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The Red Queen Chronicles: The Prodigy

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The Red Queen Chronicles: The Prodigy
Chapter 2: The Favor

Xavier Institute For Higher Learning – Danger Room

‘Don’t be what they made you to be. Be someone better.’

That was part of the daily mental mantra for Laura “X-23” Kinney. It was the mindset she’d adopted the day she wept in the arms of her dying mother…the same mother who died because of her. It haunted her dreams and many of her waking moments, that constant struggle between being what her creators wanted and being what she wanted. Sometimes Laura had to stand in front of a mirror and say those words out loud to herself, as if to remind herself that the struggle was ongoing.

‘Don’t be what they made you. Be someone better. Be more than just someone’s weapon.’

Laura often urged herself harder to help keep up with the struggle. In some respects, she’d made progress. Not long ago, she’d been surviving as a teenage prostitute on the streets of District X, catering to men with a taste for damaged teenage girls in a mini-skirt. Now, she was resident of the Xavier Institute, home of the world famous X-men. In seeking out Logan, the man whose blood helped create her, she regained a sense of family she thought she’d lost.

While their initial encounter hadn’t been very promising – which was mostly her fault since she attacked him, blaming him for so much of her pain – he’d embraced his role in her life. They were both still adjusting to the idea of being a family. It was still awkward whenever she called him her father and it was just as awkward for him when he referred to her as his daughter. Even though she was a clone, they still saw each other as family.

“I don’t care what our DNA says, kid. We’re family. That’s all there is to it,” Logan often told her.

He’d made it clear that he wanted to support her in building a new life. Her struggle was very similar to his, trying to become more than what he’d been made to be. He’d done a lot to help her, convincing Professor Xavier to let her be part of the school. She’d even carved a place for herself among the younger crop of X-men, becoming a leader of sorts due to her combat skills. Some even flirted with her, especially a young mutant named Julian Keller.

That led to a number of awkward moments. Laura imagined it would be even more awkward if they knew she’d been a teenage prostitute, something that only Logan and some of the older X-men knew. Progress or not, it was still a struggle. Laura still woke up every day, fighting to be less a weapon and more a teenage girl trying to become someone better. Unfortunately, some parts of that struggle still lingered.

“Commencing Level 10 Danger Room Scenario. Warning…safeguards have been deactivated,” announced the main computer of the Danger Room.

“Understood,” Laura said without hesitation. “Override code T-B-T-I Omega.”

“Code confirmed,” the computer said. “Beginning scenario.”

Laura snarled in anticipation, drawing her claws and entering that intense state of focus that she’d been conditioned to channel since birth. Wearing the custom black X-men uniform that Logan made for her, she took an attack stance as the scenario manifested before it.

First, there was a wave of Sentinels. Then, a pack of Predator X beasts – creatures that the Purifers had been breeding lately – appeared around them. Each threat was set at a level meant to test the most experienced X-men. It all took place in a dark, swampy setting that reeked of danger and death…a stench Laura knew all too well.

“Commence!” she barked.

Absent any safety and failsafe protocols, the Sentinels and Predator X hordes attacked. In that instant, the mental struggle that had plagued her gave way to a physical struggle…one she knew she could endure. It was what she’d been trained to do, conditioned since birth to carry out. Struggle or not, she was good at it.

“Hrrraaahhhhhh!” former Weapon X-23 roared as she leapt into battle.

The deafening screech of battle filled the chamber, bombarding her in every direction. A perfect blend of instincts, skill, and rage took over. Before the first Predator X creature could even pounce, she jumped it, deploying the claw in her foot to slice its jugular in a clean kick. Then, using the now-wounded creature as a stepping stone, she jumped up into the air and attacked the first Sentinel before it could even aim its blaster at her.

The sound of her claws cutting through the metal, along with the howls of the Predator X beasts, drowned out the conflicting thoughts and feelings that had plagued her for so long. Being a former living weapon, a former teenage prostitute, and a failed clone of Logan all became secondary. There was just the battle before her and nothing more. It was an ironic, admittedly unhealthy form of comfort. It was still better than nothing.

Her heart raced. Her muscles strained. The Sentinel tried to brush her off. Several defense mechanisms activated – the latest features, according to the X-men’s most recent encounter with the Sentinels – attempting to blast her with shoulder-mounted laser canons. One Predator X beast managed to crawl up onto the Sentinel after her. A few lasers hit her and the creature got in a good swipe.

It caused her pain, but she endured it. She endured it. If anything, the pain only emboldened her. She moved faster, fighting off the Predator X creature and going right for the kill against the Sentinel.

“Target acquired,” said one of the Sentinels. “Destroy. Destr-”

That was all the machine could get out before Laura sliced into its head, tearing through the machinery and rendering it useless. She even made sure that when it fell to the ground, it crushed several Predator X creatures in the process. It was effective, efficient, and everything she’d trained to achieve. It completed a task, as part of a mission. She might never be able to overcome her many burdens, but she could still do what she’d been trained to do and do it well.

As the first Sentinel fell, others tried to surround her. A fresh wave of Predator X beasts attempted to encircle her as soon as she landed in the center of the arena again. With her claws still dripping with Predator X blood, she prepared to attack again, knowing she’d likely sustain plenty of pain in the process.

Then, before the attack commenced, a familiar voice yelled out from across the chamber.

“End scenario!” yelled a very irate Logan. “Override code X-3-2-6-1-6!”

“Override acknowledged,” the Danger Room computer responded.

“Wait!” barked Laura. “Override the override, damn it! Code…”

“I apologize, Laura Kinney. You are not authorized to give that commend. Authorization must be granted by primary instructor, Wolverine.”

Laura, her body and mind still locked in combat, let out a frustrated roar.

“Errrr! Turn it back on, Logan! Now!” she commanded.

With the Sentinels and Predator X having disappeared, she redirected her anger and attacked Logan. Rather than draw his claws, as he so often did against all attacking threats, he just caught her by the wrists and held her back.

“Laura…calm down,” he said in as calm a voice as Wolverine could manage.

“No! Not until you turn it back on! I need this, damn it!”

“Really? You need to run a Level 10 scenario at two in the morning?” Logan questioned.

“I couldn’t sleep, okay?” she spat. “I needed something to stab!”

“Next time, try one of Hank’s physics lectures. You and I both know this ain’t how you deal with no sleep.”

“Of course I know! But…”

He didn’t let her finish, though. He just gave her wrists a firm squeeze, pulled her in a little closer, and gave her that stern gaze that only he could give. Not many things could temper Laura’s anger. That was one of them.

“Laura, listen to me,” Logan told her. “I’ve done what you’re doing. I know it doesn’t work. It took me a goddamn lifetime to figure that out. Hell, it took several. So please…save yourself the trouble. You don’t want to wait that long. It’s way more pain than you deserve.”

“Says you,” she muttered.

“Says the guy who knows that pain better than you ever well…or ever should.”

More instincts urged her to attack him. However, others held her back. Laura still wasn’t used to that feeling, being around someone that she couldn’t attack. Logan wasn’t just someone with similar skill and ability. He was family. Just being near him evoked all sorts of feelings she didn’t know how to handle.

Eventually, her rage subsided. She withdrew her claws and took deep, calming breaths. She felt Logan release his grip on her wrists. He then offered her a comforting gesture, the kind she’d only gotten from her mother before. It was enough to turn her focused bloodlust into sorrow.

“I’m sorry,” said Laura, holding her head low.

“You ain’t got nothing to apologize for, kid,” said Logan. “Trust me. I’ve been where you are. I know how much it hurts. You can heal from damn near anything, but wounds just don’t. Sometimes you don’t even want ‘em to.”

“I know you know, Logan. You don’t need to keep reminding me,” she said.

“Funny, the fact you’re down here at this hour says I ain’t been reminding you enough.”

“It’s not a matter of remembering. I know what I’m doing is…unhealthy.”

“So is eating Rogue’s leftover gumbo,” Logan pointed out, “but just knowing what hurts ain’t enough, is it? You feel like you gotta punish yourself…that you need a distraction that hurts just as much so you can feel some sense of balance.”

Again, he spoke like a man who knew her pain. Having endured the horrors of Weapon X, Laura didn’t doubt him. It was another feeling she hadn’t gotten used to, being around someone who understood her pain and knew what it was like to endure that struggle.

Just being in his presence helped comfort her. It was one of the many comforts Laura had come to appreciate since arriving at the Xavier Institute. It might have been the most important. As Logan placed one hand on her shoulder and cupped her chin with the other, she finally looked up at him with renewed strength.

“It’s gonna get easier. I promise it will,” he told her.

“Don’t make promises you can’t keep,” Laura warned him. “People have done that before with me. It rarely turns out well.”

“Well, I ain’t most people and neither are you,” he replied. “I’m the goddamn Wolverine and you’re my goddamn daughter.”

“Clone,” she corrected.

“Fuck that,” he scoffed. “You’re my blood. You’re my kid. If I had known about you sooner, I would’ve dropped everything to come and help you. Hell, I wish I did. Would’ve kept you from having to hook on the streets just to get by.”

“That was my choice…my very misguided choice, in hindsight.”

“Sometimes you gotta make choices like that before you make the right ones,” he said to her. “The fact you chose to come here shows you’re way ahead of where I was when I got here.”

“Then why does it feel like I’m still lost? Why do I have to keep telling myself that I’m not the monster my creators made me to be? No matter what I do, the pain just…”

Her words trailed off as her emotions got the better of her. Sorrow and anger converged, filling Laura with a different kind of anguish…one that never seemed far. It was enough to choke her every breath and put tears in her eyes.

Logan, showing a side she’d never seen him show around others, just embraced her. His embrace was the closest she’d ever get to feel that same affection she got from her mother. Clone or not, Logan cared for her. He was that determined to help her. She no longer doubted that. She just wished it was easier.

“Yeah, I know,” he told her as he embraced her. “The pain fucking sucks. It’ll always suck. But there are things you can do to make it easier…things way healthier than tearing up the Danger Room at two in the morning.”

“Like what?” Laura scoffed as she wiped the tears from her eyes. “What could possibly make pain like this any better?”

Logan broke the embrace and gave her a moment to collect herself. Now curious, Laura looked up at the man trying desperately to be her father.

“Funny you should ask,” he said, “because I got an email this evening from a close ally of ours. She’s someone we’ve worked with before – which kind of shocked me, but not as much as I wish it did – and she claims she can help you.”

“She claims?” she said with a raised eyebrow “Who exactly is she?”

“Actually, if what she told me is true, then she’s someone you’ve worked with before,” he said.

“That’s a short and very troubling list,” Laura pointed out.

“Trust me. She’s the exception. Plus, I’ve seen her naked so I tend not to doubt her.”

Now, Laura was really curious. The list of her allies was exceedingly limited, especially after she nearly got her aunt and cousin killed. The list of the women Logan had seen naked, however, was a bit more eclectic. If the lurid scents that came from his room were any indication, then the implications were both intriguing and distressing.

He still seemed confident, though. He had that wolfish grin he only got when he saw Jean Grey in a bikini or Storm sunbathing nude on the roof. That likely ruled out anything that involved fighting, stabbing, or getting shot. Given how poorly her recent coping efforts had been, it might help to try something different.

“Okay, I’m officially intrigued,” said Laura with folded arms, “intrigued, but skeptical that someone you’ve seen naked can help me.”

“I’ll bet you a new motorcycle she’ll deliver. That’s how little I doubt her,” he retorted.

“Oh you’re on!” she said, now grinning as well. “Tell me her name and when she wants to meet me.”

“You’re in luck. Her name is Mary Jane Watson and says she can meet you tomorrow. That means you better rest up and take an extra-long shower in the morning. Trust me. You’ll need it!”

The Hellfire Club – The Next Day

‘Mary Jane Watson, the Red Queen of the Hellfire Club…I want to say I’m surprised, but some things just make too much goddamn sense.’

Laura had arrived at the site of the X-men’s former nemesis a few minutes ago and by a private taxi service, no less. She’d been greeted by a well-mannered security guard and led into a private entrance at the rear of the building, as though she were a VIP guest. Now, as she ascended towards the top floor in an express elevator, the former living weapon could only speculate on what lay before her.

She’d heard of the Hellfire Club before. Back when she was a teenage prostitute, she’d learned all about their influence in the sex trade. There were all sorts of rumor involving pretty young girls, and even a few boys, getting recruited by that place and disappearing completely. Some even joked that when it came to street prostitutes, suicide and the Hellfire Club were the options of last resort.

Then, shortly before she joined the X-men, the Hellfire Club as they knew it fell. The X-men and SHIELD, led primarily by Emma Frost, overthrew the Inner Circle that once ran it. Logan had told her about that battle. It got pretty ugly, albeit for the best possible reasons.

“I remember having an extra glass of whisky that night…or several,” Logan had told her.

However, the fall of the Inner Circle did not lead to the demise of the Hellfire Club. It just led to an overhaul in how it operated and at the heart of that overhaul was Mary Jane Watson, the Red Queen. With respect to overhauling a sex club, Laura couldn’t think of anyone more qualified.

‘It’s funny, but kind of fitting. I thought I’d never see her again. After I escaped Zebra Daddy, I couldn’t imagine a scenario where our paths would cross again. Guess I need to work on that because as soon as I heard about the Red Queen and the new Hellfire Club, it should’ve been obvious.’

Laura laughed to herself, shaking her head in amazement at what had unfolded since that fateful, yet lurid encounter. It was common knowledge throughout the X-men, as well as other superhero teams, that the Hellfire Club was not the same devious organization it had been under the Inner Circle. It was now an ally, of sorts…a very unique kind of ally.

It was still a successful strip club/brothel that catered to those with expensive tastes and lustful appetites. It also worked closely with heroes, both in terms of aiding their efforts and giving them a place to blow off steam, among other things. Whenever someone at the Xavier Institute or Avengers Tower had a bad day, they would just go to the Hellfire Club and come back in a better mood.

She’d seen Logan made that trip on more than one occasion. Cyclops and Jean Grey, the current Black King and Queen, were also quite active. However, it was the Red Queen who ran the day-to-day operations and, by all accounts, she ran it very well. Laura had overheard many within the X-men talk about her, often with a grin on their face to go along with any number of crude remarks. Once Logan told her that Mary Jane was the Red Queen, it opened up all sorts of possibilities…especially the sensual kind.

‘She always carried herself in a style all her own. She wields her sexuality the same way I wield my claws…albeit for far less violent purposes. She once showed me that I was capable of feeling certain things…important things that made me feel less like a weapon to be used and wielded. I haven’t forgotten about her, but I’d assumed she’d forgotten about me. It seems I was wrong.’

The elevator stopped upon reaching the necessary floor. When the doors opened, Laura stepped out into a hallways that looked like it had been molded from a four-star hotel. Some of it still had that distinct Victorian décor, reflecting the Hellfire Club’s devious past. Most had been updated with a more modern, yet intimate feel. It was almost a fitting metaphor for her own journey.

‘She must know I’m here. I can already smell the scented candles. Logan probably told her I love the smell of peppermint. She’s sending me a message. She has a plan for me. And given how well her last plan worked, how can I refuse?’

Laura found herself walking faster as she followed the scent down the hall. Near as he could tell, the area was a collection of rooms where high-paying patrons to share some private time with the Hellfire Club’s sexy employees. Every door she passed reeked with the smell of sweat, sex, and decadence.

However, it was not the same scent she remembered from the dingy alleys and dirty motels she’d endured during her time as a prostitute. That world represented a devious and darker part of her life, one where she’d exchanged one desperate struggle for another. Mary Jane gave her a taste of a very different world, one where it was possible for her to feel some measure of contentment. She hadn’t had much chance to explore it. She had a feeling that was about to change.

‘She showed me a part of myself – a part of what it means to be a woman – that I thought had been bred out of me. Logan once told me the best way to get revenge on the assholes who created me was to prove them wrong. I’ve tried to take his advice to heart. Perhaps I haven’t been trying hard enough.’

The scent eventually led her to a door at the end of one of the hallways. It was already half-open, most likely on purpose so that the scent filled the hallway. It saved her the trouble of asking for directions or a room number. Knowing Mary Jane, it was all part of her plan.

“I know what you’re doing…you and Logan,” she said under her breath. “It’s an obvious trap. And for once, I don’t mind walking into it.”

With a half-grin, and a touch of excitement, Laura approached the door and opened it to reveal sight every bit as appealing as the scent. Again, she wanted to be surprised, but Mary Jane had an uncanny ability to subvert expectations.

“Hello, Laura,” greeted the voluptuous redhead while sitting in a plush chair and wearing a red silk robe. “It’s good to see you again. It’s been a while.”

“That, it has,” Laura replied, “and before you apologize, please don’t. I’m responsible for that, not you…although it seems you’ve done quite well for yourself since our last encounter.”

“Speak for yourself, Ms. X-man. I think it’s safe to say we’ve both come out ahead from where we once were…in more ways than one.”

They both chuckled somewhat at Mary Jane’s suggestive word choice. She still spoke with that unapologetic sexiness that once made her one of the most successful prostitutes in New York City. The only difference was that she now spoke with the authority of the Red Queen of the Hellfire Club. Near as Laura could tell, she wielded that authority very well.

The room itself was proof of that. It looked like a room from one of those overpriced spas that Emma Frost frequented. It had some very oriental décor, complete with incense candles mounted on the walls and dimmed lighting around the ceiling. The walls were covered in peaceful, yet erotic artwork, including landscapes and a few graphic figures. It even had one of those elaborate fountains at the head of the room. In the center of it all was a large leather massage table, complete with fresh towels and a silk robe that looked to be exactly her size.

Having grown up in a lab and lived a teenage prostitute on the streets, Laura wasn’t used to such serene surroundings. The Xavier Institute was nice, but only to a point. It was still somewhat jarring, especially to someone with enhanced senses. That didn’t stop her from appreciating the ambience.

“I’m tempted to ask how you ended up so far ahead of me,” said Laura as she looked around the room, “but that’s not why you called me here, is it?”

“Well, in the interest of full disclosure, I was reluctant to call you directly,” said Mary Jane. “Jean Grey told me a bit about how you ended up at the X-men. She, Cyclops, and pretty much everyone I spoke to says it was…difficult.”

“They weren’t lying,” Laura affirmed.

“That’s why I called Logan first. I didn’t know what sort of place you were in. A lot can happen to a girl when she leaves the business, so to speak. I had no idea what happened to you and honestly, I didn’t want to know.”

“I can’t say I blame. So what changed? Why now?” Laura asked. “You’re the Red Queen of the Hellfire Club. From what I’ve heard, you’ve carved a very comfortable living for yourself while making a lot of powerful allies. Between the Hellfire Club, the X-men, the Avengers, and SHIELD, I’d say you’ve graduated way beyond being a high-end prostitute.”

Mary Jane smiled and shook her head. The fact she could still show that kind of humility, despite her enviable position, said a lot about her. Despite living in a house full of mutants, she still found a way to stand out for Larua.

“I don’t deny that, but I haven’t forgotten my previous life,” Mary Jane conceded. “I don’t want to forget that life either. I’ve learned – sometimes in the hardest of ways – that you need to stay connected to the past so you don’t lose yourself in the present.”

“That’s a lot easier when you didn’t grow up in a lab being tortured every day of your life.”

“You’re right. It is easier. I’ve had it a lot easier. When you’ve got an ass and a set of tits like mine, you get a lot of opportunities. It wasn’t that long ago that I actively avoided those opportunities because it meant making things harder. Part of the effort to rid my life of Jonathan Caesar involved keeping things easy for me. Sure, it meant I had life of comfort, freedom, and sex. That doesn’t mean it was very a responsible life…or one that would’ve put me in the position I’m in.”

“So what changed?” asked Laura curiously.

“That’s…a long, lurid story that I’d be happy to share later on,” said the Red Queen, “but this isn’t about me. This is about you, Laura. Specifically, it’s about giving you an opportunity when you’ve had precious few.”

Mary Jane got up from her chair and walked over to her. She still carried herself with that overtly sexual persona, but Laura sensed something different in her compared to their previous encounter. She looked so much more comfortable in her own skin. She had the glow of someone who could look in the mirror and smile at herself. For everything she’d done, both as a living weapon and as a prostitute, such a feeling seemed so distant.

However, when the Red Queen stood before her and placed a calming hand on her shoulder, such peace no longer felt so far away. The way she looked at her, seeing both the former living weapon and the teenage prostitute she’d been, made Laura feel accepted in a way that she’d never experienced before.

“You have the potential to be so much more than what you were made to be,” Mary Jane told her. “That’s not just something Wolverine or the other X-men say. That’s what I see in you when I look in your eyes.”

“That’s easy to say when you don’t know the horrible what I’ve done,” Laura retorted.

“That doesn’t make it any less real,” the redheaded woman replied, “and I want to help you realize some of that potential. I understand the X-men are helping you with that, with Logan doing more than most.”

“He’s doing what he can. We both are.”

“But even he knows there are some things he can’t help you with…personal things that you can’t always find yourself, even when you go looking for them. Sometimes, you need both an opportunity and a friend to help you see it through.”

“And you think I need your help that much?” she asked.

“Need? Probably not. You’re plenty tough enough and strong enough to function without me or anything I can give you,” said Mary Jane. “That said, sometimes you got to go beyond your needs and explore your desires to make things a little easier. And if there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s exploring desire!”

The older woman gave her that suggestive grin. Laura could easily imagine many men being seduced by that look and those words. She was not easily tempted, especially by another woman, but Mary Jane just made it seem too damn appealing.

“I’ve seen you at work, Mary Jane. You don’t need to convince me,” said Laura with folded arms. “Just how do you intend to help me with this opportunity, as you call it?

“Well,” Mary Jane said coyly, “I was hoping that reserving the Hellfire Club’s VIP massage room dropped enough hints, but if I’m being too subtle…”

“You don’t talk to me like I’m some horny stock broker sitting alone at a bar. You can skip the part where you try to seduce me,” quipped Laura with a half-grin. “Offering someone a sexy massage in a fancy room is all well and good, but it’s so basic and you don’t do basic. You have to go above and beyond.”

“You know me too well for someone I’ve only worked with once before,” Mary Jane commented.

“You also have a reputation,” Laura added, “and not just among those who have seen you naked. You tend to go the extra distance…often for the right reasons. I wouldn’t have come here if I didn’t think you had something unique to offer. So save me the trouble of interrogating you and just tell me what it is.”

That came off as a bit impatient. After a stressful night that could not be resolved by the Danger Room, Laura didn’t bother hiding her stress. Logan had already convinced her she needed a better way to deal with her many issues. She doubted Mary Jane’s methods were typical or even logical, but she needed to try something.

Mary Jane didn’t seem put off by her demeanor. Instead, she cast her a reassuring smile, one she probably didn’t use for a man she was trying to seduce. It didn’t feel like one former prostitute talking to another. Now, it was just two women talking.

“Laura, I know you’ve lived a life of pain,” said Mary Jane. “Based on what Logan told me – which I’m sure is the heavily censored version, mind you – I can’t even begin to imagine what you’ve endured.”

“He’s seen you naked. I’ve smelled your lipstick on his penis. I promise he tells you more than most,” said Laura.

“Then, I’m sure he and everyone else in the X-men are doing whatever they can to help you. They’re giving you love, support, and whatever else a house full of mutants can provide to help you deal with that pain.”

“And you think you can provide something they can’t?” she asked.

“Hell no! I don’t know enough about pain – especially the kind you deal with – to be of any help,” she said. “However, I do know a hell of a lot about pleasure. As a successful prostitute and the acting Red Queen, you might say I’m an expert.”

Mary Jane made it sound so serious. To her, it probably was every bit as serious as Laura’s combat skills. In that context, it was nothing to scoff at.

“Nobody can ever take that kind of pain away, so I’m not going to try,” she went on. “Instead, I want to try to balance the scales, so to speak. I want to give you a feeling – a very good feeling – that will stand out among all the other horrible experiences you’ve endured. That way, whenever that pain starts to gnaw at you – and it probably will – you’ll have something more pleasant to turn to.”

“That almost makes too much sense,” said Laura.

“Sometimes that’s a clear and obvious sign you shouldn’t ignore. Take it from me, Laura. You’ll save yourself a lot of trouble in the long run if you embrace the opportunity.”

It still sounded kind of crude, fighting her pain with pleasure. It almost seemed juvenile, like something Emma Frost would joke about when belittling others. For Mary Jane, it was no joke. She looked as serious as Cyclops did in mid-battle. That might have been another sign that there was something important in what the Red Queen offered.

‘A life full of struggle…a purpose built around pain…could it really be that simple? Could pleasure be the key to rebuilding what’s left of my soul?’

As the former living weapon asked herself such lurid questions, Mary Jane walked around and closed the door behind her. She gave the impression that Laura had already made her decision. She was just the last one to realize it.

Logan had done something similar during their first encounter. It convinced Laura that she still had a lot to learn about herself and being a former living weapon. She might as well start with her understanding of pleasure.

“Say I do take advantage of this opportunity,” said Laura, trying not to make her inclinations too obvious. “What would that entail?”

“Well, it sure as hell wouldn’t just be the pleasure from a simple massage. That’s for damn sure,” said Mary Jane as she locked the door. “I’m the Red Queen. I have higher standards than that.”

“I’m sure you do, but it’s not like I haven’t been touched in a non-violent sort of way before. I’ve even had an orgasm. My soul may be tainted, but my body still works fine.”

“No need to remind me. I saw that first-hand when we worked together,” said the Red queen as she walked back around to the table. “What I didn’t see, though, was any hint that you’ve experienced that special, intimate kind of pleasure…the kind you feel when you really connect with someone. I’ve seen it happen to a lot of girls who worked as prostitutes. They see any kind of pleasure they feel as just some physical release…more a happy accident, rather than the culmination of a feeling. Look me in the eye and tell me you’ve had an orgasm with someone you actually connected with.”

Laura didn’t bother trying to lie. It wasn’t worth lying about either. There was no getting around it. Her conditioning as Weapon X-23, coupled with her experiences as a teenage prostitute, gave her a skewed understanding of sex, pleasure, and intimacy. It was one of those issues that wasn’t easy to talk about with Logan, Charles Xavier, or anyone in the X-men.

Mary Jane understood it, though. She understood it better than anyone. That put her in a unique position to help Laura and she didn’t even need mutant powers. Something about that made it all the more fitting.

“I was trained to kill without question…not connect,” said Laura. “I was paid to pleasure others…not myself. You could say I’m behind the curve, in that respect.”

“Well, I’m going to help you catch up,” said Mary Jane confidently. “I’ve learned – better than most, actually – that it is possible to connect with someone and really enjoy it. Whether you’re with a client who just wants sex with a beautiful woman or a special someone you’ve fallen in love with, that kind of pleasure is powerful. It affects you in so many ways…good ways that inspire you to do more and do better.”

“Are you speaking from personal or professional experience?”

“Both,” she replied with a proud grin, “and I want to give you a taste of that experience. I won’t claim it’ll solve all the problems you’re dealing with, but it will help in many other ways…some of which you won’t even realize.”

“That’s still a bold claim,” said Laura.

“And I intend to deliver, as only the Red Queen of the Hellfire Club can,” she retorted, “but only if you that’s what you want. If it’s too much or too soon for something like this, you can walk out that door right now and no one will think less of you. I certainly won’t.”

“But you already know what I’m inclined to choose, don’t you? You probably knew the second I walked into this door.”

“I have my suspicions,” said Mary Jane playfully, “but I’m not Jean Grey or Emma Frost. I can’t read your mind. I just have a knack for surmising what people want…even when they can’t put it into words.”

Laura cast the older woman a bemused, but amazed glare. She’d gone to great lengths to persuade her that she needed the experience she offered. She’d made it so painfully obvious that choosing to leave was akin to needlessly punishing herself. Laura had already done plenty of that since she escaped her creators. That made her choice abundantly clear.

With little hesitation, she stepped forward so that she was right next to the massage table. She had no intention of leaving and assumed Mary Jane had plenty more surprises in store for her. Like any high-stakes mission she’d ever been on, Laura was ready for them.

“Okay,” said Laura. “Let’s do this! Whatever crazy plan you have for me, I want in.”

“Great!” said Mary Jane. “Trust me. This will be a lot less stressful than my last plan.”

“Given how well that turned out, I’m quite interested in seeing what you have in store for me.”

“Then, let the experience begin!”

Like a skilled artist preparing her next project, Mary Jane grabbed a small remote that had been on the massage table. She then pushed a button, which activated a series of speakers mounted on the wall. A steady stream of slow, sensual music followed. She must have coordinated with Logan on it because the music seemed tailored to those with enhanced senses.

As the music supplemented the already luxurious ambience, the Red Queen approached her again. She had that seductive glint in her eye again that so easily seduced men and so thoroughly impressed women.

“To start, I’ll need you take your clothes off,” she said.

“All of them?” asked Laura.

“Yes, all of them,” she affirmed. “If you think it’ll help, I’ll undress too.”

“I don’t need that kind of help,” said Laura, “but seeing as how you’re so comfortable when you’re naked, I don’t see how it could hurt.”

The older woman snickered and casually undid the sash to her robe, letting it fall off her voluptuous body. She hadn’t been wearing anything underneath, hinting that she anticipated getting naked at some point during the experience. That had all sorts of implications, but Laura didn’t dare speculate. She’d much rather see for herself.

With a mix of urgency and excitement, she started taking her clothes off. She took off the black denim jacket she had been wearing and slid her pink halter top off over her head. Mary Jane must have sensed her urgency because she stepped forward to facilitate the process.

“Here…I’ll help you,” she said as she pushed the straps of her bra off her shoulders.

“That’s not necessary,” said Laura.

“I know,” she replied playfully.

Assuming it was part of the experience, the former living weapon just chuckled to herself and let Mary Jane help. While the older woman walked around behind her and unclasped her bra, Laura undid her tight-fitting black pants and slid them down her legs. Once they were down at her ankles, she stepped out of her boots and socks, leaving her only in her bra and panties.

As soon as she kicked her pants aside, her bra was the next to go, which fell right off her body, thanks to Mary Jane. Laura then reached for her panties, but the older redhead beat her to it. Still standing behind her, the Red Queen grasped each side and before whispering into her ear.

“It’s okay. Let someone else do the work for you,” she said to her. “You’ve been following orders from others for most of your life. It’s time to flip the script.”

It seemed needlessly elaborate, just to get her panties off. That might be the point, though. Laura had spent most of her life doing work for others, both as a living weapon and as a prostitute. The idea of someone doing work for her seemed downright alien. It almost made the feeling of Mary Jane sliding her panties down her legs somewhat thrilling.

‘I’ve never known comfort or convenience. I’ve only ever been a means to others for whatever ends they seek. It shouldn’t feel this strange to me and yet…’

There were a lot of new feelings Laura hadn’t processed since escaping her creators, but some were more overwhelming than others. Already, the feelings Mary Jane had evoked were elevating her arousal…and not just her combat instincts, either.

Upon stepping out of her panties, Laura stood fully nude alongside the Red Queen. Having been naked with her before, it wasn’t too awkward. She then felt the equally naked Mary Jane turned her around so she could face her. As she scrutinized her naked body, assessing her like a skilled operative assessed a battlefield, the older woman grinned in approval.

“You’ve grown a little since I last saw you,” said Mary Jane as she lightly traced over her face and around her cleavage. “You’re still as fit as ever, but you’ve become more mature.”

“My breasts haven’t gotten that much bigger,” said Laura.

“I wasn’t just referring to your breasts. I know women twice your age who still carry themselves like teenagers and not in a good way. They’re so immature and insecure, always bracing themselves for the slightest bit of stress. You’ve grown up much faster. You stand without fear or shame, ready to take on whatever challenge awaits. That’s the mark of a strong woman…a strong, sexy woman.”

Laura felt herself blushed at her remark. It was hardly the first time someone had called her sexy. Both the men she used to solicit on the street and even a few of the boys at the Xavier Institute had pointed out that. When it came from Mary Jane, though, it had a lot more weight.

“Thank you,” Laura replied sheepishly.

“I wasn’t even finished,” said the Red Queen. “I can usually sense when someone is a sexual person, by nature. Their needs, desires, and capacity for basic pleasures is greater than most people. That’s certainly the case for me. It’s definitely the case for your father, as well.”

“I guess you would know,” she quipped.

“With you, though, I still see mostly potential. You’re still young, Laura. You’re still learning about the kind of person you are, sexual or otherwise. Perhaps this experience will help you find out. To do that, though, we’ll need more than just my skilled hands and an intimate setting.”

Already eager to learn, Laura could only watch in anticipation as Mary Jane retrieved the same remote control she’d used earlier to turn on the music. She pushed a different button than before, which unlocked another door across the room that Laura had barely noticed. It then opened and a new male figure entered the room, wearing only a white towel around his waist.

“Well, isn’t this a treat?” he said with a goofy grin. “I walk in a room with two naked women…one I know very intimately and one I’ve been eager to meet.”

“Is that why you got undressed while waiting, Tiger?” teased Mary Jane. “You just couldn’t contain yourself?”

“In my defense, it was pretty damn hot in that dressing room.”

The two shared a laugh as Mary Jane walked over to the half-naked man and kissed him. It was not a casual peck either. It was right on the lips and pretty deep, not unlike the kind she saw with Cyclops and Jean Grey. The intimate context of the kiss, as well as the comfort with which their naked bodies touched, hinted that they were familiar with one another and not just sexually.

She couldn’t tell if it was part of Mary Jane’s plan. Perhaps she was demonstrating that she could experience those intimate connections she’d mentioned, despite being a prostitute, the Red Queen of the Hellfire Club, and a woman who just really enjoyed sex. It might also be the case that Laura was already overthinking the situation.

“Thanks for doing this, Peter,” Mary Jane said after their lips parted. “You’re the only one I trust to help my friend, here.”

“It’s not like I needed much convincing,” he teased. “You asked me to give a beautiful young women a nice, pleasurable experience. Typically, that doesn’t require much negotiating.”

“She’s not just any beautiful young woman, though. She’s Laura Kinney, Wolverine’s daughter and one of the X-men’s newest recruits.”

“Wolverine’s daughter…as in the same Wolverine you’ve fucked on more than one occasion.”

“The very same,” she joked.

“Is that your insanely sexy way of giving a guy more incentive?”

“If it works, is it really that insane?”

They both laughed. Laura found herself laughing as well, which helped lighten the mood somewhat. She didn’t know the man, but he came off as a good, genuine soul. The fact that Mary Jane was so affectionate with him said a lot…and not just in terms of his character, either.

After he managed to pull away from a naked Mary Jane – not an easy feat for any straight man, to say the least – he turned his attention towards Laura. With a friendly smile, her nudity causing surprisingly little awkwardness, he approached her. In doing so, she got a better view of the figure Mary Jane had been so fond of.

“Hello, Laura. My name is Peter,” he greeted. “As you’ve probably guessed, I’m Ms. Watson’s friend, stud, lover, sex-slave, playmate, and whatever else you want to call it.”

“Pleased to meet you…I guess,” said Laura as she took in his presence. “Forgive me if I’m not as relaxed as I should be. I’m not used to this.”

“What? A taste of luxury or meeting a guy butt naked?” he asked.

“Both,” she answered, “although the nudity doesn’t really bother me.”

“It shouldn’t. You’re a beautiful young woman who – if what Mary Jane says is even half-true – doesn’t mind taking chances.”

“Just not like this,” added Mary Jane.

“Yeah…definitely not like this,” said Peter, “but that’s what we hope to change.”

He came off as so sincere and genuine. He even reached out and caressed her face, admiring her with a warmth Laura had rarely felt. As a prostitute, most of the men she dealt with looked at her as a piece of meat for them to taste. His admiration was completely different, so much so that Laura actually blushed, something she rarely did. It also helped that Peter was an attractive man.

By any objective measures, he had many of the traits that a hormonal teenage girl would find attractive. He had a handsome face, a slender physique, and nicely toned muscles. He wasn’t the kind of bulky freak some girls admired. He wasn’t the kind of polished pretty boy that she’d seen Jubilee swoon over. Peter struck a perfect balance, of sorts, in terms of a man who was both attractive and real.

It wasn’t enough to send Laura’s hormones into overdrive, but it definitely got them going. Being near him, smelling his masculine scent and feeling his soft touch, helped trigger her arousal and it wasn’t of the combat variety.

“Before we go any further, I just want to make one thing clear,” said Peter in a more serious tone. “What happens in this room never has to leave it. Feel free to brag about how great it is all you want, but I’m not going to tell a soul about it.”

“Including Wolverine?” said Laura.

Especially Wolverine,” he said in a more serious tone, “and for the sake of keeping this personal – and not incurring you’re old man’s considerable wrath – I ask that you forget my face and my name when all is said and done.”

“I’d ask you to do the same, Laura,” said Mary Jane. “It’s not just because Peter, here, is a stickler for privacy. Well, that’s part of it, but not for the reason you think.”

“I’d like to think it has more to do with context,” Peter went on. “You see, when Mary Jane pitched this to me, I wasn’t too sure about sharing an intimate experience with a teenage girl…especially Wolverine’s daughter. Then, she told me a bit about what happened to you…the pain you’ve endured and the burdens you’ve had.”

“I doubt she told you everything,” said Laura.

“She didn’t have to or want to, for that matter. She just told me enough to convince me that you’ve been hurt. You need to heal in a way you haven’t healed before. And if you inherited Wolverine’s capacity for healing, then that’s saying something.”

“I did,” she affirmed, “and believe me…I know exactly what that says about my pain.”

“Then believe me when I say an experience like this needs to be a one-time thing…a single memory that acts as a catalyst for other experiences. I know the power of a single, defining memory better than most. That’s how this has to be in order for it to heal you in the way we want it to.”

He had a slight hint of pain in his voice. Laura doubted it came from his various experienced with Mary Jane Watson. Glancing over at the Red Queen, seeing how serious her demeanor had become, she figured there were some very personal undertones to Peter’s words. That was probably why Mary Jane picked him to give her whatever experienced she’d promised. It had to be personal, in addition to being pleasurable.

“I understand,” Laura told him. “If that is what’s necessary, I’ll honor your wishes. As soon as this is over, I will forget your name and your face. You have my word.”

“And if Wolverine ever asks?” Peter inquired in a half-serious tone.

“I’ll say he was a Skrull agent named Stan who fled to the other side of the universe.”

“Yeah, he’d buy that,” laughed Mary Jane.

“Doesn’t matter,” said Peter. “You gave me your word. Mary Jane vouches for you. That’s good enough for me!”

He smiled at her again, moving in a little closer so he could feel more of her naked body. Laura didn’t dare move a muscle, breathing deeper as he trailed his fingers down her face and over her chest. His admiration soon morphed into lust, but not of the crude, greedy kind she’d felt before.

‘He wants me, but he doesn’t want to have me. He is finds me attractive, but he doesn’t seek to buy me. He wants me to want him too…to share a feeling, rather than take it. I’ve only ever known men who are driven by selfishness and greed. To just be with a genuinely good man…it seems so basic, yet so overwhelming.’

Under his touch and gaze, Laura’s arousal escalated. She felt a distinct tingle on her skin wherever he touched. She also felt a distinct heat between her legs, one distinct from any she’d felt before. She’d been sexually aroused before, but not in such an intimate setting with a man like Peter.

Laura soon found herself reaching out and touching the older man’s upper body, feeling along his manly sinews and taking in his masculine scent. Once again, powerful instincts guided her, but not the kind that made her an effective killer. They were the instincts of a healthy, heterosexual woman in the presence of an attractive man. Something about that was both refreshing and exciting.

“I think she likes you, Tiger,” commented Mary Jane from across the room. “She has good tastes in men.”

“Great, and sexy, minds think alike,” Peter quipped.

“Then give her even more to appreciate,” she said. “Lose the towel.”

“Well, if that’s what she…”

Laura didn’t let him finish. She understood the idea of them doing the work for her, but her growing arousal bred impatience.

“Yes! That’s what I want,” Laura said firmly. “I want to see your cock.”

That sounded almost threatening. That, or she was hornier than she’d thought. It surprised Peter somewhat, but it did not dissuade him. With a casual shrug and a bemused grin, he undid the knot in his towel and let it fall to the floor, giving Laura an unobstructed view of his lower body. Whether by instinct or sheer arousal, her reaction was anything but subtle.

“Wow,” she said as she reached out and touched it.

“I take back what I just said earlier. She really likes you, Tiger,” Mary Jane teased.

“She likes parts of me,” he joked.

“Only because she hasn’t had a chance to appreciate them,” she added. “This is about what she wants. I say let her enjoy it.”

“Ignoring, of course, she could kick my ass if I didn’t let her.”

“That won’t be an issue,” Mary Jane said confidently. “When someone wants something that others are willing to give them, you don’t need to struggle. You just need to embrace and enjoy it!”

It sounded so logical, yet so novel to someone who’d spent all her life serving the agendas of others. For once, Laura had her own agenda. There was a handsome, naked, well-endowed man in front of her. She wanted his sex and he wanted to give it to her. No one needed to fight for it or take it. The feeling was freely given. Being able to grasp that feeling by her own choice was enough to intensify Laura’s arousal.

Peter stood perfectly still, letting her fondle his endowment with one hand while pawing his upper body with the other. The hot touch of warm, masculine flesh filled Laura with a mix of excitement and contentment. It actually felt good, just feeling another person’s body in a non-hostile way, creating that personal connection that was still so foreign to her. It was a connection she sought to strengthen.

“Please…touch me,” Laura told him.

“Um…okay,” said Peter. “Any particular part you want me to touch?”

“Anywhere,” she said. “I just…want to feel your hands on my body.”

Before he could ask for more specifics, Laura grabbed his wrists and guided his hands onto her body. She wasn’t subtle with her preferences either, putting one on her breasts and the other between her legs. It seemed to surprise him somewhat. Mary Jane probably told him to be extra careful with someone like her, a teenage girl with limited intimate experience. Laura understood the sentiment, but was not one to be overly careful.

“Like this,” said Laura intently. “Touch me…like this.”

“Well…if you say so,” said Peter nervously.

“And here I was thinking we’d have to take this slow,” commented Mary Jane.

Having made it clear that she wasn’t the patient type, the older man heeded her crude request. He began fondling her breast and rubbing the outer folds of her pussy. It evoked a deep, primal growl within her. However, they were not the sounds of a dangerous living weapon, driven by killer instincts. They were the echoes of a young, horny woman, exercising desires she’d never had a chance to explore.

‘There it is…that instinct that guides me through every battle and struggle. Except this time, it’s different…still so strong, yet so very different. It’s…enjoyable even.’

The intimate touching further fueled Laura’s growing arousal, turning the warmth between her legs into a full-blown heat. It led her to do more than just casually explore the flesh of an attractive man. In a sign of her growing sexual hunger, she leaned in and kissed around the muscular contours of his chest.

His flesh tasted surprisingly good, like a new treat she’d always wanted to try, but only ever saw others enjoy from afar. It quickly got messy, though. Laura’s primal lust made her a bit too eager in tasting the flesh of an attractive man. Peter didn’t seem to mind, though. He even chuckled a bit when she reached some ticklish spots, like his nipples.

He also tried to keep touching her as she’d requested, still fondling her pussy while caressing her naked flesh with his strong hands. She made that somewhat difficult for him when she leaned in closer, allowing more of her naked skin to press up against his. Peter adapted accordingly, shifting his grip to her butt and giving it a form squeeze that added more fuel to her lustful fire.

The area between her legs soon became so hot that Laura could barely stand. It was somewhat jarring. She’d been shot, beaten, blown up, and prodded all her life and always managed to maintain her poise. The idea that she would get so weak just from a little intimate touching with an attractive man seemed so inane. At the same time, it revealed the power of the feeling growing inside her.

“I think it’s safe to say she’s in the mood, now,” said Mary Jane, now casually leaning back on a nearby table, “and for all the right reasons!”

“I’ll say!” said Peter, chuckling again when her lips trailed over his nipples again.

“I can tell from here. Her heart is racing. Her pussy is wet. She needs relief and not just the sexy kind. For her, we need to go the extra mile.”

“Then that’s exactly what we’ll do,” he said.

Laura heard all that while still smothering her lips over Peter’s upper body. She only stopped once she realized that what she’d been doing wouldn’t get the job done. To get the relief they mentioned, she needed more. Being so new to the world of sex, pleasure, and intimacy, she once again had to trust in Mary Jane’s plan.

Still breathless, clinging to Peter’s arms to support herself under the weight of her hot arousal, she pulled away and looked up at him. There was a mix of lust and desperation in her gaze. He and Mary Jane held the key to giving her what she so desperately wanted. With each passing moment, she needed it more.

“Please…tell me what happens next,” Laura said while firmly clinging to his arms.

“Don’t worry. I’ll do most of the work from here on out,” Peter told her. “Mary Jane will help out when she can, but all you have to do is relax and enjoy it.”

“That may be harder for me than it should.”

“Which is why I’m going to make it easier,” he said. “To do that, I’ll need you to get up on the massage table and lie on your stomach. I know certain parts of your body don’t want to calm down. Trust me. We’ll deal with that sooner rather than later.”

“I hope so,” she replied, not hiding the breadth of her sexual desire.

As much as Laura wanted to pounce the man before her and feed her primal instincts, she maintained her trust of him and Mary Jane. She’d already tasted the reward of such trust – literally, to some extent – and she wanted more.

Given such incentives, she released her grip on the attractive man before her and got on the massage table. It was so soft, warm, and comfortable, supporting her naked body in ways she didn’t think possible. The heat between her legs was still raging, but such warm comfort, combined with the ambience of the room, helped temper some of that raging desire.

It brought some sense of relief. All that intimate touching and intense arousal was overwhelming, straining her ability to contain her instincts. Logan had been teaching her to channel those instincts since she joined the X-men. While she doubted he intended for her to channel them in a sexual manner, it worked just as well.

‘Need to stay in control. Breathe deep, relax your limbs, and empty your mind. It’s hard enough on a good day. Being so horny…this is going to be a real challenge.’

As Laura did every relaxation technique she’d learned thus far, she saw Peter and Mary Jane out of the corner of her eye. They worked with a sense of urgency, opening the nearby draws and retrieving some intimate accessories.

Chief among them was a wooden bowl of hot, clear massage oil. It must have been pretty expensive because it smelled like a mix of roses, melted butter, and lavender. Such pleasant smells helped further relax her while keeping her arousal burning. Already brimming with anticipation, Laura steadied her breathing as Peter carried it over and placed the bowl on a stool next to the table.

“I’m going to give you a nice, thorough massage, now,” he whispered into her ear. “It’s going to feel good. I’m going to treat your body with the utmost care. You’re going to enjoy every minute of it, Laura. I promise.”

“Mmm…you better keep that promise,” said Laura.

“He will,” assured Mary Jane. “Peter is a man of his word.”

Laura was used to people breaking promises to her. She’d never hoped so much that a man she barely knew would keep his.

She remained perfectly still, breathing deep and doing her best to channel her raging desire, while Peter went to work. He began by lightly trailing his hand down her back, over her butt, and along her legs. His touch was so soft and smooth. For someone who regularly exercised in the Danger Room and endured punishment as part of her training, it was a very different feeling. It was as if she had to remind herself that her body was still capable of processing such gentle touch.

“You’re very strong, Laura. Nobody denies that,” he said to her, “but even strength needs a little tender touch every now and then. It’s how we remind ourselves that we’re human…that we prefer not being in pain. You’d be amazed how easy that is to forget.”

“No. I wouldn’t,” she replied.

Peter chuckled somewhat, but wasn’t dissuaded by her remark. If anything, he was even more motivated now. After feeling up her body, getting a feel for all her feminine curves, he reached into the bowl and took a handful of the oil. Then, like a skilled operative carrying out a well-orchestrated plan, he applied it to parts of her back, butt, and thighs. As soon as the hot oil touched her naked skin, Laura felt a warmth of contentment cover her body.

“Mmm…so warm,” she said. “I love how it feels…how it smells.”

“For what I paid for it, it damn well better,” teased Mary Jane.

“It gets better too,” said Peter.

He gave the oil a minute to settle on her body. Then, using the same soft hands with which she’d enjoyed earlier, he began rubbing it over her naked skin. The rubbing quickly turned to caressing. The caressing turned to deeper touching. Before she knew it, Laura was getting her first sensual massage.

Suddenly, tempering her primal urges didn’t seem so hard. The feeling of two strong, caring hands on her body had a relaxing, calming effect she’d never felt before. So much of her life had been built around enduring pain, not soaking in pleasure. For once, there was no need to brace, struggle, or strain herself through a feeling. She just had to lay still and enjoy it…a feeling freely given to her by another.

“That feels feels…good. It feels…really good,” said Laura, her voice barley above a whisper.

“Glad to hear,” said Peter. “Mary Jane gave me extensive training in massaging the female body. I like to think I’m more equipped than most to give this to you.”

“It also helps that you’re a fast learner, Tiger,” said Mary Jane.

Laura couldn’t help but smile at their lurid undertone. She imagined Mary Jane enjoyed training him a great deal. It showed just how determined she was to carry out her plan. Cyclops might have been a great tactician against the X-men’s enemies. Charles Xavier might be a great visionary for mutant peace. However, when it came to matters of sex, Mary Jane prowess was second to none.

Whatever extensive training Mary Jane had given, it proved very effective. With the oil providing the smooth, slippery warmth, Peter’s worked his hands up and down her nude form with uncanny skill. He started with her lower back, targeting various muscles before making his way down her thighs and legs. With every muscle he touched, a fresh bit of contentment washed over her body.

He was never too rough or forceful. In fact, he made it a point to be gentler than he needed to be. Considering how used to hard, physical training she was, it was somewhat fitting…a man being so gentle with her for once.

‘A gentle touch…gentle, intimate, and sensual. I didn’t know I wanted it. I had no idea I needed it. But it’s nice to know I can feel it.’

The contentment spread as Peter worked his way down to her feet, even giving her toes a little attention. He also paid extra attention to her butt, making it clear he appreciated it. That evoked an extra purr from Laura, reminding him that she was still very horny and very much aroused. She hoped he would get around to addressing that situation at some point, but continued to exercise patience. It had already paid off thus far. She hoped it would continue to do so.

“She’s got a nice ass for a young woman,” Mary Jane commented.

“That, she does,” said Peter.

“She should be proud of it. I hope she has a chance to use it…on her terms, that is.”

“Well, maybe we can inspire her.”

It was a not-so-subtle observation masked as a suggestion. Mary Jane had proven to Laura that she had a sexual side that she hadn’t been able to explore for reasons far beyond her control. She made clear that her experience today shouldn’t be a one-time thing. That was something Laura would definitely have to contemplate at some point. For now, though, she focused on enjoying the feeling.

Eventually, Peter’s hands had explored the entire length of her body from the back of her neck to her feet. Once he made his way back up to her shoulders, he gave a few specific muscles a thorough rubbing that evoked another vocal moan. Even with a healing factor, his touch seemed to mend her in ways she didn’t think possible. It was so relaxing that she almost forgot he had only done half of her body.

“Are you ready to turn over?” Peter asked her.

“That depends,” she replied.

“On what?” he asked.

“Will that get me closer to feeling your dick inside me? Because at some point, I want that to be part of this feeling…sooner and not later.”

That was unexpectedly blunt. She heard Mary Jane chuckle somewhat in approval. She was dead serious, though. At some point, Laura wanted sex. Whatever elaborate plan she and Peter had worked out, sex needed to be part of that. The balance between patience and instinct only went so far, especially with her.

“In that case, I’d say you’re ready,” said Peter. “Go ahead and turn over.”

“We’ll even skip a few steps,” added Mary Jane. “I think you’ll appreciate our approach.”

“Is that another promise?”

“No. It’s a guarantee!”

Seeing as how Mary Jane had built her reputation on guarantees of pleasure, Laura had no reason to doubt her. Without even contemplating what it entailed, she turned over so that she laid flat on her back atop the massage table.

She saw Peter hovering over her, still grinning in admiration of her naked body. Laura urged him with her eyes to keep touching her. He got the message loud in clear. His hands dripped with the massage gel and he eagerly cracked his knuckles in preparation for more. As he gathered more hot massage oil from the bowl, she saw Mary Jane walk over and stand by the other side of the table.

“Close your eyes, Laura. Let Peter work his magic,” the Red Queen told her.

“And what will you do?” Laura asked.

“Something I know you’ll enjoy!” she said.

Not needing more convincing, Laura took a deep breath and closed her eyes, as Mary Jane asked. She tried to relax, which was much easier after such a thorough rubdown on her back. The other part of her body was more than ready for a similar treatment…some parts more so than others.

As Laura settled into a more relaxed state, she felt Peter apply large doses oil over her upper body. The first bit was right around her breasts. The second was around her lower torso just above her pussy. The third was around her upper thighs. Just as before, the hot oil felt so soothing on her naked skin. It only got better once Peter began using his hands.

Once again, he was gentle and careful, starting around her breasts and working his way down her torso and legs. He was very thorough, focusing on individual muscles with his fingers before using his palms to hit larger groups. The same muscles she once strained daily relaxed under his tough, as if to sink into a pool of warmth. It might very well be the most relaxed her body had ever been, on top of being so horny.

“Mmm…that feels even better than before!” said Laura with a content purr.

“I’d say it gets better, but I think that would be redundant at this point,” joked Peter.

“Redundant, but accurate,” added Mary Jane.

Shortly after she said that, Laura felt another set of hands on her body, which quickly recognized them as belonging to Mary Jane. That became obvious as soon as she felt her touch on her pussy. There was no fumbling around or playful teasing. Armed with a handful of fresh massage oil, which she must have prepared while Peter worked her back, she went right for her most sensitive areas, touching her clit and outer folds. Who else had could touch the human body with such skill and understanding?

“Mmm…accurate indeed,” said Laura.

“Shh. Just lay back and enjoy it, Laura,” Peter told her. “Mary Jane’s a professional…the best, in fact.”

“And don’t either of you forget it!”

With confidence that could only come from the Red Queen of the Hellfire Club, Mary Jane went to work massaging Laura’s pussy while Peter took care of the rest of her body. Her skilled touch sent sharp surges of sensations up through her body, causing muscles to tense as the heat in her core turned into a raging inferno. Peter’s soft touch help complement those sensations. It created a unique blend, of sorts, between ecstasy and contentment.

All that patience the former living weapon had been exercising effectively melted away. Her thoughts became a haze of pleasure and desire. All those instincts that she’d honed through years of training as X-23 took on a whole new dimension. The same instincts that helped her survive torture and hardship were now leading her to a feeling of raw, untapped bliss.

‘Pleasure…peace…contentment…I feel it all. It feels…so good. I’ve never felt…this good before.’

With every breath she took, Laura ascended towards a special peak…one that promised to redefine her understanding of female biology. Peter must have sensed it too because he intensified his efforts, working her hands along the length of her body with more urgency.

From the base of her neck, down past her breasts, and around her toes, he made sure every inch of her naked body was covered in oil and subject to his tender touch. All the while, Mary Jane made sure her pussy was subject to extra scrutiny. She even used both hands, using two fingers to stimulate her clit and two more to stimulate her inner folds. She poured fuel on the raging fire within while Peter made sure it burned hot enough.

Through their intimate touching, Peter and Mary Jane guided her towards that ultimate peak. There was no struggle or effort on her part. It was as if they’d both taken them in their arms and carried her into that unknown world of bliss that she thought she’d never know. She’d never been so happy to be so wrong.

“I…I’m close…so close! I’m gonna…gonna come!” Laura cried out, sounding desperate with every word.

“Go on, Laura. Do it!” urged Mary Jane. “That’s what we want for you. After everything you’ve suffered…everything you’ve overcome…you deserve this!”

It was debatable whether she – or any former living weapon, for that matter – deserved such pleasure. They were past the point of debate though. Laura was going to climax. It came at her like a tsunami, hitting her from every angle, overwhelming every one of her enhanced senses. Unlike so many other forces that hit her so hard, she eagerly succumbed.

“Ohhhhh fuck!” she exclaimed.

Her roars echoed through throughout the opulent room. She swore she heard the candles on the wall flicker. The raging fire inside her core morphed into an erupting volcano, unleashing a torrent of pleasure that reverberated throughout her body, from head to toe.

It was like something had been unlocked inside her…a feeling that had always been there, but buried so deep that only a skilled set of hands could hope to unlock it. In that sense, Peter and Mary Jane demonstrated a level of skill that even a former living weapon couldn’t deny.

‘Wow! So intense…so much pleasure…wow. So hot, yet still warm. So soothing, yet so intense. Never thought that I could…that I should feel such pleasure.’

For however long that powerful, profound ecstasy consumed her, Laura made sure to soak up every ounce of the feeling. It felt like something she needed to embrace…to cling to during times of pain and sorrow. It might very well be the most important feeling she’d experienced since she escaped her creators.

When the last ripple of pleasure finally passed, Laura let out a deep sigh and opened her eyes to see Peter and Mary Jane with wide grins on their face. She must have been a bit theatrical in her orgasm. They didn’t seem to mind though.

“Damn! And I thought you were loud climaxed,” teased Peter.

“I’m not easily impressed, especially when it comes to orgasms,” said Mary Jane, “but I guess even a professional whore can be surprised every now and then.”

“I know you say she needed this, but I hope we didn’t overdo it.”

“Trust me…you didn’t,” said Laura, still breathless.

Her voice left no room for argument. It also made clear that, while her peak had been overwhelming, the onslaught of pleasure had not satiated her desire. That primal side that she had been managing earlier had once again taken hold. Instead of fighting or survival, though, the animal had just one goal…to fuck.

“What you just did for me…what I just felt,” she said, “I want more! Please…give me more!”

Peter and Mary Jane exchanged glances, once again impressed by her animated response. If there were any parts of their plan that didn’t involve her fucking someone, then they had to drop them. There could be no further delay.

“Well, she did ask nicely,” said Mary Jane.

“You sure about that? It kind of sounded like a threat…a very sexy threat, but still a threat,” said Peter.

“All the more reason to skip to the finale!”

Mary Jane then took the bowl of massage oil and set it aside. She then walked over to the other side of the table and stood next to Peter, whose greasy hands remained securely on her body.

“You don’t need to make demands, Laura. You’re gonna get what you want. Peter is going to fuck you and fuck you good,” Mary Jane told her.

“He better,” said Laura, shooting the older man a predatory grin.

“Which is why he’s gonna eat your pussy out to get it nice and wet again,” said Mary Jane. “I’m also gonna suck his dick so that he’s good and hard when he thrusts it in.”

“No more planning. Just fucking!” Laura told them.

That silenced any further discussion of elaborate plans. Now, everything was simplified. There was no deeper purpose to the experience. It was just about fucking and maximizing the feeling. Peter and Mary Jane had guided her into a state of focused, primal lust and Laura had every intention of embracing it.

She didn’t wait for her pussy to stop throbbing from her orgasm. As soon as Peter turned her body so that he could easily access her inner thighs, she hitched her legs over his shoulders and shoved her pussy up into his face. Almost immediately, he began eating her out.

“Yes! Taste me…feel me,” said Laura. “I want it…so bad!”

“Mmm…” was all Peter got out.

“Go ahead and get that pussy ready. I’ve got you covered down here,” said Mary Jane.

Laura barely noticed Mary Jane dropping to her knees and focusing on Peter’s cock, which was already semi-hard. Massaging a naked teenage girl and bringing her to orgasm had that effect on a healthy man. Laura needed him to be fully erect, though, and Mary Jane was more than happy to help in that effort. It was the only way he would be able to fuck her in the way that Laura craved.

‘I want that cock inside me. I never thought I’d ever want it so bad. Is this normal? Is this how a healthy young woman is supposed to feel about sex?’

She was very blunt with her cravings, elevating her hips and effectively humping Peter’s face as he ate her out. There was no refined technique or gentle teasing, like before. He just worked his tongue inside her inner folds, gorging on her feminine juices and stimulating her depths.

A fresh flood of hot sensations followed. Laura let out another round of deep moans. They were more feral, though, as though her body had become more receptive to the feeling. It definitely showed in other ways. Laura found herself arching her body, grasping her own breasts, and curling her toes at the white-hot feeling flowed through her.

Any reservations that might have made dissuaded her from more sex faded quickly. That hot fire from earlier continued to rage within her core, fueling a desire that had only been partially satisfied. She was ready to fuck. Laura had no intention of leaving the room until the full extent of that desire had been met and if the look in Peter’s eye was any indication, he was just as intent on keeping his promise.

“Okay, Tiger!” said Mary Jane, rising up from the floor. “You’re good to go. Time to finish the job!”

“Yes…way past time,” said Peter, upon pulling himself away from Laura’s pussy.

He also sounding drunk on lust. Between massaging her and getting his dick sucked by Mary Jane Watson, how could he not? It was just the kind of mindset Laura needed him in. She cast him one last look of urging, letting him know that it was okay to unleash his own pent up desires as well.

“Do it,” Laura said bluntly.

Without so much as a nod, Peter got up onto the massage table. His grip never left her thighs as he sat propped on his knees and positioned himself between her legs. It gave Laura a clear view of his rigid dick. Mary Jane had once again showed why she was the Red Queen. She’d gotten him to a maximum state of arousal, ready to fuck her.

Peter’s endowment was somewhat bigger than expected, compared to the men she used to service as a prostitute. That didn’t dissuade her in the slightest, though. She wanted that cock inside her and nothing, short of an attack by Galactus, was going to stop that.

“Here it comes, Laura,” he told her.

“Please…fuck me,” she said intently.

Upon aligning his pelvis with hers, Peter pushed her legs apart a little further so that they were in a perfect, spread-eagle position. Then, with a single thrust of his hips, he drove his cock into the waiting depths of her pussy. In an instant, Laura’s world became awash in a flood of new sensations.

“Ohhhh yes!” she cried out. “That…That’s what I want!”

Peter responded only with a manly grunt. With his lustful gaze locked on her, he paused for a brief moment, as if to just enjoy the feeling of her tight pussy around her cock. Then, he began moving his hips, pumping his member within her inner folds and working his naked flesh against hers.

Unlike her past sexual experiences, there was no discomfort or pain when his dick entered her. The heat from her arousal, as well as the lingering juices from her first orgasm, made for the smoothest possible penetration. It was as if her body welcomed Peter’s flesh, doing everything possible to make their union a pleasurable one for both of them.

It was a far cry from callous, dispassionate sex she’d endured as a teenage prostitute. Even clients she found attractive didn’t make it feel nearly as pleasurable. Then again, she’d never opened herself so completely to a new feeling, doing something out of raw desire rather than sheer desperation. It didn’t just unlock a hidden part of her sexuality. It changed her understanding of what it meant to be intimate with someone.

‘I’m doing it. I’m having sex with this man…this man I don’t know and promised to forget. He’s inside me. His dick…so deep inside me. And it feels good! It feels so fucking good! It never felt this good before. Does this mean I’ve been doing sex wrong the whole time?’

No matter how poorly she had approached sex in the past, there was no getting around the power of the moment unfolding before her. She was having sex with an attractive man she’d just met and was enjoying every part of it.

Laura let out a steady string of moans that reverberated throughout the room, shifting from feral to downright gleeful. She felt her body – and the entire massage table, for that matter – rock with each forward thrust Peter delivered. Her breasts bounced and her legs shifted erratically to the whims of her wild passions. She even elevated her hips slightly, supplementing Peter’s thrust with a little extra force of her own. It was her way of communicating the extent of her desires, which only encouraged him to step up his efforts.

“Ohhh fuck! Laura…so hot…so tight!” he grunted in between thrusts.

“Yes! That’s it! Harder, Peter! Fuck me…harder!” Laura cried out.

Such a lurid request felt more like a reflex than a conscious desire. It didn’t matter, though. Peter did as she asked, stepping up the pace of his thrusting and pumping his cock harder into her pussy. He even leaned over a bit so he could taste her naked body with his lips, kissing down her neck and over her cleavage, allowing his manly sinews to glide against her feminine curves.

It made for a more intimate feeling, one that went beyond basic pleasure. It was part of that personal connection that was still so new to Laura. When she felt Peter’s lips trail down her neck, it felt like real affection…the kind two ordinary people with distinctly human passions shared. It was personal, as well as pleasurable, adding new dimensions to an experience she’d once thought she couldn’t feel.

“You’re doing it, Laura!” said Mary Jane, who stood near the head of the table. “You feel that? This is sex…the kind that fulfills a fundamental need. You’ve gone so long without meeting that need…or even knowing how. Now, you know!”

Laura barely heard the older woman’s words, but she let her blissful expression say everything that needed to be said. As Peter’s labored grunts and her vocal moans echoed throughout the room, the intensely intimate sensations escalated.

It was going to happen again. She was going to have another orgasm. She felt it coming strong, like another tsunami she could see forming in the distance and racing towards her. Laura had never experienced multiple orgasms in a single sex act. In fact, she couldn’t recall ever having multiple orgasms in a single day. Apparently, her body had a far greater capacity for pleasure than she thought.

“Oh yes! Ooh fuck! Again! Going to…come…again!” she panted.

“Mmm…Laura,” said Peter, his face buried in her neck. “That’s exactly…what I want for you.”

Peter, still intensely focused on imparting an experience to her, maintained a rigorous pace to their sex. The way he kissed down her neck and felt up her naked, oil-soaked body carried meaning beyond the sex. It showed he really wanted to please her…that someone was capable of wanting to pleasure her.

‘He’s telling the truth. He cares about my pleasure…my happiness. Someone else cares about whether I feel good…that I am content in this world.’

As Laura relished the feeling, along with the realizations that came with it, she threw her arms around Peter’s neck and smothered his face with her lips. She also angled her legs back, spreading her legs a bit wider so he could penetrate deeper with each thrust. He must have sensed she was that close because he really stepped it up, digging his feet and knees into the table as he pumped his cock inside her pussy.

It set the stage for another overwhelming orgasm. As soon as that tsunami of ecstasy hit, Laura dug her nails into Peter’s back, curled her toes, and threw her head back as she let out a howl of ecstasy. It was every bit as powerful as before. Her body shuddered under the onslaught of the pleasure, intense ripples of sensations reverberating from head to toe. She felt her pussy throb hard around Peter’s cock, so much so that he had to steady his thrusting.

“Wow,” commented an impressed Mary Jane, “and you say I’m loud during sex.”

“I stand…corrected,” said a breathless Peter, now holding onto the sides of the table as Laura soaked in the pleasure.

It would’ve been funny if she hadn’t been so awash in ecstasy. Unlike the first time, the feeling wasn’t so alien. Having just one orgasm like that could be considered a fluke. Another orgasm, one that was every bit as pleasurable and liberating, established a new precedent.

What Laura had just experienced was no fluke. Such feelings of bliss and intimacy weren’t some distant concept that she could never grasp. They were real. She could experience them like any other young woman who hadn’t been a living weapon or a teenage prostitute. There was something inherently profound about that realization. It felt like something she needed to know in order to build a life as Laura Kinney and not former Weapon X-23.

It was a lot to take in, but the former living weapon hadn’t completely lost herself in the moment. As she soaked in the ecstasy, she opened her eyes and focused on Peter. He was still on top of her. His dick was still inside her. He was also pretty winded, having gone out of his way to ensure her pleasure. He more than kept his promise to her, setting him apart from most of the men she’d known in her life. That kind of dedication and commitment couldn’t go unrewarded.

“Peter,” said Laura, whispering into his ear.

“Yes, Laura?” he said, still catching his breath.

“Now, it’s your turn!”

In an unexpected burst of energy, the former living weapon grasped Peter by the shoulders and pushed him up slightly so that she had room to maneuver. Then, with the agility and flexibility that a lifetime of training had afforded her, she withdrew his cock from her pussy and adjusted her body so that she was now on all fours with her butt facing him.

“Go on,” she said, still very much in an orgasmic daze. “Put it back in. Keep fucking me until you come!”

“Are you…” he began, still dazed himself.

“Yes, damn it! I want you to come. I want you to feel as good as I felt.”

She couldn’t tell if he was surprised or just not expecting it to happen so fast. If the look on Mary Jane’s face was any indication – who she was now directly facing from the head of the table – it was probably a little of both.

“You heard her, Tiger!” said Mary Jane. “You kept your promise. I think she wants to reward you.”

“It’s…a hell of a reward,” he said, sounding eager to accept it.

“It’s not just a reward,” said Laura. “It’s something more…so much more.”

A less horny man might have asked more questions. Peter’s silence revealed just how little those questions mattered. He’d been holding back for her. Now, he could finally vent the rest of his lust and Laura was happy to oblige him.

Taking full advantage of their new position, Peter grabbed her by the waist and rose up so that he had both feet firmly planted on the plush massage table. He then guided his still-erect cock, which was dripping with her juices, back into her pussy. As soon as his rigid flesh penetrated hers, he built a new sexual rhythm…one devoid of restraint or doubt.

“Yeah! So good!” he grunted through his fervent thrusts. “It feels…so hot…so good!”

As her body rocked once more to the heated motions of their sex, Laura grasped the sides of the table. Various parts of her lower body were still throbbing, her pussy still tender from the aftermath of another orgasm. It didn’t matter, though. If there was any discomfort, her desire to share the feeling with Peter vastly overshadowed it.

She held on and let out a fresh round of moans. The sound of Peter’s pelvis smacking against her ass echoed throughout the room. Those intense, intimate sensations from earlier took on a new dynamic. Instead of her pleasure, it was Peter following the feeling. She could sense in the way his body moved with hers, needing her to realize that feeling every much as she needed him. It felt so fitting, not to mention uniquely satisfying.

As her and Peter’s sex filled the room with heat and moans, Mary Jane watched intently. If the scent emanating between her legs were any indication, she was getting aroused too. At one point, the older woman walked up to the head of the massage table and caressed Laura’s face, as if to admire the lust-filled expression in her face.

“You feel that, Laura?” said Mary Jane. “He shared this feeling with you. Now, you’re sharing this feeling with him. This is the feeling you never got on the streets…that you were never allowed to feel. It’s not just about two people fucking. It’s about sharing a feeling…a beautiful, intimate feeling.”

She made it sound so poetic, the simple act of having sex with a man she barely knew being such an overwhelming experience. Laura didn’t know much about poetry, but she understood the larger message. She understood it better than she ever thought she could.

Still immersed in the sex, Laura grinned and moaned with delight as Peter made the final push for his peak. He stepped up the pace, really working his cock hard within the tight folds of her pussy to get him to that special threshold. Mary Jane even shot him a few looks of encouragement, which seemed to give him that extra push he needed to go over the edge.

“Ohhhh God! I’m coming, Laura! I’m coming!” he exclaimed.

“Yes…come for me, Peter! Come!” Laura urged him.

After a few more hard thrusts, the sexual pace finally steadied. Then, Laura felt his grip on her waist intensify as he drove his cock into her as far as it would go in preparation for his release. She even felt Mary Jane place her hands over hers, helping her brace for the coming peak.

In a burst of orgasmic release, Peter let out a deep, masculine grunt that filled the room. Laura felt his cock throb hard inside her pussy as it unleashed a load of cum deep into her depths. He must have been holding back a great deal because it was quite a load. She could even feel some of it spilling out from her pussy.

That intimate mixture of his fluids mixing with hers – a manifestation of an intimate, primal, and passionate act – left an impact almost as intense as any orgasm. Laura had felt men come inside her before. She’d even felt men enjoy themselves while having sex with her. She’d never really shared that enjoyment, though. The idea of feeling such pleasure with someone, connecting with them both physically and intimately, seemed so distant…a long, lost piece of her humanity that her creators had taken. Once again, she’d proven them wrong.

‘I hope Rice and his goons are seeing this from whatever Hell they’re in, right now. I want them to see just how wrong they were…how much they failed.’

Laura lingered in her position, letting Peter enjoy his ecstasy as much as he needed. Eventually, the feeling settled. His dick stopped throbbing and his grip on her eased, the moment and the feeling having passed.

His balance also faltered somewhat. He withdrew his dripping cock from her pussy, fell back to his knees, and leaned over as certain muscles failed him. He ended up holding onto her waist for leverage, his head ending up on her upper back. Laura used that as an opportunity to turn her head and kiss the side of his sweaty face, throwing in a touch of affection to go along with the bliss.

“Did you enjoy that, Peter?” she asked him a coy, yet casual tone.

“Yeah…that was great,” he said with that goofy grin she often saw on men after they had sex.

“Good. I hope it was as enjoyable for you as it was for me. That’s…a strange thing for me to say to someone after sex.”

“And it shouldn’t be,” said Mary Jane. “Moving forward, I hope it isn’t.”

“I hope so too,” said Laura.

They both cast her a warm smile. Laura found herself smiling back and she didn’t smile at much. It felt good. It felt like something she wanted to do more often…in addition to the sex, of course. Now, it felt like she actually could enjoy such feelings.

As Laura contemplated the larger implications, Peter and Mary Jane gave her some room to get comfortable again. Peter got off the massage table so Laura could turn over and lay back on her arms. Mary Jane even joined her, getting up on the table and sitting next to her while Peter continued catching his breath.

They remained close to her, even offering a few light gestures to maintain a sense of intimacy. It helped reinforce the message they’d sent with their elaborate plan. While it didn’t need much enforcing, Laura still appreciated the reminder.

“I like to think this makes us completely even now,” said Mary Jane.

“How so?” asked Laura.

“You helped me a while back with Caesar. There’s no way I’d be the Red Queen of the Hellfire Club today if it hadn’t been for you.”

“Or meet a guy who wants to love to you more than he wants to own you,” added Peter, “although I doubt that guys knew the difference.”

“He didn’t. He was going to put me in a cage. He was going to make me his personal plaything. You stopped that, Laura. Consider this part of my payment…giving you a good massage, great sex, and a kinky way to connect with people.”

The thought of what Jonathan Caesar might have done to Mary Jane was disturbing. Had she not been so content after such a pleasurable experience, she would’ve growled angrily at the idea. She knew better than most what it felt like to be thrown in a cage and used by someone. The idea that she helped someone else escape such a cruel fate made all the feelings they’d just shared more satisfying.

“Your payment was not necessary, Mary Jane,” said Laura, “although it was very much appreciated.”

“Too late! It’s paid in full,” she said jokingly. “I hope it pays off in other ways down the line.”

“It definitely will, I assure you,” she said. “I thought my ability to be intimate with others was gone forever, as well as my ability to enjoy it. I’m glad I was wrong.”

“So am I,” said Peter curtly, “so very glad.”

“Speak for yourself, Tiger,” said Mary Jane, giving her lover a playful swat.

“I think it’s obvious now. My instincts were already strong,” Laura went on. “These instincts, though…well, it would seem they’re stronger than I suspected. My time as a prostitute might have twisted those instincts, but I’d like to change that. I’d like to keep exploring them…this time on my terms.”

Mary Jane cast her another smile. She had that glint in her eye again…the one that had the uniquely sensual overtone. Peter had it too, although his was one of amusement. Laura had already come to appreciate such a sexual sentiment. It seemed her time at the Hellfire Club had helped awaken more than just her sexual side.

“Careful, Laura. Mary Jane might end up recruiting you as another queen,” said Peter, “or a princess, in this case.”

“Laura Kinney, the Black Princess?” said Mary Jane. “I like that!”

“Well, if it helps me become less of what my creators wanted me to be, I’d be interested,” said Laura.

“Guess we’ll have to wait and see,” said the Red Queen. “Until then, we’ve got this room for another half-hour. What do you say we make the most of it?”

Now, it was Laura’s turn to cast someone a sexy smile. It was still a new feeling, but one she enjoyed a great deal and was eager to embrace on a greater level. So with a newfound energy, as well as her newly-discovered sexy instincts, the former living weapon embraced Peter and Mary Jane in anticipation of more intimate acts. No longer a weapon or a lost soul, it marked another step in rebuilding her life and her soul.

‘I’m not what they made me. I’m not a thing…a weapon…a tool. I’m human. I’m a woman…one who can still connect with others. I also REALLY enjoy sex. That’s a nice bonus…one I look forward to embracing.’