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Quacks-PennyDreadful Crossover - Once

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Warning! Contains enormous spoilers of the first season of Quacks!

A skillful, arrogant and quick-witted showman. His operations are quite literally ‘theatrical events’ to which
awestruck doctors and members of the public flock. He can take a leg off in 92 seconds.
Robert’s becoming famous – he’s almost as good as he thinks he is. And he loves it. His desire for self-gain can make him manipulative and pompous but despite his self-regard, there is also a pioneering spirit to Robert, born out of a desire to do good. He really wants to save lives. He just wants all the credit afterwards too…

What Robert couldn't reach within 92 seconds and even seemed to be blind about were the concerns and needs of his wife Caroline - A woman, clever, bright, passionate, charming, sensitive, funny, very educated and with a very distinctive instinct for the necessity of the social/medical changes of society. Mrs. Lessing was
angry about the men 'ruling the world' and women having no chance served to arrange themselves as doctors, to educate in this connection and even to make it public. At the top of this ignorance - her husband! But he didn't just think that the ideas of his wife were ridiculous, he also remained blind for her personal wishes for affection and love.As a result his wife giving herself to the affection of Robert's best friend - William Argar - a fresh psychiatrist - which he willingly accepted as well.

Caution was advised and yet after a while, Robert became suspicious about his wife's unnatural behavior. He confronted Caroline about it whereupon she explained him that she wanted a divorce, without giving him the 'true' reasons - to run away and start a new life with her new aroused and love-drunk euphoria with her new chosen one William. In his distress Robert devoted himself to the sole, empathetic person he knew - his best friend - William himself! Unsuspecting of putting him in a dilemma, he thankfully took the advice he passionately offered, albeit not in the extents of the understanding William strived for, without noticing Will's true drive - Robert even admitted that he still loves his wife from the full heart, but didn't know how to handle these kinds of things. As well as being ashamed of having problems with being the perfect lover at night.

But Robert tried overtly, which surprised Caroline as much as it made her glad.
But all his trying should be in vain as his patience ran out over the crazy thoughts and goals of his spouse that just went to far! It followed a loud disagreement where both parties in their emotional outrage nevertheless spurred the flame of a 'new fire' and Robert finally put the 'wild passion' to the day that Caroline wished so hard for.

Now and without Caroline's knowledge, William, who earlier adviced her to forget her Liaison and to rather leave her heart to her husband, agreed to marry Mina. Since early childhood days she has been a friend of the family but now, with her fake self-sacrifical caring for his father (on the health and financial side), is forcing William to this decision.
William also decided to not tell his heart's true love what he was going to do, leaving London including. Thus he asked Caroline for a final, secret meeting. Not in a rented carriage that could make Robert suspicious like before, but in a small inn at the edge of London. To do this Mrs. Lessing pretends to have joined a church group that wanted to hold a bazaar outside of London. Maybe the belief in God would help her get over those 'senseless thoughts'. Robert sure believed it.
At the inn it came to the inevitable and they spent the long-awaited night together, after which William finally told her Everything about his future and both of them realised this would be their last night together, since destiny seemed to have paved separate roads for them.

Besides, the impulsive excess of Mr. Agar and Mrs. Lessing should not remain without consequences, just 6 weeks later Caroline would be (finally) of good, official hope. Of course Robert thought that HE was the proud producer of these wonderful news. With this great message Robert wasn't able to be more proudly by his fate and even before the birth he was already sure that his dominate gender had generated an also dominant successor. Caroline herself wasn't sure if it would really turn out to be a boy - how would she? What was cerain for her nevertheless - It was not Robert's child! She hoped that his expectations would not disappoint, albeit she would be happy about a girl as well! This maybe could hide their shameful adultery in time...

In spite of the good turn of the Lessing's family life, William was hit by the announcement of the offspring from them, just like Caroline was by his decision to enter the state of marriage, while it pleased Robert exceedingly and he wished all the good for his best friend. Of course he immediately offered himself as a witness (Along with John - the long-sanding common friend, anaesthetists and dentist of the trio) for this magnificent event, which William could decline impossibly. In a small, secret minute he dared to ask her if the expected child was from him, after their very passionate night. The brunette lied and assured that she had already been pregnant before their meeting, thanks to their stormy incident with her husband on their small, however fine - causeuse classic.

Pregnant and with Mina's reluctance, who knew very well about the affair between her husband-to-be and Mrs. Lessing, Caroline attended the neatly arranged wedding with her own husband and Mr. John Sutton. After all, William would move with his new wife to the countryside to his father's house to care about him and his new matrimonial 'duties'.

Caroline accepted the circumstances and concentrated more on her role as a mother, which she will finally fill in a few months. On the 25th of May 1846 the long anticipated son was born from the man she couldn't be with, and yet got still named William. Robert insisted on naming the child after his best friend - in his way of thinking it was to William's merit that he got to be father in the first place! Never was he more right...
The boy's middle name got to be Jack, after Caroline's father. The family's friend John got a bit disappointed over the fact that he wasn't considered for a namesake. Robert promised him faithfully, after having put his 'manliness' to the test, that soon a second son shall be on his way and he will be named John.
Though once again, Robert kept his distance to his wife and deprived of certain corporealities and other affections, that he himself lauded to at first. But since Caroline was delirious with joy over her imminent Child (the only thing that would still connect her to her beloved William and nobody could take away from her!) she couldn't help but feel anything but dismay.

Alas, the joys of motherhood should not be long with Caroline, as Robert decided to take the child's upbringing into his own hands (still not knowing it wasn't even his) and teaching him as early as possible everything he'll need to know about work. Caroline was less than thrilled about that. In her opinion no child should ever be met with such butchering and brutality at such a young age. Consequently her son slipped away from her more and more and didn't just adapt the way of thinking of his father figure but also his behaviour. Boastful, arrogant, narcissistic, and confident to no end in himself and his skills he 'shines' already at the ripe age of 6 and seemed to possess greater knowledge than some men thrice his age.

It seemed that the child had inherited nothing of his real producer besides the confidence to succeed with the things he did. Even his appearance went more to his mother's side (And because both parents had deeply brown eyes) which became the child's advantage for its own security. William received possibly the best private education and with that, avoided his mother's love more and more which he (Just like his father) thought was TOO emotional and cheeky, and in a brazen act with her first inherit to stand on the same step with the adult men. Thus he began, not even 8 years old, to reprove his mother and to bring her into her place with her 'impossible' way of thinking. To make her out as ridiculous and TOO imaginative. Even in front of friends and strangers! This shouldn't displease his 'father' - On the contrary!

Deeply hurt about the magnitude change of her beloved child which seemed to now slipped away finally (In spite of all her motherly efforts), she dared to write a letter to the person who always understood and supported her, the true father of her son - William Argar!

It had been 7 years since the last time they saw each other and William, together with his wife, visited them in London and who prohibited the contact with the Lessing strictly. During this time he became father himself. Two daughters were given to him which he loved most deeply and made the chain between him and Mina more narrowed, nevertheless they came very much after their mother and tugged a lot on his sensitive patience. Besides, both his father and his mother had passed away in time, which made the loneliness inside the rustic, marital prison in which he lived even bigger. His joyful and big delight about the letter of a former friend was no big surprise and welcomed! In order to follow her, William used a pretext to travel to London for a meeting which Caroline asked for in her letter. Caroline needed no excuse in order to get out since her husband and son were too busy with themselves and their 'career'. Not just that - they even resumed there where they had stopped for all these years, where the old flame was still burning.

This time not as passionate in order to avoid the old 'mistake'. However, it should be enough to bring up a fatale turn.
On the way home, as Caroline passed (her) William in his carriage which was in a side lane, it should come to her son William Jack seeing how someone, who's face he couldn't identify, kissed his mother's hand from a carriage window. It made Mrs. Lessing smile and blush, and to put the crown on top in addition to lean herself into the window and... Oh ~ He didn't dare to even think about more...!
Shaken about the shameful behaviour of his mother he searched his poor cheated father and immediately informed him about everything he saw in detail! And he should take the necessary action for the conclusion!

Immediately he started his way home, as well as Caroline (who chose a long way round) so that her excuse wouldn't lose its credibility. However, it seemed like it's what destiny wanted, that his best friend William was on his way home, or rather his coachman, almost bowled over an upset Robert on the street, as he walked with his 'son' directly before the horse. Robert recognized his friend, who leaned out of the window very fightend, as his carriage suddenly stopped and the horses started to neigh. Robert, who also got away with a fright, saw that this lift came just in time and on which he and young William entered into the carriage. His best friend didn't understand why the surgeon was so angry and all of a heap, but Robert pledged that he would explain everything when the arrived 'home' on which the psychiatrist bowed and drove them both home. On the way home he realised how big William Jack had become and how well-behaved he seemed.

Failed would fit better, as it should turn out!
When they just hardly reached the house of the Lessings and had entered it, the carriage of Caroline arrived as well. She did not have the suspicion about the presence of her lover William, since a rent carriage of her resembled others and she assumed that her husband (And maybe even her son) would've been home already.
How true...
Robert mooched like a wild animal angry back and forth, wheezed and clenched up his fists, while Will Junior waited calmly and almost proudly for his actions and with a track of anticipation about the things that may come. Mr. Argar did not understand and also wouldn't get a clear statement from his medical friend, who just gabbled unclear, growling stuff.
Until he heard the front door and the voice of his better half which presently made him flare up!
He tore the door open in direction of the hall, almost stormed out of the door towards Caroline, who just made it up the stairs. Hardly Robert grabbed her arm and hissed that he wished to speak with her in their bedroom, in which he dragged her without waiting for her approval.

William 'Senior' couldn't believe what happened around him and especially how...
Fear grabbed him, fear therefore what HE would have done to his beloved Caroline, now that Robert seemed to know about them?! But what should he do? Did Robert really noticed something? No, impossible... otherwise he wouldn't be here? Otherwise Robert would have reacted in a different way towards him or not?
But if not, what was it then that made him react so aggressive towards his wife? Since he never experienced his friend like THIS.
Above all... should he interfere? Rush to help his love? In front of William Jack? Get himself in front of her?
No, it was best not to do that! Robert wouldn't become to the last extremity and inexpressible?! Currently he was just a bit - overtaxed...
Should the situation taper to a point however, he swore himself to interrupt, as a man of honour to help the lady in need. - like every decent man would do, or possibly not?

Only Lessing's offspring was the calm himself, although he heard very well how his father handled his mother, the way he spoke and what he could do with her, as he could heard it from his father's tone of voice....
In the following second he only heard the door to the sleeping room of his old man being slammed loudly and locked, on which he involved his 'Uncle Will' in a conversation and asked him to go towards the window. For the psychiatrist, the 10 year old's behaviour seemed very suspicious. How could he act as if there was peace instead of war?

He carefully questioned what the problem was between his father and his spouse (Worried of course) and just gained a wide, almost amused grin of the younger one while two rooms further someone definetly lost their laughter!

Caroline defended herself and tried to get of her husband's grip as well as to ask him what this whole thing would mean, she wouldn't know him this way. Instead of an appropriate answer she felt a burning pain on her face within a second. Horrified she looked up, trying to attach a word before she felt another heat on her cheek right away and in the next moment, finding herself with the belly on the bed. Robert, in his obsessive rage, opened his trousers hectically and assaulted on his wife without incessantly violently. With panic in her bones and tears in her eyes she did not even had the possibility to shout, since Robert hold his hand over her mouth and bretahless whispered that, if a wretched lying whore like her would give the slightest sound of hersel or even yell out for help, she would experience a nasty surprise since he would know about their (Once again) affair!
Caroline's eyes wided and her thoughts automatically went to William!
Robert told her that William Jack saw her as she offered herself at one carriage on broad daylight. Letting her hand lapped and even worse, completely without some morality!
But also that he should have know it, since she already acted insolent before her son was begotten. As well as she should be thankful that all these years ago, William (Argar) advised him to forgive her, to fight for her and to give their love another chance before she would get a divorce, otherwise he'd already given her a lesson that time, what it would mean to dupe Robert Lessing and to make him a fool!
This admission however broke the dams of the nearly 50 year-old. Because this meant that Robert (thank god) still didn't know anything about her and William, yet it broke her heart since she would have never believed that her own child would betray her so disgracefully, no matter how big the influence of her husband had been! So probably that William (Argar) knew everything about what Robert did and also why. But didn't do nor tell her anything!
Also now?