easy to bait, the stupid hamster was going to find his ship in shambles…

"Six-two-six!" Jumba barged into the ship's cockpit room, interrupting his thoughts. "Am being glad to see you succeeded!"

"Jumba..." Hamsterviel started. Recovering from his migraine, he shakily stood up, dusting himself off. It was only then when he noticed a gaping hole in his cape. "No!" he screamed, "I just had my cape dry cleaned! It was my favourite…" Turning to the experiment, he snarled, "Now it is personal, six-two-six! No one ruins my cape!"

626 simply stuck his tongue out, provoking Hamsterviel with his carefree attitude.

"You'll pay for that, you overgrown furball!" he shrieked, rushing towards 626. The experiment jumped to dodge, landing on the control panel. Hamsterviel followed suit, climbing onto the pilot's seat and clearing a jump from there to the controls just by sheer adrenaline.

"You thought that jumping up onto the ship controls could stop me just because I am tiny and short?" Hamsterviel said, "Well, you are wrong!" Hamsterviel tried to punch 626, but 626 jumped clear, anticipating the move, causing Hamsterviel to fall flat onto a button.

He got back up, hearing 626's cackle. "You stupid experiment!" he yelled, no longer thinking straight. As Hamsterviel kept trying to hit 626, the blue experiment kept dodging at the last second, leading to him falling onto more buttons, levels and control sticks on the ship's steering system.

"Grrrr... stand still so I can hit you!" he shouted, continuing to accidentally hitting buttons on the control panel as he kept missing. "Stop laughing at me, you little—"

"Command accepted," the ship's computer suddenly spoke, causing Hamsterviel to freeze. Why is the computer talking? What oh-so-stupid command?

"Locking coordinates to selected destination," the computer's normally calm voice then increased in tempo as it detected an anomaly, "Warning — navigation systems detect that selected coordinates will result in imminent crash. Do you wish to abort?"

"Wait, what?" Hamsterviel hesitated, unable to comprehend what the ship was telling him. He hadn't even realised that his ship's hyperdrive had locked onto a planet in his tussle with 626. When had he activated anything? What coordinates? Wasn't it set to Turo? What blooming crash?!

He gasped with horror when the answer dawned on him. The fight with 626! They had been fighting on top of the ship's controls! He must have...

Unfortunately for Hamsterviel, the experiment next to him had planned for this well in advance and immediately gave a response to the computer.

"Naga! Nala kweesta!"

Jumba, who had stayed back from the fight, asked, "Six-two-six, what did you just do?" He got his answer once the ship's computer system gave a grim reply.

"Warning ignored. Hyperdrive system has been engaged. Liftoff in T minus ten seconds."

"What?!" both Jumba and Hamsterviel yelled simultaneously.


"No... you tricked me into crashing my very own ship! Abort! Abort, you stupid little unresponsive computer!" Hamsterviel screamed, pressing buttons furiously. "Abort!"

"It is no use," Jumba stated matter-of-factly. Seeing Hamsterviel's clueless look, he questioned him, "Do you know nothing about astronautics?"

"I did not take that module in Evil Genius University, it was an optional elective! Too boring, not enough explosions and destruction, and to top it all off it would not have helped my GPA!" he replied with a huff.

"Well then, let me explain. When hyperdrive system begins countdown, it is impossible to be aborting sequence. The moment six-two-six started hyperdrive, this ship was doomed to explode in a fiery explosion when it hit its target!"


"What?!" Hamsterviel shouted. "Run! RUN!" Primal fear overtook him as he immediately forgot about the scuffle with 626 and ran screaming towards the ship's exit. Seeing Hamsterviel panic just made 626 howl in laughter, enjoying the countdown that would soon mark the doom of the hamster's multi-million spaceship.

"This is not being funny, six-two-six!" Jumba chided. "You may be indestructible, but we aren't! We must be getting out of here now!"


Hamsterviel was about to rush out of his ship when he suddenly stopped short of the exit. Slapping his forehead, he only now realised that he had forgotten something important.

The experiment container.

In his haste to leave, he had left the experiment container in the pilot seat. Greed and fear hung in the balance as Hamsterviel contemplated whether to risk his life to retrieve Jumba's experiments or to get off the doomed ship and let everything—including the experiments—end up being destroyed in the resulting crash on some distant planet or asteroid.


Hamsterviel's face scrunched up. No. It can't end like this. Victory snactched from his paws by that stupid experiment six-two-six. If everything was gone, two decades of planning and millions of dollars would be down the drain. He would be back to square one! "No! Those experiments are mine!" he declared, recklessly running back into the ship.


Five seconds. Five seconds was more than enough time to snatch back what was rightfully his and get off the wretched death trap. Running back into the cockpit, he jumped straight for Jumba, who had just picked up the experiment container.

"Jumba!" he yelled with fury. "Give that to me!"

"Hamsterviel?!" Jumba dropped the container in shock, not expecting his former colleague to actually run back.


Hamsterviel's surprise ended up backfiring for them both. He had been aiming for the container, but since Jumba had dropped it, he missed and ended up jumping straight into Jumba. The force of Hamsterviel's jump led to Jumba losing his balance and the both of them falling over backwards.


Jumba and Hamsterviel both scrambled to their feets, taking precious time trying to get off the floor, and jumped for the fallen container. The two ended up grabbing the container at the same time, resulting in a tussle-of-war. Jumba struggled to maintain a grip, his huge palms unable to latch on because of the container's spherical shape. "Be letting go of experiment container, you gerbil!"

"It is hamster, not gerbil!" Hamsterviel interjected. "HAMSTER!"


"Six-two-six, attack him!" It was only then that Jumba noticed that 626 hadn't left the ship's controls throughout the entire countdown. "What are you doing, six-two-six? Why are you still on the controls? Be getting off the ship!"

"Naga way! Meega want see big boom boom! Ahahaha!"

Distracted by 626, Jumba failed to notice Hamsterviel throwing a sucker punch. "It's mine, Jumba! Give to to me!" The undercut caused Jumba to squeeze too hard on the spherical surface of the container, resulting in him losing all grip. It then flew out of Jumba's grasp and arced across the room, landing right next to 626.

"One," the computer voice spoke with finality, not so subtly reminding the ship's passengers of the impending time limit.

Everyone worth their salt knows that only the last second matters in a countdown. That final second is the critical point, where one could either get away from a terrible situation just in the nick of time, or have their fates sealed. The hero would usually get away from certain death this way, just for dramatic effect, surviving a dastardly situation to fight another day.

Of course, this logic only applies to heroes. Villains almost never made the time limit at the last second, usually realising too late that perhaps the last second of a self-destruct sequence should be spent running for their lives instead of gloating.

It was hence fitting that of the three morally ambiguous super geniuses on the ship, the only one spending the last second somewhat wisely was 626, who was calibrating the controls in preparation of wanting to be a part of the huge crater that would be left when the ship crashed.

The other two scientists simply stopped fighting in shock, both realising that in their battle for the experiment container they had absolutely forgotten about the takeoff. They hence wasted their final second and last chance to get away staring at the computer.


"Uh-oh," was all Jumba and Hamsterviel could say. Before they knew it, the entire ship took off and hurtled into the vastness of outer space, blasting off with its three inhabitants to areas unknown.

"Where is he?! We can't hide Jumba's escape from the press forever, not when this is such a high-profile case," the Grand Councilwoman sneered, "thanks to his little experiment. I want an immediate capture now!"

Everyone in the control room flinched at her outburst. The Galactic Armada officers were all able to tell that their superior was not pleased. And their paranoia was well founded, because the Grand Councilwoman was indeed not pleased. Immediately after she had woken up, she had been swamped by the media, as she had predicted. As per the norm, some Council ambassador had leaked some confidential data, and now the media furiously wanted to know more about that stupid Jumba. She refused to say a word to them, having learnt from previous experiences what one sentence out of context can cause when quoted on intergalactic news.

Then to make matters worse, she was informed that the lone bug they had planted at Jumba's lab was cut off with static. When she sent guards to investigate, they found nothing there. Jumba, who the Federation driver swore had been dropped off at the lab when they questioned him, had completely vanished from the asteroid he was supposed to be at. Jumba had completely bailed on them. He'd somehow managed to find some ship of his own and completely gave them the slip.

"Me blasting six-two-five's sandwich yesterday should have been a sign that we should have incarcerated that idiot scientist! But no, those Council members didn't listen to me! Now look what happened!"

"There goes Gantu again," the Grand Councilwoman sighed. She had approved the bail since she had no choice, but Jumba escaping was something she had never anticipated. In fact, it completely baffled her. Why on Turo would Jumba just ditch bail the first chance he had? He'd made a perfect artificial lifeform and yet the scientist was willing to throw him away, just like that?

"Ma'am!" an Armada member started, "We just detected an unauthorised hyperspace travel! We think it might be Jumba!"

"That goes without saying," the Grand Councilwoman replied, "It's highly unlikely to be a coincidence."

"Wait, stand corrected! The ship's signature is Dr. Hamsterviel's!"

"Hamsterviel?" Her key witness? "Trace the flight path!" the Grand Councilwoman ordered.

"Calculating trajectory now. The hyperdrive was started on…" the Armada member started to fidget with her uniform, knowing her boss would not like what she was about to say, "Galaxy Defence Industries."

"What?!" Gantu shouted, turning to the officer. "Say that again!"

"To be more specific," she started to sweat, seeing herself becoming the centre of attention, "Hamsterviel's ship entered hyperdrive from the offsite asteroid lab of Galaxy Defence Industries..."

"...where we dropped off Jumba." the Grand Councilwoman finished. Of course. By sheer luck Jumba must have found out about Hamsterviel and kidnapped him. Her one witness to taking Jumba down, gone. "Where is the ship now?!" she questioned.

"His ship will be exiting hyperspace in fourteen hours, seventeen minutes. Exit location is identified as part of the Local Group, in quadrant 17, Section 005, Area 51 — a planet called Eaa-rth."

"Earth…" she repeated. This planet sounded familiar to her. "Is it a member of the Galactic Federation?"

"No, ma'am."

"Then I want an expert on this planet here, now!" At her command, several Armada crew members rushed out in search of one. "We need to get Jumba arrested and Hamsterviel back. That is our top priority! Jumba must not have Hamsterviel! Since he has escaped from our jurisdiction, breaking the terms of the bail, I hereby give full approval to get Jumba by any means necessary."

"On what charges, ma'am?" an Armada guard asked.

"Jumping bail and suspected kidnapping."

"Not to worry, Grand Councilwoman," Gantu reassured her, saluting. "I will send my Galactic Armada after him! One thousand police cruiser ships shall chase that escaped convict to Earth! He'll never escape!"

"Do not be hasty. We'll be at least eight hours behind, even if we chase him directly," she mused. "Use that time to think of a plan. I highly doubt he'll stay there forever."

"That's long enough! That pitiful scientist won't stand a chance once I blast the planet to bits to pry him out—"

"Hold it!" yelled a green three-legged alien, dashing into the room, "Hold everything! There will be no blasting and no armada! Earth is a protected wildlife reserve!"

Gantu's eyes narrowed. How dare this idiot interrupt him! "And who might you be?"

"Uhhh…" he started to squirm seeing the Captain of the Galactic Armada stare him down, but managed to regain his composure. "Agent Pleakley, at your service."

The Grand Councilwoman tilted her head at the name, "I take you're the expert on the planet."

"Ah-huh! I know everything this is to know about Earth! Studied it all when I was in college! It's fascinating…" Pleakley spoke of the planet adoringly.

Gantu grit his teeth, "Answer me, then. Why can't I send my Galactic Armada there?"

Pleakley folded his arms, lecturing him, "Crazy-head! You can't do that because the mosquito population is an endangered species!"

"What?" Gantu stared down at Pleakley in disbelief. Was this week 'Let's say something unbelievable to mess with Gantu week'? First Hamsterviel with the tip-off, then Jumba and 625 at the trial, and now this?

"Uh-huh! You heard me! The mosquito population! It is highly endangered and delicate! The slightest disturbance to its climate will lead to massive eco-damage and possible extinction!" Pleakley said, with his voice getting louder and louder with every word until it was almost a shriek.

"This has got to be a joke!" Gantu turned for confirmation, "Grand Councilwoman?"

"Unfortunately Gantu, he is right. That spiel about the mosquitoes jogged my memory. I remember Earth now. I was there once, at Roswell. That was when we agreed to put the planet under the protection status."

"So..." Gantu tried to coax the Grand Councilwoman to elaborate further.

"Unfortunately," she sighed, "Pleakley is right. We cannot use a flashy all-out capture approach. The mosquito's prey are a primitive species known as humans, who unfortunately are nowhere near intelligent enough to comprehend extraterrestrial life. Therefore, we need to get Jumba without any attention."

"That's impossible, ma'am!" Gantu retorted, "First up, the stupid intergalactic press! They'll follow my Armada to Earth once they know that Jumba's there. There's no way to shake them off!"

"Which is precisely why I'm taking you off the mission, Captain Gantu."


"You said it yourself. The press may not currently know Jumba has escaped our custody, but they will know it immediately if you send a fleet to Earth. Hence, I have decided on a quiet capture to avoid detection. And since I know your track record with quiet captures, I have decided to take you off the case."

"But you can't! I'm the only one qualified for this!" Gantu spluttered, trying to get the Grand Councilwoman to reconsider as Pleakley looked on with mild amusement. "A quiet capture would require insider knowledge of Jumba that we do not possess! We need a fleet capture to succeed—"

"Wait!" she interrupted with a sharp tone. "Repeat what you just said."

"We need a fleet capture."

"Before that!"

"I'm the only one qualified for this mission."

"After that!"

"A quiet capture would require insider knowledge of Jumba that we do not have!"

"Insider knowledge..." she mulled over the words. Insider knowledge! Her mood instantly changed. Things were finally turning around. The Grand Councilwoman turned to face Gantu again. "Thanks for reminding me, Captain. We do possess said knowledge. You are dismissed. As for you, Agent Pleakley, accompany me to the holding cell bay."

As she walked away from the whining Armada Captain, she finally allowed herself a smile. For the first time for today, things were looking up. She could recover this situation. Taking out a pass key, she walked right into the prisoner bay on Planet Turo, with Pleakley following close behind.

Very close behind, actually. Pleakley was cowering in fear of the prisoners in the cells and literally grabbing onto her black cape. "That alien has no sense of personal space," she thought.

"Agent Pleakley."

"Y-y-yes?" he stammered, letting go of her cape. The stress of being addressed by the Grand Councilwoman directly in front of all these criminals was getting to him.

"You are aware that the reason the Council summoned you is because we require an Earth expert for the Dr. Jumba Jookiba case, right? So, what do you know about the case?"

"Well," he began, "all I know is that he was arrested for something ultra-dangerous and illegal!"

She had to restrain herself from rolling her eyes. This agent knew nothing about the case!

Stopping outside a specific cell, she used her pass key to unlock the door. As the barricade rose up, she led Pleakley inside. "We will brief you later, Agent Pleakley. Just know that what you are about to see in this prison cell is top secret. Feast your eyes-sorry, eye"—she hastily corrected upon noticing Pleakley's species only has one—"on this!"

"What is that thing?!" Pleakley cried out, pointing at the prisoner in the cell. "It looks like a monster," he whispered to the Grand Councilwoman.

625's ears twitched. "Hey, I can hear you, ya know?" the experiment said, making Pleakley cover his mouth.

"That is experiment six-two-five, Dr. Jumba's illegal genetic experiment."

"Oh yeah, sure, six-two-five is my name," he said sarcastically, "Thought you all remembered that from yesterday. What, is your memory that bad?" he chuckled at his verbal jab.

"Well, I must apologise then. Agent Pleakley here was not here yesterday, so I decided to introduce you to him," the Grand Councilwoman replied calmly. She resolved that she would not get angry at 625. She had seen Gantu fall for his taunts over and over again, and she refused to do the same. She might have lost control yesterday, but this time would be a different story. She wanted that cocky experiment to learn that she wouldn't fall for his baits.

And it worked too, as 625's smile turned to a tired frown. "Aw, you're no fun," 625 muttered, disappointed. "Blubby is much better to insult. So, lady, why are you really here? I doubt it's to congratulate me for that little cooking show I put on."

"I'm here to strike a bargain with you."

"A bargain?" He raised his eyebrows, not exactly trusting the one who had locked him up in the first place to offer a deal. "So what kind of bargain you got on your mind, huh? Is this some sort of a trick?"

The tiniest smile crept onto the Grand Councilwoman's face when she saw 625 getting on edge. Ironic that for someone as snarky as him, she thought, 625 really doesn't like the tables to be turned back onto him! "Despite what you might think," she began, "as a whole, the Galactic Council—besides Gantu—does not hate you."

625 visibly relaxed. "Well, uh, I'm flattered... thanks."

"What we really want is to see your creator behind bars. You, on the other hand, are insignificant to this."

"And so?" 625 eyed her warily. He did not like the way this conversation was going. "If I'm so insignificant, then why did ya even bother to visit me in my cell?"

"The moment Jumba flew the coop, he forfeited his bond, aka you, to us. You now belong to us, six-two-five. We theoretically can lock you up for the rest of your life," she locked eyes with him, "if you choose not to comply."

625 broke eye contact, sagging down onto his prison bed. The experiment had no quirky response for once, knowing when he was beat.

"However," she paused for effect seeing 625 perk up at that word, "as I said, Jumba is what we want. Not you. Therefore, I am willing to trade your freedom... for his capture."

There was silence for a few seconds after she finished her sentence. Silence which ironically ended up being broken not by 625. "Wait!" Pleakley interfered, jumping into the conversation, "You can't do that! He's a criminal—"

"You stay out of this!" the Grand Councilwoman glared back at him. "This is between me and him!"

"So let me get this straight, you want me"—625 pointed at himself—"to turn on my very own creator?"

"That's exactly right," she confirmed, "We are currently planning a recovery mission to arrest Dr. Jumba. He has escaped to a planet called Earth, which is rather unfortunate for us since we are now forced to resort to a quiet capture. And for that to succeed, we require insider knowledge on Jumba himself." She leaned forward towards him, her lips etched into a smile, "If you agree to join us, we will waive your charges of being an illegal genetic experiment. You shall be free to go after assisting in Jumba's arrest."

"So that's why you need me," 625 stated plainly. The look on his face was one of annoyance. Even Pleakley could tell that he really despised the dilemma he was in. He had to choose either between staying mum and potentially being locked up forever, or betraying his creator and walking free.

He tilted his head, a frown starting to appear on his lips. "So what happens if I choose to say no?"

"Then you'll stay here, six-two-five. Since you are a key aspect of the trial, we cannot release you until the trial is complete. If we can't catch Jumba, then the trial will remain adjourned until we catch him... if ever."

625 appeared shocked as he absorbed the information, before he put up a poker face. "I see…" he mumbled, turning to look at the wall instead of his captors.

"You understand, don't you? It is in our mutual benefit that you accept this offer. You need me to get out of prison, and I need you for the information to bring down Jumba. It's an offer you cannot refuse," she gave a confident smile, "and we both come out winners in this." Seeing that she was getting through to 625, she reached her arm out towards his paw, "So, what do you say? Do we have ourselves a deal, experiment six-two-five?" she said softly.

625 put his hands on his head, grimacing upon realising that he was cornered. After what seemed like an eternity, he finally turned to the Grand Councilwoman and nodded his head to give his confirmation.

"Very good," she praised, "You are smart indeed, knowing when to switch sides when the tides are turning. Follow me to the control room. You shall be released from this cell immediately. I will give you further instructions when you head to Earth—"

The last sentence immediately drove Pleakley into a frenzy. "You're going to let a dangerous illegal genetic experiment loose on an innocent planet?" He waved his arms in panic. "You can't! These people are unaware of extraterrestrials! They're virtually defenceless against us! That loony experiment could lead to planet-wide chaos if he isn't careful!"

"Relax, Agent Pleakley. I have a fallback for the planet's inhabitants, you can be sure of that. There will be no panic."

"Well, there's still one problem! Who's going to control that little monster?" he said worriedly, pointing at 625.

"Hey!" the experiment gave a mock frown, "You're just as judgemental as Blubby!"

The Grand Councilwoman found herself agreeing with 625. He may be a sarcastic jerk, but the Council found themselves liking him when they realised he was harmless. She herself was beginning to prefer him to Pleakley. He at least knew when to keep his mouth shut, unlike Pleakley, whose prodding was starting to get her really irritated. Coughing, she replied, "All he does is make sandwiches, he's virtually harmless."

"Well, I don't trust him!" Pleakley folded his arms in defiance.

Realising he could play on Pleakley's paranoia, 625 began to get a glimmer in his eyes. "Well, if you're so scared, why don't you get a nanny to accompany baby-waby six-two-five," he said in a childish voice, ending it off by sucking his thumb like a pacifier.

"Fine, I will! I think that someone should accompany this menace to make sure he doesn't do anything terrible on Earth, ma'am!"

The Grand Councilwoman was just about to retort about what a waste of manpower that would be when she noticed a chirpy 625 winking at her. Realising what he was driving at, she let out a tiny chuckle. This was indeed a good idea. "Very well then, he does need an escort. Hence, you will accompany him, Agent Pleakley," she said, turning to walk out of the cell so as to not betray her laughter.

"Oh, very good, ma'am, I mean...wait, what? That's a joke right?" he laughed nervously. The realisation only hit Pleakley like a ton of bricks when he heard 625 hollering in laughter behind him. "You're not joking?!"

"So, you're Pleakley, huh?" 625 walked towards him. "Guess we're stuck together now! And now that we're working together, I would just like to ask one question…"

Pleakley found himself backing away. "What?"

"Do you like sandwiches?"

"No, I hate 'em! Get away from me! Somebody help me!"

"They're both imbeciles, each in their own way," the Grand Councilwoman commented from outside the cell. She ignored the commotion and started to stroll out of the prison area and back to her office. "Leaving Experiment 625 behind as collateral was your mistake, Jumba," the Grand Councilwoman muttered to herself, "Because now, he will be your downfall!"

She had no idea how right she was. 625 would be the evil genius Jumba's downfall, just not in the way she had anticipated.

Little did she, nor anyone else, know just how much this decision would change history. If the Grand Councilwoman had not gambled again like she had with Jumba the previous day, then perhaps things might have been different. But as it stands, thanks to her decision to send in 625 and Pleakley instead of the Galactic Armada, the fate of one tiny little town on the island of Kauai would be altered forever.

Because of this, what should have been a mere, insignificant speck in the far reaches of the galaxy would end up becoming a spectator in one of the greatest schemes of revenge ever recorded in Galactic Federation history.

Author's Note:

Poor Earth isn't going to be ready for all this nonsense.

That wraps up the introductory prologue arc! For those sick of outer space alien shenanigans, you'll be pleased to know that next time there will be Hawaii. And Lilo. Can't forget Lilo.