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Guns for Hire

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It had been a long day at work, yet you got off early . You were dead on your feet. Your body ached and your head hurt like crazy. Slowly you drug yourself up to your front door and placed the key in the lock.

Loud, excited barks sounded on the other side of the door as the lock clicked back. You braced yourself for the shower of tongues and dog breath you were about to recieve on the other side of this door.

With a deep breath you pushed the door open. As you had expected, Kira and Willow all but bowled you over as you slipped inside.

The two large, black dogs whimpered and pranced excitedly as you stooped down to embrace them.

“Where’s daddy?” You cooed, standing up right and looking around.

The house was empty. You frowned, walking into the kitchen and flipping on the light switch.

A hasty, blood stained note on the door of the refrigerator. You leaned into it to see Ramsay’s messy scrawl,

Baby girl, going to be late this evening. Funny story. I will treat you to dinner tomorrow night. Sorry about the paper, was all I could find… I love you.

You took the paper off the fridge and crumpled it up. This whole mob thing was getting old. 

Sure, you loved the money your husband brought home. Yeah, you were an expert at getting blood stains out of all kinds of things. From clothes to car upholstery. But Ramsay enjoyed it too much.

Sometimes he was reckless. You were sure the damn FBI were watching, waiting. 

You had become almost as good at sutures as any doctor. But it hurt you to have to dig bullets out of your husband, tend to his scrapes and gashes, and see him in pain.

Not that the pain ever stopped him from giving you anything you wanted. He practically worshiped the ground you walked on. You were his obsession.

It had started three years ago, on a rainy, Halloween night, at the bar you worked at. The alcohol was flowing, the patrons were having the time of their lives, and you were rolling in tips.

You had dressed up as a “sexy fox” when a man took a seat in front of you at the counter. He had dressed like a 30s mobster, and those big blue eyes caught yours immediately. After a couple drinks he tipped you handsomely, leaving his number.

As soon as the bar had closed up you text the number and the rest was history. 

Finding out he was part of a big organized crime family, well, it somehow didn’t come as a horrifying shock. You loved him. Maybe that made you a freak, but he never hurt you. Unless you asked him to, of course. 

Whenever you had a problem or someone upset you… well, it wouldn’t ever happen again.

He called you his baby girl. His diamond. His gem. And he spoiled the shit out of you. The police department and general public called him the “bloodbath psycho” on the news and in the papers, though they had no idea who he was. But to you, he was your lover. Your protector. Your world. But you knew that if you ever even thought about leaving, you’d be as dead as that man who grabbed your ass at the bar you still worked at.

Ramsay was a jealous guy. He had his men keep tabs on you. He didn’t like anyone to talk to, much less touch his property. Sure, maybe it wasn’t healthy, and maybe he was overly possessive, but in his own fucked up way he loved you and kept you happy.

You looked around the empty house. It was spotless, other than dishes in the sink. Ramsay was a clean freak. Everything had to be clean, HIS way or he would go off on a tangent. His obsession with cleanliness is what made him good at his job. Never a shred of evidence. And by having you keep your job and lead a normal life, no one was none the wiser.

You let the dogs out back, and returned to the kitchen. You plugged your phone in the speaker on the counter and began to fill the sink with hot water, going a little overboard on the bubbles, because why the fuck not?

You had managed to wash a couple of cups before getting sidetracked, watching the dogs wrestle in the dark yard. But you weren’t really watching. You were lost in thought. You didn’t get nearly as many tips as you had wanted. Maybe that was Ramsay’s fault. 

Sometimes you thought he purposely made sure you didn’t make enough money, so he could be your crutch. But, it had been a slow day. It was only Wednesday. Only the regulars had been in this evening. But there was an even bigger piece of information grabbing at your throat, that made you a bit uneasy. 

Hands on your hips made you jump, giving a small gasp as Ramsay slouched slightly to rest his chin on your shoulder. You sighed, closing your eyes and leaning back into him.

“You scared the shit out of me.” You whispered, giving him a side long glance. 

He smirked and nipped your ear. “I know, baby doll. What were you so lost in thought about?" 

"Nothing.” You replied casually.

“Mmm, baby, you know better than to lie to me.” He purred, taking your earlobe between his teeth and biting down gently.

You made a small noise, pushing back into him more. 

“Just not happy with what I made tonight.”

Ramsay pulled away from you, releasing his hands from your hips. You turned around to face him, leaning against the sink.

“And how much would make you happy?” He asked, crossing his arms and quirking a brow.

You shrugged, turning back to finish the dishes.

Ramsay cleared his throat. You had upset him. But, he had upset you too. He had promised dinner tonight, and he didn’t deliver. Maybe you were a spoiled brat, but it hurt your feelings. You had been looking forward to it for two days. You even took off work early. 

“You’re mad.” He said simply.

You placed a clean knife in the strainer. “Yes,” You replied curtly.

“Well, I wasn’t happy about canceling my plans with you. But it was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.”

“Mmm.” You huffed sourly. 

Ramsay tutted and pulled you towards him.


“Which is not today.” You said pouting.

Ramsay took your soapy hands into his and gave a small smirk. He pulled his hand away, now soapy as well and wiped soap on the end of your nose.

“And what could master do to make it up to his good little girl?” He growled in a husky voice.

You melted into him, wiping your soapy hand across his cheek and giving a sly grin. “I don’t know. I’ve been such a good girl lately, but I haven’t been rewarded with anything. It’s hurting me.”

You slid your wet hands up Ramsay’s shirt and clawing at his soft skin.

Ramsay clashed his mouth with yours, grabbing your ass and squeezing almost painfully hard.

“Your attitude doesn’t really warrant a reward, little pet.” He murmured against your lips.

“Please, baby?” You whimpered, pouting again.

Ramsay took your bottom lip between his teeth and pulled roughly. You whimpered again, feeling desire twist up in your stomach and warmth spread between your legs. You slid your hands from his chest to his belt buckle.

“Maybe after I’m done with your punishment. How do you want to be punished?” Ramsay whispered, a gleam in his deep blue eyes.

“Would a spanking be enough?” You asked looking up at him innocently through your lashes, fumbling with his belt buckle.

A spanking? No, baby girl. Needs to be more than that, or the lesson won’t sink in.”

You smirked, “Maybe I don’t want the lesson to sink in.”

Ramsay raised his brows and swept his eyes over you. He pulled away from you, grabbing your hand and leading you to the kitchen table. He all but tore your skimpy blouse away, and hastily unlatched your bra, throwing it aside.

He ran his tongue over his bottom lip as he took you in. “Pants off.” He demanded.

You did as you were told. You kicked your pants aside and slid your thong slowly down your legs.

“Bend over the table.” He panted, pulling his belt off.

Again, you did as you were told. Slightly afraid of what was to come next. Sometimes he hurt you more than you found enjoyable. He had a malicious twinkle in his eyes that made you afraid that tonight would be one of those nights where he was a bit too rough. You loved the kink and the things he did to you. It was such a rush, but sometimes he could get carried away. 

You drew in a sharp breath as you felt his hand rest against the bare flesh of your ass, ready for the belt to come into contact.

“Count every other one, baby doll. If you can get to ten without faltering I’ll make the hurt go away.” Ramsay said, grabbing your hip tightly, to hold you steady.

“Yes sir.” You said clenching your teeth and closing your eyes tightly.

The first strike fell, making you gasp.

“One.” You breathed, clutching the edge of the table until your knuckles were white.

You gasped through every lash against your skin. It was hot and raw. Each time the belt came into contact with you a deeper ache formed.

“Ni-nine.” You managed to get out, trying to hold back tears. “Ramsay, please. You’re hurting me.”

He ignored you. You clenched your jaw and swallowed the cry forcing to escape you as the final lash fell.

“Ten!” You cried out, feeling your body shake as your knees weakened from relief.

Ramsay cast the belt aside, and dropped to his knees, kissing along the welts he had made. Slowly he ran his fingers along each raised bit of skin. You gave a sigh and relaxed your body against the table.

Ramsay gently ran his hands all over your body and kissed up the curve of your back. He pulled away from you, running his finger back down along your spine.

“Turn around.” He breathed, pulling his shirt off.

You pushed yourself up off the table and turned to face your husband. He picked you up and sat you on the edge of the table. The cool surface felt so good against the burning skin on your ass.

You spread your legs, pulling Ramsay into you and kissing him deeply.

“You won’t get an attitude with me anymore?” He asked, trailing a finger up your thigh.

“No sir. Unless you ask me to.” You murmured, closing your eyes and relaxing your body completely as his fingers danced ever closer to your entrance.

“Good girl.” He growled, kissing along your jaw and down your neck. 

You heaved a sigh as he took your sensitive flesh between his teeth and worried a spot on your neck. You snaked your arms around his neck and tangled your fingers in his hair as he slid a finger inside you, making a noise in the back of his throat.

“If I didn’t know any better, I would say you enjoyed being spanked.” He whispered, spreading your wetness around. His hot breath on your ear making you shiver as your cheeks flushed.

“I’d be even more wet for you if you let me hurt you.” You panted out, as he inserted another finger.

“And how could you possibly hurt me, baby girl?” He coaxed, curling his fingers.

You let a grin form, removing your fingers from his hair and wrapping them around him, under his arms.

“Like this.” You whispered, kissing him deeply and digging your freshly manicured stiletto nails into his back.

He made a noise deep in his throat and kissed you harder, forcing his tongue in your mouth. You opened your mouth under his and moaned into his mouth as his free hand brushed over your breasts.

He grabbed one breast firmly, pulling and twisting on your nipple between his forefinger and thumb.

You arched your back and shifted on the table, pulling him closer into you. The ache between you legs almost painful as he continued to tease you with his fingers.

You explored his mouth with your tongue, not bothering to keep your teeth from clashing with his. Small noises escaped you as your chest rose and fell rapidly.

Ramsay pulled away from you and removed his fingers from you. He spread the clear, stickiness between his fingers, wiping them across your lips. Slowly you ran your tongue along your bottom lip, tasting yourself.

He watched you closely through narrowed eyes. You stared back, seeing a fire burn behind the glittering orbs. He sucked his fingers clean and stepped back into you, roughly taking your bottom lip between his teeth. 

“I wanna feel the walls shake.” You purred when he released your lip, kissing down your neck again.

“I don’t know if you’re ready for that, baby girl.” He murmured, kissing down your chest. His hot breathing giving you chills as he ghosted his lips across your nipple before nipping lightly.

Your breath hitched and you gripped his hair as he traveled further down your body. Clutching the edge of the table he lowered himself to his knees between your legs.

Your heart hammered in your chest. It had been too long since he had been like this between your legs. He had been so busy lately, as had you, and by the time both of you were naked it had been sloppy, half hearted sex.

You mewled as he slowly moved his bottom lip over your sensitive spot, sending a warm tingle through every inch of you. Your breathing coming more rapid and labored as he kissed over you folds, before finally parting you with his tongue.

You arched your back and moaned, laying back on the table, shifting to allow him better access.

He gripped your thighs in his rough hands and humming against you as he lapped up your wetness.

“Oh baby. How could you let me forget how good you taste?” He murmured, burying his tongue deeper inside you.

The rest of the world seemed to fall away as every particle inside you screamed for your release. 

“Ram-ra…” You panted, clutching at his hair to pull him up.

You felt him smirk against you as he grabbed your hands and pulled them away from him, holding them down at your side’s.

“Baby, please. I… i can’t…” You whimpered as your body began to seize up.

Ramsay pulled away from you, his evil grin in place as he looked up at you. You looked back at him through heavy lidded eyes, your chest rising and falling.

“You better slow down. You’re not getting out if this so easy. I went through enough hell to get home to you tonight. You don’t get to cum until I tell you that you can. We don’t want to be punished again, do we?” He said in a husky growl.

“Fuck me. Break this table. I don’t care. I need to feel you.” You begged, biting your bottom lip.

His face softened slightly and he rose from his knees, unbuttoning his pants.

“Up.” He said, pushing his pants down.

Slowly you slid off the table. He grabbed your hip in a painful grip and pulled you into him as he stepped out of his pants. He pushed you up against the wall, biting at your neck as he pushed himself flush to you. You clutched at his hips, pulling him closer still as you felt his throbbing length against you.

He grabbed under your ass and made to lift you when his phone rang. You both stood still in mid action. You watched his eye give a twitch as he clenched his jaw. He pulled away from you, groping for his phone in his discarded pants.

“What?” He growled menacingly when he answered it.

You heard Yellow Dick’s voice, or whatever his name was, on the other end.

‘There’s a cop out here poking his nose around shit.’

“So, kill him. I’m trying to fuck my wife. Do whatever needs to be done, you stupid cunt.” Ramsay raged, hanging up and dropping his phone. He turned back to you.

You must have had an uncomfortable look of sorts on your face because he studied you for a long minute before cupping your face and pressing his lips to yours.

“You’re worried.” He whispered in your ear, running his fingers down your side’s.

“A bit.” You replied shyly.

He grinned, “I won’t let you bury me baby girl.” He took your hand and pulled you through the dark house to your bedroom. He picked you up and dropped you on the bed, climbing on top of you.

“Don’t close your eyes.” He said in a demanding tone.

That was always your weakness and it irked him. You always closed your eyes when you met your high. He complained it took away from his because he wasn’t able to watch it happen. He couldn’t see the moment your pupils blew in bliss.

You gave a small nod and gasped as he pushed himself roughly into you. You dug your nails in his side as you rolled your hips into his.

Every thrust came harder and deeper as you arched your back and clashed your hips with his, finding rhythm with him. His chest rose and fell with yours, and his body became sweaty and rigid. 

He grabbed, kissed, and bit every inch of you he could without losing his perfect sync with you. Making deep noises from time to time as you dug your nails into him and pulled his hair.

You steadily grew louder with your noises as every movement built the anticipation of your high.

“Scream baby doll. Scream for me.” He cooed in a throaty voice that almost sounded like a plea, as his rhythm fell out of step.

You took him in. You rarely ever heard that tone in his voice. It was as close as begging as you would ever get from him. It pushed you over the edge and you fought to look him in the eye was your body seized in pleasure and you let out a cry of pure adrenaline and ecstasy, pushing your body into his as hard as you could. 

Ramsay let a smirk form as he let a deep guttural moan escape him, falling into you as he came inside of you. He buried his face in your neck, breathing shallowly.

Your chest rose and fell against his as you gently ran your nails over his back with one hand and curled the hair at the nape of his neck around the fingers of your free hand.

“Harder.” He mumbled into the bed spread beneath you, wiping his sweaty hairline against the comforter.

You traced your nails harder over his back and felt him give a violent shiver and relax into you completely.

He laid like this on you for awhile longer before pushing himself up and sliding out of you.

He nipped at your neck and you pushed him away, giggling. He chuckled and rolled off of you with a satisfied sigh, lacing his fingers in yours.

You both laid there in silence for awhile, staring at the dark ceiling.

“Rams?” You whispered. 

“Yes, baby girl?” He hummed back.

“I’m pregnant.”

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"When did you find out?" Ramsay asked, arms crossed, leaning against the door frame as you peed on the fourth pregnancy test.

"Only this morning." You said with a sigh, replacing the cap and setting it next to the other three that all read positive. "I was hoping to tell you at dinner tonight. But..." You added, giving your husband a frown.

He pushed off the door frame and watched, for the fourth time, the lines read positive.

It was hard to tell what was going through his head. Was he mad? Excited? Scared? Happy?

"Who all knows?" He asked, glancing over at you as you washed your hands.

"Just you baby." You said, reassuringly, drying your hands off.

Ramsay nodded. "You're making a doctor's appointment first thing in the morning." With that he left you alone in the bathroom.

You were a bit afraid. It wasn't that he had shown no emotion, it was that you didn't know the emotion he had etched on his face. It was foreign and unknown to you. Was he making you set up an appointment for an abortion? The thought made your stomach hurt.

You let out a yawn and crawled into bed. You had been so ready for bed after sex, but then Ramsay demanded going and buying pregnancy tests.

Kira raised her head off the floor a bit when you entered the bedroom. You gave her a loving nudge with your toe before climbing into bed, heaving a deep sigh as you sunk into your squashy pillow.

A few moments later Ramsay came to bed. What happened next made you want to cry in happiness. Once under the covers he pulled you into him, nuzzled your neck, and placed his hand protectively over your stomach.

"I love you, baby girl." He whispered.

You let a small smile tug your lips, "I love you too, baby."



The smell of bacon and coffee woke you. You looked around through bleary eyes and stifled a yawn. The clock on the bedside table read 8:17.

You sat up, running your hand through your hair, casting around for your bathrobe. You slid out of bed and opened the closet door. No bathrobe hanging up.

'Laundry room.' You thought with a sigh, grabbing the silk robe instead.

It was really too cold as the cold December air seemed to seep into your hardwood floor. You shrugged into your robe and made your way to the kitchen.

The table was set with a plate of eggs, toast, and bacon. A cup of coffee waiting for you. Ramsay was nowhere to be found. He must have been outside smoking.

You sat in the chair and tucked into your food. Once you had eaten your fill you looked around the spotless kitchen, thinking back to the night before. You sipped your coffee, absentmindedly running your hand over your stomach.

Ramsay came into the kitchen, whistling. You looked up and offered a small smile. He narrowed his eyes and gave you a sweet smile back.

"Go get ready. We have a doctor's appointment at eleven thirty." He said, clapping his hands together, and taking your plate away.

"Uhm, okay, love." You said, rising from your chair.

"I need to go into the office after, so one of the guys will bring you home. We have dinner reservations at six."

You smiled to yourself walking into the bathroom and turning the shower on. It had been weeks since your husband had taken you out to eat, and you were excited. Though, you were also nervous about the appointment in three hours.


"How cold is it outside?" You called from your closet.

"Cold enough." Ramsay called back.

You nodded to yourself grabbing a sweater and pair of skinny jeans. After dressing you pulled on your boots and walked back to the bathroom to fix your hair and make up.


"Come on baby girl, let's go!"

"Coming!" You called from the bathroom, finishing up your hair.


Ramsay held out your coat and purse when you reached the front door.



You felt extremely out of place in this waiting room. You felt way over dressed as you looked around at the women in the room. Ramsay sat, impatiently tapping his foot until the nurse opened the door and called your name.

Ramsay possessively grabbed your hand and pushed you forward to walk in front of him as the nurse led you back.

"Good morning, Mrs. Bolton." The nurse said kindly, as she indicated you to step on the scale.

"Good morning!" You said brightly, as she took down your weight.

"So what are we doing today?" The nurse asked, leading you to an empty room.

"Well, yesterday five pregnancy tests informed me that I'm pregnant." You said, as Ramsay helped you up onto the examination bed.

"First?" The nurse asked, making a note.

"Yes." You breathed in excitement, cheeks flushing.

The nurse smiled kindly, "can you tell me the last day of your cycle?"

You frowned, trying to remember. "Uh...."

"Second week of September." Ramsay spoke up.

Nothing slipped past him. In a weird way it was like he knew everything. Especially when it came to you.

The nurse nodded, writing another note. She then smiled at you again.

"Alright, let's get some blood drawn and a urine analysis and then Doctor Stark will be with you and we'll see what we can see."

You nodded, sliding off the table and following the nurse. You glanced back at Ramsay who looked uncomfortable with letting you leave without him.


Five minutes later the nurse returned you to your room and you sat nervously on the examination bed while Ramsay sat in a chair, stared out the window. Every so often he would glance down at his watch and jiggle his foot.


Finally there was a knock on the door and the doctor entered as Ramsay stood quickly, taking his place beside you.

The doctor was a lovely looking woman, who was maybe old enough to be your mother. She had kindly blue eyes and deep auburn hair.

She held her hand out to shake Ramsay's hand.

"I'm Doctor Stark. But feel free to call me Cat." She took a seat on her stool and glanced down at the clipboard she was holding.

"So, I believe a congratulations are in order. Mother's urine sample and blood shows she is in perfect health and baby will do just fine. And this is your first?"

"Yes ma'am." You said, unable to keep the grin off your face.

"Never had any miscarriages before?" The doctor questioned.

You shook your head, "no. But I've been trying for a couple years. Was about ready to give it up as a lost cause. But here we are."

"Here we are." Doctor Cat echoed, writing more things on her clipboard. "Okay, well, you seem healthy, your weight is good, I want you to start taking prenatals, and we will get the Doppler in here to see if we can hear a heartbeat."

You chewed your lip and gave a nod.


You held back tears, gripping Ramsay's hand as the tiny heartbeat came through the speaker of the Doppler.

Ramsay clenched his jaw and fought back a grin.

"I would say we are about eight to nine weeks. Next appointment we will get an ultrasound done, and see exactly how well the little one is doing." Doctor Cat said, with a smile.

The woman at the front desk handed you a slip of paper with your next appointment. You thanked her, smiling brightly, as Ramsay led you from the office. Your smile faltered slightly as you saw Damon's car parked next to yours.

"I won't be long." Ramsay said, pressing a kiss to your temple and then stepping into Damon. "She will get home safe or even Satan himself will have pity on you." He growled so threateningly it made your blood run cold.

"Y-yes, of course." Damon trembled, opening the door for you.


You said nothing as Damon wound his way out of the downtown. You didn't like him. Something about him made you uneasy. But he was Ramsay's right hand. He had more brains than some of the men Ramsay had employed.

"You hungry, ma'am?" Damon asked, waiting on the stoplight to turn green.

"No. Thank you though." You said, watching a group of people hurry across the street, bundled against the harsh December wind and laden with shopping bags.



You were curled up on the couch, under a blanket, reading when both dogs sat up and growled at the front door. You peered at them in interest as the doorbell rang.

You hurried to the door as the dogs barked. Peering out the peep hole you saw two men in suits standing on your door step.

Slowly you opened the door.

The taller of the two, a auburn haired man gave you a smile, while the sandy haired man gave you a nod.

"Mrs. Bolton?" The auburn haired man asked, flashing a badge.

Your stomach dropped, but you put on a sweet smile, "Yes. May I help you gentlemen?"

"We have a few questions for you. I'm detective Stark and this is my partner Detective Greyjoy."

"Yes, of course. Please, come in out of the cold." You said opening the door wider. Kira and Willow on your heels, emitting low, rumbling growls. You snapped your fingers and the dogs reluctantly retreated across the room to their beds, but never taking their eyes off the men.

You motioned to the empty love seat and the two detectives sat down.

"Can I offer you gentlemen anything to drink? Tea, coffee, water?" You asked taking your seat, and folding your blanket up.

"No thank you." Detective Greyjoy said, eyeing you up and down.

Your phone lit up on the coffee table.

[Ramsay: 5 min]

"If you'll excuse me a second." You said, picking your phone up and hitting call.

'Yes baby doll?' Ramsay said on the other end.

"Hey, wanted to finish up that cake for your father. Can you bring home some sugar?" You said, looking down at the coffee table.

'Of course, baby. See you soon. I love you.'

"Be careful. I love you too." You said, hanging up and turning back to the detectives. "Sorry, I just wanted to catch him before he got home. Really don't wanna be out in this cold."

'Bring home some sugar' was your code phrase to let Ramsay know unexpected company had shown up.

"Not a problem at all. But, last night a man was murdered behind the bar you work at. Reports say you were the last one to see him." Detective Stark said, pulling a picture from his jacket pocket and laying it on the coffee table and sliding it towards you.

You picked up the photo with trembling fingers and taking in a sharp gasp. "Oh my god." It was a picture of Dogbait Farlan as he was known at the bar. You looked up from the picture, trying to remember yesterday. You had been feeling ill and were only half there.

"What... what happened?" You asked, looking between the two men.

"Stabbed to death it seems." Greyjoy spoke, glancing around your house. "Awfully nice place for someone who works at a bar."

His partner gave him a scowl.

You bristled, "I've been working at the bar since I was eighteen. The customers love me and tip me well. Besides i co-own it, if you must know. And my husband works at the bank. We don't hurt for money, thank you."

"Please forgive my partner's rudeness. He's having a bad day it seems." Stark spoke up quickly.

You pursed your lips and turned your gaze to the red head, "is your mother the OBGYN at the place down town?"

The man nodded.

"I saw her today. She confirmed my pregnancy." You said, making small talk. If you could keep them talking until Ramsay got home you'd feel better.

"Congratulations. You must be excited."

You nodded, smiling. Glancing up as Ramsay entered the house, looking rather goofy with a bag of sugar. He gave you a quick look and then ran his eyes over the detectives.

Both men stood, pulling their badges. Ramsay gave a nod. You watched him take an interest in the Greyjoy man

"Has my wife done something I should know about? Money laundering? Murder? Grand theft auto, perhaps?" Ramsay asked, dropping the sugar on the coffee table and taking a seat beside you.

Detective Stark gave a laugh, putting his badge away, and sitting down again. "No, sir. But we had information that she was the last one to speak to our murder victim last night before we was found dead behind the bar.

From the corner of your eye you saw Ramsay narrow his slightly.

Bastard. You knew it. It was him. It had to be.

"So, what can you tell us?" Greyjoy asked.

"Well, I mean, it was a slow evening. Just the regulars. I left early. I wasn't feeling well and had a date with my husband. But by the time I got home I was feeling too bad to go out. But as far as the bar... Nothing out of the ordinary, honestly. Farlan was my last customer before clocking out, yes. He ordered a beer, drank it, and left. He wasn't with anyone that I know of, and he didn't seem distressed in any way. He was telling me about his new litter of hounds and was just regular ol' Farlan. Sorry if I'm not much help. I can't believe... I mean... He was a good guy." You said, playing up emotion at the end. Ramsay draped his arm around your shoulders and gave you a small squeeze. To let you know you were playing your part wonderfully.

"No enemies? He didn't owe anyone any money or favors?" Stark asked.

You frowned, shaking your head. "Not that I'm aware of. He was a pretty quiet man. After him and his wife divorced he kept himself to himself mostly."

The detectives exchanged looks, telling you they were back to square one. Stark sighed and rose from his seat.

He held his hand out to you and Ramsay in turn.

"Thank you for your time. If you hear anything, please give us a call."

"Of course. Good luck." Ramsay said, politely showing the men to the door.

Once they were gone, Ramsay clicked the lock and watched as they drove away. He then walked over to the chair they sat in and pulled all the cushions and pillows, examining every inch.

He stood back up and turned to you.

You grinned at him, picking up the bag of sugar. "We may have more sugar than anyone in the world now. When the apocalypse happens we can make our fortune selling sugar." You giggled.

Ramsay snorted, following you to the kitchen.

"Did you do it?" You asked casually, glancing at your husband over your shoulder as you placed the bag of sugar on a shelf in the pantry.

"No. Wasn't us. We were across town."

You frowned, crossing your arms. "Then who? I mean, who'd want to kill that man? Everyone loved him."

Ramsay shrugged, stepping into you and pulling you into him.

"Go get ready for dinner."


"I didn't like that one detective. He was rude." You said, slipping your dress on and pulling your hair aside so Ramsay could zip it.

He kissed along your bare skin before pulling the zipper up.

"Rude, how?" He asked, placing a diamond necklace around your neck and clasping it.

You fingered the new necklace and stared at it in the mirror.

"Rams, this is beautiful." You whispered.

"Thought my little momma might like it when I saw it in the window. Now, tell me about the detective." Ramsay said, kissing your cheek.

You turned to face him, "he was just all like, 'this is an awfully nice place for someone who works at a bar.' Fucking rude ass."

You saw the gears turning behind your husband's eyes.

"Don't do anything stupid, please." You added quickly.

Ramsay smirked, "I would do no such thing, baby girl."

"Liar." You whispered, pressing your lips to his.

His grin widened against your lips, but said nothing as he kissed you back.

Chapter Text

"What do you want for Christmas? I never know what to get you." You asked, as Ramsay opened the car door for you.

Dinner had been wonderful and it was so nice to spend a whole evening with Ramsay. He left his phone in the car. No interruptions. He had given you his full, undivided attention. Sometimes it was nice to be reminded that you were everything to him. More than money. More than killing. And now that you were pregnant he was even more clingy and paid even more attention to your every movement. Some may have found this uncomfortable, but you knew better.

"Don't know, baby doll. Find me a new project. I'm bored, now that this one is finished." Ramsay said, closing his door.

You glanced around the inside of the recently finished '72 Nova. He had put a lot of time and work into it. You had started to hate the damn car, but it had kept him from being gone and killing people all the damn time.

"Well, what would you like to work on?" You asked, running your hand over the dash.

"A truck or something. I don't care, baby. Something to keep at the garage." Ramsay said, shrugging, turning the motor over.

As the car roared into life you glanced across the street and gave a tiny gasp.

You looked down at your lap.

"Babe, don't look, but it's that asshole detective from this afternoon. He's watching us."

Ramsay frowned, giving you a side long look and pulling a pack of cigarettes from his dinner jacket pocket. He took the opportunity while rolling down the window and lighting his cigarette to eye the detective.

"Call Damon." He demanded, throwing the car in reverse and dropping his phone in your lap.

You picked up his phone and scrolled to find Damon's number. You hit call and then hit speaker.

"Sup boss?" Damon's voice said when he answered.

"Poker night. My place. Nine. Tell the others." Ramsay said, reaching to your lap and hitting the end button.

He glanced up in the rear view mirror, but no one was behind you.

"Have you ever seen him before this afternoon?" Ramsay asked, glancing at you.

You shook your head. "No."

"I want you to take some time off. A couple weeks. Until the New Year is over." Ramsay said, resting his hand on your thigh and gently running his fingers over the hem of your dress, causing warmth to spread through you.

"Well... I already put in for some time off. My last day is Sunday. I thought that maybe we could go spend the holidays with your father." You said, not looking at Ramsay.

His grip on your thigh tightened and relaxed, "why?" He asked, glancing in the mirror again.

You gave a shrug, tugging on a loose string of hair.

"It's been awhile. And I thought we could break the news to him. I mean, his first grandchild. That's exciting."

Ramsay smirked, "yeah. Okay. Sure. We need away from here for a few days."

Something about his smirk made you feel uneasy.


Ramsay held you close in his lap as he smoked like a chimney, drank like a sailor, and hustled the group of men at poker. You figured by now the group would have learned to quit playing with Ramsay. You weren't sure how he did it, but he always ended up with much more than he started with.

You rested your head back in the crook of his neck, kissing his warm skin softly from time to time or planting bite marks as he rubbed firm circles on the small of your back with his free hand.

"So, give me the scoop from the Southside." Ramsay said, looking over at Damon, setting his cards down, and taking a long drink from his glass.

"Got a bunch of copycats going on. Trying to copy our style. Still working out on if it's a rival family or just some dumbass street punks. But until we know for sure we need to be careful. Someone may be trying to frame us and set a trap." Damon said, laying his cards on the table as well and rubbing his eyed.

You felt Ramsay tense under you.

"Don't worry baby. Our hands are clean." You whispered in his ear, massaging his scalp with your nails.

He pushed his head back into your hand and closed his eyes briefly.

"What's going on in the rest of my city?" He asked, peeking at another man.

"Quiet on our side. Dropped a few dealers who were trying to undermine us. Employed a few more girls. Got a few new recruits you need to look at. But that's about it."

Ramsay nodded, "alright, well I need a man down at the ol' police station. Need to have eyes on a Detective Greyjoy. I want it done by tomorrow afternoon. I want to know his every movement."

"Of course. I have a couple guys I can put in there. No problem." A man named Ben spoke up. Ben was third in line, and he often dealt with the drug distribution. He had contacts everywhere.

You slid from Ramsay's lap. He grabbed your hand. You tugged it back and gave him a wink as you left the dining room.

"Where you going, baby doll?" He called after you.

"Bath." You called back, shutting the bed room door with a sharp snap.


You stepped out of your dress and under clothes, letting them pool on the bathroom floor as you stepped into the bath tub. You sunk into the hot water with a sigh.

You felt like you could lay in this hot water forever. The cold day was turning into an even colder night. A good chance of snow according to the local news.

You hoped not, you did not want to go to work in cold ass snow.

Finally, you mustered the strength to climb out of the tub. Your stomach cramped horribly and you wanted nothing more than it to stop, tired of the constant pain and nauseous feeling that seemed more pronounced than in last couple weeks before you found out you were pregnant. You slipped on one of Ramsay's button ups and peeked out into the hall. All was quiet.

Slowly, you walked down the hall to find Ramsay scrubbing the dining room table down. His sleeves rolled up a bit, a cigarette hanging from his lips, and humming to himself. His face was flushed and eyes bloodshot as he gave you a quick, side long glance.

You took a seat at the table and watched him vigorously scrub the wood. You tapped your nails on the table.

"What's your deal with being so clean?" You asked, for probably the millionth time since you had started dating him.

He gave you another glance and tilted his head slightly. "Nasty filth. Dirty world."

You had no idea what that meant. He said that a lot. When the guys talked about whores they were sleeping with. When he inspected narco shipments. When he stayed up all night cleaning every inch of the house.

He was truly a strange duck, but you liked his little quirks. He kept his ass covered. He was thorough in everything. And he was all yours. He didn't fuck with whores. They repulsed him. He didn't do any drugs, 'if the dealer uses there's no money to be made in it' he had once told you. Sometimes he may smoke a joint or two with the guys, but that was about the extent of it. Though he had been known to bump a line or two before you became his obsession. But he had a problem with cigarettes and especially alcohol.

He had the air of being better and smarter than everyone else. Maybe that was true. The people he controlled with money and drugs all disgusted him. He had no problem using the people of course, but he was cold, cruel, and often times legitimately murderous towards them.

"Are you okay?" You asked gently, rising from the chair and walking around the table to him.

He stood up straight and ran his eyes over you in that hauntingly, calculating way.

"If I said no?" He asked, smashing his cigarette butt in the ashtray.

You unbuttoned the shirt and let it fall to the ground.

"I'd ask you what I can do to make it better?"

Ramsay gave a smirk and set his rag down on the table. You grabbed his hand and pulled him down the hall with you.

You pushed him down on to the bed, climbing on top and straddling him. You placed your hands around his neck and leaned forward to kiss him.

"Tell me what's wrong?" You whispered against his lips.

"Going to see my father. I haven't physically seen him since that shit with Dom went down. He blames me for it." Ramsay whispered back, nipping your bottom lip.

"Poor baby boy. Afraid daddy is mad?" You asked mockingly, with a wicked grin.

Ramsay shifted under you but you tightened your grip on his throat. He looked up at you with wide eyes, letting his own wicked grin form. His was much more intimidating than yours, however.

He could hold a gun in one hand a knife in the other but his smile would always be his most dangerous weapon.

"You're lucky my child is growing inside you, or I'd have to hurt you, baby girl."

You loosened your grip, slightly taken aback.

"But... I... I mean..." You said, not even sure what you were wanting to say.

Ramsay pried your hands from his neck and sat up, placing his lips gently against yours. You opened your mouth under his, sliding your tongue over his. He tasted like cigarettes and whiskey.

You pulled away from him, resting your forehead against his. 

"I work four to eleven tomorrow. But I may stay a bit later, got a couple new girls working. Don't want to leave them alone, everyone is taking off for the holidays. So we are a bit understaffed. You and the boys should come out."

"I'll see what I can do. Have a meeting tomorrow night at seven. If it goes smoothly I'll be there. Who's bouncing?"

"Damon and Ben."

Ramsay nodded and slid you off his lap, "get some sleep baby doll. I need to finish cleaning."

Ramsay tucked you in and left with an 'I love you.'


It was noon when you woke. You reached for your phone. Two unread messages.

[mom: hey baby. Your father and I will be in tomorrow afternoon for some Christmas shopping. Lunch?]

[You: oh yay! We are definitely having lunch. I have exciting news for you and dad. I'll find out Rams' plans and we can make plans for lunch.]

[Olyvar: hey, we are playing host to some company Christmas party tonight. It's you, me, that new Roslin chick, and that dark skinned girl. Will we need anymore hands on deck? It's the Friday before Christmas after all.]

[You: no. I think we will manage. More money for us.]

You slid out of bed and proceeded with your morning routine.

After slipping your shoes on you walked into the living room. Ramsay sat there examining guns and cleaning his favorites. You sat on the edge of the couch.

"Morning." Your husband said through a cigarette, never looking at you.

"Afternoon. We are having lunch with my parents tomorrow."

"What time?"

"What time is good for you?"

"Whenever, baby doll."

"Well, I have to be at work at six, so how about one or two?"

"Sounds good."

You watched him examine a gun.

"What are you doing?"

He glanced over at you, pulling his cigarette from between his lips and flicking the ashes in the ash tray.

"I told you, I have a meeting tonight."

You frowned, "should have known meeting didn't really mean meeting."

Chapter Text

You adjusted your green and red elf skirt, placed your little hat on, and gave yourself one last look in the mirror. You frowned thinking of all the clothes and outfits you would probably never be able to wear again when summer rolled around.

You loved dressing up for holidays. Ramsay wasn't a fan, but money was money. This costume was a bit more modest as you wore tights under the skirt because it was cold as shit. Thankfully the snow had been put on hold.

You walked into the living room. Ramsay was sprawled out on the couch watching TV and biting at his nails. 

"Alright, baby. I gotta go." You said stopping at the end of the couch.

"Take the Nova." Ramsay said, sitting up as you walked in. He held out the keys.

You narrowed your eyes, "why?"

"Because I said. Be a good girl. Don't argue."

You took the keys and leaned down to kiss your husband. He pulled you down into his lap and kissed you hungrily. You melted into him as he kissed across your jaw and worried what was surely a large and very prominent hickey on your neck. He often liked to mark you before you went to work. You were his and he wasn't about to let anyone forget that.

He finally let go of you. You smiled, giving him one last quick kiss. He slapped your ass when you turned around to leave.

"I'll see you later?" You asked, opening the front door and glancing back at your husband.

He simply nodded.


You walked through the backdoor, hanging up your keys and then hanging up your purse in a locker, exchanging it for your waist apron.

"Oly! I'm here!" You called, glancing around. The bar didn't open officially for another thirty minutes tonight, so it was just you and Olyvar until the new girls showed up.

"Up front! Finishing the decorations!" Olyvar's voice called.

You walked into the cavernous, empty bar. Olyvar too was dressed as an elf, in his green tunic and red tights. He was standing on the counter hanging the last of the Christmas lights.

"Be a dear and plug them in?" Your coworker asked.

You followed the trail of lights to the outlet and plugged them in.

Olyvar jumped down from the counter, jingling as he did so from his bells on his slippers and hat, admiring his handiwork.

"Not too shabby." You said, looking around the festive place. "So, what company?"

"Lion Gate." Olyvar said, walking behind the counter, grabbing two glasses and pouring out two shots. 

You felt a panic surge through you. Lion Gate was owned by Tywin Lannister, head of the Rampant Lions. The Rampant Lions and the Red Kings had been at war in the city and surrounding areas for a long time. While Ramsay was heir to the Red Kings, he had formed his own little gang, the Bastard's Boys that he kept busy with the most. If the Lannister's showed up, it was sure to be trouble. What were they playing at? They didn't hold any ground or footing on this side of town.

"What were you thinking? They can't come here. If Ramsay finds out..." You began as Olyvar downed his shot.

"We are one of the best places in the city of a Friday night. And, money is money." 

Olyvar pushed the second glass to you, but you shook your head. "I can't."

Olyvar scrunched his brow before realization spread over his face and he practically squealed like a teenage girl.

"Oh. My. God! How exciting! When did you find out? What was Ramsay like? Tell me everything!" He said, smiling broadly.

Olyvar was one of your oldest friends. He had started working at the bar when you did, both putting yourselves through school. But when the bar owner died he had split the place between you both. Olyvar did work from time to time for Ramsay, selling things on the side. He was like a brother to you, and it didn't hurt that he was into men. You assumed this to be the only reason Ramsay never said anything about you talking to him, or being friendly with him.

You took a seat and smiled, "well, I found out yesterday afternoon after Ramsay left. I've been feeling like shit for like two months now. Cramps. Headaches. Constant upset stomach. And then remembered I hadn't had my period in months. So on the way here I picked up a test and it said yes. I was actually kind if afraid of how Rams would react. We had never talked about it before. So, anyway, I told him last night and he demanded we go get some tests. You know him. Well, I took four. They all said yes. I guess he's excited. But, hard to tell. He doesn't really express excitement. Then he made me an appointment this morning and the doctor said I was about eight or nine weeks. Heard the heartbeat and I wanted to cry. It was so amazing. I have an appointment on the third to get an ultrasound done." You gushed, glad to have someone to tell.

"Little baby Bolton. This city is not ready for that." Olyvar said with a laugh. 

You laughed. He was not wrong. There was a knock on the front door. You glanced at the clock. 4:45. You got up from your stool and walked to the front door, letting Damon and Ben in. You gave them both smiles, which they didn't really return.

Ramsay probably religiously threatened them to not look at you. He was a very scary person when angry, or bored. Whichever. 

"We're streaming the fight tonight. Sure we'll be fine with only four of us and the two in the kitchen?" Olyvar asked turning on the various TV screens.

"Yeah. I think. Sorry, I forgot all about the fight. But we've had bigger events with fewer. Maybe could have done with a couple extra hands in the kitchen though. See if you can get anyone else to come in to kitchen duty?" You said, as two girls walked in.

Roslin was a quiet college student, who was looking to make a bit of extra money. She wasn't overly pretty with her dull eyes and mousy Brown hair, but she wasn't ugly either. But you weren't sure bartending would be something she was cut out for. She was timid and you were afraid of men taking advantage of her innocence as far as the bar scene went. But you had hired her anyways. Remembering how you were when you had first come here. And now look at you. Wife to the heir of a multi million dollar organized crime family.

You had no worries with the other girl, Tyene. She was loud, wild, and more than capable of handling herself. She had been working here for a couple weeks now, and the men loved her. Her dark skin, hair, and eyes made her stand out. Made then men pay extra attention, and money. She was born to hustle and get what she wanted. If she proved her worth, loyalty, and cunning you may talk Ramsay into getting her in with the girls.

"Hey hey!" Tyene cried, putting her reindeer antler headband on.

"Glad to see we all dressed up." You said, grinning broadly, looking the two girls over as Tyene snapped on a big, red blinking nose.

Roslin flushed and gave a timid twirl in her Mrs. Claus dress.

"Alright, so it's us four tonight on the floor. Kitchen will be a bit understaffed, as it's only Mac and Dag, tonight unless we can get a couple more in. So only finger foods and appetizers tonight. Big party coming in, plus the fight. I'm assuming you advertised we were playing it?" You said, glancing at Olyvar, who gave a nod. You left him in charge of the Facebook page and other advertising outlets.

"Great. So, we will be crowded and busy. Anything you make you keep, other than prices of the drinks and food. Remember ladies, they can look, but they cannot touch you. We may not be a strip club, but we follow those same rules. Anyone gives you any problems just raise your fist in the air and Ben or Damon here will come to your aid." You motioned to the two burly men. "Don't let no man give you any shit. Feel free to drink, just remember to pay for it, and stay with it enough to do your jobs. By the time the night is over, you ladies will be very happy." You continued, clapping your hands and glancing at the clock. The two cooks walked into the bar and giving you thumbs up before disappearing into the kitchen to let you know they were there.


As assumed, the bar filled quickly and the volume steadily increased with the flow of liquor, smoke, and smells of greasy buffalo wings, fries, and mountains of nachos. 

When the Lion Gate group arrived you didn't recognize anyone that could possibly cause trouble. They seemed to just be regular employees, not gang members. But, you could be wrong. You weren't as good as Ramsay when it came to picking rival gang members out of a crowd. They were a very loud and rowdy group. Both your girls were pocketing bills like crazy, and Olyvar spent his time behind the counter mixing drinks and flirting with a couple guys.

The smoke, smells, and sounds were starting to get to you. Your stomach turned over and you suddenly felt nauseous. A headache was starting to form. You caught Olyvar's attention and mimmed taking a 'time out'. He gave you a thumbs up as you disappeared to the safety of the back room.

You sighed, taking a deep breath. You pulled your phone from your apron pocket. It was almost ten. Only another hour.

You sat at a small table, resting your head on it for awhile, trying to compose yourself and fighting the urge to throw up when the police scanner in the corner sounded.

"All available units to seventy fifth and Trident. Multiple gunshot wounds. Back up requested immediately."

'No mans land.' you thought to yourself with a frown. What was Ramsay up to? Nobody every held that stretch very long.

After awhile you got a hold of yourself, stood up, and pulled a water bottle from the employee fridge, and chugged half of it before getting back to work.

"(Y/n)!" Olyvar called. You glanced over at him, who nodded to the corner to Roslin.

She was being harassed by a couple of men. Tyene was across the room cutting up with a group, and Damon and Ben were busy keeping a fight from breaking out. You frowned, clenching your jaw and stomping over to the corner. 

Roslin's eyes were wide in pleading when you appeared at her side. One of the men grabbed her ass.

"Excuse me, sir. But you are not allowed to touch my girls. Release her and keep your hands to yourself or you will be asked to leave." You said, pulling Roslin away, and shielding her.

The man laughed, grabbing your hip. "Oh come on baby, it's just a bit of fun. Get into the holiday spirit. I could make it worth your while." He slammed a stack of bills on the table with a drunken laugh.

You stepped back, but his grip tightened. You narrowed your eyes at the man, "get out of my bar."

He laughed, releasing his grip and slapping your ass. You brought your hand up to slap him, but he caught your wrist.

"Or what, doll? You'll call the police?"

A hand landed on the man's shoulder and you looked to see Ramsay flanked by five men. He gripped the man's shoulder until the man squirmed in pain, fury painted all over his face.

"Unfortunately for you, we don't call the police around here." Ramsay growled as two of the men pulled the man from his seat and drug him towards the back exit.

Ramsay looked you up and down, "how many times did he touch you, baby girl?"

"Three." You said, watching the fire burn in his eyes. He gave a nod, gave you a fleeting kiss, and stalked towards the exit.

"(Y/n), I'm so sorry." Roslin squeaked. 

You gave a glance at the other man. He was oddly calm, for his buddy being dragged away as he simply sat there, scrolling through his phone, pocketing the stack of cash. This made your pulse quicken. You hurried to the bar counter and then ran towards the exit.

You stepped into the alley to find Ramsay bouncing the man's head off the brick wall next door.

You averted your eyes and pursed your lips, trying to ignore the sick, crunching sound. "Rams, we have a problem. He's a Rampant. As was his buddy."

Ramsay stopped in his action, dropping the man, who fell in a heap. Ramsay grabbed the man's arm and ripped his sleeve back. On the man's forearm was a tattoo of a rampant lion in red.

Ramsay pulled a knife from his pocket. One of Ramsay's men stuffed a rag into the Lion man's mouth as Ramsay hacked at the tattoo until the skin came away. You watched in horror as Ramsay clutched the piece of skin.

"Make it clean, boys." Ramsay said, looking at the group of men. They all left quickly, pulling guns.

"Don't you make a mess in my bar!" You hissed at your husband. "The cops are already being nosy!"

Ramsay gave you a long look. "Not a drop." He said, walking past you and holding the door open. 

You glanced at the severely injured man laying on the pavement. "What about him? You can't just leave him."

"Baby girl, don't worry yourself about anything. It will all be taken care of. They started it, coming to my kingdom. Now, get back in there and get back to work. The lions won't be back." Your husband said, rather impatiently. 

You just gave a nod and went back inside. You hurried back to the counter, pulling Olyvar to you so you could whisper in his ear. "Volume up, lights down. Now." You hissed.

Olyvar did as you instructed. Nobody seemed to notice. They were all too absorbed in the fight and drowning in beer. You glanced around and gasped as a hand grabbed you. Instinct brought your hand up, but Ramsay's chuckle stopped you. You relaxed.

"Come on." He said, pulling you along.

You furrowed your brows, but followed him to the table the other man still sat at. Ramsay took the empty seat across from him, pulling you into his lap, as his group of men formed a tight circle around the table. He leaned forward, his wicked smirk in place.

"I believe you owe my wife an apology." He said casually to the man.

The man scoffed, "I didn't touch her, speak to her, or even look at her."

Ramsay tutted and rolled his eyes, "I said that you owe my wife an apology. I will not tell you again."

"Listen punk, I don't know who you think..." the man started, puffing up, but his words were lost as Ramsay slammed the crudely flayed tattooed skin on the table.

"Our blades are sharp." Ramsay breathed with so much malice the temperature seemed to drop.

Your stomach churned at the piece of flesh on the table. You frowned, closing your eyes, and saying a small prayer.

What happened next was a blur. You saw Ramsay pull his knife, but everything that followed wouldn't come into focus as you were on your knees, vomiting in the toilet of the bar bathroom.

"(Y/n)? Are you okay?" Came Tyene's voice. 

You leaned back, heaving a shaky sigh. "Yeah, dear. I'm just... I'm pregnant. Apparently the little one didn't like what I ate last."

Which was true. Nachos had been a very bad idea. However, you weren't sure if seeing a man murdered in front of you or the morning sickness had made you wretch.

"Okay, well, your husband, I think, is waiting on you. Says you should go home and rest. I was confused at first. But now it all makes sense. Congratulations! You know, even if it's not the ideal position to be told." She said with a small laugh at the end.

Well, now you were confused. Didn't complete chaos just unleash in the bar?

You pushed yourself up, sighed, flushed the toilet, and stepped out of the stall. Tyene peered at you curiously as you washed your hands, vigorously. 

"What's it like out there?" You asked, drying your hands.

"Normal? A few men were escorted out, but other than that, everyone seems to be having a hell of a time."

You sighed again. This time relieved.

Tyene held the door open for you and you stepped back on to the floor. Sure enough, it was like nothing had ever happened. Ramsay pushed his empty shot glass back to Olyvar and rose from his stool when he saw you.

He looked you over, and held out his hand.

"You sure you'll be alright without me?" You asked Olyvar.

He nodded and gave you a smile, "of course. You just worry about you. We've got this."

You nodded and let Ramsay lead you to the back room. He said nothing as he untied your apron, grabbed your purse, and the keys hanging up.

"Come on baby girl. Let's get home."

You turned to Ramsay, who was as calm as could be, lighting a cigarette. 

"What the fuck just happened?" You cried, throwing your hands up.

"Business. Seat belt, baby doll." He replied simply, exhaling smoke.

"Business? I just watched you kill a man in the middle of a crowded bar and no one freaked the fuck out. Explain." You said, demanding the last part.

Ramsay gave a harsh laugh, "If no one hears, no one sees."

"What the fuck were you thinking? The cops..."

"Will know nothing." He cut across you.

"How many men did you kill?"

"Just the cunt in the alley and at the table."

"What about the others?"

"We saw them out and sent them running along with messages to deliver."

"What do you mean?"

"Don't worry, baby girl. Everything will be okay. You just worry about my child inside you."

You frowned. This city was about to become very unsafe. For everyone. Including the unborn child inside of you.

Fear and dread welled inside you as you burst into tears.

Ramsay raised his brows in surprise and gave you a quick look.

"This is not right! Everything is such a mess!" You sobbed, snatching your hat off and clutching it in your hand to cry into.

"Whoa there, little momma. Calm down. Everything is fine. It will be fine. I have eyes everywhere." Ramsay said, softly. 

It wasn't a very reassuring voice. That wasn't him. He wasn't one to comfort.

You simply gave a sniff and nodded.

Neither of you said anything for the remainder of the trip home.

Ramsay opened your door and helped you out. He placed a kiss to your temple as he led you inside and straight to the bedroom.

You simply stood there as he undressed you, kissing each bit of skin he exposed.

"What do you want?" He asked, kissing along your collar bone.

"Something to make me forget the things I saw tonight."

"Oh come on now baby girl. It wasn't that bad." Ramsay chortled, grabbing your hips.

You rested your cheek on his chest and sighed, "Rams, I watched you smash a man's head into a brick wall and then cut his skin off. I watched you stab a man point blank across a table while I sat in your lap. You could have hurt somebody innocent. What part of that wasn't so bad?"

Ramsay placed his finger under your chin and brought your face up to look at him.

"First things first, baby girl. Nobody at a bar is innocent. Second, both of those men disrespected you. Therefore disrespecting me. I will not have that. At all."

You looked away from him. Maybe he was right. Or at least had a point. You looked back up at him and opened your mouth to say something when your breath caught. The cramps were bad enough. But the increasing nausea was getting really fucking annoying.

Ramsay raked his eyes over your face and frowned, pulling you to the bed. He undressed and slid into the bed next to you, pulling you close and running his hand through your hair until you finally fell into a deep sleep.

Chapter Text

The urge to vomit is what woke you up. Well that, and the sounds of scraping and cursing.

You opened your eyes. It was still partially dark. Through bleary eyes you saw the clock illuminating that it was just past six thirty. 

You groaned, rolling over. The bed was empty next to you. You sat up. As you did, hot stomach acid crept up your throat.

You quickly got out of bed, running for the bathroom.

After fifteen minutes of leaning against the sink, waiting on nothing as it turned out, you took a deep breath, pulled on one of your favorite silk robes, and left your room.

Ramsay was hastily packing bags full of guns and other weapons.

You scrunched your brows, "What are you doing?" You asked through a dry mouth, rubbing your eyes.

Ramsay spun around to look at you, "What are you doing?"

"I asked you first." You replied in a crabby tone.

He gestured towards the television screen. It was paused on a new headline and picture.

Friday Night Mayhem Downtown. The headline read. The picture was a blurred still of a surveillance video showing four men in masks holding large black bags. The man closest to the front caught your eye. He had his sleeves rolled up and many tattoos. Very similar to your husband's. But the Flayed Man on an X was on the wrong arm.

You knitted your brows, turning back to Ramsay.

"I don't understand. Who's this?" 

Ramsay hit play and the news reporter came on the screen.

'Last night around one in the morning a group of men were reported to be robbing a bank after silent alarms went off. As you can see from the still the men were wearing masks, but authorities are hopeful that the tattoos on the one suspect's arms can be enough to help identify the group. Tune in at noon for further information as we go through the morning.'

"Rams, that isn't you. What's going on?" You said, tearing your eyes from the screen.

"You're right. It wasn't me. But that bank is my bank. Those tattoos were placed and caught on camera on purpose." He hissed, in anger, holding his arms up in comparison.

There came a knock on the backdoor. It made you jump and sent Kira and Willow into a barking fit. Ramsay snapped his fingers at the dogs and walked to the back door. He glanced out the blind and removed all the locks. He pulled the door open and Damon stepped inside.

"Yo, what in the actual fuck?" Damon said, grasping Ramsay's hand.

"Are the boys set up?" Was Ramsay's reply.


"Alright. Once we get all this shit loaded, give the word."

You watched as Ramsay and Damon took all the bulking bags out of the house, biting on your knuckle in anxiety.

Ramsay returned a few minutes later and closed the back door with a sharp snap and irritated sigh.

"Come here." He said, motioning you towards him.

You dropped your hand and slowly walked over to him and he pulled you into a tight hug, running his hands down your back.

"How do you feel?" He whispered, kissing the crown of your head.

"Horrible, honestly." You replied quietly wrapping your arms around him.

"Would my face between your legs make you feel better?" He breathed, scooping you up.

You let a small grin form and closed your eyes, "mhmm. Please."

"Good. You didn't really have a choice in the matter anyways." He replied, carrying you to the bed and dropping you gently on the mattress.

He slid the robe from your bare shoulders and ghosted his lips over your skin. You closed your eyes with a small moan, pushing your head back into the bed.

He nipped at the soft skin of your inner thigh, making you giggle and pick your head up to look down at him.

"Hm?" He hummed, bringing his eyes up to yours.

"You didn't shave. It tickles." You said, suppressing another giggle.

He smirked, rubbing the stubble of his jaw against your leg, "should I?"

You dropped your head back into the bed, "mmm, no. I like it."

"Whatever my queen likes." He murmured, kissing along your folds.

The air caught in your throat at the sensation, causing you to arch your back. You bit your lip, letting a small noise escape you, as you tangled your hands into the blanket under you.

You relaxed your body as he slid his tongue slowly into you. He made firm, sensual movements with his tongue against you and when he bit down on your sensitive spot it made you gasp and give a small jerk. The pain stopped just as suddenly as he darted his tongue over the spot.

"Come here." You whispered, grabbing at his shoulder. 

He gave a small growl, shrugging your hand off. The hum of his lips making you shiver, as he picked up the pace with his tongue.

Your stomach twisted up and fluttered as he continued to fuck you with his tongue. His stubble adding to the sensation, as he gripped your thighs tightly under his rough hands. Your breathing came in gasping bursts as you moaned and muttered incoherent words.

You felt a slight disappointment form when he pulled away from you. His eyes shinning brightly, his lips wet, his chest rising and falling, as he slid a finger in you.

You gave a shuddering gasp, more nonsense words falling from your lips as you shifted and bucked your hips into his hand. You felt his piercing gaze on you as you fought to keep your eyes open.

He slid another finger inside you, and curled them when he had pushed them as far as they would go. You ground into his hand, unable to keep any noises from escaping you now.

"Baby. Fuck me." You managed to get out as your breath caught and your chest tightened.

He pulled his fingers from you, licking them clean as he placed his other hand on your hip and pulled, indicating you to roll over.

You rolled over as he hastily kicked out of his shorts and clambered onto the bed. He ran his finger tips over the small of your back with one hand, gripping your hip with the other as he positioned himself behind you.

He teased at your entrance with his dick, making the desire build in you as you pushed yourself back into him.

He let out a small noise as you felt him enter you, gripping your hips harder than he probably meant to at the feeling. You let out a small sigh, grinding against his hips and savoring the sensation.

He dug his fingers into your hips as he buried himself into you, without relent. 

You couldn't fight the tingling sensation as the pressure built in you with each thrust and small noise your husband made.

Ramsay leaned into you, trailing his hand under you to sweep over your extra sensitive skin with his thumb, rubbing light circles.

You drew in a sharp breath, pushing back into him as hard as you could as your high hit you like a blow to the chest. You buried your face into the blankets and cried out in pleasure, feeling Ramsay grip your hips with both hands in a death grip, drawing ragged shallow breaths, before falling into you as he spent himself inside you with a deep, throaty primal growl.

You both let out deep sighs at the same time, making you give a small laugh.

He gave you a small slap on the ass before pulling away from you, and falling onto the bed.

You relaxed your body and laied on your stomach, realizing this would be impossible soon. You peered at your husband, who also laid on his front. 

You scrunched up your nose, "You're making my blanket gross."

"Shhh. I'll buy you a new one." He murmured, giving you a smirk, before pushing himself up. "Where are we having lunch?"

You ran your eyes over his naked body, chewing your lip, taking him in. His tattoos, scars, muscles. You then brought your eyes up to his face and gave a shrug, pushing yourself up, watching him as he cleaned himself and wiped his mouth on a discarded shirt.

"Don't know. No where overly fancy, I really just don't feel up to it." You said, thinking.

"Well, think on it and get back with me when I get back." He replied tossing you a different shirt, pulling shorts and a clean t-shirt on.

"Where are you going?" You asked, taken aback.

"Taking the girls on a run. Like I do, every morning. I'm just late, this morning." He replied, slipping his shoes on and glancing at the clock. He stood up, grabbing his cigarettes and lighter from the top of the dresser before leaving you alone.

You simply nodded. He was always awake before you it seemed, so you weren't really sure what he did for the two plus hours he was usually up before you.

You walked to the bathroom, turning the shower on and waiting on it to warm up, taking the opportunity to text your mother.


Ramsay opened your door and helped you out, pulling his sunglasses off and tossing them into your seat.

You looked around. You had settled on this new little bar and grill. It was in a beautiful location on the river front. You didn't come to this side of the city much. It was a part of your turf, but you had no need to come out this far. However, this little eatery was receiving many positive reviews and you were glad for an excuse to come. Not that you really needed one, but still.

Ramsay held the door open for you and you immediately saw your parents. Excitement coursed through you as you rushed them and embraced them both.

Ramsay offered a polite nod, shaking your father's hand and enduring your mother's hug. He caught the eye of a waiter who hurried to your party and sat you immediately. 

Ramsay rested his hand on your knee and did his best to seem interested in what your parents talked about, while keeping his eyes open for anything out of place, on edge at having his back to the entrance.

Naturally, your parents had no idea the kind of life you secretly led, and had no idea that Ramsay was a gang member. 

"So, what do you have to tell us?" Your mother asked, placing her napkin in her lap, adjusting her bangles. 

"I'm pregnant!" You practically shouted, the tears welling. 

"Oh my god!" Your mother gasped, excitement gripping her like Christmas had come early.

Without words your father expressed the same excitement. They had been both been dying for a grandchild, and badgered you about it constantly.

"How far?" Your mother asked, reaching for your hand across the table.

"The doctor said eight or nine weeks. We are having an ultrasound done on the third." You breathed, cheeks flushing.

"Are you excited for fatherhood, Ramsay?" Your father asked, looking over at him as he downed his scotch.

He set the glass down and offered a sickly, sweet smile that you weren't sure was genuine or not. "Yes sir. Very much so."

Outside of the news report this morning your day was shaping up to be wonderful. It was so nice to see your parents. You didn't get to see them much. They travelled a lot now that all the children were out of the house. Your father told you all about his new building projects, to which you coaxed Ramsay into bragging about his Nova. Your mother regaled you in hometown gossip and how your siblings were doing.

You were in the middle of laughing at one of your father's jokes when everything changed.

Someone slammed the same picture from the news onto the table between you and Ramsay.

"Ramsay Bolton." Came a vaguely familiar voice.

Ramsay gave you a quick side long glance before rising slowly from his seat. You took in the looks of horror on your parents faces before turning to see Detective Greyjoy and three officers.

"Can I help you?" Ramsay asked in false politeness. 

"You're under arrest." Greyjoy spoke, as an officer pulled Ramsay's arms behind his back, slamming him roughly against the table.

You heard your mother gasp and the click of the handcuffs as you quickly rose from your chair, glancing at the officer telling Ramsay his rights.

"On what charges?" You demanded, stepping into the detective.

"Bank robbery." Greyjoy said, nodding at the picture.

You gave a shrill laugh, picking up the picture and tearing it in half.

"This? This is your probable cause to arrest my husband? Maybe You could take him in for questioning, but to arrest him? You are much mistaken, sir. These tattoos are not even my husbands." You hissed dropping the two halves of the picture. 

Greyjoy looked taken aback. Ramsay remained unconcerned and gave a shrug.

"She's right you know. I'd show you. But..." He said, shaking the chains on the cuffs loudly. "But feel free to take me in. You just better be sure you are one hundred percent. Don't threaten me with a good time and not deliver."

Greyjoy looked furious, running his eyes from you to your husband. He faltered. He wasn't sure what to do. He had fucked up. If he released Ramsay, Ramsay was likely to retaliate. But if Ramsay really wasn't involved... But he had no choice but to follow through now. The damage was done.

"What's the matter? Go behind your partner's back on this one? Like I said, take me down to the station. I'm sure they all miss my wonderful jokes. But I can prove it wasn't me, right here. Right now." Ramsay goaded.

"I'll take it from here." Greyjoy growled to the other cops, as he stooped down, snatching up the torn picture, examining it closely, glancing at Ramsay frowning deeply.

He gave the other officers a nod and they left. He then stepped into Ramsay, and you inched closer to your husband.

"I know who you are." Greyjoy whispered. 

"You threw the first punch." Ramsay whispered back, leaning into the detective, so only you and he could hear.

A look of unease flashed across the man's face before he did his best to conceal himself.

You looked at your husband, "keys."

He pushed his hip out to you and you fished out the keys from his pocket. 

"Come here, baby girl." He said gently. 

You leaned into him and pressed your lips to his.

He pulled away from you slightly to kiss your temple and whisper in your ear, "I'll be home in a couple hours. Call Damon to pick me up." He pulled away from you with a wink, "oh momma I'm in fear for my life from the long arm of the law."

Greyjoy grabbed Ramsay's arm and lead him towards the exit. You clenched your jaw, watching them leave.

"The jig is up, the news is out, they finally found me!" Ramsay sang with an upbeat step and his usual smirk, eyeing Greyjoy.

"Shut up." The detective hissed, throwing the door open.

"Hang man is coming down from the gallows. Didn't ya know?" Ramsay laughed bitterly, as the cop shoved him through the doorway.

Now war was about to break out with the police department. What a stupid fucking man.

You turned back to your parents, who both sat there stunned.

"(Y/n), what's going on?" Your father asked, as you gripped the keys in your hands, seething in anger.

You heaved a sigh and sipped your tea. "Did you watch the news this morning?" You asked.

"No, we weren't up yet." Your mother said, watching you closely.

"Well, last night some guys tried to rob the bank Ramsay works at. He was framed. A man deliberately wore fake tattoos to mimic Ramsay's. But they did a poor job. I hate to cut lunch short, but now I have a police department to sue." You said, grabbing your purse, coat, and smoothing your dress out.

"Baby? Are you okay?" You father asked, raising from his seat.

"Hormones." You said, dropping cash on the table and leaving.

"(Y/n)!" Your mother called, running after you.

The wind was bitter and the clouds dark as you stepped outside. But a fire was burning in your chest, keeping the cold at bay.

Your mother grabbed your hand. You fell into her, heaving a dry sob. You weren't even sure how long you stood there like this. It was so nice to have your mother's arms around you again.

"Hush baby. It's okay. If Ramsay is innocent everything will be okay. You don't need to stress your body." You mother cooed, rubbing your back.

How you wanted to tell her the truth. To get it all off your chest. But you said nothing.

"Would you like us to come with you?" Your father asked, placing his hand on your shoulder.

You took a deep breath and shook your head. "No. It's okay, I've got this. I work tonight. Come by after your shopping and we can have a better time."

Your parents simply nodded, exchanging looks as you slammed the door to the Nova and rammed the key into the ignition.

At the stoplight you pulled out your phone and dialed Damon.

"yes ma'am?"

"The cops just picked up Ramsay. I thought we had eyes on that detective? You better get your shit together or I will make this city cower in fear. Be prepared. The grease is in the fire now." You said, then hung up.

Your mind was racing and before you knew it you were at the police station. You slammed the door and hurried up the step, throwing the building doors open.

"Where is he?!" You shouted, probably sounding like a crazy woman. But fuck them.

"Ma'am, can i help you?" A woman said at the front desk.

"Where is my husband? Where is that Greyjoy man? Somebody better take me to see someone who fucking matters!" You yelled, looking around at all the concerned looking people.

"Ma'am, calm down please and we can take you to see Chief Stark." A young officer said, timidly.

You followed him through the building to an office. You heard raised voices behind it.

"Come on Ned! Don't be thick. It was him. He's been behind all this shit. His father is Roose Bolton for crying out loud! Look at this fuck's wrap sheet! It's gotta be a mile long. Aggravated assault. Aggravated assault. Assault on a police officer. Possession of a controlled substance. And it keeps going. Just the same!"

"I understand that Greyjoy. But all of those charges are years old. He hasn't been charged with anything in almost three years. There is no evidence, you can't hold him. Damnit boy, the tattoos don't even match. He's got enemies, it's obviously a set up. Would he really rob his own bank?" 

"Yes! Yes he would! He's a mad man."

You had enough and shoved past the officer and threw open the doors. There stood Greyjoy waving a stack of papers, his redheaded partner pinching the bridge of his nose, and the Chief of Police, hands on his desk as if he was rising from his chair.

They all turned to look at you.

"I want my husband released. Now. Or I will sue you for all this shit hole is worth." You hissed.

"Mrs. Bolton?" The man at the desk asked.

You nodded, eyes narrowed, and throwing daggers at Greyjoy. 

"Son, take her to see him." The man said to the auburn haired detective.

"Are we..."

"Robb, just do what I said."

Robb gave a curt nod, "follow me please."

"She's in on it too." You heard Greyjoy mutter.



"Should of known you wouldn't go home." Ramsay said, glancing up at you, sliding his feet from the table, letting his chair fall back on all fours.

You scowled, "and what was I supposed to do?"

"Finish lunch." He glanced around, "What time is it?" He glanced down at his bare wrist.

You gave him a blank look. "I don't care what time it is and I'm not going anywhere until I have that cunt out of here."

Ramsay raised his brows at you and smirked. "I like pregnant you." He glanced at the two way mirror, "hey, what's a guy gotta do to get a smoke around here?"

You crossed your arms. You couldn't understand how he wasn't seething with anger. He was calm and wore that damn grin. 

You paced back and forth, fuming, until the door opened again.

Ned Stark walked in. Ramsay stood and held out his hand. Ned took it firmly.

"Mr. Bolton. You must forgive my detective. Jumped the gun. Do you mind if I ask you a few quick questions?" Chief Ned said, looking between you and your husband.

"Already here, let's get to it." Ramsay said, indicating you to sit. 

"Not until you fire that fucking detective." You said like ice.

"We are placing him on administrative leave." The chief said with a sigh.

You glanced at Ramsay who rocked on his heels, arms behind his back. Waiting.

"Let's not beat around the bush, Bolton. Who did it?" Ned said, holding his elbow in one hand and rubbing his beard with his other hand.

Ramsay shrugged, "I'm sure there are a number of folks. If I had a venn diagram of my friends and enemies, it would just be a circle."

"You've been keeping your nose clean." Ned stated.

"Nasty filth. Dirty world." Ramsay said sagely.

"Excuse me, but what's the point of this?" You cut in, feeling impatient. 

Ramsay gave you a cold look, but you ignored him.

"The point, Mrs. Bolton, is that we are at war in the streets. My men being targeted. Your husband being framed. Maybe we can work together." Ned said, glancing at Ramsay.

You saw something uncertain pass over your husband's face. Whatever he had expected, it wasn't this.

"Don't know what your talkin' bout, Chief." Ramsay said, giving a quick glance at the two-way mirror again.

"Ramsay, no games. The amount of times I've closed the bars on you, you could almost be family." Ned said dryly.

"I was a kid. Didn't know what I was doing. I've grown up. Stable, white collar job. Fine ass wife. Father to be. I don't play the game anymore." Ramsay shrugged.

Ned gave a frustrated sigh, and opened the door. Ramsay let you pass him, but Ned held him back.

"I can help you get Dom's killer."

You turned to watch the gears turn in Ramsay's head.

"I don't need your help for that. Our blades are sharp." Ramsay whispered, grabbing your elbow and leading you down the hall to the entrance of the station.

Ramsay stopped at the front desk, "oh sweet little ol' Miss Mel." 

"Been a long time, Ramsay." The old woman said, pushing a box towards Ramsay.

"Been keeping busy, have you met my wife?" Ramsay said, replacing his wallet and phone in his pockets, then tightening his watch on his wrist. "Baby doll,  this woman makes the best snicker doodles. I'm one of her favorite bad guys."

You watched Ramsay go on with the old woman, as if he actually gave a shit. How was it possible to be so charming and down right murderous at the same time? He turned back to you, holding a slip of paper with a recipe on it. His smirk dropped as he looked up.

There stood Greyjoy, looking angry and harassed. Ramsay pointed at the man.

"December twenty ninth two thousand fourteen. Ten thirty. Parking lot. Assault on an officer with a deadly weapon. Knife to be more specific. Ask the Chief who came off worse."

You grabbed Ramsay's hand and pulled. "What are you playing at?" You hissed.


Ramsay said nothing on the drive. But you weren't going home you realized.

You said nothing as the silence became more tense.

"Under the seat." He said, killing the motor outside a garage and holding his palm out to you.

You reached under the seat, cold metal meeting your finger tips. You placed the gun in Ramsay's hand.

"Baby, what are we doing?" You asked, as he climbed out of the car and opened your door.

"Keep your mouth shut." He snapped. You gave him an offended look. His face softened a bit, "Come on."

He practically kicked down the door, cocking the gun as a few men jumped up from their chairs in panic.

"Who the fuck?" He raged, turning the gun to each of his men.

"He got away from us. We lost him." A young man spoke up, cowering in fear.

"Lost him?" Ramsay mocked, anger shaking his speech. "That cunt walks in and ruins my lunch. Embarrassing my wife in front of her family and every one in that god damn place." Without warning he pulled the trigger. 

The man screamed in pain, clutching his shoulder as he dropped to the floor.

"Shut him up!" Ramsay barked, clutching the grip as if itching to shoot the man again.

"Boss!" Damon called, throwing a side door open and clutching a stitch in his side.

"What?!" Ramsay yelled in annoyance.

Damon stood up and gave you a look before heaving a deep sigh.

"What Damon?" Ramsay asked threateningly.

"The bar. It's on fire."

"Well this day just keeps getting better and fucking better." Ramsay growled.

Chapter Text

You were speechless as the words hit you. You opened your mouth, but nothing came out. You were uncomfortably aware of everyone staring at you.

"What time is it?" You finally managed to get out weakly.

"Four ten." Ramsay said glancing at his watch.

Fear gripped you. "When did this happen?" 

"I don't know. Came over the scanner about twenty minutes ago. There's no saving it. Multiple units are on it." Damon said.

You turned on your heel, running to the car. You poured your purse out in the seat to find your phone.

17 missed calls.

5 unread messages.

You hastily unlocked your phone and called Olyvar. Maybe you should have called your mother first. Oh well.

"(Y/n)!" Came Olyvar's panicked voice on the other end.

"Oh thank God! I just heard! Please tell me no one was there!" You cried, tears trickling your eyes.

"No. Everyone is safe. You were the only one I couldn't get a hold of." Olyvar said.

You closed your eyes tight, giving an uneasy sigh.

When you opened your eyes you saw Ramsay's phone light up: in law.

"I'll meet you there." You said hanging up and grabbing Ramsay's phone.

"Hello?" You said quickly.

"Oh thank God baby! We just heard. And we couldn't reach you or Ramsay. Are you okay? Is everything okay?" You mother cried on the other end.

"I'm okay momma. No one was there. I'm heading over there now. I will meet you at my house." You said, trying to sound reassuring as Ramsay came to a halt behind you.

You gave him a glance before hanging up and falling into him.

"We have to get over there. Now. Please." You sobbed, clutching his shirt.

He gave you a pat on the back, "Let's go baby doll." He shoved all the purse contents in your seat to the floorboard and helped you in.

 You stared out the window as Ramsay ran red lights and furiously shifted gears.

"Everyone okay?" He asked as you saw the thick black smoke curling across town.

"Yes. No one was there." You said with a sniff. "Mom and dad will be at the house when we get there." You added, looking at Ramsay. He gave a nod.


You shoved past the cops and firemen to see what was left of your bar. The tears slipped down your cheeks and the rest of the world was a blur as you looked over the ash and smoldering wood.

This place was your life. It had started as a "fuck it, why not" idea, looking online for a job. The old man who had owned it loved you immediately. Olyvar had been working there a week before you. You both became fast friends, and the Old Man, Jones, cared for you like his own children. He had nothing but that bar, you, and Olyvar. It wasn't until your wedding day that you learned that Jones was leaving you and Oly the bar at Ramsay's request after finding out he had terminal cancer.

This lot was where you learned it all. How to hustle, shake your ass, useless party tricks, and how to love. This was the first place you had met Ramsay. The first place you had fucked him. The first place you had met the gang. The place Ramsay had professed his love for you. The place where Ramsay beat a cop into an unconscious, bloody pulp before asking you to marry him through the back seat of the cop car. The first place you were when you found out you were pregnant just a few short days ago.

 Your knees went weak under you as you brought your hand to your mouth and fell into Olyvar as he ran to you and hugged you tight.


The last hour and a half had been long, answering questions, making phone calls, and trying your hardest to keep from crying anymore.

Ramsay was your support as he helped you from the car, you parents waiting anxiously for you.

Everything was still a daze as you took a seat on the couch and fell into your mother's lap, clutching her skirt and crying again. She ran her fingers through your hair.

Ramsay damn near smashed a bottle of whiskey on the coffee table, throwing back multiple shots. 

He was pissed. For you. For himself. While you worked the bar, all money in and out was checked by the Boys, as well as any money that was brought in by them from deals or stolen. Ramsay had set up a few schemes at work to keep your "extra" income from looking too fishy.

Your father watched the evening news report. They were reporting on the structure fire this afternoon, but the words didn't penetrate you. 

Abruptly Ramsay stood up, glaring at the television. He scowled and made a frustrated noise, patting himself down for his keys. He cast around until he found them on the coffee table, swiping for them. But he missed and they fell to the ground. 

He muttered to himself, snatching them up with a stumble and heading for the Door.

"Where you goin', Son?" Your heard your father ask.

Ramsay swayed on his heel, turning to you and your parents. 

"Uh..." he said, clearing his throat, "Ice cream."

"Should you be driving, dear?" Your mother asked, worry lacing her words.

Ramsay sucked his teeth, before pulling out his phone and calling who you assumed to be Damon.

"It would seem I am too drunk to life right now. Let's go get ice cream." He said, patting himself down again for his lighter and hanging up.

You finally pushed yourself up from your mother's lap.

"Rams, can i talk to you?" You asked timidly, rising from the couch.

He narrowed his unfocused eyes at you and gave a half shrug. You hurried to him.

"What are you doing?" You asked in a urgent whisper.

Ramsay gave you a look as if it were the stupidest question he had ever been asked.

He stalked to the coffee table and snatched up the remote, rewinding the news. He paused on a close up of the burned bar and jabbed his finger at the corner of the screen of the part of the bar that wasn't completely burnt.

Your eyes went wide as you spotted a shiny, gold lion cufflink.

From the corner of your eye you saw your parents exchange confused looks.

Ramsay gave you a vindictive look.

"You're too drunk to do anything, baby. Please. It can wait." You whispered, turning your whole body to him to shield your parents away.

Your husband looked like he was about to explode, but gave you a small grin, "I told you. I'm going to get ice cream."

"Then let me come with you. I can drive, you know." You said crossing your arms.

Ramsay gave a harsh laugh, "You're playing host to your parents. Where are your manners?"

"Where are yours?" You hissed.

You saw Ramsay's eye twitch, but he didn't move. You both stood there challenging one another silently. Your arms crossed, jaw locked.

There came a knock on the door, and the dogs whimpered. Ramsay had taught them to hold their barks if company was over.

Ramsay gave you a fleeting kiss on the cheek before slamming the door on his way out.

You dropped your shoulders and sighed.

"(Y/n)?" Your mother asked.

You turned back to your parents, lies starting to flow to cover this up.

"It's okay mom. He's fine. Just... been a very long day." You said, picking up the empty shot glass and nearly empty whiskey bottle.

"What's significant about this lion?" Your father asked, examining the TV screen.

You sighed, "last night things got crazy at the bar and we had to throw out a bunch if men. It seems they aren't happy." 

"My god." Your mother gasped.


You closed the door and leaned against it with a small sigh after you bid your parents good bye.

Seeing them had not turned out how you had wanted. Like, could you please get a whole redo on the last 48 hours?

You took the hottest shower you could handle, taking extra time to brush your hair after dressing in your night clothes.

You threw yourself down on the couch and text Olyvar. Pulling your socks on and adjusting your sleep pants.

[you: you good?]

You flipped through TV channels. Nothing worth watching on a Saturday night anymore it seemed.

Your phone vibrated.

[Olyvar: good as I can be. You?]

[You: guess I'm alright. Wanna come over? Rams will be home soon, hopefully with legit ice cream.]

[Olyvar: Lol okay. Give me 15]


Twenty minutes later Olyvar knocked on the door. Sending the damn dogs into a frenzy. You hushed them and let Oly in.

"Did you see the news?" You asked, sitting on the couch.

Olyvar gave a small nod, sitting across from you, "the lions?"

"Fuckers." You spat.

"I heard that." Olyvar said, holding his out to Willow before scratching her behind the ear.

"What are we going to do?" You asked, watching Olyvar scratch the dog.

"Start again I guess. Maybe save some of the unburnt wood to use in the building of a new bar counter. Go bigger. Go better. Blow the Lion's club out of the water. They wouldn't have shit on us."

"Yeah...." You said slowly before turning in fright as the backdoor smashed open.

You and Olyvar both jumped up as the dogs raced to the kitchen.

Ramsay, Damon, and two other guys you didn't know practically fell into the kitchen. 

You gasped, taking Ramsay in. He was sporting a black eye, bloodied nose, and covered in blood that was not his. The other three men looking just as rough.

Ramsay brought his gaze to yours before frowning.

"God damnit. Fucking ice cream." He groaned, clutching his shoulder.

Chapter Text

You heaved a sigh, running your eyes over the group. Instinctively you crossed the kitchen and pulled the first aid kit from a cabinet.

"Strip 'em and quit bleeding on my floor." You frowned at the men, your voice taut with suppressed anger.

You went from being simply upset to fucking furious.

"No. No time. We gotta go." Ramsay said, standing up right, dropping his hand from his shoulder with a scowl.

"You're not going anywhere looking like that. What did you do?" You cried, throwing your arms out at the men.

"Everything but get ice cream, it would seem." Ramsay chuckled with a grimace.

You suppressed the urge to slap him, "You're cleaning all of this up. How many did you kill today?"

"Enough." Was all Ramsay said, tearing his shirt off and mopping his bloodied face with it. "Oh yeah, baby doll, these are two new guys. Matt and uh..." he said, snapping his fingers and closing his eyes, "Brian. Yeah. They did good."

You looked at the two young kids, feeling pity for them, before looking back at your husband.

"I don't care. They are bleeding all over my floor." You snapped, crossing your arms. If being Ramsay's wife had taught you anything, it was how to stand your ground and bare your teeth.

Ramsay held his hands up in surrender, "alright alright, baby girl. But really, there's no time. We have to go. Pack us a bag."

"Rams, what's going on?" You asked, narrowing your eyes at him.

"No time. Do what I said. You've got five minutes."

You gave Olyvar a look, but hurried to your room.

You heard arguing as you hastily shoved clothing and absolute necessities in a bag.

Olyvar and Ramsay entered the room. Ramsay grabbed the bag, thrusting your coat at you, and yanked a clean t-shirt from the chest of drawers.

"Come on." Ramsay demanded, quickly leaving the room.

"(Y/n), stay safe. I will see you in a few days." Olyvar said, giving a brief hug.

"Where are you going?" You questioned, taking in your friends face.

"Running a couple errands and then going home."


Ramsay helped you climb inside the SUV.

"Alight, let's get the fuck out of here." He said slamming the door.

He pushed the dogs aside in the back row to shove the bag back there with them, as the SUV hurtled down the street.

"Ramsay, what the fuck is going on?" You asked, panic twisting up inside you for the millionth time today.

"Ran into a problem. It's taken care of, but we need to lay low for a few days. We're going to the Fort tonight." Your husband replied, his eyes glittering in the yellow street lights.

"What kind of problem? Baby, what happened?" You asked, wiping the blood from the cut under Ramsay's eye.

"Chaos. Us. Lions. Stags. Cops. Roses. We need all hands on deck."

You frowned, sinking back into the seat. Tears forming. You weren't sure why, but about a million emotions surged through you all at once from anger to hurt, and even... excitement?

You felt Ramsay watching you. He pulled you into a tight embrace. You relaxed into him, pressing your cheek to his chest, listening to the furious hammering in his ribcage. 

What the hell was going on? Three days ago everything was fine. No cops. No blood. No fire. No stress. And now everything was shit. Just pure, 100% shit. Ever since finding out you were pregnant everything had gone to shit.

"Where are we going now?" You asked with a sniff, noticing you were headed in the opposite direction from where your father in law lived.

"To get cleaned up and contact the Kings, after I see to a pressing matter."

You nodded and turned your gaze out the window. 


"Where are we?" You asked as you climbed out of the vehicle after Ramsay.

"A safe house of sorts. But we won't be here long. Just long enough for me to do some yelling and clean up a bit." Ramsay said, leading you through the garage door of a small house.

"Somebody bring me a drink!" He barked, throwing another door open, and stepping aside so you could walk in to the room.

There sat a large group of men, only three of them you knew by name, and the other six you only knew by face. They all looked irritated, harassed, and some had apparently been in bed as they wore simple night clothes.

Ramsay sat in an empty chair and pulled you into his lap. A woman set a bottle of beer on the table. Ramsay scowled at the bottle and swept it off the table.

"Something that doesn't taste like shit." He growled.

You shifted in his lap to take him in, fully now.

He had a black eye, cut brow and cheek, a nasty busted lip, and blood at his ear. He held his right shoulder awkwardly and stiffly, you could feel the heat and how it would twitch beneath his shirt. 

What the fuck?

"So?" He whispered threateningly, glancing around the table as the woman set down a glass and made to pour it full if amber liquid, but Ramsay snatched the bottle from her hands and took a long swig.

"Well, we've got one hell of a mess." The eldest looking man spoke.

Ramsay raised his brows, running his tongue along his bottom lip slowly, worrying the busted cut with his tongue for a minute before speaking. "That much was obvious."

"The Tyrell's and Lannister's are making peace with one another. That boy is marrying the daughter of Mace. It was his little group that did... well... that." The man said, gesturing to your husband.

"Well, unlucky for him it didn't kill me." Ramsay growled, clutching the bottle until it shook under his grip. 

"Did what?" You asked.

"Don't worry about it. It's alright. I'm alright." Ramsay muttered, running his hand along your back.

You frowned. What had happened that he didn't want you to know about? Where had he gone when he had left home?

"Baby girl, can you check on the dogs? I need to have a talk with these men." He added, giving you a look.

"Yeah, of course." You said through a false smile, which he noted as he narrowed his eyes at you.

You stood and left the way you came. You shut the door behind you and closed your eyes, taking a deep, calming breath, leaning against the door.

Ramsay burst into manic shouting, and you heard the shatter of breaking glass and a single gunshot.

You hurried back outside to find Kira and Willow waiting on you on the other side of the door, whimpering and prancing in place.

There was a stone bench by the door, and you took a seat. Shivering in the cold, teeth chattering, and hugging yourself tight as snow began to fall. Your breath rose like thick smoke, and the tears streamed down your face. You pulled your coat tighter around you, watching the snow fall in the silence that only snow brings. Why was he so adamant about leaving home? Ramsay wasn't one to run. What was going to happen now?

"Baby girl. I need your assistance." Ramsay said after a few minutes, walking out the door.

You glanced around at him. He held out his hand, which you took almost reluctantly. He gripped your hand until it hurt you as he led you to a small bathroom, where he turned on the hot water in the sink and sat down a first aid kit he had been holding in his other hand. He took a seat on the edge of the bath tub and heaved a deep sigh.

You frowned, grabbing a rag and running it under the hot water. You wrung out the rag, and gently sat in Ramsay's lap, running the rag softly over his face and rubbing the dried blood away.

He gave small hisses and jerked uncomfortably as you worked on cleaning his brow, cheek, and lip. Underneath all the blood were many tiny cuts and bruises. So much for any decent Christmas pictures for Instagram. 

You worked in silence, wondering what to say until you had cleaned all the blood away from his face and ear.

You stood, dropped the rag in the sink, and opened the med kit. 

"I have to close the gash on your cheek." You whispered. 

"I figured so. Hand me a rag." Ramsay said, holding out his hand.

You placed a rag in his hand and dug for a curved needle and thread. You pulled a lighter from the kit and held the needle over it for many seconds with a pair of pliers from the bottom of the kit. Once the metal had cooled you ran thread through it and returned to Ramsay.

You swallowed thickly and placed a kiss to your husband's forehead as he stuffed the rag between his teeth, jaw clenched, his grip painfully tight on your leg even though the pain hadn't even begun for him. You took a deep breath and slid the hooked needle through his skin, struggling to keep your hand steady.


When you knotted the last stitch you gave a sniff, and held out your hand. Ramsay placed his knife in your palm again. When you cut the string away you stood and ran your eyes over your husband.

He brought his eyes up to yours and gave a wink before standing.

You gave a small smile, but inside you were screaming. How the hell did everything end up like this?! 

"What happened?" You asked, washing your hands.

Ramsay took a breath and washing his hands as well, "Damon and I picked up the new kids and were picking up some pay and checking out some information my father had sent word about, and then I was going to get fucking ice cream and come back home and eat that shit out from between your legs. But then someone opened fire on us. Make a long story short there were nine dead bodies on the corner of fifty fourth and Trident, maybe a car or two on fire, and well... yeah."

"Then what happened to your face?"

"Dashboard. Anyways, that's why there were vehicles on fire. Ran for it and camped out until someone could get to us. And now here we are." Ramsay said, glancing himself over in the mirror.

"Rams, this is getting out of control. Way too much violence in the last seventy two hours." You said, tears brimming your lower lashes.

"And more to come. I've only just begun." Ramsay said, pulling you to him.

"You said I wouldn't have to bury you. But if you keep this up I will within the week. Worst fucking holiday week, ever." You managed to get out, tears spilling on your cheeks again.

Ramsay cupped your face, brushing the tears away with his thumb, and pressing his lips to yours. His bottom lip was hot and swollen. The skin rough and cracked.

He pulled away from you, "Come on. We need to get on the road. Got a long hour ahead of us."

"You're not driving." You stated.

"No. And nor are you. Alyn is driving us up there. Maybe get some hot back seat fuck in." Your husband purred quietly in your ear as he held the door open for you.

Your cheeks burnt. Ramsay was one to have sex anywhere at any time. You assumed it made him feel primal. Feel alpha. He could care less who saw, heard, or even flat out watched. 

Sometimes you thought he did it because it made you uncomfortable. He had no problem fucking you with his hand in a crowded restaurant. No problem holding you down on the floor and fucking you slowly in Damon's kitchen. Public restrooms, whenever the opportunity arose. The top row of a movie theater. Wherever. Whenever. But, maybe deep down you enjoyed it too. It was a rush. It was racy and exhilarating. 

Maybe you would let him fuck you in the backseat. He owed you anyways, you thought bitterly. All you had wanted was a chill day with your parents, go to work, and come home and have steamy sex with your husband and sleep in tomorrow. And not a single one of those things happened. You had to pick him up from the police station. Your bar was burnt to the ground. Your parents didn't really get to enjoy their time with you and you kind of felt guilty for blowing them off. And then whatever the fuck had happened after Ramsay left that now found you here.

You followed him back to the room you had first walked in when you arrived; people working on cleaning up red splatter on a wall, and you averted your eyes as you walked past realizing it wasn't all smooth, but had texture to it against flat wall. Ramsay was in a hushed and hurried conversation with the group. They all gave an agreed murmur before all going their separate ways.

"Ready?" He asked when you stopped at his side.

You gave a small nod, glancing down at his now busted watch. Almost two in the morning.


Ramsay wasted no time in pulling you into his lap and sliding his cold hand down your pants.

You rested your head on his shoulder and heaved a deep sigh, closing your eyes.

"Get some sleep baby girl." He whispered to you, gently moving his fingers over your folds. Making slow movements, spreading your wetness slowly.

"No." You whispered, kissing his neck.

"You're tired. I said sleep." He whispered gruffly.

"But it feels so good." You murmured, sinking your teeth in his neck.

"That it does." He murmured back, making a small, throaty noise as you took the skin between your teeth again and sucking gently, shifting in his lap to grind against him. You felt the stirring in his pants and wanted nothing more than to feel his weight on top of you as he continued to gently tease and play with your pussy. You took his earlobe in your mouth, letting out a quiet, breathy moan of longing.

"You better stop it, baby doll." He growled, pushing his hips up.

"You seem uncomfortable, daddy. Maybe your little girl could help relieve some of the pressure." You purred, trailing a finger down his chest.

"I mean it, little momma. Just relax and let me put you to sleep and I will fuck your brains out however you want when we get to..." He growled back, losing his words as you ground your ass against him again.

You gave another breathy moan. The taunting driving him crazy, as he brought his free hand to tangle in your hair, his breathing becoming more rapid as you felt his chest rise and fall heavily against you.

You slid your hand in your pants, brushing your finger tips over his knuckles as you made your way to your entrance.

Ramsay shifted under you and let out a deep sigh as you grabbed his hand and brought it down with yours. His other hand gripping your hair tightly.

He made a noise of longing as you slid his finger inside of you with yours. You felt the hot wetness of yourself and longed to feel his dick inside of you.

"I didn't tell you that you could do that." He breathed as pushed his finger further in you. 

"Good thing I didn't ask." You purred, removing your finger from yourself and slowly pushing it in his mouth.

He took your finger in his mouth gratefully, as if taking the antidote to a poison, and sucked, moving his tongue along it. As he sucked your finger he slid another of his fingers inside you, moving them slowly as he swept his thumb over your sensitive spot.

You gave a small noise and shifted again, pulling your finger from his mouth. 

"Again." He demanded.

"Mm, I'm supposed to be sleeping, remember?" You taunted, dropping your hand.

"I said again." He growled, sinking his teeth almost painfully hard into your neck.

"And what do I get?" You asked with a pout, looking into his face, hardly able too see even the whites of his eyes in the dark.

"What do you want, baby girl?" He panted, pushing his fingers further into you.

You ground against his pants again, setting a slow pace rubbing against him.

"God, you're so impatient." He chuckled, before giving a small moan, as you pushed harder against him.

You suppressed a startled gasp, as he shifted under you and laid you down in the backseat if the SUV. He cracked the window slightly to drown out any noises you may make.

If poor Alyn knew what was happening in this back seat he was good at ignoring it as he turned up the radio, cracking his own window and lighting a cigarette. 

Ramsay tugged down your pants, and hastily slid down his own as he gingerly crawled up your body and slid into you.

"Oh god." You sighed, as he relaxed into you, shifting you more to your side to position himself better, holding you a bit awkwardly as he hissed in pain moving his shoulder. You pulled one leg completely free of your pants and threw it over his hip, pulling him into you.

He panted against your ear, pushing against you deeply. 

He took his time and made slow, deep movements against you. He was enjoying it, and you had no complaints as he slowly rolled his hips against yours and massaged his fingers gently into your breast, swirling his thumb against your nipple as you clutched at his shirt and fought the urge to let noises escape you.

"Five minutes out, boss." Came Alyn's raised voice, making you jump forgetting you and Ramsay were not alone.

Ramsay gave a small sigh.

"This will be continued, baby girl. Don't let yourself get dry. I didn't get dinner." He whispered.

"Or ice cream." You giggled, giving a small moan of protest as your husband pulled away from you.

"Or ice cream." He chuckled, helping you fix your clothes and then fixing himself.


The cold wind ripped at you as Ramsay helped you from the vehicle and the dogs scrambled out of the back. He gripped your hand tightly as he led you towards the front door that had opened wide.

Dreadfort manner was intimidating looking. And always looked unlived in. The curtains always drawn. No over the top front garden. Just tall stone walls and wrought iron fences.

Not that it wasn't a house to die for, you just thought it could look a little more cheerful. However, your father in law was really not a cheerful man. 

Roose Bolton was a tight lipped man who never looked pleased about anything. He was stern and quiet. And always spoke in a deadly voice like venom. Complete opposite of loud and wild Ramsay. Which was probably why the didn't get on very well. Roose was displeased with Ramsay for starting the Bastard's Boys a few years back, and then the drama that had resulted in the death of Ramsay's older brother, Domeric. It had been a year and a half since you had seen your father in law. Ramsay received orders or instructions from Roose via messenger of some sort, though Ramsay played by his own rules. You really hoped the cranky old man knew you were coming.

"Ramsay. (Y/n)." A man said, bowing you and your husband in.

You gave a small smile as Ramsay dropped your hand.

"Get her settled in, will you? Is my father asleep?" Ramsay said looking at the man.

"No sir. He is in his study, waiting on you." The man replied, then turning to you "if you'll follow me, ma'am."

Ramsay gave you a quick kiss, "remember what I said." He whispered with a wink and smirk as he set off down the opposite end of the house.


You sunk down into the luxurious bed with a sigh. It was so nice. You'd have to have Ramsay get you one. You closed your eyes, your body suddenly feeling very heavy as you heard the door snap closed across the room.

"My little pet better not be asleep." Ramsay threatened, flipping the light switch off and stripping his clothes.

"No baby, just resting my eyes. Waiting on you." You said, giving a small gasp as you felt Ramsay's hand come to rest on your thigh. 

"Why aren't you naked?"

"I don't know. Habit? I just laid down. Maybe I just like when you undress me." You replied, peering at him through the darkness.

"Is that so? Maybe I hate undressing you. All these frilly, lacy panties. You don't need em. They get in my way." Ramsay frowned, yanking your bottoms down.

"Liar." You said, sitting up and shedding your shirt. The room was cold and gave you chills. You gave a violent shiver and laid back down.

"You know better than to call me a liar, baby doll." He sneered, laying beside you.

You narrowed your eyes and watched his dark profile from the corner of your eye. You could see he was frowning deeply, pain written plainly all over his face, even in the dark. He was holding his shoulder again. You scoot closer to him, running your nails over his skin, lightly.

"Sit on my face?" He suggested into the darkness.

"No. You're hurting. Let me fix you." You said, climbing on top of him.

He hummed his approval as you kissed down his body, his rough hands wrapping in your hair. You laid your cheek against his warm skin, kissing at his hips as his throbbing length rested between your breasts.

You made to push yourself down further when he grabbed you by the upper arms and pulled you up to him. He planted a harsh kiss to your lips before shifting and pushing you down into the bed.

"When's the last time I had a piece of ass?" He asked, pushing himself up and fighting to keep a nonplussed expression.

"I... I dunno baby. It's been awhile." You admitted with a small frown. You really did not want to do that tonight. More than anything you just wanted to go to bed. You were exhausted.

"Tomorrow then." He said, falling back into the bed with a sigh, grabbing your ass and pulling you into him.

He had you pinned and it was difficult to find a comfortable place to lay. But, this was the norm. Like he was afraid you'd run away if he didn't hold you close to him all night. He always went to bed after you and woke before you.

You gave a small sigh, snuggling into him as best as you could and finally falling asleep after listening to his heavy breathing in the darkness.

Chapter Text

A ray of sunlight across your face woke you up. You peeked your eye open, Ramsay still passed out beside you, his arm wrapped around you. His busted watch on the bedside table said it was 10:30. 

Slowly you eased his arm off you and slid out of bed. He shifted and you froze, watching him. You weren't sure why but being awake before him made you feel apprehensive. He didn't like it. Said it made him worry. You weren't sure what he meant by that.

You crossed the room and quietly opened your bag, rummaging around for clothes. You closed the bathroom door as silently as you could. 

The hot water pouring over you seemed to ease your aching body and relax you. 

You were sitting on the bathroom counter halfway through your make up when Ramsay walked in. You glanced at him through the mirror. He looked awful, one eye tired and the other swollen halfway shut, and bloody where it should of been white.

He ran his tongue over his bottom lip but said nothing as he turned on the shower. He rested his chin on your back, wrapping his uninjured arm around your middle as he waited on the water to warm up.

"How do you feel?" You asked timidly, after you finished running the blush over your cheeks.

He gave a small grunt and pulled away from you, stepping into the shower.

You met a plump and kindly looking woman in the kitchen. This was your new mother in law. Walda. 'Fat Walda' Ramsay said mockingly when he had told you. She was considerably younger than Roose. She couldn't be more than 9 or 10 years older than you, you'd put her at a solid 35, while Roose was in his mid 50s. Buy hey, more power to her. Had a sugar daddy. Good for her. She seemed kind and always wore a genuine smile in the pictures you saw on Facebook and Instagram.

"Breakfast, dear?" She asked you. You gave a nod. She knew who you were and you her, so there was really no need for a formal introduction.

"Whatever you want, I'll have the cook prepare. You can wait in the dining room if you'd like. No need for you to be cooking. I'm sure you're exhausted. Roose said you came in around three this morning."

Again you nodded. "Thank you. Just some eggs and toast will do." You smiled, leaving the kitchen to the dining room.

There sat Roose and Ramsay. You'd never know they were father and son. They weren't similar in anything, except a few habits; constantly checking the time and that same calculating look. They were deep in conversation and you frowned taking your seat beside Ramsay, who had already started drinking.

"(Y/n)." Roose said, inclining his head slightly as a way of greeting.

"Good morning." You smiled kindly, as Ramsay snorted into his glass.

You glared at him. "A bit early for drinking, don't you think?"

Ramsay sat the glass down and returned your icy glare. "It's five o'clock somewhere."

You pursed your lips and pulled your phone from your pocket. Time to catch up on drama and rumors from the night before. Nothing overly interesting, but many shares from the "wild west style shoot out" that was being linked to gang violence and rivalry were plastered and shared all over your feed.

Walda took her seat beside her husband and Ramsay caught your eye giving an evil smirk. You rolled your eyes, setting your phone down on the table and clearing your throat.

"So, um, Rams and I have some exciting news. Come summer we will be a family of three."

Walda gave an excited gasp, bringing her hand up to her mouth and smiling. "How wonderful!"

Roose ran his pale eyes over you and his son, giving a small nod. "Congratulations."

Ramsay raised his glass in toast to himself before downing the contents.

You gave a smile despite yourself. Every time you thought about it more excitement built inside if you. It was like your heart could sing.

"How long are you staying?" Walda asked.

"Until Christmas dinner is over." Ramsay said.

Roose nodded, resting his fingers together. "Speaking of, we are having dinner tonight. Your men need to be here." 

Ramsay gave a small nod, shifting in his seat to pull out his cigarettes and lighter. You glanced him over. It was strange to see him so casual. Jeans and a simple shirt. He was usually semi-formal, but it was nice to be reminded he was a regular guy from time to time.

"You should let Doctor Walkin see to your cuts, son." Roose said, running his eyes over Ramsay's face slowly.

"Eh, maybe later. But I think my shoulder is fucked. No air bags is not recommended. Might as well been on my bike." Ramsay mumbled through his cigarette as he lit it.

"And we are sure it was the Lions?" Roose asked, frowning in distaste at his son.

Ramsay nodded, "at least the little bitch boy's men. Fucking cunt. What is he now, like twenty one?"

"As if you have room to talk." Roose said coldly.

Ramsay gave a shrug, "someone has to keep things wild."

Roose scowled, "And now we have whatever this is going on. We were a clean, underground operation Ramsay."

"And now look, at least five times as much money comes in." 

A plate of breakfast foods was set in front of you and you gave a small sigh. You were starving.

"But you're letting things get out if hand. Control yourself and your men or I will put an end to it. You've really made a mess of the last forty eight hours." Roose said, picking up his knife and fork.

Ramsay leaned back in his chair, puffing up. You cringed slightly, waiting on him to explode, but it didn't come.

"Just give me the time to put an end to that little bitch and I'll back off."

You gave your husband a side long look, unsure what to think. But you were willing to bet he was lying.

The rest of breakfast passed in silence. Ramsay had hardly touched his food. You frowned when he rose from his chair to leave.

He said nothing to you as he left the room. It stung. He never ignored you or missed an opportunity to play up the perfect gentleman.

You excused yourself and hurried off after your husband.

"Baby?" You asked quietly, pushing the bedroom door open.

Ramsay lay face down on the bed, breathing deeply.

"Everything okay?" 

You placed your hand gingerly on his shoulder and he recoiled away from you with a hiss.

He gave a nod, "find me some tabs or something." His words were muffled in the pillow.

You nodded to yourself and left the room, wandering until you found a maid.

"Can I help you miss?" She asked kindly.

"Yeah, Ramsay needs, uhm, extensive pain management." You said rather awkwardly.

"Right away miss. It will be brought to him." She hurried away.


You wandered the house for awhile more before entering a room full of boxes.

You peered into the closest box. It was full of Christmas decorations. You smiled to yourself, shifting the decorations around.

You pulled your phone out and opened a Christmas playlist, determined to decorate the bleak place.

Slowly, you drug everything to the large living room and began pulling things out and humming along to the songs as you hung tinsel and stockings along the mantle.

Walda walked in and scared you on accident.

"What are you doing?" She asked in a quiet voice, almost afraid.

You gave her a long look and then smiled, "we are going to have Christmas. Whether the men like it or not. Fuck them and their shitty holiday spirits. We need a tree. Largest one you can get." 

Walda gave a dazed nod and left.


Two hours later three men brought in a large spruce and set it in the corner you had designated for the Christmas tree. 

"Thank you, gentlemen." You said cheerily pulling a tangle of lights from a box.


You were standing on tiptoe hanging ornaments when Ramsay's voice sounded behind you.

"What are you doing?" He asked, glancing around.

You squeaked and turned around. You gave him a strange look. Did people not understand what decorating meant? You gestured to the tree as you took him in. His eyes we glassy, arm in a sling, looking disheveled and yet like he didn't care about anything at this particular moment.

Ramsay gave you an uncharacteristically soft look and walked over to you, taking the ornament from your hand and hanging it in the place you were trying to reach.

You gave a warm smile, picking up a box of more ornaments.

You did more watching than decorating as Ramsay hung the ornaments on the tree and belted out the songs. You smiled to yourself, situating the skirt around the bottom of the tree. When you stood up again, Ramsay was holding out the angel tree topper.

You took it, glancing up at the tree. He keeled down.

"Up ya get." He said.

You slung your leg around his neck as he gripped your thighs with his good hand. You shifted your weight off his shoulder as he stood up. With a bit of difficulty you managed to get the topper on the tree.

You slid carefully from his shoulders and took a step back, examining the tree. Ramsay looped his arm around you shoulders, placing a cigarette between his lips.

"Father will be pissed. I love it." He chuckled as the household butler came in.

You both turned to look at the man.

"Master Ramsay, Damon is here to see you." The man said, bowing in Damon and his new wife.

'Trash.' you thought to yourself taking the woman in. She looked like a back alley crank whore. She might have been very pretty if she didn't engage in drug use. At least Damon had dressed her nice for the dinner.

Ramsay left your side and gripped Damon's hand. Both men looked a real mess, but Ramsay had clearly gotten the worst of the impact.

"(Y/n), this is Charlotte." Damon said, giving you a nod.

You hitched a smile, "pleasure." You shook the woman's hand politely, your skin crawling.

"Nice to finally meet you." She said with a stupid smile. She and Damon had had a private ceremony in Sin City, where he had met her just a few hours before. Ramsay had laughed himself silly when he found out about it. 

"So, uh, the babe here needs a little pick me up." Damon said to Ramsay, who gave a nod.

"How much?" Your husband asked, taking your hand and leading you to the couch.

"Two should be good for a few days." Damon said, sitting on the seat opposite.

Ramsay nodded and left you alone in the room with the guests.

You stared at your lap, picking at your nails, feeling the gaze of the whore on you.

"Congratulations, by the way. Ramsay told us Friday night after all that shit at the bar." Damon spoke up, shrugging out of his jacket.

You looked up at him and smiled, "Thank you. We're pretty excited."

"I can tell." Damon chuckled, as Ramsay reentered the room with a plastic baggie and a tray.

He exchanged both for a wad of cash.

You watched Damon situate the tray, preparing a line of the fine white powder. Ramsay sat beside you, lacing his fingers in yours after pocketing the cash.

"So what are we going to do about the bar? I mean that's a big blow to our profit." Damon asked, sliding the tray into the woman's lap and stuffing the bag in his pocket.

Ramsay glanced at you, waiting on your answer. But you were too busy watching the woman snort the powder, licking the tray clean after she had inhaled most of the substance. Ramsay nudged you and gave you a look.

"Well" you said slowly, slightly taken aback that your opinion on the subject mattered, "Oly and I want to rebuild. Something big. With all it was insured for we have the money to build the biggest bar in the city. Maybe run girls and drugs out of it." 

"There you have it then. Rebuilding. Alcohol, drugs, bitches, and money. Doesn't get much better than a one stop shop." Ramsay said, lighting another cigarette And taking a long drag, "Where are the rest of the boys?"

"Dunno. But, it's only five. They'll be here." Damon said, wrapping his arm around Charlotte.

"They better be. I don't condone tardiness. How are the two kids?"

"Paid them nicely and set em up with plenty to keep them sedated until they aren't sore anymore."

You rose from the chair and walked across the room. A newspaper clipping had caught your eye, pinned to a board. You felt Ramsay's gaze on you as you unpinned the article. 

Mafia Related Assassination the headline read, with a picture of Ramsay's brother's old house surrounded by caution tape and a group of cops.

'Domeric Bolton, heir to Bolton Ammunitions & Fire Arms, and his wife were found dead execution style in their home late Saturday....'

You pulled the picture closer to your face and squinted at one cop. You knew that face. Realization hit you and you gasped. You hurried back over to Ramsay and thrust the paper in his face.

"What about it?" He asked, shoving your hand away.

"This cop. Look at him. It's the Greyjoy!" You practically shouted, unfolding the rest of the article and glossing over the words until you saw his name. "Listen. Officer Theon Greyjoy was first on the scene and gave our journalist's information that the assault on the family was a merciless inside job."

Ramsay ripped the article from your hands, his eyes narrowing at the article.

"Mother fucker." He muttered, rising from his chair. He gave you an excited look, his eyes glittering in a psychotic way. "But, go get ready for dinner. I'm sure Fat Walda can find you a dress."


"Baby doll, I need help." Ramsay said from the room.

You stepped out of the bathroom to find Ramsay struggling to fix his tie. You suppressed a grin as you walked over to him to straighten his tie and smooth out his dinner jacket.

"That sling really clashes with the tie." You said, with a laugh.

Ramsay scowled, but gave a small shrug.

"Well, now I need your help." You added, turning your back to Ramsay. He slowly zipped the back of your dress. You waited for a sexual touch or even remark, but nothing came as you sat on the edge of the bed to pull on a pair of heels.


Dinner was a very crowded affair. Many men and their wives, lovers, and/or whores filled the large dining room.

Some men old, some younger. All at different levels and statuses within the hierarchy, but all as equally involved.

You sat between Ramsay and Damon, much to your displeasure. You preoccupied yourself with toying with Ramsay's hand, bored with the men's arguing and tuning them out.

Ramsay danced his fingers under your dress and you felt yourself longing for him. You shifted in your seat, giving your husband a dirty look. He didn't look back at you, but pretended to be interested in the conversation he was engaged in with his father and a man you only knew by Karstark. 

Ramsay moved his hand further up your leg, his fingers inching ever closer to your entrance. He gave you a frown when he reached the thin fabric of your underwear before turning his attention back to his father.

You picked up your glass to get a drink, inhaling a loud gasp, choking on your drink as you felt Ramsay roughly shove his first two fingers inside you. 

You were suddenly aware of every eye on you. An egg could have probably been fried on your face by how hot you suddenly became in embarrassment.

"Something you'd like to say dear?" Karstark asked, eyeing you resentfully.

You set your glass down and rolled your shoulders forward, "No sir. I apologize. I have a sore throat. Just a bit scratchy." You lied, your face burning hotter.

You saw Ramsay chew his lip, suppressing a smirk, his eyes glittering, relishing in your embarrassment. God, how you could kill the fucker. He made a deep movement inside of you. You shifted, taking a deep breath, and another sip of your water.


"A sore throat, huh?" Ramsay panted, pushing you into the wall and kissing along the curve of your neck. "I'll give you a sore throat."

You clutched at his back, pulling him closer to you, "you are an evil man. Why would you..." but your words were lost as your husband took your bottom lip between his teeth.

You let out a small moan in his mouth as Roose cleared his throat. Ramsay pulled away from you and turned to his father.

"You wanted to speak with me, son?" Roose said, glancing at his watch.

"Yeah, I had an interesting conversation at the police station yesterday." Ramsay said, grabbing your hand and leading you to the living room.

There sat Ben and Damon with their women. Roose made a noise in the back of his throat when he glanced around the festive room, but said nothing as he took his seat by the fire. He propped his elbows up on the arms of the high backed chair and waited while Ramsay poured himself a glass of whiskey and took a seat beside you.

"I was basically offered amnesty by Stark." Your husband said, setting his glass down on the coffee table.

Roose leaned forward slightly, "meaning?"

"He came in and spoke to me before letting me go. Said his officers are being targeted and we could possibly work together. Said he could bring me Dom's killer." Ramsay went on.

"What are you proposing, son?"

You watched Ramsay from the corner of your eye.

"Give me free rein, father. Let me do it my way. Double cross the cops. Let me mirk the Lannister's and I can bring you the man who killed my brother." Ramsay said, pulling the newspaper article from his breast pocket and slamming it down on the table.

Roose pierced Ramsay with the same calculating look you often got from your husband.

"How can I know you wouldn't send us all to our graves?" Roose asked, rising from his chair.

Ramsay clenched his jaw, and gave a bitter laugh. "Trust me."

"I did once, Ramsay. It resulted in two separate six foot holes in the ground." Roose said striding past you, snatching up the article.

Ramsay stood abruptly. You felt the anger pouring from him.

"That wasn't me!" He shouted, kicking over the coffee table, glass shattering and whiskey seeping into the white carpet.


Chapter Text

You were enjoying the back rub Ramsay was giving you as you sat in his lap and listened to the men talk when the urge to puke hit you.

You made a pitiful noise and stood abruptly, all but running from the room. Ramsay watched you leave but said nothing as you left.


'Oh God. Please don't let the whole pregnancy be like this.' You thought to yourself, propping your head up on your hand, resting your elbow on the toilet seat.

You closed your eyes and took a deep, shaky breath as you heard your phone vibrate on the counter.

You rose to your feet, grabbing your toothbrush and phone. 

[Olyvar: hey, just checking in and making sure you're good.]

[You: yes. At the in laws. Be back Christmas night. Need to have a staff meeting to discuss alternate pay until we get rebuilt.]

[Olyvar: Alright, I'll let everyone know.]

You stood there brushing your teeth and scrolling through your Facebook. People sharing stupid shit. Nothing of interest, remembering the article from this morning. You would make a point of reading it in the next couple of days.

You crawled into bed with a sigh, pulling the covers up around you, rolling on to your side and tucking your hand under the pillow, scrolling through your phone some more with your free hand. This set of sheets was so soft against your bare skin. They may just make their way home with you.

Ramsay came in a short while later, saying nothing until he came out of the bathroom adjusting his shorts, casting his sling aside, and climbing into bed.

"What are you doing?" He asked, wrapping his arm around you and pulling your back into him. His skin was so warm. He was always warm. It was nice.

You held up your phone, "build a sandwich and we will tell you what kind of vacation you should go on."

He gave you a look and chortled, "and?"

"Give me a minute. I have three more questions." You said, losing focus as he gently ran his palm over your stomach.

"Says I should go on a cruise."

"Do you want to?"

You rolled onto your back, staring up at the dark ceiling, thinking.

"No." You finally replied, "not really a boat person."

"Not even if I drew you like one of my French girls?" Your husband quipped, with a grin.

You rolled your eyes and gave a small laugh. "No. Not even then."

"Fat Walda wants to take you shopping tomorrow." Ramsay said, propping himself up on his elbow with a small grimace.

You snuggled into him, kissing his chest, and inhaling him deeply. You loved the way he always smelled. It was relaxing to you. 

"What time?" You asked, your lips against his skin.

"Dunno. Don't guess it really matters when." He replied, running his finger down the curve of your spine, giving you chills.

"What will you do?" You purred.

"Wait on you to get back, I guess. Go to the warehouse or something." He said leaning into you and nibbling your ear.

You leaned into him more with a sigh before emotions over took you and drew a shaky breath.

"Hm?" He asked pulling away from you running his eyes over you questioningly.

"I'm going to get fat and ugly and you won't want me anymore!" You sobbed hysterically. 

Ramsay gave a laugh that made you cry harder.

"Shut up." He growled in a husky voice, rolling on top of you and pressing his lips to yours, struggling to slide out of his shorts.

You whimpered against his lips but refused to kiss him back as he finally managed to get his clothing off.

"It's true." You said defiantly, hot tears leaking on your cheeks. 

"I told you to shut up." He growled again, forcing his tongue in your mouth. 

"Stop." You pleaded.

"Not until you quit acting stupid." He replied, grabbing your breast firmly. It was slightly painful. Your body was making many rapid changes all of the sudden, it seemed. 

You gave a sniff, grabbing his hips as he ground against you.

"Promise?" You whispered, closing your eyes.

"Baby girl, if I didn't want you, you wouldn't be right here." He whispered in your ear.

"But look at Damon and Alyn. They're fucking a different woman every week even though they're married." You muttered, regretting the words as soon as they fell from your mouth. You closed your eyes tightly, waiting on the explosion.

Ramsay pushed himself up and grabbed your face with one hand, "look at me."

You didn't dare disobey as you heard the anger in his voice.

"Do I look like either of those two fucks?"


"No. I'm not. They are disgusting. You are mine. Everything about you belongs to me. You are everything I need." He said firmly, narrowing his good eye at you. "Do you understand me?"


"Yes what?"

"Yes sir, I understand you."

"Mouth on my dick. Now." He said, falling on to his back.

Slowly you crawled onto him, kissing down his body as he tangled his hand in your hair.

You glanced up at him through your lashes before taking him in your mouth. He inhaled deeply, pushing your head down on him, making you gag slightly. The action made your stomach turn over unpleasantly. You stilled for a moment, trying to master yourself.

When you were sure you wouldn't throw up you pressed your tongue firmly against him and began to move up and down him. His breathing becoming heavy, his grip becoming tighter in your hair, and he let a deep moan fall from his mouth.

"Deeper." He demanded in a hoarse whisper.

You pulled away from him and rested your head on his hip looking up at him through innocent eyes, "I can't daddy. The baby says no. I really don't want to throw up anymore today. Please."

You watched him frown deeply, before pushing himself up and giving a nod, grabbing your wrist and pulling you to him.

"Get my belt." He growled in your ear.

Your chest tightened. You really did not want to feel any kind of pain or discomfort. But you weren't about to say anything along those lines. You had already upset him.

"Now baby girl."

Slowly you climbed off the bed and walked to the bathroom, pulling his belt from his discarded pants. But then you saw his tie laying on the bathroom counter, an idea forming. You held it tight, clenching your jaw as you walked back to the bed.

"Hands." You said, climbing on top of Ramsay, your grip tight on the tie.

Ramsay quirked a brow and held his hands up. You slid up to sit on his chest and grabbed his hands pulling them above his head and quickly tightening the tie around them, a bit satisfied at his discomfort.

You watched him smirk, resting his hands under his head, masking the pain in his shoulder, waiting on you to make your move.

With one hand you gripped his throat, feeling him swallow as you dug your nails into his skin.

"It's your turn." You whispered, running your other hand gently down his side before digging your nails in.

He made a noise, jerking slightly, closing his eyes and letting his smirk broaden.

"Hurt me baby girl." He coaxed, opening his eyes again.

You tightened your hand around his throat as you pushed down his body until you rested against his throbbing cock.

You ground your hips deeply against his, coating him in your sticky wetness, before grabbing him with your free hand and guiding him into you.

You sighed, arching your back, rolling your hips into his.

"Harder." He said, watching you.

"Shut up." You growled, narrowing your eyes at him and tightening your grip on his neck until you could feel his hammering pulse. 

A manic glint shining in his eyes as he clenched his teeth with a twisted grin.

You rolled your hips firmly against his until it hurt you, letting a deep moan escape you as you threw your head back, clutching his side again. He gave another violent jerk under you and you felt the blood well under your nails.

You pulled your hand away, grinding your hips again, bringing your free hand up to trail over your nipples.

Ramsay panted out a moan, shifting under you, canting his hips up into yours. You felt his body tense as he sat up, looping his bound hands around you, pulling you into him, clashing his mouth with yours. 

Your breath caught in your throat as you shifted your hand on his neck and pressed your thumb firmly above his Adam's apple.

"I said harder." He growled, biting down on your neck and pulling the skin roughly between his teeth.

You gave a breathy laugh, pushing your thumb harder into his airway as you dug your nails into his back and throwing your hips against his until it became uncomfortable.

You bit your lip, closing your eyes as you felt him move against you. His chest heaving against you. His pulse pounding. The vibration of his noises against your hand at his throat. The feeling of clutching at his neck as he swallowed hard and struggled to breathe.

"Open your eyes baby doll. Let me see you come undone." He whispered against your ear.

You gripped him harder and pushed deeper but didn't open your eyes. You enjoyed denying him something he wanted.

"Open. Your. Eyes." He demanded, wrapping his fingers in your hair and pulling your head back.

"No." You muttered through a sigh.

"If you don't give me what I want I will make you do it all over again, and get to be the master of pain." He growled.

"I said to shut the fuck up." You hissed back, heaving a deep sigh as your body tensed ready to release. 

"Come on baby. Do it for me." He whispered, his lips brushing against your ear.

"Mm, beg me." You whispered back.

You felt him tense under you and still in his actions, breathing heavily.

You peeked your eye open at him, dropping your hand from his throat, watching him take every inch of you in, grinning.

"Please let me see what I do to you baby girl." He purred softly, pushing himself firmly into you.

You sucked in a breath, throwing your eyes open and taking him in.

"Will you say it again?" You breathed, watching his every movement.

He gave you a wicked smile and blinked slowly.

"Let me lay you down and fuck you like you need. Please."

You gave a whimper, and nodded.

He pulled his hands from over your head and held his wrists out to you. You fumbled with the tie until it was loose enough for him to wrench his hands apart.

He cupped your face in his hands, kissing you deeply. Leaning into you to lay you back.

"Now, you have to let me see it happen or you will be punished." He whispered in his husky growl.

You gave a nod, "of course baby. Anything baby."

You gave a gasp as he slowly slid himself back into you.

He made slow, deep movements against you that sent your body into burning tingles. He watched you closely, daring you to disobey him.

"Scream my name when the moment comes. Let this whole damn house know that nobody could possibly feel better than you, my little pet."

You felt your heart leap in your throat and chest tighten at his words. Air refusing to enter you as he pushed into you without pause and brought his hand to rub against your sweet spot.

"Ra..." You tried to get out, but words were lost to you as every inch of you tightened and tingled.

Your grabbed his face, breathing hard, looking him in the eye as you felt your insides explode in pleasure.

You cried out, pushing your head back into the bed, struggling to keep the ecstasy silent as he let out almost a roar, falling into you, gripping the blankets under you.


It had been awhile since you awoke with such a sweet ache between your legs.

You gave a small stretch and Ramsay rolled toward you, wrapping his arm around you tightly.

You gave a warm smile, burying your face into the crook of his neck, "good morning baby."

"Mm." He responded running his hand along your stomach, softly.

"Do you want a little boy or a little girl?" You asked, resting your hand on top of his.

"Boy." He responded immediately with a deep sigh as he pushed himself down the covers to rest his cheek on your stomach and kissing your skin softly.

"But if it's a girl?" You asked a bit apprehensively. 

"Hm. I guess I have plenty of guns and men employed to keep any little punks away." He said after a few moments.

You gave a giggle, scratching your nails across his scalp.

"Feel up to shower sex before I leave?" You asked shifting to run your fingers down his back. 

"That what my queen wants?" Your husband asked, pushing himself up a bit, resting his chin between your breasts and looking up at you like a dog waiting on you to drop your food.

"Only if it is within the king's power to give it." You whispered.

"That's the perks of being a king." He replied with a wink as he pushed him from the bed, with a frown and pained noise.

"Baby, if you're hurting, it can wait until I get home." You said, sitting up and watching him roll his shoulder slowly.

"I've had worse. And I'm not going to ever pass up on fucking you. Especially in the morning. You're sweeter in the morning. Warmer in the morning. Thicker in the morning." He replied, turning back to you, grabbing your hand and pulling you to the edge of the bed, where he fell to his knees and buried his tongue deep inside of you.

You spread your legs wider, pushing into his face, as he wrapped his arms around your legs.

He inhaled deeply, filling his lungs to max capacity, as he nipped at your folds and placing firm bites to your sweet spot that made you jerk. But he would dart his tongue over the spot gently and rub the pain away with his tongue. It made you long for him even more as your body would quake at his touch.

"Baby..." You whimpered, gripping his face and pulling him up to you, clashing your lips with his.

He lifted you up, as he stood. You wrapped your legs tightly around his waist to relieve his arm if your weight. 

You slid from him, the cold tile of the bathroom floor almost painful on your feet. You bent over to turn the shower on and he took his opportunity to bury himself inside of you.

You gasped, grabbing at his leg behind you as he gripped your hip, ploughing into you again.

"I'm taking your ass. So relax into me baby girl." He purred, placing a kiss to the back of your neck.

You whimpered, giving a nod, and swallowing thickly as you felt him pull himself from you.

He ran his hand down your back, gently tracing his finger tips over your ass; his other hand groping your breast, pulling and rubbing against your overly sensitive nipples.

"You're not wet enough, get in the shower." He said gently.

You stepped into the hot water, a bit apprehensive about what was to come. The last time had been a disaster. But then again, Ramsay was raving drunk and angry about whatever had not gone according to plan for him that day. He had hurt you, or been too rough to say the least. He ignored your pleas and cries. It had resulted in him ignoring you for two days, and you never worked out if he was angry at you or at himself. But he didn't press the issue and never spoke of the incident. Any other time he had ever fucked you in the ass was null and void, because you were always too drunk to remember. This would be the first time with both of you sober, and it made you a bit anxious.

The hot water was nice on your cold skin, and the soft movements Ramsay made with his hands made your thighs slick with more than just the water from the shower.

He pulled you back into him and slid his fingers inside you, moving slowly. You relaxed into him, grinding yourself against him and his wet, slick body.

He hummed in longing, pulling you closer, moving his fingers firmly and slowly sliding himself into your ass.

You drew a sharp gasp and whimpered, feeling your chest tighten. The pain, unpleasant and burning.

"Shh... relax baby girl. I won't hurt you. Give me all of you." He cooed, pulling his fingers from inside of you to trace over your folds and rub his thumb into you sweet spot as you felt your knees weaken.

You gripped the shower wall handle and relaxed, pushing yourself back into him.

He made a deep noise of pleasure, gripping your hip to hold you steady as ran his hand up the front of your body and grip your throat.

"Baby girl..." He moaned, moving deeply inside you, making you feel twisted up desire at the new sensations. He moved his other hand to your hip, pushing you flush to the shower wall. 

The initial penetration pain gone now. He gripped you tightly as he pulled from you slightly to thrust again.

You ground into him again, discovering that being fucked in the ass could be an enjoyable experience; when your husband wasn't angry and drunk and you weren't so shit faced you couldn't remember it.

He ran his hand firmly up the curve of your spine as he moved in you again. You let a moan escape you and pushed back into him.

"Harder baby." You panted, groping for his hand and bringing it back to your pussy and inserting your fingers inside you with him.

"Oh god." Ramsay moaned, pushing into you harder, gripping your hip tighter, and letting you control his free hand.

You panted, rubbing your sensitive spot, feeling your body tighten in bliss.

He used slow firm movements, inside of you. His breathing became rapid, as primal noises escaped him. These noises quickened your pulse and you could hear the pounding in your ears.

"(Y/n), cum for me baby girl." He growled, pushing more aggressively into you.

"Push harder." You murmured through a moan, gripping his hand at your entrance and shoving his fingers inside you.

He did as you told him. 

It was Ramsay who met his high first. He gave a small whimper, thrusting himself into you, gripping your hip tight, and clutching at your hand, lacing his fingers in yours.

His touches and noises pushed you to your breaking point and you met your release with a violent shiver, trembling as he pulled away from you.

You turned around, placing your lips to his.

"Feel better?" You whispered with a grin as you moved him out of the way of the hot water to wet your hair completely.

"My little momma knows how to take care of her daddy." Ramsay smirked, standing back to watch you wash your hair.


"Can I ask a question?" You asked, pulling your conditioner covered fingers through your wet hair.

"I imagine so." Ramsay replied, crossing his arms. How he hated questions.

"Why does everyone call you the mad dog?"

Ramsay snorted in amusement, "I'm a clinically diagnosed psycho."

You stared, not sure if he was being truthful or sarcastic. God, how little you knew about the man you had been married to for almost three years.

"But where does it come from?"

"I used to fight. You know, boxing kind of shit." He shrugged, turning you around to wash your back.

"Were you good?" You asked, turning your head to run your eyes over him.

He gave a bemused tut, "think daddy paid for my degree, huh?"

"Honestly didn't know it was legit." You said, quietly.

Ramsay held a degree in accounting. But you thought it was just a forged piece of paper. Self taught and learned when your father owned a mob and a multimillion dollar weapons manufacturing business. Ramsay had a thing for numbers. Sometimes it was almost like a borderline genius gift with numbers.

"Why do you do this?" You suddenly asked.

"Do what?"

"The whole mafia thing? Why didn't you get out?"

Ramsay gave a harsh bark of laughter, "Do you think there's any getting out of it?"

"Well, maybe not. But you don't have to be so involved. Do jobs from time to time or something." You said slowly.

"Baby girl, why would I not do something I'm good at?"

"I'm just worried. I mean, everything is different now. We are having a child." You said with a sigh.


You walked slowly down the hall, looking at various pictures on the walls when your phone rang. 

You pulled it from you pocket, brows knitted together when you saw the name: Tyene.


"Hey, you good? Because I just had some cop come asking about you."

You frowned, "Greyjoy?"

"Yeah, that's his name. But I didn't say anything. I'm no snitch. I'm also not blind. I know the game. Secret is safe with me. But if we're going to be out of business for awhile I want in. I need some way to make money. I'm a bit rusty, but I can remember how to play."

There was a click on the other end. You glanced down at your phone. Fate had a funny way of working things out. As you stood there thinking voices from a few doors down caught your attention as you heard some say Ramsay's name. Slowly you crept forward.

"All I'm saying is that if the psycho doesn't watch it Roose will put a permanent end to him. I hope I'm the one to do it. Then take a few rounds with the fine ass wife of his. I'm sure he keeps her locked away and she's tight as fuck." A man's voice said.

Anger and disgust welled inside you.

"Dude, shut the fuck up. I heard Roose tell Karstark the bitch is pregnant. Wouldn't it be some funny shit if it wasn't his? He'd probably do her in like he did his brother." Another voice said with a bitter laugh.

You trembled in rage, doing everything to keep yourself from bursting through the door. If only you knew who it was. But it didn't matter. Your husband's downfall was being plotted. Men could be so stupid. It was time for you to take matter into your own hands.


You did your best to enjoy your afternoon with Walda. She was an enjoyable person. You felt bad she was married to Roose. But, better her than you. She had funny stories and was sweet as candy. But as enjoyable as you found her the conversation you had overheard still ringing in your ears.

"You okay, sweetheart?" Walda asked, peering at you.

You looked up from the plate of food You were picking at, snapping out of your thoughts.

"Hm? Oh. Yeah. Just tired. The last four days have been crazy. And the little one and I haven't reached an agreement on what I can eat without seeing it again." 

Walda gave a small nod, "well, let's get back. You need to rest. You look a bit peaky."

You simply nodded, grabbing up your shopping from the chair next to you and glancing around the shopping mall and all the last minute Christmas shoppers. Feeling dizzy as stood and clutching the table for support.

"(Y/n)?" Walda asked cautiously, casting around for one of the men Roose had sent along with you both.

Instantly a man helped you from the building and into the back of the car.

You drew a deep breath, closing your eyes.

"Sorry. I guess... Just stood up too fast." You muttered, resting your head back into the head rest.


Ramsay yanked the door open and scooped you up once the car had reached a stop. You raised your brows at him.

"My legs are not broken, you know." You said, pushing against him to set you down.

"Shut up." He growled, carrying you into the house.

"Really baby. I'm fine. Just tired and stood up too quickly, I guess. But I'm fine now, I promise." You said in a small voice.

But he ignored you and didn't say anything until he set you down on the bed, pulling your pants from you and sliding your hoodie up over your head. He yanked the blankets out from under you and motioned you to lay down.

You did as you were told, letting out a yawn. Ramsay tucked you in and sat on the edge of the bed, running his fingers through your hair.

"What happened?" He asked in a demanding whisper.

"Nothing. I told you. I'm just tired is all. Kind of been running nonstop since Wednesday night. Just need a nap." You said, giving him what you hoped was a reassuring smile and closing your eyes.

You gave a small, welcoming sigh as your lips were met with your husband's. His busted lip not nearly as swollen or rough anymore. He rested his forehead on yours, placing his hand firmly on your stomach before leaving without a word. Sleep engulfing you almost at once.


You groaned as Ramsay repeatedly prod you in the arm.

"Wake up, doll. It's nine. You need to eat." He said, as you slowly opened your eyes.

"Is it dinner already?" You asked, rubbing your eye,  frowning as you realized you had makeup on.

"Dinner? Baby doll, it's breakfast time. You didn't wake up for dinner. But you're going to wake up now. And you're going to be quick about it. I have to leave in an hour." Ramsay said, his usual air of patience gone.

"I slept through... so... huh?" You said sitting up, confused.

"Yes. It's Christmas Eve now. Get up. Get dressed. Eat breakfast." Ramsay replied, rocking on his heels, glancing down at his watch.

"I'm sorry." You said, staring at the floor.

"Don't worry about it. Just hurry up now."


You stifled a yawn as you walked into the kitchen, breakfast set out at the tiny kitchen table. You took your seat and tucked into your food gratefully as Ramsay set down a glass of orange juice down in front of you.

"Sorry. Apparently the only juice they drink." He said, walking to the sink to wash his hands. 

You and orange juice had a love hate kind of relationship. Actually, just about all juice, or any sweet kind of drink. At one point you thought you could keep up with Ramsay's drinking by mixing with juice, kool-aid, whatever... But you learned quickly that you just were not destined to be an alcoholic.

"You said you're leaving, where are you going?" You said, downing the orange juice.

"Running some guns today. Shouldn't take too long. I'm just there to supervise." Your husband said, glancing at his watch again, muttering about it being busted; it was his favorite one.


"How are you feeling today?" Walda asked as you placed Christmas gifts under the Christmas tree.

You turned to the woman and gave a smile.

"Much better. Guess I'll have to learn to pace myself until the little one is born."

You placed your hand on your stomach and smiled to yourself.

"Gave us all quite a fright." Roose said, walking in behind his wife.

'Fucking liar.' You thought savagely through your smile.

"Yeah. Sorry. Just haven't had the time to rest, especially with the whole bar fiasco."

"Speaking of, I wanted to have a word with you privately."

You swept your eyes over Roose and gave a nod. Oh, Ramsay would not like this. What was taking this deal so long?

You followed Roose to his study and took your seat across the desk from him as he sat and shuffled a few papers.

He finally cleared is throat, propping his elbows up on the edge of the desk.

"Phone on the table please, my dear." He said quietly.

With a sense of foreboding you placed your phone on the desk, never breaking your gaze from your father in law.

He poured himself a glass of wine and stood from his chair.

"I know that Ramsay is your husband and that you love him. Or fear him. Whatever it is you both have between you. But you are carrying his child. That's the collar. Now clip the chain on him." He said, turning his back to you and staring into the fire, crackling in the grate.

You chewed your lip, leaning forward. "I'm afraid I don't understand."

"My son is a psycho. Ramsay is his own warning. Surely you don't believe that he loves you. Obsession. That's what he has for you. Not love. He regards what you say at the least. His attacks on the Lannister's will cease immediately or it will not end well for the child inside of you."

It was like being slapped in the face. "Excuse me? Are you threatening me?"

Roose turned back to you and you looked daggers at him.

"No dear. I'm explaining the rules. I like you. You're smart. You can keep my son in check. Do it, or you will lose everything that matters to you. I know you are rebuilding your little bar. My men will be employed there. Are we at an understanding?"

You ran your tongue over your top teeth and put on a sweet smile. "Yes, of course."

"This conversation never happened."

"What conversation?"

"Good girl. Run along now. Ramsay will be back from his run soon."

You snatched your phone off the table and stood. You hurried to the door.

"Remember, chain the mad dog up." Was the last thing Roose said before you slipped out the door.

You fell on to your bed, staring at the ceiling. What happens when the protector needs protecting? What the fuck were you going to do? How could you keep your husband from doing what he does best? How were you going to keep tabs on him? But more than that, what was he going to do if he ever found out? 

You frowned, grabbing a pillow and burying your face into it. Your stomach feeling uneasy again. You screamed into the pillow. Angry. Afraid. 

Chapter Text

Ramsay ripped his broken watch from his wrist and replaced it with the new one you had bought him, examining it closely as he adjusted the watch to the exact second.


"I thought you could do with a new watch." You said, pulling the lid from a large box, and gave a laugh, pulling a thick new comforter out. Wrapping it around you and savoring the plushness of the downy.

"Yeah, I thought you could do with a new blanket." Ramsay chuckled, he then handed you a much smaller, yet heavier box.

Slowly you unwrapped it and opened the lid to find a pretty blue pistol.

"I thought about what you said. And you're right. Shits getting crazy. So, you need to keep some form of protection on you. Because, let's face it... the boys can be idiots."

You held the gun tight, fingering the cold metal. Your father would be proud. The blue was such a beautiful color.

"Thank you baby. It's beautiful. Really." You said looking over at your husband.

"I suppose your country bumpkin ass can use it?" He quipped.

You rolled your eyes, but gave a grin. You watched him rise from his seat, and put his hand in his pocket. You ran your thumb over the grip, feeling an etched design, you looked closely.

"Is this..." You started looking back up at your husband.

"Ice cream." He said with a smirk and a wink.

You looked down to see an etched and painted ice cream cone, grinning.

"I've one more gift for you. Come on." He said, jerking his head to the door.

You placed the gun back in its box, threw the blanket off of you and followed Ramsay down the hall to the front door.

He stopped with his hand on the door knob, pulled his other hand from his pocket holding up keys, and placing them in your hands.

You clutched the keys tight and gasped when Ramsay opened the front door.

"But I thought... It sold months ago." You breathed taking in the jeep you had been eyeing for months. You weren't even sure why. You just fell in love with it, and it came as a small heartache when you drove past the lot one afternoon on your way to work and it was gone.

"True. Because I'm the one who bought it. I know you had a thing for it. I have eyes everywhere. You know, you could have told me." Ramsay said, watching you closely.

You tore your gaze from the jeep to look at your husband, face flushing as you ran your fingers through your hair and giving a small grin.

"I know. I just... I mean, I love the 'stang and I don't even know why I fell in love with the jeep. So I just... I don't know. Thank you." You sniffed, feeling over emotional for the fifth time in the last hour.

Ramsay just gave a nod, "we're going home after lunch. I have to go in to work tomorrow. See what I can fix after the shit Friday. Or Saturday. Whatever."

You nodded, throwing your arms around Ramsay and hugging him tightly.

He gave you a brief hug, and an awkward pat. He was shit at hugs. Especially when emotions were involved.

"Go get dressed and I'll have someone pack up all our shit. I'll meet you in the den in a little bit." Ramsay said, pulling away from you.

You nodded, watching him walk down the hall; Kira and Willow in his heels as he walked back past the living room doorway.

You took your time in dressing and doing your hair and makeup routine. Mostly because you were very lost in thought. About your husband. He had gone above and beyond to get you all the things you had really wanted for Christmas. Why? Sure, the money was there. It always was. But he never dumped so many gifts on you as he had recently, since finding out you were pregnant.

You met Walda and Roose in the den, both watching some Hallmark Christmas movie. Well, at least Walda was. Roose was immersed in the newspaper, face buried behind it.

Walda smiled at you when you entered, but it faltered as Kira and Willow filed in behind you. You glanced down at the dogs.

"Go lay down. Both of you." You said, snapping your fingers and pointing across the room. Both dogs did as they were bid, letting out huffy snorts as they laid down.

You rolled your eyes at them and sat on the opposite end of the couch from Walda.

No one spoke for awhile. But Walda finally broke the silence.

"Roose says you were in school when you and Ramsay met." She said, almost suddenly, as though she had meant to say it forever ago.

"Yes ma'am. I was." You nodded, finding her statement strange and out of place.

"What for?"

You laughed, "Well, it's a bit ironic really. I was in school to be a cop... Well, a detective. But, the world has a funny way of flipping the table."

Walda regarded you, "you didn't finish?"

You shook your head. "Nope. Fifteen credit hours from it."

"So close. Why wouldn't you finish?" She asked, giving you a sympathetic look as if she understood. Maybe she did.

Ramsay had put an end to your school. He said there was no need and his "gem would never need to work another day in her life". Honestly, you were okay with it. The further you had gotten into your career path, you weren't sure if it was really you. Just a silly fantasy you had held on to since childhood. But not working wasn't an option. You had to be going, constantly. Reluctantly, Ramsay had agreed to let you keep working at the bar.

You shrugged, "just didn't really fit me. Nothing really does to be honest. I get bored."

Walda asked no more questions and when her movie was over she left the room, leaving you alone with Roose and your dogs.

You avoided him, and he you as he continued to read the paper, he had probably finished awhile ago, and you scrolled through Pinterest.

"When will you find out your exact due date?" Your father in law suddenly asked, folding the paper up and setting it in his lap.

"um, the third I guess. We get our ultrasound then." You replied curtly, not looking at him.

Ramsay walked it, throwing himself down on the couch with a sigh, wrapping his arm overly tight around you.

"When's lunch?" He asked, looking over at his father.

"It will be served at one." Roose said, glancing at the television screen.

There was a long, tense awkward silence as you rested your head on Ramsay's shoulder.

"sooo..." Ramsay began, glancing between you and Roose, noting the tense silence.

"yes, son?" Roose asked, never looking away from the television.

Here it comes. the malice bullshit. Roose had let Ramsay stew too long. You watched the smirk form and took it as your exit que.

"I think I'm going to take the girls outside." you said quickly rising from the seat, avoing Ramsay's grab at your hand.

You whistled to the dogs and hurried from the room.


Lunch had been awkward and excessively quiet. You had no idea what Ramsay had done. All you knew was you were ready to go home.

Ramsay had made a point of being very slow with his lunch, using his left hand as he favored his right arm in the sling, occasionally whining about it, just to add the insult to injury. You'd never seen Roose look so angry. It worried you as his threatening conversation rang in the back of your mind.

Walda gave you a hug, which caught you off guard as you told them bye. You returned the hug, just as warmly; assuming she probably hadn't been hugged in a long time. Poor woman.

Roose said nothing as Ramsay helped you climb up in the jeep and closed your door. He climbed into the drivers seat, suddenly looking tired and irritable.

"I cant wait until that fucker is dead." he huffed, making a point of ruining the front lawn as he tore down the drive.

"You okay?" you asked before realizing it was a very stupid, and very dangerous question to ask.

"Of course. But you... How are you?" He asked through grit teeth.

You shrugged, "tired. I feel like shit honestly. I just want to sleep, and I want to eat, but Baby B hates everything. Much like their father."

Ramsay smirked, "I dont hate anything, baby doll."

You let out a laugh, despite the circumstance. It died quickly as you caught the look on your husband's face. It was his turn to laugh.

"I hate you the least. You and your defiance. Maybe thats why I love you. You're fearless." he said, cracking his window to smoke.

Oh, if only he knew how hard it was to keep on the brave face when inside you were terrified.

Silence fell between you both for awhile. Silence bothered Ramsay. He had to have noise, as he fought with the Bluetooth to connect his phone.

"What are we going to do about money?" you asked, chewing at one of your acrylics that was threatening to break.

"Same thing we always do. Just rerouting and transferring funds. Move a few numbers around and connect the next shipment to the shop." he replied with a shrug.

"Why do you own a garage?"

"Why not? I enjoy cars. As do you. Gives me something to do when everything else is slow."


You woke up alone. Ramsay must have already left for work. You showered and ate breakfast. Doing a small cheer as you didnt have to see it again.

Your phone vibrated.

[Olyvar: hey, meeting. 2. my place.]

[you: i'll be there. and thanks for cleaning my house.]

[Olyvar: no problem dear.]



"Where can I find Ramsay?" you asked the lady behind the desk.

You had never been to see Ramsay at work. Sometimes you would bring him something he needed, but he usually met up with you or came home for lunch.

She nodded to a door with a frown, "good luck. He seems to be in a right state. Poor lady came out in tears a few minutes ago."

You slowly slid through the door, closing it quietly, watching Ramsay mutter to himself and scratch numbers on numerous papers spread across the desk.

He glanced up when he heard the door click, narrowing his eyes at you as you took a seat in the chair across from him. He said nothing as he went back to his numbers and papers.

You looked around the room. It was rather barren other than a couple pictures of you. You weren't sure why it bothered you, but this place was more dismal than a graveyard. Ramsay wasn't much for filling his space. Your house was proof of that. Too many things meant too much of a mess. How was he going to deal with having a child?

"Busy? Heard you've been a dick this morning." You said, turning back to your husband.

He gave a shrug, never looking up from his paper, but pulling a calculator towards him.

You watched him closely as he gave an irritable growl, standing abruptly, and pulling a file cabinet open. He threw a few file folders down on his desk.

"Need something, baby girl?" He asked, fingering through papers.

"No. Just thought maybe we could have lunch. I'm meeting the bar staff in a couple hours, but was lonely at home." You said.

Ramsay glanced at you again, and went back to the papers. He narrowed his eyes reading one paper multiple times, clenching his jaw and gripping his hand on his pen so tight you were afraid he would break it.

"Alright. I need to make an arrangement anyways it seems." Your husband replied, stuffing the papers away and slamming the file cabinet. He pulled his jacket off the back of a chair and shrugged it on, adjusting the cuffs.

"Everything okay?" You asked timidly, seeing the fire burn in his eyes.

"Of course. Now what do you want for lunch?" He said smoothly, offering his hand as you rose from your chair.

"I don't know. Anything sounds good right now, honestly." You said as he led you from the office.

"Mkay. Well, I need to make a small detour. While you're waiting on me you can decide."

"Detour?" You questioned, shivering against the cold.

"It will just take a minute." Ramsay replied as he opened your door. "Where are you meeting your staff members?"

"Oly's." You answered, looking out the window, watching a few birds take flight from a tree.

You said nothing as Ramsay parked outside a rather rundown trailer in a part of town that made you both stick out like wolves in a flock of sheep.

Clenching his jaw he pulled on a pair of leather gloves, fumbling under his seat and bringing up a gun. He slid the clip out of it, checking it before clicking it back in place. He then screwed a suppressor on the barrel.

"Baby, what are you doing?" You asked, eyeing the gun and glancing at the trailer.

"Nobody steals from me." Was all he said, stuffing the gun in his inside pocket and climbing out of the car.

You chewed your nail nervously and kept throwing glances around the street. All was quiet.

You gave a small sigh as Ramsay bounced down the steps of the house, whistling nonchalantly as he shoved his phone in his pocket. He threw himself in his seat, unscrewed the suppressor and replaced everything where he had gotten it before pulling his gloves off.

"Lunch." He said, looking at you.

"Oh. Yeah. Um... I don't know. I'd really kill for a burger. But also pizza. And also tacos." You said, face flushing slightly.

Ramsay raised his brows at you. You gave a timid smile and a shrug.

"Ooookay then... pizza is closest." He said, glancing around.

The box of pizza was amazingly warm against your legs and removing was terrible as Ramsay took the box.

You sat in his swivle chair, savoring the pizza, scrolling through Facebook, and unconsciously moving the chair back and forth with your foot.

It wasn't until you reached for another piece of pizza that you felt Ramsay's cold gaze on you, realizing the chair squeaked. You froze.

"Do you want me to hurt you?" he asked quietly, snapping a pencil in half.

You swallowed, "Sorry, baby. I didn't realize."

A knock came on the door. Ramsay's eye twitched as he crossed the room and opened the door.

In stepped Ben. He looked harrassed.

"What?" Ramsay snapped.

"There's a problem." Ben said quickly and quietly, glancing around.

Ramsay closed the door, turning to Ben, waiting.

"We've lost the south eastern part of side B."

"How?" Ramsay breathed, narrowing his eyes. Anger rising as he ran his hand through his hair.

"Roses." Ben began. He opened his mouth to speak again but Ramsay held up a finger.

He turned from both you and Ben, smashing a fist into the wall. He took a deep breath, turning back to Ben, clearing his throat, "Continue."

You watched your husband closely. He was such a time bomb. He was scary.

"We lost twenty men." Ben continued quietly, his voice strangled and hardly above a whisper, waiting on Ramsay to explode as he stood his ground.

Ramsay gaped, but recovered quickly. "Twenty? What the fuck happened? Why were there even twenty men over there?" He ran his hand over his face, heaving a frustrated sigh.

"No idea. Damon and Alyn are on it."

"Damon's. Five thirty. Anyone who is late or doesn't show up will bite a bullet." Was all Ramsay said, before leaving the room.

Ben gave you a glance, "Sorry, (y/n)."

You gave a shrug, "No need. Be safe. Give Liz and Kade my love. You need to bring them by, I miss them."


The meeting with the staff went by pretty smoothly. You and Olyvar assured them that they were free to go where they wish, and that the expected opening time of the new bar would be around the end of March or first of April. Should any of them wish, they would be put top of the list. You gave them all information on places hiring, that the Red King's owned, of course. That was your inheritance, so if you could keep the money coming you would.

Soon it was only you, Olyvar, and Tyene left in Olyvar's living room.

Tyene cleared her throat, "(y/n), can I have a word?"

You smiled brightly at her, "of course."

The young woman glanced at Olyvar.

"He's okay. I know where you are going with this and I assure you, Oly is involved as well." You said with a nod.

Tyene nodded, "well then. I've done some digging around. I know who your husband is now. What he does. I know about the Bastard's Boys. I want in. My sister's and I are very good at getting men to talk. The Lannister's club is hiring strippers. We would love the opportunity to fuck them over, and get back at them for some shit they did."

You considered her words, leaning back into the couch, "well, let's go then. I want to meet these girls. Because I may have more important uses for you than you just shaking your ass." You weren't sure what it was, but you felt you could trust the girl.


Tyene pushed open the door of the beauty shop. It looked like a regular salon, but you knew better. Your bar was just a bar, and Ramsay's garage was just a garage, right?

Tyene exchanged a few words with a woman, who must have been her mother, then motioned you to follow her through a door.

Here you met Tyene's sisters. They were a lively, exotic bunch. Eager. You took to them immediately, this was either going to be very good, or very bad. There was no inbetween.

Either you had fallen for a trap, or these women, The Sand Snakes, were the answers to your prayers.


Ramsay sat at the table, smoking, and fingering his whiskey glass, only half listening to the men seated around him arguing, when you threw the door to Damon's house open. All of the men shifted and whipped around to look at you.

Ramsay merely placed his cigarette in the ash try, sat up straight, and laced his fingers together, watching you closely.

Behind you stood Tyene.

"Hey baby, how well you bounce on this dick?" A man called.

You gave the man a revolted look, as you stopped at the edge of the table across from your husband.

"Depends on how well you're gonna pay me." Tyene retorted.

Ramsay raised a brow, glancing between you and the dark skinned, young woman.

"And to what do I owe the pleasure this time, baby girl?" Your husband asked.

"I have a proposition." You said with an airy wave.

"I'm listening." Ramsay said, leaning forward on the table, his gaze calculating.

"I have employed the Sand Snakes under me. They will report to me. They are the first of many. Your men are all sitting around, dick in hand, getting us nowhere. So I feel it's time for the Bastard's Bitches to come into play. We now have four girls employed at the Lannister's club. I can hear better rumors from them, then you're getting from these... um... gentlemen." You said, resting your palms on the table and giving a long look around the table.

Ramsay smirked, leaning back in his chair, raking his eyes over you, "Alright then. Show me what the Bitches can do."

You smiled to yourself before looking at all the men again, "no one will touch them. If I catch wind of any of you harassing my girls, well, you would only wish it was my husband seeing to you. Not me."

Ramsay gave you a wink, as he clapped his hands together. "Right then boys. You all heard the Missus. You all have work to do. I want that side of the city back by tomorrow afternoon."

He rose from his chair, dropping a bag of guns on the table as the men all reached forward like kids grabbing candy from a busted piñata. 

"I'll be home in, oh say..." Ramsay said, glancing down at his watch, "an hour and a half."

He pulled you into him, you felt the bulk of a vest under his shirt. You closed your eyes with a small sigh and a silent prayer to whoever was listening.

Damon handed Ramsay an AK and mask, as your husband placed a kiss to your cheek and left, pulling his trademark Darth Vader mask over his face.

"You know, thinking about trading this mask in for Kylo. Or maybe Boba Fett. I feel more bounty hunter than punk ass brat." you heard him say to Damon, who pulled on his Iron Man mask as they walked out the door.

"Whatever you say, boss."

Chapter Text

"Snakes are dangerous to associate with. Especially vipers. Thought you didn't want to play the game?" Ramsay said throwing his keys on the table beside the door and throwing his jacket over the back of a chair with his mask.

You looked up from your book and gave a shrug, "what's that saying.. uh, if you can't beat em, join em? Besides, I like the girls."

"Bonnie and Clyde." Ramsay chuckled, walking into the kitchen, pulling his shirt off to unlatch his vest and cast is aside. "Did you have dinner?"

"Uhm. Sort of? I mean I ate. But not sure I would call all of the things I ate dinner exactly." You said remembering the fries, gummy bears, and microwave burritos you devoured about an hour ago.

"Well, I'm going to eat. So I'm going to ask one time if you are hungry. Because once I'm done, I'm done." Your husband said, his voice quiet from the pantry.

"Yeah right. You won't deny me food whenever I want it. You want a healthy, happy little baby, don't you?" You said, getting up from the couch and leaning on the kitchen door frame.

Ramsay turned to look at you, daring you to repeat yourself.

You simply stared back, "whatcha makin?"

He shrugged, "nothing looks good. So maybe just whiskey with a side of asprin."

You frowned. He was drinking more than usual, and it was alarming. But you knew better than to say anything. You glanced down to see he was only wearing socks.

"Um... where are your shoes?" You asked, looking at the hems of his pants covered in what could only have been blood.

Ramsay looked down, curled his toes and shrugged, "burning in a dumpster across town. You didn't want to clean them. I promise. Now, dinner."

"What about street tacos? Or anything out of a dirty food truck, really. Have one of the guys pick up something." You suggested, stepping into him, and wrapping your arms around him. He was tense as you placed your cheek to his chest. You felt his muscle twitch against the side of your face.

You pulled away from him, peering up into his face. His various cuts and bruises fading. His black eye no longer swollen, yet still bruised and the white of his eye still full of blood.

"Ya know... there are a pair of handcuffs under the bed that I don't believe have been used yet. Is it bad that I find you to be incredibly sexy whenever you get arrested?" You purred placing your lips to his. He kissed you back with a smirk.

He laced his fingers in your hair, deepening the kiss before leading you to the bedroom.

"I have a job for you, since you want to play." He said between kisses, as he undressed you.

"How much am I getting paid?" You asked, fumbling with the button of his pants.

"How much does my baby girl want?" He purred kissing down your neck.

"A whole night of hot sex with my husband. No interruptions. He does whatever I say. He only touches me however I say. Paid in advance." You murmured, grabbing at his chest as he sunk his teeth into your neck.

"I can probably arrange that." He replied, moving his hand down your back and grabbing your ass, pulling you closer into him.

You gave a small noise, pushing your body into his. "What am I doing in this job?"

"Get friendly with the Margaery Tyrell whore." Ramsay said, sliding your bra off and running his fingers lightly down your bare back.

You frowned, "that will be impossible. They know who I am."

"The funny thing about the Tyrell's is that they are loyal to no one but money. If we can offer them more somehow, it would get them out of the picture. That's where you come in. Find out more about them." Ramsay said, dropping to his knees, sliding your pants from you.

"But, the lions won't let her out of their sight. How do I get her away?" You asked, closing your eyes and gripping his shoulder as he nipped at your hip bone.

"I heard she likes women." He replied shifting on his knees and pushing his lips to your folds.

You gave a whimper, threading your hand through his hair, "I'm not going to fuck her."

"Mmm... not even if I got to watch?" He hummed, his tongue parting you.

"No." You said flatly, jealousy creeping up inside you. "I'm the only naked woman you should be thinking about."

"You are baby girl. You take care of me just fine. But I wouldn't object to watching you grind this fine ass body against another woman." Your husband said, looking up at you with round eyes.

You frowned, unamused. "No."

He smirked, "Maybe I'll have you just grind on some cold metal pole for me sometime." He replied, taking your folds roughly between his teeth and pulling slightly.

Your knees went weak. You gripped him for support. Heaving a deep sigh. After a couple more tugs he pulled away from you.

"So, make friends with the whore. I don't care what you have to do." Ramsay said, resting his forehead just below your navel.

You scowled, "why don't you just go a round with her brother? I heard you've bit a few pillows."

The words fell out of your mouth so fast you gasped when they registered. But there was no taking them back. The damage had been done. You waited, afraid.

Ramsay brought his gaze up to yours, wearing his trademark smirk, though it didn't quite reach his eyes. He cleared his throat, "Drugs are wild. So, who's getting cuffed?" He asked, groping under the bed and holding up the hand cuffs.

His abrupt change in subject scared you. Either he didn't want to go there or he was cataloging it to use against you at some point. It was a very unsettling thought.

"You'd really give me whatever I want, however I want?" You asked, pushing the thought out of your mind, looking down at him, savoring the image of him on his knees. He simply gave you a nod, as he stood up and stepped out of his pants.

You held out your hands to him. He ran his eyes over you and gave a wicked grin, that made you uneasy. Damn, how he was such a good liar you thought as he slapped the cold metal over your right wrist.

He led you to the bed, laying you down on it, roughly. He pulled your arm above your head, pulling the chain around a slat in the headboard, holding out his hand for your other wrist. You closed your eyes tight as you felt the metal encase your other wrist. He had you now. You were at his mercy.

You swallowed hard, waiting. You closed your eyes tighter as you felt the weight of him on top of you. But he didn't move as he rested his hips against yours.

"Look at me." He said in a gruff whisper.

Slowly you opened your eyes and looked him full in the face.

"What do you want?" He asked, his voice gentle and calm.

You simply stared.

"You hurt my feelings baby girl. I'm trying to give you your pay, but you didn't believe me. I love you, you know that, right? Don't you love me?" He said, an upset look crossing his face.

Your breath caught in your chest. "Of course I love you baby. You just... You like to be rough, and so I just... I didn't think you would go for something that didn't cause pain."

You shifted, trying to sit up to kiss him, but your bound hands kept you from reaching your destination.

"Let me show you how gentle the beast can be." Ramsay whispered, leaning into you and giving you a tender kiss.

He slid his tongue along your bottom lip, asking for permission. You opened your mouth under his and gave a small moan as he explored your mouth, trailing his fingers up your sides softly.

"Baby." You whispered when he pulled away from you to ghost his lips down your neck.

"What do you want?" He asked against your skin, trailing his fingers along your hip, slowly making his way to your entrance. The sensation almost painfully taunting as a deep ache between your legs formed.

"Fuck me." You whimpered as he brushed his hand against you.

Your heart pounded in your chest and air refused to enter you as he continued to tease you with his soft movements. You pushed your hips up into him. He pulled his hand away with a smirk.

"No, baby girl. You want soft, I'll give you soft." He said, eyes glittering, a grin forming.

You whimpered again. "I was wrong. Fuck me baby. Please."

"That's right. You're a bad bitch. Now, beg me." He purred, placing gentle bites to your breast.

"No." You bit out defiantly. "This is my pay. I shouldn't have to beg for anything."

"Alright then. Soft and slow it is. Just like you wanted." Ramsay smirked with a dark chuckle.

You squirmed under him as he continued to run his fingers gently over your body and place soft kisses over your chest.

You bucked your hips against his, his throbbing dick pushing against your folds.

"Rams, fuck me. Please. Make me numb. Make me cry." You whimpered, struggling against your restraints.

"Hm. If I fuck you now, your whole night of hot sex will be over." You husband purred, pushing up against you.

"No. I have plenty of other places to fuck you." You whispered, sinking your teeth into his neck as he laid on you completely.

He made a small noise, grinding against your hips.

You arched your back, feeling him at your entrance, taking in a sharp breath, but instead of your husband sliding into you a hammering came on the door. The dogs going into a mad barking fit.

"Bolton! Open up! It's the police!" You heard over the dogs barking.

Ramsay pushed away from you, unlocking your restraint on your left hand. Quickly, he pulled his pants on, snatched up a gun from under the bed, tucking it in the waist of his pants, hastily pulled on a shirt, and slid his shoes on. He stopped at the door and turned to you.

"Get dressed. Hurry." He ordered and then swept from the room.

You sat up, fummbling to get the other cuff unlocked, and quickly getting dressed. The dogs had stopped barking and you heard Ramsay's voice, quiet and low talking to another man.

You slipped out of the room, walking to the living room. There sat Ramsay and Ned Stark.

"Judging by your face can I assume that you were involved in Saturday night?" Ned was saying as you took your seat beside Ramsay who possessively grabbed your waist, pulling you into him.

"You know what they say about assuming, right? I was in a ATV accident at my father's. What is it you cops preach? Don't drink and drive?" Ramsay lied so smoothly even you believed him for a moment.

"And where were you Saturday?" Ned asked.

Ramsay lit a cigarette, offered one to Ned who declined, and took a long drag before answering.

"Well," he said slowly through the smoke, "after leaving the station I ran by a shop to check on my wife's ride. That's when she was informed her bar was on fire. So we go over there, you can ask any of the officers on scene. I was there. After playing twenty questions with your cops and insurance and shit we came home. Her parents were here. Then we went up to my father's to spend a few days. We only just got back yesterday afternoon. So anything that happened between saturday and then, I had nothing to do with."

Ned ran his hand over his beard. You watched him closely. He looked exhausted. Poor man. Ramsay didn't make his job any easier. You felt a bit guilty. He really was a good guy. Very honorable and too damn trusting.

"The Lannister's. My oldest daughter has been seen with one of them." The man began.

"That little shit of the blonde bitch's. Check into him. I heard he's been causing mayhem. I'd hurry if I were you." Ramsay said, leaning back into the couch and rubbing your back.

Ned stood abruptly. Turning to leave. "My offer still stands. Off the record, of course."

"Of course." Ramsay said, standing and seeing the man out. Once the door had closed he turned to you, narrowing his eyes, but said nothing, pulling his phone from his pocket.

"Hey man, little momma wants tacos. Bring her some... Dude, I really don't give a fuck... then send one of the fucking news guys... Just make sure I get some fucking tacos in the next thirty minutes or you're the first one I'm seeing to."

He threw himself down on the couch next to you, grabbed the remote, and pulled you into him.

"What do you do all day when I'm gone?" He asked suddenly, flipping through the recordings.

"Umh, nothing really. Laundry. Or read. Or online shopping. Sometimes I go to the grocery store. You know, housewife shit." You said, startled by the question.

You rested your head on his chest, as he shifted to lay on the couch. Reflecting in this question you realized that you both hardly knew one another. He knew way more about you than you did him. He didn't let you in much. The dating period had been brief. You were engaged to him within two months and come April you would be married to him for three years.

You peered up at him, watching the screen reflect on his eyes.

"When things here settle down, we should go out to my parents. I didn't really get to spend any time with them, and I haven't spent any holiday with them in awhile."

"Mkay, whatever you want baby doll." He replied, glancing down at you.

He ran his hand through your hair, and you snuggled in close to him, only half watching the shitty action movie he was watching.

A knock came on the door and the dogs immediately rushed to the door.

You sat up as Ramsay stood up, snapping his fingers at the dogs, and opening the door. It was that one Matt kid. He held out a bag, and Ramsay took it without a word. He made to shut the door when the kid spoke up.

"Hey, some of the boys and I are going down to the races tonight. Thought I'd ask if you'd like to join us." Matt said, in a small voice.

Ramsay chewed his lip and gave you a glance. You offered a small smile.

"Go if you want to. I wanted to finish my book tonight. Have a good time with the guys."

Ramsay gave you a long calculating look, and let a grin twitch the corner of his mouth, "Think I'm going to leave you here alone to overthink it? You're coming too. Go get dressed."

You narrowed your eyes at him, but you were not about to make a scene in front of Matt. You may be a little hot headed and quick tempered, but you were not stupid. Only a fool would disrespect Ramsay in front of his men. And every single fool was now dead and rotting somewhere.

You pulled on your warmest clothes and rummaged in your closet for a hat of some sort, or even ear muffs. Finally you found a fur cap. You were walking out of the room as Ramsay walked in.

"I'll be just a minute." He said, kissing your cheek and slapping your ass as you walked past.

You walked back into the living room, sitting on the edge of the couch, pulling the bag of tacos toward you.

You glanced up at the kid, who stood awkwardly looking around.

"You can take a seat you know, dear. The dogs won't bite." You said.

Matt gave you an uncomfortable look.

"My husband won't either. He invited you in. You're safe. Have a taco."

The kid sat on edge in the loveseat, watching the television without really watching as he took a taco from you.

"How old are you?" You found yourself asking, savoring the first bite.

"Seventeen." He replied.

You tutted, "a baby."

You knew it was business and the kid chose it for himself, but it still hurt you to see kids so young making decisions that would likely put them six feet under in two years or less.

Ramsay entered the room. You glanced him over. Jeans, a tee, sneakers, hoodie, ball cap, and a leather jacket. He held his hand out to you.

You snatched up your bag of tacos and took his hand. He took your food as you slid your coat on and stepped out into the cold night.

"Why can't you ever take me to do new shit when it's summer? It's too fucking cold." You complained as Ramsay opened your door to the jeep.

"You act like I plan this shit out." He chuckled, dropping your bag of food in your lap.

You saw him exchange a few words with Matt before the kid climbed into a car with two other men.

Ramsay climbed into the jeep, lighting a cigarette before turning the engine over. He cranked the radio as he drove down back roads leading out of the city, taking a taco from you.

Five of the damn tacos later you were almost miserable full, frowning at the fact you had nothing to drink.

"Baby?" You found yourself asking.

"Yes, doll?" Ramsay said, tapping his finger on the steering wheel, waiting on the red light.

"Why do you kill people?"

Ramsay gave you a long look before shrugging, "Don't know. It's exciting. No different than killing an animal. You've done plenty of that, Hillbilly Delux."

You puffed up, "No. It's not the same. I don't kill for sport. And I never have."

Ramsay laughed, his eyes glittering at your anger.

"I don't know baby girl. It's just a sickness. Why?"

You shrugged, "I dunno. Sometimes I just feel like i don't know you. I mean, we've been married for almost three years and all I know for certain is that your name is Ramsay."

"That's not true. You know more than you want to admit, because it scares you. I'm just as psychotic as you think. But, maybe you're just as psycho as I am. We click baby girl. So just let it click."

You sighed, staring out of the windshield. Was he right? Did his lack of remorse towards others really not bother you? Was it wrong of you to enjoy pain and discomfort? Were you just as fucked up as he was? No. Maybe not that fucked up.

You placed your hand on your belly, saying no more until finally you reached the designated race strip for tonight. It was playing with fire. It bordered a strip of no man's land and what was owned by the War Stags after the death of the elite dragon family when you were a kid. The air strip had belonged to the Targaryens. after their downfall it was left to rot. But it was a damn good place for races.

There were many cars and the crowd was large. The smells of burnt rubber, smoke, and gasoline thick in the air. Engines and cheers echoing on the deserted plane strip.

Ramsay helped you from the jeep, lacing his fingers in yours and leading you to the crowd. Here you met Damon, Charlotte, Matt, Alyn, and a few other members of Ramsay's outfit.

You were slightly disappointed that Ben and his family weren't there. What was going on with them?

"The guy in that little rice burner keeps smoking everyone. Big block, small block. Small tire... You name it. He knows how to drive." Damon said, handing Ramsay a beer.

"Who is he?" Ramsay asked, pulling you into him.

"No one knows. He always keeps a helmet on." Matt said, pointing across the way at a short person dressed all in black, wearing a helmet, kicking the tires of their car.

You huffed, shoving your cold hands in your pockets.

"Huh?" Ramsay asked, prying the top of his beer off.

"Well, maybe this person doesn't want to show their face because you all keep referring to them as a he. That's a woman." You said, taking Ramsay's beer cap.

"How do you know?" Matt asked, looking from you to the mysterious person.

You rolled your eyes and left Ramsay's side. He made a quick grab for you, but you pulled away as you walked over to the person.

"About time you showed these boys that a woman can drive too, little speed racer." You said with a smile.

The person stood up right and turned to you quickly.

"How'd you know?" they said, voice muffled under the helmet.

"I own a bar. I see all kinds of people. I may know a thing or two about profiling, both educated and process learned." You said with a shrug.

The person lifted the visor of their helmet and you were slightly taken aback at how young the girl was. 16 or 17. She had grey eyes and dark hair. She looked vaguely familiar, though you couldn't place her.

"Well, I guess my disguise is blown." She said with a scowl.

"Doesn't mean you can't still smoke their asses. Matter of fact, I want you to. My husband owns a shop, let me fix you up. Make you the fastest bitch in this damn city." You said, turning to look at Ramsay and motioning him over.

"Yes, baby doll?" He said, running his eyes over the girl as if he too recognized her.

"We are going to sponsor her." You said simply.

Ramsay looked from you, to the girl, to the car and chewed his lip with a small frown. You could tell he was running numbers over. You looked at him through your lashes with a small pout.

"Alright." He finally said, holding his hand out to the girl, "What am I calling you?"

"Arry." The girl said, shaking your husband's hand.

"Right then Arry, give me a call in the morning." Ramsay said, pulling a card from his wallet and handing it to the girl. He grabbed your hand and pulled you back to the sidelines.

"Thank you, my love." You said with a smile.

"I ought to ground you. Wasting my money. Do you have any idea how much I'm going to have to spend to make that whip legit winning shape? Too much, because I'm going to have to find a whole new car. i wont sponsor overseas trash." Ramsay huffed.

"I think we can afford it baby." You said, still smiling at him as you pressed your lips to his.

He smirked against your mouth. He dropped the tailgate of Damon's truck and sat you on it. He turned his back to you and you wrapped your arms around his neck. He pulled his hood up, leaned back, resting his elbows on your legs, and pulled another beer from the ice chest beside you.


You were numb and felt frozen two hours later as Ramsay helped you climb in the jeep. Your cold hands fumbling with your seatbelt.

"Surprised the cops didn't make a show." Ramsay said, glancing around.

"Well, the night is young. It's only nine thirty." You replied, watching the street lights as white flurries began to kiss the window. "Why'd we leave?"

"It's fucking cold. And I believe I owe you a night of uninterrupted fuck. I'd rather be buried face deep in those warm thighs than freezing my ass off and watching these fucks than racing them myself." He said, giving you a sly grin.

"Mhm. But now you owe me double for dragging me out into the cold."

"Alright baby girl, but any overtime is done my way."

Chapter Text

You woke up in a warm daze, peeking an eye open at the dark room. Glancing over at the clock you saw that it read 5:17. You closed your eyes with a sigh and smiled to yourself. Reliving the last few hours. You didn't even remember falling asleep.

The last thing you remembered was Ramsay licking you clean after round four, that had gone from the living room floor to your bed. Thinking about the amazing night caused the warm sensation to tingle between your legs and your stomach to twist up in needing.

You rolled onto your side. Ramsay had his back to you breathing deeply. You sat up, peering through the darkness at his peaceful face. No malice or anger. No smartass remarks or harsh words. No evil smirk. Just peace.

You laid back down and slowly trailed your nails down his back. He shifted and made a small noise.

"Baby, wake up. I want you." You whispered.

Ramsay rolled over letting out another noise, pulling his arm up over his eyes. You smirked, running your nail across his chest, the sensation on his nipple making him give a violent jerk.

"Stop it woman. I will hurt you." He growled, grabbing you wrist and pulling you half up on his chest.

You pushed your breasts into him, throwing a leg over his waist. "I want you to hurt me." You murmured, pushing yourself into him, feeling your wetness coat his hip.

"Woke up the way I left you, huh?" He growled, huskily as he ran his hand up your leg.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to fall asleep. It just felt so good and my body was just so..." You started, losing your words as he shifted and pushed himself into you, making a deep noise.

"I know baby girl. It's just hard to stop eating you when you taste like magic." He muttered, moving slowly inside you.

"Maybe we are getting too old to be up all night anymore." You joked, grabbing at his hip and pulling him into you.

"Maybe you're right. But, until then, I will fuck you every waking second if that's what you want." He purred, moving against you again.

"Mmm, baby. Deeper." You hummed, closing your eyes and relaxing your body into him.

Ramsay let out a small moan and pushed himself up slightly to drive deeper into you. He skin was so warm and comfortable. His weight on you making you take deeper breaths.

"Remember the first night we fucked?" He asked in a hoarse whisper in your ear.

"Mm. How could I forget? The lovely nonsense words you muttered in my ear as you fucked me so slow. Laying the trap." You whispered back with a slight shiver.

"What nonsense words baby doll?" He chuckled.

"The ones about never seeing anyone as perfect as me." You said with a breathy laugh.

"Oh. Words like these then?" He panted, grinding his hips into yours and taking your earlobe gently between his teeth. "Baby girl, you are more perfect than anyone could imagine. The way you say my name makes me high. The noises you make. Oh baby, the way you taste. How warm and wet you always are for me."

His hot breath in your ear made you shiver again as you pushed your hips into his, arching your back, and letting a moan escape you. Your breathing became more rapid and shallow as you felt your body begin to tense.

"Baby boy, please. Don't stop." You begged as he pushed himself deeper into you.

"I've only just started, darling." He panted again, emitting a low growl.

You whimpered as his hand gripped your thigh and he pushed further still into you, rolling his hips deeply into yours.

"You, baby girl... You are everything. You bring me peace. You calm the storm. Tell me that you love me."

"I love you, Ramsay. I love you more than you could ever know you twisted fucking psycho." You panted, digging your nails into his back and pulling him flush into you.

"Hurt me baby girl." He cooed in your ear.

You brought one hand up to his throat and placed your fingers firmly around his neck, squeezing.

"Harder." He said through a small gasp, burying himself into you.

You made a tiny noise and squeezed his neck harder, feeling him swallow and the pounding of his pulse.

"Yes baby. Harder." He let out.

"Fuck me harder and I'll squeeze harder." You whispered.

Every thrust came harder and you tightened your fist harder until he would gasp for air. When you were sure all airflow had ceased you felt your high peak. You screamed out as your high washed over you, giving a final tight grasp at Ramsay's throat that seemed to have sent him over the edge as he let out a strangled moan, grabbing at your hand as he fell into you, pushing his hot, sweaty torso flush to yours.

You let him pull your hand away and heard him inhale a sharp breath, his breathing rapid as his chest rose and fell against you. You brought your hand up to tangle in his hair and run your nails over his scalp as he rested his cheek between your breasts.

"What a rush. I think you may have woke the neighbors." He whispered with a dark chuckle.

"Do you mean those things you say?" You asked after he regained normal breathing and trailed his fingers over your side.

"Yes. I think so." He said, rolling off of you.

You weren't sure what to make of the answer. "Do we get to sleep in?"

"No. Sorry baby doll. I have to go to work. Need to finish rerouting some shit since we can't exactly have a steady income from the bar anymore. Shouldn't take me long. I've almost got it all figured. And I have a meeting." Ramsay said into the darkness.

"Oh. Yeah. Okay baby." You said, staring up at the dark ceiling.

Ramsay's alarm on his phone went off and he let out a deep sigh as he turned it off.

"Why do you work at a bank?" you asked as he pushed himself out of bed.

"I dont trust anyone with my money" he said flipping on the closet light. "And I enjoy it when people beg for money." he added with a dark chuckle, as he walked into the bathroom.

You laid there a few more minutes llistening to Ramsay sing in the shower before finally getting up. You crossed the room to flip on the light switch, stifling a yawn.

You pulled open a dresser drawer to find it empty. You gave a frustrated sigh.

"Ramsay Bolton!" You raged, turning to the bathroom door.

Ramsay peeked his head out the door, "Yes ma'am?"

You made furious motions with your hands at the empty drawer, "where are all my underwear?!"

Ramsay fixed you with a malicious grin, "I have no idea baby doll. Someone must have stolen them. I envy the man who raided and made off with all your panties."

You crossed your arms, "you're fucking kidding me, right? You didn't seriously get rid of them all?"

His grin turned into a cruel smile, "I told you. You don't need them."

You made a deep, frustrated noise, slamming the drawer and crossing to the closet, "fucking bastard." You muttered.

"I didn't catch that." He said behind you.

You turned quickly, swallowing uncomfortably, "nothing, baby."

He grabbed your arm and pulled you into him, "I don't take kindly to being called a bastard." He growled.

You dropped your gaze, "I didn't mean it. I was just... I'm sorry."

He released your arm, grabbing your face and forcing it up to his, "don't do it again."

"Yes, sir." You said, taking in the annoyance on his face. You leaned forward, placing a gentle kiss to his lips.

"I'll make it up to you." You whispered with a timid smile.


The next few days passed in one, long boring blur to you. Not going to work was driving you crazy. You had nothing to do at home, caught up on all your shows, started and finished another book, and waiting around on Ramsay to get home.

However, it was nice to have a couple lazy days and not have to worry about work, or being out. To lay in bed as long as you wanted. To stay wrapped up in the covers all day and sleep.

But, tomorrow was new years eve, and you were excited for a party to take your mind off the stress, even if you did have to remain sober. Nobody knew how to throw parties quite like the Bastard's Boys.

And besides, only few more days until you had your ultrasound appointment. Finally getting to see the little one who was causing so much upset with your stomach, and who had decided he or she really loved spicy foods, much to the displeasure of your throat. But slushies were a plus, and Baby B loved them too.

[You: How's work?]

[Rams: I want to shoot everyone in the fucking knee and stab them all repeatedly in their stupid fucking faces.]

[You: Well avoid getting blood on your clothes. I've already done all the laundry.]

[Rams: no promises.]

[You: hurry and get home. I miss you. And I'm wet.]

[Rams: omw]


You were dancing in the kitchen to your music, peeling potatoes when Ramsay walked in, scaring you as he set his helmet on the table and unzipped his jacket.

"And dinner is...?" He asked, glancing around.

"I don't know, honestly. I just know I wanted mashed potatoes." You flushed, as he placed a kiss to your cheek. His lips cold.

He shrugged from his jacket and slid his gloves off. He tossed the gloves on the table with his bike key and opened the refrigerator.

"We have steak. And pork chops. Though one of them is frozen, I believe. I don't know. I meant to check earlier, but I... hm. Don't know what I got side tracked by. Laundry maybe?" You said, turning back to your potatoes.

Ramsay glanced at you with a malicious smirk.

"What?" You asked, not sure what warranted such an evil look.

Ramsay closed the door and pulled the freezer drawer open, "Come here, doll."

You set down the peeler and potato, walking towards Ramsay and following his gaze down to the freezer. Both of your suggestions, still frozen.

You frowned and let out a frustrated sigh, emotions running high as you pouted and wrestled the tears back.

"Which do you want?" He asked, taking in the upset look on your face.

"Neither now." You huffed, turning to leave as he grabbed your wrist.

"Which one?"

"Either." You said, pulling your wrist back, but he tightened his grip. You let your wrist go limp and looked up at him.

"I am safe to assume you still cook for an army?" He asked.

You bristled, "You ask that like I don't ever cook and we never have way too much food left over."

He shrugged, "What else do you need?"

"Nothing? I have everything for salad and shit. But I'm telling you, all I really wanted was potatoes."

"Well, go dress properly, I'll invite the Boys and whatshername to dinner."

You looked down. In your opinion there was nothing wrong with your leggings and shirt, but you really didn't want to argue.

"It's Charlotte, by the way." You said as he released you.

"Eh, whatever." Ramsay said, gathering up his helmet and jacket.


When you returned to the kitchen in your new attire it was to find Ramsay leaning against sink, washing a knife and cutting board.

"Mm.. I don't ever get to see how sexy you are cleaning the kitchen. You always do it at odd hours or when I'm not home." You joked, grabbing his ass and looking up at him through your lashes.

He snorted as he placed the cutting board in the strainer, and pulled the rag from his shoulder to dry his hands.

"I'm going to go change. Dumb and dumber should be here in ten." Was all he said as he placed the towel on your shoulder and swept past you.

You pulled out everything you needed to fix salad when Ramsay walked back in. He placed a cigarette between his teeth and stepped out the back door to the patio.

You poured a glass of whiskey and stepped outside, stopping at his side, the fire from the grill hot on your face.

"I'm sure only dumbasses grill in the snow." You said glancing up at the darkening, cloudy sky.

Ramsay took the glass and gave a shrug, "no one ever said I was smart." He placed his hand on the small of your back and led you back inside.

"Your taste in music is shit." He grumbled grabbing your phone.

"It's not! I was just..." You hissed defensively.

"Hm. Missing beers and bon fires and jacked up trucks?" He grunted scrolling through your songs. "There we go. Never go wrong with classic rock."

You rolled your eyes, grabbing a knife from the strainer to cut tomatoes as the doorbell rang.

"Hey, got room for one more? Thought we'd bring the kid along. Don't know the last time he had a decent home cooked meal, and your wife can always put a badass fix to that." Damon said, stepping inside and shaking Ramsay's hand.

You peered around the doorway and saw Matt. He did look rough. Drugs.

"Whatcha say baby doll?" Ramsay asked.

"Of course. The more the merrier." You said with a sad smile at the kid.

Charlotte set down a large paper bag on the counter. You glanced her over. She looked considerably better than the last time you had seen her. Not so strung out.

"Need help, dear?" She asked, kindly.

You thought that maybe she really was a sweet woman and good as gold, but she still repulsed you. Maybe your husband was starting to wear off on you.

"No thank you. Take a seat and hang out. You're my guests." You said politely, very aware of Ramsay's gaze on you. You glanced over at him and saw him wear a smirk before pulling the steaks from the bag.


Damon had gone outside with Ramsay to put the food on the grill and you sat at the table waiting on your rolls to finish while Charlotte scrolled through her phone and Matt sat staring at the wall.

"You in school, sweetheart?" You asked the boy.

He shook his head, "no ma'am."

You frowned but didn't press it.

"What do you do then?" You asked in spite of yourself.

"Deal mostly. And I  work at the garage. Ramsay caught me tagging an alley wall, said he was impressed with my work, and offered me a job. Damon kinda took me under his wing and has been nice enough to let me crash at his place." Matt said with a shrug, his face betraying the carefree tone of his voice.

"I see." You said slowly, rising from your chair as the timer went off.

Ramsay came in with the tray of steaks and Damon stumbled in behind him, numb with cold.

"Pussy." Ramsay muttered setting the tray down. You smirked.


"Why didn't you invite Alyn and Ben?" You asked, finally setting your fork down, and glancing at your husband who was fishing for a cigarette.

"Alyn is across town contracting diseases from hookers, or that's what I got out of it. Ben and Liz were going out tonight. Taking their boy to the movies or some shit. That's what he told me. He's been a bit off lately. Not like himself at all." He replied with a shrug. He then gave a long look at Matt, "Where do I have you set up at?"

"The Ring." Matt spoke up, reaching for another roll.

"What's going on over there?"

"New fighters coming in. Selling is steady. The girls robbing guys blind." The kid said through a mouth full. He swallowed and took a drink, "You guys are old. I mean, not old, but this guy came in. Looking for a fight. Says he's come out of retirement, gotta be around y'alls age. From what I get He used to be good. Thought maybe we could get him set up with a big fight."

Ramsay tutted, "Twenty seven is not old, kid. But, tell me about this guy. I may be interested in sponsoring him if he's old like me."

Matt flushed, "don't know his real name. Heard someone call him the White Wolf or some shit."

Damon dropped his fork and threw Ramsay a quick look.

Ramsay gave a compulsive jerk. "Are you sure?" He breathed, fingering his shoulder.

Matt nodded, giving a frightened look at the menacing expression on Ramsay's face.

You peered at Ramsay curiously but he said nothing as he stared at his empty glass, eyes faraway.


"Sure you don't wanna take anything home, dear?" You asked Matt as he stood with Damon and Charlotte who was still engulfed in her phone. She had hardly spoke through dinner.

"No thank you. It was delicious though. Really. I'm grateful." Matt said, bowing his head slightly before leaving.

You sighed and sat on the couch. Ramsay walked past you.

"Where you going baby?" You asked.

"Clean the kitchen." He responded.

"I'll get it in the morning. Don't worry about it baby, please. Come sit down. You've been busy all day. Come relax. Let me rub your back." You coaxed.


You sighed and stared at the black screen of the TV.

Without thinking you walked into the empty spare bedroom.

You flipped the light switch on and looked around. Only a couple of boxes.

"Look little one. This will be your room. I can't wait to finally see you in a few days." You said, rubbing your stomach and walking further into the room.

The surrealness hit you from nowhere as you burst into tears. So many emotions at once. How was it possible to be so happy and so afraid at the same time? You wished you and Ramsay could just run far away and live quietly with your child. No more violence. No more drug runs. No more constant looking over your shoulder.

"The fuck are you doing?" Ramsay asked.

You looked up at him from the floor, furiously wiping your eyes, smearing your makeup as you sat up right.

"I was just, uh, showing the baby their room?" You said, unsure anymore.

"Are you going to be like this the whole time? It's fucking weird." Your husband said, frowning and crossing his arms.

You clenched your jaw as annoyance surfaced, "are you going to keep being a dick?"

Ramsay rose to the challenge. You qualied under his look, but you werent going to back down. You stood, crossing your arms.

A smirk formed on his face as you gave him the dirtiest look you could muster.

He stepped into you, "Your brave face will get you hurt, baby girl."

You jabbed your finger into his chest, "you dont frighten me."

He grabbed you wrist, pulling your arm back, as he walked you back into the wall with a laugh. He clashed his mouth with yours, dropping your hand as he cupped your face. You kissed him back aggressively.

"I do frighten you." He whispered in your ear as he pulled away from you, bringing his hand to your throat.

You swallowed, "no."

"Darling, you cannot lie to a liar." he purred, kissing across your jaw.

Your pulse quickened as you closed your eyes, grabbing at his hip, slipping your hands under his belt and pulling him into you.

"Maybe you do frighten me. But I frighten you too. We click, remember? I just realized what you meant by that." you whispered.

Ramsay pulled away from you completely, running his eyes over you and giving a grin.

"Netflix and chill?" He asked, leaving you alone in the empty room.

Chapter Text

"Baby girl, we're having new years here, this year." Ramsay said.

You scowled looking up from your phone, "you couldnt have told me that like at least yesterday? I haven't had time to plan a whole party for tonight!"

Ramsay shrugged, "just order pizza, I'll have Ben and Damon bring the booze. I feel like pong tonight, and maybe poker. Find the tables."

You followed Ramsay to the bedroom, crossing your arms, "how many pizzas?"

"Dunno. Twenty? Twenty is solid."

"How many people?"

"Couldn't tell you that either."

"We dont have the room for a bunch of people." you said, knowing his lack of answer meant your house would be packed.

"Well, we were going to do the shindig at the bar. But..."


Damon, Charlotte, Matt, Tyene, Ben, his wife Elizbeth, and their little boy Kaden had showed up while Ramsay was in the shower, which gave you time to help the boys set up the pong table and order pizza.

The pizza store probably hated you as you ordered twenty pizzas.

The little boy stopped at your feet, looking up at you through big brown eyes and wild, curly blonde hair.

"Aunt (y/n)! Guess what?" he gushed.

You smiled, kneeling down to his level, "What's up, sweetheart?"

"It's my birthday in six days, that's what my mommy says. I will be five!"

You laughed, "that's what I hear. Almost big enough to take this old woman out on a date."

Kaden blushed furiously as you pressed your finger to his nose.

"Wanna see my tattoo?" He raised his shirt to show you the t-rex on his chest, with much pride. "Someday I'll have more than daddy."

You giggled as a pair of shoes stopped beside you. you looked up to see Ramsay standing there. Always taken aback when he dressed "normal". But normal, party Ramsay was your favorite side of your husband. He wore so many masks, it was surely exhausting. But, Party Mask hardly resulted in murder. Cops maybe, but not usually dead bodies. 

"Uncle Ramsay!" the boy cried, dropping his shirt and giving Ramsay a tight hug around the leg.

You stood, watching Ramsay give the boy an awkward pat on the head, crossing his arms as Kaden pulled away, fixing the boy with a stern look and raised brow.

"I heard you're in here trying to steal my wife away from me." Ramsay said, narrowing his eyes.

Kaden flushed but flashed a toothy grin.

"Better watch it baby, he's rather charming, and almost five now." you giggled as Ramsay pulled you into him.

"Well, I must ask you to keep the charm to a minmum around this scarlet woman. I might just miss her if she left." Ramsay said, giving you a wink.

"Scarlet woman?" you gasped through mock horror, slapping Ramsay on the chest.

He pulled you into him closer and placed a kiss to your lips. Kaden made a noise of disgust and hurried over to his mother.

"We're going to need more cups." you said when Ramsay broke his kiss from you.

He nodded, "alright. I need more smokes anyways. Nothing else?"

You shook your head, "not that I can think of. unless we are going to need more liquor. What are we going to do about the girls?" you glanced at the dogs.

"Just leave the back door open. I'll be back. You have cash for the pizza?"

"Paid over the phone."

"Good girl." he said, leaving you to pull on his jacket and grab his keys.

You took a seat on the couch next to Liz and Charlotte, watching Tyene flirt with Matt across the room.

"Haven't really seen you in weeks." you said, giving Liz a hug.

"Mommy's been sick." Kaden spoke up from the floor, petting Willow.

You knitted your brows as Liz frowned at her son. You took her in. She did look exhausted. Liz was the one who took you under her wing when things between you and Ramsay had gotten serious. She had taught you code words and phrases to listen for whenever things went haywire. Showed you the best places owned under the Red Kings for everything from groceries to salons.

"Charlotte will you please go open the backdoor and leave it open?" you asked politely to the woman on the other side of you. When she left you turned back to Liz, "whats up?"

Liz stared at her lap, taking a deep breath, "I have breast cancer."

The words hit you like a bucket of ice water. Sadness filled you, but then anger surfaced. Did Ramsay know and not tell you? He had been running poor Ben into the ground lately.

"When did this happen? Anything Rams and I can do to help with anything? Bills, or.. or anything?" You asked, grabbing Liz's hand.

She shook her head, squeezing your hand "we found out just before thanksgiving. The doctor's wanna do chemo before surgery. And no, hun. I had to quit my job at the hospital, but Ben has been working his ass off lately and Ramsay has been generous with pay. We are okay. I'm just tired."

You stood abruptly taking the woman in, "No. You need help. Ben will take time off, and I will make sure all your bills are paid. Ramsay can get the fuck over it. Your health is more important. Don't worry about anything but getting through this. If you need anything, and I mean anything, no matter the time you better call me first."

Liz gave you a watery smile and nodded, turning to her gaze to her son as he pulled cars out of his backpack.


The doorbell rang and you opened it to find the pizza guy standing there, holding a stack of pizzas.

Matt swooped in to take the boxes. The pizza boy made to leave to get the rest of the order, but Damon and Alyn shrugged past him to gather up the rest of the pizzas from the car.

You pulled a twenty from your wallet by the door and handed it to the kid, "thanks dear. Happy New Year."

He took the money rather awkwardly, "thanks. You too."

You sat on the couch beside Kaden, eating pizza as he bombarded you with questions about your favorite things, from colors to which Paw Patrol pup was your favorite. At that you glanced at Liz, who mouthed "Rubble", which delighted the boy when you said it.

"What about Disney movies?" he asked, picking a pepperoni off his pizza and examining it. "I like Cars."

"Why Robin Hood, of course. Didn't you know your uncle is Robin Hood, and my wife is the wonderful and beautiful Maid Marian? Your father is apart of my Merry Men. We steal from the rich to feed the poor." Ramsay said behind you, leaning against the back of the couch, lighting a cigarette, and taking your last piece of pizza.

You watched Kaden process the information. "Really?"

"Oh yeah. We're the good guys, always looking out for the innocents." Ramsay said, giving a serious nod.

You watched him closely, grinning to yourself as you rose from your seat to throw your paper plate away, as more people filed into your house.

Ramsay had turned the stereo on, and you were slightly taken aback at him playing anything but edgy rock.

You stood beside the kitchen doorway, watching everyone around you have a blast. Shouting, laughing, flowing alcohol, dancing. It was like being normal for once. You weren't a mob wife. Your husband wasnt a serial killer.

Ramsay was seated, playing poker with some guys who were ovbiously simple street soldiers. Ben had talked Liz into a dance, which made you smile. You glanced at your husband as your furniture was pushed against a wall to clear the floor. You wondered how he was taking that?

But he said nothing, as he rose from the table, drained his glass, threw his cards down, walking over to you, grabbing your hand and pulling you into him, gripping your hips tight.

"Why don't you swing those hips over here, baby girl?" he hummed in your ear as he pulled you to a corner.

It had been a long time since you had done any dancing with your husband, and dirty dancing was most welcome. Apparently pregnancy hormones made you incredibly hot for your husband. Or even more so than usual.

You grinned from ear to ear, relaxing into him completely as his hands wandered your body and you felt him throbbing in his pants as he pushed his hips into you.

He pushed you into the wall, pinning you, placing his lips to yours. You slid your tongue over his, pulling him closer into you as he ran his hand up your shirt, grabbing your breast firmly, toying with your nipple.

He moaned into your mouth, grinding himself against you, moving his hand over your pants.

"Mm, baby." you whispered, pulling him closer into you, grinding your hips against his to the music.

"You better stop it. If I have to change my pants, you will be in trouble." he panted, moving his hands to cup your ass and pull you closer, as you both moved to the music, biting and kissing at one another until you could feel your wetness practically dripping from you and a deep ache between your legs.

"You started it." you breathed back, as he turned you around, pulling your ass into him.

"Hm. I did, huh?" He replied in your ear, sliding his hand down the front of your pants. "No lacey frills to tear through?"

"You got rid of them all." You chided.

Ramsay laughed, rubbing his palm against you, "That's right, I did. Mad?"

"Would it matter if I was?" you asked, pushing back into him, a tingle starting to form in your midregion as Ramsay slid his fingers in you and curled the rather agressively.

"No. It wouldn't." he breathed, taking your earlobe gently between his teeth.

"Bedroom?" you asked, pulling his hand from you and turning to face him.

He stared at you, sucking his fingers with a grin.

"No. You have to wait, until you're over your atittude." he sneered, walking off towards the kitchen.


You pulled a bottle of water from the case in the corner, watching in distaste as a few men did lines off some chicks ass as she leaned over your dining room table. Others taking shots from between some other chicks fake tits.

You walked over to the poker table and sat in Ramsay's lap, watching him roll a joint and hand it to Damon. He wrapped his arm around you, rubbing his thumb along the inside seam of your pants.

"Good?" he asked, taking the joint from Damon, removing his hand from your leg to coat his finger in saliva and run it along the joint; the pungent smell from the smoke filling your breathing space.

You nodded, "yep."

Eventually you rose from his lap, when the smoke no longer agreed with you. Or maybe it was the pizza. Whatever. But the being sick constantly was getting old. Real fast. Even with the backdoor open, the kitchen window, and the bathroom window open, you felt overly hot. You slipped into your room, pulling a tank top on. You left your room, coming to a blind stop at the game of beer pong going on.

Ramsay grabbed you from behind and pulled you into him, biting and kissing at your neck as you stood there watching poor Matt get decimated at beer pong.

You pushed back into Ramsay, slowly grinding your ass against his pants.

"Right here?" he chuckled, nipping your ear and letting you go.

"I'd say if that's what my daddy wants, if there weren't innocent eyes about." you said, turning around to your husband and nodding at Kaden who sat on the recliner, swinging his legs, and shoveling pizza like he had never eaten before. Or maybe it was to keep himself awake. He looked exhausted and overstimulated.

"But I'm already so hard for you. It's getting painful." Ramsay whispered, placing his lips to yours, running his hands over your stomach.

"Good thing you like pain." you smirked.

He raised his brows at you and set off to find a bottle of liquor.

"Matt, dear, please. Let me show you how its done. you have to drink for me, but I promise it wont be much." you said, standing beside the kid, pulling your hair into a messy bun, and taking the ball from him.

"First thing you should know about us Bolton's, kid, is that we are all wonderful liars." Ramsay said, setting his glass of jack and coke down and taking his place across the table from you, fist bumping Alyn, lighting a cigarette.

You raised your brows, grinning, "He's the liar. Me? Less so." You said, giving Matt a quick wink and sinking the ball in Ramsay's jack and coke.

Ramsay narrowed his eyes at you, giving an evil smirk as he fished the ball out, downing the drink and walking to your side of the table to gather up the cups left in front of you.

"You will pay for that baby girl." he growled in your ear, biting at your bottom lip as he split the cups between himself and Alyn.

You winked at your husband before he left the table to fix another drink.

"We need another ball baby!" you called after him.

"I got two for you." Ramsay shouted back from the kitchen.

You felt your face flush and weren't even sure why it still embarrassed you when he said things like that.

Ramsay returned, set his glass down, stripped his shirt from him, and rolled two balls across the table.

"Ladies first."

The house was loud as more people continued to show up. So many people you didn't know. That one Arry girl, entertaining a group of people by the backdoor, caught your attention. Damn, she looked so familiar. Where had you seen her before?

Matt let out a cry, bringing you back to the game. Two orange ping pong balls in the same cup in front of you. You looked up to see Ramsay smirking at you.

"BEN!" You shouted. Ben turned from the couch to look at you. "Come help the kid!"

Ramsay frowned, watching you closely as you stepped aside, walking towards the girl.

You stopped beside her, she gave you a small smile. 

"I promise I won't drink much." She said.

You laughed, "I don't care about that, hon. Long as you don't die, you're welcome to whatever. Though, I feel inclined to warn you against drugs. I actually came to ask you where I know you from?"

The girl shrugged, "dunno. I've been racing for a couple months now, but before I was there every race night, watching. Maybe that's where."

You shook your head, "No. The other night was the first time I had even gone. Maybe you just have those eyes. You know, one of those faces."

Again, Arry shrugged. "Maybe."

You gave her a long look, shrugged, and walked back across the room. Ben grabbed you as you walked past the pong table.

Both teams were stalled at four cups and Matt looked like he couldnt drink another cup as he leaned against the wall, shedding his shirt to mop his flushed, sweaty face. Tyene had apparently stepped in and finished off the last few cups of beer, helping Matt stay afloat. Poor kid. He may never drink again after tonight, as the only cups left were the ones Ramsay had poured shots in.

"Celebrity shot!" Ben said, thrusting both balls in your hands.

"Gunna save them, baby?" Ramsay asked mockingly.

"I am. I call island." you said, nodding to the lonely corner cup.

"Just keep your elbow behind the edge, damnit. You damn Bolton's and your cheatin ass elbows." Alyn said, walking to the middle of the table to judge.

You took a breath. Any moment now your husband would take a drink from his glass and the opportunity would arise.

Sure enough, it did.

As he took a drink you took the moment to bounce the ball into the lonely cup and sink the second one in another before Ramsay could stop either.

He stood there slightly dumbfounded for a moment before letting out a loud laugh.

"Alright, redemption island." he said, fingering a ball out of a cup and giving it a quick throw.

You gasped as it danced over the rim, but fell out, hitting the table and falling to the floor.

Ramsay brought his glassy, bloodshot eyes up to yours and gave a wink before pouring one cup in the other and throwing it back.

You scowled. He did it on purpose. You turned to Matt, "I prefer puke in the back yard. Go finger fuck your throat and then eat some pizza." you said, patting him on the back and leaving the table for the next teams, making for the pizza.

"I'd like to finger fuck you some more." Ramsay growled, sliding his hand over your pants and grabbing you, pushing his palm firmly against you.

You grinned, pushing your ass back into him as you gripped the edge of the table, "I'd like that very much, as long as it doesnt stop there."

"What else does my baby girl want?" he growled, turning you toward him, and walking you to the wall until your back was flush to it, looping his fingers through your belt loops.

You looked up at him innocently as you slid your hand down the front of his pants to find him rock hard for you. You raised your brows at him with a smirk.

"Yeah, I noticed how low cut that shirt is, baby doll. How big your tits have gotten. How tight those jeans are, and the fact that I know you're wearing nothing under them. Knowing you're already soaked." he growled, pushing himself against you, making you weak at the knees.

"Boss, cops." Yellow Dick called.

Ramsay heaved a sigh, pulling away from you, readjusting in his pants, and reaching the door as the doorbell rang. He gave a quick glance around the room to make sure nothing illegal was out before opening the door.

"Yes officer?" Ramsay asked as you took your place beside your husband, trailing you nails firmly against his back.

"Sorry to bother, but we've gotten a couple calls about y'all being too loud. Just wanted to come ask you to tone it down a bit." the officer said, giving a small open palmed shrug.

"Of course. I apologize. Will be taken care of." Ramsay said with a nod, "or, you could do me a solid and ignore anymore calls about us. It's New Years, man. And nothing pleases my neighbors. You and the rest of your boys in blue come throw a few back with us. I have plenty."

"Also, I must ask if there are any minors drinking?" The cop said looking past you and Ramsay.

Ramsay turned to the crowd, "Hey!" he shouted and almost as one, people turned to look at him. "The nice officer here wants to know if any of you fucks are underage?"

The crowd hissed and booed. You grinned looking at at least 7 kids you knew had to be underage.

"Me! Pick me! I volunteer as tribute!" Ben shouted across the room. You grinned, as Liz gave her husband a dirty look.

"Nope. No minors here." Ramsay shrugged turning back to the officer.

You glanced around the room, just now realizing how many people were crowding your house. When had they all shown up? Who even were all these people? You thought as you saw Tyene and Matt practically fucking in the corner. You scowled, immediately scanning the room for Kaden, who was, thankfully, passed out in a recliner, wrapped up in Ben's jacket.

"Alright. Y'all have a goodnight. Don't drink and drive." the cop said with a laugh and wave.

"How are you so good at swindling yourself out of shit?" you asked, realizing Ramsay had seriously talked the cop into leaving you all alone for the rest of the night.

"Been doing it awhile, baby girl." your husband said with a shrug, glancing down at his watch. Three to midnight.

Everyone howled and cheered, throwing shots back after counting down to the new year, shooting fireworks off in the back yard. Ramsay clashing his mouth with yours, bumping teeth.

"Boss! Why didnt you tell me you were the Mad Dog?!" Matt shouted across the room when your husband had led you back inside.

You watched Ramsay finger his shoulder before pulling out a cigarette from the pack, even though he had one behind each ear. You followed him to where Matt laid on the floor in front of the tv, Tyene running her hands through his hair, leaning over in her seat on the couch to snatch up a cigarette from Matt.

"Ben and Damon been telling war stories again, huh?" Ramsay chuckled, yet giving cold glares at the two men who both gave uneasy shrugs.

It was always the most unlikeliest situations in which you found yourself learning about your husband. He sat rigid on the edge of the couch as Damon and Ben retold some of Ramsay's best fights. He didn't join in. He stood abruptly as Damon and Ben reenacted the "Battle of the Bastards", as they called it.

You watched Ramsay leave the room, anger written all over his face. You turned back to Ben and Damon.

"So yeah, they get to like, what was it, round seven?" Damon said, looking over at Ben, who nodded.

"Yeah, coaches tried to draw it. But Ramsay and this White Wolf guy, what the fuck was his real name?"

"Jon, I think." Ben said.

"Eh, whatever. They are going all out. Refusing to quit. It had gone from a friendly competition to a fight to the death. Both of them gushing blood. The Wolf was just a bit quicker."

"Guy comes in, putting all his weight behind a swing. Caught Ramsay right in the collar bone." Ben said, placing his fist on Damon to show exactly where. "Talk about one hell if a noise. All you could hear was bone breaking and Ramsay screaming out in pain and rage. Like holy fuck. I've never heard anything as scary as that, and I've been in war zones."

Damon nodded, "It was crazy scary. Broke Ramsay's collar bone and his shoulder when they fell. The Wolf shattered his hand from what I heard. Ramsay was so angry." Damon dropped his voice, "don't think he's ever gotten over it. It's been a long seven years to be left stewing. If the White Wolf really is back, the Mad Dog will show himself again, and will be absolute hell."


"Where'd you go?" you asked, coming to a stop behind Ramsay's seat, running your nails through his hair.

"Puke." he said, looking up from his cards, flicking his ashes, and looking down at his lap.

You sat in his lap, picking up his phone from the table.

You leaned back into him, scrolling through his newsfeed, Only to find nothing overly exciting, except you and him were tagged about 100 times in peoples posts.

Liz had uploaded about 60 pictures, and you were slightly afraid about what they may contain.

"Hey man, we're outta here." Ben said clapping Ramsay on the shoulder.

"Right on. Be safe." Ramsay said dismissively.

You smiled at Ben who held Kaden, still passed out, and hugged Liz.

"Lunch on Friday?" you asked when she pulled away from you.

"Wouldn't miss it." she said with a small smile.


"So?" Ramsay said, throwing away the last of the plastic cups.

It was three in the morning and the party had finally died. Some people had managed to leave, but many had passed out wherever they had fallen or sat.

"So what?" you asked, sipping your water bottle as you watched Ramsay rummage coat and pant pockets, coming up with cash and drugs.

He examined each baggie, smelling each bag of weed, sorting each group of different sized and colored pills, placing them all together in a pile.

"The boys do a good enough job retelling my fight to make you wet, or did I scare you?" he asked, looking up from a bag of blow.

You gave a sheepish grin, unable to say anything.

"Good." he said, looking back at the stash he had collected, clearly adding it up in his head as he screwed up his face in thought, lighting a cigarette. He pushed Matt's unconscious body to his side from his back, "he pukes in here I will kill him after he cleans it up. Stupid kid."

He pulled a bag of white pills towards him and examined them closely before pulling one out and swallowing it. He took in the look on your face but said nothing as he gathered up all his stolen plunder and walked down the hall way.

You followed, closing the door to the bedroom behind you, glad to be in the cool, dark security of your private life again.

You stripped your clothing, crawling into bed with a yawn and stretch. You placed your hand on your bare belly as Ramsay rummaged in the closet to put the stolen goods in the safe before flipping off the closet light and undressing.

"mmm... baby." you hummed as he pushed your legs apart and kissed up your leg.

"yes, doll?" he purred, resting his warm cheek against your inner thigh, running his hand up your other thigh.

You shivered as he trailed his finger softly to part you.

"I need you." you panted, not wanting to endure the teasing.

"Sure you're wet enough?" he laughed, pressing his finger a bit firmer.

"Test it and find out." you grinned, drawing a sharp breath as he pushed his finger into the warmth of your pussy.

"Baby." you moaned, pushing your head back into the pillow.

"I'm daddy tonight." Ramsay growled, pulling his finger from you and sucking it clean, rather noisily before crawling up your body to sink his teeth in your neck.

"More like a mad dog to me, daddy." you purred, wrapping your fingers in his hair.

"If thats so, little pet, I'd have to fuck you like a bitch." he whispered in your ear, shoving himself into you, grabbing your thighs with such force you thought he would surely leave bruises. He pushed harder into you. It was almost painful.

"oh god!" you gasped, rolling your hips into his.

He rolled his hips deeply against yours, leaning forward and kissing you hungrily as you opened your mouth under his.

"I fucking love you." he panted, breaking the kiss as he ghosted his lips down your neck and worrying a spot on your skin aggressively as he continued to shove himself into you.

You gasped pulling at his hair and clutching his hip.

"I love you too, baby." you managed to get out eventually, finding your rhythm with him.

You felt the desire inside you reach boiling point as his breathing became heavy in your ear. He buried his face into the crook of your neck, his hot breath making your body quake as he breathed hard against your skin. His sweaty hair against your cheek oddly satisfying as you moved your body against his.

"Who do you belong to?" He growled heavily in your ear.

"You baby. I belong to you." you whimpered, your body tingling as he shoved into you again.

He let out a strangled moan, drawing a sharp breath as he met his release, relaxing his rigid body into yours. Hastily he brought his thumb to your sweet spot, rubbing firmly and quickly, as he pushed into you again.

it was your turn to let noises of euphoria escape you as the warmth of your high washed over you, heart hammering in your chest.

Ramsay made another small noise, and gave a shiver as he pulled away from you.

He pulled the blankets out from under you, nudging you to crawl into your spot. Once he had situated himself and pulled you into him as close a physically possible, he placed a kiss to your temple.

You lay there, feeling the beat of his heart in the darkness against the side of your face.

"Baby?" you whispered.

"yes, doll?" his chest rumbled against your cheek.

"Did you ever fight again? After your shoulder?" you asked, timidly, not sure you should of even asked.

"No. I couldn't. I never healed. So now I just kill people, make money, and fuck my wife."

"Did Ben tell you?"

"Tell me what?" he asked with a threatening growl, conclusively grabbing you harder.

"Liz has cancer."

Ramsay's arm around you went limp, but he said nothing.

You glanced up at him, seeing his eyes shine in the darkness as he stared at the ceiling.

Chapter Text

You sat there giddy in excitement, waiting on your name to be called. It was impossible to hide your feelings, as you wrung your hands in your lap.

Ramsay simply sat there, lost in deep thought by the look in his eyes until the sound of your shared last name brought him to.

"How are we feeling today, (y/n)?" The nurse asked as you stepped on the scale.

"Fantastic!" You said, doing your best to keep your voice quiet.

The nurse smiled, "glad to hear. No problems?"

"Nothing I can't handle. Baby B and I are reaching an agreement in the eating arrangements now." You said as the nurse led you to the room.

"Good deal. So, looks like today we are finally getting to see the little one. Sorry we couldn't get you in on your first appointment, our tech was on holiday." The nurse said, smiling between you and Ramsay. "So, with that said, she will be in here in a couple minutes."

You glanced around the room. Full of wires and equipment. You gave your husband a small smile as you gripped his hand.

After only a few minutes of waiting the ultrasound technician entered with a knock.

"Good morning." She said with a smile and sitting in her swivel seat. She typed in a few things on her computer, pulled on a pair if gloves, and turned to you, "let's see this baby, shall we?"

You laid back on the bed, unbuttoning your pants as instructed and watching the tech place a blue paper cloth in your pants waist and pull a tube of gel from her table.

"Mkay, so it will be cold at first, but then it gets warm. Ready?" The woman said.

You bit your lip, grasping Ramsay's hand, and giving a nod.

The thick gel feeling weird as it began to warm, your eyes glued to the screen as finally your child came into view.

Your breath caught as you saw the tiny little human shaped form inside you. Ramsay said nothing as his eyes wandered over the screen. A stoic mask upon his face

"Looks like we are actually sitting at more at thirteen weeks. Projected due date is... uhm, June twenty seventh."

"How can I have been pregnant for so long and just now finding out about it?" You asked as the information penetrated you.

The woman gave a small laugh, "some women have no idea until they are almost due. Bodies are crazy. So in about, oh, i'd say six weeks we will take another look, just to make sure we have all our fingers and toes and see if we are a boy or girl."

You gave a small nod as the tech pulled away from you and pulling her gloves off, adding notes to her computer and printing out three of the pictures and handing them to Ramsay as you wiped the gel off your skin with the blue cloth.

In one hand you clutched your next appointment slip, and the pictures in the other as you climbed into the jeep. You wore a big grin watching the snow kiss the windshield.

"Hungry?" Ramsay asked, glancing around the parking lot.

"Well, I could eat." You said with a shrug. "I'd actually probably kill for some greasy hash browns and nasty ass McGridle."

"So specific." Ramsay chuckled.


"Where you going?" You asked sitting up from the couch.


You scrunched your nose. "Can't you just stay home with me, where it's warm?"

"I won't be long." He said, leaving.

"Pft. Okay." You muttered, laying back down on the couch and picking up your phone.


A knock came on the door. Thankfully the dogs were out back. You did not want to hear their obnoxious barking.

You rose from the couch and opened the door. There stood Tyene holding a plastic bag full of cookies and ice cream. A file folder in her other hand.

"Got what ya wanted." She said with a grin, walking in past you and falling into the couch, snatching up the remote.

You sat beside her, pulling the cookies toward you. You rose to your feet again and went to the kitchen for a spoon.

When you came back, it was to find Tyene shoveling cookies in her mouth and watching some anime on Netflix.

"Sooo... what's up with you and Matt?" You asked, giving her a sly grin.

Tyene grinned, "He's cute. A real sweetheart. And he's fucking funny. I like him. He turns eighteen in a couple months, and im only nineteen, so it's not like weird or anything."

"I thought you were twenty." You said, raising a brow at her.

"I may or may not have lied about that on my application. I've been doing this since I was thirteen, so sometimes I just kinda forget."

You shook your head and sat back down on the couch and picked up the folder. You slowly opened it. It was full to bursting with papers and evaluations. All of Ramsay's psych reports from age five.


After almost two hours and a whole half gallon if ice cream, you set down your spoon and set aside the folder.

"So, how much of a piece of work is your husband? I didn't get the chance to look." Tyene asked as you rose from the seat.

You gave a shrug.

She took the look on your face, and cocked her head. "(Y/n)? You okay?"

"Yeah. Just... I dunno." You said, your voice sounding unnaturally high as it left you.

'I'm a clinically diagnosed psycho.'

You weren't sure how to take in the information. He fit the bill. But he loved you. Right? Or was he just using you? Could he love you? Roose's words echoed in your mind,

'Obsession. That's what he has for you.'

'No.' you thought bitterly. 'he does love me. He has given me the world. He's never hurt me. He loves me.'

You pushed aside everything and gave a smile.

"Yeah, the baby just... I guess the ice cream was too cold or something. I'm okay." You said, snatching up the folder and pushing through the back door to the patio. "Do you smoke?"

"Yeah. Why?" Tyene called back, as the dogs pushed past you to get inside.

"I need a lighter."

You watched the papers curl up into ash. You then closed the lid of the grill and walked back inside.

"So, thought I should tell you. The Lannister's will be attending theater tonight for that new reenactment of Hamlet or whatever." Tyene said, snatching up her keys.

You nodded, "the boy?"

Tyene nodded, "all of them. And the Tyrell bitch."

"What theater?" you asked.

"That Mocking Bird place."

"Thank you." You said, seeing her to the door. Once closed you walked back to the couch and picked up your phone.

"Everything okay, baby girl?" Ramsay's voice said, through a heavy breath.

"Yeah. I just got info the Lannister's will be going to see a play tonight. All of them. The Tyrell's included."

"Good girl. Dress nice. That backless dress. Diamonds over pearls. I'll be home soon. Pull out my finest."


"God, you're fucking sexy." Your husband purred, running his rough hand over the bare skin of your back, digging his nails in slightly, watching your skin form red lines.

Your cheeks flushed, "Thank you baby." You ran your hand over the front of your dress, your bulge very pronounced in the right fabric. It was exciting. It was little and not very noticeable to others, but you noticed it. You loved it.

"Don't shave." You said, as you watched Ramsay step into the shower.

"Whatever my queen commands." He replied.


"Bow tie tonight huh?" You asked, brushing Ramsay's hair aside. It was getting a bit long.

"Been awhile. And none if my ties match this jacket." Ramsay shrugged, stepping back from you and adjusting his cuffs. "Ready?"

You grabbed your clutch off the bed, slipped your phone inside and nodded.

It was always exciting when Ramsay took you out and went over the top, as he helped you into the limo.

"So, the plan is?" You asked, watching the slow city life of a Wednesday night downtown as the Ramsay danced his fingers across the bare skin of your thigh.

"You get friendly with the Tyrells." He whispered, leaning over and nibbling your neck.

"What about you?" You asked leaning into him more.

"You have your orders, I have mine." He murmured as the door opened.

The man at the door helped you out and as you straightened up you were surprised to see Roose and Walda standing there beside two men you didn't know. One was younger looking with a cocky air about him. The other looked ancient and like, well, a creep.

Ramsay placed his hand on the small of your back, "Father. Baelish. Frey." He said smoothly, inclining his head at each man in turn.

"Son. (Y/n)." Roose responded in his silky voice.

"Shall we?" The man named Baelish asked, motioning toward the entrance.

You and Ramsay fell into step behind the group. He gripped your hand almost painfully hard, but you weren't sure why. He wasn't mad at you. Must be his father.

A man at the entrance showed your party up a flight of velvet stairs and bowed you all in through a door to a half room with a balcony to see the stage.

The sight made you gasp slightly as you saw them. Tywin, Jaime, Cersei, Joffrey , Margaery, and her brother Loras. They all stood when your party entered. You took in Margaery. She was a beauty. Poor girl. Stuck with that blonde idiot boy. She was easily three years older than him.

"Roose and company. So glad you could all join us this evening." Tywin said, shaking your father in laws hand.

What the fuck was going on?

You saw Joffrey lean into Margaery and whisper something in her ear with a smirk. You saw her let out a forced giggle and a smile that betrayed her eyes.

You took your seat beside Ramsay, crossing your legs and toying with the clutch in your lap.

"You sure are a pretty little dove." Cersei spoke up, smiling rather unkindly at you.

"Thank you, ma'am. I get that all the time." You replied through a genuine smile that made hers falter slightly. Ramsay snorted, making Cersei drop her fake smile all together and give you both sour looks.

"I hear you and the Mad Dog are expecting. I have a dog too you know." Joffrey said maliciously nodding behind him to a man who had a very scared face. He grunted but said nothing. what a bitch to have a body guard. Pompus little shit.

"Well I think you are absolutely glowing. I only hope I look as beautiful when I'm pregnant." Margaery cooed with a big smile.

"Speaking of dogs, Bolton." Jaime spoke up, leaning forward in his chair, "I heard you were in the ring today. Getting a bit slow, huh?"

Ramsay gave a shrug, "Been awhile. Thought I'd give it one last go before the glory days are over."

"You neglected to tell me that, son." Roose said, eyeing Ramsay disdainfully. 

You watched Ramsay's profile, as he turned to you, "go get me a drink baby girl. Top shelf. Don't let them water it. If they try to swindle me, shoot 'em."

You gaped. "Shoot 'em?"

"Politely, of course. This is a black tie affair after all." He said, slapping your ass as you stood from your chair.

"Allow me to come with. I'm a bit thirsty. Anyone else want something?" Margaery said standing quickly.

"You know what I like." Joffrey said, leaning back in his seat as if he owned it.

Margaery looped her arm through yours and you glanced back at your husband who gave you a wink and ran his tongue along his lips rather suggestively. Your cheeks burnt.

"So, are you excited?" Margaery asked, eyeing your belly.

"So excited. Got to finally see the little one this morning. It's so surreal." You gushed, unable to keep the excitement from your voice.

Margaery gave a tinkling laugh, "I hope to have one soon. I love children. I want so many."

"I suppose you're here to feel me out?" You asked rather bluntly. No point in beating around the bush.

"Naturally. As are you." Margaery said, her kind smile never faltering.

"Men." You huffed with an airy laugh.

"Right though? What do we even need them for? I'm sorry by the way. About your bar. And the what Joff did that night. I see Ramsay wasn't hurt too bad." Margaery said, tugging at her dress as you both descended down the stairs.

"He looks much better than he did." You replied sagely.

"I would have stopped it, if I had known in advance."

You weren't sure if she meant the shoot out or the bar. But it didn't matter.

You were a bit startled to see Olyvar at the bar.

"What can I get you ladies?" He asked, as if he didn't know you.

"Might as well just buy the whole bottle of your best whiskey." You said with a sigh, pulling your card from your clutch and sliding it across the counter.

You fingered the bottle waiting, as Margaery placed her order.

'What a bitch if that's what he likes.' you thought to yourself as Margaery paid for the two electric blue fruity drinks.

You gripped the bottle. "Can I get a glass, please? I'd rather if my husband didn't look like trash while getting trashed."

"Of course ma'am." Olyvar said, leaning forward as he slid the glass to you. "Tell Ramsay the Lannister's are tailing Stark." He whispered, glancing around.

"Thank you!" You said cheerfully, taking the glass and walking back over to where Margaery stood waiting on you.

"I have it that you aren't from the city?" Margaery said, sipping her drink as you made for the stairs.

"Nope. Little town about three hours from here. Came here for school, then I met Rams, and well, here I am." You said with a small laugh. What a story you would have to tell someday.

"Is it true he kills for fun? That's what Joffrey says."

You gave a small shrug, but said nothing.

"Does he... You know, hurt you?" She asked, quietly.

"No. He doesn't. He's very good to me." You said coldly.

"I'm sorry. I wasn't trying to assume, I just thought he would be violent. After the things I heard."

You stopped on the stair, "What do you mean?"

"Oh. I only just meant... do you not know?" Margaery asked, taking you in.

"Know what?" You breathed narrowing your eyes at the woman.

Margaery looked around uncomfortably, then jerked her head to a bathroom door.

You stepped off the stair and followed her. Once inside she quickly checked the stalls and then locked the door.

"I don't know the truth of it, but I heard Cersei talking with Jaime and Tywin about Roose and Ramsay the other day. Jaime was saying how he doesn't blame Ramsay for constantly undermining his father. Now with Domeric gone, Ramsay is the only one with the Bolton last name, Roose won't end his family name that easy. But, apparently Roose used to beat the hell out of Ramsay. Abused him in ways that make women shudder. He ran away to go to school and box and started the Bastard's Boys. They say that's why he tortures and kills people." She shifted on her feet, "like I said, I don't know how much of that is true. Just what I heard."

You stared at the girl in front of you, trying to process the words.

"Attachment disorders, personality disorders." You whispered to yourself, remembering the psych reports. You cleared your throat, "we better get back."

"Knew I married you for a reason." Ramsay chuckled as he took the bottle and glass from you as you sat down.

You gave a small smile and turned your gaze to the stage.

You blindly watched Hamlet. Margaery's words echoing in your head.

Ramsay's hand on your back made you jump.

"They all die." He whispered.

You rolled your eyes, "I know what happens."

"Come here." He said gruffly, pulling you into his lap.

He smelt like the bottle he just damn near drained.

"Stop. It's not the time." You hissed as his fingers trailed under your dress.

"Baby girl, any time is the time. Think I care what any of these fucks think? I'll bend you over this balcony and fuck you right here, right now. Maybe teach these cunts a thing or two about enjoying life." He growled, resting his palm against your pussy. "No undies, huh? And you said it wasn't a good time."

Your cheeks flushed and you stifled a gasp as your husband slipped a finger in you.

"You know I have no underwear." you retorted through a hiss.

You cast around, but no one was paying attention. They were all engaged in conversation, pretending to like one another.

"Baby, stop it. I don't wanna ruin this dress." You whispered, unable to keep yourself from relaxing into him.

"I'll buy you a new one." He replied and a throaty voice as he slid another finger inside you.

You leaned back into him, bringing your hand behind you to fumble with his belt. Once you had gotten it loose enough you slid your hand in his pants.

He made a noise and shifted as you gripped him tightly in your hand, running your thumb over his tip, spreading his precum. He shifted again, apparently becoming very uncomfortable.

"The Lannister's are tailing Ned Stark." You whispered in his ear as you rested your head back on his shoulder.

Ramsay jerked, pulling his fingers from you and wiping them on the inside of your leg.

"Who told You that?" He asked, running his bloodshot eyes over your face, pulling your hand from his pants and fixing his belt.

"Oly. He's working the bar." You said, unsure of what you were seeing on Ramsay's face.

"We need to go." He said, sliding you from his lap and standing abruptly. He grabbed your hand and made toward the door before stopping suddenly. "Oh yeah." He muttered, shoving his hand in his pocket.

You noticed everyone looking at you both, many looks calculating.

Ramsay thrust something into Joffrey's hand, "word of the wise, kid. If you wanna cause mayhem, leave no evidence."

You looked down at the gold, lion shaped cufflink and saw Joffrey swallow uncomfortably.

"Where are you going son?" Roose asked, standing.

You looked at your father in law with cold malice and burning hatred.

"Home. My wife says this isn't the place to fuck her." Ramsay said smoothly. You gave him a dirty look, your ears burning.


You leaned back into the seat of the limo, welcoming your husband's touch as he made various phone calls.

You ran a hand over your belly, as Margaery's words sounded again. 'He won't let his family name end so easily.'

"No. He's waiting to see of I'm carrying a boy. Then he will kill Ramsay. Six weeks. I need to figure out what to do." you thought with a sigh, closing your eyes as you felt Ramsay's weight on you.

You peeked your eye open to see him sliding to his knees in the floor board. He grabbed your hips rather roughly and slid you to the edge of the seat. He bunched your dress and pushed it up to expose you, and ran his scruffy jaw against your thigh as he placed sloppy kisses to your bare skin.

"Rams, stop. We are almost home." You hissed, swallowing the moan threatening to escape you.

You glanced out the blackened window to see multiple police cars shoot past the red light. You frowned. Ramsay pulled away from you and sat up right watching the lights until they were out of sight.

He pulled out his phone. You saw the questions swarming on his face.

"Why did your father seem interested in you fighting again?" You asked suddenly.

Ramsay looked up at you, licking his lips. "Money."

"I don't understand?" You said, furrowing your brow.

"Well, plenty of money to be made. He'll bet against me if I decide to fight again, I'm sure." He said, glancing back down at his phone.

"What happened between you and your father?"

Ramsay gave you a cold look before putting on a sickly sweet smile. "Nothing. We just don't get on well. Now, don't ask questions baby girl."

You frowned. The rumors were apparently not rumors after all.


You fell on to the couch with a sigh, turning the nightly news on. You made it just in time. You slid your heels off, leaning back into the cushion, waiting on the commercials to be over.

The anchorman had a very grim look on his face.

"Good evening folks. Tonight we bring you dismal news as sources are pouring in that Police Chief Ned Stark was shot to death in cold blood just a little over thirty minutes ago as a group of masked men abducted his eldest daughter outside of the mall where she works. We will bring you more information on the story as it comes in."

You gasped. That's where those cop cars had been going.

"Ramsay!" You called, eyes glued to the television.

"Hm?" He asked a few moments later. You glanced over at him, flushing as he only wore a towel at his hips. But you pushed that away and rewound the report.

"Listen!" You cried, hitting play.

Ramsay sat on the couch, running his hand over his stubble and running his tongue over his top teeth.

"Well, this complicates things." He finally spoke.

Chapter Text

"With him gone we need to be careful. It won't take them long to realize it was gang related. We will be targeted." You said, fear gripping your throat.

"You are not to be anywhere without me." Ramsay said, standing and leaving the room.

You scrambled off the couch after him, "but what about while you're at work?"

"I'm taking vacation apparently." He replied, walking into the bathroom. "Get your girls together. Have them find me Theon Greyjoy. He's gone quiet."

You frowned, walking into the living room, and reaching for your phone on the couch. You dialed Tyene's number.


"Find me that Greyjoy detective."

"Alrighty. Anything else?"

"Nope." You said before hanging up.

You walked back into the bedroom. You sat on the edge of the bed, waiting on Ramsay. You were lost in thought, staring at the wall. Would all of tbis blow over and you be safe? For once this wasn't on your husband. His hands were actually clean. You frowned. Because his hands were not involved in this surely meant that he would be first on the list of suspects. Because that's how things went.

He eyed you suspiciously when he walked in. "Mkay. I'm going to ask you what's up and you're not gonna lie, because I will know. So, what's up?"

"I'm just worried." You said, casually.

"Why? There's nothing to be worried about." He chuckled, climbing into the bed and falling with a heavy sigh.

You scowled. "I don't feel safe in this fucking city."

Ramsay pushed himself up and glared at you. "Then run home. Run to your woods and camo. Cow shit and big green tractors. Click those ruby red slippers together and leave the Emerald City, Dorothy." He seethed.

His words hurt and you just stared at him, dumbfounded. You opened your mouth but nothing came out as your throat tightened.

He smirked, running his eyes over you.

The tears came hot and fast, as you stood abruptly, averting your gaze, hoping to keep the tears in long enough to get out of the room at least. You gave a small sniff and left quickly, collapsing on the couch, pulling a throw pillow into you and letting out a cry.

You had no idea what warranted his shitty attitude toward you. Someone else, maybe. But not you. He never said shit like that to you. Even if it was on the tip of his tongue.

"Get in here!" Ramsay yelled from the bedroom.

"Fuck you!" You screamed, dissolving into sobs.

"You will regret it if I come in there!" he raged.

You said nothing, defiance surging through you. Hormones. Talk about a trip.

You took a deep breath and looked up to see Ramsay looming over you, his lip curled in anger, his pupils narrowed slits.

You chewed your bottom lip, any courage you had, running away quickly. You flinched as he held his hand out. You just stared at his hand.

"(Y/n), come on. I won't ask." He said gruffly.

You were slightly taken aback. He rarely addressed you by your name, sometimes he would let it slip, but it was odd. Not that you didn't enjoy the way it sounded in his lips, but it was foreign and foreboding when he used your name.

"Please don't hurt me." You whimpered, looking at the floor.

"I should. But I'd never hurt you baby girl. But you will never speak to me like that again." Your husband said, kneeling down beside you, and grabbing your face gently in his hands.

You didn't meet his gaze. "Yes sir." You said quietly.

"Look at me." He cooed.

You brought your eyes to his, "you're mine. You're not going anywhere. I take care of you. Do you understand?"

You gave a small nod. "Yes." You whispered, averting your gaze again.

"Now, come on." He said, taking your hand and leading you back to the bedroom.

You stood there by the edge of the bed, watching Ramsay pull his wallet, a fist full of change, a lighter, and cigarettes from the pockets of his discarded pants. He glanced at you as he pulled his belt free from his pants. You frowned, taking a deep breath and turning around to lean over the bed as you let your dress fall to the ground.

You held your breath waiting, but you heard Ramsay set the belt on the dresser. When his hands came into contact with your skin, you drew a sharp breath. But no pain came as he trailed his fingers up your spine.

"Is that what you want?" He asked, pressing his fingers a bit firmer on your skin.

You shrugged, suddenly feeling exhausted, "it's what you want. You don't get off unless there's pain involved. That's why you made me come back in here, right?"

Ramsay said nothing as he sat on the bed next you. The silence deafening.

"Hit me and we will call it even." he said suddenly.

You pushed yourself up, searching his face. "I can't hit you."

"Hit me." He said again tapping his cheek with his finger, his eyes expressing something you'd never seen before. Not on him. It was fear, or something of the sort. Maybe?

"No." You whispered, sliding your feet from your dress and climbing into his lap. "Let's do it my way. You don't need pain to feel good."

He snorted, dropping his gaze as you climbed in his lap.

"You don't need pain to be in control. To be powerful." You whispered, pulling his face to yours.

He sat there awkwardly, not looking at you. His hands resting on your thighs as he fought between squeezing and just holding.

"Look at me baby." You whispered, running your finger tips lightly over his side.

He brought his gaze to yours. You gave a small, encouraging smile. He placed his lips to yours in a way he never had before. It was beyond desire or lust. It was needing.

You made a small noise, releasing his face and tangling your hand in the hair at the nape of his neck. He wrapped his arms around you and pulled you closer to him, running his tongue along your bottom lip.

For the first time ever he closed his eyes as he sighed into your mouth.

To see him let his guard down and feel him against you made you emotional. But this time you were sure it wasn't pregnancy hormones.

You closed your eyes, taking his bottom lip gingerly between your teeth, sucking gently.

You pulled away from him, resting your forehead against his, catching your breath. You took his hand and placed it softly on your breast. He held your breast, giving a small sigh as he ran his thumb over your nipple.

Your breath hitched. "Lay me down and love me baby boy. Show me you can love." You whispered in his ear.

Ramsay shifted under you and gently laid you back on the bed, before carefully crawling up your body. You helped relieve him of his shorts and looked up into his face. He ran his eyes over your face, running his tongue along his bottom lip. Not in hunger this time, but in thought. Like he had no idea what to do.

You pulled him into you and he relaxed his body into yours briefly before pushing himself back up. 

"Be firm, but not painful. Relax baby. Nothing matters but you and me." You whispered, pushing up against him. You felt his breathing coming fast and rapid, felt his arms shake as he held himself up.

He climbed out of bed, pulling his shorts on. He leaned into you and kissed you again, then turned and left without another word.

You sat up quickly, "No, Ramsay! Come back here and listen to me. I read the psych reports. I know you've been clinically diagnosed with personality disorders. I know from the time you were five to seventeen you were severely abused. I know you have an addiction to pain. I know they say that you can't love or feel remorse, but you have feelings for me. I love you Ramsay. You and this little one inside me are everything. You said I calm the storm. Let me calm it. Make love to me." You called, tears stinging and blurring your vision.

You heard glass shatter in the kitchen and manic, cold laughter.

You fell down into your favorite part of the bed, with a frustrated sigh. Your mind was reeling. The image of his scared face refusing to leave you. It made your chest tighten.

He can't possibly be a legit psycho if he has feelings for you. Right? He didn't use you, or manipulate you. Or maybe he did, but you were too blind to see it. But he did take care of you. In every since of the word. He worshiped you. You came before everything. All your wants and needs. You were his queen and he was your killer king. All you knew right this second was that you would make Roose Bolton pay ten fold for every damage he had bestowed upon your husband. Even if you had to be the one to kill him. You would keep Ramsay safe. Ramsay and your child. At this point it didn't even matter who died along the way. You had a mission. You were going to succeed in that mission.


"Rise and shine, baby doll." Ramsay's voice said, as he flipped the light switch on, flooding the room in light.

You groaned and rolled over, burying your face in the pillow.

"What time is it?" You finally managed to get out.

"Seven." Your husband replied, leaving the room.

You sat up, and cast around the room. Why was he waking you up at seven on a Thursday? As a matter of fact, what was he doing home at seven on a Thursday?

The night before coming back to you. You frowned, throwing the blanket off of you. You made your way to the bathroom and went through your morning routine. The smell of bacon reaching your nose as you finished your make up.

You walked into the kitchen to find Ramsay talking to the dogs. A plate of breakfast waiting on you at the table. You sat quietly, taking Ramsay in. Casual. Super casual. Like ripped, faded jeans, band shirt, sneakers kind of casual. Scruffy and edgy. He glanced down at his watch.

What was his deal with time?

"Why am I awake?" You asked, a grouchy tone coming out. It startled you. "Sorry. Didn't mean to sound so bitchy." You added quickly.

"Well, we have shit to do today." He said, giving you a long look.

"Like what?"

"Don't ask questions. Eat your breakfast."

As you rose from the table with your plate the doorbell rang.

You set your plate on the counter and walked into the living room to see Ramsay and Damon exchanging keys.

"Scratch her and I'll snap your neck." Ramsay said, giving a cold glare to Damon.

"I know, I know. But I'm just going to the shop. I'll probably be there for the next week building that fucking motor." Damon said, rubbing his eye.

"Ready baby doll?" Ramsay asked, turning to you.

"um, yes?" You said.

He helped you into your coat, handed you your bag, and opened the door for you. The wind was bitter, but there were no clouds. Maybe you would get a whole day of sunshine. You saw Damon's truck, with a flatbed trailer.

"Where are we going?" You asked, as he helped you climb up into the truck.

"I told you, I wouldn't sponsor overseas trash for your little racer. Found a car. So we are going to get it." Ramsay said, shutting your door and putting on a pair of sunglasses.

"What is it?" you asked when he climbed in, adjusting the seat.

"A stang. Girl is shorter than you. She won't be able to drive anything else that I'd be interested in putting together." he said, turning up the radio and plugging his phone in.

You stifled a yawn, leaning back into your seat, fighting with the seat belt to get comfortable.

"How are you always going?"

Ramsay chuckled, "you can sleep when you're dead. What's up? You've never complained out our fast pace before."

"I'm just tired. I'm growing a person inside me, ya know."

He huffed, "have you thought of names?"

"No. Not sure what you'd like." You admitted.

He said nothing.

You stared out the window for awhile, tapping along to the music, watching the city fall away behind you.

"Why am I going with you to do this?" You asked, sitting up.

"Told you, i don't want you out of my sight. Besides, you keep bitching that you don't know me. So, you're about to know me real good."


You leaned forward and turned down the radio, "Where's your mother?"

Ramsay gripped the steering wheel until his knuckles were white, "dead."

"What happened?"

He lit a cigarette, furiously slamming the lighter down on the middle console, "how many times do I have to tell you not to ask fucking questions?" he growled.

You weren't going to back down, "if you expect me to know you I have to ask questions. Now, what happened to your mother?"

"She got done in."

You fixed him with a long look, "why?"

"Jesus fucking christ, are you going to do this the whole fucking time?"

"Probably. Now answer me."

"Because she was a stupid fucking whore, that's why!"

"Is that why you hate whores?"

"Would you rather I didn't? Would you rather me fuck whores?"

Anger surfaced, "no. And you know that's not what I fucking meant, Ramsay."

"Then why the fuck does it matter?"

You heaved a sigh, "I don't know. Never mind."

He gave a harsh laugh. "Oh no. You want to play twenty fucking questions, so go on. Hit me with 'em."

Time to change track, "When and why were you first arrested?"

"When and why were you?" he shot back with a wicked grin.

You gaped, opening your mouth and closing it again, heat rising in your cheeks.

He laughed again, "Yeah, I know about your night in jail when you were eighteen. I even know about the ankle surgery as a result from a softball accident. You're not the only one who can access confidential information baby doll. I've already beat you to it. So, what warranted your assault on an officer?"

You swallowed your embarrassment, holding your head high, "it was graduation night. I got stupid drunk at the graduation party. Things got out of control with me and this guy, and the cops showed, and I guess I went ballistic, but I don't remember, hitting and shouting at the officer from what I heard. Next thing I knew I was being picked up the next morning by my dad. Longest, quietest ride home ever."

Ramsay pulled his glasses down and fixed you with that calculating look. "and what do you mean by things getting out of control with a guy?"

You refused to look at him and gave a shrug. "Like I said, I don't remember that night."

"You're a goddamn liar. You will tell me." he said, turning the radio off completely.

"I really... I mean.. It was nothing. We were drunk."

Ramsay nodded slowly, "Riiight. Like nothing happened that night I hurt you, huh?"

You gave him a quick glance, swallowed, but said nothing. You had never expected him to bring that up. It had happened so long ago.

"I see." he tutted

"Did you kill your brother?" you asked, turning the conversation back to him.

He noticed, gave you a dangerous look, but shrugged, "more it less it was my fault."

"Why do you want the Greyjoy man?"

"Can't tell ya. Just don't like him. He looks like a rat. He may come in handy at some point. so I need him under my paw. I will bend him to my will. No one talks shit to my wife. Just like no one hurts my wife but me."

You gave a nod, staring out the windshield, "where did you learn to work on cars? Your father doesn't strike me as a get his hands dirty kind of guy."

He gave a bitter laugh, "no, you're quite right. Fucking fag. Nah, my high school boxing coach. It was his hobby. I enjoy it. It's precise. Everything has to be done perfectly."

"How old were you when you killed your first person?" you asked timidly.

"Fourteen." he said as if all fourteen year olds committed murder.


"Part of the being made process. That's how we work. Gotta kill to be in."

"Who was it?"

Ramsay gave an irritable sigh, "my mother."

You gaped, a weird, unsettling cold sensation trickling down your body.

You swallowed thickly, "so... has the kid killed anyone?"

"Matt? Nah, injured a few fucks that night. But no. Not yet."


Picking up the car went smoothly and Ramsay seemed smug about it. You asked him no more questions, still processing everything he had told you.

"When are we going to hillbilly hell?" he asked, turning the radio down as you entered city limits.

You shrugged, "dunno, why?"

"I have people to find, apparently."

Well, you knew that was coming.

"I dont know if you should..." you began.

He jerked his head at you, giving you the nastiest look you had ever seen from him, "No? I shouldn't kill the fuck that raped my wife? Really? That's how it is, huh?"

You buried your face in your hands and groaned, "we can't just show up, my ex boyfriend end up dead, and then fucking leave!"

"Well, that's what's happening. No one will know."

"It will be suspicious. Obvious even. Ramsay, I haven't been home since the day after that. As soon as I got back home from the jail I packed my shit and left. I didn't even invite my bestfriend to our fucking wedding. I can never go back!"

"So you'd rather just forever be known as the trashy, shitfaced whore who ran away to the city to probably become a hooker? Baby girl, you are the queen of this city. You are better than anyone in that goddamn town. We are going."

You turned your attention to the window, saying no more. There was no point arguing. Sure, you had told him you had wanted to, and you did want to spend time with your parents, but it was just a thought. You had never intended on it.

You fought back tears the rest of the trip. Ramsay said nothing as he opened your door and led you into the bay of the garage. It was loud and busy.

Ramsay stopped beside Damon. You looked around as they exchanged words. Ramsay nudged you holding out his keys to you.

"Third key, go through that door, very end of the hall, last door you come to. I'll meet you there in a minute." he said curtly.

You took the keys and followed his directions. You were very baffled by the room when you walked in. It couldn't be anymore different than his office at the bank, or even your house. This couldn't be your clean freak husbands office. But there was no mistaking his messy scrawl on pinned memos, or the wall covered in pictures of you and him.

Embarrassment formed as you saw pictures of you that would make you die inside if your family ever saw. Ramsay had at least had the respect, or humor, to place happy face stickers over your bare breasts. You took a seat in the dilapidated armchair in the corner, staring at a map of the city, covering one side of the wall. Red Xs covered the areas the Kings and Boys owned. The other areas covered different colored words, such as "cunts" and "fucking cunts".

Ramsay was a genuine Jekyll and Hyde. A time bomb that had reached 00:00 but had yet to explode. It was frightening.

He closed the door, and sat down behind his desk, grabbing up a dart and fingering it silently. He stared at you, as if he wanted to say something, but words never came.

His face was hard to read. Was he mad? Was he calm?

You tried to think of something to say, to break the silence, but nothing came to you.

Suddenly Ramsay flung the dart across the room where it buried into the dartboard, stood quickly, walked around his desk, and yanked you from your seat where he aggressively clashed his mouth with yours.

After getting over the initial, panicked shock, you melted into him and kissed him back forcefully, as he opened his mouth under yours. He picked you up and sat you on the edge of his desk, swiping at papers and pens to clear a space to lay you down.

"Why is it so fucking impossible for me to be angry at you?" he murmured as he kissed down your neck, and ran his hands up your shirt.

"I... I don't know?" you breathed, closing your eyes with a small sigh as his cold hands explored your skin.

He grabbed your hand to pull you up when your phone began to ring.

"Answer." he said, pulling you to stand as he unbuttoned your pants.

You pulled your phone from your coat pocket, letting him undress you to his liking as you saw it was Tyene and answered.


"Hey, just caught wind that the Baratheon's have cut ties with the Lannister's. Both Stannis and Renly."

There was a click. You glanced down at your phone and set it down.

"Hm?" Ramsay hummed, kissing along your bare thigh.

"The Stags are no longer with the Lions." you said.

Ramsay stood, staring at the map on the wall behind you; a wicked grin forming.

"Good. The Baratheon's were pretty chill with Stark. We should get in touch." he finally said, pulling your shoes off and sliding your pants off completely. He lifted you and set you on the desk again.

The desk was cold on your skin as Ramsay laid you back on it, ghosting his lips over your jaw and neck. You gave a shiver as the chills tingled your otherwise smooth skin. You wrapped your legs around Ramsay's waist as he pulled you to the edge of the desk. He fumbled with his pants before pushing his warm skin against you. Giving you chills again. You felt his throbbing length against your entrance and shifted your hips as Ramsay grabbed your wrists and held them above your head as he thrust into you.

You mewled, struggling to free your arms, his grip tightening as he thrust again.

"Harder." You choked, struggling still to free your arms. You wanted nothing more than to just grip him and pull him closer into you.

"Hush." Ramsay growled, pushing himself deeper into you.

You arched your back with a moan, grinding your hips into him. He released your hands to grip your hips. You immediately brought one hand to his side, grabbing up his shirt. Your other hand at his throat.

You felt the blood pounding in his neck and tightened your grip slightly as his grip on your hips became almost too tight. You squirmed slightly in discomfort, which seemed to please Ramsay as he continued to pound into you.

He released a hand from your hip to grope your breast through your shirt. Your breathing became shallow as you pushed yourself up to wrap your arms around Ramsay's neck, tangling your fingers in his hair. He clashed his mouth with your neck, biting, kissing, and sucking at the sensitive skin through heavy breaths.

"Baby." You panted out, grabbing harder at his hair.

He made a noise in the back of his throat, grabbing the small of your back and pulling you into him. Your breath hitched as he ran his hand up your shirt, under your bra to run his thumb over your nipple. The sensation causing a release deep inside you that made you cry out as you met your high. Ramsay smirked, jerking slightly, as he met his high moments later. You watched him as he took a deep breath and his pupils blew.

You pulled him in close to you and he rested his forehead on your shoulder, saying nothing until he regained normal breathing. He placed a kiss to your neck as he pulled away from you.

"Who are you?" You asked, watching him fix his pants.

"The master of puppets, baby girl." He replied, pulling his cigarettes from his pocket.

"Is everything just an act?" You questioned, sliding from the desk to fix your own pants.

"Mhm." He hummed, lighting the cigarette and glancing at his watch. "Lunch then?"

Chapter Text

"The fuck are you going?" Ramsay asked coldly behind you.

You looked at him through the mirror, setting your lip stick down.

"Lunch with Liz. It's Friday." you said with a shrug, avoiding his gaze.

"Lunch with Liz." He said mockingly, rolling his eyes. "What did I tell you?"

"Okay." You said, closing your eyes briefly and taking a deep breath, "Look, she's my friend." (He made a noise, saying "friend" in distaste.) "She's sick. Pretty soon she won't even be able to leave her house other than to go to the hospital. I promised her lunch today. So, I'm going."

"Oh you are, are you?" He breathed, eyes narrowed and deadly.

You turned to face him, "Please, baby? She needs the support. Other than us she has no one. Her family isn't from this country. Come with me, or send one of the Boys to watch us." You pouted, "Please?"

Ramsay looked at you for what felt like a lifetime before frowning and giving a nod.

"Where are you going?"

"That little cantina on the river. And then I'm stopping by the Girls salon and getting this nail" you held up your middle finger, "fixed, and see if they have any new information."

Ramsay blinkly slowly and glanced at his watch, "You will be home by three or you will never leave this house again."

You gave a smile, "Thank you, my love."

He grunted and left. You dropped the smile and sighed, turning back to the counter to finish your make up.

Ever since trying to pry him open yesterday morning he had been a real dick. He was quieter than usual, and you took it as a bad sign. Quiet meant over thinking. Over thinking meant unwanted trouble. He was restless too. You weren't sure he had even come to bed lastnight. All morning he had fidgeted and would abruptly get up and start cleaning something that was already spotless.

You had joked about throwing mud on the walls so he would have a legitimate reason to clean, but you didn't even get a chuckle.

Maybe he was strung out on speed or something? It was all you could come up with. You would make a point of examining him closely later.

"Baby?" You said rather timidly as you walked into the quiet living room, glancing around and not seeing him.

"Yes, doll?" He said, sitting up from the couch.

You threw caution to the wind, "Are you high?"

He raised a brow at you and smirked, "No."

You frowned. "See, I'm not sure if that's honesty or not?"

"I'm not. But speaking of drugs, I'm making a run tonight." He said, falling back into the couch.

Why was he so fucking weird?

"You good?" You asked, walking to the back of the couch and looking down at him.

"Of course. No one is ever as good as me." He said, looking up at you.

He didn't look high. No flushed face, glassy eyes, or blown pupils. He hadn't even started drinking as a bottle of water sat on the coffee table beside his cigarettes and lighter.

You pursed your lips with a frown, "mmm."

He gave a grin.

"You've been weird since we got home yesterday."


You gave an irritable sigh, "I don't know. Just thought I should make you aware. Now, I'm going to lunch. I love you."

You leaned over the couch and gave him a gentle kiss.

He cupped your face and pulled you over the couch into him. You gave a startled noise, with a gasp. He pulled you closer, kissing across your jaw and worrying a hickey on your neck.

You relaxed into him. He bit down, much harder than usual,  making you hiss.

"Ouch, Rams. That hurt." You whined, pulling away from him, but he pulled you closer and placed a gentle kiss to his bite marks.

"Three O'clock, baby girl." He said, letting go of you, slapping your ass as you stood up.

"Yes. Three. I know." You said, grabbing your coat and purse.

You sighed as you closed the door to the jeep, adjusting the seat, and waiting on the heater to start blowing warm.

You blindly made your way across town to the restaurant, lost in thought, and yet not even sure what you were thinking about. Ramsay, obviously. But what exactly about him?

You had learned so many new things about him recently, and it was as if he kept you going to the point of exhaustion so you didn't have the time to process it all.

You walked in the restaurant, glancing around, spotting Liz at a booth. There was no mistaking her dark hair, tanned skin, and big brown eyes. Seeing her and Ben together was like seeing snow meet the desert. Their son only got Ben's light colored hair. You wondered if your child would take after you or Ramsay more.

You gave Liz a tight hug as you sat down across from her and ordered a water.

"How are you?" you asked, fingering a tortilla chip.

She heaved a sigh, "eh."

You let out a laugh, "I heard that. No updates?"

"No. I have an appointment Monday with the specialist about all of my options at this stage." Liz said, absentmindedly dipping her chip in salsa.

"How's Ben taking it?" You asked, glancing the menu over as your drink was set in front of you.

"He's being a champ. Got my mom a plane ticket to come out here and stay for awhile after I start the chemo, to help with Kade."

You gave a smile, "good. I'm sure that will help everyone. How is my little amigo doing?"

"Great. He's still loving school. We've kept him in the dark about me though. Not sure how to tell him where he will understand and not flip a lid. He knows I'm sick. But that's all we have told him."

"What are we doing for his birthday?"

"He wants to do Paw Patrol. Party, tomrrow at our place. Around three."

"Sweet. Anything I need to bring?"

"Nope. Just yourselves. How'd your ultrasound go?" Liz said, sipping her drink.

Happiness spread through you, "absolutely amazing. Thirteen weeks. Due June twenty seventh. It's so surreal. Like there is a tiny little person in here."

Liz laughed as you pushed your belly out.

"Si. But they don't stay tiny for long. It seems like one minute you're screaming for them to get out and the next your screaming because peanut butter is in the bluray player."

You both laughed. How nice it was to spend time with her again.

"I suppose Ramsay wants a boy?"

"Of course. If he could find a way to make it set in stone he would."

"Well, what about you?"

You shrugged, "either way I'm fucked, if you really do pay for your raising."

"Truer words have never been spoke. But, he or she will be worth every physical pain, and your sanity may leave you, but like we really have any of that left anyways."

You nodded with a laugh as the waiter approached your table and you placed your order.

"So, you know this better than I, being a nurse and all, but what kinds of, um..." you glanced around the crowded restaurant, "things would wire you for sound?"


You nodded.

"Doubt it's that. A lot of stress for you both lately. Finding out your pregnant, the shit at the bar, the shoot out, and whatever else goes on with you two. He doesn't exactly process stress well. Maybe it wires him? What did you do?" Liz said, eating another chip, adding the last part casually and accusatory.

You reached for a chip from her basket, as you realized you had demolished yours.

"We actually don't spend a lot of time together. He's always going. But now with the bar burnt, and the shit with Stark we are both kind of stuck at home. I think he's afraid something will happen to his child. But, I may or may not have pressured him into a lot recently. Sponsoring underage street racers. Demanding questions to be answered. My hormones have been ridiculous. I may have accidentally called him a bastard. I'm pushing him over the edge, and it scares me, but it's exciting too. Like I can't even help it. I want to see what happens when he gets cornered. I can see it in his eyes, and it's satisfying to see the internal struggle."

Liz gave you a long look and laughed, "you two were fucking made for each other, hon. When did you become such a bold as brass bitch? You are playing with fire. Like raging forest fire. You are the reason for his weirdness, chika. Just put on some edgy metal, call him daddy, and blow him. Or give him some pain. Whatever weird shit it is you two are into. Just let him vent it out sexually and he'll be good as gold again. And if that doesn't work, make a scene with some random guy for him to kill. Maybe both."

Your cheeks burnt, but you couldn't supress the grin. "How long have our husbands been friends? Rams doesn't really talk about his childhood."

"I don't know. I know they met in like fifth grade, but I don't know if they became friends immediately. Why?" Liz said, picking up her fork as the food was placed in front of you both.

You shrugged, tucking into your food.


"Have time to get your nails done? I want you to meet our girls."

"Sure. It's been awhile." Liz said examining her nails.

"Follow me, and I will see you there." You smiled, climbing up in the jeep.

Liz, too took to the girls immediately. But they were one in the same, as they were from the same country. Maybe they would help her feel more at home. Liz had often confessed she felt so out of place here.

She had met Ben eight years ago, while he was in the service, and he married her the first opportunity he got. She had left everything she loved and knew behind when Ben's contract was up and he wanted to "come home". In a way you connected with Liz on that level. To leave everything behind and never look back.

Your conversation with Ramsay the previous day creeping up on you again.

"Sup, little flower?" Obella asked, looking up from your hand to look at your face.

You made face, "nothing. Just thinking. Let's do a sharper tip."

"Thinking about?" she asked, finishing up your nail and examining it closely, filing it to a sharper point.

"Rams." you said with a shrug.

"So why the long face? I usually hear about how you look at him with love and hunger. Tyene gushes about how cute it is." Obella said, resting her face on her hand and peircing you with a fierce gaze.

"We just... had a disagreement yesterday is all."

"And who was right?"

"Um, neither?" You said as the woman rose, taking your hand and leading you over to the drying lamp.

She leaned against the wall, "How long have you been together?"

"Three years." You replied, watching her curiously.

"Momma!" Obella called across the room to Ellaria.

The woman glanced up from Liz's nails.

They exchanged a very emotional sounding conversation in their native tongue. Liz joined in.

You pursed your lips, watching them, as the rest of your girls also threw their two cents in. Man, how you should of actually paid attention in your classes in high school.

"What kind of lingerie do you wear?" Obella asked, abruptly.

"Um..." you said, clearing your throat, feeling warm in the face, "none? Rams threw everything out. Said he hated it. That it gets in his way."

Obella tutted, yanked your hand up, made sure your nails were dry and tugged you from the chair.

Questioningly, you followed her through the door to the back and into a much smaller room. She flipped the light switch on and you glanced around the storage room.

"Wait here." She said, leaving. 

A few moments later she came back with a large black plastic bag, dropped it at your feet, and stooped down to rummage through it and pull out revealing outfits.

She made you try on multiple outfits ignoring your protests, setting aside the ones she had liked on you best.

She walked around you examining the strappy black leather outfit that hardly left anything to imagination and hardly covered even your nipples and rather uncomfortable fabric netween your legs, pulling at the thin chains at your throat. What would Ramsay say if he knew what you were doing in a nail salon?

"This one for sure." Obella said with a smile.

You frowned, placing your hand on your stomach.

"But I'm pregnant, and it's becoming obvious."

"No, no. Nothing is sexier than a pregnant woman who knows how to embrace her body and fuck her lover sensless." Ellaria said, walking in and leaning against the door frame.

"But I..." you began, your cheeks burning as the older woman ran her eyes over you.

"But nothing. It's no secret that your husband has no shame in showing the world how obsessed he is with you." She nodded at your neck. "Embrace it, child. You control him. He does not control you. Remind him of that. He's picking fights to bend you. Push back." Ellaria said firmly.

These women were trying to get you hurt. Like damn. No one knew Ramsay like you, and not even you knew him.

"I'll try. But, I need to get home. I promised Rams I'd be home by three." You said, grabbing up your clothes.

"Oh, before I forget. The Greyjoy has left the state. He went back to his hometown. Vacation. Or that administrative leave shit. Whatever. He will be back in two weeks." Obella said, before leaving you alone to dress.


"Thank you ladies." You said with a smile, walking back onto the floor of the shop.

"Of course." Obella said, grabbing your breasts and shifting them to make them seem much bigger.

You grabbed up your coat and purse, giving Liz a tight hug as you entered the shop floor, and letting Obella stuff your bag full of lingerie.

"Alright girls, I have had a splendid afternoon." you smiled, placing a 100 down on the counter and leaving.

Maybe the Girls were right. Ramsay belogned to you as much as you belonged to him. You were not going to let him get bored of you. You were not going to let him cast you aside. And, well, if he was stressed, you could fix that. Your hormones were changing your outlook on things. You were no sweet, innocent angel. Maybe it was time to raise a little hell.

Chapter Text

Slowly you opened the door, to a quiet house.

You found Ramsay passed out on the couch, headphones on. It was weird. Him being asleep at 2:50 in the afternoon. He wasn't one to nap. But, he wasn't being restless or rude, so you'd take it.

You hung your coat in the closet and made for the laundry room, you had towels to finish folding and socks to match.

As you carried a stack of towels to the guest bathroom the floor seemed to sway beneath you and you became alarmingly hot.

"Oh god." You muttered, leaning against the hallway wall and taking a deep breath.

Shit. For as amazing as pregnancy was, it fucking sucked.

The dizziness subsided, but you were still so damn hot, and now so very tired. You put the towels away and returned to the laundry room. You grabbed the basket of socks, staring down into the basket as you walked out into the hall.

You dumped the socks on your bed, and slowly sorted them into piles with a yawn.

God, how this was boring. Maybe you would just throw them all away and buy new ones. That seemed much easier.

You fell back onto the pillow and gave a small sigh, closing your eyes.

You stood there, in the middle of what seemed to be a cemetery. You were staring down at a headstone, holding roses. There were no words. The tears were hot on your cheeks. 'coulda saved them, ya know' a voice said with a dark laugh. You turned full circle, but saw no one. "Who?" You asked, looking around again. 'All of them. Your husband. Your child. Your husband's men. Now you have nothing. Just a trashy, washed up whore.' You clenched your fists. "No. You're wrong. I'm not losing anyone." You closed your eyes tightly, feeling something hot on your face. As you opened your eyes; it was nothing but fire and thick black smoke. You tried to breath but air refused to enter you as the sounds of shouting and gunfire echoed through the fire.

You awoke with a gasp, sitting up quickly, your stomach turning over.

You glanced around the dim room to see Ramsay stalled in his actions, pulling a shirt on over his bullet proof vest.

"Sorry?" he said awkwardly.

You placed your hand over your chest, as if that would calm your furiously pounding heart.

"No. Just had a... weird dream is all." You said after a few moments.

He simply nodded, strapping a gun to his chest.

"Thought you were just running drugs?" You said, watching him, pushing the pile of socks away.

"Well, yeah, but I'm hoping shit goes south. I have a sickness to feed. I'm bored." He said with a shrug.

It was your turn to nod, "Well don't stay out too long, please. I haven't neen fucked in two days."

"Don't know if you deserve it." He sneered, leaving the room.

You rolled your eyes, "maybe it's you who doesn't."

"What was that baby doll?" he said, stepping back into the room.

"I said maybe it's you who doesn't deserve it." You said, hoping you sounded braver than you felt as you took in the look on his face.

He ran his eyes over you, resting his gaze on your breasts, a grin twitching the corner of his mouth as he stepped further in the room.

You slid off the bed, standing your ground as he stopped mere inches from you.

"Wanna say that again?" He whispered.

"I will destroy you." You hissed, never looking away from him as a wicked grin spread across his face, eyes glittering.

"I dare you." He said, grabbing you roughly by the throat.

You swallowed, looking up at him through your lashes, and putting on an innocent smile.

He released you, running his finger tips down your neck softly, before turning and leaving again.

"Hurry home, baby!" You called, sitting back down on the bed with a small, relieved sigh.

What the fuck were you thinking? That was stupid. He was going to hurt you.

You heard the front door close and stepped into the bathroom, turning the shower on.

"Little one, you're killing your poor momma. Making me act crazy to your daddy. It's scary. I need a pack of cigarettes and a bottle of tequila." You said, running a soapy hand over your belly.

You stood in front of the mirror taking in your body. Such a small little baby bump. But you already felt huge. You wanted to cry. Stretch marks and baby fat were coming. What would Ramsay say? Would he find you repulsive and gross? Would he leave you? Were you just a brood mare to give him a son? Would his obsession with you be over once you had this child?

You blinked back the tears and sighed. No. You would be damned if you let him leave you. Maybe it was your turn to get under his skin. You grabbed up your phone off the bathroom counter, staring at your purse on the floor beside your bed. He wouldn't object, and if he did, you'd make him regret it. You clicked your nails together, a grin forming as you made up your mind and walked across the room to your bag.

You stopped in the living room, tying your rode, glancing at the TV. You didn't feel much like watching anything. Maybe music though. You sat on the edge of the couch and picked up the remote, turning the TV on, flipping through the apps until you came to music.

You blindly hit OK. Apparently your husband was the last one to blow the speakers, as his playlist popped up.

You rose from the couch, walking into the kitchen and flipping on the light. You glanced around. You suddenly weren't hungry.

You returned to the couch and laid down with a sigh. Tapping along with the music you picked up your phone. New Message.

[Olyvar: hey, building for the new bar starts on tuesday.]

[you: omg, yay! I guess Rams got you the plans?]

[Olyvar: yep. everything is worked out and good to go. may have the building done before we thought.]

[you: shweet. keep me updated!]

[Olyvar: of course.]

You set your phone down, closing your eyes. You were excited. Maybe you would be able to get some work time in before you were too damn pregnant to be on your feet.

You yawned, turning the TV off and lodging yourself comfortably in the couch, listening to the dogs snore across the room.


You were so close to being asleep when you felt a cold hand on your cheek.

"That didn't take long." You said, never opening your eyes.

"It went quick. Unfortunately, without any snags." Ramsay said, removing his hand.

You felt him fall into the couch at the other end. You placed your feet in his lap, rubbing your heel into him.

He grabbed your other foot and gently ran his thumb along the sole of your foot. You pushed your heel harder into his pants.

He continued to rub your foot, without saying anything.

You peeked your eye open at him. He wore a steely expression as he stared blankly at the TV. He looked so serious. What was on his mind?

You pulled your feet away, sitting up quickly, and crawling into his lap.

He shifted, as you straddled him. He brought his far away eyes to yours. You gave a grin and ground into him.

You fumbled with his belt and button, moving against him slowly, feeling him stir in his pants.

He pushed his hips up as slid to your knees on the floor, tugging at his pants. You glanced up at him, he had gone back to staring blankly at the TV.

You made a noise, annoyed that he wasn't giving you his full undivided attention.

You dug your nails into his thigh as you pushed yourself from the floor. He brought his eyes to yours and you gave him a dirty look. You made to leave when he grabbed at your wrist.

"Where are you going, fucking tease?" he growled.

You pulled your hand back.

"Guess I'm going to go fuck myself with my hand and go to bed since you're being fucking boring. Probably get a better fuck from myself anyways." you said, walking away.

"Excuse me?" he said sitting up straight, narrowing his eyes at you as he watched you walk away.

"You heard me, bastard." You said, without a backward glance. You knew if you looked back you were done for.

You quickly slipped into the room, and stood quietly, waiting.

Moments later Ramsay burst in, slamming the door behind him, flipping the light switch. That was your opportunity. Time to be brave and bold.

You threw yourself at him, pushing him into the door, clutching his shirt.

He made to move but you pushed into him further, releasing his shirt and grabbing at his vest underneath, and pulling him as close as possible.

"You will not ignore me, ever again." You hissed.

He stared at you, raising his brow.

"Get naked." You ordered, stepping back.

He stepped toward you, and without thinking you slapped him with as much force as you could put behind your hand.

"I said to get naked!" You shouted.

Ramsay halted, bringing his hand up to his cheek. He tore his shirt off and ripped at his vest.

You let your robe fall away, revealing the strappy black leather underneath.

Ramsay made to push his pants down, running his eyes over you and licking his lips.

But, no, you decided. You weren't going to let him get that far. You grabbed his shoulder and sunk your nails into his flesh.

He jerked with a hiss, trying to pull away from you, but you pushed your nails in further until you felt his skin tear under your hand.

"On your knees." You said gently.

He didn't move.

"On your knees!" you demanded in a raised voice, pushing your weight into him.

Slowly he knelt to his knees, his wide eyes never leaving yours. But a smirk was now forming as he reached out to you.

You stepped away from him, slapping his hands away.

"Sit. Stay. Be a good boy."

He tilted his head, watching you closely, as he dropped his hands.

You stepped back into him, gripping his hair, forcing his head down.

"You will wipe that smirk off your fucking face." You said, kneeling down, face level with him. "Do you understand me?"

"Yes." He breathed.

"Yes? Yes what?" you said shoving his head down as you stood up straight again.

"Yes ma'am." He said quietly.

You jabbed a finger in his back, "What was that? I didn't hear you."

"Yes ma'am." He said forcefully, looking up at you, supressing his smirk.

You sat on the edge of the bed, sliding your hands under the only bit of cloth covering you, watching your husband closely. He watched you just as closely. Like a hungry dog, as he licked his lips again, his eye wide and pupils blown. His chest rose and fell. You took in the raised red skin across his face. The blood welling on his shoulder.

Feeling embarrassed and ashamed for a momemt that it made you wet. And yet feel so powerful.

You let a noise escape you as you slid a finger inside your wet warmth. Ramsay clenched his jaw.

"Mm, baby." You moaned, sliding in another finger.

Ramsay shifted on his knees, grabbing at the front of his pants.

"No. You don't get to move." You said, shaking your head.

He made a noise in the back of his throat, as he swallowed.

You moaned loudly as you moved your fingers inside you. Ramsay bit his lip, struggling to stay still.

You pulled your fingers from you and wiped them across your lips, before taking them in your mouth and sucking them clean.

"Oh daddy." You whispered, "I taste so good today."

Ramsay shifted uncomfortably on his knees again, shoving his hand down his pants.

You fixed him with a deadly look, sliding from the bed and walking into him.

"I said not to move. You're being a bad boy." You said, grabbing his face.

"Ride me, baby girl. Let me fuck you." He whispered, his eyes shinning, nostrils flared as he breathed in shallow ragged breaths.

"No. You didn't listen."

Ramsay made a noise as he moved his hand in his pants.

Again, you grabbed his hair, pulling his face up to look at you.

"I said not to fucking move."

"Or what baby girl? You'll hurt me?" He coaxed, pulling his hand from his pants and grabbing you, pulling you down to your knees.

You glared at him, grabbing his throat. You could feel your nails trying to bite into his skin as you squeezed harder.

"Yes. I told you. I will destroy you." You breathed, sliding your free hand down his pants and taking him firmly in your hand.

His finger tips brushed your leg, as he shifted again.

"No. You don't get to touch. And you don't get to get off."

"Baby girl," he moaned out as you ran your hand along him, "don't you know I am the master of this game? You can't beat me at it."

"Can't I? Because this is check mate, daddy." you whispered with a grin, pulling your hand away from him and standing.

He grabbed your hips, pulling you into him and nipping at the sesnsitive skin of your thighs.

"Do you really taste that good today?" he hummed, biting at the fabric of your outfit.

You pulled away from him with a shrug, crawling up on the bed.

"Do I get to taste?" He asked, watching you undress.

"No. You were a bad dog. Bad dogs don't get rewards." You said with a sweet smile as you laid on your side, gazing at him still on his knees.

"I don't want to play this game anymore baby girl." He said, rising from his knees.

"What game? This isn't a game, my love." You said, spreading your legs and rubbing your sensitive nub with a moan.

Ramsay hastily pushed out of his jeans and climbed up on the bed, shoving your hand away as he buried his face between your legs.

He bit down. A jolt of pain, making you jerk and tighten your legs around him as he darted his tongue over the spot.

He brought his eyes up to yours and you felt him smirk against your skin.

"Let's see how good you taste baby girl." he hummed, parting you roughly with his tongue, pushing his face into you.

You pushed further into him, drawing a sharp gasp.

"Hurt me." You panted, as he continued his vicious assault on you with his tongue.

You arched your back, gripping at the blanket beneath you.

He pulled away from you, grabbing your wrists and yanking you up.

"After you blow me. Make a mess, baby doll." He growled, biting your bottom lip.

"Mm. No. I told you, you don't deserve it. You didn't listen to me." you whispered back, taking his bottom lip roughly between yours.

You watched him close his eyes breifly, inhale deeply, and grin widely. He bit roughly down your neck, grabbing painfully at your breasts. You arched your back again, biting your lip.

"You will." he said, grabbing your face with his hands and forcing his mouth to yours.

You moaned into his mouth as he tangled his hands in your hair.

"Would that make my daddy happy?" You purred, when he pulled away from you.

"Yes, baby girl." He whispered, dropping a hand to your pussy and spreading your wetness with his hand, before he grabbed himself and ran his hand along his length.

You smirked, pushing him back into the bed, placing your hand over his, guiding him up and down.

His breathing became more shallow and you felt his body tense under you.

You pulled his hand away, to do it pump him on your own, rubbing your thumb firmly against his glistening tip.

He made a deep noise, gripping your thighs painfully, pushing his hips up.

"You better not, or I win." You cooed, grabbing him tighter.

You watched him close his eyes, pushing his head back into the mattress, and swallow hard. He gripped your thighs tighter and drew a sharp breath.

The ache between your legs was becoming painful as you longed to feel him inside of you. Your heart pounding in your chest. Warmth spreading through you as a squirming, tingling sensation built up between your hips.

You pushed yourself up to bring him to your entrance, rubbing his tip along your folds and sensitive spot. You let a moan escape you as you rubbed him harder against you.

He threw his eyes open and watched your every movement with a deep hunger.

Without warning he shifted, slamming you into the bed, roughly grabbing your leg and pushing it into your chest as he gripped your breast and shoved himself in to you.

You cried out in bliss, clashing your hips with his, as he pushed into you again, teasing your nipple. 

"Who owns you, you dirty fucking slut?" He growled, picking up his rough pace.

"You do daddy. You own me." You bit out through gasps, digging your freshly sharpened nails into his ribs.

"Scream my name, bitch!" He yelled, grabbing your breast painfully.

You cried out his name, the word almost stuck in your throat as your high hit you like an earth shattering slam.

He continued to thrust into you until you felt him quake, and heard him gasp for air, catching himself shakily with his hands before he fell into you.

You both looked at one another, breathing heavily. He ran his eyes over your face, leaned into you, and placed a warm kiss to your lips.

"Can we do that again?" You giggled, nipping his bottom lip.

He chuckled, pulling away from you and sitting on the edge of the bed.

"I love you." You said, running your nails along his back.

"I love you too, baby girl." he said, moving his back against your nails, "harder."

You clawed harder, "Tomorrow we have..."

"Little man's birthday. I know." He said, standing as you dropped your hand.

"Still bored?" You asked, giving a stretch, sitting up.

"Mm. Less so." He said, glancing over at you as he cleaned himself.

"Theon Greyjoy. He will be back in this city in two weeks."

Chapter Text

 "What are you doing? It's a five year olds birthday party. Not yours, old man." You hissed, meeting Ramsay back at the car.

You laden with toy store shopping bags, Ramsay with an armful of brown paper bags.

"Then why would the place a liquor store next to a goddamn toy store, baby doll?" He chuckled, shifting the bags of clinking glass bottles to open your door.

You rolled your eyes, dropping the bags in the floor board.

Everything had been going smooth, and Ramsay had entered the toy store with you. You had gotten sidetracked at the baby section. When you finally quit gushing over the cute little baby shoes you turned to find your husband gone. You wandered the store, deciding he wasn't there anymore.

Well, $200 of toys may make him remember never to leave you alone in a store again. You had no shame swiping the card when the cashier had read out the $230.34 total.

You only hoped Ben and Liz would forgive you, as you glanced down at the bags full of cars, legos, paw patrol, and nerf guns.

But doing something in spite was just a guilty rush sometimes.

Besides, Ramsay always spent way too damn much on alcohol and cigarettes. So, fuck him.

Kaden was over the moon when you and Ramsay showed up. He grabbed your hand and introduced you to all his friends, before tugging you to kneel down.

"Why do you have bite marks all over your neck?" He whispered.

You swallowed slowly, looking at his bright innocent face. "Uncle Ramsay thinks he's a dog sometimes." Was the best lie you could come up with as embarrassment flooded through you.

The boy giggled, leaving your side to run outside and play with his friends.

At least it was a sunny, mild day.

Oh how you were ready for spring. The cold hurt you.

"Any particular reason you bought half the toy store for my son?" Liz asked, handing you a cup of punch.

You laughed, "spite."

She shook her head with a grin, eyeing your neck, "sooo?"

You bit your lip and gave a shrug, but the heat in your face could have put the sun to shame.

"Ay! Lil mama!" Liz laughed, deepening your embarrassment.

You cleared your throat and took a sip of the drink, grinning ear to ear.

"You do know the boys will spike that punch..." you said, nodding at the table.

"Already two steps ahead of ya." Liz said, leading you to the kitchen where she had a two more bowls set up, both labled "man children".

"(y/n). Liz." Damon said shrugging past you both to grab a cup.

"Damon." You said politely. "Where's the wife?"

Damon glanced around, clearly searching for Charlotte. "Ya know, I've really no idea. I'm sure someone will return her to me eventually."

You and Liz exchanged glances and left the kitchen.

"As long as she's not doing drugs in my bathroom, I'm good. Fresh out of narcan." Liz said, as she slid back the patio door.

You sat in the chair, feeling the warm sun on your face, listening to children shouting and laughing.

So much normality. It was weird.

You engaged in conversation with all the other mother's and watched the children play. It was nice to be in the company of other women, without drama or worry. You hadn't seen Ramsay since arriving, but you assumed he was in conversation with Ben and Damon. 

There was word of a shipment of cash coming in that belonged to the Lannister's. At least, it belonged to them until it arrived. Then it would belong to you.

"They still haven't found the girl. I wonder who and why they kidnapped her?" You heard one woman say.

You hadn't thought about the Stark girl being abducted since that night. Poor girl, probably dead. But you too were curious about why she had been taken at all. It was a bold move by whoever did it.


Kaden was ecstatic about all his presents and you rather enjoyed the cake and ice cream.

You found Ramsay smoking on the front porch with Ben.

"Whatcha need baby girl?" He said when you stopped beside him.

"Keys please. I left my phone in the car." You said, holding your palm out. Ramsay fished them out of his pocket and placed them in your hand. 

You made to pull away from him, when his grip on your hand tightened and he pulled you in for a rough kiss. You ran your tongue over his, tasting the alcohol.

He finally let you go and slapped your ass as you walked back inside.

You pulled your phone from your bag, locked the car, and walked through the house glancing down at your phone.

7 missed calls.

1 new voicemail.

You blindly unlocked your phone, stepping out onto the patio, watching kids take turns swinging at a piñata. 

You glanced down to see it was your mother who had called.

You dialed her back, holding the phone to your ear listening to the ring, laughing at Kaden who furiously swung his stick, missing every time.

"(y/n)! Baby, I've been trying to call you. Did you get my voicemail?" Your mother's voice said on the other end.

"I know, sorry. And no, I just called you back. I didn have my phone, we've been at a birthday..."

"Baby, your father has had a heart attack they think."

Your smile dropped as the words hit you.

"Wh... what? When? Is he okay? What's going on?" You said breathlessly, sitting in the nearest chair you came to.

"This morning sometime. He went to check cattle and Mitch found him unconscious. He was air lifted. I'm heading to the hospital now."

Your chest felt tight as you tried to process the information.

"Okay momma. I will be there tonight. Keep me updated please. I love you. And dad too. Tell him to get his act together when you see him. I'll be there in like four hours. I know how to let myself in."

"I will. I love you too baby."

You hung up, set your phone in your lap, and stared at it. 

"Baby doll?" Ramsay said, kneeling down in front of you.

You looked at him through bleary eyes.

"I've been trying to get your attention for like ten minutes." He said, raising a brow.

"Sorry. But... we need to go. My dad has had a heart attack. I need to go home. My brother is overseas. I need to be there." You said thickly.

Ramsay ran his eyes over you in that calculating way.

"Okay." He finally said, standing up, catching Kaden by the shoulder as he ran past, and pushing him into you.

You pulled the boy into a hug, "I know your real birthday isn't until Tuesday but, happy birthday. I hope you had a fun day. Thank you for the cake and ice cream. Love you, little amigo."

Kaden hugged you back with a big smile, "Thank you, Aunt (y/n)! I love all my presents!"

Ramsay told Ben bye and helped you to the car after you hugged and thanked Liz for the food, assuring her you'd text her later.


Ramsay watched you pack clothes, a smirk at his mouth. 

"Should I pack funeral attire as well?" He asked with a sneer.

He did it. The dam broke.

"What a horrible fucking thing to say!" You cried, yanking the pair of pants out of his hands he was holding. 

"Shut up." He said, leaving the room.


You didn't speak to him as you dropped the bag at his feet.

You made one last run through the house, before loading up the dogs and climbing into the jeep.

Ramsay slid into the driver's seat and gave you a glance.

"Which way am I going?"

"West." You said curtly. "Actually, maybe you should just let me drive. You're shit at following directions and you've been drinking."

"I don't trust your driving." He replied.

"Just get on the highway and head west for two hours, then go north for an hour." You said sourly, crossing your arms.

"Wow, wonderful directions there baby girl." He chuckled.

Willow rested her head between the front seats, excited to be going somewhere. Kira was quite the opposite as she whined in the floor board. 

Chapter Text

"Why did you agree so easily?" you finally asked after feeling your anger subside.

"Well, I have people to find in hillybilly hell. So what better opportunity to do it when tragedy strikes?" Ramsay said, lighting his fifth cigarette in the last 45 minutes.

You sighed and pushed yourself back into your seat. Knowing you shouldn't but being too curious you decided to push buttons.

But as you opened your mouth to be petty you felt your phone vibrate in your pocket. You assumed it to be your mother and fumbled to open the text immediately. 

[+0005: strike 2]

It felt as if a bucket of ice had just slid down your throat and settled in your stomach as you reread the text message multiple time. 

You swallowed, deleted the message, and threw a quick glance at your husband. Should you tell him? Would he freak the fuck out on you?

You felt a rouge tear slide down your cheek and hastily wiped it away. Any anger or annoyance at your husband from earlier gone completely. 

You couldn't stay mad at him. You loved him. He was everything to you, even when he was being a little shit.

"Baby?" You asked quietly, not looking at him.


"How many Lannister's have you killed recently?"

"None that I know of. The Boys are working hard, but the last man I killed personally wasn't. Why?" He said with a shrug.

What else could he have done for you to be on your final strike?

"Just curious is all. You've been a bit quiet about the gloating." You lied, keeping your voice even.

Ramsay gave you a cold glare, "If you're lying to me, I will find out."

"You should let me drive." You said, changing the subject.


"Because I want to. Don't you have a gun to clean or something? Just let me drive."

Ramsay slammed on the breaks, making you gasp as your seatbelt locked.

"Ramsay!" you screamed, grabbing at the seatbelt. "You could of hurt me. Or your child."

Ramsay clutched the steering wheel, took a deep breath, put on a sickly sweet smile, and turned to you.

"Sure, you can drive." He said, throwing the jeep in park in the middle of the right lane.

You gaped, seeing cars approach in the rearview mirror.

"Stop it. Never mind. Let's just get there without dying." You sighed, rubbing your shoulder and placing your hand on your belly.

You refused to look at Ramsay. But it was hard as he sat there, glaring at you from timebto time, unblinkingly in a way that scared you.

"If your father dies, what happens?" He asked suddenly.

You scowled, "Nothing."

"Doesn't your family own land?"

Why did he care?

"Yes. They own twenty acres with the house, and then another twenty my dad keeps cattle on about fifteen minutes away."

"Who gets it?"

"Well I'm sure it will be divided up between us kids. Me, my sister, and my brother."

"Yes, siblings." He hummed in distaste.

"Why does it matter?" You asked, staring out your window.

"Just interesting to see how it will be divided." 

You cast him a weary glance, "I don't understand. Besides I was just thinking of selling my part of land to whoever wanted it, in the family."

"Family." He chuckled.

Silence fell between you both again, other than you telling him which exits to get off, as the scenery became wilder and darker.


"Am I going to regret this generous gift?" He finally asked after the darkness swallowed the sky an hour ago.

"Not unless you act like a dick. It would probably be best if you kept your mouth shut. The people will already talk when they see us. You don't exactly, um, blend in." You said with a shrug.

Ramsay laughed, "keep my mouth shut? Where is the fun in that? That's you're problem, baby doll. You care too much what people think."

"So do you." you retorted.

"And when have you ever seen me give a shit?" he asked, crushing his empty pack of cigarettes.

"Um, only all the time. Your father. Your brother's death. Your mother." You rattled off, glancing at the clock. You had him caged for another thirty minutes. 'Let's see what we can make of this.'

He tutted, digging in his pockets for his lighter. "Well, you're wrong."

You let out a loud laugh, that caught you off guard.

"You really think you're somethin, don't ya? With all your lying, and scheming. All your violence and anger. Your intimidation and threats and money." Your mouth said, but your brain didn't ever remember signing off on to say.

You bit your lip and threw a quick glance at Ramsay who sat there slightly dumbfounded.

"You would be nothing without me and my violence and money. It would do well for you to remember that, baby girl. It seems you're getting too comfortable and smug with yourself. Keep acting out and I will take your freedoms away, little pet."

Oh god. What was he going to do? You were dead. So very dead. He never forgot anything. You swallowed. Not sure if you should apologize or just let it go?

It was too dark to see his face properly as he turned off the highway to follow an old beaten road to your hometown.

"I feel inclined to tell you that mom and dad have two dogs. Skips and Brody. They are both perfectly friendly, but loud. They like to bark." You said into the darkness, watching the glimmer of deer eyes along the side of the road in the tree line.

Ramsay said nothing. His silence was worse than his words.

It felt so strange to see familar sights you hadn't seen in almost 8 years. Nothing seemed to have changed in this sleepy little town.

Ten minutes.

"Baby, I... I'm sorry. I didn't mean..."

"Shut your fucking mouth." He growled with a cold bite.

You sighed, fear nestling in your chest as you felt your heart beat harder. What the hell was wrong with you? You should of just gave Ramsay the address and took a fucking nap. But no, you had to go and anger him. You were about to be the newsest episode of Casefile.

Seeing your parent's house at the end of the long drive was a bit emotional. The last time you saw this house you were leaving it in a cloud of dust; your mother crying on the front porch.

You braced yourself for the hell that was about to break loose as you climbed out of the jeep and opened the door behind you to let the girls out.

Ramsay grabbed up your bags and you led him to the front door. Locked.

You sighed, "I'll be right back."

You walked around the side of the house, glancing up at the bathroom window. It was higher than you remembered. You cast around for something to stand on, spotting an empty bucket.

You climbed up on the bucket and threw the bathroom window open, struggling to climb through, trying to avoid pressing on your belly. You finally managed to get through the window, stepping on the back of the toilet as whining came from behind you.

You hopped down from the toilet and flipped the switch to see an enormous white dog with old, watery eyes. He swished his tail.

"Skips! Hey, boy." you cooed, scratching the snout of the ancient dog.

You slid past him to hurry down the hall to the front door, only to find Ramsay already standing in the livingroom, twirling a knife and examining a picture on the wall.

"Why didn't you tell me you could of got us in?" You huffed, crossing your arms.

He turned to you and gave you an innocent look and half shrug.

"Well, come on. I'll show you to my room."

He followed you down the hall to the last door. You took in a deel breath as you gripped the door knob, turning it slowly.

You stepped in slightly, flipping on the light switch and looked around. Almost exactly as you left it. You gave an unamused smile, walking back out to go to the kitchen.

It almost hurt to be here as the emotions flooded you.

You opened a cabniet to reach for a glass when Ramsay walked in, holding a picture. He looked up from the picture to you with a wicked grin.

You made to grab the picture but he pulled away from you, running his eyes over the picture again.

He finally set it down and left without another word.

You grabbed the picture frowning. Senior prom. Just seeing that smug face look back at you caused the anger to surface. You set it down and followed the sound of rummaging in the living room.

You leaned against the door frame, watching Ramsay turn the house upside down

"You won't find anything. My parents don't drink."

He made a distressed noise, turning to you. You bit back the grin.

"Then take me to the nearest liquor store." He demanded.

"Would do no good baby. By the time we get there it will be closed. We have to go to the nearest, er, bigger town." You said gently.

"Then first thing in the morning." He growled.

"Yeah, no. No alcohol sales on Sunday." You said with a sympathetic look.

"What the fuck is wrong with you people?!" He cried, running his hand through his hair.

You pushed off the door frame to take a step towards your husband when he snapped his fingers at you and pointed.

"Go to bed. Just fucking go to bed."

"Come with me. I'm sure I can manage to find you some moonshine tomorrow, if I still know a person or two."

Damn was your bed not made for two people. And Ramsay's ridiculous way of sleeping would surely kill your back as he tossed and turned.


You awoke, panicked for a moment forgetting where you were, as you sat up quickly and cast around.

You let out a sigh, remembering you were at your parents. In your old room. In your old bed. But... where was Ramsay?

You gathered up clothes and darted across the hall to the bathroom and went through your morning routine, quickly.

You entered the kitchen to find your mother sipping coffee and reading her Bible. Oh sweet mother. She looked up when you walked in and offered a bright smile.

"Morning baby." she said, closing the book and standing.

"Morning momma. Have you seen Rams?" you said, glancing around the kitchen.

"I saw him take the dogs out back." she said, making for the refrigerator. "Breakfast?"

"Yes please. How's daddy?" you said, peering out of the back door window.

"He's stable. Doctor's are running tests today. He's tired, could hardly stay awake while I was there."

"Well, he'll be fine. He's too ornery to get rid of just yet." you said, pulling on a pair of rubber boots, "have you collected eggs?"

"No baby, I haven't been out there yet. They'd probably love to get out of the coop. Running slow this morning." your mother said, setting the package bacon on the counter to get the pan ready.

"Okay momma." you said, pulling on your coat "well I'll go gather the eggs up and find my husband. Come on, Skips!"

The massive white dog rose slowly to his feet and swished his tail as he waited on you to finish bundling up.

You stepped out into the brisk morning air. Wow. How different it was from the city. This was so strange. A swooping sensation in your chest preceded a rush of emotions and nostalgia.

Skips pushed his massive head in your hand, "Where's Brody?"

As if by some magical connection at the sound of his name, the border collie came bounding around the side of the barn.

"Oh god!" you said, bracing yourself "Brody! No! Stop! Dont you jump on me!" you shouted throwing your arms out as the dog got nearer. Skips ambled forward between you and Brody. Brody skid on the ice into Skips, who snapped threateningly at the younger dog.

"Thank you." you said, scratching Skips between the ears. You then ruffled Brody's ears, "look at you! You're disgusting. will you ever quit rolling in horse shit?"

The two dogs followed you to the barn. You rummaged for a feed scoop, wishing youd grabbed a pair of gloves, pushing Brody aside as he kept nosing into your business.

You finally found a scoop, and filled it full of feed, setting off for the chicken coop.

The chickens were clucking irritably out in their yard, rushing the door when you opened it. You threw the feed out and watched them for a few seconds before walking into the coop yard. The water was frozen.

You gripped the wire for support as you plunged your foot into the water to break the ice.

"Sure, let's just go do chores with no gloves on in the middle of the fucking winter." you huffed, kneeling down to scoop the ice out of water. A menacing noise came from behind you and you turned to see a very irritable and decrepit looking rooster.

You stood up, crossing your arms, glaring at the ugly bird. He looked worse for ware.

"You're still here, asshole?" you said.

The rooster meerly clucked, flapping its wings.

"Well go on. Shoo. I still remember how to punt your ass across the yard, hateful old shit." you said, waving your arms.

The rooster puffed up, making a hissing noise before crowing loudly, taking a step towards you, fixing you with its beady eye.

"I said to go!" you said, scooping ice and throwing it at the bird.

It sidestepped the ice, running out of the coop making horrible hissing noises.

"Give anymore attitude and you'll be on the dinner table tonight!" you said, throwing another piece of ice out the door.

"Why aren't you always so vicious?" Ramsay's voice sounded behind you.

You turned to see him leaning against a post, watching you with a smirk.

"Who says I'm not?" you replied, wiping your numb, red fingers on your pants. "Where have you been?"

Ramsay shrugged, "taking in the scenes and fresh smell of," he inhaled deeply, "cold horse shit."

You grinned, "you should of woke me up when you did."

He shrugged again, walking around the fence as you stepped out of the chicken yard to open the roost door.

"Help me? I forgot the basket." you said, grabbing up four eggs.

Ramsay held his cupped hands out as you continued to pile eggs in his hands.

"What's up with this one?" he asked, watching a rather fat red hen turn her head to fix you with a steely glare.

"She's setting. You know, hatching eggs. Broody mommas are meaner than Satan." you replied, stroking the hen as she snapped and made deep hissing noises.

"That much I have gathered." Ramsay chuckled, running his eyes over you.

"Where are the girls?" you asked, gathering the last two eggs and stepping back outside into the cold, bright morning.

"Dunno. Probably running around with that one dumbass." Ramsay said, following you.

"He's not dumb. He's just... overexcited. All the time. About everything. But he's a hard worker." you said defensively.

Ramsay snorted.

Skips rose from the ground when you reached the backdoor.

"I wondered where you got to, old man." you said, petting him again, as you pushed the door open.

You took the eggs from Ramsay, piling them in a bowl on the counter. Two plates of breakfast on the table.

"And what kind of redneck shit am I having to endure today?" Ramsay asked when you had both finished breakfast, taking your plate as he rose from the table.

You shrugged, "dunno. Not much to do around here. Mom will probably be at the hospital all day. So it'll be just us."

Ramsay made a face, turning back to the sink to wash the dishes.

"Sweetheart, you didn't have to do that." Your mother said, walking into the kitchen, frowning at Ramsay.

"Habit." Your husband replied, rinsing the last of the dishes, and placing them in the strainer.

"Well, thank you. So thankful my daughter chose a gentleman. What are you two up to today?" You mother said with a small, meaningful smile that Ramsay couldn't process.

You grinned at his discomfort. This was going to be fun. You turned to your mother, "I dunno. Haven't really thought on it."

"Well, im sure youll find some kind of trouble to get into. you always do. just remember, your get out of jail free card has been used."

"Mother!" you gasped with a laugh.

she gave you a wink and turned to leave, "I'm going to go finish getting ready for church" she turned back to you, "After, I'm going straight to the hospital. You all settled?"

"Yes ma'am. Y'all be gone late?" you said nodding.

"Try not to be, but it's a bit of a drive, and I'd rather not leave your father if they decide to keep him overnight again. You know him."

Ramsay said nothing until your mother was gone before he turned to you with an evil grin. "y'all?"

You snorted, "Yes, y'all. And don't ever say that again. Your drawl is horrible."

You glanced down at the news paper on the table. From Friday according to the date.

"Local high school teams face off for benefit game Sunday evening." The title read. You skimmed the article for time, an idea forming.


You watched Ramsay examine pictures on the walls and mantel.

"Well you was just the cutest little rodeo queen, I do declare, sugar." Ramsay chuckled, pulling a picture from the mantle and running his eyes over it.

"Yes, I was. From the time I was nine to seventeen." you said, flipping through channels on the TV.

Kira and Willow came in shivering as your mother opened the door, pulling her coat on.

Ramsay replaced the picture where he got it and scowled at the dogs, "bet you both listen to me next time, huh?"

"Alright baby, I'm off. I will call you if anything changes. I love you." your mother said, throwing her bag over her shoulder.

"I love you too, momma!" you said, trying to sound cheerful.

You watched Ramsay exit the room. you got up and followed him out into the carport. He was leaned against the wall smoking.

"you okay?" you asked, pulling him into you, shivering against the cold.

He wrapped the front of his jacket around you, pulling you in as close as possible. You listened to his heart beat as you placed your cheek to his chest, hearing him inhale smoke.

"Yep." he said shortly.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing, baby doll."

"Liar." you said, pulling away from him and turning to walk inside.

"Nice shit kickers, honky tonk." Ramsay sneered, grabbing your ass as he followed you inside.

His lack of anger from the night before made you uneasy. 

Maybe that's what he wanted. To keep you afraid to ensure you wouldn't act out again.

You walked in the kitchen to see the newspaper again.

This tournament was bound to bring out the whole town. You weren't overly thrilled at that prospect. However, your idea may help keep your husband safe. Couldn't hurt to try, right?

You glanced at the wall clock. Surely you still had old shirts from high school. Your mother wouldn't get rid of them. Hell, she didn't even bother anything in your room other than to gather up the clothes on the floor and change the sheets.


You let a smile form as you opened the closet.

Chapter Text

"Badgers, huh?" Ramsay chuckled, reading your shirt.

"And what was yours?" you said, crossing your arms, stopping in front of the couch.

"Cougars." he said, sitting up.

"Well, we are going to support the Badgers tonight."

"What are we doing?"

"Basketball. You didn't think I decided to come here without any plans, did you?"

"You drug me here so you could bring me to basketball game at your old stomping ground?" He asked, unamused.

"No. But the people I need will be there."


You slid into a seat beside a blonde woman who was gossping with the woman next to her.

"Thought I might find you here." you said, leaning in to the two women.

The blonde turned to look at you and practically squealed.

"Oh my god, (y/n)! What are you doing here?!" the woman cried, throwing her arms around you.

"Hello, Whit." you laughed, hugging her back.

She pulled away from you, eyes glittering as they travelled over you. "You look fantastic! pregnancy looks so good on you!"

You flushed, "Thank you. I guess mom told you? You look great too. Where's the little one, and the husband?"

"Naturally. You know your momma. Kasey is a part of the little cheer squad cheering with the high schoolers tonight, and Jared is floating around here somewhere." Whit said, casting around the full gym.

"This is my husband, Ramsay." you added, lacing your hand in Ramsay's.

"What brings y'all here?" Whit said smiling at Ramsay, who gave a forced uncomfortable smile back.

"Dad's heart attack." you said with a shrug.

"How is he? Jared and I ran that. Was rough, thought we were going to lose him." Whit said, nodding.

"I'm sure he'll be okay. Momma is at the hospital with him, and she hasn't given me a status change. You still talk to the old crowd?" you asked, squeezing Ramsay's hand slightly.

"Sometimes, what's up?" she said, raising a brow.

"Get a hold of them all and meet up at the broken ridge when this is over." you said, rising from your seat, tugging Ramsay along.


"Why you so tense?" you asked, stepping out into the night.

Ramsay frowned at you, "I have no weapons on me, and I haven't drank in over twenty four hours. I haven't fucked my wife in almost forty eight hours. So you tell me."

You glanced around, letting a smile play on your lips, gripping his hand and pulling him towards the playground.

You pushed him into the slide, clashing your mouth with his as you slid your cold hands in his pants.

He kissed you back, roughly, grabbing your face and pushing his hips into you.

"All you had to do was tell me you were horny." you whispered, gripping him tightly and slowly moving your hand along him.

"Well, then I wouldn't be getting a handjob on a playground." he whispered back, kissing across your jaw.

"If you behave, like a good little boy, it may evolve into more than that." you sneered, pulling your hands from his pants and walking away, swinging your hips.

Ramsay made a noise, rushing after you, "get back here woman."

He caught your hand, turning you to face him.

"Yes, daddy?" you asked, looking up at him innocently.

He narrowed his eyes at you, a grin forming.

"Nothing. Let's watch some basketball." he breathed, lacing his fingers in yours and pulling you back into the gym.

He led you to a row of empty seats.

"Popcorn?" he asked, sweetly.

You ran your eyes over him, wondering what was going through his mind, slowly nodding. He got up and left.

"Well, well, well... look what the city drug in." someone said, sliding into Ramsay's empty seat.

Your heart beat quickened as you frowned, turning to the man.

"Hello, Clay." You said curtly.

"Its Deputy now." the man said, gesturing to his uniform.

You snorted, "Oh. Excuse me. Deputy."

"What are you doing here?" he asked, eyeing you suspiciously.

"Nothing. Came to visit mom and dad. Thought I'd drop in on a game. My school too. What are you doing here?"

"Working." he said, taking in your large diamond wedding ring. "Where's the expensive pretty boy that obviously means more to you than your roots?"

You stood abruptly, anger swelling, "You don't know shit Clay. You never did! Now go away or I promise you will regret it."

Clay stood, fixing you through narrowed eyes, "are you threatening me?"

"No. But I am." Ramsay said coldly.

Clay turned to look at your husband, who's eyes glittered excitedly as he ate popcorn.

"Well you're a short bastard aren't you?" Clay said, puffing up, motioning to his gun and badge.

Well, if he wasn't dead before, he sure was now.

Ramsay laughed in a slightly psychotic way, stepping into your ex boyfriend. "Well, officer, you should know that the last man of the law to piss me off ended up with his brains on my shoes. And it was a shame, because I really liked that pair."

Clay's face was a mix of emotions, ranging from fear to question. He shoved past Ramsay and left without a backward glance.

"Not even gone ten minutes and you're making my trigger finger itch. Know how to keep me busy, baby girl." Ramsay chuckled, sitting down.

You sat and took the popcorn, staring blankly at the empty court.

"Is that really what happened to those shoes?" you asked through a mouthful of popcorn.

Ramsay merely chuckled. He grabbed your hand, pulling you closer and pressing your hand to the crotch of his jeans.

"You're gunna blow me while I eat you until youre running like a river. And the best part? I get to watch you struggle and beg, because you're gunna want to stay quiet. You won't want mommy and daddy to know how much of a freak their little rodeo angel is." he growled in your ear with longing.

"Is that so? Because I may have a stash of hidden booze in my room with your name on it, if you continue to behave." you whispered back with a grin, grabbing at him under his pants.


You parked the jeep in the dark shadow of an old cabin.

"Where are we?" He asked, casting around the dark, nothingness.

"Used to be a place we had summer camp and shit. Now it just sits here. We used to sneak up here to get high." You said as you walked in the cabin, Ramsay grabbing your hip.

There sat Whit and her husband Jared. Three other men, and two women.

"So it is true. Didn't believe Whit when she told me." Jared spoke up, holding out his hand.

You shook it and gave a brief hug. He offered Ramsay a beer and sat back in the couch.

You sat beside your husband across from your old gang.

"Still drinking on Sunday's, huh? What would Jesus say?" You grinned at Jared.

"He'd say, Jared, you have the right of it. Sabbath days are made for relaxing. Now hand me a beer."

"Baby, this is Whit, of course. Her husband Jared. Chase, Cassie, Gabe, Sharon, and Mark." you said, pointing to each person in turn. Ramsay gave a nod, "and everyone, this is my husband, Ramsay."

They all murmured polite hellos.

"I assume deep down y'all are still a rowdy bunch if black sheep?"

"Like we would ever change?" Chase spoke up.

You grinned, "well, I have a business opportunity."


"Like, land you in jail for the rest of your life kind of shit." you said simply, as if it were no big deal.

"What are we talking?" Jared spoke up, curiosity peaked.

"Like running drugs, guns, stolen cash."

"Went even more wild in that city, huh?" Cassie laughed.

You shrugged, "I need connectioms outside of the city, and I trust you all more than anyone. I've known all of you since we were like four. Mark, your family still own that land?"

Mark nodded.

"Get it ready for growing. Whit, your dad still got those crop dusters?"

"Finest skill I ever learned. I even get paid for it now." she nodded.

Ramsay gave you a look, you smiled back.

"Whit flies med evac helicopters. Her father was a crop duster. He owns a couple single engines planes."

"Four now." Whit spoke up.

"Still have a slew of labs?" you asked, turning your attention to Gabe.

He gave a shrug, "a fair few. If they'd stop blowing up."

"Sharon, I need you to pull me up all the vacant lots and foreclosed lands within a fifty mile radius."

"You at your mommas?" she asked. you nodded, "alright, I'll get it all to you by tomorrow evening."

Ramsay crushed his empty beer can, "baby doll, can I ask what you are doing?"

You glanced at your husband, "playing the game. There's a reason for the line a country boy can survive. We aren't all uneducated, toothless, roadkill eating, banjo pickin', idiots. I'm tired of the Lannister's always being one up on us. So, I'm extending our influence. You have the Kings and the Boys. I have the Bitches, and now the sheep. Besides, Tyene told me her father is coming up for parole. The Martell's have some of the finest drugs, and we could help distribute it if we get in with Oberyn. Lannister's are selling dirty shit, it would put us one up."

Ramsay regarded you silently and nodded, taking the next beer handed to him.


The next two hours passed in enjoyment as you caught up with your old friends.

"Heard you ran into Clay at the game." Chase spoke up.

you nodded, "Y'all still cool?"

Chase gave a shrug, "wWe talk, but ever since he got that place on the department he acts like hes some god. Bossing me around and shit because he's ranked higher than local pd. Busted Mark. Made lots of enemies. Still pissed at you."

The group shifted uncomfortably.

You shrugged, "Yeah, well, it's nothing. What happened was nothing."

Whit jumped up, "Nothing?! It's nothing?! What a crock of shit! You ran off the next day and we never saw you again! You up and left. Leaving us all hurt and broken hearted. You didn't even tell us bye. You didn't even tell the cops the truth!"

The tears welled, "and what would you have done Whit? The sheriff was his damn grandfather! Wasn't no one going to believe rebellious me over perfect, saintly little Clayton."

Ramsay grabbed your wrist painfully, pulling you back into your seat, "calm down, miss wasn't no one. I told you. It will be taken care of. So maybe it's time. Someone get him here. Now."

You bit your lip, turning your gaze to Ramsay, but never meeting his eyes, "You can't do that here."

"Oh, I can. And I will. You heard. He's made lots of enemies. Piece of cake." Ramsay said releasing your wrist.

Ramsay stood, holding his hand out to you. You placed the keys in his hand and watched him exit the cabin.

"Have anything other than beer?" You asked the silent group.

"You do know it's a health hazard for you to..." Cassie started.

"Oh no. It's not for me. It's for you all." You said with an unamused laugh.

Jared got up and left the room. Returning shortly with two mason jars of clear liquid. 

"Finest batch of Apple pie moonshine grandad ever did make. Still baffled at how he got so damn clear."

"Guess I'll find the shot glasses." Sharon said, leaving to room.

Ramsay came back, humming, as he fell into the seat next to you, wrapping an arm around you, as Sharon set shot glasses down on the table.

Jared filled each glass, and Ramsay took his like a kid taking candy from a Halloween bowl.

"To the Black Sheep?" Ramsay asked raising his glass.

"For the Lord is my shepherd." The group said, raising their glasses.

"And shepherd I shall be." Ramsay said, throwing the moonshine back.

You laughed at the face Ramsay pulled when he slammed his glass down. He hastily lit a cigarette. 

"What are you going to do?" Chase asked, eyeing Ramsay.

"That remains to be seen. I want him here in ten."


No one said anything for many minutes. the silence heavy and thick.

"Phones." Ramsay said, nodding at the coffee table.

Everyone exchanged uneasy looks.

"Come on, hurry up. The quicker it's done the quicker its over."

"What's over, exactly?" Whit said, slowly placing her phone on the table. Everyone else followed suit.

"You see, when I hire new men, they pledge their lives to me. And you are all about to pledge your lives to my wife. All for one and one for all. If one of you cracks everyone is done for. By leaving your phones where I can see none of you being snitches it makes the process go a lot smoother."

A knock came on the door. Ramsay looked at Chase.

Chase took a deep breath and walked across the room to open the door.

"What's going on?" Clay said, glancing around.

"My wife was introducing me to the old click, and I'm afraid we didn't get off to the right start, deputy." Ramsay said standing and holding out his hand to clay.

You bit your lip, afraid. As soon as Clay touched Ramsay's hand Ramsay would spring like a steel trap. He avoided killing people in front of you, but you knew this time wouldn't be that way.

Sure enough, as soon as Ramsay had a hold he moved swiftly to relieve Clay of his gun, radio, and shoved him to his knees.

"The fuck?!" Clay raged.

"I heard a funny story. One that involves you and my wife." Ramsay snarled, pulling a gun from the waist of his pants.

You watched everyone staring in horror at the scene.

Clay swallowed, "I don't know what you heard but it's not true. We were kids in high school. It was nothing."

Ramsay gave a harsh bark of laughter. "Well then it will be nothing if I just shoot you right here, huh?"

You watched Ramsay cock the gun, and remove the safety.

Clay looked at you through wide, pleading eyes, "(y/n), please. I'm sorry. I never meant to... please... I loved you." his voice trembled and you watched him shake.

From nowhere raw satisfaction swelled to see him tremble and beg, as you had once because of him. You rose from your seat, finding your voice.

"No. You're not. You're just sorry that you're sucking in your last breathes. You made me run from home. Made me feel like I could never come back. But, thank you. If you hadn't made me run, I would have never fell into the arms of my husband. He loves me more than you ever did and he's incapable of loving." you hissed.

Ramsay dropped the gun and looked at you, "Oh come on baby girl, you know I love you."

You turned to him and raised a brow, a grin forming. Ramsay gave you a wink and stooped down to Clays level.

"Tell me, did she always taste to sweet and feel so warm?"

"Ramsay!" you gasped, embarrassed.

"Just curious." Ramsay chuckled.

Clay swallowed and looked up at Ramsay.

"Who's the short bastard now?" Ramsay mocked, standing and smiling down at the soon to be dead man.

Clay turned his frightened eyes back to you, "(y/n), please. I'm sorry."

"I'm not. All those times you made me feel horrible. Always taking the fall for you. Always keeping me caged. Always using shit against me. Well, the Wicked Witch of the West is here. I told you, you would regret ever crossing me one day." You said, taking a step forward to stand beside your husband.

The air was thick in panic, as you felt the eyes of everyone on you.

"Do the honors and I will forgive you for your outburst last night." Ramsay said softly, holding the gun out to you.

You stared at it. Feeling your hands shake by your sides.

"Here, I'll help you." Your husband said kindly, grabbing your hand and pulling you into him.

He placed the gun in your hand, gripping your hand tightly as he brought your arm up. Your arm felt like lead as you trembled. 

"No different than killing an animal." He whispered in your ear, as he placed a kiss to your temple and you felt his finger push down on yours as the trigger slowly depressed under the weight.

It was like slow motion as you felt the gun come to life under your hand and the noise rang in your ears, watching in horror as the bullet buried itself in the soft flesh of your ex boyfriend's neck. You watched the life leave his eyes, as the blood welled, thick and bright red. You heard everyone gasp and look away. You stomach turning over. Ramsay's hot breath on your cheek as he placed a harsh kiss to you with a cold laugh.

He tugged the gun from your hand and your hand dropped like a falling tree as Clay's body slumped forward. 

"Officer down." Ramsay chuckled.

Chapter Text

Ramsay turned to Gabe, "you say you have meth labs?"

Gabe nodded slowly, unable to say anything.

"Well, you're one short now. Help me load him in his truck and let's get rid of him." Ramsay said, glancing down at the dead man.

Nobody moved.

You swallowed, looking around, your hand still tingling from the gun.

Ramsay raised his brows, "While we stand here silently waiting on who's going to be brave..." he kneeled down, pulling a knife, and rolling Clay over.

You watched Ramsay rip the sleeve back of Clay's shirt and begin slicing an X into the skin.

You felt a pair of eyes on you and glanced around to see Whit staring at you. You tried to give a weak smile but couldn't.

Your stomach hurt and you felt dizzy. And upset at the fact that you didn't feel remorse for killing your ex boyfriend. What was wrong with you?

Your phone rang, but Ramsay reached it first.

"Bolton." He said, hitting speaker.

"Hey! Oh. Wait. Hello Ramsay. Is (y/n) around?" Tyene's voice said.

"She is." Ramsay said, glancing at you.

"Yes, I'm here. What's up?" You said, your voice higher than usual, as you fought to keep the shake from your words.

"Well, I guess both of you would do well to hear, as it affects Ramsay more than you. But anyways, I was on my way across town, by the docks, when I saw Roose Bolton talking with some old windbag. Looks like he's about a million years old. They were doing some kind of deal. And I don't mean some little shit. Like a trunk full of cash and a container of weapons. We're talking like a shipping container. I didn't stick around. But I wanted to let you know." Tyene said.

"You're sure it was my father?" Ramsay asked, gripping the knife.

"Sí. I've seen his picture enough in the paper to know him when I see him. (Y/n) What do you want us to do?"

"Nothing. You and the Girls stay out of it. The Boys will check into it. I'll be home Tuesday. I will meet you all at the shop with further instructions then. Please do not engage." You said, information starting to click together.


Ramsay set your phone down, looking at you, without really looking at you.

"What is my father doing, seeing to deals himself?" He looked down at the dead body again, "Okay, let's go blow him up. Baby doll, don't let me forget to call Damon when we're done."

You simply nodded.


You chewed your lip nervously, waiting on the dark road as you saw the explosion.

Minutes later, Ramsay came walking out of the woods, and climbed in the jeep. He seemed satisfied with himself. Hopefully he had been smart and left nothing behind.

"To Ma and Pa's?" He asked, wiping his hands on his pants.

"Call Damon." You said, turning the headlights on.

"Right, right." He said, digging in his pockets as your phone rang again.

This time your mother.

"Hey momma." You said in false brightness.

"Hey baby, just wanted to let you know we are about forty five minutes out. Your father has an appointment with a cardiac specialist on Wednesday in the city."

"Okay momma. Be careful. See you when you get home."


"Have you thought anymore on old Farlan's death?" You asked with a sigh, setting your keys and purse on the kitchen counter.

"Who?" Ramsay asked, as Kira and Willow pushed past him out the door.

"The guy who was murdered behind the bar." You said, glancing back at Ramsay as he examined your mother's tea set on the counter.

"No. Why? He means nothing to us." Ramsay shrugged.

"But what if he does? Everything went to shit and our lives have been crazy ever since those detectives showed up because Farlan was murdered behind the bar. But I don't think he was murdered there. He was dumped. It wasn't coincidence. Some one is trying to set us up, and maybe we are falling right into the trap?" You said, hatred toward your father in law immediately boiling in your stomach, from nowhere it seemed.

Ramsay tilted his head and watched you closely, "Is there something you need to tell me?"

"No. You keep asking me that. I've just been thinking. Pregnancy makes me anxious. Maybe my hormones are just making me panic over nothing." You shrugged, avoiding his gaze, busying yourself with a bag of chips from the cabinet. 

Ramsay closed the cabinet forcefully, leaning into you.

"You wouldn't lie to me, would you, little pet?" He whispered, almost threateningly. As if he knew something you didn't want him to and was trying to get you to crack.

"No, daddy. You know I'm a terrible liar." You whispered back, leaning into him and nipping his bottom lip.

"Mm. I love when you call me that." He chuckled, placing his lips on yours.

You kissed him back hungrily, taking his bottom lip too roughly between your teeth, as he drew a sharp breath. 

You pulled back, placing a gentle kiss to his bottom lip, "sorry baby."

"Shut up." He growled, grabbing your hips and pulling you into him.

Kissing him was like the world falling away, leaving only you and him as he grabbed at you and slid his tongue over yours; a pleasant warmth spreading through your midregion.

You could feel yourself growing wet as Ramsay pushed you back into the counter, sliding his hands up your back, to fumble with your bra latch. 

You drug your nails lightly along the waist of his jeans, your heart thumping a song in your chest.

Suddenly the sounds of barking brought you back to reality.

"My parents." You whispered, pulling away from Ramsay.

You felt flustered and out of place at the thought of what your parent's would say. You watched Ramsay smirk, leaving you alone in the kitchen.

You followed him into the living room and sat beside him on the couch as he turned the TV on.

Seeing your father look so weak hurt you. He was always as strong as a bull.

Ramsay put on his polite, gentleman front, rising from his chair to shake your father's hand.

You gave your father a tight hug, "How are you feeling?" 

"Oh, well, I've felt worse." He chuckled, with a wink and smile. "Glad y'all came up to see us, despite the situation."

"Dad. You know that I..." You started, guilt filling you.

"Calm down, calm down little fighter. I know it's not been easy for ya." Your father said gently, slowly sitting in his favorite recliner. "Whit came by the day after you left, told us everything. I'm sorry you felt pressured to leave. Or like you couldn't talk to us. Never felt like the right time to bring it up."

You stared blankly at your father. Emotion jam. Too much for one damn day. 

You simply nodded, unable to say anything. You turned quickly and left the room, hurrying to your room. You fell back into the bed, suppressing a sob.

You squinted as someone flipped the light on. You picked your head up to see your mother. She looked sad. If only she knew what you had just done.

She sat on the end of your bed, smoothing the bedspread out just like she used to when she came to talk with you.

"Baby, you know we love you. You'll always be my little black sheep. Your father and I always followed your lead and said nothing about what happened that night." She said gently.

You sniffed, feeling fifteen again. "Im sorry I've been such a disappointment. Never as good as Eli and Ruth." You said thickly, blinking back the tears.

Your mother gave a small snort, "you've never been a disappointment baby. So you didn't follow anyone's footsteps. That's okay. We are proud of you just the same. You have a stable life, a loving husband, and a child on the way."

'Proud'. You thought in distaste. 

"I love you, mom." You said sitting up and wrapping your arms around her.

"I love you too, (y/n). I'm going to go get your father to bed and probably get to bed myself. Been a long day. Good night, baby." She said, hugging you tight and leaving.

"Night." You said quietly, falling back into the bed.

You laid in silence, hearing the door open and close again. You picked up your head to see Ramsay.

You sniffed again.

"What's got your feathers ruffled, little momma?" He asked, giving you a long look.

"I killed a man today, Rams." You said, confusion replacing your sadness. 

It was an unpleasant mix of delight and loss. Like you didn't know who you were.

"That you did. And I have to admit, it was the sexiest fucking thing I've ever seen. I think I just fell in love with you all over again." He said, running his tongue along his bottom lip and climbing on top of you.

It was like a knot in your chest came undone as relief washed over you and desire welled inside you as he placed gentle kisses along your neck.

No. Maybe love didn't mean the same thing to him as it did you, but hearing that was like feeling a drunken high hit you suddenly. All you wanted right this second was to feel him against you.

"So, how about that speakeasy?" He chuckled, pulling away from you.

You laughed, pushing him slightly so you could get up.

He climbed off you and you slid off the bed to pull your dresser from the wall, quietly.

Behind the dresser was a sheet of drywall that threw the painted wall off in stark contrast.

"A raccoon once burrowed itself in this wall, and dad never got around to finishing it. This hole made for a perfect place to hide stuff." You grinned, pulling the white sheet back to reveal a collection of things.

You felt your face warm as you glanced over the liquor bottles, racy underwear, and collection of dusty, sex toys.

Ramsay kneeled down beside you, looking from you to the hole in the wall, a wide grin on his face.

"A freak before I even met you. A shame I didn't turn you in to one." He chuckled, reaching forward and grabbing a bottle. "Tequila." He tutted, holding the bottle up.

"Well, you have definitely helped progress my freak fetish, dear. And yes. Tequila. It's my weakness. You know that." You said, replacing the drywall and moving your dresser back into place.

"Bottoms up." Ramsay winked, taking a long swing with a sour face.

You crawled back onto the bed, kicking your shoes off and sliding your pants off. After pulling your shirt from you, and letting your bra fall away to the floor, you slid under the covers and laid down with a sigh. You suddenly felt exhausted.

You blindly watched Ramsay finish off what was left of the bottle, your mind numb from trying to process your emotions.

"Who am I?" You suddenly asked, aloud. 

Ramsay looked around before giving you a long look through his bloodshot eyes.

"A Red Queen." He said after a few moments, setting the empty bottle on the floor and shedding his clothes, crawling into bed with you.

"Why do I not feel bad for killing him?" You asked with a sigh, relaxing into Ramsay's touch as he trailed his warm fingers over your stomach.

"He hurt you, baby girl. Why should you be upset? Be happy. He's gone. You got your revenge. It's over." He whispered, leaning in to ghost his lips across your chest.

"Yes, but normal people would freak out. Guilt eat away at them. Or... Or something." You argued, mostly just trying to convince yourself that deep down you were upset, as you ran your hand through Ramsay's hair.

But you weren't. You weren't sad, or upset, or sorry. No matter how hard you tried to be or think you were.

He smirked against your skin. "We aren't normal, baby girl."

"Maybe you're right. We aren't normal." You said, pushing yourself up and climbing on top of him, leaning forward to kiss him deeply.

He gripped your ass and pulled you closer as you kissed him aggressively, shoving your tongue in his mouth and gripping his hair.

"There's no maybe to it. I am right." He said, when you pulled away from him to catch your breath. "Now, suck my dick and I will give you whatever you want."

"Yes sir." You murmured, kissing across his jaw and down his neck, where you worried a hickey, relishing in his small noises and his grip on you.

You slowly made your way down his body, clawing at his soft skin, until you reached his hips, where you felt his throbbing dick against your breast.

You pushed your breast into him firmly, as he brought his hands to tangle in your hair. Pushing down slowly until your cheek rested against him.

You licked your lips, feeling your saliva thicken as you took him in your mouth. You felt him relax as you ran your tongue along him.

His grip in your hair tightened and you heard him make a small noise as you ran your tongue over his tip.

"Deeper." He panted, pushing your head down.

You inhaled deeply through your nose, relaxing yourself, and hoping like hell it wouldn't make you feel queasy, as you let him push you down further on his dick.

You suppressed a gag, closing your eyes tight, and pushing everything else out of your mind as you took control.

You bit down slightly to run your teeth along him, hearing his breath catch, feeling his hand tighten in your hair, tasting his salty, sticky precum.

You let a noise of longing escape you, the hum tickling your lips. You pressed your tongue against him as firm as you could, moving slowly up and down on him.

"Baby girl, look at me." He moaned.

Slowly you opened your eyes and brought your gaze up to his. You watched his eyes darken in lust, his chest rise and fall rapidly. It made a deep ache form between your legs.

You batted your lashes as you ran your tongue over his tip again, pulling away from him.

"Can I be on top? I need you baby." You said with a small whine.

"Beg me." He whispered with a smirk.

"Please, can I ride you daddy? I need to feel you. I promise to be a good girl. I'll do whatever you say. I'll stay out of trouble." You begged, pouting slightly.

"Come here baby girl. Fuck me like the nasty bitch you are." He said gently, releasing his grip in your hair and motioning you toward him.

Hastily you climbed back up his body, clashing your mouth with his.

"Are you wet enough, doll?" He murmured against your lips.

You nodded forcefully, grinding against him.

"Good. Remember, you have to be quiet. Not a sound." He said, grabbing your hips and moving you into place.

"Yes, daddy. I promise." You whimpered, as you slowly took him inside you.

 You sat up, taking a moment to feel how perfect he felt inside of you as he brought his hands up to cup your breasts tightly in his hands.

You let out a sigh, grinding yourself into him, setting a slow pace.

He continued to grab and pinch roughly at your breasts as you picked up your pace, rolling your hips firmly into his.

You bit your lip to keep quiet, every bit of your body preparing for release.

You felt the blood hammering in your neck as you inhaled deeply, arching your back, and grinding harder into him.

Suddenly he gripped your arm, pulling you down into him. He clashed his mouth with yours and you whimpered into his mouth.

He kissed across your jaw to your ear. His breathing hot and heavy. He brought his hand up to your neck, where he applied pressure against your throat as you pushed harder into him.

"You know I could kill you at any moment." He growled through his heavy breaths. 

"Yes, baby boy. But now you know I am capable of killing you too." You panted back, swallowing hard under his grip.

"Kill me, baby girl." He moaned, grabbing harder at your throat as he met his release with a sharp gasp.

You suppressed a laugh, pushing into him, feeling your high wash over you as he dropped his hand and you took him in. His look of bliss adding to your high as you drew a shakey breath and fell into him.

He wrapped his arms around you as you both lay there, regaining steady breathing, hearts pounding furiously against your chests as if trying to escape.

"I thought if a name for the bar." You said suddenly, sitting up and climbing off him.

"What's that?" He asked, taking the shirt from you.

"Guns for Hire Saloon."

Chapter Text

Despite the cramped space of your tiny bed, you awoke feeling happy.

Like being a new person. Like you were powerful. Like nothing could touch you.

Was this how Ramsay felt when he woke up?

You gave a yawn and stretched deeply, slowly rolling over, to see you were alone. As usual.

After going through your morning routine you walked into the kitchen to find you father moodily picking at a bowl of oatmeal, Ramsay staring at the wall with his head propped on his hand, absentmindedly stroking Skips between the ears, and your mother fussing over bacon and hash browns. 

"Morning baby." Your mother called, flipping the bacon as you sat down beside Ramsay with a small yawn.

"Morning, momma." You said brightly, turning your gaze to your father, "What's wrong with you?"

"Apparently oatmeal is heart healthy." He sighed, pushing the bowl away and watching your mother cook the bacon.

"You heard what the doctor said." Your mother said, crossly. 

Your father rolled his eyes and rose from the table. 

You looked at Ramsay who had turned his gaze to you.

"Morning." You said with a smile.

"Yes. It is." He said sarcastically. 

You snorted, reaching for the jug of grape juice.

Your father returned, sitting heavily in his chair with the newspaper and mail.

"Hon, did you watch the news this morning?" Your mother said, glancing at your father.

"No, dear. I was out with the dogs. Why?" Your father said, glancing over the front page of the paper.

"You weren't smoking were you?" Your mother asked accusingly. 

"Of course not, dear." Your father said in false innocence.

"Well, I saw on Facebook this morning, that sometime last night some meth lab up on the mountain exploded." Your mother said, tipping eggs, hash browns, and bacon on your plate. "Deputy Harris's truck was found there. But not him. They did find human remains though."

"Oh. What a shame." You said rather dryly as you buttered a toast, a grin threatening the corner of your mouth.

"Damn kids and their drugs." Your father said, flipping the pages of the newspaper.

"Can I see that front page?" Ramsay said, nodding at the newspaper.

You father pulled the page free and handed it to Ramsay.

"Thank you, sir." He murmured, running his eyes over the picture and article.

You glanced at it too, realizing you knew the face on the paper.

Heir to Lion Gate arrested on multiple charges.

Jaime Lannister, 40, was arrested late Sunday evening at his home on charges of racketeering, kidnap, murder, and a dozen other small charges...

You read, before turning back to your food. Interesting, though. Did the kidnapping charge lead to Sansa Stark's safe return to her family?

"What did you two get up to yesterday?" Your mother asked, slapping your father's hand as he reached for the bacon. 

You grinned, watching Ramsay watch your parents.

"Nothing really. Hung out here, went to the game, came back here and caught up with the gang." You shrugged, finishing your breakfast, pushing your plate away so that it moved the plate of bacon closer to your father's reach.

He gave you a look and you winked with a smile as you stood.

"So, the doctor was off on estimated progress. We are almost fourteen weeks pregnant. And due on June twenty seveth." You beamed, catching your mother's full attention, watching your father smuggle bacon from the plate.

"Oh my goodness! How exciting!" Your mother said excitedly, placing her hands on the swell you were growing. 

You ran your hand over your stomach with a wide smile. You couldn't wait to feel the baby move for the first time. Thinking about it made your chest tighten in happiness.

"Have you thought of names?" You mother asked.

You shook your head, "waiting to see what little B is before I have a field day with names." 

"I thought about naming you Cain if you were a boy. But your father didn't like it. Said it would turn you rotten."

You saw Ramsay smirk. He may not have been the first born, but he was the Cain to Dom's Abel.

"Well, I don't think it's a horrible name. Maybe Cain needs redemption." You said, giving your father a fruitive eyebrow raise.


"Wanna go out drinking tonight?" You asked, sitting on the couch next to Ramsay who stared blankly at the his laptop, tapping his finger irritably. 

"Do you even need to ask?" He said, turning his gaze to you.

"No. But it's different than the city. You know... full of country music, boots and hats. Probably slightly dirty." You said, grinning at imagining your husband in boots and a hat.

"Mm. Well, as long as I can get too drunk to care."

"Well, I'll sling your drinks, how about that?" You grinned. 

"Yes ma'am. No hillbillies making my drinks. I may tip you if you're quick about it. Maybe even grab your ass."

"Think I need your tips?" You laughed.


You rolled your eyes with a grin.

"It's a date then. Seven."

You left the living room to see your father at the barn through the window. 

You pulled a pair if boots on and slid your coat on, walking out the kitchen door.

You walked quickly, rubbing your hands together from the cold.

Your father was busy filling feed buckets when you sidled up to him.

"Whatcha doing hiding on the side of the barn?" You asked slyly.

Your father jumped, cursing as he turned to you. 

"You were always too sneaky for your own good. About gave me a heart attack." He said, grabbing at his chest.

You crossed your arms and raised a brow.

"Too soon?" He chuckled.

You laughed, until your cheeks hurt.

"Dad, if mom finds out you're still smoking she'll have both our heads."

"I know, I know. I'll quit. But she can't expect me to stop overnight."

"Well, your secret is safe with me. But, you don't need to be out here doing this. Mom's already having kittens over you. Let me help you at least." You said, picking up a bucket.

"What a motley crew we are." Your father laughed, picking up the other bucket.


You were laughing, walking arm in arm with your father as he showed you all his new projects and orchard plot when you caught sight of Ramsay leaning against the carport, watching you closely and choking down a cigarette. 

"Hey baby." You said cheerfully, dropping your father's arm and placing a warm kiss to your husband's cheek as you walked by.

He caught your hand, and pulled you into him.

"We need to go. Now." he murmured in your ear.

Your smile dropped, "what's wrong?" 

"I have orders, and they need to be carried out within twenty four hours." He said, dropping your hand.

"Of course baby, just let me go pa..."

"Already done." He cut across you.

"What do I tell mom and dad?" You asked with a sniff, rubbing your numb nose on the back of your hand.

"I don't care, baby doll. Anything, just make it quick. Clock is ticking." Ramsay said, pushing off the wall and walking inside.

"You can be very unhelpful sometimes." You sighed, following your husband inside.


Ramsay finished loading bags and dogs in the back of the jeep as you told your parents good bye. It was bitter sweet. You left this house to find yourself, and it took coming back to truly embrace who you were.

You hugged both your parents tight, stepping back to smile at them.

"So sorry our time always seems so short together anymore. Call me when you get into the city and we will have lunch or something. Maybe go shopping. I love you guys." You said, climbing up into your seat.

"We love you too baby!" Your mother said as Ramsay shut your door.

You waved at your parents as Ramsay backed out of the drive.

You sighed, pulling your phone from your purse.

[You: hey, things came up and I gotta get back home. One of y'all or all y'all come up to the city ASAP. I'll pay for whatever. Just get here. ]

You sat your phone down, scratched Willow behind the ear, and gave your husband a long look.

He glanced at you but said nothing. 

You felt your phone vibrate in your lap and picked it up.

[Whit: okay. Sorry we didn't get more time together. Let's plan on next Saturday. I think we are all off then. And... if anyone asks about, you know, what do we say?]

[You: you were all at my parents with me, what are you talking about?]

"So, what's up, baby?" You finally said, glancing out the window.

"I now have twenty two hours and forty five minutes to get the Boys together, plan a fucking heist, and pull it off." Ramsay said, glaring at his watch as if he could scare it into making time stop.

Chapter Text

You fell into the couch with a sigh as Ramsay pulled his helmet from the closet and slipped his gloves on.

"I don't know how long this will take. Stay here. If you need anything call someone to bring it to you. I'll fuck you when I get home." He said, kissing you on the cheek, as if he knew you were about to whine about him leaving.

"Please be careful. Bring me home some cheesecake." You smiled, kissing him again.

"Only if I get to eat it off these tits." Your husband replied, groping your breasts before heading to the garage door.

"I love you baby!" You said, blowing him a kiss.

"Love you too, baby girl." He said with a wink, disappearing through the dark door.

You sighed, ran your hand over your belly, and rose from your seat.

"What do ya say, little one? Eat something healthy? Maybe we should go do yoga or something on days your daddy works." you said, rubbing your belly and opening the refrigerator to check you dinner options.

"Should of grabbed eggs from mom's." You sighed, looking at the single, lonely egg in a bowl.

You used the last egg and have a small dinner. You had decided to start eating smaller meals. The last thing you wanted was to gain a bunch of weight that would make harder for you to lose once you had this child.


You awoke to the soft touch of warm fingertips along your back. Slowly you rolled over and opened your eyes to see Ramsay wearing that trademark smirk.

"Did you get my cheesecake?" You asked rubbing your eye and scooting into him.

"Mhm. Every flavor you can think of baby girl. And I got you a little something else too." He said, turning away from you to turn on the bedside table lamp.

You squinted against the dim light as Ramsay sat up and pulled a tiny box free of his discarded pants. 

He leaned back into you and opened the box to reveal pretty, flashy diamond earrings that matched the necklace he had gotten you just before Christmas.

"Oh baby, they are beautiful! What did I do to deserve these?" You said, gingerly taking the box from him.

He gave a small shrug, "accept it as a generous token of my love, little pet. Now, I have a little under two hours before I have to go finish this shit, and I would do my job better if a certain pair of tits and the thoughts of a certain warm, wet pussy quit hounding me."

You set the box on your table and pulled the blankets back as you fell into the bed. The cold air giving you chills as your nipples hardened.

"Already ready?" He chuckled, sitting up to pull his shirt off and strip from his briefs.

"I could never not be ready for you baby. You make me so wet by just touching me." you whispered, grabbing his arm and pulling him into you.

"What do you want baby girl?" He asked gently, kissing down your neck.

"It's not about wanting. It's about needing. Give me what I need baby." You purred, dragging your nails down his back and wrapping your fingers of your other hand in the hair at the nape of his neck as he climbed up on you.

"Well if that is so my angel, you still need punished for your outbursts recently." He said, kissing down your body.

"Yes sir, I understand." You said with a sigh, afraid of what he would do. 

"How angry do you think you've made me in the last week?" He asked, nipping at your breasts.

"I... I don't know baby." You admitted quietly.

"Go on. Take a guess." He replied, taking a nipple between his teeth and swirling his tongue firmly.

"Very? But I have made you very happy too." You said, hopefully.

Ramsay pulled away from you with a loud plop and eyed you curiously, a grin forming.

"Yes. Yes, I suppose that is true. You have made me incredibly happy." 

You glanced up at him, "really?"

"Of course baby girl. You're growing my child in here," he ran his hand firmly over your stomach, "you killed a man because I asked you to. It took everything in me not to get off right then and there."

He pushed himself further down your body, "but, you still have to be punished so you remember that I'm your master and I take care of you."

"Yes, master." You said, biting your lip and closing your eyes tight, bracing for the worst.

But no pain came. Only warm, sensual movements from your husband's tongue as he slowly slid his tongue inside you.

You drew a sharp gasp, opening your eyes quickly to watch him. He was playing a game. What kind of game were you about to lose?

"Recite your crimes, doll. Judgement needs to be served." He hummed.

"I... I called you a bastard." You said, as it was the first time you remember making him mad in the last week.

"And why did you call me a bastard?"

"I didn't mean to. Honest. I was just upset."

"Just upset." He mocked with a wicked grin. "Should you be punished for that?"

You looked at him as he ran his tongue sloppily over your folds. No. You didn't deserve to be punished for that. But you knew No was the wrong answer.

"Yes sir. I do." You said with a swallow.

He held up a finger.

"Next offensive baby girl." He breathed against you, his breathing making you shiver and your high begin to mount.

You raked your brains trying to remember. It was hard. You were never sure what really made him mad and what didn't. 

"I... I asked you questions when you told me not to." You panted, trying to pull away from him.

He hummed in amusement, holding up his second finger, "Yes, you did baby girl. Do you have an argument for your defense?" 

You tried to pull away again, but he pushed his elbow into your thigh until it became uncomfortable, hosting a new wave of assaults with his tongue on you.

"Yes. I do." You said through a choked gasp.

He brought his eyes up to yours and raised a brow, "go on."

"You let me. You wanted me to. You could have stopped me or ignored me, but you kept answering. There's something you want me to know, I just haven't found it yet. What do you want for me to know, baby boy?"

"Alright baby girl, I will let you off on that one for a strong defense. Now, let's talk about one more to pass judgement on." He said, running his finger tips over your breasts.

The warmth and desire was becoming hard to ignore as he buried his face between your legs again, nipping at your folds.

"Those things I said on the way to my parents. And there's no need to ask, because what I did was wrong, and I accept whatever punishment you deem worthy, daddy." You panted, grabbing at his shoulder as the knots in your stomach began to coil tightly.

"Good girl. For that I will take the first punishment away. Would you like to know what I'm going to do to you?" He asked, pulling himself gently up your body, placing his lips on yours.

You closed your eyes and gave a small nod, drawing a sharp gasp as he slowly slid himself inside of you.

You relaxed with a small moan as he rolled his hips deeply into yours, setting and achingly slow pace.

Your breathing became shallow and rapid as you clawed at his back, feeling your high mount.

You dug your nails into him as you found rhythm with him, every breath escaping you with a moan, as he panted heavily in your ear.

You drew a sharp breath as your high was moments away, preparing for release, when suddenly he pulled away from you completely wearing that wicked grin.

You pouted, "baby, I was so close." 

He laughed at the whine in your voice as he gripped himself and began to run his hand along his dick and rub his tip into your abdomen. 

You bit your lip, watching him, the ache between your legs almost painful. You made to move your hand but he fixed you with a cold, malicious glare.

"No." He panted, continuing to jerk himself.

You pouted with a whimper, "Please daddy."

He gave a laugh, "no."

He brought his other hand to cup under him as he met his release and you watched the thick, white cum pool in his hand as he let out a satisfied sigh.

"Lick it clean." He said, holding out his hand.

You sat up, pressing your tongue to his hand as you lapped up his spent cum. It was warm and salty. You licked and kissed every part of his hand until he finally pulled his hand back.

He climbed out of bed and redressed, glancing at his watch. He gave you a quick kiss and turned to leave.

"You're just gunna leave me like this?" You asked, unamused.

"I told you, baby doll. You had to be punished. Now, I have eighty million dollars to steal. Dinner?" He said, standing in the doorway.

"Wouldn't miss it. Please be safe." You said with a weak smile.

"Who are we, baby girl?"


"And what is our motto?"

"Our blades are sharp."

He pointed at you with a wink, "bingo."


"So why you come back a day early?" Olyvar asked, standing beside you as you looked over the bare lot that was about to be the newest, best bar in the city.

"Rams had some shit to do. He didn't really elaborate. I'm sorry I've been quiet recently." You said, smiling at up at your friend.

Olyvar pulled you into a hug, "don't be. I know life has been crazy. How's the baby?"

"Great! I can finally eat without puking. My headaches are dispersing. I'm feeling better. What have you been up to?" You said, watching the trucks unload lumber and mix concrete.

"Oh, you know. The usual. Been trying to get close with Loras Tyrell and Renly Baratheon. They are pretty handsome devils." Olyvar said with a grin and a wink.

"I need to get with Margaery Tyrell. But I'm not sure how." You said with a sigh.

Truth be told, you didn't want to. What did she really matter to You?

"Watch the news the morning? Ramsay was on there." Olyvar said, taking in the look on your face and changing the subject.

"Oh god, why?" You asked, feeling panicked. You hadn't spoken to him since he left at four this morning.

"Well, no one knows it's him. But... hold on..." Olyvar said pulling out his phone. "Here." He said with a chuckle, handing you his phone.

"Good morning folks. This morning we start out with a rather interesting story that happened around two a.m. Apparently a man broke into a jewelry store, mocked the camera, broke into a glass cabinet, took only one pair of earrings, then calls the cops, salutes the camera, and shoots it on his way out! How crazy is that?!" The anchorwoman exclaimed, doing her best to hide her amusement as her partner did the same before he spoke.

"Police are hoping the video will help apprehend the thief. But it's looking to be difficult as he was completely covered, and left nothing behind. Here's a look at the video."

You watched your husband in his Darth Vader mask wave at the camera with his gloved hand and motion to the glass counter he had propped his elbow up on, before smashing it with his gun. He then carefully brushed aside the glass, picked up the tiny velvet box, waved it at the camera again, placed it in his pocket and pulled out his phone. You saw him hold it up to his ear, walk towards the door, put the phone away, flipped his middle finger at the camera, before finally shooting it as he gave a small salute.

You shook your head, handing Olyvar his phone back with a sigh.

"Why is he like this?" You huffed.

"You like it. Those diamonds really bring out your eyes, dear." Olyvar chuckled.

You blushed, bringing your hand up to brush your ear and feel the cold stone. 

"Lunch? I'm starving." You said, rubbing your stomach.


"You know me so well." You laughed, walking to your car. Driving the car was so different than the jeep. 

You turned down the radio as Olyvar climbed in.

"The contractor promised they would be done in no more than sixty five days." Olyvar said, adjusting his seat.

"Gah. That sounds so long when you say it like that." You whined.

"Oh come on, that's roughly middle of March."


You sat there downing pasta and listening to Olyvar talk about his most recent exploits when your phone vibrated in your lap.

You picked it up.

[Rams: you can get the sad look off your face. It's done and we are safe. I'm going to the garage. Dinner. 7. I'll pick you up. Semi-formal.]

You glanced around quickly but didn't see Ramsay or anyone you knew. Must of been a street soldier around keeping tabs on you.

[You: okay baby. I guess I will see you at 7.] 


"You ever gonna let one of these damn dogs have pups?" Olyvar asked, scratching both dogs behind the ears.

You shrugged eating a twizzler, "That's Rams' thing. Not mine."

There came a knock on the door. You glanced at the clock. It was only 4:17. And Ramsay wouldn't knock.

You exchanged a look with Olyvar as you rose from the couch to cross to the door.

You gave a quick look at your purse beside you, thinking of the gun tucked away safely. You took a deep breath and opened the door.

There stood the tallest man you had ever seen, accompanied by a much shorter man, or maybe it was just he seemed that way, he was still taller than you.

"May I help you gentlemen?" You asked, gripping the door handle.

"Yes ma'am. I'm Agent Bronn and this is my partner Agent Gregor. We need to ask you a few questions." The shorter man said, flashing a badge. 

No. This wasn't right. Something felt off. They were not local PD, and they were very unlikely to be Federal Agents. You saw a flash of gold on Agent Bronn's tie.

"Of course, but if we could make it quick. I have an appointment at five." You said with a swallow.

"We have information you have been close with Tyene Sand." Bronn said, rolling his shoulders and bouncing on his heels.

"And? She's my employee. What's the point of this?" You snapped.

"Thank you for your time ma'am." Bronn said, abruptly leaving.

You stood there dumbfounded. What the hell just happened?

"Oly, call Ty and tell her to meet me with her family at Ramsay's shop in an hour. I'm afraid I just played into a trap." You said, panicked, closing the door, and turning to Olyvar.

Chapter Text

"Where is Rams?" You asked Matt, when you walked in.

Matt pulled his painting mask from over his face, "office I guess."

You nodded pushing through a door and walking down the hall.

You took a breath and pushed the door of your husband's office open.

He and Damon both rose quickly from their seats, reaching for guns. Instinct made you flinch and hold empty palms out to them.

"Fuck, baby girl. What are you doing?" Ramsay said with a sigh, releasing the grip on the gun behind him.

"I um... I think I just made a mistake." You said with a frown.

Ramsay nodded at Damon who left quickly.

"The girls will be here soon." You said, sitting in Damon's empty chair.

"What have you done?" Ramsay asked, resuming his seat. His voice was calm, but it was threatening.

"Two men showed up and flashed some badges. Said they were agents. But... they weren't. Anyways, one man was huge. I mean he had to be like seven fucking foot, babe! The other man, he did the talking. Said he had questions to ask. But only asked one question. He asked... well, he didn't really ask, but said that I was known to be spending time with Tyene."

"And what did you say?" Ramsay asked, resting his finger tips together in exactly the same way his father did.

"I just said that she's an employee. Asked him what did it matter?" You said, feeling as though he could see inside you with those cold eyes.

"And then?"

"I... I don't know. He just said thanks for your time and they left. I called the girls to come over here and came here and well, here I am. I... I don't know..." You stood abruptly and started pacing, "maybe I'm just overreacting. Hormones or whatever. But I don't feel safe. You are not safe. My girls are not safe."

Without warning tears flooded your vision. You buried your face in your hands and suppressed a sob.

You heard Ramsay leave his chair.

"Hush." He cooed in your ear, grabbing you from behind to wrap his arms around you and kiss along your neck.

"What's going to happen?" You whispered, relaxing into him. 

"Nothing. We will go about our daily shit. You will talk to your girls. We will go home. We will get ready for dinner. We will go to dinner. We will go back home. And you will go to bed." He said simply. "Understand?"

"Yes, sir?" You said, pulling away from him and offering what you hoped was a brave face.

"Take a seat, twiddle your thumbs, whatever. I need to go make a couple phone calls." Ramsay said, pulling his chair out for you.

You gingerly sat in the chair and watched him cross the room.

"Babe?" You heard your voice say.

He turned to you, "yes?"

"Why are you not mad?"

"Nothing to be mad over, baby girl." He shrugged, pushing the door open.

"Babe?" You asked again.

Again, he turned to you, "Yes, doll?"

"Did you do this?" The image of a dead, beaten woman pictured on the laptop in front of you, with various other pictures that looked like they came from a crime scene.

He tilted his head and took you in, a grin playing the corner of his mouth, "As much as I'd like to say yes, no. It was not me. But she belonged to us, so I have to get involved."

It was your turn to regard him, "Why?"

"Lesson one. Who am I in the hierarchy of the Red Kings?"

"Um, the underboss?" You said.

He nodded slowly, "correct. Who is the underboss of the Boys?"

"Damon.... So when your father dies, what happens to the Boys?"

"They come with me. Damon will still be my right hand. Then Ben, Alyn, and finally Yellow Dick."

"I don't like him." You said, picking at your nail.

Ramsay chuckled, "Yellow Dick? No one likes him. But he's kept us afloat many times. Now, who is the kid to me?"

"Um... well you said he hasn't been Made, so whatever falls under the Made Men?"

"We call them associates, baby doll. How many businesses do we own?"

"I've honestly no idea." You admitted.

"The Kings own two hundred and ten in the city. The Boys own one hundred and thirty four. So together we own three hundred and forty four businesses. From grocery stores to fucking gas stations. Bars, clubs, tire shops, and even a post office or two. Should something happen to me, what happens to you?" He motioned at the map on the wall.

You sat up, staring at the map, "I... I don't know that either."

Just thinking about it made your heart heavy. You didn't want to do this without him.

"Take notes. Damon and Ben will be charged in your well being. If we have a son you will serve as Boss, and Damon and Ben will be mentors to you both until our son comes of age to take over the business on his own."

"And if we have a girl?" You asked.

He fixed you with a long look, "Damon and Ben will be charged with your protection and see you home. You will be set up with enough to live luxuriously for the rest of your life and our daughter will forever be taken care of. Now, you have two sets of groups working for you. What do you do, Boss?"

"I... I need a Right Hand." You said, placing your hand on your belly.

"Who will it be?" Ramsay asked, watching you closely.

How could you choose? There were so many variables. So many obstacles.

"Why is Damon yours?" You asked, turning your gaze to your husband.

"Sometimes I have no fucking idea. But he's had my back. He's counseled me on many occasions about what is best for the business on a whole. While I trust no one, I trust him the most. We learned the game together, and he knows what he's doing."

"Tyene." You said automatically.

"Interesting choice. Why?"

Gah, he was making your head hurt. Why did it matter? Why did he even pretend to be caring?

"She knows the game. She's smart. Resourceful. I can trust her. She's already shown she's capable. The Snakes are a bigger asset than my Sheep when it comes down to it. My Sheep are too far out to make a move immediately if something happens."

Ramsay nodded, crossing the room and closing the laptop.

"So what happened to her?" You asked unable to get her bashed in face from your mind.

"Lesson two, baby doll. Protection. I provide jobs and protection to everyone under my wing, whether I want to or not. It is expected."

"And when do you ever do anything that is expected?" You asked, raising a brow.

"You'd be surprised. All of my men and associates execute my orders for two reasons. One, if they don't, I will kill them and probably their families. Two, I pay them and keep them safe. I don't have to worry so much about my men, they're all murderers. However, when things get too far out of hand I swoop in and put an end to whatever threat is suffocating my business. Understand?"

"Yes. So what happened?" You said, watching him closely.

"Not sure, but a warehouse was just discovered with many of the girls employed by the Boys. We are going to go get information, put stricter safety precautions in place, and send a message back to whoever this is trying to get my attention."

"How many dead?" You found yourself asking.

No, you didn't care for the prostitutes, but it was still such a shame to see as a young woman's life ended.

"Eight, so far. Damon says there are still two whores unaccounted for."

"So ten."

"Probably. One was rented out by an unknown. Hopefully I can catch him."

"And the girl he has?"

Ramsay shrugged, "could honestly care less."

"But you said..." You began, confused.

"No matter how this goes down I am seen providing my part of the deal. It doesn't matter what else happens." He said, pulling the door open.

You rose from the chair and walked out behind him, "I don't want to be alone." 

He said nothing until he ran into Matt.

"Entertain the wife." Ramsay ordered, snapping his fingers at Matt and walking out.

You and Matt exchanged looks. You offered a warm smile. He cleared his throat.

"Uh... knock knock?" Matt said, taking his hat off and scratching his head.

You let out a loud laugh, "who's there?"

"Yeah, I'm really shit at these. I never really stuck around long enough for the door to be answered." He said giving an awkward shrug.

"You're funny." You laughed, taking him and his paint covered pants in. "Whatcha painting?" 

"That car for the little racer of yours. Should be finished with the paint today." He said, pointing at a window. 

"Afternoon, (y/n)." Came a voice.

You turned to see Ben. He looked dead on his feet. 

You smiled at him, "Ben. How are you? You look rough." 

Ben shrugged, "Been a long weekend, and day. Tuesday's man. Worse than Monday's. Trying to keep tabs on your husband, take care of Kade, Liz's appointment yesterday morning."

"How'd that go?" You asked.

"Not good. Liz starts chemo next week."

You sighed, "anything y'all need?"

"Nope. Today's cut was good." Ben shrugged again.

"There's more than just money you know. You're beyond tired. I'll pick up Kaden from school tomorrow and keep him for awhile so you don't gotta worry. Take a nap." You said, crossing your arms and fixing Ben with a stern look.

"You look just like Ramsay when you do that." He chuckled. "Speaking of, I heard you're Made now."

You dropped you arms as your face warmed, "Yeah, I guess so. Do I want to know what my husband said about it?"

Ben laughed, "No ma'am. You don't."

Your embarrassment deepened. But you were spared some of it as The Sand Snakes walked in, with a man. This must be Oberyn. He must of gotten his parole this morning. Tyene had never told you an exact date.

He was a lively looking man, and still rather handsome for his age. He wore a bright genuine smile when he stopped in front of you. 

"The lovely Lady Bolton!" He beamed, bowing low, taking your hand, and placing a kiss to your knuckles.

"Mr. Martell. What a pleasure. I'm glad to finally meet the man I have heard so much about."

"Sí. It is likewise for you. My girls have told me much of you. Now, Tyene said it was urgent we all meet?"

You nodded, wanting to waste no time, " I want you all to be careful. Locked and loaded every second of the day. Two men pretending to be Federal agents came to my house today asking about Tyene. One man was fairly average, and the other was ridiculously tall and creepy as fuck. I am certain they are Lannister men."

You saw the girls all exchange looks and stare at Oberyn as Ellaria gripped her lover's arm tightly.

"Did he speak?" Oberyn asked.

You shook your head, "No. The other man said his name was Gregor." 

You watched the rage grow immediately on Oberyn's face. But he said nothing about it, putting the face away quickly and clearing his throat.

"My sweet Ellaria says you also had something you wished to speak to me about?"

"That we do." Ramsay said beside you, making you jump as he placed his hand on the small of your back.

"Ah, Ramsay Bolton. Heir to the largest weapons manufacturing company this side of the word. What a pleasure. Though I must admit, I expected you to look much more like your father." Oberyn said, holding his hand out to Ramsay. 

"Even god spares a beast sometimes." Ramsay replied gripping the man's hand. "Shall we get down to the pins and needles then?"

Ramsay laced his fingers in yours and lead you to a room you had yet to visit. It was large, glimmeringly clean, and felt like a conference room.

He helped you into your seat, pulling your chair as close as possible to his as your employees sat themselves down.

"Martell's still produce the cleanest drugs on the market?" Ramsay asked, resting his hand on your thigh. 

"Sí, I am sure your father could have gotten a hold of my brother without going through us." Oberyn nodded.

"But, he has not. I do know he's fallen in league with the Lannister's recently. I am working very hard to uncover the truth about that. But, I will not have my child's future undermined by dirty drugs. My wife and I want to make a business deal with you and your brother to tie our two names. You have the drugs, we have the distribution influence. Everybody goes home happy." Ramsay said leaning forward in his chair, sliding his hand over your pants.

You gave a haughty sniff and crossed your legs tightly, still a bit salty with him about this morning. 

He dug his fingers in your leg until it became uncomfortable and you uncrossed legs, squirming slightly. You drew a sharp breath as he pushed his palm into you, with a firm rub.

"Give me seventy two hours to discuss it with my dear brother. " Oberyn nodded, rising from his chair to shake your husband's hand.

Ramsay rose too, and you gave a small sigh as he pulled away from you to shake Oberyn's hand.

"I hope our abruptness in this matter is not too pressing, seeing that you just got out of the pen this morning."

Oberyn laughed, "I'm here for a good time, not a long time."

"Girls, please be safe and call me if you need anything." You said hugging them all tightly.

"No need to worry little mama, what will happen has been coming a long time. We will triumph. Ramsay, can I take Matt?" Tyene said, shooting  your husband a look.

"Hmmm... I don't know if..."

"Let her. He needs it. He made me laugh and kept me entertained like you asked him to." You cut across him.

He rolled his eyes but waved his hand dismissively.

You watched the side grin form on Tyene's face as she rushed from the room.

Once the room was empty you turned back to your husband who was staring at you.

"And what kind of genius schemes are forming in that mad mind of yours?" You asked, leaning against the table.

"I'm actually trying to put a puzzle together. But it seems the box did not come with all the pieces." He shrugged, but you could see it in his eyes the look of annoyance and frustration.

"Well, you're exhausted, let's go home. We can skip dinner tonight and just order take out or something. I'd enjoy just a night in. All this running around is making me so tired. I'll get sick." You said gently, grabbing Ramsay's hand and tugging him along.

"And you can finish your lessons on playing the game. I'm a rather good student." You added with a wink.

Ramsay smirked, lacing his fingers in yours, "alright baby girl. I'll meet you at home in an hour."


You placed your fork in the sink and grabbed a bottle of water and the new bottle of whiskey Ramsay had brought home.

"Why do you drink so much?" You asked, handing him the bottle and taking your seat beside him on the couch, pulling your blanket over you, resting you head in his lap.

"Because I'm am alcoholic?" He said, drinking straight from the bottle.

"Duh. But why?" 

"Don't know. Chose to be."

"It will kill you. You'll never see your child grow up." You sighed, watching him closely. 

He smirked, "Never planned on it."

You gave him a dirty look.

He simply nodded, as if to himself, resting his head on the back of the couch and staring at the TV guide through lidded eyes.

"Why did you marry me?"

You watched him give a small smirk.

"You needed me to. That night I had almost decided on kidnapping you, raping you, killing you, and dumping your body in the river. Then I saw you lay that dude out and thought still of kidnap and rape, but maybe keeping you as a bed warming call girl. But then... You looked at me. And I saw something in your eyes that begged me to teach you who you were. You looked at me with so much hunger as I had never seen on someone. No one but myself. It was as if something inside me awoke. If I could take you and break you down and mold you into what you really were. To embrace what you really are. All I had to do was give you my last name and no one could touch us."

"What do you mean?" You asked, watching him closely.

"Don't you get It? We are one in the same. We are balance. You are everything that brings me peace. And I am everything that brings out the beast in you. Heaven and Hell. All I had to do was be patient, and continue to push you in the right direction. And finally you did it. You became who you were made to be. I've still got so much left to do with you, but you are becoming a god, baby girl."

You simply stared, watching him talk. It was psychotic and scary, and yet so... lovely?

"You were going to kidnap me and rape me?" You said, crossing your arms and pursing your lips. 

"Minor details, baby doll." Ramsay chuckled, standing up and walking into the kitchen.

"Minor details my ass." You retorted, "by the way, I'm picking up Kaden from school tomorrow to give Ben and Liz a break."


"Um, because they need it. We are family. Because it is expected."

"Whatever. You need to go to bed." He said.

You rolled your eyes, "I'm not a child Ramsay. I will go to bed when I want to."

Ramsay snorted, "go to bed, little pet."

"Come with me. You're the one running on no sleep."

"I'll come to bed shortly." 

You sighed, "Okay. Fine."

Chapter Text

"You were on the news yesterday." You said through a mouthful of toothpaste. 

"Must have been a slow news day." Ramsay chuckled, shaking his wet hair like a dog.

You rolled your eyes, "Yeah right. You did it on purpose."

"Maybe I was tired of seeing the fucking Lannister's all over the place. Had to remind the cops that I'm still around." He said, pulling his shirt on and running his eyes over you.

"So, what's going on with all that? Did they ever find that poor girl?" You asked, rinsing your toothbrush off and glancing at him through the mirror as he continued to look at you hungrily.

"Not that I'm aware of. I've got the Boys looking for her, but nothing has turned up. Jaime Lannister is insisting he had nothing to do with it and is working on suing the district. He'll probably be out soon. Really nothing against him." Your husband said, stepping into you and wrapping his arms around you.

You pushed back into him, grinding against his pants as he pulled the ribbon of your robe free and ran his warm hands over your skin.

"Who arrested him?" You asked, letting your head fall back on his shoulder as his hands continued to explore your body.

"Ned's son. Robb or whatever. Needed to place the blame on someone. Idiot. He's going to get himself killed. Heard he was trying to get in with the Frey's. Marry one of his daughter's and get their backing. Made it as far as the ring, got cold feet, and said he had fallen in love with some other bitch. Or got ger knocked up at least. He has his coming. The whole lot of them will be dead soon." 

You watched Ramsay kiss and nip at your neck in the mirror as your body grew warm under his touch. 

"Does any of that mean anything for us?" You asked, reaching behind you to slide your hand in his pants.

He drew a breath as you encased him in your hand.

"Could mean a great deal of things." He hummed, moving one hand to your hip and the other between your legs.

You gripped him tighter and clutched the edge of the counter.

"Like?" You purred, moving your hand along him.

He made a noise in the back of his throat.

"Easier to put more of my men in the department. Access to more information. Lannister's will go quiet until the heat is off them." He panted, taking your folds between his fingers before pushing them inside you.

You hummed your approval and closed your eyes, a grin playing on your lips.

"What are we doing today?" 

"Getting ready for race night. I'm returning to the office tomorrow." He said quietly, pulling your hand away from him so he could undo his belt and pants button.

"I will miss your company." You pouted. 

"I'll get off early." He whispered in your ear as he slid himself inside you.

You gave a tiny gasp as you relaxed into him. His movements were deep and firm, but he was gentle this morning. Like he was in no hurry.

You closed your eyes tight, biting your lip, and grinding against him as he buried himself in you again, taking your ear gently between his teeth.

"Open your eyes baby girl. Watch it happen." He panted with a husky growl.

You did as you were told, taking yourself in through heavy lidded eyes.

Your knees began to go weak as the tingling warmth began to build up and the tiny noises escaped you as you watched him move against you.

His cheeks warm and flushed, his hand grabbing at your hip, his other rubbing at the sensitive bud between your legs. The way his muscles moved in his arms. The way his chest felt pressed against your back.

"Am I allowed to get off this time?" You asked, fighting back a moan.

"Yes baby girl. Come undone. Let me feel." He growled through his heavy breathing.

You pushed back into him as hard as you could, finding a short lived rhythm with him before your high came crashing down.

You drew a shaking breath, clutching the counter for support as he pounded into you again and again until he met his release with a deep, throaty growl and a smirk.

You turned to face him when he pulled away from you. He ran his eyes over you again, this time with a small frown.

"What?" You asked immediately in a demanding tone.

He grabbed at the robe, pushing it over your shoulders. 

Panic filled you as you swallowed, the robe pooling to the floor at your feet. He didn't love you anymore. He didn't want you anymore. The bulge of your belly disgusted him.

He ran his hand over your skin.

"I miss this canvas with all its bruises from my need of you. All the marks of my love." He said, locking eyes with you.

You let out a breath you didn't know you were holding. The relief came like a warm bath.

"I'm sorry. I miss it too. You can still grab me hard. Just... careful around the baby." You said with a small smile placing your hands on the swell.


"Why did Oberyn look so mad yesterday when I mentioned that one dude?" You asked, more to yourself than anything, as you sat at the table scrolling through your newsfeed and checking the time. Almost 11 a.m.

"Obviously they have a history." Ramsay replied across the table where he was cleaning his gun.

"But what?"

"Dunno. Ask him. He seems like a guy with no secrets. If you ask I'm sure he'd tell."

You sighed, placing your phone down and giving a shiver.

"It's cold in here." You said.

"Is it?"


"Well you know where the thermostat is."

You gave an irritable sigh, rising from your chair and storing your phone away in the back pocket of your jeans.

You pulled open the refrigerator and pulled out what would soon be tonight's dinner, if you could find the motivation to finally start it.

"I don't know, maybe it's not cold. Maybe I'm just whiney and uncomplacent today. Everything seems to be annoying me today." You sighed again, grabbing a knife to cut the potatoes you pulled from a bag on the counter.

You stared blankly out the window until a sharp sting brought you back to reality as you hissed, dropping the knife.

Ramsay was at your side instantly, taking your hand in his.

He examined your finger closely, blood running freely.

"It's not deep." He said, pulling you into him.

He still had a firm hold on your finger as his other hand grabbed your ass. 

You looked up at him, seeing a feirce desire burning in his eyes. His lips parted slightly, begging you to press yours to them as you ran your tongue along your bottom lip.

He took your finger in his mouth, sucking gently. Running his tongue gently over your skin. His warm, wet saliva burning the cut and yet feeling erotic. 

You felt your heartbeat quicken, your breathing rate increase, and your knees shake slightly as he slowly pulled your finger from his mouth.

He licked his lips, bringing his eyes to yours. He too breathing irregularly, chest rising and falling more rapidly than normal. His eyes dark in desire and something primal. Something that set a fire between your legs and made your wet pussy throb for him.

You pushed your finger back into his mouth and clutched at his side as he made a small noise, pulling you closer into him.

"Baby, fuck me. Please." You whimpered, unable to control the feelings of longing between your legs.

"Where?" He asked, releasing your finger and clashing his mouth with yours. 

"Anywhere. The backyard for all I fucking care. I just need you." You panted, biting at his bottom lip.

"I will own you. Every bit of you, baby girl." He growled, cupping your ass and lifting you up.

"Not if I own you first." You whispered back.

"Is that a challenge?" He chuckled.

"Do you want it to be? We haven't played any games recently." You said, kissing down his neck as he carried you from the kitchen to the living room. 

He dropped you gently on the couch and dropped to his knees.

You sat on the edge of the couch, tangling your fingers in his hair, pulling him closer, clashing your mouth with his.

"I really need to get dinner in the oven if you want to eat before midnight." You said between rough kisses.

"You have plenty of time." He hummed, kissing along your jaw and down your neck.

He placed aggressive kisses and rough bites along your neck, causing you to arch your back and tighten your grip in his hair.

"Get these damn pants off." He ordered, fumbling with your pants button. 

You pushed him away slightly, stripping your pants and laying back completely on the couch. 

Ramsay ran his warm hands over your cool skin, giving you chills and a violent shiver.

"Maybe it is cold in here." He chuckled, standing to undo his belt and pants.

You leaned forward to grab him when his phone rang from his back pocket.

He scowled, pulling it out, his face falling even more.

He took a deep breath and put on a forced smile as he cleared his throat before answering.

"Father. How nice of you to call me. Really." He said in false cheer.

Your heart plummeted to some cold area just above your navel.

"Yes sir." He said curtly, glancing at his watch. "Give me twenty and I can be here."

Ugh, what a cock blocking son of a bitch. Your hatred for him increasing with each heartbeat.

Ramsay hang up, gripped his phone tightly, and replaced it in his pocket with an irritated sigh.

"I have to go."

You only nodded, sitting up and grabbing your pants.

"Sorry baby. Rain check?" You said, giving a disappointed smile.

"Better be a hurricane check. I'll be back soon. We are going to the strip tonight at nine." He said, placing a kiss to your forehead and striding to the hallway closet. He pulled on his jacket, helmet, and pair of gloves. 

"Don't forget you gun." You said, sliding your pants over your feet.

He crossed back to the dining room table, stuffed his gun away, grabbed his keys and disappeared out the door.

You buttoned your pants, hearing the bike start, and giving a sigh as you returned to the kitchen, remembering your finger.

You washed your hands and placed a bandaid over the cut, starting on dinner again.


You walked down the hallways feeling very out of place in the school setting again. 

The lady in the office said it was the last door on the left down the right end if the hall.

You knocked on the door, waiting for an answer, glancing over a bulletin board covered in news, upcoming events, and pictures of the class.

Kaden looked so happy, without a care in the world in these pictures

Would he still feel that way when he learned the truth about his father? Would he still look so happy if the cancer claimed his mother?

You gave a sniff and blinked back tears as the door opened.

"Just finishing up nap time. You're picking up Kaden?" The woman said with a smile.

She was very kindly looking and radiated warmth.

"Yes ma'am." You smiled back.

"Well, while they are getting their snacks and backpacks you can sign the paper." She said holding the door for you.

You took in all the smiling faces of the children getting ready to go home for the day. You spotted Kaden's blonde curls as he was telling some girl what was a very funny story it seemed.

He caught sight of you and immediately rushed you.

"Aunt (y/n)! Why are you in my class?" He said excitedly, hugging you tight.

"I thought maybe we could hangout for awhile. Sometimes mommy's and daddy's need naptime too." You said, running your hand through his curls.

"Mrs. Linda! This is my Aunt (y/n)! Her and my Uncle Ramsay are having a baby!" Kaden practically shouted pointing to your belly as his teacher returned to you with a a pen and clipboard.

"Well that is so exciting Kaden! Someone to play with while you're not at school." Mrs. Linda said, smiling again at you as you took the sign out sheet.

"I hope it's a boy! We can play with cars and dinosaurs." He gushed, pulling a dinosaur from his backpack.

"Hey now. Girls can play with dinosaurs too!" You said, handing the clipboard back to the teacher.

"Yeah, I guess. Like girl ones." He said with a shrug.

You huffed, "Well let's go. Kira and Willow have been waiting all day on you."

Kaden took your hand, leading the way out of the classroom and down the hall.


You watched Kaden play with his dinosaurs, as he told you all there was to know about each one.

He had gone quiet for a while before climbing up on the couch beside you.

"Aunt (y/n), what's cancer?" He asked, swinging his legs on the edge of the cushion.

You almost choked on your drink, swallowed hard, and gave a panicked look at the boy.

"Wh-where did you hear that?" You finally managed to ask.

"I heard mommy and daddy talking about it. Daddy said he would get mommy through cancer if it was the last thing he did." Kaden said, eyes glued to the cartoons on TV.

You watched him before speaking, unable to come up with a good enough lie.

"Well Kade, I'm afraid that I am not sure how to answer that. Maybe you should ask your mommy." You said, your chest tight as many emotions rushed you from nowhere. "I have to go check dinner. I will be right back. Need anything?"

Your voice was much higher than usual and felt as forced as the smile on your face. 

Kaden shook his head. You left the couch quickly.


"Where's Uncle Ramsay?" Kaden asked, spearing a roast potato on his fork.

"Don't know. He had to work today. Must be a busy day." You said, finishing the last of your food.

"Do you love each other?" The boy asked, finally setting his fork down.

"Very much so." You smiled at him, taking the plates.

"Does he buy you lots of stuff? Daddy gets my mommy flowers every Friday. He says he gave her a flower the first time he talked to her, so he buys them all the time."

How sweet. Who would of ever thought that Ben Bones was a big fucking softie? 

"Uncle Ramsay buys me stuff too. He got me these earrings night before last. Aren't they pretty?" You smiled, tucking hair behind your ear so Kaden could see.

He nodded, sliding from his chair, and taking one last drink from his cup before disappearing into the livingroom.

Such sweet innocence. If only he could stay just the way he was.

You sighed, filling the sink with hot water.

As you were rinsing the last of the dishes Ramsay and Ben walked in through the backdoor. You glanced them over.

Apparently nothing violent. They were free and clear of blood at least.

"Ben, can I have a word real quick?" You asked, as Ramsay wrapped his arms around you and burried his cold face in your neck.

"What's up?" Ben said, glancing through the kitchen door way to see Kaden laying on the dogs.

"You have to tell Kade about Liz. Maybe not the whole thing, but he listens when y'all talk. He asked me questions I wasn't sure how to answer, and think it would be better to hear it from you than someone else." You said rather thickly as tears sprung up. Damn pregnancy.

You really weren't a cry baby. Honest.

Ben ran his hand over his face and heaved a deep sigh, before giving a nod.

"Maybe take him to pick out some flowers before you go home." You added slyly, relaxing into Ramsay who bit gently at your neck, running his tongue along the skin he held between his teeth.

Ben gave a small grin, "thanks for watching him this evening. We appreciate it."

"Anytime. I'm always available." You smiled, trying to ignore Ramsay's touches.

Ben left the kitchen to gather up his son. You hugged Kaden tight and told him bye, and watched Ramsay awkwardly do the same. 

You sat at the table, staring at the stained wood as Ramsay ate. You wanted to desperately to help the Bones' family. They deserved it. But money could only do so much.

"Is Ben the only one with a child?" You asked, glancing up at your husband. 

Ramsay shook his head, "Damon has five."

"Oh. Why have I never seen them?" You asked, shocked by the information.

"They're in the system. Drugs." Ramsay shrugged.


"As far as I know he doesn't have any."

"Yellow Dick?"

"Two in the system, and one with his girlfriend or whatever the hell she is."

You nodded.

"Why?" Ramsay asked, checking his watch.

"Just don't really know much about anyone." You shrugged.

"Well, there is plenty of time for that. We need to go by the shop, so I can make sure my idiots don't fuck up that car before we race it." Ramsay said, rising from his seat.


The strip was more crowded than the last time you had been. Ramsay said it was because it was the night when the new top 10 would be chosen. Was some weird, and extremely emotional type of tradition for racers. This only furthered your suspicion that it would be a long night.

You met the Arry girl by her new car. Ramsay had been pointing out people to make sure she beat to land a place at least in the bottom end of the list, then work her way up. It was bad luck to start out in the top. Race seaon was long and staying in the top 5 the whole season was a headache.

But you could tell by the determined look on the young girls face, she was about to make top 3 and murder anyone who tried to take it from her.

You frowned when more racers showed up. Lannister men. Namely, Joffrey Baratheon. You nudged Ramsay in the side, nodding toward the newcomers.

He glanced them over, a cruel smile playing on his face as he turned back to your racer.

"What shall she be Christined?" Ramsay asked, nodding at the car.

"Nymeria." Arry said with a firm nod.

Ramsay smirked, but said nothing, walking away from you both and returning with a bottle of beer.

"To Nymeria then." He said, smashing the bottle over the hood of the car.

You gave Arry a quick pat on the back as she pulled her helmet on and climbed into the car. Ramsay grabbed your hand and led you over to the rest of your group.

You stiffled a yawn, leaning back into your husband as he wrapped his arms around you, resting his chin on the crown on your head.

"Will they cause trouble?" You asked watching the Lannister's. 

"Not unless they want to die. It's common ground for us all. No violence. Many of these racers are not gang related. We keep it clean. We all have rules. An honor code." He replied, sliding his hands into your coat pockets with yours.

"You care about honor?" You laughed.

"No, but I care about the shit ton of money I'm about to make tonight off bets."


You hated winter. It was too fucking cold. It was damn near one in the morning and all you wanted was a hot shower and to go to bed.

Finally the list was formed, Ramsay made five grand, and Arry sat on the list at 5. Ramsay wasn't overly excited about it because it would take a lot to keep her there and climb to the top.

But it meant he could place larger bets as the girl's financial backer.

Just as Ramsay had said, all the gang families kept their hostility to non existent. At least until the races we over.

Shouting brought you back to reality, away from the hot shower you were longing for.

Ramsay sighed, "come on boys." He said, walking towards the shouting 

You glanced around to see Arry shouting at Joffrey. The girl had her fists raised and taunting the goldenhaired idiot.

You watched Ramsay exchange what were probably a few very violent words with the red clad men. He grabbed Arry by the scruff of her coat and drug her away, as Ramsay and his men turned you watched the group of Lannister men draw guns.

You gasped, rooted to the spot. But before you could shout a warning Arry broke free of Ramsay's grip, yanked her helmet off, hit Joffrey square in the face with the helmet, and tackled him to the ground.

You watched Ramsay, Damon, Alyn, and a few others of Ramsay's men draw their own guns, but no one seemed to be able to move as they watched the girl lay into Joffrey.

Finally guns were put away, Arry pried from a humiliated Joffrey, and the Boys howling in laughter as the Lions left with their tails between their legs.

Ramsay returned to you, grabbed your elbow gently, and led you to the Nova.

He said nothing until both of you were buckled and warming hands by the heaters.

"You're not allowed to have any more ideas." He finally said, lighting a cigarette.

"What?" You asked, confused and scrunching your brow.

"Your racer. I know why she looks so familiar. Can't believe I didn't see it before. She looks just like her fucking father. And it wasn't until that cunt popped off to her about what happened that night that it clicked. She isn't a mysterious nobody. She's Arya Stark. Ned Stark's youngest daughter." Ramsay said, almost as if it were amusing.

You frowned. Lions and wolves just wouldn't leave you the hell alone it seemed. And if it came down to it, you'd hang their pelts on your wall.

Your blades are sharp, after all.

Chapter Text

You were sitting on the couch folding dish towels when Ramsay burst through the door, making you scream and sending the dogs into a barking fit.

He said nothing as he slammed the door and made for the kitchen. 

You took a calming breath and picked up the rag you had dropped, shaking it slightly as your husband returned, setting down a whiskey bottle and shot glass. He turned on his heel again. You heard him rummaging in drawers in the kitchen, returning shortly with a notebook and pen.

He threw himself down in the seat across from you, threw back two shots, light a cigarette and disappeared behind the notebook.

You watched him scribble furiously and rip paper from the notebook, balling the paper and cursing to himself.

What the hell was he doing? 

You opened your mouth to speak but closed it again, watching him closely. 

After fifteen minutes, another shot of whiskey, two more cigarettes, and a pile of balled paper at his feet you decided to break the silence. 

"Um... what exactly are you doing, Rams?" You asked awkwardly.

He glanced up from the notebook, tapping his pen, and gave you a surprised look as if he only just realized you were there.

"Uh..." he said clearing his throat and turning the notebook to you.

It was full of numbers and random letters. It made absolutely no sense.

"Are you high on something?" You asked, slightly concerned.

"Think it would help?" He asked, frowning and looking back at his numbers.

"Help what?" You asked exasperatedly.

"Put the puzzle together, stupid." He said, pulling the page out and balling it up.

You gave him a cold glare, "do not call me stupid."

He simply gave you a look and went back to writing.

"Now, what the hell are you doing?" You asked, annoyance rising along with the heat in your face.

"Finding the missing pieces." He said irritably.

Apparently being caged in an office was not good for a restless beast today.

"Missing pieces to what? What fucking puzzle are you doing?" You all but cried out.

"This cluster fuck that's going on." He growled clutching the pen before slamming it down on the coffee table, causing your stack of dish rags to fall over.

Your eye twitched slightly as you took a deep breath and tried to even your voice.

"What is bothering you, baby?"

Ramsay stood, staring at the notebook.

"Something is off. Trouble. But I can't figure it out. It's driving me crazy." He said, now pacing.

'Because it results in your death.' You thought with sadness as you watched him pace like bears did at the zoo.

You refolded your towels and placed them in the empty basket before Ramsay could knock them over again.

"Maybe if you talked about it?" You said, picking up the basket and rising from the couch.

He shook his head, continuing to pace up and down.

You sighed, "you're fucking weird. Go kill someone and blow off some steam. I think you're trying to look too deep in this." 

He stopped and stared at you.

"Kill someone..." he whispered, resting his eyes on your stomach.

When he brought his eyes slowly to yours it was like watching a light flip on. He gave a cold smile and glanced down at the notebook.

You felt uneasy at his look and the comprehension of wherever behind his eyes.

"You are absolutely right. Should I grab dinner while I'm out?" He said, loosening his tie, pulling it over his head.

You blinked a couple times before shrugging, "surprise me?"

He walked around the coffee table, placed a kiss to your, forehead and left without another word.

Fucking psycho.

You let out a sigh when the door closed. You really needed to figure out what to do.

You put the towels away, the notebook catching your eye on your way back through the living room.

You picked it up, examining each number and group of numbers.

How did this make sense to him? How was this supposed to solve a puzzle?

You shook your head slightly, setting the notebook down and retaking your seat on the couch, picking your phone up.

New message.

[Whit: Jared and I can be there Friday night. No one else can get off. But if you really need us all I'm sure we can figure something out?]

[You: No. That's fine. Y'all come up Friday and we can work out the fine details then. Any news on anything?]

[Whit: check your fb. See you friday.]

You closed out the messages and opened Facebook. After scrolling a couple seconds you saw what Whit had been talking about. She had shared an article.

Deputy's death in meth lab explosion ruled as accident.

Sheriff Harris, Deputy Clayton Harris's grandfather, spoke late yesterday on this weekend's past event. 

'As saddened as we are at the loss of a great deputy, and an outstanding community figure, we are not suspecting any foul play. Deputy Clay had been working tirelessly to locate all meth labs in the county so we can stop our war on drugs. It looks as if he had gotten information on a lab, went to investigate, and the building exploded. The loss of such a young and involved person in the community will affect us all greatly, but we will continue...'

You couldn't read anymore as a fit of manic laughter hit you from nowhere. It scared you.

"Whoa. I need to chill." You muttered, looking at both dogs, who had picked up their heads when you had started laughing.

"I'm not a psycho." You told them with a nod.

But, who were you kidding? You really were just the same as Ramsay.

No. You had feelings. Real feelings. 

'Rams does too. He just chooses to ignore them. Just like you did when you killed Clay.' A voice in the back of your head said.

"No! If it came down to it, I wouldn't be able to do it again." You said, burying your face in your hands.

'You're lying to yourself, (y/n). You'd do it again. You want to do it again. Because it makes you understand. It makes you feel powerful. It makes you Ramsay's equal.' The voice in the back of your head said.

You sighed, laying down on the couch. Would you ever find out who you were? Were you really a psycho murderer like the man you married? Was your heart truly black and cold?

A fluttering in your stomach brought you back from the dark corners of your thoughts.

Maybe you had just imagined it. Most women didn't report feeling their baby move for at least another 3 weeks from where you were. But, maybe you had.

You placed you hand on your belly, sniffed loudly, and closed your eyes tight.

If there were two things you knew for certain it was that you loved your husband and the child growing inside of you, and one way or another the three of you would be a happy family.

Chapter Text

"Oh shit! My parents!" You gasped sitting up and grabbing your phone.

They were supposed to be in town today. Why had they not called? It was 4 in the afternoon. 

You sat there listening to the ring until your mother finally picked up.

"Hey baby. Sorry we didn't call. Been a long day. Been at the dang hospital since eleven and they are still running tests. Your father is not too happy. They're talking about putting in a pacemaker."

"Oh my. Dad won't like that. Sorry it's been a long day. Are y'all staying the night here? Maybe we can do brunch?" You said, chewing your nail.

"Sure, we can go with Eli."

"Eli? Huh? Like our Eli? I thought he was overseas?" You said, biting down so hard on your nail it broke, making your eyes water.

"Apparently he's come home. Kept it a secret. Relocating here to the city. Isn't that exciting? Now if only Ruth would move back closer." Your mother said excitedly.

"Oh. Oh yeah. How cool. Let me know what's up. I have some laundry to finish up. I love you." You said, forcing a smile.

"Of course! Love you too baby!"

You hung up before she could say anything else.

Your baby brother living on the military base here. This could complicate things.

You stood from the couch and blindly walked into the kitchen for a bottle of water.

You leaned against the counter, sipping water, staring blankly at the wall. A sort of fuzzy numbness infiltrating your brain. It was like it was jammed with too many thoughts and yet not a single one.

"We are moving." Came Ramsay's voice behind you, pulling you back to earth.

"What baby? Sorry I was... lost in thought?" You said, turning slowly to look at him.

"We're moving." He said, a grin at his lips.

"Moving? Why? We seriously just bought this place not even ten months ago." You said frowning. 

Ramsay shrugged, "it's boring here. I want something... bigger. Besides, I hate our neighbors. Cranky old shits."

"Can I ask when and where to?" 

"You can, and I cannot tell you either. I need to get the plans together. But it's a glorious surprise. A room for everything you want, baby girl. You can decorate it however you want. Fill it with all the things that make you happy." He said, an ominous and frightening twinkle in his eyes.

"Um... okay baby. A round about time frame?" You said, nodding slowly. 

"Before the child is born." He said, closing the space between you both, resting a hand on your belly, and placing his other on the small of your back so he could pull you into him.

"Kill anyone?" You asked, wondering if scratching the itch was what warranted the mood change. 

But it had only been maybe 45 minutes that he had been gone. Not enough time to kill and clean the mess, right? But he was an expert at it.

He shook his head, "No. Just had a small mind explosion. A real stroke of genius really. So much death and destruction involved. It will be beautiful.

"I see." You said slowly, resting the side of your face on his chest, hearing his heart beat quickly.

"But, what is wrong with you?" He said gently, placing a finger under your chin to pull your face up to his.

"Apparently my little brother is now a resident of this fine city." You said, not even sure why it bothered you so much.

"Mm. The baby boy of the family. The pride and joy. The one to keep the family name alive." Ramsay laughed bitterly.

"I guess I'm seeing him at brunch with my parents tomorrow." You sighed.

Eli had been 14 when you left home. Up until then you had been fairly close with him. After graduation he followed in your father's foot steps and joined the military. After basics and AIT he was stationed overseas.

"And why does it have to stop there? How old is he now?" Ramsay said slyly.

"Just shy of twenty-two." You said rather curtly, watching Ramsay grin widely. "But I would prefer if he didn't die if alcohol poisoning." You added quickly.

Ramsay laughed, "Are you dead yet? Besides everyone knows military fucks are all just alcoholics waiting to find out they belong front and center at an AA meeting."

"I'm only not dead because you like to pull me from the water just before I drown." You retaliated with a raised brow.

"You hurt my heart. I love you. You know that. How about that rain check?" He replied, placing a gentle kiss to your lips.

"And what do you have in mind?" You whispered, kissing him back forcefully.

"Something that involves you begging. You've had such an attitude lately, little pet." He replied, pulling away from you.

"I'm a queen. I don't beg." You said, looking at him through your lashes and giving a grin.

"Well someone has to beg." He said running his eyes over you.

"Mhm. You." You whispered, placing soft kisses across his lips, grabbing his hand and leading him into the living room where you forced him down into the couch.

You straddled him, placing more tender kisses to his lips as you felt him harden quickly underneath you.

Slowly, you unbuttoned his shirt, kissing across his chest, feeling it rise and fall underneath you.

You ghosted your lips over his warm skin as he grabbed your hips tightly. It was comfortable. It was security. It was him needing you.

You ground against his lap and he gave a tiny moan, pushing his head back on the couch.

You brought your hand up to his exposed neck, running your nails gently down his throat, feeling him swallow hard at your touch. 

"Let me fuck you, baby girl." He said hoarsely, pushing his hips up.

"No." You said, grinding harder against him as you relieved him of his shirt, trailing a hand over his bare torso to his pants waist. 

Your willpower of being the one in control was running away quickly as desire filled you up. You wanted him. All of him. He was everything that could make you forget your problems and worries. 

"Let me taste you." He said, picking his head up slightly to look at you through the lust filled shimmer coating his eyes. 

"No." You said with a small grin, feeling the familiar, aching throb form between your legs as the sticky wetness began to become noticeable. 

"Yes." He breathed back, leaning forward and biting at your neck.

"No, baby. Not until you admit that I own you." You purred, sliding your hands down his pants.

"How can you own me when am the master, baby girl?" He chuckled softly, his grip on your waist tightening.

"Because the beast needs a master too." You said softly, gripping him tightly in your hands.

He brought his eyes up to yours with a small grin. He released your hips to tangle his fingers in your hair.

You brought your hands up to his, pulling yourself free of his grip and shedding your shirt, fumbling behind your back to let your bra fall away.

He made a small noise, ravishing you with his eyes. He cupped your breasts tightly in his hands. It was almost painful, the pain from the changes being made with your body and his firm grip making you squirm slightly. It seemed to add to his pleasure as he squeezed harder.

"Mine?" You asked, pressing your bare skin to his.

"Til death do us part." He chuckled, pushing his hips into you again.

You climbed off him, shedding your pants. He stood abruptly, grabbing your wrist and tugging you down the hall. 

He pushed you gently down on the bed and stripped his clothing, quickly climbing on top of you.

He shoved himself inside you and it was like nothing else in the world could possibly matter as you wrapped your legs around his waist with a small gasp.

"Mine?" He panted, leaning into you and nipping at your ear as he pushed himself into you again.

"All yours." You moaned back, clutching at the headboard to push yourself harder against him.

"Would you kill for me if I asked you to?" He growled.

"I am at your command." You whispered back, closing your eyes, arching your back, feeling the orgasm climb.

He smirked, moving his hand to throw your leg over his shoulder, pushing into you as far as he could.

It was uncomfortable now that you had to share abdomen space with a tiny fetus. You squirmed under Ramsay's weight, trying to find a more comfortable spot. But, he had you pinned as he continued to thrust aggressively into you.

"Rams, stop. Please. You're hurting me." You whimpered.

"Shut your fucking mouth." He snapped, pushing harder.

You stifled a cry, bringing your hand to his side and digging your nails in as far as you could. 

He cringed away from you, giving you an ugly look.

"I said you are hurting me." You hissed through grit teeth, pushing your fingers into him further.

"And you said you are all mine. And I will take what's mine." He panted back, pushing his side further into your hand with a moan of pain and ecstasy. 

"Please, not so rough baby." You whimpered again, releasing him.

"Is that the tone of begging I detect in the queen's voice?" He purred, shrugging your leg off his shoulder as he leaned in to kiss you gently.

"You are an evil man." You murmured against his lips.

"That I am baby girl." He chuckled, taking your bottom lip between his teeth and sliding his hand between your bodies to rub firm circles against your clit, making you shiver and arch your back.

He set a much gentler pace as your high rapidly climbed to the peak. He pulled out of you, sliding his fingers in to explore your wet warmth.

He pulled his fingers from you and sucked them clean with a sigh.

"Don't stop. Please." You panted, moving your body against his, feeling his tip at your entrance.

He buried himself into you with a deep moan. You wasted no time in grinding against him and clashing your hips with his.

You drew in a sharp breath as he shoved into again, your high crashing down. Without warning you let out a shakey laugh, as you felt him tense and relax upon his release.

He snorted in amusement as he pressed a kiss to your forehead before pulling away from you.

"Did you at least get dinner?" You asked, sitting up.

"No. I thought we could go out." He said, stepping into the bathroom.

You slid from the bed and followed him.

"Where?" You asked as he turned on the shower.

"Surprise. Dress nice. They like to be classy."


"Ramsay, what are we doing? This is madness. We can't go to dinner in Stag territory!" You hissed, as he helped you out of the car.

Ramsay chuckled, placing a kiss to the top of your hand as he shut your door.

"Sure we can baby girl. We have no bad blood with them." He said, leading you towards the entrance of the restaurant where you met Damon and Charlotte. 

"You look lovely tonight." You said kindly to the woman. She really did. She looked healthy, and was really a pretty woman without all the drugs and caked on make up.

"Thank you. As do you. You are glowing." She said, brightly.

"Shall we?" Damon asked, pushing the door open.

It was a very nice restaurant. The interior was all elegant and imported. Your heels muffled by the expensive carpet.

A waiter seated you in a far corner away from most of the crowd and took drink orders.

You glanced down at the menu. Why anyone would pay almost $18 for a lump of fish eggs you would never understand. But, to each their own, you supposed.

You watched Charlotte sip a glass of wine and sighed.

"I miss drinking." You huffed.

"I promise to drink for you until you can do it on your own again." Ramsay chuckled, draining his glass of scotch.

You rolled your eyes and looked across the floor to see a man approaching your table.

He was roughly your age, and very handsome. You saw a golden stag flash on his black tie. You squeezed Ramsay's thigh under the table. He looked over at you and then to the man.

"Bolton." The man said curtly.

"Yes?" Ramsay said through a polite, flashy grin.

"May I ask what the Kings are doing here?" the man said, sitting down.

"Hoping to catch you actually." Ramsay said, inclining his head in a small bow.

"I don't want any trouble."

"Renly, I wouldn't dream of it." Ramsay said with a wicked smile.

"I've never known your outfit to not cause trouble." Renly frowned, looking uncomfortable.

"Where is the Stark girl?" Ramsay said simply.

"Can't find her. We've been searching, but all leads have been dead ends. I have been tearing this city apart. I liked Ned. He was a good man. He and Robert were close. I offered to help him, but he didn't get back in time." Renly said, smoothing out the cloth napkin in front of him.

"You and the Tyrell's are close, are you not?" you cut in.

Renly looked at you with a polite smile, "more or less."

"I need to get in touch with Margaery." you said, feeling Ramsay's grip tighten on your hand.

You weren't even sure when the idea had come to you.

Renly fixed you with a long look, "for?"

"To save her, of course. Nobody wants her with your idiot nephew. I feel bad for her." You shrugged, sipping your water. "You can assure your lover his sister is safe and no harm will come to her." You added, prodding the lemon with your spoon you had been fidgeting with.

"No offense but the word safe coming from a Bolton's lips does not mix well with common sense." Renly said, rasing a brow.

"I am not my husband." You said. 'Not completely.' You thought to yourself suppressing a grin.

"How can I know this?"

"She can bring protection. Corner of Second and King's Road. No man's land. A salon. The Viper. Three o'clock. I will be alone." You said, giving Renly a stern look.

He regarded you for a moment before he rose from his seat, "enjoy your dinner."

Once he had vanished Ramsay rounded on you.

"What are you doing?" He muttered.

"Playing the game. Protecting what is mine. And doing the job you assigned to me. You want me to know Margaery Tyrell, so know her I will. One way or another. Our blades are sharp, baby." You said giving him a sickly sweet smile. 

"Our blades are sharp." He echoed with a nod and dark smile.

Chapter Text

Ramsay entered the living room looking irritated. He stopped at the end of the couch, folding his arms and giving you a rather dangerous look.

You set your book down and offered an innocent smile.

"Why the fuck have you been up since fucking five o'clock?" He demanded, raising a brow and narrowing his eyes.

You sighed, "Well, first, I had to pee. Seems to be becoming a constant thing. Then out of nowhere my nose started bleeding and I thought I was going to bleed out. It was an absolute nightmare. Then I just couldn't get comfortable and didn't want my tossing and turning to wake you. So I came in here to lay down and fell asleep for awhile. Then I woke up feeling worse. I have a terrible headache and my fucking hips hurt. I'm afraid to take anything. So anyways, I thought maybe I could go through my book collection and find a book to start reading the baby in a couple weeks. What do you think, The Outsiders or To Kill a Mockingbird?"

Ramsay ran his hand over his face, shook his head slightly, and walked towards the kitchen.

"Stay gold, Ponyboy." He mumbled, walking past you.

You grinned slightly, sitting up and stiffling a yawn. You slowly rose from the couch, the cold floor uncomfortable on your bare feet. 

"I'm sorry I didn't stay in bed. I know you don't like it." You said gently, wrapping your arms around your husband and resting your forehead on his warm, bare back.

He grunted, and continued to make coffee.

"You are just so lively this morning." You giggled, stepping away from him. "You good? You never sleep this late." You added, glancing at the clock to see it was almost 9.

He shrugged, lighting a cigarette, and stepping out the back door.

You frowned, watching him leave.

Something has definitely gotten under his skin. You thought. 

Or maybe he had just worn himself out. You were exhausted. There was never a moments peace anymore. Not that you didn't do it to yourself. What were you thinking, cramming your day so full?

You rolled your shoulders and walked to the bedroom, opening your closet. You peeked around the door to look out the window. A bright, cloudless morning.

You pulled a sweater from its hanger and found your favorite pair of leggings. 


You met your parents outside the diner. And there was baby Eli. But, he wasn't such a baby anymore.

"Wow. You've grown up." You said, looking up at him.

His green eyes were hard. His jaw ticking. Of course you had seen his pictures on Facebook yet they didn't really do him justice. He was no longer the braceface, freckled youth you had once known. He was tall, built, and looked unyielding. 

"That's what happens." He replied, a slight edge in his voice.

You sighed, heart sinking. You hoped he wasn't still mad at you. But you knew better. 

You hitched your smile, "Eli, my husband, Ramsay. Ramsay, little brother, Eli."

Ramsay eyed him carefully as he shook your brother's hand.

"Pleasure." Ramsay said, dropping Eli's hand.

"That it is." Eli replied, also sizing Ramsay up.

"Food then? I'm starving." You said quickly.

Your mother did most of the talking through brunch. She was ecstatic about having two of her three children together.

"How long have you been in town?" Ramsay asked your brother.

"We only just got in night before last." Eli shrugged.

He had seemed to soften a bit through the course of the last hour.

"Well then, let's go out tonight. Bring a couple buddies and we will show you the nightlife." Ramsay said, tearing his straw wrapper into a pile of even pieces.

You shot your husband a quick look but said nothing.

Eli hesitated.

"I promise you'll still be alive in the morning." Ramsay chuckled.

"Guess it couldn't hurt. I'd like to get to know my sister again, and the man she's married to." Eli finally said.

Poor little brother. 

"So anyways, dad, your heart. What's up?" You said, ready to change the subject.

Your father heaved a deep sigh, "they wanna go through with the surgery."

"Well, it won't be so bad. I'm sure Whit can find someone to help out with the animals until you're back up and running." You said, giving a smile.

"Well, it's not cheap. Having to hire a paid hand. The surgery itself. Insurance will fight us tooth and nail." Your father said with a defeated air.

You watched him, a throb stinging your heart. No, your parents didn't exactly hurt for money, but keeping a farm took just as much money as they made.

"Dad, don't worry about it. Give me a number and I will make it happen." You said, reaching across the table for his hand.

You felt the eyes of your mother and brother on you.

"No, no. I have a few horses that will bring in more than enough money. And we can..." 

"No." You cut across him, "You aren't selling anything. You'd never forgive yourself if you sold Joe and Mac. Give me a number and it will be done two times."

"Baby, we couldn't ask you to do something like that." Your mother spoke up.

You made an impatient noise. Stubborn, hard working country folk.

"Mom, stop. You're taking the money whether you like it or not. My father in law owns one of the largest businesses in the world. We can afford it, I promise."

The note if finality in your voice kept anyone from saying anything else on the matter.

You glanced over at Ramsay who had been oddly quiet. His eyes were glued to the television across the room. 

You followed his gaze.

A news reporter was interviewing a man who you didn't recognize, but you did recognize the name at the bottom of the screen:

Jon "White Wolf" Snow

You brought your eyes back to Ramsay, who sat rigid in his seat, fist balled on the table, eyes looking daggers at the TV, jaw clenched so tight it was amazing he hadn't broken all his teeth.

You cleared your throat, turning back to your family.

"Well, this has been wonderful, but I know we need to let you get back on the road."

Your father glanced at his watch, "yeah, got animals to take care of."

You had to stamp on Ramsay's foot to bring him back to the present.

"Hm?" He hummed, slowly bringing his face to yours.

"Parents. They need to leave." You said, giving them a glance.

"Right. Of course." Ramsay said, standing and helping you from your chair. He shrugged into his jacket, pulled his wallet out, dropped a crisp $100 on the table, and offered his arm to you.

You hugged your parents warmly as they climbed into their car.

"Be safe, please. Call if you need anything. Money will be in the bank tomorrow morning. I love you guys." You said, giving a small wave at them.

"Of course baby. We love you too!" Your mother said, waving back and rolling up her window. 

You stood between Ramsay and your brother watching your parents leave. When they had disappeared into traffic you turned to Eli.

"Eight. My house. I'll send you the address." You said, hugging your brother for the first time in almost eight years.

"Seven." Ramsay said, shaking Eli's hand again. 

"Seven?" You said, turning to Ramsay. 

"Aye. Seven. Can't go play the game without a little warm up." Ramsay said with a small shrug, opening your door for you.

"Alright. Seven it is." Eli said with a nod.


"You okay?" You asked, pushing the back of your earring into place, walking into the living room.

Ramsay was sprawled out on the couch, arm over his face.

"Yes, doll." He said, slightly annoyed.

You'd already asked him the same question probably 6 times since returning home.

You sighed, "Jon Snow?"

Ramsay sat up so quickly it frightened you.

"Do not ever speak that fucking bastard's name in my goddamn house." He growled.

The acid in his tone scaring you. You felt your eyes widen in fear and gave a small nod.

"I... uh... I have to go meet the Tyrell girl now." You said quietly, dropping your eyes to the floor and walking to the front door, pulling your purse from the table beside the door and fumbling with your keys.

"Baby girl, come here." Ramsay said, standing.

You slowly turned to face him, biting your lip, walking back across the room.

He grabbed your wrist once you were within reach and pulled you into him.

You stared at the buttons on his shirt, inhaling a calming breath through your nose.

He cupped your chin and brought your face to his. You didn't meet his gaze.

"Look at me." He whispered.

You swallowed, bringing your eyes to his.

He tucked a loose strand of hair behind your ear and ran his thumb along your bottom lip.

"I shouldn't have yelled at you." He stated, placing his lips to yours.

"I'm sorry I made you mad." You said quietly, kissing him back.

"It doesn't matter. It will all be taken care of soon." He said, releasing you. "What do you hope to achieve in this meeting?" 

You shrugged, "she seems like a talker. Maybe I can worm something useful out of her."

"See that you do. You need to let me send one of the Boys."

"No. I said I would be alone. That means no Boys allowed." You smirked. "I have my girls. It will be okay. I trust them." 

"You shouldn't trust anyone." He said, crossing his arms.

"I trust you." You replied.

"I don't even trust me." He said.

"Point exactly." You smiled.

He chuckled and walked you to the door.

"If you're not back by five thirty, I am coming to collect you." He said, kissing your temple as you stepped out the door.

"Of course, baby. I love you." You said, giving him a fleeting kiss on the cheek.

"Love you too, baby girl." He said, closing the door. 


You dropped your keys on the counter and took a seat across from Tyene, holding your hand out to her.

"Didn't Bella just fix this nail?" Tyene asked, pulling her acrylic box from a drawer.

"I have a habit of biting this one, apparently." You said, giving an innocent shrug.

"So, what's up?" Tyene asked, taking your hand in hers.

"Oh, you know. The usual. Margaery Tyrell is meeting me here in thirty." You said.

Tyene raised a brow, looking up from your hand. "Why?" 

"Rams reckons she can be useful. Not sure what he's looking for, but told me to get friendly with her." 

"Be careful around those roses. They are all full of thorns." Oberyn Martell said, sitting in the empty chair beside you.

"Didn't expect you to be here." You said, offering him a smile.

"Ah, but nowhere I would rather be than with my lover and beautiful daughters." He said brightly.

You smiled. You really liked this family. 

"Is your husband busy?" He added.

You shook your head, "I don't think so."  

"Well, I have word from my brother and would much like to relay the message to the young Bolton."

"He was at home when I left. He didn't say anything about leaving."

Oberyn nodded, rising from his chair. 

He rested his hand on your shoulder, "You are a beautiful mother to be. Children are precious gifts. Never forget that."

You regarded him and gave a smile, "Thank you."

He disappeared into the back as the door chimed behind you. You looked up at Tyene, but she shook her head and continued working on your nail.

"Anything new?" You asked.

"Lannister's are recruiting men like crazy. Losing the Baratheon's was a big blow to them. And, if it is okay with you, we will be unavialble for a few days after tomorrow." Tyene said, sounding unsure about the last part.

"Of course, what's up?" You nodded. 

"Papa wants us all to take a few days to go home and be a whole family again."

"Yeah, no problem. Not at all. After today I plan on doing nothing but laying in bed and sleeping. I am beyond tired. I've been doing waaaay too much since Christmas." You said, the idea of laying in bed for days so very inviting.

Tyene gave a grin, "Thank you."

"No need. It is I who should thank you. Finding you all has been a real life saver." You said earnestly.

You relaxed into the chair, closing your eyes listening to Tyene gush about Matt. It was almost too cute.

Finally she led you to the drying lamp, braiding your hair as you waited on the timer.

The bell chimed again.

"It's her." Tyene said quietly, under her breath, as she checked that your nail was dry.

You stood, turning to see Margaery Tyrell and her bright smile. Next to her was a very old and wrinkled woman. It must have been her grandmother. The legendary Queen of Thorns.

"(Y/n)! So good to see you again." Margaery said brightly, wasting no time in crossing the room and embracing you in a tight hug.

"Yeah. You too." You replied, hugging her back. It was weird and it left you flustered. 

Of course it did. It was a game. Everything was always a fucking game. But you were a master at games thanks to Ramsay. She wasn't going to throw you off.

"This is my grandmother, Olenna." Margaery said when she stepped away from you.

"A pleasure, ma'am." You said, inclining your head slightly.

"Let's get to it than, shall we, Bolton?" Olenna said, sitting in the nearest seat.

Everyone always said your last name in such distaste. But you guessed you understood. 

"Yes ma'am. Let's." You said, pulling up a chair to sit across from the old woman and her granddaughter. 

"Why did you invite us here?" The old woman asked with a haughty sniff.

"I won't beat around the bush here. Why are you marrying that idiot?" You said, turning your attention to Margaery. 

Margaery's smile faltered slightly and the sparkle in her eyes dimmed slightly. You felt a swoop of pity for her.

"Family. Security." Margaery said, forcing her smile back into place.

"You poor girl. You're just being used to gain financial wealth." You tutted, anger surfacing as you turned your gaze to Olenna. "And you're just going to let this happen? Let your beautiful, intelligent granddaughter marry that... that monster?"

"I'm not sure you're qualified to call anyone a monster after what you are married to." Olenna said, her grip on her cane becoming tighter.

A laugh escaped you, "my husband may be many things but he is not a monster."

"No? What is he then? Do you know half the things he is accused of? Do we even want to know the things he does to you?"

"Yes. My husband is blood thirsty and ruthless, I will not try to deny it. He is wonderful to me. People cower at the name Bolton. Why? Because we take what is ours by force. We are not fucking pussies. We don't try to buy our wealth by marrying off our family members to someone who will destroy them. Now tell me, what do you gain by marrying Margaery to that little blonde shit?" You said, fighting to keep ylur voice even.

Olenna smirked, "my my. You are a fierce little thing. A true Bolton if there ever was one." She paused, heaving a sigh, "I do not like the idea anymore than Margaery, but we must do as we are told. I have no control over what my son does or does not do with the buisness. But if you think I will let my little rose marry that monster, you are much mistaken."

You leaned back in your chair, appraising the two women before you.

"When is the wedding?"

"March first." Margaery spoke up.

You stood, "and a beautiful bride you shall be. If the roses need assistance in anything just remember we bathe in the blood of our flayed enemies."

Both women nodded, standing and leaving without another word.

Once they were gone you turned to Tyene and Obella, "I want someone on both of them. I want to know what the old crone is up to. And find me Sansa Stark. And let me know as soon as Theon Greyjoy is spotted back in this wonderful city. Enjoy vacation." You said, pulling a wad of cash from your pocket and exchanging it for your keys on the counter.


"So, are they going to do it before or after?" You asked, looking up at your husband from your seated position on the floor as he ran his hands over your shoulders.

"Don't know. We need more information on them." He said, rubbing light circles into your tired muscles as the doorbell rang.

You groaned in protest, pushing yourself up off the floor to answer the door.

Alyn, Damon, and Charlotte.

"(Y/n)." Damon nodded, stepping in as you stood back to let them pass.

"Um, I guess I'll go dress now. What am I wearing?" You said, closing the door and turning to your husband.

"Casual is fine for where we are going. But it will be hot, remember that." Ramsay said, running his eyes over you. 

You nodded and crossed the room to the hallway.

You chose a simple grey dress that hugged you in all the right places.

You frowned, deciding there was no way you could wear strappy heels today. That left boots or flats of some sort. If only your husband wasn't acting like a douche and would tell you where the hell you were going. 

You opted for gladiator sandals, as they matched better.

You heard the doorbell ring again, and fought a tiny, yet deadly internal battle with yourself about leaving Eli and his pals alone with Ramsay and his Boys, while you finished your makeup and hair. You said a small prayer of mercy for the young ones.

You had finished pinning your hair into place when Ramsay appeared in the doorway, cheeks a bit rosy, and a smirk on his face. 

"You know, every time you have ever worn that dress at least one man has died."

You pursed your lips, turning to face him. "No killing tonight."

He held his hands up in mock surrender, "I don't make promises baby girl. Ready?"

You stepped into your husband, fixing his collar, and smoothing out his rolled sleeves.

"Is this going to be an all night thing?" You asked, unbuttoning one more button on his shirt, and sliding your ID in his breast pocket with his cigarettes and lighter.

"Depends on if the babies can hang." He shrugged, grabbing your ass and pulling you into him, kissing across your jaw. 

"Let's go." You hissed, pushing him slightly.

He laced his fingers in yours and led you back into the living room.

Alyn had the room rolling in laughter when you entered. Eli rose from the sofa and hugged you. At least he was a happy drunk. Unfortunately also a lightweight.

"Sis, this is Wilson," he pointed to the man to his left, "and Kilpatrick." He pointed at the other man.

They both gave small waves. They too had to be no older than 22. So young, and yet so strange to see your brother so old. Not that being four years older than him made you that much older, but he would forever be 14 to you.

"Right boys, let's go fuck some shit up." Ramsay said, clapping his hands together and exchanging a wicked grin with Damon and Alyn.


"A strip club. Seriously?" You hissed as Ramsay helped you from the limo, "he's my baby brother."

Ramsay chuckled, "making up for the fact that I'm about to get hammered and probably fuck his sister for the whole world to see."

You opened your mouth, but found that embarrassment was blocking your airway.

Ramsay gave you a wink and led you inside.

It was loud, packed, and hot inside. People were having a hell of a time. It was weird to see a place like this so busy on a Thursday night. 

"I don't want my brother with any of these woman." You protested, glancing at all the mostly naked women.

"They're all clean. Alyn makes sure they are tested regularly if that's what you're worried about." Ramsay said, tugging you along to an empty back corner table.

You sighed, glancing behind you to see your brother and his buddies already having drinks thrust at them, as well as tits.

Ramsay pulled you into his lap, running his fingers over the bare skin of your back.

Alyn brought over a tray of filled shot glasses and glanced around to find the rest of the party, stalking off to round them up.

Ramsay threw back two if the glasses, pulling you closer into him.

"I have a surprise for you, baby doll." He whispered, kissing along the back of your neck.

"Hm?" You asked, leaning further back into him.

"I can't tell you, or it won't be a surprise anymore." He murmured against your ear, grabbing your hips and pulling you closer still.

"I'll make you ruin these pants in you don't tell me." You countered, rubbing into him with your ass, as the rest of your group showed up.

Eli had a pretty brunette on his arm. She was dressed a bit more modestly. You weren't even sure she worked here.

"I'd make you run down your legs before you made me ruin my pants, baby girl." Ramsay chuckled, pushing his hips into you.

You would see about that.

Damon passed out the tray of shots, raising his own.

"Welcome to the city, boys!" He grinned, tipping his glass back.

You enjoyed the look of discomfort on Eli's face as the alcohol burned his throat.

They all put back multiple jello shots before finally getting pulled away from the table by women.

"Ah, ignorance is bliss. I give 'em an hour before it all hits 'em and I'm having to have them picked up off the ground." Alyn laughed, before leaving his seat.

Damon had led Charlotte over to a woman to dance with as he made off to find a drink.

"Now. What's my surprise?" You asked, turning around completely to face Ramsay, straddling him.

He ran his hand up your dress giving you that damn smirk to find you already wet.

"You'll just have to wait until Monday." He shrugged, running a finger over your wet folds.

"But Monday is so far from now, daddy. Can't I have just a tiny little hint?" You pouted, batting your lashes at him.

He shook his head, leaning forward to kiss you hungrily.

You kissed him back eagerly, grinding your hips against his to the music as your tongue explored his mouth.

His grip on your waist tightened as his other hand continued light movements against your folds.

You could feel your wetness escaping you. You were going to ruin this dress. But you would make your husband do the same. If you had to do the walk of shame, he was in it with you.

You took his bottom lip between your teeth, moaning as he finally slid his fingers inside you.

You arched your back, pushing into his hand, as he curled his fingers deep inside you, running his thumb across your sensitive spot.

You kissed along his jaw to his neck, worrying a rather sloppy hickey on him as you slid your hand down his pants and gripped him tightly, running your hand along him.

It was his turn to moan, as he canted his hips into you and aggressively put his lips on yours.

Your heart beat furiously in your chest and your body was warm and began to tingle. He wasn't going to stop. He was going to make you orgasm in this club, while your brother was around. It was an exciting thrill.

You leaned in to him, taking his ear between your teeth, "I want you, daddy. Fuck me please. I may die without feeling you. Make me scream."

You set the playing board. Who was going to lose first?

"Baby girl, you better slow down. We just got here. I haven't even taken you out to the floor to dance." He panted, pushing his hips into your hand as you gripped him tighter.

"What's my surprise?" You asked innocently.

Ramsay chuckled and kissed down your neck, to return the hickey you had given him.

You were quickly coming undone. And the bastard knew it as moved his fingers faster inside you, pushing and curling harder. He was breathing heavy against your ear that made you shiver and quake as the ache between your legs became over whelming. You had to have him inside you.

He always knew how to make you long for his cock instead of his hand. However he did it, he was a master at it. He could easily get you to cum with his hands and make it feel like heaven, but there was something he was capable of doing that sent desire washing over you, reminding you he could make you feel even better with his dick.

Maybe it wasn't what he did with his hands though, and how he canted his hips into you with you stroked his throbbing length. Gripping him as tight as you could, you could feel how hard he was, every throb, like it was begging to be inside you as you ran your thumb over the rather generous amount if precum collected at his tip.

"Fuck me, daddy." You panted, biting at his lip.

"If I fuck you now, I can't fuck you later." He panted back.

You ran your finger along the skin exposed under his shirt, wanting nothing more than to pull all the buttons free and run your nails over every taut muscle, every tattoo, every scar.

"Please?" You pouted.

Ramsay opened his mouth to speak, his most evil smirk in place when Alyn brought you crashing back to reality.

"Come on you two. You guys are worse than two horny teenagers in high school." Alyn chuckled, setting a cup down at the table.

Ramsay waved him away dismissively. 

"Would if I could, Boss. But there's a man here wanting a word with you. Says it's important." Alyn said, crossing his arms and nodding across the room to an older gentleman you had never seen before.

Ramsay heaved an irritable sigh and nodded.

"I'll be over there in a minute."

Alyn nodded and left.

"Sorry baby." You said with a small pout and moan of protest as your husband pulled his fingers from you, and you removed your hand from his pants.

"Maybe it will be worth my while. If not, well, you're wearing the killing dress." He shrugged, sucking his fingers clean, sliding you from his lap, fixing himself in his pants, grabbing the cup of alcohol, and leaving you alone at the table.

You watched him cross the floor, tapping Charlotte on the shoulder and throwing his thumb back at you as he passed her and grabbing Damon by the elbow to go with him.

Charlotte came and sat beside you, "want a drink or something? They have water and soda."

"A carbonated drink of some sort would be fucking fantastic." You said, suddenly realizing how hot and thirsty you were.

Eli slid into the other seat beside you, a girl in his lap.

"Where's the husband?" He asked, smiling drunkenly at you.

You nodded across the room, watching Ramsay talk with his hands, Damon and the old man laughing.

"I like him. Seems like a good guy." Eli said, following your gaze.

Oh, if only he knew.

"He is very good to me. He makes me happy." You said, turning your gaze to your brother.

His face was flushed and he looked like he was having a good time; the girl in his lap toying with his hand.

"E, I want you to know that I'm sorry." You said, guilt filling you just as it had done at your parents when you were talking with your parents.

Eli shook his head, "No, (y/n). There's no need. I was hurt when you left. You hurt us all. But it wasn't until I left home that I understood. You would have drowned in that town. You were too good to be trapped at home. And when I saw you this morning, any anger I had at you just vanished. You're happy, and that makes me happy. You have a perfect little life." 

You gave a feeble smile at your little brother as Charlotte set a cup down in front of you and resumed her seat.

"Thank you." You smiled at her.

"No problem sweetheart. Any idea who that man is?" She said, watching Damon and Ramsay. 

"No idea." You shrugged, sipping your drink. "So how are you and Damon? We never really get to talk."

"Oh, we're good. Nothing overly exciting." She shrugged.

"Is he good to you?" 

Charlotte nodded, "Oh yeah. Couldn't be better. Honest."

You weren't sure if she was lying or not, but she had stuck around longer than the last one. Maybe he did like her. She got up and left, as some woman asked her to dance. Maybe she enjoyed the company of women and that was why Damon kept her?

You turned back to Eli as his two friends came and sat at the table. They too were extremely flushed in the face and looked beyond trashed.

"So, how's the military life?" You asked, resting your elbow on the table.

"Shit." Kilpatrick said with a sage nod. 

"It has its perks, but... almost not worth it." Eli shrugged.

"How long have you three been friends?" You asked, glancing between the three.

"Wilson and I have been battles since basic. We met Kilpatrick when we got stationed overseas." You brother said grinning at the two. 

"Time to take them home." Ramsay said, resting his hand on your shoulder.

You glanced up at your husband, "everything okay?"

He gave a nod, "yep. But I'm ready to get home."

"Okay, baby." You said, standing.

"Y'all go on. We can call a cab. I'm a big boy now, sis. I don't need a babysitter anymore." Eli said, standing and giving you a tight hug. "Congratulations on the baby by the way."

"Thank you. I'm afraid for him or her, you being their uncle." You giggled, hugging him back. "You sure you boys will be okay?"

"Not our first rodeo." Wilson said, raising a glass at you.

You nodded, lacing your fingers in Ramsay's. 

You didn't speak until you stepped out into the cold night air.

"What's wrong baby?" You asked, as the limo driver opened the door for you. "Who was that man?"

"Nothing is wrong. Have someone to find. That man, he is from the Iron Bank." Ramsay said sitting heavily beside you.

"Iron Bank?" You asked, furrowing your brows in question.

"Just like we all have the same code of honor, we deal with the same company to handle our money so it can't be tracked. The Bank is out of country and they see to us all. Big players like us, and smaller less organized families and groups. We pay them nicely to keep our millions safe and out of the eye of nosy people." Ramsay said, toying with the ring on your finger.

"So, what were they doing here?" You asked, staring out the window.

"When people don't pay them, things get ugly. They have their own group of assassin's to take out those who can't afford to pay back or double cross or whatever. But sometimes the people they need to put an end to aren't big enough to get their assassin's involved. So they come to a local family for help. I'm very good at what I do baby girl. So they've asked me to find said person and end him. He's gone into hiding, so I need to find him and bring him up to scratch." 

"Who?" You asked, looking back at your husband. 

"I'm not sure yet. The details will be sent to me shortly." He shrugged, lighting a cigarette. 

"So, what's my surprise?" You prompted, hoping to catch him offguard into telling you.

"You'll find out Monday afternoon after your appointment." He smirked.

You rolled your eyes, crossed your arms, and let out a huffy sigh, falling back into the leather seat.

Chapter Text

"Do you have any idea how nice it is to wear fucking sweats and a tee and just lay the fuck in bed?" You yawned, stretching and curling up in a ball under the covers.

Kira simply scratched her ear, her collar and tags clinking noisily. 

The morning had been slow, and very comfortable. Outside of bathroom breaks you hadn't been out of bed since Ramsay had left for work at seven.

Your phone vibrated from somewhere in the tangle of blankets and sheet.

You dug around until you found your phone under Ramsay's pillow.

[Rams: what are you doing?]

[you: laying in bed. you?]

[Rams: thinking about fucking you. send nudes.]

Your face warmed as you reread the message. 

[You: I suppose I can do that. I need to get around anyways....]

You slid out of bed, stretching again, and stepping into the closet and pulling your most casual clothes free of their hooks.

Ripped jeans, grey tank, and a soft flannel. Ramsay liked to call the look "boot scootin boogie". Or when you paired it with your leather jacket he called it "Winchester Whore".

After sending a handful of pictures and going through your shower and make up routine it was almost time for you to meet with Whit and Jared.

You had given them the address to a hole in the wall BBQ joint in a less desirable part of town. But you figured it wouldn't be overwhelming or make you too noticeable. You knew how to blend in, comfortably.

You sat, waiting at a stoplight when you saw something that made your pulse quicken.

You immediately made a blind grab for your phone and dialing your husband.

'Yes, baby girl?' He said, almost bored like.

"Baby, I'm on my way to meet Whit and Jared, right? And I'm sitting here at the stoplight. I look over and two guys catch my eye. They're exchanging hushed whispers and firm handshake, kay? Then I look closely and it's Robb Stark and your father!" you said, the words tumbling over one another so quickly it all almost came out on one breath.

Ramsay said nothing, but you could hear his pen click furiously.


'Yeah, yeah. What are you driving?'

"The 'Stang today." You said, glancing in the side view mirror. Both men were gone.

'Ping me your address and I will be there as soon as I can. Do not engage in anything without me. Do you understand?'

"Um, yes sir?" You said, unsure what he meant. Roose Bolton's peculiar behavior recently was too much for you to want to snoop into. You were already walking on egg shells, and apparently your second strike.

Ramsay hung up without another word and continued your way to lunch. You parked next to a jacked up truck, that was dirty and caked in mud. It didn't scream 'city boy wanna be country'. So it could only be Jared's truck.

You sent Ramsay the address and stepped out of the car.

Whit and Jared were leaning against restaurant wall, smoking and both smiled warmly when you approached. You couldn't help but grin at Jared in his damn cowboy hat, and Whit in her flashy square toed boots.

"Truck could do with a hose down." You chuckled, hugging them both.

"What's the point? With all the snow melting and refreezing, no amount of washing will make a difference until summer." Jared shrugged, flicking his cigarette away from him and opening the door for you and Whit, taking his hat off.

Walking in was like stepping through a portal to home. Smoke, beer, the smell of frying foods... it was... heaven.

"Sit anywhere and your waiter will be with you shortly." A woman said, clearing the table closest to you.

You chose a booth by the window, where you could keep an eye on the door and everything else around you.

A young man set menus down in front of you and set down the cutlery.

"Drinks?" He said when he had finished.

"Sweet teas all around." You said, immersed in the menu.

"You guys. They have fried catfish! And cornbread!" You almost squealed, looking up from the menu.

Whit raised her brows at you, "You don't eat cornbread anymore?"

You shrugged, "I just haven't bought the shit to make it. Burgers, tacos, and pizza is about as far as Rams goes in clogged arteries."

"City folks. They're a strange lot." Jared said, nodding wisely.

You snorted, rolling your eyes. "So, how are you guys? I mean... y'all have been together since junior year, work as a team, have a beautiful little girl..."

Whit laughed, "Oh ya know. Cattle prods work real well. We are just the same as when you left. Just older now. It's you who has the most change. Tell me about this child your mother won't quit bragging about."

You shrugged, "not much to say yet. Just turned fourteen weeks. We find out the gender on February twenty-first. Which is part of the reason I asked y'all here. We have a lot of work to do before then and quickly running out if time."

Both your friends stiffened slightly, showing you had their full attention and confidence.

"What's up?" Jared asked, leaning forward slightly.

You made to open your mouth when Whit shook her head, looking past you as the waiter came back with your drinks and to take your orders. 

You waited a few moments after he left before finally speaking. 

"My husband's life is in danger and it all hangs on to what the little one inside of me is. I have six weeks to set up a safe plan and find a way to keep my husband alive." You said quietly.

Whit chewed her lip and Jared watched you closely.

"We will do what we can. He's your family, which makes him just as much ours. Just say the word and we will make it happen." Jared said with a stiff nod.

A surge of deep gratitude flooded you as you looked at the two people in front of you. You knew the words were sincere and they would do anything they could for you.

You gave a sniff and smiled, "but those details will be worked out at a later time. I came here to enjoy lunch with my two best friends. There is plenty of time later to talk about that. But, first order of business. I need y'all to find someone to help dad keep up the farm. He's having surgery soon. Putting in a pacemaker. And he won't be able to get around for awhile. Said person will be paid well. I've made sure of that."

"Too easy. Sure there are a couple of Ag kids who'd love to help." Whit said. "Take it the old man is okay?"

"More or less. Pissed he's getting old. And y'all know mom. Fussing over him like a newborn calf." You said, sipping your drink.

"How she keeps up with him I will never know." Whit laughed.

Her words made you realize just how much like your mother you were.

Dad had always been wild and in trouble one way or another. No, not with the law, but usually physically injured. Smashed his hand working on a tractor. Wrapped up in fencing. Kicked by a horse, more times than you could even count anymore. He was a big book of cataloged accidents. 

And then there was Mom. Patient and headstrong, and so very quick tempered. She kept your father together and alive, more often than not. She was firm, and yet the most loving person you had ever known. She was the true foundation of your crazy family. And she made it look so easy. How she managed to pull off Thanksgiving dinner and get your father to the ER after a hunting accident when you were 13, you never knew.

Maybe you took a bit more after your father's recklessness, but you had your mother's spine, and quick temper. 

You grinned to yourself, "oh! Before I forget! Guess who's living here now?"

Jared and Whit both raised their brows, waiting for your answer.

"E! Little shit gets a PCS here, and doesn't tell anyone until he fucking shows up. Rams and I took him out last night. And I tell you what... He's not a boy anymore."

"And what did we do?" Ramsay spoke up, sliding into the booth beside you and running his eyes over the restaurant.

"Took the brother out lastnight." You said, with a smile, as he wrapped his arm around your shoulders.

"Had a blast. Damon made sure they got back safely. Apparently not as lightweight as we thought." Ramsay said, eyeing your food as it was set in front of you. "The fuck is that?"

You looked from food to husband and laughed.

"Cornbread, a hushpuppy, fries, and fried catfish." 

Ramsay pulled a face of disgust.

"Try it. I promise there is nothing better than a good fried catfish basket." You urged, pulling a piece of fish from its fillet and holding it out to your husband.

"You do know I'm allergic to seafood, right?" He said, giving you a cold look.

You knitted your brows, "Are you really?"

"Keys." He said, taking the food from you.

"Huh?" You said watching him place the catfish in his mouth.

He reached over you, snatched up your keys and stood up.

"Ride home with them. Take the back way. I'll meet you at home."

He looked down at you, swiped more fish from your basket and walked off.

"Wait! You seriously aren't allergic to fish are you?!" You called.

He turned to you with his trademark smirk, "guess you'll just have to find out. Love you baby doll."

"I... I love you too." You said, watching him leave.

You looked at Whit and Jared.

"Nah. He's not." Jared said, with a chuckle, tearing into his plate of ribs.


It took so much longer to get home when you had to basically skirt the damn city.

"I have two dogs. Kira and Willow. They look mean, but I promise they are pussies." You said, walking up the stairs and hoping Ramsay was home since he had your keys.

You turned the knob. At least he was nice enough to remember to leave the door open for you as you walked inside.

"So you're a liar." You said, raising your brow.

Ramsay laughed, looking up from his laptop and giving you a wink.

"The best there is." 

You rolled your eyes and sat on the couch, nodding at the sofa across from you. Whit and Jared both sat. Whit almost lost it when Kira and Willow came to be nosey. 

"Oh my god! They are so pretty!" She said excitedly, sliding from the couch to her knees to rub all over them.

Whit was a dog fanatic. You were sure she would have 500 if Jared let her.

Ramsay crossed the room and disappeared down the hall. No one spoke until he came back and dropped a file folder on the coffee table.

"You two are now employed with a local coffee shop. You bring in coffee bean shipments via air." Ramsay said as Jared pulled the folder open and thumb through the papers.

"You looked us up? And my alias is Johnny Reb?" Jared asked, raising a brow.

"Just a minor background check. Your boots gave me the impression you listen to Johnny Horton, Honky Tonk Man." Ramsay shrugged, leaning back into his seat, resting his hand on your thigh and lighting a cigarette.

"You're a funny dude." Jared laughed, "and look, I get to travel with Percilla."

"So, what exactly are we doing? I mean, this is...?" Whit said, looking up from the dogs, at a loss for words.

"I told you, you're running coffee beans." Your husband shrugged.

Jared snorted, pulling his passport from the folder and examining it.

"But really. Need to be on the same page, babe." You spoke up.

"Okay, listen, and listen good. Because I'm only saying it once. In a few days you will get an address to an airstrip. Once a week you will fly to this strip and cargo will be loaded. Everything will already be packaged and sealed in the beans. If you don't lose your heads no one will ever be the wiser. After picking up the shipments you will deliver it to the designated area here in the city. After that you're free to go. The goods will be taken care of upon arrival. Simple enough." 

"Right. Simple enough. And should something go wrong?" Whit asked, now taking her turn to look through the folder. "Oh! That reminds me..." she dug through her bag, pulling out a file folder a sliding it across the table, "Sharon got what you asked for."

"If something goes wrong, you will be taken care of. You are under my services, and I protect those that work for me. Nothing bad will happen as long as you don't let it happen." Ramsay shrugged.

You opened the folder, looking at all the vacant and foreclosed properties.

"Wow, so many places just left to rot." You murmured, looking up at Jared and Whit.

"Our town is dying. Cost of livin' is too high for the old folks, and young kids out of high school." Jared said giving you a sad smile. 

"I'm buying it all." You declared, giving your husband a look and handing him the folder, "I'll let you do the buying and scheming. But we are buying it all. Build some businesses or something. Maybe build a safe house."


"I'm starving." You whined, flipping through the pages of the outdated magazine.

"Shut up. You just ate like an hour ago." Ramsay tutted, staring at the ceiling.

"They need to hurry up. I have to pee." You groaned, fidgeting in your seat.

"What do I need to do to make you quit the insufferable bitching?" He hissed.

"Tell me what my surprise is." You said slyly.

Ramsay clucked in annoyance, "No. And if you don't quit asking I will do it all on my own. You're only getting the surprise because I love you."

"Fine." You huffed, pouting at him.

When your name was called you almost jumped up, ready to have all your vitals taken so they could give you the damn cup so you could finally empty your bladder that seemed to have shrunk to the size of a kitten's.

When the doctor entered you were slightly taken aback it wasn't Doctor Cat. But then you remembered... Ned Stark was her husband. And her eldest daughter was still missing. Poor woman. You really liked her.

"I'm Doctor Mordane. I'm filling in for Doctor Stark until she gets back." The old woman said with a sad smile.

"How is she?" You asked, sitting on the edge of the examination bed. Ramsay tutted from his chair. You gave him a dirty look.

"Pretty rough. But she's a strong woman. Anyways, looking at your file here I see you are almost fifteen weeks along. Weight is good. Everything else checks out good. Any complaints or concerns?"

You shook your head, "No ma'am. I seem to be adjusting just fine." 

The woman smiled, "good good. Keep taking your vitamins. We will take a quick listen to the heartbeat and you're free to go."

Hearing the tiny heartbeat made your chest tight. Every single time. This time you didn't even bother to try and hold back the tear that escaped you.


"Surprise time?" You asked, smiling at your husband as he closed your door.

"Sort of." He smirked.

"What does that even mean?" You huffed, crossing your arms.

Ramsay said no more until he parked the car in the parking garage of the airport.

"What are we doing?" You asked, following in his wake.

Again he said nothing. You asked no more questions until you stood outside the doors of the airport. 

There stood Damon. He exchanged two bags for Ramsay's keys. 

"Before you say anything, I know. Scratch her you'll flay me." Damon chuckled, pocketing the keys. "Have fun. See you when you get back." He gave you both a nod and left.

Ramsay took your hand and led you inside. He exchanged a few words and some cash with a TSA man and both of you were boarding a plane a few short minutes later.

"Rams, where are we going?" 

"Hush. Take a nap. It will be awhile." He said, stowing the two bags away and taking his seat beside you.

"If I blow you on this plane will you tell me?" You asked, flashing a mischievous grin.

"Nah. But you're gunna blow me anyways." He smirked.

"I will not." You said, crossing your arms and looking away from him.

"I will choke you out and make you sleep the whole damn ride if you don't quit, little pet." He said very quietly.

"What's wrong? Why are you so damn irritable today?" You said, giving him a soft look.

"I don't like flying." He replied shortly. 

You suppressed a snort but were unable to to keep the words from falling from your mouth, "You're afraid!"

He took a deep breath and forced a smile, "No. I didn't say I'm afraid of flying. I said I didn't fucking like it."

"Mhm. Right. Completely different. What was I thinking?" You said with a sly grin.

"Do you have any idea how easy it would be to snap your fucking neck and make it look like you're sleeping until I get off this damn plane?" He hissed exasperatedly, struggling with himself to remain calm.

"Probably pretty easy. But I'd be rather boring company dead." You winked, resting your hand on his thigh and giving a tight squeeze. 

He gave you a very long look, gave a smirk, and placed his hand in your inner thigh.

"Why are we like... economy class?" You asked, glancing around at the people filling the seats around you.

Ramsay shrugged, "Why not?"


You played with Ramsay's hand, absentmindedly, as the plane prepared for flight.

You watched Ramsay closely. If he really was afraid of flying, he hid it very well. 

"Nonstop?" You asked, looking out the window at the tiny square patches of earth bellow you.

"Nonstop." He replied, glancing at you.

You pulled your phone out of your purse, "wanna play a game?"


You tutted, "Yes you do. You love games."

"I like games that I win. Games that cause other people to beg and die." He said simply, as if it settled the matter.

"Well I like games that let me get to really know you. So, I'm going to ask questions and you're going to answer."

He groaned, "not this again."

"Every time you don't answer or skip the question you will be punished." You said, squeezing his thigh again.

"Does it result with my dick in your mouth?" He whispered.

You shrugged, "maybe, if you're a good boy. Question one, if you could have a theme song, what would it be?"

He stared at the back of the chair in front of him, chewing his lip, "I don't know."

You dug your nails into his leg.

"Thriller or something." He hissed.

You released him and gave a laugh. "Thriller? Like MJ Thriller?"

"Yeah. Why not? It's catchy." He shrugged, taking his jacket off.

"I can't even take you seriously anymore." You giggled, leaning over to kiss him.

"Well that's a bad move on you, baby girl. I'm to be taken very seriously." He smirked against your lips as he took your face in his hands.

"Or maybe you just put on a mean face and deep down you're good as gold. Just have a rather pushy demon in there." 

He snorted and pulled away from you, "going to perform an exorcism?" 

"Mm, no. I think I'm in love with the devil."  You said airily, with a sigh.

"Show me how much you love me then." He countered with his wicked grin.

"I have a devil spawn growing inside of me, is that not love enough?" You winked, unfastening your seatbelt and pushing your body into his as you slid past him.

You gave him a mischievous grin, walking rather suggestively down the aisle.

Wow, plane bathrooms were tiny. This was not going to be comfortable. At least you weren't super pregnant fat yet.

You only had to wait a moment before Ramsay was climbing in the tiny room with you.

"I don't know if this will work." You whispered.

"Make it." He said, leaning back against the wall.

You glanced around, set the toilet seat down, and grabbed his hips, pulling him into you.

"Make it quick?" You asked, unbuckling his belt and sliding his button from its hole.

"That all depends on you, baby girl." He said helping you pushing his pants down.

"You know, you are the worst influence I have ever come to know." You said, resting your forehead against his warm stomach.

"Maybe you're the bad influence on me." He chuckled, gripping your hair tightly.

You licked your lips and took him in your mouth, letting his guide you.

You dug your nails into his legs as warm desire built inside of you. But there was no returning the favor in this damn bathroom.

You ran your tongue along him, tasting him as his grip in your hair tightened and he ran his other hand over your chest, grabbing at your skin.

His breathing became shallow as you lightly drug your teeth along him, swirling your tongue over his tip. 

He made a small noise in the back of his throat, grabbing at you harder as he filled your mouth.

You slowly sucked him, feeling him throb against your tongue.

You swallowed and pulled away from him completely. 

"Well that was quick." You laughed.

"Eh, thrill of getting a blow job at fifty thousand feet." He chuckled, fixing his pants and opening the door.

He grabbed your hand and led you back to your seat.


You held Ramsay's hand tight as he pulled you along through the airport. You could see the sun a brilliant red as it sank lower over the horizon.

Ramsay stopped at a counter and hand a man behind it two passports. He glanced them over and then eyed you both.

"Welcome. What brings such a lovely couple to our beautiful country?" The man said in very rough, choppy English.

"Drugs." Ramsay replied with a small shrug and his most charming smile. 

You gave a wide eyed side long look your husband and wanted to vanish as you felt your cheeks burn.

Did he seriously just fucking say that?!

The man cracked a grin and let out a loud laugh after a few tense moments, "You señor are very funny man. Enjoy your vacation."  He handed the passports back to Ramsay who slipped them in his back pocket and tugged you along again.

"I can't believe you!" You cried in a small strangled voice.

Ramsay stopped abruptly, placed a hand on your shoulder and turned you to the highly polished, darkening window. 

"Look at us and tell me what you see?"

You Looked at your reflections and sighed, "I see a husband and wife on vacation."

"Exactly, baby girl. As far as anyone knows we are taking a late winter vacation to escape the cold. We're here to sip mojitos, soak up the sun, and eat avocados, or whatever." He said, gripping your hand tightly and pulling you along.

"Eat avocados." You snorted with a giggle as you stepped out of the airport.

The warm breeze melting you into a bliss. Warm evenings. God, how you missed the warm weather.

"Journey okay?" Oberyn Martell asked, sidling up to you and Ramsay.

You were shocked only a moment. It all made sense now. You were here so the deal with the Martell's could be finished and sealed. 

"Long." Ramsay said, sounding rather weary as Oberyn lead the way to a limo.

Ramsay helped you climb in, took his seat beside you, and pulled you as close as possible as Oberyn situated himself.

"The girls are most excited to take you shopping, (y/n)." Oberyn smiled, offering Ramsay a drink, who eagerly accepted. "Your room has been accommodated and food prepared. We will get down to business tomorrow after you both have rested."

"Food sounds wonderful." You sighed, resting your head on Ramsay's shoulder and closing your eyes briefly. 

Or you thought it to have been brief. Next thing you knew Ramsay nudging you to wake up.

You sat up and were taken aback by the beautiful white stone mansion and it's many elegant balconies overlooking the white sand beach and crystal clear ocean.

It was probably the most beautiful thing you had ever seen, apart from last trip you had taken with Ramsay to a warm cabin surrounded by large aspens and evergreens in the shadows of the harsh, unforgiving snow covered mountains.

Tyene rushed you as you climed out of the limo behind Ramsay. 

You hugged her back tightly.

"I am so glad you both came!" She smiled, looping her arm around yours and leading you inside.

"This place is absolutely beautiful." You exclaimed, taking in everything from the marble floors to shimmering crystal chandeliers, and the elegant imported rugs.

Tyene smiled brightly, "my uncle likes to be extra."

"Well, at least he has good taste?" You laughed, climbing the spiral staircase.

Tyene stopped in front of a door and stepped aside so you could enter.

"One of the best views in the house. If you need anything, don't hesitate to ask. Rest easy, (y/n). Tomorrow I am taking you to town. You will love it!" Tyene said, leaving you alone in the lavish room.

So much better than any high end, five star hotel resort. You thought, taking everything in and realizing Ramsay wasn't with you.

You frowned slightly, but the table laden with food caught your very hungry attention. You sat at the table and pulled the nearest dish towards you. You had no idea what to call it, as it was sweet, and spicy, and salty, and definitely meat... but whatever it was it was damn good.

A warm, night breeze blew in from the open balcony door and the sound of the ocean made you drowsy.

Ramsay entered the room a shirt while later after you had already stripped you clothing and climbed into the soft sheets.

"You good?" You asked, peeking over the top of the blanket at him.

His face softened slightly as he turned his gaze to you, "of course."

You pushed back into the plush bed, falling asleep almost at once.

Chapter Text

You laid there, not wanting to open your eyes as you heard the waves crashing on the beach, smelt the salty air, and felt the warm breeze flittering gently into the room.

You were in a state of complete happiness. Or, you only thought you were until you felt Ramsay kissing up your thigh softly, his scruffy jaw tickling your sensitive skin as he worked his mouth ever closer to your entrance, pushing your legs apart as wide as they went, and climbing between them.

You drew a gasp as your breath caught when his tongue came into contact with your clit. You tangled your hands in his hair as he teased you with his tongue. 

You let out a small moan, arching your back as he darted his tongue over your sensitive spot before finally pushing his tongue into you with a satisfied hum that sent a shiver up your spine.

"Oh god." You panted as your heart beat harder in your chest and breathing became labored.

"Ramsay will do, baby girl." He chuckled, pulling the covers off you both, kissing up your body.

You giggled, grabbing his face and pulling him into you. A warm, sleepy, sensitive needing was growing inside of you. You ached for him. Needing him to fill you completely.

He placed a gentle kiss to your lips before kissing across your jaw and sinking his teeth into your neck as he slowly slid himself inside you. 

"Daddy." You whimpered, clawing at his back as he set a slow, sensual pace.

"Yes, baby girl?" He purred, running a hand softly along your body and grabbing your breast firmly.

"Harder." You whispered, closing your eyes tight, pushing your head back into the bed, and canting your hips.

"No. Take your time, little momma. I'm in no hurry. Climb slowly." He said softly, leaning in to press a gentle kiss below your ear.

You swallowed hard, taking a deep breath, grabbing his sides.

There was no slow climb. Especially not in the mornings. He knew that. Your body had already started to tense, ready for its release.

"I... I can't daddy." You panted, grabbing desperately at his hips to pull him closer into you.

He chuckled softly, pushing away from you, kissing back down your body.

"How many times can I make the dirty bitch orgasm this morning? Wanna guess?" He smirked, looking up at you from between your legs. 

"T-two?" You panted, biting your lip and looking at him through your lashes.

His smirk broadened as he shoved his tongue into you, lapping at your wetness, and spreading it across your skin.

A small cry escaped you as you clawed at his shoulder and felt the warm familiar fuzzy tingle form in your midregion as well as your mind. 

He bit lightly at your folds and slid his fingers inside of you, grabbing your breast with his other hand, toying with your nipple.

"Rams..." You moaned. 

"That's right, baby girl. Let it go. Cum for me. Let me taste." He hummed, curling his fingers inside you and running his tongue over your sensitive nub firmly.

Like it always did, your high came with a hot force. Every inch of you tingling as you cried out, unable to keep yourself from shaking as Ramsay licked and sucked you hungrily, moaning into you as buried his tongue as far as he could. 

Finally, you caught your breath and relaxed with a shiver as your body became overly sensitive.

He pulled away from you, resting the side of his face on your inner thigh, tracing over your folds lightly with a damp finger, and nibbling the soft skin of your thigh.

"Let me know when you're ready, doll." He said softly, sucking your wetness from his fingers.

You ran a hand through his hair and heaved a deep, contented sigh.

"How did I get so lucky to have you as a husband?" You whispered, closing your eyes and relishing in his soft touches as you could feel desire start to form deep within the pits of your stomach.

"You are pretty lucky." He chuckled, biting lightly at your thigh, taking your soft skin between his teeth and sucking gently. 

"Mm... Fuck me." You hummed, shifting your hips slightly.

"As my queen commands." He purred, pushing himself up and positioning above you to shove himself inside you.

You opened your hips wider to take him in as far as you could. 

He clashed and ground his hips against yours, grabbing you tightly wherever his wandering hand landed.

"Spank me." You managed to get out through a gasp and a moan.

He stilled in his actions and gave you a look as if he didn't hear you correctly.

"Yeah?" He asked, raising a brow, breathing heavily.

You gave a nod.

He pulled away from you and hastily turned you over. He waited patiently as you adjusted yourself to keep the weight off your belly.

You pushed back into him to let him know you were ready.

He traced his finger tips over your ass and made a small noise, pushing his palm into you and grabbing roughly.

The first cuff wasn't as hard as you had anticipated, but the second slap made up for what the first one lacked. You drew a sharp breath and gripped the blanket underneath you.

Every slap found you wetter and all but begging for him. Your breathing was so shallow you had to breath faster as the warmth at your core almost burnt as hot as the skin of you ass.

"Daddy, please. Fuck me." You begged, pushed back into him.

He grabbed your hips firmly and ploughed into you. 

Every noise from you grew steadily louder until your high came crashing down again and you suppressed a scream, unsuccessfully. 

"That's two now. Can I make you go one more? I still have to get off." He asked through heavy breathing.

"What will you do when I'm too pregnant to be fucked like this?" You asked, pushing yourself up on your hands.

You let out a surprised shriek and giggle as Ramsay grabbed you and moved swiftly to lay under you.

You looked down at him, tucking your hair behind your ears, watching the need to climax burn in his eyes.

"Then this is my turn to take care of you?" You asked, leaning forward to kiss and bite at his neck.

"Don't you tease me, fucking slut." He moaned.

"Hush baby. Let momma make you feel good." You cooed, sitting up on your knees and griping him firmly with your hand. You rubbed his tip into your clit, letting a small moan escape you as you guided him inside you.

You ground into him as firmly as you could. He gripped your hips tightly, watching you closely.

You pulled him from you, gripping as tight as you could, checking how wet and slick his dick was, gave him a quick glance, and bit your lip as you slowly lowered yourself on him, feeling him slide easily into your ass.

You brought your eyes to his face as he drew a sharp gasp. His lust turning into desperate needing as his breathing quickened.

Once you had taken him completely you stilled, adjusting to the sensation, moving slowly against him.

He let a whimper escape him, as he swallowed hard, grabbing tighter at your hips.

His whimper, no matter how accidental and small it was, was like hearing angels sing.

You took a deep breath, clutching his shoulder and pulling him up to you as you moved against him again.

He moaned loudly, tipping his head back as you kissed down his neck and moved harder against him.

"Baby girl." He panted, his grip on you becoming slightly shakey.

"Shut your fucking mouth." You hissed grabbing his throat with both hands and squeezing tightly.

He gasped for air, pushing his hips up. You found an erratic, very short lived rhythm with him before he released your hips, prying your hands from his neck, and falling back into the bed with deep, throaty moan, pushing his hips into you as hard as his quaking body would let him, as you ground down into him.

Slowly, you lifted yourself off of him, leaning forward to rest your cheek on his left breast. You could hear and feel his heart working furiously. You could hear him struggling to regain normal breathing, as he continued to gasp and wheeze.

He wrapped his arms around you, swallowed thickly, and took a deep breath.

"You guessed correctly. You win." He chuckled, placing a kiss to the top of your head.

"If you're quick about it and rub hard enough, you could make it three right now." You whispered. 

"Is that what you want, doll?" 

You shook your head. Truth be told, you were a little tender and raw.

"No. I'll save it." You said with a yawn and sliding off him to lay beside him.

"What do you want?" He asked, propping himself up on his elbow.

"Want?" You asked, raising a brow.

"For winning. You guessed correctly. You won. What do you want?" He said with a tut, as if you were being exceedingly dim.

"Breakfast, a bath, and a backrub." You finally said, closing your eyes and yawning again.

"Well, I already have breakfast. I had gone to get it and you just looked so fucking good when I got back in here I couldn't help myself. I had only intended to tease you until you woke up." He chuckled.

You peeked your eye open as be nodded behind you. You rolled over to see a tray with a bowl and glass of juice.

You quickly sat up, pulling the covers around you and lowering the tray onto the bed.

You peered into the bowl, examining it closely.

"And it is?" You asked, bringing a spoonful up to your nose.

"Huevos rancheros quinoa bowl. Whatever the fuck that means." He replied, pushing himself from the bed to gather up clothes and walk into the bathroom.

It may have looked odd, been an odd assortment of ingredients, and maybe could have done with some cheese (though that may have just been pregnancy talking), breakfast was phenomenal. 

You set the tray back on the bedside table and, slid from the bed. You picked up Ramsay's shirt from yesterday off the floor and slid it over your shoulders, stepping out onto the balcony.

The beach was beautiful and you wanted nothing more than to lay in the hot sun, floating in the clear water.

Ramsay slipped his arms around your middle, holding your swell lightly in his hands. You smiled, closing your eyes and inhaling deeply. His smell mixed with the smell of the ocean was dangerously intoxicating. What you wouldn't give to have this every morning. Life would be so perfect.

"Your bath awaits." He whispered in your ear as you rested your head back on his shoulder.

"I want you to bathe me." You whispered back.

"Yes ma'am." He said, scooping you up and carrying you to the bathroom.

He helped you climb into the large, tub, dropping to his knees and rolling up his sleeves.

He gently scrubbed your skin until you were flushed all over and was extra careful washing your hair.

Once the last of the soap had been rinsed from your hair he gently swept your hair aside and knead his fingers lightly into your shoulder and neck muscles.

It was fucking amazing, simply put.

The water was turning cool when you finally pulled away from him, ready to get out.

He handed you a towel to dry your hair as he pat your body dry.

You watched him in the mirror as you dried your hair.

"What have I done or am I going to be doing to receive a whole glorious morning of pampering from my murderous husband who wanted to strangle me to death a few hours ago?" You asked with a raised brow.

"Nothing baby girl. Just feeling generous this morning." He shrugged, throwing the towel over a hook and leaving the bathroom.

"I don't know if I believe you? I feel like this will come back to bite me in the ass." You said, throwing your hair in a loose sideswept braid, entering the room and opening the closet to find it stocked with dresses, sandals, hats and a note:

Enjoy a gift on us.  -Ty

You chose a simple, floral printed sun dress and slid it on. You slipped on a plain pair of flip flops and chose the largest hat there was.

"No, no baby girl. The mother of my child deserves to be spoiled." Ramsay said, stepping out onto the balcony to smoke as you dug around your bag for your make up case.

Somehow you weren't sure you believed your husband. He was such a good liar. But sometimes he could be genuine. Maybe this was one of those times. To be in a beautiful, relaxing place, away from work and enemies around every corner... it was nice. Maybe he felt that slight relief too.

"So, what's the plan?" You asked, curling your lashes.

"Sealing the deal with the Martell's and getting everything set up so your birds can run our shit. Or, that's what I'm doing. What you do is up to you as long as you follow my rules." Ramsay said, falling into the bed.

"Rules?" You asked, finishing your minimum make up and sitting on the edge of the bed, running your nails through his hair.

"Yes rules. Harder." He said. You ran your nails harder over his scalp. "One, you stay within fifteen minutes of me, at all times. Two, you speak to no one. Three, you..."

"Alright, alright. I get it. Be a good girl. You worry too much baby." You cut across him.

He pulled away from you, sitting up, and giving you a hard look.

You leaned in to place a gentle kiss to his lips, "I promise to follow your rules." 

"You better. Because I'll know if you don't. I'd rather not have to hurt you baby girl." He said, standing up and giving a stretch.

"Where'd you go last night when we got here?"

"To meet our gracious host, rude ass." He tutted.

You rolled your eyes, "Yes, thank God one of us has manners."

You watched him tie his shoes. Doing normal things. It reminded you he was only human.

"Why was your father meeting with Robb Stark?" You asked suddenly.

Ramsay stood up straight, a deep frown on his face. "I have no idea." He said coldly.

For a fleeting second you thought of telling him about Roose's threat, but swallowed the words.

"Does it worry you?"

"Should it?" He asked, dismissing your question.

"You know, you can talk to me. No, I don't always know everything... But sometimes it's nice to get shit off your chest. Don't bottle it up. You have my complete confidence, and silence. Maybe I can help?" You said slowly.

"Help what?" He bit.

"I don't know. Whatever it is that's got you so wound and stressed? You're about to snap. I can see it." You sighed, standing up and smoothing out your dress.

"Let's deliver you to your snakes." He said, taking your hand. 

Seeing the house in the late morning light only made it that much more beautiful. Everything seemed to light up. The mansion was so open and comfortable.

You retraced your steps with Ramsay down the staircase and he led you through a pair of glass, double doors that led to a beautiful porch.

There sat Oberyn, Ellaria, Tyene, Obella, and three people you didn't know.

"Ah, the Boltons taking advantage of this glorious morning." Oberyn chuckled, standing from his chair and shaking Ramsay's hand.

You bit your lip in embarrassment, face warming, giving an innocent smile. 

"And a wonderful fucking morning it has been." Ramsay said brightly.

How could he be so shameless?

"(Y/n), this is my brother, Doran. And his two children, Trystane and Arianne." Oberyn said, indcating the three people whom you did not know.

Doran nodded and smiled politely at you from his wheelchair. Trystane, who was maybe twenty at best, also gave you a nod. Arianne smiled warmly.

"It's a pleasure. Thank you for having us. Your home is beautiful." You said, a genuine smile on your face.

"Let the beauty of my home only be a shimmer compared to our hospitality." Doran said, as he shook Ramsay's hand.

"Well then, if you don't need my dear (y/n), I'm stealing her for awhile." Tyene said, taking your hand.

Ramsay glanced down at his watch and then looked at you and Tyene, "right then."

"See ya!" Tyene said, tugging you along.

Ramsay grabbed your hand and placed a kiss to your knuckles before dropping it as Tyene pulled you back in the house, Obella and Arianne following. 

"Sleep good? Because we all know you woke up good." Tyene giggled. 

You flushed, unable to say anything.

"Don't be embarrassed dear. It's good. Life is too short to put up with terrible fuck." Arianne laughed, taking in your face.

They were so different than the people you grew up around. Touchy, feely, no shame. Maybe that's why you liked them. They didn't shun being sexual or eccentric.

"She's right you know. At least we now know he really does treat you good. Almost weren't sure if it was all just an act you put on to make people overlook your misery." Obella said, with a nod.

"Well, you should know, I am shit at lying. So, I mean it when I say he's good to me. And makes me happy." You said, feeling grateful that they did seem to care you had just had one of the best mornings you could remember.

You hadn't noticed where the girls were leading you as you found yourself climbing into a SUV.

"And what am I doing today?" You asked.

"First, we are taking you to see a few sights. Then we are finding you a flattering bikini. And finally, taking you to the beach. Your last relaxing vacation before the baby. So, we want to give you a time to remember."

"Why?" You asked, baffled by how they treated you.

It was nothing more than just buisness, right? You paid them, and they did your dirty work. And yet... they treated you like family. They were blunt, honest, and seemed to be full of genuine care for your happiness.

It confused you. Ramsay had always told you to never trust anyone, not even him. Especially players in the game. But maybe for once he was wrong?

Chapter Text

"Girls, I really need to get back." You said, glancing around the colorful town square.

"Oh come on. We just got here. You worry too much." Tyene said, pulling you into another store.

"Really though. Maybe tomorrow. More than anything I'd like to just sit down and do nothing." You said, as Obella held up a dress.

"What do you think Anne? You're better at choosing colors." Obella said, ignoring you and looking over at Arianne, who shook her head.

"No, the blue would look better." She said, pulling a different dress.

"Girls! Really! Rams won't..." 

"Calm down. Come girls, let's take the lady Bolton to the beach. This way she can still enjoy herself, and isn't out of the jealous, clingy husband's reach." Tyene said, giving you a smug grin.


"Anne was right, this shade of blue is very beautiful on you." Obella said, running her eyes over your new bikini. "Did you run into the beast?" She held out a pool float.

You took it, shaking your head. "No. I didn't see him." You said, glancing around again.

"Good. Maybe he'll release his claws from you a bit. He is so... what's the word... uh... attached? He will drown you." Obella said, throwing her float in the water and climbing on top.

You stepped into the water and suppressed a groan of satisfaction. The water was warm, the sun was hot, and everything was just perfect.

"He is not." You protested, laying back on the float and closing your eyes tight. You became very aware of the silence and peeked your eye open to see all three women staring at you.

You sat up, "Well he isn't. Overly protective and slightly obsessive... but don't all women want that from the man they're married to?"

Tyene slid off her float, submerged herself in water, and came back up, resting her arms on her float and gave a sigh, "has he ever hurt you?"

"No!" You said, getting slightly defensive. Who were they to judge your husband? "Why do people keep assuming he hurts me?"

"It was just a question, hon. It's no secret about who he is, or that he enjoys causing people pain. Us women have to stick together. Men think they own us and can use us up until they throw us out with the next trash day. Especially men who play such violent games as the ones we do. My father can be very ruthless. I've seen the kind of destruction he can unleash when he's crossed. My uncle is just the same, but he's more hands on since he isn't confined to a wheel chair. And then there are men like the Boltons. The kind of men that nightmares are afraid of." Arianne said, also sliding from her float.

You frowned, "Rams is a scary person. I won't deny it. But he worships me. He does anything I ask of him. Yeah, he's a little fucked up... but... He loves me. And I love him. And it's only since finding out I'm pregnant has been overly clingy."

"So if you were to walk up to him right now and tell him you wanted him to kill someone, what would he do?" Obella asked, pulling her hat over her face and skimming her hand over the water.

"I don't know. It would excite him. He would go do his thing and then be perfectly normal again." You shrugged.

"Yes. Normal. What is normal for Ramsay Bolton?" Obella said, pulling her hat up and looking at you.

You sighed. You had no idea. You really had no idea who he was. He had so many different sides. Which one was the real one?

"Nothing. Nothing is normal for him. Just as it is not for me. That's boring, and no one likes boring." You said flatly.

"Perhaps you are right. But as long as you are happy and safe."

You said no more, leaning back on the float and letting the gentle waves rock you into a sleepy state of bliss.

Why were these three women so adamant about finding out who your husband was? What was the purpose? You would have to be careful and hold your tongue until you could decipher it.

"Alright girls, I believe I am going to go take a nap." You said with a yawn as you slid off the float, the warm water perfect on your hot skin.

"Let us know if you need anything!" Tyene called, as you stepped on the beach.


After a quick shower you found yourself under a new set of soft sheets and the warm breeze tucking you in for a peaceful nap, when arguing voices brought you back to reality.

You slid from the bed and stood beside the door straining your ears to listen.

"Anne! You can't just go asking her to do something like that!"

"Why not Bella? You heard her. He would do anything for her."

"My point exactly! If he would do anything for her, he would do anything to her! She's a sweetheart, married to a monster. I don't want to make it any harder on her! Papa will help."

"You are wrong. There is NO help! We cannot deal with the pirates anymore. I don't even trust the men employeed for us anymore. Why not let this Mad Dog eliminate the problem for us?"

"Anne, that's enough. We will figure something out."

The voices carried down the hall until you couldn't hear them anymore.

Should you say something? The prospect of killing was always exciting for Ramsay. But, there were so many things that could go wrong. You were trying to keep him safe, not turn him into Jack Sparrow. 

You sighed and climbed back into bed, suddenly realizing just how tired you were.


"Where have you been?" Ramsay's voice said gruffly in your ear.

You raised your brows, but kept your eyes closed, "sleeping."

He snorted, "all day?"

"Mm, no. The girls took me to the town square, and then we took some time at the beach, and then I came here. I looked for you earlier, but I couldn't find you. Just wanted to let you know I was safe and back here." You yawned.

"What were my rules, baby doll?" He said.

You opened your eyes and watched his profile.

"Baby, I..." you began but his cold laugh stopped you.

"Think I make up these rules to annoy you? Baby girl, I set them in place to make sure you stay safe. You trust people too easy. Every person is a bad person, no matter how much good you try to fill them with..." He said, his words becoming harsher every second.

"Want to torture some folks?" You cut in, hoping to head him off.

Ramsay opened his mouth, closed it, and then gave you a look. "Who and why?"

"Pirates." You shrugged, as if it were no big deal.

"Pirates?" He asked, raising a brow.

"Arr. Pirates." You grinned.

"Hm." He hummed falling back into the mattress. "Well I can't say that I have ever tortured a pirate. Might be worth adding to the resume. Where did you hear this?"

You scoot closer to him, resting your cheek on his arm, "I was about to lay down for a nap when I heard Doran's daughter arguing with Obella. All I heard was that Doran's men can't be trusted and they cannot deal with the pirates anymore. She wanted to come to us and ask for help, but Bella said no, they would figure something else out. Arianne sounded really desperate though."

"Let's go down to dinner." Was all Ramsay said as he sat up and walked across the room to the closet.

"Wanna go swimming with sharks?" You asked, watching him compare two grey jackets.

"No." He said flatly, finally choosing one.

"Why not? It would be dangerous. Fun. Exciting." You coaxed.

"Don't like swimming."

A laugh escaped you, "afraid of flying and water."

He rounded on you with a severe look, "I am afraid of neither, but I do not like either."

"You know, baby... it's okay to be afraid of things. I'm afraid to lose you. To lose our child. Freak accidents. Hell, sometimes I'm afraid to be alone for longer than an hour." You said gently, sitting on the edge of the bed and swinging your feet.

"I am afraid of nothing." He said rather waspishly, slamming the door to the bathroom.

"Right. Me either." You sighed under your breath, rising from the bed to get dressed.


Ramsay pulled your chair for you and took his own. Always such a gentleman in front of others.

You were seated across from Oberyn and Ellaria. They smiled genuinely at you as a server set a glass of water in front of you.

"How are you finding our home land?" Oberyn asked, holding his glass out to the server.

"It is beautiful. I would never leave if it were up to me. It is peaceful and warm. And just...." You said, unable to finish because you couldn't find the words to describe it.

Oberyn and Ellaria laughed knowingly.

"Where is Doran?" Ramsay asked, frowning as his umbrella'd drink.

"I'm sure he will show up eventually. He isn't one to confine himself to the laws of time." Oberyn shrugged.

You could of swore you saw Ramsay give an involuntary shudder at Oberyn's words. 

Arianne, Obella, and Tyene joined you a short while later. Or you assumed it to be short, you were now telling time by how many umbrellas Ramsay had set on your empty plate. So far you were at 3.

Trystane arrived a few moments after the girls and took his seat beside his uncle, a blonde girl on his arm. She looked so very familiar and it wasn't until Ramsay slid his phone in your lap that it finally hit you.

Blonde bitch is a Lannister. She is Cersei's spawn.

You looked up from the phone to the girl. She looked kind. Maybe she wasn't her mother. She had a gentle laugh, and warm eyes. Nothing at all like her family.

Maybe she isn't like the rest of them. You typed back.

Ramsay chuckled, sliding his phone back in his pocket. "The apple never falls far from the tree, baby doll." He whispered in your ear as he fixed the chain of your necklace.

"Or maybe we are all just products of what has happened to us and we become how we choose to cope." You retorted with a raised brow.

Ramsay smirked, and left the table to go smoke.

Food had been served before Doran had shown up, and you were mostly done before Doran had even started.

Ramsay remained quiet and watchful as he continued to down drinks. You had the distinct impression he was purposely drinking too much. But why?

"Trystane has some delightful news to share." Doran spoke as the table was cleared.

Ramsay looked up slightly from his pile of broken umbrella sticks he was using to comstruct... well, you weren't sure what he was making.

Trystane cleared his throat, "Myrcella and I have decided to get married."

You took in the false looks of happiness from your girls. Ellaria looked murderous. Ramsay suppressed a smirk. 

"And how do the folks state side feel about that?" Your husband asked, resting his gaze on the young woman. 

"Ramsay!" You hissed, giving him a harsh look.

He simply shrugged.

"Well, they don't know yet." She said quietly, the color rising in her cheeks.

Ramsay glanced around the table, taking in the tense looks all around and let his smirk broaden into a wicked smile.

"Romeo and Juliet. You do know they both die in the end." 

You closed your eyes and made a disbelieving noise. "I am so sorry. He didn't mean that. Apparently fruity drinks are just as potent as whiskey." You gave him the coldest look you could.

"Hush woman. I'm making no threats. Just spoiling the end of the play. It is very interesting though. I had it the Martell's and Lannister's were not friends. More like bitter enemies." Ramsay said, holding his finger up at you.

Trystane gave Ramsay an uneasy look, shifted in his seat, but said nothing. 

"What my husband means to say is that..." You began.

"What her husband means to say is how will Cersei or even Tywin take this news?" Ramsay cut across you, dropping his hand to your leg and giving a painful squeeze. 

No one spoke as the tension mounted.

"I see." He chuckled darkly, holding up his glass, "to a long, bright, and happy future."

He drained the last of his drink and set down his glass, pulling his pack of cigarettes and fixing Doran with a long look through his glassy, bloodshot eyes.

"Now, tell me about these pirates so the Lord can deliver you from evil. I have a couple men who need made anyways."

It was Doran's turn to look uncomfortable, but Oberyn to speak.

"And what do you want in return?" 

"Nothing. Consider it a gift and added on bonus to our buisness deal." Ramsay shrugged.

"I don't take you as a man who does anything without something in return." Oberyn said, resting his elbows on the table.

"My wife has had me in a very giving mood lately. I will ask nothing in return, and it will not alter any of our agreements or arrangements. Tell me where to find them, and my wife and I will see to them."

You felt an unpleasant jolt at the words "wife and I". What could he possibly expect you to do?

"Let me lend some of my personal guard. Your wife is pregnant. She does not need to be stressing herself like that. You shouldn't..." Doran finally spoke.

"As grateful as I'm sure she is about your care for her well being, she is my wife. And what I do with my wife is really no one's concern." Ramsay said, grabbing up his cigarettes, placing one between his teeth, and leaving.

The silence was very awkward as eyes landed on you.

You cleared your throat and offered a small smile.

"I apologize. He usually isn't so... who am I kidding? Do not worry about me. His behavior was out of place and I'm sorry. Too much to drink. If you'll excuse me." You said, hurrying from the table and exiting the dining room. "Dinner was fantastic by the way! Thank you!" You called from the doorway.

You slid your heels from your feet as you entered the hall, hurrying up the stairs. But Ramsay wasn't in your room. You frowned, stepping out on the balcony and leaning against the rail with a sigh.

Why did he let lose his tongue? And how were you going to smooth this over? You had defended him earlier. All for him to make an ass of himself in front of the very people you tried to persuade into believing him to be good to you. Because he was. It had been the truth. And now it made you look like a liar.

You took your dress off, changing into a tank and shorts.

Maybe you would go sit on the beach for awhile. Be alone in the silence of the night. Talk to your child. Feel the sand between your toes.

You slid on a pair of sandals and grabbed up a blanket.

You spread the blanket out on the sand and then laid down. You stared up at the clear diamond, sparkling sky. Not a cloud in sight and the stars shown very bright off the surface if the water.

You hummed a tune, rubbing your belly, and staring at the sky.

"You'll catch a chill out here, baby girl." Ramsay said, sitting beside you and making you start in fright.

"Why did you act like an ass at dinner?" You asked at once.

"It was needed." He said, tilting his head back to look up at the sky.

"And what is it that we are doing?" 

"You're going to get kidnapped. Maybe next time you will listen to me when I set down rules, Mrs. Independent." He said simply.

Chapter Text

"You're going to let me get kidnapped?! What the fuck? Are there not other ways to find the pirates?!" You said, feeling slightly weak, as you stared at your husband in disbelief.

"Certainly. There are hundreds of other ways I could find them. But you have a lesson to learn." He said coldly, not looking at you.

"But... what if you lose me? What if they attack me? What if they rape me? What if they hurt our child?" You asked, throat tightening and tears forming.

"It would be no less than you deserve for wanting to ignore my simple fucking rules."

"Ramsay. Please. Don't. I'm sorry. I wasn't trying to make a point or... or anything. Please don't use me as bait." You whimpered, the tears flowing freely down your cheeks as your voice cracked.

Ramsay laughed, taking your face in his hands.

"You will do what I tell you. You belong to me. But if you think I would ever let someone hurt you, you are very wrong. Go to bed. Tomorrow night you are a hooker who will be abducted by pirates to smuggle into the human trafficking ring."

He placed a gentle kiss to your lips, and you only returned the kiss half heartedly as your bottom lip trembled.


"(Y/n), you okay? You seem a bit sullen this morning." Ellaria said, sitting on the patio chair next to you.

"Yes, I'm okay. Just still a bit salty with my husband." You sighed, staring out at the dark clouds rolling in.

"It will blow over, much like this storm coming. We all play a stressful game. In this game you either win or die. Your family is a big piece in the board, and with a new child on the way, your husband feels even more pressured to see to your saftey."

You bit back a laugh, oh if she only knew the danger your husband was putting you through in a few hours.

"Yeah, I guess. I just hate when we are at different ends." You sighed with a shrug as thunder rumbled overhead and the rain came pouring down.

"Good morning!" Tyene called cheerily, tugging Matt along, "look what the cat dragged in."

Matt gave a bright smile and sat down beside Tyene. 

"Who else came with you?" You asked, looking over at Matt.

"Damon and Ben." Matt said, looking around in excitement.

"Hey doll, need you to come with me." Ramsay's voice said from the doorway. "Kid, don't get too complacent. You're here for work, not vacation."

"Yes boss." Matt said behind you as you left with Ramsay.

"Why the long face, baby girl?" Ramsay asked, lacing his hand in yours.

You gave him a look. He chuckled darkly. 

"What are we doing?" You asked in a voice of forced calm.

"Need a fuck before we get down to business."

"I'm really not in the mood." You said quietly, staring at the marble floor as he continued to pull you along.

"I didn't ask." He said opening the door and leading you inside, closing the door with his foot.

Slowly you undressed and crawled up on the bed.

Ramsay stood there watching you, head tilted to the side. He gave a sigh and crawled up on the bed. 

"You're making this out to be worse than it really is. I love it." He laughed, kissing down your body.

"Youre going stand by while I'm abducted and possibly hurt, Rams. What kind of husband does that?" You cried, choking back the tears.

"It's buisness, baby girl. You won't get hurt. I'll make it up to you. Anything your heart desires. Just play your part and I am at your command." He said, pausing at your breasts to take one in his mouth.

You drew in a sharp breath and relaxed your body.

There was no changing the matter. It was going to be easier just to accept it.

"Be gentle, please." You whispered, closing your eyes and snaking your fingers in his hair.

"Do you deserve gentle after the stress you've put me through?" He asked, ghosting his lips further down your body.

"No." You sighed, mentally preparing for whatever he was about to do to you.

A loud clap of thunder startled you, making you flinch. 

Ramsay ignored you, smirking against your skin and kissing along your sensitive spot.

He darted his tongue over your sensitive spot, taking your folds between his teeth and tugging slightly.

"Rams." you panted, grabbing at his shoulders, as you felt him bury his tongue inside you.

He kissed, licked, and sucked at you needingly and the warm tingling sensation of your high mounted ever higher.

It was becoming impossible for you to keep from fidgeting as you pushed yourself into his face.

He hummed in approval as he continued to fuck you with his tongue.

"I can't hold out much longer, baby." you moaned, gripping the blankets beneath you.

He pulled away from you and pulled his clothes from him.

He leaned into you, taking your bottom lip between his teeth and biting down as he shoved himself into you.

You cried out, canting your hips into his as he pushed harder.

The movements were deep, firm, and very short lived before the high came crashing down for both of you.

"Rain is done. Hurry up and get dressed." Ramsay said as he walked into the bathroom.

You sat up, looking out the window, seeing the sun push through the clouds.


"Where are we going?" You asked, glancing around, through the window of the SUV.

"Test run." Ramsay said, flicking his cigarette butt out of the window. 

The SUV came to a stop at an airstrip and it all made sense, as Ramsay helped you out.

He grabbed your hand and led you to a cargo plane. Here you met Ben, Oberyn, Whit, and Jared.

Whit hugged you tight. She looked giddy with excitement. 

"Well, we all acquainted with one another and ready to do this thing?" Ramsay asked.

"All set and ready to go!" Whit said, cheeks burning in glee.

Now you remembered why you had both become fast friends in school. She was as fearless as a honey badger. 

Jared gave a thumbs up, gave you a small nod, and climbed into the plane.

"Be safe." You said, hugging Whit again.

"Always. Long as I'm in the air, nothing can touch me. Catch ya, state side!" She said, waving and climbing up into the plane.

"Everything sound?' Ramsay asked, looking at Ben.

"Long as they don't go down, everything is perfect." Ben said as the plane roared into life.

"Packaging is good?" Ramsay shouted at Oberyn over the sound.

Oberyn gave a double thumbs up.


Ramsay looked you up and down, frowning as he pulled you closer to him. He glanced between the two dresses you held up, choosing the shortest one.

You put the dress on, feeling way too exposed. He pushed your breasts up to make them look bigger and slid something in your bra.

"What's that?" You asked, as he pushed whatever it was firmly against the skin of your underbreast.

"Tracking chip. This way I cannot lose you." He said kissing up your neck.

"Right." You said, staring ahead of you.

"Well, let's get it on with. The faster this is over the faster I can breathe again." He said, stepping back from you and grabbing your hand. 


"What if I mess up?" You asked, starting to feel afraid as he opened the door.

"You won't, baby girl. You're a Bolton." He whispered in your ear as you stepped out of the SUV. "Just do what Damon tells you, and everything will be good."

You sighed and held Ramsay's hand tight as he pulled you towards a darkened alley. Here you met Damon. 

"I've got eyes on them. I've seen a couple men make their rounds. They've eyed me, waiting on me to put a girl out." Damon said under his breath as Ramsay placed your hand in Damon's and exchanged cash.

"I've got your back, baby girl. Just relax." Ramsay said, giving you a wink and leaving you alone with Damon.

"Now what?" You asked, not wanting to look at Damon.

"We look like we are exchanging words before your next gig. Ramsay just dropped you off, tipped me, and now I'm checking you over for the next man. Now, once I leave, act natural. The next man to approach you will drag you away. Don't panic. Act like a whore. We have eyes on you. This alley is where the most abductions take place. Just let it happen. I doubt it will come to it, but should a man try and, uh, rape you... Don't fight it. It will only hurt you more. Pissing on yourself won't work. These guys are a different breed. But, Ramsay won't let it get that far. Good luck." Damon said quietly, walking a circle around you and then leaving.

You took a shakey breath and tried to put on a brave face as you leaned against the alley wall.

You didn't have to wait long until two men showed up. Both reeked of alcohol and took no cautions in hiding their guns, as if they owned the damn place.

You put on a smile, "can I help you boys?"

The men exchanged looks and both let evil grins form. Without a word the largest man yanked you from the wall and threw you over his shoulder while the other stuffed a gag in your mouth and forced a bag over your head.

But none of that mattered. What mattered was for you to shift your weight from your stomach. It was hurting you. Next thing you knew you were being stuffed in a vehicle, hands were bound and your shoes were taken from your feet.

Sense of time was lost to you as you sat in the dark, fighting back tears, and trying to remain brave. You said many prayers to whatever supernatural entity would listen and hoped with your whole being that Ramsay knew what he was doing.

The car finally came to a halt and you were thankful for the swaying to stop as your stomach had started to become uneasy.

A man grabbed you up by the arms and set you on your feet. The ground was rough and you could feel broken glass with every step. The man removed the restraints on your hands and shoved you into a building before pulling the bag from your face and removing the gag.

You tried to ignore the urge to gulp the cool air, and instead tried to draw a steady breath through your nose.

You entered a high ceiling room, that looked as if it could be a hanger for aircraft or even boat.

The man gripped your arm tighter.

"Don't you fucking touch me!" You hissed, trying to pull away from the man holding you.

"Ah! An English speaker. Throw her with the other two." A man said, crossing his arms. He stood in shadows and you couldn't see his face, but he spoke perfect English.

The man holding you led you to a small room and shoved you inside. You fell to your knees and stifled a yelp as the door slammed behind you.

You sniffed and looked around, spotting a young girl, who was maybe 8, and a girl who was maybe 15 or 16 at the oldest. They were huddled in a corner and holding each other tight and crying silently. They both wore simple, hospital looking gowns.

Your heart broke. Both of these girls were stolen away from their families so they could become sex slaves and future drug addicts dead in a dumpster.

"Do... do either of you speak English?" You asked softly.

"It is not very good, but my mama taught me some." The eldest girl spoke.

"Do you know where we are?" You asked, glimpsing the bared window near the ceiling.

"A shipping yard, I believe. I hear the boats coming and going."

You nodded, standing up, "how long have you both been here?" 

"Maria has been here two weeks. One of the men, he likes to.... use her. I have been here a little over a week."

Heavy foot falls came down the hall and the little girl squeaked and cried out in her native tongue you couldn't understand.

The elder girl held the younger one tighter and rocked her, running her fingers through her dirty hair.

"She says the White Demon is coming for her soon. It has been two days."

"Listen girls, I am going to get you out if here. Return you to your families. Everything will be okay. I won't let anyone else hurt you." You said, crouching down by the girls.

The little girl cried harder as the teen relayed your message. The metal door flung open and you turned quickly, shielding the girls behind you.

"You, whore. Come. Now. The boss wants a word." A man said, grabbing your arm in a painful grip.

He half drug you from the room and down a dark hallway.

'Ramsay. Please hurry!' You thought, trying to take in the building around you as you were thrown into a chair.

Quickly two men tied you up and stepped back into the shadows.

"Who are you?" Came a cold voice.

"Well, I was a woman on vacation before your men so kindly ruined that for me." You said coldly, struggling against your restraints.

"A sharp tongue. I like that. Maybe I will remove it for you." The voice laughed.

The man stepped from the shadows. He was broad and covered in scars. He had a psychotic look about him. More menacing even than your husband. Where was he anyways?!

"If you touch me you will regret it." You spat, holding your head high as the man drew closer.

He laughed loudly, bending down to eye level with you. He grabbed your face in his hand, looking you over.

On his neck you saw a tattoo of an evil looking grey squid, that matched his cold grey eyes. 

"What do you want?" You asked, calmly.

"Same thing everyone else in this room wants. Once I'm done with you, they'll all take their turn. Then it's on the boat with you and sold to the highest bidder." He said releasing you and standing up.

"No. You will not touch me." You growled, spitting at the man.

He let out another chilling laugh, stepped into you, and struck you across the face with the back of his hand.

You swallowed the cry and felt the warm blood well on your lip.

"You are a very dead man!" You screamed at him, struggling again to free yourself. 'Come on Rams! Where the fuck are you?!'

You closed your eyes and inhaled deeply, running your tongue along your bloodied lip.

The man opened his mouth to say something, but a commotion outside the door stopped him.

He turned to a man, "get me out of here!" He hissed, grabbing a gun from his nearest grunt, and shoving through another door.

Moments later, in a rain of bullets, entered Ramsay, Ben, Damon, Matt, Oberyn, and Trystane.

The gunfire was short lived and only two of the men were left alive after Ramsay and the Boys took care of them.

Ben and Damon grabbed them up and Ramsay turned to you. He kneeled down, pulling his knife and cutting the ropes away.

He ran his eyes over your face and gently took your bottom lip between his teeth, sucking and tonguing the cut on your lip until the blood was gone.

"Who did this?" He murmured against your lips as you wrapped your arms around him and sobbed into his mouth. 

Any and all braveness gone from you now, as exhaustion took over.

"He... He escaped through that other door. I never caught his name." You cried.

"Well, we will just have to find out, huh? Sit. Stay. Be a good girl." He whispered, pulling your arms from him as he stood up straight, turning to the two men who were now bound and laying on the floor.

"Which one of you knows the most?" Ramsay asked, in a voice of complete calm as if trying to engage in a friendly conversation.

Neither of the men said anything.

"I will ask, one more time. Which of you knows the most?" Ramsay said, turning his gun on each man.

One man began to babble incoherent words.

"He says none of them knew anything. The boss changed them all out and never kept men here long." Oberyn said, looking between captives and Ramsay.

You watched Ramsay heave a sigh and roll his shoulders.

"Let's see who the squealing liar is." Ramsay said, shooting both men in the knee.

Both men cried out and began to speak fast. Ramsay turned back to you.

"How much did you hear?" 

"Nothing really. I was thrown in a room. At the end of the hall. There are two girls. They are both very frightened. Please, send someone to get them out of here." You said, voice cracking.

"I'll go." Trystane said, tucking his gun away. 

"Ben, go with." Ramsay ordered, turning back to Oberyn.

"They say they are new. They have only been here a few days and tonight was the first time either met their boss."

"How unfortunate for them. Damon, find them a couple chairs." Ramsay said, exchanging his gun for his knife. "Kid, find me something long and hard. Wrench, bat, crow bar. Whatever."

Damon left the room and Matt searched shelves, boxes, and drawers, finding a jack wrench.

Ramsay shrugged out of his jacket, rolled up his sleeves, and lit a cigarette, before holding his hand out to Matt.

"Oberyn be so kind as to help this one up."

Matt placed the hunk of metal in Ramsay's hand and you were afraid to watch as Ramsay twirled it in his hand and moments later you heard it come into contact with flesh.

It made your stomach turn over and you swallowed the hot bile in the back of your throat, turning in your chair to look away completely.

"Who do you work for?" Ramsay asked, rocking on his heels and pulling the jack back to swing again.

The man spit out a mouthful of blood and teeth at Ramsay's feet but said nothing.

"Have it your way. Matt, kill the other, he knows nothing." Ramsay said, swinging again.

You chanced a glance as Matt pulled his gun and pointed it at the man still on the ground.

"Actually. Wait. Let's play a game. Do you both like games? I love games. I have a perfect game." Ramsay said, catching Matt's arm.

Damon returned, dragging two chairs rather noisily behind him.

"Oh good. Now we can really play. Help them in their chairs." Ramsay chuckled, dropping the jack wrench with a loud clatter.

He walked back over to you and kneeled down again.

"Are you okay? Wanna play a game with me?" He said, grabbing your hand and placing a kiss to the top of your hand.

"I'd really rather not, please baby." You managed to get out.

"Alright, baby girl. Sit tight." He shrugged, placing a kiss on your cheek as he stood again and returned to the two men, now seated in their chairs.

The mostly uninjured man cast around wildly, as if looking for a way out. This made Ramsay laugh. It was the coldest, most merciless laugh you had ever heard.

Like watching a car crash you couldn't tear your eyes from your husband.

"Last and final chance, gentlemen." He said, holding up a finger. "Which of you knows the most?"

Tense silence.

"You know, Oberyn, I love when they want to play my games." Ramsay chuckled, pulling a gun.

An old six shot pistol.

Ramsay dropped his cigarette and stepped on it, watching the two men sitting before him.

"This was my first gun. Family heirloom. Been in the family... oh... about one hundred and fifty years or so. It wasn't supposed to go to me. It was my older brother's. But you see, he passed it to me as a peace offering." Ramsay said, holding the gun out and examining it.

"When I was about nine, my loving father wanted to take his two sons on a trip. A stupid fucking deep sea fishing trip, of all things. Well that was right up Dom's alley. He liked that kind of shit." Ramsay walked behind the two men and clapped one on the shoulder.

"And he gets this hilarious fucking idea to scare me. Well, like I said, I was about nine. Mostly innocent. Had even kind of looked up to Dom. He says 'Ramsay! Come check this out! I think I caught a shark!' So I left my side of this stupid boat and go to see what my brother is going on about. He goes 'lean forward, bro. Look closer.' So my dumbass does, and know what happens when I leaned forward far enough? Go on, guess."

Still, neither man spoke, but you could see the sweat glistening on their faces and necks.

"The motherfucker pushes me overboard. I almost drown that day. He knew I couldn't fucking swim. But you know what? I learned how to swim that day. Know who gets in trouble? Well it wasn't perfect fucking Domeric pussyass Bolton. Oh no. It was the imperfect, mistake Ramsay!" 

You watched the anger rise in his face as his words grew louder and angrier.

Ramsay took a step back and laughed bitterly, "so for my fifteenth birthday Dom gives me this gun. Says he hoped that someday I would forgive him, he hadn't meant any harm. The thought that I couldn't swim never occurred to him until after he had pushed me over. I gripped this fucking gun so tight it was like it became apart of me. I wanted to shoot him point blank, right there." He pressed the barrel to the temple of the most injured man.

Ramsay sighed, "but I didn't. But karma, they say she is a bitch. Know what? My brother is dead, and I know how to swim."

You watched your husband closely. Was this story true? Would you ever know?

"So, how about that game? Here are the rules..." Ramsay said, clearing his throat and pushing all six bullets out. He let five of them fall to the ground, returning a single bullet to the gun. He walked back around to face the two men.

He held it out to Damon who gave the cylinder a spin as if spinning a wheel. Ramsay clicked it in place and looked down at his two victims.

"I will ask you a question. If you do not answer or lie to me, I pull the trigger. We will take it in turns. Ready?" He pointed the gun at the bleeding man, "Who do you work for?"

Ramsay glanced down at his watch, waiting on the man to speak. But the man did not.

Ramsay pulled the trigger. Nothing.

"Here, I'll play with you. How about that? Like to gamble? I rather enjoy it. I'm really a genius at numbers." Ramsay chuckled, turning the gun on himself.

You screamed as he pulled the trigger. But, another empty chamber. What the hell was wrong with this man?! Who had you married?!

The shock was too much for you, and everything went fuzzy and dark.

You awoke with a gasp and sat up quickly. The sky was turning a steely grey and pink. You glanced around. Ramsay passed out beside you.

You fell back into the bed with a deep sigh as Ramsay wrapped his arm tightly around you.

"Rams." You whispered, poking him on the arm.

"Hm?" He hummed, sleepily. 

"Wh... What happened?" You asked.

"Shhh... we will talk about it later baby doll. Now, sleep." He muttered, moving his hand to your stomach and stroking softly with his fingers.

You closed your eyes and let his soft touch lull you back to sleep.


Chapter Text

"So?" You asked, staring at the ceiling. You didn't want to move. Everything hurt. Like you had just spent a week straight running.

"His name is Euron Greyjoy. They call him the Reaper or some stupid shit. He's a bit of a loose cannon. Does his own thing. I've got men scouring emails and phone lines to see who we can tie him to. So far nothing. No encrypted messages to any of the big names as far as my hackers can find. Maybe he is working solo. I don't know. But now I have two Greyjoy's on my list to find." Ramsay said, pulling you into him.

You rested your head on his chest and sighed. "Please don't ever make me do that again."

He chuckled and kissed the top of your head, "No? You did a wonderful job, though."

You rolled your eyes, thankful he couldn't see.

"What of those two girls?" You asked, with a grimace as you rolled your whole body closer to your husband.

"Oberyn brought them back here. Cleaned 'em up, fed 'em, let them rest. Probably ask them a few more questions and then return them to their families. Good for them. Makes their common people see them taking action against the terror. Builds more trust. More hope. Whatever. Brings in more profit and information."

You laid there listening to him talk, trying to ignore the dull ache of your muscles as he ran his hand along your back.

"When was your last tetanus shot?" He asked suddenly.

"Uh... I don't know? Been seven.. eight years? I got my last one before I started college. Mom insisted." You said, suddenly very aware of your cut foot.


"Why did they take my shoes?" 

Ramsay huffed in false amusement, "to make sure you couldn't escape. Or at least not get very far."

"I hate them. I hate this game. It's so fucking violent." You sighed.

"That it is. But you're doing just fine."

"When are we going home?" 

"Tomorrow night."


"Thought you loved it here?"

"I do. But I miss our bed. I miss the girls."

You laid in silence for awhile. Mini vacation had gone from wonderful and relaxing to straight exhausting and trouble. You knew better than to of thought this would of been a 'fun' trip.

"Go soak up some sun and relax, baby doll. I need to speak with the Martell brothers and get the boys ready for departure this afternoon." Ramsay finally said, getting out of bed.

You simply sighed again and rolled flat on your back, staring again at the ceiling.

You blindly watched Ramsay dress and leave before finally mustering the willpower to get up yourself. 

You sat on the edge of the bed, and pulled your foot up to your knee to examine it. Ramsay must have seen to your foot when he got you back here. The cut wasn't deep or an angry red. But it still hurt, with a small, deep, annoying sting.

You gingerly put weight on your foot and found that if you spread the weight evenly it didn't hurt to stand, or walk.

You ran into Tyene as you entered the bottom floor of the house.

"Hungry? I was just about to come up and ask if you needed anything." She said, looking you over.

"Something to eat would be great." You admitted with a small smile.

Tyene grabbed your hand and led you to the kitchen and sat you at a table.

"So, what happened?" She asked, pushing a bowl of fruit toward you and setting down a glass of juice.

You shrugged, grabbing a guava and star fruit; examining them both closely.

"Not much to say."

"Mmmm." Tyene hummed, crossing her arms and examining you closely with a raised brow, clearly taking in the bruise on your cheek.

"Really. Found the men, and came back."

Tyene snorted, "Okay, (y/n). But it's not healthy to hold it all in. You'd feel better if you talked about it."

You set the fruits down and sighed, "No. I'm good. Nothing worth talking about. Beach later?"

"Sure thing. Just lemme know when you're ready. Enjoy breakfast." Tyene said, leaving you alone.

You silently ate breakfast and soon found yourself sitting on the balcony in your room. You had dressed to go to the beach, but found you were just too tired. Ypur aching body had eased a bit, but damn were you exhausted.

You stared out at the beach, watching Tyene and Matt laugh, having a good time. How could they be so damn happy and carefree? They were both in this too. Tyene used her body to make men talk and obtain information. Matt sold drugs and killed people, as of last night anyways. Both of them weren't even old enough to legally drink, and there they were, criminals and murderers, laughing and carrying on in the sand.

It made you grin, remembering when Ramsay had first introduced you to the Boys. 

'Doll, these are my men. The Bastard's Boys.'

He had pulled you into his lap after you set down another round of drinks. You had been in semi-casual, and yet very serious relationship with Ramsay for five weeks. He had gone above and beyond to charm you. Never pressured you into anything. Always picked up the tab. Bought you flowers. Opened doors for you. Took you to dinner every Saturday night. And Wednesdays, for whatever reason. He seemed to like Wednesdays. He never made you feel like you had to give him anything, and it surprised you when you were the one who pulled him into the backroom of the bar and stripped your clothing. That wasn't you. But something about him had made it just so easy to be yourself. 

'Oh. That's a funny name for a group.'

Ramsay had laughed and gave you a look as if you were stupid. But it had meant nothing to you. You didn't keep up with the news in the city. Mafia families and street gangs had meant nothing to you. When you continued to give him a confused, blank look he dropped the laugh, took your hand, and lead you from the bar.

'The Bastard's Boys? Do you not know us?'

'Uh, no?'

'Sweetheart, do you live under a rock? My last name is Bolton.'

'Like the gun company?'

'Yes. My father owns it. Then it will go to my brother.'

You had fixed him with a long look, trying to place all the pieces together.

'So what's that have to do with your friends?'

'Friends? They aren't my friends. I could care less about any of them. They work for me. The Rampant Lions, War Stags, Red Kings... ring any bells?'

'Oh, yeah. I remember a few years ago, when we were kids, there was some drama between a couple mafia families.... wait a minute.... are you...? You don't look like a professional criminal?'

If Ramsay had ever laughed a real, genuine laugh, it had to of been then. It was heavenly and his eyes sparkled in pure, innocent amusement. That was the moment you knew you loved him, as odd as the situation was.

'I suppose that means I am good at my job then.' 

"What are you doing in here?" Ramsay asked behind you, squeezing your shoulders and bringing you back from your thoughts.

You gave a small shrug, "Just never really got around to doing anything. I'm just tired, baby." 

"Still mad at me?" He asked, releasing you and leaning against the rail, crossing his arms, and looking you over.

You shrugged again, "No. I was never mad to begin with, baby."

"Do you understand why I did what I did?"

"To punish me." You said quietly, turning your gaze back out to the ocean.

"But do you know why?"

You turned your eyes to him, "Because I didn't listen."

Wow, you felt like a child after being scolded for breaking a window.

He smirked, "I put you in the situation I did for many reasons. To punish you. To show you how easy you have it. To show you the game we play. To show you that you are one of us. To show you that you are a Bolton, and not just in name. I told you, I have a lot of work left to do with you. But I meant that you are becoming a god. And now you are a step closer."

You chewed your lip, watching him. You understood him no better, but gave a nod anyways. "Was your little story last night, true?"

"What do you think?" He asked, turning his back to you and lighting a cigarette.

"I don't know. I'm torn. I want to say yes, just because I felt the anger. But I want to say no, because you hated your childhood, so why would you open those wounds?"



He turned back to you, his wicked smirk in place and gave you a wink.

You rolled your eyes and rose from the chair, stepping into him, and wrapping your arms around his middle. Again, the thought to tell him about his father's threat to you crept up and again you beat the words back down as you closed your eyes and inhaled him deeply.

"You learned your lesson?"

"Yes, daddy." You said quietly, burying your face in his shirt.

"No more urges to piss me off or push me over the edge?" He said, flicking his half smoked cigarette off the balcony.

"No. I wasn't even trying to to begin with!" You said, getting defensive.

He wrapped his arms tightly around you with a laugh. 

"Get off." You huffed, struggling against him, annoyed you rose to his bait.

This only made him laugh again and tighten his grip.

"You'll hurt your child." You warned, biting him on the collar bone.

"Hush, woman." he chuckled, scooping you up and biting at your neck.

"No! The beast finally got me!" You shrieked, going limp in his arms and throwing your head back, suppressing the giggles as you tried to remain 'dead', pulling a face.

"Excuse me? It was you who bit me first!" He chortled, biting at your exposed neck again. 

You grinned, letting a small moan escape you as his biting turned into sensual nips and kisses.

"Don't stop." You whispered, swallowing hard as he carried you from the balcony to the bed.

"Even if I wanted to, I couldn't." He murmured in your ear as he took your ear lobe between his teeth.

His hot breath in your ear gave you chills as you worked his shirt up over his body.

He straddled you, and pulled his shirt off as you undid his belt buckle and pants button, slowly pulling his zipper down and running your finger along his waist line.

You looked up at him and gave a mischievous grin. He raised his brows at you.


"Get off, please." You said politely, batting your lashes.

You sat up on the edge of the bed, and took him in. Half naked and ready to go.

"Belt." You said, holding your hand out.

Slowly, he slid his belt from his pants and placed it in your open palm. 

You stood, applying pressure to your foot, making sure it didn't hurt too badly.

You stepped into your husband and yanked his pants down, and caught his lips in a quick kiss.

You walked to the door, and placed your hand on the knob. 

"Want to play a game?" You asked, toying with the lock.

"Sure?" He said, watching you closely.

You wrenched the door open and stepped out into the hall. He looked slightly thunderstruck as confusion set in.

You grinned broadly, savoring the image of you being the one to catch him off guard.

"Tag. You're it." You shouted, running down the hall way. Belt in one hand, and your billowing dress scrunched up in the other as you quickly ran down the stairs.

You looked back as you slipped through the door to the patio, seeing an empty stairwell behind you.

You probably sounded like a maniac as you laughed gleefully, running across the patio toward the beach. You ignored the looks on the Martell's faces as you ran past.

You rounded the corner where Ramsay caught you by the hand and pulled you into him.

You lost your footing, falling into him completely, breathing hard and still laughing, slapping him with the belt before he wrestled it from you.

"Now the beast has got you." He growled huskily in your ear, grabbing you up and slinging you over his shoulder.

"Careful. The baby." You said through heavy breathing, pulling your hair to one side and shifting your weight, wrapping your legs around his waist.

"I can't believe you did that." He chuckled, holding you tightly and walking back across the patio.

"I honestly didn't expect you to catch me with your pants down." You giggled back.

"There's more than one way to skin a cat. Or get outside. Whatever country-ism would be appropriate to say." He said, nodding at the people on the patio as he walked past.

You gave a shy grin and small wave as you entered the house over Ramsay's shoulder.

You saw Myrcella lean into Trystane to whisper in his ear, both grinning broadly.

Ramsay set you down gently as he closed the door behind him.

He gave you one lust filled look before all but attacking you, as he pulled your clothes from you and pushed you into the bed.

You kissed him back, needingly and let your hands wander his body.

He pulled away from you, casting his gaze around the room.

"I find that ties work wonderfully when away from home." You whispered as if reading his mind.

"You know me too well." He smirked, crossing the room to retrieve a tie and shed his remaining clothing.

"Hurt me, daddy." You sighed, closing your eyes and relaxing into the bed as he grabbed your wrists and pulled them above your head.

"And what kind of hurt does my baby girl need?" He purred, tightening the tie around your wrists and kissing along your jaw. 

"Something that shows me who I belong to." You hummed.

"How much freedom does that give me without hurting my child?" He asked, very uncharacteristically. 

You scoffed, "oh now you are concerned for your child's saftey?"

You kneed him in the stomach. You heard him give a small grunt of discomfort and didn't even have the time to open your eyes before he gripped your hair painfully hard and rammed into you.

You let a hiss of pain escape you, as the burning sensation shot through you. You felt guilty for wanting to feel it again. Something about it so arousing and primal.

His grip in your hair tightened, as he brought his other hand to your bound wrists to keep you from moving as he moved forcefully in you again.

A deep moan escaped you as you tried to pull your wrists from his grip and arched you back.

"Harder baby." You panted, still struggling to get free of his grip. All you wanted was to grab at every part of him you could.

He made a noise in the back of his throat, but his next movement was soft.

You groaned in protest, "I said harder, you bastard." 

"Look at me." He growled.

You opened you eyes and took in his flushed face.

"I can't, baby girl. So let me make you feel good."

"And why can't you?" You demanded, pushing your hips into his.

"I will not jeopardize my child's well being. No. Don't look at me like that." He gave you a hard look as you pouted and bat your lashes.

"Please, daddy? I want you to."

"Baby girl, I know. Believe me I know. I want to tear you up so badly... but, I promise once you have this child you will be fucked harder than you could even believe. I will make you scream and beg. And I cannot wait to hear it. But for now, relax. If you need pain, hurt me." He said gently, leaning in to kiss you.

"Ramsay Bolton. You will fuck me how I tell you to fuck me. You may be a beast. A mad dog. But I am a god, remember? I am a fucking queen." You hissed, biting his bottom lip until you tasted blood.

He moaned into your mouth, pushing his hips into yours.

You released his lip, pushing your head back into the bed, and heaving a deep sigh as you pushed your hips into his again.

Your core was burning and filling up fast with the hot tingle of your orgasm as he continued to rock his hips into yours and biting aggressively at your neck.

You found a firm, steady pace with him as you both panted and moaned out incoherent nothings.

"Baby..." You whimpered, body tense and quaking as you tried again to pull your wrists away from him.

"Shh, baby girl." He panted, arms beginning to tremble as he held himself up.

He pressed his sweaty forehead to yours, taking you bottom lip between his teeth and biting gently as your breath caught and high washed over you.

You arched your back, holding back the loud moan as you relaxed your body.

He gave a small laugh and fell into you, biting down lightly on your neck, as he met his release upon one last thrust. 

You both laid there, chests clashing with one another until his weight became uncomfortable and you gave a small push.

He rolled off of you with a sigh, and you laced your fingers in his.

"Remember when you said that if I did my job you were at my command?" You spoke, toying with his hand.

"I do." He said slowly.

"I want two things." You said, pushing yourself up on your elbow and looking down at him.

"Only two?" He asked, looking up at you and bringing his hand to your face to stroke your lightly bruised cheek and lip.

"I want you to replace every pair of underwear you took from me. And, I want to kill Euron Greyjoy." You said, a bit more emotionally than you had intended.

He gave you a long look and let a grin form.

"Which one of us is the psycho again? I think I have forgotten today." He chuckled, leaning up to kiss you.

"Still you. I just want revenge." You grinned, kissing him back.

"Revenge turns into madness, baby doll." He replied. 

"Then Queen of Madness, I shall be."

He smirked, "as for your damn underwear, how many annoying pieces of lace and ribbon am I buying?"

You sat up completely and shrugged, "Dunno. You're the math genius. Not me."

As you stood up Ramsay's phone rang.

You gave him a look and he sighed, "back pocket."

You snatched up his pants and pulled his phone out. You saw the name when you handed it over: Father

He frowned deeply, hit answer, speaker and dropped the phone on his chest.

"Yes, father?"

"We need to have a meeting. Tonight." Roose Bolton's voice said very curtly.

"Afraid I can't make that happen tonight." Ramsay replied, in almost a bored, unconcerned voice, biting at a nail.

You sat back on the edge of the bed, and he ran his other hand across your lower back.

"Is that so? Why not?" Roose said very dangerously. 

"I'm out of the country. Brought the wife on vacation before our child is born. Won't be back until tomorrow night at the least." Ramsay said airily, still chewing on his nail.

"You will be back tonight and be straight here." Roose hissed before the line hung up.

Ramsay rolled his eyes and looked at you, "guess you better go tell your girls. I'll pack, and I guess we can catch the flight back with the Boys. Sorry baby girl."

You gave a small shrug and half smile, "it's okay baby. I'm ready to go home anyways."

You dressed comfortably and found the Martell family in a den, the two girls from the night before both with them.

They both looked very different now that they were bathed and clothed. Both very pretty with their big brown eyes, dark hair, and tanned skin.

The little girl immediately ran to you and grabbed your hand, pulling slightly for you to kneel. When you did she ran a finger over your bruised cheek and busted lip. You saw the tears well and she hugged you tightly, mumbling in words you could understand.

Obella stood behind the girl and gave you a small smile, "she says thank you. She knew the Lord would send an angel to protect her and free them. And she is sorry the White Demon hurt you and got away."

You hugged the girl back, "tell her that he will pay for what he did ten fold. I will make him suffer more than she has, and he will never hurt anyone else." 

The little girl clung to you tighter and heaved a sob as Obella relayed your message.

It made you emotional.

Finally the girl released you and you stood up, clearing your throat.

"Unfortunately, work calls and we will be leaving today instead of tomorrow. I have had a wonderful time, and cannot that you enough for welcoming us here as if we were family. I will see you all back home." You said with a smile, turning to Doran, "Thank you again for everything, and I am honored to be doing buisness with this wonderful family."

"It has been our pleasure, Mrs. Bolton. I am sorry your stay has been cut short. Be safe and keep an eye on my nieces once they return." Doran said, holding out his hand. 

You shook it and gave everyone else hugs as Ramsay entered with Ben, Damon, and Matt. 


"I'm going to ask you ladies to keep the damn giggling to a fucking minimum. I am not drunk enough for this shit." Ramsay hissed at you and Matt, who had been laughing and carrying on for most of the flight.

You saw Ben and Damon exchange quick, sly smirks.

"Of course. Sorry baby. I just didn't know how funny the kid was." You said kindly, lacing your hand in your husband's.

"Yes. Fucking hilarious." Ramsay huffed, squeezing your hand.

"Lighten up baby. We only have like thirty minutes left."

"No. You have like thirty minutes left. I still have to go to the fucking Fort." He sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose.

"I can come with, if that would help?" You said, offering a smile.

"No. You will go home. Matt and Alyn will take you."


Ramsay gave you a quick kiss before he handed you the house key and pulling his helmet on.

"Do be careful. And hurry home." You said, watching Ramsay climb on his bike.

Matt helped you into Alyn's car, and took his seat beside you as Alyn climbed in the front. 

"Enjoy your vacation?" Alyn asked.

"Well, as always, everything about it was... unexpected." You said with a small grin.

Alyn chuckled, "don't know how you do it, to be honest. Ramsay makes me fucking tired. Got me doing all kinds of shit. It's amazing I'm even still alive."

"I understand. How are the girls?" You said, rubbing an eye.

"Miss you both like crazy. They both tried to eat me this morning when I went to feed them. Absolute monsters they are." 

"Oh come on, they aren't that bad. They're sweethearts." You said, rolling your eyes.

Alyn snorted. You glanced over at Matt who was staring blankly out the window.

Darkness was falling as Alyn parked on the curb.

You were so glad to see home and you were about to throw the car door open when Alyn stopped you.

"No. Do not. Something isn't right." Alyn said, shifting in his seat to pull his gun. "Come on, kid. Let's go." 

Both Matt and Alyn crept around the back of the house. You sat in the car, watching.

Nothing looked wrong? Just a dark, empty house.

No. That was the problem. Your house was never dark. Ramsay made a point of always leaving a light on. You didn't know why. Sometimes a lamp in the living room, or the light above the sink in the kitchen.

You sat in silence, clutching your purse, suddenly wishing you had Ice Cream, but you had left it under the bed, not wanting to bring it to the doctor's office.

A few moments later you saw a light flip on and then the porch light. Matt stepped out the door looking rather sullen. He opened your door and helped you out.

"What's wrong?" You asked, pulling your coat around you to keep the cold out.

Matt shook his head, unable to say anything.

You stepped through the front door and the air left you.

Everything in your house seemed to be broken, and smelled strongly of gasoline.

But your heart shattered as you saw both your dogs dead. Both beheaded and gutted. The word BASTARD written crudely in red across the wall.

"Wha... what...?" You choked, unable to get anymore out as you pulled your phone from your purse.

Would Ramsay be able to answer? He wouldn't be at his father's yet.

"(Y/n), we need to go. We have to get you to a safe house." Alyn said, sweeping through the house.

"My dogs." You said quietly. "WHO KILLED MY DOGS?!" You shouted, voice trembling.

Anger boiled under your skin as you clenched your fists.

"(Y/n), we have to go. Whoever did this, isn't far. They didn't finish. You smell that? They're waiting to set a blaze. We have to go. Now." Alyn said, shoving your gun in your hand.

You gripped it tightly, throat tight, chest full of fire. 

"Where will we go?" You asked, finally tearing your eyes away from your dogs, watching Alyn take multiple pictures with his phone.

"We will go to Ben's until Ramsay gives further instructions." Alyn said, leading both you and Matt outside and back to the car.

"Where's the Nova?" You asked.

Alyn shook his head, opening your door.

"Its trashed. As well as your Mustang, and the Jeep is at the shop. Boss asked me to bring it in this morning after feeding the dogs and letting them out." Alyn said, with a slightly sympathetic look.

Chapter Text

You said nothing as you took a seat on the couch in Ben's living room. Kaden hugged you tight and Liz sat next to you, running her hand over you back.

"Are you okay?" She asked quietly.

You opened you mouth but no words came out. You rested your head on her shoulder and sniffed the tears back.

"My dogs, Liz. Why? What did they achieve by killing my girls?" You finally got out, bottom lip trembling.

"I know, hon. We will find them. Ramsay won't rest until he finds whoever did this." Liz said softly, running her hand harder over your back, in a very motherly fashion. 

"Aunt (y/n)? What happened to your cheek?" Kaden asked quietly, cramming himself between you and the arm of the couch.

You brought your hand to your cheek, trying to come up with a lie. But nothing seemed good enough.

"A bad man." You said finally, with a deep sigh. 

"Did he go to jail?" Kaden asked.

Liz hissed at Kaden in her native tongue and Kaden dropped his head. 

"Yes, mama." He said, staring at his lap.

You slumped your shoulders and hugged Kaden, "don't worry about me. Uncle Ramsay kept me safe, and the bad man will be... in jail soon." 

Ben handed you a bottle of water as he, Alyn, Damon, and Matt all took seats and opened beers.

"Did... did Ramsay go alone?" You asked.

Ben nodded, "yup. Figured he'd get in and out quicker if it was just him.'

You frowned, "Who was supposed to be watching the house tonight?" 

Damon shrugged, "none of the Boys. It was a  Kings man I believe. Ramsay gives us all a break every once in awhile, and fills in spots with his father's men."

"Can you find out who?" You asked, trying to make sense of it.

Damon shrugged again as a knock came on the door, "I'm sure I can."

Ben answered the door, it was Charlotte. 

"Has anyone gotten ahold of my husband yet?" 

"Not yet. But be prepared for the explosion when he gets my messages." Alyn sighed, downing his beer. 

"What I don't get is why they went through the trouble of destroying the place and writing a message on the wall if they was just gunna blow it up?" Matt spoke as Liz led Kaden from the room to get him ready for bed. Ben followed her, trying to take over, as she wasn't really supposed to be exerting herself while going through cancer treatment.

"Because it was just a threat. A show of power." You said slowly, standing up to pace. "Damon, how long have you and Ramsay known each other?"

"Twenty-two years." Damon said, handing Charlotte a beer.

"So you would know about Ramsay and Roose?"

Damon shifted uncomfortably and nodded, "yes. I know a few things. Things I will take to the grave."

You grinned at his dedication, or fear; whatever, "I'm not asking you to tell me anything. But you can confirm they hate each other?"

"I don't know if I would call it hate. I mean regardless, they are father and son. They loath each other, for sure, but what you're getting at... that's basically treason." He said quickly.

Hm. He wasn't as stupid as you thought. 

"Look around Damon! It's not treason if it's true!" You said, recounting the last month of trouble. 

"Discuss it with Ramsay then, see what he thinks. Let me know how that goes."

You gave him a sour look and heaved an irritable sigh, throwing yourself back into the couch.

What would Ramsay say? Would he be on the same page with you? Would he dismiss what you said? Was it even Roose who destroyed your house? You'd have to find out more and have a solid foundation before you spoke to your husband. 


Liz brought you a blanket as you curled up on the couch, waiting to hear from Ramsay. You were starting to get worried. Why had he not gotten in touch with anyone?

"Want something to eat or drink?" Liz asked, with a yawn.

You shook your head, "No. I'm okay. Go on to bed. You have a doctor's appointment in the morning." 

Liz gave a sigh but didn't argue as she nodded and turned to leave. She broke into what sounded like a very painful coughing fit as she made her way down the hall.

Ben watched his wife disappear down the hall with much sadness, "she's been battling that cough for a week and it only seems to be getting worse."

You laid there, staring blankly at the TV as the Boys exchanged bullshit conversations and you silently panicked because you still hadn't heard from Ramsay.

That wasn't like him. Not at all.

You worried yourself into an uneasy sleep on the couch. You almost screamed when someone sat down beside you, heavily, the cold of the night pouring off them.


He gave you a quick look over and then looked between Alyn and Damon.

"Well?" Ramsay said, setting his helmet on the floor and shedding his cold jacket.

"No idea, boss. I had been to your house three times today. Early this morning to let the dogs out and feed them, then again around one, and finally about four to pick up the Jeep. Nothing was out of place. I checked everything. But, there was no forced entry. Not at the front or back doors. It's got to be someone who knows you and your habits." Alyn said, running his hand over his chin, thinking.

"All of you are to be on high alert. One of you will be next. Give me two days and I will have us a safe house set up that no one but the people in this room will know about. For tonight... I'll just rent a room at the Hilton on the river or something. Matt, you'll stay next door. Once I get the wife settled, Damon, Alyn, you two are coming with me to see what we can see." Ramsay said, leaning back into the couch and running his hand along your leg under the cover.


"Please don't be long. I've already silently cried over you like three times." You said as Ramsay handed you the hotel key card.

He leaned forward and kissed your forehead, "I'll be back as quick as I can. You won't have to bury me."

"Promise? You said, grabbing at his hand as he turned to leave.

He pulled his hand back, gave you a wink, and left.

You sunk down on the edge of the bed and tried to hold back the tears. This had to be the worst 24 hours ever. You'd been kidnapped, tied to a chair and threatened, passed out because you couldn't watch your husband be the psycho he truly was, get bossed around and told to be home by your cranky ass father in law, and then come home to find your house destroyed and dogs gutted. And Ramsay was acting way too damn calm.

You decided to take a long, hot shower. Maybe it would help ease the tension in your mind.

You wrapped the towel around you tightly and returned to the bed, where you sat on top of the blankets, heater blasting in the corner, and flipped through the TV channels. You heard your phone buzz across the room.

[Rams: tell the kid what you want to eat and I'll have him go get it real quick.]

[You: I'm really not hungry baby.]

[Rams: you will eat. I will know. Behave baby girl. I'll be there soon. I love you.]

[You: fine. I love you too.]

You picked up the hotel phone and called Matt's room. He answered rather awkwardly.

"Hey, it's only eleven fifteen and the pizza shop on the corner doesn't close 'til midnight. What kind of pizza do you want? They deliver so you don't have to worry about trying to get food and the impossible mission of keeping tabs on me, that I'm sure my husband set you up with."

"Whatever you want to order is fine. As long as it doesn't involve pineapples." 

"Oh come on, pineapples can go on pizza, boy!"

Matt gave a laugh, "I'm sure. I just can't indulge on the pineapple band wagon. I'm allergic."

"Hm. But anyways, pizza. Big N O on pineapples. Gotcha." You said hanging up and dialing the pizza parlor from your cellphone.


"Do you have like an obsession with pizza?" Ramsay asked, dropping a bag at the foot of the bed with a sigh and grabbing a slice of pizza from the box.

"Well, I do really like pizza. But they delivered and were the only close place open so late on a weeknight." You shrugged, sipping your soda through your straw. As if he had room to talk about obsessive behaviors. Fucking freak.

"You have clothes in the bag. I'm going to take a shower. I'm freezing." Ramsay said, dropping his pizza crust in the box and walking into the bathroom.

You pulled a pair of flannel pants and a tank from the bag, and slid under the covers, missing your bed so very much. You had been so close. 

You said a silent prayer and felt warm sleepiness engulf you, only half aware of what was going on.

You felt Ramsay climb into bed, and relaxed into him as he pulled you into him.

"I'm sorry about all this baby." You whispered in a sleepy voice.

He inhaled your damp hair, pulling you closer. "It's not your fault baby girl. With you being pregnant I should of known it would make us bigger targets than usual."

"Any ideas?" You asked, kissing lightly across his breast.

He gave an irritable growl, "too many. It will be sorted out though. Goodnight, baby girl. I love you."

"Goodnight, my darling. I love you too." You said with a yawn.


You laid there, curled up in the covers watching your husband dress and curse to himself.

"When did you become so cranky in the mornings?" You asked, watching him aggressively button his shirt.

"I'm not cranky." He said, rolling his eyes.

You frowned, sitting up. "Take the day off. Take your shirt off. Take your pants off. Get back in this bed, and sleep. You're exhausted baby. Always going. You aren't eighteen anymore. Or even twenty-three. It's okay to be tired. Whatever you had planned for today... it will still all be there tomorrow. I'm tired of you being a grouch." 

He turned to you completely, annoyance clearly written on his face. But no matter what he said, there was no hiding the fatigue. His usual, chaotic, happy air was dampened and murky. His eyes were dull. He was even paler than usual.

"Please? Just one day. It won't hurt. You need it. You'll feel better. Come on. Come lay down." You said, pulling the blankets back.

"Can't. Too much shit to do, and not enough people worth trusting. Or time." He said, turning his back to you.

You clenched your jaw and narrowed your eyes. Drastic times called for drastic measures, right?

You slid from the bed, crossed the room, grabbed Ramsay's phone from the table, and rummaged in your purse.

"What are you doing?" Ramsay asked, crossing his arms.

You pulled your gun from your purse and held it, steadily (much to your relief), pointed at him, and scrolling through his phone with your other hand.

"You will get back in bed, and you will take a fucking nap, and you will get the fuck over it. I will shoot you." You said, hitting call.

Ramsay narrowed his eyes at you as you held both gun and phone, the ringing on the other end almost deafening loud as the silence grew.

"You can't kill me like that. Hold it tighter. All the way into the palm. I'd predict that if you pulled the trigger you'd miss me by about a foot and the force of the kick would make you drop the gun." He whispered wickedly, stepping over to his left by about a foot. 

"Sup boss?"

"Damon, the boss is incapacitated today. Whatever needs to be done can be done tomorrow." You glanced up at Ramsay, "go on baby, tell him."

An evil smirk began to twitch the corner of his mouth, "Right. I guess we are taking a day off. Set up tighter security and I will see you later."

"uh, right. Anything else?"

"No. Nothing at all." Ramsay said, stepping into you, taking both phone and gun, hitting end on the phone screen. "You are a very foolish woman." He whispered.

"Is it foolish or is it dangerous? I've learned from the master of both. You are the most foolish man I have ever seen. But you play the bluff so well and have built such a murderous reputation that nobody questions who you are, Ramsay Bolton." You whispered back, jabbing your finger in his chest.

"Who am I then, baby girl?" He asked, pushing his chest further into your finger. 

You looked up at him, opened your mouth, but closed it again. It was as if all words had left you. The smirk on his face grew and it annoyed you.

"That's what I thought. Now, if I'm supposed to take a fucking nap, close the curtain and turn off the heater. It's way too fucking hot." He said, stepping away from you to return weapon and phone to the table and take his shirt off.

"Its never dark enough." He sighed, burying his head under the pillow, and laying on his stomach.

You threw your leg around his, and gently ran your nails along his back, until you were sure he was asleep.

You laid there in the dim silence for awhile before rolling over and getting comfortable. 

What was it about him that made you feel so bold and yet so... weak? The words you had wanted to say had been at the tip of your tongue, but one look from him sent the words back down. Why? He wasn't really that scary, was he?

At least, not to you. More like he was an insecure guy, who wanted nothing more than for his father to approve of him. To love him.

The thought always made you sad whenever it crossed you. Ramsay would never get that from Roose, no matter how badly he wanted it.

Roose Bolton didn't love anyone or anything. You weren't even sure he had loved Dom. If only there had been no Dom, only Ramsay, how different would it have been?

You hoped Ramsay's hatred for his father would make him a good father. Maybe he loved a little differently, but at least he had emotions. Maybe having a child would change him for the better. Make him more stable. Less likely to engage in psychotic shit. You heaved a deep sigh and held back a laugh. Who were you kidding? Having this child only made Ramsay even more wound and psycho. Oh sure, he cared. Deeply. But, it was obsessive. Just like his love for you. While you were sure it was there, the true love, it was masked by the obsession.

An uneasy sleep washed over you and again your dreamed of graveyards, fire, and screaming.

You awoke with a jerk, sitting up quickly. You looked around to find yourself alone. You scowled.

You looked around for your phone. Gone

You dressed quickly and crossed the hall to bang on Matt's door. No answer.

You took a deep breath, smashing the down button on the elevator pad. It seemed to take forever as you waited on the doors to open. You furiously hit the bottom floor button.

You stormed past the front desk, passing the lobby. You back tracked to find Ramsay and Matt sitting at a table in the corner, playing chess.

You stomped over to the table and opened your mouth but Ramsay held up a finger, never looking at you as he examined the board in front of him. Finally he made his move and looked up at you.

"Yes, baby doll?" He said, rather politely. 

"What are you doing?" You asked, watching Matt.

"Playing a game." Ramsay said, reaching over for a chair and pulling it up next to him.

You sat, glaring at your husband. "You were supposed to be taking a nap."

"I did." He shrugged, gazing at Matt and clearing his throat.

"Quit rushing me man. I've almost got you cornered." Matt muttered, after changing his mind for the third time.

You heaved an irritable sigh, taking Matt's tower and sliding it across the board. "Check."

Both men glanced up at you. You pulled a face and shrugged.

"Bold move." Ramsay chuckled, reaching for a piece.

"One that will kill you if you make that move." You said, glancing around the empty room.

"Olyvar needs to meet with you at the bar. Or are we still avoiding the real world today?" Ramsay said, handing you your phone.

You narrowed your eyes at him.

"And what are you wanting to do?" You asked, taking your phone.

"Well, I have to find out who fucked my house. The trail grows colder every second. So now I have to get the police involved, so they can pick up the trail for me."

"Are we staying here again?" 

"No. Can't afford to stay in the same place for too long." 

"Then where will we go?"

"Working on it. I will drop you off at the bar and then get with you when I have an all clear." 


"I'm not riding on that. It's the middle of winter, and I'm pregnant." You said, as Ramsay handed you his helmet.

He fixed you with a look, "You can walk."

You bit your tongue, snatching the helmet and putting it on. He gave you his gloves and climbed on the bike.

You sighed, climbing on behind him and wrapping your arms tightly around his middle.

Even with gloves your hands were painfully numb and your legs felt frozen when Ramsay helped you remove the helmet.

"How are you so calm?" You asked, looking him over.

"Why does it bother you? I promise you don't want to see me lose my shit." He shrugged, leaning in to kiss you as Olyvar pulled into the parking lot.

You kissed his cold lips and handed him his gloves.

"Take her to lunch. It's on me." Ramsay said to Olyvar when he joined you.

Olyvar nodded, glancing at your bruised cheek.

You watched Ramsay leave before turning to Olyvar.

"What the hell has been going on?" He asked, pulling your chin up to look at him full in the face. 

"It wasn't Ramsay. If that's what you're thinking. You know he'd never lay a hand on me. But, don't worry about it. The man responsible will be deader than dead soon. Now, what's up?" You said, glancing at the construction. It seemed to be going along smoothly. Foundation laid, beams being put up. 

It rekindled a fire in your chest.


"Oly, before you answer my other question, tell me... do we know any pyromaniacs?" 

"No? I don't think so. Other than your husband, maybe." Olyvar said, following your gaze to the construction going on. "Anyways, we just had to meet here to sign papers with the contractor."

You nodded, following Olyvar to the contract manger's trailer office. You blindly signed papers, still going over faces, names, and offenses in your mind.


"(Y/n), are you okay?" Olyvar asked after the waiter left with your lunch order.

"Fire." You said, thinking you would ask Ramsay to pull profiles later.

"What of it?" Olyvar asked, leaning forward slightly.

"Well. It seems to be... a theme? The bar burns. I keep having nightmares about fire and graveyards. I leave home for like three days and come back to my dogs killed and everything drenched in gasoline." You said, picking at your napkin. It was nice to be able to tell someone. You trusted Olyvar the most. Maybe you should make him your advisor. He always gave sound advice.

"You should go talk to a psychic." Olyvar suggested.

You scoffed, but saw that he was serious. You rolled your eyes.

"May as well sell my soul to the devil." 

"Hmmm. Kind of assumed you did when you said 'I do.' Ramsay is no saint." Olyvar shrugged, sipping his drink.

Why was everyone so intent on reminding you that your husband was a "bad" guy?

"Have you worked over Loras and Renly yet?" You asked, picking at your food as the waiter refilled your glass.

"Mm! Interesting story. Renly has gone into hiding. Deep underground. Kind of left Loras high and dry. Poor dear. Anyways, Stannis plans on making a move against the Lannister's before the Baratheon Tyrell wedding." Olyvar said.

"I wonder if Rams knows?" You asked, more to yourself than Olyvar. "Anything else?"

Olyvar shook his head.

You both finished your meal in silence.

"So sorry about your dogs by the way." Olyvar said kindly, as he set his fork down.

You sighed and looked up from your plate, heart stopping.

A young woman was walking across the floor from the bathroom. Her hair had been dyed dark but there was no mistaking her.

You snatched your phone up and snapped several pictures before calling your husband.

"Yes, baby girl?" Ramsay panted on the other end, screaming and begging in the background.

"Rams. I have eyes on Sansa Stark. With... that jumped up Baelish pedophile." You said quietly, watching Sansa resume her seat at a table at the back of the restaurant. Baelish wrapping his arm around her shoulder and talking animatedly to a group around him.

"Meet me at the garage. You need the jeep anyways." 

You set your phone back on the table, "give me a ride to the shop." You said, pulling cash from your wallet.

Olyvar nodded, showing you out.


"Where's Ramsay?"

"It would probably be best if you just waited for him in his office." Damon said, throwing a pile of clothes in an empty, metal 50 gallon barrel, and striking a match.

"Where is he?" You asked, crossing your arms.

Damon didn't need to answer as the sounds of breaking glass and wood on metal filled the air.

You opened the door to the garage, crossing the bay to the back door. You stood there in the doorway, watching Ramsay destroy the Nova with a baseball bat.

Like your livingroom wall it was painted with the word BASTARD. The body full of bullet holes and the seats torn to shreds.

Watching Ramsay be so destructive made your blood run cold. He didn't stop until he had efficiently damaged every part beyond salvage. You didn't assume him to ever notice you standing there watching him in his fit of rage.

Finally he dropped the bat, sighed deeply, removed his headphones, lit a cigarette, and finally turned to face you.

You had expected him to look like a maniac. But he just looked tired, as he blinked slowly, pulling his phone from his pocket and pausing his music.

"You okay?" You asked, stepping into him and hugging him tight.

"Always." He chuckled, taking a drag and wrapping his arms around you.

"Liar." You whispered.

"How many times do I have to tell you not to call me that?" He laughed. 

"Why? You could of redid her. You built it from nothing." You said, peering around him at the destroyed car.

"I ran out of bodies." He replied simply.

Despite yourself you laughed, stepping back. He raised a brow, letting a grin form as he snorted in amusement.

"You're fucking wild." You said, kissing his cheek.

"Something is different about you." He said, grabbing your face, and kissing you roughly.

"Maybe I'm just tired of pretending like I give a shit about people and their lives." You said, kissing him back.

"No. That's not it. Because that's a lie. You care too much. That makes you foolish, and so very dangerous." He said, dropping his hands to your waist.

You looked up at him, his manic glint back in his eyes.

"Let's kill tonight." He said, grabbing your hand and leading you inside.

"Who and why?" You asked, very taken aback.

"You tell me. It's more fun when it's a surprise. I have a fun game for that." He said, snapping his fingers at Damon as he walked past.

The Boys all followed, to the conference room.

You stood beside your husband as he leaned against the polished table.

"Alright Boys. Get me all the messages in and out of all my father's shit. Everything. Also, get the word out to Robb Stark that I have his sister. And someone find me a fucking Greyjoy!" Ramsay said, glancing at Damon, Alyn, and Matt.

Matt stared at his feet. You noted how much Ramsay was including him on big things. You wondered why?

The three men turned to leave but Ramsay stopped them.

"Meet me at the shit hole, seven. It's been awhile." 


Chapter Text

"Is this smart?" You asked, looking at the rundown bar.

It sat perfectly on the corner between the Roses, Lions, and Stags. Nowhere near the Kings or Boys. If things went south, there was no back up readily available. 

"Who cares about smart when you can have fun? You hear all kinds of shit in here. Rowdy folk. Good place to get the scoop on anything you want. Technically not allowed to be here anymore, but I see they've made some staffing changes and new management." Ramsay shrugged, leading you to an empty table as glancing over at the bar.

There you saw a pretty young woman with long, platinum hair. She looked very out of place next to all the other staff members.

"This place is shit." You said, curling your lip in distaste.

"Uh, yeah. That's why the locals call it the shit hole. Full of hookers, bikers, convicts, felons. Shit drugs. Good drugs. Whatever. And yet for as shitty as the place is, plenty of uppity people come here too." Ramsay replied, watching a big, tattooed biker grab all over the blonde girl. 

But she seemed to like it, as she laughed and carried on with him.

"Here's how the game works. Watch these people and pick one. Tell me their story and why they deserve to die." Ramsay said, holding you close in his lap, and taking a beer from Matt, who had just returned to the table.

You leaned back into him, lacing your fingers in his free hand.

"But what if they don't deserve to die?" You asked, looking around.

"We all deserve to die." Ramsay chuckled. 

"Okay, Sweeney Todd." You laughed, he snorted.

"Here, watch. Dame, bloke in the corner. What's up with him?" Your husband said nodding to the end of the bar by the bathrooms, where a very sullen looking man sat.

"Overworked, middle class. Hates everything. Kids too loud. Wife's a fat, nagging bitch. Comes here to get away from his trailer park trash life. Wonders if maybe there's someone else here as lonely as him. Does he deserve to die? Probably. He's already dead inside. Might as well do him a solid." Damon said, examining the man closely.

"See? Now, find someone." Ramsay said, placing a soft kiss to your cheek.

You watched a group of men, savoring Ramsay's touches as he kissed at your neck.

"What did your father want?" You asked, as you watched Damon lead Charlotte out to the dance floor. 

"Don't know honestly. Went over some numbers and shit. But I think it was just to rub it in my face that he's alive, I guess. Says he will be at the twenty week ultrasound." Ramsay shrugged, fingering his empty beer bottle.

You frowned, panic forming in the pit of your stomach.

"Why do you want to tell Stark we have his sister? We don't have his sister." You questioned.

"Hush, you're ruining the game. Hurry up and pick someone." He said with a huffy sigh.

"This game is boring." You said, resting your cheek on your hand, elbow on the edge of the table.

"It is not boring." Ramsay said, rather defensively. 

"Fine. See that guy there in the middle of that group?" You nodded to a group of five men at the middle of the bar. "He has a real hero card. Comes here to rescue drunk women from other dudes just like him. Gets them way too fucking drunk, asks to walk them home, gets them halfway home and they pass the fuck out because he's drugged them. Has his way with them, they never remember, and so off to the next one. He deserves to die because he looks like a fucking douche, his hair is stupid, and I don't like his insecure way about using women."

Ramsay stared at you as you spoke, finally letting his eyes wander to the guy you were talking about.

"Is that so?" He asked, mildly impressed.

"Yes." You shrugged.

He let his wicked grin form, "show me."

You gave him a quick kiss and a smirk, standing abruptly. You slapped him across the face as hard as you could.

"How dare you! Stay the fuck away from me!" You screamed, stomping off and playing up the emotional theatrics until you sat at a table across the room. 

You caught Ramsay's eye, as he rubbed his cheek, looking slightly dazed. He bit back the evil smile, watching the man you had pointed out order a drink and made his way over to you at your empty table.

"You okay? Thought I could bring you a drink. He do that to you?" The man said, setting the glass down and sitting across from you.

You brought your hand to your cheek and dropped your gaze, forcing tears.

"Yes." You lied quietly, sliding your wedding ring off and slipping it in your bra, pretending to adjust your breasts.

"You're too beautiful to be with a scumbag like that. Beautiful things should never be hit, or broken." The man, said brushing a strand of hair from your cheek.

You looked past him to see Ramsay watching closely, eyes blazing as the jealously crept up. You gave him a sly wink and turned your attention back to the man trying to seduce you with bullshit words.

"What's your name?" You asked, not sure if you really wanted to know, seeing as he would be dead before the night was over.

"Viserys. And youself?" He said, flashing a toothy grin.

"(Y/n). New around here?" You replied, looking him over. He dressed a bit... different?

"Yeah, actually. Well, sort of. My sister and I were born here, but some fucked up men stole our lives from us, forcing us to flee the country. But now we have come back to take back what is ours." Viserys said, rather emotionally, slidding into the seat next to you and resting his hand on your leg.

"Right. Good luck with that." You said, getting bored of the man, and suppressing the urge to punch him and his smug look, like he had just won the lottery, angry he was touching you.

Maybe this game was fun, when you weren't required to be sober.

"Do you have someone you can call to pick you up?" He asked, his voice sounding hopeful that you would say no.

Charlotte saved you the answer as she swooped in to rescue you, "hey, sweetie, let's get out of here. Found a couple of cute boys to take us home." 

You looped your arm in hers, thankful for once to actually see her.

She pulled you along, out of the bar and returned you to Ramsay around the corner.

"The fuck was that?" He growled, pulling you into him and placing a harsh kiss to your lips.

"The way you play is boring. So I altered the rules. You told me to show you, and I did. I didn't slap you too hard did I?" You asked cupping his cheek.

"Do it again and I may make you weak in the knees." He purred, kissing along your jaw.

"So, uh... we'll just go grab him up?" Alyn said awkwardly, looking up at the sky.

Ramsay waved his men away, biting down on your neck.

"Baby, stop. Not here. It's cold, and I will not be fucked in the alley like a fucking whore. Not on this side of town anyways." You said, pulling away from your husband.

"You're right. Apologies, baby girl. Besides, you have someone to kill." He nodded, mastering himself and smoothing out your dress.

You pulled your ring from your bra, slid it back on, and laced your hand in his as he led you to the Jeep.


"Where are we?" You asked, looking at the abandoned building.

"You know... I've honestly no idea. Used to be a hospital. Maybe an asylum. The sign was torn down years ago. But either way, hospital of some sort." Ramsay said, pushing the door open for you.

You wished you had worn anything other than heels tonight as he made you trek up the hill to this damn place.

"Is this where you kill all your victims?" You asked, glancing around the dark, dirty lobby, squinting to see better.

"Nah. Not all of them." Ramsay replied, pulling his gun and a flashlight.

"What if someone comes up here?" You asked, standing rather close to him as he led the way up a flight of stairs.

He laughed loudly, and it sounded eerily haunting as it echoed in the cold darkness.

"No one will come up here. The folks around think it's haunted. Hear bone chilling screaming and begging. Stupid fucking twats. Haunted. Ha." 

You nodded, looking around. Ramsay disappeared through a door and you were startled to not find him in the room when you entered. You stood stock still, confused.

"Coming?" He asked, behind You.

You turned quickly, with a gasp. "How'd you do that?" 

He chuckled, nodding at a door to your left. You rolled your eyes and followed him, this time gripping his elbow.

He led you up another flight of stairs and finally into a large room, that looked as if it had once been used to preform surgeries.

He pulled his lighter and lit a few oil burning lamps.

"You're a twisted fucker, you know that?" You said, examining a pile of metal tools as the room was bathed in cold light.

"It might have been mentioned to me a time or two." He replied, setting his gun on a tray with the flashlight.

"Now what?" You asked, picking up a cold metal hooked pick.

"Now we wait on patient..." He picked up a clipboard and ran his eyes over it, "one hundred and twenty five to arrive for a very botched surgery." He pulled a pen from his jacket and scribbled on the clipboard.

You continued to examine the tools; some of them making your skin crawl as you tried to imagine what they were used for.

"Well, nurse, it seems you need to get ready for said surgery." Ramsay said, rummaging in a cabinet. 

You turned to him and he held out a face mask, surgical gloves, and stained apron.

You stared at him. "Really?"

"Can you confirm he doesn't have any diseases, doll?" He asked.

"No." You said, taking the gloves and mask.

Ramsay slipped the apron over your head and tied the back. He stepped back from you and gave a wolfish grin.

"You should do this more often. Nice white pair of hooker boots next time though. And maybe a shorter dress so I can see that beautiful ass when you bend over." He chuckled, pulling on his own gloves.

You couldn't help but feel your face warm as you glanced him over.

"So... what do I do?" You asked, sitting on the table beside the metal tools.

"Whatever you want. Make him confess his sins. Make him tell you a story. Make him give you the information to his bank account. Sing a song for you. Or just kill him. Whatever you want to do baby girl. I'm only here as support. Just watching today. Today I am just a student." Your husband replied, stepping into you and pulling your mask down so he could kiss you.

You opened your mouth under his, cupping his face, as he snaked his tongue in your mouth. As always, the world fell away as you explored his mouth and a warmth started to grow between your legs.

Banging from the floor bellow made you jump and pull away from Ramsay as you heard Damon talking shit and cursing as he tripped up the stairs.

A few moments later Alyn and Damon shoved Viserys to his knees, Matt bringing up the rear, looking slightly distressed. The man had bound wrists and wore a cloth sack over his head. He struggled violently to get free, making muffled noises, as he apparently had been gagged.

"Strip him." Ramsay said, as if no more than ordering a beer.

"All of him?" Alyn asked.

"No, idiot. We have a lady in the room." Ramsay replied, picking up his knife.

You watched Alyn and Matt strip Viserys as Damon held him still.

"Boss, check it." Alyn said, stepping away from Viserys to reveal his bare chest.

Ramsay tutted in amusement and turned to you, "did you catch his name?"

"Uh, Viserys, I think?" You shrugged, examining the large, red three-headed dragon tattoo on his chest.

Ramsay laughed a cold, merciless mirth. "Viserys Targaryen. The Beggar King. How honored I am to meet you. Well, you sure know how to pick winners, baby girl."

"Should... Should we kill him then?" You asked as Matt pulled the bag from Viserys' head.

"Oh yeah. For sure. But I want to ask him a few questions before he stops breathing. But you are free to do whatever while I question him. I won't take the fun away from you. Get him in a chair." Ramsay said, glancing at Alyn as he spoke the last part.

Alyn heaved Viserys up to standing and thrust him into a empty chair. Matt and Damon tied the man's legs to the chair and the three of them left back through the door.

"What do you want to do first, doll?" Ramsay asked, looking from you to victim.

"I-I don't know. I've never done this before, exactly. You know that." You said, cheeks warming.

Ramsay gave you a warm smile, "come here, my pet. Let's start small. I'll show you."

You stepped over to your husband and he placed a scalpel into your hand. You took the tiny blade, staring at it, still unsure what you would actually do with it.

"Mkay, Targaryen. I'm going to ask you a series of questions. If you do not answer, refuse to answer, or lie, my foxy little wife here will cause pain. Though, I think she will cause pain, regardless..." He stepped into Viserys with a grin, "she thinks your hair is stupid." He whispered with a smirk as he pulled the gag away from your victims mouth.

"You fucking bitch!" Viserys screeched, struggling to stand, eyes narrowed at you.

"Manners." Ramsay warned, his tightened fist coming into contact with Viserys' cheek bone.

You pushed Ramsay aside, gripping the scalpel, jaw clenched. You stopped in front of Viserys, looked him over, and stabbed the blade into his thigh with as much strength as you could.

He howled in pain and struggled in his chair some more.

You stepped back, taking a deep breath and turning to your husband.

"Sorry. He just... made me mad? I dunno. Weird. Anyways, continue." You said, with a small shrug.

"This would be a wonderful time for me to tell you that I love you. I'd also really like to fuck you too. But, first..." your husband said, kneeling down as fingering the handle of the scalpel, "What are you doing back here?"

"Go to hell!" Viserys shouted at Ramsay.

Ramsay turned to you and gave you a look.

You looked around, picking up a cross shaped insturment, "What's this?"

"I believe they call it a trocar? Very sharp. Not sure of its exact use. I'm a banker, baby doll. Not a surgeon." Ramsay said, pulling a stool up and sitting in front of Viserys, who watched you through wide eyes.

"Why are you doing this?" He whimpered.

"I told you, my wife hates your hair. And if something offends her it's my job to make sure it's taken care of. Like any good husband would do. Now, tell me, how many know you are here?" Ramsay said, watching Viserys closely.

"A lot. I'm rebuilding my father's empire!" He said through clenched teeth.

"Liar." Ramsay laughed, pulling the blade from Viserys' leg. 

Viserys cried out in pain again. Ramsay sighed, and pulled his cigarettes from his pocket.

"Do you smoke?" He asked, lighting his cigarette and taking a long, deep drag. "Who am I kidding? Of course you do. Look at those track marks. Do they call you the Beggar King because you spend all your money on top dollar shit? Hope you don't mind menthols. Something about menthols lately. Ya know?" He held out a cigarette to Viserys, who gave Ramsay a very cold look.

"Are you going to take it or not?" Ramsay said patiently. 

You snorted, setting the tool you were holding down and picking up what looked like a pair of scissors crossed with pruning shears. 

Ramsay glanced over at you and motioned you over. Once close enough, he grabbed you by the waist and pulled you into his lap.

"These are fun for cutting off fingers." He chuckled, taking the cutters for you. "Or, cutting flower stems. Whatever."

"You're a sick bastard. Let me go!" Viserys demanded.

You stared at Viserys. For a man about to die, he was putting on a very brave act.

"How close can I get to cutting your pinky off without you pissing yourself?" Ramsay asked, handing you your weapon back.

"What do you want?!" Viserys screamed, struggling against his restraints again.

"For you to answer my questions." Ramsay replied, nudging you to stand up. He grabbed your hand and led you behind Viserys to his bound hands.

"Will you let me go?" Viserys asked, trying to shift in his seat to see behind him.

"Uh... sure." Ramsay said kindly, clapping the man on the shoulder who jerked and gave a whimper.

You glanced up at Ramsay who shrugged and rolled his eyes. 

"Oh! Before I forget." He dug in his pockets and pulled out headphones and held them out to you. "I prefer to listen to music. Drowns out the annoying begging and screaming until they pass out."

You took the headphones, remembering you left your phone in the Jeep. Ramsay pulled out his phone and handed it to you before he resumed his seat in front of Viserys.

You put the headphones in your ears, plugged them into the phone. You hit shuffle, slidding the phone in your bra, letting out a loud laugh. Thriller.

You drew a breath, hands shaking as you knelt down to Viserys' bound hands. He tried to fight you, but Ramsay decked him in the face.

You swallowed, gripping the cutters tight in one hand, and grabbed one of Viserys' fingers in your other hand.

You clenched your jaw, bringing the cutters to the skin. You closed your eyes tight, swallowed hard, and held your breath.

Flower stems. You told yourself as you clamped down on the cutters as hard as you could. 

You felt the breaking of bone and heard the screaming, despite the headphones. Your stomach flipped. You dropped your hands and everything in them, standing quickly, back turned from Ramsay and victim as you willed the need to vomit to go away.

You tried to master your trembling hands and swallowed hard again.

You weren't sure how long you stood there. A deadly war of pleasure and disgust raging inside of you at what you had just done.

Finally a tapping on your shoulder brought you back to earth as Ramsay pulled the earphones from your ears.

"You've made a wonderful start, baby girl. I'm done with him. Kill him." He said gently, kissing your cheek and grabbing your hand.

"I... I don't know if I can, Ramsay." You admitted weakly.

"I'll help you if you want." He smiled.

You took a deep breath, looking down at the box blade he held out to you.

You took the handle and heaved a small sigh.

"How are you already done?" You asked, with a tiny sniff.

"You've been lost in la la land for about," he glanced at his watch, "ten minutes."

You gaped, unable to say anything. He took your free hand and led you back to Viserys.

You swallowed down the hot bile in the back of your throat as you looked down at the man. Nose broken and bleeding freely. Mouth busted. The dragon tattoo hacked and mostly gone, the bloodied thin strips of skin in his lap. The blood pouring from his chest. You weren't sure he was conscious. You wouldn't even have known he was alive if the blood didn't shimmer every time his chest rose and fell, weakly.

"Quick slit of the neck would work. Or you could stab him here," Ramsay suggested, pushing on a pounding vein in Viserys' neck with his gloved hand.

You gave a simple nod. Ramsay stepped back, crossing his arms and watching you like a hawk.

"Go on." He breathed, excitedly as you placed the blade to Viserys' neck.

"I..." You began, hand shaking again.

Ramsay gave another kind smile and stood behind you, taking your shaking hand in his. Slowly he pushed your hand into the soft flesh and the blood welled quickly under the pressure to escape, spurting from the deep cut.

Finally, after what felt like a lifetime, Ramsay dropped your hand. You dropped the box blade, again, fighting the urge to gag or vomit. You stared at the man you had sentenced to death because of a silly game.

You felt slightly numb. You should have been disgusted. You had committed murder. Twice now. And yet... Well you couldn't place it. You were turning into a monster. Just like your husband.

Slowly you turned your gaze to Ramsay who stood there staring at you through hungry eyes. 

He crossed the room and slammed the door. He turned back to you, closing the space between you both in a few quick strides. He pulled your mask off, pulled at your gloves, and hastily discarded the apron. He grabbed you, probably harder than he meant in his excitement.

"Baby girl, fuck me." Ramsay panted, going slightly weak in the knees as he kissed you hungrily.

You kissed him back with just as much force, grabbing his waist and pulling him close.

"What does my daddy need?" You asked gently, sliding his jacket off and clawing at his chest.

"Hurt me baby girl. Make me bleed." He whimpered in your mouth.

He dropped to his knees, bunching your dress up, and nipping at your folds and grabbing your ass with both hands.

You tangled your hands in his hair, with a moan, casting around the room. Plenty of things to cause pain, but nowhere other than a dirty table to get fucked on. Maybe the wall could do too.

"Knife.." You finally said, through a choked moan.

Ramsay dug around in his pockets before placing his favorite blade in your hand.

"Up, baby." You said gently. "And get your shirt off."

You watched him tear his shirt away and ran your eyes over him. The fire in his eyes, flushed cheeks, wayward hair, bare chest, rising and falling with each heavy breath, a slight look of discomfort at the restraint off his pants.

You stepped into him, holding the knife tight. With one finger you ran it across a series of scars along his breast.

"Where did these come from?" You asked kissing each one.

"Me. Whenever I needed to feel pain." He said softly, lacing his hand in your hair.

You pulled away slightly, placing the tip of the knife against the deepest scar. You applied pressure and felt Ramsay tremble under you, making a noise in his throat.

"Harder, you fucking bitch." He growled his grip tightening in your hair.

You pressed the blade further until the tip had disappeared into his flesh and blood began to rise quickly. You pulled the knife down and Ramsay made a hissing noise, tipping his head back as his grip tightened on you and moaned.

You pulled the knife away when you were satisfied with the cut and let the knife fall to the ground with a clatter.

Without really thinking, instinct and curiosity took over. You pressed your finger to the top of the cut and ran it along the edges of the skin. His blood was slick, warm, and bright red.

He whimpered, releasing his hand from your hip to grab at the front of his pants.

You smirked, "You better slow down baby, I've only just started."

You gave him an evil look and pressed your tongue to his cut. Tangy and metallic. Warm, and slightly... sweet? Was that the word to use? Eh, what did it matter? It was intoxicating and erotic and so very guilty.

"I can't." He panted, knees going weak again.

"Oh, you can." You whispered wickedly, sliding your hand in his pants, gripping him hard, and running your tongue slowly over his cut skin again.

Was this how he felt when he was the one in control? Because it was powerful. He was at your mercy.

"Baby girl, fuck me. Quit teasing." He growled, canting his hips as you slowly ran your hand along him, fingering his cut with your other hand.

"No." you whispered, shrugging out of your dress, sliding your hand in his pants again as the dress pooled to the floor at your feet.

You ran your bloodied hand across your breasts, tracing over each nipple while Ramsay watched, licking his lips slowly. 

You slowly slid you hand down your body to your throbbing pussy. You slid a finger in with a moan.

Ramsay couldn't stop himself. He yanked your hand from his pants, took one of your breasts in his mouth, worrying your nipple aggressively between his teeth, and sliding his fingers into you with yours. 

"Baby." You panted.

"Shut your fucking mouth, slut." He panted back, pulling away from your breast, and walking you back into the wall.

"Mm, daddy. Make me a bad girl." You whispered in his ear, before nipping at his ear.

"On your knees." He demanded. 

"But it's cold." You protested.

He grabbed at your breast, pinching at your nipple until you shifted uncomfortably. 

"I said, on. Your. Knees." He bit.

"I said, it. Is. Cold." You hissed, grabbing his side and digging your nails in.

"I will punish you for your defiance." He panted, trying to pull away from your grip.

"Do it. Spank me. Hurt me. Fuck me bloody." You whispered back, sliding your free hand to your warm wetness and rubbing at your sensitive spot.

"Fuck, when did you become so perfect?" He moaned, picking you up and walking you to the table.

You leaned back on the table, breathing hard, as you watched him push his pants down. You bit your lip, watching his dick throb.

"Hurt me, daddy."

"Scream for me." He panted, grabbing your hips and pulling you to the edge of the table, where he shoved himself into you.

You drew a sharp breath, grabbing at him, as moved in you again.

"Harder." You moaned out, arching your back and pushing your hips into his.

The warmth at your core began to bubble and become hot. You were rapidly coming undone upon each thrust, breath, and touch.

You clawed at his chest, wanting nothing more than to feel his whole weight on you, to wrap your fingers around his neck, and feel him struggle to breath.

As the hard rhythm with him continued, you pushed yourself up. He slid his hand down your back, pulling you in closer to him, and kissed at your neck.

You tipped your head back with a loud moan, sliding your hands up his chest to grip his throat in both hands.

He made a deep noise of pleasure, and thrust harder into you as you applied pressure to his throat.

Feeling his pounding pulse, his staggered breathing, and his difficulty swallowing made you feel so very powerful. You couldn't hold back the high any longer.

It hit you with such force you weren't even sure what to do as you screamed out and fell back into the table.

Suddenly you were overly emotional as the tears welled quickly and slid down your cheeks.

Ramsay fell into you, breathing hard through a throaty, guttural moan, having met his release. He kissed your tears away, placed a gentle kiss to your lips, and pulled away from you, helping you sit back up.

"I love you, Ramsay." You blurted out.

Ramsay looked up from fixing his pants, "I love you too, (y/n). More than you could ever understand." 

You stared at him, savoring his gentle words, as you slid off the table to redress.


"What's on your mind, baby girl?" Ramsay asked, helping Matt untie Viserys and move the body.

"Food honestly. I'm fucking starving." You said, swinging your legs off the ledge of the table you sat on.

"Well, what do you want?" He asked, dropping the dead man and standing up straight, leaving Matt to struggle under the deadweight.

"So, this is going to sound really fucking weird, buuuut... I would kill for the crusts off of grilled cheeses. Ya know? Like, it's just... and like lemonade. But the flavored kind because I hate lemonade. Especially the pink kind. Like how is that even possible? Have you ever seen a fucking pink lemon at the supermarket? Exactly. But like raspberry lemonade or some shit. Yeah..." You said, examining your nails.

"And how many crusts exactly would qualify as a meal?" Ramsay asked, crossing his arms and eyeing you closely. As if he thought you mental.

"How many times do I have to tell that I'm not the math genius, you are? But here, lemme put it in a word problem for your geek ass." Matt dropped the dead man and stared at you, as if afraid for you, but Ramsay only tilted his head with a smirk, raising his brows at you. "(Y/n), can eat two whole grilled cheese sandwiches and feel comfortably full. Each sandwich has four side's, and four equal length crusts. If (y/n) wants to only eat the crusts, how many crusts would she need to consume to get the same comfortably full feeling as eating two whole sandwiches?"

There was a tense silence that followed your words as everyone stared at you, wide eyed.

You gave an innocent smile to your husband, as he narrowed his eyes at you.

He clicked his tongue, running his hand through his hair, "does that include a drink contributing to the fullness, or not? If so, how many sips of said drink are typically in the course of the meal? And is this prepregnancy comfortable or...?"

You gaped at him, "Are... are you being fucking serious?" 

"Fuck no, I'm not being serious, woman. Though, in my educated opinion, I would assume the crust off of about five sandwiches would float you to that content feeling. Maybe five and a half. We will test my hypothesis," he turned to Matt, Alyn, and Damon, "if these idiots would ever hurry the fuck up, of course."

"Working on it. You don't exactly make it easy to clean up, you know." Alyn muttered, mopping the floor.

"Alyn, quit your bitching you sour grape. Dame, crashing at your place tonight. We have work to do tomorrow." Ramsay said, lacing his hand in yours and helping you from the table, "Kid, bring five grilled cheeses and raspberry lemonade to Damon's. And be quick about it." 

Matt only nodded, looking a bit sick as Ramsay led you from the room.

Chapter Text

"Thank you for the shower." You said, sitting down on the couch with a heavy sigh. 

Now that you were comfortable, warm, and clean it was easy to feel how exhausted you were. You really couldn't keep running around like this anymore. You'd have to tell Ramsay you desperately needed a few days to do nothing. You were too fucking tired.

"Not at all, sweetie." Charlotte said, handing you a blanket, as you curled up on the couch, waiting on Ramsay to get out of the shower. But mostly waiting on Matt to show up with food.

You yawned, glancing around the living room, resting your hand on your belly when a pair of yellow eyes under the entertainment center caught yours.

"Kitty!" You practically squealed, sitting up straight and holding your hand out.

"Herman. He's shy." Charlotte said with a laugh.

"Here, Herman. Let me love you!" You said, slidding from the couch to your knees on the floor.

Herman slowly pushed his head out from under the entertainment center. He was just a baby. A little gray fuzzball, with white socked front paws.

Ah! Baby animals! Aren't they just the best?

You sat patiently, with your hand out stretched, waiting on the kitten to get close enough to scoop up.

You giggled as the kitten touched his nose to your finger tip, finally deciding you were okay as he pushed his head into your hand.

You scratched him behind the ear with your finger, a swooping sensation in your chest making it hard to breath as you thought of Kira and Willow.

You blinked the tears away with a small sniff, and scooped the kitten up, holding him close. He purred loudly and rubbed his head into the crook of your neck.

Charlotte watched you with a sad smile as if she could feel your heartache.

"I caught him and Damon cuddled up on the couch this morning. He says he hates cats, but I keep catching them together." Charlotte said with a small laugh.

"How could anyone say no to this little face, though?" You giggled, holding the kitten out to look him over.

It mewed and twitched it's tail. You set the cat down and sat back on the couch.

Damon and Matt entered the living room a few moments later and you were ecstatic to finally eat. You lodged yourself comfortably in the couch with drink between your legs and sandwiches on your stomach.

"Where's Ramsay?" Damon asked, running his finger along his game collection across the room.

"Trying to drown himself in the shower, I think." You said thickly, as you stuffed the toasted bread crust in your mouth.

"Figures. Never met someone who takes showers as long as him." Damon said, tossing Matt a controller and throwing himself down beside Charlotte, resting his head in her lap.

"Kid, roll one." Damon said, lazily pointing to the coffee table.

Matt sighed and pulled a metal tray in his lap, "dude." He moaned, "break it up. Then I'll roll it."

"Quit whining. Grinders in the kitchen." Damon said dismissively. 

You blindly watched Matt roll a joint as you finished eating. Ramsay would be disappointed. You could only make it through four whole sandwich crusts. You threw away your trash and returned to find Ramsay sitting in your spot. You scowled.

"What took you so damn long?" You asked, sitting beside him.

"Phone call." He shrugged, taking the joint from Matt and taking a deep hit.

"Got whiskey in the freezer, Boss." Damon said, glancing up from his game.

"Nah. Good man." Ramsay struggled to get out, trying to hold the smoke in and not cough, as he handed the joint back to Matt, who passed it off to Damon.

"Really?" You asked, slightly shocked, as your husband lost his battle and the coughing fit overtook him.

He simply nodded, and took your drink from you.

"Fuck dude. What is that?" He choked, wiping the tears from his eyes, trying to catch his breath.

"Martell shit, man. Good isn't it?" Damon said, trying to suppress his cough, as he handed off to Charlotte.

"Sorry, baby girl." Ramsay whispered, watching you watch the handoffs. 

You shrugged, "it's okay. Not really a stoner anyways, ya know." 

"Think you would change your mind over this shit. What I wouldn't give to get you baked and horny as fuck right now." He murmured in your ear with a sigh, shifting on the couch to pull you into him as he rested his head back, watching the TV screen through heavily lidded, glazed bloodshot eyes.

He gently ran his fingers through your hair, holding you close as you curled up under the blanket.


"What time is it?" You asked thickly, opening your bleary eyes a bit.

"Bedtime." Ramsay said, laying you down gently in a bed.

You scoot into him, burying your face in his chest once he laid down.

"Baby?" You asked, quietly.

"Hm?" He hummed, running his hand down your spine.

"What are we going to do about our house?" 

"I'm working on it, baby girl. Besides, I told you we were moving anyways." 

"Mmm." You hummed in response, letting out a yawn and relaxing into the bed.


As usual, you woke up alone. You felt even more tired than before you had fell asleep on the couch the night before. You had slept fitfully; nightmares and disgust making you toss and turn.

You pulled clothes from the bag at the end of the bed, dressed, and went through your daily routine in the guest bathroom.

"Smells like a family of fucking skunks live in here." You gagged, walking into the living room.

"Really happy, chill skunks." Ramsay replied, looking up from his phone as you sat beside him.

You rolled your eyes, glancing at his phone. "Whatcha doin'?"

"Got the info on the guy I need to snuff for the Iron Bank." 

You took his phone, examining the picture closely.

"Hey... I know him." You said slowly.

"Yeah?" Ramsay asked, raising a brow. 

"Well I don't know him know him. But he's the guy from the bar last night. What was it you said Damon, over worked middle class who hates everything?"

Damon leaned over the back of the couch examining the picture, "hm. Suppose you're right. Janos Slynt. What a shit name. His momma musta hated him.What a cocksucking lookin' son of a bitch." 

"Well this cocksucker is adding twenty k to our pockets. I figured you and I could take him. And now we know where to look." Ramsay said, pocketing his phone and rising from the couch.

You stifled a yawn and looked over at Matt, who sat quietly, staring blankly at the wall. Made you grin. So stoned.

"What are you boys up to today?" You asked, glancing over at Ramsay and Damon, both taking turns smoking a bowl.

You watched Ramsay blow his smoke in Herman's face before registering what you said.

"Look at this cat. He's such a stoner." He chuckled before turning his attention to you completely. "First, I'm going to get rid of this fucking cotton mouth. Then I'm making pancakes. Or maybe it's you making pancakes. But for real though, I have a safe house to set up, numbers to go through, and sneaky shit to get on with."

You raised your brows and gave a slow nod, "Right. Sure you can function today?"

Ramsay gave a dismissive shrug and left the room. 

"Matt. Want this?" Damon asked, holding up the pipe.

You watched Matt jump at the sound of his name and slowly turn his eyes to Damon. He shook his head slowly, saying nothing, and turning back to the wall.

He was usually so talkative and lively. What was wrong with him? Maybe he was just slow in the mornings?

You rose from your seat following Ramsay and Damon to the kitchen.

"Where's Charlotte?" You asked, opening the flour jar, ignoring Ramsay down a bottle of water.

"Work." Damon shrugged, grabbing a box of Fruit Loops.

Both he and Ramsay sat at the kitchen table eating dry cereal as you mixed up the pancake mix. For two men in their late twenties, they acted more like teenagers when together.

"What's wrong with the kid? He's hardly said two words since last night." Ramsay said thickly.

"Dunno. He is a bit off. I think you scared the shit out of him." Damon said, flicking a cereal at the cat, who chased it across the floor.

"Why? He was there when I killed those two pirate fucks. He wasn't even in there when I tortured the fuck last night?"

Damon shrugged, "man, I don't fucking know. Maybe the reality of it is setting in. You're a scary dude."

You snorted, measuring milk in the cup.

"Speaking of the guy last night, he said he and his sister were back. What if she goes looking for him?" You asked, turning to Ramsay.

"Ain't shit she can do. Can't go to the police about it and file a missing persons. If his face gets out there the other families will know the Dragons are back. She can't afford that. Unless she's as stupid as her brother." Ramsay said, rubbing his eye and crossing the room for another bottle of water.

"Why does everyone hate them?" You asked, pouring batter on the griddle.

"You know, I don't know. I know their father was a real cunt. You think I'm psycho, but apparently I don't have shit on him. Everyone kinda rallied against him and fucked him real good up the ass. Everyone but the two youngest.... Oh shit! That reminds me! Martell's. Their sister was married to the eldest son, they had two children together. When the Lannister's sacked 'em, Tywin sent his executioner, the Mountain, to eliminate every person with Dragon blood. I remember reading the police report. Fucker raped the woman to death, murdered her children in front of her. Smashed their tiny little heads in. Strings were pulled and a shit ton of money was undoubtedly handed off because the Mountain did like a year in the pen. Gregor Clegane." 

You swallowed, suddenly losing your appetite the more Ramsay spoke, as you flipped a pancake. You placed your hand firmly over your belly, holding back the tears.

You sniffed and cleared your throat, turning your back completely to the two men in the room. You heard Damon leave the room, talking to Herman as he went. You heard the flick of a lighter and exhale of smoke.

"Sleep okay?" Ramsay asked.

You shrugged, "I guess."

He huffed. You flinched slightly as he wrapped his arms around your waist. You relaxed into him.

"You're a terrible guesser, because you didn't. What's wrong?" He whispered in your ear.

You sighed, "I dunno, baby. Just couldn't get comfortable. I miss our bed. I miss sleeping on my stomach. It's getting hard finding a comfortable spot to sleep in all night. I'm just... I'm so tired, Rams."

"I promise I won't make you do anything until you feel better." He said gently, kissing along the curve of your neck and resting his hands on your belly.

"Thank you." You said quietly, adding the last pancake to the stack and turning to face your husband. You wrapped your arms around him and inhaled deeply, closing your eyes tight.

"Damon and I will be awhile. Kid stays here. He will do whatever you ask him." 

You nodded, listening to the rumble of his chest as he spoke.

It was a good thing that you weren't hungry, because it would have been disappointing as two grown men and teenage boy with the munchies demolished your batch of pancakes. 

"Call if you need anything." Ramsay said, grabbing your ass and kissing your forehead as he pulled on his coat.

"Be careful. I love you." You said, watching your husband and Damon leave.

"Love you too, baby doll." Ramsay replied, shutting the door behind him.

You sat on the couch, petting Herman, who had jumped up beside you.

This was awkward. At a house where the two people who owned it were gone. Left with a kid who should of been in his senior year of high school, not sitting here. And no idea what to even say to him. Joking and talking with him around Ramsay and the Boys was one thing... But this was weird. Ramsay must have planned this on purpose. Bastard.

"You can watch whatever." Matt finally said after twenty minutes of awkward silence.

"Are you okay?" You asked.

Matt sat up straight, "Are you?" His eyes went wide and he looked afraid, wishing he could take his words back.

"I don't really know, to be honest. It's weird isn't it? To kill someone. I mean, it's one thing to just shoot someone, but to torture them..." You said, giving a kind smile.

Matt nodded, "yeah. I don't know what I expected... getting into this, I mean. I should of finished school."

"Why didnt you?"

"Didn't see a point. Never met my dad. Mom is a strung out, crank whore who lives with a guy who beats the hell out if her. Had me when she was fifteen and was never really a mom. She said I was on my own when she got with him. He wouldn't let me stay. Next thing I know I'm sixteen and living on the streets. Bum around with some pals, trying to do school. But just gave up. Got into stealing and selling drugs to get by. I'd be dead if it wasn't for Ramsay. I owe him my life. Him and Damon."

Sadness filled you as you watched the boy talk. You couldn't imagine.

"Well do you have any hobbies? I know you said Ramsay caught you tagging an alley wall, and I've seen cars you've painted." You said, trying to figure this kid out.

"I'm alright at art. Always wanted to be a tattoo artist." Matt shrugged.

"Then do it, kid. You're one of the Boys now. You're family. Sometimes blood is not thicker than water. You wanna tat, then do it. I will find you a shop. Tat the Boys until you're confident enough in your work. I know they like to give you shit, but if they didn't like you they would of killed you already. Anything you need, just say the word." 

Matt looked at you through his bloodshot eyes. "Anything?"

You nodded with a smile.

"I need to see my mom. I haven't heard from her in over a year. I don't know if she's even alive. I just need to know." Matt said with a sigh, staring down at his hands.

You stood, "then let's go."

Matt looked up at you, clearly startled. "We can't just... I mean...?"

You snorted, "you're to do what I say. Perks of being the Boss's wife. And I say we are going to go see what we can find out about your mother."

You grabbed up your purse after sliding your coat on, and pulling the Jeep keys from Ramsay's discarded jacket from last night.

"Ready?" You asked kindly.

Matt pulled his hat on and gave a small nod.

"Hold down the fort, Herman. I believe in you." You said, glancing back at the kitten who was trying to catch dust in the ray of sunlight from a window.


"I can't guarantee she's here. But this was the last place she was when I saw her last." Matt said, standing outside the door.

You knocked on the door. You could hear cursing and dogs aggressively barking on the other side of the door.

A series of clicking locks could be heard and a very angry looking older man cracked the door.

"What do you want?" He grunted. 

"I'm looking for Ros who used to stay here." You said, feeling this was not going to be easy.

"Don't know no Ros and I don't talk to no undercovers." The man said slamming the door in your face. 

You exchanged a look with Matt. Anger was beyond him. 

"That him?" You asked.

Words seemed to fail the poor kid and he was only able to nod, turning his hat backward, reaching in his jacket for his gun.

You pulled Ice Cream from your coat pocket and took a deep breath.

"Ready when you are, hon." You said, fingering the safety as Matt kicked down the door.

"The fuck?!" The man raged as two aggressive dogs rushed Matt.

He shot both, point blank as if it was nothing.

"You can't be here without a warrant you fucking bitch!" The man shouted, pulling his own gun from the couch cushion.

It must have been your insanity that kept you calm. 

"I'm not here on police buisness. I'm here on mob buisness. If you don't cooperate, I will kill you. Where is Ros?" You said, finally pushing the safety off, slightly excited to finally use your Christmas present.

"Bath-bathroom." The man wheezed, holding his hands up in surrender as you and Matt held him at gunpoint.

You glanced around the nasty home. It looked like it hadn't been cleaned in 5 years or more. The smell was awful. You stepped lightly, avoiding the dog shit and caked on muck as you made your way down the hall. You opened the first door you came to and cried out in anguish.

There chained to bedposts were two teenage girls. They were both covered in their own filth. The urge to throw up was more than you could take as you went slightly dizzy.

You stumbled back into the living room.

"How many?!" You shouted.

The man gave a wicked toothless grin and spit on the floor.

"I always have room for one more." He cackled.

Without thinking you pulled your gun up and shot the man in the gut. He screeched, falling to the ground.

"Take his gun." You barked rather aggressively at Matt, pulling your phone from your pocket.

"Yes, my pet?"

"I'm sending you an address. Be here in no more than ten." You said, words shaking in suppressed rage. You hung up and looked around again. "If he so much as moves, kill him."

You set off through the house again, opening doors and finding more girls. Finally you found the bathroom where three women sat. All three chained by the ankles to a metal pipe in the wall.

"Is one of you Ros?" You asked, pulling your shirt up over your nose.

The woman nearest you raised her hand. 

"Ros, my name is (y/n). I'm here with your son, Matt. We're going to get you all out of here." You said kindly, putting your gun away and fighting the urge to gag.

The woman dropped to her knees, sobbing. You watched her, anger boiling.

You stormed back to Matt and the nasty old man.

"What's your name?" You demanded, kicking the man.

"Fuck you bitch." He choked, clutching his side.

"What's your fucking name you nasty piece of shit?" You yelled, pulling your gun again.

"Fuck. You." He hissed, looking up at you.

You pulled the trigger. The sight of the destroyed eye socket not nearly as sickening as it should of been, compared to the filth of this house and the things going on here. Your anger and disgust only increased, and you pulled the trigger again, furiously pulling the trigger even after your clip was unloaded, the hot tears coming fast on your cheeks.

"You nasty fucking monster!" You screamed at the dead man.

Ramsay and Damon came rushing inside, guns at the ready, and both stopping dead, swallowing thickly as the smell hit them. You practically saw the color drain from their faces and eyes water as they stepped backward.

"The fuck is going on here?" Ramsay demanded, covering his nose and mouth in the crook of his elbow.

"It's a funny story, and we will be glad to tell you over beers and cheese fries, but right now we have work to do. Every room in this house, other than this one is full of three to five women. All are chained." You said, dropping your gun to your side again.

"I leave you alone for an hour and now I have to play vigilante good guy. I'm not a vigilante good guy, baby girl. I'm a psycho serial killer." Ramsay said, pocketing his gun and glancing around.

You could see the disgust in his eyes at the amount of filth.

"Baby, please. But first, there's a woman in the bathroom. Her name is Ros. I need her."

"Kid, make an anonymous call and tip off the police. Let them do their job." Damon said, lip curled in disgust as he stepped further into the trailer.


"You are in so much trouble." Ramsay growled, slamming the bedroom door.

You dropped your shoulders and simply nodded, "yes sir."

"What were you thinking?! You could of been hurt! You had no idea what you were walking into!" He raged, voice strangled, running his hands through his hair.

"Baby, stop please. I know what I did was foolish. And you're right, I had no idea what I was walking into. It wasn't supposed to go the way it did. Matt just wanted to see his mom. To know she was alive. And it just... well, went really fucking weird."

"I'll say. You're like a sex slave magnet. Or is that what you want? Use your husband's scary reputation to free poor girls who are used for sex?" 

"It was a fucking coincidence. But if that's what it took. And in case you didn't notice I handled it just fine on my own!" You said defensively.

He clenched his jaw, making a frustrated noise, running his hands through his hair again. Clearly struggling against the urge to come undone.

He closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and pinched the bridge of his nose, "Baby girl, I refuse to let you put yourself in harm's way. For fuckssake, just behave. I won't ask again. Do you understand me?"

You watched him. Examining him closely, you saw he looked exhausted, upset, and he was still overly pale.

"Yes, daddy. I promise. I'm sorry. I just... wanted to show the kid that he's family too. You like him. He's broken and confused and angry. Just like you were. Circumstances are very different, but I know he reminds you of you. You're tailoring him to have a bigger part in your little scheme you have going in your mind. Just wanted to do something good." You sighed, sitting heavily on the bed.

"We aren't good people. You've killed three men in a month. You even tortured one. And if you ever do something as stupid as you did today, you will regret it." Ramsay said, turning on his heel to leave.

"Oh my god." You said with a gasp. "You were scared!"

Ramsay stopped, hand on the door knob. He said nothing, threw the door open and left.


You sat on the couch, playing with Herman when Charlotte came and sat next to you.

You decided she wasn't as bad as you first thought. Maybe you could get her story out of her like you did Matt. You were on a roll after all. Becoming an expert at getting down to brass tacks with people and their secrets.

"Where are the Boys?"

"Dunno. I guess they're still working on getting a safe house set up?" You shrugged.

"Ah, I see. So, what happened to your cheek?" She asked, watching you closely through her hazel eyes, pulling her blonde hair to one side.

"A man who will be dead soon." You shrugged, staring at the floor.

"You okay? You look miserable."

"No. Not miserable. Just... confused?"


You sighed, "I've killed people."

"So you feel guilty? Tell Ramsay. Be honest with him. He worships you. We all see it. I don't think he'd make you do it if it upsets you. He doesn't want to see you down in the dumps." Charlotte suggested.

You gave a dry laugh, "that's the problem. I'm not upset about taking peoples lives and that is what upsets me. I'm turning into a monster and it doesn't bother me. I want it to. I want to feel sorry. I should be sorry. But I'm just... not. I'm upset because I'm not upset. Does that make sense?" 

"I suppose. But sweetheart... what did all of these men do?" She asked.

You stared at her, not taking the time to under stand her question.

"Charlotte, I tortured a man I didn't know! I cut off his fucking finger!" You cried out, throwing your arms up, and scaring Herman who streaked from the couch to hide under the recliner.

"A scumbag." She said, pulling you back into the couch and giving you a sisterly hug. It caught you off guard.

"Who was the first guy?"

"My ex boyfriend." You sniffed.

"What did he do to you?" She asked, pulling away from you.

"Physically and emotionally hurt me." You said, dropping your eyes to your lap.

"The guy you tortured? He was just the same. He wanted so badly to date rape you, I could smell it on him when I stole you away. And that nasty man today... Just look what he was doing. You've killed men who abuse women. Who think they are better than us. Who think they can own us and do whatever they wish to us. You rid the world of three men who would have kept hurting other girls."

You looked back up at her. Her words calmed you. But then Ramsay's words sounded. 

"But Ramsay..." You began slowly.

"Does what he thinks is right. That's all there is to it. Really no good or bad. Just what we think to be the right thing. It goes beyond cops and robbers. It's what you believe in your heart to be right. If killing women abusing men is what is right to you, why should you feel guilty about not feeling guilty?"

"What's your story?" You asked, glancing at the TV as the 5:00 news signal chimed.

Charlotte turned her attention to the TV too.

The news anchorman wasted no time in starting off his hour:

"Tonight we start out with a breaking story from the south side, where late this morning police were given an anonymous call about an underground sex torture ring where sixteen women, ages thirteen to forty-five were found on the two acres of land owned by the man. Some chained in a shed, and the others residing in the house. Reporter Talisa is on the scene with lead Dectective Robb Stark."

The picture changed to a woman standing beside Robb Stark.

"Thank you, Yhon. I'm here with Dectective Stark at the home they are calling Craster's Keep. What can you tell us, detective?"

"So far we have uncovered the remains of no less than fifty persons, ranging from infant to adult, buried in deep pit on the edge of the land. After receiving the tip we arrived to find Craster dead, with multiple gun shot..."

You turned back to Charlotte, waiting on her answer. Her eyes seemed far away as she chewed her lip. She drew a long, deep breath.

"When I was seventeen I was smuggled into human trafficking. I left my home country, never to return. The most evil man I've met abducted me. Abused me for about three years or so until I was finally sold off as an exotic mail order. Was married to a wrinkly old windbag. He died of a heart attack and I was hoping to go back home. But, I was grabbed up again. Same shit, different man. Anyways, I was working as a show girl, and I saw Damon. He caught my pimp beating me in the alley behind the casino, and took me. Killed my pimp and took me to a church and told me he was marrying me. I was just like, okay. Used to this by now. But he's good to me."

"What about all the women I see him with?" You blurted before you could stop yourself.

Charlotte laughed until she cried, "think they're for him?"

You gaped, "really?"

She grinned, "yeah. I like to lay with women too. Damon and I... we have a thing. It works for us. I don't believe in love. It's not for me. But Damon... he's a good guy. He gives me freedom."

"What do you do? Like work wise?" You asked, suddenly very curious of this woman. And even Damon. You had never really liked him. But the last 24 hours had shown you a side of both Damon and Ramsay you didn't know.

"During the day I'm a boring sales rep at a car lot. But at night I'm a stripper." She shrugged. 

"What's it like?" You asked, glancing her over.

"Well, car sales are boring. Though, I'm sure you didn't mean that." She said, giving you a sly grin.

Your cheeks warmed.

"It's fun. And men can talk all the shit they want, but pole dancing will keep you in shape better than any other work out known to man kind." She glanced at your belly, and gave you a wink as she rose from the couch.

Cheeks were definitely warm now.

"I... I don't think I could." You admitted. 

"You can. Come on. It's fun. I doubt your husband would object. Come to the dance studio with me tomorrow. It's a Sunday, it'll be mostly empty. I won't push you. But it'll keep you fit, and limber. You'll need that. Trust me." 

You followed her to the kitchen, "you have children?" 

"One. But she's better off without me. They took her as soon as she was born. I never even knew what color her hair was."

You leaned against the door frame, "you're different than I thought you would be."

"Yeah. I was really strung out over Christmas. Just a dark place." She nodded, pulling the freezer open. "Any ideas for dinner?"

"Not really. I'd like to cook something though. I miss cooking." You sighed, again, missing home.


Chapter Text

"So, what was your home like?" You asked, cutting potatoes.

"Cold. Winter here is like spring where I'm from." Charlotte said, giving a small smile, staring off into space.

A knock on the door made you both jump. God, how you wished you had your dogs.

You set the knife down, wiped off your hands, and made your way through the kitchen to the living room and the front door.

Slowly you opened the door and saw a lanky, dark haired man standing there. When he saw you he pulled his jacket sleeve back to reveal the red flayed man tattoo of the Red Kings. 

"Uh... can I help you?" You asked awkwardly.

"Ah. The Bastard's wife. I'd kill for a drink." He shrugged.

You felt your face warm in anger and gave an uneasy glance at Charlotte, who gave a little shrug and nod, clearly as bewildered as you were. You both stepped back and let the man in.

Charlotte led him to the kitchen and poured him a glass of whiskey.

"And you are?" You asked, rather bluntly, gripping the knife tightly as you went back to your potatoes.

The man took a long drink and gave a satisfied sigh as he smacked his lips.

"Locke. I'm here on behalf of Roose. I need to speak with the psycho." The man said with a lazy shrug.

"Well, as you can see, he is not here at the moment." You said curtly, anger bubbling inside you. You wanted desperately to call Ramsay, but you didn't want to leave Charlotte alone with this man.

"I can wait. Nowhere else to be." He said, propping his feet up on the table and holding his empty glass out at Charlotte.

You narrowed your eyes, running your tongue along your top teeth, trying to bite back a rude retort. His voice sounded so familiar. If only you could place it.

Charlotte filled his glass, staying out of his reach. You'd have to call your husband, there was no way around it.

"I need to use the restroom." You said to Charlotte, giving her a meaningful look. She nodded.

Once in the bathroom You leaned against the door and pulled out your phone.

"Yes, love?"

"Baby, there's a man here. Says his name is Locke. Needs to speak to you. On some buisness on behalf of your father. Please get here stat. I don't feel safe." You said quickly.

"Give us about forty-five. I'll have Alyn and Ben there in a few minutes."

You sighed as the other line went silent. You pocketed your phone and returned to the kitchen. You could feel the man watching you closely as you worked on dinner. 

You worked in silence as Locke talked. His voice annoyed you.

"Who's that woman who dances with you? She's fine. I'd like to go a few rounds with her." He said to Charlotte. 

A few rounds.

It hit you like a blow to the stomach. You stabbed the knife into the cutting board and stormed from the room. You quickly slipped into the bedroom and pulled your gun from your coat pocket. 

No bullets.

You frowned. But you just needed a bluff. You stomped back into the kitchen holding your gun at the man.

He jumped up, holding his hands up in surrender, "whoa now! What the fuck?"

"I know who you are. And I know what you said about me and my husband." You hissed.

He narrowed his eyes at you in confusion. Realization dawned on him as a wicked smile spread across his sallow face.

Before he could speak though Ben and Alyn walked in.

"Whoa there! What's going on?" Ben said, quickly stepping in front of you and taking your gun.

"Apologies. Apparently I was rude. Didn't mean no offense. Women. Ya know." Locke chuckled.

You clenched your jaw, anger boiling, but said nothing. You went back to making dinner. Charlotte caught your eye but you shook your head. She gave an understanding look.

The silence was awkward and unpleasant as Alyn and Ben sat on either side of Locke.

"Where's the kid?" Alyn asked, looking around. 

"Hospital. With his mom. I'm sure he will be back soon, visiting hours should be over in an hour or two." You said, pulling chicken from the oven.

Ramsay and Damon showed up as you finished the last of the cooking. Ramsay had a funny way of doing that. Always showing up as soon as food was ready.

Locke stood from his seat and shook Ramsay's hand. Ramsay glanced at your gun on the table and then to you as you turned to the crowd after washing your hands. He slid your gun from the table into his pocket.

Dinner passed in silence. Finally, Ramsay rose from the table, pulled out his cigarettes, and motioned for Locke to follow him outside.

As you put away the last of the dirty dishes in the dishwasher, Matt stumbled in.

"I made you a plate. It's in the microwave." You said.

"Fucking, sweet. Thank you." Matt said, crossing the kitchen to the microwave.

"How's your mom?" You asked, wiping down the counter top.

Matt shrugged, "doctor's wanna keep her until she's put on weight, gone under detox, and seen the psych."

You nodded, "I'm sure she will be okay."

"What's it matter though? Soon as they let her go she'll go back to doing the same shit."

"Well," you said slowly, sitting at the table and toying with your wedding ring,  "maybe this time she won't. People change."

Matt snorted derisively, "no offense, but people don't change."

You stared at the wet cloth in your hand, "maybe you're right. But maybe you're wrong too."

"Yeah. Maybe." He muttered, devouring his meal.

Locke was gone by the time you dared enter the living room.

Ramsay caught your attention and nodded for you to go back in the kitchen.

You turned back around and walked back into the kitchen.

Ramsay stepped into you and slipped your gun in your pants waist, "no bullets. What were you playing at? You can't bluff with a man like him."

You sighed, giving a shiver as the cold metal touched your warm skin.

"I dunno. He just... He disgusted me and I was tired of listening to him talk."

"Mm." He hummed, kissing the crown of your head. "I found us a place. We will stay here tonight and head out there tomorrow. No one but the people in this house know where it is, and it will remain that way. Your girls included. The less who know, the better." 

He grabbed your hand and led you to the living room. You sat at the end of the couch by Ben, and Ramsay sunk to the floor, between your legs. He rested his cheek on your knee and lit another cigarette.

"How's Liz?" You asked Ben, running your hand through Ramsay's hair. You noted how soft it was today. 

Ben gave a half shrug. "Sick. Her mother got in this afternoon. Thought I'd let them catch up this evening. They kept going on in their overly excited bullshit. I swear she does that on purpose. She knows I can't understand."

You snorted, as Matt sat on the floor across from Ramsay, resting his elbows on the coffee table.

Damon nudged Matt's hat off with his foot, "go grab the tray and beer."

Matt gave a small sigh, pushing himself up and leaving.

"Why are y'all so mean to him? He's a baby." You said, giving Damon a dirty look.

"Builds character." Ramsay chuckled, pushing his head back into your lap and looking up at you.

You pursed your lips and rolled your eyes, "he goes through shit for y'all. Give him a break."

Ramsay stood up, giving you a wicked grin as Matt returned, laden with bottles and tray.

Ramsay took the tray, setting it down and helping Matt with the beer. Matt eyed him warily. 

"Come here, kid." Ramsay said, motioning Matt closer. Matt stood a few inches taller than Ramsay.

Once close enough Ramsay made a quick movement, and had Matt in a headlock. With his free hand Ramsay pinched Matt's cheek.

"I believe the Missus has a crush on you, kid. She says we should be nice to your baby ass. Do you agree?"

Matt struggled to throw Ramsay off, but soon gave up and went limp, red in the face.

"No." He finally said.

"No? Don't think we're too hard on you?" Ramsay chuckled, releasing the kid.

"Babe, stop." You said, crossing your arms and throwing dirty looks at the Boys, all who sniggered heartily.

"It's just that we are all getting old, and you're a spritly little shit. And you need to learn your place." Ramsay shrugged, resuming his seat at your feet.

Matt just gave a nod and sat down too.

"You're too quiet. We keep you around because you're funny. Tell us a story."

"Rams, leave him be. He's had a long day." You hissed, pulling his hair.

"Yeah? Me too. But because I love you, I'll leave your side chick alone." Your husband replied, pushing his head further into your hands.

"He just needs to get laid. I've got all kinds of girls to set you up with." Alyn said, sipping his beer and pulling a bag of blow from his pocket.

Matt shook his head, ears turning pink.

"No. He wouldn't. Gave his heart to a little snake." Ramsay chuckled, holding up his beer and giving Matt a very exaggerated wink. "Go grab me a bottle of whiskey and I'll leave you the fuck alone."

Matt wasted no time in leaving the room.

"You guys are dicks." You sighed.

"He likes it. Makes him one of us." Ben shrugged with a yawn.

You watched Alyn snort his line off a magazine, and rest his head in his hands.

Matt handed Ramsay the bottle of Jack and made to sit.

"Before you sit, hand me that six string." Ramsay said quickly, nodding at the corner.

You watched Ramsay finger the beat up guitar.

"How is it you that ended up with this?" He asked, glancing over at Damon.

"Dunno man. I don't remember that night. Except that I fucking died." Damon said, giving Ramsay an ugly look.

"I got you going again. You're heart still beats." Ramsay said dismissively. He looked up at you, "kill a guy once and they never let you forget. I like them better when they stay dead."

"Man, fuck you. If I hadn't died and you freaked the fuck out your ass would of been in jail in a fuck ton of shit." Damon said, puffing up.

"We went to jail anyways!" Ramsay cried, sitting up straight.

Damon screwed his face up, "hm. Yeah. I guess you're right. Man, to be nineteen again."

"Hm." Ramsay huffed, turning his attention back to the guitar, slouching back into the couch again.

You rested your head back on the couch, listening to Ramsay play guitar and talk shit with the Boys. Normality. It was nice. So nice. A Saturday night of sitting around with the people who had become family over the last three years. If only it were always like this.

"Boss?" Matt said, busying himself with examining marijuana buds.

"Sup?" Ramsay asked, setting the guitar aside and pushing himself off the ground.

"Was this always what you were gonna do? I mean, you grew up in it." Matt asked, holding up the rolling paper to examine it.

Ramsay pulled you up from the couch, sat down, and pulled you into his lap. "Nah. I had other plans. But... here I am. Much to everyone's disappointment."

You noted the bitterness in his last statement, and buried your face in the crook of his neck, placing gentle kisses and bites to his warm skin. You felt him stir in his pants, and bit down on his neck harder, worrying a hickey between your teeth.

"So what was you gonna do?"

"I was gonna be a mortician. Ramsay the Undertaker." He said, with a reminiscent sigh.

You pulled away from your husband and laughed, "really?"

"Yeah. What better way to cover up murders?" 

"But?" Matt asked, handing the finished joint to Damon.

"I was gifted with numbers and my father decided his worthless, youngest son could be useful after all. Make me a bookie. Is this what you wanted to do, kid? Because if you say yes, I will shoot you in the knee." 

Matt grinned, taking the joint back from Damon, staring at the burning cherry before he spoke.

"I never really had a plan. Thought if I made it to eighteen I'd join the military and get the fuck out of here."

"Yeah, don't. Trust me." Ben said bitterly.

"Yeah, I pay better. Offer more benefits too." Ramsay chuckled taking the joint.

"What about you, (y/n)?" Charlotte asked, looking up from her phone.

You turned your gaze to the room with a grin, "Well, I was going to be a cop. But I always had a thing for writing. Thought maybe someday I would publish a book."

Ramsay choked on his smoke, "and... what would... you write... a... book about?"

You shrugged.

"Oh no. You have to tell us. What would you call it?" Charlotte demanded.

"The Vaseline Chronicles. An underdog story about how the main character gets through the day no matter how hard life decides to fuck them in the ass." You said, closing your eyes, and resting back into Ramsay.

There was a pause before Ramsay let out one of his rare, genuine laughs. Nobody was able to speak for many minutes through the laughter. High people. Always have such a way of laughing too long.

"Oh man. That's gold. Vaseline Chronicles." He chuckled after catching his breath.

You grinned, rolled your eyes, and placed a kiss to his warm cheek before standing up.

"Where are you going?" He asked, grabbing at your hand.

"Bed." You replied, giving him a look.

"Yes!" Ramsay hissed triumphantly, standing quickly and ushering you down the hall.

He stepped into you as the door clicked behind him.

You let him undress you and helped him from his clothes. You pressed your body flush to his. He was so warm. It was comfortable as he pushed you back onto the cold bed.

"What do you want?" He whispered, kissing along your jaw.

"For you to love me." You whispered back, closing your eyes and arching you back.

You felt his lips curl into his trademark smirk against your skin.

"As my queen commands." He murmured, holding himself up with one hand and trailing his fingertips lightly down your body.

You drew a breath, warmth and desire beginning to bubble as his touch.

He nipped your ear, slowly pushing a finger inside you.

You swallowed, pushing yourself into his hand.

He kissed along your neck, across your chest, and placed soft kisses to the peak of your nipple.

You grabbed at his hip as he slowly ran his warm tongue over your nipple, before taking your breast in his mouth.

You let out a moan, heart beginning to pound furiously, breathing deeply through your nose.

He curled his finger inside you, sliding in another. He made a small noise, clearly pleased at how wet he had already made you.

The desire and needing at your core began to mount, as you pushed your hips up, grinding against his hand.

He pulled away from your breast, kissing back up your neck. He took the sensitive skin of your neck between his teeth and bit down softly as he worried a hickey. He pushed his fingers harder and further into you.

Your moan was drowned out by the blood pounding in your ears.

He released your neck and pressed his forehead to your temple.

"How long?" He panted, heavily in your ear.

"Not." You struggled to get out as he moved his hand faster. "Fuck me baby."

"Beg me. Show me how bad you need me." He purred, pulling his hand from you and wiping his wet fingers across your hip.

You whimpered, "Fuck me, daddy. Please. Use me. Abuse me. I'm yours. Let me have you. I need to feel you."

"Not good enough." He growled, running his free hand lightly up your neck.

"Daddy. Please. It's hurting me. Please." You choked through the heavy breathing, the heat between your legs driving you crazy as you throbbed for him.

"You were a bad girl today." He sneered, tightening his hand around your neck slightly.

"I know. I'm sorry baby. I'm so sorry. It won't happen again. Please, fuck me." You whimpered, tears springing up from nowhere as you shut your eyes tight.

He released you and ran his thumb along your cheek.

"Look at me." He said gruffly.

You brought your eyes to his. He held your gaze as he slowly slid himself inside of you. He gave a small sigh and you drew a tiny breath, clutching his hips and pulling him closer.

"Don't look away." He whispered, grinding his hips against yours at a tauntingly slow pace.

You took in his face as you pushed your hips into his.

His blown pupils, flared nostrils, parted lips. You bit your bottom lip, arching your back again, and letting out a breathy moan as the pleasure of such a slow pace built up the wall that would soon come crashing down.

You ran your hand up his side, pressing your palm flush to his breast, feeling his heart pound underneath, and the broken skin from the night before. 

You let your eyes travel down from his face and rest on the cut you had made with his knife. You slid your finger along the cut.

He made a small noise, but let you continue to run your finger along the damaged skin. You pushed yourself up and placed your lips to the cut, rough and warm against your soft lips.

He drew a breath, pushing harder into you. You fell back into the bed, cupping his face and bringing him with you as you clashed your hips with his. He caught your lips in an aggressive kiss, biting at your bottom lip.

You moaned into his mouth, setting a rougher pace, grinding your hips harder into his.

"Daddy." You panted, as he tugged on your lip with his teeth.

"Mm. Baby girl. Let me feel you get off." He purred, pressing his warm body flush to yours.

You shifted, a slight discomfort in your lower belly, but pushed back against him, breath catching as your high neared its peak.

He thrust into you and the force sent you over the edge. It had come faster than you had expected and the orgasm caught you off guard. As your body quaked, the world fell away into a warm, numbing tingle. You swallowed the scream in your throat and instead whimpered loudly, locking eyes with Ramsay as it all seemed to happen so fast.

He gave a small jerk, face softening slightly, as he met his release with a deep, throaty moan. His arms shook as he struggled to hold himself up, never taking his eyes from yours as his heavy breathing steadied.

He brushed a strand of hair from your forehead, kissed you deeply, and fell into the bed beside you with a sigh.

"I like this side of you." You said, sitting up and looking down at him.

He gave a half grin, "I know."


"What's this?" You asked, looking up from the stack of cash Ramsay dropped on the table before you.

"Your damn underwear." Your husband replied, opening the refrigerator with a yawn.

You pushed your empty cereal bowl away and picked up the cash, "Babe, I never owned a grand worth of panties."

"Well, now you do. You and Charlotte go spend the afternoon shopping and when you get back here we will go to our new house. Or, temporary house. Whatever." He said, yawning again and pulling the gallon of milk from its shelf.


"Oh..." You said, placing your hand over your chest.

"You good?" Charlotte asked, glancing up at you.

You swallowed, "Yeah. Heartburn." 

"And so it begins." She chuckled. "Let's go get you some TUMS and get you back to your clingy husband. I'm sure he's annoyed at us for being gone all day."

You nodded, taking a long drink from your cup before gathering up your shopping bags.

"How long until you find out if it's a girl or boy?" She asked, helping you load the bags into the back of the Jeep.

"Four and a half weeks." You said, stomach clenching horribly at how close that was.


You climbed into your seat and gave a shrug, "no. Rams ignores me whenever I bring it up."

"Well, I'm sure as soon as he knows the gender he will rattle off a hundred names." 

"I dunno. I'm having a hard time picking five I like." You shrugged.

For a Sunday, this side of town was busy today. Was there some kind of event going on you hadn't heard about? Traffic was becoming annoying. All you wanted was for this heartburn to go away and whine until your husband finally gave in to rub your back so you would shut up.

"Do you know where this safe house is?" You asked, tapping the steering wheel, waiting on the light.

"No. Only that it exists." Charlotte said, fixing her lipstick in the visor mirror and lighting a cigarette. 

Your phone rang in your lap and you assumed it to be your husband. However, you were startled to see it was Eli.


"Something you'd like to tell me, sis?"

"Uh, no?" You said, chewing your lip, and pulling into the parking lot of the drug store.

"I got you." Charlotte said, hopping out of the vehicle.

"You're house, (y/n). What the fuck? What is going on? Do mom and dad know?"

You swallowed, "No. Don't worry about it. And no, they don't. Nor will they. Do you understand me, E?"

"What the fuck is going on?" Eli demanded, sounding slightly angry and worried.

"Nothing you need to worry about, little brother. Everything is fine. And I swear to god, if you say anything at all to mom and dad I will fucking shoot you."

"We need to meet face to face. I need to know what's going on."

"Okay. Tomorrow. We can grab dinner together. I will explain it all then. Just please, don't bring mom and dad into it." You sighed.

"Into what?"

"Just promise me, E."

"Fine. But it better be a damn good reason."

"Wow. You sounded just like dad," you laughed, "but really. I'm fine and so is everything else. Dinner tomorrow. I'll text you the info. Love you."

You heard Eli give a frustrated sigh, "love you too."

You dropped your phone in your lap with an irritable sigh. Now what? How were you going to play this one off? Maybe Ramsay could come up with something. 


"This place is actually much nicer than I expected." You said, sipping a bottle of water and staring out the window at the city glittering in the twilight in the distance.

"Think I'd let you stay in trash, no matter how short a time period?" Your husband said, dropping a bag on the couch.

You turned to him, "no, baby. It was just... such a short amount of time to get somewhere thrown together. Now, what are we going to do about my brother?"

"Take him to dinner tomorrow night, I guess." He replied, glancing around the house.

You rolled your eyes, "that's not what I meant."

"I know, I know. I'll figure it out before then. Unless you want to be marked as a brother killer too, then it will only be too easy."

"No. I'd rather not have my brother dead." You said flatly, sitting at the kitchen bar.

Ramsay shrugged, sliding your take out box to you, "guess we can get groceries after dinner tomorrow. But, I did get you ice cream to hold you over til then."

You tore the plastic wrapper from your fork and grinned at your husband, "you're the best."

"So I've heard." He winked, pouring whiskey into his cup of cola.


Chapter Text


You looked up from your make up bag, "yes, love?"

"You okay?" Ramsay asked, cocking his head to the side and examining you.

"Of course." You said with a half shrug and nod, turning your attention back to the mirror on the floor. 

"No. You're not. Come here, little pet. Tell me what's wrong."

You sighed, rising from the floor and climbing up on the bed into Ramsay's lap. You rested the side of your face on his chest and closed your eyes.

"I'm tired. My throat hurts. I have a horrible headache. I just want to go home and set up our child's room. I want to be able to have a solid nights sleep. I keep having nightmares. Baby, I'm afraid." You said, tears seeping into his shirt.

"Afraid of what, baby girl?" He asked, pulling you in close.

"Everything. Something happening to you. And to our child." You whimpered, clinging to his shirt.

"There's nothing to be afraid of. I've got everything under control." He chuckled.

You sighed. If he only knew.

"Rams, there's some..." You began, but he placed his hand over your mouth.

"Sh... Now, take a nap. We still have hours until dinner. Lay here and do nothing. Anything you need to say can wait." He said firmly. 

"Lay with me awhile? I don't want to be alone." You said sweetly, looking up at your husband through your lashes. Trying to ignore the nagging in your head about finally telling your husband his father wanted him dead.

"Alright, for awhile. Get naked." He finally said, pulling his shirt off.

You slid off the bed to pull your shirt off and slide out of your sweats. You made to slide down your new, lacy white underwear when Ramsay grabbed your wrist and pulled you to the side of the bed. 

He buried his face between your breasts and inhaled deeply. You gave a weak smile and laced your fingers in his hair as he placed gentle kisses to your skin.

"Will I ever know the real you?" You asked quietly, climbing into his lap and straddling him.

"I don't even know the real me, baby doll." He murmured, darting his tongue over your nipple.

You drew a sharp breath and tightened your grip in his hair.

"Can this be the real you? The you who laughs, and jokes, and plays guitar, and is gentle with me?" You asked, tipping your head back as he kissed up your neck.

"It would bore you, baby girl. You're too much like me." He said, nipping at you ear. "Now, tell me about your nightmares."

"Why?" You asked with a gasp as she shifted to lay you back on the bed.

"Just curious." He hummed, kissing down your body.

You closed your eyes, savoring his soft lips before speaking.

"It's always the same one. I'm in a graveyard. Alone. And then I hear this voice... it's like... it's... I dunno. But always tells me I could of saved them. All of them. Whatever that means." You said, gripping his shoulder as he kissed along the thin, lace fabric of your panties.

"Then what?" He coaxed, taking the fabric between his teeth and pulling down.

"Fire. That's all I see. And I hear gunshots and screaming... and yelling." You said with a small sigh, pushing your hips up to help him slide the last of your clothing from you.

"Then?" He asked, nipping the skin on your inner thigh.

You arched your back with a small moan.

"That's it. It sounds stupid when I say it out loud, but it's scary. I wake up sweating and breathing hard, tears on my face, heart broken, and makes my stomach hurt so fucking bad." You said, opening your eyes to stare at the ceiling, holding back the whimper as your husband parted you slowly with his tongue.

Why was he interested in your nightmare? What did it matter to him?

He pushed his tongue in you as far as he could, making slow, firm movements.

You sighed, canting your hips against his mouth as he fucked you slowly with his tongue.

"Baby boy." You whispered, digging your nails into his shoulder.

He made a small noise and pushed his face further into you.

"Fuck me." You moaned, arching your back and grabbing at him desperately as he lapped up the wetness dripping from you. 

"Hush. You're supposed to be taking a nap and doing nothing." He growled huskily. The vibration of his words against your sensitive skin making you shiver.

"I can't go to sleep, knowing I didn't do my job for you." You panted, warmth beginning to spread from your core, outward. 

He brought his eyes up to yours and bit down on your sensitive spot.

You gasped, pushing yourself further into his face.

"Harder." You demanded in a rough whisper.

He bit down harder until you hissed in discomfort. He released his teeth and darted his tongue over the spot, the sting dying at once and turning to pleasure.

"Fuck me, damnit." You choked through a strangled moan. 

"Let me have that ass, baby girl." He said, pulling away from you and licking his lips.

"Do you deserve it?" You asked with a wicked smile.

"I always deserve it. You're mine." He growled, biting roughly at your skin as he made his way up your body.

"And you are mine. So tell me, daddy, why should I give you any ass?" You said, grabbing at him as he pressed his body flush to yours. You felt his hardened length throbbing and restrained in his shorts.

"Because, little momma, you like it. You want it. You need it. You need the pain." He murmured in your ear, grabbing your wrists and pulling them above your head as he ground himself against you.

You whimpered, struggling to pull your hands free to sink your nails into his soft skin.

"I will make it feel good, baby girl. I'll make it hurt so good, your pussy will soak this bed through." He purred, running his tongue along your ear, his breathing hot and heavy. He ground his hips against you again.

"Let me go so I can roll over." You whimpered, body quaking at his words and touches.

"No. I'm going to hold you just like this. I want to see the pain and pleasure on your face. Watch your tits bounce as I fuck you in the ass until you can't breath." He growled, releasing one of your hands to push his shorts down.

You bit your lip, chest heaving as he ran the tip of his dick over your wet folds. He burried himself inside you without warning.

You gasped, pushing your hips into his. He thrust in you again and you could feel yourself beginning to come undone.

He pulled himself from you, gripping himself in his hand, and easily gliding his hand up and down with your wetness.

You moaned, biting your lip, breathing hard through your nose as you watched him. He pushed himself into you again, running his wet hand along your ass cheek and gripping hard as he pulled himself from you to push his dick in your ass.

He leaned into you and kissed you deeply as he pushed himself into you. You closed your eyes tight, waiting on the pain. The burning, body tensing pain came without fail.

You gave a small whimper in his mouth and he stalled, kissing your bottom lip gently.

"Relax into me, my little pet. Let's do this together. Open your eyes." He murmured softly.

You opened your eyes and could see yourself reflected in the big blue orbs looking down at you. You drew a deep breath and relaxed, grabbing his hip with your free hand.

"Ready?" He asked, blinking slowly.

You licked your lips and nodded. He pushed the rest of himself inside you with a deeply, satisfied moan. To hear him feel so good was all you needed as you pushed your hips up to take him even further.

"Baby doll." He panted, leaning into you and kissing you deeply. He moved against you.

You tutted, "harder."

His wicked grin formed as he brought his hand to sweep over your sensitive nub, making you jerk.

True to his word, each thrust brought a numbing tingle of pain, but the pleasure from it was overwhelming as you found an aggressive rhythm with him.

Neither of you willing to break lips, as you both clashed teeth, bloodied lips, and let primal noises of ecstasy escape you both.

"How close are you?" He panted, groping your breast, and ploughing into you.

"Find out for yourself." You panted back, arching your back, clutching his waist, trying to pull him closer.

He ran his hand down your body to your soaked and throbbing entrance, shoving his fingers into you with his next thrust.

"Ramsay!" You whimpered, air catching in your chest.

"Mm... that's right, baby girl." He growled, curling his fingers inside you and losing momentum in his thrusting as his body began to go rigid.

You pushed yourself into him with a breathy moan, feeling the peak of your high nearing as the throbbing continued.

You watched him draw a sharp breath, clench his jaw, and his pupils blow as his high came crashing down. 

"Fuck." He moaned out, trying to keep himself from falling into you as his savored the release of his high through his heavy breathing.

He rubbed his thumb firmly against your clit as it began to feel overly sensitive.

"Your turn, baby girl. Let me taste." He whispered with a violent shiver.

You bit your lip, swallowing hard, pushing your hips into his hand.

He pulled away from you completely, quickly pushing down your body, his head between your legs and teasing you with his tongue.

He nipped at your glistening folds, and sucked at your wetness.

"Baby." You panted, grabbing his hair tight.

He pushed his tongue in you roughly and gave a pleased hum as he felt the high come crashing down on you.

You couldn't suppress the scream and gasp as your high washed over you, every part of you relaxing into the euphoria. 

You gave a small jerk as Ramsay licked you clean, your whole body feeling overly sensitive. 

"I feel... dirty." You giggled, rubbing your sticky thighs together.

"You are a nasty bitch." He chuckled, wiping his mouth off on his discarded shirt. "You smell different. Why?"

"Uh... new lotion maybe?" You said, thrown off slightly.

"I don't like it. It doesn't smell like you."

"Yeah. Okay baby. No problem." You said, sliding under the covers. A shower could wait. Right now you were too tired.


"So?" You asked, tying your shoe.

"I could use him. Tell him the truth. It's only gunna go one of two ways. You know that." Ramsay said, holding out your coat and patiently waiting on you.

"I don't want my baby brother in this though." You sighed, taking your coat.

"Well, shit happens."

"Like what happened with your brother?" 

Ramsay gave you a long look, "does it bother you?"

He tone was threatening, but his eyes were questioning.

"Yes. Because it bothers you. Why did y'all hate each other?" You said, grabbing your purse.

"We didn't hate each other. But we didn't like each other either. Dom... He always resented me slightly because I was living proof that father cheated on his mother while she was sick and dying. And I disliked him because he was the perfect son. But, it is what it is."

"Did you kill him?" You asked, stepping out into the cold.

"What do you think?" He asked, following you and closing the door behind him.

"No?" You said, running it over in your mind as he opened the Jeep door for you and helped you inside.

"Why?" He asked, when he climbed in.

You shrugged, "Because you've never given proof that you did."

"Well, let me fill you in on a secret. I did. Double tap to the back of the head. Him and his wife." He sneered, glancing over at you.

"Liar." You said, crossing your arms.

"No. I did it. I killed him. I had to."

"Oh you had to, huh?" You asked, raising a brow.

"Yes. I showed him mercy. He fed some information to a snitch, and it was going to fuck everything. He didn't realize it until it was too late. There was no clean way for him to get out of it. He was meeting with someone that night. Called me up, told me what he had done, and I promised to help get him out of it. So I showed up, drugged his drink, and finally when he was too fucked up to do anything, I did the deed. Then his bitch of a wife shows up, so I had to off her too. I never knew what exactly he did, said, or who he gave the information to. It wasn't until you pointed out the Greyjoy was first on the scene, that it hit me. I don't know how much he knows, or who he is reporting to, but I need to find out. That is why I need to find him."

You sighed, "The worst part about this is that I don't know if you're telling the truth or not."

"That's on you, little pet. Believe whatever. It makes no difference to me. Regardless of the truth, my brother is dead." He replied.

You stared out the window, saying no more. Ramsay slid his hand in yours and held your hand tight. Something was different about him. It was unsettling. 

"I'm sorry." You said quietly as he helped you from the Jeep.

"For what?" He asked, placing a kiss to your forehead.

"Not knowing if I believe you." You said, hugging him tight.

He gave a small, amused huff. "It makes no matter, baby girl."

"If you say so, my love." You replied, as he opened the door to the restaurant for you.

The man at the door led you through the building to a private room. It was small, dim, and empty.

"Drinks, Mr. Bolton?" A waiter asked, setting down menus.

"Glass of scotch and a sweet tea." Ramsay said, without asking you.

You glanced around the empty room, nervousness mounting inside you as the seconds ticked by.

You busied yourself with your straw as the waiter showed Eli and a girl to the table.

You heaved a sigh. Idiot. Though you weren't sure if you thought it about you or your brother. You should of told him to come alone.

"She'll have to leave." Ramsay said, propping his elbows up on the table.

"She stays." Eli said defiantly.

"How well do you know her? Would you trust her with your sisters life?" Ramsay challenged, eyes hardening to icy shards.

It frightened you slightly. You'd only ever seen that look on two previous occasions, and neither turned out good for the person who had received the look.

You slid your hand to Ramsay's knee and gave a small squeeze.

"I trust her completely with everything." Eli said, giving a small nod and smile at the girl.

"Name?" Ramsay asked, running his eyes over the girl in slight distaste. 

"Westerling. Sergeant Jeyne Westerling. Medic." She said. 

Ramsay turned his gaze to your brother, "and what do you do?" 

"MP." Eli responded.

Ramsay looked between you and your brother with a smirk. "Need for law enforcement, huh?"

"Family thing." You shrugged, cheeks warming slightly.

"Why am I here? What is going on?" Eli said, cutting the pleasant tone and adopting a stern one. It made him look and sound like your father. 

"Well the thing is..." Ramsay said slowly, pulling his cigarettes from his inside breast pocket of his dinner jacket, "your sister has a nasty secret. You see... she's a bloodthirsty, psycho, organized crime boss. She's made a shit ton of enemies, and they decided to send us messages."

You sat in stunned silence before glaring at Ramsay. You gave him a small hit to the chest.

"Ramsay!" You hissed, suppressing a grin.

He grabbed your hand, and placed a kiss to your knuckles.

"Okay, okay. So I maybe lied a little. She's not the mob boss. I am." He gave you a questioning look, "but is it really any different? I mean, we are one in the same."

You rolled your eyes but said nothing.

Eli looked at you both for a long moment before letting out a laugh, but when neither you or your husband joined in, the laugh died in his throat.

"You... You aren't serious?" He gaped.

Ramsay gave a small nod.

Eli rounded on you, as the waiter placed a basket of bread on the table.

"Tell me you're fucking with me right now?" He implored.

You sighed, and took a bread, giving your baby brother an apologetic look.

"And mom and dad don't know? About any of it?" Eli asked, clearly hoping someone would jump out and cry 'April fools' or something of the like.

"Because how am I supposed to bring that up, E? Oh hey mom, by the way, your son in law is a serial killer who will someday inherit one of the largest crime families in the country... yeah. That would go over real well." You retorted, brandishing your bread at him.

"I.. this isn't... You guys... what?" Eli said weakly, unable to form a sentence.

"Should we be talking about this, here?" Jeyne spoke up, looking around the empty room. She seemed unabashed by the information.

"I own everyone here. It's quite safe. But you two are not. So here's how it will go down. You're both getting married. ASAP. Got it? Lie and cheat on one another, makes no matter to me. But you will marry. This way I can ensure secrecy. Anything I want or need from either of you, will be given to me." Jeyne gave an ugly look that made Ramsay laugh, "Yeah, no. Don't worry about that. But, first order of business, mister good cop... I need riot gear."

"I can't..." Eli began, the color draining from his face.

Ramsay gave a cold bark of laughter, "you can and you will. It works like this, you do what I say and keep your mouth shut, or I kill you, starting with those closest to you. Which would first be your bride to be, then your parents."

Eli gave you a pleading look. You gave a sad smile. You did warn him. But he had insisted on knowing the truth.

The door to the room was thrown open and you were surprised to see Alyn, clutching a stack of papers.

"Man, don't you know I get tired of seeing you." Ramsay groaned, as Alyn slammed the papers in front of him, jabbing at the middle of the top page.

"Well, didn't want my ass strung up for putting this off. But I obtained all the shit you asked for on your father, and look at this." Alyn said quickly, glancing over at Eli and Jeyne, "don't I know you?"

She went slightly pink in the face but said nothing.

Ramsay made a noise of disgust, running his eyes over the paper.

"Are you fucking serious?" He said, lip curling in distaste as if he had just smelled something repulsive. He turned to you, "it would seem my father somehow managed to get that cow pregnant."


You looked down at the table, processing the information. 

"Strike two." You whispered to yourself. 

"What's that, doll?" Ramsay hummed, tearing his eyes away from the other papers.

"Nothing" you said quickly as Eli caught your eye.

You gave an unconcerned shrug, and stared across the room. You watched the waiter enter and wondered how many of these people working here reported to Ramsay alone, and how many were secured by his father.

"Take this shit up to the house and put it in the hidey-hole." Ramsay said, thrusting the papers back to Alyn.

Nobody said anything through dinner. It was tense. You were getting real tired of tense, awkwardly silent meals.

Finally you set your fork down, debating on dessert, but finally deciding against it.

"I'll be back." Ramsay whispered to you and he left the table, exiting the room.

"This is all a bad joke, right?" Eli asked almost immediately.

You sighed, "I wish I could say it was, bro. But this is my life. And honestly... I love it. I didn't want you in this mess. You're too good. But I had no choice. This is the only way I could make sure you wouldn't say anything to our parents. I knew you wouldn't put their lives at risk. This is how it is, E. I love you, and as long as you do what Rams says, no one will ever know and you will be very well paid. I promise. No paper trail. Nobody will know anything. Trust me. I won't let you get hurt."

"He didn't really mean what he said about us, did he?" Jeyne asked, face flushing as she side eyed your brother.

"I'm afraid so. We can't let either of you go. You know too much now, and the best way to ensure neither of you will go to the authorities or someone else, marriage has to be forced. This wasn't like a first date kind of thing, was it?"

Eli gave a dry laugh, "no. We've known each other for years now... But as far as relationship... well, I mean..."

You watched the color rise in your brothers face and bit back the grin.

"Well then, let me be the first to congratulate you both, and wish you a very happy, love filled marriage." You said, with a smile. 

Eli swallowed, looking at Jeyne, and giving a sigh. "I'm sorry."

"Me too." She said sadly.

Hurt sprung up in your chest. You were making your baby brother marry a woman he wasn't in love with. Or maybe not yet. There was hope they might love each other. That was all you had to go on.

"Alright, doll. We have groceries to buy." Ramsay said, stopping beside you and handing Eli five crips 100s.

Eli stared at Ramsay's hand, unsure what to do.

"Take it and go put a down payment on a ring tomorrow. I'll have it paid off next week. But don't be a dick and ask the woman to marry you without a ring that screams how much you love her." Ramsay said, still holding the money out patiently.


"You're grounded by the way." Ramsay said, falling into the couch beside you.

"Excuse me?" You said, raising a brow and opening your bag of popcorn. 

"I'm taking your Jeep." He replied simply.

"Why?!" You cried, glaring at your husband. 

"Well, I can't have you running off on some more Batman vigilante shit while I'm working." 

The injustice.

"So, I have to sit here alone all day? What if something happens? What if I need something?" You said with a scowl.

"You won't be alone. I'll have someone here with you until I get home. But I've got to go back to work. It's starting to look suspicious." Ramsay said, waving his hand at you dismissively.

"But..." You started, glaring at your popcorn.

"No buts. I can't have you out and about. If people we don't want to see you catch a glimpse of you, they will mark you. If they mark you, they will find this place. That's a no. It won't be that bad." 

You crossed your arms and sighed, "Okay. I understand."


You rose from the couch to go shower. Ramsay entered the bathroom as you finished drying your hair.

"Would you be less pissy if I got you a puppy?" He asked, emptying his pockets on the counter.

"No." You said sourly.

"No?" He asked, raising a brow.

"I'm too tired to keep up with a puppy, baby." You admitted.

He simply nodded, unbuttoning his shirt.

You laid in bed, staring at the ceiling. 

Well, you thought to yourself, if I'm stuck here all day, at least I'll have plenty of time to finally sit here and do nothing. Maybe I'll have Rams bring me a book home to start reading to Baby B.

Chapter Text

January melted into February. Or it would be more accurate to say melted and refroze as the snow turned to sleet and ice.

Every day seemed to make your stomach bigger, though women simpered about how tiny and cute your little baby bump was whenever you left this damn house. 

But it was really starting to get in the way. Especially in the bedroom. No, Ramsay didn't say anything about it, and he never missed an opportunity to fuck you, but to you... it was just... awkward in a way. Having sex was becoming taxing, trying to find a position that wasn't uncomfortable. 

But, your girls were back in the city. Ramsay seemed content. He hadn't even bitched about his boring desk job since finally returning to work. And he was no longer drowning in excessive bottles of liquor. He had cut back a lot. Ever since you killed the Targaryen. He still drank every day, just not as much. Theon Greyjoy had been spotted two days ago. However, there were only 5 short days until you found out what Baby B was. It scared you senseless. You were no closer in figuring out how to keep your husband safe.

Life at the safe house was boring. You spent half the day sleeping or reading. Charlotte came to stay with you a lot. It was nice to have another female to hang out with. You missed Liz and Kaden, but Liz was now too sick to leave her house.

She had called you the night before last and cried to you about how much pain she was in. How she regretted the idea of chemo. She should have just pushed for surgery. It hurt you to hear her so down and miserable. She was always so head strong and encouraging. You wished you knew what to do to help, anything to make her smile.

Your mother had called you a week ago, all in a dither that Eli was apparently getting married. Eli and Jeyne were going out there this weekend, so Mom and Dad could meet her. Eli had been very distant with you since that night at dinner. Not that you could blame him, but damn. You had just become cool with him again.

You had lunch a couple of times with Whit and Jared, when they didn't have to immediately get back home after their 'coffee bean' runs. 

"Oh yeah, mom and dad are ectastic that we get to use our flight skills for more than just med evac. Dad said, coffee beans was a funny investment, but as long as it put money in our pockets and made us happy. Going to put Kasey in traveling cheer squad this summer. She will be so excited."

Well, at least your Sheep were prospering. Ramsay had set up the schemes to buy all the land you had wanted, and construction for new businesses were in the works. You had gotten in touch with the Martell's to grow on land your Sheep had set up, as well as building more secure labs, though marijuana was the best choice to go with, for you personally. At least it was naturally occurring. You didn't really want any part in synthetic shit, to which Ramsay begrudgingly obliged.

"What do you want to do for your boyfriend's birthday?" Ramsay asked, looking up from the laptop he had been absorbed in for the last two hours.

"What?" You asked, marking your place in the book you had been reading. 

"Matt. His eighteenth birthday is tomorrow." Ramsay said, glancing at the sleet tinking on the windows.

"I dunno. I figured he and Ty would spend the day together. Thought maybe I would talk you into giving him a decent amount of money for him to blow on stupid shit." You shrugged, pulling your blanket up around you, trying to ignore the annoying urge to pee for the sixth time in the last hour and a half.

"Sure." Your husband replied, lighting a cigarette and going back to whatever it was he had been doing. Numbers by the sound of pen scratching on paper, furious muttering, and deep sighs. "It's fight night. Want to go? Thought I'd take you to dinner and then to the ring." 

"Um... sure? I've never been." You shrugged, yawning and rubbing your belly.

You closed your eyes with a small smile, breathing slowly, and deeply when... it happened.

You gasped, threw your eyes open, and sat up straight.

Ramsay looked up, alarmed, half rising from his seat.

"I felt it! I felt the baby move!" You said excitedly, looking down at your belly.

"Sure it wasn't just some weird body function?" He asked, raising a brow and closing the computer.

"Positive." You said excitedly. You stared hard at your belly and gave another gasp after a few moments of silence, "yes! I can feel the baby. Oh my god."

Ramsay leaned back in his chair and watched you with a rather uncharacteristically warm expression.

You both simply stared at one another until finally Ramsay stood from his seat and gave a deep stretch like a cat.

"Were you ever good at math?" He asked, cracking his knuckles and frowning at his notebook.

"Well I can find x." You replied, knowing your answer wasn't good enough. "Why?"

"I'm missing something. A variable or... I don't know." He said slowly.

You said nothing. Finally he shook his head slightly, scratching his jaw and turning to you.


"Whatever. It's gotten to the point where as long as I eat it doesn't matter. Heartburn doesn't discriminate it seems, either. But I would really love bell peppers."

"You make my life so easy." He chuckled, walking down the hall.

You watched him leave with a grin.

"I suppose I can dress for comfort?" You called from the closet. You turned to look at Ramsay as he entered the room. His faded jeans and band shirt were enough of an answer.

"You're very fond of this old rag." You said, picking at his shirt as he pulled his leather jacket on.

He shrugged, "first concert. Met Alyn there, actually."

"Oh?" You said, pulling your hoodie on.

"Yeah. We were fourteen. Gave him a bloody nose in the mosh pit. Then I saved his life from some big dude after he got caught making out with the dudes drunk woman. Rolled one behind the venue, and the rest was history. He just kind of stuck around. Father always hated my Boys, so I kept them close. Anyways, burgers and shakes? We can buy your bell peppers on the way back home." 

"Burgers and shakes sound wonderful. On one condition." You nodded, pulling your hood up and grabbing your wallet from your purse. 

"What's that?" He asked, ushering you out of the house.

"The fries have to be perfect for the shakes."

"Shake fries. Maybe you could market that." He chuckled, helping you into the Jeep.

Ramsay had had the Jeep repainted, tagged, and replaced the vin number. Made you a bit sad, but, safety first, right? Right.


"So, what am I to expect?" You asked, finishing your shake.

"It'll be loud. But what's better than a few beers and watching people beat the shit out of each other? Wonder if anyone good is fighting tonight?" Ramsay said, dropping his cigarette butt out of the cracked window.

He shifted in his seat, pulling his gun and knife, sliding both under the seat. You watched him with a raised brow.

"They check at the door." He shrugged, opening his door.

You met Damon, Charlotte, Ben, and to your excitement, Kaden at the front gates.

The boy rushed you, hugging you tightly.

"Aunt (y/n)! Look!" Kaden practically shouted, pulling his cap off.

"Oh goodness. What happened to all your hair?" You asked, kneeling down and running your hand over his fuzz.

"I did it for mommy." He said, eyes bright.

You looked up at Ben who gave a half shrug and sad smile.

"Liz had a meltdown and said fuck it. Says she was gonna lose it all anyways, might as well get on with it." Ben said, hurt lacing his words.

"But can I tell you a secret?" Kaden said, motioning you closer.

"What's that, hon?" You asked quietly.

He leaned into you, "it will grow back. Just like mommy's."

You gave a small, watery laugh, realizing you were emotional, "yes. Yes it will."

"Come on son, let's get out of the cold." Ben said, as Kaden put his hat back on.

You watched the boy with a fond smile, as Ramsay laced his fingers in yours and tugged you along.

Ramsay led you to a row of seats, close to the ring. Maybe too close for your liking.

"Want something to eat or drink before I send Dame off?" Charlotte asked, sitting behind you.

"I'd love a sprite or something." You replied, glancing back at her.

"Sure thing, sweetheart." She replied.

You watched Ramsay's profile, but he seemed unemotional as his eyes scanned the crowd.

Someone fell into the seat beside you. You turned quickly to see Tyene. She smiled brightly at you as Matt sat on her other side.

You hugged her warmly, "hey."

"Hey yourself. I was excited to hear you were coming. We miss you." Tyene said, looking past you to glare at your husband.

"I miss you all. But, gotta keep this baby safe." You said, placing your hand on your belly.

"Mama was saying how cute you looked yesterday when you swung by." Tyene smiled.

"I was sad you weren't there. But, I heard you were in good hands." You grinned, watching Matt shrug out of his coat.

Tyene shrugged, but grinned broadly.

"Speaking of, what are we doing tomorrow?" 

Tyene chewed her lip and gave another shrug, "dunno. Thought we would party it up tomorrow night at Alyn's club or something."

You nodded, "just text me and lemme know."

You made it through two fights before becoming slightly bored. You stole glances at your husband, who looked equally as bored, as he slouched in his seat and jiggled his foot.

You were going to suggest blowing this joint and maybe sneaking into a movie when the boredom flipped completely. But not into excitement.

The final two fighters of the night. Loras Tyrell, which meant the Tyrells and Lannisters were here. And none other than this infamous Jon Snow that your husband hated with almost as much passion as his obsession for you.

When the man took the ring, Ramsay sat up straight and rigid, eyes narrowed to cold slits, jaw clenched, and fists balled.

You caught Damon and Ben exchanged glances.

You watched how Ramsay watched this Snow guy. It was calculating and almost hungry. Like a starving wolf, in the dead of winter, watching a herd of deer run past.

You opened your mouth to say something to him but Damon made a frantic gesture with his hand, catching your eye, and shaking his head fervently. 

You closed your mouth again and turned your eyes to the ring.

They were both fast, but Loras was not consistent. After three rounds, Snow had ended it.

The noise of the crowd was loud and excited as Snow was paraded around the ring in triumph by the ref. He looked solemn and uncomfortable at all the attention.

The stands had mostly cleared before Ramsay finally came back down to earth and stood, fists still balled.

You held on to your empty cup, trying to think of something to say. But what was there to say? 

You followed him quietly to the lobby, where you bade Matt, Tyene, Ben, and Kaden good bye, giving Kaden about 15 extra hugs and threatened him to be a good boy for his mommy and daddy. To which he assured you he was always good.

You threw your cup away when a group of Lannisters and Tyrells pushed past you, all practically running toward the exit. It puzzled you.

You turned to Ramsay to ask if he had seen but to your surprise you found him pushing through the crowd in the other direction, Damon tearing off after him.

You exchanged a look with Charlotte and followed in their wake.

"SNOW!" Ramsay shouted, pushing people aside.

"Oh god. Please no." You sighed, hurrying to catch up to your husband.

"Bolton." Jon replied, inclining his head slightly, turning from the news crew and the red head on his arm.

"I'm calling you out." Ramsay growled.

"Baby, do you think that..." You started, halting at Ramsay's side, but stopping in midsentence as he gripped your arm and gave you a murderous look.

Jon Snow stood there, glaring at Ramsay in dislike. The woman at his side, glanced you and your husband over before leaning into Jon and whispering in his ear. He gave her a perplexed look when she pulled away and she wore an arrogant smirk, meeting your gaze.

You curled your lip and glared back at her.

"No." Jon finally spoke.

The red head rolled her eyes, turned on her heel, and stormed off.

"Pussy." Ramsay sneered, but his smirk dropped when his phone rang. "What?" He barked when he answered. His face hardened, "no. Do not engage." He hung up and turned to you, pushing you rather roughly along in front of him.

Damon gave you a look of sympathy as you were pushed past him.

Ramsay said nothing until he got to your door at the Jeep. He pushed you into the cold door and grabbed your face.

"If you ever make a fool of me like that in front of people and question my actions ever again, it will be the last thing you ever do." He hissed in so much venom that for the first time you were completely afraid of your husband. He meant it. The ice in his bite made it unmistakable. 

You swallowed, dropping your eyes as the tears lined your lower lashes, "yes sir. I'm sorry. I just... I don't want you to get hurt."

Ramsay released you, running the back of his hand along your cheek. He placed his finger under your chin and pulled your face up to his. He placed a kiss to your lips, but said nothing.

"I'm taking you home, then I have to see what the fuck is going on." He helped you into your seat and slammed the door.

"Stannis." You said, remembering what Olyvar had said.

"What?" Ramsay said, glancing over at you in confusion.

"The day I met Oly at the bar to sign paperwork and went to lunch... He told me that Renly had gone into hiding and that Stannis was going to make a move on the Lannisters before the idiot boys wedding. But then I saw the Stark girl and forgot all about it. So sorry baby. I figured you'd know anyways." You said, tumbling over the words as they fell from your mouth.

Ramsay watched you as he sat there waiting on the red light to turn, lights and sirens coming from behind. He said nothing as the cop cars soared past. He cleared his throat and lit a cigarette. 

"So?" You asked. 

"Nothing. We will go home and that's it. As far as I am concerned neither side makes a difference to me. Maybe they will all kill each other. I have no ties to any of those cunts. Guess we will see what happens when the smoke clears tomorrow morning."


"Party tonight?" You asked, looking up from Tyene's message.

Ramsay shrugged, looking up from his computer, "sure. But tell your snake we are partying my way. And I need to meet the kid at one o'clock downtown on the corner of Fifth and Kings Road."

"Um, okay? What are you doing? You've been quiet all morning." You questioned, sitting up from the couch.

"Numbers. And background cheks. This woman your brother is marrying... she's interesting." 

"Interesting, huh?" You asked, with a jealous bite.

Ramsay noticed it and laughed, "jealous? Jealousy bores me, doll. You've nothing to fear. I just meant her family. They have bad blood with the Lannisters. Found articles and police reports. Aparently aren't very popular with Tywin's brother. Maybe that's why she didn't laugh or seem surprised at dinner. She's a couple years younger than you. Been in the service for six years." 

You listened to him ramble his useless facts on your soon to be sister in law. 

There came a knock on the door and you saw Ramsay crinkle his brow in confusion before he rose from his chair.

He opened the door and Damon stepped in.

"Robb Stark. He's looking for you." 

Ramsay clicked his tongue and smirked.

"Tell him to meet me at the shop at six. Then we are going to the club for the kids birthday. I only need you with me when I meet the cop."

"Yessir." Damon nodded, clutching his keys and phone.

"Why did you come all the way up here instead of just calling?" Ramsay asked, crossing his arms.

"Because he's security detail this morning." You spoke up, putting your book down.

Your husband looked between you and Damon, who gave a half shrug and nod.

"I thought that was Friday?" 

"Babe, it is Friday." You said, furrowing your brows slightly.

"Hm. Interesting." He hummed, leaving the room.

"He good?" Damon asked quietly.

You shrugged, "he's been a bit off for a couple days."

"When's your appointment?"

You heaved a sigh, "Wednesday."

"Ah. I see." Damon nodded, glancing around the mostly empty house.


"This is a pretty dress." You said, pulling the navy blue dress from the bag.

"I thought it would look good on you. Classic waves. Pearls. You have two hours." Ramsay replied, throwing a box of shoes on the bed.

"Why are we dressing so nice to get the kid fucked up for his eighteenth birthday?" You asked, examining the highly polished, black shoes.

"Rite of passage."  


Ramsay walked in the bathroom, fixing his cufflinks as you pulled the last if the curlers from your hair. You felt your cheeks warm as you glanced at him in the mirror. 

"Why do we look like we belong in the thirties?" You asked, turning to him.

"Dress code." He said, adjusting his tie and placing his fedora hat delicately on his perfectly slicked hair. You just noticed he had gotten a haircut while he was out.

"Where are we going?" You asked, turning back to the counter to find your lipstick.

"It's a surprise."

"Who are we meeting?"

"Matt, your snake, Dame, Charlotte, and Alyn." 

He clasped your strand of pearls around your neck, fingers lingering longer than needed as he ran his tongue along his bottom lip.

"Alright, doll. First we meet with Stark, then we meet up with the gang."

"I'm following your lead." You smiled, putting your makeup away.


"You will hold your tongue, understood?" Ramsay said, throwing open the conference room door.

You nodded, entering the dark room, as Ramsay flipped on the light. You took a seat and ran your hand over the smooth surface of the polished table.

Ramsay leaned against the table beside you, glancing down at his watch. He tutted in annoyance.

"I really hate when people don't have the courtesy to be on time." 

"You'd really hate my mom then. She'll be late to her own funeral." You giggled, tapping your foot on the ground, as you smoothed out your dress.

Moments later Damon entered, looking just as clean cut as Ramsay. You almost didn't recognize him and took a few moments of staring to realize who it was, as he swept his hat off his head and tucked it under his arm, leaning against the wall as Robb Stark walked in stiffly. The news reporter, Talisa a step behind him.

"Let's waste no time, I'm in rather a hurry this evening." Ramsay said, taking a seat beside you.

Robb made to sit across the table but Ramsay held up his hand, "gun on the table."

Robb scowled, pulling his gun and placing it on the table.

Ramsay glanced at you, "check her."

You rose from your seat, walking around the table to Talisa.

"Is this really necessary?" Robb asked, stiffening even more.

"Just a precaution." Ramsay said, lighting a cigarette. 

You gave Talisa a small smile, "Sorry. But, safety first." You pat her down, "oh! I love your shoes." 

"Uh... thanks?" She said, standing just as stiffly as Robb.

You pulled away from her and returned to your seat. 

Robb and Talisa took their seats, both looking very awkward and uncomfortable.

"So, you got my message?" Ramsay asked, resting his elbows on the table.

"Yes. I did. You're a hard man to find." Robb said, with a nod.

"I like it that way. But I've been watching you. Nosing around in things that will get you killed. I would hire a professional hacker next time you try to find me. Now, before I say any more, why have you been meeting with my father?"

Robb eyed Ramsay closely, "he's helping me find my sister."

"Why? What's in it for him?" Ramsay asked, masking his confusion, but not before you took note of it.

"Don't know. He came to me and said he was sorry about my father and offered his help." Robb said, looking down at his hands as he rested them on the table.

You could see the strain in his face. Poor guy. Trying to play by his law abiding, police rules.

"Hm. Well, I am afraid I lied about having your sister. However, I know who has her. But locating her physical being has been difficult." Ramsay said, taking a long drag from his cigarette.

"Who?" Robb asked at once, snapping his head up.

"Hold on there, detective. What's in it for me?" Ramsay chuckled.

You gave him a side eye, frowning at his enjoyment by keeping this poor man in the dark.

"Bolton, I'm a cop. I don't make near enough what you're asking for." Robb said with a frustrated sigh, running his hand over his face.

Ramsay smirked, putting his cigarette out in the ash tray on the table, taking his hat off, and placing it in your lap.

"And I am just a simple banker, who owns a garage." 

"Please. Name your price." Talisa spoke up, grabbing Robb's hand tight.

"Alright, how about this... Give me Theon Greyjoy and I will deliver your sister to you. Bring me Theon and his uncle, Euron Greyjoy and I will give you your sister and fifty k." 

Robb gaped, "Theon? Why?"

"That's my business. Deal?" Ramsay said, a grin twitching the corner of his mouth.

"I can't. I don't even know where he is. He never came back to work." Robb admitted, chewing his lip.

The grin spread like poison on Ramsay's face.

"Seem to be losing everyone close to you, huh?"

Robb gave an ugly scowl and made to stand. Ramsay pulled back his jacket to reveal the gun strapped to his chest. Robb sat back in his chair.

"Do we have a deal?" Ramsay asked, rising from his chair, pulling the gun.

Talisa gasped, casting around wildly as Damon stepped in front of the only exit, hand tucked away inside his jacket.

Robb sighed, "Do I even have a choice?"

Ramsay laughed, "And I thought all Stark's were slow on the uptake. Look at it this way, you both walk out of here and never mention this meeting to anyone, you give me what I want, I give you what you want. Easy, right?"

Robb gripped the arms of his chair, "and if I bring the whole department down on you?"

Ramsay sucked his front teeth and gave an eye roll. He lazily held his gun up at Talisa.

You watched her eyes widen and color drain from her face.

"If you try anything stupid, well..." Ramsay said, pulling the trigger.

Talisa screamed as the shot rang out, and a hole appeared in the wall feet behind her. Ramsay had just missed grazing her cheek.

Robb jumped up, lunging for his gun, but Ramsay pulled a knife from nowhere it seemed and buried it in Robb's sleeve, pinning him just out of reach of his gun.

Talisa was sobbing hysterically into her hands, and Robb was fuming. Ramsay glanced at the shocked, sobbing woman in distaste.

"Now. Do. We. Have. A. Deal?" Ramsay asked, fingering the handle of the knife.

"Yes." Robb said weakly, shoulders dropping.

Ramsay wrenched the knife from the table with a satisfied grin and held out his hand. Robb shook it reluctantly. 

"Because I'm such a good guy, I'll give you a clue on your sister. Joffrey Baratheon."

Robb eyed Ramsay, snatched his gun from the table, helped Talisa from her chair, and ushered her from the room.

"Remember, if you speak a word of this, your graves are already dug!" Ramsay called after them with a malicious laugh.

Once they were gone you turned to your husband, as he took his hat back from you.

"The Lannisters don't have her though." You said bluntly.

Ramsay chuckled, "I know. But I like watching cops chase their tails. Now, let's get the fuck outta here. We have a long night ahead of us."


"What is this place?" You asked, snaking your arm around Ramsay's waist as he led you down a flight of cobblestone steps to a thick door. There was a small sign above the door that read "Naked Man".

Ramsay only gave you a smirk as he knocked on the door.

You glanced back at Damon, Charlotte, Matt, Tyene, and Alyn. They had all dressed like you and Ramsay. It was like looking back in time.

An eye hole in the door slid back. Ramsay pulled back his sleeve slightly to reveal part of his flayed man tattoo, "Bolton, party of seven. Our blades are sharp."

The eye hole slid closed and a few moments later the heavy door swung in and Ramsay led you into an underground club. It was dim, full of smoke haze, mostly older men, girls dressed in curve hugging floor gowns like yours, and an electro swing band on a wooden stage. It had to be the most upbeat, and yet elegant place you had ever set foot in. The floors were dark polished oak, the walls done up in more elegant wood work. It was cozy and yet regal. It was... classic.

Ramsay turned around, grabbing Matt by the tie and pulling him forward, "your night is on me." He released Matt and glanced at your group, "to the Seven Deadly Sins." He winked, looking past you and letting a wicked smirk grow.

You turned to see what Ramsay was looking at. There in a corner, smoking cigars and playing poker sat Roose and Tywin Lannister.

Ramsay gripped your hand and led you toward his father. You followed unwillingly.

He slid into an empty seat beside his father, grabbed a glass off a tray a woman was carrying, and pulled you into his lap.

He took a very long, exaggerated drink, set the glass down, pulled his hat off, and smiled sweetly at his father.

Roose eyed Ramsay in weariness. "Son. Don't ever see you here."

"Yeah, been awhile. What brings you to the city? You hardly ever come to the city... though I've had it that you've been here a lot recently." Ramsay said, dealing himself cards, and pulling out his cigarettes.

"Mr. Lannister and I had business to take care of." Roose said curtly, eyeing you over.

"Been keeping busy, Lannister? Heard you pulled some amazing feats last night." Ramsay said, glancing up from his cards, pushing them aside, and giving Tywin a calculating look.

"Yes. Stannis is lucky to have the men he still has. Though it may not remain that way very long." Tywin nodded, taking a drink from his glass.

Jaime Lannister slid into the empty seat next to his father. He glanced you and Ramsay over.

"Didn't realize all the Bolton's would be here tonight." Jaime said, taking a drink offered by a woman.

"Strictly coincidence. Now, which one of you is selling?" Ramsay shrugged.

"What do you want, son?" Roose asked rather dangerously.

"Just wanna buy drugs, old man." Ramsay replied giving his father a very innocent look, that could of fooled God himself. "You always got good shit on you. I need it for the night. Look, I'm feeling generous, I'll even pay double."

"I don't need your money, idiot. Take it and go." Roose hissed, pulling a neatly folded bag of fine white powder from his breast pocket and thrusting it at Ramsay.

"Hey, I may get you a 'Dad of the year' coffee cup for father's day this year." Ramsay chuckled, taking the baggie. "Guess I can still expect you Wednesday afternoon?"

Roose eyed you and nodded, "of course. Wouldn't miss it." 

You looked daggers at your father in law, thankful Ramsay couldn't see from your angle in his lap.

"Come on, doll. Let's leave the grumpy old men to their boring game. The young lion is cheating anyways." Ramsay said, nudging you to stand, and nodding at Jaime with a polite smile.

He gripped your hand and led you across the club, out of sight of Roose, to the table the Boys sat at.

"Right, kid. Hope you know what an honor it is to be here. I mean both literally here," he motioned around the building, "and officially being apart of the Bastard's Boys." 

Matt gave a nod, looking a bit dazed. 

Ramsay tossed the baggie he had got off his father to Alyn. "Six lines."

Alyn nodded, pulling his wallet and sliding a credit card out.

"Do you swing?" Ramsay whispered in your ear as you turned your attention to the band playing.

"Yes, actually. It's my favorite." You replied, turning back to him.

"Man, I knew I married you for a reason." He grinned, pulling out his wallet and pulling six crips bills from it. He passed them around, rolling his as tightly as he could.

"To a night you will never remember, or forget." Ramsay said, winking at Matt, snorting the thin line Alyn had carefully slid across the table with the plastic card.

Something about watching Ramsay snort cocaine was slightly heartbreaking. You knew he had used many times over the years, but he had never done it in front of you, and often assured you he only drank, popped pills occasionally, and smoked marijuana since "falling in love" with you.

You stood there watching him drop the rolled up bill on the table, bury his face in one hand, and clutch at his chest with the other. He shook his head, dropped his hands, and turned his eyes to yours as his pupils blew.

"Oh fuck." He muttered, taking a seat and staring at the table.

Alyn clapped him on the shoulder, "just give it a minute. Inhaled too hard is all."

You watched everyone succumb to the high from the blow. You felt like an outsider slightly. You made to sit down when Ramsay gripped your hand and rose from his chair.

He ordered a round of drinks for the table as he led you past the bar and to the dance floor. 

"Pretty soon I'll be too fat for this." You said with a sad smile, as you fell into the fast paced steps with him.

He twirled you and pulled you into him, biting at your neck, "until then, though, I will take you dancing whenever you want."

"How is it that you are the most charming and horrible man I have ever met?" You asked, feeling slightly breathless already.

"Don't act like you don't enjoy it." He replied, also seeming rather winded. Though it may have just been the drugs. You weren't sure.

Three songs later you had to call it quits. Ramsay returned you to the table, and left you to get you a glass of water.

You glanced around the place, seeing your group scattered, enjoying themselves. It made you smile. Ramsay set the glass down in front of you, taking a seat beside you and pulling your chair closer.

"What's on your mind?" He asked, throwing back his drink.

"You." You said slowly turning your gaze from the room to him.

"What about me?" He asked, pinching the bridge of his nose and scrunching his brows slightly.

"I dunno. You're different. Not being so murderous or threatening. Treating Matt to, what I'm sure is a very expensive night, and... I dunno. I don't know how to explain it." You said, running your eyes over him.

"All of us spent our eighteenth birthdays here, and he's a Boy now. So, I thought I'd extend the hand. I take care of those who work for me. Sometimes that means doing things like this." He replied with a small shrug.

You nodded, turning back to the crowd, giving a tiny gasp as Tyene climbed up on a table, shouting to get everyone's attention.

"Hey! Tonight we are celebrating a birthday. And the birthday boy needs all your support to help him blow out his birthday candles!" Tyene shouted, as two bartenders set a towering birthday cake on the counter.

Alyn and Damon were helping a very inebriated Matt to the cake. There were a few catcalls and jeers from the crowd.

On the third attempt Matt managed to blow out all the candles, which was greeted by clapping and whistles. Mostly by the older men who took delight in watching a stupid kid make a fool of himself, while trashed beyond belief. 

"Cake then?" Ramsay asked.

"Please." You nodded, giving a smile.

"I need a kiss first." Ramsay said, reaching for your face and pulling you toward him.

You placed your lips to his, kissing him deeply. He moved his hand from your cheek to grope and grab at your breasts.

"Stop it." You hissed against his lips. 

"You like it." He grinned back, letting a small moan escape him as you slid from your seat to his lap.

"How pissed would your father be if I fucked you right here?" You asked, kissing along his jaw.

"Mm, so pissed." He panted, tipping his head back.

"Good." You purred in his ear, hiking your dress up enough to straddle your husband.

He slid his hands to your hips and gripped hard, as you ground against his pants.

You felt him stir in his pants as he shifted to push his hips into you.

You took one of his hands, sliding it up your dress.

"Gave you a grand to buy underwear and you aren't even wearing any." He said with a small, longing groan as he ran his fingers against you.

"Just wanted you to know that I'm ready." You whispered, biting at his neck.

He shifted I'm his seat, to undo his belt, "how ruined are these pants?"

"On a scale of not to embarrassingly, I'm going to have to go with embarrassingly." You smirked, nipping his ear.

He grinned, peaking his eye open. "We need to move over a couple tables if you're wanting to piss off my father." 

"Well, move us." You replied.

"When did you become the bad influence?" He chuckled, cupping your ass as he stood, bringing you with him.

You wrapped your arms around his neck, kissing and nibbling at his ear, you made to respond when someone cleared their throat bringing you back to reality.

You pulled away from him to look around.

"Down here." A voice said.

Both you and Ramsay looked down to see Tyrion Lannister.

"Little man." Ramsay chuckled, sitting back down.

You gave a sniff, sliding back into your own seat and fixing your dress.

"Sorry to interrupt. I'm not usually one to be a cock block, but I would hate for such a young, beautiful couple to be caught off guard with their pants down."

You stared at Tyrion, raising a brow.

"What do you mean?" Ramsay asked.

Tyrion nodded at a group of men watching you and Ramsay.

"Fuck them. Jealous fucks." Ramsay said, glaring back at them in malice.

"All the same." Tyrion said, taking a seat at the table.

Ramsay pulled out his cigarettes and offered one to Tyrion, who took it.

"What brings you here?" Tyrion asked, lighting his cigarette.

Ramsay nodded at Matt, who was being held up by Tyene, who was laughing wildly. "Kid's birthday. All my Boys and I spent our eighteenth birthdays here, and so I thought I'd bring the kid as I made him an official Boy this afternoon."

Tyrion watched Matt through his mismatched eyes, a small grin on his face, which was heavily cut and bruised.

"What happened to you?" Ramsay asked bluntly.

Tyrion sighed in his exhale of smoke, "Stannis' little escapade last night. Had a hell of a time trying to keep things together, then father, of course, swooped in and saved the day."

"Ah, fathers. Always stealing the thunder. Aren't they the worst?" Ramsay nodded.

Tyrion gave a bitter laugh, "I will drink to that."

"Hear hear." Ramsay said, turning in his seat to catch a waitresses attention.

She set two glasses down in front of Ramsay and Tyrion, offering you one, but you waved her away.

"Where's your bitch of a sister?"

"Probably off gloating over Stannis' defeat last night." Tyrion shrugged.

You watched Ramsay give a sweeping glance over the room and frown. He sighed, pulled his gun, placed it in your lap, slipping his hand in his pants pocket as he stood up.

You caught the glint of metal as he pulled his hand from his pocket.

"If you'll excuse me." He said, stalking off, grabbing Damon by the elbow as he walked by.

Confused you turned in your seat, seeing the group Tyrion had warned about harassing Matt and Tyene.

Tyrion gave a tut, watching closely as Ramsay tapped the closest man on the shoulder and hit him squarely in the face without a word as the man turned to face him.

Alyn swooped in as Ramsay and Damon tackled the group of men to the ground.

Tyene tugged Matt away from the brawl. He tripped over a chair and fell backward, hitting his head on a the table.

A single gunshot rang out, silencing the room at once; Ramsay standing abruptly, running his hand over his chest and giving a small sigh.

Roose stood there, gun raised, eyes narrowed.

"Ramsay, get out of my club." He snarled, his voice hardly an octave above a whisper that seemed to carry around the room.

Ramsay made a noise, wiping his bloodied lip on the back of his hand, motioning at the men picking themselves up off the ground.

"What of them? They started it!" Ramsay said in a voice of forced calm.

"They are here as my guests." Roose said as if it settled the matter.

"And I'm here as your son!" Ramsay raged, stepping into Roose.

"Get. Out." Roose hissed, narrowing his pale eyes to deadly slits, pushing the barrel of his gun into Ramsay's chest.

"I will remember this. I take back what I said about father of the year." Ramsay said through clenched teeth, a manic grin threatening to show.

He yanked Alyn toward him, grabbing at him, and pulling the bag of powder from him. He turned back to his father and emptied the baggie on Roose's shoes, flinging the empty bag in Roose's face. He dropped a pair of brass knuckles at his father's feet and turned to Damon and Alyn.

"Let's go Boys."

Alyn helped Tyene gather up Matt, and Charlotte appeared at your side, grabbing your empty hand.

You held on to Ramsay's gun and hat, not daring to make eye contact with Roose as you were shunted through the room.

The wind was bitter as you stepped out into the cold night. Ramsay relieved you of gun and hat.

Matt leaned against the wall as you emerged from the top of the stairs. He looked upset, running his hand over the back of his head.

"Sup?" Damon asked, looking Matt over.

"They... I... my shoe." Matt said, unable to string words together in his upset, drunk state.

You looked down to see Matt was only wearing one shoe.


Chapter Text

You awoke with a gasp, sitting up quickly, casting around wildly in the dim, cold room, heart pounding painfully hard in your chest.

This nightmare was getting old.

Gender reveal day dawned cloudy and windy. Your stomach was in knots and you fought the urge to vomit as you slid from the bed to the go to the bathroom.

You took a deep breath, splashing cool water on your face. You woke up too early and still had hours until your appointment, but you knew you couldn't relax, or fall back asleep. 

You crawled back into bed, slowly and quietly, so as not to disturb Ramsay. The illuminated hands on his watch said it was just before sunrise.

Your appointment wasn't until 2:15. 

You sniffed back tears, rolling over, back to Ramsay, staring out the window. You had no idea how long you laid there, watching the sky lighten from dark gray to a pearl color.

You jumped slightly as Ramsay shifted, throwing his arm around you and pulling you into him.

"Why have you been over here sniffling for the last hour?" He asked, burying his face between your shoulder blades.

"Just emotional this morning." You sighed, closing your eyes tight.

He said nothing, only placing warm kisses to your back.

"Why does your father have to be there?" You asked, rubbing an eye and rolling into him.

"If I didn't know any better I'd think you don't like him." Ramsay chuckled.

You buried you face in his chest and inhaled, "I hate how he treats you. And then expects us to act all peachy fucking keen after Friday. Fuck that." You mumbled against his skin.

"Well, you will act like it's peachy keen, doll. This is between my father and I. You don't need to be involved." He said quietly.

"But I am involved, baby." You cried out into his chest, "I'm married to you. Your problems are mine." 

And I'm all that stands between you and him killing you. You thought, savage anger welling in your chest.

"Hush and go back to sleep, baby girl. It's only seven thirty." He yawned.

"I can't. I'm too..." You said slowly, fishing around for a word, "excited."

"Breakfast, then?" He asked, rolling onto his back and staring up at the ceiling. 

"I'd kill for one of your omelets." You smiled, feeling hungry and yet no appetite at all.

"Of course." He said, sitting up and stretching deeply.

"I love you." You said, sitting up and pulling blankets around you.

He turned to look at you, "I love you too, doll."


As if to remind you that your day, which should have been exciting and wonderful, was shit, Roose Bolton stood outside the entrance to the hospital waiting on you and Ramsay.

Your stomach turned sour when you saw him and you avoided making eye contact as you held your head up with a haughty air. You didn't even acknowledge the man as you walked past, opening the glass door for yourself. Ramsay faltered slightly as he reached for the door but you pushed past him.

You sat staring at your lap and picking at the strings on the leg of your frayed jeans, wishing they would hurry up and call your name already, and yet half wishing they would never call your name.

You desperately wanted to know what the child inside you was. You couldn't help but be excited. But the child inside you held your husband's future. 

You swallowed hard and jumped as the nurse called your name. You sat rooted to the spot for a few moments before Ramsay nudged you. You shot Roose a dirty look as you rose from the spot, body suddenly heavy as if full of lead. You took a deep breath and followed the nurse to the room that had been set up for you.

Try as he might, Ramsay couldn't contain his excitement. You knew how badly he wanted a boy. But you would be relieved at his anger if the baby was a girl. His disappointment would be so much better than his demise.

You sat on the edge of the examination table, clenching and relaxing your shaking hands and trying to keep your breathing steady as the technician walked in. 

She wore a bright smile. You had the sudden urge to stab her.

"Ready to see what this baby is?" She asked, giving you a flashy smile.

You only gave a stiff nod and laid back on the table. You glanced over at Ramsay, who sat in a chair, Roose standing slightly to his side, arms crossed and a deep frown on his face. 

"Alright, you know the drill." The technician said, applying the gel to your stomach.

You couldn't tear your eyes away from the screen as you heard the baby's heartbeat and saw your child come into view. Each second shortening your breath and increasing the pounding in your chest.

"Looks like Baby Bolton will be... yep, definitely a boy. No mistaking that."

The words washed you over like having ice water dumped over your head.

"You're... you're sure?" You asked in a high pitched voice that did not belong to you.

"Oh yeah. For sure." The tech said, beaming happily at you.

You gave a weak smile back, turning your eyes to Ramsay, who wore a grin. You didn't dare look at Roose.

Ramsay's death note was already signed, if you acknowledged Roose it would only seal the deal.

You wanted to cry, scream, and throw up. You wanted to hit Ramsay in the face and scream at him to get that stupid fucking smirk off his face. What you wouldn't have given for a little girl right this second. 

It was as though you forgot how to breath as you went through the motions of sitting up and taking the ultrasound pictures from the technician. You knew people were talking around you, but none of the words penetrated you as you blindly walked out of the room, leaving everyone else behind.

You turned, raising a balled fist when Ramsay caught hold of your arm in the empty hallway. His smirk dropped immediately and he looked at you, slightly alarmed.

He opened his mouth to speak, but you saw Roose enter the hallway behind Ramsay and you offered a weak smile.

"It's great isn't it? You get a son like you wanted. I'm starving. Let's go eat." You said in false cheer.

The silence was long and unpleasant as Ramsay stood there running his eyes over you. But he said nothing as he hit the elevator button.

No one spoke until you reached the parking lot.

"Son, have some guns in my trunk I need you to run. I'll help my dear daughter into your vehicle." Roose said, giving Ramsay a look.

Ramsay simply shrugged and walked off.

"Strike three." Roose whispered out of the corner of his mouth.

You narrowed your eyes at him and from nowhere a manic laugh came from you. You really needed to learn to control that.

"No. This... this is check mate." You hissed, slamming the door to the Jeep.

You watched out of the window as Ramsay and Roose gave firm, stiff hand shakes and parted ways.

Ramsay threw a black bag into the back seat and climbed into the drivers seat with a small sigh as he dug around for his lighter in his pants pocket.

You chewed your lip waiting on Ramsay to say something, but he never said a word. You were glad, because it gave you time to think. To scheme. To cover up.

Now, you knew it was more important than ever to keep your husband close to you. But how were you going to do it?

"What do you want to eat?" He finally said, giving you a glance.

You shrugged, "something sweet."

"What about that ice cream parlor I took you to on our second date?" He asked, glancing from you to your belly.

You gave him a warm smile, "only if you can tell me exactly what I ordered."

"One scoop mint, one scoop chocolate, waffle cone, mint chocolate sprinkles." He rambled off immediately.

"But what kind of chocolate?"

"Nasty chocolate fudge brownie." He said, scrunching his nose.

You gave a small laugh, "Okay, okay. I'll go on an ice cream date with you. Even if you are a fucking freak to remember that."

"I forget nothing." He chuckled.

"Right. Like you didn't forget to turn on the dryer before we left?" You smirked with a raised brow.

"Shit." He muttered, pulling his phone out, "hold that thought. I promise the clothes will be dry when we get home."

"Ramsay Bolton! That's cheating!" You laughed, grabbing at his phone, but he switched sides, holding you off with his forearm.

"Hey kid, laundry room. Turn the dryer on. And take out the trash before I'm accused of forgetting that too." 

"You're terrible." You huffed, unable to suppress the smile and almost forgetting the fear dwelling deep inside you at the thought of losing him. "Babe?"

"Yes, doll?"

"I'm sorry for the way I acted at the doctor. I'm just... emotionally unstable. Hormones I guess."

Ramsay gave you a long look and nodded, saying nothing. 


"I really didn't need all this ice cream." You sighed, placing the gallon of ice cream in the floorboard.

"I know." Ramsay smirked, triumph still plastered all over his face.

He had made a scene about the ice cream in the crowded parlor, resulting in deep embarrassment for you, but a free gallon of ice cream, plus the two ice cream cones you and he had ordered.

"Why'd you do that?" You asked, cheeks still warm from the embarrassment. 

"Because, fuck them. Five dollars for a fucking ice cream cone. That's highway robbery." 

"Baby, you steal millions of dollars every chance you get. We could afford it. Money doesn't exactly mean much to us." You chided.

"Point being? Don't swindle a swindler." He shrugged.

You rolled your eyes, picking the mint chocolate pieces from the top of your ice cream and eating them one at a time. 

You were almost out of the city when a group of people caught your eye.

"Rams! It's the men from Friday night!" 

You saw Ramsay take in the surroundings, down to the street signs.

"What are they doing here?" He asked, watching the group in the rearview mirror.

"Who are they?" You asked, watching the gears turn in your husband's eyes.

"Frey men. Bunch of fucking idiots if I ever saw any." He grumbled.

"Can I have Tyene come out to the house? I really miss her." You asked, batting your lashes. Though you didn't really need to as he was too absorbed in his own mind.

"Yeah, sure. Whatever you want, baby girl." He said dismissively. 

"Thank you. You're the best." You said, knowing this was your opportunity to lay a plan. 

You knew as soon as you got home Ramsay would want to call up Damon and Ben to go snoop around at what these Frey's were up to.

Sure enough, as if it were clockwork, Ramsay told you he would be back in time for a late dinner, kissed you quickly, and left with no more than an 'I love you too, baby doll'.

You called Tyene, telling her you were sending Matt to pick her up and bring her to you.

You sat on the couch folding clothes when there came a knock on the door. You crossed the room quickly and pulled it open to see Tyene smiling brightly.

"Just me and you. Your husband recruited Matt to go help with something." Tyene said, hugging you and stepping inside. She glanced around, "nice place. I like it." 

You glanced around too and gave a shrug, "Yeah. It's starting to grow on me. Quiet, and so nice and dark at night." 


You grinned slightly at her bluntness. Never one to beat around the bush. Your grin turned into a frown as you sat in the couch.

You drew a deep breath.

"I'm having a boy." You said, looking down at your belly.

"So why aren't you more excited? Isn't Ramsay ecstatic? Does that not make you happy?" Tyene asked, sitting on the edge of the couch and examining you closely through furrowed brows.

"It's not that. Go get a drink. I need help." You said, saying a silent prayer that wherever Ramsay was he wasn't acting stupid and his Boys would keep him safe.

Chapter Text

"So lemme get this straight, your father in law wants to kill his son and use the child inside of you to be groomed to his liking?" Tyene said, setting her empty glass down and giving you a hard look.

"Yes. But what's more is that Walda is pregnant apparently. If she has a boy too my son will be no better off. Just another Ramsay in Roose's eyes. All three of us will be killed." You said, throat feeling tight as you struggled to get the words out. 

"Then we have to strike first." Tyene said, as if it were that simple.

"No. We can't. You don't understand. Ramsay doesn't know! Nobody knows except you. And it will stay that way. Do you understand? Tell no one." You said with a threatening snarl.

"How and why are you keeping this from Ramsay?! Friday night showed me he would love to kill his father." 

You sighed, pulling your phone toward you. "That's the problem though, Ty. Rams doesn't want to kill his father. He wants his father to love him. It's sad. Roose hates him, and all Ramsay wants is for his father to approve of him. Just once to praise him. A pat on the back. And I'm afraid that's what's going to happen. Roose is going to lure him into a sense of false security and kill him once he thinks his father fucking loves him. Ramsay is like a toddler. He acts out to get a reaction from Roose, no matter how negative. Any response is better than none, right?" You unlocked your phone, thinking you better tell your mother the 'good news'.

"What are you saying?" Tyene asked, leaning back into the couch.

"I'm saying that Ramsay is unstable and vulnerable because he's fucked up in the head! Watch. Roose is going to prey on all the mental instability he has instilled into his son. I cannot let that happen! We need to strike. But I can't afford it until he makes the first move. And the most unsettling part of that is it is unpredictable. It may be tonight. It may be next week. Hell, Roose may not do shit until his newest child is born. I don't know. But I need to be ready. I need more girls in Kings establishments. Fuck the Lannister's for now. I could care less about them. We are at war within our own ranks and nobody but us know. But the Boys are not to know anything."

"Your secret dies with me. And I plan on living many, many more years." Tyene said, holding her pinky out to you.

You gave a laugh and took her pinky in yours. 

"So, where are the Boys now?" She asked, standing and grabbing up her empty glass.

You too rose from the couch and walked into the kitchen.

"Don't know really. On the way back here we passed that group of men from Friday night. Rams said they were Frey men. It's funny though... Kings, Lions, and the Towers. What an odd group to be dealing with one another..." You said slowly, looking back down at your phone.

[You: hey mom. Just wanted to let you know, you will be having a grandson come end of June.]

"I've only ever heard of the Frey's in passing. I don't know much about them?" Tyene said, sitting at the table as you set your phone on the counter and pulled the freezer open.

"The Boys talk shit about them. Apparently bottom of the barrel kind of folks. Inbred idiots who are only in the game because they come from old money." You glanced over at Tyene, "wanna stay for dinner?"

"Sure. If you don't mind. I'm stuck here until Matt gets back anyways." She shrugged.

You saw your phone screen light up. You picked it up:

[Mom: oh my goodness! Your father and I are both excited! I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am! We love you baby! Come see us soon.]

[You: alright momma. I'll see what I can do. I love you guys too!]


"Hey good looking, whatcha got cookin'?" Ramsay purred, grabbing your hips and pulling you back into him.

You melted into him with a grin.

"Thought I'd finally make that rack of ribs." You replied, motioning at the salad you had been cutting up, "and salad. And baked potatoes."

"Right on, little momma. Everything good here?" He said, releasing you and reaching for a glass tumbler.

"Far as I know." You shrugged, gasping as something pushed you into the counter slightly.

You looked down quickly to a pair a deep brown eyes, a wet black nose, and lolling pink tongue.

You shot Ramsay a dirty, disbelieving look.

"Rams. I told you, I'm too tired to keep up with a puppy." You said, kneeling down to love all over the puppy regardless.

"You keep bitching about how boring it is here. So I solved your problem." Ramsay shrugged, pouring his whiskey into the ice filled tumbler.

You rolled your eyes, but grinned anyways, "name?"

"Don't know. Fuck Head if he pukes in the floorboard again."

"Puppy!" Tyene said excitedly, walking in the kitchen. "Look at these ears!"

"See. Someone likes puppies at least." Ramsay sneered, leaving the kitchen.

"I'm naming him!" You called after your husband.

"Then I get to name our son. Choose wisely." Ramsay called back.

You pursed your lips, turning to the sink to wash your hands.

"Think if I choose a stupid enough name for the dog Ramsay will choose a decent name for our child?"

Tyene snorted, "no. He would do anything to get under your skin."

You sighed, "you're right. But as long as my son isn't named Kylo or Anakin, or... Han Solo."

"Nah, it would be more like Bruce or Clark. Maybe Steve or... what's Iron Man's name?" Tyene laughed.

"Tony." you said, curling your lip in distaste .

"See, Anakin Bolton sounds better than Tony Bolton in my opinion."

"You are not helping." You laughed.

"I'm here to keep secrets and do dirty deeds. Not help defend you against your husband's terrible choices in names." Tyene giggled, scooping up the puppy and leaving you alone in the kitchen.


Matt rested the side of his face on the table, "Can I just adopt you both so I can eat like this every day?"

"Sure. And you can move in and sleep in the spare bedroom right next to ours. You will love that. Right when you're little baby ass is so close to dreamland." Ramsay smirked.

Your cheeks warmed.

Matt snorted.

"Don't believe me, kid? I am a sex god."

Tyene caught your eye and you looked away quickly, embarrassment swallowing you as you stared at your hands in your lap.

"Boss, don't mean to interrupt your bragging, but we have a situation." Damon said, looking up from his phone. "Check your shit."

Ramsay pat himself down, casting around for his phone. 

"Couch, dear." You said, frowning as the atmosphere in the room turned from cozy and happy to tense and on edge.

Ramsay left the kitchen in a hurry. You could hear him cursing in the other room.

He returned to the kitchen, lighting a cigarette and pulling his coat on.

"Let's go then, Boys. Looks like we're playing cop detail." Ramsay mumbled through his cigarette. 

Matt, Damon, and Alyn rose from the table.

"Ben and Yellow Dick will meet us at the shop." 

You frowned, watching the men scramble around to grab up coats and guns.

Ramsay placed a kiss to the top of your head, "I'll be back as quickly as I can. I love you."

"You boys be careful. I love you too." You said, watching them leave.

"Wonder what's going on?" Tyene asked.

"I'll ask Charlotte. Damon always had the scanner on." You said pulling your phone from your pocket.

[You: hey, what's going on? The Boys just left here in a hurry?]

"You go sit down and relax. I'll clean up the kitchen. You busted your ass to make dinner. Now it's my turn." Tyene said.

You simply nodded, realizing how tired you were. You walked into the living room, curling up under your blanket on the couch. A cold, wet nose nudging your hand tucked under the throw pillow.

You grinned, grabbing the remote and pulling the puppy up on the couch with you. He made himself as small as possible to lay with you. You dreaded how big he was going to be, judging by the size of his feet.

You flipped through TV channels. Your phone vibrated.

[Charlotte: no idea. I'm working tonight. I'll see what I can find out and let you know.]

[You: thank you! Oh, we are having a boy, btw.]

[Charlotte: awe! I'll be by tomorrow and you can tell me all about it. But give me about 20 to see if I can find out what's going on.]

You set your phone back down, scratching the puppy between the ears and closing your eyes. 

After lying still for awhile you could feel the fluttering movements in your stomach.

My son. You thought with a small, sad smile, resting your hand on your belly.

"Uh... (y/n)?" Tyene's voice said from far away.

"Hm?" You hummed, opening your blearily eyes a bit


You blinked a few times and glanced over at the TV. You must of fallen asleep as the ten o'clock news was on.

It took you a moment to realize what you were looking at. But when it hit you, you couldn't help but make a noise in your throat, sitting up straight, scaring the puppy who yelped loudly.

The police station. Burning to the ground. 

"Hold on folks... we are getting reports that Robb Stark, Ned Stark's son, has just been shot... oh... And his... oh god. Excuse us while we cut to a quick break. Stay tuned for more breaking news..." The news reporter was saying, his face pale and upset, pushing the earphone further in his ear to listen better.

You glanced over at Tyene and frantically felt around for your phone.

"Take the pup out back please." You said, finally closing your fingers around your phone.

2 new texts.

[Charlotte: not 100 on what's going on, but the Boys are safe. They are there as a bumper for whatever is going on. Not directly involved.]

[Rams: do not worry.]

You frowned, looking back at the TV, wishing the stupid truck commercial would hurry up and be over so you could find out exactly what was going on.

You sat on the edge of the couch, eyes glued to the TV.

Robb Stark dead. His poor girlfriend, dead. Doctor Cat, also dead. All three murdered in cold blood. According to the sources, the poor older woman watched her son and his woman die before she was finally killed.

Would that happen to You? Would you watch your husband die before the cold metal was turned on you? 

What about the other Starks? Did Sansa know? What about your little street racer? Then there were the two youngest. Both boys. You knew nothing about them.

Where the fuck was Ramsay? Did he set the blaze to the police station? Who killed the Starks?

What a very weird, unsettling day. Seemed to be setting the mood for what was to come. 

Chapter Text

You ran your fingers through your damp hair, falling back into the couch with a deep sigh. The clock ticked closer and closer to midnight.

Ramsay had been gone since 8. His last text to you had been at 9:45, telling you not to worry.

But you were starting to worry. Where was he? What was going on?

Tyene brought you a bottle of water and sat next to you. 

"I got ahold of mama while you were in the shower. Apparently the Frey's and Lannister's made a move against the Stark's and the police department. Walder Frey never got over Robb dumping his daughter and took his revenge. Tywin wanted back at the guy for imprisoning Jaime, as well as nosing around and trying to dismantle the gangs. Kept throwing known members in jail. Someone set the station on fire, but there seems to be confusion about who did that."

You sipped the water slowly, absorbing the information. What did this have to do with the Kings, or even the Boys?

You absentmindedly ran your foot over the puppy sleeping on the floor.

"I just don't understand why exactly the Boys had to be involved?" You finally spoke.

Tyene shrugged, "dunno. I'm sure Ramsay will tell you whenever he gets back."

"I'm tired of all this. I just want to have a normal life." You huffed.

"Oh come on. Where's the fun in that? Nobody wants boring. We live the kind of life they write stories about. And make movies about. Nah, it's not as clean and easy as the movies make it seem... but my God is it fun. We do some pretty amazing shit. Sex, drugs, money, fast cars, alcohol, murder, secret organizations, guns... that is our life. I wouldn't trade it for anything else." Tyene sighed with a reminiselcent smile.

"Because you are not a mother to be. I just want Ramsay to stay home more. I want to be able to know his movements." You said, running your hand over your stomach.

"Be sick. He wouldn't know if you're lying or not. He's never been pregnant, he has no idea how much it changes your body and health." She suggested.

"Hm." You hummed, staring at the corner of the coffee table, running her words over in your mind.

The front door flew open and the puppy jumped up with a yelp, barking madly.

"Don't bark at me, fucking shit head." Ramsay growled.

He looked a real mess. Face covered in soot, hair damp with sweat and debris, clothes singed, a vein ticking in his jaw, and dried blood in his hairline at his left temple.

"Oh god, baby!" You cried, jumping up.

He held his had up to stop you as Matt came hurrying in, closely followed by Damon.

"Boss..." Matt began breathlessly as if he had just run a mile.

"You will shut the fuck up. I will deal with you tomorrow. Take the girl home. Damon... You know what to do." Ramsay snarled, eyes blazing as he turned to Matt and Damon.

Both looked just as beat up and disheveled.

"Yes sir." Matt said, dropping his head and motioning for Tyene to follow him. She cast you a worried look and slowly left.

"Ramsay, you really need to let me see to that..." Damon said, stepping forward.

In one fluid motion Ramsay pulled a gun and turned to Damon.

"You will do what I fucking tell you to do, Damon!" Ramsay shouted, rage shaking his speech.

Damon swallowed, dropped his eyes, nodded, and left, closing the door behind him.

You stood there silently, afraid that speaking would be dangerous.

Ramsay dropped his arm and shoulders with a sigh. He inhaled deeply, running his hand over his face.

"Baby?" You asked quietly, annoyed at the tremble in your voice.

"You, bedroom." He said in a hoarse voice.

You did as you were told, unsure of what was going to happen.

Ramsay entered the room behind you, walking past you to set his gun on the bedside table.

He smelt like a bonfire as he walked past.

"Get naked." He demanded, his back to you. 

You heard him fumbling with his belt. Quickly you pulled your shirt over your head and stepped out of your flannel pants. You stood there looking at the floor.

You glanced up as Ramsay pulled his shirt from him, seeing the burn on the back of his arm as he threw his shirt aside.

You cringed. You could have fit both your hands in the burnt area. It was an odd place for a burn. Or maybe just the shape of it was odd. You weren't sure, you knew nothing about burns. Liz was the nurse, but she was unable to see anyone due to the cancer treatment. But you did know two people who could help.

You took a step forward, "Baby are you...?"

"Shut your mouth and don't speak." He growled, turning to grab you.

He pushed you into the bed, as he relieved himself of his pants. He grabbed your hips, pulling you to the edge of the bed, throwing your leg over his shoulder, and shoving himself inside you.

You cried out at the force and dry friction, feeling a burning discomfort. You clawed at him, hoping to hurt him in turn.

He glared at you through dark eyes, clenched his jaw, and thrust again just as hard.

You drew a sharp breath and whimpered. "Baby, please. You're hurting me."

"Shut. Up." He said through clenched teeth, thrusting again.

The tears spilled onto your cheeks like hot lava. This was not Ramsay. Not your husband, Ramsay.

You heaved a sob, closing your eyes tight.

"Stop the crying!" He yelled, grabbing your face, sliding his rough hand across your wet face to tangle in your hair as he thrust again.

Thankfully, the pain had subsided slightly as a wetness grew. But it damn sure wasn't because you were enjoying this.

"Ramsay. Stop. Calm down. Please." You whimpered again, chest tight in panic as his grip in your hair tightened and he tried to thrust harder.

"Shut your mouth you stupid fucking whore!" He shouted through a thrust.

You grabbed the back of his arm he had tangled in your hair and slapped him as hard as you could with your other hand, realizing as your hand came into contact with his face you had just pressed your finger tips of your other hand into his burn.

He howled in pain, pulling away from you.

You scrambled off the bed, away from him, glancing from him holding his arm in pain, and the gun on the bedside table.

You picked up the gun as he turned to you.

You held up the gun, tears burning and stinging your eyes. 

"I said, you were hurting me. Why did you hurt me like that?!" You cried, shaking all over.

The beast behind his cold eyes vanished. He sighed, holding his hands out to you in surrender.

"Do it baby girl. Right here." He said quietly, jabbing his finger into his chest. "Go on. Pull the trigger."

You dropped your hand, lip trembling, suddenly very lightheaded. You sat the gun down, leaning into the table for support.

You dropped to your knees, burying your face into your hands and sobbing hysterically. Each choked breath racking your body.

Ramsay stooped down beside you, pulling you into him.

"Don't... don't touch me." You sobbed.

"Shh... let me help you get into bed and make sure I didn't hurt you." He said softly.

"I don't need your help! You did hurt me!" You hissed, beating his chest with your fist.

"(Y/n), stop. I'm sorry. Okay? I'm sorry. Now just stop. Let me fix it." He said, almost in defeat.

You swallowed, going limp in his arms.

He scooped you up and set you on the bed. He nudged your legs apart. You flinched slightly as ran his hand up your thigh. He leaned into you, pressing his lips to your folds.

You hissed in discomfort as he slowly brought his tongue to part you.

You felt him sigh against you before he pulled away, bringing his eyes to yours.

"I am sorry, baby girl. I shouldn't have been so rough. Not like that. Not to you." He said quietly.

You looked away from him, jaw clenched tight. You didn'twant to look at him. You couldn't look at him.

He got up, placing a kiss to your forehead and then to your belly before leaving you alone in the darkness. 

What was that? What had just happened? 

You slid under the blankets, sniffing loudly, and rubbing the tears from your eyes. Gently you ran your finger along your entrance. It was a bit tender, but the rawness was quickly leaving. The burning and discomfort gone now. You sighed. You would push this to the back of your mind and forget it. Just like the only other time he had hurt you. Both times now were odd. Whatever had happened, it wasn't Ramsay. It was unsettling. He really was Jekyll and Hyde. But you would never bring up this incident, just like you never did the other. You would forgive him, he really hadn't meant it. Right?

You sat up quickly as you heard Ramsay cry out in pain.

You snatched your robe from the end of the bed, slid it on, and threw the bedroom door open.

You saw the bathroom light on and heard the shower. You let out a small, relieved sigh. You walked back into your room, feeling under the bed for the first aid kit.

You returned to the bathroom, setting the med kit down, and sitting on the counter, waiting.

Hearing Ramsay whimper and groan in pain was strange. Sometimes you weren't even sure he felt pain.

Finally he stepped out of the shower, surprised only for a moment to see you sitting there. You said nothing, holding up the tube of burn cream and roll of gauze.

He grimaced, wrapping a towel around his waist. He grabbed another towel, drying his hair and patting his arm dry. He sat down on the toilet seat, the back of his arm to you.

He jerked and hissed as you gently spread the cream over the area. You worked in silence, stomach knotting itself every time you touched the hot, oozing skin.

You secured the last of the gauze, and washed your hands.

Ramsay wrapped his arms around your waist, burying his face in the crook of your neck. He bit, kissed, and sucked at the sensitive skin.

"Are you okay?" He murmured, running his hand over your pregnant swell.

You nodded, "Yeah. You didn't break any skin or anything. It doesn't hurt anymore."

"Good." He sighed, resting heavily against you.

"What the hell happened?" You asked, watching him through the mirror.

"There's a reason I don't do drugs anymore unless I know for sure that..." he started.

"No. I meant what happened when y'all left here?" You said, pulling away from him.

He huffed, "Where to begin?"

"That bad, huh?" You asked, leaving the bathroom.

Ramsay followed you through the house to the kitchen. He grabbed a bottle of water as you opened the back door to let the puppy out.

"What do we have as far as painkillers?" He asked you, downing half the bottle.

"Not sure, baby. I'll go check." You said, turning to leave.

"No, no. I'll do it. Just wondered if you knew right off."

You nodded, sitting at the table and pulling a bag of chips toward you.

Ramsay sat across from you, watching you, closely. 

"So, what happened?" You asked.

"What did the news say?" Ramsay asked.

"That the Stark's were lured to some building under false pretenses and murdered while the station was set ablaze." You said, yawning.

Ramsay nodded, "apparently something that has been in the works for awhile now."

You rose from your seat to open the backdoor as the puppy whimpered and jumped on the door. He ran in excitedly, pressing his cold nose to your bare legs and sniffing you furiously, chill bumps erupting on your skin.

"Hey dog. Those are my legs. Go away." Ramsay said, snapping his fingers at the puppy.

The puppy swished his tail, turning to Ramsay and bounding across the room to him. He rested his head in Ramsay's lap, wagging his tail as Ramsay ran his hand over his ears.

"So, who was all in on it?" You asked, resuming your seat, curling your legs under you, to keep your toes off the cold tile.

"Tywin, Walder, and dear old dad. Weird, I know. Anyways, I don't know much on that. Father gave me instructions to lock down the station. No one in, no one out. No big deal. I have enough of my own men to set up a decent perimeter to do that. Easy shit. Well, something went wrong, obviously. It will be sorted out tomorrow. Kid gets rushed, knocked the fuck out while we were inside. Someone sets off a fucking pipe bomb. Half the fucking place goes up. I get the boys out, but can't find the kid at sound off. Of fucking course, ya know? Got to find him, dead or alive. Anyway, we spread out to find him. The fucking station just keeps catching faster, flames gotta be like twenty fucking feet. Find the kid. Can't get to him. Took me, Ben, and Dame to get through the shit. As you can see, he was with me when I got back." Ramsay nodded, running his hand along his jaw and staring across the room. "Burning was never something I was into. Not even cigarette burns. Though I have plenty of those. But yeah, the pain." He gave a violent shiver, "got a bump off Alyn. Anything to make the pain go away. Made me funny. I was already fucking raging anyways at how quickly everything went to shit. And now, here we are." 

You tapped your nails on the table, watching him talk.

"I want you to quit your job." You said suddenly.


"At the bank. Quit. Stay home with me, or be more involved with the Boys. Find some new hangouts or something."

"You know, you've been weird all day too. What's up? And don't you dare lie to me, doll." He said, narrowing his eyes at you.

"I told you. Hormones. Pregnancy is not nice to me. Which is why I want you home with me more. I don't feel my best." You lied, slightly amazed at yourself at how easy and smooth it came out.

Ramsay gave a slow nod, cracking his knuckles.

"Okay then. Now, let's go to bed." 


[You: hey, I have a medical question?]

You glanced from your phone to Ramsay at the other end of the couch, looking bored as he watched TV. You slid your feet in his lap. He absentmindedly ran his thumb along the sole of your foot.

[Whit: sup?]

[You: how does burn treatment work?]

"Did you apologize to Matt?" You asked.

Ramsay snorted, "no. Why would I?" 

You pursed your lips, "Well you should. He really tries so hard. It wasn't his fault he got ambushed last night. He adores you, baby."

[Whit: what kind of burns we talkin?]

[You: nasty one. Sending pics]

"I know it wasn't his fault for what happened. But I'm not going to apologize. I don't feel bad about scaring him to death. It will make him more alert next time. He has to learn." Ramsay said, with a shrug.

[Whit: oh shit. What happened? Who did it happen to?]

[You: Rams. Accident last night. Idk anything about burns. Like, should it really be wrapped? I mean, it just seems to keep it wet and sticky and makes me afraid he's going to punch me when I peel it off to reclean it.... :( help!]

"What is his part in this? Why are you adamant about him?"

"Once I take over the Kings I need someone to run the Boys branch for me. We are all getting too old, and they all come with me. I need some new blood. The kid will do. He's got a lot to learn, but I have excessive amounts of patience."

[Whit: give me a bit and I will be there. I'll bring you plenty of shit to keep it clean and shit until it's healed. And you can finally meet Kasey. So once I get her from school, J and I will head that way. We've been needing to bring Kasey up there anyways for cheer shit.]

[You: okay, let me know when you get into the city and I'll have one of the Boys meet up with you and show you up here. Y'all be safe!]

[Whit: 10-4.]

"Whit and Jared are coming out here. Whit is going to bring med shit for your arm. And show me how to properly take care of it." You said, glancing over at Ramsay again.

He frowned.

"Or you can just get staph and die. Whatever." You shrugged, tugging your foot back.

He grabbed your ankle, pulling, until you slid down the couch toward him.

"You'd miss me." He purred, grabbing your arm and pulling you into his lap.

"Are you so sure of that?" You asked with a grin and raised brow.

"Mhm. You like me too much. I have you trapped. And you love it." He whispered, nipping at your lip as you cupped his face.

"Or maybe it's me who's trapped you." You whispered back, taking his bottom lip roughly between your teeth.

He made a small noise, running one had up the front of your shirt and the other down your back, into your pants to grab your ass.

You gave a small moan, grinding against his pants, sucking on his bottom lip.

You felt him stir in his pants as you ground into him again.

"Harder." He growled, toying with your nipple and squeezing your ass cheek.

You ground into him harder, snaking your hands in his hair, and pulling slightly. His breathing became heavier as he pulled his lip from your teeth and placed rough kisses to your neck.

You tipped your head back with a moan as he kissed further down your neck.

"Hey Boss, Damon told me..." Matt said, walking in from the backdoor in the kitchen, "Oh shit. Sorry." He said quickly.

You opened your eye to see the awkward embarrassment on Matt's face.

"Damon said what, kid?" Ramsay panted between his rough kisses to your skin.

"He... He said that... We have Theon Greyjoy." Matt said, taking his hat off and busying himself with it to avoid looking at you and Ramsay.

"Why do you know this before me?" Ramsay asked, pulling away from you, sliding your shirt up over your head. Reluctantly, you let him.

"We've been trying to call you for the last hour. But you wouldn't answer, so Damon sent me out here to tell you." Matt said, face reddening as he stared at his shoes.

That made Ramsay laugh, "you can look, kid. It's okay. I won't have your eyes for admiring my wife's tits."

You pursed your lips, "Stop. He's just trying to be respectful."

Ramsay chuckled, kissing over the tops of your breasts, "tell Damon to take the shitbag to his new residence and I will be there in awhile. No food. No water. Make sure he's absolutely comfortable."

"Yes sir." Matt said, putting his hat back on and leaving quickly.

"You are so horrible!" You shrieked, jabbing your finger in Ramsay's chest with a giggle.

"Can a husband not show off his wife? I wasn't about to stop what I was doing." He chuckled, pulling you into him as he unlatched your bra hook.

"It should be kept between us." You scowled.

He snorted, running his hand gently over your breast, "the Kid is the only one who hasn't seen you naked."

"And that's not because I agreed to parade around naked for everyone else." You chided, digging a nail in his chest.

"And the Boys all know what you look like, how lucky I am, and I don't have to worry about them trying to make a move on you because they want to know what you look like under all those curve hugging dresses."

You rolled your eyes, sliding from his lap. "I suppose you'll want to go play with the new toy?"

"Come with me. It'll be fun. You look like you need to fuck someone up." he said, leaning back into the couch and running his eyes over you.

"I'm really rather..." You started.

"You're coming with. Nice try." He interrupted with a smirk.

"Right then. Let me get dressed." You sighed.


"This place, really?" You asked, looking up at the rundown hospital.

"Why not? Beats a boring warehouse." Ramsay said, giving you a dirty look.

You shrugged, crumpling up your empty gummy bear bag and dropping it in the floorboard, taking a long drink from your cup.

He hopped out of the jeep, pulled a bag from the backseat, helped you from the Jeep and led you inside. He muttered to himself about the pain in his arm as he held it awkwardly.

This place looked very different in the day time as you glanced around the dirty lobby. He led you to the stairs, but instead of going up the stairs, he led you to a flight of stairs going down.

It was unbelievably dark and cold the further you walked down the stairs. You held on to Ramsay's elbow as he pulled his phone out to turn on the flashlight.

"Dame?" Ramsay called down the hall.

You heard a heavy door close and saw a light at the end of the hall.

"Alyn. Damon just left. I'll let him know you finally showed up." A voice down the hall said.

"Thank you, sir." Ramsay said, lighting a cigarette and leading you to the end of the hall towards Alyn's light.

"It's cold." You whined with a huff, releasing Ramsay to push your hands in your coat pockets.

Ramsay shrugged from his coat, cursing his arm and the bag he was carrying, and handed the coat to you. You pulled it on, wrapping it tight around you and inhaling deeply. Fuck, how did he always smell so good?

"Alright, so what's up?" Ramsay said when he came to a stop beside Alyn, gazing at the door.

"He's scared shitless. No idea where he is, or who we are, or why he's here. Put a sack over his head, so you're free to flip the switch. Got the generator hooked up." 

"Good, good. Come on, baby girl, let's see what the worm knows. Alyn, you're relieved. Go do whatever." Ramsay said, taking the keys from Alyn.

Alyn nodded and left without another word. 

You heard the lock click back and watched the excitement glitter in Ramsay's eyes as he threw open the door with a deafening bang.  

There tied to a chair, struggling against his restraints, and casting around wildly with a bag over his head was Theon Greyjoy.

"Who... who's there?" Theon whimpered.

Ramsay bit his grin back and dropped the bag. The noise made Theon jump. You watched Ramsay cross the room to a metal chair. He grabbed the chair and slid it across the room. The noise was loud and slightly annoying. Theon cast around again.

"Why am I here? Who are you?" Theon said, panic evident in his voice.

Ramsay said nothing, sitting in the chair and sliding the bag toward him as he placed his phone on the floor so the light could spread a little further. He caught your eye and motioned you to step closer as he opened the bag. You did as instructed and glanced around. You looked down when Ramsay nudged you in the leg. He held out his Darth Vader mask to you. You took it with a raised brow. He nodded. You understood. You felt silly putting the mask on, watching him pull out his newest mask, which was more of an actual helmet. Apparently he had opted for the Kylo Ren after all. It was not a very reassuring sight for the fate of your son's name.

"I am so excited to finally get to use this." Your husband said, though his helmet apparently had a voice changer. It made him chuckle at himself. "Show me again, the power of the darkness... and I will let nothing stand in our way. Show me, Grandfather, and I will finish what you started."

You snorted in amusement.

"Man, this thing is awesome."

"Who are you?!" Theon shouted in panic.

Ramsay turned back to Theon, "Who am I? Why you know me very well. Let's play a guessing game. Do you like games, Theon?"

"Please, let me go."

Ramsay glanced you over, or you assumed he did, you couldn't see his face. He motioned for you to pull your hood up. You did. He reached forward and pulled the bag from Theon's head.

"Get the lights, it's a bit dim in here."

You walked across the room and flipped the switch, flooding the room in the unnaturally bright light that hospitals give off. 

You turned back to see Theon sweaty, pale, and covered in blood from a broken nose and busted lip.

"Who are you?"

"I'm the one asking questions." Ramsay tutted, "Cheater."

Ramsay reached back into the bag and pulled a knife, cut Theon's shirt away, and held the blade out to you. You took it, leaning against his chair.

"Why were you not there to help your dear Robb Stark and his family last night? They were your family too, were they not?" 

"I... I didn't know and when I got there it..." Theon trembled.

Ramsay stood abruptly, grabbing your hand and pulling you towards Theon. He grabbed the hand in which you held the knife and forced you to make a quick slice over the man's skin. Sternum to collarbone, at an angle towards his shoulder.

"The Stark's were your family, were they not? Answer the question. Took you in as a boy? Helped you get through school and secured you a job on the department?"

"Yes. I should of been there." Theon whimpered.

Again, Ramsay guided your hand over the flesh in an identical line next to the first cut.

"Why are you doing this?!" Theon cried in splitting tones.

"Tell me who I am, and I will stop." Ramsay chuckled, nudging you to slice Theon again.

"I don't know!" He screamed, trying to pull away from you.

Ramsay tutted again, "Really. All the evidence is right in front of you. I thought you were a detective. Now, where did you go when you left the city for your little vacay?"

"Home. I went home. To see my father. Give him information that I had gathered." Theon said, chest heaving and blood shinning.

"What information and why?" Ramsay asked, curiosity evident even through the voice changer.

"Information on the mob families. To get in and secure our place, while everyone else was at war with one another."

Ramsay grabbed the knife from you, leaning forward and making three... seven... nine symmetrical cuts, much deeper than the ones he had helped you make. Theon cried in agony as the blood welled and spilled down his chest. You took in the cuts, it reminded you of a child's drawing of sun rays over the horizon. Ramsay was going to go from one shoulder to the other. They would be interesting scars, you assumed.

"What are you talking about? The Greyjoy's hold no footing in this city or anywhere around here? Isn't that a foolish move?" 

"Not..." Theon panted, "Not if the big families killed at one another until we could chose a winning side and help the winner's defeat the other families." 

Ramsay handed you the knife back and nodded at you. You placed two more cuts, trying to keep them as straight and perfectly placed as Ramsay had.

Theon cried out, but it must have been annoying Ramsay as he hit Theon in the face with his fist.

"And you honestly think that the winning family would want Greyjoy scum living on their doorsteps? Your family is even more disgraceful than those annoying ass Frey's. How do you own a cruise line, plus all the family money and manage to lose it all? What a fucking joke. Where is your Uncle Euron?"

"I don't know. Nobody has seen him in years. I assumed him to be dead." Theon said, panting in discomfort.

Ramsay stood from his chair as you placed three more cuts to Theon's chest.

"What do you know of the families in the city?" 

"Wh...which family?" Theon sputtered, trying to pull away from you.

"Any. Come one now, I don't have all day."  Ramsay said dismissively, walking across the room to a closet and pulling it open.

"The... The Dragons... they're back. Not physically been seen, but heard from."

You glanced over at Ramsay, who was fingering through cleaning supplies, grabbing a bottle and returning to you.

"Who am I?" Ramsay asked, setting the bottle down and picking up the cloth sack.

"I don't know. Please. Let me go. I'll do anything." Theon pleaded, trying to fight Ramsay off as the bag was replaced on his head.

Ramsay grabbed up the bottle and opened it. Ammonia. The smell made you gag and step back a couple steps.

"Think on it awhile." Ramsay sneered, dumping the bottle over Theon's chest. The man writhed and screamed in pain.

Ramsay threw the empty bottle aside, pulling his helmet off, and gathering up his bag. He held out his hand to you. You took the mask off, and placed it in the bag with the knife, gripping Ramsay's hand tight as you both left the room and screaming man behind, flipping the switch off behind you as you left.

"Now what?" You asked, squinting in the sunlight as you came out of the dark stairwell.

"I believe I was trying to fuck you before we were interrupted." Ramsay shrugged.

"Think you'll get that lucky, huh? After last night?" You said before you could stop it, side eyeing him with a raised brow.

"I know so, baby girl. You'll be glad of it."


Ramsay scooped you up and carried you through the front door.

You giggled, clinging on to him. He smirked, opening his mouth to speak but stopped when he glanced up from you. You felt his body tense and saw his eyes narrow. You turned quickly to see Roose sitting on your couch.

"Father. What a pleasant surprise. It's like I just saw you yesterday or something." Ramsay said, releasing you as you pushed against him to slide to the floor.

Roose just gave Ramsay an annoyed look.

"How'd you get here? How'd you know about this place?" Ramsay said, grabbing your hand.

"Oh don't be stupid, Ramsay. I'm your father. I know everything. You're not as smart or cunning as you like to believe." Roose said, rising from his seat.

"So why are you here?" Ramsay asked, muscle ticking in his jaw. You gave his hand a small squeeze, leading him to a chair.

"A warning." Roose said.

"Warning?" Ramsay breathed, raising a brow.

"Yes. Tomorrow is the Baratheon Tyrell wedding. You will be nowhere near there. Do you understand me?" Roose said, very unctuously. You didn't like the way his words sounded. So oily and smooth.

"Pfft. Why the fuck would I bother? Wasn't planning on going when they first announced the wedding date, and just because they moved it up a week does not make me want to go anymore than I would have if it was still on its original day. I'd rather sleep in and fuck my wife all day." Ramsay sneered.

"All the same. You will stay away. Do I make myself clear?"


"Good. I also have a kilo of goods I want you to distribute for me. I want it all gone in a week." 

"Where is it?" Ramsay asked, glancing around.

"Behind the house, in my car." 

Ramsay rose from his seat and as soon as he was out of ear shot you turned to Roose.

"I know what you're doing and it won't work. I will annihilate you. You lay a hand on my husband or hurt him any way, that hurt and pain will befall your wife ten fold. I know she's pregnant. You have until I figure out how to tie you to the destruction of my house, murder of my dogs, and giving the orders to have the police station blown up knowing Rams and the Boys were there." You hissed like an angry snake.

Roose seemed slightly taken aback.

You smirked, "my, how the tables have turned."

Roose gave you a murderous look but said nothing as he stood abruptly, smoothing his tie and clearing his throat.

"Lovely as always to see you, (y/n)." He said, shaking his jacket out and leaving.

You leaned back into the couch with a deep sigh. How much longer were you going to be able to put off the secret you were keeping? You kept hoping things would work themselves out and you would never have to reveal the secret. Wouldn't it just be so much nicer that way? 

Your phone rang, scaring you out of your stupor.


"Hey, we are ten minutes outside of city limits."

"Sweet. Y'all made hella time. Maybe I should make Jared a street racer." You giggled, you glanced around to ask Ramsay a question but he wasn't around, he must be talking to his father. "Okay, I will text you an address and someone will meet you there in fifteen."

"Yes, ma'am. See ya in a bit!"

You got up, wandering through the house. You glimpsed Ramsay out the window throwing a stick for the puppy and smoking a cigarette. The puppy would just sit there and watch Ramsay with his head to the side. You saw Ramsay trying to explain the point of the game to the dog before finally giving up. You sniggered and walked out the door.

"Baby, I need someone to meet up with Whit and Jared in fifteen at The Viper."

"I'll put Matt on it. He's probably over there boning your snake anyways." Ramsay replied, pulling his phone out and scrolling through it.

You watched the puppy chewing the stick Ramsay had thrown, listening to the ringing of Matt's phone.

"Yes, boss?" Matt's voice said, rather thickly.

"Where you at?"

"I can be wherever you need me to be." the kid said quickly.

"Your girlfriend's shop. Be there in ten. Your meeting the wife's friends. Bring them up here." 

"Yes sir."

Ramsay put his phone away and turned to you, glancing down at his watch.

"I'd say we have time for a quickie in the laundry room. I do love when you're bent over the dryer." He purred, pulling you into him and wrapping his coat around you.

"I dunno... You kinda, really, owe me." You murmured, resting your cheek against his chest.

"Alright. But I'm fucking you until you fallout tonight." He growled. 

"Well, that's something to look forward to." You grinned, closing your eyes and hugging him tight.

Suddenly a wet nose was pushing its way between you and your husband. You laughed, pushing the puppy away with your knee.

"You are such a fucking weasel." You giggled, kneeling down to pet the dog.


"(Y/n), this is our daughter, Kasey. Kase, this is mommy and daddy's friend, (y/n). We have been friends since we were big as you." Whit said, smiling brightly and hugging you.

Kasey had freckles dappled across her cheeks and nose, big green eyes, and strawberry blonde hair. She gave you a timid smile, half hiding behind Jared's leg.

"Do you like puppies?" You asked the girl, then laughing at yourself, "What am I saying? Of course you do. You are bound to be just like your momma. I have a puppy. You can go play with him. Maybe you can help think of a name for him."

"Yeah, Kase. Let's go find this puppy." Jared said brightly, nudging his daughter forward.

You pointed through the doorway towards the kitchen, "he's out back. He can come in whenever y'all wanna come in."

Jared gave you a thumbs up and disappeared into the kitchen with Kasey.

Whit heaved a large bag onto the couch, pulled a pair of latex gloves from her pocket, and turned to you and Ramsay.

"Ready to make your husband cry like a baby?" She chuckled, opening the bag.


"You know... You aren't as big of a cry baby as I thought you'd be." Whit admitted, pulling her gloves off and tossing them in the bathroom trash.

Ramsay only nodded and lit a cigarette. He was rather pale and a small sheen of sweat had formed in his hairline.

"So... everytime?" You asked, frowning at what you had just witnessed.

Whit nodded, pulling her own cigarettes out. "Yep. Until it starts to dry. But there should be plenty of lidocaine to make it through each dressing and changing. If you happen to run out of saline, a bottle of contact cleaning solution will work too. Keep it clean and wrapped like I showed you and there should be minimal scarring, but obviously whatever you had tatted there is fucked. Skin may also be a different color. A bit pinker, ya know..."

"Thank you, so much. You rock." You said, hugging her tight. She hugged you back, warmly. She placed her hand on your belly when you pulled away.

"So?" She asked.

"Boy." You said with a small smile.

"Damn, I was hoping for a girl. Jared and I had a bet going. I assume your momma is excited?"

"Probably more excited than anyone. You know her. Shit, she'd be excited if it ended up being an alien." You huffed with a small snort. "Guys wanna crash here? I mean, what do you have to do tomorrow?"

Whit shrugged, "just gotta take Kasey by the cheer place to fill out paperwork and get fitted for uniform and shit, then thought maybe we would take her to the aquarium after lunch."

"Then y'all are staying here tonight. It's a bit late for cooking, but we can order something. Anything and everything y'all want. It's on me." You said brightly, giving your husband a sly wink as you left the bathroom with Whit.

Chapter Text

"Oh man. Eating this reminds me of the one rodeo we went to, the one where I broke my leg on the barrel, remember?" Whit said, eyeing her noodles closely.

"Oh my God yes! I don't know how I could forget. We were so fucking sick. And I was on my period. I didn't even attempt to wash those pants, I just threw them away." You laughed, cheeks warming as you remembered the embarrassment. 

"Can you believe that's been like ten years ago? When did we get so old?" Whit said with a sigh, leaning against Jared.

"As I recall, you also ruined my brand new ostrich skin Tony's on that trip." Jared smirked, eyeing you over the top of his glass.

"Well as I recall they were the ugliest pair of boots I've ever seen. Besides it was your fault. If you hadn't made me eat all those jello shots." You said, stabbing your fork at him.

"Mhm. But I guess all those belt buckles we won in those two weeks made up for it." Jared sighed with a small grin.

"Belt buckles?" Ramsay asked, finally setting his glass down long enough to speak.

You snorted, "yeah. You know... well, you wouldn't, would you? Belt buckles are given as trophies at rodeos. Whit used to barrel race. Jared and I were a team roping duo. Anyways, we were damn good, once upon a time. Pride and joy of our hometown, outside of our high school basketball teams. But I smoked weed, so I didn't bother to play. But I wasn't required to piss in a cup to rope a steer. I'm surprised you didn't take note of my belt buckle case at mom and dad's. I mean... I guess it's the same as boxing right? Don't you like get belts or some shit for that?"

Ramsay said nothing, staring into his empty glass.

Did Roose have any of Ramsay's boxing artifacts? Probably not. They both loved to deal deathly blows to one another.

"Your mom still got all those videos?" Whit asked, watching Kasey roll a ball for the puppy, which she has started calling Moose.

"Probably. She still has my first pair of boots." You said with a grin. Not for the first time feeling a small homesick pang in your chest. You pushed the ache away.

"Belt buckles." Ramsay muttered, rising from the couch to refill his glass.

"Make excellent bottle openers." You called after him.

"You know, it's funny to see you all high maintenance now. Never woulda expected it." Jared smirked at you.

You rolled your eyes, "yeah, I clean up real nice. But I won't lie. I miss home sometimes. The quietness. My horses. Hunting. Fishing. Maybe our son will have an act for all that."

"Names?" Whit asked, finally setting her empty plate down.

You shrugged, "not yet. I'm waiting on Ramsay."

"No names at all?" Whit pressed.

You shrugged. The truth was... there were about a million, and yet not a single one that seemed good enough to fit your son.

"How's your bar coming along?" Jared asked, holding his glass up as Ramsay walked back into the living room holding out a bottle in question.

"Great, actually. The contractor is super awesome. He's got people working on it everyday. Rain or shine. About another month to go. I am so excited. I miss working." You said in excitement.

"Well, you best let us know when opening day is. We have yet to get shit faced at a bar together. Everyone can come up." Jared said, pulling a face as he took a drink and set his glass down.

Listening to Whit and Jared recount work and hometown bullshit was so nice. How you had missed them. It was so nice to have your two best friends back. You couldn't help but notice how quiet and uncomfortable Ramsay was. It gave you a savage pleasure to be the one twisting his arm. He watched you closely as you talked and how you reacted to Jared especially.

Whit had pulled Kasey into her lap and you couldn't help but admire it. Someday that would be you and your son. You would make him giggle as you helped him count his fingers. You would laugh with him about things that made no sense. You would kiss his scraped knees, and hold him close when he was tired. 

"What about you, (y/n)?" Whit said.

You blinked tears away furiously with a sniff, "What's up?"

"If you could do anything in the world tomorrow, what would it be?"

"Be a beekeeper." You said automatically.

Ramsay gave you a funny look. 

"I love honey. And bees." You said defensively.

"More like you love to live life on the edge, anaphylactic." Whit chuckled.

You shrugged, "yeah, well... I would have no regrets."

"Regret. Funny thing isn't it?" Jared sighed.

You knew he was talking about his father. Jared's father had left home on Jared's 15th birthday. It tore him up. He was hurt, still. Then right before graduation his father had attempted to reenter his life. Jared had told him to fuck off, and later that night received a phone call that his father had committed suicide by jumping off the old county bridge over a set of train tracks. Had waited on the next train. But, in some fucked up twist it had not killed him on impact, but left to suffer and die alone beside the tracks in the pouring rain. It had been the deciding factor in Jared's career. To become a medic. He blamed himself.

"What's the point in regret? It gets you nowhere." Ramsay said in icy tones.

You looked between the two men. Both angry and bitter over the father cards they were dealt. 

You slid your hand into Ramsay's and gave a loving squeeze. He squeezed back.

You pulled your hand away, grabbing up plates to take to the kitchen. Ramsay rose too and helped you carry the trash to the kitchen.

You turned to Ramsay with a grin and placed a kiss to his cheek.

"Jealousy looks horrible on you." You whispered, "but it is kinda cute."

Ramsay gave a dersisive snort, pulling away from you. 

"So I feel obligated to tell you, that Jared is my cousin. Our grandmas were sisters. We were born four months apart, so we literally grew up together. I'm not a cousin fucker." 

Ramsay gave you a long look, set his plate down, and left without saying anything.

It made you laugh. You grabbed a bag of gummy bears off the kitchen table and returned to your perch on the couch. Ramsay took your candy to dig out all his favorite ones.


"Babe, will you take the dog out?" You asked, looking up at your husband, as you had rested your head in his lap.

He looked down at you through his tired, bloodshot eyes and gave a nod, untangling his hand from your hair. He nudged you to sit up.

"I'll show y'all to your room." You said, rising from the couch with a yawn.

Jared helped Whit up, who was holding a sleeping Kasey. You showed them to a spare bedroom at the opposite end on the house.

"Sorry it's small, but the couch pulls out into a bed, so everyone has room." You said. 

"Beats a nasty hotel any day." Jared nodded.

"There's a bathroom through that door. It's got a shower. Toilet is kinda sketch... But ya know... can't have your cake and eat it too, even when you're rich. Lemme know if you need anything. Good night." You smiled, closing the door behind you as you left.

You walked down the hall, suppressing a scream as a pair of hands grabbed you and pulled you into the dark laundry room.

"Rams!" You hissed, turning to your husband and pinching his side.

He squirmed slightly, pushing you into the door. It clicked closed behind you.

"I still wanna fuck you while you bend over the dryer." He growled in your ear.

"Only if it's better than last time." You replied with a smirk.

"Better than last time? As I remember it, you were screaming and begging. I had to hold you up when I made you cum." He purred, running his hands along your body.

"Really? I don't think I remember that. You must have been drunk." You said with a sly grin, the warmth already spreading through you at his touch. 

"Let me remind you then." He replied, ghosting his lips across your jaw, nipping at your ear, his breath hot, slow, and purposefully seductive.

You clawed at his hips, pulling him closer, grinding your hips against him.

"When's the last time you were tied up?" He whispered, pushing his hips into you.

"I don't remember, daddy. Been at least a month or two?" You replied, heart pounding harder with every beat.

"Has it really been that long?" He asked, a bemused expression on his face.

You huffed, "yeah. We've been so busy lately. Always going. It's almost fucking March. When did that happen?" 

"Well, I will have to fix that sometime soon." He said with a nod, pulling your shirt up over your head.

You slid your pants down and stepped out of them as you removed your bra.

He gingerly attempted to take his shirt off, grimacing as he struggled to avoid touching his arm. You thought of helping him, but enjoyed watching the struggle.

He caught the amusement on your face and narrowed his eyes.

You smirked, batting your lashes, "yes, my love?"

"Help me." He hissed.

"There's no helping you, dear." You sniggered, stepping around him to lean back against the cold dryer.

"I will hurt you." He growled, finally managing to pull his shirt off.

"Awe, the poor baby getting pissy?" You mocked.

He stepped into you, grabbing your face, "I don't know when you got so brave, baby girl, but I will put you back in your place."

"Do it." You breathed, pushing your body flush to his.

"Is that a challenge?" He growled, sliding his hand to your neck.

You held your head up higher with a smirk, "I wouldn't dream of challenging you."

He stared at you, dropping his hand, and finally letting a laugh escape him.

"That was a good one." 

"I was hoping you'd catch it, Mufasa." You chuckled, letting a gasp escape you as he turned you around and pushed you into the cold metal.

You propped you elbow up on the surface, resting your chin on your hand, waiting on Ramsay to pull his pants off.

He pressed his warm body into you. You pushed back into him, using your hands against the edge of the dryer to push back further into him, keeping your pregnant stomach from being pressed to the dryer.

You ground against him as he ran his hand up the curve of your spine.

"Not before I say you can." He whispered, running his finger along your clit and making a small noise of longing to find you already wet.

"Don't tease, baby. I've had to wait all damn day." You implored. 

"That sounds like a problem you put on yourself." He growled in your ear as he pushed himself inside you.

"Mm, please daddy. I just want to come undone and cuddle with you." You breathed with a small whine, as you pushed yourself further back into him.

"What's in it for me?" He asked, grabbing your hips tight and thrusting.

"What do you want?" You wanted, knuckles white from the force you used to clutch the edge of the dryer.

"What do you want to give?" He breathed, pulling you closer, releasing a hip, and running his finger tips up your back.

"Get me off and I'll blow you, if that would please you." You purred, arching your back at his touch.

"Deep throat me and it's a deal." He breathed, running his hand along your ass, trailing his finger tips over your hip bone, and sweeping his thumb lightly over your clit as he thrust into you again.

"Of course, daddy." You moaned, giving a small jerk at the sudden pleasure as he rubbed firm circles against your sensitive nub with his thumb, as he slowly fucked you.

Your breath caught as he worked his magic with his hand. You swallowed hard, choking back the loud noises threatening to escape you as you met your high, your body giving a violent tremor.

He pulled away from you, turning you to face him. He kissed you deeply, cupping your face.

You made a blind grab at the shelf next to you for a spare blanket. You dropped it at your feet, pulling away from your husband to lower yourself to your knees.

"Man, I'm only half way to the finish line and this is already getting hard." You sighed, resting your forehead against his leg.

"I'll make it quick." He said, tangling his hand in your hair.

You took a deep breath, licked your lips, and took him in your mouth. You tasted yourself on him as you ran your tongue slowly along him. 

He pushed his hips into you and you took him in further. You pushed everything aside in your mind and relaxed completely as he snaked his other hand in your hair.

You gripped his thighs and closed your eyes tight, drawing a deep breath through your nose as he slowly fucked your throat.

He drew a sharp breath with every thrust, and you grabbed at his thighs tighter, pressing your tongue against him firmly, until he drew a rugged gasp and you felt his dick throb at his release; the hot, thick cum sliding down the back of your throat.

You swallowed and released your grip on him as he pulled away from you. You looked up at him with a small grin, leaning back on your knees.

He heaved a sigh, releasing your hair, offering his hand to you.

You let him help you stand again. 

"For as amazing as I'm sure that is for you, it kinda sucks. I don't really get to taste you." You said, gathering up the blanket, shaking it out, and wrapping it around you.

He smirked, grabbing a pair if shorts off the top of his pile of freshly laundered clothes you never got around to putting up this afternoon.


[You: hey, wanna have lunch with me?]

[E: sure, there's a new place on post I haven't been to yet. I get from 12 to 13:30.]

[You: shweet. See ya at noon.]

"Hey baby, wanna go to lunch?" You asked, walking in the living room and glancing down at Ramsay sprawled on the couch.

"Busy, baby girl." He replied, looking up from his phone.

Your face fell slightly, "oh. Okay. Well I'm going to lunch with Eli and Whit and Jared."


"Um, not sure. Somewhere on base. A new place according to E."

Ramsay nodded, "Alright. Be careful."

"Always." You smiled, leaning awkwardly over the couch to give him a quick kiss.


"Cute little place." You said with a small smirk giving Eli a hug.

"Eh, they have awesome steak apparently." Eli chuckled, glancing over at Whit, Jared, and Kasey.

"Baby cousin E!" Jared said mockingly, shaking your brothers hand.

"Kinfolk." Eli chuckled.

"Look at you. All grown up and shit." Whit said, running her hand through Kasey's hair.

Eli sat beside you and looked between you and the others. He cleared his throat, "so, uh... what brings y'all here?"

"Your darling sister. She needed some help." Whit said, opening a 3 pack of crayons for Kasey.

You noted how quiet Kasey was. So different than lively, outspoken Kaden.

"Then y'all are also...?" Eli asked with a raised brow.

"Yep. The family that mobs together, stays together." Jared laughed with a wink.

"So, heard from your momma, you're getting married?" Whit said, raising her brows at Eli.

"So it would seem." Eli said, looking pointedly at you as he spoke.

You rolled your eyes, "Don't blame me. You did it to yourself. I didn't wanna force your hand, but you made me."

"Right." Eli tutted.

"At least she isn't some random ass whore. You said you've known her for years. I noted the way you looked at her." You shrugged, busying yourself with the menu.

"Well, when y'all saying 'I do'?" Jared asked, glancing between you and your brother.

"Thinking mid April. Gives us awhile to throw shit together and her family time to make arrangements." Eli said, trying to keep his voice even. But you noted a hint of nervousness and excitement.

"I'm paying, by the way. I can afford to make your special day, well, special. Nothing but the best for the baby of the family." You smiled. 

Eli's ears turned a bright red. He cleared his throat, "speaking of, when is the last time you talked to Ruth?"

You frowned at the menu, and heaved a sigh.

"I dunno. She doesn't talk to me. Has me blocked on everything. I honestly don't think I've talked to her in like four years." You shrugged, pushing the anger at your older sister away.

"You know she will be at the wedding..." Eli said, raising a brow at you. 

"Well, that's fine. She can continue to ignore me there too. It's her problem, not mine." You said, a bit more aggressively than you had meant.

"Sis, what happened?" Eli asked, watching you closely. 

You gave an unamused laugh, "her dickbag husband tried to fuck me when they came out to see me at my apartment before they went on that world vacation or whatever. He forced himself on me and she walked in. Blamed me for it all. Called me a white trash whore and never spoke to me again. Never even gave me a chance to tell her what happened. I assume she is still with him?"

You looked at the expressions on everyone's faces and gave a half shrug.

"Well then..." Jared said, clearing his throat rather awkwardly.

"To answer your question, yes she is." Whit nodded.

"Of course." You sighed, "keep them away from me at the wedding, and don't breathe a word of it to Ramsay. He'd love an excuse to kill someone at a wedding. I'm sure it's on his bucket list or something."


"Do you have to do that at the table? We eat here." You said, frowning at Ramsay and Alyn as you put clean dishes away.

"Where else am I going to do it?" Ramsay asked, cutting open the package of white powder as Alyn opened a box of baggies. 

"Just don't make a mess." You muttered, stacking plates.

"So, what was the fuck screaming about when you were leaving?" Alyn said, filling a bag and setting it on a scale and pulling a marker to tag the bag.

Ramsay tutted in amusement, "I was asking him questions, getting bored of him, always asking who I am and why I'm doing what I'm doing... so I asked him what he could tell me about the Lannister's. Rattles off some useless shit. Move on to the Tyrell's. More useless shit. So I say to him, 'what can you tell me about the Bolton's?' I was ready to rub it in his face who I am and he says some shit he heard in passing, before he was placed on leave, there was some kind mutiny going on that would result in my death if I didn't watch it." He chuckled.

You dropped a bowl, it shattered on the floor. You panicked, kneeling down to pick up the largest pieces. You looked up to see Ramsay and Alyn looking at you.

"S-sorry. I've become clumsy lately. Pregnancy is weird." You said quickly, cheeks burning.

Ramsay rose from his chair and grabbed the broom.

"Says you're gunna snuff it, huh?" Alyn said, weighing another bag.

Ramsay laughed, "apparently so. But I'm not too worried about it. Half the shit he told me were false rumors. Cops are stupid. Believe anything they're told."

You placed the glass shards on the counter, taking the broom from Ramsay, avoiding eye contact. 

"Where did he hear it?" You asked, trying to sound unconcerned and simply conversational. 

Ramsay shrugged and sat back in his seat, "some Kings man, rattling shit off to get let go."

You nodded, turning away from Ramsay completely to sweep glass in the dustpan.

"So you don't think it's true?" You questioned.

"Nope. I'd already be dead if that were the case. Father has threatened to kill me multiple times." Ramsay replied, lighting a cigarette.

"Do you keep him guarded?" 

Ramsay set his lighter on the table, "Nah. No one would dare go up there. Besides, he's not going anywhere. But having men up there all the time would start to look suspicious if anyone took notice."

You gave a small nod, emptying the dustpan in the trash, an idea forming.

"Man, this is Lannister shit. Ben's gunna have a hard time getting it out. After the Martell shit we've been selling." Alyn said, sliding a twenty to Ramsay for the line he just snorted.

"If nothing else I'll just dump it and give father the cash from my shit." Ramsay shrugged, pocketing the bill, and turning his attention to you, "What are you doing this afternoon?"

You leaned against the counter, chewing your lip, "I need to go get groceries. Thought maybe I would stop by the salon and get my nails fixed if I feel up to it. It's been awhile."

Ramsay nodded, "alright baby girl, I'll leave the jeep with you then."

You nodded, turning back to the dishes, glancing at the clock. It was nearing 2:30.


"Sure this is a good idea?" Tyene asked, looking around.

You dug around in the bag, pulling out the Kylo helmet and a knife. You pulled your hair back and put the helmet on.

"No. But I have to know what he knows." You said, trying to bite back the laugh at the way your voice.

Tyene sniggered, walking into the hospital behind you.

"Pick this lock." You said holding your phone light over the lock on the door.

Tyene took the lock and pulled out her pick.

"Ew. It smells rancid in here." Tyene said, turning up her nose and pulling her shirt up.

"You can wait in the hall if you want. It won't take me long." You whispered, thankful for the helmet. You couldn't smell the room. All you could smell was Ramsay.

Tyene shut the door behind her. You flipped the light switch, taking in Theon with disgust. His torture wounds were turning nasty shades of greens and yellows. He must have been in excruciating pain.

You pulled the bag from over his face and sat in the metal seat across from him.

He cowered in fear, glimpsing your knife.

"The quicker you give me information, the quicker I leave. And no matter who comes in here next, you won't say shit about this. And you will tell no one any of the information you give me, no matter how much pain is inflicted. Do you understand? Give me what I want and I have a reward for you." You said quickly, feeling slightly unnerved by how much you sounded like your husband by offering rewards.

Theon whimpered, lip trembling.

"Tell me what you know about Ramsay Bolton and the Red Kings."

"I... I don't know." Theon whispered hoarsely. 

You slapped him across the face, "tell me what you know!"

"Hi-his father is going to send his executioner to kill him whenever they find out what his wife is having!" Theon cried.

You gave a frustrated sigh. Outdated fucking information. Of course. Anger swelled. Without thinking, you punched Theon with as much force as you could across the place you had slapped him. A numbing pain spreading through your hand.

"Who's the executioner?" You demanded.

"Man named Locke!" Theon gasped.

You frowned. Well, at least you had a name and face to watch out for. Maybe you could pull up his files while Ramsay was gone or something. 

You rose from your chair and crossed back across the room. You opened the door to find Tyene playing on her phone.

"Water." You said, holding your hand out. Tyene pulled a bottle from the front pocket of her hoodie and handed it to you.

You returned to Theon, helping him drink the water. He inhaled it like they did in the movies; when lost in a desert and finding an oasis.

You slammed the door on your way out, replacing the lock and sighing, as you pulled the helmet off.

"So?" Tyene asked as you both emerged back into the day light.

You shrugged, "nothing really. But he gave me a name. So it's a start. Now, let's go get groceries. I'm a bottomless pit lately."

"Good thing you're rich. 'Pregnant woman buying all of aisle one'!" She laughed as she climbed in the jeep.

You threw the helmet and knife back into the bag and climbed in the driver's seat, "shut up. It's not that bad."

Tyene chuckled. You rolled your eyes.


"Mkay boys. Put my groceries away." You said, tossing the keys on the kitchen table and walking into the living room to sit down.

Ramsay, Matt, and Damon grumbled as they got up from the table.

"How'd lunch with your brother go? I forgot to ask earlier." Ramsay said, falling into the couch beside you, opening a bag of M&Ms.

"It was pleasant. Working on setting up a wedding date. Aren't you supposed to be putting groceries away?" You said, raising a brow and smacking your gum.

Ramsay snorted, "I pay them to do shit I don't want to."

"You're a brat, you know that?" You said, giving him a stern look.

"Someone has to rival you." He chuckled, resting his head in your lap as he shifted on the couch. "Watch. Matt!"

Matt appeared in the doorway, "sup?"

The poor kid looked a mess with his two black eyes and busted lip. He had required stitches to his brow and cheek. His hands cut up and blistered from the fire.

Ramsay held his hand out to the coffee table where the remote sat a foot out of his reach.

"My Sith powers are not working. There has been a disturbance in the force, it seems. I think it's your lack of faith in it. Fix it."

Matt ran his tongue over his bottom lip, looking like he would rather do anything else than hand your man-child husband the remote. 

"I'd love to help, sir... But the thing is... the Resistance has me held captive on Jakku." He replied, holding up a grocery bag with a slight shake. "May the force be with you."

"In case of burning, run under cold water for ten to fifteen minutes!" You laughed, as Ramsay sat up quickly, gaping slightly at Matt's nerve.

"The fuck?" Ramsay grumbled, rising from the couch, making Matt flinch and retreat to the kitchen quickly. 

You grabbed your husband's arm and pulled him back down, "oh no. You leave him alone. He's finally learning. Just like you wanted."

"People don't sass me." He growled.

"Well you have been sassed, and it was a glorious burn. The kid gets a free pass on this one. Wit was spot on." 

"I'm just gonna break his nose a bit more than it already is. Little shit isn't going to talk to me like that without being punished." 

"I'll take his place. You can punish me, daddy." You said with a sweet smile.

"You'd take his place, huh?" He said slowly, running his eyes over you.

You nodded, "would that make master happy?"

"I guess we will just have to see." He smirked, rising from the couch and pulling you up with him.

"What do you have in mind?" You asked, leading him down the hall.

He stopped suddenly, pulling his hand away. You stopped, turning to him in confusion.

"What's wrong?" You asked with a slight frown.

He took your hand in his, running his thumb along the tops of your knuckles.

"What happened to your hand?" He asked, examining the bruises forming.

"I told you. I've become clumsy. The weight has thrown me off balance." You lied, suddenly annoyed at yourself for punching the Greyjoy.

"Punching old ladies at the grocery store are you?" He asked, raising a brow.

You snorted, "Well, when there's only one can of whipped cream left."

"You got a can of whipped cream?" He asked with a smirk.

"Yes. And you would know that if you had put the groceries away." You winked, tugging your hand back.

"But really, what did you do to your hand?" He said turning serious.

"I tripped over the puppy this morning and caught myself on the door when I was bringing him in." You said, hoping the lie would suffice.

Ramsay pushed you into the bedroom, locking the door behind him. Before he could make his move you crossed the room and pulled the silk tie from your robe. 

You turned to face him with a grin, "it's my turn. Now get naked."

"And if I say no?" He asked, stepping further into the room.

"I'll shoot you in the knee." You shrugged, climbing up on the bed.

With a grimace, Ramsay pulled his shirt off, and undid his belt.

"Hurry up. Fuck." You whined, impatiently.

Ramsay raised his brows at you with a smirk, "You are still fully dressed."

"Point being?" You asked, giving him a dismissive wave with the silk tie.

"Alright, alright." He chuckled, stepping out of his pants and crawling onto the bed.

You grabbed his hands, climbing onto his chest. He buried his face between your legs, inhaling deeply with a longing groan as you tied his hands to the bed post.

"Why are you still dressed?" He asked, biting the inside seam of your pants.

"Because we are going to play a game. I ask questions, and if you answer correctly I will take off one article of clothing. Of your choice. If you answer wrong, I get to inflict pain on you, wherever I choose." You whispered, sitting up straight.

"Fire away then, little momma." He smirked, bringing his eyes up to yours.

"I'll start easy. What's my favorite color?" 

Ramsay rolled his eyes, "grey. Now take these pants off."

You slid off the bed, taking your pants off, and climbing back on him. He made a small noise at the fact that you weren't wearing underwear.

"What's my favorite romance movie?"

Ramsay tutted, "probably the Notebook."

You dug your nails into his side.

He hissed through a grin, "Alright. It's Roman Holiday then."

You narrowed your eyes, "how'd you know that?"

He chuckled, "I pay attention. Shirt, get it off."

You pulled your shirt over your head, tossing it aside, watching him run his eyes over you.

"Stop." You said, heat creeping up your neck and face, frowning at the budgle of your belly.

He brought his eyes to yours, "why?"

"Because I'm getting fat and gross." You sighed, losing your gusto.

"Says who?" He asked with a small grin.

"You don't think... I mean..." You said with a shrug, not sure how to word it.

"Why would I? It's my fault isn't it?" He chuckled, shifting his hips up until you fell forward.

You caught yourself on the blankets and he caught your lips in a kiss.

"Why do you like to threaten me?" You murmured against his lips.

"That's my business." He sneered.

You sat up straight and slapped him.

"Answer my question." You growled.

"Make me." He purred with a wink.

You looked down at him with a wicked grin, leaning forward to kiss him.

A hammering came in the door, "Boss!"

You sat up straight, frowning deeply. Ramsay picked his head up, frowning at the door as well.

"I'm busy!" He shouted back, looking annoyed.

"Joffrey Baratheon is dead! Just ate it at his own wedding reception!" Damon called from the other side of the door.

Ramsay dropped his head back into the pillow and stared up at you. From nowhere he let out a loud, fanatical laugh.

As if on cue his phone rang from across the room. 

"Can you get that doll? I'm a bit... restrained at the moment." He chuckled. 

You rolled your eyes, climbing off him, and snatching up his phone from his pants pocket. You glanced down: father.

You hit answer and then speaker with a wide smile, "hello, Roose."

"(y/n), where's Ramsay?"

"I'm here." Ramsay said with a small grunt, as you climbed back up on him and dropped his phone on his chest, taking your bra off.

"But where are you?"

"At home. Where I've been for the last four hours." He said lazily, running his tongue over his bottom lip as his eyes wandered over your body.

"So you have no idea why I am calling you?"

Ramsay smirked, "nope. I'm afraid not. I've been behaving like a good boy."

You rolled your eyes at the sneer in his voice, leaning in to kiss along his jaw.

"Cut the shit, Ramsay. What are you playing at?" Roose said coldly on the other end.

"No game. I mean it. Whatever you're thinking, I've nothing to do with. My hands are currently tied. Literally. To my bed. And you are interrupting what I'm sure will be some bomb ass sex. I can send pics if you'd like. Maybe even a whole video, if you want. I think I have the wife worked up enough to consent." 

You took his earlobe between your teeth, grinding against his hips, feeling his skin slick with your wetness. He shifted, canting his hips up into you.

Roose heaved an irritable sigh, "Ramsay, if I find out otherwise..."  

Ramsay let a very exaggerated moan escape from his chest as you worried a hickey on his neck, "right, father. You'll kill me. Got it. But right now I have a very horny, pregnant wife to take care of. Feel free to come by for dessert and coffee or something." He panted, trying to lean forward to nip at your neck.

You heard the click on the other line and let out a giggle, pulling away from your husband.

"You didn't have anything to do with the idiot's death, did you?" You asked quietly, trailing your fingers across his chest, sliding his phone to the floor.

"No, baby girl. I didn't. But I give major thumbs up to whoever did. Now, let me go so I can fuck you." 

"Mm, no. I think I'll keep you like this." You smiled, kissing along his collarbone. You sat up, "actually..." You hummed sliding off the bed and untying him, "I have a new game."

He sat up, rubbing his wrist, "What's that?"

You picked up his pants and slid his belt free, "I'm thinking of a place on my body I want you to kiss. You get five guesses." 

"And if I guess wrong?" He asked with a dark grin.

You held up the belt with a sweet smile.

"And if I guess right?" He asked, raising a brow, reaching out to grab your hand.

"You get to do whatever you want. But you won't be winning." You purred, stepping into him.

"I hardly lose, baby girl." He hummed, pulling you down onto him as he laid back. "How do I know you aren't cheating?" 

You grinned, rolling off him and laying back into the bed next to him, "You don't. Shall we begin?"

He pushed himself up, running his eyes over you, determining his first guess.

You felt him shake as he held himself up with his injured arm, as he leaned into you and placed a kiss to your lips.

It was warm and hungry as he took your bottom lip between his teeth, biting and sucking gently.

Your breath caught and you let a small moan escape you.

"I know I wasted my first guess, but, it was worth it. A calculated risk I think I can afford." He grinned, releasing your lip.

"But now I have to hurt you." You pouted, sitting up, clutching the belt in your hands.

"Mhm. Do it, baby girl." He purred, turning to expose part of his bare back. "Hard as you can."

You took a deep breath, pulling your hand back, gripping the belt as hard as you could. You bit your lip and swallowed hard as the leather came into contact with his skin.

He drew in a small hiss and gave a jerk. He turned back to you.

"When did you learn to hit so hard?" He panted, ravaging you with his eyes.

You gave a small shrug, and an innocent smile. "One." You whispered.

"I know where you want me to kiss you, baby girl. But I think I like the pain, so...." He said, leaning down and taking your nipple in his mouth.

You tangled your free hand in his hair with a loud moan, falling back into the bed completely. Warmth and wetness mounting between your legs.

He gently bit down and swirled his tongue firmly. You pouted slightly when he pulled away.

"Same spot." He whispered, turning his back to you again. "Harder."

You sat up and ran your finger tips gently over the welt, feeling him relax slightly at your touch. 

"Two." You said, gritting your teeth slightly as you brought the belt down harder across his back.

He gave a violent jerk and a small laugh.

"Can we just go ahead with three and four?" He asked.

"Do you really think you'll win?" You asked, raising a brow at his cockiness.

"I know all the secrets to your body, baby girl." He beamed, turning back to you.

"Hm. Well, I think you're a liar." You mocked.

He smirked, leaning into you again. He buried his face in the crook of your neck, inhaling deeply as he ghosted his lips along the curve of you neck. 

You swallowed the whimper as he pressed his lips gently below your ear.

"Is this it, baby girl? Is this the magic place you wanted me to kiss?" He whispered, gruffly, nipping the skin.

You closed your eyes with a breathy moan. 

"Yes, daddy. Don't stop, please." You begged, grabbing at his hip.

"Only if you hurt me until I get off." He murmured against your skin.

"H-how do you want me to hurt you, baby boy?" You panted, grabbing his hand and bringing it to your wet entrance.

"However you want, doll." He growled, plunging his fingers inside you, biting down on your neck. 

Without thinking you let your hand wander, clutching at him as the warmth at your core began to threaten breaking the dam. You pushed your hips into his hand, arching your back and gripping his arm.

"Fuck." He hissed, pulling away from you.

You threw your eyes open, "baby, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean t..."

But your words were lost to you as he yanked you up from the bed, clashing his mouth with yours and pushing you back into the wall.

"Again." He growled, picking you up.

You wrapped your legs around his waist and moaned as he pushed himself inside you.

"Do it again, doll." He demanded, his breathing hard in your ear.

You tangled one hand in his hair and brought the other to his bandaged arm, grabbing firmly.

You clung to him tighter as he thrust into you and went weak in the knees.

Something about making him weak in the knees was pleasurable. Maybe because it rarely happened and it was nice to be the one in charge for once.

"Don't stop." He moaned, resting his forehead in the crook of your neck and breathing hard.

"Don't drop me." You giggled back, moaning slightly as he moved inside you again.

"Shut up." He growled, pushing his hips further into you.

Breathing was becoming hard as you felt the warmth of your high coming. You drew a sharp breath, grabbing at him harder.

"Baby girl." He panted, biting your neck as he met his release.

You grabbed harder, letting your body relax as you met your turn. It happened much sooner than you had expected, but inflicting pain and making him moan like that was too much.

His heavy breathing and warm sweaty, skin pushed flush to yours was intoxicating as he slowly released his tight grip on you.

You laughed when he gently set you back in your feet and pulled away from you completely.

"Whew." He chuckled with a shiver, picking up his discarded shirt.

He handed you his shirt when he was done.

"You're such a freak." You grinned, watching him dress, as you pulled your pants up.

"Little momma has no room to talk." He said, giving you a sly grin that made you blush.

He grabbed your hand and led you back into the living room.

Matt and Damon sat awkwardly quiet on the couch. 

Ramsay dropped you hand, crossed his arms, and eyed them both, "what?"

Damon nudged Matt who looked a bit panicked. 

Matt cleared his throat, "so, uh... it's race night. We've been called out. And uh... your racer is nowhere to be found. Just vanished it seems."

"Just vanished?" Ramsay breathed rather threateningly, giving you a glare as if you had planned on this. "What do you mean vanished?"

"She's gone. No one can find her. Left nothing behind and yet everything behind, except herself." Damon said, not making eye contact with Ramsay.

You gingerly took a seat on the edge of the recliner.

"So, she was just abducted by aliens then, was she? That what you're sayin'?" 

"I guess. I've no idea what's going on. No trace of her on anything." Damon said, offering an open palmed shrug.

"Where are we on the list?" Ramsay asked, pulling you from the chair, sitting down, and pulling you into his lap.

"Two." Damon muttered.

"Excuse me?" Ramsay said, gripping your thigh tightly. "Did I not tell you to keep her in the bottom half until the end of the fucking season?"

"I know, I know. But she was all of the sudden at two, and there wasn't shit I could do. Rules. You know that." Damon said defensively.

Ramsay ran his hand over his face and pulled you closer into him, "Okay, who's racing in her place? What do we have to work with?"

"We have the mustang, she was nice enough to leave it behind, and Alyn's Camaro." Damon said, staring down at his hands.

"Put him in then until I can figure out what to do. Tell him if he loses the spot I'm taking whichever part of his body I reach first."

Damon nodded, jumping up, and leaving the room.

"Kid, go away. Go do something useful." Ramsay clucked at Matt.

"Yes sir." Matt said, leaving the room almost as quickly as Damon had.

"Chill." You whispered, leaning back into your husband, squeezing his leg.

He heaved a sigh and buried his face in your shoulder, "I need you to clean and fix my boo boo."

"Boo boo." You giggled, sliding off his lap.


Chapter Text

Damon fell heavily into the cushion beside you. Dropping a cardboard box at his feet.

Startled, you looked up from your magazine, sitting up straight, eyeing him carefully.

"Where's Ramsay?" He asked, looking around slowly.

You shrugged, "dunno. Assumed he was with you."

"But he's definitely not here?"

"Uh... no?" You said, unsure, taking in how serious Damon looked.

"Good. We need to talk." He said with a small sigh.

"What's up?" You asked, curiosity peaked.

"You should never have gotten pregnant." He said bluntly.

"Well that is about the rudest fucking thing anyone has ever said to me!" You hissed, puffing up, slapping his shoulder with your magazine.

"I know, and I'm sorry. Really. But it's pushed Ramsay over the edge and I'm afraid for him." 

"What do you mean afraid for him?" You asked slowly.

"Do you think Ramsay is the only one with a legitimate degree? I'm not stupid or uneducated, (y/n). I've known Ramsay since we were five. Ramsay... he's... well, he is the most unstable person to ever walk this earth. We went to college together. While he got his accounting degree I opted for psychology. I was never going to use it for anything, but I wanted to understand my best friend. Ramsay is like my brother. We've done everything together, our whole lives. He's a strange case. He's been labeled under every personality disorder in Cluster B. Antisocial, histrionic, paranoid, dependent, borderline, ya know."

"So why are you telling me this?"

"Because you are Ramsay's favorite person. They say that affects borderline only, but he's not the average case. Hell, I don't even know how much of what he does or has done is legit. So he can't be pinned to a single disorder, or even a handful. He's been shunted through six different therapists, and they all observed different and conflicting behaviors. But you are his person. I don't envy you in that. Better you than me. You give him everything he has ever needed or wanted. You love him. You engage in his weird pain fetishes. You take care of him. You baby him. You challenge him. You enable him. Ramsay doesn't live in reality. Not ours anyways. But you keep him grounded."

You scoffed.

"Tell me, have you ever had to sit up with him all night and talk him out of suicide simply because he is so bored he's tired of life? Have you ever had your ass beat by him trying to wrestle a gun from him? Have you ever had to sit there and watch him mutilate himself? Because I have. Do you know why he took part in his sick game of roulette that night you were kidnapped? Because he's played it many times with himself. It's a challenge. He has it down to a science. I don't know how he does it. He says it's no more than counting cards. I'll give him the bragging rights with his numbers. He's a fucking genius. Too fucking smart. It detaches him from reality. Then there's you." He said, giving you a long look.

It was like you had just met him all over again, for the first time. He played stupid on purpose. You should of known that. Ramsay wouldn't have Damon as his right hand if he was an idiot. There had to be more to it, other than them knowing each other forever. You felt a bit embarrassed that the thought had never occurred to you before now.

"I have observed his behavior change since you came into his life. And how different he has been since you got pregnant. He worships you and holds you up on a pedestal. Never has anything affected him as much as you. He loves you, in his own way. I really believe that. I know what he did and what happened two years ago when he hurt you in his drunken fit. (Y/n), it tore him up. I have never known him to regret anything he has ever done. But that. He hated himself. That is how much you hold over him. It's scary. You go against everything he is in his head. That's why he is always going. As long as he is doing something he can avoid himself. But when he has to sit and do nothing he gets lost in his head. You can't let that happen."

"So...?" You asked. 

"If you fuck up, all of this... everything we have will blow sky high. Ramsay will finally snap."

"I... I don't know what you're talking about." You lied, looking away.

Damon gave a dry laugh, "You may have Ramsay fooled, but not me. You aren't married to a man like him for almost three years and then suddenly decide you want to play the game. He might seriously be oblivious to you and whatever you're trying to do, or maybe not. Maybe it's a game to him. But I am an outsider looking in. Just... don't fuck up."

The dam broke. "Damon, help me. Please. I don't know what to do. I don't want to play the game. I hate all of this. I just want to keep my husband safe."

"You can't. And you're too far in to back out now."

"It is his life we are talking!" You said, furiously wiping tears away with a sniff.

Damon sighed, "there is nothing I can do. I don't even want to know the disastrous secret you're keeping. However, Ramsay is my brother. Therefore, I will do what I can to keep him safe. Just... take care of him. You are his foundation. Don't crack. If you do, we all go down. Honestly, I'm a bit selfish and like where I'm at. So keep it that way." 

You swallowed thickly, staring at the corner of the rug, which had started to curl upwards as Moose had taken to chewing on it. 

"Roose is going to kill him." You said, not looking at Damon.

Your phone rang, Rams.

"Hello baby." You said, hitching a smile and adopting a gentle tone.

"Hey doll. I wanted to ask if you needed anything before I came home?"

"Just you." 

"I can do that. Be there in forty five. I love you."

"Be careful. I love you too." You said, hanging up.

"Right then, I'm out of here. Think on what I said." Damon said, nudging the box towards you, rising from his seat and leaving before you could say another word.

You leaned over the couch to open the box. It was full of pictures and newspaper clippings. You pulled the first picture you could reach. It was Ramsay and Damon, circa 2006. You grinned at their baby faces. But then the smile dropped. This would of put them at 15. Ramsay had committed his first murder a year previously, at 14, if what he had told you was true.

You pulled the box closer, going through the pictures. Ramsay and the Boys at high school graduation, looking stoned as could be. His college graduation. Him and the Boys at parties, school functions, and Ramsay's boxing days.

You picked up a very battered picture, holding it close. Ramsay and his mother. He looked so much like her it was mind blowing. Same dark hair and blue eyes. She was pretty, and didn't look like a whore. But you knew better than to judge a book by the cover. Ramsay had to of been 10 in this picture. His mother's smile was genuine. It made your heart hurt. How different would he be if she were still alive?

You picked up the first newspaper article.

Bolton to take the ring Thursday night

Ramsay Bolton, 18, son of Business Tycoon, Roose Bolton, is the newest boxing champion to take the city by storm. The Mad Dog is currently undefeated and looking to gain fame in the boxing world...

You took in the picture in with a grin. Ramsay sporting a black eye, arm raised in victory by the ref. You thumbed through the other articles. All the same, until you reached the last one.

White Wolf vs. the Mad Dog

In a big upset Friday night, undefeated champion, Ramsay 'Mad Dog' Bolton was defeated by rival Jon 'White Wolf' Snow. Seven rounds of carnage ended in a broken shoulder and collar bone for Bolton. Snow emerged victorious with a broken hand, nose, and many ribs after Bolton was not able to get himself off the ground. Will there be a rematch in the future or has the Mad Dog been put down for good?

You looked at the large picture above the article. Whoever had taken this shot was lucky. It had to be the exact moment of the bones breaking as Jon Snow looked in pain and panic, Ramsay also looking pained and rage written as clear as day on his face as the realization hit him that it was over.


Ramsay entered the living room through the kitchen. Apparently it was custom now to not use the front door?

You finished reading your mother's text before acknowledging your husband:

[Mom: hey baby. Your father is having surgery on Tuesday. We will be coming in on Monday evening sometime. Hope to see you.]

"Where did all this come from?" Ramsay asked, pulling the box towards him as he sat down beside you.

"Damon. He brought it by earlier, but you weren't here so..." You said, setting your phone down and watching him closely as he pulled pictures from box, slowly examining each one. 

It was hard to tell what you were seeing on his face. He never smiled or frowned as he looked carefully at each picture. But his eyes held all the emotion or lack of. You had no idea. Damon's words echoing in the back of your mind.

"He's a sentimental fucking pussy, isn't he?" Ramsay finally said with a dark smirk.

"I think it's sweet." You said slowly. 

He was clutching the picture of him and his mother as he turned his head to you.

"What was her name?" You asked cautiously, nodding at the picture he held.

He looked back down at the picture with a frown and was quiet for a few moments. 

"Emma. Emma Miller." He said, dropping the picture back in the box and pushing it away from him.

"Did you love her?"

Ramsay fixed you with a hard look. Finally he shook his head, "No. I don't think so."

"Do you love me?" You asked before you could even register the words.

"Of course I do, baby girl." He said, his face falling slightly and then turning angered. "Do I not show you how much I love you? Are my actions not enough for you to understand how much I fucking love you?" 

Oh no. 

"Baby, stop. Please. I didn't mean to upset you! I know you love me. I just... sometimes I just need to hear you..." You heaved a frustrated sigh at yourself, "I'm sorry. I don't know what caused me to ask that. I know you love me."

"You are everything to me." He said firmly, and seriously.

'Don't fuck up.'

You stood up quickly, stepping into him and pulling him into you. He wrapped his arms around your legs and rested the side of his face against your belly.

You ran your hand gently over his cheek before pulling away. You grabbed his head in your hands and turned his head up to look at you.

"Are you okay? You feel a bit warm." You said, running your thumb along his cheek and taking him in. His cheeks were flushed and his eyes were watery and far away looking, with dark circles under them like he hadn't slept in days.

He swallowed thickly with a grimace and gave a small nod, "I'm fine. I'll be better tomorrow."

"Maybe you should go take a shower and go to bed?" You suggested.

"I'd rather just sit here and do nothing." He said, falling back into the couch completely.

"Hungry?" You asked with a frown.

"No. But my throat hurts. Whiskey would be wonderfully numbing."

You gave a small nod, walking into the kitchen. You grabbed the half empty bottle and a glass.

"Do you want ice?" You called.

"Doesn't matter."

"That was so unhelpful." You grumbled, opening the freezer.

"If you were going to put ice in my glass anyways why did you ask?" He asked as you held out bottle and glass.

"Tuh, because sometimes you don't like it cold." You said.

"Its got a nice bite when it's hot." He shrugged, snapping his fingers at Moose (You had yet to find a better name for the damn dog), "chew that shoe and you're dead, fuck head."

The dog just tilted his head and examined Ramsay, swishing his tail. You bit your lip, grabbing up the shoes and taking them to your bedroom.

"Hey, dad is having surgery on Tuesday." You said, returning to the couch to find Ramsay wrapped up in your blanket.

He pulled the blanket from his face, "And?"

You tutted impatiently, "Well they wanna see us, but I can't exactly invite them for dinner, can I? And they don't know about the house."

"Mm. That does sound like a bit of a conundrum for you." He chuckled with a sniff.

"Rams! Seriously." You said crossing your arms and scowling.

He shifted to look at you and smirked, "you're cute when you're mad."

"Why are you a dick?" 

"Take those pants off and bring that ass over here and I may tell you." He purred.

"I need to clean the kitchen and get clothes in the dryer." You said, walking past him to the kitchen. 

"But I'm sick and dying!" He complained.

"You most certainly are not dying."

"I could be and how would you feel if your husband died without letting him grab your ass one last time?" 

"Go take a shower and go to bed." 

"Then hurry the fuck up and come to bed with me. You better be in bed before I fucking lay down." He snapped, throwing the blanket off, and stomping down the hall.


"So, how does pay work?" You asked, looking up at the dark ceiling, toying with Ramsay's hair as he kissed along your belly.

"Depends. I have the Boys, and they are paid by rank. Then I have my soldiers, and they are paid by jobs performed. And associates give me a cut I make them agree upon for keeping them and their businesses safe." He said with a sniff. He gave an irritable groan, rubbing his nose on the back of his hand.

"So, how much do you pay Damon?" You asked, brushing the hair at the nape of his neck.

"That is a very good question." He chuckled, before pulling away from you completely to bury his face in the bed and sneezing. "I swear to god if I sneeze one more fucking time!" He growled into the mattress.

"Sorry, baby." You said quietly, drawing a sharp gasp at the sharp pain in your side.

Ramsay pulled his face away from the mattress and looked up at you, "hm?"

"The baby. I guess he's wanting to make himself noticeable." You grimaced, pushing on your side.

"Should I threaten him within inches of his life already?" Your husband chuckled, pushing himself up.

"If he's anything like you, it would do no good." You pointed out with a small laugh.

"Maybe so." He agreed with a yawn.

"So what other workings of the members are there? Like these executioners I've heard about? Do you have one? Like, what does your little click do?"

"Damon gives orders to other men, counsels me, keeps tabs on money coming and going. Ben is in charge of goods distribution. Who's buying and selling. Alyn deals with the whores and minor businesses. Yellow Dick is my executioner. But I like to take care of shit on my own, so mostly he just keeps tabs on the soldiers and supplies them with whatever they need." He rattled off like you had asked him a test question.

"And Matt?"

"I haven't found him an actual job in the Boys. I keep pawning him off on all the other Boys to get a feel. He's young though, can reach a younger crowd. Maybe I'll put him in charge or recruiting or something. I dunno yet."

"So who's all these things for your father?" You questioned.

"Don't know where they all fall, but Karstark is his advisor. He named me underboss, but he don't like to fuck with me. Locke is his executioner. And that's about all I know. I know where they all sit at the table, but I dunno the oother's jobs. Nor do I care, they mean nothing to me and never will once I step into father's shoes."

You ran your hand along your belly, saying nothing. The silence was pressing in on you, making your body feel as though you had been running a marathon for five years. It baffled you. You had done nothing but sit around all day.

"Turn the heater up, baby girl." Ramsay said into the darkness.

You frowned. Something was definitely wrong with him. He always complained you kept it too hot. It had to be practically subzero for him to sleep. Dark and cold.

"Of course, baby." You said quietly sliding from bed, walking into the hallway to adjust the thermostat. 

You crawled into your spot and hadn't even gotten comfortable when Ramsay pulled you into him.

He buried his face between your breasts and let out a small noise, wrapping his arm around you.

"Baby, you're burning up. Maybe you should drink some water or something." You said, feeling slightly panicked at how hot his skin was against you. He felt hotter than before his shower.

He gave a sniff, "I'm fine. Just need to sleep."

"You need to break this fever." You said, pushing yourself up on elbow.

"What fever?" He said with a small chuckle.

"Ramsay. I mean it. Medicine. Go." You said sternly.

"I'm already in bed. I don't want to get up. Shut up and let me go to sleep." He said, dismissively. 

You sighed, you knew there was no winning. You laid back down, pulling him into you. He rested his cheek against your chest and sighed. You stared at the dark ceiling, stroking his hair, determined to stay awake until his fever broke. 

The silence was so inviting as your eyes grew heavy and tired. Ramsay made a tiny, uncomfortable noise in his sleep, his arm around you tightening. You continued to stroke his hair, placing a gentle kiss to the top of his head, breathing him in deeply.

As you laid there, willing yourself to stay awake, you realized this was the first time he had ever been sick. Weird. It brought around the realization that he really was only human. He was not indestructible. He was no less mortal than you were....

Confused, you opened your eyes wondering why the hell you were so hot. You sat up and looked around. You were alone. The room was ungodly hot. You slid from bed, pulling your robe on and leaving the room.

You walked through the dark house and found Ramsay snoring on the couch. You frowned, stroking his hair. It was damp in sweat and his skin was clammy.

"Baby." You whispered, giving a small shake to his shoulder.


"Baby, wake up." You whispered a bit louder and shaking harder.

Ramsay woke with a gasp and sat up quickly, "what?" 

You took him in. He looked panicked. His chest rose and fell rapidly, as he tried to process what was going on. 

"Baby, you need to take some medicine. Okay?" You said softly, placing your hand against his cheek. He pushed the side of his face into your palm and sighed.

"Yes ma'am." He murmured, slowly getting off the couch and clutching the blanket around him.

"Baby? Are you okay?" You asked, pulling a drawer open to look through your medications. Hopefully Tylenol could get you through the night. It was all you had in relation to fever. You grabbed a wash cloth and wet it.

He leaned against the bathroom doorway and nodded, "fine."

"How long have you been feeling like this?" You asked, running the rag over his cheek. 

He shrugged, "Just today I guess."

"Hm. I'm sorry, baby. All we have for tonight is Tylenol. Too many things I can't take until the baby is born, so I haven't bought anything. I'll get you something in the morning is you still feel bad." You said, frowning.

"I'm a big kid, ya know. I can get my own medications." He smirked.

"Well, at least you're still an asshole." You said, rolling your eyes and dropping the rag in the sink.

"Little momma suck my dick when I come to bed?" He asked.

You grabbed a towel and dried your hands. "We'll see."

You entered your bedroom. It was still so  uncomfortably hot. You flipped the light switch, turning the ceiling fan on and clicking the chain to turn the light off.

A few minutes later Ramsay entered the room with a heavy sigh and climbing into bed.

"You took the medicine?" You asked, pulling him into you.

He nodded, "yes, doll."

"Good. Now, get some sleep." You cooed, kissing his cheek.

"Blow me, baby girl. Make daddy feel better." He whined.

"Sh... Just close your eyes and let me hold you."

He heaved an irritable growl, but simply relaxed into you.

"I love you, doll." He hummed after a few minutes of silence.

"I love you too, baby." You whispered back, running your thumb along his warm cheek.


"Mom, hold on a second." You said, cutting your mother off mid sentence, pulling the phone away from your ear, and entering the living room. 

"Babe, who are you talking to?" You asked, looking down at Ramsay on the couch.

He removed his arm from his eyes, "the dog, duh."

"Uhm... the dog is outside. He's been outside for like twenty minutes now."

Ramsay grunted, "Well, I guess that's why he hasn't said anything back. Find my phone and bring it to me."

"Please would be nice." You said, pursing your lips. 

"Do it or I will hurt you. Making me lay here and die a slow, horrible death."

You rolled your eyes, "for the last time, you are not dying. Where's your phone?" 


You replaced your phone yo your ear and left the living room, "sorry, mom. Ramsay is sick and being an insufferable tit today. Anyways, you and Dad will be here tomorrow night? Where are y'all staying?"

"Yes. Eli rented us a room at that hotel on post. They are keeping your father overnight after the surgery. If all goes well, he will be released Wednesday morning to go home."

"Well let me know when you get in and we can all go to dinner." You said, grabbing up your husband's phone and returning to the living room. 

"Of course baby. See you tomorrow. Love you."

"Love you too. Y'all be careful on you're way up here." You said, dropping Ramsay's phone on his chest as you walked past, returning to the kitchen to finish cleaning dishes. You hung up the line and replaced your phone in your pocket.


"Have you got my shit?" Ramsay said, looking up from the couch.

Matt handed him a box of medicine. And took a tentative seat on the recliner, "I have some interesting news."

"Sup?" Ramsay hummed, ripping the box open.

"Before you called I was at the hospital, visiting my mom, right? I'm leaving, standing in the hall and there's a rush going on. Well, I was curious, so I followed the crowd. Apparently your father's wife, is that what she is? Anyway, had complications in her pregnancy and has lost the baby. Or that's what I gathered."

Your heart plummeted at the news. There went your leverage. You weren't one to shoot the mess