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Pumpkin Fuckers

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Edge has added Shouji, broccoli, and 17 others to the chat


Edge has named the chat “Pumpkin Fuckers”


Pepe: when the group chat broke I thought I’d finally see peace


Pepe: and then you come back with this?


Lava girl: I slept more peacefully in the past few weeks than I have since I started this shitty school


Mr. Electric: I’m sure that has nothing to do with the fact that Gengar has taken to sleeping on you instead of me


Tape Dispenser: don’t be upset just bc you’re not her favorite anymore


Mr. Electric: I don’t know what I did wrong :-(


Sharkboy: g kami, it couldn’t be bc you stepped on her tail and scared one of her lives out of her




Lava girl: don’t bring that up again, he already cried about it


Tape Dispenser: twice


Thermostat: but why is this chat called pumpkin fuckers


Edge™: it's almost halloween


Shouji: everyday is Halloween for you, fumikage


Edge™: yes but now I won't be the only one wearing all black and singing nightmare before christmas songs


Sharkboy: you're right, there will be at least two of us


Thermostat: three*


Edge™: on halloween we’re going to have a movie night in the common room


Tamaki: we have to watch coraline


Joan Jett: does the nightmare before christmas count as a Halloween movie or a Christmas movie


Pinky: both


broccoli: ashido ur a genius


Pinky: thanks!


zero gravity: as long as we live in the dorms, we should watch it every halloween and christmas!


Yaonorozu: that sounds like a really good idea


Tamaki: i know i’m the one who suggested it but coraline is terrifying


Tamaki: her fashion sense is hideux


Tamaki: plus I won’t have a strong boy to hold me


Lava girl: you wouldn’t have that even if your boyfriend lived in our dorms


Edge™: ouch


Mr. Electric: lol he’s still wondering why monoma of all the boys in this school


Insomnia: do i have to participate?


Tails: yes


UcantCme: everyone in this class is whipped for their s/o


UcantCme: and in some cases. Their multiple s/os


Joan Jett: u r very correct


Tape Dispenser: baku is surprisingly the most whipped out of us four


Sharkboy: and kami is the least


Lava girl: because he’s a fucking CHILD


Mr. Electric: we’re all children. Bakubabe


Edge™: do you think before you type


Mr. Electric: nope :-)


Joan Jett: he never thinks


Mr. Electric: hey jiro


Mr. Electric: shut the FUCK up


broccoli: this might sound weird but i missed all of the banter that this chat had


Pinky: same


Sharkboy: me too


Tape Dispenser: same


UcantCme: same


Insomnia: i didn’t


Tails: ur a major buzzkill


Insomnia: and yet you’re dating me


Tails: is this how bakugou’s boyfriends feel


Sharkboy: yes


Mr. Electric: yes


Tape Dispenser: yes


Edge™: do you feel this way, shouji?


Shouji: no, i appreciate you and your emo tendencies and weird need to speak in edgar allan poe quotes


thermostat: tokoyami: says anything


thermostat: tokoyami: quoth the raven


Edge™: what a mad banquet of darkness


Lava girl: where the fuck do you come up with this shit


Edge™: hours of internet searching through goth forums


Edge™: my username was bloody gothic rose 666


Pepe: i shouldn’t be surprised about that, yet I am


Edge™: is it because you’re a prep?


Pepe: are you going to stick your middle finger up at me if i am


thermostat: mediocre dunces


Tape Dispenser: HOLY SHIT


Pinky: todoroki knows about that???


thermostat: i had to entertain myself since my piece of shit father couldn’t


UcantCme: fair enough


thermostat: now i have two soft boys to help me with that


thermostat: shion needs a lot of attention


broccoli: you leave my son alone


thermostat: our*


broccoli: if you keep talking like that we’ll get divorced


thermostat: you said we weren’t married last story


Edge™: what story


thermostat: nothing


Broccoli: speaking of shion I FORGOT HIS BIRTHDAY


Tails: you’re right ohmygod


Insomnia: are you guys talking about the anime character


Edge™: yes


broccoli: i’m sure you’re all tired of me ranting about no.6 but just know that i’m upset about it


thermostat: i could never get tired of hearing you talk


Lava girl: stop being gross in the group chat!!


Mr. Electric: yeah, save that for when you have some privacy like baku does


Lava girl: shut the fuck up off brand pikachu


Mr. Electric: i should probably be offended but your weird nicknames are somewhat endearing


Joan Jett: ur only saying that bc u think he’s hot


Mr. Electric: you have no proof of that


Joan Jett: i have so many screenshots


Mr. Electric: okay i take it back


Yaonorozu: wlw/mlm solidarity


Zero gravity: that’s me and deku


Zero gravity: speaking of, i’m coming to see my nephew so stop making out with todoroki


thermostat: no


broccoli: we weren’t making out


thermostat: not for a lack of trying


Insomnia: god you’re so annoying


thermostat: thanks :-)

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Tape Dispenser: today has been… eventful


Pinky: yeah we’re never letting kiri in the kitchen again


Sharkboy: I DIDNT KNOW


Mr. Electric: babe,,,, even I know better


Lava girl: you're lucky fucking half and half was there to put out the fire


broccoli: my hero


Tamaki: stop talking about things in the group chat unless you plan on explaining them


Tape Dispenser: buckle THE FUCK up because this is going to be a long story


Mr. Electric: some parts won’t make sense and they’ll never make sense so leave it at that


Tape Dispenser: as you all know, we have two cats and a dog running around the dorm area. Although they mostly stay in their rooms, they do get out sometimes


Pinky: and all of them are cute and fat so they get into everything, even boxes of cereal


Thermostat: I know where this is going but I’m still so intrigued


Mr. Electric: so we’ve started keeping things in the oven


Tails: oh no


Lava girl: i told shitty hair to check the oven for things he put in there before turning it on


Tape Dispenser: BUT HE DIDN’T


Pinky: so he put meatballs in the oven


Tape Dispenser: and when he went to take them out there was a shit ton of cereal on the bottom of the oven


Sharkboy: this is bullying


Joan Jett: shut up it’s getting interesting


Mr. Electric: so he takes the meatballs out but leaves the oven on


Mr. Electric: like an IDIOT


Sharkboy: :’-(((


Pinky: and the cereal on the bottom caught on fire


Zero gravity: this is why they shouldn’t let teenagers live together without supervision


Yaonorozu: i think it’s just kirishima tbh


Pepe: yeah we aren’t letting you near the kitchen anymore


Sharkboy: on the bright side, I found a really cool looking spaghetti noodle and I plan on framing it on my wall


Tape Dispenser: we’re going to the store later to find the perfect frame


Insomnia : you all went from yelling at him to supporting him in .2 seconds


Pinky: the important thing is that he’s safe, obviously


Thermostat: plus the spaghetti noodle was really cool


Tails: you’re all nerds


UcantCme: you’re no exception


Tails: that’s probably why they put all of us in this class


Tamaki: i doubt they knew we’d get along this well


Tamaki: plus my boyfriend~ is in class b so they messed up somewhere


Lava girl: let him stay there


Mr. Electric: be nice baku


Tape Dispenser: baka


Lava girl: what the fuck did you just say


Thermostat: this is a written conversation


Insomnia: just reread it you lazy fuck


Pepe: do you only get along to make fun of bakugou


Insomnia: and defend midoriya’s honor


Thermostat: but not izuku himself bc he can do that


broccoli: usually


Insomnia: and now we go back to arguing for no reason


Tails: shinsou likes to pretend he doesn’t like todoroki but he does


broccoli: same for shouto


UcantCme: anyone can see that


Joan Jett: they remind me of myself with denki


Mr. Electric: i was about to say that!


Insomnia: but if they consider themselves siblings…


Thermostat: no


broccoli: face it, shouto


Pinky: you two are so dramatic and extra


Tamaki: as extra as I am?


Edge™: no one is THAT extra


Shouji: you are, just not in the same way


Edge™: stup flaming


Edge™ : stupid preps



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Tails: *taps mic*


Tails: ahem. despite yuri on ice’s progressive storyline and truly amazing animation for an anime that’s turned fluid, 3D movement into 2D movement that looked realistic enough, the quality of the animation was inferior compared to the quality of mob psycho 100. although the art style of mob psycho 100 is less appealing to some, the “traditional” animation technique combined with the “paint on glass” technique puts the overall quality above yuri on ice’s


Tails: with that said and considering the results of the crunchyroll anime awards of 2017, I can say without a shadow of a doubt that mob psycho 100 was robbed of their winning


Tails: thanks for coming to my ted talk


Broccoli: MEMEMEME


Yaonorozu: brb gonna print this out and frame it on my wall


Tamaki: and i feel god in this chilli’s tonight


Insomnia: ojiro you’re the biggest nerd but I wouldn’t want to be with anyone else


Tails: you couldn’t get anyone else


Insomnia: actually, aoyama and kaminari were both interested


Tamaki: still am honestly


Mr. Electric: me too


Tape Dispenser: lmao kami’s always interested in someone


Insomnia: sorry but i’d die w/o ojiro


Insomnia: he’s the only 1 (one) for me


Thermostat: stop being gross in the gc


Pepe: todoroki you and midoriya are literally the worst when it comes to gross pda in the gc


Thermostat: yeah but it’s different


Joan Jett: do u even know what gc stands for


Mr. Electric: gang


Pinky: crew


Sharkboy: babe,,,,,




Edge : you can’t be serious


Edge ™: what a mad banquet of darkness


Zero gravity: y’all are the reason koda and sato stay out of the group chat


broccoli: and iida


Joan Jett: koda and i are bffs


Mr. Electric: me and mina were bffs before our exam so jokes on you


Yaonorozu: mina and i*


Mr. Electric: I mean I guess?


Mr. Electric: but you were partnered with todoroki, not mina?


Lava girl: she was correcting your grammar, idiot


Sharkboy: this is why baku tutors us


Lava girl: obviously it’s for nothing if the idiot doesn’t retain anything


Mr. Electric: yeah tbh most of the time i just watch u and listen to you talk but i don’t pay attention


Mr. Electric: if that mkaes any sense


Joan Jett: DENKI !!!!!


Joan Jett: THIS IS WHY YOU ALWAYS FAIL !!!!!!!!!!


Mr. Electric: i mean worth it?


Lava girl: fuck no


Lava girl: i don’t want to be the reason you fail


Yaonorozu: perhaps i should tutor him instead


Joan Jett: but yaomomo ur my tutor :-(


Joan Jett: let that idiot fail


Mr. Electric: is this how you treat your brother from another mother


Mr. Electric: ur sib from another crib


Mr. Electric: pal from another gal


Mr. Electric: blood from another stud


Joan Jett: stop him


Thermostat: the closeness unique to familiality from two households, both alike in dignity,


broccoli: shouto pls


Thermostat: i wanted to try it


Yaonorozu: that was actually a good one


Thermostat: thank you


UcantCme: thanks to my queen @halsey i know the words to that


Joan Jett: rt




Mr. Electric: I think it’s time we had this discussion


Mr. Electric has changed the group name to The Great Candy Corn Debate 2k17


Mr. Electric: okay so basically. If you like candy corn say “aye”


Mr. Electric: and if you don’t like it, say “I’m wrong”


Edge : aye


Tape Dispenser: I’m wrong?


Joan Jett: denki you idiot this isn’t how it works


Mr. Electric: kyoka pls!!!


Joan Jett: fine


Joan Jett: aye


broccoli: aye


Iida: I’m wrong


Zero gravity: aye


UcantCme: no


Pinky: aye


thermostat: i’ve never had it


Yaonorozu: me either


Tails: nope


Insomnia: i don’t like it


Pepe: aye




Lava girl: aye


Shoji: I’m wrong


Tamaki: moi


UcantCme: i think that’s everyone besides the two who avoid the group chat


Mr. Electric: kyoka and i asked them, sato loves it and koda is wrong


broccoli: not including shoto and yaomomo, that makes 10 of us who like it and 8 who don’t


Yaonorozu: how have you all tried it though, they don’t sell it in japan


Edge : i bought some for halloween last year


Mr. Electric: that’s insane, importing it is expensive


Edge : when it comes to halloween, price is no obstacle


Yaonorozu: maybe i can ask my parents to get some for our halloween movie night


Joan Jett: great idea babe


Joan Jett: all of your ideas are great <3


Joan Jett: i’m gay


thermostat: same


Mr. Electric: yaomomo if i weren’t already deeply in like with my three boyfriends i would date you


Yaonozoru: i’m a lesbian


Mr. Electric: and unfortunately, you're dating kyoka


Joan Jett: say that to my face bitch


Mr. Electric: no thanks...

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Pinky: I know we’re having a movie night for halloween but class b is holding a costume party the night before


Pinky: if any of you fuckers aren’t dressed up, I’m going to fight you.


Pinky: now that that’s out of the way, who wants to go to the costume shop with me ? :-)


Tails: is it really that serious tho


Edge™: Halloween only comes once a year, ojiro


Zero gravity: mina is the looks like a cinnamon roll but could kill you meme


Zero gravity: aoyama knows all about that


Tamaki: first of all, rude


Insomnia: second of all?


Tamaki: nothing


Tamaki: I think I’m going as sailor moon


Tamaki: neito will be tuxedo mask


Sharkboy has removed Tape Dispenser from The Great Candy Corn Debate 2k17


Sharkboy: i have news but i don’t want him to read it

Zero gravity: what happened?


Mr. Electric: mina told me about the costume party a few hours ago (thanks bro)


Pinky: (no problem bro)


Mr. Electric: so i dragged my three bfs to the store to buy costumes


Mr. Electric: and for funsies we wanted to try on girl costumes


Joan Jett: uh oh


Sharkboy: bc fuck gendered clothes


Pepe: mood


Iida: same


Mr. Electric: and i knew sero was the tallest out of us but like,,,


Lava girl: 60% of his height is legs


Sharkboy: and they look reaaally good in short shorts


Mr. Electric: like so good they should be illegal?


UcantCme: thicc


Thermostat: no


Joan Jett has renamed the chat Class 1-A is gay


Yaonorozu: that rhymes


Joan Jett: it’s my musical gift, what can I say?


Mr. Electric: kyouka that’s one rhyme


Edge: while I love the choice in group chat names, I think it’s missing something


Shouji: not halloween enough?


Edge: exactly


Joan Jett: so what do you think it should be, jack skellington




Edge has changed their name to Jack Skellington


Edge has changed the chat name to Halloween Town


Tamaki: not gay enough


Jack Skellington: so how do you propose we make it gay and halloween themed


Lava girl: we could just delete the entire fucking group chat and never make another one


Mr. Electric: lol no


Sharkboy: nice try sweaty


Insomnia: you’re missing a boyfriend


Mr. Electric has added Tape Dispenser to Halloween Town


Tape Dispenser: do i wanna know why i was removed so randomly


Mr. Electric: nope


Tape Dispenser: alright


Tape Dispenser: so why is the chat name changed?


Pinky: we’re trying to change it so something gay and halloween related but it’s so frickening hard


Tape Dispenser: why don’t you just add the word gay to something


Tape Dispenser: gay halloween town


Tamaki: gay candy corn


UcantCme: gay witch


Tails: you’re all terrible at names


Insomnia: so what do you suggest?


Tails: i don’t have any ideas


Pinky: so our ideas are better by default


Pepe: mina that’s not how this works


Pinky: :-(


Zero gravity: tsu why would you EVER make mina type a sad face


Tamaki: i feel like the earth’s gravity shifted


Mr. Electric: things don’t feel right anymore


Pinky: it’s alright guys!


Insomnia: you’re on thin fucking ice, frog girl


Tails: i was wrong, this whole class is extra


Thermostat: okay but you and shinso flirted for m o n t h s , knew that you liked each other, and weren’t dating


Tails: you think i was excluding myself?


Tails: i know what i did


Insomnia: take a fucking sip, babes


Thermostat: what are you, 10?


Insomnia: actually i’m 12 so shut the fuck up


broccoli: don’t you just love when ur friend and your boyfriend get along :-)


Mr. Electric: me when kiri and kyouka play smash bros together


Sharkboy: i’m 99% sure she cheated


Joan Jett: just accept that i’m better than u


Sharkboy: NEVER


Thermostat: see i don’t have this problem bc izuku gets along with almost everyone


Insomnia: he’s almost stealing my place as my father’s favorite


broccoli: no i’m not


Tamaki: well uraraka is almost taking mine as present mic’s and you don’t see me complaining


Zero gravity: it literally makes no sense that he’d choose you over me


Tamaki: and yet that’s how it is :-)


Insomnia: and it has nothing to do with you dating monoma? I hear mic is quite fond of him


Tamaki: it’s the other way around, mon cherie


Tamaki: he only tolerates monoma bc i like him


Tamaki: he thinks monoma is a little shit


Lava girl: well he’s not wrong is he


Zero gravity: you’re not one to talk, bakugo


Thermostat: you and monoma are on the same level of asshole, you’re just more aggressive about it


Lava girl: did i ask you half and half


Thermostat: do you ever ask me


Lava girl:


Lava girl: fair enough


Joan Jett: yknow i never rlly thought about it but bakugo hasn’t changed his screen name yet


Mr. Electric: he can’t, we match!


Tape Dispenser: i’m the only one left out


Joan Jett: how do you incorporate sharkboy and lava girl with sero tho


Tape Dispenser: you don’t apparently


Mr. Electric: we’ll tHINK OF SOMETHING


Tape Dispenser: don’t do too much of that, you’ll hurt yourself


Mr. Electric: RUDE


Lava girl: it’s true though


Mr. Electric: I hate this fucking family

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Thermostat: it’s after Halloween, do you know what that means?




Thermostat: yes but also


Thermostat has changed the chat name to it’s christmas time, bitches


Lava girl: this whole class is fucking extra




uCantCme has changed their name to Santa


Santa: perfect


Jack Skellington: ?


Santa: no one has seen santa before


Pinky: tooru you’re a genius


Zero gravity: i just had an idea


Jack Skellington: oh no


Zero gravity: the bakusquad should do the dance from mean girls


broccoli: kacchan is regina george


Joan Jett: denki is karen


Mr. Electric: WHY


Tails: is that a serious question or


Mr. Electric:


Mr. Electric: so who’s gretchen and cady


Joan Jett: idk but i’m a lesbian janis




Tape Dispenser: i guess i’m cady then


broccoli: todoroki’s too gay to function


Thermostat: this is true


Thermostat: izuku, help me set up a christmas tree in my dorm room


broccoli: ????


broccoli: where did you get a tree from


Yaonorozu: me


Yaonorozu: he was really excited and i couldn’t say no


Yaonorozu: i would’ve made a bigger one but unfortunately, i’m not very good at making them yet


broccoli: it’s no problem!! thank you anyway :-)) shouto i’ll be right there




Tape dispenser: why can’t i have a supportive relationship like that


Joan Jett: because that’s not how you idiots work


Lava girl: not all of us are idiots


Jack Skellington: on the subject of relationships


Jack Skellington: mezo says “quoth the raven” whenever i say anything


Shouji: quoth the raven


Tamaki: at least that’s better than bakugou telling everyone to shut up, including his boyfriends


Lava girl: shut the fuck up


Tape Dispenser: you’re mistaken, bakugou’s “shut up” is basically an “i love you”


Pepe: he does have a different tone and facial expression when saying it to them


Lava girl: no i fucking dont


Zero gravity: yes you do


Zero gravity: you’re so soft for your boyfriends


Lava girl: i’m not soft for anyone


Sharkboy: what about when denki fell asleep with his head in your lap and you didn’t move, even when he started drooling


Lava girl: i just didn’t feel like it


Tape dispenser: or when you pulled an all nighter to help kirishima study for a test


Lava girl: i didn’t want the idiot to fail


Mr. Electric: OH what about when sero was having a bad day and you bought him ice cream and you two played video games in your room all day


Lava girl: it’s awkward as hell to see him moping okay


Lava girl: i didn’t want to deal with that shit


Zero gravity: you’re trying real hard to play this off


Lava girl: it working


Insomnia: one time ojiro fell asleep with shinx on his stomach and i took a hundred pictures while crying


Thermostat: whenever i see izuku with shion, i get the sudden urge to marry him


Joan Jett: all of the boys in this class are fucking weird


Mr. Electric: excuse me, kyoka


Mr. Electric: you turn into a blubbering mess whenever yaomomo so much as breathes


Joan Jett: stop being lesbophobic :-//


Tamaki: one time i texted neito and he replied  week later saying “sorry, i was sleeping”


Lava girl: i’m still not sure why you would ever date that piece of shit


Tamaki: mic says the same thing!


Tamaki: in less harsh wording, though


Santa: how are things between you two, by the way?


Tamaki: great!! Thank you for asking :-)) we’re going ice skating soon


Pinky: aw that sounds so cute


Tamaki: he’s a little shy about pda, but i don’t mind


Yaonorozu: that’s a little hard to believe considering how extra he is about everything else


Tamaki: i was thinking the exact same thing, but kendo says he’s just nervous


Sharkboy: are you hanging out with all of 1B?


Tamaki: well we have to see each other somehow, and I’m certainly not bringing him around you all


Tamaki: no offense


Sharkboy: HOWS TETSU


Mr. Electric: kiri you literally see him like. Everyday


Tape dispenser: yeah and you have his number


Tamaki: whenever i go over, he asks about kirishima


Pinky: why don’t you invite him over eijiro


Sharkboy: because…


Sharkboy: ive never thought about it


Joan Jett: oh my god


Santa: somebody help this boy

Chapter Text

It’s christmas time, bitches


Pinky: hey did anyone else notice midoriya and todoroki acting strange today?


Tamaki: oui, mademoiselle


Santa: what do you mean? I wasn’t paying attention


Pepe: they weren’t talking to each other and todoroki looked awfully sad


Zero gravity: MY PARENTS???


Mr. Electric: what the fuck they never do this


Insomnia: i haven’t been around long but I know that they never have serious arguments


Insomnia: so this could be something they’ve blown out of proportion


Insomnia: or something really serious


Tails: i bet it’s the first one


Joan Jett: why?


Tails: they’re extra as shit


Tails: midoriya literally broke himself for todoroki to realize things and y’all don’t want to believe he’d overreact about something small?


broccoli: hey ojiro


broccoli: fuck you


Thermostat: don’t talk to him like that


broccoli: don’t talk to me at all


broccoli: i’m breaking up with you


Zero gravity: deku what happened


broccoli: i was playing llsif and he messaged me, breaking my combo


Sharkboy: that’s not a reason to break uo with him?


broccoli: it was an expert song


Sharkboy: bye todoroki


Yaonorozu: midoriya have you forgotten that your bf is socially awkward and this is his first relationship, thus not being able to recognize your declaration of “breaking up” as a joke?


broccoli: shit


Yaonorozu: go apologize to him before he freezes the entire dorm building


Joan Jett: that’s my gf!!!


Joan Jett: she’s so gr8


Sharkboy: no offense to my three (3) boyfriends but if you messaged me while playing i would ignore you too


Lava girl: there’s a do not disturb option on your phone for a reason dipshit


Pepe: you know what’s rlly cute about those two


Pepe: midoriya has the worst luck when it comes to scouting and todorki gets URs 99% of the time


Pepe: so when midoriya wants to scout, he asks todoroki to do it since todoroki is bad at the rhythm part


Zero gravity: if they break up whats the point anymore


Yaonorozu: they’re not going to break up


Insomnia: at least then I’d be rid of todoroki


Tails: hitoshi you’re in the same class


Thermostat: jokes on you, Izuku loves me again so you’re stuck with me


broccoli: I never stopped lol


broccoli: also I’m sorry again :-(

Thermostat: it’s okay


Mr. Electric: HA GAY


Santa: where did shinso go


Joan Jett: wait was that the first time you used his given name, ojiro?




Pinky: lmao who would’ve known that shinso is so easily affected by his bf


Insomnia: I don’t know what you’re talking about, I was tending to Shinx


Thermostat: “911 how do I report a murder”


Thermostat: “my boyfriend killed me”


Insomnia: okay this is the last time I tell you anything


Tails: shinso…


Insomnia: great now he thinks I’m a loser


Thermostat: you are


Tails: the number is 119 in japan


Tape Dispenser: plot twist


Santa: y’know im not all that surprised about this


Tails: also nice kill @ me


Insomnia: did you really just compliment your own joke


Tails: yes


Santa: using a haikyuu reference


Tails: is there something to not understand here


Joan Jett: absolutely not, I hope you have a great day ojiro


Tails: thank you


Santa: speaking of sif, who plays bandori


Yaonorozu: ME


Tamaki: !!!


Insomnia: what is a bandori


Tape dispenser: isn’t that a us president


broccoli:, it isn’t


broccoli: bandori (short for BanG Dream! Girls Band Party) is a rhythm game similar to sif, except instead of two nine-member idol groups, there are five five-member bands.


broccoli: the “main” band is called Poppin Party but personally I prefer Hello, Happy World!!


Joan Jett: i love afterglow sm… i would die for them




Joan Jett: kaoru is a lesbian icon


Pinky: she makes me gayer


Tamaki: tokoyami says I have a similar personality to her


broccoli: i’ve never thought about it before but you dO


Yaonorozu: that’s why she seemed so familiar


Jack Skellington: roselia is rlly good too


Insomnia: i’m not surprised you like the edgiest band


Jack skellington: well yeah but also they covered the aot/snk theme song


Tails: WHERE


Jack Skellington:


Pinky: and pastel palettes covers osomatsu-san




Tails: what a time to be alive


Insomnia: he’s downloading the game right now


Insomnia: i can’t believe he’s leaving me for a bunch of anime girls


Yaonorozu: no wonder you and todoroki get along so well


Yaonorozu: you’re both dramatic and extra


Thermostat: i wanted to deny it but she’s right

Chapter Text

Mr. Electric has changed the chat name to love is dead


Tails: what's this about now


Mr. Electric: just thought I should make a formal announcement that Bakugou Katsuki is no longer part of this 4-wheeler


Tape Dispenser: we're just a tricycle now


Insomnia: what the fuck does that mean


Tails: I forgot you weren't in the chat for that


broccoli: why did you break up with kacchan?


Shark boy: he…


Mr. Electric: it’s okay kiri. It’s too hard to talk about right now


Lava Girl: can y’all shut the fuck up


Lava Girl: we aren’t breaking up over something so stupid


Tape Dispenser: at this point I don’t even know who you are anymore


Tape Dispenser: ://


Mr. Electric: ://


Sharkboy: ://


Thermostat: bakugou? are you willing to explain?


Lava Girl: hell no


Pinky: maybe if you tell us, we can help you figure it out!


Lava girl: there’s nothing to figure out.


Lava girl: ... but if you can stop these three idiots and get everyone out of my business


Joan Jett: you’re the ones bringing your relationship problems into the gc but go off i guess


Mr. Electric: this is even worse bc now bakugou will have to say it himself


Sharkboy: and the whole class will have to know


Tape Dispenser: basically we were going to his room to bother him


Mr. Electric: as we are known to do


Sharkboy: the only thing we’re good at tbh


Tape Dispenser: ur not wrong


Joan Jett: jfc just continue the story


Mr. Electric: so we can hear him watching something on his laptop but we don’t know exactly what it is


Sharkboy: tell them what you were watching, bakubabe


Lava girl: i thought you broke up with me?


Sharkboy: bakubro*


Lava girl: i don’t see why this is a big deal


Sharkboy: just tell them!!


Lava girl:  i was watching the Minions movie






Joan Jett: ohmyg od


Pinky: this is better than anything I could’ve imagined in a million years


Thermostat: i think izuku is broken


Thermostat: he’s been sitting there with his mouth open for quite some time


Yaonorozu: have you tried turning him off and back on?


Thermostat: no, i’ll try that now


Thermostat: okay he’s good now, thanks yaomomo


broccoli: okay but let’s go back to the important thing here


broccoli: kacchan, who used to bully me for liking hsm, likes the minions?


Sharkboy: why would you do that, katsuki


Mr. electric: yeah, hsm is great


Tape dispenser: seconded


Tamaki: thirded!


Thermostat: fourthed


Yaonorozu: fifthed


Iida: these aren’t actual words


Edge: sixthed


Zero gravity: seventhed


Tails: eighted


Insomnia: ninthed


Pepe: tenthed




Shouji: i don’t think the minions are a good reason to break up with someone, though


Lava girl: finally, someone with common sense


Edge: you almost broke up with me because i wouldn’t stop listening to welcome to the black parade on repeat




Shouji: you have no proof of that


Tamaki: i was there, monsieur


Mr. electric: it’s still kind of surprising to me how close tokoyami and aoyama are


Tamaki: it’s a very forced interaction because we’re the author’s favorite characters


Edge: most unfortunate


Thermostat: what are you talking about


Shouji: it’s like they speak their own language sometimes


Shouji: you learn to live with it


Tamaki: need me a man like shouji


Shouji: no, sorry


Tamaki: i didn’t mean you specifically


Pepe: what about monoma?


Tamaki: we aren’t on speaking terms right now


Tamaki: it seems as though i’ve upset him


UcantCme: did you get into an argument?


Edge: they were arguing over who had a better hero costume


Mr. Electric: but aoyama’s is definitely better


Tamaki: thank you, kaminari


Thermostat: they’re both too flashy


broccoli: shouto, you literally wear a tracksuit


Thermostat: it’s very comfortable, izuku


broccoli: whatever you say